‘Taharrush’ Mass Rapes Part of Refugees’ Culture, German Police Admit

An official report on the mass rapes and sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne, Germany, and other German cities over New Year’s acknowledges that Muslim refugees admitted into the country have brought with them the practice known as “taharrush gamea.” Yes, it’s another charming bit of Arabic culture brought to the civilized world by practitioners […]

Another Day, Another GOP Backstabbing

That didn’t take long. The once-promising Paul Ryan finally got a taste of power and promptly jumped into the same slime pit his predecessor John Boehner lived in. The new speaker of the House has “curated” his first trillion-dollar appropriations bill by betraying everything Republican voters keep hoping their leaders will support and instead checking […]

Cruz or Rubio: Who Won 5th GOP Debate?

If you are a Ted Cruz supporter like I am, you thought he won the debate. The same goes for Trump and Rubio supporters. To supporters of all others – “Rots-a-Ruck.” This time around it seems more people are talking about the Cruz v. Rubio battles than anyone else, including the Trumpster, concentrating on their […]

The Fort Hood Shooter was Fully Vetted

Ted Cruz, who has now vaulted past Marco Rubio into third place in the latest Fox News poll, has echoed the thoughts of many of us right thinking Americans. He said in response to Obama’s continued policy to bring refugees to the U.S.: “I have to say particularly in light of what happened in Paris, […]

Illegal Immigrants Group Demands ‘Bill of Rights’

Evidently the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” doesn’t translate into Spanish. A group calling itself United We Stay has issued a “bill of rights” — really a list of demands — for illegal immigrants. The list is as follows: “Acknowledgment that we are already here, that we are human beings with a right to be, […]

It’s a Mixed Bag at Best With Pope Francis

“Flee the temptation of narcissism,” Pope Francis said yesterday during his first U.S. visit. Now if he had directed those words to President Obama I would have said he hit a home run. But instead he directed them to a group of bishops he gently admonished to not be shy about welcoming immigrants, whom he […]

Ben Carson’s Failed Immigration Proposals

Dr. Ben Carson has finally spoken out on illegal immigration — outlining his plan to tackle the problem. His plan appears to start out like gangbusters: “But let’s just say we get them sealed [the borders], because certainly in a Carson administration that would be done within the first year.” I say it appears good because he states […]

Trump Makes Pollster’s Legs Shake

One of the most vomit-inducing characteristics of the whole Obama phenomenon is the bizarre personality cult that his handlers have encouraged. There was the laughable train of fainting front-row ladies before he was elected and a few times in his re-election campaign. Even the sycophants in the mainstream media got so tired of that setup […]

Federal Judge Contemplates Punishment for Obama Administration’s Violation of Court Order

In early July, I wrote: “I’ve lost count of how many times Barack Obama has broken the law and defied court orders. He acts as if he is above the law just like any other dictator has done.” “On February, Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued an injunction to block Obama’s three year delayed deportation […]

Pope to Meddle in Immigration Debate

Millions of American Catholics really want to like Pope Francis. He’s been given every chance to live up to the office, which has produced some great leaders who realize their responsibility to be a moral compass and adviser to billions of people. But every once in a while, you just get a stinker. Francis is […]

Who Knew Donald Trump Was a Constitutional Scholar?

Donald Trump’s now infamous retort to Chuck Todd claiming that by deporting all illegals, Trump would be breaking up families and attempting to deport people with birthright citizenship. Trump told Todd that he would keep the families together, “but they have to go.” I can’t remember a time when one statement has caused so much […]

Obama: It’s GOP’s Fault 5-Time Deported Alien Killed Woman in San Francisco

Note to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell: This is what you get for teaming up with the White House to pass Obama trade — blamed for murder. An illegal alien who was deported five times has been arrested and charged with murder of a young woman in San Francisco, and according to the White House, […]