It’s OK to Kill Your Children but Not Educate Them

A number of countries are clamping down on family education of children, better known as homeschooling. Parents decide to educate their children in the home instead of sending them off to a government institution or a private school that must adhere to specific state educational guidelines.

Free-sex Sweden is notorious for denying parents the right to educate their children at home. A woman can kill her pre-born baby up until the eighteenth week of pregnancy for any reason, but if she decides to give birth, the State controls her child’s education.

Rabbi Alexander Namdar and his wife Leah decided to educate their children at home “to ensure that their instruction ran parallel to their Jewish beliefs. Just weeks after an appellate judge’s verdict supported the parents’ right to homeschool their five children, Swedish government officials challenged the decision.”

The Namdars won their battle with the State, but the media and leftist political groups denounced the court decision.

Then there’s the story of Annie and Christer Johansson who had their parental rights terminated in regard to their son, Domenic.

“The boy and his parents were on board a jetliner minutes from departing Sweden for Annie’s home country of India when Domenic was seized in June 2009. The reason authorities initially gave for taking Domenic was that he had been homeschooled.

“During subsequent medical evaluations, Domenic was found to have missed some vaccinations and ‘had cavities’ in his teeth.

“During the first months following his seizure the parents were only permitted to visit Domenic once every two weeks. This quickly became once every five weeks, and in 2010 all visitations were cut off.”

Other Swedish homeschooling families have fled the country when officials threatened to levy massive fines against the parents and retaliate by way of social service directives that don't need court-ordered permission to remove children from so-called abusive homes.

Now we are learning that the German government is clamping down on homeschooling families. In 1938, homeschooling was outlawed in Germany  by Adolf Hitler. Given what we know, the law was never rescinded, and the German government is taking full advantage of the Nazi-era law. The German Supreme Court has banned homeschooling to “counteract the development of religious and philosophically motivated parallel societies.”

Germany wants State-sanctioned conformity. Mussolini described modern-day fascistic governments like Sweden and Germany: “Everything for the State; nothing outside the State; nothing against the State.”

It’s always been the dream of tyrannical governments to eliminate all competitive thought. Adolf Hitler understood it better than anybody. The following is from William L. Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ [Adolf Hitler] said in a speech on November 6, 1933, “I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already. . . . What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’” And on May 1, 1937, [Hitler] declared, “This new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”1

There is still freedom to educate our children outside the government system. It’s too bad that more parents aren’t taking advantage of that freedom. Why are young people adopting a liberal, politically progressive ideology today? Because they’ve been taught to think this way for the greater part of their young life – 6 hours each day, 5 days a week, 10 months of every year for 12 years.

If you want to change the direction of America, get them out of the government schools before you can't.

  1. William Shirer, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich New York: Simon and Schuster, 1960), 249. []



  • Uptite

    "Why are young people adopting a liberal, politically progressive ideology today?"

    Watch this teacher intimidate a child who admitted her vote for McCain, she was told that if she voted for McCain that her father could be at war for another hundred years, scare tactics imposed on your child... And this is ONE example; Disturbing!
    If I had school-aged children today, knowing what I know now, they would definitely be home schooled.

  • jong

    This of course comes at the same time in Sweden that they would not dare touch a muslim child. Only ones that were either Jewish or Christian. Same thing in Germany were this law was suppose to eliminate the bad schooling of children at home(teaching them jihad as being good) and has been twisted by the liberals there. Here is the very same thing. If you are a Jew or a Christian you are not allowed your rights. Meanwhile in Dearbornistan Christians are literally stoned and the police present will not do a thing about it.

    • Screeminmeeme

      jong.....True. Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe with Muslims committing nearly 100% of the rapes. They are invariably perpetrated on non-Muslim white women because they are considered ''white meat'' in the Muslim community and considered fair game.

      • jong

        And besides taking a look at what they have at home (and mistreat according to the quran) they would take their religion on the road (rape) again. Just like at Vienna in 1673 we must tell them no thanks in the strongest possible terms.

      • Uptite

        Quite disturbing to know this is actually going on!!
        What does our own OB think of this invasion?


        • MayPA

          I have just recently read on article of the Romeike family, Christians and parents of six from Germany. Their kids were attending German public schools where they were being bullied and harassed because of being Christian. Parents began looking into what was being taught, found it objectionable and decided to homeschool. In 2008 the Germans removed the kids from their home and the parents were fined. They decided to seek asylum and applied to the US. The immigration judge ruled in 2010 they could come. They moved to Tennessee. Well Obama, Eric Holder and DHS are fighting to deport them. Holder claims that their fundamental rights have NOT been violated by German law and have asked the courts to withdraw the family's political asylum. So, to your question of what does OB think? Here is your answer! Holder and DHS are allowing nearly a million illegal aliens to remain in the US, still illegally, while trying to deport a family who only wants to homeschool their children.

        • Uptite

          I know, that's why I said "Nevermind" ... I read a similar story about a child taken away from his parents for that very reason. Can you see where he's taking us, and there will be no return?

        • Clint

          Pray for guidance folks, and stock up. Can you imagine nearly 4 years of this which is progressive. It will get worse.

      • Sandy Jones

        Unless the woman is a Muslim, it's not a sin to rape or even kill an 'infidel,' the Quran even tells husbands to beat their wives if need be. In the Muslim world, a wife is considered property and do not have the rights a man does.....I've studies the Quran, I wish more people would.

  • Doodlebug

    Parents need to become nosy and check what information is printed in their kid's history books. I understand that some of American history has been removed and replace with stuff that is not factual. Keep an eye on your kids school, send them to a parochial school if you can or home school them. Stats seem to be showing that the home schooled kid comes out ahead of kids in other schools.

    • The Reader

      Act for America does a good job looking at the text books.

      • Laraine Walker


        • horseradish

          why and what is crap???

        • jim_wright

          I had to fight the local school in Georgia when they tried to teach that the only reason we bombed Japan was that we are racist. We also had differences over who directed the military action in Vietnam, the Democrat controlled government or the military. It was actually comical how lacking in knowledge of how this country operates these "educators" really were.

        • SnakeArbusto

          Gen. Curtis LeMay said that if we had lost the war, our firebombing of Tokyo would have been considered a war crime just as the death camps were for the Germans. That was before the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. Both were examples of terror bombing - they had no military purpose whatsoever. In the case of the atomic bomb, the real purpose was to demonstrate to the Russians that we had a workable bomb. Keep in mind that this was after the Russians had declared that nuclear technology should be shared in order to avoid it being used to make a bomb too terrible to even imagine. The rewriting of history goes back a long way...

        • horseradish

          and still are

        • Darlene Thecolaratlady

          hell, if we hadnt have bombed Japan, the pacific war would have lasted for no telling how much longer, alot more allied lives lost

    • Areminder

      Most of our local schools no longer use text books, they now have learning modules, (Teacher hand outs), and computer lessons. Lots harder to be held to something like that. History's been replaced with social studies for years in OH.

      • Ncramblit

        you are right AND they still have you buy the text books just to make things look above board and keep the publishers in the cash- yet the books are never used just those handy dandy hand outs. Now to prepare for the digital classroom the teachers are going to be creating the curriculum-parents will see even less of what their kids are being fed. Gotta crash this system and the sooner the better. SCHOOL CHOICE is the best beginning besides home school. BTW home schooling is so easy you really think you must be doing something wrong!

    • Laraine Walker


      • ray2

        We, grandparents, are dinosaurs - Our values, true facts and history are all lies! They are taught that the government are better parents and have all the answers - Just like in hitler's day!!

      • Lisa Beardslee

        Is there any possibility that you can homeschool your grandchildren?

        • MayPA

          That would be hard since my daughter is a liberal. I don't know how that happened, but she went to public school. I could not homeschool, had to work. Single mother with two daughers. Did not even know there was welfare, so I always had to work.

        • Darlene Thecolaratlady

          Check into any grandparents rights bills there, see what rights you do/dont have as a grandparent

    • merriel46

      Hey Doodlebug!! You are so right. My oldest daughter and her husband home-schooled my two grandchildren until they reached the age for going into high school. They were both so far advanced over their classmates that they were put into a junior college. My granddaughter will be 17 in April and on May 10 she will graduate from high school. Three days later she will receive her Associates degree in Science. Home-schooled students really are ahead of other kids.

      • Clint

        Why would anyone in their right mind consider this not a good thing? Go figure.

      • horseradish

        it takes a special parent to home school--wish I had been one of them

        • Denise Ortiz

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      • texan texan

        They have these programs at public schools. Fairly common for gifted kids. nd they stayed gifted at those commie public schools. I know a couple of kids in my own neighborhood here in Texas who do this very thing. How scandalous. Public school. Who would have thought

    • MayPA

      I understand that some schools are now teaching the children that the patriots in Boston Harbor, that threw the tea overboard, were nothing but terrorist.

      • gtm615

        You are correct. In addition, a man hired by Obama to teach "diversity training" to the USDA employees that pilgrims were illegal aliens. They have yet to explain what written law they violated. Just more of Obama's "hate America" propaganda that will soon be making it's way into the schools.

        • snowmaggedoned

          I have news for you.....this same guy hired to brainwash the USDA employees also was hired by the U S Naval Academy to give these same workshops to the entire senior enlisted and officer ranks in both 2008 and 2009. I know...I was there.....I was forced (mandatory brainwash) to attend these stupid sessions. What a complete waste and fraud of taxpayer dollars!!

        • WhiteFalcon

          How many of your classmates actually accepted what this yoyo taught to be fact?

        • snowmaggedoned

          Good question. I wasn't a Midshipman, I was a Chief Petty Officer active duty. I'm sure they forced the Midshipmen to go to these seminars, too. I know that a few of them got sick of it and just tuned it out by the time the second one came around. I got out of the Navy a few months later so I have no idea if anymore of these seminars are taking place there. I know that the Superintendent of the Naval Academy at the time loved the guy and really got into his message. But, that Admiral was an extreme left-winger. He wouldn't allow any other news station on the televisions in the dining hall except CNN. He banned Fox News. I know that a few hardcore sailors bought into the message of Betonces simply because the Admiral was, so they wanted to get in good graces with him. Those kinds of people are very ambitious and will kiss anyone's ass for a promotion. I have no idea if they really accepted or it it was all for show.

        • katchaturian

          Even if the press knew how to accesss this information they'd be clueless on how to express it. This should be on the news.

        • horseradish

          diversity just sucks--foreigners need to stay in their own nasty countries

        • SnakeArbusto

          Where were your ancestors from?

      • Go4man

        Depends on whose perspective. They were patriots to us, but terrorists to the British. See any parallels today in the middle east?

        • tasharina1

          We weren't over there terrorizing them they sent troops here to terrorize us. But you are right, it depends on whose side you are on as to how you view it. Which means, those who are Americans, have an allegiance to America and need to learn that in school. Teaching children that America is a terrorist country founded by terrorists, which they should revolt against in favor of our enemies (who are really the good guys), is an act of treason. The fact that teaching treason to American kids in American schools is a curriculum, says it all as to where we are going. Plus, that this curriculum is promoted and advanced by this administration means America is lost if we don't change it soon, if it isn't already too late.

        • Go4man

          We fighting for freedom. The British were protecting their national interest. Isn't that our reason to be intervening in sovereign countries in the Middle East. It is still a matter of perspective.

          I do not know that anyone is teaching our kids that our Founding Fathers were terrorists. That bothers me. Do you have examples. I would be interested.

        • tasharina1

          Here is one example of teaching that our Founding Fathers were terrorists

          You can do a search on this and find many examples.

          I understand the concept that when there are opposite sides of an issue, that each side thinks they are good and right. Of course, each side have all kinds of justifications as to why they are right.

          The problem is they are picking all the bad parts of America to teach about and all the good parts of our enemies. Thus they are indoctrinating kids into thinking their country is bad and our enemies are good. They should be teaching the good and bad of both sides and letting the students decide for themselves.

          These socialist liberal teachers don't want the kids to decide for themselves, because they want them to be on their side. And usually, the reason someone forces their perspective on others without giving a choice, is because they have a good reason to believe they will choose the other side.

          Teachers are giving kids bad grades if they don't agree with their liberal socialist viewpoints, which makes America look bad. I have heard many parents and kids who are upset about this and is the main reason so many parents are homeschooling now.

          Also, they are not being taught to be able to differentiate between good and bad or right and wrong. They are no longer being taught about universal truths that are right or wrong, no matter what perspective one has. Teaching that ones perspective determines the truth and rightness of an issue is confusing and misleading.

          I find it ironic that liberals will say that you can't decide which side is right or wrong, or good or bad because everyone has their own perspective. But then say you have to be on their side because their side is right and good.

          So, kids need to be taught about virtues. Then they need to learn that there are opposite sides and you need to openly and honestly study them and choose a side. If you don't, then a side will be chosen for you and it is usually the side you won't like in the end.

        • Go4man

          Hello tasharina1. Thank you ! Did you watch this video? It starts with a 2001 Oklahoma FEMA meeting and finishes with GW signing the Patriot while Ed Schultz is narrating how it infringes on our 4th Amendment Rights against unreasonable searches and seizure.

          You should watch it!

      • katchaturian

        It led to an overthrow of the crown, and of course the congress fears any threat to its establishment.

    • Uptite

      I never understood why ANY History book would need to be replaced ...
      I see why now ;/

    • Darlene Thecolaratlady

      Most of what's printed in history books is WRONG. like where it says Ford invented the automobile...No he didnt. He did however create the mass production assembly line

  • Sonja

    This is certainly more true than anyone truly realizes. I have been home schooling my children for the past 13 to 14 years and was helping to home school my younger brother and sister some few years back making the total number of home schooling years around 18 to 19 years. This has been going on for much longer than even that small amount of years and we are just now becoming awake and aware to this deadly encroachment to our parental responsibilities. Now is the time to pull out of the public system and educate your children at home, Or you won't have any children left to call your own. They will belong to the government in every way that will matter when they are adults.

  • fwiw

    How very, uh, progressive of Sweden.

  • Cheri Preston

    We have to take our parental responsibilities more seriously. Our nation's destiny is in the hands of our progeny and who is better to shape them? Patriotic parents that believe that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights is our supreme law only secondary to the Holy Bible, that's who! The Green Party and the Agenda 21 gospel is all that is preached from the teacher's pulpits of the government schools! Don't believe it? Just try as a parent or a tax payer to get your local curriculum director over your public school's text books to allow you or a group to audit their curriculum and you will be met with extreme prejudice! I've tried , I should know! I have been home schooling for many years now. I home schooled my own 2 daughters, and I am home schooling my grand daughters! They will both graduate high school in the next 2 years and start college. Private college. If you really want to give your child or grandchild a true gift, the gift of knowledge and the ability to think for themselves is a wonderful gift. It is more affordable than you might think and the home schooling community is growing....just check them out on line in your community. Don't settle for the free on line home school program that your state offers's just their same old brain washing curriculum dressed up as a home school computerized program. In our state they offer a "free computer" with the curriculum. No thank you! I'll go with the best: ABEKA Christian home school curriculum, based out of Pensacola, FL. Check them out! Also Christian Books Store. com sells good home school materials.

  • lisalake

    American parents are just plain lazy.

    • ltbl123

      I agree, and politically the nation's voters are even more indolent.

      • lisalake

        Agreed. And it's shameful.

  • Leslie Fish

    The solution to govts. that forbid homeschooling is to unite with other like-minded parents and create a "private" school. Since the rich and powerful send their own kids to private schools, they can't declare such illegal.

    --Leslie < Fish

    • ltbl123

      They will become illegal if they do not teach the curriculum of the State. Already the Bible has become branded as hate speech because it speaks the truth about homosexual perversion. The government will not stop there. There will be no free speech, and no freedom of relgion. It is now obvious where they want to go with the 2nd Amendment, the amendment that prevents them from taking these other rights away.

      • texan texan

        Christian schools can a d do teach religion. It's all very legal. Try gaining some facts.

        • ltbl123

          My grandchildren are enrolled in a Christian school. You make the assumption that the government will continue to allow us to teach Christian doctrine that does not comply with the doctrines of the State.
          This government has overruled conscience clauses on religious grounds for people who do not want to fund abortion and birth control mandated by the federal government under the affordable health care act. The feds are working hard to undermine or eliminate all Constitutional protections of the citizens right to bear arms. They have begun the propaganda process to marginalize in the mind of Americans the rights of those who do not agree with the tyrrantical actions taken by the State against our freedoms and liberties. (tea party people)

          To ignore the dynamics of the assaults on our freedoms today is to wake up one morning and discover yourself in chains, your neighbors in chains, and your children in chains. What is allowed or permitted today is no longer subject to the Constitution the Law of the land, but popular opinion as orchestrated by the liberal media. Live free or die.

  • okihadit

    thats what i say, home school your kids.

  • American Patriot

    So Germany is going back to Nazi rule and the Swedes are becoming very socialistic government as well. And here we have an educational system that has Marxist teaches preaching against America. Yes We The People. Need to Take our country back From the very top and eliminate all socialists and communists from our government and way of life. To do whatever we have to.

    • gingercake5

      It will be very hard because the socialists control the media.

      • texan texan

        Are you sure they are not Nazis. Or commies. You guys rarely call them socialists. Too tame.

    • texan texan

      Go figure out what Fascism and socialism mean. Sweden is not going back. They have had a socialist/capitalist economy for a long time. Not Nazis. Yiur ignorance is often infuriating. You have every right to home school yiur kids. Go for it. Becoming quite in and organized. Your kid can even play football and do things with guns.

  • Sandy Jones

    We send our two girls 11 and 12 to a Christian school, if for any reason there wasn't a Christian school we would homeschool. We will not allow the goverment to 'indoctrinate' them with Communist and perverted propanganda.

    • ltbl123

      Thank you and praise God for every parent that follows or leads in the same direction.
      We worship the one true God and not the God of the State.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    In many of our schools today, they do not even have books, instead everything is printed on copy machines and the pages are handed to the students. I have even heard that when the students are handed the lesson sheets concerning some topics, the students are told NOT to take the sheets home. I heard this from students themselves. The only reason I can see for students being told not to take the sheets home is because the school has something to hide..

    Wake up parents, your children are yours, they are your responsibility, NOT the States' and when you hear Obama or any other president talk about lengthening the school day, school week and school year, it is not because they want to improve education but because they want to have more time to indoctrinate your children and lesson the amount of influence that you have over your own children. Please parents, read the Constitution, the part where it spells out what powers belong to the government, and you will find that the federal government has NO constitutional right to be involved in our schools, our health care system and many other things they have illegally usurped power over, even if the US Supreme Court says otherwise.

  • texan texan

    And Obama wants to educate your 4 year old. You should have seen that coming. I love the free sex Sweden. Is sex not free here in America. I believe it is except in Nevada where it is legal to pay for sex. We've had free wheelin sex for a long time. Maybe we can blame that on Obama...the commie teachers for sure...maybe even unions.


    kingO expressed his desire for FREE preschooling for all American children. Why? Well, it's not rocket science. The desire to indoctrinate American children even sooner than the age of 5 years old. To indoctrinate them in the leftwing socialist liberal beliefs!

  • Leonard Legg

    I certainly wish I could convince my daughters to take my grandkids out of the indoctrination system known as the public school system. It is sickening. Here is another blog spot that I have found to be VERY good. About the 80th post in the blog is from a (Johnny Geetar) and everyone should read it. Here is the link to the blog.

  • stlgretchen

    Did you read about what they want to do in CT? Mandated behavioral health assessments for ALL children: home schoolers too.

  • ajfrench

    God said, raise a child in the way he should go and they will not depart from it. The state uses this to their advantage only not training them in Gods way.

  • Peggy Joseph

    give ovomit enough time and education will be the least of our worries!!!

  • servant1jkb

    Think you, this is new? No, this has been part of the agenda, that's been in place for many years, by those who are in full control, or so they think! But I know how the story of mankind ends, I've read the Book, and Christ is victorious!

  • Charles Steele

    Education can easily become political indoctrination. If the government is run by secularist then the education is devoid of any religious moral teachings as we have in America.

  • ray2

    This is starting to really take hold here in the States. Many States require parents prove that they are qualified (teaching certificate) to teach your own children! They want to continue to indoctrinate our children in 'globalism, hating America, there are no winners - everybody must 'feel' good, white people are the 'problem', deviant sex / immoral sexual behavior, parents are bad and should have NO say in what your child eat, wear, behave, learn and so on! This is what happened to germany when hitler took over - scary stuff 'folks'!

    • cmjay

      No matter how inadequate the parents are in teaching their kids it is still better than the DISMAL results from Public Schools. Our kids are taught about SEX at a very young age but they can't read and write ENGLISH, and are IGNORANT in Science and Math. Public Schools will produce OVER SEXED MORONS.

  • Rebecca Brandt

    We have a german family in the US - who sought refuge here so they could homeschool. However, Holder has stated that Homeschooling is not a fundamental right and they are probably going to ship this family back - but, they won't free them as other immigrants... it's cRazy!

  • hank

    I read this book as a mater of fact i read it twice it's a very good book I personaly thik that it should be tought in our schools in a history lesson for the simple reason of what happens when you exept social and goverment porgrams. But, first we need to get rid of all teachers,congress, and senate and local goverment that think and suport socialistic programs. Lets not forget the gratest generation a lot of them have passed on but there is is a lot of them out there there are some WW2 vets that could tell you a lot of ture facts that our goverment has covered up for years also there are some very good facts in the dvd the road to WW2 as a mater of fact it gose all the way back to the 1st WW I know it might be disturbing but it's true facts, I wouldn't recommend it for unger children,but, I would for 7th-8th graders and high schoolers.

  • horseradish

    what's with Nazi Sweden??

  • texan texan

    Always the Hitler connection regardless that these countries are socialist leaning not fascist. But hey I forgot you guys really have no clue what either political/ economic theory really means. In between standing up for your gun rights, go read a book, or a least a kinda long essay....doesn't have to be written by a commie. Then you might understand the label of the day".

    • RageFury

      Regardless that these countries are Socialist leaning or not, it in no way means they cannot act with Fascist or Communistic traits.

      Many shades of gray exist within Politics.
      We ourselves started out as a Constitutional Republic. We have Democratic principles, some aspects of Socialism and yes we even now have some aspects of Fascism here in the states. Attend any protest using your freedom of speech and the Department of Homeland Stupidity can classify you as a Domestic Terrorist and detain you near indefinitely thanks to the NDAA and the Patriot Act. No Phone call, no lawyer, no right to challenge your accused, no due process, no warrants needed for search and seizures, no rights period. Who needs the SS when you have the DHS...
      Many cases exist, one involving a Marine, as a quick Google showed me.

      Even before that, in 1942, during WWII, all you had to be was Japanese. Executive Order 9066, FDR.

      You are living in a dreamworld if you cannot see it.

  • DouglasDauntless

    Our Great Government run by the Elite Globalists and the New World Order and our Communist President that great killer of mankind and freedom Barrack Hussein Obama wants the same thing here in the USA. Obama wants to start a civil war in our Country and then declare Marshall Law and take over for life as the King and Dictator of the United States of America. Obama may be able to start a civil War against we the people but once you start some ting like that you can't stop when ever you want. Arm your selves and be ready at a moments notice to fight for your life and freedom.

  • Benjamin Fox

    When you have families with two fathers, two mothers or boy friend and mother or daddy and girl friend, they are raised by the socialist school teachers who take their walking orders from the nazi's in DC, nothing but brown shirts collecting a check they don't deserve, everyone of them put together couldn't come up with one brain between them.

  • Barb Patton

    Free sexx Sweden has such a stranglehold on their nation and the lemmings are too blind that they have open the doorfor the government of the USA to do exactly the same thing to WE THE PEOPLE. what is going to be done about the stranglehold of the government????

  • ezekiel22

    Seems Nevada has a bill requiring full time kindergarten and lowers the required education age to four. It seems that they are trying to force the issue of homeschooling into impossible. Luckily it is being fought by parents already. They are trying to use compulsory education to further expand their influence over our children and pocketbooks.

  • maxximus

    Do NOT submit your children to government indoctrination, and useless/evil programs like
    "homosexual studies" and similar noneducational studies! Secular schools are fried. Private schools are excellent.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    This is what the people voted for and want!

  • Terry Barker

    .... corrupt, crooked, liberal thug politicians everywhere ... need to be looking into the barrel of a gun!!!!!!

  • Katerina Gasset

    Another reason why we homeschool! We raised 5 kids to adults and homeschooled. Then we had a miracle baby when I was 44 and we homeschool him too.

  • romney2011

    If school boards fight against parents, vote them out. Do not contribute to the schools for "spagetti supper tickets", etc. Organize, get strong and effective, fight back and don't be timid. Sue the schools, boards, commissioners, mayors, counties. ORGANIZE. Remove your money from the schools so they can't use it against you and your children. Watch out what goes on. Make them let you be a very major part of the school. ORGANIZE, FIGHT, ORGANIZE, SUE THEM, ORGANIZE VOTE THEM OUT. SHAME THEM IN THE PUBLIC EYE. INVESTIGATE THEIR PERSONAL LIVES; divorce records, debts, bankruptcy, police records, pedophilia, names, addresses, phone #s. ORGANIZE AND FIGHT. ATTACK AND DON'T STOP. MAKE WAR ON ENEMIES OF YOUR CHILDREN AND OUR SOCIETY. The time for politeness is over.

  • quipster

    Don't worry your kids and grand kids will be good little commies by the time they get into high school !

  • SnakeArbusto
  • cmjay

    Tell your LEADERS to approve the VOUCHER PROGRAM. The TEACHERS' UNION is so influential with the DEMOC - RATS - I won't be surprised if they are behind this. This is PAY BACK for voting for Obama.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Our Government is getting more and more like WWII Germany. Those that
    were born around 1950 and later don't see as much how our freedom has been
    slowly destroyed by this Government. I think that all Governments do this over
    time and therefore all Governments need to be taken down every twenty years or
    so and forced back into their defining documents, in our case the Constitution.
    Local school boards should determine the curriculums for each grade in their school
    systems and politics should not be involved. Civics classes should be required
    and the Constitution should be taught in all schools.

  • Akingu

    under the Jewish Communistic regime, how were children schooled? how many Russian children never saw school and why does Gary DeMar ALWAYS refer to Nazis as his reference? Why does he ALWAYS mis-leads the readers with this bullsh*t? What is he? Some filthy jew holohoax survivor or just another ziobnist supporter on an anti-Germany anti -white agenda?
    How about screw the jews for they ARE the root of ALL of the worlds problems, not Ger man laws that are/WERE 70 years old! What a moron!

  • Jack Parker

    Eliminate welfare. We should NOT pay people to maintain their own children. Expand foster care and pay other people to care for the children of these deadbeats. Our society and the kids will be fare better off. If these deadbeat parents really care about their offspring, they will find gainful employment and care for their progeny. If they elect not to, I think sterilization is in order. Oooooh. Is that insensitive, coldhearted, unfeeling, crass and hard boiled? You darn right it is! I ran out of sympathy for these social leeching cockroaches decades ago.

  • Alondra

    Do you want to know WHAT companies are fighting back against restrictive laws?

    Go here and see the list:

    What is this list?

    This is a list of a 115 companies that are against gun control and have taken the step to publicly announce that THEY WILL NOT SELL ITEMS TO STATES, COUNTIES, CITIES, AND MUNICIPALITIES THAT RESTRICT THEIR CITIZENS RIGHTS TO OWN THEM; therefore closing the "police loophole" themselves.

    Add your company to the list.
    Please PASS IT ON to all your e-mail contacts. Thanks.

  • Barbara Carter

    My children are now grown but my oldest daughter went to an ACE school for 1 1/2 years. The only thing she was behind in was the obscene language the public school children were using when she returned. I worry about my small granddaughter who hasn't started school yet. My oldest granddaughter was bullied mercilessly all thru school.

  • David Veselenak

    When tyranny raises it's head, as it ha, the free peoples have the right, duty and responsibility to take it off! Got tha DHS?

  • joe

    Want to find out whats going on in public schools read The deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Or, youtube video Peg Luksik who controls the children. This is from 1992 I am sure it is much worse now.

  • GeoNotes

    How sad it is to see that the infulence of Adolf Hitler is still around and even stronger than in his reign of tyrnay! And although the Sweedish Government has implemented the policies of children belonging to the state, it is happening right here in America as well. In California we have already seen the state step in and make arrangements of grade school children to attend a gay wedding without parental consent. As Obama continues his reign of terror, we will see more & more of governmental controll regarding the removal of parental controll of their children. God Save Our Country We Humbly Ask!

  • AZWarrior

    How will your kids be indoctrinated if you home school them?

  • Che Mort

    and then the left wonders why there are school shootings? Force feed leftist crap down a kids throat for all those years and they are bound to snap.

  • Scott Wilson

    "Sweden is notorious for denying parents the right to educate their children at home."

    Sounds to me like Sweden is just resistant to the idea of stupid people. Guess that explains why they rank 8th, 15th, and 16th globally in Reading, Math, and Science (respectively) while America ranks 33rd, 27th, and 22nd (2009 OECD statistics).

  • unclebarry

    Home School. Home School. Home School. It I still had school age kids I'd do it in a heartbeat.