Are Teachers Teaching Our Kids to Be Violent?

There is no shortage of violence in today’s society.  The most popular video games and movies are also the most violent.  Our kids are constantly watching people shooting other people and blowing each other up.  Video games teach them how to hunt and kill everyone around them.

You would think that our kids would get some sort of respite from the violence while they are at school, but doesn’t seem to be the case.

To begin with, they are taught that evolution is a fact and that they are the product of millions of years of death and struggle – survival of the fittest.  Only the strong and aggressive survive while the weak are weeded out and destroyed.  The strong prey upon the weak and exert their dominance.

Violence is no stranger to many high schools in the nation, especially Fivay High School in Hudson, Florida, just north of the Tampa metropolitan area.  Fivay is a new school that first opened its doors in 2010, with an expected enrollment between 1,200 to 1,800 students.

Only three weeks into the 2012-13 school year, violence erupted on the campus of Fivay High School when a 16 year old student attacked a sheriff’s deputy who works as a resource officer at the school.  The teenager was quickly joined by her mother and sister and the three of them kept grabbing and hitting the officer.  Other faculty tried to break up the fight, but the officer found it necessary to use his stun gun on the teenage girl.

In December, another 16 year old student, Jessica Laney, and soccer player at Fivay High School took her own life because of the bullying she got at school and on her social media sites.  Although the girl’s boyfriend and parents said they knew nothing about bullying, her website was full of comments like ‘can you kill yourself already,’ and ‘nobody even cares about you.’

Perhaps some of the students involved in these issues are students of a science teacher at Fivay High School who seems to be teaching them to think violently.  Dean Liptak is a former WCW wrestler turned science teacher at Fivay High School.  Evidently, his former violent career has carried over into the classroom.  On a recent test, students were given the following questions:

“A 50kg student has a momentum of 500 kg m/s as the teacher launches him toward the wall, what is the velocity of the student heading toward the wall?”

“A northbound car with a velocity of 100 m/s ran over a baby with a momentum of 800 kg m/s, what is the mass of the car?”

Some of the parents are a bit unsettled with his violent questions.  One father told reporters:

“I would wonder why on earth they would put that kind of wording …it has violent overtones and I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

One student shared the parents’ concerns saying:

“Not okay at all, especially to be saying it at a school.”

With the teaching of evolution and survival of the fittest along with teachers like Dean Liptak, why are we so surprised when our young people do violent things?  They are being taught violence their entire public school life and it’s only natural that some of them eventually act out the violence they have been taught.  And it will only continue to get worse as long as evolution and other forms of violence are being taught.  Bet the CDC and their $50 million from Obama to study violence will never report this truth as being one of the causes.

15 thoughts on “Are Teachers Teaching Our Kids to Be Violent?

  1. Nothing more than successful liberal indoctrination to weed out the “undesirables” through propaganda. Public schools make me sick.

  2. Okay, so the wording of the questions is a bit disturbing…but how one can conclude that this leads to violence is beyond me. The students simply were not raised properly or had other problems. But blaming those students is PI, while teachers are an easy target.

    If evolution and survival of the fittest teaching are leading to this, I am tempted to blame this on mental disabilities in the students (i.e., they’re slightly retarded and not able to tell fictional violence from real violence), cold as that may sound; by high school, that difference should be easily discernible. This appears to be coincidence and not causation…but this is what disturbs me about the right…targeting easy scapegoats.

    Jessica Laney had other problems in her life, and that unnamed 16-year old is not only a future inmate, but probably a retarded thug at that, as indicated by the presence of the sister and mother; it’s too bad that the security officer couldn’t blast all 3 to death right there.

    1. Adam Moreira…You DO have a blind spot, don’t you…and a substantial bias against the mentally challenged.

      The person who came up with these math questions is who I am concerned with. One has to wonder about their motives in compiling a test with such questions.

  3. If they are not able to vent in small controlled ways, it will build up and forcefully come out in a destructive manner.

  4. How about the way the so called police officers are taught to taser people at will and now it is being seen where 4 5 and 6 cops gang up on one person like a street gang rather then a Police officer and Obamas Homeland socurity or shuld we call them Thuge you know the ones that UPSET OLD PEOPLE AND CHILDREN at the airports and now at bus stations train stations and other Public transportation.Evan on some interstates this is how the Obama storm Tropers intimadate the citizens of the U S A into not trusting the Government Oficials that have sworn to uphold the rights of the People this is now poring over into state and local Governments as well as city and county governments and this is the police force that oboma was talking about whin he ran for pres back in 2007 he spoke of his as will trained as will paid and as will armed as the U S Military.along as his National gog and state and local Government Hinchmen .in otherwards you get the pitcher.

  5. Throwing students at a wall or running over babies? Really? THIS is physics class? How about figuring the energy in foot pounds of a 158 grain bullet traveling at 1800 feet per second? (It’s in excess of 450 foot pounds at about 100 feet out) See? You can still learn this crap without the ‘visual clues’ of throwing people or squashing babies, and ‘still’ be kind of violent,

    1. If it’s In grains (for bullet weight) the formula is ((fps)*(fps)*(weight grains))/450240. A 158 grain bullet at 1800fps has 1,137 FPE. Doesn’t matter how far from the muzzle it is, 1800fps is 1800 fps. For the 158gr to only have 450 FPE it would have to drop into subsonic velocity, the transition from super to sub sonic is going to mess up accuracy, and FPE would be moot because you are going to miss. 😉

  6. There are five main causes of our national epidemic of ignorance; a smugly biased, left-wing media (the 4th House of Gov’t), a state-run despicable educational system which indoctrinates rather than teaches, an amoral Hollywood that trashes American
    values at every turn, a techie game-business industry which develops and promotes violence in games marketed to children and an “American Idol” culture promoted seemingly by almost everyone to worship actors & politicians who are ironically rather stupid for the most part.

  7. Public school teachers don’t teach kids to be violent; public school teachers don’t teach anything at all. Kids are violent not because somebody taught them to be violent, they are violent simply because they are bored. The main problem of the American education system is that, because of enforced political correctness which forbids any independent thinking, American schools fail to teach the most important aspects of public education -teaching kids how to enjoy each others company without drugs and how to solve conflicts without insulting or physically injuring each other.

    We can blame media, teachers, lawyers, politicians, but the only people who are really to blame are we, the parents. We all know that our kids could be punished by their teachers for expressing politically-incorrect views, but how many parents dare to tell their kids the truth? We all know that the best literature is currently in a list of ‘not-recommended’ for reading, but how many parents ever told their kids about existence of ‘Martin Eden’, ‘Three men in a boat’, ‘The little price’ or even original versions of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’.

    It’s a parent’s job to teach their kids discipline and self-discipline, respect to others and self-respect, importance of obeying the law and understanding what to do with politicians who make idiotic laws. If parents cannot do their job, what could be expected from the government clerks who mistakenly call themselves ‘teacher’?

  8. My wife has been a substitute teacher for over 20 years getting requests because the teachers she subs for know it will not be a wasted day, she will make them learn as if it is just another day with their normal teacher. She is now close to quitting and yesterday was a perfect example why. The class she was assigned to was in a school that she likes to sub at and knows many of the teachers. Yesterday was in class for a teacher she had never subbed for and it was total mayhem. This teacher doesn’t believe in traditional discipline in the class and these kids think as second graders that they are equal if not smarter than the adults. The rest of the teachers in the school shun her and dread that they don’t get her kids next year. From the time she walked in the class one child refused to obey the simplest direction and screamed at the top of his lungs that the kids were telling on him. When told to go to the office he refused and it took the principal to have to come get him out of the classroom. He had destroyed one of his textbooks during this time and the principal took pictures so that when the parents, who are in total denial that there is a problem, took the issue to the district office that she would have the evidence to back her up. The school system even in middle class neighborhoods are in almost total anarchy and close to collapse in my opinion.

  9. can it be linked to dna? in the sense that schools, media and entertainment are teaching kids to be homosexuals, boys have to be feminized, girls have to be manly, to not think for themselves except if it’s art, etc,… this is stuff that goes against what they feel inside themselves so they act out or become confused. are kids today more inclined to become mentally ill because of this. let boys be boys, let girls be girls, allow them to think for themselves.

  10. As our society becomes more and more influenced and/or controlled by liberals (and most teachers are liberals), there is more violence, more inequity, more perversion, more sexual abuse of young people and women, more irrational behavior, more danger, more poverty, and more ignorance. Hmmm . . .what does that tell us about liberalism?

  11. Western Civilization since Socrates stated that the only reason for “education” was to teach “Virtue”. That ended with the Fabian Socialist John Dewey and the insidious infiltration of Cultural Marxism which is designed to destroy “Virtue” (which schools do intentionally now). They teach no Absolute Truth (God) so there is no Right and Wrong—if it “FEELS” good—it IS Good! So with Marxist ideology children are put into “groups” so they “hate” the group they are not in, and taught to “group think” (Prussian system of our schools) and forced to CONFORM to the “one view” of the godless Marxist curricula—-like “There is no God” which means there is no Right and Wrong as was understood for thousands of years and was so effective, Now, it is “Good to do Vice”—take “Pride” in it. If you don’t take “Pride in Vice like sodomy”—you are a Hater and a Bigot. IOW, they flipped Good and Evil. The killed God and installed Satanic morality.

  12. I am more concerned over the drugs that are handed out like candy. Then of course we have the immoral and unethical teachers and their Unions that would like to palm off marxism and homosexuality as being good. The liberals have created a monster through this and it has come home to roost.

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