McCain And Graham Blast Rand Paul For His “Political Stunt”

Following Senator Rand Paul’s nearly 13-hour filibuster that blocked CIA nominee John Brennan’s confirmation, John McCain and Lyndsey Graham had some choice words for the junior Senator. Rand Paul had vowed to speak until he no longer could or until the White House responded to his concerns about the President authorizing drone strikes on Americans on American soil without due process of the law. Here was McCain’s response to Senator Paul:

 "Calm down, Senator. The U.S. government cannot randomly target U.S. citizens. If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids. I don't think what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people."

 Graham echoed McCain’s comments and further displayed a poster to “prove” to Paul and his “libertarian kids” that Obama’s drone policy is purely benign and only meant to target imminent threats. His poster was headlined, “Number of Americans Killed in the U.S.” Underneath the headline, it listed the number of Americans killed by Al-Qaeda, 2,958, and the number of Americans killed by drones, 0. Therefore, Obama and all other presidents succeeding him will never use an armed drone to kill an American on U.S. soil.

McCain had remarked that Paul’s “political stunt” (which took place while both McCain and Graham and 10 other Republicans were fine-dining with Obama) entered the “realm of the ridiculous.” It’s ridiculous to suggest that our President would ever stoop to such a level as ordering the assassination of Americans in our own country. I would argue it’s about as ridiculous as thinking the government would ever come after our guns.

At first, the question was whether we could Constitutionally occupy a foreign land without a declaration of war. Then, Congress responded with the Authorization to Use Military Force, giving the President dictatorial powers to invade at will. That constituted their “declaration of war.”

Then, the question was whether or not we could Constitutionally detain foreigners without any charges brought against them, without evidence against them and without due process. Their response was that these foreigners are not protected by the U.S. Constitution, because they’re not Americans. And, besides, we’re at “war,” so detaining for questioning is permitted so that we can find out where other terrorists are.

Then, the question was whether or not it was OK to torture foreign detainees. Their response was that it yielded valuable information on the whereabouts of other terrorists, so it saved lives. Never mind the fact that all that torture did for sure was get a forced confession out of them. I’m sure if they tortured me, they would eventually get me to “confess” to the assassination of JFK, if that’s what they really wanted. Of course, in the middle of that question was the question of whether or not waterboarding was actually torture or just an “enhanced interrogation technique.” I don’t care what they call it, I would sign the confession if it meant they would stop waterboarding me.

Then, the question was whether or not we could target foreigners “suspected” of terrorism by drone strikes without charges, evidence, etc. at the expense of innocent men, women and children. Their response was that again, these foreigners are not protected by our Bill of Rights, and we’re at “war” with foreigners who pose an “imminent threat” to us here in the Homeland, and therefore any innocent lives lost are collateral damage.

Then, the question was whether or not we could target Americans in a foreign land for assassination without charges, evidence and due process (think Al-Awlaki and his 16-year-old son, both American citizens). They responded that the dad had revoked his own citizenship (and his Constitutional rights), aligned himself with Al-Qaeda, and since his son was related, they were both imminent threats.

Americans have largely come to accept all these provisions thanks to the media and legal “experts,” and now, the question is whether or not the government can Constitutionally target Americans for assassination on American soil without charges, evidence and due process.

Eric Holder has responded. He stated in a letter to Senator Paul that the President does not have the authority to “use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil.” This, to me, doesn’t really tell us anything. It’s like when they say, “No one’s coming after your guns.” But they are coming for our guns. And they’re using “mental illness,” increasing gun restrictions and background checks to do it.

How do they define “engaged in combat?” Is a gun owner who is also pro-life, opposed to big government and critical of the current administration a domestic terrorist? And by virtue of the fact that he owns and carries a gun, is he also “engaged in combat?”

The media will use their legal “experts” to convince Americans that the drone policy is completely legit and benign, and that there’s nothing to worry about. They’ll repeat it over and over again until Americans accept it as self-evident.

They’ve used Al-Qaeda for the past decade to convince us that the President does have the authority to order the killing of anyone it deems to be imminent threats. And since Americans have largely accepted this principle, they’re now turning the war on us in our own country. So, the drone policy is not really so much over the use of drones as it is about the power of the President to order the killing or detainment of American “political dissidents,” which I think is where it’s headed. Drones will just make the killing part a whole lot easier.



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  • Hope64

    Rand Paul's efforts may not have been appreciated by the Republican Establishment but was very much appreciated by the American people. Makes a person question if some of these old timers are public servants or just plain self serving.

    • Doodlebug

      My sentiments too! We need more Representatives and Senators like Rand Paul to stand up to big government and "politics as usual" and to get answers for the American people. Do we have anyone who will do SOMETHING to get answers to the border agent shot, oh my gosh, how long ago? How about what actually happened in Benghazi? Thank you Rand Paul for showing us democracy in action. And to think that reid wants to do away with the filibuster.

    • Apolloone

      I would have to say from their actions which is Plain Old Self Serving and I do appreciate Rand Paul for standing up to these bullies. McCain should have ten foot arms from all that reaching across the aisle.

      • Donna Meisenholder

        Mc Cain is the first President in my lifetime I am embarrassed to say I voted for.....and only because of Sarah. What a senile old fool he has become ....he and Graham have got to go home ....they make a great case for term limits ,,,,,worse than RINO....they are total sellouts....
        And Mc Cain here is a flash .....its not just youth that "APPLAUD" Rand Paul ......its all of us who are tired of the "GOOD ol geezers club " and that is bipartisan ....

        • Carol Fryer

          AMEN to that!!!!!!

        • Kenneth Tallant

          You hit the nail right on the head there sister!

    • Screeminmeeme

      Rand Paul did what McCain and Graham didn't have the guts for. Thats why they're so angry: their cowardice has been exposed.

  • Whackajig

    Rand Paul has some things which McCain and Graham will never have, such as commonsense and balls.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Whackajig,...Exactly my thoughts. If ever McCain and Graham had any, there lost a long time ago.

    • Apolloone

      Those two make me sick to my stomache, I really feel like throwing up after reading about something they said or hearing them speak on any issue concerning the country when McCain was running for president he had to tell the world what a great guy Obama is, one occassion is where he said"Obama is a good guy I know him" he would not point out things about Obama that every voter had the right to know, I am convinced he never had any intentions of winning that election for whatever reason.I wish those two would just go quietly into the goodnight or just go for that matter, America would be so much better off. I hope Rand Paul takes his personal security seriously , he is a threat to these Luciferians and their NWO America needs many more like him not less.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Do these two guys think anyone in America (except for Arizonan's and South Carolinian's) are paying any attention to them? Please go away both of you!

  • agbjr

    The time of McCain and Graham has passed they are no longer relevant nor comprehending of the battle that has come. The preservation of the Constitution and OUR Liberty is now in the hands of those such as Senators Paul, Rubio, Cruz ... they will not compromise with Marxist ideologues. Remember the words thundered by Senator Daniel Webster on the floor of the Senate Chamber more than a century and a half ago, "The Constitution! Now and Forever!"

  • DrZarkov99

    Graham's statistics are a lie to start with. The number of Americans killed by drone strikes is at least 2, counting Al Alawki and his teenage son.

  • MarxistTwilightZone

    Thank you Rand Paul! Poor Graham and McCain, what's wrong? The ground shaking under your Rino feet?

  • mudguy1

    Graham blasted Rand Paul. But he approved of giving Egypt F16's so some day Egypt can kill our boys instead of our drones. Thats real smart

  • gypsy314

    I hope there days are numbered.

  • gnafuasusual

    Rand Paul did not have a "stunt" to tell the president that The People are sick and tired of hearing about this government wanting to murder innocent Americans on American soil because Americans don't like what is happening in this over-grown government. McCain needs to get it through his thick skull that Americans are standing with Rand and he is the only Senator who is doing his job. He is truly a U.S. SENATOR WHO IS DOING HIS JOB! It's too bad McCain and Graham couldn't jump on the band wagon and help out Rand Paul instead of dining on sprouts and chicken nuggets with the president. They must have been drinking something that makes people act like idiots.

  • catnip24

    one reason republicans lost the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections was because of their big mouths criticizing each other and not standing together. mccain and graham made some idiotic statements again chastising fellow republicans. it gets them nothing except they made themselves look like idiots.

    democrats are quite good at blasting republicans. they don't need any more help from mccain and graham. senators paul, cruz and amash are the vibrant new voices and ideas of the republican party. it's time republicans quit being so stupid and stand together.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      We got some good news in Michigan yesterday, that Carl Levin is retiring. Congressman Amash would be a very good replacement.

  • Hotnike

    McCain and Graham: Please vacate your senate seats and allow us to fill them with people who have some gonads.

  • VanceJ

    The only political stunt I see, was you two numb nuts running for office and wining

  • jerry1944

    mc cain has never been a conservative. the gop have left being conservative for mod are justa little over libs If the gop had more like paul and cruz the gop mite start winning but if they want to be like mc cain and grammee i for want want be voteing for any gops

  • Frank King

    McCain spent too much time as a P.O.W. in Vietnam. I think he clearly has lost the ability to think straight and logically. He needs to retire as do Graham. They both are over the hill. Rand Paul has shown them and a bunch of other RINOS up as being cowards and not looking out for the little guys in this country. They are afraid of the Democrats and Obama.

    • Walter Burke

      No he has spent too much time kissing up to the liberals.

  • Ralph Lamberson

    I would suggest that McCain join Jane Fonda in an old fashioned reunion. They deserve each other.

    • Taskmasterendgame

      You forgot Swift Boat Kaptain Kerry to complete America's Hall of Shame

  • Toni Woodbury

    Wow. McCain and Graham are delusional. They have a nonexistant knowledge of world history. They deny the depravity of human nature. It is never, ever safe to let a government have the kinds of powers they want ours to have. Such powers ALWAYS end up being used to subjugate a people under tyranny.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    These “go-along-get-along” Establishment Republicans like McCain and “Ghramnesty” have more in common with their liberal Democrat allies than with Conservatives. These PWOPs (Politicians Without Principles) have put personal power ahead of their constituent’s interests for decades. And are not capable of/don’t want to undo the damage the current administration has inflicted on our country. It’s time for a Conservative Revolution to get rid of this deadwood.

    • OttoKnowbetter

      McCain's and Graham's remarks are self-serving remarks reminding us all that we should be paying attention to THEM, not the conservatives like Paul, Rubio, and the other up-and-coming stars of the GOP. Pay no attention to them until there is an opportunity to support their opponents in their next elections.

  • Walter Burke

    McCain' t
    the government would be much better off without you too wackos

  • freedixie

    These are just two of the many traitors we have in the District of Crooks. We need some arrests, trials, and hangings of these rotten, lying, crooked scumbags. Colonial America would not have put up with what we have in our political offices today. Republican elites = Democrats = communists. They are all out for themselves and want to turn us into subjects. We need the revolution to start before ovomit can get all his ducks in a row.

  • Taskmasterendgame

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen.Barbara Boxer. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen John McCain and
    Sen. Linsey Graham
    Super reasons for Term Limits

  • Bill Richardson

    McCain and Graham are a couple of "Spineless" Idiotic Morons! It refreshing to see that there are people we have sent to Washington with some backbone! I can't believe how cowardly the republican party has become!

  • Carol Fryer

    McCain and Graham have already proved themselves to be enemies of the nations freedom and saftey. They are full of BS and cant hide it anymore.

  • A Concerned American

    McCain and Graham played right into Obama's hands when they criticized one of their own. When is congress going to realize that unity is what this country was started on and if we don't have unity now our country will fall quicker than Obama can bow to foreign leaders.

  • Kenneth Tallant

    I am proud of Senator Paul as are many Americans also, as far as McCain and Graham maybe its time for them to go ahead and make it official in my opinion they should just come on out of the closet and join up with the party they really support the democratic party, I am sure there daddy odumber will take them out to supper more often!

  • Patricia Leath

    Rand had the guts to stand up for the people. How in Gods name are we going to live through 2016 if Obama can at random kill people on the streets on the USA. McCain needs to retire and Grahma needs his mouth washed out.

  • 577t555

    Those two are just talking, acting like demos, and kissing obamas feet, your ROYAL hyness, they lack courage, both are very week characters, the GOP should kick them OUT! what a waste of payroll!

  • Johnny

    Old horses are put out to pasture to live out their days. A lot of lifer Senators and Representatives have out lived their usefulness and needs to be put out to pasture. Push for term limits. Antiques are nice to admire but have no other use. Our antique Senators and Representatives have no use either and deftly are not nice to admire.

  • Johnny

    McCain and Graham what Rand Paul did is deftly not a political stunt, It's called have some balls which apparently what both of you don't have. You have been in a position so long that your States keep voting you back in because of seniority. You don't care about the people you represent, or the citizens of the USA. It's time for you old cronies to move on out of the way. Retire and enjoy your UN-earned retirement. We need leaders in Washington DC not a bunch of clowns, like you have become.

  • Lorna Doone

    Better to be called a 'wacko bird' than a beltway 'RHINO!'

  • George Wentzel

    McCain and Graham need to be keel hauled by the longest ship available running at absolute minimum knots.

  • Iamacitizen2

    I personally think it is time for career politician McCain to take stage left and retire. He has really shown who and what he is this last year or more that he is a far left Republican all along. I watched a youtube recently where he was screaming at one of his town hall meetings at a citizen who dared to question his stance on an issue and wow was he rude. I always taught my son's that if I find out they have lied about something and I address them about it and they started raising their voice at me as well as getting angry....well that was a sure sign to me that I did catch them in a L I E!!! They knew the rules about lying and they also knew that they would pay the price if they did and got caught. It was better to tell the truth because I told them: "I am the lawn mower and your backside is the grass." I also told them no matter whether it was in public or wherever and something went wrong I would always be there for them and stand with them but my "rule" was just don't ever lie to me. They didn't either.

    Mr. Mc Cain you have lost my total respect for jumping ship and not standing with Rand Paul and what he is trying to do and that is fight for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights that you and so many other radical career politicians who are so busy going to SPECIAL dinners with the pres and trying to cover your own backsides have done. Are you so blind in one eye and can't see out of the other one that you can't see the writing on the wall about someone very high up wanting to create a ONE party Congress and House? Have you lost total sight of all the crazy things that are going on with this regime these last four/five years? Talk about taking dumb down pills this is unreal what you are pulling. Good luck with the NDAA because I have seen recently information regarding "Political FEMA Camps" and the NDAA did not have exemptions in it for politicians to not be picked up and given a space at a FEMA camp. Nope it just says: U.S. Citizen basically can just disappear. Fact is, and this is all just my opinion but I imagine politicians, judges, law enforcement, military, etc anyone that wouldn't pass a litmus test or was just labeled a "terrorist" or threat out of convenience to the regime and to remove them would be the first occupiers of the political FEMA camps to secure a coup or takeover of any country. Amazing.

  • fwiw

    I believe McCain and Graham are wrong and have been in politics long enough.

  • Robert Kimble

    McCain is a flaming AH. But it is alright to kill millions of Americans due to corrupt pharmaceutical companies and doctors who know nothing or pretend to be stupid so they can get major kickbacks from the Nazi drug companies.