Are Gadhafi and Obama Twins?

Although he hasn’t been seen in the past few weeks, Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is still releasing statements of defiance against the nation’s rebels and the NATO forces that have been supporting them.

In one of Gadhafi’s latest statements he said that the government he set up is one based upon the voice of the people.  If he truly believes that, then he is just as disillusioned as US President Barack Obama.

Obama believes that he has always listened to the American people and followed their will.  But like Gadhafi, his is sorely disillusioned and lying to himself.

The vast majority of Libyans have made their voices heard that they want their freedom from Gadhafi’s tyrannical ruled.  But Gadhafi refuses to hear the majority of the people and does what he wants to do anyway.  That’s why he is known as a dictator.

Here in America, the vast majority of Americans said they were against Obamacare, against the first two stimulus plans and are against the currently proposed jobs stimulus plan.  But like his twin in Libya, Obama refuses to hear the voice of the people and insists on doing what he wants to do anyway.  More and more he is sounding like a dictator, taking lessons from the 40 year reign of brother Moammar.

It is taking force to remove Gadhafi from his dictatorship and I pray that does not become the case here in America with Obama and his dictatorship.

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