Another Liberal Argument Bites the Dust

I was surfing through Facebook looking for some good articles to comment on, and I came across this post with an accompanying sign:

“If God didn’t make gays, there wouldn’t be any.”

Most of the hundreds of comments I read didn’t see how absolutely illogical this attempt at being logical in support of homosexual behavior actually is. Too many of those who commented saw this as a slam-dunk refutation of anti-homosexual opinion. It’s nothing of the sort.

I’m reminded of two lines from the film First Blood (1982) the first of three Rambo movies starring Sylvester Stallone. Stallone plays John Rambo, a troubled and misunderstood Vietnam War veteran. He is trained to kill. Here’s how Major Trautman, played by the late Richard Crenna (1926–2003), describes him:

You’re dealing with an expert in guerilla warfare. He’s the best with a gun, a knife and his bare hands. He was trained to ignore pain and the weather, and to eat things a goat would puke up. In Vietnam his job was to get rid of enemy personnel, to kill them. Winning by attrition. And Rambo was the best!

Before saying this, Sheriff Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy) as his nemesis asks this question: “Whatever possessed God in heaven to make a man like Rambo?” Trautman responds: “God didn’t make Rambo, I did!” Rambo wasn’t born with the skills to “win by attrition.” He learned them.

I’m glad that God was brought into the equation because it gives us a starting point. First, God created male and female to be joined as one flesh, not male and male or female and female. The Bible makes this clear without any equivocation (e.g., Gen. 1:27–28; 2:18–25; Matt. 19:1–12).

Second, the way God made males and females is empirical evidence that they were made for each other sexually. The sexual equipment is a “natural” fit unlike that of homosexual relationships (Rom. 1:26–27).

If we follow the logic of “If God didn’t make gays, there wouldn’t be any,” we end up having to account for all types of behaviors and justify their morality because such people with these behaviors exist.

Let’s apply the logic to some other behaviors:

  • “If God didn’t make thieves, there wouldn’t be any thieves.”
  • “If God didn’t make adulterers, there wouldn’t be any adulterers.”
  • “If God didn’t make murderers, there wouldn’t be any murderers.”
  • “If God didn’t make child molesters, there wouldn’t be any child molesters.”
  • “If God didn’t make _____________, there wouldn’t be any ____________.”

This type of illogic claims that what is natural is inherently good or right. It’s called deriving an “ought” from an “is,” that is, Since there are people who engage in homosexual behavior, therefore homosexual behavior is good and morally right.

The fallacy is what gives legitimacy to the caste system in India where heredity determines social classification. Support for slavery was based on the same type of logic. Aristotle believed in the reasonableness and “natural order” for slavery because there are some people who are “slaves by nature,” a phrase found in his Politics. Aristotle’s views, as a champion of reason, made their way to the early years of discovery:

Of all the ideas churned up during the early tumultuous years of American history, none had a more dramatic application than the attempts made to apply to the natives there the Aristotelian doctrine of natural slavery: that one part of mankind is set aside by nature to be slaves in the service of masters born for a life of virtue free of manual labour.1

Once we go down the road of claiming that because there is a behavior that many people engage in, thus making it morally legitimate, there is no way to stop the process.

  1. Lewis Hanke, Aristotle and the American Indians (London: Hollis & Carter, 1959), 12–13. []

363 thoughts on “Another Liberal Argument Bites the Dust

  1. God DID create our bodies perfectly. He doesn't "cause" hormonal imbalance when the embryo is in the womb.

    I went to SW Medical in Dallas in the Counseling Program. I was in the library and ran across a very interesting article. Since I was NOT a medical student, I had to read it over and over again to try to comprehend what it was explaining..

    After the egg is fertilized, the cells begin to divide. About the same time that the little sexual organs are in the beginning of development, a hormonal bath flows over the brain…thus, making the filament between the left and right brain thicker for males than for females. As we may have noticed, the males sometimes have a hard time distinguishing what they are "feeling" vs. what they are "thinking." (not all, but a great part of them)..

    However, in some little babies growing inside he mother, the hormonal bath came at a later time, thus, the division between the brain of the male (genital appearing) child didn't receive the same hormonal bath early enough..therefore, he thinks more female.

    This is another explanation that I could find on the 'net. Maybe it will be more clear:
    Learn about gender identity disorder, in which men or women identify better with the … may be caused by genetic (chromosomal) abnormalities, hormone imbalances … Gender identity disorder is a rare disorder that affects children and adults.

    Gender Identity Disorder

    Either or — GOD DID NOT make an error.

    1. Gender Identity Disorder is a medical condition which is considered to be a mental disorder. Homosexuality used to be considered a mental disorder but the Medical establishment was forced to take it off the list. There were physical threats made that forced this change. They can't have it both ways it's either a mental illness or a chosen lifestyle they can't have it both ways.

      1. I read the article a couple of times and I still cannot find the proof that is supposed to refute the argument.

        Of course people are born homosexual. Could any heterosexual person ever imagine deciding to have sex with someone of the same gender? It is a horrific thought.

        Another mistake the author makes is forgetting about hermaphrodites. There are many different degrees of having both sexual organs when a person is born. If it is all about procreating then why might God have played this cruel joke on people?

        1. Lots of persons can't fathom robbing a bank, selling their bodies, or molesting a child but it can be done if your mindset is sick. People are not born with sick desires. They learn them.

        2. Homosexuals are not born that way that is a lifestyle they choose.

          Homosexuals can change they are mentally sick people that need help. Some homosexuals take female hormones to be that way when they should be taking male hormones to be what they are. I know homosexuals that have changed and are now married and have children.
          Go to the link below and read what Randy, Kent, Carlton and others have to say about their change from the homosexual life style.
          Over the past 15 years Randy has gone from a seriously liberal gay-identified man arguing with pro-lifers and mean Christians to a seriously conservative Christian-identified man attracted to women, supporting pro-life causes and contending with gay activists.

    2. Hormonal imbalance my ass! If you subsrcibe to that one we could make excuses for all crimes that exist, Give me a break will you please! These people freely choose their directions in their lives and each and every one of them has a whining story of one kind or another. All they are doing is trying to come up with and excuse that might be acceptable bye our forgiving natures and our lack of the will and money to persue their errant lifestyles. Get for real they are dregs of society that want attention and to cram their garbage down the throats of others that do not fight them. They are not a Race, or another origin of people they are perverted individuals that have succomb to their own sick and perverted Narcissistic desires! T

        1. Yes, if only. There is no such thing as a queer child….only children who are told they are queer. Stop abusing these children with this type of sick label….you sick pervert!!!!

    3. An anomaly has been discovered on the first X cromasome of Gay people. The XX and XY cromasomes.
      Search Gay Genetics. The're are Gay Animals.
      The Bible says Man shall not lay with Man BUT doesn't say Woman shall not lay with Woman. The Issue is Sodomy and STD's. Most laws in the Bible are on health. Unprotected Sodomy leeds to kidney,testicle,overian, infeations.

      1. John!!! Thank you!!! I will keep this information when the subject is brought up again!

        I did look for it and couldn't find it. If anyone on here knows the "correct" scripture —
        Paraphrase: Basically, the" Bible doesn't say" they will burn in hell due to being gay — It says something about
        "It is BETTER to burn in hell than be a homosexual."

        1. Reply to JohnBMyers:

          Matthew 24:37, "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." … Isaiah 5:20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (KJV)

          I know of numbers of homosexuals who have been transformed by the gospel of Christ and have come to lead normal healthy lives. God can change you if you are in bondage. God can forgive you. If you are a fornicator or an adulterer or homosexual or whatever, God is willing to receive you and waits with open arms. Come into Him. But you must come in repentance and faith for Jesus said, “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” —-Dr. D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

          What about God’s laws?
          God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden not Bill and Frank or Sue and Jane.

          There are many Bible scriptures pertaining to the homosexual life style, below are a few. How many can you find?

          Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.”

          Leviticus 20:13 “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.”

          Romans 1:24-27 “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is bless forever. Amen. For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.”

          Paul 1:26 “For this reason, God gave them up to the vile passions, for their women changed the natural function with that which is against nature”.

          Paul 1:27 “Likewise also men, leaving the natural functions of the woman, burning in their lust toward one another, men doing what is inappropriate with men, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error”.

          1 Corinthians 6: 9, 10 “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites…will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

          Deuteronomy 22:5 “A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the LORD your God.”

          Jude 7 “As Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar manner to these, having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”

          1Timothy 1: 9, 10 “Knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane…for fornicators, for sodomites…”

          Colossians 3: 5, 6 “Therefore put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry. Because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience.

          Genesis 2:24 “…. a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” Also St. Matthew
          19:5, St. Mark 10:8 Corinthians 6:16. (You don’t become one flesh with two people of the same sex.)

          Genesis 1: 27-28 God created male and female and told them to be fruitful and multiply. The homosexual life style is not only against God it is against nature. You can not be fruitful and multiply with two people of the same sex.

        2. I realy don't expect Hebrew Christians to understand. Most that I've talked to are not saved.
          The largest group of gays are bisexuals. They can go strate. The others can't.

        3. You have no idea who is saved and who isn't. People can choose to do anything they want. God gave us all free will. To say a person can't change is comparing the human race to robots that are programmed. Addictions can be changed…don't sell someone short. It's not your place.

        4. Yes, love, respect and caring for another is wonderful. Sodomizing that person is not. God doesn't like that and don't think I would either. You have to be pretty sick to want to have your colon penetrafed with anything, let alone a p-e-n-i-s. i can't think of anything more vile.

        5. Wow. Please don’t quote the Bible if you’ve no idea what it says. It’s entirely too easy to just google it. You can find and twist anything you want, just do it correctly.

          A lot of people try to find rules verbatim, like, “Being homosexual is a sin” or “Gambling is a sin”, or even “Drinking alcohol is a sin”. The problem with this is that there are a lot of things in the Bible that require just a little bit of reading and common sense.

          The other issue is the whole “health reasoning” aspect of God’s commandments. Sure, a lot of rules have health reasons behind them, but God also works with nature. This is is reasoning as to why men should not have long hair, or women short hair. It is not natural for a woman to have sex with a woman, or a man with a man. Also, if they are not married, it’s fornication.

        6. "Women should be silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak, but should be submissive, as the law also says." (1 Corinthians 14:34)

          "But if … evidences of virginity are not found for the young woman, then they shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones…" (Deuteronomy 22:20,21)

        7. Maybe we should stone homosexuals. It would certainly save our heatlh care system a huge amount of cash.

        8. What you don't understand Keven is that there's a man inside a woman's body and a woman inside a man's.

        9. I happen to own a Bible and have for many years and I've read it through twice. It is an abomination for men to lie with other men. Abomination–something to be hated which is exactly what sin is. It doesn't take much common sense to figure it out unless you just don't want to. Buy a Bible Kevin and try learning to read. Understanding may be a little difficult.

        10. Reading the bible all of the way through is what sealed the deal for that it is all nonsense. I think everyone should read it.

        11. Especially queers should read it and try to understand that "men not lying with men" is eqivalent to being a queer.

    4. I am a Bible thumping academic. I do not buy the mythology, but love the wisdom in the Bible. Since poop runs down hill, and poop is a nice thing to get rid of, one aught consider that the only way-they only way plumbing works is for male fittings to work simultaneously and equally with female fittings. That is not an academic example, it is a "natural law" example. Homosexuality is a libidinous proclivity that over centuries of attempting to produce a healthy, thriving, social community was discouraged, because it was known then as now to be unhealthy to society and unhealthy to the individuals engaging in it. The act itself is a harmful abasement to the psychology of those whom engage in it and the cycle of guilt produces the groupings of humans that engage in the behavior together. The need for politicians to take more control over individuals lives makes these sub-cultures opportune acquisitions and enough of the varying sub-cultures together makes a political party that can offer "special" things to "special" groups while relieving the majority of a society of its liberty little by little.

      1. Hey Ultor. NOT Mythology. 380 predictions of the Bible have come true. On YouTube see, Encounters with the Unexplained – Secrets of the Bible Codes. And I'm a Prepper. 90% of the people are not ready for any disaster.

    5. You have got to be out of your mind to support this medical athiestic drivel. Why do you think that a whole City of people was Destroyed. Do you think that God did this just for the fun of destroying people of that age! They are absolutely and totally unacceptable in Gods eyes and they will sooner or later get their education in spades! Listen people of low moral stature are just that and they make excuses for their actions hoping others will look the other way and now they want to impale others with their perverted actions! They are perverts in and of their own selves pure and simple!

      1. NO ONE on here is supporting anything…FACTS are given.
        Knowing facts is NOT atheistic.drivel.
        Sodom and G. were destroyed for more than one reason…Look at what Obama is wanting for OUR Children….IF THE POPULATION BUYS INTO IT without a fight — then yes, we shojuld be destroyed. BUT! We are NOT. We are fighting against it with everything we have in us.

    6. Regardless of how the fetus is developed, sexual orientation is a choice. As a child, we are born with certain genetic influences from our bio-parents. As we grow, learn, and experience outside the womb, we influence our own genes, through our own life experiences. If one is brought up in a highly sexually charged environment, then the child/person will develop with certain "leanings". If one is raised with the proper training, they will view sexuality in an appropriate manner. Children are not born being sexual. They are simply born. They may later decide to become sexual in their pursuit to learn what they are exposed to. A child must be taught what is righteousness and what is sin. People who claim to be gay from birth, do so because they do not want to be held responsible for being gay. "God made me this way". The only people who might have a stronger argument are they who are born inter-sexed; hermaphrodites; possessing both genitalia. In which case, they should probably date and marry other hermaphrodites. These are the true biologically bi-sexuals. They are the exceptions. Yet even they must choose to live in the context that God has prescribed to be acceptable unto Him. As for the rest of these people, they are in rebellion and rebellion is a spirit that opposes God. Scripture even says that it is as the sin of witchcraft. (1Samuel 15:23) THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR CHOOSING TO BE GAY.

    7. the knowledge ive had suggests that the "testoterone wash" happens at about 18 weeks if the child is to be a male. in case that helps you in any of your searches.

  2. God gave humans a brain…to use for the good of all mankind and dominion over the entire earth. Behavior (good or bad) is learned, but, their are those who refuse to listen to their own inner moral compass. Or maybe they do listen, but do not desire to correct their knowingly bad behavior.

    1. HE gave us a right to choose to follow HIM in HIS commandments or to follow Satan, against HIS commandments. He will not force us to do evil, neither will he tempt any of us, this is Biblical. We see, we want, and forget all of GOD'S WORD as we go forth to do our own will.

      1. It is also said that gave us a right to choose, & He knows how we will choose., which means He will tell how to choose. So much for freedom of choice.

        1. Your logic is flawed. Just because He knows how we will choose doesn't mean that he will tell us how to choose.

        1. I don't grocery shop on the Sabbath. I go to church. I don't eat pork, shellfish, or rabbit. Any other questions Daves?? How's that sodomizing going???

        2. It's impossible to follow all of the commandments, that's why Christ offers salvation. Even though I am a sinner, I don't hold parades in celebration of my sins. That would seem to be mocking God.

  3. That sign is similar to a bumper sticker I saw a while back:
    "Don't like abortions? Then don't have one!"

    And similar to the reaction here, my first thought was that this same line of thinking could have been applied back in the 1850s:
    "Don't like slavery? Then don't own slaves!"

    Evidently liberals are incapable of any kind of deductive thought processes.

    1. Right on Ken! Their thought processes were removed via all of their Lobotomy operations requied to join the Liberal Democratic movement! Do Not Think Just do as you are told!!!!!! Liberal leadership has all of the needed thought processes running down the sewer system from last nights meal!

      1. Leviticus 19:18:
        You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

      1. So anyone who disagrees with a liberal is automatically expressing hate??? I think not!! Why on earth would anyone want to practice acts that lead to 25% to 65% GREATER rates of sexually transmitted diseases, liver disease, loss of control of the anus muscles over time, cancers, sex warts and more than the at-large population? This is NOT in the Bible it IS in the US Government Centers for Disease Control website which also lists homosexual behavior as "Risky"- ans with just cause.

        1. The risks you just listed are dangers for promiscuous heterosexuals also. Do you think that all gays are just out there sleeping around with every other homosexual they can find? Some are for sure, but not all. Many are monogomous with their partners. Also, those risks are risks involved with unprotected sex. Anyone who has lots of unprotected sex is vulnerable.

  4. The author states "This type of illogic claims that what is natural is inherently good or right." But he just finished saying that "Second, the way God made males and females is empirical evidence that they were made for each other sexually. The sexual equipment is a 'natural' fit unlike that of homosexual relationships (Rom. 1:26–27)." In other words, he is extolling what is "natural" (male/female sexual relationships) as good. Sorry, you can't have it both ways. What is natural is NOT inherently good or right; neither is what is unnatural inherently bad or wrong. Bridges across rivers do not occur naturally, but most of us find them to be a good thing. People naturally cannot fly, but most of us don't believe airplanes are evil.

    1. You're jumping to conclusions. Obviously male/female is more natural–tab A fits in slot B—how do you see homosexuality as "natural" in any way shape or form?

      1. I didn't say it was natural (try re-reading what I wrote). I said that things that are natural are not necessarily good, nor are things that are unnatural necessarily bad. The original author said it was illogical to claim that what is natural is inherently good or right (and was correct in saying so). But, he had just done exactly that! I was pointing out a contradiction between his two statements.

    2. You are comparing apples and oranges, "thinker"…a bridge is not a living thing; nor is flying a living thing…nor do either of them grow…they are BUILT! You will need to try THINKING a little harder…

      1. Building bridges is something human beings do. Flying in airplanes is something human beings do. Men having sex with other men is something human beings do. None of these activities are natural. Being natural or unnatural has nothing to do with whether a given action is right or wrong, or good or bad. Maybe you need to think a little harder … just sayin' …

        1. "Your intellect is truly dizzying!" – quote from the movie "The Princess Bride". No, it's not a compliment, but you might want to change your ID from "Thinker" to "Feeler". Any 3rd grader, no make that any 3 year old, could see through you're messed up logic. Robbing banks is not "natural" either, it's just something that men do. Swindling little old ladies out of their life savings on some scam is not natural either, it's just something that men do, and on and on the examples could go…

        2. It seems to me that your examples are supportive of what thinker is saying. They are an example of unnatural things that are bad, just like his examples are of unnatural things that are good.

          I would like to hear you explain how his logic is messed up. Can you?

        3. I think the author possibly should have said that men and women were "designed" for the emotional, physical and procreational relationship of human partnerships/marriage, rather than that they were "naturally" compatible.
          We, believing in intelligent and Divine design, understand that God doesn't make mistakes. Also, while He know the hairs of our head and the sparrows of the field – and KNOWS our every action, He does not dictate or cause those actions. He has given US the freedom of CHOOSING whether we follow His Commandments and teachings, and while He wants us to ALL to be saved, it is ultimately our CHOICE as to the path we take.

        4. Thinker, from what I understand…WE CHOOSE what we believe. We can tell others what we do and do NOT believe… it is NOT our place to shove it down someone's throat. We offer beliefs and facts — then it is up to them to decide for themselves and then we are to back off.

        5. Stop shoving your sodomizing ways down our throats then. Practice what you preach. Back off. We believe what God tells us….not a bunch of homos.

        6. You believe what other men have told you that a god said. No one has ever provided proof of any conversation with a god.

      2. Martin, i think you are missing his point. there is scientific evidence for "homosexuality" in nature, many species have shown it, and it has existed all through human history. he is NOT saying it is good, or right, just that the claim for natural must be good, is contradicting the claims presented.

    3. It's the claim of the homosexual that it is "natural" and not the author's claim. There is a "natural" order to the way God created male and female and to act outside of that natuarl order (unnaturally) as free human beings is an act of immorality. The same author of the natural order is also the same author of what is good and right in how we should act.
      the "natural" fit of male and female is the only RIGHT way whether you're an naturalist or creationist. For if created by God who has given us the moral capacity to act either righteously or in rebellion. that choice is given.
      If naturally, (evolved) then homosexuallity is a genetic mutation that prohibits propetiation of the species and quite simply is UNNATURAL. Common sense shows that the equipment just doesn't work that way.

      Bridges don't occur naturally but may be evil if done for evil intent, such as to invade another one's property or country. and the flying of an airplane can be done for evil as well, such as flying them into big buildings.

      It is ONLY the acts of PERSONS that can be classified as EVIL.

  5. I love when these pukes us God when it sutes them. They are what the bible calls hypocrits. They don't believe in God they just want to use him to try and make us except there evil ways. Like obummer saying God would pass his tax bill, and what the rich to pay more.

      1. He has 31 thumbs up and he made his point. You, however, have +1. Be tolerant. When someone is enthused about what they are saying, they will make "typo(s)."

        1. Is that what you call it?? Coming from you, I'm flattered and I'll be even more INTOLERANT!!!! I did say, Please!!
          That's what the 'Edit' button is for!!!!
          Most folks ignore the criticism, thus the low approval, because it speaks to them too and they feel guilty, it's not directed just to one comment, but to many that do the same thing!!
          Most replies are even ignored, never get any attention, good or bad!!
          My other nick-name is 'Grammar Nazi' on other news sites!

      1. Buddell, evidently you don't know the Bible. God told Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit. Their lives were perfect and sinless, but they disobeyed and ate the fruit anyway bringing sin into the world. Their perfect lives and the Garden of Eden disappeared. They had free will and they blew it for all of us. Doing right or wrong is still our choice and when Jesus returns we will have to answer to Him.

        1. The best, and most powerful way to get people to do something is to forbid it! Even Homer knew that. We all know of the fable of Pandora's jar. Zeus forbade her to ever open it. We all know hwat happened.

    1. It is not normal, or natural, for a male to BANG another male where the sun don't shine. Also, It is not normal, or natural, for a female to LICK another female's muffin.

      You have to be DEMON POSSESS to do such a thing. WHY? Because, it's not NATURAL, nor NORMAL.

      Even animals don't do that. Animals don't have the brain power as human's have. And they know the different between a male animal and a female animal.


      Goodnight. Elvis has left the building.


  6. WOW!!! You should write propaganda for the 1/2 breed in the whitehouse. Are you paid by soros? Boy what a load of manure. This one comment would fertilize 100 acres of corn to make ethanol to reduce MPG so the giverment has to step in and demand cars that get better MPG. It was worth the read to have a good laugh for heart health.

      1. It is easy to understand and it is all Gizmo51 radicalism dreamed up and contrived in your own liberal tiny little pea brain! If you believe all of that drivel that you wrote then do not let the door hit you in the rear end on your way out! You are nothing more than a trash mongering argumentative trouble making OWS'er! No facts just Bulls–t!

        1. Far be it for me to use any facts for they would just go wasted on deaf ears. One must be able to attain and retain knowledge before any judgement can be made.

    1. It's people like "gizmo" who give us the "extreme" party of the GOP. Without the GOP to stop or even just slow this EXTREME and RADICAL monster in the WH he would already be trying to exterminate as many "radical" Americans as possible. Oh wait, he is still trying.

    1. w and cheney more than made up for it by giving the government's rainy day surplus to the rich then spending everything else on unfunded wars and entitlements. And I purposely did not use a capital w because he along with the rest of the 1% alreay got it.

      1. You are a prime example of an Idiot, Altered facts are just that and anyone can alter and create anything that they wish to deter and sway or even to attempt to win an argument! You are not full of facts but you are full of waste that yould expell for it is clouding your 1/2 of a brain that you were allowed to keep!

    1. Wow…a book that has already fulfilled many of it's prophecies. I'm going to keep believing. The Bible says that in the end days, those who won't be saved will have the Mark of the Beast. I'm beginning to wonder if this will have something to do with homosexuality since the behavior is a beastly act, done from behind and with no thought for the consequences of the action….much like the actions of a beast. I've never seen such radical, hateful indoctrination for such a vile beastly behavior. There just may be something to this.

  7. @ Don….God Created the first man and woman, right? RIGHT.
    He "does NOT" create "problems" within each body due to hormonal problems, Those types of problems come from "within that person's family as it is passed down; Hormone imbalance cause infertility and this is the top reason couples have trouble trying to conceive. That's why nutrition, exercise, etc. are important to us all. He gave us a body to take care using common sense as well as healthy advice.
    He was NOT responsible for abnormal hormones,etc., being passed down or happening "in the body" itself during pregnancy.

    He does not CAUSE huge hurricanes to destroy people other. He GAVE us "Natural" laws of cause and effect… which we have to take the responsibility to work with them; or against them to create cures or protection from any and all environmental or personal issues that may come up.

    You, I think are asking me if I am giving them an excuse? No, I am not.
    I am NOT a bible scholar. I am sure someone on this blog will remember the scripture and correct me.
    GOD didn't say, Paraphrasing: "you will go to hell and burn if you are a homosexual. The scripture basically said, "BETTER TO BE BURN IN HELL than be a homosexual"…. meaning, the problems associated with it would be WORSE than burning in hell.

    I did look these up; and I think you will see he was against it:

    "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination." (Leviticus 20:13).

    "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Nor shall you mate with any animal, to defile yourself with it. Nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it. It is perversion. ‘Do not defile yourselves with any of these things; for by all these the nations are defiled, which I am casting out before you." (Leviticus 18:22-24).

    "For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due." (Romans 1:26-27).

      1. Precisely, that is why we should not be worried about this stuff at all. Show me evidence for a god and then at least we'll have somewhere to start from. Until then, it's all hearsay.

    1. And according to the Canadian and US Governments, by quoting "This" small piece of scripture, you are guilty of "Hate" speech.
      And Good for you for doing it!

  8. If God didn't give us free will at birth, we would have no reasoning. You can't make anyone love you any more than you can make anyone choose anything. Your choice to be a pervert or not. Your choice to accept full responsibility with the numerous diseases that go along with that choice. But it should not be the homosexuals choice to transmit those diseases to another. Knowingly doing so ends up as murder.

    1. Homos are NOT the only ones to transmit disease, they are just the easiest target group, because of your stereo-typical idea of behaviors!! Guess what — heteros do exactly the same things and that ain't about procreation, either!!

      1. The smart ones don't Virgo Vince. Only stupid women allow sodomization. Most of us are pretty smart. Not like some stupid men who welcome the disesases this behavior causes.

        1. Have it your way, but you're deluded!! How can you even think that men 'welcome' any diseases, whatever?? WE even hate having a cold or flu!! WE sure don't 'welcome' anything that puts us out of commission!!
          Whores and prostitutes number in the millions all across the country and the world, are you calling them, stupid?? Men are not the only carriers; both sexes can be!!

        2. Women who have normal vaginal sex with one partner for life do not carry disease. Men who allow other men to sodomize them or even women who allow this are asking for disease. Men welcome this disease if they engage in this behavior. It's obvious that men are the only gender that don't have a choice as to which orifice to use. In other words, they don't have a vagina. If they wish to be engage in copulation with another men, there is only one way to accomplish that….the way that brings disease. The a-n-u-s is not a sexual organ. The fact that you seem to ignore the obvious tells me that you are the deluded one.

        3. 'Arguing with Idiots,' is a waste of my time, so I'll leave you to your delusions and your closed, idiot libturd mind!!
          YOU ignored the obvious and made NO comment about it, because you had no response!!

        4. Only idiots would use the a-n-u-s as a sexual organ. What did I ignore. I think I responded to your idiotic assumptions very well. Carry on with your sodomizing Vince. As I said women and men who have one partner for life and do not use the a-n-u-s for sexual purposes do not carry disease. Prostitutes obviously don't fit that bill, nor does any person who allows themselves to be sodomized. Temper, temper Vince….You must be queer…only queers throw temper tantrums when they can't persuade others to accept this vile act as normal.

  9. Obviously, you missed the fourth Rambo film when he goes to Burma in an effort to save the Karen People. Pretty good argument though.

  10. This post assumes you believe in God to begin with. What if there was no God? Then natural selection is in play and perhaps there's a reason there are gays. Look at all the good things that have come into the world because a person (who happened to be gay) was there to make it happen. People just need to let things go sometimes. I do and I'm a gay conservative who believes in God.

    And I be the person who posted this sleeps with his wife when it's her time of the month and lets her cook his meals. Something the bible tells men they should not let happen because the women are "unclean". Are we going to live under a Christian version of Shria law or learn to love the sinner but hate the sin?

    1. howard479,

      "God is not the author of confusion…'. (1Corinthians 14:33) Howard, you are confused and are in rebellion of God. You have accurately quoted God's position on homosexuality; so you are not ignorant of what He says about it, yet you embrace it as if there are no consequences for it. You stated you believe in God, which means absolutely nothing if you willfully walk in opposition to His will, as you have confessed. Your problem here is you do not fear God. Scripture tells us that even the devils believe there is one God and tremble. (James 2:19) You must understand that as you continue to "let things go" and continue to walk in sin, you are walking on the road that leads to eternal destruction. Repent! Realize Hell is not worth the pleasures of your flesh! Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and He will cleans you of all your unrighteousness and deliver you from all your sin. And as you grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ He will keep cleansing you when you sin,and keep you delivered where you will not perpetuate sin. It is yours for the belief and asking.

    2. you can't be gay and believe in God. There is proof in the Bible that homosexuals are an abomination. Therefore you agree that what you are doing is wrong. Gays and lesbeins can not produce an offspring. Only a man and a woman can produce children. That is another undenialable fact.

    3. First of all if you believe that the bible is the inspired word of God, why do you ignore His teaching on homosexuality? Secondly your reference to a woman's time of the month applied to the Jewish culture. There were many things in the law that applied to the concept of being unclean. Having anything to do with pork, for example, was forbidden because it was considered unclean.

      You are correct about loving the sinner and hating the sin. However, the homosexual agenda will not allow a person who believes the bible to even hint at the lifestyle being a sin. Though their mantra is tolerance, they are the most intolerant of all. They will never tolerate the beliefs of Christianity and its teaching from the bible. That is why they want everyone to embrace their lifestyle and say it is good. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you ignore what the bible says about homosexuality, the raw data on the health and length of life for practicing homosexuals makes it obvious that there is something wrong with it.

    4. You can't believe in God and continue to engage in queer sex. You shouldn't be having sex with any woman during that time of the month. In biblical times, the women went off away from the camps for health reasons. We don't have to do that these days. It isn't a sin to sleep with your wife during this time. Just keep it where it belongs and you'll be fine. ; )


    1. So if one seeks the approval of man, made in God's image and obviously approved by God or He wouldn't have made man, then God would disapprove of one's seeking the approval of man after God has already approved of man? You are puting man above God by not seeking the approval of man.

      1. I wouldn't want to be you a few minutes after the heart stops beating. I'm not a huge Bible thumper but you got trouble bud. It ain't with me either. I would be the least of you problems.

        1. I just don't believe God created man in His image (I believe it was the other way around) for if He did He didn't set the bar very high.

        2. You will get your time to explain that to him. Bad thing is, you better be right. The people responding here won't send you anywhere bad but God will. His Judgement is final.

        3. So now you are saying because I have enough intelligence to think for myself that God will punish me for thinking for myself. What's the use of having a brain, other than to use it to make money? (I am being cynical)

        4. You can believe whatever you want. It's not my butt that will be answering for it. It will be yours.

          This reminds me of a scientist that was being interviewed. They couldn't believe that since he was looking for ET that he was a religous person and goes to church each Sunday. His reply was something like this. If I believe and I am wrong, I have lost nothing. If I don't believe and am wrong, I am doomed to hell.

          It's your life and you will answer after life is over. Your choice, not mine. You feel free to use your own brain all you want.

        5. You certainly got that shot right. Why else would a supposed perfect being be so jealous and merciless. The god of the bible, the torah, and the koran is way too human and there is a reason. Man made him his own image.

  12. Replying to TheGizmo51 – what a libtard you are. You are not only WAY off target for this post but proving the point of the post at the same time – that your powers of deductive reasoning (like most progressives) does not exist.

  13. When I was in my teens one of my friends (male) confessed to being gay. He said he knew he was different since his earliest days in grade school. He had 2 other brothers and a sister. The brothers WERE NOT gay, but the sister was.
    She stated the same awareness that she knew she was different since very early on.
    Otherwise, this was a normal, Christian family from the Midwest that produced both a brother and sister out of 5 siblings who as no choice of their own were born into homo sexuality.

    I am convinced that this designation is not self chosen. I am convinced that hormone imbalances or other birth anomalies long imbedded in the human genome influence sexuality in a kaleidoscope of variations. Everything from fetishes, to transsexuals and everything in between.
    If you disagree then you are probably an ignorant homophobe who is afraid of what you don’t comprehend or doesn’t fit within your limited world view.

    1. Hello Hello:
      Your belief is based on someone else's experience. Pretty anecdotal. Then you go on to condemn and label those that do not agree, iE, 'shut up" for I am correct. We all have a propensity to go against our knowledge of what is absolutely correct in any arena of life. As stated earlier, the pre-1960's physc manuals demonstrated how much of the sexual disorientation has allot to do with nurturance. What galls us who argue against things like gay marriage, is not that we would personally prevent them from having their own level of commitment to each other in their bonds and the consequences that follow, but that we are being forced to approve. Why do these people need approval from people they instinctively do like or want to associate with? We were all happier when they were in the closet. They now want special rights to sue those they hate. it is that simple. Oh to be sure it is garbed in the need to have "same rights" but a civil union gives all the financial rights in many states. Who says the state has any business in marriage anyway? Go and have a "wedding" if fit makes you happy. What comes is obtained in their own persons not realizing they are trapped in a grip to which they are unaware. Just like the rest of us who have propensities toward all sorts of incorrect behaviors. I am not free of the propensity toward evil. I am just as capable of lying for money as the next guy. So I have the same compassion for homosexuals as I have for my fellow man trapped in self-destructive behavior.
      Your friends although raised in a "christian home" likely the home had issues. Very common. Many become homosexual because they were molested as children. A huge truth the homosexual community refuses to expose. Pedophiles are the bulk of what starts these behaviors to become embedded in the psyche of young people. You may just find your friends were molested by outsiders or insiders. Christian home or not. Also such molestations usually are accompanied by a denial that it happened. A truly tormented soul that needs help at that point.

        1. Hello–My comment was for Dead Right, not you, sorry, but why can't you copy the correct word, correctly and not 'Edit' your mistake??

    2. I don't know if some babies are born homosexual due to a snafu in their development, but what makes it a sin is acting upon the desire. Homosexuality was common with the Canaanite's (in the Old Testament) and I doubt all of these people were born with some abnormality. I'm sure many become homosexual due to being abused, but I'm also sure that many get into this practice because they have been swayed by others and have no guilt feelings about it being wrong. The Bible calls the act of homosexuality an abomination so I wouldn't want to be them at the End Times because Jesus will be back one day and they will have to answer to Him.

      1. Basically and I quote you “I don't know”.
        That is the best answer, because no one knows for certain what cause homosexuality. What we do know is where to find reasons to vilify it, and also ways to objectively and scientifically analyze it. You seem to choose to vilify.

        The world is not black and white ~ its grey.

    3. If you disagree then you are probably an ignorant homophobe who is afraid of what you don’t comprehend or doesn’t fit within your limited world view.

      Wow!! How do I dare disagree with you?

    4. Anyone can say they remember being queer and having queer desires as a child. It can't be proven so it's easy to spout. We know it isn't true so why not quit acting like an idiot.

      1. If not being in lock step with “one trick ponies” is idiotic then lacking appreciation for life’s vast circus must find YOU terribly left out of the bigger conversation.

        And the circus of life has many trained animals from ponies to seals to elephants, a parakeet and everything in between. And God made it that way!

        The world is not black and white ~ its grey.

    5. I don't know too many homosexuals, but I know some, and I have read studies about more. Between the studies and talking with homosexuals (and those with bi/homosexual experiences and leanings and everyone with whom they have talked), I have yet to find one person that is homosexual that does not have one or more of the following post-birth factors:

      1. Sexually abused as a child and/or teen.
      2. Physically abused as a child and/or teen.
      3. Emotionally abused as a child and/or teen. (Seeing a pattern yet?)
      4. Neglected as a child and/or teen.
      5. Lacking appropriate familial adult love and role models.
      6. Mental illness.

      Even in a Christian family, pretty much any of these can happen, and the abuse factors are not always abuse from inside the home.

      Is it possible that some birth anomalies may be in play? Sure it is, especially with some many mothers that abuse substances that can be bad for a developing child in the womb. Still, that is not them being naturally made that way. That is them being chemically distorted from their natural design. (Even my non-Christian psych prof in college opposed chemical influences from drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, etc, when GETTING pregnant, not just being pregnant. He knew that the nurture of your children begins LONG before they are born.)

      That is where the rubber keeps hitting the road. The only argument I have heard that lists it as possibly nature and not nurture has been the suggestion of homosexuality being a genetic mutation. (Even this notion should leave them outcasts from a evolutionary standpoint, as it would then be a genetic trait that could not be self-replicated. In other words, homosexuality could not be spread to successive generations, if the mutation could be spread at all, without going outside homosexual behavior. It is an evolutionary dead-end.) Well, I'm not sold on the mutation notion. Most homosexuals also are not sold on it. Since it is not a natural genetic trait, that leaves the only genetic argument being that something is wrong with them on a DNA level. As much as homosexuals wish to claim they were born that way, they almost universally shy from that notion. So again, it comes back to nurture. In that, I ask if you can train a normally docile animal to bite. I ask if you can train a normally aggressive animal to be gentle. In both cases, the answer is yes. Nurture can overcome nature with enough effort, the right conditions, or the right conditioning. (See my above list.)

      Throw all that together with the constant desire from pro-homosexual groups to have homosexuality taught as natural and normal (in some cases, even desirable) to children before they even HAVE a sexual self-identity (and in some cases before they realize that there is any significance at all to the physical gender difference beyond the simple fact that little boys and little girls are physically different), and you create an environment ready-made to nurture people homosexual, bisexual, or at least bi-curious (as a college friend called herself) all while attempting to claim it is natural. Of course, the more mainstream and accepted it becomes, and the more critics or concerned citizens are beaten down, silenced, or accused of homophobic bigotry because they point out that it is sinful, unnatural, dangerous, and physically harmful to both the homosexual and sometimes the people around them, the more we will be raising children to be homosexual that were not naturally inclined to homosexual behavior. Homosexuals (and their supporters) wish to have us believe that they are a significant portion of the population. (I have heard estimates anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of the population.) When it is actually studied out, rather than roughly estimated (sometimes called pulling numbers out of the air or out of their butts), the results average around 1.5% with the upper threshold possibility of 3%. That, of course, is not the percentage frequently presented in media. With all the cultural effort being put into raising kids towards homosexuality (I wonder if VHMT is involved, actually), it would not surprise me if the next generation of teens actually displays 5-7% claiming to be homosexual because their education has been totally soaked in a pro-homosexual agenda, because at least half of them come from broken or single-parent homes, and because a significant portion of that 5-7% have been abused by adults or older children.

      Of course, I could be wrong on the nature vs. nurture argument, but I have yet to see any unbiased studies that even suggest I'm wrong. (Read that to say that I have yet to see any study, research, etc that suggests that homosexuality is an inborn trait that wasn't started in the first place as an effort to prove that homosexuality is an inborn trait. The problem with having an open and active agenda when running the study is that your agenda influences your results and your interpretation.)

      Oh, yes, I almost forgot one more hole in the inborn trait argument. If people were genetically homosexual, then there would be no former homosexuals around, and there are. If you are conditioned into or choose a lifestyle, you can change that. If it is genetic, you can't.

      1. The genetic or bio chemical trigger that may cause a flood of male or female hormones during the fetus development period is probably very random, and may not be passed along genetically to the next generation.
        Just as dwarfism and midgets can bare normal sized offspring.

        The world is not black and white ~ its grey.

        1. I'm still waiting for a fairly objective study into the subject where any significant number of admitted homosexuals do not have in their history one or more of the 6 post-birth factors I mentioned. Since many of them tend to become repressed memories, we cannot even fully trust their own denials to that, though I have not heard many plausible denials. (I know someone who was raped repeatedly by her father growing up, ending sometime in her early to mid teen years, about a decade of sexual abuse, and more than that of physical and emotional abuse. Much of that she could not even remember, even at 16, until her mid-to-late 20s when her mind felt safe enough to deal with it all.)

          While the notion of the timing of hormonal flooding during fetal development is extremely interesting, I seriously doubt it is a significant factor here. Of course, I could be wrong, but we are decades from any hope of a conclusive study on this, and my suspicion is that if such study is performed without the driving notion that homosexuals are born that way (especially if the study is double-blind), then the study results will be inconclusive, at best. Of course, with so many things that have an impact on hormonal development and flow, I seriously doubt anything involved in exposing a developing baby to various hormones is random. It may be impacted by external factors, such as diet or drugs, but I don't believe it is random.

          Anyway, I'm willing to be proven wrong, but this argument does not.

          Oh, and there is gray in the world, but it is amazing how many people want to believe only the gray when there are large areas of black and white that only get confused by the deliberate infusion of gray. I will accept gray where it is gray, but it isn't gray as often as people try to claim.

      1. Just as you have a choice to do as you wish with whatever sexual orientation you are born or compelled towards.
        But this blog seems more inclined to define other peoples behavior then attempt to vilify, police and prosecute it.

        As the bible says, let the man without sin throw the first stone.
        In which case this blog would have ZERO comments from gay bashers! You would all have to put your stones back in your pockets, go back into your homes and mind your own abundance of sins. Many far worse than being gay.

        1. It is amazing how people generally opposed to the Bible and all things Biblical can quote portions of the Bible, nearly always out of context, to try and support their own previously established opinions, then others buy into it and repeat it or feel intimidated by it and go silent.

          1. The context of the passage about the sinless man throwing the first stone is very specific and clear as not being an open-ended warning, command, etc never to speak out against sins in general or specific sins of another. The men that were preparing to cast the stones were hypocrites in denying, condoning, or justifying their own sins (sometimes the same sin as the woman they were preparing to stone) while condemning the same in others. People citing this passage also ignore that while the woman that was about to be stoned was CAUGHT IN THE ACT of adultery, they weren't dragging the man out for stoning as well, even though the law they were attempting to apply called for the execution of BOTH guilty parties. That is a nice secondary double-standard to be quashed.
          2. Jesus doesn't say that the woman did nothing wrong (as homosexuals try to claim). Just as the Bible declares homosexuality to be sin, it declares adultery to be sin. Instead, He tells her to sin no more. The content and context of the passage and Jesus' response also strongly suggest, though it doesn't outright say, that she was VERY repentant for her actions, which is something most of those attempting to stone her likely never achieved. Lacking a single righteous man to condemn her, Jesus also refused to condemn her, but He warned her to sin no more.
          3. Even 'judge not lest you be judged' is taken so out of context as to have no meaning. You take the rest of that instruction and you learn that Jesus was again dealing with hypocrites. He was warning people that were guilty of and defending for themselves the same sins against condemning them in others. "For in the same way that you judge, it will be judged unto you." This is also where He talks about people having a log in their own eye and trying to take a splinter off another's shoulder. He does not tell them not to deal with the other's splinter. Rather He calls them hypocrites and tells them to deal with their log BEFORE dealing with another's splinter. So you could say, "Deal with your own sins BEFORE you address the sins of another."

          Yes, I am a sinner, repentant, washed, redeemed. I am fully aware of my sins and how I fall short daily. I work to deal with those consistently. That does not, nor should it, prevent me from citing the Scriptures that homosexuality, among many other things, is sinful and wrong, and that those who follow that lifestyle, rather than repenting and turning away from it, will go to Hell forever. That is not hating them. That is not bashing them. (Note: Not everyone that is opposed to the homosexual lifestyle is automatically a 'gay basher'.) What it is doing is loving them with the simplest of truths. If you see a person heading for a cliff, is it hateful to warn them that the cliff is there? If you see someone getting ready to drink from a poisoned well, is it bashing to warn them that the well is poisoned? Being morally opposed to homosexuality and trying to help them see the error of their ways is, by definition, loving them. Granted, it can be done in cruel and hateful ways, which I oppose. Granted, people that DO hate them can attempt to cover their hate in the guise of this love, which I also oppose.

          But what is the one true hate regarding homosexuals (and other sins/sinners) that nobody supporting their actions wants to acknowledge? "and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them." That is the ultimate hate.

          Oh, yes, there are many other sins than being homosexual. Murder, rape, adultery, incest, gossip, slander, fraud, disrespecting your parents, and telling lies, just to name a few. Some are arguably worse than homosexuality, and some are arguably not as bad. Then again, a single sin can send a person to Hell. If you drop one spoonful of poison into a glass of water, the water is poisoned. Now if you drop a second or third spoonful in, it is surely more poisoned, but that does not automatically mean that just one spoonful won't kill you. Rather than worrying about if people's sins are better or worse than your own (or a homosexuals), rather first deal with the question asking if they have dealt with those sins. If they have, there is nothing morally to prevent them from lovingly addressing the sins of the homosexual, which the Bible clearly and emphatically declares. The same Man that let a bunch of hypocrites slink off in self-condemning silence told the woman to sin no more. The Bible tells us that the Saints (the redeemed/saved/etc) will judge the world AND angels. The Bible warns us to show discernment and judgement. Clearly not all forms of judging are wrong, but a hypocritical judgmentalism absolutely is.

        2. That was an excellent and educated response. You are much better acquainted in scripture than I. My memory of years in bible school church etc. have faded due to lapse in attendance. But I still pray daily and mostly in humility for my shortcomings.

          I am not gay, not even slightly. I feel no attraction to my own sex whatsoever. But having made acquaintance and friends with gay people, I find it hard to believe that they deliberately choose to be this way, and in fact many simply don’t have any choice other than to become celibate in order to meet biblical expectation. Many live in a perpetual state of stress and torment.

          I am not a promoter of the gay agenda, but knowing many afflicted with this anomaly has inspired me to speak up against those who bash them. Especially mean spirited people who simply need a target, – any target, .. regardless of relevancy to dump hate upon.

          It’s a complex subject. I am no expert, but my conscious says I am in no position to judge others. And I feel compassion is a far better vehicle than condemnation. I am compassionate to the gay dilemma. Alternately, I have no patience for no-it-alls with no educational credentials who come to empirical conclusions about the state of mind of others or how these “others” (gays) ever arrived as such state of mind.

        3. Most sins are kept private…between the individual and God. Why don't you queers keep your sins quiet?? Was Jesus "throwing stones" when he told the prostitute to "go and send no more?" You're only "throwing stones" if you don't acknowledge your own sins as being wrong. I can acknowledge that. Can you??? It doesn't sound like it.

    6. You know when all is said and done my view does not matter. It is God's view that is triumphant. You justify your beliefs by starting with name calling, like that make your beliefs OK. 1 Corinthians 6:9. What you say is all a bunch of poppycock. Man has to learn to overcome the world, his flesh and desires. In Gods world it is not one of acceptance. Acceptance leads to pain and misery and suffering.

  14. And by the way comparing a made for TV character like Rambo to the same development curve that results in homosexuality as a learned behavior is so overreaching to make a point that it’s absurd. Surely you could find better cases to support your points.

    PS I am not a liberal. I lean Conservative – Libertarian – Independent.
    (Get the Dems out of my wallet, and the Repubs out of the bedroom)

    1. Actually there are many people like Rambo. They are highly trained to job speciality and can and have killed many compared to their small numbers. Gays however are a learned behavior and it is physoctic according to DSM 3

        1. Sorry Bud…All sexual behavior is a learning experience. I can be queer if I want to. It's a matter of not wanting to. I can learn to do just about anything I want, even having a queer sexual experience and then I would "know" about it. There's just some things in this life not worth learning and queer sexual activity happens to be one. I'm sure child molesters know a lot more about that activity than I do. I'm sure prostitutes know a lot more about that activity than I do. I DO know what they do so I can avoid it. Comprende????

      1. Being gay is no more a learned behavior than being straight is. The direction a human chooses or aspires to sexually is often decided before puberty. To say that innocent children choose to be drawn to homosexuality by choice is absurd.

        The world is not black and white ~ its grey.

        1. Children are "drawn" towards many things they shouldn't be. That's why God gave them parents to direct them. If you have a vile parent who commits homosexual acts, your child will think this is a normal act and be drawn to it. To say it is absurd is blatantly misleading.

    2. The Repubs don't want anything to do with your bedroom. Just trying to keep the law of the land and protect the will of the people.

        1. The will of the people want to keep what you do in your bedroom out of our schools, daycares and churches. We don't care if your rectum falls out while doing what you do in your bedroom…Get a clue Bud.

        1. I was not aware that trying to prevent people from using murder as a form of birth control was an attempt to control the bedroom. To me, it is saying that if people have sex, there are sometimes consequences to that choice. (And for those women that did NOT make the choice, we do not execute a child for the crimes of the parent.)

    3. Republicans aren't the ones in the "bedroom". But we have had 40 years of perversion foisted upon us by liberals,and the effects to society and culture are plainly evident.

        1. Well, one of the reasons why there are relatively few pictures in the media from 'gay pride' events is that there is so much there that isn't fit for the public eye. You may be able to find more online, but major media tends to shy away from openly displaying public nudity, sex, and some of the repugnant hate speech that tends to come from the pro-homosexual crowd at these things. Teaching kids in lower elementary school that homosexuality is not just normal, but also a good thing, is not keeping it in the bedroom. I would expect to be condemned for having heterosexual sex, openly, in public, in the middle of an anti-homosexuality parade. Why is the homosexual 'pride' events so sanitized and sterilized that many things going on there are not even MENTIONED when reporting on those events.

          So I WILL stay out of your bedroom. Keep your propaganda and indoctrination out of my schools.

        2. They're bringing their bedrooms out into the streets and into our schools and churches. I'd say they're foisting it upon us whether we like it or not.

        3. What has been foisted on us is the exact behavior that some people do in their bedroom and the sick decisions they want to enforce that go along with their vile bedroom behavior. Get out of your cave Bud or does that rectal prolapse prevent that????

  15. Obama is like Hitler and Stalin in that he is putting in a system in which the state runs everything. And for his citizen ship he is not a US citizen he is a Indonesian Citizen under the name Barry Soetoro. His birth Father was not and his mother was not because she was born in Haiwai before it became a state. This according to law established in 1875 prohibits him to become President he is a fraud along with many of the Democratic Party. As for deporting 12 million the number is more like 30 million and most countries in the world just shoot you trying to cross their borders including Mexico. Obviously you are a hack for the huffington post your whole posting is the big lie tell it often but, some of us know better.

  16. The cavity God made for a man and a woman is to procreate, the cavity for a man and a man is to ____. I'll let you fill in the blank.

  17. Gays are one thing and one thing only mentally ill. This was in DSM 3 and was left out of the next volumnes only because of threats from the gays. There is no such thing as a gay gene. God has stated that this is the worst kind of sin against him very clearly. Christ did not say I have come to let you do what ever you want he came to save us that means we still live by Gods law.

    1. Is a meta morph like Laddy GaGa a mental illness. NO ! The DSM3 artical didn't pass pier review. Chicks with Dicks have natural brests. Some are emplants.

      1. Actually it did pass. It did not pass into DSM 4 please get your facts straight. Gays of any stripe are abnormal by any standard. They are mentally ill period and it seems you have that disease I am sorry to hear it . It can be cured and has been. And the reason it did not pass was the threats made by the gay community including death threats.

    1. I agree, liberals are lame to pull the “God made me do it” card. It’s pathetic.
      But alternately, people with no other training or degrees in science or psychiatry calling the shots is also pathetic.

      The world is not black and white ~ its grey.

  18. The signs perfect. It goes right back to what I've always said. Being homosexual is learned behavior. In the 60's it was listed as a behavioral issue. In the 70's untold amounts money were spents on genetics to try and prove it wasn't. Genetics proved they were the same as heterosexuals . So, they used money and lobbying to achieve their goals. So, of they want to bring god into thier argument, then they admit they're the dogs of the earth, and it is learned behavior. Period.

    1. I don’t know why anyone even gets upset over the gay issue. I have been married (man & woman) for many years. We have known many gay people. The majority don’t seem to be a threat or offence to anyone on any greater scale than any heterosexual would be. In fact many gays are so low profile you would never know.
      Get over it.

      You would better serve yourselves to protect the constitution and bill of rights than worry that gays are going to eat your brains.

      1. Hello, you are as queer as they come. Their behavior is a threat to our society. To normalize such a dangerous unhealthy behavior is a threat. Those who refuse to see the obvious are either queer or queer sympathizers. You're all riding in the same boat. Keep drifting…the majority of society wants no part of you.

        1. Patricia,

          I am not gay, not even slightly. I feel no attraction to my own sex whatsoever. But having made acquaintance and friends with gay people, I find it hard to believe that they deliberately choose to be this way, and in fact many simply don’t have any choice other than to become celibate in order to meet biblical expectation. Many live in a perpetual state of stress and torment.

          Mean People Suck!

        2. What you find hard to believe, I find easy because God tells me so as well as common sense. Just because you know someone who is queer and "nice" it doesn't make that behavior any more sane or moral. We are all tormented by our temptations.

          Being queer is nasty. For that reason alone, it should be aovided.

  19. Oh and by the way if you dont read the news 16 top scienctist have refuted climate change/global warming including those from MIT and Princeton. It was also dismissed after the number of lies came out a few years ago. Again more lies

  20. Wow, Gizmo and @crooksandliars, this looks like one of those kookie political e-mails I see occasionally – kind of loosely based on some facts, but hoping the reader(s) just pick it up and run with it as a solid political argument.
    Just a hint – don't try to use this as solid information when arguing with the well-informed.

      1. Just to give one example on why you are way off the target. Global warming is a hoax. Please read proper scientific information rather than listening to politicians like Al Gore who want to enrich themselves with carbon credits. I would recommend you read Cold Sun by John Casey and it will open your eyes. If you just want to believe what the politicians are telling you good luck to you once the new world order decides that you and your family are expandable for the good of the common (the elite).

        1. There are no credible scientists that deny that climate change is taking place. There may be a few discrepancies over how fast or exactly why, but REAL scientists can show you the evidence that it is in fact taking place.

      2. Oh, you're so funny! So far, you sure haven't indicated that you are… better throw in the towel and go read something factual, lay off the blogosphere for a while.

  21. Environment and drugs and alcohol all have effects on the human body. Some people may go bald, some may not.

    To say that something weird happening in the creation or growth of someone is natural, is short sighted.
    Why are all other birth defects considered disabilities but not gays, if you want to say they are born that way?

    A defect is a defect. In order to not be labeled defective, they must demand that we call them normal, which they aren't.

    Another situation where the population wants us to cater to the lesser. It isn't working in schools or the government.

    1. I hope you don’t want to round up the “gays” who you see as defective and put them in death camps or something as a final solution. That would be sad, seeing as many are very productive, brilliant and contributing members to society.

      1. No, FEMA already has that in the works.

        We have lots of productive people who are not normal in society. Although we don't pretend they are normal and they don't push the government for special treatment.

        I am always amused how the truth brings some people to make statements like yours. I guess by doing so you can make the truth seem evil to those who are easily led.

      2. God will do that Hello. I don't see someone as productive or brilliant when they intentionally do that kind of damage to themselves, mentally and physically. Nothing to contribute there.

  22. After "making gays," I suppose God also instilled in them the stereotypical lisping, limp-wrist affectations that say, "Hey look at me. I'm queer." Similarly, it must be part of God's plan that gays are inclined to engage in promiscuous, anonymous, non-reproductive sex in the city park, public restrooms, gay bars and bathhouses… OK, sarcasm turned off.

    Seriously, it is possible that nature could create genetic aberrations that manifest as sexual identity confusion. But such genetics would be rare, as they do not reproduce. More likely that the overwhelming majority of homosexuals choose the "gay lifestyle" as a way to replace the reality of their psychological pain with a pretend world of acceptance and gratuitous sexual gratification.

    1. God DID NOT make Gays….it was a physical abnormality in their own genes…just as you see two-headed turtles, a cat with another cat head growing out of the same body. Something went very wrong when they were growing in the womb.

    2. "More likely that the overwhelming majority of homosexuals choose the "gay lifestyle"

      The fact is that gays do not choose to be gay at all. And being gay is not equivalent to engaging in gay sex. Some gays rarely if ever have gay sex, and many non-gays DO engage in gay sex (probably primarily males in the military and in prison).

  23. It just prooves that evolution makes a few minor production flaws, like being born with only 4 toes, or being born as conjoined twins. Nature isn't always perfect, may be God is, but not on this world.

      1. I am copying and pasting another person's response to this; and it is ACCURATE:
        An anomaly has been discovered on the first X cromasome of Gay people. The XX and XY cromasomes.
        Search Gay Genetics. The're are Gay Animals.
        The Bible says Man shall not lay with Man BUT doesn't say Woman shall not lay with Woman. The Issue is Sodomy and STD's. Most laws in the Bible are on health. Unprotected Sodomy leeds to kidney,testicle,overian, infeations.

        Read more: Another Liberal Argument Bites the Dust

        1. First of all I do not believe it. There has been many studies on gays and genetics and now where has it been shown. Now you are putting human qualities in animals comparing apples and oranges. The Bible almost always talks with the male being dominate just because the female is left out does not mean they can do it with each other. Many of Moses Law do deal with health not all.

  24. God made man and woman, they made choices, we all make choices. Queers and lesbians made their choice. I chose to be a consertative right wing christian, not a democrat left wing anti-christian.PEROID. There is NO such thing as a Christian-Democrat, Christian queer/lesbian. Read the Bible Christians go to Heaven NOT people that are an abomination to God and His word. Nor do false religions, there is only ONE WAY to get into Heaven you need to be a Born Again Christian living a life denying yourself and the ways of the world, and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. Queer, lesbians, liars (Obama) muslims aren't going to make it into Heaven. Their choice………Just being a good person will not get you there……….

    1. Are you saying Democrats cannot go to heaven?! Many of my family members and friends are Democrat and some of them ARE Christians!! I do not believe our Lord appreciates people like you judging others! Maybe you're one who will be "left behind". See… you don't seem to behave like a Christian to me. But God will be your judge!

  25. Adam and Eve , not Adam and Steve ! End of story . The twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for disobeying this basic principle . A person is 'Gay' because they choose to be . Obama supports Gays and their choices because he is Gay Himself . Doubt that ? His Harvard Friends don't , they are the ones who reported it .
    I don't condem your choice , just don't try to force it on the people as normal . And don't try to tell me it is acceptable .

    1. This is one of the things that has always puzzled me. If the crowd of men outside Lot's house wanted Lot's visitors for sexual purposes, WHY would Lot have offered them his daughters? He would have known they were not interested in his daughters. I've never seen a logical explanation for this.

      1. On the contrary, it only makes sense that he offered his daughters BECAUSE they were there for sex. Besides, if their intent were anything other than sex, there would have been no reason for Lot to try to protect his visitors from the men of the city.

      2. Because Bud…..Lot was hoping they would do the natural thing with his daughters instead of cornhole the angels. If this was all about "hospitality" I think Lot was being very hospitable by offering his daughters. ; ) And actually, it was Lot's daughters who offered themselves. They were willing to sacrifice their own bodies for the sake of the angels and the homos didn't want that. Is that logical enough for you Bud??? I kind of doubt it.

        1. It's quite sick and disgusting that anyone can even attempt to justify such a story. The story proves one thing and one thing only. The men who wrote the bible considered women to be property to be used as their father or husbands saw fit. Anyone with any sense of morality should be able to make this connection and see this for the vile act that it depicts. Your statement above proves precisely how religion poisons the minds of true believers. You're only able to justify this because you have to see virtue in your holy book.

          It's Sickening!!!

        2. Things were much different in those days…I do agree with you about that. But I don't believe Lot's daughters were there just for sex. Lot knew the men were angels and they had come to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. I don't justify Lot's decision to offer his daughters and, as I said, the daughters offered themselves as a type of sacrifice. Religion is not a poison only if you're interested in denying your sins. Continue with your sodomizing ways. I will continue to avoid it and those who engage in it.

  26. Logic doesn't mean truth it means consistent, God made man and women for one reason and only one reason to procreate, "The Bible tells people to procreate" Can a homosexual or Lesbian procreate? NO,NO, because it's an unnatural behavior, end of story.

    1. So…explain why so many heteros engage in exactly the same sexual practices/behaviors as the homos??
      How is that procreation??

  27. The difference is that gay and lesbian individuals were BORN THAT WAY. IT IS NOT A CHOICE anymore than you chose to be heterosexual. You can choose to have sex or not, but you cannot choose whether you are attracted to same sex or opposite sex. IT IS NOT A CHOICE. Being born white, black, Asian, Indian, gay or straight is all the same. IT IS NOT A CHOICE!

    1. You can be attracted to anything or anyone if you have a sick perverted mind. Don't define yourself by a perverted urge. It's uncouth.

    2. Sorry mom, I chose to stay normal. I'm female and my sexual habits were chosen and who I chose to have them with. If you are reared in a home with a mother and a father, you instinctly know what choice to make. When you are indoctrinated, raped, or lied to, you may choose to commit abnormal sex acts. If it's a behavior, it's a choice.

  28. God made a me a gay basher get over it. Opposing arguement to the fool. I mean it's an abnormality or their testicles have no purpose.

    1. No, he told us "NOT" to Judge. He didn't Make them that way.
      We even see animals born with two heads; an extra limb. It is an unusual event that happens, but God did NOT design the animal that way.

    2. Yep, us queer bashers were born that way. Homo men would have no reason to have testicles. Only some men would be born with testicles if being queer was just another gender. Queer women would be born with the ability to ejaculate from their tongue. Born that way???? Hardly….

  29. People do not choose to be homosexual (being attracted to the same sex) but they do choose to engage in homosexual behavior. Why is that so heard for some people to understand?

  30. Idiot pc libturds have already destroyed SS and Medicare, by IMproper handling!!
    WE already KNOW that 'global warming' was an idiot libturd farce and that HAS been proven over and over!!!!
    'Climate change' is perfectly natural, been happening for millions of years and nothing anyone can do about it!!
    WE don't have a president, we have an illegal, ineligible muslim, garbage POS, pretender!!
    Impeachment is off the table, since he is NOT a real president, but ARREST is not!!
    WE shouldn't have ANY illegal immigrants or non-Americans for any reason, to deport!! They should have been sent home as they arrived!!
    Would you prefer 'black' supremacists (they do exist) and their corrupt fringe groups, look to the WH??
    EVERYTHING this garbage POS pretender has done, should be denied, defied, defunded, reversed, repealed, shredded, burned, or flushed, whatever it takes to rid us of it, along with his entire cabinet, administration and supporters!!!!
    In short, the dummocrud idiot pc libturds are the radicals and the racists!!
    Deleting your comments would be a BLESSINGl!!!! You're still here, sorry to say!!

    1. So "global warming" is a farce since it has been happening for millions of years? Interesting logic. Are you saying I am a racist because I support President Obama? Maybe if I only supported his white half.

      1. More half truths and full lies. I stated that Al Gore and the rest of them have been debunked on so called Global Warming that they presented. Actually we are coming out of a mini ice age. Or can you explain the Vikings setting up a colony and a hundred years later it was to cold to continue. The mini ice age stoped around 1850. God set the earth in motion and it does change according to his will not yours or your marxist friends.

      2. I think he means "Man made" Global Warming. The heating and cooling of the Planet has been going on from the beginning. If you believe in Life After Death as a Christian does, then why worry? Remember Alfred Newman, the 'What me worry' guy. LOL

        1. Thank you! You are obviously well-informed and able to intelligently reason not that I am judging you. I agree, whether global warming occuring today is exacerbated by man is very much debatable but still doesn't mean we should ignore the fact and we should react to it. "Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die" suggests to me there is some doubt as to life after death. If one lives forever, why sweat the small stuff?

        2. then please by all means, take the leap, drink the Jones cool aid, and be done with it. "sweating" the small stuff is part of what is supposed to GET you into heaven. by following the morals taught in Christianity of whatever flavor you partake in. This kind of attitude you are expressing is the same that is exploited by Jihad Imam's "why wait, do this and get your virgins in heaven to serve you". what they don't tell you is that they have to STAY virgins, so they don't get to enjoy them :-), OK im kidding on that one.

          "Anthropomorphic" global warming is a farce. by the reasoning used by you, or the people you are quoting, we would never have had an ice age, or thawed from it. oh wait, i know, based on the EPA's new "greenhouse" gas that they are worried about, big bad CO2, it was the DINOSAURS that caused the last one, they exhaled too much, right? created global warming, caused the oceans to evaporate and cloud the sky, blocking the sun, when then proceeded to create a "nuclear" winter scenario which ended up in an ice age. or was it just the SUV's they were driving?

          in the 70's the same type of people were warning of an impending ice age. here's a few facts that these "scientists" (and i really use that term loosely for these fellows) so a "true" scientist does NOT state FACTS, they hypothesis, they make deductions, they do NOT state as fact something that COULD be, according to current trends/evidence. a "true" scientist would point at an apple and say "That LOOKS like an apple, but is it?" "real" scientists understand that what we know for "fact" is merely the latest in discoveries, not the end all of knowledge.

          NONE of the AGW scientific supporters take into account extra global datum. space is NOT empty, and we are NOT motionless in the galaxy. as we travel through space, we pass through areas of increased/decreased dust, this dust can increase or decrease the amount of solar radiation that reaches the earth, thus affecting temperature. The earth has an elliptical, non stable orbit, it changes continuously, so it is REAL hard to really say we are hotter than we were 10, 20 or even 100 years ago, since they don't track these other datum, or at least do not take them into account.

          how is that for facts and intelligently reasoned?

      3. YOU are confused and twisted, get back on your meds and try to control your bowels, it's coming out of your mouth or off your finger tips!!!

      4. I would say that VirgoVince was quite clear to us all and agreed with I might add! Global Warming so championed bye the liberal idiots is in fact a farce and a smokescreen to divert attention from the real problem in this World. Namely idiots like yourself, Know it all,Done it all,Doing it all,crying for all,lying for all,screwing it all up,blaming it all on someone else,Haven't got a clue how to fix it all,and lsat of all does not care who suffers when you refuse to face the cold hard facts that it takes effort and work to fix it after those of you screw it all up! Please move to mainland China or Russia or Cuba. they have already got your bed made for you!

        1. I must confess it will take me a while to digest all of your solutions to the country's problems. Once you decide how you want to interject yourself into society please let me know and I will try to find you the best help possilble help.

  31. @ Don…I am confused by your comment. WE wouldn't be anywhere without God. We wouldn't exist…that's why I don't understand what you are asking or telling me.

  32. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vise – Barry Goldwater

    If you're heading toward an iceberg, you don't turn the wheel "just a little bit".

    Consensus and compromise are liberal ploys to get us to give up our liberties INCREMENTALLY.

    I don't expect a liberal like you to understand any of the above.

    1. You make the false assumption that republinos care whether the ship sinks or not. They are only concerned about themselves in the land of plenty.

  33. Taxes – They are not at historic lows. For the 1st century of our existence, we paid no income tax. Corporate taxes will be paid by the consumer as the tax is passed along. The government has NEVER learned to rein in its own spending. Rather, it continues to take from those who earn.

    Social Security – The Republicans don't want to roll back Social Security. Rather, the flawed program has been robbed from for the past half century to pay for entitlement programs. Social Security began paying benefits to people who NEVER PAID into the program from day one and continue to do so today. We want to protect the future of the youth by allowing them to take the money and invest in an IRA or 401K and receive credit for the contributions and take the money away from the thieves in Congress (BOTH PARTIES) .

    Child Labor and Unions – The Republicans have NEVER SOUGHT to repeal child labor laws. Regarding Unions, their time is past. There isn't a real need for them. They hinder workers by denying those who excel from receiving the benefits they could make from thier increased effort. When a company is restricted by a contract from placing the most qualified or deserving person in a position because it must be "bid on" by the work force is wrong. Unions do not invest a dime in the company they take money from yet they preach "We Want What We Are Due!" This is wrong.

    Defense – Bill and Hillary changed the direction of the US military by mandating they take on a humanitarian role. When our military has been weak, we have been drawn into war. When we are prepared, we are able to avoid conflict. Wars are not meant to be prosecuted in a humanitarian manner. Wars are meant to be fought by bring about the fastest resolution through the rapid annihilation of the enemy. This we have failed to do because we want to be liked and not feared.

    Climate Change – As a weather forecaster I can state that Global Warming Science is Voodoo at best. I can show you over 100 years of data that shows highs and lows differing over a decade. We can extrapolate this data backward and show a cyclical pattern that demonstrates a warming cycle and cooling cycle. Many scientist also agree with and refute the Global Warming tripe.

    Roe vs Wade – Abortion is murder. Using your logic, it was wrong for the nation to end up in a civil war over among other things slavery. The Dred Scott Case, decided by the US Supreme Court in March 1857, 3 years before we went to war. We should have never repealed prohibition, allowed women to vote or civil rights for minorities. We are seeking to save lives, PERIOD!

    Illegal Aliens – Using your logic, a family moves into your home. Your not allowed to evict them and they aren't required to pay rent or contribute to their needs. You must clothe, feed, house, provide health insurance and educate them as well. Finally, you are required to provide them financial subsistence so that they can send money back to relatives in another country so that they too may join them in your home as well. When 12 million liberals shut up and put up, I will drop my desire to enforce laws enacted to protect my nation against enemies both foreign and domestic.

    Deficit – Stop unchecked and open ended welfare and sending money to countries and we can get a handle on the deficit.

    Fringe Organizations – Any group that wants to deny basic human rights to another group based soley on their race is wrong. However, for you to bring this up is rich considering the sitting presidents affiliation with domestic terrorists, the Black Panthers, and his Pastor is failing to clean up your own house.

    Citizenship – HE has stated he's from Kenya. He applied for and received aid as a foreign student. So, either he is not legally eligible to be president or he committed a felony and should be in jail. You choose. The part where he was compared to Hitler is in poor taste. Again, clean up your own house because you liberals have been doing so for years.

    Contraception – Abortion isn't contraception. Additionally, states DO HAVE THE RIGHT to determine policy within their own borders. This is Constitutional.

    The ball is in your court.

  34. The reason that liberals are so adamant about supporting "gays" is that their "unions" produce no offspring. The liberal agenda has ALWAYS been about the elimination of all of us "useless eaters" so all the resources are preserved for the "elite". Also because HUMAN is a creation of GOD, so to support man is to acknowledge God and they can't tolerate that.

  35. Just my thoughts on this a minor victory for conservatism ! Kinda like throwing a dog a bone so they can keep on with politics as normal . The need to show us something real like prosecuting Holder,making bo come clean ! but Yip -eee they blocked a Liberal Judge . But alloyed two wacko extremest comic idiots in the highest court of the land . Sorry but the rinos don't get any applause from me . It is about time the repubs. started working with we the People and going by the old Constitution of these United States of America .Just my thoughts. U.S.N. Veteran Expeditionary forces Vietnam

  36. I'm just guessing, but I think the queers were subcontracted out to Lucifer. (Why do you think he got cast out of Heaven?)

  37. You certainly made up a lot of radicals per Radical TheGizmo51! you would not understand The word Conservative if it hit you right between the eyes for you are so blinded bye your own Liberalism. You definitely need to get back into reality of life! There has never been a person in the White House that compares to Hitler as does your Self annointed god. So follow him straight to hell!

  38. Was Jesus a heterosexual male, makes you wonder, not married at age 32, when males in those days were married by the time they were 17 or 18. What did he mean when he told his male followers to give away all of their possessions, leave their famalies and follow him. I like most of his philophy regardless of his gender, the divinity is the problem.

    1. I find it very interesting how people want to find homosexuality in the Bible places where it isn't, but openly ignore the places where it is.

  39. "A party that wants to roll back successful programs like Social Security that have been a bedrock of American society for nearly three quarters of a century isn't conservative, it's radical.

    This is an abysmal failure as it is run. It hold be privatized as it is patently unConstitutional.

    "A party that denies the scientific consensus of climate change isn't conservative, it's radical."

    Consensus is not science and the evidence for what they claim is totally ZERo. They lie and prevaricate for an agenda, not science. We are cooling and have a Maunder Minimum 2.0 or worse coming and they yell about warming related false crisis, when history makes it very clear that warming is always, always, ALWAYS beneficial.

    "A party that advocates the forced deportation of 12 million immigrants isn't conservative, it's radical."

    This is just stupid, as you are saying that, if they can sneak in and not get caught, they win citizenship!

    "A party that denies basic facts about the deficit isn't conservative, it's radical."

    The basic fact is we cannot afford the deficit. There is no middle ground. A deficit is either growing, decreasing, or zero. Ours is growing out of control with no end in sight. What's to understand, except that it is blazingly clear that you cannot spend yourself into prosperity?

    "A party whose presidential candidates claim that states should be able to ban contraception and that the Civil Rights Act was unconstitutional isn't conservative, it's radical."

    It's a lie that anyone wants to declare the Civil Rights Act unconstitutional. Banning contraception is indeed wrong. It is easy to point out that such a ban would be imposing the opinion of a group on everybody—totally against the idea of our country—rather than allowing access to contraception which gives everybody the freedom to chose. Just because it's there it does not mean you have to use it.

  40. Gays come from straights. Without straights there would be no gays and no human population. God's command to the first human couple was to "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it" (Gen. 1:28 NIV). There is no way a gay follower can fulfill this mandate of God's. Even with artificial conception, both a female egg and a male sperm are required to produce another human being. God's design from the beginning has been to have couples made up of one female and one male to have babies (to be fruitful and increase in number), who in turn would marry and have babies, etc. I don't doubt that gays have a strong desire for others of their sex and I wish they didn't have to struggle with that desire. God loves them as much as he loves any straight person but He hates sin (not the sinner). Sin is any rebellion against God's will (which is perfect and righteous). It can be anything from an impure thought to an outward act. The important thing is to realize that homosexuality is clearly sinful because it is a rebellion against God's mandate (even if the homosexual isn't cognizant of this fact) and will and is a corruption of the marriage model He set up from the beginning of recorded human history. The homosexual will have to restrain his impulses and ask God for help in overcoming his desires. It is something that requires supernatural help. God always responds to those who earnestly seek Him.

  41. Posted is: “If God didn’t make gays, there wouldn’t be any.”

    I post: 1 Corinthians, 6-9.

    satan is the author of all that is evil.

  42. I always enjoy this debate as it directly relates to those I have had with atheists who say God created evil. Well the truth is God did not create evil or sin, fallen angels and we humans made it happen. God simply gave us the free will to choose between right and wrong; providing a choice does not mean creation thereof. God forewarns us of the sin just as he did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but man thought he knew better and went against God. The exact same is true of homosexulaity. Homosexuality is the direct result of Adam’s fall from grace; original sin. It is mentioned several times in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin against God, yet mankind continues. God gave us the free will to decide because true love comes when we make a conscious decision and want to love God, but much like raising a child there are consequences for wrongdoing and sin.

    1. Yes! You have it, The Truth. If homosexuals were "programmed" from the womb, how can they then "love" when there is no free will?

  43. In nature, homo behavior is rare — very rare. A sheep rancher friend told me that only 1 or 2% of rams have no interest in the ewes. Instead, they try to mount other rams. He called them "sweet asses" and are taken out of the herd for disposal. Ewes produce wool, rams produce more sheep. If the ram doesn't do his job, he's of no value. If that ratio holds true in nature, and I believe it does, then the only thing that accounts for why the self-professed homo population is estimated to be10% is personal choice, not accident of birth. Most weren't born that way. Homos call normal people "straights". The opposite of straight? Bent, crooked, uneven, etc. I'll go with that.

      1. I think the comment was that he would take 'bent, crooked, uneven, etc' as the label for the opposite of 'straight' as homosexuals call heterosexuals 'straight', not that such labels applied to himself.

  44. There is a person who is famous for his statement," what is, is right."
    His name was de Sade.
    If we still find sadism unpalatable, perhaps we should pay attention to the De Sade road signs we keep driving past.
    Remember this one?
    “I think we follow the basic law of nature, which is that we’re a bunch of chemical reactions running around in a bag.”
    Dean Hamer

  45. The statement is absurd, especially if you are a Christian. If you are not, it doesn't matter what the statement means. God did not create homosexuals, just like He did not create Downs Syndrome (a chromosomal condition) or a genetic disposition towards diabetes.

    Romans 5:12: " … even as by one man, sin entered into the world, and by sin, death; and thus death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned." Romans 3:23: "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans 8:22–23: "For we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain …, even we ourselves groan in ourselves, awaiting adoption, [that is] the redemption of our bodies."

    What God created was perverted by Satan and we are born with a sin nature. Sickness, deformity, perversion, criminality, poisonous weeds and thorns are all results of sin entering into the world. The whole creation is waiting for the full redemption of mankind—when all of creation will be healed. As humans we have a choice to agree with our sinful nature and do whatever feels good—go along with our natural inclinations—or we can repent of our sinful nature, ask for forgiveness and let the healing begin now.

    Rambo was a poor example because learning death and destruction was just agreeing with the natural inclination we all have toward death and destruction. It's easily learned and perfected. God did create people with a tendency toward good, and we can often overcome evil tendencies; that's why there are so many good people in the world. But being good is not enough; we can only receive complete deliverance from the sin nature by recognizing the source of sin, confessing and repenting to God, and receiving redemption—that is redemption from the sin nature.

  46. We have an almost unanimous agreement, albeit worded in many different ways. We should cease all gay lawmaking and discussions until after election time and have the new administration open public congressional hearings on the issue. Invite all sides and outside "experts", and I believe they will agree with the public opinion. I note even the female gays look with a jaundiced eye toward their male counterparts, and vice versa. I note the medical profession and clergy have opposing viewpoints, and even those of the same "persuasion" differ on the causes and effects. Let the gays have their
    "partnerships", but do not sully the meaning of the eons old meaning of the word "marriage". Otherwise it becomes analogous to a nurses-aid saying they are a doctor or a Piper Cub pilot saying he is an airline pilot.

  47. @eliwhit: God did NOT reach his hand down and create a lizard with two heads; or the cat that was born with 5 legs instead of four. There are mistakes in various bodies of people and animals alike. God does HAVE THE BLUE PRINT, but something in the physical body goes wrong _ and NOT God's mistake.
    He did NOT reach down and MAKE someone gay — I am copying and pasting another comment I saw on here — IT IS NOT MINE brilliance but his/hers:

    An anomaly has been discovered on the first X cromasome of Gay people. The XX and XY cromasomes.
    Search Gay Genetics. The're are Gay Animals.
    The Bible says Man shall not lay with Man BUT doesn't say Woman shall not lay with Woman. The Issue is Sodomy and STD's. Most laws in the Bible are on health. Unprotected Sodomy leeds to kidney,testicle,overian, infeations.

    Read more: Another Liberal Argument Bites the Dust

  48. I agree whole heartily with Thomas Petty, Gizmo your arguments are both illiterate and illogical. I would like to add a few clarifying comments.
    Gizmo you say that "the party" is against immigrants that is blatantly wrong; republicans are against illegal immigration. We welcome people to come to this country to live a better life but they must do it legally. "The party" is also against giving those illegals any assistance to live and work here because they don't deserve to be here. The illegals are taking away money from you and every other tax payer.
    It was the progressive Republicans under Teddy Roosevelt that enacted child labor laws. Unions are a communistic idea but did help improve working conditions. They have now outlived their basic founding principles of improving working conditions and now demand that they determine how the company operates. There are Federal laws that now regulate the work environment, so now unions are more of a power/money grab then improving working conditions.
    According to your argument any disagreement with your position is radical. Therefore, i am a radical and proud of it, I say NO to socialization of this country. It is NOT the governments responsibility to see that I have the means to provide for myself but to "promote the general welfare" and not a Welfare State. The more that the private sector provides for work the better off will be the nation. "Promoting" the general welfare does include regulations of business to regulate legally but not to over regulate that basically puts the business out of business and making workers rely on the gov't for sustenance, ergo a welfare state. When you give a handout for not working why should anyone work. The Soviet Union was based on that principle and you see what happened there. It is only the capitol system that prospers a people and their nation.

  49. Ultor, I agree with you…I would NEVER want to follow in the foot steps of any gay person. I have no gay friends. What they do gives me the willies because it is NOT natural. I resent what the WH is doing to claim it to be… I just know that "it happens" and I will not persecute them — it is unfortunately a path — a very horrible painful path they walk. And, I won't have anything to do with them or their wanting to drive us to make it acceptable. In my mind, I cannot accept it as normal by any stretch of the imagination. I will NOT stand behind them as they work to force it to be taught in our public schools as natural or normal. IT IS NOT natural or NORMAL; and should be slammed as being included in the education process!!! It SHOULD NOT be allowed!!!!

  50. In my rush to throw in my two-cents worth on the gay issue, I forgot to say that Gary Demar's post was one of the more lucid and on-point issues I have come accross in quite some time—and he did it without seriously offending any particular group. His facts and logic are hard to refute. Again, well done!

  51. If your mother used abortion as a contraceptive and had no children, chances are you won't need to use that, or any other, method.

  52. This article successfully manages to take down the weakly conceived liberal catch phrase.

    Don't go getting carried away and busting out the champagne.

    This article does not manage to show why the opposite of the liberal claim is true. The best this article can muster on why "Homosexuality is wrong"… is because it says so in the Bible.

    So that's fine for all you Bible readers. Don't apply your religious beliefs to our free country. This isn't Saudi Arabia.

  53. God makes no mistakes,if your born gay you have the same principles we straight have,no sex without marriage.Only Your not allowed marriage,according to the Bible,so no sex for you at all.Sorry about your luck !!! Dr.Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  54. If God didn’t make them, where did religious fundamentalists who want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us come from?

    Have you ever heard of the right to religious freedom? Do you think your deeply beliefs should take precedence over those of others? I don't. I'll make up my own mind, thankyouverymuch. Those who object are just as bad as liberals who want to impose their own flakey world view on the rest of us.

    Let's make a deal… I'll worship God in my own way and refrain from trying to force you to embrace my religious beliefs if you'll do the same.

  55. Using the argument on the picketer's sign, we could say, "If God didn't MAKE sin, there would be no sin."

    This is ludicrous on its face, because it removes man's free will from the equation.

    God made man and gave man free will to choose. Man chose to go against the only rule God gave him. This was the first sin and provided man with a path away from God.

    God then provided man with choices that will provide a better life for man. These choices provide man with a path back to God. It is man's choice to move away from God and the better life.

    God is providing the options and man is making the decisions. When man chooses to go against God's plan, man is choosing to go against God. Similar to a parent providing a child with choices: the child chooses a path that is against what the parent wishes increases the distance between the child and the parent. A loving parent does not STOP loving the child when that child displeases him, but waits for the child to return. (See Luke chapter 15 for three stories showing how God loves the lost and what occurs when the lost is returned.)

    Homosexuality, murder, thievery, adultery, lying, and whatever sin you want to put in the list places us in a position to be AGAINST God's highest will for us. Any one of these things places us in a direction headed away from God. In order to get back to Him, we have to depend on Him to provide the pathway. This was done through Jesus Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead proves His power over the hold Death (and our sin) has to separate us from God. God's pathway is simple, but we must accept His path and not remain on our own. He made Him who knew no sin to become sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

    Because of our God-given free will, we have a choice. Keep refusing God's provision and remain on our own path or accept His path back to Him and allow Him to work on us. If we refuse to accept God's path, we can only blame ourselves for what happens in this life or the next.

    Acceptance of this grace-gift from God is too simple for us and removes any power man has over his own destination. This is why so many people reject it and vehemently fight against it. But if the reader of this post will only step away from his desire to be "in charge" and allow God to take over, he can be forgiven and see the pathway because God will make it clear. God never takes away our free will, He just provides us with the ability to understand His Will and the direction He desires for us. God never gives up on us, but we reject Him and He will not force Himself on us.

    The path is as simple as A, B, C:

    A => Admit that you are a sinner.
    B => Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sin and rose again on the third day.
    C=> Choose to accept the grace-gift from God and follow Christ.

    God will do it. For more information: google how to become a Christian.

  56. @ delegate….This is not hate speech…this is a discussion about why someone is born gay.
    However, with Obama being gay? He would consider it hate speech. (if anyone doesn't believe me, Google: Obama and Gay)

  57. God hates sin but loved the sinners (all of us) so much He sent his only son to die to pardon that sin. What is clear in the Bible is a) man has a free will. Man disobeyed God in the garden of Eden, and was punished. Man either chooses to follow the word of God or he/she doesn't. Man chooses to be a serial killer, a thief, an adulterer, a child molester, a homosexual, or he doesn't.
    b) Sin exists. There is a right and wrong. The Bible is clear on the wrongness of homosexuality.
    c) God hates sin. Just because it exists doesn't mean that God created it or that He approves. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of sin. He didn't sit back and say that since I created those people I have to let them continue behaving in such a way that is contrary to My word.
    d) God wants man to put aside sin. The best example is the woman caught in the act of adultery that was brought to him by the Pharisees to be stoned. Jesus forgave her but most importantly, told her to "go and sin no more".
    e) Jesus died for mans' sins. Accepting him doesn't necessarily mean you never sin again, it means that God has forgiven sin and Christians who have accepted Jesus should strive to live a sin-free life.
    f) When we all stand before God, we'll be accountable for the choices we've made and our eternal home will be the outcome of those choices.

  58. God didn't have to command for women not to lie with each other. That's all they can do is lie together. Only men who want to insert their penis into the digestive organ of other men are so stupid God had to give that command.

  59. God didn't need to command women not to lie together. Even when they do, they can't have sexual relations. Only some idiotic men want to do that with other men.

  60. This was a very clear and compelling argument. If the argument that I see is that the gay homosexual community, love to say that they were caused by a hormonal imbalance or messed up genes. If you look at it the facts don't support that. I homosexuality, is a choice, a lifestyle that is chosen by the individual. That's the only way it can be thought of.

    In nature mutations do occur they often occur at the very base level of our genes. If those genes are useful and productive an extension of that life form in his well-being those genes can be passed on. If not that life form mutations will not pass on its genes it will not continue. So little thing called natural selection. That's how animals and plants every other living thing improve their chances of survival and continue to evolve.

    Nature is always trying to build a better mousetrap, and she often makes mistakes. That's where nature comes in and eliminates the stakes so that they cannot be passed on. Pure and simple if it can't reproduce it can survive.

    When someone chooses to follow the homosexual lifestyle they do just that they make the choice. No one forced him into it nor were they born that way. When one chooses that path they do so with an understanding of what the complications can be. Aside from the health risks STDs, especially AIDS, and the ridicule that they set themselves up for.
    My point is that if someone knows that the stove is hot and they put their hand on it anyway you don't feel sorry because they got burned, it was their choice. So before we start feeling sorry for the gays, granting them extra protection, giving them extra rights, or bending over backwards to make them feel better is pure unadulterated Bull. They made their bed and let them lie in it and stay out of mine.

  61. God gave us free will and that means choice. If you choose a perversion that is on your head. So if God didn't make Homosexuals it must have been Satan.

  62. God didn't make snarky idiots with self-inflating egos, liberals did. They think because they BELIEVE something, that it is SO! AND their mind is made up, so don't even try to confuse them with FACTS! I am SO sick of prattling loons who absolutely KNOW that things are as they perceive, they pity others who don't believe as they. This also goes for those who instantly see discrimination in EVERY situation which doesn't conform to THEIR expectations, whether true or not! Most heteros don't go around screaming, " I am hetero!", so why should gays proclaim their choice? Keep it on the downlow, and just get along!

    Wake up, fools! The world DOES NOT revolve around you!

  63. To all Homosexuals Lesbians and what ever you think you are God made them Both Man and Woman. You chose to be Homo or Lesbian and what ever sick thing people think of being But you chose your path all by your self. Stop pushing your actions on someone other then your self, God so love the World that he Gave His only begotten whom ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. Stop sinning repent of your sins and be saved if not you will not like the heat you'er going to.

  64. Well, there ya go, that's the type of logic those half-wit, nit-wit radical left wing, commie/marxist morons live by, God didn't MAKE you do anything(contrary to ovomit) he is there to help IF YOU ASK FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT'S IT FOLKS, ALL SHE WROTE!!! I don't think he will help us out of the mess with ovomit, WE HAVE TO HELP OURSELVES, GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES, OVOMIT IS A NON -BELIEVER SO HE DON'T COUNT!!!!AND GOD DOES KNOW THAT

  65. Gays make themselves by bad sexual orientation. God has nothing to do with their way of life but he understands their mental disorientation.

  66. @Jeff…I really like your response. It is something to think about; however, I will have to get back with you later to respond properly.

  67. The reference to Romans 1:26-27 should actually start a few verses before verse 26, at back to verse 18, and should continue to verse 32.

  68. This is a great article, thank you Godfatherpolitics for sharing it.

    Unfortunately, liberals in the media and in the teaching profession are embracing the "born this way" idea and pushing it on our kids. What's even more repulsive is that they are doing it in "hidden" ways (children story books, television programs, and in almost any sitcom on the TV).

    Europe has gone down this road before, and they are going down it again. Australia, the Philippines, and even China are starting to suffer from the consequences of accepting this BEHAVIOR as "normal" and "natural".

    We are smarter than this, America. Think about it!

      1. Hard to do Luke…you know the homos can't differentiate between love and sodomy. God calls this abomination. That would be name callling. Bullying is picking on someone. I think the homos are picking on our society by trying to force us all to accept this vile sinful behavior. I've never seen a worse bully than a homo.

  69. Being gay is not a "behavior." It is a state of being. Many parents "know" their child is gay from very early in that child's life.

    1. Not true. Most parents try to keep their children from this behaivor. They don't know anything of the sort Bud….you idiot.

  70. @Jeff. I understand your anger. I don't like gays. I don't want to be around them.
    Unfortunately, there are "reasons" not excuses but REASONS that people who are taught in good, Christian homes; and they are NOT abused. They grow up normal lives like others in their classes but they know inside themselves they "are" different.

    I don't like it either. I don't like it for them. They didn't ask to be born with a twisted wire inside themselves. It is a hard road they will have to walk.

    I will tell you this! Those who are "switch hitters"? I have a horrible attitude about them. I have often said, "They are just whores and don't care where the "feel good" feeling comes from as long as they get it.

  71. No, being gay is not a behavior at all. Period. Being gay is not even a behavior. It is a state of being. There are many gays, particularly the elderly, who no longer ever have gay sex. And there are younger gays, especially those who are not out of the closet or who have yet to come to terms with being gay, who never have gay sex. On the other hand, there are many young men who are NOT gay who DO have gay sex. Sometimes for money. Others (especially in the military or in prison) for convenience. And YES, numerous young military men who are not gay do engage in gay sex.

    1. Bud, call it what you want. The act of sodomization is as "gay" as you can get. Just because you like to use this term for those perverts doesn't make their actions any better. If you like to consider yourself a thief, are you still a thief if you get too old to steal?? Are you a thief if you're just thinking about stealing and haven't come to terms with the idea of actually stealing?? Are you actually a thief if you actually do commit a theft?? YES. Whatever the reason, if you take something that doesn't belong to you, you are a thief…plain and simple. Whatever you wish to call yourself does not negate the fact that sodomization is a queer/gay/homosexual act…Paint it however you wish….the picture comes out all the same.

  72. If GOD didn;t make obummer the slummer we wouldn't have to put up with him,he is the one true excuse for retroactive abortion.
    I don;t think God made him,he was the excretement from a unholy connection.
    PETA people eating tastey animals

    1. Actually, Romans 1 even mentions women before men. Of course, as was mentioned above, it is important to catch Romans 1 in full context of 18-32. It starts with the wrath of God. It moves to rejection of the Creator (evolution, atheism, which the Bible says is a lie, as even atheists do KNOW there is a God, they just reject him). Rejection of God turns into Him giving them up to their own sins, starting with lust and uncleanness, moving on to 'vile affections' specifically mentioning female and male homosexuality (with the strong implication that various harms to the body resulting from homosexual sex, including STDs, are not judgement on that sin so much as simply the natural result of homosexual behavior, the judgement being allowing them to pursue homosexuality), then finally to their own reprobate minds

      Romans then carries on to the results of their sinful desires, vile affections, and reprobate minds, including fornication (pretty much a Biblical catch-all for ALL sexual sins), wickedness, envy, murder, lies, gossips and slanderers, inventors of evil things, disrespectful to their parents (yes, that really is in there), oathbreakers, unmerciful, and lacking natural affection, to name a few.

      Perhaps the most sobering bit, though, is the part at the end. " and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them."

        1. Well, I sort of figure that there is no point in being given a brain if I don't use it. The bonus is that sometimes using it also helps others.

  73. God created the building blocks for all people to be conceived. Unfortunately many people are born with mental illnesses that include homosexual desires and behavioral traits.

    1. Actually, everything I've seen that relates mental illness and homosexuality does not have homosexuality or homosexual desires and behavior traits as the mental illness, itself. It has, however, later evidenced itself in people that have OTHER mental illnesses, including abuse-induced mental illness, bi-polar, and various other psychosis. I do not know if it evidences from other non-psychotic mental illnesses, but I do know a person with some homosexual or bisexual leanings that has never talked to anyone that claims homosexuality or bisexuality that does not have some serious mental illness, themselves included. That also includes the partners from their own experience. For this friend, the mental illness was mostly the result of abuse earlier in life. This person, along with every self-professed homosexual to whom they have talked, creates a fairly significant sample size to suggest that at least a significant percentage of homosexuals, if not all, are homosexual and pursuing said lifestyle resulting from mental illness. (At least if you have a fairly random sample of 30+, and it is a 100% correlation, that is very suggestive, statistically, of a connection between homosexuality and mental illness, especially when the mental illness came first in 100% of the cases. Granted, correlation is not causation, however we almost never see a 100% correlation of truly unrelated items in any random sampling.)

  74. The concept of original sin. Unfortunately for us Adam and Eve introduced sin into this world along with it came disobedience to God. You can try to over analyze this all you want but homosexuality is a sin against God. Why because God made man and women to be together. When sin was introduced came all kind of vile acts by mankind including homosexuality. The homosexuals desperately want to prove that God created them like this therefore it makes their cause legitimate. The reason this idea should be rejected is because they are in direct contradiction to what God ordained, by saying that God created them like this justifies their cause in their eyes. If a homosexual commits an act against God and repents and asks for forgiveness from Jesus Christ he or she is forgiven but by trying to legitimize what he or she has convinced themselves they have become he or she is commiting an unforgivable sin by disobeying God and if you read the Bible you know how disobeying God turns out. I'll leave you all with this Bible verse 1Cor 6: 9-10 and say thank God I am not a homosexual.

  75. "I make peace and create evil" Isaiah 45:2 KJV However, Don is right, it is a choice. It is like whether you like liver or not. God doesn't make us eat it but it is there. For the homosexual, it is choice. I have heard allm of the arguements. I have a niece that is lesbian and admits that it is wrong but she does it….at least she is honest about it.

    1. She only believes it is wrong because she was told that it is. It's exactly the same reason why people believe that there is a god. They were told it and thy never questioned it. It's sad, really.

      1. That is just one of the reasons. The other, and even more compelling reason, is common sense and evidence that this behavior causes disease. What we question is why anyone in their right mind would commit such an evil, not to mention hazardous to health, behavior in the first place….whether or not you believe in God. Sad….really.

        1. There are no more risks involved than those posed by promiscuous heterosexual behavior. The problem is unprotected sexual contact, not having feelings for someone of the same gender.

  76. @ Patricia…are you kidding me? Number 1) It can't be cured; never mind… forget 2) and 3)…
    If you believe thee is a cure…Why don't you research it for us. Back up your belief with scientific evident.

    1. Back up your belief with scientific evidence that hasn't been concluded by a group of queers. It's not a disease. It's a choice and a bad one at that. Carry on with your sodomizing. The cure is usually early death for those like you who refuse to face reality. ; )

  77. Patricia, I am not gay. No one I know is gay. I don't like to be around gay people. I just know from researching it. There is NO cure. There is NO pill they can take.

    1. There is no pill to stop it, nor gene therapy, nor ongoing medical treatment. At the same time, there are former homosexuals out there happily living a heterosexual life. (Don't expect too many news reports on them, because the MSM and the homosexual lobby do not wish you to know they exist.) This is just one more argument that it is not genetic, biological, or inborn. If it were inborn and not a chosen lifestyle (no matter why or how unwilling the choice), they would not be able to STOP being homosexual, at least not without medication, as some genetic or inborn abnormalities or predispositions CAN be managed with medication. Interestingly, though, people have and do stop without medical intervention.

    2. The cure is God. I already have also. The challenge is yours to find God a liar…I believe Him. You are the one with the problem.

  78. Of course, people miss the overarching fallacy of the 'born that way, so it cannot be wrong, and God cannot condemn me for it" argument. The Bible says a lot of things about man being given free will and a knowledge of good and evil. More interesting, it says a lot about people being born sinners. For the sake of the question of if you are bad enough to be sent to hell or not, it does not even matter if that sin is telling a lie, being just once disrespectful to your parents, having 1 homosexual experience, or being a serial killer. Lacking repentance, belief in Christ, and a change of lifestyle, all of those will send you to hell with equal speed. If that wasn't enough, the Bible says we have a bad record and a sinful nature passed down to us from Adam. With just one sin being enough to send a person to hell forever, David talks about being conceived in sin (and he's not talking about his fornication or adultery) and coming from the womb speaking lies. Well, if the homosexual argument of it being natural, and therefore not wrong, were true, then nobody could ever be sent to hell, no matter how wicked and vile their actions. Since we are born sinners with a sinful nature, we could argue that we are born sinners and so it cannot be bad and we cannot be judged for that.

    Of course, God doesn't work that way. He made Adam and Eve perfect, gave them only ONE prohibition, and let them choose for themselves and all their descendants what they would do. God didn't make them sin. While they were certainly tempted to sin under Satan's influence, he also did not make them sin. They chose to on their own. That we are born with a sinful nature does not mean that God has no basis to judge against us. It rather shows how infinitely just He is to judge against us unless we have intervention in our case. Not only have we fallen short of what is required to be judged righteous by God, but we also so incapable of getting that standard on our own that anything we do on our own to try and be righteous is repugnant to Him. What makes Christians different is not that they are better. It is that they have a righteous record assigned to them by virtue of another having lived that righteous life and then taken the punishment for their sins, all of which are things they cannot do on their own. They are not perfect, only forgiven (and it is infinitely annoying that some seem to forget that and that others falsely claiming Christianity refuse to understand that). The result of that intervention in their life is that they are given a clean record and a cleansed heart that desires to choose and live righteously. It brings a change of life. (The Bible talks about many sins that absolutely bar people from entering Heaven, including homosexuality, murder, liars, adulterers, etc, and perhaps the best example of the change brought about by being saved is in the text following the list, which says, "and such WERE some of you". It then talks about how they were washed, cleansed, changed, transformed, but not that they did those things for themselves.) Repentance and conversion are both terms that describe a drastic change in life, direction, and lifestyle. Of course, what is missed by people that don't understand or don't care to understand is that Christians do not try to live perfect and holy lives to achieve salvation. They attempt to live holy lives because they have already RECEIVED salvation. The result of being forgiven and cleansed is the desire to live a more righteous and holy life. (And of course the Bible tells us that those who live unrepentant in sin are not truly followers of Christ.)

    In the end, you must conclude that the Bible teaches that we can indeed be judged by God for inborn traits, if those traits are deemed wickedness by God. Even if homosexuals are born with homosexual leanings (which I do not believe), they are still pursuing a sinful life that is completely contrary with living a righteous life. That does not make them worse than any other sinner. Without repentance, we are all in the same boat. With repentance and belief in Christ, we will strive to change our lives, and not actively pursue an unrepentant sinful lifestyle, be that lying, homosexuality, fornication, theft, murder, or any other sin. That does not mean that Christians do not sometimes fall into such sins. That means that such sins are the exception, not the rule, for those Christians in particular and all Christians in general.

  79. Bating is the point. Nothing more. The sign bates the discussing by turning it towards arguments based on a Religious perspective which will not win the day in court. Stick with the error we see played out in Europe and HIV and Fidelity and raising ones own offspring as the foundation and strength of a great nation.

  80. OBAMUSE Is Gay Membership To Chicago Gay Club Had Gay Sex Sniffing COCANE Hes Sex Partner DONALD YOUNG Was Assacinated Dec-23- 2007 – 2 Man Came Forward /Larry Sinclair That Broke The Story All 3 Man Died Conveniently 1-1/2 Mont Before Obama Ascent To Be Democratic Party Presedential Nominne !!

  81. @ Patricia….I am onto something that science has been working on but I'm not finished yet. When I find it….I'll come back and post it.

    1. Science will never trump what God says upaces…Never…don't bother with trying to convince me what science has to say. Science has got it wrong soooooooooo many times and science can't guarantee me salvation. I'm not interested in what you find, but thanks anyway.

  82. When I was researching trying to find a "pill" to "fix" those we think might be homosexual — instead, I rean across this. I think this should be against the law!!!!

    Back in the day when it was thought that there were …

    All forms of sedation and medication imaginable. All forms of horrific … That has nothing to do with finding a "cure" for homosexuality, it just illustrates …​index?qid=20080131205935AA… – Cached
    HETRACIL Anti-Effeminate Medication – The Museum of Hoaxes

    HETRACIL Anti-Effeminate Medication … was to spur conversation on a “what if” scenario in which a cure for homosexuality (or …​comments/37... – Cached
    Homosexuality – Diseases & Conditions – Medscape Reference

    Based on opinions such as these, treatments were designed to cure homosexuality. Psychoanalysis and similar psychotherapies were undertaken to repair the … – Cached
    Treatment of Male Homosexuality: A Cognitive-Behavioral and …

    Effective gender-affirmative therapy for homosexuality … is shared about the origins and treatment of homosexuality and questions are entertained about change and "cure." – Cached

  83. They are LOST, need of a SAVIOUR. They need JESUS CHRIST in their hearts. I pray for them, all the time. I pray for the Mormon's too!

  84. You have a choice to do as you wish with whatever sexual orientation you are born or compelled towards.
    But this blog seems more inclined to define gay behavior and then attempts to vilify – police and prosecute it.

    As the bible says, let the man without sin throw the first stone.
    In which case this blog would have ZERO comments from gay bashers! You would all have to put your stones back in your pockets, go back into your homes and mind your own abundance of sinful business.

  85. God made people. People make their own choice's what they want to become. Try this one, three separate islands miles apart one with gays one with lesbians and one with married women and men. After 150 years which island will have children which will keep the population increasing.While the other two island population can't increase it's numbers and are all deceased. Need i say any more.

    1. But within your hypothetical heterosexual island, there is a 10% probability that the offspring will be born gay. So what do you do with them? Take them from their families and send them to the gay prison islands?
      Ahhh yes the final solution = “Mien Kamph”. (High 5 the Furor)

      I’m surprised God hasn’t returned already and just pitched the whole earth into the sun and be done with the endless nonsense.

        1. Obviously you have the medical and psychiatric credentials to make so many predisposed assumptions?
          I’m just saying how smart you seem to be ….
          Perhaps you can send me links to some of your medical publications that have been peer reviewed?

  86. If God made the homosexual and then told them they were a sinner and were condemned that would make God a hypocrite. I do not dare call God a hypocrite nor do I believe He is. Mankind is the one who changes God's ways under the direction of Satan. If you accept everything as being gray then you eliminate God and Satan both and live in a screwed up world. Read and know God's plan. It is in the scriptures and quit twisting the scripture to meet your desires. Conform your beliefs to God's ways and not the other way around.. Read Isaiah 55:8-9

  87. I am a Christian, first and foremost. I have full control over my actions. I have a lot of control over my thoughts. But, my desires have always been homosexual. I have no control over what I want. Though I haven't fulfilled those desires in a very long time.
    I am a Christian, conservative, libertarian, gay man. I have a job, I have friends (both male and female).
    I call myself "gay" because of my sexual desires. NOT because I like the gay community. I find much of the gay community disgusting. In fact, much of the gay community pick-up on "Christian conservative libertarian" and judge/condemn me as severely as Christians do for other reasons…

    Christians who judge me pick-up the "gay" part and jump all over me ignorant of my struggles and the fact that I have been celibate for a very long time. They ask me why I never married. Well, how can I condemn a woman to a husband who does not sexually desire her?

    Jesus said to lover your neighbor as yourself… Judge not lest you be judge with the same judgement.
    You condemn your gay neighbors. Does that mean you condemn yourself? Or do you try to understand yourself?
    Do you know how many condemning Christians who turned out to be gay or have other sexual sin in their lives?

    You people have no idea of what you speak. Judgement without knowledge is mob power.

  88. I read long ago about a confusion in the brain causing homosexual behavior. Some people say they CHOOSE this type of life.
    I believe there are those that choose and those that are born with the confusion in the brain. Either way…………I do not hate them for it.
    I do believe they should not be "married" as only men and women should be joined in matrimony. However if they wanted a "civil union" and were not trying to ram their "cause" down many throats that they offend……………..they would have an easier time fitting in to society.

  89. You are very correct that this argument isn't in the least bit logical. Right of the bat , it fails because it attempts to legitemize on idea with another that has never been proven. Saying god doesn't make mistakes without first determining that there is a god is a ridiculous stance to take in the argument.

  90. When Gary Demar attempts to pass off his incoherent, anti-Christian ramblings as logic, he undermines everything that is good and admirable in Christians that live their faith.

  91. If God created homosexuals, why does the homosexual movement have to recruit new members? Why do godless Darwinists support the homosexual movement? Is there anything more antithetical to the theory of evolution than homosexuality?

    1. Actually the fact that homosexuals are, and will likely remain, a small minority within the human population tends to support evolutionary theory.

      1. Not quite.

        It supports the evolution of choice.   After all, one chooses to go homo.

        If homosexuality is a result of your idea of evolution, there would be some mark of this ” evolution.”    Some physical  mark.    Something physical to satisfy the need.    Where is it?

  92. You are DEMON POSSESS when you leave the NATURAL use of a woman, and burned in your heart for LUST after another male, you will receive in yourself the reward of your error. The same will happen to any female that LUST after another female and leave the NATURAL use of a male and burned in LUST after another female.

    These people will be filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of GOD, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    Who knowing the judgment of GOD, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.


  93. i am sick of being forced to accept every deviant lifestyle from every circus freak on the planet as normal in the name of fairness! funny how these people find a way to blame God! God is no more responsible for fags or dykes than He is for any other deviant, disgusting life choices that you make! we were all given free choice! how you use it is your choice and one day you WILL answer to the almighty! our country is being punished now because people think they have the right to do whatever they wish from the killing of innocent babies to deviant behavior!

  94. I am convinced when the world ends and Jesus comes back, those who commit this beastly act will be lost. In fact, our Bible tells us that those who have the "Mark of the Beast" will be lost. I am wondering it this may have something to do with homosexuality as only beasts breed in this manner and only beasts are unable to reason. This behavior is committed by those who have no common sense or ability to reason and have no thought or care for the consequences….exaclty like a beast. Food for thought….

  95. What I meant was that beasts breed from behind and often "miss the mark" unintentionally. Humans have to intentionally miss the mark and do so of their own free will and choice.

    1. Ohhhhh, .. you're way too preoccupied with the nasty,.. even if I agree its nasty.
      But you will probably interpret that as weakness.

      I think we should mind our own business because no matter what our opinion on this controversial blog, somebody will disagree. Thus the energy to sustain any points is moot and boring.

      Nothing to see or hear folks, … go back to your homes, the government is here to direct you.

      1. The nastiness and the death and disease that comes with it is what we will continue to warn our children about. I don't need the government to direct me. Common sense should suffice.

    1. Your wit is so brilliant I have to put on welding goggles to prevent my retinas from being damaged.
      I’ll bet you know some good re-tread knock-knock jokes too?

      I gave you a thumbs up anyway but your post is less than creative.

    1. Yep, seems like everyone has something to say about this one. I am convinced of one thing, no matter where you stand on this subject, someone will be there to disagree with you.

  96. No quicker way to bented a liberal out of shape than to say, "If a homosexual was born 'that way', so are the people that kill them."

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