Alabama Supreme Court to Hear Sheriff Joe Evidence Against Obama Birth Certificate

Most people believe that all of the challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States ended on January 20, 2013 when he was sworn into office for the second time.

But they haven’t, and although most people watching what is happening say it will have little if any effect on Obama’s presidency, I beg to disagree.

In December 2012, it was reported that a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility in Alabama was being appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court.  The lawsuit claims that Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman had failed to verify the eligibility of everyone appearing on the November ballot.  Had she done so, the suit claims that Obama would not have appeared on the ballot.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Hugh McInnish and others and is being handled by Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and the Klayman Law Firm of Washington.

What makes this case different than most of the other cases is who the case is being heard in front of.  Roy Moore, was re-elected as the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  Moore is very much a constitutional attorney and judge and has not fallen to the liberal misinterpretations of the Constitution that so many other judges have succumbed to.  It is no secret that Moore has made previous statements that indicate his doubt of Obama’s eligibility.

Democrats and Obama’s attorneys have been trying to make this case go away.  Last week they stated:

“In order for one to accept the claim that President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery [and that he is ineligible], one has to buy into a conspiracy theory so vast and byzantine that it sincerely taxes the imagination of reasonable minds.”

The statement from the Democrats also quoted a renowned constitutional authority, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel who said:

“These people could have personally witnessed Obama being born out of an apple pie, in the middle of a Kansas wheat field, while Toby Keith sang the National Anthem – and they’d still think he was a Kenyan Muslim.”

According to WND, Klayman plans on providing what he believes to be definitive proof that the birth certificate produced by the White House is a forgery and that the parties who put the document out committed fraud.  To refresh your memory, here is what Sheriff Joe said last year:


According to the WND report, Mike Zullo was quoted as saying:

“We recently discovered new irrefutable evidence, which confirms, hands down, the document is a fraud.”

They also report that Sheriff Joe has been actively pursuing the case and advancing it towards federal prosecution.  The report stated:

“As Carl Gallups (PPSIMMONS founder and host of Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups) and Mike Zullo (lead investigator of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse) have been telling us, things are moving closer to bringing the fraudulent Obama birth certificate case to a level of federal prosecution.”

“According to Zullo, there are increasing numbers of people … that will not only bring the case to the public light, but also to a high level of legal prosecution.”

“Mike Zullo has confirmed … that the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse will assist in the Alabama Supreme Court Case. … Sheriff Arpraio wants us to fully cooperate with Alabama and Justice Moore in this case…”

Like a stated earlier, most experts say that even if the Alabama Supreme Court rules that Obama is not eligible to be president that it won’t change the outcome, but I beg to differ.  Obama won with 332 Electoral College votes to Mitt Romney’s 206.  Romney carried Alabama so it would not change the results.

However, if similar lawsuits are filed in states that Obama won, using the Alabama case as the precedent, that 126 vote lead could dwindle.  What if similar suits were filed and won in Florida (29 votes), Ohio (18 votes), and Pennsylvania (20 votes) and you suddenly find that the results would be 265 Electoral votes for Obama and Romney would have 273 votes and the White House.  It doesn’t have to be those states, but any combination of states that would take away 64 Electoral votes from Obama and give them to Romney.  If challenges were made in 26 states that Obama won, using the Alabama precedent, it would only take a few victories to change the election and American history.  Although the odds are against it, we can still hope for a miracle, can’t we?

285 thoughts on “Alabama Supreme Court to Hear Sheriff Joe Evidence Against Obama Birth Certificate


    The wheels of justice move too slow and are too self serving. By the time the issue is resolved, Obummer will be out of office.

    Charge him and his friends with fraud after he leaves office.

    They say you can’t get pregnant from anal intercourse. So how do you explain Nancy Pelosi?

    1. “They say you can’t get pregnant from anal intercourse.” —- Where do you think Democrats come from?

      1. HA HA HO HO HO.

        Before surgery. Kenya was a difficult place to get good medical care, i.e plastic surgery. As you can see, they did the best they could.

        Obummer is using his past experience with the medical community to develop Obummer Sickness Care.

    2. Sorry…she really looks like a skull with a rubber mask. Very scary, very frightening. She shouldn’t be allowed around children or small animals. Might terrify them.

      1. Yes, Obummer did it.

        You see, Obummer and Pelosi have had business dealings together for a number of years….what goes on behind closed doors?

  2. Sheriff Joe for President!! In my eyes, the man is a real hero…..not only for pursuing the Obama eligibility issue and standing up against an out-of-control federal government, but for a lifetime of honorable service to his country.

    He continues to need our support and our prayers. God Bless him and his family and those working with him.

    1. I’m afraid it going to take more than Sheriff Joe and a miracle to put this jerk down. I just hope that people have got his back as NOTHING will surprise me. My support and prayers to Sheriff Joe and his family as well.

    2. I would much more prefer him to be the US Attorney General (that would make him the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the nation). Then he can shed the light on all the cockroaches in government, that has allowed the destruction of our Constitution.

      1. Are you implying that Eric Holder isn’t quite up to the task of being 100% honest, transparent, and open about his application of the law? If so, I couldn’t agree more.

    3. There is no Obama eligibility issue. Every insane theory birthers have come up with have been extensively debunked. The issue is all in your heads.

  3. Sadly, it won’t make a difference. Pharohbama could eat a baby on live TV on the steps of the capitol building and it won’t make a difference. His zombie supporters would still cheer and swoon, and the meat puppets on the alphabet channels would somehow blame the Tea Party.

    1. My sentiments as well. He once bragged to Harry Reid that he had the “gift” to sway people with his words, and unfortunately, that proved to be true. He has been very successful at reversing discrimination and dividing the country into race and class warfare. He has managed through deception and sympathy to generate an inordinate amount of respect from the young. Skills attributed to his days as a community organizer. The likeability factor has usurped all of his failures, scandals, and obvious incompetence, and is the main reason why he is still in power.

      1. His words can only sway the weak minds of the liberals. Most intelligent folks
        don’t believe him.

        Sad to say, we’re a country of seemingly ignorant people. I wish sheriff
        Joe, and the judges a lot of luck!!

        1. To a certain extent I agree with your comment. However, there are men from the liberal persuasion, past and present, that are intelligent nor are they weak minded. They either want the same things he wants or they believe in what they think is his sincerity.

        2. I think many also of the liberal(not left) leaning are people of good will that are now in their own party swimming with sharks. They were not ready nor do I think they accept the hard left turn that the demoncratic party has turned and what it has become.

        3. … Or they are corrupt and are feeding at the public teet which he has provided for friends and those who are politically connected.

    2. You’ve reminded me of how the Obamazombies criticized Romney about the family dog UNTIL THEY FOUND OUT THAT OBAMA ATE THE FAMILY DOG.

  4. I find it hilarious that they included this quote in the article. It is so, so true:

    “These people could have personally witnessed Obama being born out of an apple pie, in the middle of a Kansas wheat field, while Toby Keith sang the National Anthem – and they’d still think he was a Kenyan Muslim.”

    So what happens when you guys lose this case like you’ve lost all other cases? You will blame the Alabama Court for being corrupt, like a bunch of children who don’t get the favorable outcome and can’t stomach it so they call everyone a liar and cheater.

    Anyone know what Orly Taitz’s record is? Something along the lines of 0-20?

    I can’t WAIT to hear them slap moron Joe around the courtroom with his laughable evidence. Mike Zullo, the car salesman who self-appointed himself Lieutenant, is sure to deliver this time! Right guys?

        1. Randy the Racist, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.

          “The democrats always call us racist! they are so wrong!”

          – every idiot right winger

        2. HA HA HO HO

          Racist? Are you kidding me??? History is a great teacher….learn from it. Just ask Al Sharpton or Jessy Jackson. They are not racist. If you believe that I have some neat swamp land near the White House I’ll sell you.

          I understand you have a learning disability, so I’ll draw you a picture…….

        3. I’m not interested in whatever sick stuff you look up. Keep it to yourself, Randy the Racist.

        4. Oh, I beg to differ.

          You’re only interested in “sick stuff” and you never keep it to yourself. You continually bore us to tears with logic you pulled out of your anal port, and comments that are mindless, meaningless, mundane and lack any originality.

          You continue to preach your liberal and perverted behavior to people who feel very sorry for you. You don’t really believe anyone actually learns something useful from your comments. They don’t.

          Go to a perverted website that understands and appreciates your sickness and brain dead comments….for the good of the community.

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          Someone has to hold you in check and babysit your delusional comments. I can’t police all of them, so I just pick and choose the most insane….it is an easy task as 99% of your comments are nonsense mixed with fertilizer.

          “Grow the hell up.” What does hell have to do with growing up? Wouldn’t that have to do with the place you go if you don’t have Jesus in your life, death without Christ or growing old and dying without The Lord?

          See, you are completely upside down with your logic and sense of reality. Poor thing. By the way, you have a choice. You don’t have to go to hell.

          OK. Time for your bath, change of diapers and a nap. Have a nice day and I’m sure we’ll be “talking” again soon.

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          You are one imaginative animal, vegetable or mineral.

        7. Why that seems all you liberals want to do. Screw every one up the rectum. You therefore brought it up first.

        8. It is ONLY about sex and nothing else.Their civil rights are not being violated and everyone is equal under the law. Homosexuality is NOT a race.

          NOW FOR THE LECTURE….again.

          Gay marriages confuse gender roles for children. Children who are adopted need a mother and a father, not two parents of the same gender, even if married.

          One of the main historical principles behind marriage is that a man and a woman commit to each other so that they can have children together, but a gay couple cannot procreate.

          Legalizing gay marriage further undermines the family values which hold society together and it encourages a gay lifestyle, which has been shown to be detrimental to people, with gay people having higher incidents of mental illness, suicide rates, problems with addiction etc.

          John has a NEW look and I think it’s pretty “normal”. What do you think?

        9. Nope. You are the racist for denying that people have different features that help them in their environment. Larger surface area of the lips helps with heat distribution and cooling. Same with their color. To deny what is because of politics is the very base of racism.

        10. Remember you’re trying to carry on a conversation with John the Troll, which as we know turns into a HUGE clusterf#$%.

          John and others like him do not believe in the definition of racism: “The belief that RACES have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others;abusive or aggressive behavior towards members of another RACE on the basis of such a belief”


          When they call me a racist, I just consider the source, laugh, and go rinse out some socks.

        11. You are truly one of the most racist and disgusting bloggers here. Truly pathetic, loser. You very clearly show how racist birthers motives are. Sick.

        12. Are you kidding yourself??? Wake up and smell the liberal fertilizer. You’re calling the kettle black….to play on words.

          The only racists here is YOU and your liberal butt buddies. You’re just too narcissistic, delusional and afraid to admit it when you’re wrong..

          I’m not racists…I hate everyone equally.

    1. I guess questions about school records, social security number, what passport did he use and spending over a million dollars to keep his records sealed doesn’t bother you. What is he hiding? Obama is the one who needs to slapped around.

      1. He isn’t hiding anything. He released his short form birth certificate in 2008 and his long one in 2011. He was under no legal obligation to release anything to the public, only to those in the vetting process.

        Don’t you think that if the Republican party could have found any dirt on him, they would have used it? They spent close a billion dollar on the election and you think they ignored something that a bunch of right winger Obama hating looneys would have found?

        1. Hey Smoker. You don’t look too good. Therapy not working? Too bad.

          I’d recommend increasing your caloric intake to something around 8.000/day and don’t buy any season tickets or long playing records.

        2. In what fashion?? You liberals really need to get a sense of humor. After all you did elect Obama. Not so funny any more I take it.

        3. No… they’re just arrogant enough to think they can get by with anything.

          The Vetting Process… are you serious?

          The vetting process is a joke… it’s like have a Fox in charge of the hen house!

          We’re supposed to take the word of serial liar’s, that the guy they want in office passes ‘their idea’ of Constitutional scrutiny and that should be good enough for anyone else.


          Then why did Nancy Pelosi sign two separate documents stating that obama was qualified to be President of the USA…?

          Because she was trying to cover her Ass (the democrat party) should it ever come up… we already have proof of her involvement and it’s only because of their socialist friends in office who keep running interference that this action has been dragged out the years.

        4. I like your alias. You should take your own advice.

          This is how vetting works. First, the team of the candidate digs into the candidate’s past to find anything possible that the other side will try and use against them. Then, the team announces the candidate publicly and then the vetting process starts on the OTHER side where they try and find any dirt possible.

          Just think about it for a second; if this document is forged, a U.S. senator and his presidential campaign have perpetrated a vast, long-term fraud. They have done it with conspiring officials at the Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County (Ill.) Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois and many other government agencies.

          And finally, some good reading material which spells out everything you possibly wanted to know about it:

          What you don’t understand is that any of the democratic nominees had just as much interest in seeing Obama fall as the Republicans did. Neither the democratic presidential nominees nor any of the republicans could find any dirt on him.

          But you think you can?

    2. Let your messiah unseal his records and have a full airing of the evidence in court. This all could have been put to rest years ago if Obama’s lawyers weren’t so determined to hide his past.

      1. He has already released his short and long form birth certificate. You have no right to any other information. Why should he entertain a bunch of crackpots?

        Show me the law that says he needs to release this information.

        How about you release your records to everyone on this site?

        1. If I become an elected public official, then I’d expect all of my past records to be an open book. And the public should expect no less from their elected public officials. The fact is that WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER THAN WE’VE GOTTEN FROM OBAMA (and his administration for what it’s worth).

        2. Funny how none of the white presidents before Obama were asked to release all these records …very ironic.

        3. Has there ever been a question of one of the “white presidents” not being a citizen?

  5. In any fight it takes one person to file one suit that is carried and won. Once done it opens the door to many things. And with GOD all things are possible. As for the assertions that Obama is able to be President we first must disbelieve Rev Dr. Alan Keyes and his research and what Obama’s grandmother said. Then we have his father who was never a citizen therefore he is not able to do it. He then was a citizen of Indonesia and had a passport that indicated that he was a citizen of that country. Indonesian until very recently did not have dual citizenship. And this was in 1981 when he went to Pakistan that was closed to Americans being under sharia and military law. Then we have him according to witnesses(and covered up and sealed) that he was on a foreign student visa because his education was in part paid that way.and that he was a foreign student was well known to the Ayers family (or at least his pretense) . Is he a muslim?? His passport indicates that yes he was which is only logical since he went for his entire formulative education in a muslim school in which was heavy on teaching the quran.

    1. In other words this individual has advanced himself throughout his entire life through duplicity and fraud and is long overdue to stand before an honest court to be judged and condemned.

      1. Precisely. This is not conspiracy theory only the facts that we have available to make a logical conclusion. To go one further and perhaps out on limb his actions do not make sense according to his supposed education.

      2. His soul is rotten. May God have mercy for him which he never had for the U.S. and the four murdered Americans in Benghazi who suffered and died while Obama did nothing and then went to sleep.

    2. Obamas grandmother said they he was born in Hawaii. Listen to the whole tape! She said it several times.
      You nutty birthers are going to lose this case just like you lost every other 200 plus court cases.

  6. I don’t want to get ahead of the game here, but if this action starts the snowball rolling, it should start heads rolling also. There are so many complicit in this. Some will escape, but I hope the major players go down.

  7. The fact that you pulled off a crime, doesn’t make it NOT a crime!

    Obama is, I strongly suspect, is guilty of wilful failure to disclose, active deceipt, misrepresentation, and just your basic run-of-the-mill common law. The fact that he perpetrated it through the election process doesn’t: 1) make it not a crime; nor 2) does it absolve him of the criminal conduct.

    I realize that at least in one case, the judge’s rationale for tossing out a challenge to the Obama elgibility for the presidency, ruled that the matter was moot in light of the fact that Obama won the election. That ruling does not reflect the state of the law: it only reflects that we have some real flakes on the bench. If anything, it completes the crime, i.e., establishes the corpus delicti, by establishing that the crime was succerssfully completed.

    1. Hawaii verified the authenticity of Obamas birth certificate. You birthers have nothing. You’re just a bunch of racist old white farts who can’t stand the fact that you lost the elections.

  8. Obama’s political machine is a very crafty well tuned group that will do anything and everything to dispel anything that could hurt Obama. Just look at Benghazi. Our embassy burned and 4 Americans died yet the Obama machine rather than admit a total foreign policy failure turned the incident into “Old news”. Well America really has suffered electing Obama is dozens if not trillions of ways. Now just watch the Obama machine squash this evidence.

  9. I am not familiar with the Rules of the Alabama Supreme Court. If it is a court of appelate jurisdiction can new evidence be introduced at this stage? Can wittnesses testify? Are the pleadings posted on inet?

    1. Alabama has absolutely no jurisdiction over federal affairs. They are a backward redneck state and will be laughed at by the whole country for even taking this case. They will likely sanction the birthers just like many other courts have.

      1. It’s a state matter. It’s a matter of whether obama was eligible to be on the ballot in Alabama. Bet you didn’t state that the FL supreme court had no jurisdiction in the Bush/Gore matter.

        1. They didnt. It was the United States Supreme Court that decided that case dummy.

        2. Hey DUMMY, the FL supreme court ruled on it first, and then it went to SCOTUS.

  10. A forged birth certificate is a crime. Commit a crime in one state you committed one in all states.(fine print) Makes him a felon also. But, it makes him have a”forged” birth certificate. OK. Where was he born is the next question, since it wasn’t Hawaii? The “birthers” were prove right. What else did we learn?

    1. Sheriffs are the law of the land in counties in the USA!
      The first one i want to see thrown in jail is the gun runner, Eric Holder, since he thinks he is above Americas laws, Then, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, and right on down the line. Lets see how fast Obama tries to get out of the country, like most Dictators do.

      1. The only people who need to get out of the country are you nutty people. The country would be a LOT better off without you.

    2. Too bad Joe has absolutely no jurisdiction. He would wind up in a federal prison faster than an eye blink if he tried anything. Thats where the old fart deserves to be.

  11. Why would you have to prove obama’s a fraud more than once to remove him from office and reverse everything he’s done…? Fraud is fraud, period!

    Throw his ass in jail ‘FOR LIFE’ along with everyone else who helped him in any way.

    There was a time in this country when traitors were shot on the front lawn of the White House… and since these liberal/progressives are so bent on painting America ‘Communist RED’ let’s bring back that tradition and see how many of them are willing to bleed for their socialist – One World Order dreams.

    1. Well, if that were to happen you could not find these anti American POS. They would all be in the Caymans spending all the money they have screwed us tax payers out of.

  12. There is an old proverb, ‘If you throw enough manure at a wall, some is bound to stick’! We must continue to throw all we can at this imposter and illegal immigrant Homo!

    1. What some RINO’s think and what ALL Democrats think is that IF this is all true, it’s “just too big to allow”. In other words, they’ll all collectively bury their heads in the sand to avoid facts. I do not believe this is “too big to fall”. I do not really CARE what his birth certificate states. Even HE admitted that his father was from Kenya, a BRITISH subject and NOT a US citizen. The Constitution is clear. I looked it up in Civics class (anyone else remember those classes?) back in the 1960’s. The Constitution clearly states that ONLY the President and Vice President HAVE TO BE “NATURAL BORN” citizens. I looked up what that meant back then. It meant that BOTH parents of the President and Vice President HAD to be US CITIZENS. All the rest is fluff and really not relevant compared to the important fact that BOTH parents be US citizens. Now IF his real father were that Davis fellow, then he WOULD have two US citizen parents. They were both COMMUNISTS but, they WERE both US citizens (Davis and Obama’s known mother). So, if it’s the Kenyan, he was NEVER eligible for the office. If it was Davis, it’s ugly and hard to get elected because the truth about your history then becomes obvious. By the way, the Constitution and it’s meanings have NOT “evolved” and will not “evolve”.

      1. Sure is a shame we have spineless politicians who only care about their bank accounts and to hell with our country and our Constitution which they trash.

      2. There is not a single civics text book that defines an NBC as a citizen born of two citizen parents. This is just BS made up by insane birthers.

  13. They claim that the conspiracy is too “byzantine” to imagine if you have a normal mind. I have a normal and reasonable mind and AM capable of critical thought. I say it is VERY EASY to imagine that this IS a conspiracy at the highest levels and of the highest order. IF any liberal wants to debate me, bring it.

      1. As my JAG (agnostic) lawyer told my wife when the Army locked me up in a psych ward and called me crazy for my Christian faith, “It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you and, in your husband’s case, they’re really out to get him.” He was doing too well against them so, they transferred him to Korea. I was a 1LT. I retired after 35 years as an LTC. Probably would have made Colonel but, that’s a different issue. The fact is, they lost.

        1. They put you in a psych ward because you are a nutcase. It had nothing at all to do with your religion. Your lawyer was just being nice to you because he was getting paid by you. Why would he want to bite the hand that feeds him?

    1. Everyone is out to get you. Be sure to keep your tin foil hat on. Wouldn’t want them black helicopters to mess with your mind!

  14. After seeing both birth certificates it is clear to me that the one that Obama produced was the forgery, and the one Sheriff Joe produced was the original. Folks, we have been duped.

    1. Its clear to the state of Hawaii that the BC is legit. They verified its authenticity. Who cares what you birther nuts think.

  15. The article doesn’t tell us when the court hearing is to take place. Seems like that would be a key piece of information for a news story entitled, “Alabama Supreme Court to Hear Sheriff Joe Evidence Against Obama Birth Certificate.”

  16. It’s not a matter of throwing manure, it’s a matter of giving sight to one eye. We have a national political party, on the higher level, that tried to cash in on Obama’s skin color for political power. They didn’t vet him because he was ‘the eloquent man for the job’. On the lower level, we face an entire population, both inside and outside of the US, that wishes to steal from the American taxpayer. Again, the neo-Marxist Obama is the man for the job and they can use his skin color to do this.
    And so the games have begun. With hidden inflation, the thief is always the first to catch it in the neck, and the incompetence of this administration is broad and profound to the demise of the elitist who will not be able to use the Media to cover it up much longer. This administration has betrayed our security and with it, our trust. NOBODY CAN IGNORE THIS. And the good Sheriff’s complaint could prove to be the mechanism for removal. Either way, Obama has been the man for the job.
    The American people were so stupid as to allow something like this to happen, and BO is the perfect man to educate them. It is the American people who should be ashamed. BO is nothing more than a mediocre pawn that hasn’t near the skills and talent for lying that Bill Clinton has, which days the Dems so long for. SO frankly I believe there is still hope when there are still people around as the good Sheriff.

      1. I never trusted them, sorry but 97 percent black are all in for the sissified BOY obama and that’s not trust worthy.

        1. You could always leave the country and find a place without so many blacks. You racists would probably be a lot happier in a country full of mostly whites. You’ll never be happy here for certain.

      2. You are so full of sht. Over 60 million people trusted him enough to vote him into office again just a few months ago. They’d vote for him again if he was allowed to run again. There will be many opportunities for black presidents again and you racists will cry about it for years to come.

    1. I didn’t vote for Obama but I sure support him and proud of that. Did you losers really think you’d have a chance at getting a Republican in the White House again after you foisted the disaster of Bush on us? Hell no. You guys have lost the White House for decades to come. Get used to it.

  17. the imposter in thief also has a connecticut social security number…….he cant even pass E-VERIFY! he never lived there

  18. To paraphrase professer of law Jimmy Kimmel, there are those who would see the president born out of a pie in the middle of a field in Kenya and swear that he was a citizen of America.

    1. That sounds about right in these times of endless sources of ‘valid’ information. It is hard to believe there are so many gullible people living among us, that still believe anything the major media outlets shovel in their faces.

      1. Not Gitmo, a firing squad. Saboteurs deserve a firing squad and that would suit me
        and everyone else who believes he’s saboteur.

  19. If Judge Roy Moore finds B. Hussein Oboma is guilty of fraud. Regarding his state im guessing a recount will not be required. Arresting the pimp should be the next step.

    1. he HAd to have committed fraud at least onece. Either he IS a citizen and fraudulently aquired free education by defrauding the system or he ISN”T eligible and committed fraud. either way he had to have been lying one of those times,can’t have it both ways. That being said he has locked down his records so the one part is hard to prve. Perhaps a court order? I can’t stand the lying poister boy for affirmative action either way.,

      1. Except for that little problem called the Statute of Limitations!! That will likely obviate any criminal fraud charges with regard to your plan A

      2. His mother worked for the ford foundation at one time she was an administrator. that was how he came to the USA.That was how Oboma Sr was able to come here through the Ford foundation.

  20. One day, I hope we will look back on history and Judge Roy Moore, Joe Apario, and Virgil Goode will all be recognized for their efforts in exposing the truth about Obama. In exposing that truth, I pray the America people will see the justice we deserve, given the losses so many of us have suffered under the hand of this traitor President, and the damage he has done to our Nation. I hope when Obama is exposed, all of his EOs, appointments, nominees, etc. will become null and void,as well. Maybe this will be the beginning of the resurrection of our Constitution and our American Heritage. Of course, Obama is only one of a multitude of problems America faces today under the corrupt Government that has infiltrated Washington D.C.

    May God Bless all of those who uphold their oaths to our Constitution, putting our Nation ahead of all else to try to preserve our Heritage for our future generations.

    1. To all who have taken the oath and is upholding it I too say God bless them wish there were more to oust these demons from hell out to destroy our country.

      1. I don’t think so.

        The footnote will show just how Obummer manipulated uneducated self centered liberals….like yourself.

  21. Let’s just charge him with treason much easier to prove in this case as we have all seen his blatant support of the Muslim Brotherhood world wide using our troops and supplies and massive amounts of our funds to do so. “Aid and comfort” to the enemies of the nation clearly grounds enough to take him out of office along with all those he has placed inside the Administration to help his agenda.

    1. I think you mean sabotage, not treason, treason would validate his presidency and I don’t think you want to see that happen.

      1. “Under Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, any person who levies
        war against the United States or adheres to its enemies by giving them Aid and Comfort has committed treason within the meaning of the Constitution. The term aid and comfort
        refers to any act that manifests a betrayal of allegiance to the United
        States, such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation,
        shelter, or classified information. If a subversive act has any tendency
        to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its
        enemies, aid and comfort has been given.”

        “Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. In a workplace setting, sabotage is the conscious withdrawal of efficiency generally directed at causing some change in workplace conditions”

        1. Read through obamacare and you’ll find that subvert, obstruct and disrupt are evident in the verbiage.

      2. His Presidency, right or wrong, has been validate twice by tens of millions of voters. The only way to undo it is by voting him out of office, Impeachnment, trial and removal from office, or resignation, a la Nixon.

        1. You can’t vote him out of office now..your last chance for that has already passed.

  22. we the people,who are the real government,1st ovomit/satan ignored a georgia supreme court subpoena,think about that for a minute,if you or i,received a supreme court subpoena,and me or you ignored it,what do you think would have happened to me or you,we would be under the jail,but not ovomit,he the supposed leader of america,he the one person who is suppose to show us,leadership,responsibility,respect.but ovomit choose to ignore our laws,that alone is reason enough to arrest ovomit for treason/felony.#2 ovomit has a ss# that belongs to a dead 119 yr old connecticut person,and he can,t be verified.3rd his wh internet live birth form,is a computor generated{layered}forgery.4th ovomit has all his records hidden/sealed,and spends millions to keep them hidden/sealed.5th ovomit sent additional throops to afganistan,without congress approval.6th ovomit/hillary/rice/carney lied for weeks about bengazi,stating it was because of a video,thats a lie,it was a terrorist attack,and we have 4 dead americans,and ovomit never sent a rescue attempt,and told all help to stand down{treason/felony}7th ovomits father was born in kenyan,making the ineligible treasonous traitor,ineligible to be president{treason/fraud/felony}8th ovomit and a/g holdup said they would not prosecute two black panthers,who stood in frt of a philly polling place,and intimidated voters,and one of them had a bat or baton in his hand,and they both said ovomit and a/g holdup,because they both were black,they would not prosecute them{racial hate crimes/racial injustice/promoting racism{felony/fraud/treason}.so we really don,t know who this person is,who sits in the wh.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all legal american veternas/ sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,mr klayman,we the people by me are with all of you,if we can be of any assistance,please let us know,we have donated to you sheriff joe,and dr oily taitz,and mr klayman.god bless you.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

    1. No one is above the law, but the DEMONCRATS are lawless and trounce upon the Constitution of the United States of America and are doing their best to destroy this country.

  23. The Obama attorney spoke of an enormous Byzantine conspiracy. But what if Obama’s slipping by was a tragic occurrence of typical bureaucratic ineptitude? And if Obama has nothing to worry about as a legal natural born citizen of the U.S., then why has so much money and time been spent on hiding his past, erasing remaining details of his past, and creating a paper trail of false documents? The massive Byzantine conspiracy seems to be in the Obama camp.

    Let the trial begin. Let the evidence be fully presented. And let the chips fall where they may. If Obama is legal, then he should have nothing to fear. BUT IT SHOULD BEGIN WITH OBAMA UNSEALING HIS RECORDS.

    1. Amen! I hope Judge Moore will let the proceedings go on and once the truth comes out, I don’t think any other states should have to follow the same process. If he’s a fraud in Alabama, he’s a fraud all across America.

  24. It is all fun to read, but nothing will come of it. Just further proof of how corrupt and dishonest our dictator really is and how gullible the voters have become. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

  25. If Obama is eligible to be president at this point in time is a mute point. However if it can be proven that old diaper head is really a fraud and a scam artist on the highest level it was to be beneficial to America. The reason being that everything that he is signed and forced down the throats of America would instantly become null and void.
    In the current case Obama supporters have not only produced the birth certificate that the White House says it is official but also to others and none of a match. Obama has been groomed for years to get to the point where he is at this time. The social progressive movement is the blood in his veins and is only true reality.

    This all might be of no consequence whatsoever when you consider that he’s built up his own private army answerable only to the executive branch “HOMELAND SECURITY” has supplied them with 1 billion rounds of ammunition. On top of that provided Armor, Drones, Attack Helicopters, and amass of other weapons. He has control over the movement of Americans to the TSA and can limit where Americans go so they cannot support one another why else would the TSA be moving into controlling buses and trains. For additional troops he has Unions, Black Muslims, The Black Panthers, and the mass of bottom feeders who would rather be on the federal dole than work for a living.

    Before 2016 will more than likely see the first attempted coup in American history. In an all-out civil war.

    1. rchguns, mr oboma is the biggest fraud ever brought upon any nation in the history of mankind. mr oboma will try before 2016 a such mass kayos scenario of many bombs ( up to 20 is my guess) with mass casualties, so he can call for marshal law. mr oboma is not a citizen of the United States and all that have brought him to America and stood by him as facts are in Treason to the United States. Don’t think for a second that mr oboma is not behind the mass shooting that have been going on in America since he has been in office. mr oboma as a child came to America, lived in hawaii for a while, then went bact to kenya, came back to America as a harvard foreign student on foreign aid. If mr oboma tries a coup, he will lose fast, he has mistaken all the American people as stupid. If I were a black person, I would be discussed that the first black man that ran for the President of the United States was nothing but a common criminal, drug user and homosexual that does not have the same blood line as his supposed daughters. I need proof of that.

  26. From the lying mouth of barack hussein obama, I quote, The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are the people with something to hide. Now we know why obama hides all from us and puts out fake documents because he has to to hide the truth.

    I’m a vet and love this country and our Constitution in which obama loathes and has gone so far as to run America down in foreign countries. This POS deserves to behind bars for his wrong doing and for appeasing the terrorist every chance he can.

  27. We have been hearing this stuff for years now. Sheriff Joe is a good ol’ boy but not one with the courage it takes to bring this case to fruition. If this case gets prosecuted it will take some kind of miracle to convict the first Black President without Alabama being labeled as totally racist and the Republicans labeled as horribly intolerant.

    1. but if it is true the constitution is what it is and what he has done is legal and needs to be tried and convicted. Wrong is wrong whether he is black green or skyblue.

  28. Hay Joe! YOU THE MAN!!! I love you Joe! Give em HELL all the way to the end! At least we have someone like Joe on our side!!!!! YOU GO JOE!!!

  29. Lets not forget that when a question came up in New Jersey on this birth Cert, obama attorney argued that This Birth Cert we are talking about was false and is only a sample they created. This is a matter of court record.
    Also in Tenn, dem admitted that obama is not elegable so the people have spoken and his eligibility is approved by voters so this makes everything right.

    1. It doesn’t matter what the people suppoedly say or approve. The constitution says if he is not a natural born citzen he is not eligable and therefore can not hold the office. And there fore is guilty of fraud and deserves to be jailed and tried for treason and hanged for that crime. And sall those who are unvolved in this lie can hang with him.

      1. The constitution does not say a natural born citizen is a citizen born of two citizen parents. Thats just something dishonest birthers made up after Obamas election.

        1. This was settled by the Supreme Court more than 100 years ago, but then you wouldn’t know, as you never got past the third grade.

  30. I believe it would be extremely unlikely that Barack Obama could have been born in Kenya. Anyway, the commie Frank Marshall Davis is the daddy. The photos and his porno book make the case. The Kenyan was just a straw man. Gilbert and others proved it.

  31. We all know Barry Soetero is a fraud and he lies about everything. As long as others get free stuff from him they will deny the truth. See what Philip Berg found out about his background at

    1. The only thing sharp about Brenda is her online monicker. I wonder if she knows her hero Berg also filed a lawsuit against George W Bush for being behind 911…

    1. The Holocaust? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      Obama a Muslim? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      Obama a Maxist? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      Obama wants our guns? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHA
      MSNBC loves Obama? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      CNN loves Obama? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      PBS loves Obama? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      Obama is a Lier? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      BENGHAZI? A cover-up? Still? HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Keep moving along, nothing to see here! Just more Conspiracy theories….All true Americans know they’re all crazy!

      1. You actually don’t know how to spell l i a r? And you really think Obama is a Muslim and a “Maxist?” What is a Maxist, anyway? You were home-schooled, weren’t you? You did manage to get one thing right though: true Americans do know y’all are crazy. That’s why they’ve put Max in office twice despite his mismanagement of the economy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. Kenyan kin in Kenya readily claimed he was born there and that they witnessed his birth. I know this is about documentation in general and his birth certificate in specific. But with 3 different birth certificates at the moment and one of those from the Alabama Democrat Party which certified Obama as their presidential candidate. The Democrat Party birth certificate differs from each of the others. Something is definitely not right when a person has 3 different birth certificates.

    I am glad to hear that Chief Justice Roy Moore and his fellow justices will hear from Sheriff Joe and Klayman. God willing the truth will get out. If this becomes a decertification and disqualification of Obama as a candidate in Alabama and then by domino effect into other states where he won the vote, it could at least keep he and his leftist handlers busy the next 3.5 years and maybe they won’t be able to as much evil to us as he would otherwise.

    If they disqualify him and it becomes a constitutional crisis, the leftist sycophantic news media will be supporting him to their death. We as lovers of this country, core conservatives, God fearing men and women, we must do what is right, support the good, reject and oppose the evil, and establish righteous judgment in the gate.

    Pray for Justice Moore and his fellow justices. Pray for Sheriff Joe, and all others on the forefront of this fight. Pray for Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, the triumvirate in the Senate. Pray for America!

  33. Even if the store-bought Hawaiian BC is accepted, his father was NOT an American citizen and the whole eligibility misconception is still out there to denounce this commie in chief as anyone qualified to hold the office.

    1. You really need to READ the Constitution to see what is right before your eyes. There is NOTHING in the Constitution about the Presidents father being a natural born citizen. It is only for the President. You need to read about Chester A. Arthur. His father was born in Ireland and he was born in New York so he was QUALIFIED and served as POTUS

  34. Jimmey Kimmel is a Putz too, he has undoubtally been hanging out with the Chris Rock and the dude that played Django. The cry about slavery , then make statements like Obama is thier lord and savyour , I don’r understand , did he give them a “free Obama phone too” ??

    1. They just say those things to toy with nuts like you. They love getting your panties up in a bunch. It’s fun to watch.

  35. We know by now Obama does not care about Congress, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, Judges, nor we the people. He is our supreme ruler and dicktator. No matter what he states his followers say: yes Master, Whatever you say Master.

  36. Dear Countrymen:

    Considering that Liberals, Socialists, Progressives and Stealth Communist are born as Compulsive Denyiers, and Spinners, lets go ahead and follow the advise of Barack Obama’s Lawyers and yes, “LETS TAX THE IMMAGINATION OF OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY” who has been lied to, since 2007!

    It was about time, a decent, responsible, and Honorable Alabama Supreme Court, look into all the evidence available, uncover the TRUTH, and stop carrying water for the Liberals, Socialists and Progressives Nations, who have been working, very hard, to destroy OUR Country and OUR U.S. Constitution!


  37. I truly hope he is the first American president to go to prison and serve his time for breaking the law. It doesn’t matter what color he pretends to be or what god he pretends to worship,it only matters that he has broken more laws than most real Americans. I think all of the law breakers (politicians) should be prosecuted for their crimes

  38. After reading the article and hearing the math about Electoral Votes I feel a need to point out that FORGERY is a CRIME no matter what State it is proven in. If the Courts decide that the Birth Certificate presented by Obama and His Attorneys (apparently they have produced more then one Birth Certificate which is different from each other and both proved forgeries) then Obama should be CHARGED with the CRIME! With that IMPEACHMENT and PRISON should soon follow!

    1. If your scenario is accurate Obama should be arrested, tried for treason, convicted and hung by the neck until dead. That is the punishment for treason.

      1. I thought it was death by firing squad? Either way, if Obama were convicted for Treason then so be it. I can live with that and maybe the next Politician who thinks he is above the Law will think twice and realize he works for the American People and not the other way around.

    2. James
      There was so MUCH fraud in these 2 last elections hell might even been true with bush!
      BOTH bush and obama are traitors and need to be publicly executed along with jay rockefeller john mccain lindsay graham eric cantor john boehner!

      1. Public executions? Lol wow.. You would fit right in with religious extremists like the Taliban. You guys are nuts.

  39. This will disappear unless Americans wake up and start getting angry about this Marxist enterprise we have going in this country.

  40. REMOVE OBAMA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where the hell are the massive marches like the 60s to get rid of this pos?!

  41. Isn’t this also why OweDumbasses kenyan grandmother was hushed up because she claims to have been at OweDumbasses birth in kenya?

  42. It’s not hoping for a miracle that will decide Obama’s fate, it’s the fact he deceived the nation posing as a genuine person. That is treason. And impeachment followed by prison (if not worse) would be the order of the day.

  43. I wish Sheriff Joe all the luck, because every state supreme court passage of charges up the food chain to the fed supreme court has been stalled or thrown out by the feds. King zero has all of them by the short hairs, intimidated or threatened into dropping every case against him.

    1. They will nail you birthers..just like they did in over 200 court cases and the 10s of thousands of dollars in court sanctions they’ve amassed.

      1. yet its still interesting that Obama has continuously spent millions to cover up and hide his past.


      2. DUMMY, go back to mexico, or where ever you came from & stop sucking up the welfare & other freebies the libturds give to idiots like you for your support.

  44. I am soooooo sick of conservatives who keep this dead dog alive. I am as conservative as they come, but it is really STUPID to keep bringing this us over and over. Get over it people, Obama was born in the state of Hawaii and is duly elected President of the United States!! I hated it when he won, both times, and long for him being gone, but he did win and he was/is eligible to be POTUS. There as so many holes in this writers thinking;
    First of all, to bring Roy Moore into this as someone who would rule against Obama will only do one thing; tarnish his image. I live in Mobile, Alabama and was very proud to cast a vote for Roy for Chief Justice of the State of Alabama. The problem that the writer has is that he thinks that Roy will VOTE POLITICALLY and he won’t do that. He is a scholar of the law and will rule ACCORDING TO THE LAW!! And the law is on Obama’s side here. EVERYTHING that has been presented by them has been documented and the other side has a few Urban Legends and NO EVIDENCE. I like Sheriff Joe, but Joe promised proof and he has not provided anything. Just more promises and innuendo.
    Second, and Jimmy Kimmel is CORRECT when he said that the naysayers could have seen Obamas birth and would still not believe it was real. Sorry, but that is a fact. People with closed minds don’t want to be confused with the facts.
    Third, the writer says that IF (and that is a BIG if) other states would overturn the electoral votes of Obama that he WON there, then Romney would be installed as President is LUDICROUS!!! No, IF that were to happen, then one of two things would happen; Obama would be impeached and, if found guilty of fraud (which is a high crime worthy of impeachment) and removed and BIDEN would be installed as President. Second, a new election could be called for and we would do the whole thing over again. Now, that latter one is almost an impossibility, so the first one would be done. It’s really that simple. CONSTITUTIONALLY. The law of the land!!
    Folks, Obama needs to be gone, but the only way that could happen is to wait out his term. The only other way is impeachment and it will not be done based on the two elections or his eligibility to be POTUS. The conservatives need to get ready to put us a man who can actually win in 2016.

      1. hey dope u libs don’t go with facts only emotions…why won’t your commie release all the info…all other pres did it what is he hiding??? just release all of it, don’t spend millions in lawyers to protect what America wants to see…just do it!!! u liberal asz-holes!

        1. Anthony A , MarMac2768 is an Obot . So you are wasting you time arguing with this idiot .

        2. something wrong about his birth, but these “Jesus Jones” are like commies and are a threat to the freedom of all Americans.

    1. IDIOT, even if he was born in Hawaii, which I doubt, he is still not legal, he is NOT natural born, his father was a citizen of England. Natural born was defined by Scotus over a hundred years ago, at the time of birth, BOTH parents must be US citizens.

      1. Dan, Dan, Dan, you haven’t got a clue!! Have you ever heard of Chester A. Arthur? He was the 21st POTUS who assumed the Presidency at the death of James Garfield. When he was put on the Republican ticket, as Veep, there were a few people who said that he was not eligible to run because his father was born in Ireland. Some took it to court UNSUCCESSFULLY and he became Prez when Garfield was assassinated. Since that time, there has been nothing done by the SCOTUS as to exactly what makes a “natural born citizen”. Arthur was a Precedent and the SCOTUS has never overturned it. So, Obama is under that precedent and only the SCOTUS can change it. And they haven’t and won’t!!! No matter what any state does.
        So, Dan, who is the idiot??? Not me!! Now, give us all some constitutional law.

    2. He claimed to be born in two hospitals in Hawaii because he couldn’t remember which one he claimed to be born in. Neither hospital has a record of his mother ever giving birth there.

    3. “People with closed minds don’t want to be confused with the facts.”

      Try to get THIS fact through your “closed mind”, Sheriff Arpaio’s team showed a couple of times how the birth certificate Obama presented was a computer generated fake. They broke it down by computer layer after layer. They also talked with someone who worked in the office in HI at the time who said previously blank fields had been filled in on the computer generated copy.

      1. Pateboo, what Sheriff Joes posse found was an opinion, not a fact. All I know is that the OFFICIALS of a STATE of the United States of America, has certified that the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama IS a BC of the STATE of Hawaii and it is real. And it has been done over and over and over and over. Now, here is a fact; IT IS ALL THE EVIDENCE THAT IS NEEDED!! Remember what Jimmy Kimmel said? Some people WILL NEVER believe it, but it doesn’t change facts.
        Do you know that there are people ALIVE TODAY who believe that we never landed on the moon? No matter that NASA recently showed pictures taken on the moon by a satellite flying overhead of those old landing sites, with the footprints still there. Yet, some people claim that it was all a fake, that it was filmed in Arizona. Those people don’t want to be confused with the facts either.

    4. MarMac2768 , If you are a conservative then I’m Little Orphan Anne ! You are just another Obot / Liberal that come to these sites to put more BS in the game . So we should just forget about the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama holding office illegally ? If you believe this pice of garbage barack hussein obama is a legal sitting US President I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you .

      1. Charles, I am sorry, but you need to unload that bridge on someone else. I AM very conservative! I voted for Reagan TWICE and it was only the constitution that kept me from voting for him again. And that is the “problem”. We have a Constitution that dictates what we can do in America. Yes, sometimes that document that we love so much does “get in the way” of us doing what we wish we could do. I WISH, oh how I WISH that there was something that could remove Obama from office!! But, we cannot find anything CONSTITUTIONALLY by which we cannot be free of him. But I am a conservative, not a birther.

  45. Never mind about “Electoral votes”! Ever hear of criminal prosecution? Is it not a Federal crime to knowingly presenting a false legal document? Did the president(yes small “p”) not say this was his? Did he not use his office to support this and mislead the justice system? This deserves the full wrath of the citizens of this country and make a point that those who continue to do such serious deceptions will not be tolerated and WILL pay dearly. Between this and Benghazi there cannot be a pass or any type of excuse for his time in office and the damage he had done to stand. It is truly time to pay the piper and those held accountable for such devious crimes.

  46. This whole thing could be put to rest if the president would simply present his birth certificate….why won’t he? This is a simple thing to do….very simple…..

    1. He has. Hawaii verified that it was legit. Birthers keep spreading lies but everyone knows you people are nuts. You guys are in for yet another major dissapointment in Alabama. Birthers have already failed in over 200 court cases. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The result will always be failure for insane birthers.

      1. your house of cards is about to crumble! you accept the talking points as fact, when the evidence is stacking up against you! the only thing that has kept this case from being fully heard is corruption.

        1. JJ is right! This has been used over the last 5 years to detract from the real problems with this President. Whenever a conservative will point out the problems with his policies, those in the middle of the road will say, “These are just some more of those conservative “birthers” who just hate the President.” It is sort of like the story of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”. We need to quit looking back to prevent the last 4+ years (no one has invented a time machine) and start looking to the next election to elect a REAL conservative (not some of these idiot RINO’S) to get us back on track constitutionally and move forward.

        2. If we wait until 2016 there won’t be a country left to put back on track. This pos commie muslim illegal potus will have destroyed the US by then.

        3. If you wingnuts don’t drop all this birth certificate silliness and start tackling the ISSUES, you’re going to get Obama’s hand-picked successor in 2016…

      2. Hawaii never said it was legit they only said that that was the type of long form they used. There is no record of his mother giving birth in either hospital Obama claims to have been born in.

        1. But it still applies. There is a plethora of information available for truth seekers that confirm Sheriff Joe’s assertions about obama.

        2. Yes, good.

          Most people have seen this…I thought it was an update. No worries. It’s a good reminder.

          Let’s hope he has more luck with this go-around.

        3. So you are going to say, “What difference does it make?”, like Hillary did about Benghazi???????? Evidence is evidence, no matter how long ago it was discovered. Remember this, the time has passed since this was made due to the fact that BO and his minions have been very busy attempting to bury ITand anything else that has come to light concerning this matter. Use some common sense and realize that the old saying, “The truth will out” is right on the mark. You can’t hide the truth forever, he has just been hoping that the truth will not surface until he is out of office, after the damage is done.

        4. Seems you need to take three of these and call me in the morning.

          You don’t know what I’m saying…or worse, writing.

          Do you read just one post and call it good, or do you continue to read down a bit before commenting?

        5. Don’t drink, and if you want to take offense at what I wrote, change the inference your posting gives. I read a majority of the postings, I only respond to those that baffle me because of the way they are written, or the ones that are so far off in my estimation, or blatently untrue, and can be proven to be so. Your posting is not clear. That is all I was saying. Elaboration is a good thing.

        6. “I thought it was an update. No worries. It’s a good reminder.”

          See below. I think it’s obvious where I stand and my support of the video.

          Perhaps you should take a second look at your (aggressive) communication skills if I took a defensive stance.

          Apology accepted.

          PS: I don’t drink either.

      3. That is not correct. A birth certificate was presented, but it was not like any official birth certificate ever issued there before, and all of the falsehoods have been found out with it. Answer this, Jesus, if he was born in Hawaii, then why does he have a Connecticut SS card, a state he has NEVER lived in? Kind of boggles your mind, hey what? Too many inconsistencies in this man’s history. Leave the bar room immediately, you are listening to too many brain damaged people.

  47. While they are doing that perhaps they can begin to investigate all of the precincts that reported100% to 140% of the vote for Obama and zero for Romney. Check out how many dead people voted and cats and dogs.

    1. Okay, tell me a LEGITIMATE source for those figures. I am from Polk County, Florida, which is about as conservative as you will find in the entire state and there was not 100% for Romney and 0% for Obama. It was more like 68% Romney to 30% for Obama. You two guys are NUTS!!

  48. if this happens to be true he & his anti American terrorist must be arrested & everything with his signature must be thrown out…ALSO HIS LAST 4 DIGITS OF HIS SOCIAL SAYS HE WAS BORN IN CONN.?????? GET THE ROPE!

  49. THE same interests behind the formation of communism and Fascism are supporting the Kenyan. EVIL with power to buy support from those in positions of power much of it coming from the WWII NAZI blood money will be difficult to fight against. They will force the issue due to the greed of seeking to own everything and control the whole world.

    Obama is a product of EVIL individuals who brain washed him from birth to betray those stupid enough to believe him.

    1. This kind of thing happened in England until Margaret Thatcher (Iron Lady) came along and she was able to change that for a while. Sometimes it takes just one person to change a whole trainload of evil. I do not know why some people are content with going along with evil but it seems so.

    1. You realize the “Kenya” thing is a joke, right?

      I know that a lot of uninformed people actually believe it, but every time the President mentions it, he’s blatantly mocking them. Consider what he said when he was on Jay Leno’s show last October:

      Leno: “What’s this thing with Trump and you, it’s like me and Letterman. What’s he got against you?”

      Obama: “This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya.” [laughter and applause] “We had constant run-ins on the soccer field; he wasn’t very good and resented it. When we finally moved to America I thought it’d be over.”

      1. You really are a gullible person, believing the liar in chief. What in the h–l do you think he is going to say, and what reason would his grandmother have to lie about his birthplace? Of course he’s going to joke about it and the reason he did is the outcome in your inability to think for yourself. Wow, you really are deluded. Will pray for you.

        1. Pebbles, you are the victim of a pitiful lie. Besides, Sarah Obama was not his biological grandmother, but step-grandmother. She never said he was born in Kenya. The interpreter did, and was corrected by the family members who were present and could also speak English. Many lying websites cut the audio clip immediately after the part where the interpreter misspoke in order to leave out the correction. Sarah Obama has said repeatedly that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. It is also common knowledge that Obama didn’t even meet her until he was 25. Furthermore, in 1961, Obama’s mother had no passport, so she couldn’t have been outside the US, not to mention make a journey back to Hawaii with an infant.

          When explanations get increasingly complex and convoluted, you should get suspicious. The simplest answer is usually the correct one: a preponderance of evidence says he was born in Hawaii.

          Prayer is good. Maybe someday He will open your eyes to the truth. Don’t give up.

        2. Wrong again. Your are the one that believes in all of the lies this piece of crap has uttered. I spend hours every day reading, listenening and taking part in our country and its happenings, and have for the last eight years. Have You????

        3. You go ahead and believe what ever fairy tales you want. You’re probably not well-advised to take me on because you’ll find that I deal in Reason and independently verifiable facts. So quit the cussing and name-calling and bring something intellectual to the table.

        4. There is not one cuss word in what I wrote, and I don’t have to take you on, most everyone on this site is in full agreement with me and the author of this piece. Calling for reason and independently verifiable facts to substantiate what you believe would be with what, MSNBC, CBS, NBC????? Quite frankly, you and your ilk bore me beyond reason, you all spout the same garbage in defense of this man posing as “the most open president” we have ever had. I guess that will all come out, too. Maybe in the Benghazi hearings. Bye, bye, have a delusional nice life.

  50. I don’t know. That’s what’s wrong with the world in which we live. The media would have to turn on obama to make anything stick and that hasn’t happened. The vast leftist conspiracy won’t challenge immaginations unless the media reports it and they’ll never admit they’ve backed the wrong whores

  51. This is great!! The only negative thing is that the MUSLIM DICTATOR BARACK HUSSEIN OSAMA OBAMA AND CREW have either BOUGHT OFF OR SCARED OFF all the JUDGES and COURTS in the past WHAT IS THERE TO STOP OBAMA AND CREW THIS TIME ???.

    1. Unfortunately your so right about the,Justice system in America!!!These days most of them have probably been bought off by the,Obama administration!!Or are being harassed that if they do not go along with the,agenda there.Life’s will be changed.
      Some America!Not the one that I grew up in!!It used to be the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”
      Now it’s the Land of Muslim Dictator Obama and family!!Telling you that government knows what’s best for you,even if it’s.Against G-d’s word same sex marriage,abortion!!!Letting illegals in which he is one!!Also his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood let them have,guns to kill people who will not convert!!!But leave the law abiding American citizen defenseless against an extremely dangerous government uprising!!!America those who are still in a daze,I’m speaking to.You’ve already lost most of your FREEDOMS to Muslim Dictator Obama (Hitler)!!!If you do not wake up soon what’s left will be gone,

      1. Barack Hussein Obama II is following the rules as stated in the “Communist Rule for Revolution” in Section (14) (A) 2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. 3. Destroy the people’s faith in their national leaders by holding the latter up to contempt and ridicule. 4. Always preach true democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. (C) Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext with the view of confiscation of them and leaving the population helpless.

        The “Communist Rule for Revolution” has also been the Democrat’s playbook since the 1920s.

        USAF (RET)

      1. It most certainly is not a joke. He called himself a Muslim while being interviewd by George Stephanopoulos, and I witnessed it, and also heard it when Stephanopoulos corrected him and said, ” You mean you’re a Christian” and BO agreed quickly. Unfortunately, you seem to be one of those who chooses to believe all of the evidence is a conspiracy to get rid of a black man. Personally, I would be all for him if he showed any small degree of doing good for this country and the citizens who had great hopes for him as president, but he hasn’t done one thing to better this country or the lives of anyone except himself and his cohorts. His lies and underhandedness and his advancement of socialism along with the distruction of the greatest society the world has ever known, is the big payoff for this country, and it is about time you took your blinders off and recognized the truth. Instead, if anyone disagrees with him or his policies and announces it in public, all of a sudden that person is called a racist. This is also something that Mr. Transparency has furthered along with all of the other PC claims, all a bunch of malarkey. I have found that the ones calling others racists are the most racist of anyone. So, regardless, the man is a Muslim and his foreign policy statements and actions (bowing) concerning the middle eastern countries, which will never be at peace with one another–their fighting has been ongoing for thousands of years, is evidence of that, along with having our self proclaimed arch enemy, the M.Brotherhood, as guests in OUR White House. Why don’t you take some time and study up on everything this liar has done in his life, all the people he associated with, the organizations he belonged to, etc, then come back and tell us he is who you WISH him to be. Do it with an open mind, however, not a biased one spurred on by the idiotos like Chris Matthew and Michael Moores of the world.

        1. It was a JOKE. It was invented in 2007 by Rahm Emanuel, who thought it would be funny to see how many people would believe it. There was also a sinister side to it: Emanuel believed that if a fair number of people did believe it, it would split the conservative electorate sufficiently for the Democrats to win the 2008 election. He was right, and it worked.

          It worked again in 2012, even with Obama as an incumbent AND the economy completely in the tank. Bottom line: if you believe Rahm Emanuel’s scheme, you’ve been duped.

          PS: Rahm Emanuel is a Jew. You wouldn’t catch him working hard to get a Muslim elected President. Food for thought.

        2. Pebbles, all that you have stated is true. I’m sure you will remember the activist judges who kept Bishop Ron McRae’s sworn affidavit from being admitted as evidence in the courts proving that Barack Hussein Obama II was actually born in (Mombasa) Kenya, East Africa, and added that Obama II is in fact a Muslim communist. And during the time Obama II was illegally a U.S. Senator, he managed to funneled one million dollars to his cousin in Kenya to help overthrow the government.

          I still can’t get over the fact of how anyone in their right frame of mind will vote for someone without knowing anything at all about the individual?

          USAF (RET)

        1. LOL! That video was long ago debunked. If you still believe it…

          That “Muslim” thing originated as a joke created by Rahm Emanuel in 2007. He thought it was funny, but there was a sinister side, too. He knew the uninformed people on the conservative side would glom onto it because it made Obama seem very different from the average American. That would split thinking conservatives away from that crowd. Guess what? It worked. And it worked again in 2012.

          Here’s your duck: Rahm Emanuel is a Jew, and there’s no way that a Jew would be working that hard to get a Muslim (a mortal enemy of the Jews) elected. Quack.

  52. ” … we can still hope for a miracle, can’t we?”

    why are we being so timid here?

    He is an enemy agent usurper, and guilty of treason, murder, and a whole host of things. There should be nothing less than death by hanging or firing squad, and all of his works reversed! We sure do need that to take place!

    Just replacing him with Romney would not allow for all this healing to take place!

  53. I hate to say it Jesus but you are pretty stupid if you thought that was a racist remark. I was saying that the racists , people who don’t like blacks will use him as an excuse NOt to vote for black men. Me personally would like to see Ben Crason ior some great black man not this shyster from Chicago who does nothing but make speeches and does nothing. except lie of course and it also amazes me no one holds him accountable for anything. Benghazi nothing. As for teh 60 million who voted for him? A whole lot of racist votes there because the blacks just voted for him because he was black and look how poorly he’s treated them except of course for the rappers who come to the WH to PARTAY

  54. as far as American history being made, well it was made in 2008 whem brocko jocko was made prez then it can be made again the his worthless lieing butt is thrown out into the street

  55. Jimmy Kimmel is right… and this “hearing” is going to be hilarious. I can’t wait to see the so-called “evidence.”


  57. Most Americans failed to recognize that the State of Hawaii generates two types of birth certificates; namely, the “Certificate of Live Birth” issued to Hawaiian born citizens, and the “Certification of Live Birth” issued to foreign-born aliens upon request and for a fee.

    The first birth certificate displayed on the web-site for Barack Hussein Obama II was a “Certification of Live Birth” (Issued to foreign-born aliens) which were filled with errors and omissions. The second birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama II displayed on the web-site was a “Certificate of Live Birth” (Issued to Hawaiian born citizens and known as the long form) was obviously a complete forgery.

    The reason why they are unable to produce an original birth certificate is because it doesn’t exists and never has, except for the original birth certificate issued to Stanley Ann Durham in (Mombasa) Kenya, East Africa . As for the birth announcements in Hawaii’s local newspapers, they were placed by Barack Hussein Obama II’s maternal grandmother at the request of Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Hussein Obama II’s biological mother who in turn instructed her mother in Hawaii directly from (Mombasa) Kenya, East Africa to place the fraudulent birth announcement in the two newspapers. Keep in mind that newspapers are in business to make money; and surely, no hospitals in the nation are going to pay for every baby born at the hospital’s expense. Think about it?

    USAF (RET)

  58. The blog said, “According to WND, Klayman plans on providing what he believes to be definitive proof that the birth certificate produced by the White House is a forgery and that the parties who put the document out committed fraud. ”

    There is only one problem with this statement. There isn’t a ‘document’ to prove fraud or forgery. They only thing released was a bitmap on the internet. Sorry, but that’s not a ‘document’ that a court of law can identify as a ‘forgery’. And since there is no document, a summary judgement against Barry Sorobarka should be immediately handed down as no proof of eligibility was ever submitted to ANY state.

    Furthermore, the idea that only Alabama’s elector votes are at stake here is ridiculous. FRAUD has been committed, and is an impeachable offence, and worse, the crime of treason could be applied to this case. This is not about Alabama’s electoral votes, but about a criminal usurper sitting in the White House acting out in the open to destroy this country.

  59. While this is all good, albeit late….I still don’t understand why his eligibility was not challenged over the issue of being a Natural Born Citizen. His father, by his own admission, was NOT a US citizen, therefore it is impossible for O to be eligible. No matter where he was born, even if on the moon, makes no difference. The natural born clause means both his parents had to be citizens. Case closed.

    1. Really! There’s no question that Obama has NEVER been eligible for the presidency, but no one in Congress has the BALLS to stand on principle.

    2. NBC isn’t defined in the Constitution. The Supreme Court has never ruled what it means. You’re just making up your own defintion to fit your bias.

      1. Yes they have. US vs. Wong Kim Ark & Perkins vs. Elg. In the Ark case they used the 14th Amendment provisions (born in the United States) In the Elg case, a yound woman was declared a native-born citizen based on her birth in New York state despite the fact that her parents were both Swedish citizens both at their birth and at the time of the case. She had recently moved back to the US after many years away and she was not deported because anyone born in the US is a citizen.

        1. You’re partially correct. Wong Kim Ark stated that a person born in the United States is a US citizen, whether or not that person’s parents are US citizens. BUT, that does not automatically make that person a natural born citizen. The requirement that a natural born citizen is someone who is born of two US citizens was decided in the case Minor v Happersat.
          Native born and natural born are NOT the same thing.

    3. Reva, I will bet you $100 that the U.S. Constitution does not say anything about a person having to have 2 U.S. born parents to be eligible for president.

    4. Once again (sigh), read up on Chester A. Arthur, the 21st president of the US whose FATHER was born in IRELAND!!! Yep! That’s right! There goes your “both presidents have to be US citizens for a man to be eligible to be prez” theory. Boy! If only people who were talking about the Constitution would READ the Constitution, they wouldn’t say such STUPID things!

  60. The problem with a conspiracy theory is that everything that disproves it becomes part of the conspiracy.

    And my favorite Birther Logic: 1. The birth certificate is fake. 2. Even if it’s real it doesn’t matter since his father was a British subject. 3. Our evidence that his father was a British subject is the birth certificate we just said was fake.

    But don’t give up. When I lived in Hawaii, there were hard-core natives who insisted Hawaii was an independent nation under U.S. occupation. You could always go that route.

  61. Congress has the responsibility of Vetting Presidential Candidates ! Which members followed through with their Congressional Responsibilities ? Not One ! Now these same individuals are investigating on behalf of their constituents . There is only “ONE Political Party” in America .
    They are in power to hold on to power, at any and all costs.

  62. Don’t forget the alias he used in Chicago who lived in the same house HE later lived in, had the same BD and SS#! The SS# he used until 2009! Which was assigned to a Frenchman in 1977 in Connecticut. Who later passed away in Hawaii! How did 0’Bama get it? And WHY did he have to have one belonging to someone else?

  63. Yes.. and I also want to point out that the Federal
    Supreme Court cannot come to Obama’s aid like they done in the past
    because we have two liberal supreme court justices ( Elena Kagan
    and Sonia Maria Sotomayor) that would absolutely have to recues themselves
    because they would be voting on losing their own jobs. That would
    empower the conservative justices to do the right thing and bring Obama

  64. LOL. Every day your republican representatives attempt to further restrict the freedom and yet you people remain enraptured by the delusional hope that someone, after 6 years, will manage to finally convince the sane majority of Americans that the President’s birth certificate is a fraud.

    Here’s a better idea — stop trying to double-ban abortion and triple-ban gay marriage for a minute, do something useful for the American people, and maybe you’ll once again manage to win a national election.

    1. First of all it is the liberals that accuse the conservative of trying to ban abortion. It was never on Bush’s platform, McCains, or Romney’s. Neither was Gay marriage. And Obama was against gay marriage before he was for it. He ran on that platform. SO get your fact straight. Liberals like to accuse conservatives of being racist, when we were the party to triumph civil rights (recently as well Look at Robert Bird a member of the KKK and Al Gore Sr against the civil rights act and for Segregation Jim Crow.) You want to talk sheeple, liberals are the ones who hear it so it must be true. Conservatives like to research it and come our own conclusion.

      1. Not trying to ban abortion? Ask a woman in Mississippi about that. Or Alabama, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. etc. etc.

        1. There is nothing to ban abortion you idiot. If you followed what was going on it is all about doing abortions after 20 weeks and in a safe environment. Just because a liberal says something doesn’t make it so. The new abortion laws allow for abortions after 20 week in cases of medical safety, abnormalities and rape. It requires facilities to be regulated, just like medical centers. Women can still get their abortions up to 20 week or 5 months, Try to get educated. Don’t just drink the koolaid YOU SHEEPLE! Definition of sheeple the people who act like sheep and follow without thinking for them selves just because a liberal says to.

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