Bloomberg Celebrates the Failure of New York City Public Schools

New York City Mayor Bloomberg has to be the second biggest control freak in the nation next to Barack Obama.  During the past year, he has gone off the whacko deep end by declaring himself the lord protector of New Yorkers’ diets and health.

Bloomberg took it upon himself to act as the Surgeon General of New York City when he restricted the use of painkillers in the city’s hospitals. Doctor wannabe Bloomberg believed he knew better than the thousands of doctors caring for patients throughout the city.

Then Bloomberg took aim that waistlines of New Yorkers and began restricting what vendors and businesses were allowed to sell to the general public.  Sugar became his nemesis and he banned large sodas and other high-sugar drinks.  His dictatorial reign forbid the pitchers of pop from childrens’ birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheeses.

Bloomberg has also been spending millions of dollars in political elections outside the Big Apple to help defeat any candidate that supports the US Constitution and Second Amendment.

With all of Kaiser Bloomberg’s bravado and conquests, he now appears to be more of court jester than the king sitting on the throne.  In his recent State of the City address, Bloomberg bragged about the city’s educational system.  Speaking from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Bloomberg said:

“Never before in our city’s history has there been so much university expansion and never before has there been so much scientific investment.”

“Now, let me ask you: is there anyone who still believes that New York City can't get big things done? Since we're here in Brooklyn, I'll say it again: Fuhgeddaboudit.”

Bloomberg went on to brag about the schools in his city and how they are investing so much money and time into science and technology.  Yet the reality is that 80% of New York's public school high school graduates heading to the City University of New York system cannot read, write or do math sufficiently enough to meet college standards.  They are having to take re-medial courses to help them learn to read, write and do math before they can take any regular college courses.

In addition to the utter failure to actually teach public school students, New York City has the lowest graduation rate for blacks and Hispanics in the nation.  Barely 37% of blacks and Hispanics graduate from high school, and 13% of them still can’t read, write or do math.

The public school educational system in New York City is so bad that the city and the teachers’ union could not agree on how to conduct evaluations.  Consequently, the city lost $250 million in state and federal funding.

Zakiyah Ansari, a parent and member of New Yorkers for Great Public Schools, commented about Bloomberg’s State of the Union address, saying:

“We have a simple message for Michael Bloomberg: good riddance!”

“He will be remembered as the Mayor of Education Failure, and his final speech ignored that reality. He has harmed our communities and families, and we cannot wait to see a new mayor replace him.”

It seems that Bloomberg is more concerned about what kids put in their mouths than what they put in their heads.  New Yorkers and the rest of nation can only hope and pray that Ansari is right and Bloomberg’s failure in the education of New York’s children will end up being his political downfall.



  • patriotusa2

    Bloomberg is the seventh richest man in the entire United States, and "supposedly" a philanthropist. However, I suspect his "generosity" is limited to the Democratic party and not to humanitarian endeavors, which more than likely motivated his squeeze on soft drinks and certain foods. His ardent desire to please Michele Obama's food policies was the real motivator behind his decision, not the health or welfare of any individual. All this brouhaha while the high priestess and her husband continue to eat and drink whatever their heart desires. I suspect Bloomberg does the same.

    • nmgene

      Bloomburg is obumers butt buddy!!!!!!!!!!

    • jong

      Think Warren Buffet or Soros.

    • bodica

      Same boss, same euthanist, depopulating Agenda 21.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Bloomberg has a huge Napoleonic complex. We can only hope for a waterloo....soon.

    • jong

      Thank you I take it as a insult the Kaiser was a relative and would have never acted the baboon as Bloomburg has . He is much more Napoleon like in his stature and reasoning. And it will catch up with him in the same way.

      • bodica

        So you are related to Queen Victoria?

    • Hotnike

      Stupid voters beget stupid "leaders".

  • Adam Moreira

    I will say it right now---a conservative cannot blame the system for failures and education and still be a conservative. Reason...the success or failure of education depends mostly on the user...and look at the users of many of the public schools in NYC...people only in school because the law says that they must and because there is no homeschooling option. They are floaters.

    To Zakiyah Ansari - if parents put half as much effort into raising their children as they did complaining about the schools, their children would be the cream of the crop of the world. Instead they're the cream of the (expletive) because they don't bother to do parenting.

    • Screeminmeeme


    • B Alan Eisen

      Your comment; "the success or failure of education depends mostly on the user" is only valid if the student is being taught something of value. Physics is becoming Physical Science. Math is becoming calculator games. Moral Relativism is pushed along with mediocrity.

    • CharlieFromMass

      A very interesting point.

      While the end users must bear at least some responsibility, to completely ignore a system that may be broken- or people that are broken in a good system, is not a solution. Remember, the students must use the education they're given, but if they're not given valuable or good service, they can't be necessarily held at fault for a condition they're as much a victim of as possibly having created it. In short, there's plenty of blame to go around, but we do need to start holding the students and parents accountable for their share of a failure.

      Homeschooling is only a partial option. Having taught for a long time myself, I saw a lot of parents ranging from super to it was a wonder they had a well-enough developed reptilian brain to even conceive in the first place, so as attractive as home-schooling is and as bad as public education can be, there are times where either one is a poor choice.

      A lot of studies have shown the best all-around solution is a quality private education- secular or religious.

      • bodica

        Oh yes, you're a teacher from Massachussetts. Blame the parents. Blame Bush. Never take responsibility or be accountable.

    • nmgene

      The schools no longer teach the truth, or true history. They only teach that anything is exceptable and everyone is a winner wether or not they just lost, they are still a winner. The kids have no desire to succeed because they win even when they lose. So why try????

    • bodica

      NY Public Schools are foretastes of Hell.

  • foxxybey

    Another little nazi with too much power, needs his brown shirt teachers to push he and obozo's nazi agenda.

  • rchguns

    I see a problem with Ansari's evaluation of the situation. The main problem is that Bloomberg is not only the biggest Social Progressive, ultra left wing,and a poster child for the new Democratic Party. Ask the question how did he get where he is that's quite simple. The New-Wave Democratic Socialist Progressive Party depends on their control of the public school system so that they can produce future ultra-stupid voters.

    The more stupid the people are the easier it is to control them and keep them dependent on the government slop trough like the pigs they are. Remember Pinocchio when he was asked if he wanted to be a pig or donkey! Either one in a voter is what not only Bloomberg but the social Democrats most desire.

    If I had to make a decision as to which city to totally remove from America I would be hard-pressed to choose between New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco all of them are nothing but slimy polluted swamps where the most disgusting float to the top.

    • nmgene

      You forgot Detroit

      • jong

        Not any more Detroit is getting a city manager and will bypass the city council.

        • Michigan_REB

          actually the city manager law was shot down at the last election.

        • jong

          Re done. In less than ten days we will have one their. You are right they had to go back and modify the law but, now it is a done deal and the pigs are squealing.

    • Terrence Daniels

      Bloomberg claims he is Jewish... the only person that I can think of that he may be a descendant from is Judas Iscariot!

      • bodica

        He's an ashke-nazi, not a Hebrew. Ashkans originated in Kazakhstan, traded gold with Jews, 'converted' to infiltrate Europe and intermarried with east europeans. Most are fair, blue eyed.

    • Michigan_REB

      Hollywood came uo with the perfect solution. (although unitentionally) the idea of building walls around New York, Chicago, and LA and dumo all the anti-constitutional commie in there with the criminals that are already there. what a great Idea. Solve so many problems we have in this country starting with Bloomberg and Obama.

      • bodica

        That was my idea. Not the first time Ho'wood has 'plagiarised' my work! But let's not forget Detroit!

    • bodica

      I was trapped with super bright children on one of NY's gulags. It was a battle to stop the school destroying them. One year they complained about some of the science projects we had fun with - whiney voice: you're pushing them - the next year they were using them!!! We quickly stopped having creative fun as my evenings were spent keeping their self esteem afloat. NY Public Schools - shock and horror!!! (Does not apply to suburban schools)

    • bodica

      Ask Bloomberg about Public School 6 - an elite, taxpayer funded Public School, off the general radar, on the upper east side for children of NY's well to do pols and 'players!' shhhh!!!

    • paco12348

      You are so correct. The Union led school pump out indoctrinated idiots every year. What part of the child they didn't manage to twist is completed in the Universities filled with professors teaching Communism, Marxism, Socialist beliefs. Obama said himself that was the kind he sought out. Our Nation has to have made a complete circle from Smart to dumb to dumber. Thus, we have Obama and Bloomers.

  • Jason

    Just another liberal idiot thinking he has all the answers. What friggin arrogance. But do not blame him but the dumb ass voters who put him in office are to blame.

  • 7papa7

    How much more proof do New Yorkers need to see that this bozo should be recalled? Your lack of action to recall this moron is making NY the laughing stock of the country. Bloomberg has become a bigger joke than obama, and that is not an easy task. The total stupidity of this man tells me that he must be suffering from some form of dementia. Nobody can purposely could be this stupid. Oh wait liberals are. You have my sympathy NY. Please do yourselves a favor and recall this man. You are to great a city to put up with a dingbat like Bloomy.

    • Adam Moreira

      New York State does not have a recall procedure. However, Bloomberg is also leaving office at year's end. As for why he was elected again---the opposition really was worse.

      • 7papa7

        Are you sure he is leaving? He scammed a third term what is to stop him from trying again. It is hard to believe anyone could be worse after what I am seeing. You should try and get Giuliani back. Not living in NY I don't know how he really was but he seems to be pretty good.

        • bodica

          Giuliani was a mixed bag, another egomaniac, turned the NYPD into his personal 'army' - allowed Brattons brilliant Quality of Life/Zero Tolerance strategy to be turned into a statistic suppression tactic, so when an illegal alien hacked into a Texan born kids head it went down as 'disorderly conduct.' Giuliani did not like Bloomberg, but sold his endorsement to him. 9/11 saved Giuliani's political bacon. Rudy went straight to the media showed no concern and provided no services to the poor lower manhattan workers fleeing the dust and devastation, sicced the cops on the fire-fighters searching for their blood and work brothers, fathers, sons in the ashes of the towers...because the FDNY were treated as the heroes and stealing his thunder - because the FDNY, NYPD, Construction Workers, were the great heroes. The Arts and Entertainment community were also heroic - risking their health, many without insurance, etc., and the (NYC)Supervisor who violated orders and sent her employees home put her job on the line and saved lives. Giuliani took no risk and showed no heart for the suffering people of NY. For God's sake, the City of Rome would have laid on water trucks - and people mock Italians for being 'disorganised.'

        • 7papa7

          Like I said I don't live in NY so I was talking about what seemed to be. What I do know is that nobody could be worse than Bloomberg.

      • bodica

        Agreed, 7papa7! Giuliani is streets better than Bloomberg. Blunderberg's Opposition was pretty bad - deliberately engineered to allow the Globalist plant another term, but a genuine New Yorker with all the flakes and flaws was definitely better than the London based, Boston raised billionaire who made his fortune on others' compilations and analysis. His building is kind of prophetic - between 58th and 59th street off 3rd avenue, the top overhangs a courtyard, giving the impression of something 'teetering' on the brink...
        Re the site itself, some say it was owned by the Kennedys; others say it was owned by QElizabethII and leased to the City...Either way the design spells 'doom.'

  • CharlieFromMass

    I can forgive some remediation at the college level.

    For example, math almost caused me to fail high school- it was a couple of very understanding teachers who knew I was killing myself to get a passing grade, that allowed me to graduate. But, practically every other class- I was getting As and B+s. Science was Cs, I got the concepts, not so good on the numbers.

    Similarly, I had some friends who took math classes at area colleges because they moved way beyond high school. And one couldn't put a coherent sentence together. That was my job- to help him with English.

    The bottom line is we all have different abilities, and the college, I think, does have some responsibility to help those that need that little boost but are otherwise suited to college. A lot of kids like that also start at a community college and ease their way into the higher-level classes, and then transfer- getting the work done at a pace they can handle and with a substantial savings of money. Not a bad way to do it if you ask me.

    I think college should be about maximizing your intellectual potential. All post-secondary education, whether for career or simply for personal reasons, should have that as a goal.

    But, when you have such a huge number of kids simply not ready- that's more than different abilities. That's parents that don't care. That's teachers that don't care, or are so over-stressed and over-worked, they can't do their jobs right due to apathy from home and apathy from administrators, and apathy from their colleagues.

    This is not greatness. This is horrifying.

    • bodica

      I taught my son math every night. He was fast and brilliant. Every day the teacher, a known bully who sent children out during school hours to get her bagels and coffee from the deli, would berate and browbeat him into believing his answers were incorrect and wrong.
      He completely lost confidence. And his childhood dreams of being an aircraft designer died with his confidence. His designs were brilliant, innovative, and original. Despite numerous complaints against her and another teacher, the destructive nutjob lefties were neither removed and requests for testing illegally denied.

  • Lucien Lafayette

    As a reluctant resident of the People's Republik of New York, I see this as simply one more reason for the forced secession of the Parasite on the Hudson and the surrounding camps. Let the new 51st state deal with the demons of its own creation and leave the rest of us alone.

  • CTConservatives47

    I wonder if Bloomberg considers himself a "liberal." If so, everything he does is anti-freedom. After all, that's what "liberalism" means, doesn't it. Actually, since 1930, "liberals have bene anything but. They are statists, running the gamit from welfare state socialists, to fascists, and communists. Jonah Goldberg nailed it in his book "Liberal Fascism." It's one of the major ironies of the period since 1930, and a reflection of the cluelessness of the left, that they use the appellation "liberal" to masquerade a decidely statist agenda.

  • Babsan

    He is just another Marxist/commie like the Obama's

  • Eugene Lubben

    Bloomberg is ODUMBAS twin brother separated at birth !!!!!

  • Doodlebug

    Do you think obummer may have promised bloomberg something? A high position when obummer becomes the dictator of America, probably doesn't have to take obummercare . They are like two peas in a pod. I firmly believe that "America, land of the free" will soon be gone.

  • Bob Coffey

    Let's face it, if you want to celebrate and there are no successes to celebrate, you just call failure success and party hearty. That is the only way liberals can ever find something to celebrate.

    • bodica

      Straight from the Marxist playbook!

  • gnafuasusual

    Bloomingidiot can take his socialistic wealth and live on a deserted island. His rhetoric isn't worth a dime but he thinks he can control the people just like someone else we know. We need to get our children out of Public Schooling!

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    Well its up to you New Yorkers, get rid of that bum. He will try to buy his re-election

  • Debra Cuomo

    Blathering Bloomberg...a ninny in love with the nanny state...and stay away from Christine Quinn. She's a clone.

  • 529_Barb

    All New Yorkers should have known this was coming when this little rich maggot bought himself a third term overriding the two term limits from New Yorks constitution. Just think about all the new fund raising Ovomit is doing........he's digging in for his bought third term as well..........God help us all.

  • munimula

    New Yorkers deserve the little SOB, they voted him in.

  • Carol

    Why not stop grumbling about it and do something? Maybe a recall. We need to remind the politicians that they work for US. This includes the ones on the federal level. We are a government FOR the people, BY the people and OF the people. So start demanding that they straighten up or they will be fired. When I was an office manager and found out someone lied on their app, I fired them. Don't you think campaigning for office is the same as an application for a job? Fire the liars. And if they ones that were hired did not follow company policy after being warned I fired them. Don't you think that our Constitution is America's company policy? So do something! Pester your representatives. Pester you city and town leaders. Call them everyday; email them everyday; send them letters everyday. But do something instead of complain otherwise, you don't have a leg to stand on.

  • Diane H

    "They are having to take re-medial courses to help them learn to read, write and do math before they can take any regular college courses."

    Heck, in kalifornia state universities, they let them take courses regardless of ability to read, write and do math. I know, I've seen it. These are nothing but huge bureaucracies that exist to employ teachers and admin.

  • BigUgly666

    Bloomberg is clinically INSANE and is a clear and present danger to himself and everyone around him. He should be dealt with as any other rabid animal.

  • joe

    Public schools are not designed to teach kids the three Rs. In fact, the dumber they are the more of a success they claim the public school system to be. Read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and you will find out the truth. Watch this video also

  • organicroseski2

    Somehow, he is still in office. Maybe, since a good % of graduates, and a high % of non high school graduates can not read, they do not understand what is going on. 80% heading toward a community college can not read? Where are the parents? NYC's public schools are a disgrace to the state.

  • Tony Ruiz

    He should be tarred and feathered, then hanged upside down like mussolini

  • Tony Ruiz

    One would think New Yorkers would have had enuff of this idiot, like brown in CA. Yuk!

  • Ron Powell

    Why do all these liberal billionaires consider themselves as saviors? We know they are all phonies so who do they think they are fooling? Buffet thinks the rich should pay more taxes (but not him), Bill Gates has spent millions in Africa but nothing for the poor in this country, George Soros has tried to undermine the currency in several countries and considers himself a messiah much like Bloomberg and John Edwards spent millions hiding an illicit affair and coverup. Elliot Spitzer and Al Gore are two more wealthy
    demonrats that have been involved in illicit affairs and are still trying to bilk the public.

    • bodica

      Bloomberg made his billions consolidating other peoples' work onto a new cheap concept - cable TV. Soros is a Hungarian 'Jew' who assisted the murder of Germany's Jews and profited therefrom. Gore takes millions to cover up the real reason for bizarre climate systems - the abuse of the world's fresh water systems in saudi arabia and the emirates. Gates is accused of distributing sterile GM foods to cause sterility in Africa. True or not, time to stop worshipping wealth for wealth's sake. America's strength was it's freedom to generate wealth. The Communazi Demrats have destroyed that in domains controlled by them.

  • Whisper Atnight

    Exactly how much SHITE will a NY suck through a rag before you folks kick this lunatic out of office?

  • Al

    For the good of our country, someone needs to put a red dot on this guy's forehead and anyone else that tries to destroy this country and enslave us with all these rules and laws that restrict our freedoms.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Well, God has away of taking care of places that turn their backs from him. NY will most likely get hit with another major crisis just like California is about to get a major crisis. DC is another.

  • MIKE6080

    The educational system in this country is the same from coast to coast . Chidren of the public system in the large cities are mainly minorities and wil never get an education however much money the taxpayer throws at them . The reason ? They were raised in a welfare system and dont have a stable family . The majority of births in this country are born to unwed mothers with little education themselves . Change that and maybe in a couple of generations you might see some improvement .that is if the country is still around.

    • bodica

      Hey Mike don't you know that 'blacks will know they've attained equality when there are as many single white mothers as there are black... a phrase from the feminazi 70s that sticks in my mind!

  • Roger

    Anoher ass idiot.

  • Roger

    Is bloomburg obamas bed lover; Just a queston!!.

    • bodica

      'Strange things are done from ten to one' - at Bohemian Grove where power brokers dress in long robes and worship a statue of an owl called moloch.

  • ArtF

    I am not certain there is now or ever will be again, much sympathy for the people of New York City. After 9/11 the sympathy level was high but it was substantially lower after Sandy. Correspondingly, that sympathy level for New Jersey was high after 9/11 and even lower after Sandy, and even lower yet after New Jersey refused the help of 'construction and communication' type volunteers who came in after Sandy and were rejected if they were NOT union authorized thugs. New York City has created its own hell hole, several times, by their continuing to re-elect this loser Bloomberg. Nope, no more sympathy for New York at all.

  • bodica

    So he has money for the college system. Wonder where that came from - the banksters that run NY's hospitals and plunder Medicaid and other Federal Funds?
    The Universities will serve non New Yorkers; the science funding will go to foreigners and the NY Public School system will continue to churn out illiterate or semi literate serfs, the majority of whom will be non-white.
    If you are white and running a business, you will be obliged to hire illiterate or semi literate serfs or be termed a racist. When your business fails because your serf cannot take an order over the phone, don't ask Mr. Bloomberg to bail you out.

  • redneck63625

    Marxists always attempt to obscure their failures by endlessly giving each other awards and recognition. The bigger the failure, the more elaborate the award.

    You people would be astonished at the sheer volume of awards that big, fat, lazy, functionally-illiterate and thoroughly incompetent NEA members give each other each year, despite plummeting standardized test scores, declining graduation rates, increased violence, and a relentlessly dumber curriculum in the public schools...

  • retroranger

    Just another example of why would any fool want to visit or live in New York City!!!

  • noelle2013


  • Huckley

    Bloomberg can't read himself, so he thinks it all OK. Well, he certainly has not read the Constitution.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    This is what the people of New want and voted for! The country want this! Now be quiet!

  • camdenme2

    NYC deserves what they get from Bloomie!! After all,the uniformed voters elected this idiot to three terms{he bought his third term} !!! Progressives like Bloomie are a THREAT to the freedom of ALL Americans !!!

  • fwiw

    I have heard, and it's only a rumor, that in order to help with global warming, Bloomberg is planning to tax New Yorkers for their contributions to greehouse gasses. He's going to call it the "Fart Tax."

  • Ron Wieder

    WOW ! I love the "Big Bang" show - BUT the "Doctor Bloomberg" show would be an outstanding International Comedy Winner were it to be written and produced ! Imagine Chucky Schumer popping
    in! Even the big Buffoon, VP Biden ! The show would be an instant success - Providing being able to find enough folks in NYC who can read so they can have acting parts ! Hey ! Did everyone realize that
    Michelle plans to have a "Big Butt" contest on her birthday comedy show ? Sure hope they videotape
    the contest ! I vote for "Bubble Butt Michelle" !

  • Jeff Thomas

    as long as americans believe these khazar cretins are gods chosen people the tyrannt will roll on..

  • Thomas McAuliffe

    the problem with bloomberg is that even though he is a psyco idiot and a traitor his vast amounts of money has far reaching influences and that is what is really dangerous in that it influences many more psyco's and traitors and those peope we need to target and defund them and disgrace them!

  • Mark

    This man is a complete jack off! He should get the hell out of everyone's life and do his job.