Richard Dawkins Says a 'Fetus' is Less Human than an Adult Pig

I love it when an atheist like Richard Dawkins becomes more consistent with his unbelieving worldview. They set a trap for themselves, as Proverbs 28:10 makes clear:

He who leads the upright astray in an evil way
Will himself fall into his own pit,
But the blameless will inherit good.

Here’s what Richard Dawkins wrote in a Tweet:

“With respect to those meanings of ‘human’ that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig.”

I would go further by following through with the consistency of the atheistic worldview of Richard Dawkins by concluding that a “fetus,” an adult pig, and adult humans are morally inconsequential given atheistic assumptions.

There is no difference between a worm and a human because they’re made from the same stuff and there is nothing outside of their biological makeup that gives them ultimate meaning or ranks them according to moral superiority

How would a human argue with a Predator or an Alien in the long chain of evolutionary being? The Predator would hunt humans like we hunt wild pigs, deer, and squirrels, and the Aliens would use us as incubators for their young. Who's to say that they would be morally wrong to do these things?

If one of these alien species came to earth and found Richard Dawkins pontificating on “sody pop ... pigs and taters and one thing and another,”1  what rational and and moral defense would he use against their superior evolutionary eays? He wouldn’t have one.

In fact, they might quote back to him some of his own thoughts on the subject.

“How would you defend yourself from this often used quotation that we found among your primitive writings? Remember Mr. Dawkins, these are your words, and we are a part of the universe that evolved beyond you: ‘In the universe of blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, and other people are going to get lucky; and you won’t find any rhyme or reason to it, nor any justice. The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is at the bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good. Nothing but blind pitiless indifference. DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is, and we dance to its music.’”

Our DNA neither knows nor cares about you. So Mr. Richard Dawkins, start dancing!

  1. A line from the film Shane. []



  • Screeminmeeme

    Dawkins is so far afield of sanity that there's no hope of his return. No rational person could make these claims without someone running to get a straitjacket, yet he continues to garner the respect of the ''scientific community''.

    According to the atheist world view, shooting addled evolutionists like we do wild boars would be a perfectly acceptable and gratifying sport.

    • patriotusa2

      I couldn't agree more. The man's a perfect example of demonic possession!

      • EnemyoftheState

        No he is not possessed at all. He is simply guilty of one of the two worst sins, which are Pride and Fear. In Dawkins case it is Pride, the Pride of Lucifer. Pride of intellectual atheism leads to the unforgivable sin, which is the unwillingness to repent. But please PatriotUSA do not credit the principalities and agents of the Devil with his stupidity and ignorance because that would excuse him on the grounds of not being in control of his emotions or mind - he would be spiritually sick, morally unconscious by the actions of a third party. No, Dawkins is a fool blinded by the god of this world and yet........ there is still hope because anyone who is THAT confident in his own hubris will more than likely be calling upon the God in whom he does not believe.. If you want to help him, pray for him.

        • patriotusa2

          I think you totally are misinterpreting what I meant. The literal possession of anyone involves a lot more than just the characteristics of Dawkins, however, he is possessed in the sense that he professes the disorientation that only comes from the devil himself. We are all sinners to one degree or another, but anyone who continuously espouses the hatred for God and all He stands for is a lot more than just an atheist. He's been overtaken by the spirit of darkness which is what I meant by possession. The unforgivable sin, in my religion is not the unwillingness to repent, but consists of the unforgivable sin against the Holy Ghost which is the unbelief in the Son of God which came into this world through the Holy Ghost. Of course, this is just my opinion, it doesn't necessarily have to be yours.

        • EnemyoftheState

          My thanks for your clarification. I do not think Dawkins could logically hate that in which he does not believe. He may hate religion, or religious people but he has no knowledge of God and that which he had he has suppressed in unrighteousness. I think we are stuck on semantics and hope we share the same faith. Of course a man can not ask to be forgiven if he doesn't believe in God and clearly the Law has not been preached to him. That said, I would not wish to judge him as unsalvable - recall the question posed to The Lord by Peter "Who then CAN be saved?!" almost uttered in despair. Then remember Jesus answer ".....but with God..". Pax

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          IMO, there is neither man, nor beast, that can claim truly not to have knowledge of God. The knowledge of God was created inately within all nature; not just man. Atheist are not necessarily unbelievers; but rather choose to ignore God in their conscience; making them completely accountable for their rebellion, and or so-called "unbelief". "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven
          against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the
          truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,..." Romans 1:19-20 (NKJV)

        • EnemyoftheState

          Yes, he is without excuse and his conscience is truly seared as with a hot iron. But you can still pray for his salvation, can't you? Do you think God wants him to remain lost?

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          I do not believe he is beyond saving. I agree to pray for him. Many prayed for me, when I wasn't right; and are still praying for me LOL!

        • patriotusa2

          I have heard this man being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly and he hates the conception of a God whether he believes or not. His hatred lies in the fact that others believe in something that he considers nonsense and will show his hatred for the "CONCEPT" of a God that many others worship and trust. The only way this man could possibly be saved is if he miraculously started believing and was a born again Christian. Yes, with God anything is possible, but without belief in Christ as the Son of God, he cannot be saved.

        • EnemyoftheState

          Then as you have heard more of him that I have, I conclude the discussion by saying he has chosen the way of death and unless he has a Damascene conversion (which is hardly likely because Saul of Tarsus in contrast with Dawkins, actually thought he was doing God;s will) - he will perish. I suggest Dawkins belief is rooted in his utter refusal to submit to an higher authority.... and return to my original statement that he is full of pride.

        • Ncramblit

          No,enemyofthestate you are right, our Holy Father just said it, "God never tires of foregiving"- the doctrine of actual grace is real, our prayers can help bring to a blaze that spark of God's life(light) that yet remains in Mr. Dawkins and all people alive. Things can change in an instant, do pray for this man and for all those who hate, and deny our Savior..

        • 4PERCENTER

          That is not your opinion, that is what ‘thus saith The Lord’; all except the part about an ‘unwillingness to repent’. Seeing you need to repent and refusing, IS BLASPHEME of The Holy Ghost, and God said, that IS the only unforgivable sin! You cannot get to Jesus without repentance, that is yielding to The Holy Spirit’s conviction, and doing a 180. You cannot get to The Father without yielding to Jesus to Saving you, by confessing Faith that His Blood will cover ALL your sin, so The Father does not see your sin!

        • patriotusa2

          When it comes to religion - we could argue all day as we all have different beliefs. I did not mean that it was "my opinion exclusively, not by any means. Insofar as not wanting to repent is concerned, that displays an arrogance and hatred of God which understandably will not get anyone into paradise. Although you can not get to the Father but through the Son, the Father isn't the judge of the world, He has given that unto Jesus, and according to the Lord Himself it's going to take a lot more than just believing, but actually doing your best to follow Him. You cannot do whatever you like in this world and think that His sacrifice alone will save you. "Not everyone who cries Lord, Lord will be with me." I have read your activity file and can appreciate the fact that you have now found Christ, but that certainly doesn't give you the right to assume that your opinion/belief is far better than others as your comments indicate.

        • lfhpueblo

          Yep, the hardened heart is definitely seen in this man. Some cling to GOD when their lives have not turned out as they on a personal level would have wished, yet others turn their very bitter backs on GOD and look to somehow explain things that does not include GOD or free will to make their lives I guess more able to be sustainable because subconsciously they are still troubled by how things have turned out for themselves. Many people may look at them and see that these individuals lives are going along okay or even great via an outward appearance, yet inwards one wonders. I imagine these people had a great amount of turmoil emotionally or physically and didn't feel like they got from GOD what they felt they deserved. Yet, none of us deserve a single thing from GOD, instead GOD deserves something from us. They don't get that and I think that is where the hardening of the heart begins and where the down play of GOD begins in their lives. Then it becomes easy for them to deny GOD totally even though GOD is seen in every speck of creation and life, even Satan's existence. I agree at this point in his life he stands for a lot more than just an atheist as he is leading others into his concept of dealing with life via denying the existence of the trinity. Guess we need to pray that he has a change of heart, but if his heart is too hardened that he not be able to lead one more person astray.

        • patriotusa2

          Well said, my friend.

        • horseradish

          i don't care to help him

        • Ncramblit

          God cares that you don't care.

        • grannie

          There is a difference between being "possessed" and willfully, eagerly, serving as another "right arm" of satan.

        • EnemyoftheState

          But Dawkins doesn't believe in Satan. He is a useful idiot of Satan for sure but reflect on Screwtape in the Screwtape Letters - he Dawkins is a pawn. But it would be great were he to repent and be saved.

        • azrt1

          that is the catagory obama is in, willfully , eagerly serving evil. destruction and pain bring him joy.

        • Ncramblit

          hopefully you are praying for POTUS conversion also.

      • 4PERCENTER

        We are all demon possessed. However, some of us have bits in their mouths and Jesus holding the reins!

        • patriotusa2

          Sorry, but I'm not "demon possessed." I'm a sinner just like everyone else but certainly not to the degree that I am totally motivated by a diabolical spirit.


          The corrupted bloodline did survive the flood through Moses's son Ham's wife ,otherwise the Israelites would have never needed to war against the others in the promised land and to slay Giants to protect the bloodline of David and of the Son and our salvation ,and Jesus did whip the demons straight out of a man if I am not mistaken.
          The corrupted bloodline must have still existed even in the days of Jesus, and it may be fool hearted to assume it does not now with all the wickedness in the world, I tend to think that we are protected from that which may partially exist in some of or if not all to some degree and that your statement may be correct that if we strive to assimilate that which is our Salvation then it is either removed or powerless.
          I myself have felt the spirit move over me and cause 180 or remove pieces of that which does not belong . Physical sensation of removal accompanied by intuitive self prophecy of wellness.

      • Raymond - Jesus is Lord.

        How To Make a Ferrari?

        What exactly is the point of conflict between creation and evolution? Some say there is no conflict because they think God created by evolution. Others have never thought it through. In this article I want to clarify the point at which creation and evolution are in conflict.

        Evolutionists believe that a first living cell somehow popped up and reproduced, bringing to life other cells that were somewhat different from the first cell. They say that these gave life to other cells that had still greater differences, etc. Eventually people evolved.

        The Bible does not say that God created a single first cell, rather, that He created a number of different kinds of animals: birds, creatures of the sea, and land animals. The land animals are summed up in Genesis 1:24-25. I will use them as an example:

        “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”
        I want to call your attention to the words: “after his kind.” Had God just created a first kind, and left the origin of all the other kinds to evolution, He should have left out these words. Instead He included them; and not just once. From Genesis 1 verse 11 through verse 25, I find the words “after his kind,” six times, and “after their kind,” twice.

        Whether living things only reproduced according to their kinds, or also reproduced across kinds is the big point of conflict between evolution and creation. Evolutionists don’t believe that animals have reproduced only according to their kinds. They believe that a first single cell reproduced in enough ways to gradually give life to all the different kinds of plants and animals.

        The principle creation/evolution conflict is not as some believe: whether animals first came about by spontaneous generation or creation. Although this is an important point of conflict, evolution is not really about origin. It is a theory of what happened after the imagined origin of a first living cell. Evolutionists believe that accidental random changes, called mutations, happened to the DNA code causing plants, animals and us to evolve to our present condition.

        In essence evolutionists believe that mutations wrote the DNA code! Evolutionists often seem to assume that around half of the random changes would have been improvements and half would cause damage. They trust natural selection to weed out damaging changes.

        The DNA code, however, is not random but carefully and intelligently written. Therefore random changes of any significance tend to make it worse. Random changes in things that have been carefully planned by intelligent minds can hardly improve them!

        If you don’t agree, but believe that random mutations made all living things, put that concept to the test. Lean your bicycle against your car, put on a blindfold, pick up your sledge hammer, and start beating blindly on both car and bicycle. If it makes them into a new Ferrari and racing bicycle worth 5000 dollars, I was wrong, and I apologize.

        • patriotusa2

          Well said, Raymond.


          That was/is hilarious and full of common sense like many of your posts are and the question in relation to evolution that always comes to my mind is why isn't everything still randomly evolving ? When did who or what say OK ,that's enough no more of that ,evolution stops there or here! And here is another kicker , anyone who has read the book of Enoch ( Moses's great grandfather, first scribe and greatest prophet and only man shewn all of the Alpha and Omega ) is aware of the information which indicates that there are two DNA bloodlines,1. Adam & Eve , and 2. the corrupted one/seed of enmity/fallen ones/watchers/hybrid-human-Angels which mated with the daughters of man and produced the many Giants dug up all over the world and hid away in the Smithsonian and other places. The book of Enoch is referred to in the diluted perversed and manipulated King James in Jude ,the omission of it was a great injustice which was intentionally done upon the whole of Gods truth. Also the book of Enoch adds clarity to the entire King James and foretold of everything in the king James and even more because Enoch was taken to Heaven and shewn all things which in relation to this article, Foretold as well the identities of the Angels both good and evil and their powers and or transgressions as fallen ones ....One of the fallen Evil angels taught man the art of removing the seed of life from the womb, I have the name of this fallen one .....and the genetics physician will probably also be one of the corrupted people which proceeds with providing transhuman bodies for evil angels and demons to come forth as super heroes in our near future !
          What is pig like about a human heart which has a heartbeat at 45 days?
          If it has a heart and a heartbeat does it not have a soul ?
          I tend to think it does and,I am not alone Genetic scientists have done full evaluations of life and the embryonic stages and the ones who actually invented the ultrasound technology produced a video stating it was undeniably divine , and that it probably had a soul just shortly after the moment of conception, God is swift ,why would not his seed of life be.......?
          Enoch, additionally says the corruption of life shall be punished accordingly with the reward of the abyss which it deserves......King James leaves holes for critical contradictions of the floods purpose to preserve the bloodline of salvation and adds and gives understanding to why the Israelites had to war against the philistines and the others whose bloodline had been corrupted by others through the wife of Ham, son of Moses.

    • patriotusa2

      Oops, I forgot to give you a point for that comment.

      • Screeminmeeme


    • DrSique

      Yup, and Josef Mengele's experiments on humans should just be seen as the advancement of science. After all, weren't they just like pigs???

      • RedMeatState

        very similar to Barbara Boxer's comments about late term abortions being a "medical procedure". How ghoulish!!

        • janet

          Too bad Boxer's mother didn't have a "medical procedure". She can smile-her mom chose life

        • horseradish

          but what a nasty life she reproduced

        • Reflect

          Yep She produced a real pig!!


          Horseradish is one of Gods tastiest inventions I think it is great on almost everything!

        • 4PERCENTER

          It is a medical procedure. It takes a LOT of medicine to make a woman hold still while a man rips her baby out of her uterus one piece at a time, through her vagina, shuffles still moving pieces around on a table to make sure he has a full baby! Those other pieces are just uterine wall, or occasional pieces of the woman’s lower intestine!!! Those pieces usually indicate that woman is in the first stage of abortion herself!!!! Usually if a man ripped parts off a woman, and demanded money, he would be charged with attempted capitol murder, or assault with a deadly weapon, or first degree murder, or manslaughter, or two counts of murder, or first degree murder for the woman and manslaughter for the baby! …and we wonder how a child can shoot 20 children, when we stand by pokerfaced while we pay for frankensteins to kill 4,000 children per day in America, by dismemberment!!

        • Screeminmeeme

          4PERCENTER....Well said. The wholesale slaughter of the unborn continues under the leadership of Obama who declared war on them a long time ago.

          One child killed is one too many. 20 at the school was a travesty. The 54 +million slain on the altars of materialism and convenience is intolerable and an indictment against our Nation.


          Indictment for Judgment for sure if nothing more ! Certain that those who feed at the trough of life destruction will be swept into the abyss before hearing of petition!

        • RedMeatState

          and the Nazi's didn't torture and maim Jews, they were conducting scientific experiments!

    • auhunter

      Yeah, you can see how much value he puts on human life.

    • Doodlebug

      And to me it sounds like an adult pig is more human than he is! They used to say, it takes one to know one! What a dummicrat donkey, JA!

    • $15774159

      They have no value for a human life, until their own pathetic life is in jeopardy. They believe in abortion?. Too bad, their own parents did not abort him.

    • jong

      This of course is utter nonsense. Lets just take it at face value(which I dont). The fetus both resembles a human in development and can feel pain. It resembles little of a pig or most other animals. Of course I can not speak for Dawkins friends but, as it grows it is absolutely a being that will walk upon two feet with two hands a head etc. It seems that his friends walk on four legs with a large snout. Of course in this as in all things the sillier and more ridiculous even to a non believer their claims are the more it appears that they are grasping at straws. And for the record I do believe that a fetus is a human being at conception.

    • blaineiac

      Dawkins is in for one Hell (pun intended) of a surprise when he finds himself standing before the Living God!

      • janet

        and all those beautiful little angels that were aborted are watching his decent

      • Jeffrey Liggens

        How does the saying go? "If you live like there's no Hell, you'd better be right?"


        His abominated spirit will never reach that level of judgement in my belief ,God will just allow judgement by the Son before he reaches that privileged status if intercession by the other elect does not occur beforehand . God would never allow such an abomination to look upon him and to see truth he will most likely just have him swept into the permanent abyss the same as the 200 fallen which requested petition through Enoch and were told they would never be able to return and also one of whom was the fallen angel who taught Dawkins evil craft to man, all is in the book of Enoch which contains the Alpha and Omega of the spirit of man.

        • blaineiac

          You seem confused, I think; I wouldn’t give that much credence to the Apocryphal literature. Practically speaking, inferring from the KJV, Dawkins, should he die in Sin (that is, not having accepted in Faith by Grace the redemptive sacrifice by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus) he is already in death convicted. He will not be “judged” by Jesus, but will be resurrected to stand before God the Father at the “Great White Throne” Judgment at the end of the Millennium to hear his sentence, then be cast into the Lake of Fire with ALL other non-believers.


          Why do you believe that pre KJV scripture is w/o credence when it is referred to in the KJV from those relied on in the KJV as credible, would you also hold the Septuagint and the letter of Aristeas as lacking in credence also, on what basis do you believe a prophecy by the great grandfather of Moses ( Enoch ) unreliable ? When it gives the accounting of Moses birth also and of Methuselah ? and why would you believe that an abomination towards creation which has learned a craft taught to them by one of the 200 fallen and those who made their pact at Mt heron would be allowed to look upon the Glory of God ? Do you consider all pre KJV scripture unreliable ? The KJV came from the translated Septuagint, translated by Greeks for Egyptians from a copy of the Hebrew. But Ironically the Book of Enoch does not contradict them much at all, but adds more to of identities, the purpose of the flood to preserve the bloodline of salvation and destroy the corrupted bloodline and their offspring. I just think that just like the petition of the 200 hundred fallen was denied and sentenced passed upon them through Enoch and they were prevented from returning, that those who have done the work of the fallen by choice won't be granted hearing on their life petition also. There are many still with us that carry the DNA parasite of the fallen, I would think that those who do their work must be afflicted with this and they either carry not a spirit which can be moved to faith or they have already surrendered said for attainment of worldly things. What purpose is there in a provision to allow them to look upon the Glory of truth and salvation which they have already willingly refused and passed judgement unto themselves.
          What makes you think Glory and Truth of the almighty Holy will not honor their choice ? And give to them what they have chosen or inherited. What is it that I am confused over because I believe the prophecy of Enoch as Truth ? The whole of Truth comes to each in our own time and we each interpret it differently, but as the spirit moves us to. Enoch prophecied the whole of the Alpha & Omega of the spirit of man and described the Heaven and the Angels which guard it and do the Lords works as well the son of salvation and of the coming revealings, just in a different verbage , primitive as it may seem, He also prophecied that scripture would be perverted and manipulated. Do you place faith in the council of Naicea or in God to use those who he sees fit worthy and able ? If you trealy believe I posess some darkness in need of having light shed there upon , I will not be offended if you care to venture there. For I am A man who Faithfully prays for the Good Lord to show me the way and the Truth in all things and for his will to be done, I just believe some beings shall never have petition heard, and some abominations like the defilement of creation and the Lords seed of life shall never be entertained in petition for the same reason the petition of the fallen wasn't heard because they defiled all of his creations. Abortion is an abomination and defilement of the most Holiest of treasures the soul of a created Life before It had chance to be born in to the world.
          I am not an authority I have no degree in theism, I am and have been sincere in pursuing his Truth, Did Christ say his salvation would save every defilement which ever existed in time and before his time ? I know the Gospels say that he bore all the sins of the world upon him in the final half of his suffering ? To know the complete answers one must question.......... of the world in what respect, even of things which are not actually of this world but brought into this world from another dimension also ?
          I welcome the consideration and the expansion of my enlightenment if it be the Lords will.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Sadly the POS WE call POTUS will agree with Dawkins so you know any TRUE believer is in their sights !!

    • 7papa7

      This coming from a group who bows at the alter of science. A baby at 20 weeks more often than not can be saved if they must be delivered. This is a much younger age than 50 years ago. Who knows that it may be possible to survive out of the womb at conception in the future. Life begins at conception or their would be no growth. At conception it is also a human based on its DNA, it can be nothing else. It won't be a cow or a pig or a chimp or anything beyond a human being. Actually a fetal pig is more advanced than an atheist. They are trainable and can learn whereas an atheist isn't able to. People like Dawkins are total 100% non thinking idiots. They have an IQ right there with a box of rocks or lower. They obviously have no ability to reason only mimic. The good think about idiots like Dawkins is that it reaffirms that what we believe, not that there is any doubt, is right because what he says is so stupid.

    • Dana Stevens

      Ad hominems are not an effect argument method. A fetus is not an actual being, where as an adult pig is. That was his only point, which you missed because all your interested in is maintain your own orthodoxy at the expense of rationality.

      • grannie

        A fetus has a beating heart by the day 40 into the pregnancy. Just about the time the mother is saying, ummm, maybe I need to check this out. That is medical fact, but maybe you consider that irrational too? Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee..." This means that fetus has a soul. That fetus is much more than a bloody clump of unrecognizable cells.


          Thank you so much for clarifying that for me , I was uncertain which scripture applied best to the issue , all doubt removed great job! The seed of life from our great and glorious creator should be respected in every way! It is our ultimate treasure which the secular humanists place no value thereon!

      • Screeminmeeme

        Dana Stevens.....A fetus IS an actual human being. His DNA proves it. That you don't see that puts you soundly in the Dawkin's camp. THIS is his view of the world:

        ‘In the universe of BLIND physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, and other people are going to get lucky; and you won’t find any rhyme or reason to it, nor any justice. The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if
        there is at the bottom, NO DESIGN, NO PURPOSE, NO EVIL and NO GOOD. NOTHING BUT BLIND PITILESS INDIFFERENCE. DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is, and we dance to its music.’”

        My point was that shooting Dawkins or a pig are equally inconsequential acts since the deed can neither be assigned as ''good'' or ''evil''. If you are an atheist, then raising your hackles at my comment is a waste of time since you have NO MORALLY OBJECTIVE FOUNDATION to criticize me or anyone else on the blog. If you are not an atheist, then you missed my point.


        The expense of your rationality could very well be the destruction of your own spirit, but it is yours ,so none of mine, except for the effect of that collective consciousness upon society in which my families live and the abominations they are forced to contribute to unconstitutionally and unwillingly without effective representation because of the illnesses of secular ideologies.


      This is the mind of a person that was so starved for attention, now that he has it, he will do or say ANYTHING to maintain the spotlight. Basking in the applause as ‘the greatest atheist in the world’, his bubble pops when the Truth proves otherwise. He cannot prove there is no God, and he cannot prove there is. He is not atheist, but agnostic by default, so now his needle is reading zero! The more he talks, the more he paints himself into a corner, soon to realize, the universe IS finite, and then there has to be something (Someone) outside the corner! Mr. Dawkins is not a non-believer. Humans believe what they see, and the evidence of God is overwhelming. The Truth is Light, The Light is shining in his eyes, but he refuses to acknowledge that he sees The Light! Just like a child in psycho care, the more they talk about it and see that the counselor can be trusted, the more they open up, get it out, and start the journey of healing! Mr. Dawkins was used and abused, abused, and used, over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. He is sure there is no god, because God did not deliver him from that hell. He cannot believe in absolutes, so he cannot be ABSOLUTELY sure there is no God! Now that a window of belief is open, Pray that The Holy Spirit will convict him to open that window wider everyday! Soon, Mr. Dawkins will be Preaching The Gospel, I Pray, before his last breath!!!! Also, Mr. Dawkins, believes in evolution. When he was in the womb, he had less morals than an adult pig. How did he evolve to moral superiority in less than 80 years? ??????? Looks like evolution is debunked again…and ALL THIS didn’t take billions and billions of year, so it would take no less than GOD to create it! Checkmate Mr. Dawkins!

    • Raymond - Jesus is Lord.

      Humanists, Atheists Demanding More Privileges

      Today’s drive for “tolerance” and multiculturalism has created some strange scenarios. Major Ray Bradley has applied to be recognized as the first humanist “distinctive faith group leader” in the U.S. Army. Currently, the service only recognizes “atheist” as a category that Bradley can have inscribed on his dog tags.

      He objects to this designation as too negative: “Humanism is a philosophy that guides a person. It’s more than just a stamp of what you’re not.” When Bradley enlisted in 1986, the only designation available was: “No Religious preference.” His present effort is supported by the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF). Besides “humanist,” they want to see “spiritual but not religious” added to the official designations available in the Army’s official records.

      The MAAF is also responsible for getting Bibles removed from the Air Force list of items provided in approved lodging facilities, and the word, “God” from the logo of its Rapid Capabilities office. One threatening letter from the MAAF was all it took.

      In Dallas, The American Humanist Association (AHA) took a page out of the homosexual playbook and accused a theater of violating the federal Civil Rights Act by refusing to show an advertisement from a local atheist group.

      These efforts are just part of a growing trend by militant anti-religion activists to speak up for more recognition. Over the last few years, billboards, bus placards and even public demonstrations promoting “disbelief” have made news.

      According to the most recent American Religious Identification Survey, approximately 30 million people in the United States identify themselves as atheist, humanist, freethinker or agnostic.

      But humanism is more central to mankind’s basic rebellion against his Creator. As Bradley points out, humanism is a philosophy that guides people, not just a declaration of no confidence in the existence of a Creator.

      In fact, Satan’s lie to Eve that she could “be as gods,” was the start of Bradley’s philosophy of humanism which elevates mankind to the supreme position in the universe.

      The full blossoming of humanism began about the same time as the Reformation. Under the thumb of the popes during the dark ages, ignorance and superstition reigned in the culture. Without available books, few could read.

      Gutenberg’s printing press (and the wonderful chemists who invented cheap paper) broke that barrier. Within 50 years, 10 million books were available; especially the Bible.

      But when you read the Bible, you have to make a choice: submit to your Creator —or reject Him. Two streams of modern history were born at that point: the Reformation and the Secular streams.

      Biblical doctrine guided the Reformation, which transformed western culture into the most prosperous, free society yet. Birth pangs in Northern Europe and Great Britain birthed the United States of America, dedicated to living in accord with a biblical path.

      But the humanists in Europe, who fostered the bloody French Revolution, were busy planting seeds of their “philosophy” in America. Harvard, Yale, and Columbia were founded as pastor training schools. Now they are fountainheads of godlessness which flows all the way down to our kindergartens.

      Humanism seeks to establish heaven on earth by evolution’s natural selection, technology’s grand discoveries, psychology’s personality enhancements, and search for cosmic enlightenment. Biblical prophecy shows that their dream will never happen; that only Jesus’ return can redeem the creation from the pollution of human arrogance.


        Excellent! excellent,......written in excellence and perfection full of history and knowledge and surely written by a guided hand ! Amen and God Bless all that lay eyes thereon! They rebel in the very same as the 200 fallen whose petition the Great and Glorious Lord would not even hear, before he pronounced sentence and swept them into Abyss and ordered the destruction of their offspring!

    • Elton Robb

      The "scientific community" is a religious community.

    • Kent2012

      we opening a new office in Oklahoma where "tags" can be purchased (cheaply) to hunt them as well as any communists and sheet heads found roving in the "land of the free".....


        Can I pick those up when I renew my automobile registration or do I have to go to the wildlife conservation office , since they believe all human life is just animal and pig specifically will it fall under the category of wild boars guidelines ? or are you issuing any specific regulations with those ? Will they be available at Walmart that would be convenient. ? Oh I almost forgot to ask if there will be an extended season or not ?

        • Kent2012

          Not sure, Wally world would be convenient. I feel that following the wild boar guides would keep the costs of publication at a minimum, in fact a simple one page flyer showing the reference to the boar section would be need to reprint all those state publications.......have a great hunt !!

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Fortunately he died recently! The world and human fetus' are far better off without him "pontificating" on our value!

      • Henry Martin

        Actually, Sandra, Dawkins is alive. Perhaps you are thinking of Christopher Hitchens, atheist author and speaker who died in 2011.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          You sure about that? I saw an article about 10-14 days ago about death, posted by a friend on Facebook.

  • M. Simon

    Well that is roughly the Jewish view although not put so crudely. The Jews also favor Medical Cannabis:

    Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn

    Endocannabinoids A Video

    There are more cannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.

    The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer.

    • M. Simon

      Anything inside the mother's body is her property until it emerges is the Jewish view. Any other view risks making females the property of the state to be watched lest they destroy the state's property.

      • Garl Boyd Latham


        That may be true according to "the Jewish view," but it isn't true according to the Jewish (Hebrew) Bible (a.k.a. the Old Testament):

        Scripture plainly tells us that the earth and everything associated with it belongs to God and God alone (Psalm 24:1).

        How eternally sad it is that, to so many people today (by no means only Jews), their own law and tradition trumps God's law!

        "Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God."

        Romans 10:1-3

        Garl B. Latham

        • M. Simon

          Evidently you haven't studied the Jewish law on the matter. I have. Under Rabbi Groner, a member of the Chicago Bet Din. BTW abortion was a well known subject at the time of Jesus considering the Greek influence in Israel. Perhaps the reason Jesus made no mention of the subject is that he was content with the Jewish law on the matter. Supposedly he was an expert on the law. And the law re:birth has been in effect for a long time. You can read about it in the Talmud.

          It really is unfortunate that most Christians today are ignorant of Jewish law. It was not always so. There was a time when you couldn't be considered a Bible scholar unless you knew Hebrew - among other languages.

          In fact current Jewish Law (Orthodox) REQUIRES abortion if carrying to term would adversely affect the woman's mental health. Also in the Talmud. But I do not object to your view as long as you do not use the state to impose it on me and mine. I'm against vagina police.

          And FYI the first mate and I raised 4 children. We didn't need a law. And considering Americans are becoming more secular I doubt you will ever get a law passed.

          Now if you want to undo some laws I can help.

          There are more cannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.

          The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer.

          Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept - heal the sick.

        • Garl Boyd Latham

          I understand that, in a very real sense, we're already talking past each other. Still, you've been kind enough to reply and I'd like to do the same - hopefully in a similar spirit.

          As I see it, the original discussion had nothing to do with any man-made laws, per se. Instead, it revolved around "morality."

          If someone was to ask if medical abortion-on-demand was morally right, the logical answer would not be that the United States considers it to be both legal and a woman's choice! In fact, the answer would have nothing to do with ANY of the laws created by human beings - even those well-versed in the various traditions of a given culture (such as the teachers who gave rise to the Talmud).

          There is a profound difference between God's word and the various words of men! That's what I had in mind when I said there were things which "may be true according to 'the Jewish view,' but [not] true according to the Jewish (Hebrew) Bible (a.k.a. the Old Testament)."

          I claim no scholarship, whatsoever; still, I've read quite a bit of the Talmudic literature, including the Mishnah. I greatly respect the Jewish people and their shared history. Having said that, I've never visited with a Rabbi (or any observant Jew) who claims the Hebrew Bible is of any greater importance that the numerous written and oral traditions developed by the great Jewish minds of the past. In fact, I have been told on a number of occasions (by those from Conservative and Reform backgrounds) that one can simultaneously be both a faithful Jew and an _atheist_!

          Perhaps similar to the sadness you feel regarding the ignorance most Christians have regarding Jewish law is the sadness I feel knowing the ignorance many Jews have of scripture! And, for the sake of emphasis, I'm talking about those who are genuine, personal friends and observant of regulations concerning Shabbat, Kashrut, High Holy Days, etc.

          Regarding Jesus' opinion of Jewish law, I offer what is recorded in Matthew 15:1-9 (cf.: Isaiah 29:13-14; Mark 7:5-13):

          "Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying, 'Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread.'

          "But he answered and said unto them, 'Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death. But ye say, Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother, It is a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.

          "Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias [Isaiah] prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.'"

          My sincere best wishes,

        • M. Simon

          Well there are two questions: on the moral matter I'm with you. Except for the preservation of the life of the mother or her mental health. Thus abortion for rape or incest are not violations of my moral code.

          On the legal matter of laws I'm against nationalizing the vaginas of America and turning every miscarriage into a murder investigation. The State already has too much power.

          BTW Jesus is not exactly being consistent. If dishonoring your parents is a death offense (it still is in Islam - honor killings) then how much more so is adultery?

          And yet we think honor killings are barbarous. The same for stoning for adultery. Also practiced by Islam.

          I side with the Jesus who says that all the laws are not eternal.

          I do think that what I call "Old Testament Christians" have gone horribly wrong. Man IMO is co-equal with God. We should act like it. And we should defy Him if He is wrong. Well there are dangers in that. But there are dangers in everything. We should accept those dangers and not shirk from them. We should not go back to honor killings, death for adultery, or slavery. Or a whole host of other practices mandated or allowed by the Torah.

          The Jews (and Jesus) came to this conclusion 2,000 years ago. More or less. The Jews getting it more completely after the destruction of the Second Temple. And yet we have the "Old Testament Christians" among us. It is a wonder.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Garl Boyd Latham...Amen.

      • 4PERCENTER

        Not her property, part of her; her responsibility; check your Hebrew translation.

        • M. Simon

          I got taught the law by Rabbi Groner from the Chicago Bet Din. It is not a matter of translation. It is a matter of reading the Talmud. Try it some time. Even in translation.

          Where modern Christians go wrong is that they think the Bible is the be all and end all. Forgetting the case law.

          The adult human is the primary concern until the head (or half the body in case of a breech birth) emerges from the mother. "Property" is a crude way of putting that. In addition if the health of the mother or the mental health of the mother is an issue - abortion is REQUIRED.

          In addition if a baby is killed in the womb by an altercation it is not murder under Jewish law. More like the breaking of an arm in terms of restitution. Jewish justice is restorative justice. Generally.

        • 4PERCENTER

          I got taught the law by The Holy Spirit from Heaven. He translates God’s Word for me, because man cannot translate God’s Word in his own power. That is where Jew ‘go wrong’. The Bible is therefore the only Book that translate Himself. Modern Christians, like early Christians Worship God as the COMPLETE AUTHORITY. That is not going ‘wrong’. At the very essence of Judaism is the incomplete acceptance of God. The laws of the Jew were made by the Jew. God’s law is given by God. The Bible is God’s Word. I don’t know your definition of ‘be all and end all’. I do know The Bible is infallible , inerrant, and complete. No more is required for the completion of God’s Will for man, period. God’s nature is revealed in The Bible; that all human life is precious, and no one is more precious or less precious in His sight. Man adds or subtracts from God’s nature to fit his own desires. God said if man adds or subtracts from His Word, he will be cursed. ABORTION IS A CURSE! It is Spiritually, morally, and scientifically impossible to prove otherwise.

        • M. Simon

          You really ought to read the Talmud to understand the law during the time of Jesus. The law as I explained it was in force at that time. Jesus was likely satisfied with it because he makes no mention of it. I'm thinking he would have mentioned something as important as unpunished murder. And according to what I have read Jesus was well educated in the Jewish law of he time.

          There was a time when you couldn't be a Bible scholar without the knowledge of Hebrew and the condition of Jewish law at the time of Jesus through the study of Talmud. But we live in a debased age.

          And of course if you wish to remain ignorant nothing can stop you.


          There are more endocannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.

          Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept - heal the sick.

        • 4PERCENTER

          I respectfully understand your suggestion. I know of the laws during the time of Jesus. I’m not interested in studying 613 irrelevant laws, or Greek mythology, or the breeding habits of the Antarctic ice flee. So yes, of much trivia, I choose to be ignorant. Your definition of “Bible scholar” eludes me. I have been studying The Bible since I was 5; a long time before you were probably born. I don’t know of any Seminary that “requires” the study of a Talmud. It sounds more like a agnostic thing, not the Gospel. The law will not make the world any less debased. If it could, we would not be in this mess. The Gospel Saves souls, one at a time; always has, always will until Jesus comes back! None of them have any bearing on Redemption, Salvation, and Eternal Life in the Presence of God. See, I know Jesus came and Fulfilled the law. We who have accepted His Fulfillment, are no longer under the law, but under Grace. Grace extends the law so much farther, that Grace proves to man that he cannot fulfill the law. The law may say you can murder a baby if its geographical location is in a woman’s womb, but Grace said if you even think on plans to murder, you have committed murder already! Therefore, man cannot enter into Eternal Life with God, under his own power. Only one man lived without sin, JESUS. Jews will not confess to that, because even the best of Pharisees (and Rabbis) have fallen at least once. It only takes one sin to keep man out of Heaven. Jesus’ life was so pure, even islam says Jesus was the only man that never sinned, yet Jews will not acknowledge The Truth. Sadly, Jews are so arrogant as to claim that they are responsible for Jesus’ death on the cross, and islam will not acknowledge that He was even crucified. I state that is ‘arrogant’, because the same God they claim to believe in said, “Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; HE has put Him to grief: when you shall make His soul an offering for sin, HE shall see HIS Offspring, HE shall prolong His days, and the will of the LORD shall prosper in His hand.” - Is 53:10. You stated, “Jesus was “likely” satisfied with it because he makes no mention of it.” If Jesus was satisfied with the law, he would not have come to Fulfill it, so His whole life is proof He was not satisfied with the feeble laws of man. He cursed the nations that have the blood of their children on their hands, or did you miss that part? See, God’s law is not about how to live. His law is about how to die! This time on earth is a vapor, a blip, in our existence, since we existed first in the mind of God. Think of it like a diving board. How you walk to the end doesn’t matter. When you leave that board you are in God’s hands (The Air of The Holy Spirit). You die (go under the water). You are raised to Newness of Live (you surface to One Judge). He says, “…Well done, good and faithful slave…enter into the joy of your master.” God is timeless, and He made man in His image. Therefore we are timeless eternal creatures, but the only thing that matters is, where will we spend Eternity? The ‘end all’ is, “Who is Jesus?” He is either liar, lunatic, or LORD. Prophecy proves He is not a liar. Passion (The Love He demonstrated on the cross) proves He is not a lunatic. Perfection proves He is God (ELOHIM) YHWH, because no one can be perfect but God! If there were no other book on earth, The Bible would be enough. Every cult has ‘another book’. They all mimick The Bible. None of them even come close. You have to be God to match God. Judaism is a religion (the -ism is a dead giveaway). Christianity is not - it is a relationship (the lack of -ism). If you think Jews (Rabbis) are so right, why are they coming to Jesus by the tens, hundreds, and thousands? Check the daily increase happening in the middle east. Even islamist, even imams are coming to Jesus and going to Christian Worship, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!! Messianic Jews are one of the fastest growing Body of Believers in the Christian Faith! The paradox is, The Gospel flourishes under persecution, like fertilizer for vineyards, the olive groves, or the stand of cedars of Lebanon! The lost are coming to Jesus most, where satan exacts the most pain to do so. Thank God he is bringing more pain to America! We recently saw more death and destruction that at any time in His-story. We are about to see double, triple, quadruple those records. Many will surrender to God, and accept the Salvation of Jesus Christ…many more will curse God as they die, because He is not the God of their creation!

        • M. Simon

          Bible Scholar Used to not just include the Bible but also the culture of Israel in Biblical times. Which would mean not just the 613 laws in the Torah but also the common law. The Talmud. The common law had quite a bit to say about abortion. Jesus made no mention of it. The Dog That Didn't Bark.

          Well I'm never going to heaven. As usually described. I prefer places of torment and strife. Which makes me right at home here on Earth for as long as I last.

          For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept - heal the sick.

        • 4PERCENTER

          Most “Bible Scholars” are simply modern-day Pharisees. Studying the culture is good for understanding a foreign language, but I can read The Bible in English, and I understand it perfectly, by the power of The Holy Spirit. Anyone that has to be told that murdering babies in the womb is a sin…well let’s just say that if God Himself opened the curtain of Heaven and looked them in the face and said, ABORTION IS A SIN, they would not believe. Jesus did not die for all of us, He died for each of us, because if you were the only person on earth, He came to die for you! His Love gives us the freedom to accept our personal invitation into Eternity with Him, or not. So until you take your last breath, there is still Hope for you. Strange that you would curse Heaven and then post a Bible quote that has nothing to do with the subject matter of the post… There are enough people sitting on their rear, sustained by the work of others (the 20/80 rule will become the 5/95 rule). Weed is just another tool for satan to tear man down. There is nothing wrong with weed intrinsically, but smoking it is abuse. Weed was a cash crop in the days that rope was the “fuel” of all the world’s navies. Six varieties are not worth smoking and yield mostly cellulose (hemp). One is in between and one is not much good for anything but getting loaded. It speaks to the depravity of man that he is quite skilled at finding a way to abuse everything on earth… Watch the productivity per capita drop in the states that legalize weed. You are hypocritical in the fact that ALL vegetable smoke is carcinogenic (cancer causing, in case you didn’t know). Weed is in the top echelon of that category, due to the high tar content. So again I say, keep your religion. Only The Way will lead one to Heaven. NOTHING ELSE matters. “

          For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” - Matt 16:26.

        • M. Simon

          If abortion is such a sin explain why Jesus who was conversant with the law never mentioned it? The usual answer I get is "they didn't know" which is obviously false. Read the law. They knew. In detail. Of course not as much detail as we have now. But sufficient.

          Now as I said. I have no problem with your personal revelation. The problem I have is if you try to Federalize it. I oppose that.

          There are more endocannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type. The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer. Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept - heal the sick.

          Well THC is a cancer cure according to the NIH.

          The NIH has lots of other studies on the subject. Thousands. It might be wise to educate yourself.

          And note: switching people who want to get high from alcohol to cannabis lowers traffic fatalities. Seems like protecting innocent bystanders might be a good idea.

          Don't like smoking pot? Don't. Stop enriching criminals by making black markets.


          You know that as this information about cannabis gets more widely known it will further destroy Christianity in America. I have no idea why Christians would want to do that. But they are doing it. Maybe the Devil is really in charge of the Church. I think there were warnings about that come the end times. You might want to be careful about where your faith leads you. It may not be the Holy Spirit you are following at all. Check your results. One good check is - "more criminals or fewer?"

          Doubt is way more useful in matters of religion than certainty.

          And look at the central issue - did Jesus say "pass laws" or did he say "change hearts" ? You might want to follow Him in the matter.


          Why not curse heaven? My religion says I will get forgiven of that. What matters is do I bless men? If not I have to make it right. ASAP. And cannabis is a blessing. Which is why I promote it. As does my former Rabbi.

          In fact Jews in general and Reforms in particular support medical cannabis. You might want to look up the work of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

          Productivity per capita? Where do you get your information? From the Prohibition Press?




          People like you give Christianity a bad name. You have faith. Good. But you don't check it against real world results. Well If I wanted to destroy Christianity I couldn't do a better job than the Christians themselves are doing.


          All vegetable smoke is carcinogenic? Are you for real? Have you studied the literature?


          It is obvious that marijuana makes YOU stupid. And you don't even use it. It is a MIRACLE. Praise Jesus!

        • M. Simon

          What happens to the Church when it gets associated with Crimes Against Humanity?

          Well it becomes way more toxic than pot smoke I'll tell you that.

          I'm doing my best to make that connection between prohibitionists and crimes against humanity. So where do the Prohibitionists live these days? Mostly. On the Christian Right.

          Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept - heal the sick.

          What would I do if I was you? Start learning everything you can and try to change the hearts of your brothers and sisters. Before it is too late.

        • M. Simon

          I might add that American abortion law roughly corresponds to Jewish law at the time of Jesus. I'm no fan of abortion. But neither am I a fan of the nationalization of the vaginas of America. Obviously the Progressive Right is of a different opinion.

          If you look at the history of the Right in America what the Right favors today bears no relation to the Republican Party of 1900. More interestingly at the time of Lincoln the Republican Party was the Party of "free thinkers". You can look it up. Or remain ignorant.

          Even more interesting is that abortion absolutism was once strictly the province of Catholics.

          BTW before the Progressives of the Right and the Left got to work on subverting the Constitution there was very little Federal criminal law. We now have hundreds of thousands of pages of it. Not to mention all the administrative law generated by the various alphabet agencies. None of which is authorized by the Constitution.

          Ah. Well. The Right wants socialism just as badly as the Left does. Just a different brand of it.


      One Rabbi do not the Jews make...

      • M. Simon

        Well I am sure you are not a Jew. The Reforms did a year of outreach in 2003 on Medical Cannabis. It is official Reform Policy. Now there is no center for Orthodox Jews. But I did a post on that: Jews Are Going To Pot. And Veterans PTSD Treatment Currently Inadequate.

        The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer.

        Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept - heal the sick.

        Endocannabinoids A Video

        There are more cannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.

        So not only don't you know Jews - glad to help. You also don't know physiology - glad to help.

      • M. Simon

        And assuming you want to learn more science here is something from the NIH on cancer with my commentary:

        Endocannabinoids And Cancer - NIH Publication

  • mikeledo

    His is misquoted, What he said was "Tea Party members are less human than any pig."

    • Pamela Dunn

      What he was REALLY talking about was YOU jerk.

      • mikeledo

        Thanks for the near clever response.

    • William E Ramer

      Same level of sanity.Mike, O

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    For those who worship at the altar of Dawkins' vaunted IQ and intellect, your faith is misplaced. There is no question that his IQ is off the charts but I submit that his intellect is as suspect as his character is flawed. He is another intellectually gifted if not misguided, person who thinks that reason and science can explain everything on earth and in life. Some things still require an act of faith to believe and in that respect, Dawkins is totally lacking.

    • bodica

      IQ off what charts? Just an ambitious, no talent rodent without logic, sense or sensibility!
      Same intellectual level as the non 'Professor of Constitutional Law' currently destroying our nation from within. A farce and testimony to the power of marketing!

    • sandman

      this realy shows the difference between inteligent, and stupid! over educated, and illinformed!

      • rich_bown

        Is there such a thing as over educated?

        • sandman

          What happens when you put 5lbs. of $hit, in a 4lbs. bag? and this means just about everyone in any ivy league school, or any of the other "higher" lerning centers in the world! there are a few good ones, but none with a left wing bias! the times when Gen. Patton and that generation has pasted into history, and with it the glory days of said schools! frpom what I have been told, Gen. Patton went to an ivy league school! But mostly it is anyone who thinks they know everything! and there seems to be a very big # of them in those schools! they know everything?

        • rich_bown

          Your obvious contempt for education is very disappointing. Education does not mean indoctrination (the usual religious tool) but to think critically when something is taught in hopes of improving knowledge of it. Education is the antidote to superstition, and your analogy to a bag of $hit is laughable. Religion thinks it knows everything, science knows it does not.

        • sandman

          sorry to hear that,but it is your way of thinking that has brought us to this mess to begin with! people, thinking they know better! than thousands of yrs of knowlege, and traditions! what is so wrong with them? you seem to know all the answers? all science has done is bring us to atomic energy and alll the horrors that go with that, when humans that do not believe in what is right and wrong! I could go on th a long time, but I have neither the time, or want to. Science does not know all the answers! and it is junk science that has brought corruption and greed to raid everything from regular folks, just tring to get by, peopel like al gore, the biggest hypocrite of them all, and all his friends, he is the perfect example of someone that is over educated.

        • rich_bown

          So we agree on science knowing it does not everything! But to say its only given us the atomic bomb is naive and ignorant. Thanks to medical science you can expect to live twice as long as your great great grandfather. Twice as long to love your friends and family, twice as long to help your fellow human beings, twice as long to appreciate the beauty of nature, art and music. If you get sick you'll be going to see a priest rather than a doctor then? Your reply is inaccurate, rambling and incoherent. Perhaps you need some further education, if not a good dictionary?

        • sandman

          You hit the nail, right on the head! the "education" I recieved was from some public school that believed I should know about Johns 2 dads, and not what I should have been taught! and as far as a dictionary, I do have one, but chose not to use it, ok? I still stick by what I have said about some of these educated types, that think they know it all and what is right and wrong! but smoewhere along the line it has gottin twisted and bent so out of shape, you can not tell what is up or down right of wrong, unless you have been raised by a loving Mother, and Father, or one or the other, and all this crap being "taught" to the youth no a days is just plain wrong! they do not even teach Civics in public schools now, and all the istory book have been re-writen by those you talk about! and as far as Medical science, I have the utmost respect for that field of science! as you can tell right away if it works or not, not some hypotheses, of ideas, that can not be proven to a final point! like global warming, it is being used as an agenda for something, and that is making $$$, of course the Earth is getting warmer, butu actualy some scintest say it has not, or has by such a small amount, and then there are those that say it is so bad, but when there "science" is looked at more deeply, all there sensors are placed in hot spots, (parking lots, or not in the correct place) so of course the info that they get will tell them what? and they use that for what? make $$$$ like your friend algoore, junk science, and the worst thing about it is, you have folks like myself, who have been taken for what? is it any wonder I feel like I do, I can read, very well, and have ben for some time now, I remember when those "scientist" were telling us, we were heading to another ice age! I am suer you can remember that? and for what? junk science, I have a very hard tie beliveing anythig they say now, with the exception of the medical field and enginering field, where they deal with absolutes, and possitive answers, not hypotheses!

        • rich_bown

          But without testable hypothesis we couldn't get to scientific theories, the "absolutes and possitives answers". Once apon a time gravity was a hypothesis, and now it's fact. That's the way science works!

        • sandman

          I would have used the world being flat, that would be a better example, all they did with gravity, is give it a name.

        • rich_bown

          Actually it's a fallacy to think that before Columbus people thought the
          world was flat. Even in 'Biblical days' there was a strong belief in a
          spherical earth. The fallacy derives from the ideas that people have
          adopted from Genesis - which are allegorical both in description and
          theology - that heaven is 'up there' whereas we are on a 'flat' earth -
          despite the idea of a flat earth not mentioned at all in Genesis - or
          even anywhere in the Bible for that matter.

          In fact, ancient
          Greeks knew that the earth was round. Eratosthenes (276-195BC) even
          calculated its circumference - and did it so accurately as to be just a
          few percent out of today's accurate figure. He also calculated the tilt
          in the earth's axis, invented the leap day, and some say even the
          distance between the earth and sun, centuries before Jeremiah Horrocks
          and Captain Cook did so by observing transits of Venus.

          His ideas were passed on throughout society so that most people of intelligence knew the spherical nature of the earth.

          The idea that Columbus traveled to America to 'prove' the earth was
          round is another fallacy. He did so, not to PROVE it was round, but,
          KNOWING it was round, sailed west to try to find a short cut to India.
          In those days the Suez canal did not exist and so any passage to India
          for trade in eastern goods, spices and so on, had to be done by passing
          round the Cape of Good Hope - treacherous waters for the small ships of
          that day. Therefore any short cut would be safer and quicker, and
          provide better trade profits.

          I love education!


          so how did the giants which have been dug up all over the world and all over the united states get here ? what does your education say about those , because scientific examination of their DNA proves they were from the corrupt bloodline of the 200 fallen , there chew on that one or in an educated manner apply your education to that one !
          Why ? because the Book of Enoch the very first scribe who was the only man to ever be taken to heaven and to lay his eyes on God was sent back to heaven with a petition that begged for mercy from the 200 fallen which was rejected and the sentence was destroy them all! and all of their offspring to preserve the bloodline of salvation!
          Enoch was given the complete Alpha and Omega of the spirit of man, if you don't know who he was by your education he was the great grandfather of Moses.
          his prophecy contained everything related in the King James and then some.....
          That is the very first scribe what does science say about him that he was a mystic who suffered psychosomatic phenomenah ?
          I Love the salvation of Christ!

        • rich_bown

          I what does science say? Without evidence, it's just another story, like father Christmas, the easter bunny or harry Potter.


          Ok, it's your spirit , none of my business have it your way , you believe knowledge sustains where I believe spiritual wisdom sustains and that argument is not one I presently have time to dedicate to, for I have been instructed to not cast pearls before swine.


          it is behind high security ,penalty of death fencing and guarded in Saudi Arabia WHY?
          the evidence exists the secular humanists and atheists never acknowledge the evidence , go to near Mt arat in turkey the ark measures out . The giant stones encapable of being lifted by any science known today Mt heron still unexplained, the GIANTS and their angel fathers EXPLAIN THIS! EVIDENCE! Why does the Jacob stone sit under the Queen of Englands crowning throne ? once you explain these away then we will entertain the easter bunny and other pagan concepts.

        • rich_bown

          If DNA tests proved that the myths of the bible were true, every christian church in the world would be proclaiming it. Wait, what's that I hear? Chirp, chirp, chirp, nope nothing but crickets. You are being sold a lie, a lie built on fear, and education and asking questions instead of blind obedience exposes the lie for what it is.


          The bible as you refer to it does not come from only Christians and Hebrews the giants were reported by every race on the earth in every continent , the sumarians were oldest civilization on earth their texts have been interpreted and they told repeatedly of the Gods from the heavens and the planetary system from which they believed they came and their 6k yr old recorded planetary system stone engravings shows planets not discovered by us until recent yrs , there was superior knowledge here than what we now posess over 6k ago so either they were aliens or Gods you choose, human knowledge is inferior to that which created us through DNA random evolution has been disproved, go out and put a blindfold on and beat your auto with a sledge hammer and see if it turns into a Ferrari because that is the same as what you are doing with your spirit.


          If you listen to the crickets long enough you may hear the still small voice of your creator inside you, instead of all the noise of human knowledge. Unless it is that your receiver is defective because your DNA of your ancestors were the defective strand that resulted from the first Alien visitors attempts.


          and nobody sold me a lie my life and faith are built on my own experiences and revelations , there is a spiritual realm of existence which can be made contact with and communicated with, and a greater spiritual entity which answers to said contact through spiritual wisdom obviously I have done and experienced that which you will most likely never imagine I don't care what the churches or religions do I have found the truth of my own self through seeking it and asking for it to be shown that is all that is necessary for me regardless of what anyone else has ever experienced or claimed to have experienced . My house is not built on a sand castle which someone else gave me the plans to construct it is built on my own faith from within and seeing the results of it.


          man you sure have everything backwards , Faith doesn't cause or is it built on fear ( DELUSIONAL ) Faith is built on trust and seeing the result of that trust , you can't even comprehend the concept in all your education , it is also not built on a lie it is built on asking the truth be shown to you of your own self and in all other things , and seeing the results of that request , you declare that you make fallible human knowledge your God instead of wisdom from life experience, instead of doing positive constructive things , you ask all the destructive questions to convince yourself of your blind obedience to destructive and fallible human knowledge, just keep doing everything backwards and you will keep getting the same backwards destructive results.

        • rich_bown

          No I agree Faith isn't built on anything, other than a will for something to be true. However the religion that peddles faith and the lie of everlasting life is built on fear, fear of death, loneliness, whatever primitive superstitions it can to get bums on seats. Funny how there are thousands of religions in the world, all promising everlasting life as long as you believe their truth on faith. And if you don't you're gonna burn for all eternity.
          You do seem to keep telling me what I believe here, do you honestly think I have no life experience, or that I don't do positive, constructive things? That being part of a loving family means nothing or gives no meaning to my life?
          "Knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education."
          "Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing, or a deity or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion. It may also be belief that is not based on proof."

          Knowledge is learned through life experience, faith is just believing something someone else says without being able to back it up.


          I wasn't taught by religion, I do not go to church ,nobody tells me where to seat my bum , I have no fear of death or hell, I have a respect for God because I requested his Truth and he has shewn it to me for myself and within myself. All religions have perverted his word and his truth for various reasons mostly power, $, and control. God, does not control, he gives freedom, he gives truth , he gives blessing and provision to those who respect his truth, I understand where you take issue with certain things and it is justified , I ask for his will for me to be done and shewn , I do accept certain representations of his word in scripture to be true, I do not believe all men or religions interpret them equally or for solely selfless motives, I apologize and extend amends to you for any assertions or critical assumptions you feel I made to you which are in err. I do err and I am only human and I have to acknowledge those shortcomings of spirit at times. God has proven his self through me in my spirit and my practice of faith, none of which was given to me by a church or a religion, religion is perverse misguided and weak, my faith in God has not been he speaks to me in all things of creation, even w/o proof of stories he shall always be true and real for me because of what he has done for me and promised to me and in all ways he hath revealed himself to me, my belief and faith turned my life 180 from what it was and removed destructive things from the inside of me and taught me healthy ways which I was powerless to take to heart without his guidance and protection. I hope in your own time you find the proof which you demand from him, It is not necessarily always something one person can share with another to a measure and depth that carries the necessary weight, I believe if you actually knew the origin of both spiritual wisdom and of human knowledge you might not feel as strongly as you do, but then again some people require different things than others, it is really not a judgement which I am empowered with the authority to make, I am presently learning also that not all people are born into this world with an uncompromised and pure spirit or with uncompromised DNA , this is linked to the Giants and also to the fallen ones, they defiled everything in creation, Scientifically there are those who have been found to posess altered DNA different things are believed about it also, but there does exist two distinctly numerically DNA stranded different bloodlines and one shows evidence of corruption and the other is whole, numerically the whole has 10 complete strands or spirals throughout it , the other has 10,but then has sections having only 9, research human gnome results, some believe it is a parasite and some believe it is from a corruption that occurred over 6k ago, some believe the corruption effects certain aspects of life and governments and scientists have invested great interest in this because they believe it is linked to the truth of our existence and our future. I do not know you and you may be a very good person I am neither implicating anything or suggesting deficiency in yourself and once again I issue amends if I have caused this for you or implied I have the authority to judge you. Best of luck in everything constructive to you.

        • Garl Boyd Latham

          Mr. Brown,

          It is incorrect to state that religious "faith [or 'Faith'] isn't built on anything, other than a will for something to be true." Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is based upon evidence.

          Garl B. Latham

        • rich_bown

          Faith is the maintaining of a held belief in spite of the complete lack of evidence, or the presence of contradictory evidence.
          Your reference of the bible (a book so heavily edited, rewritten and translated that any literal reading of it is statistically bound to be false) does constitute evidence anymore than J K Rolwings books prove evidence of Harry Potter!


          still waiting for the myth debunking of the EVIDENCE GIVEN


          ok, I'll go take sustenance while you work on the debunking of the evidence argueing with atheists always makes me hungry.

        • rich_bown

          What evidence have you presented, but more stories. Show me these dna test results and the scientific studies that have verified them. Give me some links to these works that if true would be being published in journals the world over. Show me your evidence, please, please, please show me! Looking forward to it. By the way I have never stated that I am or not an atheist. That's your own assumption.


          if you want them I can dig them up but I will have to finish dinner that I am cooking first , the video that was taken under threat of death of the Moses water rock can be searched out on youtube , giants and their burial mounds are searchable through google , the video of the water rock and the chariot wheels can also be found through the ark is also searchable as well as the newly uncovered city structure found in 2004 near Arat ......also search youtube for the book of Enoch and it shows stones that cant be moved by modern science laying right where they were abandoned the enoch videos on youtube have real photos of unearthed giants that aren't old , The book of Enoch predates the oldest Bible and therein he describes the separation of the continents which explains the giants being on all continents, search out burial mounds of giants some are serpent shaped, I can run these searches for you but it may be delayed by my personal schedule but they will post within 24 if you like not a prob .......after I have dinner, I can get to it........and will actually so that the next time I am told God is the easter bunny I can whip them out in a flash.

        • rich_bown

          No, no, show me the studies, the actual dna test results, and the independent reviews by others that verify the same claims. I've seen these videos before, show me the proof they are what they claim.


          and so you want provided with documents which would have to be taken from those that don't want you to see them anyhow , and you actually believe that these people would release such to be independently verified , ok, then you are either actually in the employ of Lucifer or just very naïve , either way you either don't understand the way the world works or you do and are not truthful. so thanks for not wasting my time providing you with things you believe you have already reviewed .......I don't have to convince myself or anyone it is only my spirit or those of my family that are jeopardized without faith, the prophecies declare that the righteous shall rise and take back that which is justly there's, so I already have a guarantee that all will be well eventually one way or another, they also say the persecutors like yourself will receive their due so , If you really believe that the slave master of this realm who owns the corporations and the $ is going to dump this stuff in your lap as you ask for it or allow their publishing companies to roll on the truth then you just don't get it, and most likely never will until its to late , and I think prophecy says you don't even get the chance to know truth then or have your petition of your life heard so , Either way you are a walking Zombie and as I said I have been instructed not to cast pearls before swine.
          And just in case you want to think I came to the truth by way of religion you would be soarly and severely mistaken I walked a bad path of sin to get to where I am today and my salvation came from seeking the truth of myself . best of luck to you!

        • rich_bown

          So what you claim as proof hasn't been scrutinised at all then? How can you claim dna studies prove your giants if you cannot produce the results? Your posts have the rambling hallmarks of the paranoid and delusional. "in the employ of lucifer" these are the ravings of the lunatic!


          yeah sure just like all the raving lunatic figures upon the world stage giving the hand signs over and over , this raving lunatic isn't one you have to be concerned about it is the ones who are your slave masters you should be concerned about , truth shall be revealed to all in time then the real lunatics will be known, people of faith aren't out to own you , but the moneymasters are so , you are either with them or against them or just agnostic, when one is agnostic then you may as well be with them, if you cant see all the raving lunatics dancing on the World stage making their hand symbols then you really are blind and a new pair of glasses won't even fix that.


          proof of giants by credible authorities, this video leaves you with conclusive evidence that you have to choose between an advanced alien race or believe The book of Enoch either way there was Inhabitants upon this planet which possessed superior knowledge and wisdom to that which we posess today if you want to believe in superior Aliens instead of a race of people who said it is an abomination to deceive or lie then go ahead my guest, there are many more supporting collections of evidences to numerous to gather , some three hour presentations , but if you want to believe you don't have a spirit that belongs to the heavens then it is your s to do as you wish, I will also inset a link which suggests a creator spirit which is an interpretation of the book and prophecies of Enoch which supports the King James in every way.


        • grannie

          There certainly is! Too many of our so-called leaders are educated far beyond their ability to handle it. Or their education is showing a lot holes.

        • rich_bown

          Educated beyond their ability to handle it? I think your education is "showing a lot holes" sounds like you are mistaking education for alcohol

        • RedMeatState

          Kelli Bundi Syndrome: the brain can only hold so much, as a pitcher of water, and when you reach the maximum all the other stuff is displaced out.

    • John Cherish

      A high IQ without morality is like a car without wheels it goes no where and accomplishes nothing. His pride is his claim that he is smart, yet he knows nothing he assumes there is no God yet he has no proof there isn't one. An Intelligent man would not take the risk that he might be wrong, proof that a high IQ without knowledge is like the car without wheels. You make an assumption without the facts and you could be wrong. It takes an act of faith that everything sprang into existence from nothing as in the big bang created from a superdense singularity (something from nothing) To prove that is an act of faith also. Who is to say God did not speak existence into being where is your proof for either event. I choose that God did create everything as he said in the bible


        And you choose properly and correctly aligned instead of in the ditch and headed for death and destruction! like we needed another Atheist hell bent on destruction Dawkins isn't anywhere near as smart as the genetic scientists who created ultrasound and produced a video declaring all life of divine origin and creation! Dawkins is from the corrupted bloodline that was taught their craft by one of the 200 fallen!


      Is it really? Has anyone ever pulled is IQ score? You know they said the same thing about Kerry. It turns out that G.W. Bush had a higher score!

  • texan texan

    Ido not believe this nasty atheist garners the respect of scientific community anymore than yiur claim there is no climate change garners respect from scientific community. There are fringe beliefs everywhere....very evident on right wing, who of course don't seem to believe in science. F

    • Al Chemist

      Wrong Texan, Texan! I have been involved in research in industry and at universities for 50 plus years and I don't consider myself a member of that so-called scientific community. I am a conservative and indeed, I know that most non-university scientists are conservative, and they don't swallow that crap about man-caused global warming. (Don't think people didn't notice that proponents changed the name from global warming to global climate change when global warming theory didn't go over all that well). I (and many of my former co-workers) have looked at the evidence for "Global Warming." Many of us reached the following conclusions: (1) There is a LITTLE evidence that the temperature of the earth is increasing very slightly. (2) There is NO conclusive evidence that the Little temperature increase is caused by any activity of man (greenhouse gases). (3) The purpose of any of the proposed legislation to curb greenhouse gases (Carbon Tax) is to transfer wealth from the productive countries to the non-productive countries.

      • 4PERCENTER

        Amen Al. You think we’d be extinct already, coming from the decades of the 4-barrel carburetors, leaded gas, and muscle cars on every frontage road, to fuel injection, catalytic converters, California emissions, and double mpg! Oh, and a pack of Lucky Strike roll in your T-shirt sleeve, with one lit in your mouth!

  • ARMYOF69

    In the case of BHO, I agree, and most of our current crop of politicians.

    • medivac

      Roger that !!!

  • Barb Wire

    A person without the Holy Spirit of God is nothing more or less than an animal. (Carnal)

    • DrBarbara

      People without Holy Spirit are the ones who Christ died for. He did not give His life for animals, He gave up Hi life on the cross, went to hell and defeated it, came out of the tomb thereby defeating death, and went back to Heaven where He is constantly interceding for people. He did all that for those you would deem animals. No, they are people whom God created in His image. Those are the ones Holy Spirit is drawing into God's kingdom. Animals? Oh no! People who need to be redeemed!

  • DrBarbara

    As usual the atheistic community will have to wait for 30 or 40 years for science to catch up to the Bible.

  • medivac

    Dawkins, in his way of thinking, must not evolved since he was a fetus at one time !! I give all other human fetuses credit for being human and actually evolving !!!

  • azrt1

    In reality, Dawkins is actually "less" human then a adult pig. Also obviously, less intelligent

  • Charlie

    What a freak this so called man Dawkins must be. So does he cook up human fetus the same way he cooks up adult pig???? Could people like this freak just please keep their warped thinking to a small group of like thinking freaks.

  • bodica

    'leading' atheist? Bit of an oxymoron,n'est ce pas? What does he lead? A dozen brain fried, ex stoner 'academics?' '...sound and fury signifying nothing!' (Shakespeare) Bought sold and paid for by enemies of democracy.

  • Watchdogman

    Where does Dawkin live?? What is his address here on earth??

  • Dr. J.S.

    Lol, a baby is not human? what was it? a dog a cat, a rabbit? who does a female human copulate with horses, apes, or lions? Idiots, morons, God haters . Surely no sane person would make such a statement. But this is the type of people folks in America sadly we vote for and believe. When i watched the parade of Gop Candidates, when McCain got the nomination, they were asked if they believed in evolution, and 7 of the 10 raised there hands to claim that, and deny God all in one fell swoop. What has become of the republican party? McCain was the nominee, and he believes there is * something out there * he said, but still believes in something that does not exists at all has the power to eventually bring itself into existence !!! you got to be kidding me, we nominated that moron ? No wonder we cannot win elections any more.May GOD have mercy on America, and the stupid voters.

  • DrBarbara

    It's interesting that all these so-called experts in conceived children are themselves among the "not aborted" category. In fact, all pro-abortionists were not aborted. It's like saying that those who want to take away all the guns are those who have never been in a situation where they have needed a gun to survive. Huh.......makes you wonder about Dawkins huge IQ/insanity.

  • Darthinton

    Well, maybe this atheist like Richard Dawkins should be considered for really late term abortion.

  • Sam Stephens

    In man's eyes, blinded by his own self importance Dawkins is scholarly, but in reality he's as dumb as a box of hammers. He "Dawkins" probably would not recognize real intelligence if it hit in the face.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Hey Dawkins, enjoy hell MF'r!

  • MontieR

    And this sub human is less human than a monkey.

  • m141934a

    Too bad his Mom couldn't predict what an idiot he would become and exercise her "right" to abort the oig.

  • Ed Scott

    If Dawkins wants it that way, he is nothing but a piece of meat.

  • Paula

    Atheists, Muslims and Progressive Liberals will be our downfall! This person is nuts! People like this, have no idea how they really sound...they just like to hear themselves babble.

  • Wayne

    Why is he talking about himself? I thought he was going to talk about unborn children then he starts calling himself a pig. Strange individual.

  • Jeff Thomas

    just another godless pharisee

  • Linda Sills

    This is what is running our government and our towns. Be aware. And with all the new technology emerging, there will be plenty of moral decisions to be made. Atheists aren't just wrong, they are incredibly stupid. Start doing your homework on the latest book by Al Gore. It will scare the hell out of you. Then read Agenda 21 (on Amazon), and you will understand this evil, and how close we are to it.

  • Carol

    Sounds like something that adult pig would say for sure. Those who care nothing about their own offspring are less human I think...or at least filled with the darkest side of what humanity is capable of becoming.

  • Lorna Doone

    He's less human than an adult pig; he's insane!

  • Lorna Doone

    When society gives voice to liberal speakers such as this man that spout insanity, you know society is deteriorating.

  • The Old Man

    Where in the HELL do these idiots come from ????

    • Jeff Thomas

      most likely a khazarian asiatic mongoloid ashkenazi cretin...

      • 4PERCENTER

        Hol’on, hol’on, hol’on…I like Star Trek, but I never heard of these people, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Screeminmeeme


  • kjenkinsaf

    Obviously speaking of his own genetic line.

  • Ted Smith

    Dawkins has apparently never studied biology. Here's how it works.

    Take a living human sperm and a living human egg and put the two together. Under the appropriate
    conditions, the sperm will bore into the egg.

    The nucleus of the sperm and the nucleus of the egg each contains one half of the genes and chromosomes necessary to create a new human life.

    The two nuclei will meet, merge and meld into a single cell containing the full complement of genes necessary for a new life. That combination of genes is unique.

    When the chromosomes begin to split and the cell begins to divide following that new and unique genetic code that is the point at which you have a brand new human life.

    For the religious, that is the point at which God reaches down and says, “Here is your soul. Go and
    do good things.”

    And, regardless of your religious beliefs, abortion kills that brand new life.

    • Al Chemist

      Informative post. Thanks!


      Did you say “living” human sperm and “living” human egg? Very good point. Sounds like if you found either if them on Mars, you would get a Nobel Prize for discovering LIFE!…and that’s BEFORE conception! A man and women are alive before they marry. They just become one, not two when they marry! Funny how God made the first institution of a relationship with Him - two becoming one. The second institute of a relationship with the male and females - two becoming one. The third (Trinity) institution of a relationship with the Father and The Family, the man and the woman, and the child with the parent - two become one, two become one, two become one! WOW! God is too awesome!

  • Fritz Riess

    dawkins ... intelligent? - half wit at best!
    when he was born, he must have been overcome by the light of the fallen angel, the devil and is following him ever since ... what a waste of a life!

  • harley93

    Who let him out of the institution?

  • harley93

    This guy gives atheists a bad name.

    • gray_man

      atheism gives atheists a bad name.

  • Bill Evie Dooley

    When are we going to get rid of the justices, school principles, senators and any and all public officals who support the atheist BS...They are an extreme minority dictating to a Christian majority thru these
    dumb Judges.. No Lawer should be allowed to sit on any Judical bench...WE needto organize and march against these people at every opportunity..We have ignored them and they are threatening our
    constitutional rights...

  • Tony Ruiz

    We'll miss him in Heaven

  • mary singh

    What the hell is wrong with this man............He is away with the faries in lar lar land or something..!!

  • beaker55

    Charlie (below) is correct. If Dawkins really believes what he says,
    then he must also logically conclude that we may freely EAT the unborn... just as we might consume bacon, pigs feet, oysters, or any other delicacy we may desire. What's the difference, Mr. Dawkins?

  • Bob Coffey

    Actually, it is atheist liars and degenerates like dorkins who are less human than pigs.


      Now, now, y’all! Remember, we were all once God’s enemies. Just because you are a Paul now, means you were a Saul before, so Pray for Mr. Dawkins. That is the most we can do for him, and that is the least we can do for him. I’ll be one of the first to admit, if God Saved me, He can Save Mr. Dawkins! I was never an atheist. I was worse. I BELIEVED and still lived like a hellion! Thank God He jerked my chain before my collar was over the cliff! Mr. Dawkins, that sharp pain around you neck and that sudden Low C vibration from the tension on your leash, will be God snatching a knot in you. Otherwise, that will be the result of your leash catching on something else, and you will have just hung yourself over the cliff. One way of the other, say goodbye to your present life. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” II Cor 5:17. “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” - Heb 9:27.

  • bungicord

    In Dawkins' case He's probably right. Some people are pigs.

  • Whisper Atnight

    By the time this man SEES the Father, it will be too late. His flesh will be falling off his bones.

  • Roger Stoddard

    Once again, freedom of religion as long as "they" agree with you. How sad for dawkins. May God save him................

  • EnemyoftheState

    Dawkins is a fool as are all atheists but he is an arrogant fool. "The fool has said in his heart 'There is no God'". Our God reigns in Heaven and on earth and throughout all eternity. And Mr Dawkins will discover this as he draws his last breath and returns to his maker.

  • wildeagleone

    Why do we even give credence to this type of animal that belongs in a third world where human life is no more important then the dirt they rot in

  • Joseph E. Monte

    What Richard Dawkins spoke 'about himself when he was a fetus' must be true, for he is surely less human than an adult pig!

  • williamwalter

    Maybe This person is referring to people who have sex with animals? Maybe this is where movies with weird beings are being drawn from?

  • Dottie J. Bowman

    I'm sure he also believes in abortion. Maybe his momma shoulda aborted him.

  • Pamela Dunn

    Too bad Richard Dawkins Mother didn't visit Planned Parenthood and dispose of that useless bit of flesh BEFORE it could grow up to be the IDIOT Richard Dawkins. Just think, a couple of quarters in the machine in the gas station restroom would have prevented the world from having to listen to that pile of animated excrement.

  • sandman

    In the words of the worlds most famous pig, "abadee abaddee thats all folks?

  • Jeff Thomas

    he forget to mention that all are pigs (goy) except for himself and his pack of self acclaimed gods chosen people...

  • netandyawho

    Dawkins is one who has been trying to destroy religion most of his life. He reminds me of another atheist, Lenin. Lenin said religion is the opium of the people and he tried to destroy religion. Now the humanist secular Democrat Party leaders, who are atheists, are taking a new approach by shaping society into accepting unbridled sexual freedom as the opium of the people in order to destroy religion.

  • William E Ramer

    The ramblings of a fool, what towering emaculate ignorance. If this is the best of the scientific world
    we are in deep dodo. " The foolishness of God is wiser than The wisdom of the wise men. "

    • netandyawho

      Never blaspheme God! God has never been, is not, and will never be foolish. Foolishness implies a negative attribute. Since God is all perfect, he cannot possess even the slightest negative attribute.

  • Jeff Thomas

    and dont you forget it are pigs!

  • Jeff Thomas

    i see the ADL is busy deleting comments

  • jd1958

    So, if a human fetus is equal to an "adult pig." What is MR. Dawkins opinion of an "adult human" who is wheel chair bound and an "unproductive member of society?"

  • cbj

    Conceit trumps intellect; extreme conceit trumps extreme intellect; etc.

  • Doski

    Dawkins and his Athiest Brethern have proven themselves LESS Human than a Fetus and should be treated as such.

  • Tnc Del

    Dawkins must be masochistic, since he seems to enjoy embarrassing himself publicly.

  • jime1

    Dawkins is a sorry excuse for even a fool. I to am a biologist with a Ph.D. He has an agenda, and it is not biology, because on the level of pure science he has no argument. His argument is his own, based upon personal bias, which any scientist worth his own salt knows better not to preach. His fame has gone to his tiny, biased, and very sick mind.

  • Dave G

    So at one time if not still today, Mr. Dawkins was less than an adult pig. Not much of an intellectual is he?

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Here's one for the aetheist Dawkins. A Jewish believer in Jesus , Zola
    Levitt has a report about how the the development of a fetus in the
    womb correlates with the 7 Feasts of Israel. If a woman's menstrual
    cycle begins and ends at the first day of spring, she will ovulate at
    Passover, if fertilized the egg travels down the fallopian tube during
    the Feast of Unleavened. The Egg implants at the Feast of First Fruits,
    our Easter. The child goes through all kinds of changes and on the
    50th day the child looks human in time for the Feast of Pentecost. At
    the Feast of Trumpets, the child's hearing is complete. At the Feast of
    Blood Atonement, the Baby's Blood and Circulatory system is complete.
    At the Feast of Tabernacles, the child's lungs are complete and can live
    outside the womb. The 8th Feast I am sure God knew for at the Feast of
    Dedication or Hanuka, the baby will be born around our Christmas. Did
    Moses make these feasts up, did the Egyptians have some natural affinity
    for knowing the important time of fetal development Mr. Dawkins? I
    think not. Your God, the one who created you, knows you better than you
    know yourself. May I suggest that you get right with the God of
    Abraham, Isaach, and Jacob.

  • Harold

    Is this the adult pig speaking. It must be, because he has no brain power above a pig!

  • Sally Fama

    Isn't Richard Dawkins lucky that his mother didn't regard him as less human than an adult pig? She let him be born, to our misfortune. Let me guess....he probably doesn't have any pigs, er, I mean children.

    • RedMeatState

      she fed him and changed him too. he should have been able to take care of that on his own since he's so evolutionarily sophisticated and superior.

  • jackel

    This "person", like to many in our twisted society today, obviously has no value for human life, and, possibly, no use for life at all except what he perceives it to be, without question. I bet he also has no kids and no grand children or he would never utter what he has about human life; it is precious and a miracle, and not to be taken lightly. These comments are the same coming out of Nazi Germany during the World War II; have we or are we digressing to this thinking level and action!!!???? This is not even science because science has determined that the human fetus is alive. Does he allude to some sinister use of DNA beyond the human race? I like to ask these know it all, not God fearing people, what are you going to say to God on judgement day, when you stand before him and realize you were dead wrong, not only about God, but not keeping many of his commandments? Maybe this is when some of us "eat of our own flesh". Sad for Christians any where when a person or groups of them think they are more important and powerful than God (like condoning abortion without question at any term)! In some reality, I have met persons who could name the names of beer, even internationally, but tell you nothing, or know nothing, about God or Christianity, and, think this is living. If this man is the future of human life, then we are destined to not exist anymore; which, under this vise, may not be a bad thing either.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Whoops! Dawkins misspoke and asked me to correct it for him. "An Atheist is less than an adult pig"... is what he meant to say. (And smells twice as bad.)

  • rlowen

    The man is obviously an expert on pigs. I imagine he has kept company with more than a few. It is a well known fact that every time you kiss a pig your IQ drops ten points. So my guess, based on his opinion about fetus and pigs, is that he's right there with a bag of cucumbers. See my blog at

    • patriotusa2

      Yep, he's probably spent a great deal of time with pigs!

  • liberty49

    I will pray for Dawkins' soul. His view is so skewed I doubt he will ever see the light. What a sad excuse for a human being.

  • jreg9304

    in a sense he is calling himself less human than an adult pig!! because, he was once an embrionic fetus..

  • CajunPatriot

    Richard Dawkins is truly deluded. Part of it is his own prideful self-delusion. The other part, a Satanic delusion. And to complete matters, he has now put himself so much into the corner of Bertrand Russell and other influences that he pridefully no longer can objectively examine much of anything in connection with God or His Christ.

  • Rowdy

    And yet it is probably still smarter than you.

  • Ed DeRocher

    Atheism VS. Christianity
    By E.J. DeRocher
    God Says The Atheist is a Fool.
    The Wisdom in God's Word states that it is Folly for a person who Answers a Matter Before he has Heard ALL the Facts of the Matter. (Proverbs 18:13) In short, God says he is a Fool. A Wise Lawyer Would Not Risk his Profess- ional Reputation in court (as a Fool) by Not Investigating All of the Facts in a Legal Matter. He would be Prepared for Uncertain Rulings that would depend on the court's Accept-ance or Rejection of the EvidencePresented. The Evidence of Jesus’ Death on the Cross and Resur-rection Demands a Verdict and a Wise Decision. The Atheist who claims that God Does Not exist has Answered the Greatest Question in Haste Before He has Examined and Heard All the Facts of the Matter. He has made an Absolute Claim that God Does Not exist, yet He has Never Searched for God Nor has He Ever Read God’s Word to Investigate the Truth of the Matter to Verify his Claims. The Atheist is Intellectually Dishonest because he has Formed an Absolute Opinion while Refusing or Neglecting to Hear the Truth. Thus, God says the Man who Denies Christ’s Sacrificial Death and the Free Gift of Eternal Life is indeed an Absolute Fool.
    The Bible teaches that the man who Cannot Reason is a “Fool;” the man who Refuses to Reason is a “Bigot;” the man who is Afraid to Reason is a “Slave.” The Fool Wishes he could Reason, but Cannot, He has No Moral Compass; the Bigot is Able to Reason, but Refuses to Accept Correction, He is Prideful, (don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up); the Slave is Able to Reason, but He is Fearful of what people will say about Him, (Go Along to Get Along, Strive for Majority's Acceptance). But the Willing Man has Every Good Opportunity available by his Ability and Willingness to Reason. God Favors and Blesses the Man who is Willing to Reason and Obey His Commands.
    The God of the Bible is a God of Reason.
    God's Word says, "Come now, let us Reason Together, says the Lord, though your Sins be as Scarlet, they shall be as White as Snow; though they be Red like Crimson, they shall be as Wool. If you are (key words) Willing and Obedient, you Shall Eat the Good of the Land. But if you Refuse and Rebel, you shall be Devoured with the Sword; for the Mouth of the Lord has Spoken It." (Isaiah 1:18-20)
    God Speaks to the Fools when He says “My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) God Speaks to Us Through His Word and His Known Will, the Holy Bible.
    "The Fool Has Said in His Heart, ‘There is No God." (Psa 14:1;53:1) “For the Preaching of the Cross is to them that Perish Foolishness; But we Preach Christ Crucified, unto the Jews a Stumbling Block, and unto the Greeks Foolishness." (1Corinthians 1:18, 23) The Psychiatry Profession claims that man is a Two-part being; he has an Intellect and a Body, and that the Goodness of man lays within his Inner most being. God's Word says this is Not correct; there is No Goodness in man in his fallen state. (Romans 3:10, 23); “As it is written, There is None Righteous, No, Not One. For ALL have Sinned
    and come Short of the Glory of God.”
    In Genesis.1:26,27, God says, "Let us make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness," that is a Three-Part
    being in the Likeness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The spirit of man is the most important part of his triune creation. The spirit of man was created in the express image of God and is Indestructible and will Live Forever in Eternity. God created Adam and Eve in His Glory and they were spiritually joined to God and they were exceed-ingly blessed with His Grace in all things. But when Adam and Eve Rebelled against God's Instructions, their spiritual union was severed and their fellowship with God was destroyed. Because of Adam's fall, man received as a consequence for his disobedience, a sin nature. This sin nature, referred to as "Original Sin," is a “Curse,” and an inborn propensity to commit evil. God is an All-Consuming Fire and He knows that Sinful man cannot stand in His Presence without being Destroyed. So God sent Jesus the Savior of mankind so that Sinful man could be Forgiven and Reconciled to God, whereby Enabling man to Stand before a Holy God in Right standing with Him and Without being destroyed by His All-Consuming Fire.
    In the Course of 4,000 years, God Sent His Son Jesus, to Save Fallen Man by Becoming a Propitiation
    and Sacrifice for man's sin, and thus Reconciling man back to God. God is Loving, Merciful, Forgiving, and Just. The Greatest Promise in the Bible is John 3:16,17; "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that Whosoever Believeth in Him should Not Perish, but have Everlasting Life.
    For God sent Not His Son into the world to Condemn the world; but that the world Through Him Might be Saved." The Greatest Tragedy is John 3:18; "But he that Believeth Not is Condemned already, (the Atheist, Agnostic) because he has Not Believed in the name of the Only Begotten Son of God." God in His love, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Grace, satisfied His Justice and Hatred for man's Sin by Providing a Way for man to be Reconciled to God, by Placing the Entire Sins of the world, past, present, and future, upon Jesus, the Lamb of God Who is Without Sin and Who takes away the Sin of the world.
    God Takes No Pleasure in the Death of the Wicked.
    Ezekiel 33:11 says, “As I live says the Lord God, I have No Pleasure in the Death of the Wicked; but that the Wicked turn from his Way and LIVE: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why Will ye Die, O house of Israel?” The problem with man’s sin nature is quite simple. Man Cannot save Himself from his destructive Sin Nature, therefore God provided a Savior to Deliver Him from His Evil Ways.

    The Bible way to heaven is achieved by a Simple Confession and an Act of Faith found in Romans 10: 9-13; that says, ”If you Confess with your Mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in your Heart that God Raised Him from the Dead, you Will be Saved. For with the Heart One Believes unto Righteousness, and with the Mouth Confession is made unto Salvation. For the scripture says “Whoever Believes on Him will Not be put to Shame.” For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over All is Rich to All who Call upon Him. For whoever Calls upon the Lord (Jesus) Shall be Saved.” When a believer Confesses this prayer, he is making a Proclamation of Identification and Faith; He is Vicariously in Agreement and Personally Identifies with the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Who took his Sins to the Cross and was Raised from the Dead in Hell for the Forgiveness of all His sins, which Grants him the Gift of Eternal Life with the Father in Heaven.

    The Atheist and Agnostic says God does not exist, Yet They Have Not Searched for Him. The man who Does Not Search for God Will Generally Never find Him, but the man who Steadfastly Searches for God Will Always Find Him. God invites men to Search for Him, and He Promises to Reveal Himself
    to ALL Who Seek to Know Him. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto Me, and I Will Answer You and Show you Great and Mighty things which you Do Not Know. ”Jeremiah 29: 11-14 says, ”For I know the
    thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of Peace and Not of evil, to give you a Future and a Hope. Then you will Call upon Me and go and Pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will Seek Me and Find Me, when you Search for Me with ALL Your Heart. I will be Found by You says the Lord, and I Will bring You back from Your Captivity;”

    The Atheist and Agnostic are Without Excuse. God has Given sinful man a Plan of Redemption and Eternal Salvation. God has Given us His son Jesus; He has Given us His Holy Word, the Bible; He has Given us His Holy Spirit. All man has to do is Choose the path he wants to take for his Eternal Destiny. God Does Not Send sinful man to Hell and Damnation. God has given man a Free Will to Choose
    his Eternal Destiny. Sinful man Sends Himself to Hell and Damnation by default, because He has Not Believed on the Name of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of God. Man has to make this Choice while He is Yet Alive, for He Cannot Choose After He Expires the First physical death.

    Contrary to Oprah Winfrey, All Religions Do Not Lead to God! Many say that All religions will Lead to God, but this is Not True. All religious leaders such as Mohammed, Budda, and others, Do Not have Records of their Origin, Birth, Death, and None of them Prophesied their own Resurrection. Jesus has 3 Geneologies Listed in the Old and New Testaments showing a Lineage from Adam and Eve to
    Joseph and Mary. Out of All the Many Religious leaders, Jesus was the “Only One Not Born Under the Curse of Adam.” Jesus was the Only Leader that was Not Born under “Original Sin” and led a Sinless
    life. Being Sinless, Jesus was the Perfect and Only Sacrifice that was Acceptable to God for Atoning the Sins of All Mankind. So then, How can any Religious Leader Born under the Curse of Adam, Save someone who is also Under the Same Curse as Adam? How can a Sinful Leader under a Curse (ie, Mohammed), Reconcile another Sinner to God? Jesus had several Prophesies of His Birth, Ministry, Suffering, Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection that Preceded His Life on earth, by 1500 years.

    Future Historical Events Recorded in the Bible were Usually Preceded by Prophesy. Jesus verily
    prophesied that after He was Crucified, He would be Raised up on the 3rd day and It Came to Pass. There were 40 Old Testament Prophesies Fulfilled on the Day He died on the Cross. In the Natural, the Odds or mathematical possibilities of 40 prophesies coming to Fulfillment, over a period of 1500 years, would most likely be Gazillions to one. But in God’s Miraculous Timing, Every one of the 40 Prophesies Came to Fulfillment within time of 1500 years. This is virtually Impossible with Man, but Very Possible with an ALL Powerful God. Jesus died on the Cross Exactly in the time period that the prophet Daniel had prophesied 490 years Before. Atheist, please take note, that Not One Prophesy had Failed; No Not
    One! ALL Had Come To Pass! Likewise, God had prophesied to the Israelites Regarding Joshua’s victorious Conquest of 31 Kings of Canaan which enabled the Israelites to Possess and Inhabit the Promised Land. Of ALL the Prophesies spoken unto the Israelites, “Not One Thing had Failed, ALL had Come to Pass!” ~ (Joshua 21:43-45; 23:14,15)

    Jesus the Sinless Man, was the “Only Sacrifice” that Could Reconcile Fallen Man Back to God. Jesus'
    life and death on the cross was a perfect Sinless Sacrifice; a Propitiation for the sins of ALL mankind, past, present, and future. Bible scholars say that Jesus was a Hypostatic Union of Humanity and Divinity. He was 100% man and 100% God and one drop of His Precious Blood was sufficient to Redeem All of Mankind’s Sins, Past, Present, and Future. Jesus Divinity was Given by God and His Humanity was Born into a Cursed Bloodline of Depravity. Jesus was Born Thru the Virgin Mary who was impregnated by the seed of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ Sinless Humanity had to be Born of the Corrupted Bloodline of Adam, So that His Divinity could Atone and Reconcile Sinful man back God. Jesus had to be Born from the Cursed Bloodline to Accomplish the Atonement. The Holy Scriptures say the Way is Wide but the Door is Narrow. Jesus is the Door to Eternal Life with Father God. “Jesus said unto them, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: No man Comes unto the Father, But By Me.” (John 14:6 NKJV) This is Not to say that He is (A) Way, (A) Truth, and (A) Life, meaning there are Other Ways! NO, Never! Jesus is the (Only) Way, the (Only) Truth, and the (Only) Life. His Right-eousness is given to ALL Who Invite Him into their Hearts, and Confess Him as Lord and Savior of their Life.
    Jesus Forgiveness and Justification of sin Allows the Believer to come Boldly before God’s Throne to Stand Faultless and Blameless in a Time of Need, before Father God. “Let us therefore come Boldly
    unto the Throne of Grace,(In Prayer) that We may Obtain Mercy, and Find Grace to Help in a Time of Need.” ~ (Hebrews 4:16 KJV )
    The Great White Throne Judgment.
    Revelation 20:13-15 says, “Then I saw a Great White Throne and Him Who Sat on it, from Whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and Books were opened. And another Book was opened, which is the “Book of Life,” And the Dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books. The sea gave up the Dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the Dead who were in them. And they were Judged, each one According to his Works. Then Death and Hades were cast into the Lake of Fire. This is the Second Death. And anyone Not found written in the Book of Life was Cast into the Lake of Fire. The Second Death is Not Cessation of Physical Life, but it is the Eternal Separation of Life from Jesus, the Eternal Source of Life. God’s Word is His Will, and God’s Will is His Word. The Consciousness that we have in this mortal life is Immortal and Will Live for Eternity; to be Vividly Aware of Eternal Glory with God or Vividly Aware of Eternal Hell and Damnation.

    Only a FOOL Would Choose Eternal Hell over the Simple Choice of Eternal Glory with God. John 14:6 says, Jesus said to him, “ I am The (Only) Way, The (Only) Truth, and The (Only) Life. No one comes
    to the Father Except through Me.” The Word of God is Divine Truth; inspired by His Holy Spirit; it is Self-Evident truth, and It is Beyond Debate. The Bible was Written and Canonized over a period of approx-imately 1700 years by 40 different authors, Who Were All Inspired By the Holy Spirit of God. The Bible is ALL about Jesus and He is the Main Character in every book and All of the Books are in Harmony
    with Jesus as the Central Theme of Man’s Salvation. There is Not One book that contradicts Any of the Other Books.

    Jesus is the Word of God. In the King James Bible there are 66 books, 1189 chapters, 31,102 verses, 773,746 words, and 3,566,480 letters. Now imagine taking All these Books, Chapters, Verses, Words,
    and Letters, and wrapping them All over every square inch of Jesus’ body and then covering Him with Flesh. The apostle John constantly refers to Jesus as the "Word of God" in his Gospel and his book of Revelation. (John 1:1,14; Revelation 19:13,16) “And He [Jesus] was clothed with a Vesture dipped in Blood: and His Name is Called the Word of God. And He [Jesus] has on His Vesture and on His Thigh a Name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus is the Word of God Who became flesh and dwelt among us. (John 1:14) Believers are the Flesh Who Become the Word as we Study and Meditate on the Holy Scriptures. “You are Our Epistle Written in our Hearts, Known and Read by ALL men; clearly you are an Epistle of Christ, Ministered by us, Written Not with INK but by the Spirit of the Living God, Not on Tablets of Stone but on Tablets of Flesh, that is, of the Heart.” ~ (2Corinthians 3:2,3)
    "And you Shall know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make you Free.” ~ (John 8:32)

    Dr. Lewis S. Chafer, Dallas Theological Seminary founder, sums up the Bible in 5 topical words in his Christian Theology. Christ is the Central Theme of Scripture, and as bearing on His Person, the Bible books are classified as:
    1.) The Old Testament as the “Preparation” for the Coming Christ;
    2.) The Four Gospels as the “Manifestation” of Christ (Jesus’ Miracle Ministry);
    3.) The Book of Acts as the “Propagation” of Christ's Spirit (His Church Growth);
    4.) The Epistles as the “Explanation” of the Preparation, Manifestation, and Propagation of Christ;
    5.) The Book of Revelation as the “Consummation” of Christ and His Church.
    The Glorious Consummation of the Creator God with His Redeemed Creation; His Church, the Bride of Christ shall Behold Him and Become One With Him and Eternally Joined With the Father. (1John 3:2)

    Logic Dictates If the Premise is True, the Conclusion is True Also. The Word of God has a Truthful Premise and ends with a Truthful Conclusion. Atheist, your name Will be Found in the “Book of Life” IF you Invite Jesus into your Heart and Confess with your Mouth and Believe in your Heart that Jesus is Your Lord and Savior of Your Life. God declares in His Word, the Bible Way to Heaven is; Choose Jesus as your Savior. God Speaks to Us thru His Word. God’s Word is His Will; His Will is His Word. “That if you confess with your Mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in your Heart that God has Raised Him from the Dead, you Will be Saved. For with the Heart one Believes unto Righteousness, and with the Mouth Confession is made unto Salvation. For the Scripture says, “Whoever Believes on Him Will Not be put to Shame. For there is No Distinction between Jew and Greek, for the Same Lord Over ALL is Rich to ALL Who Call upon Him. For “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord Shall Be Saved.”
    (Romans 10:9-13 NKJV)
    This Evidence Demands a Verdict and a Decision That Needs to be Made Before Leaving Earth.
    Atheist, Your Spirit Will Live for Eternity, with Full Awareness of All Your Mental Faculties, Long After
    you Depart from your Temporal Physical Body. This Is Divine Truth Whether you Believe it or Not. The Choice is With You! If You Accept Jesus as Your Lord and Savior, You are Choosing Eternal Glory with God the Father! If You Reject Jesus as your Lord and Savior, You are Choosing Eternal Hell and Damnation! This Decision Has to Be Made While You are Yet Alive! Right Now! This is the Hour! This is the Greatest Decision that You Will Ever Make in Your Life! It is The Greatest Decision that ONLY YOU Can Make for Your Eternal Destiny! You have No Guarantee that You Will Live Another Hour or Another Day! The B.I.B.L.E. = Basic-Instructions-Before-Leaving-Earth

    Atheist, Agnostic, May God Grant you the Wisdom to Choose between Heaven and hell. Jesus promises in Revelation chap. 3, “He that overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I Will Not Blot Out his Name from the "Book of Life"; but I Will confess his Name before My Father and before His angels. Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door (of his heart), I will come into him and dine with him, and he with Me. To him who overcomes (receives Jesus) I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father and sat on His throne. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” ~ (Rev. 3:5, 20-22 )
    Atheist, Will You Make Your Peace with God Today? You Can Receive the Free Gift of Eternal
    Life Right Now by Inviting Jesus Into Your Heart by Praying this Simple Prayer Below. Father God, I thank You for Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross for the forgiveness of my sins. Jesus I thank You for Your free gift of Eternal Life. Father, according to Your Word in Romans 10:9,10,13; Rev 3:5; I invite
    Jesus into my heart. I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus was raised from among the dead in hell to atone for my sins and redeem my spirit. I believe that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection has redeemed me from the curse of spiritual death, sickness, and poverty. I now accept Jesus in my heart and proclaim Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I thank you Jesus for my gift of
    Eternal Life. Amen!

    The Bible is all about Jesus. Martin Luther called John 3:16 "The Heart of the Bible, the Gospel in Miniature." It’s so simple a Child can Understand IT; Yet IT Condenses the Deep and Marvelous Truths of Redemption into these few Powerful Words of Absolute Assurance: The following verse, John 3;16 from the King James Bible, is the Greatest Promise to Man for Eternal Life from God, the Creator of All Mankind.

    "God" ~ The Greatest Lover.
    "So Loved" ~ The Greatest Degree.
    "The World" ~ The Greatest Number.
    "That He Gave" ~ The Greatest Act.
    "His Only Begotten Son" ~ The Greatest Gift.
    "That Whosoever" ~ The Greatest Invitation.
    "Believeth" ~ The Greatest Simplicity.
    "In Him" ~ The Greatest Person.
    "Should Not Perish" ~ The Greatest Deliverance.
    "But" ~ The Greatest Difference.
    "Have" ~ The Greatest Certainty.
    "Everlasting Life ~ The Greatest Possession.

  • jvb1980808

    I do believe this is the same analogy Hitler gave to Germans regarding Jews.

  • A_Nobody

    Just another arrogant pseudo-intellectual that doesn't deserve the air time nor respect. I wouldn't insult pigs by calling him one. Everything evens out in the end. He'll get what he deserves just like the rest of the trash.

  • jimchambers

    More proof that 'education does not ensure intelligence'. I'm from Wisconsin where the professors at the state university as well as the left wing legislators do their best to prove this statement each and every day.

  • Che Mort

    This whole post
    is nonsensical. You rant and rave to what end? Incoherence! It is simple to refute
    Dworkin, the DNA of a human fetus is not the DNA of a pig, to state that a pig
    is more human than a human fetus is thus unscientific and illogical. It is to
    fall into an ideological retardation to propose such a thing.

  • jimchambers

    If what the good doctor says is true why, then, do we jail murderers and allow butchers freedom? Why is not Jeffrey Dahmer roaming the streets and Wolfgang Puck not behind bars?
    I think we need to make certain choices and one that I choose to make is to ignore the good doctor and any other fool that rationalizes in that vein.

  • foxxybey

    richard and his gang are a herd of pigs, blind dumb and eat trash and love it. Anyone who has watched a video of developement of a human baby has to know better. By the way Richard the pig, fetus in Latin means baby, get a education, come out of darkness into the light and that doesn't mean light headed or light brained, which you don't have. Murder is murder and God created babies in the womb, so it is attack on God, just like same sex distortion, no such thing as marriage between two men and two women. The Attack is on God and America has forgotten Him, kicked Him out of schools and we see what we have today, out of the public and a false separation of church and state and we get nazi's running the government looking for plantation slaves to drink cool-aid on their plantation of all races and colors and too dumb to know they are dying by the hour.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    People who perform abortions can be said to be less in the chain of life than adult pigs because pigs respect life to a higher degree.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    People who perform abortions can be said to be less in the chain of life than adult pigs because pigs respect life to a higher degree.

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    WHY is this POS allowed to even talk? Would love to be around stoking the fire WHEN he BURNS in HELL !!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Every time Dawkins opens his mouth and is quoted, you witness the reason he refuses to debate publily any more. He is totally incapable of living consistently within his worldview; and that becomes manifest early in the conversations...just like these. Comparing a human fetus to a pig...really Dick? 'Dick'...good name for this fellow.

  • RedMeatState

    this is an attitude fueled by an irrational hatred. Dawkins is a sad, sad human being. Always notice how atheists usually despise and disdain their fellow human beings to the point of mass murder.
    But these are the types of people who gravitate towards political power. The battle goes on.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    As a former fetus, I detest Richard Dawkins, and if ever an abortion should have been performed...well you can finish that sentence. He is amoung the drooling, demented, gov't sucking few who think noteriety comes from killing babies. He should never have a gun, pitchfork, bow or arrow, or a knife because if ever I saw a sadistic killer in waiting, he is one...

  • regulus30

    fools always attack what they fear;; you know like liberals do ;; if they are to ignorant to grasp the concept they must kill it.

  • DrZarkov99

    My late father had a term for so-called "intellectuals" like Dawkins: educated idiots. If you want to see a professed "Atheist" head explode, calmly explain to them that they are professing a religious belief. Since they can no more provide physical proof of the non-existence of a deity than a Christian or Jew can provide such proof of God's existence, theirs is no less a faith based on belief. The difference is that the Atheist wants to think he is god. Give me an honest Agnostic any day.

  • regulus30

    Dawkins is proof that pond scum does evolve, an amoeba has assumed a physical form resembling a man.

  • janet

    He is less human than a pig!

  • willytea

    Imagine, an atheist who doesn't much care for kids. Let me show you my shocked face!

  • apf2

    So by his morality, eating human meat is just as acceptable as bacon? There really is no difference?

  • organicroseski2

    Dawkins is jerk like--and I believe loves the attention.

  • dicksi

    It’s this kind of thinking that has totally degraded our moral outlook. A thief can rob a convenience store….steal $2 and execute everyone in the place. Human life has no more significance than worm life or cockroach life. Only in God does human life have significance.

  • benfaust

    No more human than an adult pig? And he's supposed to be scientifically minded?

  • SaneZidane

    It appears this Dawkins character never evolved from the fetus stage whatsoever. Him trying to equate himself on equal footing of an Adult Pig, is an insult to pigs the world over. When one goes that extreme, he reminds sane people that he is a walking, talking waste of human flesh. I've come across dead bodies that were less offensive than this dawkins dude.

  • agbjr

    A human life is a human life and human life being created by God is sacred. Concerning adult pigs I have seen many in many places but mostly when they congregate at the Democrat National Convention. They are frankly not human but zombie and follow any fellow pig quoting Karl Marx.

  • Robert Kaiser

    Richard Dawkins Says a ‘Fetus’ is Less Human than an Adult Pig. Only comment on that is: "So is Mr. Dawkins!" (less human than an adult pig, in case his followers are not sure what is being said)

  • axmickl

    What force on earth makes Dawkins vomit out his drivel Who cares what he says or thinks? What difference does his words have in the order of all things? Is there a group of creatures out there just waiting for his next proclamations?

  • Phil Bronner

    I defy Dawkins to give me one instance in which a human fetus, carried to term, is born anything BUT a human being.....Methinks he's another arrogant, elitist suffering from the mental disorder of liberalism...

  • Dana Stevens

    You have not understood what he said, and mischaracterize him in the normal ad hominem manner you are accustom. What he was saying is that an adult pig is an actual living being, where a fetus is a potential being. Meaning something that is is much different than something that might be. if a fetus was an actual being, then it would not be called a fetus, but the being that it actual is. If a fetus was an actual human being, we would be calling it an actual human and not a fetus.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Without a doubt, Dawkins votes straight DNC ticket.

  • Kat

    Disgusting! A baby is a human being not a pig! what a sicko!!!

  • kcsummer

    Atheists with this kind of philosophy are less human than the slime I scrape from the bottom of my boots after tromping through a barnyard

  • Marj0120

    As mankind has evolved many societies have declared others outside of their society unfit or lower on the evolutional scale than themselves. Sadly even in this great country before we woke up and remembered that all mankind is created equal. A quickening human is just that from the moment the egg and spermatozoa meet. It's not subject to discussion, it's a fact. At what point we have the moral right to terminate it's development can be subject to discussion, as can under what circumstances should it be allowed?

    But blatantly wild and crazy statements about it's humanity is just stupid, perhaps he buys into the fact that he personally has no more intrinsic value than a pig, well perhaps I would not argue that point with him. I'd like to remind him however that no self respecting mother pig, dog, alligator or bug would intensionally kill it's own offspring. He must buy into the bell curve value on human life with the very young and the very old considered unworthy and unfit in the ability to serve mankind and therefore of no value, like some of obam's pals and cabinet members....

  • WilliamSpires

    On the other hand an adult atheist is less human than a pig embryo; following the atheists logic of course where there is no reason to abide by any code of ethics or morals.

  • Patricia McDonough

    If that's the belief of your parents then it's too bad you weren't aborted.

  • Brabado

    So, True Atheist consider themselves Adult Pigs!!!
    I agree with that...

  • horseradish

    atheists are terrorists and less human than pigs, period

  • VanceJ

    Dawkins you were born or hatched I don't know which, and you are still less human than a pig, GO Figure

  • martha chandler

    It's unfortunate that his mother never thought that about him.


    I declare Dawkins to be less human than an adult pig.

  • vietnamvet1971

    His Destruction in the Lake of Fire will be Instant and he will live NO more. So I hope he enjoys his life in this Evil World cause this is IT for him.

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Darwin, Has said there is proof that man took millions of years to come about what a bunch of bull that is being tought to our school age children. At the heart of evolutionary theory is the basic idea that life has existed for billions of years and has changed over time? Were is the proof of that? There is none, The age of earth is said to be millions of years old. Looking at how they come up with that is NOT science it's a play of words, and our young people are being dumbed down to believe it. In there tex books it tells how they came up with the age of rock and the age of dinosaurs. It's called circular reasoning, dinosaur bones tell to age of rock, and rock tells the age of dinosaurs. Where is the proof in that if the grand canyons were formed over millions of years, were is the rock and sand that was washed out. And there reasoning is so full of lies, one would think Obama said them. The Age of the Earth There is much proof for creation if one looks.

  • Jeffrey Liggens


  • GDC97

    Gary DeMar continues to PROVE HE IS SERIOUSLY MENTALLY SICK!!!

  • Donald York

    An atheist is less than a pile of s hit!

  • Chet

    Well, the gentleman, I believe, has since passed on to his own chosen eternal rewards. If so, it won't matter much now what he thought regarding little ones in their mom's womb awaiting God's predetermined time of birth. If in Heaven, (after about a thousand years or so of praising and thanking the Lord Jesus Christ for saving one's own soul) we'll all learn more than we could ever imagine and for those poor creatures in Hell, sadly, they won't care beyond their own eternal punishment...

  • Estoban

    Dawkins' entire life accomplishments have no value to my survival, while any human fetus has the potential to add to my survival. An adult pig has far more value to me than Dawkins, for the pig can feed my family for days.

  • underthewire

    I do agree that he is the closest thing to a pig than I can think of. Maybe he will donate his body to a slaughter house.

  • Jerry Nelson

    I would like to point out that this is not an "athiest" point of view but a Liberal point of view. Dawkins stance on abortion is purely from his LIberal ideals not his athiesm. I'm an athiest and to me abortion is flat out murder, but that's because my politics are Libertarian.

  • Reflect

    He is living proof that atheists have no more brains than a dead pig. However a dead pig is worth something. It can give nurishment to others.

  • allen goldberg

    Richard: Please try to STHU!! You make so little sense, people who have lost their minds years ago make more sense. You are truly a buffoon!!

  • Jackie

    Dawkins is mentally ill. What makes a pig a pig is it's DNA. What makes a human a human is it's DNA. And DNA is in place in a fetus at conception. It is a human from that second forward. It is a stage of human development. Just as a one year old is at a stage of human development. A every day is another stage of development in the womb or out. fetus is a stage of human development.And it will always be more human than a pig or any other animal on earth.


    WOW! I Love y'all! I hope to meet you on this site again sometime!

  • Barb Patton

    I wonder why his mother did not abort her little pig???? just asking

  • CJM2

    What can one expect from someone born in Nairobi Kenya Colony???? Guess who else is from that neck of the woods!!! The only difference between Dawkins and ovomit is that at least Dawkins owns up to his lineage and birthplace while the other one doesn't.

  • guppy1957

    nearly 6000 years of history, and trillions of witnesses; mother gooss mother nature and atheists are all fairy tales

    • Don39

      No , really, fairy tales all have a moral!

  • azrt1

    Dawkins- the other "other white meat". All Snout and hooves ,he is but lacking any "meat". No substance.

    • Don39

      And they make fun of a pig's brain!

  • Indiana Conservative

    Then this idiot liberal Dawkins is less then a adult pig.

  • AppraisHer

    Richard Dawkins is less human than an adult cockroach...from anyone's prospective, atheist or christian.

  • Samurai_Sam

    You can't blame him for thinking that way he's been living among liberals all his life and everyone knows that liberals are less human than an adult pig and far less intelligent.

  • Don39

    Less human than an adult pig, not so a fetus is much more human than an adult atheist!

  • redrover

    Shows the ignorance and infiltration of the devil in atheists! They are part of satan's army! As sure as Christian's are of the truth, the other side of the coin is sure they are and that will be the end fight of life on this planet! It is like comparing a stone wall and a waterfall.....opposites! As faith is sanity, so no faith is insanity! That said; much evil by man kind has been done in the name of both; just remember the source of it was NOT God or the Lord, it was mankind who messed thing sup in the first place!

  • quipster

    The best part of richard dawkins dna gos down the tolit bowl everyday!

  • Vancouver1941

    To bad this so called human being's parents didn't have the same ideas and we would not be reading about his thoughts on the human race which he is not part of because according to his beliefs he is under the adult pig in the evolution scale.

  • cmjay

    Dawkins morphed from a FETUS to a PIG. DARWIN'S THEORY at work. My apology to the PIGS.

  • Frank B

    If you were all born in the middle east, you'd be believing in allah, if you were born in 11th century Scandinavia, you'd be believing in thor - but you just so happened to be born into a western culture, so you believe that jesus was your prophet, Start believing in science so that we can progress. Oh, also - are you enjoying that computer or tablet you're typing on? Please feel free to thank science for that one.

  • Johnny Morris

    it is so simple to see the future of people like dawkins......because one day he would be willing to give anything for just a glass of water.

  • Jack Parker

    When was the last time an adult pig developed into a human? (Discounting
    Richard Dawkins of course.)

  • Joanne Long

    Well, do muslims like this to know they are decendants from pigs? LOL

  • NewYawkahBroad

    I'm not sure WHAT scientific community he has the respect of but any CERTIFIED biologist will tell you life begins at CONCEPTION! ANY life!

    This is just what people will resort to to justify deplorable behavior they internally know is wrong.

  • texan texan

    Totally awesome that lefties have nutcases just like right wing. We just have fewer. We need to try harder. CPAC Speeches were all about bucki g up and bei g confident and I might add find left wing nutcases. You know you can.


      Yup , time to buck it up and remember the Alamo.

  • guppy1957

    Voila the atheist's mother was right look what her child turned out to be less than a pig
    spend some time in a fox hole being shot at or being a point on a patrol, on a military mission during a fire fight you will find G-d real fast sorry you must have chosen to live on your knees rather than to stand up for your beliefs and put it all on the line ... being a complete man

  • guppy1957

    Charles Darwin said it best when asked to explain the common Bee Darwin said this creature disproves the theory of evolution ... working for the collective good of the hive the Bee could never have evolved naturally therefore the theory of divine creation is correct
    Aristotle before he died told his students all that i have taught and preached is invalid there is one G-d a living G-d only his ways are correct and eternal. Aristolte was quoting from the teachings of Moses ...

  • Bruce Crump

    Guess that makes him the same thing. He ought to thank his mother, however, for giving birth to the "adult pig" he has now become and for giving him the opportunity to make these outlandish remarks...

  • Ron Powell

    Maybe Dawkins was raised from a pig fetus. That would explain his comparison.

  • John Williams

    Dawkins is the best evidence that exists to support evolution , since the similarities in his powers of reason seem strikingly similar to that of the Ape ! It's like the monkey and the typewriter argument for ID !

  • banjo kid

    God values his soul , there fore I value his soul and pray for a time when he accepts The lord through Jesus Christ .

  • Donald Evans

    Which is more than he can say for himself.

  • Gdrake

    I hear much weeping and gnashing of teeth when Lord returns. A lot of people will be shocked, because they were so convinced He isn't real.

  • downs1

    Dawkins is a grand fool! "The fool has said in his heart,'There is no God'" (Psalm 14:1). In many ways I pity the man, because he is ignorant of the truth and each time he opens his mouth he declares something else for which God will judge him. He is arrogant, and closed minded, so obviously anything of faith will be summarily rejected by him. In some cases, atheists suddenly see the light of truth and turn from their sin and are saved. But Scripture says that in the end times, many will doggedly reject God, thus bringing destruction and eternal judgment upon themselves. Dawkins most likely belongs to this latter group!

  • Anthony A

    to be or not to be a human...that is the question every liberal scum deals with every morning when they wake up!!! they r SUB-HUMANS!

  • Ncramblit

    I think this old adage works well here regarding atheists, "I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you". Kids say the darndest things!

  • GQ4U

    Richard Dawkins is prejudiced against human fetuses because he is... an adult Pig.

    #1) - Human: A member of the genus Homo and especially of the species Homo sapiens: A person.

    #2) - Pig: Any of several mammals of the family Suidae, having four short legs, cloven hooves, bristly hair, and a cartilaginous snout used for digging up dirt.

    By definition, Dawkins is a pile of #2.

  • Gman

    Hey there Einstein, any age pig is not human; you idiot. Why does godfather politics even give some POS fool like this Dawkins the time of day much less some write up of what he has to say? Who cares what this brain dead idiot has to say about anything?

  • ICorps

    Dawkins' comparison of fetuses and pigs is crass and tasteless, but Dawkins is speaking figuratively and writer DeMar is overreacting. If a both a pig and a human express fear, strive for dominance, experience sexual urges, and share myriad other characteristics, they are figuratively closer to each other than is a fetus to a self-sustaining human.

    Also, Dawkins' explanation beginning, "In the universe of blind physical forces...," should not be shocking. It is a clear statement of the atheistic ethos and is exactly what one would expect from an educated atheist.

  • Breezeyguy

    But then most of these stupid atheists claim to have some rational basis for morality. If everything is just protons and electrons, then there is no right or wrong.

  • redneck63625

    Wasn't it Edmund Burke who stated that "...if you don't believe in God, you'll believe in anything..."?

  • redneck63625

    In Ben Stein's lovely movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" he ultimately gets Dawkins to state that, although there's no God, the human race MAY have been established as some sort of colony by MARTIANS !

    In other words, while he can't accept the existence of a Supreme Being, he IS willing to entertain the notion that MARTIANS visited the Earth. Dawkins -- although clever like the serpent -- is just enough of a "scientist" to be accepted in the "Man-Made Global Warming" fraternity...

  • bealman2

    Reality? He is nothing more than a 'human' which has not had the spirit of God quickened within; By his own opinion he has described himself very well, 'no more important than an adult pig'. Actually, less important since the pig makes a significant contribution to society- he is required to give his 'all' for mankind.

  • bob

    I love confusing evolutionists. I tell them that if their wife is pregnant and I kick her in the stomach and kill the baby it isn't a crime because the fetus isn't human. They get all enraged and say of course its a crime, its murder. Then I close my trap and tell them then getting an abortion is murder too. They always yell profranities and run away.

  • lynne binns

    INSANE is any adult person who believes in supernatural beings! My 7 year old daughter asked me - whats the difference between god and santa claus? The answer is,of course, not much! Both are supernatural beings sporting big beards, who 'live' in a mythical land full of other supernatural beings. They both purport to know how good or bad everyone on the planet has been, and both withhold their favors if they do not like your behavior. They can both fly, teleport, do lots of magic stuff, and supposedly live forever. Believing in Santa Claus after the age of 16 is generally acknowledged to indicate someone is totally cuckoo - & the same is true for god! Any adult with an IQ of more than 90, who believes that any 'supernatural' being, including god, really exists is either insane, or deluded, or both! Richard Dawkins is hugely intelligent, perfectly sane & his arguments are logical & supportable - Sadly, I can't say the same for the crazy blogger man or his totally off the wall followers in the laughable posts below.

  • SeekTruthOverAll

    Strictly speaking we tend to define humans not based on DNA, but in character attributes (comprhesion, emotions, self awareness). Based on those descriptors alone then Dawkins is correct. Adult pigs have all the above, while a human fetus does not. But a human fetus has human DNA. His comment was horribly overstated.