Despite Sequestration Hysteria, Government Keeps “Creating” Thousands Of Jobs

By now, we all understand that there really is no sequestration crisis. The alleged “cuts” are merely cuts in proposed increases. Using D.C. math, that constitutes a spending cut, even though nothing is actually cut.

It’s like when Obama claimed that he cut spending last year by $1 trillion even though spending has been steadily increasing for the past decade. In 2010, Washington had projected that they would spend $5.6 trillion in 2020. Now, they’re projecting $5.1 trillion. And there’s their “cut.” The so-called sequestration is really no different.

All this rhetoric coming from the administration is “just words, just speeches.” Just scare tactics to get the GOP to compromise in some big way at 11:59 PM this Thursday night. If the GOP cave on taxes again, then everything will go back to normal and Al-Qaeda won’t bomb our country after all.

If they’re really so serious that teachers and others dependent on federal money are all of a sudden going to lose their jobs because of these draconian cuts in proposed increases, then why are they hiring for so many positions around the country as the Washington Examiner reported:

 “The federal government appears to be hiring for hundreds of jobs in the Washington, D.C. area and thousands more around the country, even as President Obama warns sequestration cuts will force agencies to furlough and lay off essential employees. Administration officials warn sequestration would mean furloughing border patrol agents, air traffic controllers, food inspectors and other critical employees to deal with what they bill as drastic spending cuts. But a quick search on turns up a raft of open government positions ranging from cooks to mechanics to statisticians.”

 They’re hiring because there is no crisis. Life will go on with or without the cuts in proposed increases that are scheduled to go in effect on Friday.

The government is throwing a temper tantrum and acting like they might as well completely shut down because the GOP won’t stop all the fake spending cuts from happening (if only they would shut down). On a radio show today, I heard a man call in saying that he was a federal employee with the Department of Defense, and that he got a letter from the DoD stating that he would be put on furlough for 22 weeks straight, getting paid only 4 days a week instead of 5. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano claimed that if these “cuts” go through, America will be more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Even the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are releasing illegal aliens, and they’re using the sequestration as an excuse. As if none of these departments can find anywhere else to cut.

Just look at the Pentagon, spending money researching the color of the feathers on the famed “missing link” between birds and dinosaurs, the Archaeopteryx; or paying to create an iPhone application called Caffeine Zone 2 that advises people on how to schedule coffee breaks; or spending $1.5 million on developing a special, new roll-up beef jerky; or funding a workshop on interstellar space travel that included a segment called, “Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?” That “beef jerky” project was actually funded by money that was taken out of a weapons program.

Some $68 billion was spent by the Pentagon on these useless projects. And there’s plenty of useless things the DHS does and I’m sure the ICE does as well that they could cut instead of letting illegal aliens go free or cutting what little security we have on the border. If they’re going to be that way, maybe Obama’s entire administration should just quit.



  • Randy Renu

    Here are few other examples of useless (mindless) projects or contributions by the federal government. Once again, no spending or outcome accountability.

    1) $35M of tax payer contributions to presidential election campaign fund.
    2) $30M spent in an effort to increase sales for mango farmers.
    3) $14M spent by USAF to convert Alaskan radar stations from diesel to wind turbine energy.
    4) $6M spent by the FAA to assist small airports
    5) $1M to subsidize pancakes for yuppies in the nations capital
    6) $15.3M on the super-bridge to nowhere located in Alaska
    7) $120M spent in retirement and disability payments to deceased former federal payments are over $601M the last five years.
    8) $650K spent by USDOT to transform an abandoned "rock house" into a visitors center
    9) $114K grant from federal funds to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG) for the preservation of video games.
    10) $18M in foreign aid to China's social service and environmental programs.
    11) $500K from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to build "Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers" in Arlington Texas
    12) $100K to the Washington State Fruit Commission for a "Celebrity Chef Fruit Promotion Road Show in Indonesia"
    13) $10M from U.S. Agency for International Development to Rafi Peer Theater Workshop, a Pakistani arts organization to create 130 episodes of Sesame Street for the Pakistani TV viewing audience.
    14) $150K in federal funds to the American Museum of Magic in Marshall Michigan
    15) $184M saved per year by replacing the paper dollar bill with a $1 coin
    16) $340K federal grant to study women, weaving and wool and Iceland
    17) $5.2M from federal transportation to construct a Steamboat Overlook Interpretive Center
    18) $600K grant from NIH to study why chimps throw feces
    19) $606K federal grant to study how heterosexuals use the internet to meet one another and how this effects sexual behavior
    20) $231M spent by Department of Energy on the Weatherization Assistance program

    • Screeminmeeme

      Outrageous squandering of the people's money.

      Does a rapidly collapsing America really need to know or care why chimps throw feces? Or how germane is it to our economy to understand heterosexual sex and how it is connected to the internet? And who cares about kid's shows in Pakistan or how wool is woven Iceland?

      Most responsible adults would consider these things wasteful and way beyond the purview of government, yet the inexplicable allocation of funds for these absurdities goes on unabated.

      WHERE are OUR representatives who were sent to Washington to oversee the wise use of our tax dollars?

      Well.....the profligates are gleefully rubbing their hands together as they eye even more boondoggles.

      These crooks would steal from their own grandmothers....wait...they already are.

      • Wayne Robinson

        If anyone is throwing feces, it's the president!

      • KR

        Not just there grandmother there grand kids also. What a disgrace.

    • Madmax1450

      And this list is just the tip of the iceberg of stupid pork spending that gets added to bills

      • Randy Renu

        ABSOLUTELY! The list is in the hundreds.

  • ginjit.dw

    Jobs created by the government produce nothing. They add nothing to the economy. They are a waste of space and time.

  • libssuck

    I don't necessarily fear the politicians, they represent a much bigger problem, an ignorant electorate that votes for these toads.

  • Thomas Stevens

    Everyone, it's time for the American people to overthrow this cesspool we have in Washington.I fought in Nam and am getting up there in age but would fight again for
    my children and grandchildren so they'll be able to grow up in a free country.I'll give
    my life to turn this country around from what it has become.It's time to stand up and
    be counted. God Bless all of you. Semper Fi

  • Bob Coffey

    The only way this country is going to get out of debt is to slash government pay, slash headcount, eliminate programs and cut the waste and fraud in government contracts and disability payments.

  • Luci Tomlin

    Not for HIS "supporters"! They are mostly hard-line, Left, Socialist, Liberals! With all the free perks, booze, benefits, extras, and indecent salaries compared to what they give in return! But it is a perfect way for him to fulfill the Agenda of his CREATORS! Over: Burden, obligate, extend, indebt, load, whelm, throw, bear, and RUN over! So much for electing an unknown, unskilled, uneducated (unsubstantiated rumors don't count!), inexperienced person without ANY legal Documents, records, papers, or written proof of WHO he is, where did he go to school, did he graduate, and where did he come from? Thanks, gullible ones!

  • james f. Tibbs

    Why isn't this waste of human skin, half breed not impeached? We as a free society should not be abused by him.

  • SUSANM621


  • [email protected]

    like we need more govt employees. the ones we have are useless now... all the way to the top. WHERE IS THE BUDGET? BENGHAZI INFO AND FAST & FURIOUS PROSECUTION?

  • A patriot!

    Keep smoking your cigarettes "O". I God pray will be the answer to the USA's problem.