CNN Wants Americans To Accept US Government As Terrorist Sponsor

It is time to push harder on Syria. Or rather it is time to push harder on Americans to casually accept that our government, while claiming to be at “war” with “terror” is actually sponsoring those same terrorist groups. And CNN is at the frontline of the propaganda war.

The recent lying headline is, “U.S. weighing nonlethal aid to Syrian opposition.” The video feature actually pretends that NATO and the US don’t want to give arms. This is all a tangle of lies.

“The Obama administration is moving toward increasing aid to the Syrian opposition, including providing nonlethal military equipment and possibly strategic military training, sources told CNN Tuesday…  The sources said the United States is not considering providing weapons. The administration is also moving toward giving humanitarian aid directly to the Syrian Opposition Coalition, the official said, adding that this was already happening in limited amounts... The United States is also looking to remove restrictions on ‘dual-use’ equipment, such as those involving communications, body armor, flak jackets, night-vision equipment and military vehicles, according to another source familiar with the policy discussions.”

First of all, the saying is true: “An Army marches on its stomach.” When we send food to armed groups we are supporting an armed force and its objective. So, even at a minimum, we are already sponsoring terrorists in Syria—Sunni Islamists of the same stripe as, or even actually a part of, the same terrorist networks we call Al Qaeda. The news about this is so constant and varied, I don’t know of any one link that will do it justice. Here’s Red State on Al Qaeda in Iraq as a major player in the Syrian strife. Just search Google news for more.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia and virtually all the Sunni nations are allies of the US, EU, and NATO. Their sending of weapons to the terrorists trying to take over Syria is the same as us doing it. Our government sends these people aid precisely so they will cooperate with us (and give us some plausible deniability).

But it isn’t just other countries arming the militants with our permission and encouragement, at our bidding, or even with our own funds. The CIA has been on the ground helping funnel weapons through the Muslim Brotherhood to the rebels. Even when this is admitted the mainstream media keeps up the pretense that they are there to “prevent Al Qaeda from getting their hands on the weapons.” And yet the Al Qaeda forces only grow. Such claims are not credible. The media is reporting lies.

The only question is whether we are going to give more aid in the open or keep much of it secret (and perhaps this means we can’t get the aid to the terrorists as fast as some would like). Pretending we are “weighing” anything is just a game for public consumption to get us acclimated to being loyal to a government that sponsors terrorists. They even admit they are already doing the things they are considering doing, though of course “in limited amounts.” Yes we’ve been sponsoring limited amounts of attacks on Christian churches and limited amounts of tortures and rapes.

Bear in mind, CNN is cover for almost certainly at least one CIA asset. There is no reason to trust the network.



  • Tabitha Bliss

    I think the O regime knows it has no choice but work this stuff into the open since we have the internet now & will eventually become aware of what's going on. They've been going out of their way to heavily censor our media for a long time now & it must be exhausting for our evil elites.

    To keep up on what's really going on there, I go to various alternative & out of the country media sources online as well as a blog updated / maintained daily by Syrians trying to get the truth out to Americans. You can check it out at; friendsofsyriaDOTwordpressDOTcom (Replace DOT with ".")

    It wasn't long ago there was a report in Britian's news concerning Obama getting 'caught' (via hacked email) trying to stage a false flag in which Syrian civilians would be hit with chemical weapons & Assad blamed. That way Obama could justify putting American boots on the ground to the American people. Of course that leads to the next 'issue' with this sick game he's playing which is that Russia & China have told us that if American troops get directly involved in Syria it means WW3 for the US! Sorry, but I don't want to send my (young adult) kids to go die in some war that has ZERO moral high ground to it! Any way you look at it WE are ON THE WRONG SIDE of this!

    Also, Putin / the Russians caught the rebels with American made surface to air missiles some time ago & there's also reports about our providing them with a ship equipped with 60 tons of war weapons (also some time ago)..So it's obvious we've been quite involved in this! I believe both of those were prior to the election.

    There's also a collection of recent videos online showing American troops fighting alongside jihadis. In the last one I saw they were shooting down a helicopter together. As it fell to the ground in a crumpled heap they were yelling "Allu Akbar" & the white American soldier shown was smiling like he was trying to feel happy for the gleeful terrorists. It's so sad that our military has been used in such evil ways under Obama, I truly hate that POS!

    I continued to have major problems figuring out the "why's" of it all with Syria. What's the agenda for us? I mean usually it's pretty easy to figure out how the US benefits when our idiot leaders decide to utilize jihadists in battle.... WELL it turns out that the Assad regime is one that the SAUDI's (who work with the Muslim brotherhood) want removed.. The Saudis are heavily involved in this entire operation from top to bottom. It hit me that this isn't a conflict to benefit the US, THIS IS THE SAUDI's WAR!

    Now anyone familiar with Obama's past & the Saudi's role in getting him into college as well as funding his education & career from it's inception will instantly understand what I'm saying. .. It appears he's using our countries military men & machines & our money to fight a war for the Islamic Saudi royal family! THAT'S WHERE THE REAL STORY IS!

    If that aspect gets properly investigated & could be proven I should HOPE the nation would see that as enough to remove this POS from office! This is an extremely dangerous game he's playing that could easily end in the total end of America..(As in a ball of fire & a hole in the ground where America used to be), so I beg of you or anyone that's a willing journalist to investigate that aspect of it! It is treason to the Nth degree!!

    • /.murphy

      Treason, huh.... I'm a bit surprised to find an American so uninformed as to willingly side with Vladimir Putin in this conflict.

      American interest in Syria is both humanitarian and geopolitical. On the humanitarian side, we would like the killing to stop. Drawing blood, particularly if it continues for an extended period, seldom leads to a quick and stable peace. Lots of conflicts have shown this to be undebatably true.

      The geopolitical side of American interests are focused directly on Tartus. Yes, I know... you've never heard of it. Tartus happens to be the last Russian military facility outside the former Soviet Union. Historically, they have officially called it a naval "material-technical support point" ("пункт материально-технического обеспечения"), but after our opposition to Russia in the South Ossetian War of 2008, the Russians have struck a deal with Assad to quietly modernize and expand the facility to support nuclear warships beyond submarines. Joseph Farah even reported on WND in 2008 that the Russians had moved the missile cruiser Moskva and four nuclear missile submarines there. (Source:

      The United States would like nothing more than to see the Russians pack up and depart. The base's purpose began as anti-American; it remains anti-American, and now, I see, they have managed to fool some Americans into supporting their presence in the region. Talk about treason...

      Nice try, though, comrade. Maybe they'll still award you the Орден Ленина just for making the effort. LOL!

      • Tabitha Bliss

        Yes, Treason!
        When one arms the enemy who seeks to overthrow our republic & replace it with an Islamic state after going to war against us, then it would stand to reason that supplying them arms to do so (while disarming the homeland & funding it all with our tax dollars) would be the definition of treason! DUH
        They've made it clear that once they're done in Syria & possibly Jordan they intend to have their caliphate & go to war against us. If you don't consider that to be the definition of treason then I cannot help you.
        Humanitarian. Give me a break! These "rebels" are the ones spilling blood of innocents. These monsters massacre Christians & use children as human shields. And what's really horrible is that the people of Syria love Assad. They say he would win again today in a landslide if he were to run for office again & yet you somehow believe that putting the population under the bloody, oppressive Islamic Sharia law is better? ONLY a liberal could make that work in their own head!
        You're obviously an Obot so the reality of the situation & the gravity of what it's going to unleash on the US is something you won't understand until it happens. Of course it isn't any fault of your own as being a lib the distorted sense of reality is due to your having a small and dormant amygdala region so I won't hold it against you...But one day in the near future you'll be saying, "Oh wow I guess that really was a bad idea wasn't it", mark my word "comrade".

        • /.murphy

          "Obviously an 'Obot'?" What's up with the silly name-calling? Did you run short on intellect?

          And "the people of Syria love Assad?" Which ones? It certainly looks to me like it's not all of them.

          Oh... and one more thing... when is the overthrow of our republic and replacement with an Islamic state going to occur? And who's going to accomplish that? I think that's a nutty idea, but just in case you're right, tell us the date so I can plan a little party with my friends.

    • Edward53

      You're right, Tabitha. Obama is a traitor along with his transgender Sasquatch wife. I would just about believe Putin over Obama any day of the week since Obama lies to the American people so much. History will judge this POS someday and the world will see what this traitor is all about.

    • ezekiel22

      Good job Tabitha. You put together things in a manner of a good reporter. One of the things that I have noticed concerning Syria is the amount of misinformation coming out. It is huge. Putin is no angel by a long shot and Russia has coveted that seaport so they want to keep it. Syria has been in Russia's back pocket for a while now so the balance of power is not the issue. It is the assumption of power by the likes of the Muslim brotherhood. That is a war we should not be involved in at all and yet it seems we are being engineered toward it as you noted with the observation of the helicopter being downed.

    • Sunset Parker

      Tabitha Tabitha Tabitha. You're a loon. None of the nonsense you've posted above has actually happened. Its no accident you haven't provided a single link to back up any of that malarky. Your only citation is that trustworthy source (giggle) Vladimir Putin! Meds Tabitha. STAY on your meds!

  • Screeminmeeme

    Obama is committed to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood's goal of Islamic world domination so he will support the efforts of the MB wherever they are.

    • jong

      But right now with Syria we have a rare opportunity. It is basically a fight between sunni and shia (which I have been saying the whole time) there are no "good guys" in this one. It behooves us to get the Christians out of the line of fire and make sure both sides can not win this. We can have them killing each other for years just like the Iran vs Iraq war.

    • Sunset Parker

      Obama? What about Marco Rubio and John McCain and Mitt? they all support US military aid to the rebels. Geez. How dumb can you be???

  • StarDust Dolittle

    This is treason.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    This is why CNN continues to flounder as a 'news' agency. They are nothing but a propaganda agency...and anyone with more than two brain cells knows it. Their current ratings are the result of their stupidity.

  • Carl Stevenson

    Obama is conflicted On Syria ... He wants to see Assad be overthrown by his alQueda and Muslim Brotherhood allies, but he can't help himself but to admire Assad's brutal dictatorial tactics. 
    Obama can hardly wait to employ them here on us ... All that's standing in his way is that he hasn't been able to disarm us yet.

  • WhiteFalcon

    I believe that the US is already providing weapons to the Syrian rebels. That is a mess we should stay out of. We have nothing to gain reguardless of who wins.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    I've considered the gov't as a sponsor of terrorism for a long time, but not the way they're talking about it in this article.

  • raccman

    Anyone for IMPEACH yet ? C'mon folks ! while we still have a semblance of a Democracy !

  • DockyWocky

    Even feeding 1 lb pork rolls and peperoni to the Syrian "opposition" will come back to haunt us. These folks are the ultimate hand biters which means that it doesn't pay to befriend any of them unless maybe supplying caskets and matches for the funeral pyres.


    CNN does not seem to realize that a large portion of the population is already looking at the government as large, disruptive, irresponsible bunch of bunglers and might as well be thought of as terrorist already....

  • posthuf

    The less money they have to spend on food and medicine the more guns and bullets they can buy. Even a blind dummy would be unable to figure that out... but then...

  • fwiw

    Iraq was "bad." Afghanistan was "good." Syria appears to be headed for "great." At least according to the current administration and the moron media.

  • Brenda Cibelli

    John kerry just presented these camel humpers with $60 million dollars---, and Americans are still sleeping!!!!

  • kcsummer

    God forbid Obama actually act with integrity or do anything that isn't aimed at destroying America. He may be in the White House but he AIN'T MY PRESIDENT and HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before I ever acknowledge him for anything but what he is - someone who obviously hates America and is doing his best to destroy it.

  • Judy Parker

    The American government has always supported terrorism. Not too hard to do some research and figure it out. obams just more open about it because he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Apparently this is true because he's getting away with it. The rest of government and our millitary don't have the balls to stop him.

  • Junk Bin

    hang the President for treason, carpet nuke the middle east, defoliate Indonesia, and hunt down every last lying moslem

  • Hotnike

    Didn't Kerry just give the Syrian rebels $60 for their war on Assad. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom nogaro

    our govt is in fact sponsoring a terrorist group already: the democrats and the rinos.

  • Michigan_REB

    CNN= Communist News Network enough said. the FCC should pull the licenses of any network that doesn't report the news and the truth. ie: abc's editing ot the Zimmerman 911 call.

  • Whisper Atnight

    Augh!!! I wish a meteor would fall out of heaven and wipe Washington DC of the face of the Earth.

  • aceituna

    This is actually sedition and looks very much like treason.

  • aceituna

    We are providing the rope to hang ourselves.

  • gypsy314

    CNN is a has been every since they let Lou D. slip away from CNN Half of there views left when they crapped on Lou over illegal aliens. See liberals want nothing to do with the truth because the truth hurts and sooner or later the truth comes out and liberal will have to deal with it then or as they do not cover it up with lies or not reporting it.