Colorado Dem Wants Makers and Sellers of Assault Weapons Held Liable for Their Use

Earlier this month, the Colorado legislature narrowly passed a bill that bans assault and assault-style weapons, high capacity magazines and requires background checks on all gun purchases, even those that are done privately.

Two companies, Magpul and Alfred Manufacturing threatened to move their businesses out of state if the measure passed.  Magpul employs 600 people in the manufacturing of high capacity magazine and other accessories for assault and assault-style weapons.  They threatened to leave if the bill was passed because no one in Colorado, including their own employees would be allowed to legally purchase or own any of their products.

Now, Magpul and Alfred Manufacturing may have another good reason to leave the state.

Colorado Senate President, John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) introduced a bill yesterday that would hold the manufacturer, seller or owner of any assault or assault-style weapon, liable for any damage the weapon causes in the state.  In introducing his bill into the state senate, Morse said:

"The bill I envision... it will deem these guns as unreasonably dangerous.  It will not ban them, it will just hold people strictly liable, strictly responsible for what occurs. The effect is that everyone in the chain will be responsible for the actions of that gun."

"It will only apply to military-style assault weapons, firearms that are not handguns, bolt action rifles or shotguns."

So if someone steals an assault-style weapon from someone else in another state, illegally transports it into Colorado and then uses it to commit a crime, the company who made it and the original owner who had the weapon stolen from him, will be held liable.

That makes as much sense as holding Ford, GM or Toyota responsible for damages caused in auto accidents.  Or what about holding King’s Auto Mart or Smith’s Toyota Dealerships liable for damages caused by a vehicle they sold.  If the owner of that vehicle gets drunk or runs a stop sign and causes physical damage to person or property, who is at fault?  Certainly not the manufacturer or dealership.  It was the driver who was responsible.

Since there are 100 times more deaths due to knives than do to assault rifles, do they plan on holding Puma, Buck or Case Knives liable?  Does the Colorado legislature plan to hold Louisville Slugger responsible for damages caused by their bats or Stanley Tools for damages caused by a hammer?  Is Sears or Wal-Mart going to be held liable because they sold a bat or hammer that was used by someone in a crime that caused damage or physical harm?

Colorado Senator John Morse has as much common sense as bale of hay.  To think that he is president of the senate in Colorado is a frightening thought.  He reminds me of one of those employers that forbids anyone in the company from having a spoon on the premises because someone else was irresponsible and left a spoon in the microwave.  Because one person committed a dumb thoughtless act, everyone else will be subsequently punished and forced to eat their soup at lunch with a fork.

If this is the example of the state’s leadership, it’s time to pack up and leave the beautiful state of Colorado for somewhere else.



  • Doodlebug

    OMG How stupid. Maybe this dummicrat JA should be held liable for everything that hurts people by government action (laws) not only in CO but America because of the actions of the dummicrat donkeys ruling in every state and especially those in Washington DC. They are causing MUCH HARM to all of us. Just wait and see! And how about obummer when all the elderly are put on "death road" because of obummercare. And these are the kind of jerks we have running our country

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      How about we hold all the politicians "responsible" for all the damage they do.

      • Doodlebug

        I wish I knew how! I try by being careful who I vote for, contact them with my concerns and let them know how I feel they should vote to represent me. There is way too much telling us one thing to get elected and doing another once they are elected and I'm way too old to do much about it anymore except cry when they continually let me down and keep ruining this once great country.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Life is like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what some government idiot is going to do next.

    • Gizmo51

      Keep in mind that idiots tend to vote for idiots. That's why the Democrat party was formed so all the intelligent people could vote for intelligent people.

      • undunder

        Well, then that (democratic party formation) was a resounding failure! Colossal!

        • patriot2

          well that's why the democrats think they're so great,they are so smart they can't see that every thing they do is a failure.they have carter,clinton & now obama & still can't see that their policies suck.what a bunch of pussies,they've made America into a third rate country & the laughing stock of the world.who respects us for supporting the terrorist organizations(arab spring revolts) that attacked the US on 9/11?

      • Daniel W. Cote

        How is what that numb nut is proposing in any way shape or form something that anyone with intelligence would propose. Next we will charge the knife manufacturer because someone killed someone with a knife they manufactured and let's not forget the car manufacturers and places that sell those dangerous cars. A hell of a lot more people are killed by cars every year than by guns as a matter of fact more people are killed by being hit in the head with a hammer than are killed using all kinds of rifles including the so called assault rifles are we going to register hammer next and if someone steals your hammer and kills some one are we going to be liable. We have become a society where no one ever takes responsibility for their own actions and a prime example is our so called President. The so called assault rifle is no more than a replica of a military weapon. It's by no means an assault rifle. It's no more deadly than any other weapon. Assault rifles are those that are capable of fully automatic mode in other words they can be used as a machine gun of sorts. The civilian versions can't be set to full automatic so they are any more powerful or dangerous than any other rifle. Next will blame the owner of a car because someone stole their car and then killed someone with it. Where is this non-sense going to end. People should remember when one of their elected officials proposes idiotic laws so when reelection time comes you can vote for someone else. I think to many people are voting either for the party they belong to blindly or they are voting for whoever they voted for the last time without ever knowing what that person has been doing. Look at the dumb stuff Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, and Biden have proposed or said. I can't see how anyone would vote for them. They are idiots.

        • JohnGaltTexas

          Any well-tooled machine shop can build a fairly sophisticated weapon. A lot of programmable CNC machines are now in the second and third hand markets. Are the leftist scum going to ban any machines that could build guns too?

        • Daniel W. Cote

          You're absolutely correct it's the Genie out of the Bottle effect. You can't uninvent things. If you destroyed every single weapon on earth within a matter of months criminals will find someone who knows how to make weapons and they would have them. Remember criminals are called that because they have no respect for the law even the death penalty doesn't deter criminals from killing people. You can't put the Genie back in the bottle.

        • Judy Parker

          You forgot hands, the number one choice of weapons. Would like to see all those liberals walking around without their hands. That would be a sight to see. Be kinda hard for politicians to get around in the taxpayers jets.

        • anniedawn

          Some people vote for whoever gives them cellphones. Shows you how intelligent democratic voters are.

        • LuvUSA2

          You said it! No one with intelligence would do theses types of things. And common sense.

      • JohnGaltTexas

        Bear in mind:
        1. Liberalism is a mental disorder that is fatal to both the carrier and those exposed to the carriers. This has been proven throughout history. Almost 100 million innocent men, women and children have been directly murdered by liberalism over the last 100 years or so. The innocent continue to die today as the result of liberal insanity. Example; banning DDT at the alter of liberal earth worship has directly killed millions of African children by the ravages of mosquito borne malaria. The man-made Global Warming scam is just the latest example of liberal lies and insanity. The list goes on and on.
        2. Democrats/communists/progressives/marxists/socialist are all shades of the same thing: liberalism.
        3. Liberals require the support of dupes, stooges, useful idiots, victims, and the stupid for power because they know they cannot win on a fair field of ideas and ideology. This is also why they are the most intolerant vermin on earth - they are incapable of mounting a cogent and rational counter argument or defense of their behavior because there is none. Suppression of dissent is the only way they can handle disagreement. Power and control are their objectives and their religion. Insanity, skullduggery, suppression of dissent, confiscation of property, racism, divisivness and lies are their modus operandi.
        4. Folks, the inmates are fully in charge of the asylum. This will not end well.

        • Screeminmeeme

          JohnGaltTexas....Spot on. And I totally agree. Liberalism has such a foothold it's going to take an act of God to turn things around.

        • Whackajig

          Yes an act of God or patriots with balls. Our founding fathers believed strongly in God and the bible, but took it upon themselves to implement God's will.

      • Pendy1

        So please explain how the Republicans managed to elect this idiot democrat Morse, genius?

      • ezekiel22

        Well that failed miserably didn't it? Maxine Watters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barney Frank, JJ Jr., Nancy ( I see dead people) Pelosi, Bite me Biden.

      • danimal

        how did an idiot like you vote? did your mama help ya?

    • CARL jr

      I got shot in the buttocks, Lt. Dan!

  • Gizmo51

    That would put guns in the same category as cars, appliances, baby cribs, taverns, building codes. I think I made my point without listing more manufacturers and that laws when broken have consequences.

    • Edward53

      The only point you made is that you are a raving idiot.

    • Daniel W. Cote

      The manufacturer of those things you mentioned are only liable for a flaw that causes death. The gun has no flaws and is safe when properly handled. We don't find the car manufacturer liable for someone driving their car into a crowd of people unless a defect in the car was found in all the cases you are talking about negligence in the manufacture of the product has to be proven in other words they have to have knowingly produce a product that has a defect. By your logic if someone steals your car and then kills someone with it you, the company that sold you the car and the manufacturer would all be liable. It this lawsuit mentality that's causing our medical cost to skyrocket that's causing companies to have to horde more and more cash in reserve just in case. It's time for tort reform in this country that would help to curb the cost of medical insurance and care in this country.

    • ezekiel22

      Gizmo, straw man argument there. Where you mention these items the laws are not for the manufacture of them but for the defective merchandise. With firearms it is the way they are used that causes the damage. Is it the fault of the firearm if you shoot your foot off?

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    I move that politicians are immeasurably dangerous and should be banned.'s that for a rebuttal?

    • Michigan_REB

      I vote they pay for their damage with their lives. Since most of these fools are not withing to risk their lives to protect this country they should be ineligible to hold office. If you aren't willing to protect this country why should you be able to run it?

      • JohnGaltTexas

        Amen! The REMF's take over while everyone else is doing the job.

      • Hotnike

        The dem's better watch their backs and hire more personal guards.

    • jong

      Seconded do we have a third?? Besides this moron Morse has no idea that the bolt action five round Mauser 98K has killed more people in history than any other weapon except for stupidity. Which clearly he is welding

      • patriot2

        I'll go for mausers must have done in a lot of people,& I'm sure it was because they have bayonet lugs!!! they're old model "assault"rifles.

        • jong

          Ah and Biden only wants a shotgun.

        • patriot2

          he wants a double barrel shotgun & while I really like doubles they would hardly be my first choice.for home defense I would likely choose a good pump.they are lighter than a double,hold more shells & can be as fast as a semi-auto while not as picky about ammo.and I don't think shooting a couple out the door would help much,that's just warning the bad,I think we all agree that biden is now,has been & always will be a complete idiot.

        • jong

          Of course this goes to show the kind of person you are. Biden has no idea of using the right tool for the right job just like the marxists. He goes for the scatter method and tries to hit the target instead of taking aim.

        • patriot2

          thats just me I guess,I also keep numbers of pistols around,+1 in bed with 2 mags,sorry2"assault magazines".if bad guys on drugs break in even 30 rounds may not be enough.

        • jong

          Good news on that. They are now making a fifty round drum for H&K I believe which makes making these full auto a actual choice. Of course you want to use glaser's we would not want to go through the sheet rock.

        • patriot2

          the more we have the better off we are when civil unrest starts.

        • lasercad

          I think we should honor Biden's request. Cancel his entire entourage of Secret Service personell. Give him a friggin double barrel and send him on an unescorted tour of America in a Chevy Volt.

        • jong

          Or perhaps a tour of Iran.

        • patriot2

          make sure he gets to go everywhere the US is hated & let the criminals know.

        • jong

          Then may I suggest Dearbornistan for a week. Then a trip to Obama's town of Chicago where he will be able to use his double barreled shot gun VS thugs with AK's

        • patriot2

          I've heard of those places,can we lock him in & toss the key?it's terribly unfair to the nice people but we all have to make sacrifices.

        • jong

          Yes but, lets include the whole of the DNC we dont want them to be lonely.

        • patriot2

          of course,don't want him to be without an audience to fill with BS.

        • anniedawn

          Between 2003 and 2011 there were 37 murders in Chicago in which rifles (big guns?) were used AND there were 31 murders using baseball bats. BAN baseball bats.

        • jong

          Absolutely. Then of course we have murders committed in the bath tub and then those committed by knifes, cars, liquor bottles that should keep the "little darlings" busy for some time to come. Just wind them up and let them act like idiots for everyone to see. Or we could start it up like a real organization and go through the emotions like "the children are suffering"

        • danimal

          mine was made in 1900, with bayonet, and still have the cleaning rod...bonus!!

    • patriot2

      good idea,they would all be gone never to suck off the public tit again.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Have a good suggestion. Let's just make the government and the politicians DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths and injuries that have happened in all the "free fire zones" called schools and all the other places where they post "gun free zone" signs.

    • Cuz

      They don't represent the people anymore they just are in it for themselves.

    • 7papa7

      Mr. Marxist aka obama should also be held liable for destroying our country along with all the drones in congress who voted for his socialist agenda.

  • pbrown85355

    Gee, when is Colorado Democrats going to make auto makers responsible for killing so many and abortion clinics responsible. NEVER

  • undunder

    Once again, zero personal accountability advocated by leftists. They are the biggest bunch of crybaby wimps! King Barry is the biggest crybaby wimp of all. And this guy has access to our nuclear arsenal. How far will HRH have to go before anyone on the left decides enough is enough?

  • akright

    If that's the case we better put knives, bats, fists, cars, prescriptions on the list - they kill way more than guns do. This senator is an idiot.

    • Screeminmeeme

      akright...And don't forget paper manufacturers. A bad paper cut could end in death.

  • Carl Stevenson

    A career politician is like having herpes: You're stuck with it for life; it never does any good, but once in a while, at the most inopportune time, it flares up and makes a painful mess.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Carl Stevenson....LOL...Ya got that right.

  • Brama

    Does that mean we should blame the federal reserve bank for printing the money that Obama keeps spending?

    • Lowell Freeman

      YES!!! (it says "Federal Reserve Note" on them)

  • WhiteFalcon

    They have no idea of what an assault weapon is. There are currently no assault weapons sold in the US. The specific gun he is refering to is the AR-15, which is not an assault weapon. He wants to ban something that might look like an assault weapon. I think we should ban and banish all politicians that look like normal humans. That would make a lot more sense and do a lot more good.

    • Daniel W. Cote

      Feinstein and Pelosi don't look like normal humans to me.

  • samantha

    Then Colorado Dems should be held liable when someone is injured or dies because they couldn't defend themselves with the weapon the USED to have!!!

  • BigUgly666

    Fine! As long as the Colorado "law makers" are held responsible for the results of all the "laws" they pass that let criminals out early and does untold damage to the public at large.

  • Douglas Beckman

    Is this Idiot for real ? Then I guess we need to hold the auto industry responsible for all traffic accidents too. There are far more people killed in auto accidents on daily basis on our highways then are killed by these so called assault weapons in a whole year. This fricken Nimrod needs to get a grip.

  • ol'cowgirl

    Time to ban Senator Morse!

  • Justthinkin54

    These politicians should read some of the laws they have passed or at least make themselves educated with the current laws on the books. In 2005 Congress passed an act called The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which has provided gun makers and others in the industry with immunity in state and federal court from civil liability in most negligence and product liability actions. Now they want to take it back, go figure.

  • Johnny

    John Morse, is just another moron. Listen all of you Gun accessorizing factories just move on down here to Mississippi where you can make all the gun parts you want, and you want have to worry about labor Unions either.

  • samantha

    I believe that anyone that wants to mess with the Constitution or Bill of Rights is un-American and anti-America.

  • Rick LapLante

    Right after we make legislators personally responsible and fineable for any increases in the cost of doing govenrment. And if the increased cost exceeds a certain percentage, then perhaps we could include mandatory jailtime.

  • lew


  • Mort Leith

    OK,,, that means that GM, Ford and every auto maker is also responsible for every accident, knife makers for every stabbing, etc etc.

    Our liberal dummycrats have broken the record for ignorance . . .

  • gbandy

    Why is it always some dirtbag Democrat who on one day talks about the middleclass yet the next day wants to take our rights away? Who in their right mind would vote for a person like this? Oh I guess the same ones who voted for Obama.

  • TPM

    Hold the sellers of assault weapons responsible for their use?
    OK ... Let's start with our Fast & Furious co-conspirators ... Obama & Holder
    Their gun running scheme gave arms to drug cartels and as a result hundreds of people have died ... and some of them were Americans. Punish them, first ...

    • anniedawn

      Did you know those drug cartels they sold the guns to are allied with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Al Qaida? Don't know if the info disappeared off the internet (as anything negative to Obama or the Dems does) but there was a lot of it with pictures. Think the beheadings in Mexico started about the same time as the alliance. Beheading is a Muslim thing.

  • VanceJ

    How about we hold you responsible for your anti American votes, jail time, maybe that would make you more careful in your votes.!!!!

  • 1_Eddie_1

    How about we hold lawmakers responsible for unintended consequences for the laws that they write! The punishment should be mandatory prison sentences. Proposing any law that the common man would deem unconstitutional, should be enough to get you convicted of sedition. I want to know, when do the trials start?

  • Spyder Dalton

    Then car manufacturers need to be held liable for car accidents and no gun zone politicians need to be held liable for defenseless deaths.

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Leftist vermin will stop at nothing to take away our rights and enslave us to The State. People have to see these cretins for what they are now and it doesn't seem to raise any alarms. How can that be?

    • Screeminmeeme

      Blindness. Willful blindness.

  • heavy

    I say we hold politicians responsible for their constituents actions. if someone murders someone.... charge all of the politicians with murder.

  • bhudda

    A simular bill was passed by the US House And Senate and the Supreme Court Shredded it on arrival .

  • bhudda

    If you were put in jail ,your fault or any fault and something happened to you ,you should be allowed to sue the jail .No ,who ever did this to you is accountable not the jail or the agency that jailed you .Yet technically you are suppose to be in a far more secure place than on the streets .If walk down the street and go under an awning that protects you from the elements and it falls and injures you the owner of the building is responsible . Shows who writes these night mares we call laws .

  • Paul Leslie

    There shouldn't be any doubt in anyone's mind that democrats are anti-American fascists following in the train of Commie Obamie

  • heavy

    I say we hold the politicians accountable for their constituents actions. if someone kills someone we should charge the politicians with that crime

  • EdinNola

    Colorado, if you had a brain in your collective heads, you would firstly hold all who would vote for such a law as liable and responsible for any crime in which a person or their property is injured where having a weapon might have prevented such injury. Secondly, these people are infringing on our right to keep and bear, doing so intentionally in violation of the Constitution, and as such are guilty of sedition / possibly treason and should be punished by imprisonment.


    Let's start making all inept politicians liable and responsible for all their silly wasted, irresponsible acts they make and cause us billions of dollars based on their stupidity....parity works both ways.

  • posthuf

    >“The bill I envision… it will deem these guns as unreasonably dangerous. It will not ban them, it will just hold people strictly liable, strictly responsible for what occurs. The effect is that everyone in the chain will be responsible for the actions of that gun.”<

    So far, so good.

    Now let's substitute the word "politician" every time the word "gun," "assault weapon" or "firearm" is used. That would make so much more sense.

  • Pendy1

    So, where is the law holding car manufacturers liable for hit and run drivers? Or the one holding Clorox liable when someone commits suicide by drinking bleach? Etc., Etc.

  • Brama

    I sure hope we don't have to start a federal Cutco registry.

  • MIKE6080

    Better take them away from the cops , the broke cities cant afford any more lawsuits.

  • Huckley

    Why not hold this idiot liable for lowering the average IQ in Colorado? Stupidity is dangerous.

  • Eugene Lubben

    Dumbocrat's don't have the brains of a piss-ant ,,,,,

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    Using this criteria, just think of the field day lawyers will have finding manufacturers of everything from silverware to baseball bats responsible for murders committed with said items. I call it the Rosie O'Donnell syndrom; You know, it was spoons that made her fat. If kill you with a baseball bat, I guess Louisville Slugger is responsible. Or better yet, if I stuff sand down someone's throat until they suffocate, do the authorities and survivors arrest and;/or sue the fellow that sold me the sand? These scenarios are no more ridiculous than the idea that if I shoot you, it's the weapon's fault or the manufacturer's fault. Bloody idiots.

    • anniedawn

      How can they if you got the sand at a beach? OOPS state property. Sue the state?

  • Judy Parker

    And I want dems to be held liable for the downfall of this country.

  • HongryHawg

    Guns aren't cigarettes. They held Big Tobacco responsible because Big Tobacco hid the dangers behind fake science. Gun Manufacturers just make guns, just like Knife Manufacturers just make knives. Unlike with Tobacco, it takes a criminal to cause a death with a gun or knife. To even attempt to hold the two up together just piles more Hypocrisy on top of Lying Liberal Hypocrisy. How these people even look in the mirror is beyond me.

  • jsmithcsa

    It's simple to me: if you're a gun manufacturer, or even a gun owner, leave Colorado and never come back.

  • ezekiel22

    If passed the law will not stand up in court. The damage is caused by the user of firearms. If the firearm is manufactured correctly it can do a lot of damage especially to home invaders.

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    Better idea, Lets get the Dems who pass such stupid laws to unprotect US Citizens and ensure they are slaughtered to have to pay for their inability to address the true Mental issues not being dealt with.

  • freedixie

    And when was the last time Ford, GM, or Chrysler were held responsible for drunk driving deaths? It just gets stupider every day. These morons have got to go! Weed is now legal in Colorado. Is there a connection here with the braindead proposals being put forth lately?

  • Rick Eastlund

    That means my deer rifle is now an assault weapon, just another democrap with no idea what he is talking about. If this passes then we should insist that they do the same with cars and trucks, then we can all get payed by the auto manufacturer as well as the driver who caused the crash.

  • Rick Eastlund

    How can one party have so many idiots.

    • anniedawn

      They manufacture them by brain surgery.

  • BigUgly666

    Well, let's hold the Colorado legislature responsible for any problems caused by the "laws" they pass .... even if the criminals don't obey the laws.
    If a criminal steals from you, it the fault of the CO legislature because the criminal did not see fit to obey the law - same goes for murder, rape, etc. It HAS to be the fault of the poorly written laws that the criminals won't obey them - thus, the fault of those who wrote the ineffective laws.

  • HowCanItBeClose

    Do the Dems know what tort reform is? This would drive so many businesses under. I read that Obama's first debate performance was due to altitude. Should Colorado move its legislatures to somewhere a little lower?

  • lasercad

    Hey, the people of Colorado are obviously stupid beyond belief. They are the ones that elected these mentally retarded politicians. Now those voters are going to have to live with every moronic, non-sensical law they enact. Colorado's stupidity is second only to California, but it sounds like they are working real hard at becoming #1.

    • anniedawn

      I am from California and if the illegals stopped voting the Dems would lose.

  • tom nogaro

    dat mean if someone go n shoot dead an intruding would-be rapist, the gun seller and manufacturer gonna get a prize? who gonna pay for dat, da bernank hisself? no way, jose.

  • Daniel W. Cote

    If that isn't stupid nothing is. Since they can't ban guns they are going to make it impossible to obtain them by making the manufacture of guns to expensive. Lets remember that the police carry guns and if their gun kills someone they should be held responsible along with the gun manufacturers oh yes the military carry guns also so the law will make the US government and the gun manufacturers liable for any death by the weapon. If I were the gun manufacturers I would demand that they put the same restrictions on autos. They are responsible for far more deaths each year than guns. In fact hammers account for more deaths than rifles every year so you need the same restriction on hammers. Since they can't stop people from owning guns instead they will make it were no one can afford to manufacture guns. You can own all the firearms you want you just cant buy any. The saddest part is it won't make us any safer. We need to open up all the mental institutions we closed so we can put all the liberals back in them.
    We need to make hammer manufacturers liable for people using it to kill people.
    We need to ban sharp knives people kill people with them all the time.
    How about alcohol that is the cause of deaths is many ways.
    Airplanes are dangerous so lets put rules like that and of course since it's made up of so many parts from different sub contractors then you will have to include all the sub contractors involved in the manufacture of the plane.
    Let's reopen all the old asylums and fill them with all these liberals. I think that's where they came from. We got them when they closed all those asylums.

    • anniedawn

      You forgot baseball bats. In Chicago from 2003 - 2011 37 people were murdered by guns, 31 by baseball bats.

  • shamu9

    When and WHY did all the Lib. Bed-Wetting Pfags move to Colorado???Were Cal. Oregon and Wash.State Exceding their Gay-Boy Limits??

    • anniedawn

      I am from California. They moved to Colorado because they were pushed out by the illegals.

  • geneww1938

    I believe gun makers and distributors would assume the same liability that our politicians do for the rape, robberies, murders and terror that are caused by illegals and Muslims brought in for political reasons.

    • Marj0120

      Best idea I've read all day. Today someone ordered that over 200 llegal aliens be released from prisons. They were sentenced for crimes other then crossing the border illegally. Our governor was not consulted, knew nothing about it until she saw it on the news this morning. Napolitano said she had no prior knowledge of who ordered this release or that it was planned. Eric Holder has already declared that he would not allow his office to respond to calls for help if that call came from AZ. No one knows what crimes these two hundred were convicted of was it erape murder, theft, violent crimes, drug running? But these same a-holes think we should be disarmed? Since the feds won't come to our defense, should I wet myself and blow my whistle the next time illegals come on my property? I live maybe 15 miles from the border. I don't think so!

  • goyaathle

    I really don't understand. We elect these idiots to represent us us and then they think that they are gods and can make any law that they want to. Why are the people allowing this? A long time ago if someone kept passing this stupidity the people would have tarred and feathered them and ran them out of town on a rail. Now we just set and grumble, "well I guess we just have to do what they say" The people have to take this country back before these idiots destroy it.

  • aceituna

    There were several good parallels about someone being held responsible for something they made that was used in a bad way beyond their control, but the best one was that politicians should be made responsible for the results of their legislation.

  • cactusbob

    Proposals like this really expose a lack of common sense. That would be on a par with holding schools and universities responsible for the conduct of their graduates or attendees.

  • US Navy EOD Vet

    When did Colorado become stupid? Military style "assault weapons" aren't military weapons, democratic morons. Military weapons are fully automatic, unlike their consumer counterparts. No soldier or sailor would be caught dead using these weapons. True justice would be John Morse being run over and killed by a drunk illegal.

  • tionico

    so any thoughts of relocating to Colorado are now off the table. Shucks, I was thinking of moving a business to that state........ not now.

    • US Navy EOD Vet

      My company was thinking of moving to Colorado as well. We have 86 employees and thought that Colorado, with its beauty and western/cowboy tradition of independence would be a good place to relocate to, since we're in messed up California. Not now! Colorado is as messed up with politics and stupid as California is.

  • Michael S. Smith

    That is stupid should car makers or auto dealer be responsible for drunk or recless drivers of course they should be liable if the gun is defective the Reimingto model 700 has a serious defect that has caused injuries and death of several people but because guns are for some dumb reason excempt from protect safety laws there is nothing that can be done about it

  • SpecialK622

    By removing the ownership of guns, states are promising that they will protect all people in that state. If that is the case, individuals should be able to sue the state of Colorado whenever a crime is committed against them because of its failure in protecting its citizens or visitors to the state.

  • gypsy314

    I say leaders of Colorado need to uphold the oath they gave and stop punishing Americans because of liberal gun free zones that target our children and us for the slaughter by cowards supported by liberal gun control freaks.

  • LuvUSA2

    State Senator John Morse. We would like to hold you liable for the deaths because of your stupidity. This statement is not mine alone; I went to work today and left my loaded pistols, machine guns, assault rifles (especially those with over 10 round clips) all loaded, ready to fire and with the safeties off on my dining room table. When I got home and walked in the door, none of them went off and non of them had fired by themselves while I was at work. There were no casualties at my house today.