McCain Summarizes His Unconstitutional Worldview

In blog time, John McCain v. Rand Paul is ancient history, but there is one particular point that McCain raised that I haven’t noticed that anyone addressed. McCain said,

“We’ve done, I think, a disservice to a lot of Americans by making them think that somehow they’re in danger from their government. They’re not. But we are in danger from a dedicated, longstanding, easily replaceable-leadership enemy that is hell-bent on our destruction.”

This is an amazing claim. Easily replaceable? I don’t know who McCain means. Gaddafi was no threat, but McCain was the head Republican cheerleader for NATO’s move to sponsor Al Qaeda to “replace” him. I realize there are all sorts of “plausible deniability” move that the foreign policy overlords will make to spin what happened differently, but they all lack plausibility. Now we’re doing the same for Assad in Syria, who was never hell-bent on our destruction.

In fact, assuming anything we know about the late Osama bin Laden is true, his entire plan was to draw us into war into the Middle East so that the US would waste its resources in an unwinnable occupation. So McCain’s “hell-bent on our destruction” includes the proviso: with the cooperation of Hawks like me.

I’m not going to bother to summarize the overwhelming counter-evidence to McCain’s bold lie that it is a disservice to inform Americans that they are in danger from their government. We are occupied by an armed bureaucracy that has spectacularly failed to protect us but has been quite bold in bullying us. That is exactly what you would expect to happen if you ever read the US Constitution and agreed with its reasoning!

The Constitution’s separation of powers is a classic demonstration of how people structure their government if they are afraid it might become a danger to them. It isn’t just in the Bill of Rights; the body of the Constitution itself shows that the writers were deeply concerned about the danger of government to the people it was supposed to protect. Only Congress may declare war, not the President. A person cannot be convicted of Treason unless there are two witnesses, and then only to the same “overt act.” The Constitution is full of the language of limitation and restraint.

McCain doesn’t understand any of this. There are just good guys and bad guys. And since “we” are the good guys then “our” government must be good too. Naturally, if there are any bad tendencies among Americans, those will show themselves primarily in being suspicious about our “good” government. He can’t feel sympathy for the idea that government power is inherently seductive and corrupting, and thus needs the legal restraints of things like due process, warrants, and jury trials.

Rand Paul correctly pointed out that McCain believes Earth is Planet Battlefield, including the United States. Bush and then Obama have made a world for McCain in which he can says a few good words about the Constitution but never worry about it. We are now in a forever war where the battlefield is everywhere. Since the Constitution does not fully apply to wartime battlefields we now have the perfect excuse for McCain and anyone else to simply ignore the Constitution as inapplicable.

But beyond this, McCain and others fundamentally believe in democratically elected dictatorship committees and executives. “Checks and balances” are just childish obstructionism. They should never have been permitted to pass a civics class, let alone to hold office in government.



  • Screeminmeeme

    The government control freaks are counting on our not paying attention. They really believe that we will listen slack-jawed to all they say and like idiots, believe them without a blink.

    They greatly underestimate the intelligence of the American people and our knowledge of the Constitution.

    A traitor is in the White House and McCain is oblivious to the danger. One could argue that, having no discernment, and fearful of the repercussions had he vigorously opposed Obama, he threw the election. He flat out refused to confront Obama on the many questionable things about his past like his racism against whites, and his link to Marxism and Communism.

    Given Obama's corrupt investigation machine, one could imagine that he had some bad info on McCain and threatened to use it if he brought up certain issues. Anyone who can look at the countless ways that the Liar-in-Chief has undermined America and not conclude that he is our enemy, doesn't have an ounce of gray matter.

    BTW: I think the ''easily replaceable'' comment about the leadership of our enemy was a statement about the long line of combatants...members of Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups.... who are willing and able to take the place of their fallen leaders .There are countless numbers willing to give their lives for their beliefs.

    • ynot202

      "A traitor is in the White House and McCain is oblivious to the danger."

      Actually, if you carefully examine this administration's agenda you will find not a traitor in the White House, but rather, a saboteur that should be indicted, tried and convicted after which
      he should be stood up before a firing squad without a blindfold as a warning to others of his ilk.
      There is a problem with my logic, we're removing a cancer, but not the cause of the disease.
      In order to do that you'll have to educate yourselves. One last thought, McCain is part of the problem... think about it.

      • jong

        But, we must obey law and what should the charge be?? A spy out of uniform for the muslims and a foreigner to boot or a treasonous leader that got in the good old Chicago way thuggery, bribery and murder??????

    • jong

      With McCain having a much younger wife and his "daughter" is really not to bright the possibilities are endless. Obama however is seeing who will go which way and having diner with him should not divide us more. That is exactly what he wants just another way to do it.

    • don

      you have really pumped US up. explain to me why if we are so smart an brave why the hell have we let this go on this far? sorry all WE have done is talk they act we compain they keep a cristious going. an we still sit on our cans while rome burns

  • Bob Coffey

    At all times in our history the government has been the greatest threat to our freedom. Because of this, we should always have our foot on the throat of the vicious beast of government. In the last few decades we have forgotten this and it is time to get our foot back on its throat and our sword poised and ready to kill the beast if it tries to escape again.

  • Steve Hughes

    Mr. McCain, sir, it's time for you to retire. You and your "gangs" are as responsible as ANY Republicans in the last two decades for the DEATH of America. Sir, you have LOST America, and worse, you have lost touch with what it's going to take to even TRY to make SOMETHING of what's left of this country. You are frighteningly, disastrously out of touch, Senator.

    It's abundantly clear you think there are still DEMOCRATS in DC who can be reasoned with; men who are still willing to compromise. Senator, you are WRONG! THERE ARE ONLY COMMUNISTS, COMMUNIST CROOKS and a hard-charging, aspiring DICTATOR left in DC. They ARE lying to you and WILL continue lying to you...and all the while laughing at you - and at us - all the way to the DICTATORSHIP. They WILL NOT BE BARGAINED WITH.

    You and your family are financially able to comfortably retire. It's PAST TIME you let other conservatives try to get there for THEIR families. GO HOME, Senator. Please. You're HURTING, not helping. YOU ARE DESTROYING ANY CHANCE AMERICANS HAVE LEFT OF CLIMBING OUT OF THE PIT.

    • retireme

      Sent him an e-mail yesterday asking him to please retire. I stated that since he clearly didn't believe and support our constitution and called out an honest man, Rand Paul for asking if the US was planning on using drones on private citizens, he needed to go. These people in power will not rest until every decent, honest. Godly, man woman and child is destroyed to fit their un
      Godly agenda. We have now the most ruthless, cunning, corrupt leadership our great nation has ever known.

      • Carline D. Long Jr.

        I had sent him a letter two days ago asking WTH was with his attack on Rand Paul? I asked him about the DHS arming so much with Hollow Points (1.6 Billion) and 7,000 fully automatic M4s, and 2,700 MRAPS. I have NOT received any reply. Go Figure!

    • don

      he is them

    • Mary Laforet

      Mr. Hughes, your advice to Me. McCain ALSO APPLIES to Mr. Boehner.....

  • Carl Stevenson

    McCain is a quisling turncoat. He and others need to be on the list for treason trials as enemies of the people.

    • Steve Hughes

      I have to differ with you, sir. I believe the Senator has always had America's best interests at heart. He has simply been a poor representative of conservative causes over the years. His judgment has always been wanting. Now, he has completely lost touch with the obvious. The roots of his difficulties may well reach as far back as his time as a POW. ANYONE who believes torture (and NO, I'm not advocating torture...not right now, anyway) doesn't work is BLIND to the results that have been achieved through its use over the AGES.............

      It's clear that blindness is not limited to a single issue. ANYONE who believes that ANYONE associated, in any way, with our current administration can be bargained with, compromised with or TRUSTED in any way, IS out of touch with reality. Period. He just needs to be sent home... for good.

      • don

        nope your completly wrong he has never had our best interests at heart. he has all ways been a rino. so lets send this rino home

  • David Batchelder

    I just want to say, plan and simple. I read all the comments and have for about three yrs and longer. But how can we combat a problem when they own the track in which we must run upon. McCain is the establishment. I implore all of you out there, go pick up three books. It is hard I realize that. Working, if you are, great. Or if you are not you want to be, maybe working three jobs and still not making ends meet. The books are 1. The pawns in the game, by William Guy Carr. 2. Secrets of the Federal Reserve. by Eutice Mullins. 3. The fruits of Graft the next great depression by Wayne Jett.

    These three books over lap and give you the full picture and time frame in regards to how long we have been under attack.

    We have traitors on our on side that have been paid to turn a blind eye or be slow on the up take of issues. How about Issa, going to get Holder on fast and furious. Took him two yrs to get him to sit in front of the committee. That is a joke. They do it to stay in the lime light. My point. If there was a way to get off this ride before we are forced to become Michael Collins, Would you take the exit. It is not easy, But you can win.

    Back to my point, McCain was correct regarding Gaddafi, if you look at the point of view from McCain and loosing the petro dollars. Ahhh, there is the truth. If Gaddafi was able to continue to sell oil for gold. Others would have followed suit. That would cut off American Gov credit line regarding the rest of the world. That is why we went after him. We wast to do the same thing with Iran, they just have bigger friends, Russia, China, Syria. We want to do the same thing with Syria, again the big best friends with USA as the common enemy. There is why we are loosing.

    Obama is crushing us at home with no pipe line from Canada, Why you ask, One to keep oil and gas up in price. But the bigger factor is Buffet, Buffet owns the train lines in that area to carry the oil. See, pipe line, Buffet looses money. How can Buffet give obama any money if he is not protected. Simple chicago politics. You pay me or you will loose money. Simple. Dam the people, we will blame it on a little blue lizard or something.

    Still, if there was a peaceful way to correct this problem would you take it.

  • NewCreationDave
  • jerry1944

    mc cain has never been a conservative and isnt now. I dont see how the gop even put him to win the pres. So we got stuck with obambo anyways and then the gop pick romney the father of healthcare and expect to win. So mc cain fits right in with the gop lib type gops but not conservative. The gop i think think along the lines of NWO But what do you expect when k rove and mc cain and bonehead dont want to win just cave and act like they tried

    • don

      its all a plan

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    It is time AZ voters "RECALL" McCain and vote in a person that is confused and lost in a time warp of stupidity.

    • parkLitchfield212

      I wish we could, Jimmie.
      He and his "legend" are so intrenched in this state, and he is in the pocket of so many influencial people that we can't even find a Republican that can stand the vicious attacks his handlers will throw at them. JD Heyworth was the last guy to try, and he was trashed and slandered from the moment he declared himself as a candidate. Believe me, McCain is no good-old-boy when it come to keeping what he believes is his. Hopefully he retires at the end of his current term, 2014. We will see.

  • jong

    Rand Paul had a good point and McCain is senile. However just remember who voted for Hagel.

  • allamericanpatriot

    If McCain can't recognize the major threat America is facing within its own government actions, If he can't recognize the communist, marxist, socialist policies of our current president, If he can't recognize the obvious 'dictatorship' that is developing right in front of his nose....or that the Constitution and Freedoms he once FOUGHT FOR are being destroyed while on his watch.....then the man has either been bought off (or) he is no longer fit to hold his position as Senator. I say, ANYONE in Congress and the White House who has obviously FAILED to uphold their Oath of Office NEEDS TO BE DISMISSED RIGHT NOW.

  • Whisper Atnight

    Ok, with Treason aside, what about all his unconstitutional executive orders? And, he acted very incompetent when our embassy was being attacked, and he acknowledged that it was Al-Queida

  • George Laessig III

    I salute Mr. McCain for his toughness as a prisoner of North vietnam and his dedication to his service. It is time , though , that he steps down and let new and viberant conservatives continue where he has failed. We have a great number of dedicated Military veterans who believe in the real America, the one we thought we were fighting for when we left. The current gov. all included, is a disgrace and total failure . Those who are veterans , get to Washington and join the club. The Constitution you swore and alligence to should be your guide, not your pocket and cocktail hour.

  • Whisper Atnight

    I DON'T believe that the founding Fathers thought that THINGS SHOULD CHANGE just because we are at war. That is what these idiots came up with.

  • franko35758

    senator mccain, you have become a huge disgrace to the United States of America!!
    your father is turning over in his grave. so sad!!! your just a RINO that doesn't know which side you favour. you and LINDSEY should start sleeping togeather. with Bengahnzi gate we have a sure shot of replacing.this potus and neither has the balls to take it.
    old sarge ,'nam vet,'68,'70

  • gavinwca

    It is hard to believe that John McCain was a actual war hero, I am beginning to believe he has lost his mind an wishes the U.S Constitution did not exist. Appears he is becomeing an Baracko Clause Fascist.

  • Eugene Hunst

    While in the Pentagon a few years back, I met a McCair who was a true champion. He was ADMIRAL JOHN McCAIN, FOUR STAR ADMIRAL. I am astonished that he sired such a sorry excuse of a son. It amazes me what goes on in DC.

  • ArtF

    Even the Founding Fathers knew or anticipated a corrupt government, and made provisions the best they could, to protect us from the government. Little did they know that the Federal court system and "good old boy" Federal judges would merely mock their efforts and open the flood gates to a corrupt government like we have today. McCain really is a very stupid individual, and accordingly fails to realize that when he refers to the people not trusting government, they are actually not trusting the likes of a John McCain or a Lindsey Graham, and not just Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, et al. McCain and his ilk are indeed "the problem" and we do need a solution but it will never be quick or efficient.

    • don

      freedom is not free an a price we must pay for our lazyness

  • mudguy1

    McLame is worthless and needs to retire.

  • Jude O'Connor

    We have a critter in the WH that claims citizenship yet a classmate that graduated the same year and was very active in extra curricular activities around the university never saw him in any of the classes or knows of any of his classmates that saw him in any of their classes either. This critter is a street person in a suite, lacking in manners and protocol, a matching vocabulary, unable to speak without visible help even to a fifth grade class. Yet he is adored by the media and his Party of Democrats and the RHINO's of the right and John McCain is one of those RHINOs.

    • Don39

      Your sentiments are CORRECT! But McCain is not a rhino, an honorable animal, but he is a RINO,Republican In Name Only, a totally less than honorable and mentally corrupt animal!

  • Don39

    McCain's hero status and free pass have worn sheer. He is a transparent week kneed spotlight hugger who cares more for his image than that of the party. One who will sink to any depth to stay in the political limelight to include ignoring and betraying his constituency, his peers, and his Constitutional oath. Was he were ever any different. We all know where Sen. McCain learned the art of compromise, just go along to get along personality and approach to problem solving. Has he ever been anything else. I am one who has seen through him for many years and do not think so. Here is a perfect example of the People letting the personality of Washington liberal politics select their politician. McCain is a personality that has succeeded based on a long ago past , deservedly or not, for a very long time . He should reward the peoples honoring and having given him the benefit of the doubt all these years by quietly returning home and getting out of Republican politics , immediately!

    • don

      if you look at his voting record you would see where he stands. an its not for us. he has all ways been a rino an will be a rino till we send him packing

  • Sproing

    I wonder if it occurred to the writer that perhaps the 'leadership enemy' that McCain was referring to wasn't Al Quida or Islam, but rather President Obama and the far left neo-marxist left that has educated him and supported him since his birth.
    I urge you to go back and re-read that paragraph with this interpretation in mind instead of the writers out of the blue assumption that McCain was talking about a war in the Middle East.

  • George Wentzel

    Would someone please change the sand that Mr. McCain is sticking his head into.

  • a marine .

    McCain is a traitor to the the republican party and to the united states, He will probably do a switch to the demoncrate party. He has made a deal with that scum sucking low life liar butcher of Benghazi muslim pos obamaass to gain positions of power when martial law is declared by the excrement that sits in the white house. McCain and other powerful republicans have put their own power and position ahead of the people. the constitution is being shredded to pieces and thrown to the side. The judicial
    system under holder spends time on persecuting law abiding systems while gangs of thugs and illegals
    run free in this once great nation .obamaass and the justice dept are operating the biggest gun running operation in the history of this once great nation. they send weapons to mexico and do not enforce the borders when these weapons are smuggled across the border to supply the gangs that obamaass depends on to be his civilian security force, these gangs are to back up the un troops that he has written executive orders to allow them to operate in this nation with the power to detain citizens with out due process. The allowing of foreign troops to operate in this country is in direct violation of the constitution. obamaass is settinghim self and his cow to rule the country in a shadow government controlled by powerful people like Soros and the bilderbergers. and bankers. Europe is falling apart as a result of these powerful people and they are bringing the end to America.McCain is agent of these people and is just as guilty of treason as obamaass

  • 57girl

    I would think by now, people would realize if a Candidate has the full backing of the RNC, they are a NWO Puppet. Ditto for the Candidate's on the Democratic ticket.

    Remember in 2008, how McCain was flaunted by the RNC, to no avail? Then to add insult, to injury, Obama gets a good number of votes, because people were convinced their choice was for the lesser of two evils, and considered Obama to be the lesser evil. Need I say more?

  • rivahmitch

    Do remember that this is the same John McLame who, during the 2008 campaign told a supporter, when speaking of the Kenyan fascist, that (i) "you shouldn't be afraid of him" and (ii) he's an honourable man". Those two comments alone qualified him as certifiably incompetent. Nothing has changed.

  • Jim Thresher

    McCain has lost his will and needs to call it a day and get out of Washington. The voters told him to get out of politics when he ran for president and now the people of Arizona are telling him to get out. This clown wants nothing but to over run our country with illegal aliens and keep giving these morons a free ride. You have sold your soul to the cheap labor lobby McCain.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    If his Grand Dad and Dad had not been Admirals, McCain would had a hard time gaining entry into a local Jr. College. His expertise while flying for the Navy, was to crash just about everything he had sat in. The guy has proved time and again he's a full blown RINO. He should have never been elected to any government office and while he was, he should have parked the bus some twenty-five years ago.

  • don

    mc cain is a repulcan copy of the marixs obama. nothing elses needs to be said. he just needs to go home an keep his liberial mouth shut. he is worthless to our cause

  • Troy Tyler

    We have a bunch of dumb senators in Washington,But I believe McCain is probally in the top 5 without any problem..1 botox woman and 1 manily looking woman who wants out guns they all are or could be #1,McCain had the door open for him when he was running for president to push the birth certificate thing on Obama, actually twice when Obama made McCain show his(Obama didn't) and when he was campaigning somewhere and an old woman call Obama an Arab,McCain told the woman he was not and would not talk to her anymore.Never forgot that moment,That is when McCain lost my support..(the 2 women I'm refering to above is from the west coast......

  • Silas Longshot

    McCain has written into law some of the most rights abusing BS that's ever been passed. Such as the 'patriot' act. And HE is responsible for the latest NDAA bill that gave the power to the government to indefinitely detain ANY citizen even SUSPECTED of having any "terrorist" ties, whatever the definition of the week for that may be. You are 'disappeared' into military custody, no trial, no representation, NO CHARGES, NO PROOF OF GUILT, for as long as they damnwell please. But, not to worry, king zero "promised to never use these powers" as he signed it into law. I'm just sooo comforted by his promises, which he always keeps. Right?
    When McCain was tagged as the prez nominee, I was literally sickened, disgusted and just about didn't bother to vote, knowing what a turncoat he really is, and the onerous BS he's authored.

  • ARMYOF69

    McCain has lost his marbles, if he ever had any.

  • Dempseycoleman

    I think it is time for people running for Elected Office to do a Background
    Investigation and pass a Constitutional Test. History test and maybe an
    Ecconomics Test we have had Idiots in Government for way too long.
    All Test Scores and Results must be Reported for US the American People
    to know Who is Smart and Who is Dumb as Nails.
    We have more Criminals in Government than we know. Also all
    Government Employes should be terminated after 1 year of not
    paying their Taxes up to date.

  • Whisper Atnight

    But we are in danger from a dedicated, longstanding, easily replaceable-leadership enemy that is hell-bent on our destruction.” AKA NEW WORLD ORDER.

  • Paul Leslie

    The progressive democrat party is our most dangerous enemy. Unfortunately, they're being aided and abetted by the repub. party. McCain teamed up with a noxious leftist - Russ Feingold, to give us a new "law" that tore the guts out of the First Amendment. Anyone who assaults the foundation of our nation, and destroys our liberty is an enemy of freedom and the rule of law.

  • bhudda

    McCain has road his POW status to the ground and I think the fine people of Arizona should consider a replacement . He's a great man and a military vet but he seems to have lost touch somewhere .

  • picamerican

    McCain is well past any prime he might have ever had.

  • Charles_Higley

    Too many of our Congressmen are trusting lambs to the slaughter. They are doing us a great disservice. Do they realize that the first thing he will fo is disband Congress and send them home powerless? He is planning to dissolve their jobs!!!!!!

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