Charlie Rangel Goes off the Liberal Plantation

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel was asked by MSNBC anchor and openly homosexual Thomas Roberts what he thought about the next Pope and the direction of the Catholic Church. Here was Rangel’s response:

“I hope they stick by their guns on same-sex marriage and telling a woman what she should do with her body.”

Wow! Where has Charlie been all these years? Let’s see if the Gaystapo go after him to force an apology out of him. It doesn’t take them long to hunt down anyone who utters a word against their so-called lifestyle choice.

Liberals will attack Rangel by saying that he’s old and senile. He doesn’t know what he’s saying. The man’s 83 years old. What do you expect?

It’s also possible that the media will not report on the story. They don’t like to see one of their own flee the liberal plantation. Thomas Roberts was caught off guard. He had no idea that Rangel, a liberal Democrat, would ever say such a thing.

No one has to join the Roman Catholic Church. If you don’t like the church’s positions on abortion and homosexuality, then don’t become a Roman Catholic. If you don’t like the rules regarding celibacy (which I think are unbiblical and against nature), then don’t become a priest.

I will take exception to Rangel on his abortion comment. The fight against abortion is not about telling a woman what she should do with her body. The point of the argument is that a pre-born baby is not part of a woman’s body. A pre-born baby is not like an appendix or a growth gone wild. A pre-born baby is just that – a baby.

In the same interview, Rangel took a swipe at capitalism and the free market. That’s what makes him the liberal he is. He will most likely be forgiven on the abortion and same-sex marriage faux pas but he redeemed himself by calling for more poverty through charitable and government subsidies that work to keep the poor in poverty.



  • Bob Coffey

    Most of his answer still sounds like liberal garbage.

  • Dan Allen

    He wants them to keep that stance because the Liberals have been painting Christian beliefs as "radical"....then Rangel and the rest will feel better about themselves and continue tearing America down.

    • Van Price

      He is closer to meeting his Maker

  • Tony Guthrie

    Another sad case. They all hurt blacks more than they have helped. Help him go away.

  • VanceJ

    Charlie must be running a fever .

  • JT1964

    Sounds like a sarcastic remark by Charlie. It would be hard for him to hold his seat if he were truly against abortion and the homosexual agenda. Read the statement again. "I hope that they stick to their guns on same sex marriage and telling women what they should do with their bodies." It seems to me that he is saying, "I hope that they continue as an organization that we can vilify." If he were truly saying that he was against killing unborn humans and was for traditional marriage, he would have stated it as such.

    • Screeminmeeme

      JT1964...That's sorta what I was thinking too.

      • jazzpast

        Thinking? You need a brain to think RINO JERK!

        • Kent2012

          another dildo, with dead batteries

        • jazzpast

          I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works.

        • Kent2012

          another dildo with corroded dead batteries......

  • Jeff Thomas

    theres alot of trash in our government that follow the talmud masquerading as christians...

  • jong

    To quote Ronald Reagan "we have fought poverty and poverty has won" Rangel like all liberals can not change their approach to a problem with new ideas that would be to much like a conservative

  • don

    you missed his message. he wants them to stick to their belifs because to him its makes them wrong. how was this missed?

  • Bob Belcher

    The only thing that keeps him out of prison is that is he BLACK .

  • glock3045auto

    Washington D.C. needs an enema to flush out all the crap that has been impacting it all these decades!

    • Ann Rand

      Well look out when it breaks .

      • glock3045auto

        LOL, that cracked me up, literally, Ann!

    • Kent2012

      jazzpast is ready with the equipment....

  • martha chandler

    He sounds conflicted?

  • Paul Thomas

    Has he now achived shear cropper statis on the plantation?

  • wildeagleone

    Good for you Charlie. It's about time you woke up and saw the errant direction Obama is taking tis nation in. Just remember Charli all the friends and aquaintances you saw die in Korea fighting for the freedoms of this country and what Obama is doing to it now.
    Semer Fi 1954

  • Uptite

    Liberals will attack him for only but speaking truth, no doubt ...leave age out of the equation~he may be older, but certainly sounds wiser!

  • gingercake5

    I think Rangel was using irony, ya know sarcasm. No liberal would say that someone else should tell women what to do with their bodies. That's been their sound byte for some time.

  • TAM44

    I have no respect for that piece of obama fecal matter charlie rangel or any body else in the demonctars political party what so ever.

  • MGL2012

    Tell Jesus Christ, True God and True Man who lived a celibate life that celibacy is "unbiblical and against nature."

    Tell St. Paul, an apostle who lived a celibate life– read 1 Cor 7:5-8– that celibacy is "unbiblical and against nature."

  • m7491

    WOW! How DARE Rangle suggest that the church should help poor people. That is exactly what "progressives" do NOT want because when more people depend on the church instead of government, that reduces the number of "progressive" voters who can be purchased with tax dollars.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    The others are old and senile.