Are Americans Finally Seeing the True Obama Presidency?

With only eight days before the elections, it seems that Americans are waking up and seeing the real President Barack Obama.  His ratings are falling as are his standings in a number of the polls.

Last week, Obama’s job approval ratings fell seven points in a short three day span.  On Oct. 23, his job approval ratings according to Gallup were at 53%.  It dropped to 51% on the 24th, then down to 48% on the 25th and further down to 46% on the 26th.

It seems the only thing Obama has accomplished last week, other than campaigning, was to lie about the terrorist attack on Benghazi and to re-iterate that he is holding all of America as hostages on the tax cuts.  Obama, who constantly says that they tried so hard to sit down with Republicans to work out compromises, has emphatically stated that he will veto any tax cut legislation that does not meet his requirements.  This is Obamas form of compromise – everyone has to compromise to his way of doing things, but not vice versa.

In another indicator, that Americans are starting to see the real Obama presidency, is the latest Rasmussen Report on the swing states that Obama won in 2008.  Those states include – Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin carry a total of 146 Electoral College votes.

On Oct. 17, Obama held a 3 point lead (50-47) over Mitt Romney in the 11 key swing states.  That was the last time Obama held the lead in the swing state poll and as of Oct. 28 Romney holds a 4 point lead (50-46) over Obama.

The same trend is being seen in some of the recent Electoral College projection maps.  Obama’s lead has vanished in some of them and dwindled in others.  Some sources are seeing Obama self-destructing as the elections draw near.

We can only hope and pray that these trends will continue and carry into Election Day and that Americans give Obama his walking papers because he has completely and utterly failed us and the nation.

259 thoughts on “Are Americans Finally Seeing the True Obama Presidency?

  1. We know that it IS possible to fool SOME of the people, ALL of the time….otherwise, Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected in the first place. I pray God unmasks him and exposes his true colors BEFORE the election and that those people will finally realize that they were dead wrong. America’s future depends on it.

    Something that may help turn the tide is for Romney’s campaign to come out with some ads about Obamacare…..things that people dont know about.

    Like…….because Obama stole 716 BILLION from Medicare to fund his bill, Medicare will no longer pay for a yearly physical for seniors. Instead… it is being replaced by an ”Annual Wellness Visit” in which the doctor is not allowed to touch the patient in any way but asks them superficial questions about their health. The doctor can’t even do a cursory examination of the patient.

    Within the last week I spoke to 3 doctors about this and they find it laughable and unacceptable….and are examining their seniors anyway. And those same doctors are seriously considering other vocations…and it’s a shame for they are terrific physicians who truly care about people,

    If I were Romney, I’d make sure that all the swing states especially were bombarded with Obamacare facts. It think it would definitely change some people’s minds.

    1. My family doctor of 15 years is quiting this next year. He has already told his patients. He is going back to truck driving. This is what he did before Medical School. He said they have cut back payments and forced him to work weekends for free at the hospitals until he no longer makes decent money. He said he made more money and worked less hours as a truck driver.

      1. Obamacare states that all physicians are to be paid the same regardless of their expertise. GO ROMNEY and God Bless America!

        1. The older physicians will mostly retire and the younger folks won’t have as much incentive to become physicians if what they can do is controlled by the government and the pay will be a lot less, too.

        2. Yes, and when the costs of BEING a doctor continue to climb while the salaries are DROPPING… be honest: what would YOU be thinking and doing?

        3. When you add the impact of Obamacouldcareless to malpractice (by his attorney friends), it makes little sense to become a doctor for profit these days. my daughter is finishing medical school and she says many doctors she knows will pull the plug if Obama is re-elected. I am an MS level engineer in the E&P business. It is also bad for us if he is reelected. He has declared war on oil and gas (and coal). He lied through his teeth about production being up under his term. Both are down circa 15% on federal lands and leasing down 50%. You idiots that support this man are bringing our country down. Your “free stuff” will also end soon.

        4. Where the heck do you get this bizarre information from? Please, please prove to us that what you said is true.

          Pretty much all that Obamacare does is make everyone buy insurance. There are a lot of things in the bill about how to pay for it but there are several requirements in the bill to make sure services are cut.

          It is no wonder so many people oppose the law with all of this crazy misinformation.

        5. daves…..YOU do your own researching.

          I’ve read the bill and as one who is retired from the medical field, all the docs that I know are totally against Obamacare for the reasons I posted.

          YOU are the one who is giving people misinformation. Obama ROBBED Medicare of 716 BILLION to fund his diabolical bill, and because of that little detail, physicians aren’t getting paid like they should and they are no longer able to examine patients annually and get paid for it.

          I just HAD my Wellness Exam (which is supposed to replace the yearly physical) and it was nothing but a joke. The doctor is not allowed to touch the patient and asks a bunch of simple questions about your lifestyle and health. The eye and hearing tests were laughable.

          You are clueless about this and need to learn about something before you speak about it. And if you’re smart, you’ll vote against Obama so that this damnable bill can be repealed. Otherwise, if Obama wins, YOU are going to learn the hard way just how awful his bill is. YOU will be in the same boat as the seniors….because….one day, YOU are going to become aged and in need of good medical care.

          America’s seniors need to be told what this bill is going to do to them.

          BTW: The AARP is a group that is supposed to represent seniors, and while over 90% of seniors polled were against the bill, the AARP still went ahead and pressured people in congress to vote for it and it passed.

          All members of the AARP ought to quit the organization and tell them why.

        6. The biggest savings from the Affordable Care Act come from reductions in the future growth of payments to hospitals — about $415 billion over 10 years. That’s Medicare Part A. Income for Part A comes mainly from payroll taxes. If Medicare doesn’t need to spend that income immediately, it’s credited to Part A’s trust fund, and Medicare gets a Treasury bond that it can cash in later. Anytime Medicare needs to cash in that bond, Treasury must pay it. Even if Treasury spent the original money on something else, it must pay the bond.

          So, campaign claims that imply that Obama has taken money out of
          Medicare, and Medicare won’t ever get it back, are simply not true.

        7. For years now doctors have been leaving Medicare because they can make more from private insurance. I haven’t seen any verifiable evidence that this will change because of Obamacare.

          Those of us that are not at retirement age will still use private insurance (Obamacare did not include a public option).

        8. If the ACA is repealed, then that will cancel the increased “donut hole” coverage in Medicare Part D, and also added preventive care benefits like an annual no-cost wellness exam and other no-cost screening exams that have already benefited many current seniors.

        9. Seriously??? As a mental health provider, I think that is crap. They are misspending our money or there would be enough… The government will continue to cut back and figure out who they want to pay for (exclusive of themselves, of course)… seniors, according to Obama’s actuaries, have outlived their gainful use “to society”… Seniors and young children are “non-producers” and WILL BE denied services… Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool, indeed, and has not been paying attention.

        10. Why do you think the government has any right to deny care to anyone? Medicare possibly since it is a government program but obamcare has specific language to say they don’t have the right to deny care.

          Children? They will still be on private insurance since there aren’t any new government programs for anyone.

        11. What a dumb thing I said there. I’m sorry I said it .DO NOT just go vote for that piece of slime. Forgive me.

        12. Dave, did you read all 2,000 pages? Seems you are the one very sadly misinformed. Only the feeble minded believe and do not question Obama; therefore you are FEEBLE minded or one of his FREELOADING slaves

      2. Welcome to Obamacare! Your doc is NOT the only one changing careers, retiring early, or just leaving the country! It’s like an exodus actually! And it’s been going on for almost 3 years now, some were doing so before the bill even passed!

        1. Honey, I KNEW that before the bill was even voted on; and begged my then members of Congress to vote no; one of the 3 did; the other 2 did NOT! And I’m past 60, so I know what it means for me.

      3. Walt, I think he (your doc) posted somewhere on an article yesterday or the day before. I definitely remember reading a doctor posting that he was considering going back to driving trucks as he would make more money..

    2. you can generally fool all of the brain-dead all of the time. All you have to do is offer free phones and other people’s money … welcome to life in the proletariat.

    3. I would like to confirm your statement with a personal experience. I used to have a test run on 6 month intervals to monitor urinary conditions. As soon as ObamaCare started taking effect I was notified the test would no longer be run semi-annually but only annually to reduce cost. Three weeks after what would have been my 6 month monitoring check up, I had an “attack” resulting in catheters, etc. that chalked up a bill of over $9000 that could have been caught had the “cost saving” test frequency reduction not been implemented.

      1. gtm615 – You should send that information to Romney quickly – Somehow – He needs to get that info out there….Someone has to get this info out there. Can the powers that be in this format make some sort of ad to put before the public….At least write an article here about that very situation…..Do it quick….Get it out into the media somehow….

        1. I agree myinsight! In here alone are some examples that should be commercials for ALL to see. Here is one more for you all. I just sold a house to a Pediatric Nurse from PA. She just retired from a 25 yr. career of caring for babies that are born with life threatening ailments & disorders and require constant hospital care to keep them alive. She told me that since obamacare has begun to be implemented the babies are dying because the law does not care about life, it only cares about costs and the wager of are the patients odds to get better worth it. Apparently new borns are not worth it for obamacare. That is what you get from a pro-choice mindset. Why do people have to always find out the hard way instead of listening to their fellow Americans who are crying out: “HEADS UP!” ???? REPEAL ALL OBAMA LAWS – that would be best for all of us.

        2. He can’t because of the privacy act. We would need more than one case to prove this. It is called HIPPA. And that was set up along time ago maybe under Clinton.

    4. Amen on the unmasking of the son of the father of lies. In the powerful name of Jesus, let him be fully exposed to the American people. Please open their eyes Lord to this horrible man that we put in power through our guilt and ignorance.

    5. If those same people weren’t still being fooled, there would be no one saying they would vote for him in the polls. He has been unmasked, for those that care to look, but, the media maintains that mask for those that don’t care to look.

    6. Well let’s get that going Screeminmeeme, no sense in waiting and your lead is already working because I am responding! ALSO in Obamacare healthcare MANDATE / TAX is a Real Estate tax to sellers in the amount of 3.8% of their profits. Now that ought to help real estate, don’t ya think?! ( sarcasm ) This RE tax is effective Jan.1, 2013 and is actually on “Incomes” of 200K +, so if you were able to earn a 200+K profit on the sale of your property then that is income, if you earn an income of 200K + a year then any RE you sell will have the tax due at filing time. Remember obama’s “job package” that even his senate would not vote for, tax the rich was in it. It looks as though our dear sweet prez. found a place to put some of his “jobs package” anyway. Keep the FACTS vocal, loud and clear all the way to the finish line! Many thanks :)

    7. Yup–witness the 60+% approval here in the PRK (People’s Republik of Kalifornia). We still have more mor ons than we have people of intelligence.

    8. screeminmeeme, The FACTS have been on the internet as well as FOX NEWS for the past 4 years therefore if anyone wanted to know the “facts” they could have found out for themselves with little effort. Almost everyone has a computer and everyone has a TV, but the confusing thing is so very many young people do NOT know because they are simply in denial. They regard Romney as the “rich” man who has power and great wealth, but overlook the Obama was awarded the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, is rich, has lived beyond lavishly in the WH, is spending like a drunken sailor, has NEVER served in any branch of the military, yet commands them!! The list goes on and on and on……

      1. Shell….

        1.Not everyone….especially seniors….has computers. And as someone who has read the bill, I know how difficult all the legalese can be. The bill is NOT reader-friendly. And the facts, in detail, about how it will affect seniors is not that easy to find.

        The so-called ”death panels” are actually being put into place yet the left continues to adamantly deny it. They are working hard to keep the truth about Obamacare suppressed.

        2. Not everyone is inclined or willing to take the time to ferret out the details.

        3. I’m for Romney using campaign ads to inform the people about Obamacare’s horrors because at this time…pre-election….people will pay attention to one or two minute sound bites…and it takes no effort on their part except to listen.

        4. Yes, I agree, that many are in denial. I also know that many are in ideological unity with Obama. Others are just locked into an entitlement mindset and don’t give a damn what Marxist changes would mean to us all.

        Still others have bought into the class warfare arguments used by the Obama campaign to turn Americans against each other.

        5. Obama has used a multi-pronged approach to getting re-relected and he will stop at NOTHING. He will use anyone or anything to retain power.

        Lie…lie…lie….and lie some more is his major tactic cause he knows that many people are either too lazy or apathetic to check to see if he is telling the truth. He’s gotten away with lying his whole life.

        5. I believe the most effective campaign ads for Romney are ones which have video clips of Obama saying one thing, and then clips of him contradicting himself. Played over and over, they would eventually get thru to some people who would realize that he is liar.

        1. The last paragraph …will never happen… I tried that with some liberals, showing them proof of Obama’s lies about several things and the reply was “I don’t care, I still believe he is the best president for our country”. It appears that the liberals “know” Obama is a liar, they just don’t care.

    9. That is a total lie about Medicare. It covers more now and already seniors with prescriptions have saved a lot of money.

      I would really like to know where you got your information. Are you able to backup what you are saying?

  2. I sure would like to think that Americans are waking up to what obummer is really all about and I hope they saw the “2016” movie so that they understand what his motives really are. BUT – I’m willing to bet that if he loses, (I sure hope so), he will blame Sandy because he couldn’t get out to bulls**t the American people. It certainly will not be anything he did or said! NEVER EVER!!~ Goodbye obummer!

    1. In addition to seeing 2016, people need to read “The Amateur”, if you want eyes opened.–if we get 4 more of Obama, this country is unrecognizable as “the land of the free”

      1. Americans need to first read “Mein Kempf” and then read all of Obama’s books. The similarities between Obama’s books and Hitler’s “Mein Kempf” are really scary. See “2016” also but see it with Hitler in mind. Hitler was also more socialist than fascist and it shows when reading those books. Where Hitler went after the Jews and Minorities Obama will go after the whites and the rich.

        1. Also read Lutzen’s book, ‘Tyranny, What Happens When A Nation Forgets God’ or watch the series online or TV that is based on the book. They just started it this week. The similarities between Hitler’s actions in Pre Nazi & during Nazi reign of Germany is really scary.

        2. The problem is we have a generation that has not been taught about Hitler. They have been lured into a deep, stupifying, sleep at most universities. Now we have a generation of walking zombies who look at you and cannot give even the simplest of answers on our country’s history, founding fathers, or anything other than gimme some of that Obama $$

      2. You are absolutely right OLD OBSERVER>……THe AMATEIR says it all as it really is……and I also agree with another poster about the best doctors quitting practice. I am a senior but my add on(besides medicaire) insurance costs me $384 a month….AND my doctor who is a special services doc charges her patients $1550 a year so that she can have less patients and give the best of service. SO here I am at 84 years of age and besides medicaire my medical is costing me $510 a month extra… in essence it takes ALL of my income….and you can bet I voted for ROMNEY/RYAN. More and more people are seeing Obama for the CROOK that he is!!

        1. Marcelyn – I understand your having such high medical/insurance bills and I’m afraid they are going to get worse.Your doctor’s fee is high but I’m glad that she is taking the time to give you the best of service. Many doctors won’t be taking us elderly unless we can get rid of this terrible insurance that Obama has forced upon us. My insurance has gone up for the coming year and I’m afraid that even Romney/Ryan getting in won’t solve the problem immediately. It will take a while for this world to recover from the disasters of the last four years. I’m glad you voted for RomneyRyan and I hope that those reading your post will help to convince them that they should vote for them too. We must keep talking about them.

    2. Have you heard the song now playing by the Dems pitting kids AGAINST thrie PARENTS!! OMG…This is outragous! Sounds Like Nazis to me!! AWFUL! Those poor kids are being brainwashed!

      1. That’s why the feds want control of the schools (which they now have) so the coming generations can be indoctrinated according to government rules and purposes. Well educated people cannot be intimidated or misled by gov. propaganda.

        1. they also want to brainwashed future generations into thinking THAT GOVT IS GOOD AND OPPOSITION IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Romney-Ryan needs VOTES not small minded rhetoric. ACORN and the unions are working hard to steal the election. Rally everyone to VOTE Republican.

  3. If enough Americans don’t see through the Obama presidency by election day, in spite of the main stream media, & do the right thing we will all pay for it!

  4. I made this statement over 3 years ago on a conservative blog: If America is the womb and liberty is the fetus then OBAMA IS THE ABORTIONIST. I still stand by that.

      1. will add the “I” word to traitor. Impeach the traitor as soon investigations of the Benghazi incident find that POTUS conspired to cover up the murder of four American patriots – not to mention other corrupt machinations in his administration. Traitor, liar, corrupt, conspirator and Ms. Clinton, of Whitewater, Vince Foster, Paula Jones and so on deserves this description also.

    1. that is why all the pukes in washington have to go on the same insurance that we do
      so they can wake up and smell the coffee
      vote vote
      term limits

    2. The only way the Radical Muslim will go, is if there is a landslide for Romney. He must win by at least six points in the popular vote, too big a lead, to stuff the ballot boxes with Obummer votes.(See Harry Reid’s reelection in Nevada.) Otherwise, the liar in chief, will have his henchmen (SEIU, ACORN, LaRaza, and the Black Panthers) cheat him into a victory. Not to even mention, the Spanish (Soros owned) vote counting company that Obummer hired to count votes.
      In the words of Joseph Stalin: “It’s not the vote that counts, it’s the people that count the votes.”
      Watch out folks, this election, if it isn’t posponed, will be a bumpy ride.

      1. OMG, Soros owns the voting machine company??????. No wonder people are going to the poll and saying that they vote for Romney, but the machine says they voted for Obama. UNBELIEVEABLE the lengths these horrible libs will go to. Aren’t they the same people who feel they are so superior to conservatives???. I am thoroughly sickened

    1. I truly believe Benghasi was a planned sham kidnapping of our Ambassador to Libya
      that went very sour and ended with his and 3 others death. Obama planned to “rescue” the Ambassador shortly before the 2012 election then Obama would seem to be a HERO. So many lies have been told by Obama & his cohorts about Benghasi that we may never know the whole truth. It certainly was not about a poorly made video demeaning Muhammad.

      1. Whatever his reason for letting these people die he must pay. This is criminal and I am waiting for Petraeus to be the one to sing.

      2. I think they wanted to shut him up about something–perhaps the continued requests for more security that were being not o nly denied, but decreased as well—

    2. Enemy you forgot the horrible rape/sodomy of the Ambassador. Listen to the families of the 3 other Americans left to die while Obama, Hilary, Panetta and Biden watched.
      But then we heard Biden look in the camera and smugly state “We didn’t know they
      wanted more security”. More security? ? ? They took away the only security they had! !
      Why won’t our lame brain, main streat news media ask these questions. Gee if Bush were still President, wouldn’t NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. be all over this? ? You bet they would.

      1. Biden might believe that he is telling the truth, I believe that he is fully qualified to be admitted as a guest in a rubber room. Here in Delaware he is known as Joke Biden. Currently democrats enjoy a majority of registered voters, however things are gradually changing. The GOP has begun to make inroads due to some grass roots efforts and a leader named John Siglar who has a solid foundation set to assure growth and qualified candidates. A one party system usually self destructs due to corruption and that is well underway here.

      2. I did not forget, I felt it would be unkind to mention it. However this little b-m-bshell just landed in my in tray – you may care to disseminate it –

        TRR: Is a General losing his job over Benghazi?

        ← return to The Robbins Report

        James S. Robbins

        Published on October 28, 2012

        an American General losing his job for trying to save the Americans
        besieged in Benghazi? This is the latest potential wrinkle
        in the growing scandal surrounding the September 11, 2012 terrorist
        attack that left four men dead and President Obama scrambling for a
        coherent explanation.

        October 18, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta appeared unexpectedly at
        an otherwise unrelated briefing on “Efforts to Enhance the Financial
        Health of the Force.” News organizations and CSPAN were told beforehand
        there was no news value to the event and gave it scant coverage. In his
        brief remarks Mr. Panetta said, “Today I am very pleased to announce
        that President Obama will nominate General David Rodriguez to succeed
        General Carter Ham as commander of U.S. Africa Command.” This came as a
        surprise to many, since
        General Ham had only been in the position for a year and a half.
        The General is a very well regarded officer who made AFRICOM into a true
        Combatant Command after the ineffective leadership of his predecessor,
        General William E. “Kip” Ward. Later, word circulated informally that
        General Ham was scheduled to rotate out in March 2013 anyway, but
        according to Joint doctrine, “the
        tour length for combatant commanders and Defense agency directors is
        three years.” Some assumed that he was leaving for unspecified personal

        However on October 26, “Ambassador” posted the following RUMINT on TigerDroppings (h/t Jim

        heard a story today from someone inside the military that I trust
        entirely. The story was in reference to General Ham that Panetta
        referenced in the quote below.


        basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without
        knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information
        about what’s taking place,” Panetta told Pentagon reporters. “And as a
        result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on
        the ground in that area, Gen. Ham, Gen. Dempsey and I felt very strongly
        that we could not put forces at risk in that situation.”

        information I heard today was that General Ham as head of Africom
        received the same e-mails the White House received requesting
        help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had
        a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he
        had a unit ready.

        General Ham then received the order to stand down. His
        response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds
        to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command
        apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his

        The story continues that now General Rodiguez would take General Ham’s place as the head of Africom.

        version of events contradicts Mr. Panetta’s October 25 statement that
        General Ham advised against intervention. But so far there is nothing
        solid to back it up. Maybe Ham attempted to send a reaction force
        against orders, or maybe he simply said the wrong thing to the wrong
        people. Perhaps he gave whomever he was talking to up the chain a piece
        of his mind about leaving Americans to die when there was a chance of
        saving them. At the very least U.S. forces might have made those who
        killed our people pay while they were still on the scene. The Obama
        White House is famously vindictive against perceived disloyalty – the
        administration would not let Ham get away with scolding them for failing
        to show the leadership necessary to save American lives. The Army’s
        ethos is to leave no man behind, but that is not shared by a president
        accustomed to leading from that location.

        The question remains why the repeated requests –
        which is to say desperate pleas – to send a relief force were refused.
        Perhaps Mr. Obama and his national security brain trust thought the
        terrorist assault would be a minor skirmish and quickly blow over. When
        it became clear that the attack was something more serious, they may
        have had visions of the rescue team getting involved in a Mogadishu-like
        firefight, a “Blackhawk Down 2.” This would have been too much for the
        risk-averse Mr. Obama, particularly in a Muslim country, and less than
        two months before
        the election. Instead they simply watched the live video hoped
        for the best. If there were American fatalities, they felt they could
        shift blame for the circumstance to the supposed Youtube video which
        they had already blamed for the riot at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo hours
        earlier. In fact the Embassy had sent out its “apology” tweets even
        before the Cairo riot commenced.

        Clinton’s freakishly bizarre statement on
        September 14 is also worth noting. At a memorial service to the fallen
        she told Charles Woods, father of slain former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods,
        that “we will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested
        and prosecuted.” In that situation one would expect her to vow to take
        down the terrorists who killed Tyrone, not the supposed instigator of
        the spontaneous mob action that never happened.

        since when does the Secretary of State feel it is her duty to promise
        to have an American filmmaker who has committed no crime arrested? For
        all the bowing and scraping to Islam that has gone on in the last four
        years, blasphemy against that or any other faith is still not illegal in
        this country. The First Amendment still exists. It is strange that Mrs.
        Clinton believed that the parents of the slain Americans would
        empathize with her outrage at the filmmaker, rather than reserve their
        anger for the extremists who actually did the killing. But as Mr. Woods
        said, he “could tell that she was not telling me the truth.” Indeed the
        truth has been the fifth casualty in this entire tragic affair.

  5. How about this observation? The 5 trillion dollars that Obama added to the national debt is equal to 5 million millions of dollars. If that money were used to actually purchase new homes, it would equal 25 million new homes of $200,000 each — with no outstanding mortgage. The average home value is about $181,000 so it would also pay for new furniture. Since there are about 115 million households in the USA, about 1 in 4 households would have received a new home plus furniture with the money spent by Obama.

    Just think, in only four years Obama borrowed and spent the equivalent of free new homes plus furniture for 25 percent of the households in the US. But not only are these new homes non-existent, we must still pay for them (with new taxes) as though they did exist. Actually, your children and grandchildren will have to pay when it comes time. They just don’t know it yet.

    Obama recently joked in a talk-show interview that he has topped out in math at the 7th grade level when his daughter asks him for help with a math problem.

    4 more years of Obamanomics, ie Obamadebt? God help us.

    1. I lIve in a $40k house, and I am very happy with it. What would that do for the homeless? Based on the numbers you presented, not only could every American have someplace to live, but it would virtually yipe out unemployment. Think of all the people it would take to build those homes in the 4 years it took to waste that money.

    2. Obama’s VP Biden’s math isn’t any better. I heard him declare that Republicans (Congress) are responsible for SPENDING $500 TRILLION! ! ! Where are those
      wonky Repubs that outspent our national debt of $16 trillion? ?
      Isn’t it conforting to know neither one of them are CAPABLE of leading our great
      country? ? ?
      I’m trying to help them. At 75 I’m getting up to be a poll watcher for early voting here
      in Tampa. Please, please go V O T E ! ! ! !

    3. I’ve always said if they would give the money to the American tax payers instead of baling out the banks and lending companys as they always do the Americans would pay their bills, try to get out of debt and spend money helping to stimulate the economy. But no they give it to the banks who caused it in the first place and then they sit on it and won’t lend any. Where does that get us? Right back where we started. Had they taken all that money and divided it between tax paying Americans it would have pretty much gotten all of them out of debt. But now everybody is in deeper than ever. Wake up American, vote early or vote Nov 6th but vote. God Bless America and her people because NO ONE ELSE WILL…

  6. As you said…We can only hope and pray that Americans have finally seen through Obama’s deceptions and corrupt games…And hope and pray that all True Americans go out and vote for Romney (Please…NO lost/wasted 3rd Party votes…that will only help Obama…)…
    BUT…What if Obama has this thing rigged?…And that IS possible…Why aren’t we, as a People, more concerned by the votes that will be counted by SYTHL (sp?) in Spain…The company owned by Soros, Obama’s Socialist/Commie friend and backer…SYTHL can report anything it wants because there will be NO paper trail or no way of confirming the votes/counts being reported…Obama could loose flat-out and still be reported winner due to false vote counts…
    Tell us, Godfather,…What is being done…what can be done…about that very possible scenario?…
    Isn’t anyone worried???….I know that I am…

        1. Not my President. If I don’t like the thought an American Holocaust under Romney, what makes you I think I’d like it under Obama.

          If you can’t possibly get that into your head, I don’t know what to tell you, apart from, “hope your punishments are swift and pain-free.”

        2. Hey brainlessN00b…..when are you going to leave this country??? We have enough idiots as it is. Hey take a few of your brainless brothers with you,please

        3. Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

          I’ve heard it a million times, “3rd-party doesn’t stand a chance.” Well, if a biracial, modern day Goebbels can become the leader of this nation, who’s to say anybody else can’t, let alone Libertarian or Green party.

          And besides, do you really want to vote for the kidnapping and/or murder of countless human beings, yourself included?

        4. The NDAA is high treason against the American people.

          Indefinite detention, no due process, here’s the biggie:

          Just about everyone outside our two-party dictatorshop is guilty until found innocent. It does not apply only to terrorists.

          Obama signed it, Romney said at a live event that he supports it, meaning a vote for either of the two is a vote for an American Holocaust.

          The 3rd-Party candidates are the only ones against it, and if a vote for them is a vote wasted, I’d rather waste my vote than I would waste everyone’s liberty.

        5. It’s your right to vote for whoever you want to. They keep saying I should vote for Rummy but I am my own person like you are and will vote third party rather then another jew shill like Obozo is Rummy will be. Hang in there my friend.

  7. I commend all on here who get it. You all see who the real Obama bull-shi#^#^ really is. If this ruthless pathological liar isn’t voted out we are all doomed. I am praying w/ all my might this fake, fraud is gone as of Nov. 6. Laura Cambria your comment is awesome.

  8. If you are a Christian or not, but you love America, please put your political preference aside and watch this 45 minute video. You may have a better understanding of what the words Forward, Shared the Wealth, Political Correct, War Against Women and Social Justice means to our Freedom and how Hollywood and the bias main street media are playing an important role!

  9. We can only HOPE and PRAY that this is true and that BHO will see a defeat worse than Jimmy Carters….. Jimmy Carter was NOTHING compared to BHO….. At least Jimmy Carter was an American….. and MUCH smarter than BHO…..

  10. Obama is a totally inept socialistic narcsisstic Muslim & former male prositute who never speaks the truth. Everything he does or says has a purpose and his agenda is to destroy America. Then he wants to become the dictator of the Socialized States of Meximerica.
    My cell in th FEMA camp in Beech Grove is waiting for me. Please come visit.

  11. If citizens knew the ‘real’ Obama they would be outraged. The only people he can count on now for votes are the racists that support him because he’s black and the idiots that think socialism is great.


  13. NO! Working Constitutional Americans always knew Obama was a shill, a faker, a rookie. It’s the pie in the sky social reformist/clueless who are slowly having common sense knocked into their heads. Unfortunately the economy is so bad that Romney will have to make perfect strategic choices to stop the downfall brought to us by the last few administrations, Dems and Repugs both. How can Romney stop the bleeding when we have the Fed Reserve system out their feeding the petrodollar machine with unsecured printed money? We need more than Romney – we need a unified American public willing to make the tough choices – it isn’t enough to just say the politically expedient words.

  14. That was then

    JFK Warns of The Secret Elites: You tube

    This is now
    CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

  15. Waking up? That good people is not a political statement- it is a terminal prognosis: millions upon millions of our people are terminally lazy, stupid, selfish and loyal to nations other than ours. “I want to make the world a better place by taking the others guys money”. Add to the Attorney General Eric Holder’s “My People” speech, the whole concept of the “Hispanic” vote saluting the flags of Mexico and or La Raza-La Bandera de la Raza, and friends: we have a problem.

    This “One Nation Indivisible” of 50 states (or 57 states for you Obama types) will be missed. If we wish to avoid a civil war of truly epic proportions we need to separate this nation into her several parts and avoid each other as do oil and water.

    OK hope and pray-this is good. Stand on the wall- look and prepare for the approach of the barbarians. When it becomes necessary for one people to disassociate from another it is best to do so cleanly, rapidly and finally.

  16. You have to stop and seriously think about something. Now, I’m almost positive that Mitt Romney will wipe the floor with Obama winning by pretty much of a landslide. However, if by chance Obama were to win, we all have to understand that this country, as we knew it, is finished. If someone like Obama can fool that many people then there is no hope left. We will have to be resigned to the fact that the United States of America will become the United Socialist States of America with all of the Marxist agenda implemented. It will prove that we just have too many people who are ignorant of the facts and are still allowed to vote. Why is there not a civics test given to every eligible voter? Those that pass get to vote. Those that don’t pass don’t get to vote. Why should the ignorant people be allowed to sway an election? Now, since I have not lost complete faith in the American people, I do still feel that Obama will be replaced. Of course, no thanks to the propaganda organ that pretends to be a news media.

  17. Hell no. They are voting by race, to hell with other people “whats in it for me” and ” Why work when Obombnic will give taxpayers money. And ” I have no idea whats going on and don’t care as long as I have fun. That Americans today.

  18. In “O”s book Audacity of Hope , he says “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”…………….says it all………

  19. The storm Sandy might just save obama. Every media is covering Sandy. No one is covering Benghazi. The longer the storm lingers, the less they cover obama’s misdoings.

    1. The mainstream media is not covering Benghazi anyway, only Fox, and they will not give up. So I don’t think Sandy will help Obama that much.

  20. Just watched “Obama 2016”. Wow!! I’m already a Romney supporter, but this movie brilliantly puts together the Obama no one really knows. When he loses, I am hopeful that the divisions he caused can be somewhat repaired when people start to wake up. And he is going to LOSE!!

    1. Ok, you saw the movie. Don’t stop there–go get a copy of the book “The Amateur”—that takes off where the movie stops—people in general have no idea just how much we are really under threat if the fraud in the WH manages to hang on for another 4–his goal is to destroy this country, not improve it

  21. Why can’t Obama be impeached? With all the crap he has pulled, there has to be something bad enough for that! I hate to think we will still have to pay his salary and health care for the rest of his lousy life!

    1. He can’t be impeached (and, impeached, convicted) because the House (and Senate) have neither the stomach nor the integrity to do it.

      That he is guilty of high crimes (which does not mean “big crimes”). and high misdemeanors, is obvious. As Thomas Jefferson said (of the judiciary), “impeachment is a [nothing but a] scarecrow”. As long as it is a political question, not a legal one, it will be so rarely employed as to be meaningless. The fact that “BJ” Bill Clinton was not convicted demonstrates this beyond question.

      Mr. O’bama, where are the full-time Jobs? (And, while we’re at it, where are the war-zone absentee ballots, Mr. Commander-in-Chief?)

  22. Yes he has utterly failed the people [except the EBT card and Cadillac people] and the nation. May enough people vote in wisdom and fire him.

  23. The entire Benghazi fiasco should wake up the Nation. This was the most grievous act of Derilction of Duty in our history. How could a President feel it is so much more important to campaign rather than save our fellow Americans? Obama is neck deep in this Benghazi coverup and all the lies. Just who is so dumb to want a man like this who has American blood on his hands?

  24. Obama is a “composite” president. He combines the economic understanding of a Herbert Hoover; the lying sleeze of a Richard Nixon with the overall incompetence of a Jimmy Carter! This experiment of electing an affirmative action president has cost Americans $6 trillion.


  26. Why didn’t he just part the waters from the storms? Why didn’t he spend more money on TV ads in Pakistan before the attacks? WHY, WHY? If he would have just apologized more, WHY???
    This ridicules POS watched the events take place from the war room had two drones ready to go and two other instruments of destruction and did NOTHING but watch!!

  27. I hope that is true but when I was in line to vote Saturday, I heard Obama’s “willing victims” talking about how great he is and how much he has done for the country. I asked one person – What has he done – they seemed to get offended and then wouldn’t talk. This seems to be the norm with these people. I feel sorry for them if he is re-elected. When their world comes crashing down they will not understand. The rest of us already know what will happen.


  29. The national arm of the DNC (aka the mainstream media) is preventing the American people from learning all the facts about the Benghazi attack. Actually the liberal media is far worse because they have been part of the deceive, distort and omit propaganda effort for years. Ironically the president stands up and says that truth is important. The crowd reacts with glee, totally oblivious to the fact that he is anything but truthful. He will lose the election by over 4% and probably blame the “video’ but could include Bush, Rush, the Tea Party, conservatives, the GOP etc.

  30. Yeah! He’s falling all over himself, leaving the campaign trail to “focus” on storm victims! Good thing the folks in the path of the storm will not be taking fire from terrorists, or he wouldn’t miss a beat….. off to the next campaign speech or fund raiser! Everything, EVERYTHING, with this President is a cynical, self-serving political calculation! Shame on the MSM! Their deriliction of duty is equally as great as Obama’s!

  31. Maybe if we pray hard enough we can replace this president. Enough Americans need to be well informed on Obama’s failed policies, even with the biased media still fawning over him.

  32. Question: If voters are finally realizing how absolutely awful the community organizer is, what the hell took them so long?

  33. Obama voted for murdering babies who survived a botched abortion while still a community organizer in Chicago. As a community organizer in D.C. he watched Americans slaughtered and crying out for help as the battle waged for 7 hours with a Seal team only 2 hours away. Great American heroes defied orders and saved 30 or more Americans but lost their lives, while Obama watched. What a slime. We went to vote early yesterday but I could not stand for the estimated 3 hours in line (severe arthritis in knees and feet). I am bringing a chair and going back. Vote! Rain, storm, wind, hail, snow, or hell….vote! VOTE!

    1. Hey, just FYI I have worked the elections….let them know that you can’t stand that long….they are very welling to accomodate you and get you thru the voting process faster.

    1. First somebody better dig up some old history books and hide them in a safe place, because these idiots are rewriting our true history to suit themselves! They are brainwashing our kids terribly

  34. Presidency ? I think you mean DICTATORSHIP ! e dosen’t want to be our President our Czar , not even our Commisar . Obama want’s to be Der Fuhur , everyone will have to do exactly like he says . People should watch the behavior of Adolf Hitler and his insistance of how government should be . His Way or to the prisons and camps with you . If you re-elect him , you deserve exactly what you get . Those who oppose will be opposing for ourselves and our freedom only not yours although you will benefit . And don’t thank us , for we know it isn’t sincere .

  35. When the public finally wakes up late time for a quick reversal is slight and little is done, but late is not too late, too late is where nothing gets done to make things right and the die getscast making recovery literally not concievable and as a Representative in Congress or the Senate your time may be up making any recovery during your tenure unlikely. The people see their Rep’s doing little or nothing to provide for their betterment and in a very short time they will know you are out for yourself and no one else. We the People will put you out on the street on your ear. Many Congressmen that have been in office are being let go because they were afraid to make any noise about Obama’s eligibility; we don’t need you if you aren’t looking out for us. Congress had better come together and drag Obama through the streets and linch him after trying him for Treason.

  36. Obama is losing his cool!!! The interview where he would not answer the Lybia attack questions was very enlightening and since he stumbled over all his words and tripped over his tongue tells me that Obama will soon be looking at jail time for letting the people be killed in this attack. This is all yours Obama, you own it.

  37. No, I think that Americans finally dare to speak out because the Main Stream Morons hold us as hostages for 4 years with the “racist” issue. We understand now that we can and must criticize Obama no matter what color he is. And we will kick him out of office if not through election, through impeachment.

  38. Did you look at the picture of Obblehead at the article masthead? He looks like a DERANGED MONKEY! And he acts like one too. That picture makes me sick!

  39. The only ones who sees obama for what he is a liar and thief are the ones who loves God and this country and hates seeing it destroyed by obama and his cohorts.

    God bless Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan 2012

  40. A journalist that has many years experience with Islam and it’s followers has openly said that the Obamanation has OPENLY used further his goal of destroying the United States. Look behind the Freudian slips and the response ( or no response ) to them.

    His actions have been TREASONOUS in several areas.

  41. Let us pray that the sheeple have at least enough sense to see through this Muslim-Marxist jihadist against the USA and Israel. It is so obvious if you only pay a lttle attention to what he DOES and not what he SAY’S/LIES! If I am wrong, and I pray that I am, and the new Hitler is dethroned, I will get so sh^t-faced drunk in celebrating the takedown of the NWO-ist’s puppet!

    1. We had to have such a ruler to make things right to bring JESUS CHRIST back.. Most of the rest of the world is already ruled by what is planned for America, anti-CHRIST and our own people were more and more turning away from GOD. You can tell this fact by the fact that we had enough people who had turned away from GOD elected him as president.

  42. Obama is a full time liar but not a good liar. He changes his mind too much and changes his answer too many times. If the public doesn’t like his answer he will just give us a different one, still not the truth. I wonder what he tells his family, does he lie full time to them too?? His lies have a purpose, fool the Christian Americans and taking over will be a piece of cake!” Is it going to backfire on him??? WE, true Americans are praying and hoping that it will!

  43. He is a pathological liar, yet appears so genuine. In the last debate he stated that Romney wanted GM to go bankrupt leaving thousands without jobs. The problem is, that was not what Romney wanted. He stated that he recommended a “managed” bankruptcy with government backing when reorganized as occurred with Cadillac. Obama called him a liar, but even MSNBC stated the following day that Romney was correct and Obama was wrong. But, the day after the news media stated Romney as being correct, Obama campaigned in Ohio telling everyone that Romney looked him and the American people in the eyes and lied about GM. Yes! This coupled with Benghazi may very much be the wake up call that opens the public eyes to who the real liar is – Obama. I want a president who will be honest with the people and the past four years has shown that it isn’t going to be Obama.

  44. Firstly, do nopt let the liar steal another election with voter fraud, then arrest him and accomplises for treason. Sorry, but he’s done FAR too much to just let him walk away if defeated.

  45. I can’t believe the obama “useful idiots” who still stand behind him, believe his WHOPPER lies and make excuses for him!! I think its a brainwashing cult. Kind of scary when you think of Jim Jones and Hitler followers…

  46. I didnt need to see the “2016” movie! I knew who he was and what he was as soon
    as he began to speak back in 2007 but the college-educated-elitist “intelligensia”
    REFUSED to hear any warnings!!!!
    ALL the monkeys had their hands over their ears, over their mouths and over their eyes
    Probably their thu mbs were stu ck so me pla ce el se!

  47. I’m still worried about those that make up the 47%. I realize there are some that need the help, but there sure as hell are a lot that don’t, but those that don’t, they love sitting on their front porch with that forty .ozer, waiting for the next check. Those are the ones that are going to bring America down.


    1. You’re aware that the RNC cheated their way to getting Romney nominated, right?

      So if Obummer has no business in the race, neither does Rob-Me.

      But since when does my voice matter? I’ve been telling you that a vote for Rob-me is the same as voting Obama, seeing as they share the same agenda, but you write me of as “Brainless/Numbnuts/etcN00b, yet you don’t even bother taking the time to listen/read about what Romney’s done.

      Face it, you’re just as biased as the people who want Obummer, despite the state he’s put us in.

  49. lets hope that is the case. but some people will still vote for ovomit which i cannot see why after the last four years. we have to give him a chance he’s already had a chance,everything is going up on ovomit’s watch and our economy is going in the toilet all under ovomit’s watch, and you people say we have to give him a chance wake up people if ovomit is reelected we the people will and underline will loose our country. he only wants your vote more than once then comes the real screw job, wait for it it will happen why? ovomit hates AMERICA and all AMERICANS in it even you who stand behind him and support him for whatever reason.

  50. Regardless of what they “think” they are “fianally” seeing, what is truly unfortunate is that they are NOT seeing that a vote for Romney is simply a vote for the flip side of the very same coin that’s owned by the exact same interests, but they will not realize this until 2016 (If Romney is actually the global elites’ pick this time around) and by then, there will be no hope whatsoever of restoring our Constitutional Republic because it will be completely under the control of the United Nations and their one world Government agenda. Americans, through their arrogance and apathy have not yet realised that the Ruling Elite are ALWAYS at least two steps ahead in the game, but Americans seem to think that these people are incompetent idiots (exactly what they want us to think). Sorry, but just as the Olympics committee search out and find only the best of the best athletes on Earth to compete in the Olympics, our Government only chooses people who they know can achieve their ultimate agenda, which is in accordance with the New World Order plan, and does NOT include freedom and sovereignty. History has shown that as a result of the human psychlogical condition known as “cognitive dissonance”, every civilization that has fallen under Fascism and the absolute control of Dictatorial regimes, do to come to face the reality of their grave mistake until well after it’s too late, and they’re completely under it’s control. Americans are no exception, and in fact, are even more succeptible to this trap than even pre WW2 Germans because we are the first civilization to have been successfully brainwashed by the greatest propaganda tools ever devized in world Hostory; television, the Entertaiment Industry and the globalist owned and controlled Mainstream News Media. Welcome to the New World Order. Enjoy your future enslavement! Enjoy your future Democide! History ALWAYS repeats itself when people refuse to study it! Pride always comes before the fall.

      1. Obamabot? Boy did you miss the entire point! The problem with this country is that most people are looking at things with tunnel vision, or one sidedly. All the while that you brainwashed idiots are fighting amongst each other like dogs that are supposed to be guarding the henhouse, the foxes are stealing the hens! I apologize if I’m not so dumbed down and distracted from drinking the Sodium Fluoridated tap water and getting my information (propaganda) from watching the lamestream presstitute news media on the “stupid tube”, but unlike most of you gullible American Idol watchers, I am not a brainwashed product of the globalist engineered phony “Left vs Right paradigm” that is being used to divide this country amongst the non-critical thinking morons such as yourself. Enjoy your future slavery, because you are going to make a great New World Order slave as you lick the boots of your future masters. “presidents are SELECTED, NOT elected.”-Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “It didn’t matter who the people voted for; they always voted for us.”-Joseph Stalin. What part of that don’t you understand? Obama=Pepsi. Romney=Coke. BOTH candidates are teleprompter reading puppets owned by the Bankster elites. Choose your poison, even though you really don’t have a choice, but playing the game of “make believe” has been a favorite American past time since the Federal Reserve Act of Dec-23rd, 1913. NOTHING is going to change, because the Ruling Elite have decided the USA MUST go down for the creation of a one world Government to be successful. Keep on lying to yourself, because very soon the ugly truth will be revealed to you, but by then, it will be too late. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arrogant stupidity!

      2. Obamabot? Boy did you miss the entire point! The problem with this country is that most people are looking at things with tunnel vision, or one sidedly. All the while that you brainwashed idiots are fighting amongst each other like dogs that are supposed to be guarding the henhouse, the foxes are stealing the hens! I apologize if I’m not so dumbed down and distracted from drinking the Sodium Fluoridated tap water and getting my information (propaganda) from watching the lamestream presstitute news media on the “stupid tube”, but unlike most of you gullible American Idol watchers, I am not a brainwashed product of the globalist engineered phony “Left vs Right paradigm” that is being used to divide this country amongst the non-critical thinking morons such as yourself. Enjoy your future slavery, because you are going to make a great New World Order slave as you lick the boots of your future masters. “presidents are SELECTED, NOT elected.”-Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “It didn’t matter who the people voted for; they always voted for us.”-Joseph Stalin. What part of that don’t you understand? Obama=Pepsi. Romney=Coke. BOTH candidates are teleprompter reading puppets owned by the Bankster elites. Choose your poison, even though you really don’t have a choice, but playing the game of “make believe” has been a favorite American past time since the Federal Reserve Act of Dec-23rd, 1913. NOTHING is going to change, because the Ruling Elite have decided the USA MUST go down for the creation of a one world Government to be successful. Keep on lying to yourself, because very soon the ugly truth will be revealed to you, but by then, it will be too late. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arrogant stupidity!

    1. You are absolutely right and so are the people saying we need to vote libertarian. The problem is there aren’t enough of us out here to get a libertarian voted in and that would, imo, waste my vote. I think that Romney may move slower which may give us more time to get in more constitutionalists. But, as long as the dems vs repubs fight rages on, the people aren’t seeing the forest for the trees…. sigh

  51. Yeah, he wanted to work with Repubs. Remember what odumbo said when they had the House, Senate, and White House? Let me refresh your memory, “They can come along for the ride but they have to sit in the back seat.” Remember when they changed locks on the doors so that Repubs could not enter. What else is there to say? Hell, odumbo couldn’t get even 1 demcrap to vote for his budget. What does this say?

  52. Americans are a slow lot not to have seen Obama for what he is when he first appeared on the national scene at the DNC in ’04. Electing someone with a name like Barack Hussein Obama at a time when we are in a world war with Islamic jihadists that they declared on the world, again, most recently in the mid-1970s made no sense at all. This is especially true since he has said many times, ways and places that he is an Islamist and Marxist. Some of the times were before he was elected, like in one of his purported autobiographies, The Audacity of Hope, p. 261, “I will stand with [the Muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    He started lying to national and international audiences at the DNC about his background and by now he has told so many conflicting and contradictory stories the truth is shrouded in dense fog. Most recently he has been telling and Michelle repeating the lie that he was raised by a single mother.
    That is an obvious lie because Marxist Muslim Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama took the rap for being the baby daddy for his slutty momma. After the Kenyan abandoned them she married Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetoro who raised Obama as Barry Soetoro during his “formative years” as Obama called those years. Then she shipped little Barack Hussein Obama Barry Soetoro back to HI to be raised by his white grandparents and mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a Marxist, bi-pedophile, porn writer and photographer, who introduced Obama to heavy alcohol and illicit drug use and God knows what else at a young age.
    So now we have Barack Hussein Barry Obama Soetoro Davis with a fake birth certificate and questionable Social Security card with a near four-year, track record of abysmal failure in domestic and foreign policies and actions. The latter includes his current, ongoing actions that resulted in the deaths of one of his appointed ambassadors and three brave Americans on U.S. soil in Benghazi, Libya, and the attempted cover-up of whatever really happened there.
    Most amazing the LamestreamMedia are still in the tank for him, and he is likely as not to be reelected to continue his damage to the U.S. and all Americans, including those who have voted and will vote for him.
    Americans are truly a slow lot and way too many are dangers to themselves and others like Britney Spears and the other recent Gollywood gals.
    God help us.

  53. Lord, how I hope the American people are still smart enough to connect enough dots to break Obozo’s code of lies and deceit. Though I hope this is true, I still have my doubts. The people of this nation are so willfully ignorant that it scares me….greatly!

  54. A month ago the polls were tilted in Obama’s favor and we hollered and shown where they had made their mistaqkes. Now we have polls showing Romney whipping up on Obama. I still am careful to not put much stock in them. Be sure to get out and vote. Conservatives vote November 6th and liberals vote November 7th so as to avoid confrontation. ; )
    Seriously though Vote and check your ballot as there are reports of machines in NC, NV, and MO changing the votes to Obama. That ain’t a rumor as it has been reported in the MSM.

  55. Don’t just hope and pray, get people to VOTE for Romney-Ryan. Republicans need to turnout in large numbers to counteract Obama voter fraud.

  56. Actually Godfather, I never went to sleep and I am still wide awake. The first time that I saw and heard that lying Barack Hussein Obama, I knew he was full of BS. When I heard him say that crap about us not hurting Muslims because if we did, we were hurting him too, I was instantly repulsed by Obama. I had not forgotten and will not forget about 9-11 when Obama’s Muslim brothers killed over 3000 of my fellow American’s in NYC. I not only voted against Obama, I warned others that Obama was a potential tyrant that hated America and I was called a racist, a redneck, a neocon and a fascist by some of them. I despised Barack Obama then and I despise him even more now. After the subversive creep is ousted, I will be calling my elected reps and pushing to have him investigated, indicted & prosecuted for crimes and treason against our Republic. I hope my feelings are clear on Obama.

  57. It’s NOT Americans that I’m worried about, it’s the “WOMEN ALONE” that the MSM said elected this black marxist man trying to “fundamentally transform our government” (Republic) into marxism(anti-christ), knowing that the marxist manifesto demands a holocaust of people! That’s what scars me. Just saying…

  58. I knew his true colors way before he even got close to Our White House but NOBODY would listen and I mean NOBODY but now we have a chance to boot him out but I have feeling somehow someway it isn’t going to happen sad but true.

  59. it has always been there to see ;; some just did not want to believe the truth;;Marxist, Black Liberation Theologist, muslim sympathizer; racist, sexiest ; bigot, anti-colonialist.Constitution hating Harvard egghead……..

  60. I pray every day that God lets the sunshine in on all obama’s hidden dictates and are exposed to the light of day. Repeat after me…President Romney…President Rmney…President Romney.

  61. Pray and pray hard that Obama loses the election. If he wins, I cannot imagine what he will do this country. He is a socialisst or marxist and he is out to destroy America. He must lose and if he doesnt God help us all.

  62. Its about time that the people are finally getting that this sitting president isn’t worth spit. All he can do is go to stupid talk shows and the national news media won’t tell about his failures. They don’t mention Lybia and all he did to ignore it and had those men killed with not sending in help for them and instead he went on a talk show and campained! He just isn’t presidential and its showing. His wife is a miserable mess too.


    We have an ILLEGAL president the first 4 years. Never showed any BC or any credentials.

    Now he will be re-elected through FRAUD! The Demoncrap party is commiting massive VOTER FRAUD and deceit!

    Now we will have a FRAUDULENT president the next 4 years.

  64. I now realize that I must be not only naive, but an idiot – or at least Obama and company must believe so. If GM and AIG, among others, have “repaid” their loans, what happened to the money? If we (the U.S.) borrowed those monies, should not the repayments have gone to retire an equal amount of the debt? Perhaps Obama feels that monies coming in were his to spend as he sees fit (perhaps a very generous retirement plan). Ah, that’s how they’re paying for the Free Phones for the loyal D-Voters.

  65. Projection, my friends, projection. You wish the president’s ratings to be underwater, but polls only sample upper middle class and rich people, not the vast majority voting for the president. So dream on that you’ll win, and at least be honest and real enough to admit defeat when it comes. The country is pro-middle class and suitable policies, not anti- as the fat cats and rich PACs would have you believe.

    1. The country may be ‘pro-middle class’, whatever that means, but I do believe, if you are an obamabot, that you will be very disappointed on the morning of Nov. 7, 2012. Will you be honest and real enough to admit defeat when it comes ? This man-child obuma is not remotely ‘pro middle-class’, but a pure socialist and anti-American, and utterly unworthy of the high office he holds !

  66. I hope you are right look how much can be saved just on vacations along wake up people this man has got to go please no more Obama it will not be a picnic for Romney the country is in bad shape

    1. Did you see it has been costing the taxpayers 1 1/2 BILLION dollars a year for the obamas? ALL the vacations, golfing, & he’s been going back & forth all across the country campaigning for months & months. He didn’;t have any time to bother with the Libya mess as he had to go to Las Vegas, (& then lying about it for over two weeks) on the Letterman show, etc, partying & who knows what else? Also the 25 or more working for them & on & on. Oh I forgot about their dog walker that is being paid $100,000. I am sure the obummers aren’t paying that out of their own pockets. Whats the matter with the 2 girls? Suppose it would be TOO beneath them to walk the dog?

  67. Let it be known far and wide that the president watched as our ambassador died. he sent no help nor did he order anyone to do so, He had full knowledge that it was in fact a terrorist attack in real time yet he in the Rose garden made no reference to it being one…his reference was only about 9-11-2001 he then for 2 weeks lied about it and said it was because of a movie fully 6 times in front of the UN in his speech ..then he goes on to lie about lying about it…and won’t answer questions on WHO allowed those men to die…fact is we know who…Barrack Hussein Obama…or is it Barry Sotero…or is it something else ..his whole life is one big lie

  68. What a shame it took 4 years for people to ‘wake up’, with obuma and his hordes of socialist ‘reformers’ and indoctrinators tearing down the country to the point where it is now – if it was not so serious, it would be hilarious to see people whining about how ‘disappointed’ they are with him, when what he has done is what he was going to do all along ! ! If you understand socialism and liberals, it makes sense – if you don’t comprehend what they want to bring about, as in Europe, it makes no sense to those who grew up in this country – and then there are those who just go along with voting for him because he’s black, or a rock star – and if I don’t like what he has done – I’m racist, when all along, I simply want a man who is pro-American, honest, and not a filthy deceiver like obuma and all who support him ! !

  69. Many independent and undecided voters have switched over to Romney because they are now seeing the extent of lies and corruption associated with the Obama administration. Specifically, the Benghazi debacle revealed how the President and his Secretary of State, U.N. ambassador, White House press, etc all lied about the Libyan attack attributing it to a spontaneous demonstration rather than an al Qaeda 911 attack. The deciding factor was when Obama declared that he had ordered a retalitory force to protect the ambassador and in fact, did not. He watched the event real time from the situation room and did absolutely nothing to help those brave Americans. This will be his undoing at the polls on November 6.

  70. I heard a young person call into a radio show and was puzzled at the very vitriolic way obama is campaigning now….instead of hope and change stuff. The young person was puzzled why obama was acting so mean, divisive and negative. I thought, he’s finally seeing the REAL obama…

  71. In late 1970s, I had the opportunity to live in the Soviet Union. At the time I was in my late 20s and still had the residual foolishness of my university days. That year in the former Soviet Union was the best education I ever had, particulary with regard to medical care – if one could even call it that. That’s what Obama-care will eventually become.

  72. i have been telling everyone that will listen to me ,that if this obamacare goes thru next year full force,that my doctor told me also that he knows of a lot of good doctors that are either gonna leave the practice or not accept any medicare patients at all,when obama says he is not passing the 716 billion he took from medicare onto to the seniors,he is right,he is passing it on to the doctors and the hospitals and he is knocking down the rate so bad that nobody will accept medicare patients.medicare patients will have to get their care from their local clinic that will be run by the gov’t,staffed with nurses assistants as well as physician assistants,that is your new healthcare,hope you enjoy it

  73. Let me put it this way. Anyone that doesn’t know by now what Obama is really like shouldn’t be allowed to vote.. you can’t fix stupid.

  74. The “true” Obama isn’t evil…he’s merely a leftist dedicated to installing a virtually Communist dictatorship in the United States. Look at those who’ve been the “guiding lights” in his life…even his parents. Dedicated Communists, all. Make no mistake, he’s going to make progress toward that goal — rapid progress — if he’s reelected. Evil? Nope, just dedicated and heavily supported by the left.

    1. Michael, I beg to differ. I think he IS evil. He never had any idea of doing any thing for the good of the country! He & muchelle both hate this country. Going to a HATE church for 20 years??? Any one else would have switched churches early on, unless they totally agreed with the messages! Also, “All this for a damn flag”? His goal from the ‘get-go’ has been to do his best to destroy this country. I still don’t believe he was ever even qualified to be President, but for all the liberals that just won’t hear ANY thing negative about him– Any thing against him –we are just being mean racists! & the lib media, that are SUPPOSED to report all the news, not their opinions or what they feel is good for obama! They are disgusting! I imagine michelle has been raising hell at him that he needs to fight harder & dirtier to get him re-elected. She never had it so good & may kill him or divorce him if she has to give up her cushy life. I think she is just as evil as he is.

  75. Tell your Grandparents that in Obamacare whent hey reach the ripe age of 76 they will then be called units and Will Not get any care you can seek an end of life professional or hospice! don’t believe it, type in any search engine, Obama Care Senior Units! As a Nationally Recognized Senior Specialist I thought my seniors were getting early stages of Alzheimer’s when they were telling me this. Units to die! You get a counsel of Dr.’s if you have a brain anurysm and if you are incurable Oh Well. You open pandora’s box, and then they will decide if you are a good candidate for heart surgery to cancer treatment, which the government will then control and you might as well call Kavorkian – oh I forgot the Government killed his ideas but now they want to do the same – Hypocrits!

  76. In the #3 debate, you could clearly see the hate dripping off 0bama’s face like sweat from July yardwork. And the interruptions, snide comments, disrespect. I suppose that glare, leaning forward ‘aggressively’ was suggested by his debate coach. To me, it looked like he was doing an imitation of Snoopy doing his ‘vulture’ bit. And it was about that effective on Romney.

    1. I thought it was hate too and it could have been but I think it was because of the earpiece. He was listening to somebody who was feeding him answers. Is this why he seemed dumbfounded in the first debate, the earpiece was malfunctioning, kind-of-like when his teleprompter doesn’t work. If you notice on one of his meeting with Putin,Putin’s face had a look like, Your a stateman?your ignorant
      When I saw this on Drudge, one of the comments came from a man who had a 65″ 1080. He claimed he could see it.

  77. After all the damage Obama has done to our economy, his inadequacy in foreign affairs and his rape of the Constitution and of our God-given Rights, I cannot understand why he is still in the running. Are people that ignorant or stupid or anti-American or just plain self-destructive?

  78. Unfortunately the easterners especially from Michigan, Ct., New York, Maine, Illinois still seem to be brainwashed regarding the muslim crook squatting in the white house….A lot of old folk who are too stupid to understand what the commie is and has been doing to our country, also dont have a clue as to what is in the horrid health bill designed to knock them off quickly. They have voted dopeocrat all their lives and by golly, they are going to continue on doing it even for this piece of chit….their mantra”Bush did it” ….yuck

    1. Look at the super storm, the message is stay in you home we will get to you later.

      What happen to being self sufficient.

      How many days will it take for them to get to you?

      This was a good time for your preplanned Las Vegas vacation

  79. The thought of another 4 years with this guy at the helm scares the hell out of me. So does the thought about too many voters coming around to the belief that the government’s sole purpose is to make their lives “easier.”

  80. O Lord, Deliver Us From Obamacare, and, Barack Hussein Obama, and his Socialist and Communist backers. May they all be tried for treason and given the harshest penalties available under the Laws of this Country.

  81. We HOPE and PRAY for a GREAT CHANGE by the morning of November 7th! We pray the headlines read AMERICA SAVED/ ROMNEY ELECTED! Not that lamestream media would run such a title.
    Investigations would be started ASAP into so many areas of O’s government that Lawyers will have more business than they can handle! People will, deservedly, go to prison; if they have not already fled overseas! This has been a corrupt and criminal administration from day 1 and will take years to ferret out and clean up!

  82. Obama lets innocent Americans be slaughtered and shows no remorse for having refused to send any help three times over 7 or 8 hours. Then, lied about it for several days and got Sec Clinton and Amb Rice to perpetuate the lies. Panetta joined in later, although he was in the White House with the Pres during most of the attack and knew he was not telling the ruth about what happened.

  83. Whether Obama is re-elected or not, he needs to be impeached. His flagrant abuse of power and his failure to release his background records (the “real birth certificate” published is a joke) are reason enough to deny this president a lifetime retirement, Secret Service, or any other benefits of past presidents that are paid by us! The taxpayers!

  84. People really need to understand that he isn’t mis-guided or idiotic. He knows exactly what he is doing. His anti-colonial beliefs that America’s days as a super power are over are so ingrained in his consciousness, he will self-destruct to advance his cause. So scarry!

  85. send him his prison papers.. He has defrauded the entire United States of America as well as the government of. If the “birther” question of this ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA was a Repuke instead of a Democrap the press and the entire citizen population would have been up in arms, but seeing as he is a Progressive/marxist/Libtard/communistic Democrap it is swept under the carpet.. And for this, I might just become a Russian soon.. I feel betrayed by my fellow countrymen (except Orliz Tate, and Sheriff Joe), as well as each and every Republican (especially conservatives) that did NOTHING on the biggest scandal to hit the United States of America in her HISTORY!!!! It really does make me sick to my stomach and have almost thrown-up when I hear his fraudulent voice..

    The Clintons said something in 2007, and what happened,, Everyone caved and went after John McCain’s birth record… But never went back to Obama.. and for this I cry for my country (not real tears)…. I have seen multiple videos with Obama himself saying he was born in Kenya.. The President of Kenya has said he was born there, and the place in the state birth files for Obama, the papers are not there – they used to be there….But once again.. no one truly cares for our CONSTITUTION any longer, otherwise he would be in prison now for fraud, and everything he has done to this once great country would be immediately undone…

    I am, unfortunately, going to vote, as I really think my vote doesn’t count, and WE THE PEOPLE have already been cheated by getting Romney as a candidate, but i digress, and will vote for him because he is NOT AN ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA!!!!!!

  86. When obama called on the US seals…they got Osama
    when. The US seals called on obama….they got killed. If media wont cover Libya….post this anywhere and everywhere.


  88. OBAMA,BIDEN and their ILK, Valerie Jarrett, Clintons, The Emanuel brothers, Reid, Pelosi MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE IN THE LAMEDUCK SESSION!! MN’s KEITH ELLISON is pushing legislation to REPLACE OUR CONSTITUTION WITH SHARIA. Ellison is a MUSLIM. Obama Also had a BINDER of people to work for him, it was a BINDER full of MUSLIMS. Any democrat who is a member of a progressive caucus, the American socialist, communisty party must be THROWN OUT AND IMPEACHED and TRIED FOR TREASON. All of them.

  89. Is he actually losing support or is it the people being interviewed are finally admitting they plan to vote for Romney or as the case might be against Obummer. A terrible ecomony and the pressure for the truth about the terrorist attacks on 9/11 are getting to him and he is really showing his lack of character and backbone.

  90. YES! He KNEW the Radicals who created him had his back, and he was a shoo-in for another four years! He didn’t HAVE to be nice any more! He could be the crass, crude, uncouth, wannabe, that he has/had always been! No more sucking up to people he HAD to use but despised! No more Mr, Nice guy in a skinny suit with a skinnier brain cavity! No more would he have to cow-tow to the minorities who disgusted him with their whining! HE deserved BETTER and he would HAVE it from the ones who ‘bought’ his way to our White House! THEY knew how important he was! He had earned his ‘bonus’s’ for “putting-up” with all the ones beneath him! Who had no idea how important and WHO he was! Except for the ones who paid dearly that tried to find out! SORRY, CHARLIE! Your “log raft” just left the dock, and you will HAVE to face the TRUE American people that you have degraded, denigrated, demeaned, blamed, disregarded, shamed, shat upon, and ignored! On November 6th, you will LEARN what happens when the Pro-Americans defend the Country YOU were created to anihilate! And when you leave OUR White House, don’t bother to shut the door! The “Clean-up Crews” are standing by, the “Verminator Exterminators” are ready, and every available PRO-American is willing to help do a wash-down and wash-up!!


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