Training Sheep To Know Their Place: Boy Suspended For Disarming Gunman

On a school bus returning students to their homes, a fifteen-year-old boy pointed a .22 revolver point blank at another student’s chest. WFTX reports,

“The student grappled the gun away from the 15-year-old suspect on the bus ride home Tuesday after witnesses say he aimed the weapon point blank at another student and threatened to shoot him. The student, who Fox 4 has agreed not to identify because he fears for his safety, says there's ‘no doubt’ he saved a life by disarming the gunman… ‘I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,’ the student said. ‘Not taking no pity.’ The student says he wrestled the .22 caliber RG-14 Revolver away from the suspect, a football player, who witnesses say threatened to shoot a teammate because he had been arguing with his friend. ‘No doubt,’ the student said, ‘he was going to shoot him point blank.’ The teen we spoke to and authorities both confirm the Revolver was loaded. According to the arrest report the suspect, who Fox 4 is not naming because he is a minor, was ‘pointing the gun directly’ at another student and ‘threatening to shoot him.’”

The police confirmed to the media that the handgun was loaded. Nevertheless, the school suspended the boy for three days for being involved in an “incident” that involved a weapon.

So what are we to make of this? DHS puts out instructional videos telling disarmed people to grab scissors and confront the shooter. But when one of the sheep actually puts himself in danger to help someone out, he gets punished for taking action. Was he supposed to go huddle in a corner and pray for police to arrive? Perhaps he should have adapted the advice given to college women to dissuade a rapist by peeing on himself or throwing up?

In the meantime, we see a seven-year-old suspended from school for nibbling his generic “pop tart” into the shape of a mountain, but which a teacher decided must really be a gun. Or we see a school going into lockdown because someone misunderstood the lyrics to the theme song for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We see people are being consigned to the power of paranoia all over our nation. We are being trained to be afraid all the time, but anyone who actually takes initiative to help others gets punished.

What we seem to be seeing is a socially destructive mindset, where neighbors taking risks to help neighbors against violent attack is seen as deviant and dangerous.  Only the police are permitted to do anything to stop a criminal act of aggression, and if they are too slow to act, then the resulting deaths are not understood as being the fault of those police. Judging from the reports we see in the media, the only behavior that is deemed socially valuable is compliance and acquiescence to whoever engages in criminal violence or possess a gun.

A society that operates on this basis is a society that is going to soon pass away. Neighbors helping neighbors against violent aggressors should be the preferred way of dealing with such criminals. A culture in which people are willing to volunteer to help one another out costs no tax revenue and does not give rise to an occupying body of tax-fed troops who can exploit society.

Why would anyone want to live in a world where everyone was too scared to help out their neighbors?



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  • Merlyn Votaw

    Whoever decided to take action to suspend the student for doing the rightthing should be fired imediately and reported to the media so it won't happen again.

    • Doodlebug

      No only fired but, have their head examined too!

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        How about BARRED for life from ever holding a government funded job?

        • 57girl

          There goes the entire infrastructure. If all of the Obamnite's had their head examined, there'd be no one left to run the County. Then again, LOL, when do the exams begin? Maybe there could be hope for the Nation, after all.

        • tionico

          rethink this: if all the doofus-headed government rax feeders had their heads examined and got fired, WE THE PEOPLE could again take the reins and RUN the coutry. Like it was supposed to be.

        • 57girl

          Thus, my last sentence, in my original comment.

        • Txfredn

          57girl...It would only take about 15 mins. to do the whole bunch~! The exam would not find anything!

        • 57girl

          I like the idea of them never being able to reapply for Government positions, again. We have enough worthless employees sucking off the taxpayer dime, without have them confusing our children, and punishing them for carrying out a heroic deed.

      • John G. Gault

        They are libs nothing between their ears except wax.

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          This shows you , Just because they have a piece of paper saying they have been EDUCATED does definitely show you they know NOTHING !! They are going along with the POS POTUS in his DISARMING OUR Country !!

        • okihadit


        • refurb001

          I would call it dead space. No brain matter in fact nothing between the ears... So, the student that save another from being shot get suspended and it probably goes on his record, right? So, we don't want any more good Samaritans? Just dead bodies, right? What is wrong with the USA? Hopefully outside of the US, people are more intelligent than that! Must be a democrap that suspended the student....

        • TheSunDidIt

          This is NOT the America I was raised in. How about the rest of you? Tired of this abuse? Then GET RID OF THE SCUM RUNNING THINGS. Violence? No no. Just remove them ALL from office and BAR them from EVER being in charge of other people or ANYTHING important again. Fine them too while you're at it.

        • okihadit

          no, this is not the GREAT AMERICA it use to be, ever since obuma, it's all down hill from now.

        • Don Holland

          If you took stupid and multiplied it by moron the result would be smarter than the ridiculous suggestion you just made. How in hell do you think we might go about doing what you are suggesting? Have you got any ideas? Smart people post because they have somethying to say, others just have to say something. Even if it makes them look stupid.

        • John Griffin

          It may be true that many who post their reactions to this disgrace make "ridiculous suggestions" but it does not change the fact that a disgraceful absurdity has taken place in the suspension of this young hero!!

        • Jim Alexander

          You are the one being stupid. You, as well as everyone else, know what to do. Put pressure on our elected reps to dump Obama and all his cohorts before it is too late. Any kind of pressure. You should actually do something instead of criticizing a true comment. (maybe you already are doing something?)

        • PhilipH

          Follow the example of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence and those who also pledged their lives , fortunes and sacred honor. The main problem with this is ,can we find enough people with any honor? As has been posted many times prior, we have turned into a nation of sheep with no back bone. This can only be solved with force. Not B. S. talk.

        • Madlyn Cole

          You should have stopped at nothing.

      • Richard Holmes

        Why? There is nothing in their heads to examin. Well dead space is about it.

      • Ole SC

        A head examination would be useless since most mental health doctors are liberal and crazy as a loon.

      • Txfredn

        I think of more strenuous work on their head! Like....umm ...well yopu can imagine!

        Now would be a really good time to bring back the ole town square 'locks' and we could all bring our garbage and deposit it on them one rotten potato at a time! Yeah!!!!

    • sargedog

      You know why they suspended him, they wanted the gunman to kill someone . That would have fit into the Obama agenda against guns!!!

      • okihadit

        you got it, yep, probably so.

      • SEBtopdog

        I wish I could say you don't know what you're talking about, but sadly, I have to agree with you.

      • patriot2

        well it's working,I'm running right down & trade some of my firearms for a 2.50 card from toys-r-us.the rest I'll melt down so the govt debt doesn't raise any more than they can handle.after all obama just gave egypt another 250 million & we can't have him cut them off can we?

      • Txfredn

        Yep! That would give them their 15 min. of national press so they could feel important for a few seconds! Knowing that is the only way they will ever get recognition ! It's a very, very sad time for all of us Americans! The rest can .....well....get the Hell out!

    • Peter S. Guild

      Whoever made the decision to suspense the boy who disarmed the gunman is pathetic and should be fired. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

      • wwwdotsavagesobdotcom

        Whomever.....anyway doesn't matta moe.

    • kenhowes

      But if the school board did that, the teachers' union would campaign against the school board, and the local public, assuming that "teacher knows best", will back up the teachers' union and not re-elect the school board.

      • refurb001

        See!!!! That's what is wrong with unions! No thought process or intelligence.

        • rosemarienoa

          The unions are all about the benefits & money......they dont care that they are bankrupting the country!!!

        • Madlyn Cole

          So, where will they be when the money runs out???? You can only spend until there's no more money left.

        • Jeffery Scism

          They'll be there with their hand out to catch the last dribble of money.

        • John Nicoletti

          The American Union system, is nothing more then a collection of
          Socialist,Marxist, left wing liberal,antiAmerican,malcontents, who really despise America, and all we stand for. They become teachers, so they can manipulate the young mind into their warped, and confused ideology.

    • James Brown

      Where do these authority figures come from? More cases of Educational ignorance in the last few days than all of the the previous century. There are no adults teaching school.

      • rosemarienoa

        The inmates are running the asylums !!!

        • Madlyn Cole

          Exactly right!!!

        • Ole SC

          And the country too!!!

      • 57girl

        The dumbing down of America, via public education, has been going on for a while now. If we don't start teaching our children, right, from wrong, at home, they obviously are not going to learn in today's school environment. Kudos to the child who defended his fellow student. I hope, at least, his parents rewarded him for his bravery.

    • docdave1

      Cypress Lake High School

      Principal Tracy Perkins

      6750 Panther Ln

      Fort Myers, FL 33919

      Phone: (239) 481-2233a message...

      CONTACT HER and Let Her know this is NOT OK

      • debbiesunnie

        Thank you for that contact information...I am going to contact her and I will pass this around so that she knows where good law abiding citizens stand!

      • bodica

        As a woman I can only throw up my hands in horror - that most of these nutjob educators are....female!!!!

      • 57girl

        Great idea to post names, and addresses, of these people. Maybe we can embarrass them into thinking before they act in instances such as this.

      • Bill Welch

        Called and it just rang and rang. I'll bet we ruined her phone or her peace anyway! Way to go Americans, especially docdave1. This is how we fight the "authorities" and make sure they know we do not approve. That is why I call and write to my Congressmen and even the Pretendident. I call them traitors and liars and a couple of other choice thigs that just irritate the heck out of them. FIGHT ON! We just might still have a chance to win this battle!!

    • rosemarienoa

      You know what the lame stream media will do???? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!!!


      Sorry, Merlyn should be REPORTED BY THE MEDIA. "TO the media would be useless, as the elitist media have no more usable grey matter than today's educators.....

    • Pendy1

      Wrong. The "media" will applaud the disgusting school "leaders".

  • Akingu

    The student with the gun was a negroid and the boy who grabbed it was white. If the situation was reversed, they would be crowning the n*gger and giving him media coverage all day long with AL Sharpton running his n*gger mouth all over the news. The school Principal should be fired after we tar and feather his commie leftist ass!

    • Vin

      Keep political incorrectness alive.

    • ewdewercs

      How right you are! its a wonder they didn't charge this heroic kid with a hate crime.

    • James Brown

      Spoken like a true mental midget.

    • refurb001

      That puts a whole NEW twist on the situation! Now I understand why the WHITE BOY got suspended; NOT!!!!! And what pray tell (sorry about the pray) happened to the black boy/student with the gun (sorry about the boy)? See how far we have come; two sorrys needed to express myself! I hope the white boy gets an award and the one with the gun gets suspended and a mark on his record!

      • Screeminmeeme

        refur001....The kid with the gun was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. He should have been charged with attempted murder because he threatened the kid he was going to shoot.

        I don't know if he got expelled from school, but that should be the case.

      • Ole SC

        Suspended hell, if he don't go to jail they need to expel him from school for good! Sounds like he is a mass murderer waiting to happen!!

    • okihadit

      RIGHT ON!

    • Doug Hensley

      If you listen to the tape, the accent of the boy is African-American dialect. Later in the tape, the mother is quoted, and a shot of her hand holding the mic is included. Her hand is black. The boy who grabbed the gun was black. You jump to conclusions and you don't consider the evidence.

    • DiaShoni

      Wow...racist and wrong.All at the same time. Did you watch the video? In any other circumstance, you'd be decrying the student who grabbed the gun as a thug.

  • Screeminmeeme

    The student who disarmed the gunman ought to get some kind of public recognition for risking his own life in order to save another. Instead, the twisted anti-gun-mania-driven school administrators are punishing this young hero.

    The people of Fort Meyers, Fla ought to get behind him and force the school to make a public apology, rescind the three day suspension, and make sure that his record reflects this act of heroism.

    This is just another in a long list of insane acts coming from our gun-hating, left-run public schools.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Time for a school board meeting with every parent in the district showing and demanding the outright firing of all school personnel involved.

      • Stephen Kalka

        And sue the school district for the damage they have done to the student and the society, and the student that he saved and his parents need to be co-plaintifs

        • R Stone

          suspend the principle or those responsible for suspending the hero

        • beeks ...

          Would they, the school's administration, rather that someone
          would have been shot? I guess so.

        • richard handwerk

          yes they want cowards, followers. people that cannot think.

        • rosemarienoa

          That's so they will all follow the liberal/progressive philosophy !!!

        • Nathan51

          Of course they would. That way they could get lots of face time on the news pushing king bo's gun ban agenda. After all, they are just doing it "for the kids".

        • podunk1

          absolutely! Need to hit hard on this Van Jones scheme to create a nation run by fearmongers! Penalties for "educators" involved in this crap should be extreme - maybe like prohibiting them to teach or be involved in any form of education for X years to life! Get them away from children!

        • Adino

          WAIT A MINUTE! You guys OBVIOUSLY don't understand the situation. The guy with the gun, he was a **FOOTBALL STAR**. Therefore, he is allowed be all gangsta and stuff, and they need him for the next game. That punk who almost ruined the next football game? He should be punished, b/c he interrupted the gunner's future success.
          Shame on you... shame...... shame.................... shame......................................

      • Melia Sese

        I don't think this will work (suspending the hero that is) ... not everyone is so "meek and mild" and they cannot expect us to just fall in line. Who needs these government schools anyway? Home school is far more effective (in terms of actual education), and well, somebody has to raise the leaders of tomorrow. I've made sure my five children got a real education and now they all have Masters degrees and six-figure incomes. The pattern continues with my nine grandchildren ...

        All I can say is, don't swallow the paranoia and think there is no future in this country. If you can't cut it, get out of the way and leave it for those who can ...

        • Robyn Steele

          Well done Melia! Our schools do nothing but propagandize our kids to hate our country and ignore their parents' values. Public schools were fine before all of the federal and state funding. Too many Americans cannot afford home or private schooling, but we can return our schools to 100% local control which means no outside funding.

          Mike Steele

        • katchaturian

          You are right on. Public schools have too much time, to many dropouts, and
          many no nlonger dress professionally.

      • maryflaur

        As a retired Texas public school teacher, I'm right with ya. There should be standing room only at the school board meeting, and the school administration building. I think I could have found a lot worse reason to suspend a student.

      • redneck63625

        "All school personnel involved" will probably be of the species "Africanus Criminalis," and therefore, immune to any kind of sanctions by authorities or the school-board...

        • Richard Viers

          Red neck I think you are a bigot. that being said it does not matter the color of their skin, but the mind that lives within. We have no room for criminalis blancis either. Using racial references is below the average intelligence these days, so I question your IQ.

      • Rogoraeck

        Ohh & all the parents pick-up a baseball bat to the meeting! Than have a ROBUST discussion with the principal & some teachers!

    • Harold

      Its more than "gunhating public schools" its American hating public school teachers.

      • 57girl

        Our teachers are brainwashed by the Government. What do you expect?

        • Marine Mom

          They want to keep their cushy jobs because I tell you from personal observation, there are Very Few good teachers in public schools any more. All of the women in my family were was the way to go years ago. They worked in a town where they could actually walk to work and they knew all the kids, in the whole school system. And, as kids, we knew that if we misbehaved, it would get to our parents before we got home. Now these foolish "elite" want all the perks and none of the serious business of instilling in our future the reason that America is so great. God help us. Semper Fi ps I retired after 30 years in our school system, and then I really hated to do so. But, influencing only 1 or 2 kids out of hundreds was not worth it. Sadly!

        • 57girl

          After overhearing a political discussion at home, Mmy 10 year old grandson asked his teacher to explain the Patriot Act to him, and she told him he was too young to be so political, then dismissed his question. I doubt she could, to begin with.

          I wasn't aware that there was an age limit on knowledge. With the turmoil in today's society, I think our children should be aware of what it is to be an American, and to be introduced to their 'rights' under our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence as soon as they are able to comprehend their meanings. At least then, they'll know to question the establishment as they try to strip us of our rights.

        • patriot2

          you're correct but it's the ones in charge that are"dumbing down"the new generations,been doing it for years or we wouldn't have a kenyan in office.

        • 57girl

          Our public school system just proves, the Government gets what it pays for. We need to abolish the Department of Education on the Federal Level, and put the power of education back into the hands of the individual States, and/or Counties/Cities, to assure the whole Nation doesn't go down the tubes all at once. I don't know who dreamed up 'No child left behind', but that program has handicapped our bright children.

        • katchaturian

          Dumbing, dumming whatever, but its on TV and the radio with the weather and traffic and it takes them five to 15 minutes to give you the weather,. Yep, we are being dumbed down and this was a great example.

        • Nathan51

          In the race to the bottom we are really kicking it! The problem with equality is that the standard for "equal" will always reach equilibrium at the bottom.

      • patriot2

        led by an America hating kenyan communist & his czars.

      • katchaturian

        I sure hope that not all of the staff bought this BS.

    • rosemarienoa

      It just causes me want to SCREAM!!!! This is NOT the country I immigrated to back in the 60's !!! I came legally by the way.....I had a job waiting & a visa & everything before I left Canada !!!!

      • 57girl

        How do you feel about the 'Dream Act'?

        • rosemarienoa

          Bad idea !!!

        • patriot2

          you mean a bad dream?

        • 57girl

          Not for the illegal aliens. For the rest of us, it's a frigging nightmare.

        • patriot2

          I don't know how to handle more than two nightmares at a time,first obama,then gun control.I guess I'm still young enough to multi-task!!!

        • rosemarienoa

          It's a nightmare!!!

        • 57girl

          I was just curious. I imagine our 'legal' aliens/immigrants would be particularly bitter, having had respected our laws, only to have others barge in and get a free ride.

        • rosemarienoa

          Yes indeed !!! It is particularly galling living in AZ !!!!

      • katchaturian

        Welcome aboard.

    • jong

      Not only that but, lets see the parents of each of them. I will be willing to bet the boy that did the right thing is a Christian in both word and now in deed. For the twerp with the gun lets see what his parents are and also if he has had any school prescribed drugs.

      • patriot2

        his parents are probably the ones paying for his "recreational"drugs,they're grooming him to be our next politicians & presidents.

        • jong

          According to what I have seen you are correct. The parents could also at that point also be put in the generational welfare slot.

        • patriot2

          right.there's whole society out there on welfare & they'll be there with as many of their descendants as possible.

      • Buster Atkins

        bet he was black

    • SEBtopdog

      Absolutely, Screeminmeeme. You are 100% correct!

    • conserveitman

      Someone close to the family needs to start an internet fund raiser for the kid's college!

    • Melia Sese

      Scream on, meemster ! Testify !

      BTW this story is from Melia's neck o' the woods, uh huh. And Cypress Lake in Ft Myers (kind of a mixed bag) is a perfect example of the type of school that I would never send my kids to. The emphasis is not on learning.

    • Mike Graham

      Better yet, terminate any school official who can be linked to the suspension, and blackball them in the state, and also putting into their permanent record why they were terminated...

    • katchaturian

      Home school, home school, homeschool. They have improved immensly, and there is no bullying either. How stupidly insane are teachers and administrators becoming.

    • Edward Ebersole

      I wonder what kind of household the gunman came from. Probably one of these self destructing left or progressive households. It's probably not important, but I have noticed a lot of this going around. The problem starts at home and how a kid is raised by their parents. I agree with you though about the kid who disarmed the gunman.

  • Denise Ortiz

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    • oldcoyote

      How much do you get for every sucker you sign up??????????

    • James Brown

      People with class don't talk about their money in public!

  • iamsurrounded


  • Benjamin Fox

    Teachers are getting dumber by the day, have no common sense and can only do what their dictators tell them is wrong and they have no brain's. I'm sick and tired of the little socialist gods in the school system where they don't teach but propagandize students to be good little brown shirts, need to get people with common sense to replace these nazi's before this becomes another Germany under Hitler, in our case the nazi in the White House who wants to be god of the world.

    • oldcoyote

      Obuma is just a shill that does and says everything his jew handlers tell him to.

    • Stephen Smith

      STOP IT with the anti-Hitler propaganda BS! I'm SICK OF THIS CRAP! Hitler wanted more than anyone to put an end to this cultural Marxist way of thinking! He did a damned good job also, until the ALL-LIES bombed Germany into oblivion and let Communism, along with this exact form of cultural Marxism, take over half of Europe! It's taken over America also, and people don't even frickin' know it! They still think it is Nazism! Total BS!

      • Screeminmeeme

        Stephen're saying that we shouldn't have gone after the Nazis? Should have negotiated with Hitler...been buddies? Are you nuts?

        Everyone paying attention of Godfather Politics are well aware of the Marxists' influence in America. The Marxist leading them.

        As someone who was/is very ANTI-HITLER and HIS ILK, you need to rethink your position.

        • Stephen Smith

          No, I most certainly am NOT nuts, as anyone else who has genuinely studied the history of pre-WWII Europe and Russia would have have reached exactly the same conclusion as I have. 85% of the Bolsheviks in Russia were JEWISH, and they murdered over 60 million white Russian Christians. Hitler and the German people knew all about this, and decided they weren't going to fall victims to the same Satanic force that gripped Russia almost a century ago AND WHICH IS GRIPPING AMERICA TODAY. They had every right to do this, particularly given the way Weimar Germany had been decimated by the Jewish bankers after WWI. If you don't know anything about this, you can thank all of the brainwashing you received in the public fool system here in the States, run as it is by the same anti-Christ Jews you phony "Christians" seem to love so much. The Jews ARE the anti-Christ, but you love them so much, don't you?

          I'm not disputing that Obama is very much a Marxist. I'm glad to see you call him that, instead of the MOOSE-LEM that I usually see here. If Obama was a Muslim, then why did he appoint dual Israeli-American citizen Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff in 2008? Along with countless other Jews as advisors/cabinet secretaries/"czars", the latest being Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, to replace Jew Timothy Geithner?

          You don't know anything about Hitler and the economic MIRACLE that he performed for the German people during the 1930's. There were 250,000 SUICIDES in Germany in 1932, prior to Hitler taking power. The unemployment rates was 31%, higher than any other European country in HISTORY. Hitler CHANGED ALL OF THAT in 5 short years, reducing unemployment to only 2% by 1938. The German people LOVED Adolf Hitler for this, and I don't blame them one bit! Neither should you or anybody else here. We could all learn some lessons from what Hitler did... it's been documented. But we can't learn them as long as we have this knee-jerk hatred of him that was mostly instilled into you by Hollywood, and secondarily by indoctrination in the public schools.

        • Stephen Smith

          What it seems like almost everyone in America fails to understand is the the Jews are not God's "chosen people", but Satan's chosen people instead. The Jews have been thoroughly behind every single thing that has gone wrong in America for the past 100 years, from the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, through the fomenting of two world wars that got millions of our youngest and bravest killed needlessly, through the removal of prayer from our public schools, the integration of our public schools (Jews ran the NAACP from 1908 to 1968), through the promotion of abortion, illegal immigration, gun control, general "multiculturalism", homosexuality, pornography, gambling, alcohol and drug use. every single Christian moral value you can name, the Jews have been actively working often under the radar to destroy. I say "under the radar" because the media is 96% owned by Jews, and there aren't going to tell you how it is Jews that have been undermining American interests for the past century.

        • Stephen Smith

          Read this to see just how extensively Obama has populated the federal government with Jews. Remember, Jews represent only 2% of our total population. So what are they doing in 40 or 50% of the most powerful positions in our government? You cannot say, with as many problems we have as a country now, that this is irrelevant and immaterial information.

        • Guest

          Speak the truth brother

        • Andrew Patton

          And that explains his invasion of Catholic Poland how? The fact that the German people loved him just makes them party to his crimes. The Allies showed them mercy by letting them keep their homeland. The Allies would have been completely just in partitioning Germany among themselves, giving Poland and France parts of Germany as war reparations and letting the Germans wander the Earth like the Jews did for 1900 years prior.

        • Stephen Smith

          The first minute and a half of this video explains why Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. 58,000 ethnic Germans were mercilessly slaughtered by Polish Bolshevik Jews in the Danzig corridor, a strip of land formerly part of Germany which had been ceded to Poland at the Versailles Treaty at the conclusion of WWI. What did you expect Hitler to do, sit back and watch his own countrymen die?

          Watch this video for a much broader perspective about why this is relevant today.

      • Ole SC

        What damn planet are you from, dipstick. Liberals can rewrite history all it wants to but it's propaganda just the same. There are a lot of us old farts that studied history and were alive when a lot of it was being made. If you are sick of this crap as you say, turn your damn computer off!!! You won't be missed!!

        • Stephen Smith

          I can assure you that I am from planet Earth. You seem to not understand that the "history" that you studied was written by the victors. World War II was fought between the forces of National Socialism (Axis powers) and Communism (Allied powers). The Communists won, only they didn't tell you that. Only now, almost 70 years later, are they announcing their victory. Better study up on "cultural Marxism" to really understand who won WWII. Don't believe a single word I'm saying, just do the research!

        • Ole SC

          I did the research long before you were born....back before limp wristed liberal, communists like yourself started rewriting history!! You do the research and not just the current versions of history!

        • Stephen Smith

          OK, tell me what you know about cultural Marxism then. Or the Frankfurt School in Germany. Anything? Why am I asking you this question?

          Because what we are seeing now in America, the subject of this article posted here, is the direct result of cultural Marxism having undermined traditional Christian values in the country. We have been buried by the Communists, just like Nikita Krushchev predicted, because we never even knew what Communism was. Now it has totally taken over our public schools.

          You may know a bit more than I do about the various battles that were fought during WWII, but all that is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. I suspect I know a bit more about why that war was fought in the first place, just what was at stake, and who the principal players behind the scenes were. Your engaging in ad hominem attacks (calling me a "limp wristed liberal") is indicative of someone devoid of real knowledge. It's hilarious that you are calling me a liberal and a communist when all I have been saying here is clearly as anti-Marxist as anyone can possibly get.

          FYI, I am 63 years old. What's your age?

      • bonnieblue2A

        Take a good hard look at the leadership of La Raza. You will see they are national socialists (a.k.a. Fascists). Where have we see fascism turn genocidal? Yes, that historic Hilter state you defend.

        Now, if it isn't too difficult, why not addess the topic of the article. Or, is your mission here to diflect, divert and blame evil joos? Anti-semetism and racism under any flag are just evil.

        • Stephen Smith

          You believe La Raza are "national socialists" aka "fascists" because that's what the jew-owned media told you to believe, and you swallowed it. 96% of the media in the U.S. is controlled by jews. That's why you never hear any criticism of the jews in the mainstream media, and you hear nothing but praise for Israel. The jews are not about to rat on themselves (although a few actually do, you just have to search far and wide to find them).

          My whole point in bringing this up here, as to how it relates to the article posted, is this is the result of what is called "cultural Marxism", which has slowly been creeping in to our education system since the 1960's. It is the total inversion of all traditional Christian values, such as the God-given rights to free speech, religion, self-defense, etc and the promotion of such non-Christian ideas such as abortion, homosexuality, and multiculturalism that is destroying not only Christianity, but the white Anglo-Saxon race as well. This is cultural Marxism, and entirely Jewish-inspired movement. It was founded in Germany during the 1920's, but moved to the U.S. in the 1930's after Adolf Hitler kicked them all out of Germany! Something we should have done long ago ourselves, only it is probably too late now. It does not help that most everyone has swallowed the lies of the Nazi "Holocaust" of 6 million Jews, or that the Jews are "God's chosen people". Both of these are blatant lies, and I can prove it.

        • Stephen Smith

          Look, you people need to do some simple research on your own. It's not that hard! Simply go to Google search, and type in whatever you want to find out more about. I would suggest searching for "cultural Marxism" - there are entire websites devoted to this subject alone. You will find out exactly why everything is so screwed up in America today, and specifically why the public school system is so screwed up. This was all planned almost 100 years ago! Of course they have refined their plans as time progressed, to keep up with new developments. But the main idea has always been to subvert Christian morality, and it has been spearheaded all along by anti-Christ Jews. You better wake up to this, because these people plan on killing you and your loved ones! They won't succeed though, if you would only wise up to them and start standing up for yourselves. Being in denial like you are is going to get you nowhere, except to an early grave.

          Here is a good introduction to the subject of cultural Marxism:

      • Guest

        Hitler was a really good guy cuz he hated da commies thats why we recruited his scientists after the war, Even the jew bankers liked him.

        • Stephen Smith

          Sorry, the "jew bankers" HATED Adolf Hitler, because he defied them and kicked them out of banking in Germany. These same "jew bankers" were solely responsible for the hyperinflation that left millions of Germans desperate for the basic necessities of life during the Weimar republic. This was precisely what propelled Hitler into power by 1933. Hitler kicked all the jews out of banking, academia, the media and government. For the first time in about 20 years, the German people could breathe a sigh of relief that they were no longer under the death grip of the "jew bankers". Hitler later went on to print his own non-debt-based national currency, which was not backed by the "jew bankers" gold, but simply by the goods and services that it was used to purchase. This worked wonderfully, reducing unemployment from 31% in 1932 to only 2% by 1938. The EXACT SAME strategy could be employed here and in other Western countries to pull us all out of our economic misery, but this won't happen because Congress and Obama are absolute traitors, beholden to the "jew bankers" that run the Federal Reserve and the IMF.

      • Andrew Patton

        Hitler's men murdered my great-grandparents. As far as I'm concerned, all of Germany should have been given to Poland as a war reparation.

    • maryflaur

      Remember, teachers can only do what the school board and school administration allow them to do. They get told what to teach and where and when to teach it. I'm not sure I could teach in a public school today.

  • Brama

    Has gun control gotten so stupid that heroism is punished because it "involved" a weapon? Does context and character escape those in authority?
    The boy's suspension is nothing more than liberalism gone crazy... (as if liberalism could become more insane).

    • morefandave

      This is an example of moral equivalence on steroids. It reminds one of Bill Buckley's example of treating alike a man who pushes an old lady out of the path of an oncoming bus and one who pushes an old lady into the path of an oncoming bus on the grounds that both were pushing old ladies.

  • Watchdogman

    Go after the people that suspended this brave young man...Make THEIR lives miserable...

  • James Shepherd

    INSANITY!,....Give the kid a MEDAL! (and send the gun toting football player to JAIL!)

  • John G. Gault

    No the kid should have allowed the shooter to kill as many on the bus as he could. Libs need more anti-gun hysteria. THAT IS WHY the hero was suspended. Need to publish the name and address of the school turd who suspended this hero. People read "the Time Machine" by HG Wells. The childlike people are what Libs want us all to be.

  • liliq

    We have a nation trained that the only proper use of self defense is force employed by law enforcement. As Pierce Morgan opines, 'any lethal use of force in self defense is murder.'
    The 5th Amendment (made applicable by the 14th) is evolving under Obama to the right to life, liberty and property as the state wills

  • morefandave

    And the people who are making these decisions are the people responsible for teaching OUR children?! The inmates are running the asylum. God help us (I can't say that in school, only here online).

  • Alexander Scipio

    As long as we continue to allow the "Progressive: Dewey-based "Schools of Education" to (mal)train our teachers, this will continue. Want to stop the madness? Remove the Schools of Education as a barrier to entry for teachers and outlaw teacher unions. And then pay merit-based, non-union teacher what they are worth based on good metrics. Anything less and you're just kidding yourselves this will change.

  • Harold

    Lets see. We have college educated? teachers (who no doubt were taught by commie professors) for that reason they have a degree and a diploma, but absolutley no common sense. You put that together with the public schools who have a bunch of limp brained nincompoops, teaching kids the same thing as they are. Making dumb rules that are so out of touch with the real world that they wouldn't know rational thinking if it bit them on their nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ole SC

      There are a lot of educated people out there that have been educated far beyond their intelligence!! Obama and all of his band of idiots come to mind and would fit into that category!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    1) pull your children from government schools before they get hurt; and while you still have time to get them a REAL education.
    2) know that libtard school admins hate to be made out as ineffective duds...this kid (hero kid...) makes these libtards out to be the wastes they truly are and these libtards just HATE that. That's why they suspended him
    3) know that school is becoming the least safe environment for your kids...lousy education, phoney indoctrination with libtard drivel and revamped US history; lousy math fundamentals and on top of it all, the only people who can go armed are the intruders...

    • okihadit

      so true!

  • Samurai_Sam

    I guess it is now completely illegal for one to defend oneself from aggression. What kind of idiotic society have we become? Oh sorry we elected a muslim terrorist to the highest office in the nation. Dumb question I take it back!

  • bonnieblue2A

    This young man is a sheepdog who has scared the sheep in school administration. Yah bless him and his parents for bringing him up right.
    Clearly the leftist school policies are punishing moral initiative, and behavior which does not fit in with their "victim" based curriculum.
    A classmate is alive because of this young man's brave actions and yet he is punished.

    • John Cherish

      I see you have read the book about sheep and sheepdogs most liberal educators are sheep and deserve to be serfs of the state however a sheepdog is as powerful as the wolves and the sheep fear him as much as they do the wolves. The sheep would rather be fodder for the wolves than have the sheepdogs amongst them

      • bonnieblue2A

        Read the book and attended Ret. LTC. Grossman's seminar on "The Bulletproof Mind".

    • Renellin

      However, that kid is certain that given a second chance he would do it again. [no doubt]

  • bless2live

    Well that upset kid could have been my son, just thinking!

  • DJ_Fisher

    I'm getting tired of reading of all these tin horn dictators trying to suck up to the administration by being mini-tyrants. They (those with a little power) better understand what is going on and whose side they have chosen. This isn't just about being PC any more this is about Good vs. Evil and they have chosen being on the side of evil.

    • coleche

      another name for them is little frogs in a puddle

      • bonnieblue2A

        Meanwhile we are frogs in a pot and the temperature of the H2O is approaching the boiling point.

  • TheTexasCooke

    It's okay to publish the names and addresses of every legal gun owner in a city or what is the name and address of the idiot school principle and the names and addresses of everybody else involved in this student's hearing? The public has a right to know!

    • okihadit

      and what is the name of the boy that pionted the gun?

      • 57girl

        He's a minor, so they won't say. My question is, where did he get the gun?

  • NymRod

    Suspend the principle indefinitely.

    Others report that all three students were suspended including the one that had the gun pointed at him because all three were involved in an incident that involved a weapon.

    • John Cherish

      It is easy to suspend all 3 but the one prevented the victim from being shot with a loaded gun the only one who should be facing anything is the football player he should be expelled from school and his parents required to pay for private schooling. He should be prevented from ever owning a gun or having one in his possession. His parents should also attend training in gun safety, Put the responsibility where it belongs

  • Tony

    This is absolute madness. Have a stepped into a parallel universe. Evil is good...Good is evil. Wrong is right. Common sense means no sense?

    • daves

      It is pretty brave what this kid did but it could have easily resulted in the trigger being immediately pulled. Suspending the student was stupid but they had to somehow send a message about how dangerous his actions were.

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    This is what OUR POS POTUS wants to happen to scare everybody and it is B/S !! Whoever decided to suspend this kid for SAVING a LIFE should be fired for wrong doing to a BRAVE YOUNG BOY !! Would be interesting to know and see all involved ?

    • Tim Ives

      The kid, a medal , the school administration, pink slips.

  • Al Chemist

    School administration ... nuttier and nuttier.

  • Clay Ramsay

    The heroic teacher who saved every one of her students at Sandy Hook was "involved" in a gun incident. If she had survived, she would have been suspended from her job.

  • A_Nobody

    I knew the people from Ft. Meyers were stupid but not to this extent. If my kids were in that school, I'd be standing on the principal's desk.

  • Elaine Bruemer

    Now I have heard it all. Whoever suspended this student should be removed from his or her position. This country has been turned upside down ever since obummer took and I do mean TOOK office the country has been in crisis.

  • underthewire

    To bad it wasn't their kid that the gun was pointed at! Different bet.

  • NBBigD

    Here we go again, the Education System is ready to punish someone for a good deed done. Education in America is changing, my wife taught for 32 years at a middle-school level, she has repeatedly said that when she began teaching the mix between teaching and paperwork was about 85% teaching and 15% paperwork. At the end of her years in teaching the shift had moved paperwork (cover your ass for the school) to about 60% and actual teaching to 40%. My wife spent at least 55 hours per week between school and at home hours devoted to her job and most of the teachers that worked with her did the same however, the majority of that time was doing "bullshit" paperwork to satisfy potential lawsuits and complaints from parents. We need to return to education, not indoctornation and worthless paperwork. Schools are so PC it's outrageous.

    • Renellin

      Abolish all public schools.

      • NBbigD

        Not a bad idea!

    • Southern Patriot

      It is so hard today to keep dedicated, caring teachers, because of exactly what you posted. They spend so much time with paperwork to satisfy No Child Left Behind and other unfunded mandates from the federal or state government, that they no longer have the time to plan or prepare for teaching, without being up at 3 am or not sleeping some nights.

      • dntmkmecomoverther

        Agreed (unfortunately...) and the program has now morphed to 'Every Child Left Behind'...unfortunately.

  • Ray Ake

    F43275G LIBERAL'S

  • Richard Holmes

    Let's shoot all the liberals. This will be very easy as they will huddle together in a corner or closet from which there is no escape. The only down side of this action is the mess left would have to be cleaned up by some over paid union janitor who would want compensation for the extra work.

    • Renellin

      And give it to him. He deserves it.

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    The kid should be given a reward instead he is punished. If it were my son I would be calling attorneys and filing law suits, and I do not sue people.

  • docdave1

    Cypress Lake High School

    Principal Tracy Perkins

    6750 Panther Ln

    Fort Myers, FL 33919

    Phone: (239) 481-2233a message...

    CONTACT HER and Let Her know this is NOT OK ve a message...

  • kal1and2

    was that OJ's kid with the gun or travon's cousin?

  • Ray Ake

    F43275G LIBERAL'S,,is this what our country is coming to ??? did the liberal's want the kid killed so they could yell for more gun control ??

  • Tim Ives

    If we do not destroy the left first, they will surely destroy us.

  • PLW

    Whoever made the decision to suspend the student for disarming the suspect should be fired.... You cannot fix stupid and that stupid person should not be involved with the education of our children !!!!!! NO COMMONSENSE !!!!!!!! These Liberal Teachers are ruining our children !!!!!!!!!

  • Frogman17

    Once again the insanity rules the day. Only direction from here is down...........

  • KAOIrish

    And it begins, the ones with the illegal guns will be taking over because the ones with legal guns and the ones that go against the illegal gun owners have no rights. This is exactly what the misfits in this administration want.

  • TheSunDidIt

    God bless the "adult" kid and God curse the "childlike" adults that were SUPPOSED to do all they could to protect those children who were put in danger because of that stupid decision. NOW this kid has a suspension on his record for "gun violence". I have NO kind or merciful words for such scum as this school administration.

  • Caddy

    This is what happens when liberalism enters our public schools unfortunately.

  • Chris McClelland

    The liberal left is going to have to be destroyed before they can destroy us and America. They are damn close to succeeding now.

  • Lisa

    We learned from 9/11 that we have to stand up and fight!!!

  • MikeyParks

    Whatever you have to do to pull your kids out of public schools and put them in private schools, figure out a way to do it. There's scholarship money available and other sources. All of these outrageous stories come from public schools, run by PC ninnies and the union.

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman

      If everyone (who loves this country and works) living in these Liberal states like California and the others then they would not have enough people to pay taxes to support their programs.....Lot was condemned and separated from Abraham because he did not leave Sodom after seeing and understanding how evil it was! Maybe this should send a message to all of those people living in such places??

  • used2bslim

    So if you are hit by a drunk driver with you in your car you
    are now guilty of being involved in an alcoholic incident…

    • CB19

      yes - didn't you already know that?

      • John Cherish

        yes and your insurance rates will increase because he was drunk and what business did you have of driving your car when you knew that a drunk driver might hit your car

        • used2bslim

          True enough because if I had not been there it would not have happened. I am staying home.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman

          The rules of Sodom and Gemorra.....I will paraphrase what is written in the oral example..."If a citizen of Gemorra was to cast a stone and a visitor was to walk into the path of the stone, and the stone to strike his head he should be charged with two offenses. One, that he interfered with the activity of the the citizen of Gemorra, two that he posed a danger to the public and a liability as well....seeing he could being stunned walk into the path of another stone being thrown or even cause displeasure having to remove his body from the walkway." In either case he should have to pay for his negligence to the people of Gemorra. Honestly if this does not capitalize the exact disposition of Liberal thinking then nothing does!

        • used2bslim

          Well sir we both know that did not end well.

      • used2bslim

        I suppose I do now, this country needs some serious reverse osmosis.

  • coleche

    No one got hurt as a consequence of this brave young mans actions.
    That is not what the liberals want.

    • John Cherish

      Yes they were hoping for casualties so they could furthe point out how bad guns are

  • frank907

    Liberal teachers who are mentally ill? Extreme paranoia?

  • Renellin

    Schools have been doing this for a long time. Any kid who may get attacked is by definition 'involved' and the school can stand back and say either way we got the guilty party, so they don't have to pay attention to the facts. (facts just twist the truth around). His town ought to nominate him for a citizens' award of some type, especially highlighting that the school punished him for saving the other boy's life.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    Liberalism knows no bounds. They punish a hero, yet these sheep will lie down and die rather than defend themselves because of their cowardly demeaner. It could be that these dirtbags who suspended this young man, don't want to bring to light the necessity that they may be forced to help when the chips are down. Like the Viet Nam draft dodgers who went on to college to get a deferment from service, later flooded our education system as educators with their hate for themselves for not serving their country. And later developed others to be cowards like them to uplift themselves from the hell of their guilt.

  • Jed54

    This is the most confused, sick, dumbest, craziest, society I have ever seen..

  • rosemarienoa

    This is EXACTLY what oblamo wants !!! Our country is going the way of ancient Rome.....destroying itself from within!!!!

  • bfit58

    this kid should get a medal. Absolutely ridiculous. Stupid school officials who themselves are so cowed by political correctness and/or idiot liberalism that they cannot think past their lunatic 'no tolerance' policies are destroying our kids. If I were the parents of the hero student, i would sue the school so quickly, their heads would spin.

  • debbiesunnie

    The schools have been given agenda's by the government just like they police religion. They over step their authority all of the time. The parents of the boy with the gun should go in with the parents of the boy who disarmed the kid and get a lawyer to sue the school. It is time the good people step up and say we have had enough of protecting the wrong. It is amazing this is about the right and good boy instead of the wrong and young criminal and I, for one salute the brave young man.

  • beelp

    HELLO Godfather Politics; why aren't YOU naming the school, the school district AND the dumb-ass bureaucrat here???

  • CB19

    He only would be a hero if he would have listened to the DHS and stabbed the gunman with a ball point pen. Now back to your grazing...

  • Smirking Wolf

    "Why would anyone want to live in a world where everyone was too scared to help out their neighbors?" Some of my neighbors are rabid leftist and Obamites. Unless slapped by the Holy Spirit I probably would not rush to their rescue for fear of being sued. I would, however, move quickly to the aid of their young children whatever the cost.

    Read more:

  • okihadit

    that boy should be rewarded for what he did, not suspended.

  • debbiesunnie

    All of this stupidity is coming from the liberal president pitting black against white, stupid ignorant people against law abiding gun owners, poor against rich, etc., The schools need to be turned over completely to their state and these uneducated teachers and school boards explained right from wrong.

  • maryflaur

    Where are his parents? Why are they not at the school administration building creating a stir? Where are the citizens of the community? There should be standing room only at the school board meeting and the school administration building. So help me, if that were my child, I would most likely get a lawyer and see if I couldn't change the minds of those who suspended. I'm a retired Texas public school teacher.

    • DocJimmy

      Does that mean that you'll be do'n the Texas Two-step on the Principals' forehead???

      • maryflaur

        *Believe me I felt like it a few times.*

  • CB19

    Could the victim have been Obama's son?

  • popps52

    As long as the bummer and holder are in power,the black WILL prevail. THEY do NOT want any powers to be in control of the whites. THEY ARE creating the civil war that IS coming. I surely hope that the evil ones go first.

  • Robert L. Rice

    These times and some people,are flat out crazy,GIVE THAT BOY,A MEDAL,AND AN APOLOGY......................

  • Richard West

    It is too bad I can't say what needs to be said. If you people continue to do nothing, this will only get worse.

  • cliffojm

    Liberals PREFER citizens to be passive, they're far easier to control when the aggressive tendencies are bred out.

  • disqus_X9hbUBenm0

    Looks like the libs want everyone to be chicken Sh-t just like them!

  • Paul Robert Huska

    The left is a joke. They want the people to live in fear and bow to their master oblunder. Do liberals have any idea what they are doing to this nation?

  • Gman


  • Josiah Victor Hoffman

    I wish there was some way to reward this young man and his parents. Part of the problem here in not any where near new and is happening on a daily basis. One incident happened to me while helping a friend who had a furniture factory in Brooklyn New York. I have many years of combat and professional experience as a soldier to my fortune in this incident. I was delivering payroll for a friend of mine (who hired many Polish & Czech immigrants due to their hand skills in the manufacturing of custom furniture) and many of his employees prefer to be paid in cash. There was a Mexican illegal who had mugged and robbed several businesses in the Industrial complex ranging from boxes of clothing to money and many other articles. How ever strange the Police just could not catch him?? Even though he stood around many times in the industrial complex.

    One day I was delivery the payroll on Friday and he approached in the entrance of the door of the shop. He told me give me the money or I will take your life. I politely told him...No..if you want money you first need to work...and you are not getting any money from me. Now there were 12 witnesses to this incident at this point. I proceeded to enter the shop and he ponced on me knocking me down and attempting to choke me. I am a athletic person of 5'6" and a 180 lbs. he on the other hand was close to 200lbs and a golden glove champ from Pueblo Mexico (according to police records).

    I broke him off of me four times in front of witnesses who offered no help, and returned him to the door way of the shop. When he engaged me for the fifth time I said to my self this has to end so I used vital force to put an end to this incident. I hit him hard enough in the head to bring him down. He jumped back up and took a boxing position. Upon doing so I stopped defending myself only and attacked him. Needless to say he he ended up with two broke ribs, and 36 contusions in the chest and head. The police Sargent asked why had I beaten him so? I said he kept coming and re-entering to attack me! When the police arrived the Mexican thief was fighting for his life lying in the floor. After the medical teams arrived they had to revive him...More than half of the incident was on video mounted in the doorway of the shop, and yet I was charged with 1st degree assault....when you clearly see the illegal Mexican attacking me in the door way of the shop repeatedly! He spent two weeks in the hospital recovering, and I spent two days in Jail. The police refuse to use the Polish and Czechs seeing they "did not speak proper english" as if many people in New York City do.....and said they as well would be bi-partisan seeing they worked there.

    The Mexican disappeared after being released from the hospital, and I spent the next six months having to go to New York about eight times until the case was dismissed!!! Had I not have been a veteran and skilled in combat I would have been a headline or a victim! This is what the modern police and justice system wants! They do not want people who can protect themselves....The court lost the video in the process as well and the judge even indicated that maybe I was a vigilante or something! I am not the only case like this there are many and they all ring with one tone...these administrations and the modern police forces do not believe you have the right to protect yourself....the judge even ask me several times why didn't I just give him (the Mexican) the money? I fired two lawyers for not objecting to the judge even entertaining this line of we are to supposed to allow ourselves to be victims! I wish I could shake this kid's hand and encourage him to keep up the good work!

  • gitfiddle

    The suspension of this youngman must have been orchestrated by Dianne Frankenstien and her bosses and pernoid minions.

  • Southern Patriot

    Brain dead leftists in administrations in government schools. This child should receive commendations from the local law enforcement and should be defended pro bono by some liberty loving patriot lawyer in his area.
    We started a Neighborhood Watch in our area as relatives started in their area. We are "neighbors helping neighbors" and this involves more than pot luck dinners. Personal safety and gun safety training. Multi-media presentations by our police chief, mayor, and councilman. I am sure we will be able to get the Swamp People over here if we ask. We have to get involved, because we are "our neighbor's keeper", "loving our neighbor as ourself."
    If you aren't part of a Neighborhood Watch or similar group and if one is not in your neighborhood, then form one as have. Get involved!

  • John Griffin

    Tell us who perpetrated this disgraceful action against the young hero. Maybe, if some of us live close enough, we could get together and publicly scorn him or them!!

  • JamesPF

    too stupid for me, parents should remove their children from government stupid schools and home school them.

    • cmjay

      Obama and his minions are working towards making it ILLEGAL for parents to Home School their kids. The Teachers' union are opposed to School Voucher and Home Schooling.

      • JamesPF

        I am not surprised this communist dick-tator will do anything to destroy America
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Training Sheep To Know Their Place: Boy Suspended For Disarming Gunman

  • Robert Pearson

    I am sure The Obama will award the Administrators with the next National Peace Award for being such Role Models for other students.. They need to know the dumber they are the more they can advance in socal circles!!

  • angel

    This is outrageous, the liberals must want others to be shot so they can have people control under the guise of gun control

  • downs1

    These idiotic school officials couldn't think their way out of a paper bag! They have no ability to reason for themselves and they have no business teaching students! They have become bloody automatons. This kid may have stopped a massacre on the bus, but instead of getting as "well done" he is chastized for thinking outside the box and having the bravery to stop something bad from happening! America sure isn't what it was when I was growing up

  • Darlene Thecolaratlady

    Yall need to Start buying up copies of that movie A Christmas Story, that movie will
    be on the hit list since it's about Ralphy who wants a red ryder bb
    gun.And that movie is a beloved christmas classic thats like 25 or so
    yrs old now.

  • Crowes1

    Kids on a Bus are in a confined area (captive audience) That kid may have felt that he had no other choice than to disarm the gunman. For all we know he could have been the next person the gun was pointed at. As for disciplining the kid because he was involved in an incident involving a gun, he was on a loaded bus. What choice did he have to walk away and ignore the situation or otherwise get away from it as to not be involved?

  • Dorothy Foster

    What do you expect from a liberal democratic school system. Weak, gun hating ,politically
    correct , cowards... Government Schools is the worst place you can send a child... It is
    just child abuse... I believe in home school. (proven to be the smartest children by far)
    or private Christian Schools... Government Schools are sub-.par education... by
    sub-par teachers...

  • servant1jkb

    The total stupidity, and full loss of even the smallest amount of wisdom with the Liberal mind as astonishingly shown by this article!
    Would those who run that insane asylum, rather have had a shooting?
    Who puts, and more importantly who keeps these silly fools, in their positions?
    These like this bunch are equal to our CAESAR, the M.T. Suit, as both are M.T. headed.

  • tomalwaysright

    If I were in charge.... the thug who pointed a loaded gun should be dragged out in front of the entire school and shot in the head. Invite the thug's parents to watch and show them no mercy either. Hang a banner for the TV cameras that reads "Actions have Consequences - don't be a f***ING gun-carrying thug"
    And give the kid who wrestled the gun away an award - a plaque and possibly a financial reward (I bet the kid's parents whose life he saved could cough up a few bucks... or better yet, have a judge confiscate $10,000 from the thug's parents for raising a derelict! And make them clean up the mess (aka their dead kid's body).
    Ahhh, if only I was in charge!
    Some other ideas - If I were in charge... I'd require all students to bring proof of birth/citizenship at the begining of the school year. Those who don't have any, don't get in. Not only that, their names/addresses are taken down and immigration officials (not the ones appointed by Oboza, but new ones appointed by me and Sheriff Joe) would pay them a visit.
    And as for the idiot who suspended the student - not only should he/she be fired, pension should be zero'd. Because you have to watch it when you fire these lazy union morons, because when a union-member is fired or put on suspension, it usually means an all expenses paid vacation - that is, time off with pay, with benefits. That's a vacation, not a punishment!!!!
    And as long as I'm showing how easy it is to solve all these problems that our braindead politicians can't solve... paint a 1/4 mile wide red line along the Mexican border, call it the dead zone. If you are found in it, you'll be shot/killed on site and left there to rot. Or better yet, we'll collect the carcasses and dump them on the Mexican govt office steps with a $25,000 invoice for each one. While we're at it, collect all the trash along the border, dumped there by decades of their illegal scum crossings, and dump it on the lawn of their president with another invoice for entire cost of clean-up.
    Any questions? This is not hard. It's not that hard. Oh, one more... give employers 30 days to check all their employees with e-verify. After 30 days, if they are caught employing a single illegal, their business will be shutdown, all their assets seized, and they (the business owners) will lose their citizenship and be deported, along with the illegals.
    Oh, to complete the picture, hospitals - because we're a compassionate country, we'll treat anyone, but not for FREE. Treat the illegals, then deport them - with a $25,000 invoice on each of them - directly to their govt.
    If I can solve all these problems in 15 minutes, why can't our govt? If you know a congressman, print them, and staple it to his forehead for me!

  • Vince

    I didn't think it was possible for a liberal to get any dumber how wrong I was. Instead of making an example of a hero they punish its so ass backward it makes me sick

  • Samuel B. Pratt


  • Jim Alexander

    This is all the work of Democrats and liberals...and now Muslims, too. This stupid country is too cowardly to reward heroes and punish criminals. If we weren't, Obama would be in prison now and the guy who shot Trayvon Martin would receive a citation for bravery instead of a jail sentence. It kills me to say this but it's true. We are quickly going to Hell, if there is such a place. In 77 years, I have never really feared for our nation until the last 7 years. We just have to get the cancer out of Washington DC...or we will be doomed to be another Kenya or Somalia...

  • okseabat

    This is what it has come down to,
    total socialistic kayos orchestrated by this inner city foreign born anarchist.
    He has been schooled his entire life to do what he is in the process of doing
    to the United States. Brainwashed by his parents from infancy and educated by
    the Nazi socialist instructors in college. Honing his skills as a socialist
    inner city community agitator in Chicago, a city with the highest crime and
    murder rate in the country. Provided a false identification including birth certificate,
    social security card of a dead man from a state that he never was a citizen of
    and a college degree that cannot be verified and denied by the schools that
    were supposed to have awarded them to him. An identity that millions of dollars
    were spent on to bury is a collogue of secrecy. A socialist oligarchy that this current
    government is determined to destroythis counyty for. We have such a great supply of patriotic
    American born Christian conservative black men and women that would have been
    and asset to this country economically and politically. Those that believes in a democratic Federal government controled by the various states and not a centralized
    unconstitutional board of directors bent on their own survival and not this
    country’s. This uncalled for assault on a child that saved the life of another
    student and attested too by those present. The school officials socialist
    reaction to denounce his efforts is beyond belief. A medal of honor and not censure is what is called for. Especially since he was nine and the shooter was sixteen. The school officials who should be fired for their stupidity. Paranoid politically right behavior. on their part.

    • tagdogs

      You got that right! You can bet your ass that this POS Obama is the son of the well known communist, Franklin Marshall Davis and not of Obama Sr. That is why he wants all his records seal from public knowledge.

  • grannylake

    I should be surprised that such a mass hysteria has overcome so many teachers and school administrator regarding guns. But I am not.

    Children with pastry gun, finger guns, paper guns, and gun drawings and student heros who assist others at their own risk treated as felons. The people at the schools that we have entrusted our children have lost their minds and any common sense they may have had.

    And the public schools wonder why parents are withdrawing their children in droves. It's because informed parents don't want a assine liberal agenda polluting their minds.

  • APFL

    Yes suspend this student for his heroic actions.. we all know how bad the LIbs hate to waste a good opportunity. After all they love to have a reason to try and take away the 2nd Amendment. If you got heroes like this running around they wont have any bad news to scare you with so be sure to punish them.

    Last time I checked somebody who saves another gets a medal or recognition, but thats In America... Oh wait this is America......isn't it?

  • fideux

    What would have really blown the school administrators skirts up is if the gunman (gunboy?) had of had a assault riffle and wasted a bunch of kids. Then the could have said, "See!! we need to make those evil guns illegal."
    Crazy, maybe the problem lies with the perp, not the weapon. Maybe we should criminalize them.

  • 57girl

    I always thought lawsuits were overused in America, but then again, if I were the parents of the child (the hero) that disarmed, the armed student, I'd sue the school for suspending my child, just to make a point. Even if I didn't carry the lawsuit through, I'd be making the school think they were in deep sh**. It is ludicrous to punish a child that might have saved his classmate's life. That child should be hailed a hero for his bravery, not punished just because he was there, and took action in a potentially lethal situation. How crazy is that?

    The child who had the gun, loaded, and pointed at another student should be sent to a juvenile detention home. I wonder where he got the gun to begin with?

    America is going downhill fast. Let us not forget the lessons we teach our children today, are going to mold the world they live in tomorrow.

    Mark Home makes some valid observations in this article. Good job, Mark.

  • James Maxwell

    And it has come to this, the lunitics are out and running the so called "education" sytems.
    Is it any wonder that our children are not being educated but being brainwashed to be
    sheeple and victims. The stupidity of these so called "Educator" school boards and
    other bastions of liberalism are destroying our nation in front of our eyes with thier
    mindless drivil and useless psychologicy studies. They want to pamper and diaper
    the children so they won't be exposed to reality and cripple them in the process. We
    need to replace the school boards with human beings who have experienced life and
    do not try to wussify children with their lack of courage.

  • Steve Tanton

    Any wonder why private schooling and home schooling is on the rise? We are ruled by "low-information" voters in the teaching/teaching admin professions. "Those who go into education in general are the ones who score lowest on their college entrance exams." (Thomas Sowell) I concur. The school should be sued and not just regularly sued, "aggressively" sued.

  • Ronald Christopher

    Just shows one how stupid authority is. The Federal government tells us how to do something, Joe Biden for example, and we get arrested for taking their orders. This is why I say that the federal government cannot give individual Americans orders, for example: turning in your firearms. Just say no. You do not have to obey because their orders are not authentic.

  • CCblogging

    Many educators are just plain stupid like the one who made the decision to expel this young hero. They are either a product of affirmative action, just plain stupid or probably both.

  • ltfbhh

    Years ago I was a teacher in this school district. It was bad then and obviously things have only gotten worse. I recall bringing in a 200 year-old flintlock pistol as part of a history presentation. I can imagine that if anybody did that now they would get arrested. A couple years after I left, my former principal was caught by a janotor watching kiddie porn in his office. Nothing was ever done about it. Their sense of right and wrong is completely upside down.

  • steven burkholder

    Do what I just did, contact every member of the school board & the superintendant and let them know how you feel. Here's the URL:

  • Navy-Doc2

    This Principle must be a real Smart or a real Moron. This person is suspended, the Kid who saved an entire Bus load of Students from getting hurt.or even killed. Does this Principle live on another Planet or is she from another World. Get your head out of the sand. This kid is a hero and your treating him like a Dirt-Bag Criminal. When was the last time you had a weapon pointed at you????

  • ElmiraFudd

    Teachers seem to be lacking common sense and their administrators are usually those who are on the low 5% tail.

  • steven burkholder

    Lee County (Ft. Meyers) School Board URL:

  • jim

    Kind of gives you an indication of the intelligence level of our educators????

  • ltfbhh

    Good thing these boys disarmed the gunman, because if they were depending on the cops to do anything once the shooting started, they'd still be waiting. When I taught in that district we had a bomb scare. The school was evacuated and the office called 911. The cops and fire dept. came out, but none of them would enter the school to look around. After a couple of hours outside watching our students and seeing the cops do nothing, the principal asked for volunteers among the teachers to go and search their classrooms. Most of the teachers were women, but without exception every teacher went in and checked their rooms while the wussie cops stood outside and watched.

  • di from Oregon

    This boy is hero! This action against him is pure craziness!

  • R Stone

    like the power tripper said... guns will become anathema as smoking. The attack on smoking was a test... on something known to be unpopular with many... so now they know they can totally brainwash and implement laws with their brainwashing techniques

  • Old_Politico

    Some instruction in disarming techniques for firearms, resisting knife attacks, etc.might make gym class more useful in later life than memorizing the rules of badminton. It might even save lives.

  • Barbara Moore

    Amen! Why not start recognizing these brave individuals publicly?. The police and media should do just that.

    • DiaShoni

      Against their families wishes? Can we not? They're afraid for their safety. They don't WANT to be identified.

  • gfsomsel

    School officials are totally insane. This decision on their part is all the evidence needed to prove that the person suspending the student is not qualified to be in charge.



  • jsmithcsa

    No doubt about it -- the school was wrong to suspend this young man. They owe him an apology and a reinstatement in school.

  • Tim Brady

    What about the Good Samaritan law?


    Suspended my ass where the hell are they going with this BS the boy deserves a heros medal !

  • conserveitman

    Someone close to the family: Internet fund raiser for the kid's college! Then the tail will wag the dog... sending a strong message that society rewards heroic action.

  • Spenserr

    No one should be punished for using their God-given right to self-defend. The school principal should be fired!

  • Spenserr

    The parents of the student should sue.... they would win!

  • DouglasDauntless

    Schools are run by Demo-rat progressives, they would rather see their students murdered, so Obama's no gun agenda could pass in disarming the Country, I wonder what persuasion the Principal was Black White or Green. The young man is a true hero, he should be rewarded with a college scholarship or some thing just as good. Thank God we have brave children that are not brain washed by Government controlled Schools.

  • Peggy Joseph


  • Brabado






  • AZ BOB

    They do that because thy know the parents and public will not do S..T!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    Come on!? is this verified by outside sources??
    This can't be real!

  • mbh2mt2d

    Again, stupidity running the school system!!!

  • Albert Maslar

    The inmates ARE running the asylum.

  • Elwood Ballard

    Once again, Obama's people that run the schools stick their ignorant nose in.

  • Laraine Walker


    • Don39


  • redneck63625

    It is clear from the disposition of this case that we have surrendered our public schools to the dumbest, most ignorant, functionally illiterate, politicized, lazy and incompetent fools imaginable, who are also devoid of judgement and common-sense. In short, the National Education Association and all who sail in it. A pox on every one of them...

  • Dave

    On a lighter note , another little boy was suspended for eating his pop tart to the shape of a gun at school...This is going too far...When is saving a life , by taking a gun away from another kid with murder in his eyes a reason to be suspended.....Time to step up parents ,these schools are to abusing and over stepping there rights.....Our kids should be able to play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers or save a friend life from a shooter with a gun......We need to make stand.....

  • Robyn Steele

    Don't y'all get it? Permitting killers to kill, drives up the murder rate, which helps the Left with its anti-gun propaganda.

    Throughout history, the Left has lived by the rule, "The ends justify the means". That means, like in China, Russia, North Korea, Eastern Europe, Africa, Cuba, and Latin America, the slaughter of defenseless innocents is perfectly acceptable in order to achieve complete subjugation of the masses.

    Didn't y'all learn anything in history classes or by watching world news? I wonder why?

    Mike Steele.

  • Robyn Steele

    Our public schools and teachers have become nothing but Left wing fruit cakes and propagandists.

    Mike Steele

  • Padma Drago

    Fire all the police and replace them with community militias!

    • Don39

      Maybe your community is not like most?



  • Txfredn

    To me this looks like a new way of pushing 'fear mongering' to a new level, due to the fact that the dam school Idiots must have felt that they lost control and therefore their petty low level of authority, and self elevated position of presumed importance and student control was endangered ! WE all can look across the country and see the damage that has been done by this approach at all levels! This demand for total control of the populous at every level stems from the White House! It is way past time for all Americans to rise up and demonstrate for these totalitarianism's who are actually in control! And it definitely is not them! Just think.......this is the type of low life's that are 'teaching our children? NOT!!!

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    This is so horrible. Do they really want people to be victim and not try to help those in danger? I bet that if that boy was killed by the gunman, they would have cried crocodile tears while laughing to themselves.

  • GrumpyOleMan

    Don't you realize what the progressive leftist commies want yet? Anyone confronted by a violent felon is supposed to "pee" their pants. At least that's what the tell women who think they are about to be raped!!! Let's have a round of applause for college "perfessers"!

  • 1josephg1

    The foreign exchange student, biden the buffoon, dick head durbin, the wicked witch of the west, dirty harry and the rest of the scumbags should be handcuffed and jailed and put on trial for treason. They swore to uphold the constitution. What do those idiots not understand. "NOT TO INFRINGE" Very simple. But then again slick willie who is a Rhodes Scholar did not know what sex is.

  • beeks ...

    Liberal fascism and trash,, Too many unreal psychos in to high positions of

  • Buford

    Don't leave your lion cub's rearing to moles, ostriches, and ratfink jackasses.

  • richard handwerk

    no shortage of stupid people in america

  • Don39

    Once again proof that the inmates are in charge of the asylum!

  • QuisPercusit

    Perverts and demented sycophants are running the school systems in every school system in the nation and they are in government offices every where at every level.

  • v steve

    The Federal Department of Education is the direct cause of why many citizens of America don`t support the unalienable right to keep and bear arms. Demand your congress people to defund or abolish the Federal Department of Education.

  • Charles Linda Bond

    Give him a 3 day paid vacation to go with spring break.

  • ArtF

    Granted, Florida is just getting weirder and weirder each day, but that said, I continue to suggest that or biggest problems are with school TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATORS who are some of the dumbest and most liberal anywhere in the world. So when it comes to stupid school people of all types, Florida is not alone, it is a nationwide epidemic.

  • samantha

    Great job to the kid, he did the right thing! Keep doing what's right! Glad no one was injured. . .

  • 2egypt

    I think they wanted the kid shot so they can go on a spree and say guns are dangerous and needs to be removed....another Obummer's tricks....

  • jd1958

    They suspended the boy because he prevented ANOTHER school shooting. Can't have that. NO MEDIA SENSATIONALISM!!!!

  • quipster

    Don't worry your school teachers and professors will teach your kids and grandkids to be good little communist !!!

  • Gail Steelhammer-Cohen

    The progressives do not want boys to develop into bold, decisive men - they want them to be children forever so they can be controlled

  • blackhawk

    Welcome to Obamaworld. Thank all those idiots that voted for him so they could get FREE stuff.

  • debbiesunnie

    Really, a girl gets nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for being female, reading and being shot...Ok I think she is a wonderful, example of what human rights stand for...but how was this something to do with peace....this kid deserves the Nobel Peace Prize....he saved a life and could have very possibly lost his...Both of these kids and so many others do heroic things everyday and no one notices....garbarge news media!!!! Someone posted the number to that school yesterday and I am reposting today....239-418-2233 Principle Perkins...we should make her phone ring off that hook!

  • Nathan51

    How do we manage to get so many over the top morons running our schools? Give the kid a $1,000,000 reward for his actions and take every penny of it out of the assets of the idiot administrators/teachers that suspended him. Teachers? I wouldn't let these morons teach a dog!

  • Ken Kirkham

    Disband the Department of Education, the teachers unions and fire the teachers. they are dismantling this country and destroying morals.

  • JohnHilferty

    Does anyone need more proof that our schools are failing when the evidence shows that so-called educators across the board are brainless?

  • David Veselenak

    Really, if this and all the other revelations do not illuminate the need for the only method left for saving our rapidly disappearing Republic which has been replaced with a New World Order Third World Oligarchy which is a revolution, than all of you are the sheeple that I contend that you have become! They, the communist lilliputians that are now in POWER are not going to cede that POWER in any way, shape or form unless they are made to cede that POWER by forceful methods - that is the truth whether or not you want to believe it!

  • gwedem5995

    This boy is my hero and I wish I could send him a card and thank him. If there were more people like him in the world, we would be a better place. And everyone of those gun ban zealots ought to be coming to his defense as isn't that what they want, protection without using guns. This teen was lucky and brave,..............................And the people that made the decision to suspend him should be run right out of Ft. Myers.

  • Kansasev

    the student who disarmed the gunman didn't want to be identified because he feared for his safety. Then the school authority's punished him. Whom did he fear?

  • tom wiegand

    Author hit the nail on the head when he said no tax money would be spent. Big governement requires a never ending supply of dollars!

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    This is another Liberal sickness that has hit America they cry Gun control yet when a Young man does what he should do too help a classmate this is what they give you a Suspension

  • klsparrow

    Yes the school liberals would have rather someone got shot. That way they can go on TV and tell us what a tragedy this was and call for gun control. They gain nothing if some person upsets the apple cart and stop the shooting. In fact i would bet the anti-gun group get up every morning hopping for some tragedy where people were shot with a gun.

  • David Jines

    Typical rule from typical idiots who should not be in charge. Why do they have jobs and i can't get one???

  • HerrCapitanFick

    That one of the problem in this country! Most people won't get behind the gutsy people in this country! Cowards!

  • curtmavi38

    Up is down,right is wrong,welcome to the Obama world. Impeach him now!!!!!!!!!meh

  • Pat Pettie

    John Kerry made a speech in Germany: "Americans have the right to be stupid." Then he exercised his right by announcing that he is going to give out tax payers money $250 million to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I agreed that he has his right to be stupid and give his own money to anyone, but being stupid and take our money to give it to the enemy is un acceptable.
    Now, the teachers and principles of our schools are all have the right to be stupid too, OMG.
    We built schools, paid all these people to work there to educate our children, enable them to be smart, but we have the stupid teachers and stupid principles who had no integrity, no brain to teach our children. What is going to happen to our children in the future?.
    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than obama who is mere symptom of what ails America. The Republic can survive obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of idiots such as those who made him their president.

  • Richard Viers

    I think Obama should send him a letter of commendation for doing the right thing.

  • Tom54

    Now that shows you. Next time the student should do what the Vice-President suggested. He either should have taken a Double Barrelled Shotgun and shot both barrels out a window, or he should have taken a pair of siccors and defended the victims. But then all scissors in schools are blunt. I guess our VP didn't see this scenario coming. But the next time this "Hero" will not get involved and then wait until the police arrive and clean up the mess. Maybe the kid would have only shot the one kid or maybe he would have shot as many as the gun would allow.

  • Richard Hogue

    When will this nation ever come back to rest over gun control? When every man is afraid of his neighbor? Or every bit of aggression is bred out of the American male?

    • SparksResident

      Why is it the American male that needs the aggression bred out of him? So that when any other countries males decide to become terrorists in America it'll be that much more easier for them??

      • Richrd Hogue

        Women don like "pushy" men. They want nice, joval, companions but not aggressive males who are looking for wives, sweethearts, etc..

        Too many want to compete in the market place, the bedroom, and leave the kitchen to someone else. A full answer would take more room than I think the Monitors of this site are willing to give to the subject.

        • SparksResident


  • LibRep

    It's unreal to me that a nation that cheered big action gun wielding heroes like Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Arnold and Stallone has become a nation of p*ssies. Think back to the 90s and the rising popularity of pro-wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was popular because his gimmick was he took no crap from anyone, especially his boss, and beat the crap out of anyone he needed to. We don't need to be a nation of victims when we've been a nation of ass-kickers for the last 200 years. Sorry, Lefties, but being a victim isn't in me.


    The schools are all the same, take control of the kids, and teach them that the parents are the evil ones, and take away the rights of the parents, just like Bill Clinton and his Children's Bill of Rights he signed into law when he was in office. My sister went to the University of Wisconsin Superior campus and she ended up quiting when many of her professors said basicly the same thing, and I quote them " Marxism and Communism are the only true forms of Government and anyone who disagrees with me can quit now because I will fail anyone who believes any different!!!" She quit!!! We where raised in an independent home when it came to political parties. My younger sister went to Wisconsin Indian Head Technical Institute, and they also brain wash their students, because of their brainwashing her, she supports Obama, and defends him no matter what he does. Anyways, I agree the entire school administration should have their heads examined, and be fired and the student should be given the highest honors for saving that students life.

  • ChewyBees

    3 day vacation!