ABC News Sticks Head in the Sand!

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Earlier this month, ABC News and the Washington Post partnered in a poll asking the American pubic for their opinion of Obama’s policies dealing with the economy.  When they tallied up the results on Monday, evidently they didn’t like what they saw so they did their best to bury the story.

Nine months ago, 31% responded that they believed Obama’s policies were hurting the economy.  In the newest poll that figure rose to 36%.  The poll reveals that more than one of every 3 Americans now believe Obama’s policies are hurting the economy.

On Tuesday’s Good Morning America program, news anchor Josh Elliot reported:

And a new ABC News poll finds Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the future. 68 percent who suffered a layoff in their household say jobs remain very hard to find in their area.

Nothing was said about the rise in the number of people reporting negatively about the President’s economic policies.

At least the Washington Post printed a small article about the poll and placed it on page A3.

I guess ABC News is so brainwashed by Obama’s lies and deception that instead of reporting the truth, they would rather stick their head in the sand and pretend it never happened, just like the story of the ostrich with the approaching lion.  And we all know how that turned out.

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