Are There any Poor People In America?

Fairness, class warfare, and social justice are bandied about as reasons for mandated wealth redistribution. There has always been wealth disparity in the United States. The Bible even says that the poor will always be with us. But how poor is poor?

Even the Jubilee principle of returning the land to its original owners after 49 years is not a guarantee that the property holders will do well with it when they get it back (Lev. 25:10, 23; 27:21). Keep in mind that the profit that was gained by the person who had the land during any part of the 49 years got to keep it. What he made on the land was his. Only the land reverted in the 50th year not the profit made from the land. The original owner could turn around in the 51st year and sell it back.

It’s apparent by this law that the original land owners sold it because, casting aside the principle of deferred gratification, they wanted the money now, needed the money because of debt, or wouldn’t or couldn’t work the land.  The borrower is certainly the servant or slave, as some translations have it, to the lender (Proverbs 22:7).

There are gradations of initiative, risk taking, and entrepreneurial savvy in the world. Jesus tells the parable about the man who entrusted a sum of many to two of his servants. One invested the money and made more for his master, while the other buried it in the ground (Matt. 25:14–30). For the inaction of the second servant, he was condemned by his master. He should have at least put the money in the bank to draw some interest.

There’s also the issue of how someone prepared for the future. Did he take advantage of various opportunities for educational advancement? Does he work at whatever job is available at the time no matter what the pay? Does he show up for work on time? Does he work for advancement? How does he spend his time and money? To labor six days per week instead of five produces 52 more days of income per year.

We live in a country that has a standard of living that used to be second to no other nation. The poorest among us, those disenfranchised from their home nation, poor as church mice, could make it America. Yes, there was prejudice and bigotry, and even in some communities an invisible caste system, but those with determination could make it. There is a long history of entrepreneurship in America that has made the poorest among us rich. Consider the following:

  • Forty-three percent of all poor households actually own their own homes. The average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau is a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage, and a porch or patio.
  • Eighty percent of poor households have air conditioning. By contrast, in 1970, only 36 percent of the entire U.S. population enjoyed air conditioning.
  • Only 6 percent of poor households are overcrowded. More than two-thirds have more than two rooms per person.
  • The average poor American has more living space than the average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens, and other cities throughout Europe. (These comparisons are to the average citizens in foreign countries, not to those classified as poor.)
  • Nearly three-quarters of poor households own a car; 31 percent own two or more cars.
  • Ninety-seven percent of poor households have a color television; over half own two or more color televisions.
  • Seventy-eight percent have a VCR or DVD player; 62 percent have cable or satellite TV reception.
  • Eighty-nine percent own microwave ovens, more than half have a stereo, and more than a third have an automatic dishwasher.1

These statistics are from 2007. Economic conditions have changed, many of them because of government policies that were designed to help the poor. They had the opposite effect.

“Compare the vision of the poor as presented in the Bible – men without homes, their bodies full of sores, hungry, owning only one tunic – to the circumstances of many poor people in the United States, and the social skewing of the definitions of poverty becomes apparent. To be poor in America often means ‘having less than one’s neighbor’ instead of ‘lacking resources necessary for life.’”2

My parents are children of Italian immigrants. My mother had 11 brothers and sisters. At first, they lived out in the country. I can remember my mother telling our next-door-neighbor a sad story about how she never had a doll growing up. Our neighbor had tears in her eyes.

My mother’s father wanted better opportunities for his children, so he traded their farm land for a three-bedroom home in the city of Carrick, a suburb of Pittsburgh — the boys in one bedroom and the girls in another. All of them prospered in various occupations and business enterprises. Were they poor? Compared to people living in Mt. Lebanon and Squirrel Hill, yes they were. But compared to millions – maybe billions – of people around the world at that time, they were rich. Life was difficult. There were few welfare programs, and when they were offered, many people refused the help (see the film Cinderella Man).

The wealth distributionists are making it easier for people not to achieve. They don’t want to admit that a free economy – free from oppressive regulations, targeted legislation, and political payoffs — lifts all boats. The poor are rescued from their plight by the entrepreneurs who create wealth and prosperity where none existed just 10 or 20 years ago.

  1. Robert Rector and Kirk Johnson, “How Poor Are America’s Poor? Examining the ‘Plague’ of Poverty in America,” Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, no. 2064 (August 27, 2007. []
  2. David W. Hall and Matthew D. Burton, Calvin and Commerce: The Transforming Power of Calvinism in Market Economies (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2009), 131 []

266 thoughts on “Are There any Poor People In America?

  1. The poor live better in America than the middle class in other parts of the world or better than the middle class in America a hundred years ago, in large part due to government wealth redistribution. And they like it — which explains why Obama is so dificult to defeat.

    1. Let me make clear. In times past, people lived well because they worked hard. These days, they live well because politicians win elections telling them they don't have to work as "slaves" and those elected politicians "bring home the bacon" that others have worked hard for.

      1. The politicians know if they promise and come through with promises, to give spongers a living if they can't (won't) work, will gain millions of votes. They love politicians who wring out money from government funds to give to them, does not matter to them, if the funds are meant for something badly needed by all. They are brainwashed and love it

        I wonder do these politicians have to take classes to know the best ways to manipulate voters. They must, because it seems to me, that this is too evil to be inbuilt or is the term inbred???.

        1. Income disparity has always existed.

          From the 1930's to the late 70's it decreased. Since the 1980's the wealthy have seen their incomes rise by 700% adjusted for inflation. The rest of us? Pretty much our incomes have gone down when adjusted for inflation.

          Compensation in fiscal year 2010 for American CEOs increased by a median 27%, CEOs from the S&P 500 took a median 36.5% increase in compensation.

          Wealth distribution from the workers to the elite needs to be reversed.

        1. I have news for you Dan I am NOT one of those people. I want
          to work and spend hours each day trying to get a job. Even took classes on Microsoft Word and a class on Microsoft Excel
          to upgrade my computer skills in the hope that would improve
          my chances to get a job. I’ve updated my resume to include the volunteer work I’ve done to fill the 13 month gap in being unemployed in the hope that would improve my chances to get a job. Yet so far for all my effort I am unemployed 13 months later.

      2. Politicians do not bring home anything they steal money from me and people like me who pay taxes, from your statements I do not believe you pay taxes…..come back when you have paid taxes for 37 years like I have!

        1. Right, we / our taxes pay the outrageous sums paid to politicians so they can screw us for electing them,
          time to pull the plug on those double dealing liars.
          Vote every obama, democrat, RINO out of office on Nov. 6th, 2012

      3. What you people don't realize is the poor people are the ones out there breaking their backs trying to make a living, not sitting at home waiting for food stamps and other hand outs or occuplying wall street or any other street. they may not be rich in money but they are extremely rich in pride and it takes one heck of a blow for them to ask for any thing other than a job and a chance to make a living and be left alone. There are still some people in America with pride , I agree , not many but some. that is the ones that can look themselves in the face when they look in the mirror, the only rich ones that can do that have either given their souls to God or the devil and you know what the bible sayes about that.

    2. "The poor live better in America than the middle class in other parts of the world, or better than the middle class in America a hundred years ago"

      You say this like it's a bad thing! According to you we are defeating poverty…and that should be stopped.

      1. You missed the point. No one wants a person to do without, however, if I'm paying $$$ in taxes working 40+ hours a week and not being able to go on a cruise. While my neighbor is being subsidized by the Government goes on his cruise, spends a couple of days a week at the local bar. You think that is FAIR? Defeating poverty that way is WRONG.

    3. solution: I have to agree with you on that one.

      This "redistribution of wealth" is going to put us right where all the other poor countries have been for quite some time.

      1. This is exactly what odumbo wants. Make us as poor as other nations who have no resources and no capabilities to change things for the better.

      2. Unfortunately , The rich are getting richer & the middle class is further in debt.( Or poorer)Most thing made nowadays barely outlast the warruntee(sp) & you can not get replacement parts, just buy new stuff.

    4. Oh they are here. I've seen and talked to them. Most of them are addicts or alcoholics but there are some that just have mental problems. We do have authentic poor people among us. We just won't admit it and choose to ignore them.

      1. You are absolutely correct = at the age of 71 and having s.s of $801, I have 4 insurances policies totalling nearly $400 and have, in the past 3 weeks, been advised by one and all that my payments are all going up!!!!!! I am poor. DO YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE — I AM POOR – and there are more of us out there than you think – I am not on food stamps – I do not get any help to pay my water and electricity – I have to make a go of it on my own. Hell, who knows perhaps if I was black or mexican and illegal to boot I would get everything my heart desires.

        1. You are so right on barbpatton. Here in Washington state the illegals go to dshs to sign up on welfare and they take a couple of the neighbor kids with them. After crushing both heels in 1986 I tried to get some food stamps for myself , wife and three kids. Problem was I spoke english.

          God bless and I wish the best for you.

        2. Just vote all the politicians out of office and make them abide by the laws that they make for us.

    5. That is a voting bloc which has always been used to get cooperation from the "grateful group" who will "vote" for them! Politicians know that half of all American citizens are Government Dependants and represent millions of votes! A good bit of the money spent on welfare is wasted, stolen, misused, abused and unearned! Yet we reduce spending for our Military? Why not stop giving our "Political Government Dependants" free booze, perks, passes, compensation, reimbursements, free rides, free access to tax payer money, and Lord only knows what else! Since there is absolutely no transparency, we will never know! THAT needs to change! The National debt would go down like a golf ball on a pitched tin roof! Then China would be working for US again!

    6. You are so right. The poor in America are faring well in comparison to most of the other nations due to government subsidies. I can remember what poor was like as a child, and even then, we lived like kings compared to the poor in other nations. Still, in saying this it is no excuse for the government to be tearing down our middle class that our parents and grandparents worked so hard to develop.

    7. Poverty is relative to the cost of living here, not somewhere else in the world. If you don't have enough to make ends meet, you're poor, regardless of living in a wealthy country. The fact is that it actually takes MORE to live here. Unfortunately these types of articles NEVER take that into consideration – also, if you consider it a necessity, it's just as much a necessity for everyone else, including the poor.

    8. The sad part is most of the poor are senior "citizens" that were born here. The illegals and the welfare groups receive the benefits from the government. You're correct, Obama will be hard to beat but we have to try. Mike Tanco

    9. more like 40 years ago. when i was a child my brother and sisters helped farmers in the summers to make enough money to buy our clothes for school, and save some for our mothers birthday & xmas present .If you make a child work a little now adays they will put you in jail.Working when i was small was a great time ,it taught me not to go in debt so much .I heard 1 guy on here talking about being layed off for 13 months and then taking more computer lessons, iwonder if he turned down any maunal larbor in the last 13 months

    10. So, we should be satisfied if all wealth is in the hands the fewest is somehow the way things need to be because it is what G-d wants for His children? Shouldn't the truth more likely favor the meek, since Jesus favored them and actually was doing G-d's work and not he work of the devil that seems favors the uber-rich? It is true that our poor are doing better than most, but they are still not as healthy and happy as Jesus ment us all to be, while those who own America are grossly over-privilaged to a point of absurdity.

    11. Poverty is relative to the cost of living where you live, not some place else in the world – and my guess is you wouldn't want a mud or a run down house in your back yard. They had a homeless shantytown in DesMoines a few years ago – do you want to guess what happened to it? These people weren't asking for help – they were trying to make do with what they had.

  2. Our family used to participate in our local newspaper's annual Christmas drive: Pick a poor family off the list in the newspaper and take them presents for Christmas. We would pull up behind their big new cherried-out pick-up truck (driving our battered old van with 150K miles on it) and walk in to find their kids on the couch playing video games, listening to music on a really nice sound system, and so on. After a couple of years in a row of delivering presents to "poor" families who were living better (materially speaking) than we were, we gave up on that.

      1. The poor now were strong middle class families a few years ago. They have been targeted relentlessly the last 3 or 4 years and all their jobs have been shutdown or sent overseas. These socialists have to break the middle class to destoy this country, they will fail.

    1. You are exactly correct. Most of these children of "poor Parents" have Grandmothers and Grandfathers , Aunts and Uncles and other family members who could afford nice presents every Christmas for the children but instead selfishly expect strangers to be Santa, while they are on a cruises to Hawaii , riding in nice new cars, eating out at popular restaurants and wintering in Florida , Arizona or Texas .

      1. Take a look at our great example of a "president". The media makes him out as "compassionate". But, compassion begins at home. He had a half brother living in Kenya off of less that $1/day. But we never heard the media say anything about how he was helping his brother. He had an illegal alien aunt living in squalor in Boston. But, he didn't help her. Instead he felt it his duty to sue or threaten to sue banks for discrimination because they were trying to issue loans to financially qualified people. Once he became "president" he made sure that his aunt was taken care of – with your and my tax money. He is not compassionate towards his own family members with his money – only with money he has had the government steal from you and me. Sorry media, but I don't call that compassion.

        1. These relatives are too 'BLACK' for him and he doesn't want to claim the Kenyan side of himself. This side of the family also said he was born in Kenya.

    2. Just like the so-called poor individuals out here in Arizona on AHCCCS.( Az Health Care Cost Containment System). Show up flashing their public assistance healthcare card, cant afford to pay, but, show up in a brand new Escalade, wearing gold watchs and chains. See it everyday at the local hospital. Some people just like milking the system so people like you and I can pay for it. Thank Obama for that. Government handouts for all. Really gives you an incentive to work, dosent it?

      1. Grimm, I work for the state of California and I have seen illegal alien families drive up to the welfare office in their brand new SUVs and go on welfare. The illegal alien males are working in the underground economy while their families are collecting our benefits and making a killing. That’s why California is going in the red every year and our hospitals are closing.

    3. well that where you live it you have been to Florida in just orange county the news to day 15.000 children home less and some living in there cars or shelters and that's only one county so how many more while OBAMA spends 3.5 million in HAWAII and people are hungry and Home less
      you may like him but to me he is a jerk and could care less about the people in the once great country

    4. I was one of five southern sharecropper kids. We worked from the time were 5 in the fields cotton, corn, vegatables. We grew our own food. I retired from the USAF in 1974 returtned to college got AS degree in Elontronics. I started at $8.00 per in a chemical plant in 1978. Today an AS degree in electronics starts a job at $7.50 an hour. Wages have stood still for over 30 while cost of living has gone up over 200%. CEO pay has increased over 700%. This is why we have poor americans. Good paying jobs have vanished overseas and the greedy elite want to pay as little as possible for any kind of labor, high tech or any other kind.

      1. The only way I think our gvt should be involved with corporations is to rule that based on the % of corporate salaries so shall the minimum wage be set for all other employees and make it a reasonable % even for the mailroom clerk. That alone would control the corporate greed based on individual corporations' success – spur on capitalism without oppressive regulations and unconstitutional laws on stock holders and caps on corporate salaries. This would be a built in cap and everyone would improve as their business improved or, just the opposite as it should be. Other than this, I think an iron curtain needs to be erected between these two. (diclaimer – haven't given a lot of thought in details on this idea… it's just an idea)

    5. My experience agrees with yours. I wanted our family to have a tradition of helping out the disadvantaged, especially during the holidays. In our first experience, we brought Thanksgiving dinner; we were met at the door by a guy with cigarette in his mouth and a beer in his hand — at 10:30 a.m. He simply called back to his wife, "Hey, we got another one" and took our packages. Our future experiences did not get any better. Also, food stamps (now SNAP cards) have left a bad taste in my mouth. Consistently, I have seen them used to buy food that I believe I cannot afford.

    6. they can do this because they get government assistance that covers their housing, utilites, healthcare, cell phones and food. they use any monies they receive to buy what ever they want.. I had a section 8 tenant that drove a Range Rover

  3. I imagine there are poor people in America but when I see the government pouring billions every year to the poor there should not be any that are suffering. That is not really the point. The point where is this money going, how much is being spend wastefully and going to those who need it, and is it spent for what is needed to survive? It is given to generation after generation of people who refuse to get jobs and many spend it on drugs, strong drink, and other things that are not needed. I have worked in clothing stores when the mother of the family came and spent the entire amount for fancy clothing for herself. This is of course, years ago but it is likely going on today.. I believe GOD, and the government should help the poor but the poor should help themselves, too. I am not saying in the least, that all who receive these moneys waste it because most of them do not. Take the fact that if 10-20 percent of them waste the money, just think how much money that is which belongs to us, who want to earn our living, ourselves.

    1. Myrtle, my Dad was a Minister and always said that if the churches took care of the poor the way Jesus taught, the Government would not need to! There would also be less waste if the churches were the ones who tended and vetted the poor! There are those who really need help! Widows, the disabled and orphans especially. But a forty five year old man still living with his mother, no job, no incentive, waits for her SS check and takes it for his booze, cigarettes and women! The neighbors feed the widow while the son feeds his habits! That is not just in my community, but probably multiplied millions of times! No regulation, evaluation, and transparency means no one has to be held accountable! That is stupid!

      1. lucitee, I believe it is the duty of the church to take care of the people who need assistance, of any kind in their communities. Usually there are several churches in every community. Churches, as a whole do not do this, today. They do not seem to be aware of the needy. That is one reason why the government is spending these billions on the needy and those who refuse to work. There is no excuse for the churches who are neglecting their duties but that is why or nation is dieing, Christians are not living according to laws of GOD. We are allowing all kinds of evil to go unobstructed, not only that our government is promoting this evil and we sit back and allow it to be done. If every Christian would speak up, step up and act up we could do something about it.l.

    2. Myrtleinder: God & the Government??
      there is a saying "God helps those who help themselves".
      Well, today the "poor" are helping themselves… the 25% lopped off every workers pay to "redistribute" to the "Worthy Poor".
      Personally I think the average Joe who works,…sometime 2 jobs… in order for Washington to fine him a good quarter of his wages, is more worthy of the money than some idle Jack or Jill content to sit there with the hands out while unaccountable `Crats drop OUR dollars into their manicured hands.
      We need to curb government, also the excesses of big business who for years have been swallowing up small farms/businesses to the detriment of the people, small towns and local business.
      Bill Gates began in a shed. He worked hard and is now so rich he is giving money away.
      Government exists only to stifle enterprise, as it looks on greedily to see how much it can screw from the initiative of people with enterprise, whilst at the same time making sinecures for its `Crat buddies!
      Anyone notice how all talk of the "Terrible Deficit" has GONE from the news??? From CBS/ABC/etc?
      THEY don`t want it talked about.
      USA is down to AA rating from AAA. If we look at Europe, SIX EU countries are on a ratings watch list.
      Whilst USA is reporting Obama`s vision for the USA, we are at a point that, if Obama raises the debt ceiling again, the Rating Agencies will drop the US from AA, with the result that Interest Rates will rise from their present levels.
      The WH is desperate to prevent THAT from happening before November, hence all the stories about US businesses "Rallying"!!
      Is your area "rallying"?
      The MORE the Feds get from taxpayers, the more they have to give to those on Welfare. Who will those on Welfare vote for ? the people who give them money!!
      But POOR does not mean STUPID!! Perhaps Obama should be aware of this, as, if his voters stop to think, just for a while, they will see what everyone else sees, that USA is POORER than it was in 2008!!
      my solution? ABO in November!!

      1. You are exactly right. These handouts to the poor and the lazy are not to help the needy. They are blinding and making these people dependent on them for votes, they are buying votes. Still, there are many who are neglected by churches as "We the Christians" go our way. They do benefit from government handouts, for whatever reason they get the assistance and if it is necessary, the government should step in. When I had cancer surgery, there was and is two churches that I could walk to in five minutes and another I could drive to in five minutes. I heard nor got as much as phone call from one church member. This happens all over my community and our country, today, I am not alone .This only one reason the government is involved.

    3. Like a girl i worked with she was 31 yrs old had 5 kids and none of them had the same dad .She was getting help left and right , plus getting child support from the dads and ssi .I don't thing i should have to pay for someone elses mistakes. Something eles that pisses me off is some drunk or dopehead messes there health up, from years of abuse and the tax payers have too keep them up.

      1. All these unmarried serial mothers get subsidized housing, welfare, food stamps, money for each of their children (who have no involved father). I am single and barely am making it, yet I get no help from the government. The little bit I make is "too much". My church does help those in need: church members. It seems that those who want to take advantage of the churches help don't attend any church, yet here they come wanting money for rent and phone bills. They never darken the church door at any other time. But this does not mean that we should not attempt to help all the poor we can. Jesus is watching us and we are his hands and feet.

  4. I don't give rat's behind how we "compare" to other countries. I care that our quality of like here continues a steep decline. No matter how hard we work. the govt continues to take more and more of our money, then they lie to us about where they spend it, then turn around and say they need more, and more, and more, and more. Now they have the audacity to tell us we live so much better than other countries. Again, I don't give a rat's behind about what other countries do not have and never have had. I don't live in other countries; I live in this one, and I am tired of what I have easily attained in the past being harder and harder to come by, and if I do get something, they take it from me and the govt tells me to stop whining "because there are hungry children in other countries." There are tens of thousands of homeless and hungry children here thanks to the crooked govt-owned mortgage companies.

    1. well said you got it 100%right. i would like to know where all this so called relief goes to countries like haiti after their disaster, have you ever notice just how many of these poor countries they speak of are run by dictators and ever eonder why the mnoey is always need but the poor never see it maybe the U N ought to explain how that works since they are such humanitarians.

      1. Personally I am sick to death with giving our good money down black holes in other countries who spit on us and blame us for every wrong in the world. Want our money???? Then show us exactly where the money goes……..I want a detailed receipt. I want to see the so-called leaders of the countries we subsidize living no better than our average middle class family until their people are given decent housing, clean water to drink and bathe in, and a means by which they can grow/earn their own way to independence. If the people want to live in mud huts, so be it. But the leaders of the countries had better send the money back.

    2. As long as almost half pay zero federal income tax, they will continue to be empowered to spend more and tax the other 53% more. That's how politicians stay in power. Then they use their rhetoric to turn us against each other, while they openly pad their pocketbooks, healthcare and retirement plans.

    3. Google agenda 21, 3rd world countries up USA down. Thats why we don't drill for oil ,and nafta was passed,and it makes no differents who is elected!

    4. The government has most assuredly "subsidized" poverty; hence we have more of it. However, the welfare-dependent exacerbate the problem by having more children (many out of wedlock) than they can afford…and then whine if the taxpayers balk at providing more. They feel entitled to the fruits of other people's labor, and that's WRONG!


  5. I live in Carrick, suburb of Pittsburgh, today! I’d classify it as lower middle class, with an undertow of working poor struggling to raise families. Most people own their own homes, which are modest 3 BR’s built anywhere between turn of the century and WWII.

  6. I have been supporting (electricity, water, drivers license, insurance, gas) a very athletic 60 year old man who got out of a 20 year prison term on July 31. It is now Jan 6 and he still has no job. The only government handout he gets is EBT. He inherited the trailer his mother left when she died so he's not homeless. He bought a truck for $500 so he can get out and look for jobs. He has no TV or internet . If it was not for me, this man would be poor. I have another friend who works at McDonalds. She has a 3 year old and no child support. Having no car, she relies on public transportation, or me on holidays. She rents a trailer, which she keeps neat as a pin. I also paid electric and water for her so she could move in. I would call her poor.

    1. Having no car does not make one poor. A car is a means of transportation i.e., taking you from point A to point B. The public transportation does the same thing. Not having the latest of anything does not make one poor. Having no TV could be a blessing. At one time in my life I had no extra money to speak of, but I paid my bills (on time) had food all the time giving me wholesome meals, and had three kids to boot. Never had extra money left over. Never had to rely on a handout, thank God.

      1. Unfortunately there are many places in the US that don't have close public transportation. When my parents lived in Florida they could only travel by car as there was no local bus or train service. Cabs are very expensive.

    2. I've been to Africa where there are 10,000 mud hut housing developments; children dying in the dirt from AIDS, HIV, leprosy, malaria, dysentery, starvation and worms; no food and no water and no medicine or doctors. No schools. No "programs". No nothing. THAT'S poor.
      We here in the US do not have Poor People.

      1. SallyFarrar: No poor IN RELATION TO AFRICA!!
        What a comparison. If Obama gets his way, everyone possible may be living on Govt Handouts. That is how Socialists run things.
        America after 1776 rose to become the richest nation on earth by 1930, but the dustbowl still made Americabs poor then.
        If we look at what the Fed Govt holds in BUDGETS, every man woman and child could benefit by $1,000,000 each if these budgets were cut.
        THAT would be redistribution of wealth, not snitching $5 million in tax from the rich!
        America has the money to ensure no-one be poor, but the White House Socialist likes to portray himself as some kind of savior whilst passing Draconian bills to be able to CONTROL who he likes!
        A return to the values of the Founding Fathers is in order!

    3. None of us want children to go hungry. I lived in so cal for 35 years and watched the so called poor scam the system and live much better then I did raising my 3 children by myself. I watched my ex for 6 years live off of welfare even though she was perfectly capable of working. There would be nothing in her refridgerator but a 12 pack of beer. I could have gone on welfare when I got custody but instead I worked 2 jobs to give my children an good home. I also several times helped single mothers, friends of my daughter, but these girls were working and going to school and went on to be good succeseful parents. When I first got married I supported my wifes 2 younger sisters and made them finish school. They both went on to be productive parents. They both offered to testify for me in our divorce because they knew me and knew my ex was lying to the court.

    4. Yes, someone who commited a crime that put them away for 20 years would definitely struggle. Choices. Consequences. Glad that someone is pitching in to help, but expect that to continue. College kids with clean records can't get jobs, never mind a 60 year old with a record.

    5. Sandy, there are people who truly need help and that is not the people this blog is talking about. I believe they are talking about the cheaters and there are plenty of them out there. These people have learned to cheat the system which of course is stealing from the actual working people who pay taxes. I am seeing more and more of these people out shopping, wearing the best clothes, driving the best cars and I even saw a women try to use her, or someone, food stampcard at a sam's Club and when they told her she would have to go sign up at the desk to be able to use it there she just pulled out $180.00 from her purse and pay. Don't we know she was some kind of cheat with her desiner outfit on and her well dressed man at her side. Thsoe are the people we are talking about.

      1. Look up Margaret Sanger, (One of Hilary Clinton's heroes) – She wrote a lot about controlling the population of unwanteds (people of color, she even went after the Chinese) – She said it was just compassionate to prevent the poor and infirm from reproducing as the children would just suffer anyways. Ironically, she solicited donations from the well-off colored people to help open the first abortion clinic in the United States, in Harlem NY (1930.)
        Google "The Negro Project"

        1. Eugenics and population control. All the libs are into that regardless of color or race. It's the God complex they are all struck with that allows them to think in these terms. And who among the controlling elite is all in support of this? You got it, John Holdren – Obama's Science Czar. So it is no longer about race or Margaret Sanger's point… but she was one helova pusher for it, wasn't she?

        Let’s not forget the words of democrat liberal icon Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood Sanger said, “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population….”
        And do not ever forget Hillary Clinton, said Margaret Sanger is one of her heroes.

    1. And the "planned" Agendas of our Liberal Government and this Administration were founded to eradicate all of us who earn our own way! It has nothing to do with "the skin"! Incompetence doesn't come in colors!

      1. Exactly! "Elite" seems to have become is't own race. Remember when identifying racism was easy? The difference between color or creed. Now the elitie have defined thier own form of racism and religion against all who they deem unworthy of existance. This new race has only these commonalities: Ideology, Power and Money. Most of which that has been consentrated in our government.

    2. To NancyB, Insurgent, Whackajig, and all you morons who gave them thumbs-up: You are some nasty racist scumbags, you aren't worthy of this country you are lucky enough to live in.

  7. Whats The Point???????????? Yea I Am Poor Working Poor.I Make Less Then 25.000 A Year And Live Paycheck To Paycheck Like Alot Of Americans………….

    1. To Own:

      : belonging to oneself or itself —usually used following a possessive case or possessive adjective <cooked my own dinner>

      1. By term viewed by our governement – it means everything you think you own is really theirs. ALL of it. We own nothing.

        1. google "Agenda 21", you will be shocked at what is in store for people that "own" anything in the future

  8. If America keeps the LFN from Mombasa, Kenya in office————————–the number of poor people in this country will increase greatly. That is his plan————————–to make poor people dependent on the governments.

    1. Amen!! You preach it brother! I am convinced of what you say as the truth of the day! I had high hopes for this guy, but Obama has failed us miserably!

    2. AND the tax-payers! It would be interesting to see what his tax bill is! Probably got money back from the IRS! AKA: US!
      If he had been 'vetted" like every other President of our Country, he would still BE in Kenya! Every other President we have voted into office has/had a transparent past, is/was known by the entire Country and most of them genuinely loved America! Thanks Loony Liberals! For your over-sight and failure to protect us from those who would "use" us solely to further his own warped agenda!!

    3. While researching Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, to see whether he could have been born in Kenya (he couldn't have), I came across something that made my jaw drop. That was a picture of Frank Marshall Davis, a married, black, active Communist, pornographer who was a friend of Stanley's father in Honolulu. Given a photo of Davis and Obama Senior, one would never believe that Obama Senior was Junior's father. The resemblance between Davis and Junior is amazing. It is hard to believe that it would be such a coincidence. Particularly when considering that Senior abandoned Junior when he was an infant.

      The Obama family is certainly hiding something about his birth, but it is not where he was born, it is who is biological father was.

  9. The poorest poor in this country are heads and shoulders above the poor overseas. The vast majority of complains in this country are from the ones who rely on the government for everything.

    1. Yes you want to see poor, look at Haiti, since earthquake, these people are still living in makeshift tents, no clean water, running gully's for body waste, outdoor cooking, no place to store food, or wash clothes, after many billions of dollars directed to them thru the criminal presidents of their country who I'm sure does not live in a tent. The country can't decide who owns the property or allow these people that want to build homes for them are not allowed until when,? And we are headed for another year of hurricanes, which usually hits Haiti with the people living outdoors in tents.

  10. There are no poor people in the US! You want to see REAL poverty, go to Mexico, Cental America, South America (yes even to the worker's paradise of Veneszula, Brazil, and the other socialist countries), go to the worker's paradise of Cuba, go to Africa, the list is long, I have lived in the Philippines and seen REAL poverty! One time I volunteered to help out to cook and distribute a hot meal for the homeless/poor of San Antonio TX, the so called hungry threw into the garabage half to almost all of what we cooked and put on their plate. When I saw that, I no longered volunteered my services for I remember my survival training in the military, one scenario we were up in the mountains with little food to last over 5 days evading the enemy, after that training I could and did eat whatever was put in front of me, if it looked edible, I ate it, I knew what it was like to be TRULY hungry! Poor, hungry those are terms used by politicans to use as an excuse to STEAL our money!

  11. Poor is not poor like it was 50 or 60 years ago. what has actually happened, I am speaking generally, that the Democratic Party has funded the poor thru many entitlement programs to buy their votes. They also do this with Farmers to buy their votes by providing them agricultural subsidies. Now Obama is trying to provide real estate entitlements to people so he can buy their votes hoping that will bring to over 50% the number of people on entitlements in this country.
    Another example:
    For instance, people who go to the emergency room, poor people, wearing $150-200.00 Jeans, tatoos everywhere, diamonds in their earings, etc. The true poor are few and far between and, of course, what is the definition of poor.
    I think we need to wake up.

    1. On the tattoos; I recall a co-worker from some time back who used to always complain how she had no money. She was single, lived in an apartment and used public transportation. Then she got a rose tattooed on hr thigh. I asked her what tht little flower cost and she said $65. I could do nothing ut shake my head! When I think of how many people mimic the character in an old movie titled "The Illustrated Man", it makes me wonder, how do they justify spending all that money to have someonw stick needles with dyes in their bodies? I have yet to see any tattoo which I found attractive. Then again, this is my opinion. I'm not a masochist! As for wealth, I have all I need to survive and I am not talking about monetary wealth. Health, faith, a satisfied mind and a clear conscience. God is awesome!

    2. You might want to ask them where they got the $200 Jeans and you might find out they got them at a Goodwill Store. The diamonds are also probably not real. There are a lot of really poor people in this country but there should not be ANY. The rich can afford to support a few people that are less off.

    3. They also do it through corporate welfare. If the government stopped giving corporations hundreds of billions each year, we could cut taxes and spending. Every line of business and industry in the USA is subsidized by the taxpayer. They are not satisfied with this they havebreak or bankrupt break their companies and then we bail them out again. The welfare that many unfortunate poorget is miniscule compared to what corporations get.

    4. O'Vomit and his ilk will continue to buy votes by confiscating the earnings of those who work as long as it will keep him in office. Once the workers stop working, the system will collapse, and there will be anarchy.

  12. Poor is obviously a relative term defined by those attempting to justify taking more from the people that work for it.
    A woman in front of me at the grocery store last week seemed to have no problem buying sushi and paying with an EBT card. Is she poor? I think not but I'm sure the gov't would classify her as such. At least once a week in this small town area newspaper there's another arrest for welfare fraud, nothing is ever done to them, so it appears to be OK to steal from the taxpayer. The system is beyond broken, this entitlement mentality will do what no foreign enemy could never do. This country is being destroyed slowly by the gutless politicians whose only concern is their reelection.
    It will take another American revolution to fix this mess and they know it. That is their prime motivation for trashing the 2nd amendment and taking our guns. An unarmed society is a Slave society. Stock up on ammo, because you may need it soon.

    1. Gary, How about the "mother' who brings three or four children precious and very hungry, through the grocery store buying
      junk food, sodas, a few pizzas and nothing in the buggy that required cooking! Then she pays for her carton of cigarettes with a 50 dollar bill! And gets little change back! Our Country is in deep peril! Our Government needs a complete over-haul! The Conservatives would applaud it but the Government Dependants would curse it! We are too far out-numbered!

    2. It is not the system that is broke,
      it's the people administering the system.
      If the intake person is black and you are also, you get your "entitlement benefits".
      If the intake person is hispanic and you are also, you get your "entitlement benefits".
      If your a down on your luck and cannot find a job and your a homeless white single male, it's
      tough chit, starve!

    3. well if that happens and he calls= Martial law =we will never get him out of office
      so we need to vote him out out of all the people running for his office they were sent gun owner loyalty
      only one signed it RON PAUL i had mitt Romney in mind till i just read a report of where they all stand well RON PAUL will get my vote and backing the others are gun grabbers like who is in office now
      we must never give op that right any one remember the second world war

    4. These so called "poor" people have no problem buying cell phones, laptops, air Jordan's, beer, cigarettes and even lottery tickets. People with EBT cards buy food items and sel to other people for cash. This happens all across this country. It's a win–win situation for everyone except the TAXPAYER, who is the real poor guy and made by the crooked government to pay for the upkeep of the worthless.

    5. I agree with you. We've allowed an ungodly enemy within to take the helm of this country. They've opened the gates to our country to people we have nothing in common, and expect freebies. I blame our government.

      Everyone should start taking frequent visits to their Senators and Representatives, also their state representatives. They have to account to us. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

  13. under the heading, the path to hell is lined with good intentions, notice, simultaneously, while we are inundated by the "compassionate" left, on the "poor", who are victims of any number of evils-capitalism, republicans, the wealthy, the tea party, etc; and we are told, the "poor" go hungry every night, in spite of, since 1964, the war on poverty, food stamps, wic vouchers, head start breakfast/lunch/dinner programs, government cheese give aways, etc; the results are there are now more dependent poor then ever before, and go figure, the dependent poor are now the victims of obesity too, just ask Michelle!

    1. Go to the grocery store and watch the EBT card users cart, they are loaded with steaks, and all expensive foods that the rest of us have to buy only for a special occasion. They are wearing very expensive clothes, jewelry, gold and diamonds and have artifical nails and look like they just came from the beauty shop. How can they work and get EBT too? Our people that work these cases must not be doing a very good job at checking these people out. Lets see if we can't get better workers in these Government jobs.

  14. Can someone give a definitive explanation of what poor is? Everything said here are statements that are relative to each persons idea of poor. Even the government only takes a blind shot at it by giving an income level to indicate poor. When I was at that level, which wasn't that long ago, I didn't consider myself poor, just income challenged. Through perserverance and hard work, I've managed to come out of that. Wealth redistribution takes away the incentive to better oneself.

    As stated above, the poor will always be with us, and yes, we are to do what we can to comfort them and help them, not give them reasons to stay in their condition. As far as wealth redistribution, "leveling" the income field, let me ask a question. How many of us have worked for a poor man?

    I personally think the post is well stated.

    1. I'm far from poor, but 25 years ago I ate potatoes the last week of the month because the money ran out and borrowed my neighbor's vacuum cleaner until I saved enough to buy one of my own. No credit card debt. I would have been considered "poor," but that was one of the best periods of my life. I was healthy, had good friends who knew how to have fun on a low budget. I was grateful for the hand-me-downs and didn't think I was "poor" because I took the bus and didn't have cable. Life has gotten better, but it wasn't' just luck that got me here. Good choices and perspective on life definitely helped.

    2. I think being poor is not having any idea where your next meal is coming from; nor having the money to meet your needs, when you need it and having no job to get the money to meet your needs. NOT WANTS.

    3. The best definition I have seen that crosses economies is that a person is in absolute poverty if more than half of household income is spent on food. From all the places around the world I have been, that seems to hold up and it also gives rural people a bit of a relative boost, as it should, if they grow their own food. It also means there are very, very few people in America that are in absolute poverty. The only ones I have seen are there by choice: choice of drugs, alcoholism, or in some cases the choice to refuse mental health treatment.

      It always makes me angry to see some fat woman dragging a bunch of kids through the checkout line of a grocery store, piled high with soda, chips, good cuts of meat, and pay cash for cigarettes; then I look down at my bananas, whatever meat is on sale, and generic spaghetti noodles. (For reference, my wife did not have running water in her house until she was 25 years old, and I grew up picking up aluminum cans to make money. Now we make $300k+/yr and are worth close to 8 figures).

      I get angrier knowing personally that in many parts of the world, there are children playing on the street with absolutely nothing to eat and no adult to take care of them (I buy food and give it to them directly), or some teenage girl doing what she has to in order to pay for her college courses as her best means to climb out of true poverty (mostly, this just makes you cry to see; and no my wife did not, but she considered it at one particularly desperate point), or the list goes on, all the while we have these fat lazy bums in the US demanding more of my hard earned money so they don't have to get a job like working in the fields, cleaning toilets, or mowing my grass. I have met people who would indenture themselves for a job like that. But not here.

      The so-called poor in the US make me sick. They don't know what poor is.

    1. Melvin, if you think its so great to live in mud hut and starve most of the time, why dint:' you stay there. Amererica used to be tthe land of opprtunity for all, now its become the land of oppurtunity for crooks and the rip off artists like day time traders, pay day money changers, union busters , sellers of false religlious hopes and washington lobyists.

  15. I am grieved that most Americans are totally clueless to what being poor is. I work with an organization which helps third world pastors and homeless children in 84 countries. Most live in huts built out of mud, or sticks, or self made bricks or even animal dung. Their average income is from $0.50 to $2.00 per day. They have no electricity, no clean water, and no indoor toilets. Food is cooked on an adobe oven in front of their hut. They have never been to a doctor, never had a car and many never even rode in a car. Their greatest hope is to get a bicycle to ride. They work hard from sunup to sundown. They love their children and want the best for them which means at least one meal a day, a place to sleep on the floor and maybe a toy doll or ball.
    God has blessed this nation and we have turned to bite His hand; have become blind to our blessing and totally unthankful for anything. If you make over $1,000.00 per year you would be considered weathly in over half of the world today. I am grieved that we are the most blessed people on earth and the less thankful people on earth for the majority. God forgive us, please.

    1. I think you're wrong about Americans not being ready to help the poor and being ungrateful. I think we're just tired of the government confiscating our hard earned cash and using it to buy votes from those who refuse to work.

      1. Yes see how many billions we sent to Haiti and these people are still living in primitive conditions, that our country have not seen here in 150 years.
        Even as bad as things are here today Americans still donate more than other countries to charities.

    2. Are there no needy in the US to help? The people you help will never become an asset to any nation. Stop and think for a minute, wouldn't the world be much better off without these overpopulators?

      1. Yes there are! Think of Appalachia. These people can't even get to a town to purchase food, even if they got food stamps!! It's high time we take care of suffering Americans first, and I don't mean welfare recipients!!

    3. Poverty is relative to the cost of living here, not somewhere else in the world. If you don't have enough to make ends meet, you're poor, regardless of living in a wealthy country. The fact is that it actually takes MORE to live here.

        1. That has always been my question. Why are these "poor" countries living as they do? It is NOT our fault. What is happening to the billions of dollars we send in foreign aide, to the "poor" countries? Perhaps these people don't want anymore, know any difference. I think they've overpopulated. Perhaps poor behavior? No leadership, no ingenuity?

          I'm a very compassionate person, but it's about time these peoples take on some personal responsibility.

    4. If you lived on a 1,000.00 dollars per year here,you'd know what poor is.true that in other countrie's,poor have life much worse off than here,they also don't have some of the dumb laws we have,like vagrancy,try to build a structure to your standards,and wait for some official to tell ya it doesn't meet they're standards,we are way too regulated,we would be in jail for trying to live like they do.
      I work 60hrs a wk. and the people next door are on government help,I am full of envy,as hard as I have worked in my life,I don't live anything like their lifestyle,let alone cable,internet,nicer car etc..I want the healthcare they got,it would cost half my income for the coverage they got.I was raised American;you work,ya get,but I see where my parents were wrong,they should have taught,you lay around,and the Government will take care of you,(sorry for my sarcasim),but a lot of "so-called poor" live much better than a working man in todays America.something has got to change,(in a very conservetive way).

    5. God forgive you for thinking that anyone in this country needs to be poor and that you don't give away your earthly belongings to help them . Socialistic programs in the Country work. They don't have them in these other countries only the poor and the rich.

    6. And they no doubt own their own hut, don't have to pay taxes, etc. Again, poverty is relative to how much it costs to live HERE.

    7. Oh, and I forgot the regulations here as well – you couldn't live in a hut here if you wanted to and neither you or anyone else who is so down on the poor in the US would want one in your neighborhood.

  16. I bet everybody is really going to be even happier when the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 come and take all our wealth away? What do you think?

    1. Victor, the two witnesses are Moses and Elijah (Malachi 4:5) and they will be preaching to the Jews exclusively for 1260 days (Revelation 11:3). ..They will be completing the second half of the 70th week of Daniel 9:24-27 of the 490 years determined upon the Jews. (The first half was completed by Yeshua in the First Century – Daniel 9:26)…The two witnesses have nothing to do with us or punishing the world.

      1. Then they get killed, lay in the street for 3 1/2 days and stand on their feet again, right? Dream on! I bet that you also believe in "Jesus" a name invented by the Roman Catholic Church philosopher Petrus Galatinus in the 1500's to give honor to Greece, as it was the custom of Rome to honor the highest deities of those countries that they had defeated, right? You also know that "they searched the Hebrew Scriptures daily to see if what they were hearing was true, right? Ot that, it couldn't have been "Jesus" then or now because that name can not even be translated into hebrew, right? Just saying…Watch!

  17. Sandy, if the policies of this current administration were business friendly, your tenants would be able to get jobs………I laud you on helping these folks, as this is direct charity at the community and church level. The problem is that what started out as a well meaning "federal" support system, to help people get over the hump to get back on track, has now evolved in a long term entitlement way of life for many of these people, who have been convinced over the years that have no value to contribute in the open market. It is this cycle of dependancy that we must break and return these folks to an attitude of self worth. This of course requires them to have access to short term, day to day living expences but most importantly to obtain paid employment……..which takes us full circle back to the business unfriendly and class warfare statements of this current administration……..

    1. Welfare recipients should be required to go to school and learn a trade and should be limited as to how long they can stay on welfare.

  18. America is the only Nation on earth where the poor are all as big as hippos. They should be required to study what has and is happening in Africa in all the countries that were formerly governed by White agrarian societies.

  19. one instance i was 5years old my family moved from kansas to get rich. This was in 1939. My Father who owned his own Radio /Electrical business but when we went to Colo. he delivered phone books for $0.50 per book and my Mother had a Beauty Shop.Great richness there. I was five at the time going to kindergarden in a new place not knowing anyone so i was at home a lot. My Dad soon realized 40.50 a book was not good so he and two of my mothers brothers started the"City Ash and Trash" business cleaning out peoples ash pits and removing thiere garbage, I was taken along to crawl in the ash pits (remember Coal was our staple means of heat) to clean the cornors out. If you were to tell the todays poor that was thier job all hell would break out. How times h own business and the other a Supertendentave changed. Oh yes im 77 now,have 3 kids who all work two having thiere own business and the orther a Electrical Supertendent at a new power plant in Mississippi just being built. Setting on your butt and whining dont get it. I was a Construction Supertendent Electrical/Instrument and a Chief Electricion at three Cement Plants. My Dad later became the owner again of his own Menefee Radio and Electric in Oakley Kansas. All this just shows you can rise above if you have the heart and the guts to pick it all and get back on track. My family had no help from the .Gov we had pride and would never take a handout from anyone,not like todays butt settin lacklustre no pride whiners for .Gov handouts. WAKE UP AMERICA your loosing the GREATEST COUNTRY ever by listing to a Communist style Pres. I am a Vet gave my time for our FREEDOM not to loose it to the so called Pres. Ovomit


    1. Rich pay more? You must be ignorant to the fact that the top one percent of the workers who file a federal tax form 1040, pay 38.02% of all the federal income tax collected. 47% of the workers pay nothing at all. Your head is in the dark area where the sun never shines.

      Instead of cursing the wealthy folks, you should be kissing their asses, for without them, YOU would be required to pay your fair share.

      1. Plain and simple…..NOT TRUE….the largest input for THIS DEBT IS COMING FROM A FORCED HIDDEN TAX called INFLATION. We've monetized the debt to make the MASSES PAY FOR IT whether they like it or not. To say income taxes pay for even the interest is at best IGNORANT. It accounts for like 13% of the budget the monetize the debt and let inflation on the common wage earner PAY for it by continuing to work for the same paycheck. If the common wage earner ever KNEW how he's getting screwed each paycheck….there would be a revolution tomorrow. WE PAY FOR IT…w.hether we like it or not.

  21. I am 62 years old and have been out of work for 15 months. I have been forced on early Social Security to survive. McDonald's and KMart , along with several other low paying jobs, have turned me down for employment. Have worked assembly lines in the auto industry. Worked on a railroad out West until Reagan got rid of the cabooses and knocked me out of my job.. Have been a Sales Mgr., Business Mgr. and a Plant Mgr. America, for some reason, feels I am washed up when I have a lot of experience that will enhance their business.

    1. All that matters Nedlip is how you feel about yourself. Keep your chin up and sell yourself as perfect for the job. Most employers would rather have an older employee rather than a young one. Remember too that no means maybe. Sell yourself!!! Don't give up too soon in your interview. There is nothing wrong with you. It is this horrible economy. Keep on keeping on and stay positive. Good luck American!

    2. I understand I'm 54 and would love to work at soething but I am "OVER THE HILL" to most out there. It's frustrating maybe I should occupy SOMEWHERE but I don't have the money to waste at a rally because my parents are deceased and can't pay my way and the schools I went would not give me credit for civil disobedance or rape murder,destruction of property vandalism(101) or vagancy etc….. Times have changed……. anybody seen my 500$smart phone in the parks around the counrty????

    3. Reply to Nedkip: If you are 62 you should have saved up enough all those years and be ready for retirement. All those years of work you should be a millionaire by now unless you are a poor money manager.

      1. Living paycheck to paycheck means there is no money to invest as you suggest. Perhaps Nedkip had other obligations other than making money. Money should not be the measure of success. Good luck Nedkip on persevering in your job hunt!

  22. Obama is definitely not the answer! We don't need nor want an arrogant Anti-Christian, Socialist, Bigot that can't and won't take credit for the debacle he has put us in. The weakening of our Military, Economy and FORCED healthcare, which I will never beable to afford. Abuse of power by this President is an abomination. He and Michelle hate this country. As long as he and his cronies have the reins there will "NO" hope for the U.S.
    I am not sure who will be a good President but it looks like Paul or Trump, now that Bachman (a true Constitutionalist) is out of the picture, may be the only two that will be worth their salt.

  23. sorryb i got carried away and the ol compu skipped some, but its all about gettin up off your butt and gettin busy not whinnin and LOOKIN FOR A HANDOUT.
    God Bless The USA

  24. My partner and I invented a board game in 1980 called PUBLIC ASSISTANCE: WHY BOTHER WORKING FOR A LIVING? Same sentiment as above. Working people loved it. A government-directed plan suppressed its sale throughout the country. I wrote about it here:
    I've reissued it as OBOZO'S AMERICA: WHY BOTHER WORKING FOR A LIVING? Please check it out and share it with your friends.

  25. Hmmmm…looks like another one of those Double-Speak Marxist ruses by the Democrats/Progressive Libtard set to gin up Class Warfare and get reelected. Great article with facts. The Obamatoms will have apoplexy when they read it! Kudos.

  26. well lets see…..I have been out of work for 2 years, nobody seems to want to hire this 58 year old, I am living off my savings, I have no health insurance(can't afford it), I dropped my homeowners insurance(can't afford it), my home is bought for, but is only 955 sq. feet, I don't have a cell phone(can't afford it), I don't have an HDTV, I don't go on vacation, or to the movies or sporting events, I use this public library computer, etc……am I poor?

    1. Georgia has a program that provides a cellphone with 200 minutes a month to those on welfare and/or TANF. Maybe there
      is a program in your area. Goodwill & other thrift stores have cellphones with a charger. That's good for 911 only, without a cell plan, or pay-as-you-go plan that I've used during job searches. Now, I get 1,500 minutes for $30, which is still high, but there are plans on TV for $10 a month (I would prefer to go back to that). Also has listings in a lot of areas, where you can get furniture, TV's, etc. , if you can only pick them up at a home, or parking lot. We live well as one
      who recycles what others don't want anymore. Some dumpster divers get expired, or still good groceries, even turkeys.

  27. I used to do a lot of work for Military folks who spent time around the globe. During the course of conversations it was clear that no matter the color or ethnicity of whom I was working for they had a deep appreciation for their fortune and intolerance for those in America who whine and do not appreciating their own fortune and are fixated on envy.

    A parasite wants what you have in your hand
    An achiever wants to know how you got what's in your hand

  28. "Poor people" in America have televisions and DVD players. (Thirty years ago, it was VCRs). They're richer than the poorest
    villagers in Honduras.

  29. Terry, "Poor" is defined by how bad the Politicians" need their vote! The less effective they are in "carrying out" their commitments, the more votes they will need next time! So the number of "poor" Americas gets raised! Lousy math, but gets millions of votes from the grateful for the ungrateful!!

  30. Unfortunately Agenda 21 seeks to reduce our standard of living here in the US to that of the Communist and Socialist world rather then lifting them to our higher standard. Vote wisely folks.

  31. Yes there are poor people in America,they are called tax payers thanks to our crooked government they are making us poorer everyday by giving our tax dollars to non workers, illegals foreign aid to countries that hate our guts.

    I have never seen a poor politician never in all my 67 years.

  32. No, there are no "real" poor,
    only those who wish not to work
    those who live beyond their means….
    expect someone else to support them.

  33. The poor in this country are better off than middle class people in many other countries. The Progressives have brain washed people into believing that if they are not able to get everything they ever wanted then they are being "deprived", and are "down-trodden". Oba-Mao and other Marxist/Progressives have duped people into believing that they are "poor" because other people are "rich", and that those people "stole" from them to get their money. Therefore, the Marxists can justify taxing productive people and giving the money to unproductive people to buy their votes. Obozo and other crooked progressive politicians have never actually held real jobs and have always leached off of the tax payers. Obummer and his ilk don't like American society and Capitalism and they are trying to destroy it. Obozo'z government-centric economy doesn't work, but he doesn't care. It's all part of the "transformation" of America.

  34. We live in an area of the country where the working poor are genuinely poor. Hubby works with these people. And granted, many have made wrong choices. But a significant number have not. Jobs are drying up, and costs are skyrocketing. In our area there is no public transportation, and many services are not near. For example, the nearest hardware store is about 50 miles away now because the local one just went out of business. Hubby has a masters degree and over 30 years of work experience behind him but is making little above minimum wage, and no health insurance. We take no government services ourselves, although we are certainly eligible. That is true of a significant number of the working poor who believe it is their responsibility, not government, to provide for themselves. There is genuine poverty in America, and largely because the government has strangled the life out of many small rural communities. And it's getting bad in many places.

    1. I applaud you and your family. Howvever, a true constant is that things change. Sounds like the area you choose to live is a limited or depressed economy. Your spouse sounds very talented and employable, but that can't help if there are no jobs to be had. Is it possible for him to to take employment where there is work, and then relocate your family to join him and start anew?

  35. Progressives/Marxist don't seem to understand that people come to this because of the prosperity and freedom. All of the taxation, wasteful spending, and repressive regulations are killing our economy and freedom.

  36. I cannot for the life of me understand why these types of articles NEVER take into consideration that it takes MORE to live here and that whatever THEY consider a necessity (like reliable transportation) is also a necessity for the poor. Some people seriously need a reality check.

  37. There are no more poor people in America, that's why I give more money to foreign countries, increase Legal Immigration and let Millions of Illegal alien trespassers stay in this country, oops, did I say that out load?? Barack Obama.

  38. The only really poor people one will find in the US is on the Indian Reservations. These reservations are the responsibility of the federal government's bureau of Indian affairs. This we never hear about and the government should be ashamed. What a miserable situation that is!

  39. Compared to other countries maybe not because opportunities do exist to at least get one meal a day… so much junk food available that people will not go hungry but will cost us more money in the long run to help pay the socialistic medical system we support with our medicaid tax dollars when these people become chronically sick from not eating NUTRITIONAL food. YES there are poor people POOR in Spirit, POOR in IQ points due to the deficiency in nutrition; due to the excess of vaccines to children's vulnerable brains (1 out of 6 children are developmentally learning impaired); due to the pharmaceuticals with all of the pscycho tropic meds and medications…due to the environmental pollution of mercury, aluminum, fluoride and gee there are more

  40. you know godfather … don't take this personal its politics… it seems that everytime I hit a certain topic…like the truth you need to consider whether or not you should post it POST THIS ITS not personal…ITS politics… the people are poor in HEART/SPIRIT POOR in IQ due to environmental pollutors, like big business, Pharma, vaccines, bad food and you will be going down with as well

  41. The definition of poor has definitely changed over the years. When my parents immigrated to America, there was no welfare, no social security, no unemployment insurance, in other words no safety net. You either worked at whatever you could find, or you starved. To them this was an opportunity to improve their life; their philosophy was at least they had a job, menial or not. Everyone helped each other, neighbors, friends, relatives. Now with all the entitlements there are still poor people. There will always be poor people. I volunteer for a charitable organization and sometimes I see some "poor " playing the system, however the majority we help just need a hand up as opposed to a hand out. This is just to get them over a rough spot in their life..and most of them are very appreciative. I don't mind at all helping those who cannot work, but I don't want my tax dollars to go to those who will not work even though they are healthy and capable. Does the OW group ring any bells? One of them had the audacity to go on TV and say that a job at McDonald's was beneath him because he had a college degree. I say SO WHAT? Does his college degree give him the right to demean those who do work at McDonald's or any other such work? It also doesn't give him the right to be a deadbeat and a parasite sponging off those who pay taxes. Coming out of college a lot of us had to do other jobs at one time or another until we could find the right job in the field we had majored. Unfortunately we have become a society of complainers and whiners even when our bellies are quite full. The poor people we help don't complain and they appreciate everything we do for them and many of them when they get back on their feet, contribute by helping others who need it. We as individuals must help those who CANNOT help themselves not those who WILL NOT help themselves. It is a well known fact that politicians in order to get votes, will use the poor and the elderly as pawns in their political game. They make things appear really bad in order to show that they are caring and sympathetic. We know that this is all show in order to get re-elected. I, as a taxpayer and a voter, and not the government, should decide to what charitable organization I'll give my hard earned money.

  42. This is the same kind of argument the greens use about air pollution in the US. China has 400,000 deaths a year from air pollution. We don't even come close and China,Russia and the US won't support the Kyoto Treaty and the libturds attack the US which has the least pollution of all the countries.

  43. Got to get the buffoon squatting in the white house out of our government and out of our lives….then we can return again to prosperity….along with him must go his czars, 111th congress members, aides, cabinet and we then must repeal all of the crap these idiots banged out

    1. Unless the conservatives lay down for another “progressive” who poses as a conservative! In which case there will only be more of the same path to calamity, only at a reduced rate.

  44. Back in the early Sixties, serving out the balance of my commitment to the USMC, my Reserve unit around the Christmas Season would spend untold number of hours cleaning, painting, fixing all sorts of toys collected for the "Toys for Tots" campaign. The toys would be distributed, the week-end before Christmas to a list of Welfare approved receiptiens. Many who came were genuinely poor and deserving of all aid, perhaps even more than they received. However a substantial amount of them drove up in high priced vehicles, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Buicks, while we poor Marines drove cheap high mileage cars. That was some sixty years ago and I'm sure that things didn't get much better since then!

  45. As I've stated before, what our government is doing with our hard earned tax dollars is wrong! When I was permanently hurt in an auto accident after working and paying into SS for 35+ years, & when I applied for assistance I was turned down, but yet a Mexican woman that doesn't even have the proper documents gets $1800 a month for her Mexican born son….that is WRONG! Until we get the slugs out of office we are screwed!

  46. A person born to poor parents in the USA. They can't afford a home, so they rent. The kid lacks the support at home to get into the best classes at school. He lacks the math skills to go to college but has good common sense. Enters the military, becomes a jet eng. mechanic but his skill set is over crowded. He leaves the military and finds overcrowding in the civiian workplace for aircraft mechanics. He finds work in local utility, marries, has 2 kids, is then divorced. Can't pay bills. Leaves area to find a better job, and does. Five years later company folds. Sued by Ex. Gets break on new career and remarries. Has child with disabilties. Not enough insurance, loses everything to debts, even retirement funds. Works 3 jobs to re-establish credit rating and pay bills he owes. Then as he recovers, has heart attack. No help from gov't as he is cauc. and married, and "owns" home (owns mortgage). Cont'd see 2

  47. 2 cont'd…He is now in 60s and is told company has "work force reduction" and he is out with 1/2 retirement and no benefits. Wife is disabled, son is still at home (disabled), and man can't get another job due to health (potential). Statistics say he is not poor since he owns home, has 2 vehicles, and 2 color tv's, and a retirement income. Gross income about 20K but medicine and bills eat most of that. No, they do not live in a straw hut, nor do they look starved, and they do have plumbing and electricity. Yet, we should not compare this country to another society. You know, eggs to eggs, apples to apples, etc. Who decided what poor is?????

  48. So what is the answer? Some comments here are from people who are either too ignorant or too proud to get on the gravy train, so I suppose we can call them poor. Some are from those who, no matter how much is extorted from one class to buy the votes of another, it will never be enough; they are proud of the corruption they have created. The middle class bears full responsibility for this tyranny. We have failed our duty as citizens:

    -When progressives (fascists) claimed the Income Tax would only apply to 1%, the rich people, we should have run them out of office, as this flies in the face of legal protections in the Constitution and the whole idea of liberty and justice. The natural course of things is like the camel’s nose under the tent; you will pay dearly for not enforcing the boundaries. The German people paid dearly for letting the Nazis get away with laws that only applied to some. In the end, class exploitation leads to tyranny.

    -When progressive-fascists demanded that employers confiscate employee earnings for the benefit of a vote buying political caste, both should have revolted.

    -Every time a politician has pushed some vote buying scheme that violated the clear intent of the Constitution, which gives the federal government authority only for national defense and diplomatic relations, his constituents should have hounded him out of office, if necessary in handcuffs.

    -Since the Constitution clearly leaves final power in the hands of the people, NOT in an unaccountable judiciary, judges who violate the plain language and intent of the Constitution should, unless they resign, meet the justice of a citizen court. A good starting point would be a challenge to judicial interpretation of the interstate commerce clause, the intent of which was only to regulate customs duties between states. It would of course be only the opening battle in returning the out of control federal government beast to its legal constraints, giving up its illegal and ill gotten powers that represent 75% of it and the corrupt political system it supports, thousands of abuses perpetrated on the citizenry (such as unaccountable welfare vote buying corruption). The Founding Fathers were very wise to so limit federal powers. Limited power equals limited corruption equals maximum freedom and opportunity.

    Citizens, join the battle for the return of your freedom and posterity!

  49. I do knowthat there are poor deadbeats and lazies, but there are the working poor. The low income line for a family of four reached $40,000 in the 90's. It's a true number and that includes probably everyone posting here. Yeah you will have a nice TV, two cars, and AC, that's quite normal. In G Edward Griffin's book: "The Creature From Jekyll Island" both kissinger and brezhinski are quoted as saying: "to make us submit to global govt, we need to be reduced". Well they've reduced us alright. Currency, home values, jobs gone, foreclosures because 400,000 layoffs per week for 175 weeks, and 42,000 co's left since 2000, how's globalization workin for ya? How about those globalist candidates Knewtie CFR, with bilderbergs perry, huntie, and BAMA. Same team.

  50. If I recall correctly, Oprah Winfrey selected/profiled 200 families and gave them $200,000 each to "establish" good lives.
    I don't recall exactly how long after, but she cancelled the program/experiment since only 2 of the 200 used the money to establish good lives. The other 198 "blew" the money. What does that tell you? I think those actions are worth a thousand words.

  51. O no, the middle class is fine now, most work at Wall Mart and are eligible for food stamps because they only make $8.00 per hour and the Fed. government has to subisdise them so they wont stqarve qne Wall Mart CEO's and stock holderfs can make many millions of the $8.00 per hour worker. THis is Capitalism at its best.. Lets be proud,

  52. The poor have changed since the institution of the welfare state! Before welfare the poor worked at what they could to make ends meet. Now the poor meet at the welfare office and compare all the stuff they got. It is sad the welfare culture has basically destroyed a couple generations of people! However that is not enough for the Lib-tards! They want everyone not paying taxes signed up for some sort of "help"!
    This is socialism/communism by design and Saul Alinsky's "overload the system" until it collapses teaching. Obama is a student of Alinsky. He brags (from college) that he hung with the radicals, the Marxists, the socialists. They (Alinskyites) want to "overload the system" until it crashes, then replace it with their system! Communism. Redistribute ALL the wealth, taking whatever "cut" (administrative costs) they see fit! In order to give money to one group (the so called poor), it must be taken (taxed away from or stolen) from another! Obama is the dictator we elected. Hopefully he is a dictator we can un-elect! We will know in only 11 months!

  53. The pliable dumb masses have had relentless propagandizing fed to them since Johnson’s failed ‘war on poverty’, the first dependency program to chain the ‘poor’ to the democrat party. They are so convinced they are ‘miserable’ and the ‘rich’ have become that way by ‘exploiting’ them. Those described above surely need to ‘vacation’ in the average poor European neighborhood. Should be quite the eye opener.

    Click the name, see the website, prepare now.

  54. Of course, socialist pin heads forget that Bush's 10 Trillion dollar national deficit has been increased to 15 trillion by the rookie in the White House. That equates to about $50,000 per American that we owe. Another 4 years of this rookie Hawaiian kid and we will REALLY know what poor means. Spin that!

  55. Who are the rich? How much money must a retired person have in the bank at .5% interest to have $1000 a month to spend? Welfare people often exceed $1000 a month and they are essentially millionairs. I guess that is why at the grocery the black couple paid with the EBT welfare card. I then watched them load into a new, custom Cadillac Escalade worth about $70,000.

  56. There are people out there who live on hand outs ,thinking working and tax paying people of America who them the living . just go to YouTube and type in " Judge Judy – here's who you support with taxes " and see it.

  57. I am tired of this arguement as to what constitutes poor. If one has never gone hungry, thirsty or without a roof over one's head then that person is better off than most who have ever lived in this world. Give a person a goat and few acres of land and they will not only survive but also thrive if they have the desire to do it themselves.

  58. How would you like to live in a place like Aliquippa PA. That's poor. My dad worked 3 jobs to support us. We had a car and a 3 bedroom home, one TV, and never ate at a restaurant or went on vacation. I was 25 when I had my first vacation. I worked full time and went to college at night for my degrees. No body gave me anything, and I had no mentors. But with determination and wanting a better life I achieved success. Anyone can do what I did. They just have to really want a better life.

  59. Boy some people are blind. First Jan the AG programs are only for the rich if your poor you don't qualify or have a bad credit rating you can't get the help. The AG programs that were started to help level the playing field only wiped out the middle class in moving everyone up or down We are back to the point of the haves and have nots thanks to the US Government.
    Now I don't own a stove or a washer dryer or a dishwasher (unless you count the dogs) but I do have a microwave, If I didn't I wouldn't be able to eat. There's a TV in the corner over there but it don't work well no channels for it to pick up out here. I Guess if I could afford satellite or cable (if it ever gets out here) I'll have a TV to watch it with. When I can't afford to pay my electric my phone still gets paid because with my magicjack I have long distance and can call "local" towns. I will show you something about how these stats are gathered. I own one car and one truck. neither one runs have even sold parts off the car for scrap iron but according to the idiots I own two vehicles. Oh lets not forget my little 1600 Ford tractor (the only thing running around here), Its great for hauling water out here (no water lines or wells out here either). Don't have a plow or a seeder. But gee I own 5 cows and a bull which produce about 5 calfs a year which before feed works out to about 350 a head thats a whole lot of money to live off of ain't it!! I see articles like this, self-righteous bigoted articles that is totally devoid of truth scurrying numbers to make it look like something its not and it kinda makes me sad to know that our education system has been so great at producing literate idiots that couldn't see the light if they bumped up against it.

  60. I don't see or know of any poor people most of the people I see are fat some of them so fat they have a job walking.

  61. When I was a young kid growing up in Colorado my mother use to clean houses for 50 cents an hour. My dad was a carpenter who averaged about 1.50 per hour. There were eight of us. We didn't starve but we most certainly did not have steak and lobster. There was no such thing as welfare in those days. When I was eight years old, my older brother and I would take our shoe shine box and shine shoes for the soldiers at Ft. Carson. That was my fun job! Why? Because besides the 10 cents a shine that I earned, I, even at that early age felt a sense of pride just being in the company of those brave gentlemen who at that time were going to or coming from Korea. There was an enormous economical gap between us kids and and say, the kids in Broadmoor. But we never, never felt down trodden, abused. I really think we were very rich. Rich in the sense that we earned what little we did get. And we went home with a sense of accomplishment and self inner pride that was priceless. If poverty exists today it's because there is a great fammine for self pride and self respect.

  62. The more that is given to them; the lazier , they get. Welfare , should never have been started ; ( L.B. J. ); democrat.

  63. From the photo above, I would say these protesters are a far cry from being poor in sustenance and clothing. They look to me to be both well fed and well clothed. What they are truly impoverished with is a lack of self respect, a sense of moral clarity and a basic understanding of the Judeo-Christian values that made this country great.

  64. Who are the Poor in the United States of America one might ask. One might also ask how they stand up to the Poor or even the Average Citizen of another Country. The Truly Poor in the USA are, get ready for this. "The First Nations People", the "Native Americans", the "Indians". The Reservation Indians are the poorest of our poor. They rank as Third World Nations.
    They Most Truely are afraid of hearing "We are from the Government and we are here to Help you". I think we, all of us, will understand how they feel about that sentence. They have the BIA and we now have Homeland Security.

  65. Just before Christmas my wife and daugter were in the super market. When they got in line there was a woman in front of them who was more than overweight she had a basket full of the finest ice cream money can buy, all preapeared foods nothing that needed more than just heating to serve. Meals that could be made much cheaper if made from scrach. Her cart was also full of expensive drinks and items that were clearly Christmas presents. When it came time to pay she wipped out her food stamp card and told the cashair make sure you take the tax off. By the way she was dressed to the hilt. My wife said there were many items in her cart that I couldn't afford to buy including expensive meat cuts. And who's paying for it guess.

  66. Yes there are poor people in America. There is the poor working class that can't hardly get by on what they make.
    My Grandfather was one of those poor working class people up until the day he died. Many have to go to bed hungry.
    IF there is no poor people in America, then what do you call all those homeless people?

  67. If everyone in the country were given 1 million dollars it two years a very large part of them would be right back in the welfare line .For anyone to think that things would be better needs to check history .Just look at some athletes many of them became very rich and were flat broke in thier later years many lottory winners the same thing .The only people who get rich and stay that way worked real hard for what they had .And now some want to punish them for thier hard work .The liberals who think that just giving someone something will make life better are just fooling themselves .

  68. Welcome to the US of America, the land of a free lunch,free houses, subcidized apts, cars and so on and on and on._Everything for the bums and freeloaders. Those who work and produces wealth are slapped with regulations,taxes and redistribution of their wealth. Is this is America or a former soviet union?… I am afraid it is now, too close to call! The main reason uSSR could not succeed, is because the GOV. was paying the same small salary to all, no matter what your trade or profession. The physician and a driver were making the same money. The obumbum is a commie and his main doctrine is to change this country from a vibrant capitalist society into the state of mediocrety, where the achievers would not get ahead of the bums and freeloaders like him! Believe me, l lived in ussr and I can smell the commie, no matter how foxy he is.

  69. Most of the people in America are richer than most people in the rest of the world. This is why many people try to come to America , to prosper where they couldn't. The ignorant whiners born in America should spend a year of their life in a third world country and see what poverty is really like. Then they should spend a day trying to keep up with the routine of an American millionaire and try to make appropriate decisions that wouldn't wipe out his wealth. Instead of listening to ivory tower academics pandering to government omniscience they should question and think about why they think they are entitled to anything. This is promising to be the sickest generation yet.

  70. Relying on the Heritage Foundation for accurate information on the poor (or anything else) is like relying on Edgar Rice Burroughs for accurate information about Mars.

  71. Being poor is a state of mind, more so than being rich is a state of mind.
    Both are a perception of the other. Middle class however is truly a state of being as both of the above percieve it.

  72. With your permission I would like print your article and hand it out to everyone I come into contact with . I am aewed by this article.

  73. these comments are very eye opening. i too, am a pittsburgher. those of us educated middle class rust belt people have strong work ethics.owning apartment buildings (paid cash for each one) i have had to dance with the devil of section 8 the last few years to keep the apartments profitable. what a bunch of stupid bums they are – & that's putting it very lightly.they really do sleep / sit around all day, drinking heineken, absolut vodka, eating bon bons, watching bet & smoking drugs. to merely call them leaches is generous. they all seem to have the intelligence of a door knob.
    bring back the c.c.c. & the w.p.a. & make these pathetic excuses for human beings work for their welfare money.

  74. Most of the "poor" in America would be called wealthy in any other nation in the world. the class warfare of democrats and the past War On Poverty has misled people into thinking instead of working hard, studying hard and becoming wealthy on their own the government will take care of them. This is a false premise to gain weak voters who have missed the entire idea of America-the land of freedom and opportunity not the hand-out for government largesse. America is built on equal opportunity niot equal outcome, The Soviet Union and Hitler was built on equal outcome…how did they work out?

  75. The statistics in this article are from 2007… Since then, we have had the Bush/Obama economic down-turn and the establishment of a Socialist state by two Marxist presidents. We have lost half of our economic wealth and half of our jobs have been exported or given to the 38,000,000 illegal aliens and the H1B Visa holders. The result – 60% of our people (many of them illegal alien families) are on welfare of some kind and being supported by 45% of our population…Obama alone has added five trillion dollars to the national debt (not including all of the money he is printing) and trillions of dollars to the trade debt.. The economy is collapsing and even our new college graduates can’t find Middle Class jobs anymore…The nation is finished, thanks to Obama and Bush (and the Marxists like Romney and Gingrich).

  76. I grew up in a home with 6 kids and one parent working. We were not poor in my eyes. We ate, a lot of food from the garden, we had a place to sleep, and we had clothes. Much of the time our clothes were Christmas presents and they were the cheapest available at the time but they served us very well. At one point we didn't have a working TV for a couple of years, and we were better for it. We never had cable, just an old antenna that had to be turned to get any reception. Now, my wife and I are raising our three grandchildren and make around 100k per year, they have everything, video games, computers, and plenty to eat. We sometimes struggle to pay our bills just as my parents did but it is our fault. Our society as a whole has become to obsessed with "having" to much stuff. Poor is not having a place to live, food to eat, and most of all no means to get those things and our federal government has not helped anyone to become self sufficient only dependent upon the government hand outs.

  77. Marilyn is confusing knowing how to spell with drive, ambition and intelligence. Shame on you for your reply. Your grammer is not correct Marilyn. ..'.with your lack of spelling words correctly' NOT CORRECTLY worded.

  78. Its all part of the New World Order agenda. Tax the middle class and give to the welfare/food stamp cheats and illegals. Crush the middle class. Stop all payments to the cheats and when they scream its the rich, tax the middle class more. When it all comes crashing down we end up killing each other for the scraps from their table.

  79. To Roth above: part of the NWO agenda is that the poor in the rich countries will support the rich in the poor countries. We do that now with "free trade" a la gingrich and clint-on.

  80. The statistics in this article are from 2007. Since then, we have had the Bush/Obama economic downturn and the establishment of a Socialist State. We have already lost half of the our economic wealth and nearly half of our population are no longer working and dependent on welfare of some kind…They are being supported by 45% of our population…Obama alone has added five trillion dollars to our national debt and trillions of dollars to our trade debt…The economy is collapsing and even our new college graduates can’t find jobs these days.

  81. Myrtle, I don't think many churches today refer to the two chapters of Corinthians with fervor and insight! Paul gives specifics on what the responsibilities of the "church" really are! Instead of building ornate, impressive, and spending billions of dollars for "structures", "restructure" the "heart' instead! Jesus began life in a stable! You can't get more humble that that! Beautiful places of worship doesn't impress him! Remember! He is in a place where the structures are made of gold! The messages and instructions from Jesus gave us a guideline to follow so that we might bless and be blessed! Why shouldn't that be our priority? To convince him through our Christ-like goals and actions that we DO believe, and want to be, like him? Which doesn't require "outside" extravagance, but "inside" commitment!



  83. No, only the Democrats and who cares about them? Speaking of handouts: What (successful) corporation would allow its employees to sit at home while not working and collect full salaries and benefits letting the business continue to lose money? Wouldn't the corporation require their employees to find a way to become profitable or fire the slackers and replace them with workers? Yet, we allow congress to do just that. Let's either fire congress or stop their salaries and benefits until they go back to work.

    1. Gizmo IQ51, you Republicans are just as responsible for the economic mess (joblessness) and the tyranny (censorship) as the Democrats. Both Bush and Obama were Socialists (so says Mike Savage) and Globalists (sovereignty-destroying secret agreements)…But you Republicans and the “GodFather of Fascism” weren’t content with just censoring us, now you have voted to send us to prison camps.

  84. "I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer." — Ben Franklin

    "A democracy will continue to exist until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship." Alexander Tytler, circa 1787. We're there, my friends…thanks to those who feel that they have an absolute right to monies that they didn't earn!

  85. Who is this ugly godfather creep who keeps censoring the truth about this jobless economy? No wonder he is hiding behind sunglasses and hands…I have two college degrees and a major in graduate school in economics. I specialized in economics and eschatology and I have written dozens of articles on both subjects. Why is the godfather of fascism scared of the truth? Probably the same reason he is scared to be seen in the public and won’t let us know his identity.

  86. what some people fail to realize is that we all aren't dealt the same deck of cards in life, or in I.Q. Life isn't always what you make it.

    1. That is why I reject the notion of free will. You don’t pick your origin, you don’t choose your destiny, and you have little input into your fate (the path you have been put on). So therefore since you get to choose nothing, then you can never be responsible for your actions. We have all been assigned characters in the Novel of Human History, we got no input into which one we got, and we didn’t write the character or the book. So as far as I am concerned only the author is to blame for the actions of the characters in his book.

  87. The answer is simple: KILL YOUR GOVERNMENT!


    Pick up your KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE and follow me, said Jesus, and you dam’ well better, if you don’t want to be part of the RIVER OF BLOOD that will CLEANSE THIS COUNTRY TO THE BONE!!

    DEATH AND FIRE ALONE can save this nation and the CHRISTIANS still in it! Only enough DEATH AND FIRE will save us!


    In the name of JESUS, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. You won’t learn any truth at this controlled site like you would at the few “free and open” sites. This is drivel at its medocricity worst.


  90. As with everything else the libturd liars do, they have manipulated perspective in an attempt to redistribute the wealth.

    There may be poor people who are actually poor by reasonable standards, throughout this country – perhaps in the hollers of Appalachia, the Indian reservations, and perhaps places like Tunica, MS. By and large, however, there are very few legitimately "poor" people. As an inspector I see them every day in their homes and apartments, I see them in line at the grocery using their SNAP cards and then driving away in newer model cars than the one I drive. By all appearances it has been some time since any of them have missed a meal.

    The left has merely changed the definitions and the perception for their own reasons. American "poor" are the envy of 90% of the rest of the world. You want real poor? Go to India; Cairo, Egypt; Sao Paulo, Brazil, to name a few.

  91. We are overtaxed (in county, state, and federal). Also, most of the CEOs in this country make millions for doing very little — a who you knowl, not what you know situation. Most of those millions should be put back into the business for research, increasing business (therefore increasing jobs), etc. If we must have NFTA (free trade), charge a tariff when stuff is brought back into this country). That way it is not free trade, but at least it might induce some of these manufacturing companies to bring more business back to the good old USA so more people could have jobs. Also, look at each situation separately when someone is unemployed — and realize the next time it could be you. It's tough out there right now. We need to have more empathy/sympathy toward the people without jobs, homeless people, widows, widowers, and just plain poor people, especially the elderly and children.

  92. Do something about the mortgage interest rates (for example, if someone got their loan when rates were 10-3/4 to 11%, give them rates comparable to today's market). It's ridiculous when you have been paying on property for 10 to 12 years with a 10-3/4 % interest rate and someone else comes along and finances their home for 3-3/4%. Start doing things as they were done years ago — check credit by checking references. Be more people friendly — not relying on a credit score by some machine that knows nothing about your situation. We are too computerized in some ways. Go back to yesteryear for some things.

  93. The main goal of Marxism is wealth re-distribution, that is to make everyone equally poor. The best examples are to study Cuba and the former Soviet Union. I don't think many people in this country wants to stand in line for bread and toilet paper and to live on barely subsistent wages just so everyone has a level playing field. If the country continues to follow the present President, he will continue to move the country towards social justice and income re-distribution and we will degenerate into a banana Republic ala Chavez and the Castro brothers.

  94. It's true that poverty is relative. During the former Depression (in the 30s) people pulled together, families grew stronger that was called the "greatest generation". The vast majority of Americans still lived "on the farm" today, people think milk comes from cartons. When I see Vietnamese families in my city living ten to an apartment, all of them working, never complaining, I know poverty is relative, and it is true that a determination to survive and get by is a powerful resource that people underestimate. The next generation of these people will do well, and move up in society, I'm confident. I've worked alongside them, and they will work you into the ground!

    1. That said, it is also true that anecdotal evidence makes it easy to get a skewed picture of a situation. It is useful to look at the big picture, and not take every anecdote as a perfect representation. The big picture includes facts like, the level of inequality of income has increased over the last 30 years, such that 2007 saw the highest level of inequality since 1928 (inequality meaning that the richest fraction of the population takes home an increased fraction of the pie. In 1960 the CEO on average took home 40 times the line worker. Now it's more like 400 times.) It's interesting to note that those two years, 1928 and 2007 were both "the year before the crash". Did I mention there was a crash recently? Did anybody notice?

      It's also a fact that federal tax revenue as a percent of GDP at the time of the recent crash was the lowest it had been since 1950 (i.e., below 15%). It is also a fact that when Reagan came to office, the US was the #1 creditor nation and the #1 exporter of finished goods. When he left office, and ever since, we have been the #1 debtor nation (he tripled the debt) and the #1 importer of finished goods. 50,000 factories were lost — not jobs, FACTORIES — were lost in the decade just ending.

      Sure, even in our broken state we're better off than most of the world. But is that good enough? Wouldn't you like to go back to being #1 in things that matter?

  95. Give a man 'one strike' (or child), and if he won't support what he
    helped to produce, then cut his 'manhood' off so there won't be
    any more! It is way past time, for a women to bear all the responcibility.
    Planned Parenthood would be out of buisness, as well as children
    growing up not knowing their dad. (Which is a result of a large
    prison population.)

  96. I appreciate the mention of Jubilee in this comment thread. There are some small flaws in the analysis however. One is that there was a "bank" for bearing interest in the time of the parable. Jewish people were forbidden to make loans with interest to one another. This fell under the definition of usury. Perhaps this was a reference to a pagan set up. Another is that of defining the land as the only thing to change hands. Until the 19th century, land was the measure of self sufficiency and the ability to grow wealth. I think there would be a hard lesson on the complexities of following Jubilee in Manhattan for instance. Do the Indian tribes get the investment income from the land during their 49 years? There are plenty of people who "own" nothing remotely resembling land. Remember how we cheated on Indian treaties until the only "land" we left them was useless for self sufficiency? How is Jubilee, which I think is a very valid point usually ignored in modern Christian discussion, to be relevant to city dwellers or those who owe mortgages on land they supposedly own? The modern system does not really give ownership of land to individuals. It gives a deed from the state for the lease of that land to the individual, hence property taxes. It is possible I am wrong in some of my own assertions but, I truly appreciate the discussion of Jubilee as it should be practiced in the modern world as well as in the book of all books.

  97. As a combat veteran of the Vietnam War who had to work for more than a quarter of a century in foreign countries because of the employment discrimination in the United States, I know something about how poverty is used by the U.S. government to kill off those who it finds too expensive to keep alive. Stalin and Mao both used the same methods to get rid of those segments of society who were not cooperating with their plans. The poor veterans in America cannot speak out because they are already dead. I have seen estimates on the numbers of surviving Vietnam Era veterans that indicate that about half a million vets have been killed by the government they defended and did not want to pay the money it owed them for the benefits. Politicians and government lawyers who never experienced even one day of real work wanted to split this money up among themselves to increase their standards of living and maintain a place in the upper class. The veterans were denied jobs which they needed to support themselves, denied medical treatment for war wounds until the conditions became fatal, denied the education allowances they earned until the colleges expelled them for non-payment of tuition before the deadline, denied preference for government employment so as not to annoy the civil servants who had dodged the draft, and denied them the food, clothing, and shelter they needed to survive. San Francisco forced restaurants to put locks on their dumpsters because that was the only food source for the homeless, about 40% of whom were veterans suffering from acute employment discrimination at the hands of former war protestors. They are dead now, so they cannot tell what it is like to be prevented from supporting themselves by a corrupt government and a penny-pinching society. Poor people in America just do not survive very long. Now our newest veterans are receiving the same treatment.

  98. Nedlip – I am 63 year old female. I worked for about 40 years as a secretary, legal secretary, real estate agent, manager of a cosmetic store, child care teacher and worked for a large department store in their cosmetic and fragrance department.

    I moved back to Tulsa, OK in 2005 when I was 57 years old, hoping to get a full-time permanent job as a legal secretary. I worked temp jobs for law firms, continuing to interview with law firms for a permanent position. I would get the interviews via my resume and/or employment agencies. But after the interview, didn't get a job. I finally decided it was my age. Then in 2008 the economy went down the toilet and the job market went downhill, thereby the temp jobs dried up. So in 2010 I gave up and filed for Social Security at the age of 62. I wasn't planning to start SS until I was 65, but I needed money. :-(

  99. Jesus was giving the lesser of two evils…in other words….sitting on your butt and DOING NOTHING is worse than the evil of the banking USURY SYSTEM. At least one is doing something. But to say a usury system is God's best is at best a LIE. USURY in a functioning system should NOT BE. I'm with Jefferson….restore to the people….otherwise the crafty will cause us to be homeless. If you can't see ALL the passages about usury and not be ashamed…there is something wrong with you. The Jewish community see it which is why they have no problem charging us interest as foreigners even though we share a country together and to add insult to injury….guess what….we are charged interest on money THEY CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR. ELECT RON PAUL and END THE FED SLAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. MARKET INVESTMENT in inventions, new businesses, MINING etc….can all be RISK TAKING….. but BANKING ITSELF can be a function a SERVICE the people institute for the people. Like the post office. What we've done is PLAIN AND SIMPLE STUPID. "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." Thomas Jefferson

    2. Of course there were no “banks” like we are used to, and no FDIC. Bank is the term of translation, Jesus actually was refeering to the “money lenders and changers” that he kicked out of the Temple. The man with 1 talent could have given it to the “bank” and lost it and had no recourse to get the money back. Also at all times throughout history there have been “barriers to entry”. The man with 4 talents  had enough money to invest in something that if he had 3 he would not have been able to access, likewise the man with 2 talents couldn’t have got into the investment  that required 3 but could into the one with 2. The man with 1 wasn’t able to get into either of these, and if he risked the 1 and lost it he would be thrown into debtors prison. But there is the ironic twist to the story. The slave with 1 talent gets his freedom, while the other 2 schlubs are stuck being slaves and never owning what they earn, for every cent they made goes to their master. While the freed man would go on to keep everything he earned.

    Henry Ford

  101. Um, even the 30s actually had it better than what is facing America's youth in the near future. The inflation that is coming with lack of jobs or funds is SURREAL. YOU GUYS DON"T GET IT……its not about a downturn in the economy….its about a FORCED DOWNTURN in the economy by a BANKING CABAL who did this purposely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… They seized control of the world through crafty manipulative moves on a computer and we gave the them the authority to do it too! THEY DECIDE who lives nad who dies….they decide who becomes the overnight billionaire….ever wonder how a company that makes 2 billion a year can be worth on computers 25 times that and even be bailed out if necessary by the taxpayer…..EVER EVEN WONDER THESE THINGS PEOPLE???????

  102. Thes idiots in the picture don’t know the difference between poor and poverty. Being poor is a relative term. And it is not comperable between countries. In Hemingways the Old Man and the Sea, the people of the rural Cuban village were “poor” but they all owned their own boats, homes, provided for themselves, and sold their extra fish in the markets of Havanna. In the US if you described these conditions – they would be called middle-class small businessmen – the proverbial “evil rich” that Obummer wants to tax even more.

  103. continued
    Now poverty is something completely different than being poor. The one great thought I saw in a college textbook was this formula Sucess = Ability x Motivation x Opportunity ( S=AxMxO ). True poverty is the persistant chronic incurable condition by which an individual has a lack of one or more of the 3 basic requirements necessary for even a chance at success. (Sucess of course is how you define it yourself).
    So are there poor people in the US of course, and nothing can be done to make it so that there are not poor people. Poor also can never  be measured by income. Poverty likewise cannot be cured because no country can ever cure a poverty of ability, nor motivate people who have been through conditions that they have no control over and have been completely demotivated, nor are there even remotely enough resources in the entire universe to provide every person with an opportunity at everything. (6 billion people on the planet – but not everyone can be an internationally famous grammy award winning multi-platinum record selling millionaire rock star.) 

  104. Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

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