American Federal Loans Create Jobs . . . in Finland

Just when we thought nothing could beat Solyndra in terms of dirty corruption scheme presented as an “investment in green energy of the future,” we have something even worse: $529 million Federal loan guarantee to a start-up electric car company named Fisker. Which is okay, except that . . . Fisker took the money to Finland to produce their cars there. The owner of the company, Henry Fisker, has no experience in the auto-making industry, and his company has no previous history of any successful project. That is, he created the company for the sole purpose to take the government guarantee and get loans from the banks.

There’s no politics involved, of course. Except that the major financial backer of the Fisker Company has contributed more than $1 million to political causes, mainly to the Democrats. But that’s just a coincidence.

Well, at least we have a “green” car that is affordable and accessible. Uh huh. For the half billion dollars Fisker has produced 40 cars so far, and sold 2 (two). That since the company was started in 2008. It probably has something to do with the price of the “green” car: almost $100,000. Americans, apparently, don’t appreciate the benefit of driving a “green” car enough to be willing to pay so much money for it. At that price, one has to drive the Fisker car for about half million miles before the cost evens out with a normal cost car – and that if we assume that Fisker gives 20 miles a gallon better mileage. In reality, the benefit will never be there.

In other words, another half billion dollars of tax payers money went down the drain to support a utopian ideology and jump in the pockets of those that are close to the regime in Washington DC. Like Joe Biden said, “we are making a bet on the American people.” He sure is.

151 thoughts on “American Federal Loans Create Jobs . . . in Finland

    1. Cain?? Not very likely… Looks like Ron Paul will be in the WH come the end of Barry's term, because the last thing we need in the WH is another Black man with no clue how America works because they've only worked for the bankers and the Federal Reserve.

      1. Darkke you are smoking crack rock. First, Ron Paul has a better chance of seeing God than becoming President. Then you go on to say "the last thing we need in the WH is another black man with no clue how America works". You could not be more high. Herman Cain has a successful track record at everything he has ever done in his life. You obviously have never read his bio. He has the business and education background to easily qualify for, and run, this Country. Now go on back to your crack pipe and take another hit of unreality.

        1. Cliff, if you were anymore dense, you'd have to be watered twice a day. The majority of blacks have the lowest I.Q. on the planet. If they want to play at politics, let them practice in Africa. (They're doing really great there, aren't they), you stupid low life.

      2. Wow, you're the one with no clue! Cain worked his way up from a poor family. Went thru Purdue with masters degree, director of business analysis at Pilsbury, managed 400 Burger Kings in Philly from the least profitable to the most profitable, CEO of National Restaurant Assoc, CEO of Godfathers, Chairman of Fed. Reserve in Kansas City, Board member of Nabisco, Whirlpool, Readers Digest, etc., and has written more than 4 books. And you say he has no clue how America works???? This guy runs circles around EVERYONE, except maybe Newt and Mitt, and he was the only one to come up with a senseable tax plan that we all can understand! It's the content of his character, not the color of his skin, that puts him in the LEAD!

    2. RON PAUL 2012 – RON PAUL 2012 – RON PAUL 2012
      9-9-9 will not reduce total tax revenues at all. Big government will continue as it has for all these years, and soon we will be looking at 18-18-18 because they now have more programs and wars to fund. Hermain Cain is not the answer to our problems, and as much as I respect him, he will not get my vote. We need to drastically cut government spending to cure our economic woes. Ron Paul has the best spending reduction action plan put forward. 1 trillion dollars cut from the budget in his first year in office.

    3. This green jobs thing makes me sick too! . Please do more research on him and the others. After what we have been through these last few years, I know America could not take anymore destruction. Laurie Roth, a conservative and independant, is running for President. She's got some wonderful ideas for America. We need to take America back. With 100,000,000 Tea Party members we could sure get a good head start. Buy her book, "The Peoples President" just out. She talks about what she would do to change America for the better. You can buy it at or visit The Roth Revolution. She's the radio host. She's a pretty neat gal. Take care.

  1. Another great success story for Obama and his Obamaite cult followers. Perhaps they will let the American worker keep the change.

    1. After moving to China GE posts record profits and pays no taxes. And Obama appoints its CEO as our Job Czar. Next a financial who donated over a million dollars to Obama and the Democrats and a backer to Henry Fisker who surprisingly recieved a loan of $529 million to produce electric cars in Finland. Yes you read it right, our tax dollars are being loaned to a foriegn Auto maker who has produced just two cars at a retail price of $100 thousand each, Boy this is getting to be to much. I am starting to believe Boortz who says that Obama is intent an distroying our free market for his Marxists beliefs. We have ti get this son of a you know what out of the White House and his leftist lemmings out of the legislature. 2012 can't come soon enough. GET OUT AND VOTE REPUBLICAN.

    2. the problem is the lefty newspapers wont report any of this Solyndra got 5 minutes of air time this will get none We need to spread the word because the press are the sheeple drinking the koolaid and following the stupid leader let everyone you know all that is being covered up

  2. Too bad they can’t take away these democrats money to pay back the American people whose money they stole. Hit them where it hurts the most.

    1. Vatol:
      You're correct. We're accountable but not them, at least not yet. Joe's losing his bet big time. "We The People" are finding out!

    2. And that is exactly what needs to and most likely will happen. They are the thieves and what they stole from the American people must be repaid!

    3. Oh, But you can take away their money by making them unemployed for a start. Then you do all that you can to seeing that they stay unemployed.

  3. I hope there are enough of us left to vote in 2012 as many must be ready to commit suicide over the frustration of dealing with these crooks day after day. And the protesters are mad a Wall St. I am sure that Fisher and his counterpart at Tesla are not working for free and if they are they have already got their share of OUR money. The only green is our money lining their pockets.


    2. This is nothing more but another SCAM to redistribute the wealth! My Question is:::::: WHY Are the republicans allowing this crap to continue??? does obama believe he is ROBIN HOOD reincarnated?? IMPEACH OBAMAHOOD!!!!!

    3. What we all need to start doing is to convince the protesters to get out of Wall Street and the other cities and Mass where they should have been right from the start. If you want to kill a snake you don't start at the tail you cut off it's head and that's the same way we need to address our troubles now.
      Start at the root of the problems and that being our out of control government you can only bring it under control by closing down the snakes layer and that's Washington.
      Let's all work for a change we can really believe in!

  4. Let's say that this little box of a car sells for $25,000.00 and they
    have made 40 so far……… return so far is $1,000,000.00.
    So what happened to the other 500+ million? Looks like Obama
    and his thugs are robbing us blind!

    1. They don't call it stealing it's referred to as kick backs and gratis, Don't you know that yet?
      We can only put a stop to this kind of BS by being in Washington to demand the stop of these actions once and for all.

    2. obama said he would raise 1 (one) billion for his campaign in 2012, just where did you really think the money was going to come from?

    1. obumer is doing everything he can to DISTROY this country and turn it into a third world country like Kenya where he came from

  5. The socialists in this country are robbing us blind and forcing our companies to manufacture overseas. Then, they tax OUR money coming back into the states 25%. This only causes companies to keep their money overseas and re-investing it there adding even more damage to the economy. Tired of your comments being moderated, awaiting moderation, or even deleted by the PC police? Click on my name to visit Right Wing America! 100% Free, 100% Uncensored. No PC police! Join today!

  6. When the progressives are kicked out of the White House and the halls of Congress, I think it would be a good idea if the funds they are supposed to get for their "SERVICE?" were used to repay the taxpayers that they bilked all these years. I don't care if the money they lose puts them in the poorhouse, let them see what it is like on this end of the stick.
    Maybe we could call it a penalty for ignoring the wants and wishes of their constituency.

    1. FUNDS??? SERVICE???? Are you kidding me?? Congress and the Senate has the best and most unbelievable retirement plan in the world. They all get paid the same amount of money after they leave office. Plus they and their families get free special Medical benefits that can't be matched in the public sector, yet nobody seems to care that they are already worth millions! I want to know why they get anything after they leave office?? When I leave a job that company doesn't pay me a cent ! I paid into the unemployment insurance and that only last 13 weeks. What about you? Do you get special treatment when you leave a job? When I say special I mean do you get paid till you die for leaving that job?? No you don't ! Why do they? Their already rich

      1. The only "special treatment" I got when I retired was money for the stock that I purchased, and the Feds stepped in and took their share in capital gains. After that Turbo tax Timmy put a penalty on my medicare for one year because I made too much. These idiots do not deserve a dime, this should be an honor for them to serve and rob us blind.

  7. The price America pays for putting an illegal lying chigger in the White House.
    So how is this hopey, changey thing working for you?

    Washington, DC is Amercia's cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves.

  8. Speaking of green stuff which makes one want to upchuck, California now has a cap and trade scheme thanks to the corrupt incompetents and CARB in Sacramento. Now the price of electricity and any other types of energy is going to escalate. It seems like they have now driven the final nail into the coffin regarding the bad economic situation here in California. I would advise anyone who is thinking about moving here to forget about it! We should ship all the green whackos down to Antarctica and let them herd penguins! If we wish to continue as a viable nation, voting out all of the Democrats in 2012 is an absolute must!!!

    1. The voting in California is so crooked you're never going to change the democratic position in the state ! I've been here for 20 years ! I've seen 20 years of corruption in the voting booths. The people who try to change things here are soon gone, one way or another.

    2. Voting out Democrats alone won't get it ALL done. We must focus on getting ALL one-worlders OUT of government. Through many organizations and agencies, one-worlders currently have total or near-total control of the Democrat Party, but they ALSO have heavily infiltrated the Republican Party. Please RESEARCH your candidates, and then, vote AGAINST ALL DEMOCRATS, and ALSO vote AGAINST all members, participants or associates of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the North American Union, islam, the UN, and any and all similar organizations. You will (SADLY) find that many prominent Republicans are MEMBERS!

  9. I'd like to know what gives Obama the authority to take my tax dollars and send them over to another country? Which countries economy is more important? America or someone else? This is unethical and should be illegal if it's not already!!! I'm sick and tired of this renegade government. We have slipped from a government ruled by the people to a government tyrannically ruling the many by the few!!!

  10. Read about this a month ago. Limbaugh, among others, reported it. How come you're so far behind the curve?

    This story brings up several questions:
    1. Why Finland? Their labor costs are as high or higher than ours, taxes are higher, and the shipping is expensive.
    2. Who, besides Fisker and the DNC, is benefitting? We need to know the names of those in Congress who advocated this.
    3. When will our lay-about Congress investigate this? There's clearly some excessive drug use involved with those who approved this.

    1. The Fins had to agree to give to the Obama campaign to get this loan. They then can sell their $89,000 car to us. They will probably sell as well as the Volt ( about 1,200 so far). Another Obama success story in creating jobs, just not for the US.

    2. I just heard this report on the Hannity show today…. This Fisker fellow said because he could not find a viable place in the entire United States of America to build a factory and manufacture these cars, he had to go to Finland…. really??? I want an audit to make sure he is not living high on the hog in some foreign country on my dime…. I am seriously P I SS ED…

  11. WHY DID THEY NOT SUPPORT TESLA?! Go to this link, read the specs watch the video, this car is being manufactured in calif(they are building the plant right now) They say it will be available next year, the cheapest model is 49,000 and the model I want is 55,000. It is all electric and it beat a porsche in a speed test and it is a 4 dr model S sedan that holds up to 7 people and their luggage! Please take the time to look at it, I promise you will be impressed!

    1. Beats the heck out of the garbage Fiskar produced. Tesla may actually survive to produce reasonably priced cars in the USA, NOT FINLAND. What the heck were they thinking sending manufacturing to Finland? Obama, and Bush II if he was involved, must be psychotic to do this.

  12. If any normal person could actually afford the $89,000 car, remember they are planning to shut down the coal plants – so where would we plug it in without electricity?

  13. Not sure how to check this out, but could this be tied to the Al Gore scheme to take U. S. dollars to Scandinavia to produce his whacko green car to save the planet from melting? If truth be known, I wouldn't doubt it. The; of course, he was a former VP and probably has the same priviledges of Obama not to divulge what he has done while in his position as VP.

  14. And ALL the money given to this project is "Borrowed-from-China" to be paid back with interest over the next 20 years or so from our taxes!!!

  15. How interesting that no one really got the story, or what really happened. Henry Fiskers was born Denmark, and is a very successful care designer. He designed the first Tesla, and then decided he could build a better electric car. He's in Finland because that's what he knows. The good news is that over 500 very good paying engineering jobs were created to design this car, and many more will be employed as they move forward. One could argue that he's smart to have someone else manufacture the car, as his capital (and the feds, for that matter) aren't tied up like Solyndra's were (yes, that was the main issue with Solyndra, they spent most of the money on the fab).

    1. Wrong!! Solyndra was using an outdated and overly expensive technology and got their clock cleaned by Chinese manufacturers that made a similar product for 1/2 to 1/3 the price. Solyndra was known to be a joke BEFORE it was funded.

      The Fiskar situation is a similar joke. Promise to build the cars in the USA to create jobs for MY FELLOW UNITED STATES CITIZENS, then pull a fast one and move manufacturing to FINLAND. This is NONSENSE, this administration needs to be REMOVED.

    2. PLEASE don't call it his capital….. it is our capital and it was supposed to create jobs here in the USA… why are we giving our money to a Finn to take to his country…. and I am sure he is smart…. he got us to finance his car , and some one else to manufacture it, to he is basically laughing all the way to a foreign bank with no taxes witheld from his profit…. just sayin'

  16. This is all laid at this manical's feet, everything in the past 3 years, have been marching toward the destruction of this nation, dumbing down of it's citizen's, making them reliable on this things, administration, poverty level has risen sharply since this fool took office, way too many people think that Congress is wrong for NOT passing any of that pos, jobs bill, NONE of it will work, it's throwing more money down the toilet, I don't care what his achievements on foreign policy is, HE IS STILL H!LL BENT, on reducing this great nation into a pile of manure, and mark my words, we will be exactly like sawyers, Sioux Tribe in Pine Ridge, South Dakota! if you want to save this country, you will go to your voting stations, next Nov. and pull the handle for SOME ELSE, than this miserable wannabee dictator!!!

  17. If we do not get rid of Obama our goose is cooked. we have got to get some one honest to controll the spending to where Obama can not spend any more money unless it is oked he would get nothing to send out of the country some one has to tie his hands & all of his rats that has infected our white house

  18. Well, I find it ironic that this was reported on WSJ on September 25th. (I had tweeted this when it broke there: Al Gore gets $529 MILLION dollars to build a $89,000 car in FINLAND, and some people still think Obama is sane! #tcot)
    It took almost a month for ABC to main-stream it. Better late than never?, I guess?

  19. This is just another wast of out tax dollars.Obama seem to be so good at waste. Just lool how much he waste every day campagine and vacation alone with his wife. This same company pay back to him millions. This is a crime he sould be made accountable. I do not know how many times he has to miss use our tax dollars before congress get invloved.

    1. The second best thing we can do to executing him for treason would be to install him as a dictator over some foreign country that hates our guts. Since all he knows is how to destroy, maybe he'll destroy THEM.

  20. Like have said before, we have to all boycott all and I mean ALL BUSINESSES that support OBAMA, DEMOCRATS. When they don't have any funds to support their party, they will go broke and start to rethink what they are doing. Pepsi, Subway, GM, Bank of America, Citibank, NBC, CBS, ABC and etc… , are the problem. All these companies supported OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS.

  21. I DON'T UNDERSTAND !!!!!! Why doesn't the mainstream media report all these stupid wasteful pet-spending sink-hole projects???? In just three weeks we have now seen where $1 billion of the stimulus spending went. Bankrupt company Solyndra and lost jobs and now a $100,000 car made in Finland by 500 employees added THERE and we won't see ANY benefit from it. What the heck???????

    1. Now you know how "in the tank" the main stream media is for Obooboo. They are socialist commies all the way and will lie, coverup and obfuscate for their liberal dream team in government.

  22. Joe Biden is “betting on the American People?” He’s betting that we are not as smart as the Libyans.

    Good luck with that one, Joe. Let’s hope that you don’t get dragged out of a pipeline and shot.

    1. When that happens please let me video tape it! Please!! Joe Biden is the dumbest, most embarrassing VP we have EVER had in all of my 54 years.

  23. There is zero chance that any action will be taken against Obama by the Congress. The only hope to rid ourselves of this Muslim socialist is to VOTE against him and all his like minded pals in the government.

  24. Dpes the name Delorean ring any bells?
    Of course we created jobs…..for everyone but us. But hey, its only $530 million. If Buffet would pay his back taxes, estimated at a cool billion, we'd still have money left over to put against one of Obama's other contributors' green projects. All I can say is, if the Republicans don't make hay over this (and the other criminal actions this president has taken), we'll know they're all in bed together and we're screwed!

  25. Obama knows he is gonna be a one term Pres,so his plan is working,he wants this country as broke as hell. And its coming true,by Dec next year,there won't be any soup lines.And those, that voted for him are gonna have a hard time, kicking their own ass.

    1. Hey Mitchell…ever seen an ass-kicking contest with one-legged people? That's what it will look like. A very busy and hopelessly funny sight. lol

  26. Obama has poked this country in the eye in every conceivable fashion. The only way to stop his destruction of our country is to VOTE against him.

    1. And if by some miracle he was impeached by the house, tried and convicted by the senate and removed from office then ole "nuttier than squirell poo" Biden would be president for the remainder of obongos term. Happy now?

      1. First of all, Biden is neither as evil as obama nor is he anywhere near being as competent an ally of Satan as obama is. Secondly, we probably can only impeach one SOB at a time, and it's obvious that there are AT LEAST TWO who need to be impeached (I wouldn't mind if they impeached THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT and had a special election to REBOOT). Thirdly, impeachment proceedings would NOT be a waste of time even if they failed to result in expulsions, for the following reasons:
        1) obama would have a lot less time for getting into malicious mischief (after all, he doesn't golf ALL the time).
        2) By watching how our representatives in government VOTE on this issue, we could get some really good ideas about which ones we need to FIRE.
        3) Not only obama, but the entire government would for a long-overdue change have a lot less time to spend on SCREWING US. Their actions through the last three years have been SO COUNTERPRODUCTIVE that it would have been VASTLY BETTER if they had just COLLECTED THEIR PAYCHECKS AND STAYED THE HELL HOME.

    1. Finland has a much better economy than here and the "losers" that voted for Obama are in short supply in Finland. I suspect you would actually appreciate the move.
      The U.S. seems to be losing its economic edge, slipping to fifth place in an annual worldwide ranking of global competitiveness.

      The nonprofit World Economic Forum, known for its elite yearly confab in Davos, Switzerland, called out the U.S. for its deficit woes and the public's diminished trust in politicians and business leaders.

      The country, which was in fourth place last year, has lost ground for three consecutive years. The ranking of 142 economies now lists Switzerland first, followed by Singapore, Sweden and Finland, based on factors that include a nation’s infrastructure, technological readiness and business sophistication.

      The Geneva-based forum said that the U.S. had several advantages, including highly sophisticated and innovative companies, an excellent university system, flexible labor markets and its enormous domestic economy.

      However, the “lack of macroeconomic stability continues to be the United States’ greatest area of weakness,” according to the group, which also pointed to deep deficits, murky policy making, burdensome regulations and wasteful allocations of resources.

      But the U.S. still outpaced Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and Britain, which rounded out the top ten. Emerging markets are ranked far lower, with China in 26th place, Brazil 53rd and India 56th.

      Greece, whose debt crisis and resulting austerity measures sparked protests and riots this year, settled in 90th place.

  27. Well after everything else no surprise. Next we will find out that our money has been giving HAMAS and other terror groups jobs????

    1. You should have no doubt about that. Were paying to rebuild mosques all over the middle east, billions to (literally HAMAS) to aid their rebellion effort. And more and more as if they don't get the lions share of all our money for oil to begin with. If they didn't have all our money they couldn't cause nearly as much trouble around the world. We have empowered them and now we pay them for their hatred of us. We have tolerated so much, nothing will surprise me now.

  28. Leave it to big Al to get his share of our tax money, He has to rate as one of the biggest bull sh_t artist to come up the pike in a long while, He is almost as bad as Obalmy, guess they figure to wear us down and clean us out before it is all done. they should close on Fisker and make him bring the money back to the states,So Obalmy has backed another loser, After the elections he will realize just what a loser is, So come on every one we can do it

  29. Just think how many jobs could have been produced if the loans had been given to smaller businesses in the United States. The money would have stayed in the US also. This has got to be the worse case of money management ever. Why weren't small businesses given loans? The answer is simple. They don't donate big bucs for a little man.

  30. By "green” jobs they mean the money funneling directly back to the pockets of morally corrupt liberal politicians – most prominently odumbo and his gang of theives

    1. I agree whole heartedly. I have never been moderated so heavily anywhere else. Maybe if they just didn't have nearly as many people on here they would have less to cut.

  31. Things are just beginning. BO has a real problem that he will have a difficult time with and I don't think all the kings men are going to be able to pull him out of this one. We must all pray for the success and safety of our Veterans and Patriots on Nov.11th , they will be marching on DC. Please take the time to read the long complaint being sent to all of our Senators and Congressmen.

  32. Guaranteed, there will never be an in-depth investigation into anything Obama does. Nixon did WAY LESS and was hammered into resigning…… he was white.! Bush too AND HE WAS DRUMMED OUT BY THE LEFT AS WELL..! But, I guess maybe they will all say this was BUSH'S fault too..! (1) ONE YEAR LEFT to get rid of the LEFT..!

  33. figures. i saw reported that the auto plant in this country Fisker was going to use could not meet the timetable WHY NOT?

  34. Ok, now that Odumbo's green energy JOBS are not helping the American people he needs to Shut up his Stupid mouth.
    or let Big Mouth Biden do his Blowing Hot Air/BS. I remember 2-3 years ago Oblammer was saying we would have Plenty of Jobs in the green energy sector. Boy was he Dreaming or Smoking a little weed. These 2 keystone cops figures are a BIG JOKE!

  35. “The owner of the company, Henry Fisker, has no experience in the auto-making industry, and his company has no previous history of any successful project”, that is a partial lie. He has quite an extensive and impressive background in the auto-making industry. At the end of the day these cars are a different technology that we currently have. They were designed for people with more money than sense. Do you remember when color TVs, microwaves, cassette players, VCRs, CD players, DVD players, flat screen TVs all cost a fortune when they were new to the market? I for one am glad he is using the people with more money than sense as his guinea pigs to improve and expand the technology. I could never be mistaken for a tree hugger but I’ve always wondered why we could put a man on the moon with less technology that a modern day cell phone has yet we are still relying on the 100 year old internal combustion engine as our main form of transport

  36. I am an avid Godfather Politics reader but I have to say shame on you for this story. I really hate it when the media mislead readers with half the facts, I don’t care who they are. Yep, Henrick Fisker, not Henry, got money from the government (not that I approve but that is a fact). “Fisker took the money to Finland to produce their cars there.” None of the big manufacturers in the US would agree to do it, therefore he had to take production abroad.

  37. Yes this is the American way and WE the People can't see beyond the trees. Our government is broken it doesn't matter which side your on. Both sides have been playing us like a fiddle spending our TAX money every were but here in the USA. It is time to vote out anyone who has served more then 4 terms or maybe less OUT.. The government should be run on a budget and it needs to be balance with no excuse to over over budget. If we send Troops to help to countries for their protection their tax payers should pay the Bill not us. If a war ends our tax money should not rebuild the country let their lazy ass people rebuild it them selves. I could go on and on about all the waste and still their are people in this country that can't see the forest because of the trees. God bless this Country for we know not what we have done or will do.

    1. Youron, not all politicians are the same! The dim-witted dims just dont believe the country need a budget. This is the first time this have occured. All other administrations have hammered out a budget! This current admin. seems to say it does not need a budget. A budget was offered by zero and like all other times, his own party did not like it! For good reasons! Everything about it was incoherent! We have dims that are incoherent in the Senate! Incoherents are all over! For as long as 1,000 since zero has been prez,this country has not had a budget! The House had to have CR's to run the country. Which would you, Youron, would rather have? A lazy unbudgetizing prez or some Republican who love his country and keep it operating?

  38. Just leave it to those dim-witted dims to destroy this country! They do not care about the poor here in this country! At least the Republicans have lower gasoline prices which do not make truckers, railroads and ships using fuel to get food, clothes and whatever else we need without high prices! But the dims have and got poor people believing that the dims are for the poor! The dims along with hollywood just make the poor wish they had a life with so-called riches! So, I'm not sure where that is going with a lot of people whereas I don't know what to call "that" between their ears, because I think it will be a fallacy to call it a brain! These socialists have taken away their brains, if they ever had any!

  39. Are we less of a society of people that we can't do the same things necessary to stopping a tyrannical government that third world countries are doing?
    Ask yourself this one question first then I believe you'll find your answers to the rest of the questions of what to do.
    Can I afford to wait till I'm broke and lost everything before I'll stand up and defend my freedom and my land?
    What will it take to defend yourself and the future of your family?

  40. This is AL GORE 's company – with Fisker as the front man!!!!!

    Also – help to get this around =

    Cathy ZOI is the Asst Secretary of the Dept of Energy – who has been disbursing BILLIONS of US taxpayer money for alternative energy projects – to a company owned by her husband, to FOREIGN companies – that manufacture SMART meters – in which ZOI is a stockholder.

    As obama's Asst Sec to Dept of Energy, Cathy Zoi also provides US taxpayer money to Al Gore's geothermal energy projects that are complete disasters = funding AltaRock Energy Projects – although the drill bits keep breaking – and it is well-documented of the extensive damages to people's property One Hundred miles from the drilling locations

    1. When reports from Spain and Switzerland – indicated the reasons these countries were completely scrapping their Alternative Energy and Green Jobs projects – as Complete Failures, Cathy Zoi devised her own report – with the direct involvement of George Soros – to further conceal factual information – that would have made funding of any further projects to be suspicious and an absolute abuse of US taxpayer money.

      Cathy Zoi is the former CEO of Climate Alliance, during the time that Al Gore's company brought the world the Bogus Global Warming theory/HOAX. Zoi has a GROSS CONFLICT of INTERESTS – as Asst. Secretary of Dept of Energy – in disbursing US taxpayer money to her former employer Al Gore.

      Contact yr elected members of Congress – and respectfully demand an investigation of Cathy Zoi as Asst Secretary of the Dept of Energy.

  41. I'm wondering how long it will take for this company to go belly up? What are we the People getting out of this loan and when? Just sayin………….

  42. This administration from top to bottom is the most incompetent in all history. Government is too big and must be downsized. They are secretive, dishonest and keep the truth from the American public about all things, especially about good healthcare. Hang the FDA and Pharmaceutical industries. God put every natural plant and herb on this earth for a reason to keep us heathy in a diseased world. Drugs are synthetic and are not metabolized by our bodies, thus severe side effects. Government has become evil.

  43. This is cause for heads to roll.

    Especially when it is revealed that all this liberal Democrat largess is basically done in secret.

    If nothing else, this activity should by rights end the existence of what passes for the Democrat party, forever.

  44. Although I dont believe that bo is near as intelligent as he has been portrayed, I dont think that he is completely stupid either. Therefore he must be deliberately trying to destroy the USA. Unless there are enough real Americans in congress to hold him (and the liberals) from meeting his goals, the country is doomed. He is a plant, put in place by those plotting the destruction of this country. We have been had, the liberals have been the unwitting fools used to accomplish this plot. The plans to take away the arms of the people is then necessary for the final assault…..

  45. The only thing green about this is the money being pocketed by this commie's buddies. He has debts to pay and he is using taxpayer money to do it. Am I the only one who sees this? IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH

  46. obama has flapped his jaws many times about creating jobs in America, and has done essentially nothing. Then, he comes along and proposes to create some REAL jobs, IN FINLAND! Consider the mechanism of an AVALANCHE: ONE ROCK tumbles, putting one or more OTHER rocks into motion, in turn putting ADDITIONAL rocks into motion, until ultimately a GREAT MASS OF ROCKS IS TUMBLING DOWN. This same principle can be applied to the American job market; accordingly, I have a JOB to offer ONE MAN: KNOCK DOWN obama! That would trigger a JOB AVALANCHE! In a short time, we'd have MORE (REAL) JOBS THAN WE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH! All attributable to that ONE JOB! At present, there really doesn't seem to be any other way to end the impasse that we're in.

    1. Money laundering with this SO-CALLED "administration" (THUG REGIME) is not the exception, but the RULE. soros is one of the top money launderers.

  47. I'm not suprised at all…these folks spend money like drunken sailors and have no shame. How in the world does spending our money in Finland help our job problem? This is another dumb idea that can't possibly be Bush's fault!

    1. Richard, I hope your reply was in jest. Liberal upbringing, his goofy hateful preacher & dirty Chicago politics shaped Obama into what we see today. It's scary & I hope it can;t be duplicated.

      1. Of course it was in jest. Actually I attempted to post a reply to you a day or two ago, but it got "moderated" (fancy twenty-first-century euphemism for "deleted"). In that failed post, I had expressed my contempt for obama and his ilk in civil and polite terms; nevertheless, the intensity must have had the Internet SMOKING until the moderator could get to it. When will they ever learn that hate is not categorically bad; God Himself gave us the CAPACITY to hate, with the understanding that we should USE it ONLY AGAINST EVIL.

  48. It never seems to end!!!!!!!!!!!! How do we as tax paying Americans counter something like this? Our Congress faulters day after day as they fight to bring recovery to our enconomy while the Obama crooks steal our money and send it over seas.
    They do this with impunity and his followers seem to think that its okay. The whole "green jobs" thing is one giant scam on the American people. In the meantime, those idiots occupying our various cities and like the "walking dead" zombies that have no clue. The nighmare just keeps getting worse daily.

  49. Does this surprise me not in the least everything Obama or Soetoro or Harrison J Bounel does is always for another country he makes me want to vomate.

  50. This is completely false. The plant is in orange county and Henrik worked at Porsche for 25 years As their chief designer. Kleiner Perkins is the lead investor and cars just started rolling off the line. I have my order in already.

    This was just received from my son…Charles Moldow who is in Venture Capital and in a good position to know the truth.

  51. Guess what! One more thing to b—- about. We just discovered a USDA Forest Service site bragging about their presence in 59 foreign countries. Don't know whose watch that started on or how it's funded but we're working on it.

  52. I guess those OWS jokers dont or cant read—oh wait—mainstream media hasnt made much of the Obuma Regime paying off their big money supporters. Read this OWS—whileb you all protest WS your govt in DC is issing away billions of YOUR MONEY.

  53. So the loan was made to make "green Cars". The money was then taken to Finland to make the cars. The person has no history making cars….and the cars will be beneficial to whom? Obviously not for the general public…not for $100,000. Where do I sign up for one of these loans….I have an idea for a flying saucer.

  54. What do you do for a living? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but having read your comment I find it nigh on impossible to imagine that you could be a physicist or an engineer.

  55. For the love of GOD, this bunch in that WH, has GOT to go, we gave Billions for the power of the SUN, now we gave Billions to be used to build electric cars, damm have those in the Obama WH, ALL, lost there mind's. The last time I checked we had (3) auto maker's in this country, and hell we bailed out (2) or more of them a few years ago. Long story short…..Obama and that bunch in this WH have got TO GO!.

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