Alaska Experiencing Global-Warming-Induced “Ice Age”

Global warming continues to heat up the Earth at such an alarming pace that Alaska is facing an ice age. Over the last 10 years there, they’ve experienced a 2.4-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature. Some places like in Western Alaska have experienced decreases of 4.5 degrees. That still might not sound like much, but consider how much hype has been stirred up over the 1.3-degree Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature over the past century. That 1.3 degrees is going to wipe out all the polar bears, melt all the glaciers, raise the sea level and destroy all the coastal cities.

The Alaska Dispatch pointed out that prior to Alaska’s recent change for colder temperatures, it was known as the fastest warming place on Earth:

 “The new nippiness began with a vengeance in 2005, after more than a century that saw temperatures generally veer warmer in Alaska, the report says. With lots of ice to lose, the state had heated up about twice as fast as the rest of the planet, in line with rising global greenhouse gas emissions, note the Alaska Climate Center researchers, Gerd Wendler, L. Chen and Blake Moore. After a ‘sudden temperature increase’ in Alaska starting in 1977, the warmest decade on record occurred in the 1980s, followed by another jump in the 1990s, they note.”

 So why did Alaska experience such a drastic change of heart? Well, we know that humans are making the world hotter and hotter by releasing greenhouse gases into the air, and that the only way to persuade the global temperature to stop rising is to subject all humans to a UN carbon tax, impose environmental regulations on everybody, ration natural resources and above all make sure no one emits any greenhouse gases. Has Alaska changed its carbon emission habits?

In spite of Alaska’s being the least densely populated state, it is still one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. Tom Chapple, a director at the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said that it is a big energy-producing state, and it takes energy to produce energy. Alaska is also an international hub for cargo aircraft that stop there to refuel. Much of that fuel is burned in and around the Alaska skies. So since they haven’t been trying to reduce their “carbon footprint,” why is Alaska not playing by the global warming rules?

Scientists are blaming Alaska’s record cold winter on a phenomenon they call the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). explains that this is something that happens every 20 years:

 “[W]hen the PDO shifts into a negative (cold) phase, as it does every 20 years or so, it weakens the Aleutian Low and storms from the North Pole blast across Alaska, wreaking havoc on the state’s weather, according to NOAA. As a result, ships were locked out of the Bering Sea this past year by record ice growth, and Alaskans are now shivering in temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees F (minus 46 degrees C). And the outlook for the rest of the winter isn’t promising: The National Weather Service has issued a 90-day forecast that calls for lower-than-normal temperatures for the 49th state through the end of March, according to the Alaska Dispatch. “

 Russia is also experiencing record low winters. I guess this is why they’ve had to change it from “global warming” to “climate change.” It’s easier to change the label than to keep changing their computer models and fudging the numbers to accommodate their theories.

These scientists need to stop pretending that there is anything we can do to stop weather patterns from occurring. We experience climate change every night as the temperature drops and every day as the temperature rises. We can’t change that. We experience climate change every few months, and we call these changes seasons. In fact, the northern hemisphere is expected to experience up to 40-degree temperature increases this year, and there’s nothing we can do about it. No amount of taxation, regulation, rationing or political swindling will change the Earth’s natural processes.

8 thoughts on “Alaska Experiencing Global-Warming-Induced “Ice Age”

  1. I was talking to a liberal at work today, he is very concerned about climate change . . . then confirmed he has 2 feet of snow at home . . . and he went on to ask what Country New Jersey is in . .. this crap is an easy sell for liberal fools.

    I explained to him a climatologist is like an environmentalist, only the climatologists take care of the climate. He said it is good to learn something new everyday.

      1. I have been told I am not a team player because I don’t openly talk to these clowns . . .10 years until retirement . . . so I F with their minds whenever possible.

        These idiots are like uniformed voters . . . only dumber!

  2. What is wrong with people who a) think a the climate is changing, b) that it is something new and different that we caused, c) that there is something we can DO about it by throwing money at it ( I don’t even know what they are collecting money for).

    1. There’s nothing wrong with those people. They have the facts and want to work towards possible solutions. Pretending there is no problem isn’t helpful at all.

  3. Nice ignorance on display here. “Global warming can’t cause lower local temperatures because warming is right there in the name.”

    Humans are a part of the natural process now, and that includes how we change the atmosphere. We absolutely can change how we do that, and it absolutely has an effect on our climate.

    Brushing this off as “the climate changes all the time” completely misses the point. We’re modifying the system with our activity, it’s as simple as that.

  4. How come the carbon tax isn’t addressing population growth in the 3rd world(India,China, Indonesia,Africa,South America…)? Oh that’s right only evil white countries emit green-house gasses… LOL

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