Obama Opens Borders to Terrorists to Punish Americans Over Sequester

The sequester was President Obama’s idea back in 2011 to begin with.  He thought it was an effective extortion tool to force Republicans to do things his way, because he was not willing to compromise on anything.  But it backfired and the Republicans for once stood their ground and called the president’s bluff.

Like all bullies, Obama is blaming the Republicans for his sequester and he is doing his best to make it hurt the public as much as possible so that they will blame the GOP.  An email that was leaked by a Department of Agriculture field officer indicated that the Obama administration had given instructions to make the sequestration cuts hurt Americans as much as possible.

Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) commented on the leaked email, saying:

“This email confirms what many Americans have suspected: The Obama administration is doing everything they can to make sure their worst predictions come true and to maximize the pain of the sequester cuts for political gain.”

“You can’t do anything that is inconsistent with the negative impact that we’ve told everybody these cuts are going to have.”

In a further demonstration of the president’s sequester tantrum, it was announced earlier this week that 60,000 federal employees that are responsible for protecting and securing our international borders have been told that they will be furloughed for up to 14 days.  This includes Border Patrol and Port of Entry agents.

David Aguilar, Deputy Commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency reported that he has been instructed to cut $754 million from his budget between now and the end of the fiscal year, September 30.  In order make the necessary cuts, they will initiate a hiring freeze, reduce or eliminate compensatory time and overtime.  They plan on reducing travel and training expenses, which means border patrol agents may have their patrols cut short or reduced.  A reduction in training may place some agents at risk.

Jenny Burke, a spokesperson for the Customs agency said:

“Even with these cuts, though, individuals apprehended illegally crossing the southwest border will still be processed as usual.”

She has to be joking.  Obama already gave orders to start releasing thousands of illegals that were being detained and awaiting deportation.  Telling us it’s going to be business as usual along the Mexico border seems to be an outright lie.

For once, I have to agree with a labor union, the one that represents about 24,000 Customs agency employees.  Colleen M, Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said the sequestration budget cuts are going to ‘undercut’ national security.  It will also result in a loss of federal revenue because the only other federal agency that collects more money for the federal government is the IRS.

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Insecurity, says that the reduction of customs agents will result in huge delays for anyone having to pass through Customs.  She predicts those delays could be 150%-200% of the time it took to clear Customs before the sequester took effect.

One of the main provisions of the sequester is that alternative cuts could be substituted for the more painful and dangerous ones.  However, everything so far indicates Obama would rather place the nation’s security and welfare at risk and make the cuts as painful as possible for political reasons only.  He cares more about his agenda than he does the nation and the people and he’s proving it by how he is handling HIS sequestration.



  • patriotusa2

    It's time for all this talk to end and for action to be taken against a tyrannical president who is deliberately hurting the people and our economy through vengeance! If the above article is factual, and I believe it is, then there is ample proof that these are actual facts - not supposition, nor idle talk due to "racism." We all suspected he would do this, yes all of us, including the inconsequential Christian conservatives who post on these sites! The time has long passed for just complaining about this Benedict Arnold and every action is needed to expose him for what he is! Every conservative outlet in this country should be reporting all of his dirty maneuvers and shouting it to the housetops! "We're not going to take it anymore," should be their mantra!!

    • cmorplante

      I've read your post several times and still can't figure out just what you mean by "inconsequential Christian conservatives". Being a Christian of traditional fundamental beliefs and a conservative whose political beliefs lurk in the shadows of the likes of James Madison, Samuel Adams, and George Washington; who has voted in every election since conservatism became my philosophy; who is a conservative through thoughtful analysis and understanding of the issues and underlying ideologies that drive them rather than emotional bias, bigotry, hate and all the other assortment of reasons we are told that we hold to such a philosophy and who's comments are generally well-received by peers as being thoughtful and knowledgeable on these sites, I don't quite know how to take being called "inconsequential". Elaborate, if you would, on your statement. It may be that I'm misconstruing your thought.

      • patriotusa2

        You're not the only one who misread my remark. How could I possibly mean that we the people are "inconsequential" when my entire comment was sarcasm to those who think we know little about a lot of things. Those whom "they" think are "inconsequential" and not one of the elitists. I can only surmise that super sensitivity could prompt a response like yours and Ruth Bacon's as to even suggest that I was calling all my fellow posters, including myself inconsequential Christian conservatives. Considering that there were only two of you who took offense and read my remarks wrong, I'm assuming that all the others knew exactly what I meant. In any case, I can assure you that being a Christian conservative myself, and relaying that information on this particular site and other sites as well - I took it for granted that other posters would understand where I was coming from and what I actually meant.

        • cmorplante

          My apologies for missing the sarcasm. But, the truth is that there are many staunch conservative patriots who believe just that, that the Christian wing of the spectrum is inconsequential and even a hindrance to the cause. You know where assuming leads so be careful of that. It could be that Ruth and I were the only Christians who read your post knowing we are not inconsequential. Probably not, though. I just missed that you are we and, not knowing you, your post didn't make that clear. Sorry, again. I'll work more on reading inferences.

        • patriotusa2

          No problem and thank you for your gracious reply. We all misinterpret from time to time and I'm including myself in that category. You're right of course, insofar as my not assuming anything which unfortunately I do on occasion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ruth.bacon.35 Ruth Bacon

      I take offense at being called "inconsequential." We are trying to shout it from the housetops; have made it plain we won't take it anymore," but are ignored, spit on or called racists and bigots, and too often are frustrated because so many won't listen, and we end up "preaching to the choir."

      • patriotusa2

        You read my comment wrong - that was sarcasm directed at those who consider us "inconsequential," as I explained that even us, whom "they" consider to be "inconsequential" knew what Obama would do. Insofar as shouting to the rooftops etc., I meant those with authority, not we the people who have little or no power to bring about a lot of changes. So before you take offense, why not reread the comment before posting a response.

    • http://www.facebook.com/whisper.atnight.5 Whisper Atnight

      Well, after Americans have had enough, they are trying to push us just a little further until we break. That is what they are waiting for, a spark to ignite the explosion. Because they have all their bases cover for civil unrest. And the gulags and coffins are ready.

      • patriotusa2

        I think you're right about that, as they've been covering their bases with guns, ammo, and everything but the tanks for quite some time now. Why else would they need all that artillery and try desperately to take our guns away?

  • Screeminmeeme

    Isn't it interesting how the American people are to bear the burden of the economic crisis yet our gov officials aren't? At the very least we ought to ground Air Force One indefinitely until the economic crisis is resolved and reduce the White House hangers-on.

    Only the willingly blind ignore the glaring proof that Obama is trying to destroy America.

    • http://www.facebook.com/randy.renu.5 Randy Renu

      The people will always suffer as long as Obummer is in office. Only when America is flushed down the sewer hole will the people realize they have been taken for a ride...it will be too late and we'll pray for the second coming.

      • studi30

        Odumbo and moochell have all the comforts of home at the WH. He needs too be put under house arrest(can't call it house arrest of course) and not allowed to go anywhere until he straightens out his BS.

        • podunk1

          If we had legislators who honored their oaths of office, Obama and ANY who compromise citizens would be impeached & removed from office, as the case may be. Endangering citizens and compromising national security at a time of war is treason, punishable by the death penalty. Inaction sure highlights the absolute necessity to purge our legislatures! I haven't heard boo from even one democrat!

          Surely there must be a way for citizens to bring traitors to justice - local courts are sworn to the same "preserve & protect..." oaths of office...

        • beeks ...

          They are all enablers.

        • cherokee_warrior

          I have talked with personnel in our Republican Senator's office and have asked why the Republicans have not filed impeachment charges against Obama for his many violations of the Constitution. Their reply, Harry Reid would sit on the papers.
          So, ol Harry is part of the problem, and ol Harry needs to be removed also. come next election.

        • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.savage.14 Peggy Savage

          BS he needs to be arrested period. They all do. I think the floride in the water and food is working. Look it up it poison, Nazi's calmed the public with it, that's how 6 million Jews were captured and killed. It's been going on far to long and if it's not now it is way to late. Hope all that wanted to sleep feel real good about them selves.

        • TAM44

          Your count of Jews killed were off by millions, but all those who allow this abuse of power is guilty and deserve prison terms, and both parties are guilty as they took and oath and broke it right away.

        • SUSANM621


        • shoemama

          Fluoride in the water, added in minute amounts, is for the prevention of TOOTH DECAY. It works!!! There is NO effect on sleep!

        • festmatt5440

          And ; do you still believe in Santa Claus ' , and the Easter bunny ' ?

        • shoemama

          festmatt5440: I never did believe in them. I can,however, prove that fluoride works.
          I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan a year after fluoride was added to our water supply. We were the original test site. I had NO cavities growing up. There was a tremendous difference in the amount of cavities from before the addition of fluoride compared to afterwards. Most kids had a lot of cavities before, and later had few if any.
          There was an interesting situation that followed the introduction to the Trial Study.
          The local Press wrote about the study, the fact that we were the first to try it, the date it would start, and asked for feedback if people thought there was anything connected to the addition. They were inundated with replies. People wrote about illnesses, funny taste and smells, and numerous stomach problems.
          There was just one problem. Because of some glitch, the fluoride WAS NOT added on that date!!!
          A week or so later, when it REALLY WAS ADDED, there was no response! That was 66 years ago. It has been proven that the minute amounts of fluoride needed to combat tooth decay are very safe and have been extremely effective. Many communities all over the country have since added it to their water.
          My father was a dentist and was very interested in the Study and it's effects. He loved telling the story about the reaction to the article in The Press!

        • festmatt5440

          Its evident that you aren 't aware of the amounts ' of fluoride , now being used in city water systems ; or ' ; the reason why ' . Fluoride is also very harmful ' ; to humans ; but ; I know ; " your father was a dentist " ; so ; I know that you are the authority ' on this subject .

        • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.pentlin Isaac Pentlin

          not until 2016.

        • Fozzysmom

          Our America WON'T be around in 2016 !!!

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          That is pure horse manure. Kind of like saying a Police officer shouldn't arrest someone because the jury might let him go. Time to shame the dems in the senate. Let's see if that bag of wind Karl Rove can raise some money for front page ads seeking impeachment. All members of Congress should publish their net worth EVERY year they are in Congress, spouses included. Tell Rove to shove the clip board where the sun does not shine. They are getting rich while we scrape by to make ends meet. ENOUGH!

        • TAM44

          rove is just in it for the money idiots pay him to put out more BS.

        • http://twitter.com/Brenda26589837 Brenda

          Or charge reid. By failure to adhere to the oath of office he took, he is in effect committing a misdemeanor.

        • Nadine

          I agree...

        • podunk1


          Our president and director of homeland insecurity are singlehandedly flinging open our sovereign national borders, welcoming aliens to invade and plunder our sovereign nation! They’ve torn down the walls that protect our country, unilaterally mocking and subverting Constitution and statute, turning criminals loose in the streets, Counterfeiting currency, denying citizens their individual rights to be productive and independent; and throwing citizens to the will and plunder of alien hoards.

          THINK! Because our executive-legislative officers openly deny and obstruct both opportunity and resources to produce our needs, our country is in a death spiral. Instead of removing the obstructions, our officials add fuel to the fire! Lock step voting confirms official allegiance is to their party not citizen or moral calling. The trump cards rest with mega-donor monopolists that equally finance candidates of both parties... to insure the plunder predictably continues!

          Yes, we could have, and still can create 12 million citizen jobs (US avg. wage is $43.5K = $522 billion) and simultaneously remove 12 million citizens from welfare, unemployment, free medical care, etc. @ $20K = $240 billion; by deporting 12 million illegals who are on all types of welfare, free medical care, free education, etc. @ $20K = $240 billion.

          Our enemy isn’t legal or illegal aliens. Our enemy is randomly seated within the very top offices of federal government! If all local, state, and federal executive, legislative, and judicial officers are oath bound to preserve and protect the Constitution and laws of the land, then all are obligated to prosecute any crime including treason, until the grand old lady can smile again and say “we’re free again”.

        • jag57

          Now, let me ask you a question, if an illegal alien was seen committing a crime, say raping a woman, and was caught in the act, and offed them, then that person was being tried for murder; you were called to jury duty in that trial, could you vote to convict them. Your answer will depend on how much you know about our duty, as prescribed, in the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, most jurors believe it is the Judge and prosecutor that controls the outcome of the trial. An example of this would be when Randy Weaver, was convicted, due to lies by the Feds that had murdered his wife and 15 year old son, and this was expunged from the trial.

        • podunk1

          You nailed the answer & you're absolutely right! Put some teeth in what you say - let the sword of your pen slay satan!

          Article 7 guarantees the right to a trial by a jury! It can be enforced, but isn't because victims don't file a civil case! You don't need a lawyer to file one. The dollar threshold is $20! States can pass laws that grant victims the right to demand a trial. If one looks at all of the historical reparations garbage, it should be a no brainer that the federal government and sworn officers thereof could easily be held criminally and civilly liable for "endangering and harming citizens"... especially when there is an unending litany of lies and corruption behind what they're doing. (Give billions to Muslim Brotherhood's (enemies) while denying citizens rights to visit their capital because there isn't enough money for both)

          Federal government is out of control with corruption. The states can bring them to heel. The fed is hopelessly out-numbered by citizens. Start a groundswell - It would especially help poor people trapped in ghettos - everybody of all status!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judy-Parker/100001690611930 Judy Parker

          He is committing treason.

        • DenverKitty

          Brenda, what, if anything, can be done to REMOVE Harry Reid from office?

        • SUSANM621

          AND PELOSI

        • kibitzer3

          It doesn't matter what Reid would do. This is a teachable moment, that the Republicans should employ. And if enough information comes out to the public out of it - all of the things that this man has done, or not done, in that once- honorable office - then it will weaken him politically, and prove in the long run to have been invaluable. The Republicans are missing a good bet here. A fire needs to be built under their sorry posteriors on the matter.

        • DenverKitty

          Kib: I agree wholeheartedly. All Republicans and Conservatives and Tea Partiers should FOCUS on REMOVING Harry Reid from anything political.

        • bub23

          Remind your Rep that the House impeaches and the Senate removes. The House could still impeach and at least try to slow down the unconstitutional administration. I don't let my Rep get away with that tired excuse "but the Senate won't do anything with it." They also use it to not do anything about defunding Obamacare as they promised. The House has the power of the purse but they are too timid to use it!

        • SUSANM621


        • jag57

          If it was up to me, those that violate their oath of office, which is expressly, our preexisting, God given rights, enshrined in our U.S. Constitution, would be expelled from office.

        • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.savage.14 Peggy Savage

          Enough is enough, what ever it takes they need to gather whom ever they need and take the WH back and arrest everyone involved in the scheme to allow the traitor to throw this childish temper tantrum. HIM & EVERYONE INVOLVED. Need arrested for treason.

        • podunk1

          You nailed it! The issue is reasonable law enforcement, especially when it comes to the Constitution and national security! Not filing criminal and treason charges is inexcusable. In this case the House is actually aiding and abetting - hands down no brainer. We could write a book on Holder, but our corruption infested executive-legislative officers would rather destroy this country than "offend" criminals in the highest most powerful offices of the land! Reed is inextricably up to his arm pits in it with undeniable obstruction of justice. House members are overwhemingly lawyers who know how to file criminal charges, including charges directly to the supreme court. That is exactly what must happen! The majority is gridlocked in high crimes & treason - too cowardly to attack the cancer that is devouring everything of value that our forefathers died to establish!

          We don't need a shooting war that will burn our nation to the ground and kill millions! We need a hand full of patriots who wil bury the enemy in criminal charges on a local, state, and federal level based on solid facts. Deception is fraud! More money has illegally changed hands than since Biblical times! Lies are prosecutable, especially where intent is to create chaos in order to steal! Our officers are OATH BOUND and answer to citizens. If they're afraid, let them be known as cowards!

        • billb

          every one is afraid of him -- any one that makes an issue of what is right to do soon goes away -- obviously their grand children are threatened -- and when that happens people will go totally against their own good conscience to protect their up coming offspring

        • Fozzysmom

          Within the last three years, four college schoolmates and two from obozos personal life, which were approached for personal interviews from Local news groups, to 'help us get to know' our obozo, over the last three years these six people have 'just passed away'. ( I don't know how they passed, two were out n out murded the article said but didn't mention how the other four passed.) I tend to BELIVE the article, it was from a very reputable news network. Obozo is just an evil person all the way around .... In my book.

        • Dave G

          Except for the Supreme Court. They are sworn to support Obama.

        • podunk1

          You're right - The Supreme Court only hears a very few cases & they can dump anything for any or no reason whatsoever.

          The overload their rear end tactic is like the proverbial stake in a vampire's heart. SC & Circuit Justices are profoundly egotistical and proud - like peacocks strutting on a fence. Pluck their feathers & clip their crown & they're just like a turkey on Thanksgiving eve.! If overwhelmed with public opinion and inundated at lower court levels... the tide will quickly turn.

          Little rats run over big rats when their ship is burning. Nothing like watching rats "moving on" then their tail is a'fire!

        • 2012riskall

          This is so right. May be we could get Holder to drone him! Ha! We wouldn't need Rand to go for another 13 either....

        • beeks ...

          Wonder if we can put him on display in a glass case as hugo and
          all the other socilist/commies have been done. Could we hasten
          the process for posterity's sake?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Debe-Lange/559060627 Debe Lange

          I wouldn't trust him in the W.H. near a phone or his cronies. I'd prefer to have him in chains standing in the public square so others can dump hives of bees on him, spit at him, fire spit-balls (or other things) at him, so dogs can lift their leg on him, or birds can poop on him. I believe we should watch him whither away piece by piece just as he's doing to this country. Besides; wouldn't it do wonders for the emotional healing and state of mind of those who've lost businesses, endured the loss of their military children, parents, or spouses, and taxpayers who are unwillingly funding terrorists and illegals? Forget impeachment! We deserve IMMEDIATE justice; not the kind that comes from years of taxpayer funded lawyers, liars as witnesses, and more media bias and censorship!

      • Hoodoo H

        You can say that again.

        • John H. Kohlenberg

          The pendulum swings both ways, and change all the time. When it changes there is going to alot of democrats who wish they would have played it straight. Iserial found out the hard way when God judgement fell upon them. The Mystery Babalon ( The United States ) is in for a great surprise as God is organizing his army for full judegement.

      • beeks ...

        As scripture says, " When the wicked bear rule, the people mourn,"

      • http://www.facebook.com/jaclyn.barnes1 Jaclyn Barnes

        So true Randy by the time that they realize what's,going on.The Muslim Brotherhood will be taking over and Sharia Law will,have moved in!!!

        • granny_forUSA

          The jihadists will be trying to move in before Sharia Law. Lets remember to lock & load. They have already tried their push & shove w/ me......I pushed back. No way will I let them win. Need to find their compounds and make sure they never leave it.

    • rosemarienoa

      Every day oblamo proves that he is childish, petty, vindictive & racist especially against white people & anyone who disagrees with him !!!! He is so thin skinned it's a wonder his organs arent visible!!!

      • HappyClinger

        And he says he's the most transparent president in history.

        • rosemarienoa

          He's the biggest LIAR IN HISTORY !!!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/tony.ruiz.3701779 Tony Ruiz

          Ahem!....he's a muslim; need more be said?

        • http://www.facebook.com/tomnshanna.beaman Tom Beaman

          He is the most transparent President.....We can see right through him!

        • cae973

          Great post....accurate and concise:}

    • 7papa7

      This should be no surprise to anyone who has even peripherally watched and listened to the white house Marxist. He is destroying our military. He is destroying our economy. He is doing absolutely nothing to bring America back, he is only doing what he can to destroy it. He is, IMHO, a traitor to America and should be tried and executed. His consistent and constant betrayal to the Constitution is disgusting. One of the primary responsibility of the federal government is the protection of its citizens. Marxist man is doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done to protect this great nation and the drones in congress have become complicit. Obama could care less about America he just wants to have his way, he is worse than a spoiled 2 year old.

      • ADT

        Yes 7papa7 and this man should be taken out of office ASAP - what's wrong with Congress that they will not bring charges against this man. He is sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect the citizens and that's not what he is doing?

        • 7papa7

          You are absolutely right. He is in fact attempting to destroy the Constitution. I heard him in an interview before the 2008 election talking about how flawed the Constitution was. I would like to know how he could take the oath to uphold and defend a document which he considers flawed. He is definitely violating the Constitution on a regular basis. He should be tried as a terrorist and then taken out to be executed.

        • Greggie

          Skip the trial! Everything he has done to hurt this great country, he has openly admitted and there is a paper trail. Being he so bent on disregarding the Constitution, to the point of drone strikes on American soil, he too loss the right to due process!

        • 7papa7

          I would love to but I don't want to sink to the level of the Marxist and deny him his Constitutional rights. I think it is a sure thing that he would be quickly convicted and then take him out and execute him. If it is a firing squad I would love the great honor of being on it. I don't miss when I shoot.

        • granny_forUSA

          As he is trying to change our Constitution......there is no way he deserves full course of the law. Execute....yes.

        • 7papa7

          Does he deserves execution, absolutely he is a traitor. We are better than this administration so lets not act like them. Lets do it right.

        • DenverKitty

          7papa: Remember, "when GOOD fights EVIL, GOOD must be very, very good...because EVIL cheats."

        • 7papa7

          You are so right, that is why we must do things the right way. We will be judged by what we do, not the outcome.

        • granny_forUSA

          They use to hang horse thieves. He is stealing our USA. I have the tree, anyone have an old rope.....hes not worthy of a new one.

        • bodica

          He couldn't pass peer review at U Chicago to even qualify as a junior lecturer. He was denied a law license in Illinois for lying about his use of aliases!

        • 7papa7

          I hadn't heard this but it sure doesn't surprise me. Do you have a source for this, if so I would love to have it. Thanks in advance.

        • http://www.facebook.com/tony.ruiz.3701779 Tony Ruiz

          All this is totally congress' fault; he and his cronies were just in the right place by design to take advantage of that. This could be at least one of the stupidest countries on the planet

        • bodica

          7papa7 - I do have a reliable and credible source, but as I once carried a press card, I still protect my sources. I would love to share it, but wouldn't endanger someone's job or life. Pax?

        • 7papa7

          Totally understand.

        • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.pentlin Isaac Pentlin

          Interesting; what about the killing of the choir leader at trinity church? Let us wait him out.

        • http://www.facebook.com/ruth.bacon.35 Ruth Bacon

          I read something about this. Wasn't there two young men who died mysteriously about six weeks apart? I, too, would like sources to look up more about this, and about the reason he no longer has his law license in Illinois.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Ruth Bacon...Yep. Donald Young was the openly-gay choir-director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member for some 20 years. Obama’s relationship with Young was confirmed by Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had two sex-cocaine trysts with Obama.

          There were two other openly gay men in Wright’s church: Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three men “conveniently” died:
          Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
          Young was murdered execution-style on December 24, 2007;
          Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007.

          Donald Young's mother told journalists that her son indeed had had a gay relationship with Obama and that she blamed Obama for his death.

      • DenverKitty

        7papa7: I'm going to keep saying this: The Butcher of Benghazi is mentally ill. He is a PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSIST. Research it. He must be REMOVED from office for MENTAL INSTABILITY.

        • 7papa7

          Nothing would make me happier than to see this sick puppy removed from office. The question is how do you do it? The congress is refusing to do its job and impeach him. What other avenues, legal ones, do we have left.

    • http://twitter.com/worship_dancer Worship Dancer

      let's FIRST let obama & mooch "vacation" to kenya. once they're off AF1 - WHEELS UP NEVER TO RETURN.

      • studi30

        Better yet, give them parachutes and let them skydive into Kenya.

        • rosemarienoa

          I'd prefer they sky dive without the parachutes !!!!

        • oldcoyote

          Tie the chutes so they can't open.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000368246920 Carl Duke

        This would too easy for our government to do. You'd need to take Jackson, Sharpton and all those with them as well as Polosi and Reed. Freeze thier money and let them start out on thier own there.

      • colsooonscoorner

        Right on!!!

    • moedom

      I totally agree----ground AF1----let Ovomit pay for his OWN vacations. AND--that fat0-ass wife needs to get HER priorities in line too.......the two of them are just LOSERS who think the American people should pay their way! NFW!!!

      • dhabeck

        never had a boss in all my 80 yrs that paid for my vacation, and I worked for mine, which is more than I can say for ODumbo and his "Fat- Butted' wife. It's time they quit traveling on our money and they too start feeling the pain in the wallet that the working taxpayer is feeling...

    • patriot2

      right on.if I can add,ALL the elected officials(not "our" for they don't represent us)from the prez on down are millionaires,lose their pay because they don't need it.also take these "leaked"E-mails as evidence at their trials for treason because they're obviously aimed right at the American people so as to make us suffer more.to me that would be like catching burglars in my house,& I will be the first to volunteer for the firing squad or hangman.

    • Remington 870

      Very obvious, the Kenyan hates America and enjoys punishing the people...especially the white people. A decent president would do everything and anything possible to protect, defend and help his citizens...but we do not have an American in the White House...just a fake.

    • Doodlebug

      I find it interesting that the American people are to bear the burden of obummer's uncontrolled spending. I've posted many times that at the rate of $180,000 an hour, AF1 should be grounded especially when all he is doing is campaigning instead of trying to make HIS MISTAKES work. Of course, he can't make them work!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tomnshanna.beaman Tom Beaman

      Yeah, let him fly around in a Piper Cub!!!!!

      • act

        Come on. He does not deserve a Piper Cub!!!

    • sovereigntyofone

      Add to that list to send Obama's mother in law packing out of the White House. We didn't sign on to pay for her mooching off the tax payers dolloar for free room and board.

    • Johnny Morris

      and isn't it interesting that the American people are getting exactly what they deserve by voting for this idiot?

      • http://www.facebook.com/ruth.bacon.35 Ruth Bacon

        The people who gave him the majority were dead, or oblivious to what he is, for other reasons ( illegal aliens taking handouts, uncaring, unconcerned, misinformed or just plain stupid).

      • http://www.facebook.com/pete.horne2 Pete Horne

        Don't forget the ballot box stuffing, proven over and over and not one thing done about it.

      • act

        I am not so sure that so many voted for him. Only the machines voted for him. Until we get control of all the illegal things happening with him we are shafted. The congress is in bed with him.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Johnny Morris....Yup. The infuriating thing is that because of those idiots, we ALL have to suffer.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Debe-Lange/559060627 Debe Lange

      Just Biblical prophecy coming true. It won't be long and I'm outta here!

      • Screeminmeeme

        Debe Lange....Amen. Me too.

    • Spyder Dalton

      Oh no! all of his vacations and motorcades are in full swing...

      • Spyder Dalton

        Wonder how many border patrol agents could have been supported on the 1.5 Billion Obama spent on vacations and golfing?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

      Just think about his tantrum when he is told that the ceiling either will not go up or that not to his liking for more taxes. His diner was just to see who would give and I think all he got was two senile members of the Senate everybody else was wondering what was going on and not fooled.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bill.dixon.73 Bill Dixon

      you are so right they should make sure he and his wife do not take another trip on the tax payers dime.
      He needs to be kicked out of the peoples white house.

    • Hotnike

      Email Obama directly at whitehouse.gov and tell him what I told him: "Quit acting like a spoiled brat".

    • Centurian2010

      Maybe obama should not have given Egypt $250 million recently.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Centurian2010.....It's insanity to give money and weapons to people who are trying to kill you.

    • S. Davis

      Ground it hell, we need to throw his freakin ass out once and for all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaclyn.barnes1 Jaclyn Barnes

      So true Screeminmeeme!!

    • paco12348

      America is filled with the willing blind, deaf and dumb. Schools continue pumping them out. Our gov. is filled with them. We yell our head off and it's like sitting in the middle of a desert all alone. O'Reilly is just now catching on (after 4 years). People on tv say, when are the people going to get angry? Have they not heard us? What does it take to make them listen? We, the people, are getting the blame and we are the ones yelling .....and no one listens.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Rosanne113 Rose Dolores Palmer

      You said a mouth full & I couldn't agree more. Hope everyone reads it.

    • jazzpast

      Screeminmeeme wuss, What's your deal Screwy? Last year you was telling us Mitt Romney will be president in a landslide victory! You have to be the biggest IGNORAMUS online! Your full of stupid! You can't even see what's going on in front of your face! Talk about the blind leading the blind to the DITCH! What a JERK you are! YOU SUCK! YOU BUTT!

      • Screeminmeeme

        jazzpast....Thanks for giving us all a clear picture of the mentally deranged person that you are.

        • jazzpast

          I told the TRUTH! You have the mentally deranged part taken care of.. You liberal freak!

        • jazzpast

          I really don't think people appreciate what a JERK you are! Your such a lame creepy mofo!

    • jag57

      Better yet, put his big bird on "green energy" only, since he is trying to force everyone else to use it. For every dollar of deficit he has, one cent should be deducted from his $400k salary.

      He has created a useful purpose for those dreaded semi automatic sporting rifles, stopping the invasion caused by this president's arrogance. Can you imagine those poor ranchers, having to put up with a bigger influx of illegal aliens, since this guy pulled out all the stops. They already had a problem with cut fences, killed livestock, and trashing their ranches. Makes me wonder how many invaders have ended up in a pit, dug with the express purpose of stopping the invasion of their ranches.

  • SFS444

    When are we going to say enough and all get together to impeach this monkey?

    • [email protected]

      Looks like it's right around the corner!

      • oldcoyote

        Like I've said before, AIPAC controls the Congress so it will never happen as long as Odumba is a jew puppet and keeps doing what they tell him to.

    • colsooonscoorner

      I wish we could get a petition and send it to the Senate to IMPEACH obumma, somethiing even harry reid couldn't ignore.

  • http://profiles.google.com/pudbertsavannahga Mort Leith

    This idiot will go down in history as the worst Terrorist Traitor in our history of a once Free America ! !

    • rosemarienoa

      And the VERY WORST PRESIDENT in history!!! Along with his "silver back" spouse !!!

  • elcubano

    Impeach Obama

    • [email protected]

      We also need to get that bunch of commies out of Congress!!!!

    • patriot2

      terminate with prejudice,the same with everyone he's hired.

  • BlueViolets

    Why don't the folks that hold the purse strings (House of Representatives) try tying them up until the president wakes up to the fact that he isn't the king of America but a servant of America. Time for the House to begin the lessons.

    • polmutant

      because they are no better than their commander in chief. they are the elite, they rule over you.

      • Clint

        They need to learn the truth. They are not our rulers. We have got to figure out a way to inform our representatives in Washington that they are on notice, represent the people as you are supposed to do or be replaced. I know, we have said this before. We have to come up with a way that lets the politicians know that this time it is different and we are serious. This time they ignore us to their detrriment. Hold them to the fire.

        • polmutant

          they will learn if burried and all posessions of the family for last 5generation confiscated. it would also be good example to others like minded. otherwise they laugh at the sheoples.

        • Clint

          Bitterness clouds the mind. I don't need that.

        • polmutant

          they worked for it. bitterness does not cloud the mind, it sharpens it.

  • polmutant

    and the silly sheoples should be punished, after all they cry take our wool, eat our children, only leave us grass to eat. now just like Pharoh the commie pink kenyan demands that the sheople shear themselves, delivere the heads of their chiildren to him, and eat his sqauttings. and the sheople say " our god and saviour! without his sqautting how could we possibly survive! we are men! Proud American men! can someone feed us? can someone shelter us? yes our god barry soreto can!

    • Clint

      I know you are being sarcastic, but the idea that Obama is anyone's god is not just laughable, it is down right sickening. I'm certainly not laughing. Folks, just maybe there is a bright side to this. If we, the silent majority get enough of this abuse then we will rise up and demand our government do what the Constititution and the Bill of Rights demands. We are a free people, no king, no dictator, no tyrants. We have allowed the government way too much power, for way too long, and only we the people can change things. We must or you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

      • polmutant

        1. we are not free. regulation=damnation. free country? what a pile of shite and carpet baager sales speech.
        80/20 rule this is why the statement silent majority is a bunch of hogwash 80/20 rule = 10% commie socialist, 10% freedom capitalist, 80% cannon fodder, only concern is their bellies. these are the sheoples. a useless lot that will sell a soul for a piece of bread, have indifference to law as long as they get what the think is best for them regardless of who else it may harm.
        so you see i am not being sarcastic. it is written "blessed is the man that understands dark sayings and parables" this man is near impossible to lie to with sweet smoothing words that hide the Truth.

        • Clint

          Ok, so you were not being sarcastic. I see I used the wrong discriptive. Bitter seems to be more appropriate. Have a nice life with your bitterness. Bitterness kills from within.

        • polmutant

          not bitter, i have side stepped all this BS; i saw it coming in the 1990's. just letting those that can think what they are facing. do you realize that in 1992 1USD bought 27pln {polish zloty} today it 1USD buy 3pln. same with several other currencies in the world. There is a fantastic rule called the 183day rule, where evr you have more than 183 days is your primary tax paying country. so the obamacare etc. is of no consequence. the represenatation for the taxation of keeping the sheoples voter block also no consequence. do not be nacine and believe it is this way always has been, always will be. the change nust star with the individual, you cannot change a herd of sheoples, they will only run to a different part of the cage, because they are not capable of anyhting else, they are walking talking bellies. how can you soar with eagles while walking with turkeys?
          why should i be bitter i am not inside the cage. and there are many that also are not. if i were in the cage and i saw what was written, i would for damn sure change my method of operation, because when you realize what the cage is you can than escape. running around wondering what to do when in the cage with others that LIKE being in the cage when you do not, does not help.

  • HappyG

    Normal Americans already knew that Obama and his comrades have every intention of making these "cuts" (???-lol) hurt as much as possible...Fear and inflicting pain is the only thing they do well...No surprise at this address...

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.rousch Janet Rousch

    Dear Americans: Wake up! PLEASE prepare your hearts for God. Jesus Christ is returning soon!

    • polmutant

      this is delusion, this is the reason Christ asked if He will find faith. all this BS about God coming with cosmic kirby to save less than worthless who did not fight back against the tyrrany. severe harsh persecution comes and the churchies will say where is HE? this is not what i programmed my brain for? they will deny Christ under persecution. and good riddance to them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

      Don't worry about the soon returning. Its the getting rid of the porch monkey in the white house that we have to worry about first.

  • got243kids

    Ah.... the tantrums of the thin skinned pansy.


    To the penitentiary for the rest of Soetoro's life!

  • PLW

    The U.S. Dictator-in-Chief is beginning to show his TRUE COLORS and it is not Red, White, & Blue !!!!!!
    WAKE UP LEGAL AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!

    • El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

      He is not just now beginning to show his colors. The first indicators were exposed during Campaign '08 with his charade with 'Joe the plumber' when he asked him, "....how do you feel about spreading the wealth?"

      And if you want to go back before that, how about the umpteen times as a sitting U.S. Senator did this sorry excuse for leadership vote 'present' on anything whether it be of importance or not?

      Fact is the 'sleeping giant' we call America was sleeping back then as well as in 2012. If this does not wake up legal America by now if not by God's grace then the last 237 years were nothing compared to the calamity in which is unfolding right before your very eyes!

  • foxxybey

    obozo is a nazi and will punish anyone who will not accept his messiah hood, a risen hitler with no cares about this nation or it's people.

  • Al Chemist

    Anyone here believe this Sheet Head in the White House is not trying to destroy this Republic and replace it with a Commie Dictatorship?

    • polmutant

      america was destroyed long before. only now the realization of it is transpiring. will it return? possible. but men and women needed for the job. alot of bodies will need piled.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ralph.lally Ralph Lally

    Where is the US Congress ????? Don't tell me they couldn't stop these unlawful/traitorous actions. bho and all of his administration should be in jail - include reid/pelosi/feinstein/waters/biden, etal - what a bunch of low life garbage

    • polmutant

      where is congress? at the party laughing at you.

    • DSmith6605

      Don't forget Clinton in that list.

  • yennikcm

    High crime.....Cloward-Piven strategy......overwhelm the system to collapse....Deliberately....

  • thingyh

    this porch monkey will get his buy more ammo asapKAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW the biscuit eater

  • http://twitter.com/worship_dancer Worship Dancer

    ok i'm a little confused. when exactly did obama close the borders to ANYONE much less to terrorists?

  • madhatter46

    Obama is a spoiled little narcissistic baby, who if he doesn't get his way, will get mommy and daddy to punish you. He is the most unpresidential president in American history. What's worse is that the ministry of truth, our mainstream media adores him with no shame.

  • terry carter

    i smell a set up.

    • dagriz

      the left hand is visible---------------WATCH HIS RIGHT

  • fryer01

    why is this guy still alive???? i don't get it...do you americans know what he is doing???? are you going to do anything about it???? is congress/senate doing anything??????? my god....what else has to happen???????

  • Dennis

    When illegals pour across the borders and start terrorizing people then we should stick together and take them behind the barn and give them what they deserve. How many people would stick together on this though? I think people should merge on Washington in huge waves and demand that the poor excuse for a leader should be impeached.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KRK7Q7ZNT75UVU43DHR5DCR5L4 nmgene

      I am moving to Arizona in 3 weeks. I have a 9 passenger 4 wheel drive Suburban with front and rear air and heat. There is room behind the third seat for guns and ammo. Now I can either patrol the Arizona border or take 8 with me to march on Washington. A 2 or 3 million man march on Washington will get there attention real fast. Demand NO MORE of this fraud destroying our country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.savage.14 Peggy Savage

      Good idea but the reason that won't happen is as alway you do something and turn around and no one is there. People are dumbed down.

  • Kenny_Ray

    Obama has to go BY ANY MEANS NEVESSARY,before he turns us unto the new USSR.

  • Nipship one

    Governments are instituted among men,Deriving their just power from the
    consent of the governed.That when ever any Form of Government becomes
    destructive of these ends, It is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish
    it, and institute NEW GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

  • HappyClinger

    A 2% cut in the projected INCREASES in spending, and obama cuts things like national defense (that's what border patrol is), White House tours, food inspections - instead of tightening up on expense accounts, trips that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just for security, and hundreds of millions in aid to countries that hate us? If that's all he can think of to cut, well, just add this to the list of grievances we have against this "government."

  • Lulu bardo

    Budget cut not for president? Playing golf for 3 days, how much it cost my tax money? Giving away that much money to muslim in Egypt, plus donating money to trerroris in syria? I thoung we cutting budget.

  • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

    Mountains of cadavers of illegal immigrants is not a very.good way to punish us..

  • studi30

    You all can throw bravado all you want on this postbut the most unfortunate thing is that you are preaching to the choir. Until we can get this info out to the rest of the US nothing can be done. Worse yet there are the low IQ,gullible ones who voted for odumbo who wont be swayed.

    • Al Chemist

      You are right. Remember also that 1/3 eligible voters were democrat/commie, 1/3 were Republican/Conservative, and 1/3 couldn't even be bothered to vote.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mark.porter.9889 Mark Porter

        You have to remember, the voting machines were rigged to vote for Obama, and he had several people vote up to six times for him. With this fraud in the WhiteHouse you would think that the election would be subject to recall. Its not but the states involved can sue and should. Contact your representatives ! You also have to remember that the pResident in the WH has never been properly vetted. Also as far as Reid sitting on an impeachment, doing something like that would be grounds to remove him from office so I don't think he'd take that chance since he likes his cushy job.

  • bowtonoone2

    Obama is on a path of self-description. I feel it now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.coffey.908 Bob Coffey

    The democrats pull this every time and in every place they have power. The governor of Illinois is doing the same thing. We need to cut 50% from the budget, not 2% and we need to do it now. Just think how much squealing that would bring from the democrat swine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1643649459 Jimmie Hall

    But, let me suggest a Brighter out look on what the kaffir has done. Think for a moment, if they ain't out there to catch them, they also ain't gonna be out there to stop you from stopping them. Actually, I really do think he has done us here in the Southwest, ie Arizona, the front lines per say of the invasion. Before there was a real threat that if the authorities caught you out there, they just assumed you were out there shooting things you weren't suppose to. With out just coming out and saying it, He just said "Open Season". But keep in mine, ammo is hard to come by these days, make each shot count, example, take out the coyotes first, then you can wound a few, and leave the rest for the desert and real coyotes to finish off. I say we turn the border into a bone yard, scattered with invaders bones.

  • bbyank

    I blame the voters for these problems and that is by electing Obama and given him all these free passes, also voting stupidly, and being uneducated by electing politicians who are trying to destroy this Country with not producing a budget, out of control spending, ripping apart the Constitution, ect......... This Government is so corrupted now that this poor USA will be destoryed by the hands of its own people. Shame on you all.!!!!!!

    • Clint

      The politicians have been working for dumbed down voters for years on top of years. The Dems are especially guilty for all the voter fraud and voting by people who don't even know anything about what the politicians are going to do after the election. These voters push a button or check a block for any Demo because the Demo has promised them things, and we all know, politicians don't lie, don't we? There does seem to be an anger in the thinking people that I haven't noticed before. Maybe there is hope.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KRK7Q7ZNT75UVU43DHR5DCR5L4 nmgene

      Only fraud and ilegal votes put him in the white house. He is an insane lying piece of dog $heet!!!!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/Brenda26589837 Brenda

        You forgot the 46% that freeload, the hollywood liberals, the die hard democrats, and our enlightened youth expecting us to provide them with an eduation, health care, and new house. Fraud and ilegal votes were only a part of the equation.

  • The Old Man

    His own latino followers will turn against him if they become the targets of the released prisioners to get money or rape their people.
    They will not fit into most other societies due to their ethnics and will go where they might not be noticed.

  • Mrsiberian

    This is. very close to being treasonous.

  • Doodlebug

    He not only has frred the illegal immigrants, opened up the borders making it easy for terrorist to enter but, how about all of a sudden the allowing of knives, bats, golf clubs etc on flights and at the same time is doing his _____est to confisicate our guns. What's wrong with this picture? My ans. is PLENTY. Things do not add up for our safety.

    • Clint

      Absolutely true.

  • elizabethrc

    Think of the millions we could save by not paying for the Obamas' many extravagant vacations. How much have we spent on Air Force One's use for his campaign trips around the country? I would suspect it would be tens of millions.
    Get rid of the duplicating offices throughout government. Fire those employees who have not paid their taxes (that amounts to quite a few billion dollars).
    f I can come up with ideas, why can't Obama and his 'brain trust'?

    • Clint

      You have a reason to come up with solutions, they don't. We need to find a reason for them.

  • http://twitter.com/knussel Babsan

    This is what Dictators do,punish people and cater to their supporters so they can stay and rule

  • Val

    IMPEACH THIS S.O.B. now.!.

  • DSmith6605

    Obama is going to Punish Americans but not himself guess that proves he is not American and by the way all you ignorant idiots that voted this disaster in office he is Punishing you too enjoy your Punishment idiots hope you're all happy with your Punishment now when will we get this moron piece of garbage out of our White House.

    • El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

      They are all too busy enjoying their free phones and other goodies!

  • maxnicks

    Since Congress seems to be reluctant to do its job and the POTUS seems to be violating his oath of office, isn't there some way the American people can impeach this clear and present danger to our constitutional republic? Is there such a thing as a presidential recall?

    • Clint

      I think we the people better be finding a way to do just that. Get this disaster out of office, no matter what it takes.

      • maxnicks

        I agree--no matter what it takes, short of violence, of course. I am new to this so I intended to "like" your comment and don't know if I succeeded in doing that by voting it up. hope so. Thanks.

    • Chuck

      Even if there was, there are now too many Obama socialists to overcome. Republicans, mainly the ignorant Tea Party, did not care enough to vote this maniac out of office when they had the chance. Now, he has complete control of the government, except at the state level, and it will be impossible to remove the socialists from power for a generation, or more. Whatever they want to do will be approved by a soon to be liberal majority on the Supreme Court. All you hot air merchants need to just shut up. You talk tough, but do nothing.

  • Abiathar

    "60,000 federal employees that are responsible for protecting and
    securing our international borders have been told that they will be
    furloughed for up to 14 days." OK, why don't we shut down the borders for that 14 days. We gain nothing from Mexico but drugs and illegal aliens. Maybe we should shut it down permanently.

    • Clint

      That makes too much common sense and would defeat what this joke in office is trying to do. Have you noticed that common sense is not so common?

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    ODUMBA is a stinking muslim who wants to destroy all freedoms and AMERICA !!!!!!

  • dad666

    Get this POS out of the White House now. He is a disgrace to the U.S. and all our parents and grandparents that worked and died to insure that the Kids and Grandkids would have the level of freedom and RIGHTS that they had and enjoyed. He is a liar and a Fraud and should be run out of town on a Rail

  • colsooonscoorner

    I wish We The People could get up a petition directed to the Senate & demand they start impeachment hearings for the President & his whole administration. If we got enough signatures even Harry Reid would have to act. Or maybe I'm just dreaming.

  • Brabado

    The American Public must always remember that Barack Obama does not tolerate criticism, likes to be heald accountable, or blame for anything, or anyone questioning his crazy actions or wicket decisions.

    It has always had to get his whicket way... Take a look at his "crazy idea" to close the WH to our Families and our Children because "his own Sequester plot" - failed misserably and crashed against a solid wall even after all his Aplocaliptics Predictions... Future reactions, will not get any better.

    His Wrath against the American People has no limits... Do not let his "von-vivant, charistamic artificial outer shell", fool you for one Minute...


  • cherokee_warrior

    Seems like it is time for Jan Brewer, Susana Martinez and Rick Parry to step up and each give their Army National Guard personnel, who are paid by the State, some 'active duty days' and to patrol the border. And in doing so, as Commanders in Chief of their Army National Guard units, order that each unit so activated is to have their personnel armed with full magazines of ammo locked and loaded in their weapons. And, when each patrol is posted, suggest that they also direct each unit commander to instruct them, Let's Rock & Roll, and let the illegals take the Toll.

  • chetohimler

    Obama, you're a low "M.F'er" jack!

  • tryingtomakeit

    Narcissists care for no one.

  • amazingoly

    Getting rid of 15 or 20 of Michelle's servants would help reduce costs. Wonder if the White House menu now includes cold cuts and peanut butter? Never heard of a president throwing a tantrum like the one we are stuck with now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    Better to say opens borders more. I will never forget Bushes war on Ramos and Compean , the border agents who shot a drug dealer in the butt. Then Bush refused to pardon them even though the law used to prosecute them was bogus. How do you charge a federal agent with having a gun when they are supposed to have a gun, then put them in prison for 10 years. Thats BS!. Both sides have been playing this global game of destroying borders. Bringing in their terrorists I thought was a side affect, but perhaps they planned it all along. What will happen when they start using their drones to kill these terrorists. Will certain targeted civilians just happen to be in the way. And you will never hear about it on the news. I dont trust these rinos and communists we have in leadership.

  • Ole SC

    Obama is no different than any other Narcissistic Psychopath SOB that I've had the displeasure to know in my lifetime. If they don't get their way, it's always someone else's fault and they will pitch a tantrum and try to destroy everything in site to get even. Make no mistake about it, he will do whatever he can to destroy this country and then as Narcissists always do, blame it on someone else. He really needs a lot of mental help and the Congress needs to realize it NOW and demand that he get it or impeach him and get his crazy butt out of the white house and his hands off of the nuclear weapons button.

  • Caddy

    Opening the borders will increase the debt dramatically & the tyrant knows this. I never thought that a president could screw up our country this bad in this amount of time. We haven't seen nothing yet. We won't recognize America by 2016, thanks to Satans people. That's what happens when u remove God from the schools, suppress people of faith, remove prayer from assemblies, & cave to atheist. God Bless America & ALL of Her People!

    • david lester

      When the looting starts shoot to kill!!!!

      • Caddy

        That's exactly what's going to happen. One shot at a time!

  • noitaint

    The American Dictator rules!!

  • $9151788

    Just one less trip on Air Force 1 to play golf would have saved enough money to keep all the border guards on patrol. Anyone who doesn't see Obama as an incompetant leader or a destroyer of America should have their right to vote stripped.

    • Chuck

      Well he has 100,000,000 on welfare, is hiring thousands of new Federal employess, rewriting all the rules, opening the borders for a new flood of illegals, and threatens everyone who opposes his dictatorial rules. He clains to be above the law and will lead in whatever way he so chooses. More than 60,000,000 peoplw otved for this vile person. Why?

      • $9151788

        I have kind of taken a poll by asking people if they would mind telling me who they voted for in the presidential election and by my count Romney should have bested Obama by a goodly amount but then again my poll was biased because the county I reside in went for Romney. The stupidity of those that voted for him will make all of us, who saw him for who and what he was and is, suffer because of their wanting their INTITLEMENTS to continue.


    Socialist tyrant bent on killing America little by little IMPEACHMENT is the way to go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Debe-Lange/559060627 Debe Lange

    It's simply going as O planned it. Cutting security along our borders is exactly what he wants to make it easier for his Muslim buddies to enter the U.S. undetected. Too bad those we voted into office aren't seeing the truth of what he's doing! Nor will they disregard O's blackmailing and threatening ways against them and their families personally so as to stand against him.

  • noitaint

    We have become a "Banana Republic" with imported bananas."

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Debe-Lange/559060627 Debe Lange

      Chiquita? Maybe. Republic? Not hardly.

  • Chuck

    Why do these mindless Democrats embrace a Muslim who is systematically destroying our country? Do they relish a future with no hope, no freedom, and barely enough food and shelter to sustain themseves?He is gathering an army reporting only to him to keep all his socialist drones in order. If he can garner enough votes to take control of the House in 2014, the United Staes is gone with the wind.

    • VET

      I think Mark Twain gives Your questions as good an answer as anyone could."It's easer to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled"

  • loyd

    more proof he hates America and its people.His evil is at work; his lieing spirit awaits to tell more lies,

  • Dolores DeLuise

    Little men with impotence are prone to having hissy fits.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karolsuze Karol Hancock

    This name calling and blaming is not getting anything done. All these posts should be going into the House of Representatives and Senate, to the Speaker, each Representative and all Senators, even Reed. Reed will not want to charge Obama, but it must be made known to him, either it is Obama or him!!! First, we do not want just impeachment, we want TREASON also, that way there is criminal and Congressional charges. We should be flooding each office with emails and calls. Each member of Congress has a web page with contact information, shows phones, fax numbers, mailing addresses and emails can be sent right the website. These people will act when they know We The People will not vote for them. That is what is most important to them. So by telling them, We The People see through Obama's plans and scheme's against the people and our Constitution, we are fed up with the lies, over spending, Executive Orders to by pass our Congress and Constitution, his lack of honesty, Muslim Brotherhood spy's intrenched into our government, Attorney General Eric Holder refusing to deal honestly with Congress, Obama having armed civil forces, UN troops in the country, drones flying over America, laws that Obama use drones to kill Americans on American soil, detention of Americans without cause, forcing Americans to buy insurance, death panels, not closing our borders, giving amnesty to illegal's, gun bans against our 2nd Amendment Rights, law making it legal to hunt humans, our tax dollars being given to Muslim Brotherhood, docking our Naval Destroyer's leaving America unprotected, bank and corporate bailouts with tax payer monies and removing our God from our public places. Added to all of the this, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has proof Obama is not a citizen, which means Obama has committed HIGH TREASON against the people of the USA. Most of the listed things are treasonous charges and we demand OUR House of Representatives to write up the Impeachment and Treason charges and process them immediately. If they all receive this information from the people, they will have to act. And we should do the same to the Supreme Court. And remind Congress and The Supreme Court that We The People Constitutionally are the highest authority of the government and expect our wishes addressed without delay. I am sure there is more than can be added into this, but I just have not remembered them all. This man has committed so many crimes against We The People on a daily basis that it is hard to keep track. But instead of whinning and blaming, do something worth while, put an end to this debacle!

    • bbyank

      This Country likes to spend, spend and piss money away like its nothing and I for one am so tired of the corruption by our Government and that is given $$$$$$$ to Arab Countries that hate us and want us killed which that money can put towards our own needs right here at home. Second the Corruption of the media always given certain politicians passes just because they the same Party. Our borders are being ripped apart by our own Government were the illegals are pooring in including drugs. This Country has no honor or morals or values and our poor children are being either murdered, molested, or on drugs, disrespecting the adults, ect.... to me I am so grateful that I was raised the old school ways. The education system has failed our children who are now learning more about things that shouldn't be apart of the school studies, and our Government and Liberal base keep allowing certain groups to attack Christianity or stopping us to praise our flag, sing USA songs. It's becoming more like a Socialist Society were Washington is dictating what we should eat, say or do. The USA is becoming like Chavez Country.

  • madashellnow

    Open the borders, open the prison doors, close the Whitehouse doors....Brilliant!!!

  • sgtshel

    Obambe is more dangerous to America than al-Qaeda!

  • BGills

    No matter what this administration does, the truly devote followers will rationalize any and every action as a necessary evil. When the pain of these policy decisions effects them adversely, and personally... Then and only then will they change their tune about the good their willing to suffer for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.pentlin Isaac Pentlin

    It is extortion. How many uninformed people or don't want to be informed people in this country will be affected. I think we can hold out. now those democrats that want your guns and the FBI, don't need to get your vote. Down with Deocratic pigs, slims or demo wits..

  • WatchDog

    I'd like to punish this so-called president by giving him a swift kick in the nuts.

  • billb

    send another 250 million to obama's muslim brotherhood, 3 million to rebuild deteriorating masques for the arab countries, 5 billion for purchasing russian made submarines for the muslim brotherhood, 400 tanks 20 f16 s and a few assault rifles thrown in for good measure -- o and dont forget 5 million for relocation of Hamas refugees (terrorists) into the usa-- expense paid housing provided, living cost defered -- why we dont even treat the mexicans that good -- and we are worried about a few simple cuts due to sequestar; behave ur self -- and this is jsut the tip of the ice berg obama will make Hitler look like a choir boy with in the next 4 years if he lives that long and some one dont do the right thing some day

    • polmutant

      thatts all because some fool from the district of communists said the war in Iraq was won! and the stupid sheoples believed the voice from the district of communists! buahahaha

  • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.pentlin Isaac Pentlin

    Th.ere are many angry people on this site. but lets be sensible more than I am. Contact your governors and get them to prepare the state militias.. We need our states to support us or we become criminals.. He was really bothered election nite because few people showed up at his speaches. He likes attention but I am not sure what the wrong attention will do. Ignore him; ignore the news. be careful what you say on the internet that incriminates yourself; The FBi may be watching. use them to not feed his ego.

    • Chuck

      All you had to go was VOTE AGAINST Obama. Now you want to instigate some complicated state's militia scheme that has not a prayer of going anywhere.

    • HDA

      Of course they r watching

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKVX3VKUJZAWBS3OPFWDWYRRXQ Endgame

        A government that feels the need to spy on it's own citizens because it doesn't trust them is a government that is up to no good whatsoever.

  • NewCreationDave
    • Chuck

      Where have you been for four years?

      • NewCreationDave

        You didn't read the writing at that link?

      • NewCreationDave

        You didn't read the writing at that link?

    • HDA

      Not so free anymore.

      • NewCreationDave

        Read the writing at that link!

  • forrealcommonsense

    O wouldn't be in office today if the people had been reading their Bibles, the Bible warns about people like him...

  • Denise

    Every action that Obama takes is intentionally designed to destroy America, and at the same time,
    strengthen, and embolden our enemies.
    What I find most curious, is the sheer number of people who support this devil. Many of whom are people with vast sums of money. These people are not stupid. Yet they willingly sacrifice personal fortunes, to insure that they and their families put on the yoke of slavery, wickedness, hopelessness, poverty, and death.
    The only reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, is that they are so given over to the god of evil, that they serve him with all of their heart, with all of their souls, with all of their might, and with all of their assets. Paving their way to Hell with their own money.
    Thankfully, those who belong to the Lord will, in the end, escape the clutches of the damned, and will spend eternity with the Lord.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.mims.12 Nancy Mims

    It is too bad more American people didn't see this side of him before election. I think his early drug days are catching up with him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    It is going to get worse.... if the latte one does not get his way he will make darn sure that one of his thugs like pelosi or jarrett or one of the other he/shes will do his dirty work and he will be prancing around shouting and pointing fingers saying "I told you so I told you so". He is really lower than shark sh@t and that is at the bottom of the sea. When OH when ar the lemmings going to see the latte one's true colors???? God help america

  • TrueAmerican

    Why do they get to lie, steal and murder and nothing is done about it?? IMPEACH the devil and lets send him back to Hell we his gayness belongs!!!

    • Chuck

      Talk to your Repesentative, only the House can bring Articles of Impeachment.

  • fcsuszka

    The title of the article is a misnomer. The American people will pay for everything the sequester is
    or pretends to be is only an excuse to further rip the Americans apart and make them pay. Remember folks, he and his wife hate Americans and the United States along with everything this country stands for. So when they say he is going to make us pay oh well to bad so sad. I’ve been on the bottom of the barrel before and I survived thank you.

    What are the people who voted for him going to do when Obama puts their pecho in a wringer and squeezes? Do you suppose they will then scream foul? Maybe not if our government keeps giving them free stuff. In reference to the sequester I saw a news item and the person being interviewed had no idea what the sequester was all about. This person said they voted for Obama only because he was black. Others had no clue either when asked if the United Stated should send the sequester to Grease or another country… What was that again??? How stupid can Americans be?

    So come on Obama punish me. I’m ready.

    • Chuck

      He is doing it everyday. We are on our way down to the bottom and there will be no return. We have only ourselves to blame. As V. Putin said , "the American people are dumb"
      Obama has raped us of our treasure, cast us into nonending debt, destroyed our healthcare system, enriched and armed our enemies, declares that he is above the law, and wants more money to support his lavish lifestyle, and non-stop campaigning. All I hear is some minor whining.

  • BigUgly666

    It is a FELONY to knowing aid an illegal immigrant to remain in this country - I DEMAND THAT ERIC HOLDER ARREST FAT JANET FOR THIS FELONY.

    Yeah, like THAT'S ever gonna happen.

    • Chuck

      It is never enfoced, so what good is it?

      • BigUgly666

        Then, perhaps, WE THE PEOPLE should start enforcing Rule of Law ... as is our DUTY UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gailnowaczyk Gail Nowaczyk

    This just shows how far Barry has planed to go, to get what he wants. If Barry was half the man he thinks he is, there is no way he could use people and bribe them to do as he pleases. The same goes for Michelle. They both are unable to tell the TRUTH on anything. They only think of themselves. And they both are the most ignorant people I have ever seen. Just another way of Mr. & Mrs. Barry Soetoro using us Americans until they can DESTROY us.

    They both need to be put on a one way boat trip back to Kenya. And they can take all their illegal relatives that are living free in America with them Then maybe America can begin to put our Country back in order!!!!.


    What a total piece of crap work our president is....What childish behavior....Our president is a CHILD.....and a problem child at that.


    We need to cut first with their salaries,,,like in half and give them Obamacare as well...Let's do it...

  • ginjit.dw

    He's dangerous and should be thrown out of office. He has perpetrated too many negative acts against our way of life. He is not for us no matter how the msm spin his crap.


    It is the Congress and Senate that bear the burden of responsibility for all this nightmare the child pope of America is pulling...They have the power to stop him...They ARE the problem.


    The president needs all vacations and tours cancelled until this problem is solved...Why penalize the children?...They are going to pay the biggest price of all in future times.

  • Kathy Jenson

    Obama put Brennan in office and he is a converted Muslim. In order to swear him in they had him put his hand on the draft of the Constitution before it had all the amendments. It was missing 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th Amendments. I just heard Hagel on TV in Afganistan. What a loser. He is about the worst speaker I have ever heard and he is dumber than a box of rocks. His interview went something like " Yea. We are at war here. Uh....There is a war going on." Doh!

  • HDA


  • Ron Powell

    As porous as the border is, I didn't think they had border guards! I also didn't think there were anyone left in Mexico to come here. Napolitano reminds me of Janet Reno, the stooge for Clinton, almost looks like her and both are commie POS. Impeachment of Obama would be cause of major celebrations all over this country and there are grounds but we need more Rand Pauls.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Hello, I'm obama and Emporer of America and am entitled to everything I can take from, you subject citizen----which should be honored to provide these entitlements to me---afteral you are lower than whale-sh-t on the ocean bottom. I am the most intelligent and greatest President you have ever had leading America down the path of ruin---don't you listen to the news----they know I'm great----so shutup and support everything I tell you------ is a crisis. I the emperor will take care of you-----you dispicable american lowlife taxpayer.

  • CCblogging

    Barack Obama is a control freak and a creep!

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    This is total BS----

  • Kukye

    Barry Saetoro is a very wicked man, though he does not appear to be because of edited sound bites and prose written about him in the MSM.

    But all wicked people appear as good servants but one only has to observe carefully the "fruits" of a somebody to see that they are truly wicked.

    Everything this man has done when laid out clearly shows nothing but wicked fruits. And if you cannot or refuse to see that, then woe to you.

    • gailfilerino0403

      Obama is truly evil and he becomes more evil everyday. I do believe he's the evil one spoken in prophesy. I believe he has the ability to mesmerize people and he is forcing them to do his evil biding.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whisper.atnight.5 Whisper Atnight

    It is TIME for these States to Secure their OWN boarders anyway. The FEDS were not doing a very good job at keeping illegals from crossing. WE DON'T NEED OBAMA TO MAKE OUR STATES SAFE. And, the sooner we kick the FEDS out of our STATES the better off we will be.

  • Donald York

    Cut services here at home, and send tanks and aircraft to our sworn enemy. Kerry just promised 250 million for Morsis friendship.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whisper.atnight.5 Whisper Atnight

    WE need to bring home our NATIONAL guardsmen and woman home. They don't need to be fighting anymore FOREIGN WARS!!!

    Let Al-Qaeida have those god forsaken countries, and see if Americans CARE!!! Our government is AIDING them anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/Honest1inVA Christine Gavlick


  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.ruiz.3701779 Tony Ruiz

    He seems to be the most hated person in our country; why is he still there? And why is our screwed p congress still there? Dammit!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

    This P
    "president" NEEDS to be impeached for endangering the health and safety of the Citizens of the UNITED STATES. He has acted in a manner that is NOT compatible or acceptable to his position and office. He IS a crook, thief and moron doing his best to destroy this country.

  • Junk Bin

    janet needs to cut her expense account for meals. the other $.50 needed for the DHS share can be found in the urinal.

  • Nadine

    Arrogant, spoiled disgusting man...How much more can we TAKE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Clark/100002065492443 Mike Clark

    If we start shooting people coming across the southern Border , I would venture to say in a couple of weeks , you won't need as many as you have now. Opening up those Penal Colonies in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska , will even make a bigger dent in the terrorist attacking this nation or even trying to come across any of the US Borders. Once we get that resolved , move all prisoners to those penal colonies from every prison both Federal & State in the country , That will relieve paying over 68.3 billion dollars fro maintaining prisomers and prisons in the Country. Al Detaines from Guantanimo will also be transferred there so we can close it. The underware bomber, the times square bomber , Nidal Hasan the Army Major that killed 13 military serviceman and wounded 32 others, could allso be sent to those Islands also. These Penal colonies will have no guards , we will simply transfer these people by Aircraft or ships to these islands , where they will spend the rest of their lives. If they want to escape fine or they can live its up to them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jean.butler.370 Jean Butler

    WHY don't they impeach him??????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKVX3VKUJZAWBS3OPFWDWYRRXQ Endgame

    Once again we see another "confirmed" act of High Treason by our so-called President. A US President's most important duty is to keep the American people safe from any type of threat, first and foremost. National Security is supposed to take priority over EVERYTHING else. If this sequester is only 3% of the President's spending budget, then it is the President's absolute obligation to cut that 3% of spending out of something that does NOT put Americans in danger. To wilfully and needlessly put Americans in danger by a US President is the EPITOMY of the highest form of treason that is even possible in this country. In the past, this most certainly would've lead to impeachment and Court appointed hangings. Obama has just committed the most treasonous act of ANY President in all of US History.

  • R Stone

    Of course Obama would do that, that is his WHOLE modus operandi and purpose. His job is to bring the US into complete socialism without destroying it too fast to cause chaos. Chaos is the easy way, but they are milking the US of everything they have first... then the chaos.

  • rridgsr

    This guy is a double SOB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lou-Luna/100000824148995 Lou Luna

    You dumba$$e$ voted for him so deal with it

  • fortuneteller43

    In the waning days of WWII Germany, Adolph Hitler, ensconced in his underground bunker, blamed the German people for not living up to his high standards and therefore wanted them all to share in Germany's destruction. Sound familiar?

  • Indiana Conservative

    Hopefully someday all this will boomerang right back at That Black Satan so he can suffer right along with all the citizens in this nation.Why should he be immuned from any of this cow manure?

  • rridgsr

    This Country got more heathens on the left than it has ever had and they are the most corrupt you would have to dig almost down to China to get as low down as they are .

  • usluv

    Too funny. Sequestration was his big idea....and because he was held to it....we will be punished. Ahhh the thinking of a 2 year old.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Jean-Goodwin/1513718033 Carol Jean Goodwin

    This is getting so silly and almost sophomoric if if weren't so detrimental to this country.....but with BHO, what isn't these days!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sally.fama Sally Fama

    Obama cannot tolerate losing and reacts by retaliating in a juvenile way. However, releasing all the illegals isn't anywhere equal to breaking a friend's toy, it is downright illegal and despicable. Now he has closed the White House to visitors. This is also illegal, since the White House belongs to the people. Of course, you won't hear this on any TV news or read it in any paper. You may hear it on Fox or read it in the Wall St. Journal.

  • good160

    Oblamo at his best. His mother should have had an abortion.

    • http://twitter.com/netcynergy Hugh S.

      she did, but he lived anyway, just some brain damage!

      • david lester


  • TAM44

    That's this sissified BOY barack hussein obama goal to destroy America as fast as he can and by letting anyone come into our country shows he could careless. Why couldn't it have been obama who died of cancer instead of hugo chavez as chavez's people knew he was an a hole from the start, the ones who put this illegal brack hussein obama in our white house don't even know which day it is or cares either.

    Welfare breeding low life and illegal law breaking and breeding a holes and dead from the neck up pieces of human waste put obama where he is now.

    barack hussein obama is anti God, anti America, anti Military, anti Whites, anti Christains, anti our Constitution and is pro muslim all the way.

    • texan texan

      TAmm44... You must be an atheist to disparage people like yiur did. A Christial go would have found this behavior horrible. I voted for OBama as did many friends Nd neighbors. We are Chrsitisn, employed, pay lots of taxes, have families, act sanely and as Christian. So how can yiu say Ll who voted for Obama just vile. Because you have no brain to figure out anything.

  • Mys77

    Obama is a thug.... watch him have a melt down.... and have a tantrum.... and be on the whining tour.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Fallis/1173604605 Donna Fallis

    Anytime a politician wilfully places the American people in peril, it's called "Treason" and this pos has done it repeatedly. House arrest is too good for Obama. I think the full penalty should apply.


    This is going to be a Red Dawn, led by a Black President and a Pinko democratic party. Aren't those Obammy's flag colors?
    It's ok, because the American red, white and blue doesn't run! I know that the true blood of Americans runs through the veins of every veteran out there. Once again, it will be up to the citizenry to abolish these traitoristic practices that are rampant in our government society. You know the ones I'm talking about. The very ones that were voted into office to SERVE the people. NOT have the people serve them.

    How did everything get so turned around???
    If your ready for absurdity, give it another month or so. Obama is showing his colors more every day. If I were Rand Paul, I'd be watching over my shoulder every second of the day and night.

    • texan texan

      Poison d arts. For sure. I sent rand the antidote. Andrew didn't have it. Rand is safe.

  • MrCReed54

    Impeach Impeach Impeach oBama Now!!! I just can't say it enough! Impeach oBama Now!!!

  • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

    We have 2 weeks until a potential mandatory RFID implanting, whether we're under Obamacare or not.

    • texan texan

      My god. This has gone off the radar and I thought it was January. Sound the death kneels. For you that don't know that means a Radio frequency micro chip implanted as part of Obamacaee. OMG. LOL LOL. LOL

      • http://twitter.com/chaotixjoe NamelessN00b

        You're aware that some people see the chip as the mark of the beast, right?

  • Kenny_Ray

    Give a N!$$er half a chance and he'll act like one.

  • MrCReed54

    This is nothing less thenTREASON!!!

  • downs1

    When is congress going to awaken from its lethargy and impeach this fool!? There is little doubt but what this man is: a fraud [his Birth Certificate is a forgery], a deceiver [there are any number actions by him which conflict with his public statements], an inveterate liar [there is a multitude of videos of speeches which expose his lies], and an enemy of all that this nation has stood for [he is a socialist/ progressive ideolog whose every action is designed to subvert the Constitution and separate us from our freedoms under the Bill of Rights], anti-Israel and anti-Christian [his activities to divide Jerusalem and to destroy Christian influence in America]. Because this nation has turned away from God, the Almighty has removed HIs blessing and protection from us. What we are seeing is the dissolution of America. Those who refuse to see it are simply foolish! When they wake up, it will be too late!

    • texan texan

      What a bunch of powerless wimps. They got Cli ton on a stumped lie avid sex law. They got Nixon for a third rate burglary. So why can't yiu get Obama for all the reasons you mentioned. Wimps. Give up. It,s been 4 years and no one, but no one, is listeni g to you. Or will LOL

  • Kenny_Ray

    Obama needs to go now...by any means necessary

  • Roger

    I hear or read a lot of comments ;but no sulitions.Is there any sites that gives us information to organize and see that obama gets kicked out of office. And how we can muster to proctect the United States .
    His crap is getting us into becoming slaves of Dicator obama.

    • texan texan

      roger it takes no brains to do a blog or Internet page to rally your right wing nutcases to join you. Quit whining and rally yiur buds. March on Washington. Blacks and hippies have done it. Why not geezers. Blowin in the wind, my firend.

  • MrCReed54

    And this is what you get when you get an "N word" in the White House! And there gose the naberhood!

  • MrCReed54

    I'm surprised they are not crying racist because we call the White House The "WHITE" House!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sweetguybrian Brian Collum

    impeach him now as he is doing stuff that is impeachable...and dont vote democrat

  • Glenn Drake

    And people wonder why the economy is so bad? Oh wait according tot he media we are "in recovery"! LOL We need recovery from Osblama and his failure as a President and human being! I spit on hiim! I just spit in his ugly fascist face! America was much better under Reagan, Bush, and Clinton any day! We might as well tell the illegals to come on over and take our jobs and homes! Without money from employment taxes how the freak does this country ever stand a chance of getting back on its feet? Plus the money that will be spent on giving people unemployment who were laid off because of this and the people on unemployment who will not have a job because illegals will come in here and take their jobs away from then now!

    • texan texan

      It's just creepy that stock market at all time high and unemployment lowest in 4 years. That's an economy sinking. Mob yea...it's just lies by MSM

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.jeric.9 Marc Jeric

    Mullah Obama is just another Chicago gangster - but much more dangerous since he is also a marxist Muslim.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.thomas.568294 Jeff Thomas

    makes you wonder why he signed the sequester order...was this his plan all along?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.thomas.568294 Jeff Thomas

    have you noticed he go's after things that mostly have conservative values?

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.atkinson.948 Steve Atkinson

    it's time to clean the louses out of our house!

  • SpudPicker

    I read yesterday that there are 35 terrorist training camps in the U.S. now. Looks like an opportunity for the admin to man and equip more of them and bring more recruits in through the southern borders.
    This sequester event may have been planned for this among other things.

  • TexRancher

    "Obama opens the borders"? How can that be when he and Napolitano have done everything they can to keep them open for his favored ILLEGAL INVADERS?

  • Marine Mom

    All the more reason to fight to keep our guns.

  • Dave G

    Obama is willing to throw the citizens of the United States under the bus and create destructive avenues for political reasons and to retain power. He will set this country on fire and then come back and put the fire out so he can portray himself as a hero. The blind idiots will believe in him, you know,,the ones that voted for him in the first place. Even all the while, Obama is marching his supporters to their deaths as they sing his praise. It has happened in past history and it will happen again. Count on it.

    • MrCReed54

      Ya and if oBama asked some of these blind idiots they would give him the matches if oBama asked! But I think the blind idiots would be da muslim idiots! Ya know what I mean?

  • texan texan

    Sure you old geezers could figure it out better. That is why you lost big time. Yea whe you have a budget is really hard to just do waste a d fraud. You guys wanted cuts....yiu go them. Quit whining.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phillip.gatchell.1 Phillip Gatchell

    The President is a mad man - when he can't get away he i going to detroy American - get hm out of office now before he goes nuts.

  • George Wentzel

    What a shame that the worthless slut that crapped him out of her thighs hadn't insisted on a prophylactic when she did the nasty with who ever was his sperm donor. Is it too late to have him contained in one now and to send him through the Chicago water utility system for processing? Pretty good idea, you have to admit.

  • nanblan

    Here's a conundrum: the freeing of thousands of illegal alien criminals to "supposedly" save money (due to sequestration cuts) will only end up enabling these individuals to start receiving welfare benefits. Thus, it will end up costing taxpayers more than if they were simply kept in jail.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Phillips/1058697065 Randy Phillips

    Obama makes an oath to protect the Constitution and the US. He has just violated his oath. It is time for IMPEACHMENT!. There is no excuse for letting the borders not being protected. There were no spending cuts, just lowering the rate in which it is increased. NO EXCUSE!. Take him out of office!

  • empty pockets

    Obama's handling--mishandling--of this current "crisis" (as usual, one generated by HIM, so they would be able to not "let it go to waste") merely substiantes what many have been saying from the start of his regime---the damage he's doing is INTENTIONAL. Just as Candidate Obama admitted to "Joe the Plumber" that he knew lowering tax rates generated more tax revenue but he wanted "redistribution of wealth", he knows his policies are harmful to our economy and therefore to the American people, and he doesn't care. It's all about achieving his socialist policy goals. We the people are merely the "eggs" that must be cracked to make his stinking omelet. And this time, as punishment for us because we pushed our progressives to stand with our conservatives and let Obama's sequester happen, he's going out of his way to try to make it as painful on as many as he can...but God forbid we should waterboard a terrorist. THAT would be torture. Still, in his bigger plan to destroy (not defeat) any opposition, this might have worked for him if he hadn't been "outed". But considering the media is nearly all state controlled (willingly, even eagerly), it still might work for him.

  • redneck63625

    I've believed for several years that the Obama Administration is trying to destroy America, so that they can effectuate the International Socialist Revolution, about which they've dreamed for their entire lives.

    America's economy and military are the only obstacles to their dream, and Obama is busily subverting both.

  • retroranger

    Is anyone really surprised at how much of a spoiled bratt Obama is? If he does not get his way, he wants to hurt everyone else. America is really getting pay back for electing the fool.

    • john lord

      you tea party nuts do not represent America...yet you are getting pay back and Im loving every minute of it

      • john4637

        john lord, spoken as a true kool aid drinking Marxist, carry on soldier of corruption!!!

        • john lord

          lol...u r crazier than a loon


    Obama Opens Borders to Terrorists to Punish Americans Over Sequester

    Any more proof of who the enemy is? He is a walking, talking disaster. Everything he touches turns to crap. Hands down, the worst president in the history of the USA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-A-Naguski/100000894223988 John A. Naguski

    What a spiteful child this man is. If it is not his way it is the highway. Definitely not a team player.

    • john4637

      John I completely agree with you, taking only slight exception to the "team player" bit. This is not a ball game, this is an evil, dangerous man, who wants to destroy this nation, not caring how many Americans are injured, maimed or killed!! He has an agenda, and we have'nt seen anything yet. Pray that ours kids in the armed forces are not taken in by this demon or we are doomed!

  • john4637

    Obama is an evil man, he has an agenda and he intends to fulfil it no matter who is killed or injured. I hope and pray that our kids in the armed forces are not taken in by this demon or all is lost.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    It takes two to tango and both the so-called president and our congress and senate are pretending to be concerned as this so-called made up sequester BS is supposed to force cuts and our borders become insecure. The one world government is alive and well here in our White House and in our government body. They are living the high life while we are beginning to tighten our belts. Even Bill Clinton said that the border between Mexico and the US will be opened completely someday, way back when he began his presidency. A one world government has no borders and will be sadly vacant of any freedoms. Safety will be illusive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.stephens.731 Douglas Stephens

    We the people have the right to abolish the goverment and institute a new goverment that works for the people so lets go people it is up to us not them!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.a.silver Bruce A Silver

    I believe that this borders on treason and he should be punished for these treasonist acts.

  • Ron Beal

    PLEASE !!!! Will someone question why Mrs President has not had her 40+ staff reduced? We can reduce Border Patrol Agents, lay off Police, Close the White House, close National Parks, reduce mail delivery, but not a single 'welfare recipient' on Michelle's million dollar staff is furloughed or suffered a reduction in pay over the past five years. I am not totally stupid, but the question needs to be asked:
    "How Come?!"

  • wmagg

    well here we go again how many of you out there have done anything but sit there on your keyboards and bemoan the criminal actions of the administration currently violating the rights and freedoms of the American people and destroying the freedoms and prosperity of your childrens future. Don't you all think it's about time We The People hold OUR government accountable for the damage they have and are causing in this nation. Demand that your elected officials return to your state and answer for their actions. Demand that laws be passed that hold all government officials responsible for their actions. End the isolation and protection the criminals in DC afford them selves and make them live be the laws they force the rest of this nation live by. Inflect upon them the same pain and suffering they inflect upon us and they will stop and think twice. Start petitions to allow the people to vote on these issues, get off your keyboards and get involved, demand accountability.

  • noelle2013


    the american people need to wake the hell up from their political trance AND VOTE OUT ALL DEMS AND REPUBLICANS THAT ARE CONTINUALLY FORCING US INTO THIS SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark

    Border? What border? If we actually had a border we wouldn't be letting hordes of illegal aliens(aka undocumented Democrats) invade what used to be our country.

  • mgfred52

    Anyone that knows how the dumb SOB operates knew that Obama was going to do this. This is the jerk off's way of giving back to the republicans for holding him to his word. Next will be the food inspectors, aircraft controllers among other things, but the arrogant SOB doesn't mind spending millions of dollars on his golfing trip with Michael Jordan or the spring flings for MAOchelle and the girls to the cost of millions from the taxpayer's pocket. He wants to live like the dictator he thinks he will.

  • DenverKitty

    The Butcher of Benghazi is a PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSIST. Research it.

  • Dwightmannn

    I call it criminal, and this ogre needs to be tried for treason. He needs to come back down to earth and realize he too is just a man, and can be hurt in many different ways. . .

  • 4Pip

    With this Chicago thug in the WH it seems like we are in a very bad movie and we can't turn it off.How low will he go before he is stopped?

  • A Concerned American

    What have the citizens of this country done to deserve Obama treating us with such contempt and disrespect? Closure of National Parks, closing the White House, cutting hours of federal employees and furloughing-I could go on but rest assured that Obama will not feel the "pain," he is above the common man.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Sure they will bear the burden because the public are the stupid ones! The whole world knows it!

  • 2012riskall


  • http://twitter.com/boyerfh Herbert Surman

    What a big, overgrown baby Obama is. A regular two year old. A spoiled brat. He GOT the sequester he wanted. Now he throws a tantrum because he got it! Really folks, this guy's ticked off because he got stood up to. A first for this pampered, thin skinned, little man/child. Poor baby.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    So, borders are more open than they've been under this administration? Agents have already been threatened with punishment for immigration enforcement. With all the inbound, illegal traffic, with obama usurping Congressional authority and vetoing Congress' no vote to his "dream act" with unauthorized, executive order, how much worse can it get?

    You can't blame this so-called sequester.for open borders. Blame the guy that should be in charge but is out of control. This is a nonstarter. There's no change, except that there are some professional ICE and other immigration officials that will not be bullied and continue to do their jobs. Will these be the officers put on furlough? Probably!

  • http://twitter.com/picamerican picamerican

    Obama is a terrorist. He is one of the leaders.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.thomas.568294 Jeff Thomas

    the borders never were closed or secured...you're on your own folks unless you want to get off your fat cracks and march on DC and STAY there til the job is done

  • Charles_Higley

    Our Undocumented Worker-in-Chief's campaign to make the sequester hurt, specifically cutting to cause pain when it could be avoided, shows that he has no conscience. He is clearly a sociopath and more likely a psychopath since he wants to take everything we have. He is also a habitual liar, which is why he alters everything.

    But, he is also painfully arrogant, which is why he cannot resist foreshadowing his intent. Listen to what he says and then translate it to the opposite and you have his real meaning and intent. If he goes on about our fine heritage of loyalty to a free country, he is saying that he is seeking to create a country that is anything but free. He even syncopates the statement with "We have work to do," referring to the job of dismantling a free country of 300 million people and instituting a communist/totalitarian state. There is not even a communist party involved. He will be the dictator of a communist regime and his main effort will be oppressing the people. [communism is social-lism run by a gang]

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Billy-Whitfield/100002738915761 Billy Whitfield

    Obama is like a little child with some serious mental problems! He is nothing less than our most dangerous Domestic Terrorist and needs to be taken down like one!