Rand Paul Is Right On Immigration

Yesterday, I read in the Washington Post:

“The dramatic shift in the Republican Party on immigration continued Tuesday, as conservative tea party icon and possible 2016 presidential contender Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) endorsed an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws that would allow the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants to obtain legalized status. ‘ [reform] will not occur until conservative Republicans, like myself, become part of the solution. That’s why I’m here today. To begin that conversation and become part of the solution,’ he said in a breakfast speech Tuesday morning before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington.”

Paul wants a way for immigrants to obtain “legal status” but not citizenship, and he wants to allow more legal immigration. While I don’t know his specifics, in general he is right on both counts.

To deal with the second issue first. Our immigration restrictions come from an extremely “progressive” and eugenicist time in our history. They were adopted from the same rationale as Margaret Sanger’s abortion ideology. They assumed that a growing population was an economic problem. That is exactly the opposite of the truth. In fact, the United States is at the threshold of a demographic implosion. Not only should we allow immigrants, but soon we will be begging them to come over unless we see an immediate change in the reproductive habits and preferences of US families. Actually, even an immediate change probably wouldn’t help soon enough.

Having restricted immigration, we now face a situation in which the best and brightest in other countries are kept there because they have too much to lose if they break US law. Middle-class people can’t typically afford to sneak into the country and expect any kind of life. More engineers and more doctors and more professionals of other kinds will mean a higher standard of living for everyone. Yes it is true that a relatively few professionals get to charge more due to the restriction on competition, but that isn’t the same as economic prosperity for the whole country. Furthermore, as costs go down, there are new growth opportunities. There are many instances of immigrants coming here and starting businesses and providing opportunities for natives they would never have otherwise.

For desperate poor on the other side of our southern border our immigration laws are simply useless. When time in jail represents an increase in your normal standard of living, laws are not going to deter you from trying to live in the United States.

Since this population is relatively marginal, they have their share of problems you would expect: in addition to working poor you find people who are criminals or who want to take advantage of the Welfare State that Americans who were born here were stupid enough to construct. But so what? Criminals can and should be punished and welfare should be ended for everyone. That doesn’t mean that people who want to work here and are willing to pay taxes should be hated and reviled.

To evade this basic ethical imperative, conservatives typically make strident statements about the evils of “amnesty for “lawbreakers.” It is time to state the truth about these claims: If you are a Mexican husband and father who will watch your wife and children live in misery because you insist on honoring an unjust and tyrannical US law that tells you to stay where you are and rot, rather than move to where you can better yourself and your family by hard work, then you are a slothful and negligent husband and father. Those laws that these immigrants have broken are tyrannical and unjust laws. They are an embarrassment to the heritage of freedom that gave us the Declaration of Independence and the US powerhouse of free enterprise. Those laws should be ended and forgotten, not used as an excuse for abducting people from their homes and exiling them back to a country because they happened to have been born there. How can people who honor the original Tea Party in Boston (an illegal act) turn around and claim that the mere existence of a law on paper justifies this kind of assault on persons and property? Were all participants in the “underground railroad” that helped slaves escape the South and slavery all “evil lawbreakers”? These “illegals” should not only get “amnesty," but they should get an apology as well!

This brings us to Rand Paul’s second issue: should these people have “legal status”? If it is not citizenship, then yes. Immigrants are a threat if they can vote immediately, because then they are essentially a foreign power that threatens the domestic population. If government is force, then any population that can vote is a threat to use force against others. The rapid granting of citizenship is an evil strategy. The right to life, liberty, and property are real. The franchise is an artificial construction, not a “natural right.”

If we increase legal immigration so anyone who wants to work here and live under our laws can come here, then the problems faced by property owners on our southern border will end. At that point, the only people sneaking over will be real criminals, and we can deal with them appropriately.  The pressure will be gone.

PostScript: Notice that granting “amnesty” makes no sense at all if you plan to keep the same laws in place restricting immigration. It means you are encouraging lawbreaking even as you claim the law is just. To keep immigration restricted and then grant amnesty from time to time is a strategy to attract a resentful minority and then, every decade or so, gain a quick influx of resentful voters. I want to see this Democrat recruiting tool ended forever.



  • http://www.facebook.com/mdhenry1 Mike Henry

    We are not going to be able to "fix" illegal entry into our country (I mean "our" as American Citizens) until we close the gap which allows "outsiders" to enter illegally. When Washington gets serious about border security, then, we may be able to do something about our illegal immigrants.

    • Doodlebug

      You are so right Mike, and I for one, do not want to see these "illegal" immigrants get to citizenship before the people who have come here legally. And, this would need to be THE END OF COMING ILLEGALLY! That means secure our borders first. I want to see them speaking English like the rest of us when they are out in a crowd. They can speak their native language in their own homes or with their own people. I go to a place for a service I can no longer do for myself. The provider speaks English to me but when speaking to other employees, they speak in their native tongue and that is just plain wrong. If they can't say what they have to say in front of me, then shut up until I am gone. It is very rude. If they want to be a part of America, they need to act like it.

      • DrSique

        The problem with security and delayed citizenship is that many don't care to become citizens. They will be perfectly content with the immediate legalization and plenty of American dollars to send home.

  • Screeminmeeme

    "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.

    But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all.

    We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."............Teddy Roosevelt

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

      Very true. But, most hispanics have no real desire to be part of this country and many believe they should seize it as theirs. It use to be that a immigrant to this country would learn the language and its customs while keeping their language at home rarely if ever spoken out of it. These people come in and will not assimilate themselves to our Nation, Language or Culture.

      • tncdel

        And it's the fault of TRAITORS who put the interests of foreign nationals ahead of America's best interests, like Rand Paul and anyone else who supports giving amnesty, for tolerating such anti-U.S. treachery within U.S. borders.

        Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

        The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can't afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

          Unless of course a real wall was made and troops with orders to kill and leave the rotting corpses on the mexican side of the border. With only two entrances into the United States it would enable us to deport them and their anchor children and keep them out. Unless of course they want to fill out the paper work and become a citizen like any one else.

        • garycrittenden

          google "Operation Wet Back" to see how this problem was handled back in the '50's

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

          In this case I would use two divisions along with civilian police. One to be on the border proper and the others in "flying squads" to locate concentrations of illegals bring them to the border and toss them over. No boats this time. With Carnival they would be stuck at sea forever.

  • John

    So now all of a sudden we are against the immigration laws and welcome migrants with open arms? Sounds too good to be true, but I'll take it! Good job everyone.

    • Randy Renu

      Reminds me. Do you still have your Green Card?

  • rodmar2

    The Republicans have lost their minds.

    The illegal aliens will never vote Republican.

    We do not trust our politicians because of things like this, We were told
    in the 80’s there would be no more AMNESTY’S.

    I switched to the Republican party and voted for Marco Rubio because of his
    strong stance on illegal immigration. I will not be voting for him next

    I feel he and the other Republicans that are putting forward another
    Amnesty have betrayed the Working Citizens of our country.

    If the Republicans push and help pass another AMNESTY, they will never win
    another national election again.

    You can call it anything you like, but if the 11 million illegal aliens are
    allowed to stay her and continue to work or be allowed to take any new jobs the
    become available. IT is AMNESTY.

    It will not help in any way the 14 million unemployed American workers or
    the 20 million under employed.

    These people came her illegally by walking across the border or over
    staying a Visa. They knowingly broke our laws and the Knuckle heads in
    Washington want to Reward them with a job. What is wrong with this

    All the talking heads in Washing ton and the media can not be trusted.
    They are far removed from the plight of the working class in the U.S.A. and now
    will give job preference to illegal aliens.

    This administration will not enforce any part of an immigration bill that
    it does not like or agree with, or if the Democrats' control the house again the
    wont fund the enforcement. They never funded building the entire fence
    authorized in the last bill. Janet Napolitano has dragged her feet on this and
    many other enforcement issues. She just let over 2200 criminal illegals go.

    How can we trust them.

    If President Obama does not like the enforcement part of a immigration
    bill, he will just issue another executive order to by pass it.

    I don’t believe we can trust him at all.

    • DrSique

      You're right, newly legalized aliens will never vote for republicans and millions of working class conservatives will forever abandon them. The party will die. Therefore, the Senator is deadbang wrong on immigration and my support for him just tanked.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

        I have tried to warn people that he is just like his father on this. Ron would love open borders with no restrictions and all you have to do is look at the last debate. Rand unlike Rubio would not allow E-Verify to be used. Of course Obama is against it for the simple reason that he could not pass.

    • melmc13

      It would be helpful if you actually read the whole article. For instance, legal status is not equated to citizenship, which is required for voting. Therefore, their voting status would not even be an issue. This is one of the first approaches to the problem that I've seen as potentially workable. Did you even read what was written? Mark Horne wrote a well-reasoned article and you countered in long-winded fashion with all the objections that we, as conservatives, have trotted out over the years without considering some other possibilities. There is a way to be open-minded and not have your brains fall out. There is also, as it appears here, a way to be so close-minded that your brains are squeezed to uselessness.

      • ves

        They will be given the right to vote and IMMEDIATE ACCESS to ALL FREEBIES and BENEFITS!!
        This is just a BS way to get in!!

      • rodmar2

        Legalization is the issue. There are documented cases of
        illegal aliens voting in our elections.
        All it takes is an illegally obtained drivers license. Motor Voter Registration.
        Do you know anyone who was put out of work because of the 11 million aliens. What do you say to out of work construction workers when the housing markets starts to come back, sorry your job is being done by one of our new government made legal construction workers.
        There are currently 1.4 million unemployed construction workers. Legalization will not help any of them.

  • ed357


    Rand Paul is dead wrong on Immigration........

    1st.........Build an impenetrable double wall on our borders.......

    2nd........Have our troops patrol this border wall and prevent further illegal invaders from entering the US....

    3rd.........Come up with a plan to citizenship for some of the deserving illegals invaders.....keeping in mind that some immigrants are here legally and should be at the head of the line....


  • http://twitter.com/DonBahn1 Don Bahn

    The laws against hiring illegals MUST be enforced, then they will go back to where they came from because if caught they can not come back legally even as a day worker.

  • Joe Sabin

    How about adopting the same rules as Mexico has in existence. Illegals are not accepted and face jail time. No government benefits, such as free education, food stamps, housing, medical, etc. Deport them and give their jobs to healthy Americans on SSI, Welfare, Extended Unemployment, thereby reducing the amount they receive from the government.

    Any thing less is not what America needs. If the GOP backs what is being said, may the party along with the Democrats rot in hell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-Johnson/1515032171 Carl Johnson

    The path to citizenship should be go back get in line and wait, I don't care if we increase the amount of people immigrating, but shut down the flow of illegals first, deal with the current illegal population, then make clear that the law does not make you a citizen just because you we're born here, you need at least 1 citizen parent to be a citizen. PERIOD!

  • urbisoler

    The authors of this article are wrong. Malthus warned us many years ago that overpopulation would destroy civilization. We haven't maxed out yet but the Four Horsemen are not keeping population on an even keel. Today, there are people dying of starvation, diseases, war, pestilence, etc. an still the world population increases. Simple mathematics should tell you that there are limits. How to explain, otherwise, scientists desperate search for another livable planet on which to move. It may be altruistic to allow amnesty and increase legal immigration into the US but it will surely decrease the national lifespan in the process. Should the US look out for ourselves or should we go down with the ship? Tough choices but my guess is that the survival instinct will take over before the politicians lead us down that primrose path to oblivion. Let the hoarding begin!!

  • dean29685

    Listened to Rand today on Glen Beck what he stated about all subjects put him in better light than any of his pears. But I still would rather see a new person like West Run.

    • ves

      Rand just lost my vote and I told Him so!!!
      CUT IMMIGRATION until Legal US Citizens are Back to work!!!

  • Chad

    Nothing can be done untill the border is actually secured... Shovel-Ready jobs, right there waiting.

  • DOOM161

    They already have a way to obtain legal status: Immigrate legally. People do it every day.

    There have been 11 million illegal immigrants in the US for well over a decade. Does anyone actually believe that number hasn't grown?

  • ARMYOF69

    I actually like Rand's ideas on handling the wetbacks.

    • ves

      Then you don't live in a Border State and you damn sure don't know what you are talking about or dealing with!

      • $2398599

        California, Los Angeles, where half this population is illegal aliens.....is that enough mister?

        • Taskmasterendgame

          Los Angeles CA. is where thousands of Illegals have gone to since entering the United States.
          That is exactly why Federal California Politicians are all Liberals put into office by
          Illegals, voting illegally Mexico is already been retaken over by Mexico
          Is the rest of USA to become like California?
          Senator Rand you lost another Strong Supporter !

  • Lauren R. Krauss

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  • ves

    He's WRONG ... His Father is WRONG and Anyone Supporting any type of Amnesty is WRONG!!!
    ILLEGAL ALIENS are Destroying the US and Over Immigration takes US JOBS!!!
    LEGAL US CITIZENS are being FORCED into UNEMPLOYMENT and POVERTY because of Immigration and ILLEGAL ALIENS!
    ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT Conservative ... Christian or even very Moral ...these are the same Marxist Communist Socialist Radical muslim IDIOTS that have Kept Chavez Castros' .. Iran .. NKorea ..Palestine ...etc IN POWER!!
    These jerks HATE LEGAL US CITIZENS and Wish us HARM ... they are so arrogant they get on TV and tell us we owe them and we should give them a free ride!!
    Are Any of Y'ALL paying attention out there????

  • Isaac Pentlin

    This will happen again and again if something different is not tried. we have drones that could patrol the border. But that would invite lawyers and law suits.. Then the legal Hispanics are harboring the illegal Hispanics. They need to be charged with sedition. Stop them from harboring criminals, and you will stop illegal migration.. Make an agreement with Mexico to used their prisons for $x amount; that makes mexico a leaper country. Then I would send the seditionists and Illegals. Asian Foreign Exchange student going AWOL are going to Maxico.

  • ves

    NO we will NOT change OUR Laws for ILLEGAL ALIENS or Foreign Nationals!!
    If they don't like the Laws then they can hauls their *ss's back to where they came from!!!
    We haven't been a nation of immigrants for centuries and all nations started the same way!
    Women in the US can't afford to have a lot of kids because we have to work to Pay High US Taxes that these Parasites cause to INCREASE because they have sucked the US Social Services and Social Security and Medicaid DRY and YES the PERCENTAGE is HIGH 30MILLION and Growing every 18MONTHS!

  • turfbarn80

    Rand's brilliant idea will create 20 more Democrats even if the illegal aliens get mere legal status, because all their kids will vote for freebies. In addition, does he realize we already have a huge unemployment problem? How will increased legal immigration do anything but make our own entry level poor have to compete with more and more immigrants until wages are globalized to the floor? Rand Paul had his moment in the sun, but now he sounds like old man McCain. What's in this surrender for Americans?

  • TheTexasCooke

    U. S. Constitution

    Article 1 - The Legislative Branch
    Section 9 - Limits on Congress

    No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.
    They violated the laws of this country and you CANNOT, Constitutionally, pass a law that says that those violations are no longer violations [ex post facto]. They have to answer for those violations, as prescribe by the laws in effect at the time of their violations, before anything else can happen! I don't care if Rand is our new fair-haired boy [and believe me I like him a lot], but if he's not interested in supporting the Constitution, then I will look else where.

  • $2398599

    I do not love it, but Rand's answer to our illegal alien problem is probably the most pragmatic I have seen so far, without giving away " the store ".

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1518866858 Ric Barnett

    Reagan should stand as the example. He was assured that the border would be secured if he would only sign amnesty. He fell for it and look where it has us now. The 11 million today will be twenty million in another ten years. Treat our borders for what they are. They are our last line of defense. This reminds me of all the good that would come from insuring the health of 30 million "citizen" and now it looks like there will be about 40 million uninsured by the time we get everything in place. Another great step for the socialists amoung us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Wilson-Kingsley/100000397000382 Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Rand Paul's plan is one that I would put into place. No worker should be in our country without a (work permit) Green Card. Every person in our country needs to be here legally. As Rand says, that will distinguish the criminals from those who came to work for a legal opportunity.

  • Ron Powell

    Any type of amnesty will only encourage more to come here knowing they can circumvent the law just as the last amnesty did. They could care less about becoming a republican. Why do they even have a racist Hispanic Chamber of Commerce? Does that sound familiar, like Black Political Caucus, Black College Fund, etc. The hispanics are using the same divisive methods as the blacks to gain special rights. LaRaza is a racist organization that advocates conquering parts of the U.S. because they claim they were "stolen" from Mexico. There is no desire to learn English,follow our laws, pledge allegiance to this country, or to become loyal citizens. Rand Paul should not cave in to any of their demands, we have immigration laws on the books, they just need to be enforced not forgotten. Natural citizen births should be eliminated as a first step--we are one of only a few countries that allow this. It is another incentive to sneak pregnant women into this country and it overwhelms the hospitals and costs taxpayers billions every year.

  • ICorps

    Writer Mark Horne must be a hog farmer. He seems so skillful in turning out slop and hogwash.

    First, Horne is one of those Republicans who believes that party label, not political philosophy or ideology, is all that matters. If the Republican Party achieves electoral success by becoming even more like the Democrats, America essentially ends up with a one-party system--and that one party would be decidedly leftist. (Forget about "land of the free.")

    Second, every nation in the world has striven to maintain its national identity, which is neither racist nor bigoted, by basically controlling immigration to favor those most like themselves. A good example of a country exercising such control is Mexico. It has been only since the recent ascendancy of self-hating leftists in America and other English-speaking nations that those countries have been swamped by dissimilar immigrants--immigrants who generally have disdain for their new country and absolutely no desire to assimilate.

    Third, "legalized status" for illegal aliens is just masked amnesty.

    Fourth, the real driving force for legalization or amnesty is votes, not the fortune or survival of America. The Democrats see a potential 12 million more Democrat voters, while the pro-amnesty Republicans are hoping that at least part of that new electorate will keep them in office. It follows, therefore, that these immigrant-dependent politicians will do everything they can to keep our borders open and porous.

    Fifth, even slow-witted Republicans must know that rewarding illegal behavior only encourages more of that illegal behavior. That means that the real consequence of "legalization" would be still more illegal immigrants and the establishment of a never-ending immigration cycle--a cycle that will end only with the demise of America.

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    When Congress takes up reforming our immigration laws, I most fervently hope they will provide for the entrance of the well-educated, highly motivated, inventive (insofar as that quality can be identified), and talented. We truly need them.

    We need people who have other traits as well, but they seem to have less trouble getting in.

    I am troubled by what I call "chain" immigration, whereby one person becomes a citizen, invites a spouse, then the children, the original immigrant's parents, the spouse's parents, etc. Our forefathers and mothers who immigrated to America left loved ones behind. Why should an immigrant be allowed to bring a large extended family? If someone were to justify such immigration, I might change my mind. Right now, I'm opposed to letting more than parents and their children immigrate. How do others of you feel?

  • Trish P

    I would have supported Rand Paul for the next President until I found about his stance on illegals to become legal (although not citizens) and no E-verify. Clamping down on the borders is necessary, but not enough. Too many illegals vote illegally as it is (more would vote illegally if they were considered "legal"). This will explode under Rand Paul's plan. Our unemployment rate is much too high as it is. When this rate iis down I can see moving those already in line for citizenship to move faster. (I also have a brother who was "let go" on a minor mistake to be replaced with a probably illegal alien--as were others at this company previously let go, who were very good workers--but replaced for a much lower wage.)

  • tncdel

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can't afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

    There's no way to sugarcoat this, for the bottomline is that anyone who puts the interests of foreign nationals ahead of America's best interests is a TRAITOR to America. That includes Rand Paul, Mark Horne [the author of this DISGRACEFUL sales pitch to give amnesty], Obama and anyone else who supports it.

  • tncdel

    If this is the best we can expect from Republicans, then the party is of no use to America and it would be better if the GOP simply faded away to nothing.

    There are currently more registered as Independents than there are either Democrats or Republicans. I would like to see someone who puts America first run for president like Ted Cruz as an INDEPENDENT candidate.

    The globalists have infiltrated ALL U.S. parties. So I don't see a third party candidate as patently any better. Gary Johnson is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. Claims to be a "strict constitutionalist." But almost completely disregards one of the Constitution's core tenets; namely: domestic national defense against the illegal alien invasion.

    Johnson is so bad that non-partisan NumbersUSA rated him almost as bad as Obama [who they rated an F minus]. Johnson rated an F! See:


    Further, Johnson is a LEFTWING "politically correct" activist who spits on the Constitution. He hoodwinked Libertarians much like the commie-socialists were able to hijack the Democrat party from the true Liberals.

    The New World Order is infiltrating the Libertarian party using Johnson, and many sleep on him.

    For example, a homosexual man has THE EXACT SAME RIGHT under the Constitution as does a heterosexual man to marry a woman. But the fact that he does not wish to do so, though his prerogative, does NOT create for him another right; namely: to change the heterosexual definition of marriage handed down to us by our ancestors.

    But the leftwing "politically correct" globalist activists like Gary Johnson want to invent new rights. In fact, Johnson even opposes letting each state decide that. He wants a federal law imposed that enshrines the unconstitutional tampering. See:


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1179639055 A.W. Lee

    They came here knowing the risk. They get caught they go back to where they came from. They come here illegally, work here illegally, they use our medical facilities illegally, they take welfare illegally, everything they do here is illegal. Then they send our money back to Mexico for their families there to live high on the hog illegally. Only in America could this happen. Rand Paul and the boys should slip into Mexico illegally and see what happens in Mexico to their sorry butts when they get caught. Mexicans may be poor but not stupid.The Mexican's know where the stupid people live that wont enforce their own law which by the way are a lot better then Mexico"s.

  • turfbarn80

    Oh please! Being poor doesn't qualify ANYONE to ellbow his way illegally into someone else's country and then demand rights and social services via the deck of Matricula Consular cards he gets from his embassy. The amount of arrogance the hispanic activist community levels at law abiding Americans is intolerable. Our government's policies relegate citizens, not illegal aliens, to a second class citizenship, because all our immigration enforcement and laws favor immigrants, legal or illegal, not the needs of citizens.
    Why aren't you screaming at our government to force Mexico to clean up its act or lose its foreign aid money? Importing poverty will sink our country along with the meaning of citizenship. Mexicans would laugh at the thought of 20 million Americans flooding into their country and expecting rights and citizenship. We'd be met by their army. It's only stupid Americans who equate surrender with compassion.

  • groscoe

    Earth to Paul..........you need to face reality.......

  • groscoe


    Senator Rubio and Senator Paul have belabored the point to citizens nothing would happen with the mythical eleven million illegal aliens until we had border security except they will have legal status. Since the Executive Branch is responsible for enforcement the promise means nothing. Am I right or wrong and why?

    On Wednesday March 21st the House Oversight Committee found out a startling fact and that is a program DHS promised would provide an evaluation of border control was not being worked on and was not intended to measure border control although it is called Border Condition Index (BCI).Since the DHS does not have a way of measuring enforcement how can Senator Rubio or Senator Paul continue on considering amnesty since both both have placed all movement of amnesty on being able to make sure the border is secure?

    When the first ever amnesty was passed in 1986 it was to be the only one ever, the border was to be secured and E-Verify was to be made mandatory in the country so only legal workers would be hired which turned out to be a lie. Why should citizens now believe Congress?

    Senator Rubio says “You can't deport eleven million people” and Senator Paul says “We won't deport eleven million people. If E-Verify, which congress promised in 1986 and didn't legislate, was mandated for all workers, if a secure SS card were issued to prevent document fraud, if welfare was reserved only for citizens, if the Immigration and Naturalization Act were amended so only children born in the country to at least one U.S. citizen qualified as a citizen, if the penalty for entering the country illegally or overstaying a visa was made a felony with mandatory jail time, and if the Cuban Adjustment Act were revoked do you think in five years there would be any or many illegal aliens still in the United States?

    Why do we need “family reunification?” We never had family reunification” immigration until 1965 and the Barbara Jordan Commission recommended eliminating it. Now there are 4.4 million people approved outside the U.S.A. for Legal Permanent Residence (LPR) and 97% are in the family reunification category. This group consists mostly of Mexicans, Chinese, Flipinos, Indians and Vietnamese the overwhelming majority living in poverty. Other main supporters of immigration are the corporations looking for ever more customers which has no logic to it. Former Governor Bush says we need to bring in immigrants to pay into the Social Security system to support us in retirement. You have to search hard to find a dumber reason.

    What is the purpose of Mass Immigration?

    Name one major benefit for U.S. Citizens of mass immigration of mostly poverty level uneducated, unskilled non English speaking people?

    Since Senator Rubio was born forty one years ago the U.S. A. has admitted approximately thirty three million legal permanent residents while in the previous forty one years to his birth only nine million were admitted. Why did Congress increase immigration by three hundred sixty seven percent since we have no lands to settle which has been the purpose of immigration through time?

    Noted and well respected Economist Milton Friedman said worker visas are nothing more than corporate welfare. During the decade from 2002-11 corporations brought in tens of millions of temporary workers of all types even during the worst recession since the Great Depression. Do you agree or disagree with Friedman that worker visas are corporate welfare and why?

    We are the only modern country in the world that grants citizenship on a locational basis. In other words, if someone is in the country visiting and has a child on U.S. soil it is automatically deemed an American Citizen. Do you think the Immigration and Naturalization Act should be amended to require at least one parent to be an American citizen as we now have four and half million born here with foreign parents including Senator Rubio?

    The Cuban Adjustment Act was passed decades ago when the United States was still upset over not being able to overthrow Castro so they made any Cuban coming from Cuba a refugee. As of today we have a significant percentage of the total Cuban population as a result of the Act and Cubans receive a warm welcome, welfare and a green card in a year unlike other Hispanics. Do you believe the Act should be repealed and if not why not?

    Currently entering the country illegally is treated not much differently than jay walking being classified a misdemeanor. The government actually requires three misdemeanors to qualify for deportation since simply being here illegally is no longer a criteria. Do you think the penalty for entering the country illegally or overstaying a visa be raised to a felony charge with mandatory jail time and barred from ever entering again?

    We have Temporary Protected Status that is temporary in name only. We brought in over two hundred thousand EL Salvadorans following an earthquake at the beginning of the last decade and they are still here “temporarily” going on thirteen years. Do you believe the program should be eliminated since there is nothing temporary about the program and serves no apparent purpose?

  • bxdanny

    Bravo. This article says what I have thought for a long time. I know it's five months old, but I just found it, and I never expected to see this said on a "conservative" web site. Too bad there is zero chance of what is proposed actually being enacted.