Admitted Liar and Document Leaker Retains Key DOJ Job

The Department of Justice Inspector General has been conducting an investigation in the leaking of sensitive documents from back in 2005-2007.  Some of the documents that were leaked to the leftist Washington Post included confidential attorney-client records along with other confidential personnel information and highly sensitive legal papers.

On more than one occasion, the DOJ investigation led to career DOJ Civil Rights Division Voting employee Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi.  The first two times Gyamfi was interviewed by the investigators, she denied having any knowledge of the document leaks.  Digging deeper, the investigators found incriminating evidence implicating Gyamfi, prompting them to interview her a third time.

During the third interview session, Gyamfi again denied any involvement or knowledge of the document leaks.  Then she was presented with e-mails that revealed her role in the leaked documents.  At this time she supposedly broke down in tears and confessed that she had been lying to protect other DOJ employees.

To date, Gyamfi has not been disciplined for lying to investigators or for her role in leaking the classified information.  Worse yet is that she remains at her job with the DOJ where she is involved with the government review of the congressional redistricting in Texas.  Oh yeah, did I mention that some of the documents and information she helped to supply to the Washington Post apply to Texas and its political redistricting?

If Gyamfi worked for any private company, she would have been terminated on the spot and possibly charged with criminal actions for leaking sensitive company documents to an outside source.  If she were a Republican, I’m sure she would have been dismissed and escorted out of the building.

Career employee with civil service protection or not, US Attorney General Eric Holder has the authority to take action against Gyamfi up to and including termination on grounds of her committing perjury and for illegally leaking the documents to the Washington Post.  But one has to wonder why Holder or any of her supervisors have not taken any disciplinary actions against her.

Oh, that’s right.  This is the United States Department of Justice.  This is the organization that is supposed to set the example for obeying and defending the laws of the land.  They would never do anything illegal or tolerate an employee who did anything illegal, would they?

88 thoughts on “Admitted Liar and Document Leaker Retains Key DOJ Job

  1. You're actually talking about the US Department of INJUSTICE – -as long as holder and obama-soetoro remain in place, NOTHING will change!

    1. I think you could be wrong,things will change,just NOT for the better of the American Tax Payers—–The ones who really PAY TAXES.

    2. Unless you are a natural liar, thief or just a downright unscrupulous person, you do not qualify to be a member of the Obama administration. I think this is a fair statement and the evidence is overwhelming in not only the Justice Department but many others as well such as the Environmental Protection Agency. You don't have to be qualified for a position, just take the oath to lie when told to do so. Lisa Jackson is a perfect example as a person running her mouth without any consideration of truth.

    3. Yes, she and the rest of the liars, murderers and communists will be removed, because this is still America and we will do it. Of course, the job won't be done by the pocket lining congressional millionares or the super-rich Hollywood leftist progressives, but by patriotic, freedom loving Americans. I STILL BELIEVE!!

      1. The opposite can also be said…

        The Administration has become a disgrace under this DOJ….

        For it should be the DOJ that brings this Administration to it's knees for braking the Rule of Law.

        Their both accurate statements as far as I'm concerned.

        May Karma rein it's rath upon them in the end….

  2. Of course nothing will be done to her . She is one of the team and will not have to worry unless they need some one to throw under a bus or fall on her sword .
    This will go down in History as the most under handed and down right crocked administration ever . The bad thing is that it also may be the last elected administration in America .

    1. I have doubts as to the "fact" they were even elected…Jo Stallin said….I do not care who votes what matters is who counts them…

  3. I am so sick and tired of all connections to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! I constantly wonder why I am not wearing a collar to protect my neck from whiplash! Will there be any day when we are NOT assaulted?
    June- You are so right!

    1. I think most people are sick of the white house . The question how sick and who are you willing to do about it ? This coming year is going to separate those who complain and those who are willing to stand up and fight for America .
      Diaper Head has put together his privet Army , Homeland security , TSA , Black Fundamentalists , Muslims , the main stream press ,and the rest of the low life bottom feeders .
      If they come to your town ,your home what are you willing to do ???
      Shotguns are the best .

      1. I look forward to anyone who attempts to harrass me at the polls next November….
        If it happens, You'll ALL read about it in the Paper…
        As I do not fear them, may they fear me…!
        This is NOT a direct threat… Just letting them know that I do not intend to stand idly by and allow them to interfere with my right to cast my vote.

  4. As long as the leaders are the most corrupt people to ever hold the offices, what else can you expect of their followers?

  5. Oh, now wait a minute, IT says IT'S going to be the fourth best prez, I keep thinking I've heard it all, and something like this comes along, and how much hidden crap will be found later, when we throw IT'S @$$$ out in '12,

  6. When was the date of the 3rd interrogation, and who is in charge of the investigation, who is heading it up? If this knowledge became known under Eric Holder's term as Attorney General, then he has an obligation to take action against Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi, or any other employee of the DOJ that has done what she has admitted to doing, with the facts proving it. Inaction by Eric Holder for an offense that justifies and demands disbarment of any lawyer, violation of attorney-client privilege, also justifies immediate termination of employment, as well as legal prosecution, and if not properly handled for the serious of the infraction, then this is also grounds for impeachment of the Attorney General, as well as all his many other infractions while serving in that position.

    1. Show me a lawyer or a politician, Republican OR Democrat, with the cojones to begin the legal process! None are, or we would have already started the legal process to disbar the Pretender for impersonating a U.S. citizen, and illegally occupying the W.H.!

      1. Guess it is up to us WE THE PEOPLE to get going on this and get something done. There are very few in Washington to whom we can turn to for help and we need to get them on this. Perhaps then the lamestream media will air the situation.

      2. The Federal Grand Jury has the power. Some one tried to convince them through misleading words, that it takes someone from the attorneys office to instigate it, Look up Federal Grand Jury, and read a little.

    2. I'm losing faith that this Congress will do anything to get rid of Holder. We need to inject a bit of fear in them to act quickly since it will be an election year next year.

      1. Bomar22… Why would you ask such a question.? As it is plain to see that Congress are all CRIMINALS THEMSELVES.! Here's a more accurate question: Why do Sharks not eat Lawyers..?

        Professional Courtesy…

        Does that answer your initial question.?


  8. There is absolutely no justice in the Department of Justice! If this woman were a Republican, she would have been terminated and charged with leaking sensitive government information. Instead, she continues to hold her civil service position and her superiors are pretending that nothing happened. Pretty sorry situation.

    1. If she doesn't get charged, how do they explain charging "BAD ASS" for weikileaks. Seems the same to me. We have no chance of getting the white house back with the mess in the Repubs line up. Sign up Trump. We might have a chance with him.

      1. It's spelled 'Slime' I appolgize for my correction but I want everyone to know what you meant because it is an accurate statement..

        SLIME BALL..!

  9. Had she been a Republican, she would have been lucky to escape with her life! There would have been such a hue and cry that all the crazy libtard assassins would have been slobbering at the chance to get at her!

  10. I am livid with rage when I read about the extension of the Tax Cut Bill and then read this article. How can part of you Americans constantly give a thumbs down to our comments and the articles that are printed about Obama and the Congress? Do you think you are going to be in a bubble of protection? Wrong…you are going to be hurt just as bad as the rest of us?? Wake up and do your research and learn the truth and help the rest of us throw these "devils" out!!!!

    1. i did my research noe WATCH THIS AND LEARN WHY THE DEVIL

      http// embedded

      THEN PASS IT ON All AMERICANS should see this before the election…

  11. just wanted to post that this site is a joke,,they mediate anything that really bears the i am assuming that if this is true then the articles here in are lies and cannot be believed..

  12. I am going to stop reading, because it make my blood preeure skyrocket and makes me sick, to have served this country as a soldier this administration are not worth the price of a bullet to end their existance a good hemp rope would serve the purpose at a public hanging, and a slow drop.

  13. Have you noticed that Obama still has more support than any of the republican presidential candidates? Our voting public are blind and the democrate know this, so they treat us as idiots. The republicans do not have enough government power to get anything done. Every time they try the democrates, with a media propaganda behind them, throw blame and suspicion on the republicans and our ignorant masses suck it up and turn on those who would deliver us if they could. I see no hope for our nation. Our welfare society will elect Obama again. They will have ACORN and the DOJ to guarantee Obama's election.

    1. And if that's not bad enough,then we have people that (are supposed to be ) on our side that just roll over when they are threatened with a little liberal berating .What ever happened to the new TEA PARTY TYPE elected to save us ?????????Did they just take a powder????????They must be swaying to the whims of the OLD ESTABLISHMENT TYPES.More interested in keeping their cushy extremely high paying (job),than they are in helping the American tax paying citizens,who by the way pay their salary.Come on Nov.6,2012. —————– IMPEACH NOW———-

    2. Those polls stun me. Barry the Usurper should be polling higher than 5 percent. There are either more marxists in America than I thought, or Americans are really clueless as to what is going on.

  14. Reply to Randy 131 to start: If Mr. Holder was even interested in doing his job legally, he would be clerking for an ambulance chaser in India! Now for a reality check: we need to eliminate the professional politican, nothing but term limits and real people who care about this country more than themselves. Obama as example; SCOTUS ruling in Minor vs. Happersett. Every pro. politican in D.C. knows that he is not a natural born citizen, yet they crony along to get their own pockets filled. The Federal Courts have decided that they are deciding what they WANT the Comstitution to say, not what is says and are making decisions based on that. Term limits on judges also! the problem here is the only way to get term limits passed is through the professional politians. We need to get off of our butts and start voting in new people. I just pray God gives us enough time to save tjis country!

  15. That racist-communist Holder is only doing what Mulah Obama expects him to do. After all, Holder hired 25 ACLU lawyers to enforce voting laws.

  16. Small potatos compared to what her bosses have been up to. So many cover ups, so little time. If Pelosi really wanted to drain the swamp, she could certainly start over at the DOJ. Of course, she probably knows everything that has been going on there for the past three years. I think one of the few Americans who could clean up Holders mess would be Joe Arpaio. I bet, at this point, he would love the job.

  17. Are the U.S. citizens going to have justice from this corrupt administration ever and if so when? Then one has to ask are the criminals involved, in all of the injustices done to the American people going to be arrested and brought to trial prosecuted and delivered to the justice they deserve?

    1. Under this administration the people that recognize and complain about their actions will be the ones that are arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

    2. We can do it now, all we need is a leader to round up all the 180 million gun owners and go to Washington and fire all 534 people. Al federal employees in all agencies will be let go immediately and then We the People will take our country back. There is no way they are going to turn down over 100 million Americans, I doubt the military would protect them either.

  18. Why don't we as the taxpayers go see this lady and file charges against her in Court. We always feel that we don't have any power over these people in Washington,we do when are you all going to realize that, when we do then all federal employees who has ever given up our documents will go to jail for life. They are committing treason like all the people in DOJ we as a nation need to put a stop to it tell your local Senator or rep that you want the current administration out and if they don't then they will no longer be working on our behalf, they work for us we can get rid of them. Vote them all out 2012 at least be fore the world comes to an end.

  19. Gyamfi ? Stephanie G ? HHS regional office in Dallas documented facilitation of medicare theft and sifned amemo to the med. provider call center instructing Ms. De'coq to ignore the appellate judge ruling that my claims must go to fed workers comp first and collect from them, ACS. and to ignore contract Group Health's sub., owner of Medicare computer with US D O Labor. on-going $ trillion. patients have no idea claims and id stolen and turned into multiples and patients liable for the stolen and can't get a letter of waiver as one gets on a stolen credit card. as Social Security was given the authority in 2005 to issue this and commissioner Astrue has refused to implement it. The initial multiple thefts occurred in 8/08 as the TARP monies were being readied to send to the European banksters. One mega conglomaerate owned by investors of Fed reserve contorls most govt contractors whom Comgess hgave immunity from prosecutiton and internal audits,. All monies ok'd for payment to person or entity or other agency go to them first and if not paid are ' stolen.'

  20. Eric Holder take action? Hah! Holder and Gyamfi are like two peas in a pod. The only way anybody will take action against this crook is when the light gets too bright and the other cockroaches get nervous and start running for cover.

    CHRISTY does not put up with the democudes in his state,
    Judge Depelitono as DOJ an sheriff APIO inforcer and head
    of IMMIGRATION.. excuse any misspelled words.

  22. Bob For Congress to do anything they HAVE TO WANT TO . Not only are they gutless they don't give a hoot . They only care about their own payoff and how to get more power so they can get richer . The United States Of America ,as far as the government is conserved, is as bad as any third world country .
    The year 2012 will be the rebirth or the end of free America.
    The progressives and Diaper Head Obama have it planed out and if Americans who believe in what America stands for do nothing THEY WILL WIN .
    Remember Paul Revere and his warning and be ready to act .

  23. It is imperative and a matter of urgency that a clean sweep must be made in the most corrupt government in the world, in the entire exsistance of this planet. Whew America has done it again. Everything is bigger and better in America, It is galling to think these swines have no integrity and decency to get the riffraff and crooks out of key positions, starting with imam hussein. The Department of Justice is as corrupt as any other Communist government. Stand aside Chavez et al here comes America's most corrupt government.

  24. Didn't Scooter Libby get jail time for lying to investigators? Why the he.. doesn't the clowns in Congress do something about these slimeballs? Can we make a "citizen arrest?"

  25. It is a lot more than one thing that is rotten in DC.

    Start at the top and go down thru the complete 545, not just the 535, and you will uncover all the answers to 90+% of our countries problems.

  26. Lets see, Blogovich is going to prison for 8 years for lying to the fed, but this stroke keeps her job because he decisions will favor the Obama administration, Blago was only trying to sell a senate seat.

  27. 15-25 yrs seems just about right for leaking sensitive government documents. We could probably fill that used prison in Illinois Just with Obama and his Thugocracy alone! This guy and his administration make Tammany Hall look like a minor scandal in comparison. November 2012 is coming and we need to remove this stain on our American history. After Obama's confession that he thinks he's the 4th best POTUS he needs a nice quiet room in a psych ward!

  28. Maybe you are being too hard on her, have you considered that maybe she was just following orders from the top? Perhaps the two black panthers outside the polling place with clubs were just following orders from the would be president. Maybe they knew then the election was in the bag and felt they were acting under excutive order. There is always the possiblity that the 2012 election was decided in Iran in 2009 and all these Republican debates are meaningless. Sadly looking at US history over the last few decades anyone who gives anything or their all to stop this madness can expect no justice after it is stopped. We have a history of letting whistle blowers go to the dogs and letting those who they blew the wistle on keep their ill gotten gain without any negative consequences.

  29. The Attorney General Eric 'The Red' Holder accepts CORRUPTION in his agency….after all he is guilty in the Fast and Furious Gun Running Operations illegally moving weapons to Mexican Drug Smugglers and the deaths of Americans and Mexicans. Eric Holder is the Face of Corruption in America today.

  30. Why doesn't this surprise me? If this was a Republican Justice Department, the Democrats would be demanding the guy's

  31. What we need is an assurance from our Republican presidential candidates that there will be a thorough sweep of the DOJ once they win the Presidency.

  32. LOL why should this surprise anyone considering who is in charge of the DOJ. The DOJ has to be an even bigger joke than the dept. of education and the dept of energy. Soon people will start ignoring the law since the DOJ has zero respect for it.

  33. Their only reason for their existance in this administration is to enforce, by whatever means, the edicts of our Muslim dictator. Sue every person or entity that opposes Obama and protect the rights of illegals.

  34. These idiots in power today have no conscious, and they WILL be the death of this great nation UNLESS we VOTE THEM OUT IN 2012. My dad, a WWII vet. would be turning in his grave to see what these treasoners are doing to this great nation, I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!!

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