A Kuwaiti Prince Publicly Embraces Christ, Denounces Islam

As a missionary who has also worked among Muslims (12% of the population of Bulgaria is traditionally Muslim), I can certainly appreciate such news, and I know what it means for the convert from Islam to Christianity. Even though Islam in Bulgaria is rather of the more liberal variety, a conversion of a Muslim to Christianity still creates certain risks from his immediate family. For a member of the royal family of Kuwait, a nation that is officially Muslim and its legislation is Sharia-based, such conversion can easily mean death.

The Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News, reports the news from an Arabic Christian agency, Al-Haqiqah, that Abdollah Al-sabah, a Kuwaiti prince, has publicly denounced his Muslim faith and has embraced Christianity. The agency broadcasted an audio file where the prince declared, “First of all, I totally agree with the distribution of this audio file and I now declare that if they kill me because of this audio file, then I’ll go into the presence of Jesus Christ and be with him for all eternity.”

He also said, “I’m satisfied with whatever they do to me, because the truth in the Bible has guided me to the right way.”

This comes to show that Christianity, although small and oppressed, is still very active and alive in the Middle East, if it can reach even members of the royal families in the region. Over the centuries Arabic and Persian Christians have taken active part in their societies, in some instances even working to turn their nations into more civilized and free nations than Islam would have them.

This small but vibrant Christianity has been attacked viciously in the last several years only in the areas which the United States had under their military control, or where the United States government has helped new regimes replace the old ones. The attacks against churches in Afghanistan and Iraq have been numerous under the new regimes, and the US military has been prohibited from helping the local Christians by the administrations of both Bush and Obama. Two years ago, the distribution of Bibles was banned in Iraq, and even the sale to the military of assault weapons with Bible verses on them was stopped. In Egypt, the new authorities helped and financed by the Obama administration and supported internationally by Hillary Clinton, encouraged pogroms against the traditional Christian minority in the country, the Copts.

It seems that one of the main strategic goals for the US military presence in the Middle East is the eradication of traditional Christianity there.

Which also gives us some foresight of one of the possible outcomes of a war with Iran and the occupation of Iranian territory. Iran has a large Christian minority which, while under oppression, is left relatively alone by the authorities. If Afghanistan and Iraq can teach us anything, a US military invasion will only lead to its extermination. That’s what so many evangelical voters who vote for neo-conservative war-mongers refuse to even consider.

The conversion of a Kuwaiti prince is important news. It is shameful that the American church is not there with its missionaries to complete the task but supports the war drums banging of the liberal-progressive government in Washington DC.

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  1. Great story and God Bless you Bojidar

    America is per occupied with material wealth. The US churches are far too busy
    for reading this

    1. This is a fantastic story. I pray daily for the Muslims (and all people) to come to Christ. If all the good people (Muslims) left, the remaining fundamental believers in the violence taught by the Quran (Muhammad, allah or who ever), could not possibly kill those leaving (apostacy) as directed by Muhammad.
      May the Lord Jesus Christ watch over this man and protect him as a witness to the Truth and the promise of eternal life that Jesus gave us…He said He was “One with the Father”…and “you have seen Me, you have seen the Father” in the Gospels…and that “no one comes to the Father except through Me”. May he be the seed that multiples into millions.

    2. Watchmen, I assume you're not a Christian or a US citizen or you wouldn't say that. While it may be true that half or more of American Christian church MEMBERS will not be taken by our Lord Jesus Christ when He removes the church from the earth, MANY will be. The parable story indicates half ot the church world-wide will be left behind for being, as you say "occupied with material wealth". But, you condemn the lot of us with a pretty broad accustion that isn't true. I also appreciate the story above and rejoice at a new brother in Christ. And, I too will continue sending funds to near and distant lands to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'll also continue to pray and do the works our Lord called us to. And, I'm an American in a God-fearing church that is looking for His appearing. Get your eyes off of men and onto the Lord.

      1. JimB3, My studies have proven, that the church will not be raptured out before the tribulation. We will go through it, just as the Isralites went through it and the Lord parted the Red Sea and lead them into the Promise Land. So many use the scripture in Rev.3:10 "Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth." ,to justify their pretribulation teaching. However, the word keep in that sentence actually means guard or protect. It's a exciting study, everything the Lord provided then he will do again for his gentile children. So don't be surprised when the firey trials begin on earth in the next few years, for he will be with you and all believers and see you through. Bless you in Yeshua's name.

        1. Cindy. You've missed entirely what Jesus taught on this issue. Remember His words regarding, "as in the days of Noah"? This time will be the Noah solution and not the Israelite solution. Truthfully, folks WILL still get saved at least for 3.5 years at the start. The Gospel will be preached by the 144,000 and the two witnesses. But, that's because the Jews get the lead with the message again like they were supposed to have up to Christ's time. God is not done with the Jewish people and, till the rapture of the church, He's not through with us. Work while there is light. Soon, no man will be able to work because of the darkness. Unless he/she has Christ's light inside of him/her.

        2. I rejoice that another Muslim has come to faith in Yeshua. One point
          I disagree with. We believers will not experience the full tribulation
          period. When the time comes for God to pour out His wrath upon the earth we will be gone. For the Bible says that believers in Yeshua will
          not experience God’s wrath. As for the phase of the Great Tribulation
          during which judgements come upon the earth we’ll still be here.

    3. To do what Bojidar did is to put your life in your hands. All Christians need to pray for these brave Christians, and think about what living under such a sentence really means. "One brave warrior for CHRIST." Please remember all of HIS warriors in prayer.

    1. I would be interested to see what was so inflammatory that the administrators decided to dump it. What this article has to do with Ron Paul, is that he's the only candidate running who would stop the senseless interfering in the Middle East that is at the root of many of these problems, as stated in the article.

      1. US (and other Western nations') interference in the Muddle East is actually only an EXCUSE to those of the goonda-founded cult. Their interference in the West (which dates much earlier–or have you never heard of bin Laden's referencing "Tragedy of el-Andalus", which refers to the Spaniards' final expulsion of the Moorish tyranny from Spain?) ran much longer–indeed, the Crusades were a reaction to over 4 centuries of Muslim aggression!

        1. Some one with a brain good to meet you. My ancestors where at Vienna in 1683 where the last of the Teutonic Knights got together with the Polish King to kick some butt after all who do you think taught the Poles how to be heavy cav.


      1. Though hard to read, it does catch the eyes when scanning the comments and post threads. Just a reasoned trade-off. As to the writer's point, I pray it does come to pass soon. Jesus said He will not return until the full measure of men (and women) are saved and have come into fellowship with God through Him. So, we must continue to minister the gospel to the lost and pray for those we cannot personally reach. Maranatha Lord Jesus.

      2. Leave his caps, this article is worth of his caps.It is a wonderful thought out truthful comment. If he is wrong, we as Christians are standing in a very dangerous world. I have great faith that MY JESUS will be here soon. I am just an uneducated follower of CHRIST but I believe that we are in the first 31/2 years of the tribulation. Anyone who does not believe only has to read the NEW TESTAMENT, and parts of the OLD TESTAMENT to see exact where Pepper……..is coming from.

    1. AMEN! Your evaluation of what the Lord is doing is a breath of fresh air, and a conformation of what God said in the Garden of Eden Gen 1:26-28 that man made in the image of God would one day have dominion over everything in the whole earth. This order is absolute and God will not change his mind about subduing all and putting everything under the feet of Jesus Christ.

      As we believe for this move of God to grow, let's believe for revelation to the persecuted Church for His power and protection to keep them safe as the stronghold comes down.

    2. Louis: Thank you for what you said. It’s very encouraging and uplifting. I’m very happy for this beautiful prince that became a Christian. Thank you Lord for bringing him and many to you. May many go to Heaven to be with you for all eternity. Thank you for your sacrifice so that we can be saved. Thank you that You want all to be saved. May as many that will, come. Bless this dear Louis. Amen Dee

    1. Did you know Barak Ehud & Benjamin Netanyahu both generally agree with Ron Paul's stance on Middle Eastern foreign affairs? Did you know Barak Ehud & Benjamin Netanyahu both say Israel would have a seven (7) to one (1) advantage over their Islamic enemy neighbors if the U.S. withdrew all foreign aid from that region? Did you know Barak Ehud & Benjamin Netanyahu both state that Israel is quite capable of defending herself without U.S. intervention? Did you know that God made promises to Israel to always preserve a remnant and raise them up in latter days?

      Did you know that Isaiah said "So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun [east]. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard [protection] against him" (Is 59:19). Did you know that throughout Israel's existence they only fell when God allowed it (i.e. Nebuchadnezzar) and they were victorious when they trusted in Him (Sennacherib)? Do you know "the LORD sent an angel, which cut off all the mighty men of valour, and the leaders and captains in the camp of the king of Assyria" (2 Chronicles 32:21) and God can still defeat Israel's enemies today?

      Did you know Ron Paul knows all the above? Does it alter your view of Israel? Does it alter your view of Ron Paul? Will mankind ever learn that when we shoot off unfounded falsehoods it is not long before we shoot off bullets? (shock and awe). Are you unaware of the POWER of the "Military-Industrial-Complex" and it's threat to Liberty and the American Republic? (see both Washington's & Eisenhower's farewell addresses to the nation). Would you rather have a navy like the one that recently rescued Iranian sailors from a sinking ship or a navy that desires to sink Iranian ships?

      Imagine this scenario: What would say if I heavily armed myself and came to your house to "Strongly" suggest how you are going to conduct yourself from now on? Would you consider me a friend or an intruder? What if I gave you money while I micro-managed your household? Would you like me or resent me? What would you do if I killed one of your family members because they refused to conduct their affairs according to my standards [demands]? Who would you blame for their death, them or me? What position would you take if your family rose up against me and I began waring with them? What would I do if my supporters started to turn against me and my waring ways? Would I find mole hills to make mountains? Would I summon up terror with tales of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" or phantom "Nukes" to keep feeding the ever growing "Military-Industrial-Complex" beast? Would I marginalize dissenters at home and make them seem like "whackos" for threatening to pull me out of your home to stop me from continuing to intrude in your affairs? Are you beginning to understand? Are you getting yet?

      We have two "Establishment" groups, Democrats & Republicans, that are bent on destroying the Republic. One advocates a "Welfare State" and the other a "Warfare State" either will bring America to her knees, together they will kill the Republic and our unique form of Liberty. The "Establishment" will do what ever is needed to protect the status quo, including passing legislation that violates Constitutional standards of law. Don't believe me, just check out these violators and their violations; NDAA, EEA, SOPA, PiPA, FEMA Camps, TSA, DHS, DOJ, Patriot Act, etc. all endorsed, passed or being considered by both houses of congress and the Administration. Do your own research, get the facts, then find candidates that support freedom. For 2013 POTUS, there is one candidate that believes in returning to a Constitutional government, both in it size and the scope of intrusion into our lives and the lives of our friends abroad. It is not Romney, Gingrich or Santorum.

      Praise God for Kuwaiti prince Abdollah Al-sabah's transformation and commitment to Christ… the only true path to a state of peace.

  3. I'm happy to see this man found Christ, but he is marked for leaving Islam.
    hari (52:260) – "…The Prophet said, 'If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.' Note that there is no distinction as to how that Muslim came to be a Muslim.

    Abdollah Al-sabah needs our prayers. I hope though that he will be a beacon of hope to other muslims who would like to leave Islam but who are frightened to do so.

    1. This guy isn't for long. If there is one thing Islam cannot stand, it is someone that converts from their "religion of peace" to Christianity. I predict he will be found headless or hanging from a bridge somewhere.

        1. yes just like the masses of sheep out there…believe in one person's word instead of thinking for yourself

    2. yes, trade one fear for another…awesome

      you know i think christianity is the only faith that morns to be alive waiting to be dead….so sad really.

      1. Nubian, you miss the point. He is unafraid of death. He believes that Jesus is risen from the dead, and thus Jesus will raise him should he die. A Christian doesn't need to fear death (not for his own sake, anyway) because he has the hope that Jesus will one day return and raise him from the dead. And to answer your other post, we do think for ourselves, and our reason dictates that we must believe that Jesus rose from the dead, because that is what the evidence says. The tomb was empty, hundreds of people saw Him die, none of His enemies could later produce His Body, and hundreds of people claimed to have seen Him alive afterward and touched and ate with Him, and not one of these people recanted even under pain of death.

  4. “I’m satisfied with whatever they do to me, because the truth in the Bible has guided me to the right way.” Statements like this scare the hell out of me.

    1. They scare you because you don't understand what it is to walk by faith and under the influence of God the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to pray for God's wisdom, understanding and a teachable spirit.

    2. It should scare the hell out of you but probably won't. This is a serious man who knows what he is talking about and understands that he lives in a place where Sharia law dictates death to "apostates". That he is willing to look death in the face speaks to the depth of his convictions. Would that we all would be able to stand resolute in courage with the beliefs we hold dearest.

    3. why exactly would that scare you. if someone told me convert to islam or die, I would die. and I am sure I would be in heaven with God and Jeasus Christ the moment I died.

  5. “Slightly” more violent than Christians? Christians do NOT teach their children how to behead people. Christians DO NOT murder their own children if they associate (date) the infidel.

    Why aren’t the supposed Moderates keeping so quiet? IF they speak up against other Muslims — they too will be beheaded and/or set on fire.

    1. If professing Christians are not violent, then why is our military full of those who claim to be Christian and go to wars? Most Christians who I know worship the military and believe it is our protector. And if we are a Christian nation, why do we have laws allowing abortion?

      You missed the point entirely. The truth is that there are VERY FEW real Christians in the world, and just because this man professes Christ does not make him chosen by God, for it is written, "not every man which saith, 'LORD, LORD' shall enter into the kingdom of heaven".

      1. "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."
        Romans 10:10

        I think any man who would be put to death for confessing Christ as their Savior deserves to be taken at his word.

  6. This is to The Ekstaza, enjoy hell you dumb ass. The Kawait prince will be where I'll be when I go to live for eternaty with
    my Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.

    1. First, "The Ekstaza" will not go to a place that doesn't exist. Second, what country is "Kawait?" And what mode of transportation will you be taking to go hang out with the prince in this imaginary land?

    2. Dear Art,

      Shame on you, that is no way to respond to an unbeliever. I can assure you our heavenly Father is not pleased with you. Here is the way to respond, to an unbeliever, in a Spirit of Power, Peace and Sound Mind.

      "Ekstaza, I have studied for thirty years, to confirm, all that is in scripture. I would imagine, you haven't spent ten minutes. Are there false religions, absolutely, but there is also a true faith. I'm sorry you haven't found it yet , but I'll pray that you do, and YOU WILL. IN JESUS NAME "

    3. I don't think Christ would call him that – do you? Remember, "love your neighbor as yourself" – if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Turn the other cheek and follow Jesus' example. You won't win them with vinegar.

  7. WHY are u even on this website? hang out with the atheists, we KNOW the TRUTH AND what we believe. You aren't changing any minds here, move on.

    1. Mostly I am here because politically I am conservative on most issues. It is very confusing to see common sense politics so closely alliagned with irrational world views. That's why I post in these types of articles.

  8. Interesting read. Our Christian brothers and sisters are persecuted around the world, but especially by Islamic Fundamentalists. America encourages this persecution of Christians and Jews through the Obama Regime policies and Secretary Clinton's inane speeches written to pander votes from domestic Libtards. These people will meet God someday and try to account for such contempt of religion, God and the persecution of His people.

  9. May God bless him in all his coming ins and going outs an may many come to Christ because he has. He is a brave man in a bad place for unlike muslims we dont kill converts but, we should start defending them . Our problem is we have a anti-Christian muslim in the White House so he and we will get little help from him

  10. My prayers are with Abdollah Al-sabah. He is not alone as tens of thousands of Muslims in the Middle East are turning to Jesus Christ. They see Islam as being totally spiritually bankrupt and that Allah has never loved or died for anyone. Bibles are pouring into the ME; many paid for by Christians in the west and distributed by unknown heros in the ME. In John 17:2 Jesus promises His Father to reach all that the Father had given Him before the foundation of the world. Nothing will stop that covenant. As God opened the doors to Russia; is opening the doors of China; He will and is opening the doors to the ME to get what belongs to Him; those He purchased at Calvary.

    1. you know what is funny….god didn't die for us either!!! hahahaha. think on this real hard…jesus died, we all still live right? the sun dies…we all die….where is god now?

    2. We live because of the Christ who died at the Calvary. No one will understand this when his heart is hardened, the Spirit is inevitable. This life is spiritual not physical.

  11. The statement by itself of beliving in "Christanity" or "Jesus" is not enought to indicate that this person or any person is "saved." Claiming to be a "Christian" can mean whatever you want it to mean and therefore means nothing.

    if you want to be a follower of the Messiah you need to do what He says.

    1. God Bless You Abdollah! What faith and courage. You give all Christains reason to hope. There is nothing "God" cannot do. It gave me goose bumps to read this story because time is running out for this old Earth and this is proof of the "Holy Spirit" working. I beleive we will be hearig about many many more declarations for "Christ" as time runs down!

    2. Peter, would you accept the words of the Apostle Peter on the subject of salvation? If so, didn't he say in Acts 2:21 "….that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved"

  12. Ok moron explain the Human race logically we could not be where we are today with out influences from the outside. If you say liitle green men show me a FTL drive or generational ship you cant. Everything the Bible has stated is comming true and we are finding out that it is undeniably so. As for erradication this society keeps its mental patients like you living even thought through your own words of social darwinism you should be dead as a dead end

    1. You have vastly understated the accomplishments of the human race. Technologically, we most certainly can be, and in fact are, where we are today, precisely, because of our own doing. If you were talking about our very existence, then I'll most certainly agree with you. We evolved over time to adapt to our natural environment, and through millions of years became what we are today. So yes, outside forces played a part. The tremendous distances involved in interstellar travel makes the possibility of little green men all but impossible.

  13. Religion will only be abolished when mankind no longer sees through the glass darkly but comes face to face with their Creator. Wherever man has temporarily "eradicated" men have elevated themselves to godhood and wholesale disaster has followed. Humanism is a religion in its own right, with god-men as the dieties. Think French Revolution.

    It would behoove you to question your own superstition. You wouldn't want to be wrong on this issue.

  14. All that I can say is: Those that believe in Christ will be the ones that win. For those that recind or deny Christ, they will all have to answer to him and they won't have an answer. All of the mulims and anti christ folks will surely enjoy the fires of hell and that is the way it will be.

    1. Good grief, Rich, is that "putting on the mind of Christ"? Do you really want Jesus' death to be in vain? As Christians we are to pray that every unbeliever comes to Christ, even if at the very moment of death, like the thief on the cross next to Jesus. The Bible tells us that God does not want anyone to perish, but for all to repent and turn to Him and be saved.

  15. The most amazing thing about religion is that Jesus Christ still loves a person like you with a bitter root growing in his heart. I am amazed. I must say that I agree and have my own disgust with religion, but find that faith is not about religion but about a relationship with a person who is called Jesus Christ. All religion is man made, but faith is supernatural and produces a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It does not offend me that you are stooped in ignorance about spiritual things because that is exactly how the Bible describes a person in spiritual darkness. I do not wish you harm but that someday God will call you to His Son and you will open your heart to receive Him. May God protect you until that day.

    1. I agree also. Where 3 or more are gathered God is in their midst and will give them the answer to their requests. We seem to request the same miracle for these who live in the dark. Father God, shed your light into these hearts and save them from sin and darkness. Thank You. Amen

  16. PRAISE BE THE POWER OF GOD! There have been many amazing stories coming out of Middle East! One pastor, I know, was asked by Iranian students, if he would spend time with them teaching them to be providers in their country. His response was if they knew they would be putting their lives on the line. There response was, "Jesus Disciples knew that was what was asked of them. All we are doing is what has been asked of us. If we die, we die knowing the ONE true God." He told others he was brought to same of his lack of trust in God, and their standing in the face of death, to tell others of Gods grace, love and forgiveness! Hundreds of like minded Brothers and Sisters in Christ are murdered, raped and put in harms way every day. My prayers go out to them. So many of my Brothers and Siters in Christ, don't look like me, speak my language or will I ever meet on earth. God be with them.

  17. False religion IS a problem. True religion, based upon the Bible, is the only hope for mankind. Religion will never be destroyed. There are too many people like this Kuwaiti prince who are genuinely searching for truth. I'm so glad he found it.

    Please read the Bible yourself. My guess is that you know nothing about it. It isn't logical to criticize something about which you know so little. Doesn't your desire for "skeptical inquiry" cause you to be curious about what the Bible actually teaches. I dare you to read it.

        1. My story is sort of similar to yours. I was brought up going to church every Sunday in a family who are all(to the best of my knowlege) still devoutly Christian. Even at a very early age, I had questions about what I was being told. The fantastic story of Genesis seemed to me to be absolutely absurd and I was shocked that adults were asking me to believe in talking serpents and men made out of dust. The very few times I expressed this doubt I was quickly corrected with the phrase, " All things are possible through Christ". Any further inquiry was usually met with something similar to your "jab to the ribs".

          So like you, I also stopped asking questions to my family and church and started looking for answers myself. By the time I was 12 years old, I had read the Bible cover to cover. I read the Bible with a critical mind and found it to be entirely unbelieveable. A fact that I didn't admit to anyone until I was 14 years old. At which time I soon found out the kind of discrimination I would receive if I told anyone else. That's why I keptit mostly to myself for another 12 years or so. Only my closest friends knew.

        2. The more I learn about our natural world and the Universe, the more I doubt that any "god" had a hand in any of it. Evidence for evolution destroys the creation story, and learning about how natural forces work removes the need for supernatural forces to explain the Cosmos. Education has eradicated religion for me. And for that I am thankful.

        3. I think it is natural that we all as sinful and rebellious creatures kick against that which we are taught. I for example was raised in a household where I was allowed to do WHATEVER I wanted because my mother was rebelling against a Southern Baptist upbringing. At the age of about twelve, the evidence of my own reason made it impossible for me to accept that everything that we absolutely can NOT explain including the entire universe, my ability to actually think and reflect etc etc ad infinitum all happened by chance from random directionless and purposeless processes that also came about by chance. There once was NOTHING and now there is EVERYTHING and all this order, information and beauty just sprang into being from nothing! I ask you…..Which is harder to accept that a being of unfathomable power created all things or that all things came from nothing? In random processes creating all life on Earth or a talking snake?

      1. Okaaay, I'll step out there. I was the child and grandchild of ministers. I went to church every Wednesday night and Sunday morning. Even as a child (as children do) — I asked questions…and I was shoved aside with "have faith."
        On a Wednesday night Bible Study, at the age of 10. They were discussing Adam & Even being the first and their sons grew up and married.
        Well, of course, a child asked, "If they were the only two people on earth and had children….then who did their children marry? Their other sisters or brothers? I was jabbed in the ribs for "asking such a stupid question!"

        I stopped asking questions and went on my quest at about the age of 19…to learn as much as I could about God, Jesus Christ; other holy men; the universe and other explanations of how earth, human beings had their beginning.

        I FINALLY came back to "my OWN beliefs" following years of studying. I even went to a class at Southern Methodist University. George Lamsas taught a class on the Bible. One side of the page was in Aramaic (language of Jesus); and the other side was the King James Version. Believe me, there is much that is lost in translation as he explained it.

        I am now, NOT a Christian (because I do NOT want to be caste within a specific group that I very much disagree with. I consider myself "Christ Centered." I tease my friends who ask me to go to a Christian Church. "The building will collapse when I enter."

        I say that because the Christians I have met do NOT practice their faith everyday in the "work place" where they have expressed to me that they don't act "like Christians" because it is "Politics." Hmmmm.

        Thumb me down if you must — Thumb me up if you must. I found my Path with Christ and it is very personal and not a group sport.

        1. See, I never understood "churches" and ministers who don't have answers to legitimate questions. I ALSO have never understood people who take the failings of Christian men and women as a blanket condemnation on all of Christianity. The answer to your question is actually quite simple, they married their sisters. This was common in the beginning until God prohibited it. Also Genesis is an abbreviated history it certainly doesn't explain EXACTLY how God did all that he did. It is ALSO worth considering for an intelligent and reasonable person that "perhaps" Adam & Eve were the first created and their lineage is recorded to verify the lineage of Christ but there were, after Adam & Eve, more couples created by God….

        2. PART two….
          Or that the Bible is a chronology of HEBREW or Judaic descension, AGAIN to establish and record the proper lineage of Christ. This possibility shows that God might have created couples of other nations and peoples all over the world that also would be having children to fill the earth…I'm just saying that logic and reason can and should be used so long as it doesn't conflict with Gods' word. Christian apologetics and worldview NECESSITATE that we actually THINK and NOT just take everything by faith! http://www.kjv-truth-ministries.org God bless!

    1. Oh really even if it is a lie it serves Gods purpose as do all things . Now prove that he is lying you can not for only God knows the hearts of men

    2. You don't think some muslims convert?

      You believe this is a puff piece?

      Your mind is closed. That means your heart is too.

      Which means, you are Not a God-Loving Christian.

  18. First, allow me to apologize for my brethren who have responded to your post poorly. Secondly, IF you really don't see much difference between Islam and Christianity; you really haven't looked! All one needs do is look at the history and stories of the "founders" of these two religions. Compare Jesus' life of service, love and sacrifice to Muhammads' life of lying, marrying for money. abusing his wives, pedophilia in marrying a girl most records show to be 11 or twelve etc. While you hope that we will be freed of superstitious nonsense we PRAY that you will give God a fair shake and actually INVESTIGATE Christianity. People LOADS smarter than you or I did just that and turned to Christ! I have all kinds of apologetics and worldview resources including prior discussions on non-belief and who wrote the Bible. I hope you will check them out.. http://kjv-truth-ministries.org/?page_id=154 God bless you.

    1. What I meant is that Islam is a plagiarization of Christianity. The stories inside the Koran were copied from itthe Bible. But of course, the those stories were already plagiarization from previous culture. The god Mithra became Jesus. Also, there was an Egyption god, Horus, I believe, who had a virgin mother, was sacrificed, was reserected, etc. etc. But yes, the man described as being Muhammad is a horrible human being. It's appalling that anyone would follow his teachings. The "god" of the Old Testament was no saint, though. Ordering genocide and the taking of virgin girls as slaves, hardly makes him worthy of worship.

  19. Ekstaza, you're freeing nothing when you reject the only source of truth. Read Jesus' verbal exchange with Pilate. (John 18:37-38) (Pilate) "You are a King then!" said Pilate. Jesus answered, "You are right in saying I am a king. In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me." "What is truth?" Pilate asked. So, are you on the side of Satan attempting to crucify Christ on believer at a time? Or, will you surrender your sins and your life to serve the ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH THAT HAS EVER BEEN OR WILL EVER BE? Choose wisely wicked man. Your eternal soul is in the balance. And at the judgement WHICH IS COMING; you will be without excuse. Your blood be upon your own head. You are warned.

    1. Your warning is true. But so is Gods patience, love and grace. You don't know when God closes a door. Only He does. He wills that all men (and women) come to His saving grace. As long as there is life, there is Hope. He had his hand on me all my life, but I didn't come to a full surrender until I was 40. His love mercy and patience is unmeasureable.

      1. Your point, while true, misses the issue. God will hold His judgement for a season but, not forever. NONE of us knows the day or hour of Jesus' return. We also do not know the day or hour of our deaths. Even when we go to suicide, that does not guarantee that is our day of death. There are lots of people who are not successful at it despite serious efforts to "end it all". So, we ALL need to come to Christ sooner rather than later. Today is the day and this is the hour for salvation for all. It will remain so to each persons' death or the return of Jesus Christ when He comes to remove His church and judgement falls on men on the earth. In Revelation, one of the "curses" poured out on men is they won't be able to die when they DO try to "end it all". Some might think that's rough. But, as you said, God is merciful even to the wicked; which once included ALL of us.

  20. Hey "TheEkstaza", thank you so much for using terms like "eradicated" when speaking of people's rights to simply believe in what they choose, that makes you more of a Muslim than an athiest. If there is no God, then no one has anyone to be accountable to, and if there are no right or wrongs, and it's only a matter of survival, wouldn't it be acceptable for religious people to erradicate those who don't believe?, afterall, who gets the final word on what's right, when there is no right or wrong. Education is great, but didn't Adolf Hitler educate kids, don't Muslims educate their kids to blow people up? You're an arrogant punk with just enough intelligence to be dangerous, just like most of the so called "atheists", which only reinforces the words of God, when he states, "the wisdom of man is foolishness to God". How can someone like you, who doesn't understand far more than you do, think you can decide there is no God? May God bless this prince of Kuwait.

    1. Eradicating religion is akin to ridding the world of nazism or racism. All ideas are not equally valid. Some are pure poison and we should seek to correct them, just as you would correct a child who misbehaves. Yes, Hitler did instruct the youth of Germany. Every German Officer, Soldier, and Civil servant had to swear oaths to GOD, declaring their alliegance to the third reich. And on every belt buckle, the words "Got mit uns", which means "God is with us".

      I will happily declare that I have no way of knowing if there is a god, and neither does anyone else. Why should we assume that the ancient books are true when they got so much wrong? We shouldn't. It's myth, just like Zeus, Ra, Thor, and Anubis.

  21. God bless this Prince,this is what accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior will do,it will give you the courage to stand up to the world even knowing that you may very well die before tomorrow.This man knows that he will be hunted and probably killed where he lives but he has been given the courage to stand up for Jesus Christ.


  23. I am a secular American of European background and do not consider myself a Christian. But it bothers me greatly that American military presence in Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan is driving Christians there to extinction. And the same is happening in Lebanon and especially Palestine. How many Americans know that in 1947 15% of the Palestinians were Christian? Israel is giving them now as much a hard time as the Muslims.

  24. God bless you prince please take care and put on the full armor of God. We here in America wish to invite you to come and live here, with us if it be Gods will. You are a powerful witness and can help spread the gospel of Jesus to the rest of the world. We love you brother and pray for All people to come to Jesus. if they want to it must be a free choice. no one will be forced to. God only want the willing and obedient.

    1. Great post, Pete! Here is God's man who isn't afraid to put his life on the line like Paul and others of the Bible! Whatever happens to him, with his acceptance of Jesus, it will be a great pleasure to meet him in Heaven, if not on Earth, some day! May he keep his eyes on Jesus in spite of those around him that would make an attempt on his life because of his committment! Also, may the Lord put his angels of protection around the Prince!

  25. Whatever you believe to be truth is your religion. So if I was to follow your line of thinking, I'd eradicate your opinions right along with all the superstitious nonsense. And I highly doubt whether your high-minded opinions could stand any skeptical inquiry either.

  26. Do you follow your own advice, TheEkstaza? Have you ever spoken with anyone who is born again by the Spirit of God and knows the Lord Jesus? We are quite available to you…but is seems you've quite made up your mind that you know best; and on what evidence? Surely not the resurrection of the Messiah?

    1. Show me some actual proof that any of it happened. The Bible doesn't count as proof by the way. If it did, we could also believe in Harry Potter because he's in a book, too.

      1. I find it fascinating that you say Maj is a Muslim in disguise and jump to that conclusion first…I have heard this and worse come out of the mouth of self righteous Christians. Interesting.

    1. You better get on your knees and start praying for forgiveness Maj…who do you think you are to accuse another human and curse them with your words? Have you even read John 3:17?? 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
      Wow…yours is the most shocking comment on here to be honest. I am assuming you call yourself a Christian??

  27. Praise God that his eyes have been opened. Please do not judge another man's relationship with Jesus. Worry about your own salvation. God will do the rest.

  28. What a great testimony change for this Kuwaiti Prince. I wonder how long he will be left alive! Most likely, one of those ill-informed muslim nutcases will kill the Prince! May the Lord put a shelter of protection around him! From what I understand, there are thousands and thousands, perhaps millions renouncing their religion for Christianity not only in Kuwait but in several middle eastern countries! May God bless and protect them as well as that Iranian Christian pastor who was told that he must recant his Christian faith. Now if we Americans will come to the realization that this religion is forcing its way into America life. Information tells us that there are already over 1500 mosques in far too many American cities and town. Can you imagine if we went into one of those muslim countries and tried to build a Christian church what would happen? If our congress won't do something about it NOW, we may be doomed because this illegal kenyan muslim president isn't going to do anything about it! Let's pray that somebody takes the initiative to get this process going before its too late! God Save America

  29. Ekstaza, I have studied for thirty years, to confirm, all that is in scripture. I would imagine, you haven't spent ten minutes. Are there false religions, absolutely, but there is also a true faith. I'm sorry you haven't found it yet , but I'll pray that you do, and YOU WILL. IN JESUS NAME

    1. I appreciate your concern for me, but your assumption of my depth of thought is more wrong than you can imagine. I have spent 20 years contemplating what I was taught as a child. I continue to evaluate why the people I love and depended on for instruction would fill my young mind with such falsehoods. I've come to understand that, through no fault of their own, they lead me into that ignorance. They too have been betrayed in a viscious cycle that, thankfully, I plan to break. Our societies, in their infancy, sought to explain the world in which they lived. What could be better than an all powerful father figure that was the answer to it all? Such an innocent longing for stability soon lead to what we know today as religious belief. But, the good news is that we don't have to continue along this made up path. We now have a greater understanding of our world and the Universe, and we're learning more every day.

  30. Comparing Islam to Christianity is like comparing Nazis to the Boy Scouts because both groups wear uniforms. Your "talking points" were first made famous by Karl Marx, of which you are probably a follower. I do agree that Religion is not good. Religion is man seeking God in his own way, however Christianity, the true Born Again experience, is God seeking man through His son, Jesus Christ. Like it or lump it, that's the way it is sir. Be patient, you will get your wish, at least partially. There is coming a day soon that the "Church" will be gone and man will have a chance to do things without their influence. Its called "The Great Tribulation." I pray you miss it.

  31. God Bless you Abdollah Al-sabah I know many Christians will be praying for you. Php 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

  32. To the person who calls itself "TheEkstaza" I dont know if you are a man or woman so I cannot address you as either Mr. or Miss. It is very easy to deny Jesus , however you must deny historical verifiable facts. and you say free your mind?????? please stop talking gibberish.

    1. Hello Enrico, I am a man, so Mr. will suit me just fine. The psuedonym is, unfortunately, a neccessity to insure my safety and job security. I'm sure that since my boss has told me that she votes entirely according to whether or not the candidate religious views match her own, that were it to be known that I am an atheist, I would most certainly lose my favored status. For now, I simply refuse to answer questions at work about religion.

      There are no historical facts supporting the existence of Jesus Christ. There seems to be some mention in the Testimonium Flavianum of Josphus, but it is believed to be an addition by Christian copyists. Also, there was an ossuary found with the inscription, "James, the son of Joseph, the brother of Jesus," but it was determined that the inscription was added to the acient artifact in modern times as a forgery. There's lot more info on this subject available.

  33. Repent toward God and place your faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ. ( Acts 20:21)KJB . If you knew what and Who Love is , then you would know Who God is. ( I John 4:7,8 )KJB God is love and The LORD Jesus Christ is God incarnate. This is what the Bible teaches. Think about it. God was patient with me and I am sure He will be with you. If you you really want the truth , you will study the evidence . carm.org

  34. You know … you are certainly wrong. I have freed my mind and I questioned your type of belief and that is how I can say you're wrong…I've found truth in Jesus Christ.

  35. The Kuwaiti prince has made a brave and informed decision and I am happy for him.

    All Christians reading this are to pray for three things now:

    1) Pray for the peace and safety of the Kuwaiti prince.
    2) Pray that God will use this wonderful conversion to bring more people in the region to Christ.
    3) Pray that God will open the eyes of atheists running amongst us who are blind to what the only true and Living God of the Bible is doing in the last days to bring mankind back to his fold.

  36. um….yeah the US military shouldn’t help. I’m pretty sure it’s against all laws of war to involve religion. I’m sorry, believe in what you want…but this religion issue has gotten out of hand in both the US and the world. we are not the world police. we have our own backyard problems….and contrary to most people’s beliefs…not everyone believes in a god…..in fact, i believe in the sun, the true giver of life.

    1. Hey nubian, give me one incidence where the sun produced one form of life!! You are totally off your rocker! Get with it, there is only one who could have created life and it wasn't the sun! The sun is only one of many balls of hot elements moving through the Milky Way galaxy just like millions of other balls of hot elements, mostly hydrogen and helium. By the way, those balls of hot elements are call stars created by the one and only creator, God himself, who put together the elements, caused them to come together in just the right formula to created everything you see here on this earth! Have you ever sought the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Even if I'm wrong, I've lived a life of admiration of this great Universe, but if I'm right, I know I will live a wonderful life in what He has promised! Give it a try, you haven't got anything to lose!

      1. Every single atom in existence, from hydrogen to iron was forged in the heart of a star. In the center of stars, immense heat and pressure forces atoms to fuse into new elements and release enormous amounts of energy. Elements heavier than iron are forged in the catastropic death of a star known as a super nova. Without stars there would nothing at all, no Earth and certainly no life.

        And that doesn't even go into the fact that as far as Earth is concerned, our Sun is our ultimate source of ALL energy. If our Sun were to magically be extinguished tomorrow, all life on Earth would be over in a very short amount of time.

        1. I have no problem with what you are saying as far as the sun and stars are concerned. However, every kind of explanation man comes up with is purely theory. Why would these atoms come together in the first place. There's really no reason for them to do so. Using common sense, why did God create man? There are a number of reasons for thie. He wanted some one with whom he could communicate. He wanted man to reproduce others so they wouldn't be alone. One other thing among others, is that he gave man a mind to create and invent things for man's benefit. And you're going to tell me that this all came about by chance?

        2. Continued from above…..Furthermore, explain to me how the Big Bang theory came about, which in itself is only a theory. A theory is an unproven explanation as to how thing came about which is something you probably know. What or how did this come about? You can't tell me that all these atoms outside the sun and stars just came together and formed the complex forms of life like we see today. God gave you and me a brain to form things from the dust (atoms) of the earth, which came from the stars, which came from the Universe which had to be formed by someone! We believe the only explanation would be the God of the Universe, the one and same who created man from the dust of the earth! Believe what you want, but for me, there is only one explanation and that is a God created Universe!!!

        3. I'll tell you how the Big Bang Theory came about: a Catholic priest figured out a way to reconcile the Biblical doctrine of ex nihilo Creation with the scientific observation of an expanding Universe. Far from being at odds with the Bible, the Big Bang Theory was supposed to explain something that science thitherto dared not suggest- the Universe had a beginning, and was created in a single instant, and if there is a creation, there must be a Creator.

          YHWH, being the loving Creator that He is, provided for us all the sustenance we would need by creating the Sun, which provides both light for the Earth and energy for plants, which in turn become food for both us and all the other creatures on the Earth, as well as creating the Earth and everything in it, providing food, water and minerals needed to sustain life.

        4. myth buster What you are saying is exactly what I was trying to say. Although, I'm not sure about the Catholic priest who came up with this. YHWH, which stands for Yahweh, one of many names for the God of Israel and the Christianity including Jesus Christ, part of the triune God, also including the Holy Spirit, have always been there. Quoting from the Gospel of John as revealed to John, Chapter 1, verse 1 – 3, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God….. All things were things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made. So you see, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Christians today is the great Creator.
          You are most certainly right when you explain how we receive our sustanence, but without the great Creator, none of this would be in existence today! I will have to look up the term you use, ex nihilo Creation, as I've never heard that before.
          Interesting discussion, thanks!

        5. Myth buster Just finished looking up ex nihilo Creation! Quite interesting, but there is no proof that there was anything, such as atoms or whatever, that existed before God. The Christian way of looking at this is that God can do anything. So why couldn't he have formed the atoms which eventually formed everything else. I guess there would be no proof of that as well. But Christianity is based on faith, not theory or someone's educated guess, that Catholic priest I guess! Anyway, I now have learned something thanks to your input! But as a Christian, I cannot accept his ideas until some proof is discovered.

  37. Praise the Lord! I pray daily that many,many more people would come to the knowledge of Jesus christ, as Lord and Savior.
    Islam is a religion of daily work to please their God Christianity is a religion where Christ has died to save sinners and all we must do is accept Him as Lord and Savior. Christians may do wrong things but Jesus Christ did nothing wrong and His life in the New Testament is truly a miracle.

    1. Right on Luke! Did you know that the God of Islam is being argued over by the sunni and shia muslims. Such differences between these two main sub-groups within Islam initially stemmed not from spiritual differences, but political ones. Over the centuries, however, these political differences have spawned a number of varying practices and positions which have come to carry a spiritual significance. The division between Shia and Sunni dates back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and the question of who was to take over the leadership of the Muslim nation. Sunni Muslims agree with the position taken by many of the Prophet's companions, that the new leader should be elected from among those capable of the job. This is what was done, and the Prophet Muhammad's close friend and advisor, Abu Bakr, became the first Caliph of the Islamic nation. The word "Sunni" in Arabic comes from a word meaning "one who follows the traditions of the Prophet."

      1. conginued from above The Shia Muslims believe that following the Prophet Muhammad's death, leadership should have passed directly to his cousin/son-in-law, Ali. Throughout history, Shia Muslims have not recognized the authority of elected Muslim leaders, choosing instead to follow a line of Imams which they believe have been appointed by the Prophet Muhammad or God Himself. The word "Shia" in Arabic means a group or supportive party of people. The commonly-known term is shortened from the historical "Shia-t-Ali," or "the Party of Ali." They are also known as followers of "Ahl-al-Bayt" or "People of the Household" (of the Prophet). I can't put more here, but you can find more information on the Internet if you are interested. What is going on now in Iraq, is that the Shia muslims are trying their best to disrupt the new government which is basicall Sunni. or maybe it the other way around. Nevertheless, they have been at each othes throats ever since the 500's and their prophet Muhammad who they claim as the only prophet, disclaming Jesus as the Son of God.

  38. Man are you ever misguided! Its people like you that allow all kinds of corruption into the American way of life! Why don't you move to Russia where you would be at home! America is not for you!

    1. I'm not going anywhere. As a patriot, I served my county in the United States Army. I love America and plan to help it free itself of the ignorrance of religion.

  39. I received this information first hand from a Christian Pastor and a Christian Missionary in Iraq. When we took Saddam Hussein out, there was about 2 Christian churches there. Saddam's regime was very oppressive. His soldiers were known to slap the children to cause them to be afraid and constantly threaten his church. This pastor, at times, would have to flee with his family for safety. After we took Saddam out, many more Christian churches were able to rise up. Our soldiers went out of their way to build trust with the people and the children who had learned to be afraid of soldiers. This pastor shared a time he was threatened by a powerful Muslim group not to have Christmas services at his church. He received a call from one of our military personel and was told that he could hold those services without fear (because our troops were watching). He said the people there were SO grateful the US. My missionary friend told me that the people there are very kind and open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They seek to be free. "For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!" ~ 2 Corinthians 3:17

  40. Upaces, this article has absolutely NOTHING to do with Ron Paul, for a change. It has to do with something much more important than a political candidate
    — the conversion of a Muslim to Christianity. Praise God!!!

  41. Heaven is Rejoicing over one person coming to JESUS CHRIST ~ I know my husband and I are pleased and the Prince is in our prayers ~ He belongs to JESUS CHRIST now~ For he shall give his angels charge over thee and keep thee in all thy ways Good Night and May GOD BLESS Gloria M Boroff Rev Portland, Oregon Keep him in your prayers too

  42. Even a modest understanding of Christianity and Islam should make it perfectly clear that they have nothing in common. You can of course reject both if you wish but they are totally different.

  43. The poor 'TheEkstaza' ! "Free your minds"and make them empty;"Question Everything…"and know nothing. Be wise, start learning.There is a 'Truth': Notting can start from 'Nothing'. So, 'something' (Someone ?) had no beginnning (will have no end).That 'somthing' created everything;and still exists. Learn about who or what 'IT' is. Be wise; learn.

  44. You people are nuts. Jesus christ is a fals idol. And you all are worshiping a human being.
    How about you people look to the real god, science and motgher nature. When we clean up this planet and do away with things that destroy our planet, then we will live in heaven again. But until then, we all will live in hell. Give up on fairy tales and stop believing the man passing the offering plate yet refuses to pay taxes on his income. You all act like 5 year olds beleiving in some fairy tale. Come back to the real world and help us solve our problems that can be solved. Dont just "trust in god" and do nothing to helo future generations survive. Survival is king, and that means survival of the entire human race. I think the laws are part of our humanity, and some people are raised wrong. Lets stop teaching our kids about firs and brimstone, and teach them some survival techniques that are beneficial to the entire group.

  45. The gospel involves more than just being rescued from God's condemnation and from eternal perdition; it encompasses the full range of God's saving grace, beginning with the believers' justification by faith alone and regeneration as children of God and consummating in their full conformity to the image of Christ through the operation of the divine life. The words that we should speak in season and out must reflect the deep contents of the gospel as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

    All of the books in this category unveil the importance and the content of the biblical revelation of the Gospel, which conveys the power of God's salvation to all those who believe.

  46. “For God is my witness, whom I serve in my spirit in the gospel of His Son, how unceasingly I make mention of you always in my prayers,…For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one who believes, both to Jew first and to Greek” (Romans 1:9, 16)

  47. If God is your witness, then im afraid you will be found wanting. Because God will not show up to speak on your behalf. God is no witness. Witness to what?
    There is no God, Jesus was a Liar. Anyone who follows Jesus to heaven will be following a Liar. Your serving Jesus is the biggest Joke ever played on human kind. Your all sheep being led to the slaughter but not before you get bled dry of your pockets and your life. Jesus is not to be honored nor worshipped. He is lying. No one can walk on water and noone can turn blood to wine. if they could then we would witness it daily.

    1. Billy, what can anyone gain by listening to you? You don't even make any sense. You condemn worshiping Jesus as idolatry, but your worldview cannot even logically state why idolatry is morally wrong.

    2. Where is your witness Billy?

      Charles Bradlaugh was the outstanding atheist in England. Down in one of the slums of London was a minister by the name of Hugh Price Hughes. All London was aware of miracles of grace accomplished at his mission..Charles Bradlaugh challenged Mr. Hughes to debate with him the validity of the claims of Christianity. London was greatly interested. What would Mr. Hughes do? He immediately accepted the challenge and in doing so added one of his own..Hughes said, “I propose to you that we each bring some concrete evidences of the validity of our beliefs in the form of men and women who have been redeemed from the lives of sin and shame by the influence of our teaching. I will bring 100 such men and women, and I challenge you to do the same..”If you cannot bring 100, Mr. Bradlaugh, to match my 100, I will be satisfied if you will bring 50 men and women who will stand and testify that they have been lifted up from lives of shame by the influence of your teachings. If you cannot bring 50, then bring 20 people who will say, as my 100 will, that they have a great joy in a life of self-respect as a result of your atheistic teachings. If you cannot bring 20, I will be satisfied if you bring 10..”Nay, Mr. Bradlaugh, I challenge you to bring one, just one man or woman who will make such a testimony regarding the uplifting of your atheistic teachings.”.Again London was stirred. What would Mr. Bradlaugh do? In answer, Charles Bradlaugh, with great discomfiture and chagrin, publicly withdrew his challenge for the debate.
      (From The Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations)

      Untold millions of people around the world can testify to a changed lives by the miraculous touch of Jesus Christ. What can your philosophy do for drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, theives, liars, rapists, and others lost in immorality and moral confusion?

      Jesus Christ is God   Satan Lies
      Only the Blood of Jesus forgives sin
      Repent and Bellieve God for Eternal Life

  48. I think this kuwaiti prince must be in love with some christian lady and the only way to marry her was to embrace christian religion,,,,, must be really brainwashed!!!!

  49. Nothing can come from Nothing. Leaves only this possibility "Something (some one) existed always. That power, that existed always, will exist always. We call that Power: God. That Power, without a beginning, still exists; will always exist, will have no end. That Eternal Power, that created you, can be studied. It (HE) created you and me and anything else; out of Love. Study what He wants. He does not force us to respond to His love. He gives us free will, in live. For when our body dies, He will judge our value for eternity. We can reject Him, or love Him in this life. He is the final Judge on what we do with the freedom He gives us temporarily. Then: eternal punishment, or eternal happines. You are not forced to belief, but you take the consequence.

  50. May God bless and protect him, because his choice had to have taken a lot of courage, because not only could it possibly result in his family disowning him, or killing him, but undoubtedly he also just painted a giant target on himself for every fanatical Muslim.

  51. hey! let every be realistic…this is christian evangelical propaganda in response to the fact ISLAM is the highest growing religion in the world…royal family members in the UK have been accepting ISLAM, this is a slap in the face of the church so they have to create something and this is the result of what they're creating….why can't broadcast his video and not audio file, i think his video file will suffice and let him tell us his lineage and let's get to people to verify this lineage he claims…thanks!

  52. Who would you want to be saved by Jesus the Son of the triune God or Mohammad and Allah. Jesus proved Himself to be Divine by a sinnless and miraculous Life? The Prince is making a wise judgement and will see Jesus and the Father instead of the false prophet in his infernal home.

  53. I taught two of the Emir's sons – Adbullah and Rikan Al Sabah in Kuwait. I stayed at the Emir's summer ranch. These two young men were rich and happy and sometimes got in trouble with me. The school director, a Muslim with a PhD from Stanford asked me start a Muslim school in the US – I was the science department chair with 15 science teachers. I taught chemistry and biology. I had to firmly turn him down. I am a Christian. That didn't go over too well but the students knew me. My chemistry aide, a chemistry degreed Muslim name Nuha from Jordan asked me many times to join her faith but I just kept telling her that I'm Christian. Anyway, praise God if the Kuwaiti prince is Abdullah Al Sabah. I suppose this is one of his uncle's – Abdullah is as common as John is here. The only reason this Kuwaiti prince could announce becoming Christian and stay alive is because he is royalty – there were Kuwaiti citizens in hiding with death threats when they converted – this man will need our prayers – he could be in danger.

  54. Those who really know JESUS will never REJECT or OBJECT Jesus……………………….
    Every Knee shall bow every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD……………..
    there thousands embrace JESUS because of HIS teaching on LOVE & FORGIVENESS
    it will go on ….because God does his work his own way
    mean time we CHRISTIANS should not be fundamentals like there are fundamental groups in the world
    Mother theresa of KOLKOTA is great example for all of the world She preached in word and deed
    many a time we fail in DEED…………………………..
    MAY MANY MORE EXPERIENCE the true light JESUS convincingly

  55. our god said his word in arabic land .abdallah elsubah not only one but there are many thousands daily come to god.as he said
    (my sheep heard my voice and i know them) …..help us god

  56. our god said his word in arabic land .abdallah elsubah not only one but there are many thousands daily come to god.as he said

  57. To see the difference in culture and in teachings between Islam and Christianity. While the Muslim scriptures vulgarly teaches them to kill, we Christians are taught to forgive. And they claim that they are a religion of peace. Guess what?, it is their religion that has such a thing called, "Jihad." A "religious" act of waging war against. It is their religion who is so vigilant to publicly ridicule Christianity. Do we see Christian speakers who question Islam faith? No. But we see a lot Muslim speakers publicly questioning Christians. There you can see the dividing line.

    1. Islam does not teach to kill. Please try to educate yourself on a matter properly using non-biased
      books before you feel you have the right to say such ignorant remarks. The TV is not a source of knowledge on Islam! The bible mentions the words sword nearly a thousand times; do you know how many times it is mentioned in the Quran? ZERO times. Peace be with you.

  58. Oh!! my. Jesus Christ won the battle about 2 thousand years ago. And it's no wonder that this prince could over come all those threats and accept Jesus Christ. The remaining battle of his safety the same Jesus Christ Won it long ago and he will be safe in Jesus Name.

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