Arkansas Town Plans to Begin Martial Law

City officials in Paragould, Arkansas, a town of 26,000, are recommending a plan that would enact martial law beginning in 2013.

The plan, purportedly a response to recent property and violent crimes, would send police into the streets with AR-15 rifles and authorize them to stop anyone in the street and demand to know what they are doing.

Mayor Mike Gaskill and Police Chief Todd Stovall announced in a town hall meeting last week that the program would begin in the new year:

“[Police are] going to be in SWAT gear and have AR-15s around their neck,” Stovall said. “If you’re out walking, we’re going to stop you, ask why you’re out walking, check for your ID.”

… “We’re going to do it to everybody. … They may not be doing anything but walking their dog but they’re going to have to prove it.”

The mayor  told local reporters that the city’s crime statistics were high eno9ugh to justify the plan, which was cooked up without consulting the city’s attorney.

According to a release from the police department, this is how the plan will work:

Once an area has been identified as a high crime neighborhood, the select group of officers will saturate the area in an attempt to curb the criminal behavior that is plaguing that particular neighborhood.  Officers will accomplish this in a variety of different methods.  Officers will be working to identify residents in the affected area so that we can better serve our affected neighborhoods.  Most often, this identification process will be nothing more than making contact with a subject, handing them a business card, and asking if they live in the area and if there’s anything we can do for them.  During hours in which crime seems to be more prevalent (i.e. between the hours of 11pm and 5 am), our process will become more stringent.  We will be asking for picture identification.  We will be ascertaining where the subject lives and what they are doing in the area.  We will be keeping a record of those we contact.

The department says it is not out to violate anybody’s rights, just trying to prevent crime.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

553 thoughts on “Arkansas Town Plans to Begin Martial Law

  1. Oh! boy, America, martial law means tyranny. They’re gonna check everybody walking down the street to see their ID and where they are going. It’s none of their business. This is getting bad, America. I heard that once martial law is called the anti-Christ will come to power in the world. Could that be obozo? He’s a self-proclaimed dictator and he fits the description of the anti-Christ to a tee. Or, is it obozo’s twin-nut ahead of Iran?

      1. Hey Dumbo, How do you think Martial law in a country of this size which has never had it, geta started? Little by Little by Little! Just like que*** & Lesb**** getting the right to get married. It STARTED in one state & look how many have it now! The more muslims we get in our country, the more control they will get until eventually the whole country will be under Martial Law!!! Wake up man!!!

        1. Yeah, the Jews in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s thought the camps were just a rumor too….so much for your “paranoia” theory.

        2. Paranoia runs amuck on here, I certainly did not mean the jews in the thirtie and fourties and never said so and that puts be at a loss why you injected into this conversation when it was not a part of it and irrelvant to it and rumors and paranoia are two very different things, some was denial you ever think about that and some was lack of real knowledge

        3. Exactly oleinwi.
          Have you seen the Arial photos of the so-called FEMA camps or read about the ammo purchases?

        4. smilee,
          It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you! Go to Dearborn Michigan and see how tight of a stranglehold they have on that city! Then tell me that they’re NOT out to gain control of the country, a little bit at a time…

        5. Yeah? I watched videos of what takes place in Dearborn, who was extremely violent, and who wasn’t in any way, shape, or form, and just who the hell it was the police stood up for-the extremely violent muslims, vs. people who never even said a nasty word. I know someone who used to go shopping there all the time, as they live close by, has seen it, and won’t anymore, because it gets worse every year. That has nothing to do with paranoia, except in your mind. What it has to do with, is right in your face cold hard facts. – Keep thinking like you do-Coming to your town.

        6. I and others on this site have been trying to be nice to you, but you would tick off the Pope. How much time do you spend in the barrooms? Dearborn, Michigan is now under sharia law and the local government IS muslim. This was all over you tube > a year ago, along with laws being passed that nothing Christian would be allowed in public. Detroit will probably go the same way since it has been deserted by the car manufacturers and workers. Muslims take over in areas where there is a waning or sparse population of Christians, etc. You know, blighted areas, where they will not meet with much resistence. We even have them in our government, and the president invites them into OUR White House, to boot. Muslims are also infiltrating the south, another news item that was made public during the last presidential elections. You need to wake up and smell the coffee, son. You are far removed from the reality of what is happening today.

        7. Your posts do not sound very nice so why would you think your trying to be nice to me???????????? You are very biased and racists against muslims, most are good some are bad but you seem to lump them all in the same category because of your hatred of them. Do you really think I would tick the pope off? by the way I never visit barrooms so your as wrong about me as most thinks you talk about

        8. History repeating itself is far from being paranoia. Staying aware and informed is never a bad thing. What is bad is allowing things to happen and being like a Pollyanna.

      2. not if the head kenyan has anything to say about it.he’s got the black panthers at the voting places in pa,if they were out west here(except ca,pelosis domain)here they could get removed.if they show up as obamas private army,they WILL be.

        1. What in the hell are you talking about? There was one guy dressed in a Black Panther get up……one guy………man, I didn’t realize that you were so scared of black people…

          FYI, this is a tiny little town in Arkansas, which is a Republican stronghold…, this mayor, most likely, is a conservative, so leave Obama out of this conversation..

      3. It is covered by the US Constitution and that covers all america not just Arkansas so not likely to happen not without repercussions

        1. An example: Obamacare is now the law weather you like it or not because it was ruled constitutional and as 26 states cared enough to use it to try and get their way means they did care for it but they of course had it wrong and lost but still they used the government to express themselves and these were not liberals so I guess in reality the conservative do care about it too.

        2. Certainly not, we know, the occupier in our WH. He’s already called it “my White House.” He doesn’t like it, is dismantling it, and further has said he thinks it’s outdated. A communist muslim in our White House.

        3. Where have you been? Obama bypasses the Constitution by using executive orders whenever he feels restricted by that great document.

      4. That’s how it starts by conditioning people in a small town just like FEMA put the Sandy victims in tent cities while they kept promising warm housing and keep lying. to see what it takes for those victims break like the TSA did to flyers…now they will accept what they have to just to fly.

        1. What’s really scary are the number of people during a recent poll indicated they would submit to anal exams in order to fly! Go figure.

        2. Not I. Of course, I would not need to submit to that type of treatment, as I am a certificated pilot, and could rent an airplane if the need arises.

        3. They didn’t put Sandy victims in tent cities….that is laughable…..they did give them all about a months worth of hotel vouchers, though…..and, hopefully you realize that it is the states that are in charge of the recovery, telling FEMA what to do, not the other way around….

      5. Try again, Fresno, San Francisco, Indianapolis,and Washington DC and others have all pulled this garbage. Check out the Huffington Post article if you want a liberal perspective on this subject.

      6. It’s a test case to see how much push-back they get and what the public response is nationwide when they crush the resistors.

      7. And you don’t think these “city fathers” don’t watch to see what the other guy can get away with before trying it themselves? They’re like a bunch of kids. Now, I do have to admit that this group has the “right stuff” but, for all the wrong reasons. They’re still proposing a criminal act. A series of random crimes is no excuse.

      8. Have you look at a map of the USA? Arkanasas is in AMERICA…if delcare Marshal Law on one inch of American Soil, it’s illegal…!!! And NO littile town Mayor has that authority to declare Marshal Law…!!! This Mayor needs to be arrested ASAP for treason…!!! These people are nothing but
        Liberal/Communist left wing government educated morons pushing their
        Communist/Nazi/Islamic agenda and they need to disarmed us to further their
        plan, plain and simple! Their is so much Data and the proof is there, more
        armed citizens brings down crime and only dumb dowm left believes different.
        Bloomberg is a Communist/NAZI, and doing the same thing in New York City, but New Yorkers are too stupid to vote him out of office. Go list to Dr. Michael Williams radio show “The Patriot Report” at to get the real story to what is happening to our Nation and please go support the Patriot Report at
        – We need to support this show so we can keep getting the truth and stop
        sending millions to people for stupid things.

        1. First off, this mayor is a Republican….secondly, if he’s trying to protect his city, he is fully within his rights to have officers walking the streets in the middle of the night……they are only asking for ID between 11pm and 5am….

      9. Once it starts possible others will follow until too late. I have a feeling they will run into problems with their law abiding citizens.

        1. They are only asking for ID between the hours of 11pm and 5am…..not going to have to worry about lots of law abiding citizens roaming the streets at 2 in the morning….

      10. That is all it takes to get started. Ever put a little snow around a rock and roll it down a very steep, long hill? Guess what happens to it. No beginning is too small to grow into an all encompassing situation. Pure evil known as Nazi Germany is all the evidence we need.

    1. By and large it is a known segment of our population that is raping, robbing, and killing. We must protect ourselves any way possible. There is no doubt that our model of government that has lasted almost 250 years is failing. We have 50 percent of the population that lives off the other 50 percent. That alone will bring America down .. but there is more! We let the 50 percent that pay no taxes VOTE! The socialists saw a flaw in our system and exploited it. Save yourselves.

      1. We reached the height of failure just before the civil war and we overcome that and we are no where near that level of failure and not likely to solve the problem that way again abut we will solve it we always find a way but not always is the smartest way

        1. I have to disagree with you that “we will find a way”. Previously, what happened was that the House of Representatives would pass a bill, Then the Senate would pass their version. If they differed, a compromise committee came to a comprise bill and both houses of government would vote again and send that bill to the president. The socialists starting with Clinton decided that they would not bring the bills up to a vote in the Senate; and thereby nullifying the democratic process. Unless a law is passed that requires a mandatory vote on a House bill, the system will remain broken. Obozo is using the Senate as a front to shield his reputation. Since Hairless (no balls) is a willing dupe it works for them. But until we take away the right to vote for those on welfare or food stamps, we will never win another election. Everybody knows that, so abandon that false “hope”. Now they will never peaceably give upo that right so I envision chaos coming soon. I believe there will be more and more flash riots whereby business and afluent homes will be plumaged. The socialists of this country are much like the Bolshevicks in Russia in the early 1900’s. The ends justify the means and the Constitution means nothing to them. If you want proof look at the socialist members of the Supreme Court!

        2. horsefeathers, they were not as stupid as you and would be laughing their butts off at your ridiculous statements

      2. It’s not the model of government that the Founders established. It’s that the communist globalists that have taken over our government ignore the Constitution’s limits on what government can do. 95% or more of the federal bureaucracy and its “regulations” are unconstitutional. Most of the federal laws are unconstitutional. The problem is that the traitors have infiltrated all 3 branches, executive, legislative, and judicial.

        1. Like Obama says, the Constitution is seriously flawed and inadequate. He went onto say that it says what the government can’t do to you but it doesn’t say what the government can do to you!

          This racist Arab’s arrogance is absolutely astounding!

          You are absolutely right in your statement that they have infiltrated all 3 branches of government. Let’s not forget our religions, schools, media,etc.

        2. Gloom and doom is all around. But in Revelation we are assured that Jesus is the winner when all is said and done. When Revelation was written, Rome ruled most of the then-known world, and Rome was not a friend of Jesus or His people. Islam is an enemy of God and hates us who are not submissive to it. We may soon in this land lose the liberty which we love. Obama is an enemy of liberty and some voters actually voted to return the enemy to the White House for another four years. Perhaps we’ll have another Civil War as the only recourse with the enemy in charge of our armed forces. We’ll do what we must do. It’s hard to see how we can endure another four miserable years with Obama driving us farther and farther into debts we have no way of paying. And demanding that we act contrary to our consciences in order to obey laws he imposes on us. Free men and women are apt to do whatever is necessary to depose the dictator.

        3. How you doing Ray?

          :Free men and women are apt to do whatever is necessary to depose the dictator.” I’d like to think that’s what makes us Americans and separates us from the rest of the world.

        4. An old problem. Half the states seceded, because of unconstitutional excesses. The wrong side lost. I fear that a deadlier conflict is on the horizon. As before, the traitors are in power!

        5. Don’t think they will lose this time. remember the libs don’t believe in guns and I was told a long time ago, If you show up to a gun fight with anything less than a gun, you are going to lose.

        6. In 2010 harry reid was telling a grou[ about how he and his 3 bros always carried guns. And he still does, along with pelosi and finestein

        7. Most of our Armed Forces are NOT in favor of Oblamer! Other than a few generals and admirals who think political control is what they should be working for, the rest will NOT follow unconstitutional laws. We NEED to support THEM when they refuse to follow unlawful commands! The time may be at hand!

        8. WE have, since then, come of understanding, and gained- insight.

          We are ready- this time.
          MANY states are, aligned.

      3. “A known segment of our population” is responsible for all the bad stuff, huh?….what segment is that? If it was a known segment, don’t you think it would be easier to prevent crime?

        1. No because they are always looked at as a “victim”. If you do not know what “segment” of our population is doing most of the crimes, there is no hope for you.

        2. I do know what that segment is, I just wanted to see who you think the enemy is here……the segment most responsible are POOR people…..and, I don’t see where you can say they are responsible for most of the bad stuff, yet consider themselves victims….that doesn’t make much sense…

        3. Bill Ayers, Martha Stewart, Bernie Madoff are poor? Criminals are criminals regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. Economic status has NOTHING to do with it. However, after being told for 2 generations that a certain group has been keeping you down and been stealing from you will have an affect. But economics has nothing to do with it.

        4. And every single time one of them is involved in an officer involved shooting that THEY are responsible for, their community organizes marches and even riots. I am speaking of primarily African American communities — and it happens repeatedly, as follows:

          Benton Harbor, Michigan — Man running from cops on motorcycle. Had a warrant. Crashed and was killed in crash. 5 days of rioting

          Savannah, GA — officer involved shooting — exercising a warrant, cops were shot at first — 3 days of protests and rioting

          Then there was the infamous incident in Florida.

          You never see white communities doing this; or primarily Asian communities, so WHY does it happen in the black communities??

          If this makes me a racist for pointing out the facts, then so be it.

      4. The founding father’s plan didn’t make it past Lincoln “In order to save the Union, I destroyed the Republic” his own words.

        1. I’m 83 years of age. My only income is Social Security. I think I’ll owe very little tax this year. But I still want to vote! And other patriots earn little and pay little income tax. But every one of us pays federal taxes every day we buy anything.

        2. SURE DO, AND NO ONE WILL EVER TELL ME I CAN’T VOTE, i don’t want our country to go to hell, we must get obuma out. thats what happened in the election, a lot of people did not go out and vote, but obuma got his dead and illegals and muslims and thugs and the buses all fired up to go out and vote.

        3. A lot of dead people also voted, and union members voted several times each. Illegal aliens voted. In one district, District 93 in Florida, there are only 7 registered voters, yet over 900 ballots were cast for Obama. YET, the dems INSIST, there is no such thing as voter fraud. Incidentally, those 900 votes were allowed to stand. Obama stole this election, ……… AGAIN!

        4. I would think that SS income, derived from wages you paid tax on, would allow you to vote. On the other hand, a “welfare mama” should not be allowed to vote, because she is a “taker” with no skin in the game. It is the “welfare mamas” who give us the “ripoff things”, like the “head of household” crap in our tax system. There should NEVER, EVER, REPEAT NEVER, be a tax refund, in excess of what you paid in, …… EVER! But, it is the voters in that category, who vote in representatives who don’t give a whit for tax payers, and only coddle welfare mamas to get reelected! In many districts, the “takers” far outnumber the “tax payers”, so “he who gives away the most freebies, …wins”! Tax rolls should be tied to public assistance rolls. If you get welfare, you should NEVER be allowed to vote, until you get off the public feeding trough.

        5. I am a disabled veteran living on disability and social security because I can no longer work. Does that mean that I cannot vote because my income is nontaxable??

      5. IT is NOT failing – our leaders who refuse to live byt the “letter of the law” as set forth in the United States Constitution are failing! You have fallen into the trap that libs spout – “desperate times call for desperate measures and that may include actions that are alien to the spirit of the Constitution” – and the old SCOTUS ruling that claimed the U.S.C. is a “iiving and breathing document and thus may be apended as the times dictate.” That SCJ was wrong! The U.S.C. is neither living, nor breathing, nor subject to the whimsy of those who do not want to abide by it. For instance – there is NO allowance in that document’s enumerated powers of the POTUS for the behavior he has exhibited as a law-maker and ruler! He is subject to the Congress and answers TO Congress – Congress does NOT answer to the POTUS! The socialists didn’t find a flaw in the USC – American ignorant of the content of that nearly perfect document failed to hold Congress accountable, failed to hold the POTUS accountable, and failed to demand that the U.S.C, founding documents, American History written and taught from the original documents and writings of the Founding Fathers, and Ameican Government in the public schools. In my day, those classes were begun in 6th grade and continued on in greater depth through the senior year in High School. It is not a flaw in the USC that was exploited by the socialists – it was planned by them to convince Americans that we should teach multiculturalism in schools rather than American studies. And we let them get away with it. That downfall began when we allowed the Government to federalize the educational system rather than keeping it at the local level where parents had a say in the educational policies of their children and youth. Now, D.C. via Michelle Obama, determines what your child eats at school – she decided how many calories were adequate for children’s lunches. No, the flaw is not in the U.S.C.! The flaw is that we’ve allowed Washingon by bypass it altogether. We can only take back our country if we are willing to study and know clearly the freedoms granted to us by that document, and the limitations it imposes on the President and on Congress. Demand that your elected officials follow the dictates of the U.S.C. but don’t call it flawed as an excuse for doing nothing but complain about how the socialists have gained control. They gained control by manipulation of the ballot box, knowing full well Americans are ignorant of the contents of the precious documents that guarantees our freedom and inhibits the POTUS and Congress from taking them from us!

          ILLEGALS; and, corrupt people, involve in voting fraud; THEY figure out ways to ‘beat the truth’.
          If many states sucede, we have a chance to see a better day.

      6. I live in Arkansas. I recall most of the police force was involved in a drug bust cpl months ago. They’re probably on leave pending trial, knowing this, the criminals are taking advantage of the situation. If the cops are on paid leave, how much money does this leave the town to hire new, possibly temporary officers?
        If your town was broke with officers on leave, crime running rampant, who would you call? What would you do?

        1. Then you had better have your background checks all in order before you do, and purchase your weapons at a gun show.

      7. We didn’t “let” them vote!!! They voted without leaving home to do so. Their votes were cast for them–they didn’t have to get out of their PJs!

      8. YOU ARE RIGHT!
        IF- you do not work- you do not vote!
        You have not- earned the right to vote!
        You pay taxes- you vote.
        If you are illegal- YOU- DO NOT VOTE!~

      9. that known or “perhaps unknown to you right-wingers that is” is the corporate hotshots that really run the country. That is really raping and robbing from the nation

    2. Gee… Picture ID… i wonder what the illegals and that communist organization the ACLU will have to say about that?

      Oh by the way true patriot, no where in the bible does it say that once martial law is declared that the anti-christ will come to power. Just info to you….

      1. That individual almost certainly is walking the Earth right now; just not revealed, but I doubt Obama is him. I suspect there’s another who’s a more likely candidate.

        1. I believe you are correct. No, it is not obummer even though he acts like it. But i believe the anti-christ is alive and waiting to fulfill his satanic role in prophecy. I also believe he is probably going to be a Muslim because of the seven year treaty with Isael and them rebuilding their temple. Who but a Muslim would be able to make peace between the Muslim’s and Jews and allow the temple to be built, but another Muslim.

        2. Wherever he comes from, and whatever religion he professes to practice, this individual will have ties to the “great Satan” of Revelation, through the Jesuits, either directly or indirectly.

        3. The way I read it the whole world will recognize the anti-christ and praise him for saving the delema the world is in. Has to be some one that rules the whole of the earth. I think.

        4. The globalist movement is controlled by the Jesuits, whose goal is to seat the Pope as ruler on a throne in Jerusalem, after destroying Israel and the Protestant Reformation, including the US which was founded on Protestant Reformation principles of personal accountability and liberty

        5. You are absolutely so full of “it”! How about some proof, some link to credible information that the Pope plans on taking over the world, or the Jesuits control “squat”! Real proof, not some “conspiacy magazine” load of crap!

        6. Why don’t you give me the Chapter and verse of Revelations that specifically says, in plain English, that the Pope wants to take over the world, or that the Jesuits control ANYTHING. Chaper and verse please?

        7. There isn’t a single chapter and verse, it’s all over the book, as well as scattered through the OT prophets, but suppose you take your tolling attitude to a lib site and stir trouble there?

        8. You cannot do an adequate study of the Book of Revelation WITHOUT also studying the Book of Daniel in the OT, and BOTH are largely based on symbolism. You must ALSO study the entire Bible in context, and pray for DISCERNMENT before you begin to read.

        9. True, but as that person was simply looking to stir problems, I’m sure he/she won’t look at all; and wasn’t trying to preach.

        10. YOU sir, do NOT have permission to address me as other than posted, and label me according to your OWN lack of intelligent learning!

        11. Consider this your “I told you so” for when it blows up in your face because you chose to NOT see what’s in front of you! :-)

      2. There’s where it will all fall apart Sgt! Once they try to card the 1st illegal alien, and the ACLU and Obama Admin catch wind of it, they will fall on that little town like an anvil, and no more pic ID’s will be allowed to be used as identification process! Obama and ACLU will have no issue with Martial Law, just requiring a Pic ID, and the possible upsetting of the indiginous illegal alien population!

        1. The way Obama protects the illegals , he will probably issue an executive order, stating that the police can only stop people who look like US citizens,and let the illegal alien lawbreakers continue on their way to the entitlement office.

        2. Since we are a nation of “immigrants” both legal and illegal, of all races, creeds and colors, would you please describe for me what a US citizen “looks like”???

        3. he is only using the illegals for now, to do his bidding, when he needs them no more they will be dealt with like they were never bin dealt before.

      3. I’m sure that you saw that they were only asking for ID between the hours of 11pm and 5am, right? That seems pretty reasonable……not too many Sunday School teachers are out walking the streets after midnight……

        1. It is “unreasonable” at any hour. And we have a constitution that prohibits “unreasonable search and seizure”. This little “podunk” town does not have the power to urinate on the Constitution. I AM NOT an Obama fan, but I hope this town gets “slapped down hard” for this. If they get away with it, it will become the “norm” for America, bringing back memories of Nazi Germany, ….. “show me your papers”! Screw that!

        2. Asking for ID is not considered search, or seizure, so the Constitution has nothing to do with this argument…..New York City allows its cops to pat down people if they seem suspicious….what this guy is doing isn’t marshall law, he’s putting cops on the street, not the military…..

      4. Sargent rock:That is not what True Patriot said. He was stating who Obama may or may not be. He sure does act like he is in charge of all things, doesn’t he. The fall from the top is very long I’ve heard. Good point you made about the picture ID’s, though. I wonder what the White House will say about that. Has anyone heard of Microchips? 999. Oh, yes, Luke 10:18 isn’t sounding so strange after all, is it?

    3. It says in the Bible that satan is a deceiver, well, obama tells lies everytime he opens his mouth. He is the closest thing to the devil so there is a strong possiblity that this sicko is satan. We are lucky to be living in this time to witness the coming of the Lord and all his army, we may witness satan ( obama ?) get his ass kick good time.

      1. Luke 10:18. “And satan shall arrive as a lightning strike from heaven”. The word for lightning in ancient Aramaic (The language of Jesus at the time) is baraq, the word for “from the top of the skies” is O-bama or U-bama. A friend who is a theologian posed this, what IF Jesus actually was telling us the name of satan Baraq Obama, and it happens to back translate to “ligtning from the top of the clouds or “heaven”? seems almost more than a coincidence, doesn’t it?

        1. Your preacher friend is incorrect on the meaning of that word – it actually has to do with bending the knee, but yes, it is one of the words used for lightening because the jagged look to lightning can often look like a bended. The word for heaven is shemayim. i don’t know where he got his info, but i studied Hebrew for six years. Aside from that, i disagree that Obama is “that man of sin” of the Bible because of one glaring fact – when that man does appear, he will seem to have the answers to the world’s problem; he will unite people, not divide them, and all people will be fooled by his masquerade as a “godly” person. His first three years will bring peace and unity – Obama has brought nothing but division to the world. He is not hailed abroad as a great leader; he is laughed at by other nations, and the Arabs know he is an inexperienced leader – they do not consult with him and seek his guidance, they see him as a weak man over whom they will have power and ultimate victory without much effort. That will not be true of THE Antichrist. Obama has managed to offend our strongest allies – England and Israel – “that Man” won’t do that – he will be politically savvy, brilliant in diplomacy, and his ideas will actually seem to work to bring peace and prosperity to the world. None of that is true of Obama. He may be anti-Christ, but he is not The Antichrist described in the Bible.

        2. Oh ‘ ; c ‘ mon , John ; he is gettin ‘ better , now , he only lies when his lips are movin ‘, lol ‘.

        3. John: You hit the nail on the head, Bubba. I’ve been a student of history most of my nearly 70 years. Never have we has such an habitual, pathological liar in the White House as BHO. Never! In deed, Only dictators such as Castro, Chavez, Stahlin, Mao and Hitler have exceded Obama’s mendacity.

          This what we are now reaping, because of what we have sown in our schools and homes for the last 50 years. I fear it will get much worse, before it gets better. We have been on a spending and permisiveness binge for fifty years, and like a drunk, we have to hit rock bottom, before we awaken to the truth. V/r, Mike Steele

        4. Bill Clinton was as much a lier as Obama. His wife was also a pathological lier. Clinton didn’t do as much damage as Obama because we had a congress with enough integrity to keep him in his place. The present congress, though Republican dominated, is as useless as tots on a bull. They have only one obvious goal and that is to continue feeding at the trough with the rest of the pigs.

        5. Bill Clinton was a liberal Democrat, Obama is a Marxist, and Communist, the very least you could call Obama is a socialist.

        6. I was commenting on the capacity of the two men to tell the truth, not their politics. I, along with 100 million others, know Obama is a Marxist.

        7. Only the House! They still hold the Senate. Doesn’t make any great difference since obummer just thumbs his nose at the congress and courts!

        8. Obama will surpass all the damages caused by the above mentioned dictators, he has only been there four yea rs and look what he has done so far and he still has another four, if we don’t get enough people in the congress, both the senate and house, with b-lls enough to stop and declare him an illegal president as impeachment would not void what executive orders he has put forth already plus all the communist CZARS working up there…

        9. yomama fits it all. Besides ‘satan’ doesn’t have to be an actual man but it is the evil that Satan puts in a man.ANd he sure put it in yomama

        10. WRONG!!!! the Bible states that there WILL be a physical body for THE anti-christ. Jayliegh is right, there are lots of people who are ant-Christ, but only one who will be THE anti-christ. The Bible also states that he will be the one that will broker a peace between the Palestinians and Israel, but that peace won’t last and then he will set up his own throne in the holy of holies in the new temple. He will aspire to usurp the very throne of God. We all know what happens when you try to upstage God; unfortunately he will deceive many and cause the losss of millions of souls–but then that is his goal–to corrupt all of God’s creation.

        11. Satan is an actual person, not a human with human limitations. He can cause people to do bad things but he himself is not “in” the person any more than he was in Eve when she first sinned.

        12. Jayleigh speaks well! Haven’t we all noticed that Obama seeks to cause class warfare, the poor against the rich, the taught against the unteachables, each of the races against every other race? What he claimed he would do is the exact opposite of what he actually has done. Why would anyone now trust anything he promises?

          But have we any choice except to have some states secede and us all go into the new nation then formed? How else can we escape the enemy Obama? He holds the reins of power. Only the Republicans in the House and Senate could do anything and it seems they choose to not do what is needed to impeach the impostor.

        13. Of course they were ignored. We don’t ASK to secede. We secede. If we were to ask, it wouldn’t be the White House! The decisions must be made by the Representatives in each state who are responding to demands of the voters. Then the state officers notify the necessary officials in the national capital, none of whom live in the White House. And then the war begins.

        14. And the GOP, under Boehner, seeks to eliminate the TEA Party people from the chairmanships and boards. He doesn’t want any dissension from the GOP rank and file when he quavers and quails under Oblamer’s demands!

        15. That is because obama promised boehner a trip to the chicago bathhouse. With the mayor that is. If he don’t deliver boehner will cry.

        16. Foolish talk will get us nowhere. Boehner offered what he sincerely thinks is the best way that there’s any chance Obama might agree to, and his own party won’t agree! A vote of no confidence. But the result will surely not please any patriot. Obama is going to do what is worst for the nation. Boehner thought there was some chance he might agree to do something better than the tragic course we’re now headed on. But Obama wants us ruined and with no armed forces able to defend us. So he will let the calamity happen and try to blame it on us.

        17. I agree. I had a phone call from the GOP the other day asking for donations to help the party with their agenda. Why do they need donations to do the job they were elected to do??????? I actually laughed at the caller, and told him that when Boehner is removed as the speaker of the house, I might consider it, and he was flabberghasted. Made some lame excuses for what is going on. He said he will call again after the new year and of course, he was told not to waste his time or mine. It seems we are now having our faces pushed into a brick wall by the very people we elected to change things.

        18. How ironic…all the wealthy politicians that beg for donations..have all gotten rich via the combination of unearned-pay they receive from us, the super-fine benefits they receive,( that we cannot get), all their tax-dodging, loopholes, foreign-investments, etc. etc., and asking for money from many people that are on their knees financially, struggling for survival. As The Republican Party continues to get more feeble and ineffective, I would not give them any money even if I had it to give. The worst Republican is still better than than most Democrats, but it really is getting harder to tell the difference. Weeper-of-the-house Boehner needs to go..his hidden Democrat lapel pin has been showing.

        19. It is not at all uncommon for nations to divide. It has happened throughout time. It seems of course that the bigger and powerful the nation (nation used loosely in some instances.) The bigger the shock wave.

          USSR? Remember that? Pretty much a big deal.

          Even smaller nations broke up and created separate places. Czechoslovakia. Though peaceful enough amongst Czechs and Slovaks, still now two countries….

          Why is it such a ‘fringe’ idea that it could happen in the US? It very well could if you look to other countries, nations, empires as examples.
          Could it really be a question of ‘if’ or really ‘when’?

          In this time, at the rate things are going in the world of politics, I don’t really think it is too much out of the question. History tells us it can happen, so I do believe that it can. Do I think it is a good thing? I can not venture to guess but if it does, count me on the boat away from libtards or the too far right leaning too….

        20. Hobo writes well. We have been a marvelously free and friendly nation, but now are led by a Muslim who is determined to ruin the U.S.A. Have we any choice but to secede? We saw in the lost election that he can outvote us with many unwilling to vote against him unless they get to name his successor, not liking the choice the Republican Party made. Some of us are foolish. All of us are endangered and need to very soon take action to prevent us all being lost.

        21. @ Jayleigh…a good friend of mine (who knows I’ve been studying the Bible for years) asked me the same question…. Do you think Obama is the antichrist? And I told her EXACTLY what you just said….the Bible is very clear that the Antichrist will bring peace and prosperity albeit false – and Obama has done nothing but cause divisiveness….so, no…I don’t believe he is THE antichrist…he might be the precursor to the Antichrist but I don’t believe he is the THE antichrist.

      2. Wonder how much a ring side seat will be? I would love to see him up close and personal get his ass kicked all over the place.

        1. Newt Gingrich could kick him all over the place. He fears Newt. I hope Newt gets speaker of the house again. Then you will see some action

        2. Newt Gingrich is no longer in Congress and hasn’t been in over ten years. Pay attention. I agree that he would be an excellent speaker, however.
          We need a Tea Party person as speaker.

        3. One DOES NOT have to be a member of the House in order to be elected Speaker. Newt Gingrich could indeed be elected Speaker and I personally hope he is!

        4. Where did you get the idea that the speaker of the House didn’t need to be a member of the House? That’s crazy talk.

        5. Newt is just as big a phony as the ObamAss. He’s shilling for queer marriage and illegal alien amnesty, now. And don’t forget that it was Newt who colluded with Billy Jeff Clinton to rush NAFTA through the lame duck Congress in ’94 before the newly elected House GOP majority could take office to block it.

        6. sorry to say newt is not in the house today… we need someone just like newt, but i cant think of anyone. wish newt had become president. oh well, the present congress is a bunch of wimps…

      3. Obama is the puppet. George Soros is the “dragon” mentioned in the Book of Revelations. He is pulling all the strings to destroy America. He has suggested that America will have a “dictatorial democracy” in the future. It is here. On 60 minutes Soros admitted that he betrayed the Jews (his people) in World War II. Asked why he replied something to the effect that if he didn’t do it someone else would. No Soros’ puppet is betraying his (?) people.

        1. Everything I have seen in the way of studies says that the Dragon will originate in the middle east. Maybe someone like Amidinajad or one of the Ayatolahas.

        2. You’d think that anyone who had studied Bible prophecy would know there is no Bible book named Revelations. The Revelation revelations tell us there will be a judgment day, with exciting events preceding it. But the point of what John was told is that Jesus wins at last, that victory is in the hands of God even though enemies of God are many and mighty.

        3. You are correct it is simply Revelations. My Grandmother always called it the BOOK of Revelations. It seems that you are implying that I said evil would win. Revelations 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world, he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him. 13:1 “…..saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, an upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 2. And the beast which I saw…..and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 3. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death, and his deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered after the beast.” KJV Head wound hasn’t happened yet.

        4. Annie, I’m pointing out that there is NO Bible book named Revelations. Within the book of Revelation, John received seven letters to be delivered to seven churches in “Asia” which was then a Roman province and is now called Turkey. And visions, all aimed at encouraging the Christians who were being persecuted to realize that in the end God wins. It’s good for us to realize that the message is still true that in the end God wins.

        5. Soros is guilty of betraying his fellow Jews to the Nazis during World War II. Therefore, he is a war criminal. Why hasn’t the Israeli Massad gone after this man and his entire family? You can bet if the Massad wanted Soros, he would be gotten, no questions asked.

      4. Obama is just a small bump in the road, not worthy of the lofty title Anti-Christ.

        “You know if he wasn’t black, he’d be bring us coffee” —-Bill Clinton to Harry Reid 2007


    4. You know, in the service we had officer who would make us salute him even if we didn’t see him coming. So one day every soldier walked a single line, not to close. After about a week of this routine. the word got around the office was transferred.

    5. Probably, but we’ve been living under it our entire lives, and back before my grandparents were even twinkles; since Lincoln instituted it, in fact; it’s never been fully lifted! Then again, it was right after the Civil War that our Constitution was revised, and tyranny began to grip our nation in earnest!

    6. My understanding is the anti-christ will come from the revived Roman Empire. Since the original Roman empire had two capitols, Rome and Istanbul, Walid Shoebat seems to think he will be a Muslim from Instanbul since Turkey is now mostly Muslim. Interesting thought…. the more I see how the Muslims are working their way around the globe, the more this seems possible. We’ll see and probably pretty soon….

      1. Yes, I was teaching a Bible study on the book of Revelation and I had to change my position regarding a “revived Roman Empire.” It is commonly taught that this would arise out of the European Union. But when I looked at a map of the old Roman Empire, I saw that Germany, for instance, was not part of it. Most of the Roman Empire existed in north Africa and the Middle East. Jake is right that there were two capitols, Rome and Istanbul. Look at the map and you will see that Europe could represent one leg of Nubuchadnezzar’s dream statue, Africa could be the other. The center, of course, is the Middle East. The history books we read concentrate on Greece and Rome, but there was (and is) more to the world than that. A few people now think that what will be revived is the Islamic Caliphate, which was basically the Ottoman Empire, which was centered on the country of Turkey.

    7. This is exactly why the general piblic needs to arm itself. The Founding Fathers were thinking this could happen in this country as it happened in the old country. History does repeat itself, folks. OUr right to bear arms is VERFY IMPORTANT>

    8. This doesn’t have to happen if only our U.S. Representatives have the guts to do what I have been suggesting since 2008; generate a Congressional Arrest Warrant for the immediate arrest of the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator and Saboteur Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II. Why are we taking and accepting dictatorship in America? Thank God more and more American patriots are arming themselves every day, because they too can see the writing on the wall. And the foreign-born Muslim communist dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II better not be looking to our men and women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America to save his dunkey. This is only reserved for American-born and honorable U.S. Presidents.
      USAF (RET)

      1. As of today, the NRA’s membership has increased by 8000 each day since the Newtown shooting. Praise God people are finally waking up and recognizing that more people’s lives will be SAVED than killed when more people are armed. To those of you who are still crying ‘gun control’? Which neighbor do you want to help you when the criminal knows you don’t have a gun and robs and beats you first? The neighbor who has a gun or the one who’s unarmed and just as vulnerable as you are? You know darn well the criminal will be armed!

    9. The Anti-Christ may well be on the way. The Obanimaton is way too stupid to be the Anti-Christ. He far too easy to see through!

    10. And we all know who the Anti Christ is, OBAMA, he is just waiting for someone else to do the dirty work and then he will sign yet another Executive Order and declare Martial Law on the whole country.

    11. I am almost 75 yrs. of age.I grew up in North Carolina, back then it wasn’t even neccessary to lock your doors.That era has passed,now we are dealing with dope-heads,& sorry people who would rather draw from the government than work.Law enforcement has their hands full.Every night on the news you see young men in their teens & 20s involved in some kind of killing.If stopping people & finding out a little bit about them,will help the police keep criminals off the street,then I don’t mind showing them some ID.I am not in favor of taking up guns either, I firmly believe that when guns are out-lawed,only out-laws will have guns.Now all the liberals like mayor bloomburg.wants to confiscate people’s guns.If you do away with guns,they will use bombs,or hachets or machetties or base-ball bats.Are we going to ban all this too?

    12. The Anti-Christ is suppose to be eloquent and sway the masses. Not some idiot that has to have a teleprompter to talk to his mother.


    13. So the Cops can’t ask an illegal alien for some form of identification, but they can stop and ask lawful citizens? How many Constitutional violations are there in their plan?
      Where is the ACLU on this one?

    14. there is much more to the anti Christ’s description… as much as I would love to believe that Obutthole is the AC… he doesn’t fit all the criteria… BUT he might be the one who preceeds the AC.

    15. True Patriot Obama’s Muslim religion is antiChrist for sure, things will get so bad in the latter days that a man will come on the scene with a master plan to save the world and

  2. OK, so I’m out walking my dog and the cops ask me for ID and I tell them to Eff Off, What are they going to do, arrest me or shoot me?

    1. You would sue them for violating your rights, not necessarily false arrest. This has been done already in this country in a small town in Mississippi. Can’t remember the name of the town but it is probably still in effect. Remember, “Never Talk To Cops!” it can only end badly if you do. Take a stand against Tyranny People…this is it!

      1. Exactly, you do not have to identify yourself to the police, let them arrest you then try to prove that waking down the street is a crime…

        1. Our Civil Rights went Away, when the Head “Jassacks”, The “Kenyan Rain Forest Rabbit” got Re Installed. There is no way in Heaven or Hell that the last Se-Lection wasn’t RIGGED. Minority Recipients Refuse to carry I.D.s!! except when they got to the Food Stamp/Welfare Office! That way, when they get stopped, they give False names, [or their Brother’s/Cousin’s/Friend’s name], and Hope that the Fingerprint Scanner in the Patrol Car doesn’t Bingo on ’em. How do I Know?? I am a retired Correction Officer!!

      2. If they can put cops in swat gear armed with ar-15s they should be able to control crime. Sooner or later some nut case will go on a shooting spree and kill a lot of cops. They may have swat gear on but there is ammo that will go through those vests. Anyway the best answer was that mentioned above…Get citizens armed and trained…watch the crime rate drop like the FBI has reported that violent crime and and murders using guns is lower in city, town, and states that allow concealed carry. My state of SC is considering and already has legislation ready for the first of the year to allow OPEN (constitutional ) carr.
        The real issue here is that Obama wants to deliver us up to the Globalists ..helpless and disarmed.

    2. If you don’t have any ID on you, they can arrest you, finger print, mug shot, check prior arrest, even traffic citations etc etc., hope you have enough money to post a bond, pay a lawyer,& if you set your dogs on the police, they can shoot them.
      Feeling better already?

        1. Its not right, but if they pass that as a law of some sort, it then becomes mandatory. I have a question for you all. They have a crime problem. Apparently a serious one. Why would not honest citizens then be all for aiding the strong effort, and this would be just that, to reverse that crime problem? I think about it and my mind goes to the Watts area of LA and there are many more in this country, The enemy is there but our warriors do not practice much crime prevention there because normal police activities have not stopped nor slowed it in 4 or 5 decades. So which is worse, bite the bullet for a time or let the crime take your city. Yea the fear that once begun it will not end. Big fear, maybe put a stop measure in the law, Crime down 66% no more martial law, goes up 10 and its back on. Someone has to try something and sounds like they are.

    3. Every citizen of Paragould should hit the streets all at one time, then overwhelm the courts and law enforcement by refusing to comply with this Bu!!$#!t.

    4. Why not help solve the problem by demonstrating how a good citizen behaves? If there’s a high crime developing in that community, you want to know as a legal resident that the authorities get raid of violent strangers in your neighborhood. This is for the sake of peace.

      1. You’re willing to give up your rights for some temporary security? Go look up what Benjamin Franklin had to say about that. You are the reason this country is in the shape it’s in.

  3. Zey have no I.D.
    Lock zem in de van.
    To ze oveens wif zem.

    If they don’t want to be called Nazi’s all the time, why do they insist on acting like them?

      1. GO back and read your history–Nazis did it to ANYBODY they perceived as an enemy or opposition to their leadership–numerous German officers who opposed Nazism were tortured, murdered or hanged, that included their own citizens, gypsies, Jews, Christians, mentally handicapped, etc.

        1. Then after the war the Islamists (Arabs for one) invited the Nazi to the Middle East so they could teach them their “Nazi-methods” of torture etc. and now we see how Nazism has progressed in the terrorism that the “religion of peace” Islam inflicts on all people to get them to conform toTHE SHARIA. — WAHHABI ETC.

          SO IF you think that protecting one’s town against the criminals that lurk there isn’t important —Then you are wrong ( Ithan) and wake up the SHARIA —creeping sharia- is here much more than before thanks to the ISLAMIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE. ! GET IT???!!

        2. I’ve always GOT IT–I’m Life, Benefactor, Patron, Endowment, James Madison Brigade Member of the NRA and LIFE member of Citizens to Keep and Bear Arms Committee. I GOT TO GIVE YOU AN AMEN, BROTHER NOTOSHARIA, oh fellow Shaytan Infidel like myself. OWEbama is the Muslim Yacub or Devil trying to infiltrate America with Shariah law and Islamic ideology.

      2. According to the memo, I’m the enemy!
        Practicing Christian (not perfect yet)
        Retired from military service
        That’s three strikes against me! And then VFW member and NRA life member to add to the charges against me.

      1. Actually, they targeted all Jews, and Christians (, and any other group that didn’t conform to their arian ideal. Thousands of priests and catholic monks were murdered as well. ANYONE that didn’t meet their criteria, or that opposed them in any way, was imprisoned andor killed. Learn some history.

  4. Through executive order by Obama and Congress allowing him to do this, Obama has created laws empowering him to invoke martial law without having to have anyone’s approval, including the formation of “work camps”.

    1. I believe it is Exec Order 13603 but I could be off a number or two. Obummer is ready to trash this country completely & put all those that don’t conform in death camps or re-education camps. It’s here and getting worse folks. ARM YOURSELVES! PREPARE FOR TOTAL TYRANNY!

      1. Obummer’s terrorist buddy Ayers, his wife, and the other “weather underground” Marxist radicals (the bombers from the 60’s) envisioned that they’d have to eliminate the third of the population that they believed could not be “re-educated” in the camps.

  5. Very wrong, and very stupid. The criminals will just go to a nearby town until the police in their own town give up due to the high cost of exercising martial law in an area where there is no longer criminal activity. In the meantime, the police will be unlawfully harrassing, terrorizing, the citizens of Paragould. What are they going to do if you are out walking your dog and have no ID? Arrest you? Give me a break.

    1. That’s already happened. Look at thecase of the 2 girls pulled over in Irving, TX, and the extensive (on video) body cavity search the twisted female cop did to the 2 girls, all abetted by the voyeur male cop who called her in. For nothing. The female cop enjoyed it too much, too long to not know what she is.

    1. Good for you! Hope you don’t mind showing it and being detained over and over each and every time they run your I.D. You are definitely a SHEEPLE who will always do what the government tells you to. Wow….total loser!

    2. Wait they want to take you “for a nice warm shower.”
      Hint: it’s too late when you finally pull your head out of your ass and realize the “shower attendants” have machine guns instead of fresh towels.

  6. Somebody should arrange a protest where 10s of thousands of people from all over the US descend on that city and refuse to obey their non-Constitutional action.

    This is getting insane!

    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being influenced and/or run by Fabians, Marxist, commie, fascist, dictatorial, morons.

    I am sure that there are many who would call me a moron for lumping those philosophies together but I in return would infer they ought to look in the mirror and then think about what all those philosophies have wrought on the earth and when all is said and done in history they have all wrought exactly the same in the end; slaughter, famine, and despair.

    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist coddling bunch of scum out of power in these United States.

    Then we need to work our tails off to get all of our freedoms and rights restored.

    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and
    less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.

    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

    1. Just what that small town in Arkansas needs is a bunch of libs like Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al and the other sit-in trash dirting up their town. I’m sure they think the town’s people should let the criminals, that had rather steal than work, be able to carry on as before.

    2. Those philosophies have one thing in common – they are all leftist. Most people have been convinced that fascists are “right wing” – they are NOT!
      Hitler was a “National Socialist,” Mussolini was a Fascist. They were allies because they were both leftists.
      The only reason Hitler didn’t align with Stalin’s Communists was that neither was willing to share world domination. (Hitler knew he could easily get rid of the “useful idiot” Mussolini, but he knew Stalin was not so easily disposed of …)
      By, the way, FDR *LOVED* Stalin (and referred to him as “Uncle Joe”. FDR also admired Mussolini for his government control of all aspects of the economy (Fascism is a system of totalitarianism which presents an outward appearance that businesses aren’t owned by the government, but they are totally controlled by the government’s oligarchs.). McCarthy was unfairly vilified by the left. He was right that there were many Communist agents in FDR’s government. J. Edgar Hoover knew it from the Venona decrypts of Soviet cables, but didn’t “out” FDR because if the Soviets found out the FBI had broken their crypto, the’d have changed codes and our intel would have dried up. He was a Senator. It was the HOUSE committee that was responsible for hassling the Hollywood types … Probably because many of them were Jews.

      1. Hey, after all Mussolini did get the trains to run on time :)
        I think FDR admired Stalin and wished he could be more like him unfortunately our constitution stood in the way.

        Fascism. Walter E Williams, not long ago, drew similarities between what Obama was doing and Fascism using what he was doing to the auto and banking industry. Fascism, Communism, Marxist Socialism all end the same way. Tens of millions of deaths!

    3. Dream on. The PTB will have none of it. You can’t get anyone to stick together anymore, for anything. You talk a good talk, but the politicians do whatever they want, regardless of what WE want. They couldn’t care less what you or anyone else think.

  7. Why doesn’t the town of Paragould, AR adopt the plan of Kennesaw, GA and instead of planning tyranny, rather require all citizens to own guns and provide the gun training free of charge by the police and law enforcement which was to enforce martial law? That is proven to have worked and not infringed upon anyone’s Constitutional rights. Does Paragould want less crime, do they want crime to decrease 50 percent the next year and decline every year afterward? If so, join Kennesaw, GA in requiring gun ownership by all and provide gun training for all.

    1. Sounds like the mayor and sheriff are democrats. The requirement of hand guns for citizens makes way too much sense for the government to use it!

    2. It is a proven FACT that gun free and gun bans have the highest amount ot violent crime and murder with guns but these gun grabbing creeps that use every gun incident to push for more gun control JUST do not get it…they are liberals and liberalism is a mental disorder. Se we need a big truck load of straightjackets to lock these coo-coos up in mental prisons. Besides the real agenda behind all the gun grabbing attempts is to disarm Americans like all violent mentally retarded dictator/ murderers have done right before they seize control and start on their murdering spree..

    3. I looked up Kennesaw, GA and while their gun law is great, they are advertising on their city website that they have just attained their “Silver” level Green Community for sustainable (aka Agenda 21) community. Soon they won’t have property to protect.

  8. Who’da thunk that SATAN would use “WOMEN ALONE” TO PUT OVER U.S. “THE FORBIDDEN FOREIGNER”(ONLY NON-ANGLO-SAXON EVER in 6,000 YEARS TO RULE OVER ANGLO-SAXON ISRAEL OF THEIR OWN ACCORD) of DEUTERONOMY 17:15? DID I MENTION ALSO THE SELF-PROFESSED “ANTI-CHRIST”(MARXIST) OF REVELATION, CHAPTER 11 THAT OUR “WOMEN ALONE” AGAIN STATED OUR MSM, PUT OVER U.S. TWICE! OUCH! Next comes the unbiased two-witnesses Revelation, chapter 11 to punish u.s. severely for 3 1/2 years. Welcome to Adam’s world! Just saying…

  9. Any police officer who is so immoral and so ignorant of the law that he would follow a superior’s orders to enact martial law needs to be stripped of his badge. If he carries out this martial law, he becomes a criminal himself, removing himself from under the protection of the law and making himself a proper target for those who wish to uphold the law, defending themselves from tryanny. What a sad, sad story.

      1. Not al cops are that way. A lot are Oathkeepers. But, too many have gone over to the dark side, due to federal funding and indoctrination through DHS.

    1. Until you’re the one being stopped and then how stupid will it seem. It is not ok for the police to ask the illegals in Arizona who they are what they are up to but perfectly all right to disregard the 4th amendment and harass citizens?? Ummm nope… right and left be damned, read your Constitution.

  10. Here’s how fucked up our government is, They sue Arizona for asking illegal aliens for paperwork, but don’t even mention when it’s Americans who’s rights are being violated, by the way, illegal aliens have ZERO rights, in fact they should be arrested and deported.

  11. Nobody curious about what kind of crimes and what the rate of occurance of crimes they are experiencing? I wonder if it is as bad as Chicago?

  12. Law suits will begin and there will not be enough money in the town coffers to pay for the legal fees and jury awards.
    I do not need an ID to walk on the public streets.

  13. If that happens in my town the police had better be prepared for a fatal fight. Liberty, the right to move from one place to another unencumbered, is the first of three Blackstonian rights from which America’s constitution was crafted. Rule of law prohibits such action.

  14. It’s a good thing they told all the criminal element several weeks in advance so they could move out of the area! Stupid illegal move by these communist left wing liberals!

  15. If you further check this story even at the Paragould police department website, you’ll find at this point further meetings to discuss this have been shelved due to people concerns (rightly concerned). without the whole story why get everyone in an uproar!

  16. “We are teaching our children that everyone is the same, and life is full of butterfly’s and rainbows and keeping score don’t count.”
    RIGHT ON! I taught for 4 decades, recently retired, and can tell you that that statement is PRECISELY the reason we have behaviors by people today that were unheard of before the 1960’s. (The beginning of the ME generations.) The youth today are, essentially, amoral. They have no basis for morality UNLESS it is learned in their homes or places of worship.
    The best comment I’ve seen on this issue has been put on a t-shirt. It is a letter of a 10yr old to God, asking Him why He permits these killings in the schools. His answer? “Dear …. , Because I’m not allowed in the schools.”
    Which says it all.

  17. I guess doing what Kennesaw, GA did, mandating firearm ownership for every household is too simple and cost-effective. Seemingly, this town has money to burn. The crime in Kennesaw almost immediately went down. Same thing in DC, after the gun ban was struck down.

  18. My dad was born in Evansville, IN in the early 1920s. Up until the time he moved to Louisville in 1935, Evansville had a 6 pm curfew for people under 18 and a 9 pm to 6 am curfew for all other people. To be on the side-walk in front of your house during curfew hours required a work permit (paper route, milk route, 3rd shift work, etc). He does not recall any complaints or for that matter any crimes as their house did not even have a lock on the door.
    Now, I do not agree with doing this, I’m just pointing out that it is nothing new, even in America. Our real trouble is in the hearts of a people who have abandoned what Jesus said is the greatest of all commandments. “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind; and the second is like unto it, love thy neighbor as thyself.” That simple passage taught with the threat of a chance of spending forever in a place worse than anything imaginable, carried the hearts and minds of the great majority. For the few that were not on track with this, well, we had prisons and ropes for them.
    What we really should wish for is Liberty, not Freedom. A train, removed from the tracks, is free to go anywhere it wants, but who wants to stand by or ride? Liberty allows for freedom within the confines of law, constitution and Scripture.

  19. THIS is the comment I meant for this thread..
    Are they in for a surprise when someone takes them to court over this. They’ve just violated several sections of the Constitution/Bill of Rights.
    Makes one wonder, if the cops are wandering around an area and it’s been announced in advance, are the bad guys going to be going there? Or will they just move to another part of town.?
    I now what I’D do if I were one of them.

  20. Interesting. The cops want to stay in affected neighborhoods which would be the ‘rich’ neighborhoods as criminals won’t usually try stealing from their own poor neighborhoods. So, if you are making a living and have a nice home you will have the cops camped out in your area. I suppose that’s alright but if they want to find a nest of criminals they need to go to the poorer area of town and watch. Seems that there are Always people out walking around in those areas. This is Communism and will be spreading.

    1. “assault weapon” is a made up term, designed to demonize ordinary everyday civilian weapons by making them sound like military weapons (machine guns).
      Please see my earlier post that explains in more detail.

  21. Most of you missed the idea. This is just an enactment to demonstrate what’s to come under the NAZI democrats led by Der Fuehrer Obama. “Those that forget (or ignorant of) history are doomed to repeat it.” Socrates

  22. I called, and e-mailed my thoughts to Paragould, concerning their unconstitutional action. I have not heard back, yet.

  23. LOS ANGELES P D DID JUST THIS IN THE 60 & 70s called field investigations filled out a small page about incident. don’t know if they still do it?

  24. several points: 1. is the mayor and chief of police democrats?? 2.what about the US and state constitution ?? 3. will the mayor and the chief of police abolish the US Constitution 1st, 2nd, 4th, amendments ?? 4. will the mayor and the chief of police advocate actually punishment for the criminal or only advocate the loss of constitutional rights of the law abiding citizen ?? 5. how about public hangings of criminals instead of destroying our constitutional rights

    1. Don’t be so sure.
      Over 170 million people were murdered BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS in the 20th century – AFTER they allowed those governments disarm them.
      They ALL thought “It can’t happen here” – until they were disarmed and it started, then it was too late. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t EVER let your government disarm you.
      The Founders knew that government, if not constrained at every step, will continue to accumulate power and control until it becomes tyranny. That’s why they feared standing armies and insisted that the “

  25. I think maybe they need to do this in some areas of Washington DC where mobs are attacking and beating people up….or maybe in Chicago…highest crime rate in the nation, but with the toughest gun laws????? It’s too bad we have come to this….respect no longer taught to children by parents and schools…’s sad….

  26. Time for the citizen malita to act, target any and all supposed government personnel including the federalized police. PIPOSOK=POP IN PUMPKIN ONE SHOT ONE KILL

  27. That mayor and police chief both need to be run out of town. With this shooting, every little piss ant city government is going to try to pull some stupid stunt like this to get their name in the paper.

  28. Hopefully no one will be asked to prove why he is doing what he is doing while he is peeing on a tree in his yard !! (As I do when the rest rooms are full up in the house or just too damn far away !!)

  29. This is not good PR for AR. Already, unlike neighboring TX, do not permit teachers to carry on school property, even private schools are subject to the law (that’s my understanding). My grandson is going to be attending Christian elementary school in AR next year, right now he’s in kindergarten in over the border TX. And my daughter and son in law are not thrilled at all that the teachers can’t be trained in firearms and become “guardians” as the schools in the TISD north west of Dallas can be. They’ll be sitting ducks without a law change. But then with the exception of Mike Huckabee, AK seems to elect more liberals than do its neigbors to the west or southeast (MS & LA). But unfortunately the only Christian school option is the one he’s attending, his current school only has kindergarten and preschool. AR is a hotbed of drug crime much going on in small towns like Dequeen, and a lot of it is traceable to illegal aliens. My son in law should know as he is a federal investigator working with those local PDs. I understand why this PD wanted to do the more intensive foot patrols, that’s just good policing. But they certainly announced it in the wrong way. Actually, they should have just moved the officers to foot patrol and let them get more closely familiar with the community and who’s supposed to be there, and then, if they had their antennae out, they’d know whether the person walking their pup in the evening was normal or some person up to no good. I think the PD and mayor need a few good lessons in community relations!

  30. Just what kind of crime are we talking about? Break-ins? Vandalism? According to Wikipedia, the racial break down in Paragould, AK is 97.87% white, .04% black. Who do the police suspect of committing the crime? Are they coming from the other 100,000 residents of the metro area? This sounds like the police suspect “outsiders” and don’t want to be sued for profiling.

  31. Holy Christ man’ if you have an obsession with laws just make it illegal to be unprepared to defend oneself and family…if one is accosted and not prepared – tough tits, he’s on his own..k.I.s.s. !

  32. The article does not say that this has been enacted already, but that it was recommended, pending approval by town’s lawyer. Hopefully that lawyer has a brain, though brains without seared conciences are already hard to come by in these early days of judgment.

  33. We know where the crime is and the NAACP and LULAC lawyers are going to cost this city a lot of dollars trying to defend this violation of the Constitution – Enjoy Paragould, Arkansas, the citizens of this town better through the City Council and Police Chief out before they run the town in to bankruptcy trying to defend this.

    1. They should drop the ordinance and allow their police officers more leeway.
      Allow them the ability to dish out a little curb side justice. Use to work wonders on the streets of Chicago with gang-member youth. Many of these thugs come to appreciate their encounters. Taught them to grow up and become men.

      I once sat in a court room and heard a Judge issue the same kind of justice but no physicality was involved. A defendant who was charged with attacking someone viciously, gave the Defendant a choice. Either prison or the Military. The Defendant chose the military. Saw him a number of years later and he had grown/made into a man. Discussing it with him, he stated it was the best thing anyone had ever done for him and he was apparently appreciative of the judge’s decision. Someone in that town needs to be a little more creative.

  34. And so it begins, one little podunk town too inefficient to deal with their crime rate and probably have the usual democrat party gun rights hostlity which generally fosters such an environment. Other democrat cities will see how long this little band of Nazi’s will do their thing and start up their only little martial law game. No doubt king zero is watching closely as well, to see how well upscaling this adventure to super size for the entire country. Might be a tad more than they can pull off, on that idea.

  35. If you read into this story one can j first and the reasoning behind this matter. They will be doing this in the high crime areas which I totally agree with. People complain that there is too much crime involving drugs deals & shootings well this will either put an end to most of that or the criminal minded liberal will take it to a different area of town. I can’t agree more with their decession to do this. It makes sense. Now if they were doing this in areas of little to no crime, than I have an issue with it.

  36. Tell me the clown mayor isn’t cruising for a major and costly law suit.
    There’s this little thing in the constitution guaranteeing people the right to assemble as well as freedom of association.

    Tell me this is a joke folks?

  37. The source of the out of control crime problem in this AK town is illegal aliens, to be specific, Mexicans. It is almost impossible to deal with the situation because of the charge of “racial profiling” and discrimination, thus, everyone is on the verge of living in a police state with the total loss of liberties. How would you effectively address the situation of roaming Mexican youth gangs?

  38. I don’t care what they excuse this with, it is a Constitutional violation and those involved need jailed or put in prison and lose their right to bear arms. This, folks, is a felony.

  39. THIS is precisely why our forefathers put in the 2nd amendment, with NO restrictions. The police are carrying AR15’s, so why can’t we? If we had no guns, and these police decide to overstep their authority, what is there to stop them then? Yeah, nothing. And history has show us many times, absolute authority leads to absolute tyranny, EVERY time.

    This town cannot simply suspend several articles of the Constitution because they feel like it. If crime is that bad, then maybe their police department needs to either more funding, or better management. Their lack of ability to enforce the law, does not give them the right to suspend basic rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

    As I have stated fellow patriots, the storm clouds are gathering, evil is in the Whitehouse, the storm is coming. Be prepared, never let them take our guns, or it will be the camps for us. I’m sure the Jews thought that was far fetched, right?….

    1. I believe our forefathers meant us to be able to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government by allowing us to have equal to or superior weapons to the government.

      1. Glad you cleared that up about Nuclear weapons, some lib was about to jump all over you, just in case you were thinking of buy one from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

    1. The crimes are muggings, rapes, robberies, murders, drug dealings, and car jackings. The committers are B. Obama’s countrymen and his illegal alien friends that voted him into office a second time without using picture identification.

  40. I was not aware a city or town could declare martial law that only the federal and state governments could. A state of emergency perhaps (if it is real) but not martial law. Criminally unconstitutional!

  41. Oh no no no no. You can’t do that. Ask for ID? You will be disenfranchising the minority criminals. Don’t you know that crime don’t pay. They can’t afford an ID. This is just racist!!!

  42. Sounds like a great plan! Send the cops into the high crime areas ( the good part of the idea) which will in turn send the criminals into those areas where the cops ain’t! (the bad part of the plan). Sounds like an offshoot of the Obama wealth distribution scheme! Those areas with too much crime must share with those with not enough crime. Good idear!

    I have a better idear [SIC] enforce the damn laws, get the criminals off the streets, arm the citizens. Personally I like my idear better :)

  43. Unannounced periodical implementing of this kind of sweep is logical, and certainly isn’t going to harm anyone who isn’t up to something wrong. People forget that cities used varying versions of this kind of thorough policing during much of our history — especially the exclusion of kids and young people from the streets at night. Back then you never saw graffiti, you didn’t have 14-year-old girls walking home at 2 a.m. and getting assaulted, and burglary was rare. I have never in my life had any reason to not willingly prove who I am and why I’m in some public place. I wish this could be implemented in my town where we have 32 gangs in a population of less than 50,000.

  44. Oh yes, this is going to work!! The City is going to be sued big time !! They will be defeated in this effort. I hope people leave in droves. You just can’t fix stupid !!!

  45. Weeeellll… since they’re spending beaucoup bucks on all that gear and extra hands and proclaiming Martial Law, how about trying what Kennesaw, GA did? Just have every LAW-ABIDING citizen own a gun! Bet the crime rate would go down! I’m thinking if they claim ML, there’s going to be a lot of conflict! Or, maybe they’re just doing this to get “on the map!” Bad idea!

  46. The Anti-Christ has been in our midst for the last 1500 years, since 538 A.D. and was accurately identified by Martin Luther during the reformation. Study Martin Luther’s life and you will discover this truth. According to the Apostle John, anyone who acts in an anti-christian manner is an anti-christ.

  47. I wouldn’t mind being stopped. However, it is rare that I go out after dark. Something has to be done about theft and other violent crimes. Bad guys are mostly out after dark so that is when they have to be caught. Looks like some of the stores and such will have to close a a resonable hour instead of being open 24/7. I wouldn’t go out after dark on a bet! I hope it works for them.

  48. this is illegal under the constitution and the law of probable cause no one can be stopped unless proof or knowledge the person being stopped has committed a crime. suspecting a person or fishing for evidence or information is illegal and all people who are violated should file complaints with the police department responsible, the state police certification board and criminal charges be filed against the police department. city, county or state which the police department responsible falls under. this is your duty as an american. if you don’t exercise your rights you lose them. that is the problem with our country that caused our government to get out of control. we the people are the government they work for us. they want you to believe that you can’t fight the government but that is a lie.

  49. Does anybody really think.That even if the crime in that area goes down to what is was like in 1953 that leaders there,Will stop all this of having the police having these guns .Not giving a ratts butt of our freedoms.Does anybody really think that wil go away.No!!!.have those people who lost there homes in New York and the states near by from the storm.Have they were able to go back to there homes no.Have they left those prison camps .Sorry I mean Fema Camps .Have they left them or were allow to leave . I am taking a guess no. Have not heard anything about that .I am sure if they left you hear about it .Just how bad it is .When you put any goverment in any part of your life and it is sold to you that is is for your protection.The problem that the goverment says they are needed .When that problem is gone.Then do you think they go away.Then they are the problem far more .Then the problem you had that they came to be the saviors.But the media likes it .Because in there stupid minds it is good for goverment ot be in ever part of our lifes .Just as long as it does not get in there job and life.There mistake is that one day it will . If anybody really thinks that this is just one town that this happens and nowwhere else. No this is just a test to see how far they will get away with it in this town.Then it will slowely get into other places in the Usa .I just hope that the citizens there speak up and make this a big deal that is wrong.But looking at our countrys reaction at the shootings and the election .I am thinking that most of them will think this is a good idea to protect them . The communist media cheerleaders will think it is great . From watching the media love of goverment of being there for ever disaster .Not showing what a joke they are .Then the movies that show you that goverment is smarter then you the average person when it comes down to handle any disaster . I think that these people there in that area think that is a good idea .Because they watch the medias love of of goverment and the shows and movies it has made them think there is nothing wrong with having a police ever where they go with all that military guns . Just to tell those same people in that town that think this is good.If you think that it is just going to be the police think again. There are Russian military being train with our military and they have not left yet .There is a reason for that.I am sure that they will be in your town . They don’t care about anybody rights .They will make your life worse .Yes but this will be just a testing to see how the people in this town act when all this police comes to there city.It will be more of this in our citys .Just waiting for the next false flag attack on this country.Then you will see outr military in all of our citys . I guess where this is getting started you will hear that it is for there own protection from the Media or should I say Media goverment mouth pieces .Now showing you the bad side.I think they only way in this country to even get angry over what will happen to them .When there freedoms and rights are gone when the miltary comes ot there areas and citys.Is when there computers and cell phones get grap from them by this goverment.Then you will see angry at this goverment.What has ever happen to this country .When it comes down to protection there rights.What cowards we have become

  50. Yeah, this is definitely Obama’s fault….forget for a second that Arkansas isn’t exactly the most liberal of places….Obama lost there by 30 points.

    So, when a guy like Joe Arpaio goes around, pulls over every Mexican he comes across looking for ID, he’s some kind of hero that is looking out for his state…..when a sheriff decides to do something similar, only he’s going to ask everyone for ID instead of just Mexicans, this one is somehow the second coming of Adolf?

    I bet that a lot of you that are ripping up this news are the same people that say all teachers should be carrying guns, to prevent other horrible school shootings…, teachers packing weapons is good, policeman packing guns and roaming the streets is bad? This is a town of 26,000 people, that’s a pretty small town…..

    1. If you intrust your children to a public school, then you should be able to trust the teachers to keep them safe. Gun free zones are magnets to the crazies.

  51. In Detroit during they had units called “the big four” . Two cops in the front and two in the back in full armor and fully automatic weapons . No room for prisoners . Lucky thiing they were completely corrupt and only shook you down for cash .
    What if private citizens were armed and protected their own lives and property ? What if the police lived within the limits of the constiution ? Martial Law can only be declared by the Governor so I thought ! I would think it would have to be for a serious purpose . Where is Eric Holder ?

    1. Eric Holder has resumed his alternate persona as Stedman Graham.
      Think I’m kidding? When was the last time you saw those two at the same place and time? :)

  52. Do city officials in Paragould, Arkansas know that they would be in violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution? What current terrorism exists in the city of Paragould that would justify the implementation of Martial Law? It seems more like the city officials in Paragould are in a stage of paranoia themselves. This is typical of liberal Democrats, or rather, members of the Democratic Socialist Party of America (DSA).
    (Nec Aspera Terrent)
    USAF (RET)

    1. They probably don’t have a clue and I suspect they never read the Constitution nor are they familiar with their State’s own Civil and/or criminal State Statutes. I bet if they were to be asked they would tell you that we live in a democracy and not a representative republic.

  53. We the people will stop any wanna be dictatorship. George Washington and the continential army served 5 long hard yrs running the biritish dictators out of the united states, and we will not let some sick liberals reinstate it.

  54. This will be common practice 4 years from now, but right now I see law suits heading their way. We still have the right of free and non-restraint movement in this country, as long as your not breaking the law.

  55. I wonder if Mayor Mike Gaskill and Police Chief Todd Stovall are related to B. Hussein Obama, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Lucifer Satan?

  56. America home of the brave and opps not so free anymore!!
    But who is going to keep the cops in check? Who is going to watch the watchers watching the watchers ect? Sounds like MR;Acorn’ s idea of full employment, every one working for the Government and watching everyone else!

  57. If the crime in the area is so bad and the decent law abiding citizens desire this kind of coverage that is the business of the people who call this their home.
    I sure as hell would comply with any enforcement procedures if this is the choice of the people. Lets face it , our world is a different place today. Whatever works would be okay with me, but I still believe he who takes care of himself with whatever equalizer he chooses is also ok with me. God helps those who helps themselves.

  58. This is how it begins. First a single neighborhood. Then, when the criminals move to another neighborhood that’s NOT protected, martial law is expanded to that one. AND on & on it goes, until the entire city is covered. We’re VERY close to the Lord returning! Start looking up, people!

  59. I am surprised that Arkansas is the first state to openly tell people that they are going to start martial law in 2013. Had it been California, Wsahington or New York I would have understood.This is what the democrats voted for and now we are all going to have to live under this type of governmental tyranny. Thank you ayatollah barack hussein obama for making 313 million people hostages in their own country.

  60. I hope those folks are smart enough to vote the Mayor and get this clown fired too. Remember civilians out number those crony cops, use your numbers and protest.

  61. Previously, what happened was that the House of Representatives would pass a bill, Then the Senate would pass their version. If they differed, a compromise committee came to a comprise bill and both houses of government would vote again and send that bill to the president. The socialists starting with Clinton decided that they would not bring the bills up to a vote in the Senate; and thereby nullifying the democratic process. Unless a law is passed that requires a mandatory vote on a House bill, the system will remain broken. Obozo is using the Senate as a front to shield his reputation. Since Hairless (no balls) is a willing dupe it works for them. But until we take away the right to vote for those on welfare or food stamps, we will never win another election. Everybody knows that, so abandon that false “hope”. Now they will never peaceably give upo that right so I envision chaos coming soon. I believe there will be more and more flash riots whereby business and afluent homes will be plumaged. The socialists of this country are much like the Bolshevicks in Russia in the early 1900’s. The ends justify the means and the Constitution means nothing to them. If you want proof look at the socialist members of the Supreme Court!

  62. To all that keep referring the the rifles that the police will be or are carrying as AR-15’s they actually carry M-16/s. I know its just semantics but there really is a big difference. As citizens we can buy and own AR=15’s now and for the near future until our rights are taken away by that scum sucking low life POS obamaass and his demoncrate minions .AR-15’s are semi automatic. M-16’s the military and police carry are full automatic. There are a few states that allow the citizens to own automatic weapons but they are few. And we all know that the liberals socialist marxist muslims communist and other groups do not want to american public to own weapons period, If we do not have and use our 2nd amendment we can not defend ourselves from tyranny.

  63. This was very common in the mid 1880’s even to the early 1900’s. Especially among small towns. A small but ruthless group of theives, robbers, or greedy rich men would gain control of an area or town and start ruling it through a reign of terror/murder. Then the citizens would have to rely on a stranger/sheriff, who was tougher than the bad guys to regain control of the town. Many western movies were made using this senerio. One common thread was that the town had been disarmed or out gunned by the criminals. Sometimes the old Sheriff was bought out and worked for the criminals. When the town was freed from the tyranny of the bad guys, the savior Sheriff/stranger would either voluntarily retire or leave. If not the town would elect another Sheriff.

    1. If you remember, a good sheriff would come in and start the shooting but it was the town and their guns who would save the day by backing up the sheriff and killing all the bad guys. Bad guys dead; problem solved. Only AFTER the guns were used did the town go back to being peaceful and safe once again.

  64. So, it really has started. Next the nazi emblem will be on all uniforms, or the Obama campaign emblem, you know, the big white “O” with red and blue flourishes running through it. It’s like the one on the HLS uniforms worn by their militia that stop cars on the interstate highways and ask them where they are going, why, who they will be visiting and for how long. Haven’t heard of it or seen the pictures? Go to you tube, if it hasn’t been removed already. All of you who voted for this smiley face had no idea what lies beneath that smile. It is pure evil, and he has put all of his partners in government positions, or they were already in office, just waiting for his arrival—republicans and democrats alike. The ones who are not with them are being removed from their committee positions. Sound familiar? Adding 2plus2 is becoming much easier as their transparency becomes more evident. Harry Reid owns land in Las Vegas that has police and firestations on them, and I can tell you first hand because I have seen it, not a one of them fly the American flag. Now, whether it is by design or the flags were stolen, I do not know. But, the person who pointed this out to me has lived here for > 13 years said they always flew until Reid bought them up, the land and buildings that house them. Now that action speaks volumns to me. Martial law my tooshie, Conn shootings were timely and all the excuse they needed. WHAT ABOUT FAST AND FURIOUS? Where is the investigation concerning this? Was that all show for the elections? When are the parents of that murdered boarder guard going to find out the truth? Where does this president and his henchmen get off trying to pass gun control laws when they were directly responsible for getting AR’s and ammo to the Mexican Cartel, and I saw a posting about this several months before it happened, and it stated it was Hillary, the USAG and the UN behind it, all in an attempt to blame Americans for their excessive use of drugs that was the cause of boarder killings, and that would enable them to take our guns away from us. What about the murders in Benghazi? Now Eric Holder has “decided” to remain in his position as USAG, and where is the committee that was asking for his removal? Setting a pattern? I would say so. Therefore, Arkansas is just the beginning. Hold onto your hats, people, it is coming. The undoing of the Constitution and it’s being distroyed right before our eyes. Oh, yes, this was Obama’s plan from the get go, and he has lots of help. Not only those in the government, but all of the people who voted for him, giving him their permission to destroy America. But things are looking up, tomorrow is the end of the world via the Myan callandar. RIGHT????!!!!!!LOL

  65. Martial Law or no Martial law the only ones afraid of such things are those who break the law or have something to hide. I can’t stand Obama or any of his co-horts and I don’t even watch News anymore.
    To fear this Government is what these type articles do is instill fear in those who read it. Being patriotic can be as dangerous as being militant. I’m as free as God intended me to be, and I use my freedom to think and live a simple life. Yet, to many love being one with all that happens in this world and thus they become part of it, which is Hell. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. This world is Hell and thus so are all who are part of it, whether a Rabi, or a Priest or a Congressman or Senator.
    You’ve all been lied to since a child, about religion, Santa Claus and things that should save your soul, and billions have believed it. Words, can bind or unchain one to overcome this world, but few will. Martial law on crime seems like a start in the right direction. You can tie all fear to your God you worship to and don’t know it. The deity who created this world and all that’s on it. Satan. The one and only spiritual ‘Father’ has nothing in this world, but those souls, who seek and find him, on a one to one basis, and thus find truth, laced in comfort as many of you will never find as you believe all you read and how you translate all religious scriptures, from the Koran to the Bible, and give praise to the antiChrist who controls them all. Obama is just one of the many antiChrists that is upon this world you all love so much. Remember, we’re to renounce it, not cling to it. 1 John, 2; 15-18. Love not the world neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 17. And the world passeth away; and the lust thereof; but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever. 18. Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. When you all learn this world is Hell, and few escape it as their souls keep returning, life after life after life, then will mankind learn of the true God, which is not Jesus as this world is tied to lies that deceive, separate and divide. Not bring together. God bless to those who know the Father and fear nothing that’s coming for only a few shall be left behind as the separation of good and evil continues forward as the angels are being gathered for the last days coming, which will be years away from now.
    Proverbs, 10; 30. The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.
    Nag Hammadi; “What good is not good and what is bad is not bad.”
    Find the true God and separate yourselves from this world, and fear no more. All you have to do is seek deeper within yourselves and find a truth that’s always been within you, but you’ve denied it to be one with this world you all love as you cherish, cling to all it’s teachings.

  66. Lock and Load! Do not accept martial law! Fight it will all that is in you if there is a free cell in your body! This is illegal by the SCOTUS! Fight to the death! RESIST, REBEL!

  67. Can anyone say Agenda 21??? test case to see if the sheeple will accept this…then look is going to get uglier . Clinton neighborhood and all that .

  68. Obama wants to do away with the 2nd amendment and is starting with the exploitation of a horrific mass murder by a mentally ill person. Now the Libs want to control us by enacting martial law? How will this work with people of color. I thought that if the police stopped a person of color it was racial profiling.

  69. Just as it is said, Obama is a Threat to our Safety and Security of ALL of Americans and this is just another PRIME EXAMPLE of what it has become with his so called Leadership…. This kind of assault on our Freedoms is much more than being Tyranny as we know it…. It starts out Slow and Easy, then it gains more and more, and before you know it, we NO LONGER can Stop it or have any further Rights to Defend ourselves….. same as in Germany with ” Hitler ” and his Gestapo….. If FOOLS like this in Arkansas allow this, then it will NOT be long before it will spread to other places….. We cannot allow this, as this is a Direct Violation of our rights, freedoms, Safety & Security…… Remove these individuals to whom have designed this Foolish Assault upon us Americans…..


  71. StarDust Doolittle appears to have been more carful with the stardust he (she) has been sniffing. There is no scriptural verse, nor realistic Christian Voice I have ever heard that has made the claim that …that once martial law is called the anti-christ will come to power in the world.” I can appreciate the concern about violence but need to say that one town declaring martial law has so many legal wrangles the idea will never see the light of day.
    Yes. The day of the Anti-Christ is nearing. Even the muslim religion claims that the anti-christ is on their side–not christ’s And there is much more to the Anti-Christ’s return than a small spot of martial law.

  72. It is a sad day when Americans are going to be killing other law abiding American citizens! They need to ask the police officer if they have a family, wife and kids, then tell them they need to go home and be with them instead of harassing innocent citizens. Then tell them you are not going to bow to the government thugs before things get really ugly.

  73. So they are doing this to prevent crime…but aren’t they committing a crime of intimidation, threat, violation of freedom of privacy and being out in public??? This is why when one person commits a crime… the entire population loses there freedom…. such is how a liberal thinks and believes. If one person commits a crime with a gun… the liberals solution is to take everyone guns away. With that logic… one person drinks and drives…. then everyone should not be allowed to drive then???? This mayor has not the authority or the right to violate people freedom… not based on statistics…but his own idealogy and yes his ego of thinking he can?

    1. Funny you blame it on liberals. The first thing I thought of was President Reagan and all of the lies about crack babies that led to no knock warrants with commando style raids on the homes of U.S. citizens.

  74. Have the police ever thought about “neighborhood watch?” That works quite well. Each neighbor protecting each neighbor. When we used to go on vacations,selected neighbors were told that if they saw a van back up to our house or some unusual car in our driveway, they should call the sheriff. Even in daylight, break-ins happen. Not always between 11 pm and 5 pm.

    1. Sure. Call it the Zimmerman Patrol. Don’t you understand what happened there to stop neighborhood watch? Nah, best thing is to stop expecting “sumbuddy” else to watch your back and to do what the Founders the BRILLIANT Founders told you to do. Johnny Get Your Gun.

  75. You would have to know this town to comment .It’s a small farming town in NE Arkanas and has more poor blacks than dogs cats and chickens combined . They are under paid over worked police men that finally run a ground as to what to do .

  76. Do the people of this town–Paragould, Arkansas–realize what a precedent they will set for Obama to declare Marshall Law on the entire country if the citizens of Any Town, America succumb to such tyranny??? One thing guaranteed, these two imbeciles–they being the mayor and the police chief–are without a doubt democrats! How can we stop these maniacs if the average citizen does not step up and say: “Enough is Enough!!! No, you will not declare Marshall Law on our little town, or any other town in America, for that matter!!!”

    1. States have to take education back from the FEDERAL Dept of Ed if you want States/towns/citizens to have any control of anything. That is the secret power. Return education to the States where it was when we had the best education system IN THE WORLD. After the commie feminists got mom out of the home they walked in and scooped all the guts out which included the responsibility and control of education. Most people are so dumbed down now that they can’t understand the reach of the arms of the Federal Dept of Education, so it won’t be easy to “change” this. It is the most important thing we can do and will cause the commies to riot. Let them come out and start.

  77. Any police officer that obeys these orders for no reason other than the town can not take care of their law enforcement any other way should be charged under federal civil rights lawa – and they probably will be charged …… unless the harassed citizen is white and then of course white people don’t get any protection under the Holder Justice department law.

  78. And so it begins. One small town and then the next. Where will it stop.?
    The police chief decided this without consulting the city attorney. Who made him king? This smells worse than rotten fish and limburger cheese combined.
    Let’s pray for some common sense..

  79. What happens if they stop an ILLEGAL? Will the State run media and ACLU demand they stop? LOL If this wasn’t so damn serious I’d die laughing!

  80. I hate to see it. I lived in Argentina during the 70s and they had army everywhere to fight Peronism. However what do you do when the crime is out of hand? I have some houses in Arkansas and every time they are vacant for just a few days they are broken into and vandalized and all my appliances get stolen. I’ve lost appliances, air conditioners, all the copper pipes, the window weights, electric heaters,and other items numerous times. I hate the place where I have houses. Not to mention the times they have been broken into when I have them rented.

  81. First of all, that PC needs some serious help with his grammar. But of course, that’s the least of his problems. His “motive” may be good, but that doesn’t give him the right to violate the U.S.C. i hope the city has a ton of money to fight the litigation that is certain to occur. But, the POTUS thinks martial law is the way to rule, and confiscation of all weapons is going to create a safer America. The old saying is true: “When guns are outlawed, the outlaws will still have guns.” No one with evil intent is going to give up weapons! Only the law-abiding citizens will give them up voluntarily or have them confiscated by warrantless lawmen who have the names garnered from the registration forms. None of the thugs have registered firearms, but you can’t tell the radicals anything – they are the only ones who knows what is best for America, right?

  82. Of course, should this start affecting the homies in the hood too much, look for the ACLU to have something to say about it. What is the composition of Paragould’s population, anyway?

  83. Mayor you and you commie city council are typical liberal BALD FACE LIARS. Your intent is to control your citizens as just Hitler and Stalin did. How in the hell can some prove their just out for a walk ? Do they first have to get a note from the Mayor ? Under a different President this would be found Un constitutional .

  84. I see everybody’s point about how bad Martial Law is. I agree. What I would like to see is a comment on how you would solve the problem they have. What would you do? Arm everyone? then it might be like Libya. What would you do if you were in charge of a town where crime was out of control and the thieves found it to be an easy target?

  85. “Curb criminal behavior”? Since when? Most of the criminals are never punished after being ‘arrested’, so they just continue comitting crimes. The liberal court system is responsible for this evil plague upon our land, for if they had done their jobs and punished the thugs, there would be no need for ‘martial law’. LIBERALISM is the cause of a police state, and everywhere it’s tried the results are the same.

  86. Reagan was right on! Have they not tried increasing the police presence during those hours in high crime areas? I think they will find they are infringing illegally on citizens’ rights and will need to change their approach. I applaud the police and their efforts to protect, but this is not the best approach. I would think the presence of police would suffice in most cases.

  87. You have to protect the people as crime will get worse and worse under this regime in Washington, I’am all for it if it’s done by the book.

  88. Once again only the law abideing tax paying citizens will be inconvienced. If you want to be of help to everyone let every citizen carry a weapon . Most Americans can and will take care of themselves and do so better then dialing 911 and waiting for a rescue . Let people that want cary weapons I gaurentee your crime rate will drop …

  89. All legal citizens should be permitted to vote, otherwise you create a separate class of citizens & that kind of divisive action leads to anarchy. Its not fully enforcing our laws, such as gun laws, that hurts us. Its also providing so many loopholes on almost everything. Look at Obamacare. He or Selibus, have provided all sorts of exceptions to a law that will become a massive financial burden to the rest of us. We need to dump our current tax system & intsall a flat tax on all. No exceptions & yes, that means not for charity or for home mortgages. Once in place, & revenues begin to flow in, as they will, the rate can be lowered enough that NO ONE will miss their past deductions. Its more than this though. Its respect for the nation & its Constitution. I say if you take the oath of office to preserve, protect & defend that Constitution, the minute you violate that oath you face impeachment &/or criminal charges.Its OUR country, not one that belongs to elitists or special interest groups, or political activist groups.

  90. When our generation dies off, the younger people will not know what freedom meant. I really fear for my kids and grandkids futures. God help us.

  91. The best way is for citizens to band together to patrol their area and call police if needed. Arm the citizens and let us patrol our own area

  92. I am a retired, life-time police officer, (retired after 34 years), having experienced every aspect of law enforcement from walking a beat to being a chief, in both Michigan and Nevada. What this “Mayor” is proposing to do is to create a “police state” in his town. These activities described here are patently, “unconstitutional” invasions of citizens right to privacy, right to simply walk down the street without being challenged by a heavily armed officer and made to produce identification. For an officer to make a “stop” or a “search” of anyone, he or she must first have what is called “probable cause”. Or at the very least a “reasonable suspicion” that the person may be violating the law. Short of this (United States Supreme Court) “standard”, the officers have no authority to stop or demand identification. We already have enough government officials violating our constitutional rights as it is. The last time I checked, we didn’t live in Nazi Germany, (show me your papers). Better police work does not result from violating citizens fundemental rights. Those who surrender their freedom in exchange for security, ultimately end up with neither!


  94. The governor should move some state police or National Guard in there and arrest the mayor and all the city police. It’s obvious they are all insane, armed, and dangerous.

  95. The CITIZENS of that community should surround the city offices, the police station(s) and the city officials homes……..make citizens arrest and make charges of TREASON for unreasonable search and siezures and NO PROBABLE CAUSE, try them in a court of law, and if found guilty (and they will be), then have them put to death.
    If they want REAL SAFETY, ARM ALL OF THE CITIZENS and make ALL who are 21 and older the city police force. Train and certify them in the use of a handgun and an AR-15 and mandate they UPHOLD and DEFEND the U.S. Constitution and GENERAL LAW ABIDING BEHAVIOR within their own immediate vicinity.
    LAW ENFORCEMENT is NOT “Rocket Science”. It just takes HONEST AMERICANS to band together, with their weapons, to stop these CROOKED POLITICIANS, POLICE, and the OTHER CRIMINALS in the community.
    It’s a time for FORCE, and undoubtedly there WILL be some INNOCENT lives lost, but there are innocent lives lost NOW. At least the CRIMINALS WILL BE KILLED, in most instances, even if there are innocent lives lost, and the community will NEVER have to deal with them again. Those criminals that are left will MOVE to UNARMED communities as CRIMINALS don’t like to deal with people who carry guns.
    If this towns administration gets away with imposing MARTIAL LAW, that will ONLY LEAD to 100% mistrust of the local government.

  96. Update: I believe this Arkansas plan was dropped after it went viral and the overwhelming negative response they received from Americans from every state.

  97. The police forgot one thing, It is unconstitutional and anyone stopped are not required to give identification on demand if they are not involved in any crimes and are peaceably out walking no matter what hour. That said if you are involved and seen in suspicious acts you could be stopped and asked for identification but the constitution is specific on this in the section on illegal search and seizure

  98. Lol. But Arizona can’t stop illegals and ask for their ID? How screwy is this? Wake up America…you will soon have NO rights…NO property…NO PRIVACY…and live in a country with Dictator Obama!

  99. Mayor Gaskill, Chief Stovall, feet OFF the desks B1TCH3S!

    I DEMAND to know what y’all are doing in those offices. Crime statistics are way too high there in Paragould, Arkansas and you’re both OBVIOUSLY part of the problem!

  100. It’s an Obama world and we all warned it was going to happen if he was re-elected….goodbye freedom….hello communism

  101. Don’t laugh people!! There comes a time when the violence and chaos reach a point that we must slam on the breaks. Look at Detroit. It looks like Berlin in the latter days of WWII. Maybe some in towns and cities across this great nation want to rid their areas of crime and you can’t do that by pasting posters at bus stops. Bad crime equals lost revenue equals blight for residents, for jobs, etc. It is unfortunate, but there are those violent souls who do not understand nor care about you or your loved ones. You don’t use bean bags to control rampant crime.

  102. I think this mayor should fire the police chief for not keeping things under control. You can saturate an area without all the martial law. If you cannot control the situation get a new chief. Does this mayor have a Wyatt Earp syndrom?

  103. Americans better wake up and smell the BS our government is spreading. Lost freedom will be gone forever. Liberal democrats are surrounding we the people. Welcome to the United States Of Liberal Democratic society. USA is headed to become 3RD world Country.

  104. How long before this Mayor decides that if the Lights are on after 10:00 PM in your house the cops can kick your door in and demand to know why you are still up with your lights on. THIS MAYOR MUST BE ANOTHER MUSLIM DICTATOR WANNA BE LIKE OBAMA

  105. Anyone who would give up their essential liberty for security deserves neither. The people of this town deserve to be slaves if they allow this.

  106. hey mayor mike,the highest crime area is ovomit/ag holdup/pelosi/reid/wasserman/panetta/j
    kagan/sotomayer/waters/reid/hillary/rice/napalitano/the black caucas/bite me biden/ginsberg,and there all treasonous un amemrican traitors,so mayor mike start with them,and crime will go way down,god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal american veternans/citizens.

  107. Click you heels and say sieg hiel. They have no right to do this in the United States of America. Town people should start and exodus now. Move the tax base out, then they will not need a police force.

  108. This is a Republican stronghold run by a Conservative mayor? Either this is staged to scare people into thinking the government is out to get their guns or Republicans are now forming dictatorships…….amazing.

  109. This is a dream come true for Barry Soetoro this is what he wants and guess what it looks like it exactly what is going to happen.
    This is flat out scarey and that is a fact.
    They should do the same exact thing in Chicago where Barry is from because crime is horrible there and that is another fact.

  110. You would think a one horse town in the middle of no where would know everyone who lives there. You can bet the citizens know who the troublemakers are. This must be a test zone for the rest of the country.

  111. Will the cops be wearing “storm trooper boots” and walking in formation? The next step, will be to take their second amendment rights, then the first amendment right to keep them quiet, and then go from there. This is Arkansas! Come on now! Im betting most of these 26,000 people are cousins anyway, so only half the population will be effected.
    The only good thing to every come out of this state was Mike Huckabee.

  112. If the people of Paragould put up with this, then they deserve it. It is ILLEGAL for the police to do this. I hope someone in this town has the balls to sue the pants off the mayor and his goon squads.

  113. “Your papers, you must have your papers on you at all time.” This sounds like Nazi Germany. The State to El Dumbo and his cohorts is everything, specially to El Dumbo who believes he is the State and everybody else are slaves.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

  114. We are now a lawless nation…There is no right and wrong or if something is wrong there is nothing to be done about it…The big government will mess up all our lives…I am sorry I lived to see this. 1960 with removal of God from schools was the beginning…No rules, no discipline, no no no….

  115. Lets seem their going to need soviet uniforms, identification documents, carry AK’s
    instead, And AR-15s, and all wear babuska’s with a red star on the front. The jail is
    going to be called a gulaug. but they lack having detention camps in siberia…
    Their plain clothed unit will now be named “KGB”, and instead of patrol cars,
    they will need BDRM’s or BMP armored vehicles..
    Is the town of Paragould aleady flying the hammer and sicle flag , or just a red star.
    The plan is to seize all farms, and turn them into collectives, where all people in
    town will be required to work. They will never produce much, but the soil will be
    enriched by the rotting corpses of the townspeople who were murdered due to
    refusing to produce the required quota daily.
    Ah yes, this has been tried in the past and failed in the old USSR, the soviet
    union, but now in the new USSA, all the mistakes of the past have to be tried
    again, and will consequently fail due to socialism and communism being non
    functional enities, which will fail every time. keep up the good work comrade
    obama, your name shall bear the same evil stigma as hitler, stalin, mao, and
    the rest of the communist scum of history……………

  116. My concern being I live over 16 miles from Detroit, that will send them out our way, we dont need that., Watch what you do this could end up worse in the metro area.

    If their not supposed to be out after certain hours, why ask question, just shoot the skum.

    In Detroit , no need to ask questions, they destroyed the city , even they want out , but we dont want them in our neat area with no crime, they just drag the crap with them, I would like it if they went to another state to shop, next they will bring our shopping centers down, like Flint, Saginaw, where they are is just plain bad luck.
    Proven fact

  117. Mayors can’t declare Martial Law as it involves only military, and governors and the president can only declare Martial Law. The mayor’s action is absolutely unconstitutional and he or the city cannot suspend anyone’s rights …legally. I live in Arkansas, but not Paragould,if I were the Paragould citizens, I would sue the city for everything I could get.

  118. thanks you fools who voted for obuma, thanks a lot, it’s only a matter of time before every town has marshall law. they can take care of crime very easy, just go after the asses that steal, rape, murder, and put them away forever., and i don’t mean in prison for ever.

  119. Just wait til ObamaCare starts kicking in next year. ObamaCrats in D.C. will be denying health care to those with few ‘quality years’ of life remaining while the Muslims and blacks get first rate care w/o insurance.

  120. We’ve been set up. The law became lax over the last 50 years, opening ourselves open to crime….ultimately for martial law. Wake up America!

  121. That’s perfectly fine with me, they can bring that Marshall law crap right here to CA. When they ask what I’m doing, I’ll place my hand on my concealed side holstered Kimber .45 and ask why they want to know. And when they place their high powered flash light in my eye, I’ll return the favor. Of course I will video/audio the complete episode and when they violate my rights I’ll sue the crap out of them and retire. The vast majority of cops possess very low IQ’s and routinely violate citizens civil rights while on their high of possessing a badge and a gun. While there are some good cops, they are few and far between.

  122. STOP legal and illegal immigration from third world countries, peoples we have nothing in common.

    If the nation’s people knew God’s Word, laws, we wouldn’t be having these problems.

    May God help us! 2Chronicles 7:14

  123. I guess this is Obama’s testing ground. I see he is trying it out down in some quiet town to see what he can get away with. Why don’t they do this in Chicago where there is more crime and murders then any where in the United States. The reason they won’t do this in Chicago is because they will shoot back at them.

  124. This is NOT martial law!!!! If these idiots think it is they have another think coming…Martial law places the authority with the senior military person in the area. I read nothing about that happening….This seems to me to out and out intimidation of the population….

  125. I was confused at first when I read this. I thought I accidentally clicked on Big Hairy News and the punch line was coming up any paragraph now. I don’t recognize my country anymore.

  126. well aint that just a grand idea… the police just wont to indocranate the citizens into obediance.. but they are here to help ya… i wonder if they will have brown shirts and armbands with logos on them…

  127. “It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of citizens, and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The freeman of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle.”

    James Madison

  128. Hopefully the citizens of this small community IMMEDIATELY ask for the resignation of this mayor turned dictator. This is seriously scary and people need to realize that leftist commies like to start out small and work their way up to bigger fish.

  129. I Live in the city of paragould, and I can assure you that this is the farthest from the truth as to what is happening here. First to make very clear I am one of the most patriotic constitutional supporters of this country. I completely believe that this country was built
    and should be controlled by true patriot Americans through our election process
    not by any form of large over stepping government. That being made clear we can
    now move on to the real subject. Our town over the last few years has become a victim
    in some areas to an elevated level of crime, primarily growing out of the Katrina disaster which hit this country. There was some dedicated individuals who moved into this area and became a valuable asset to the community, but at the same time there was many whose career prior to moving her was being a professional criminal, thief, drug dealer thug, murderer and anything else that they could be. These fine outstanding individual have done nothing but cause destruction to the community.
    This issue has become this nation wide subject because of the number one problem that most of you on this page completely agree with, THE BIAS MEDIA. The article printed was not even close to what was said or took place in the meetings, as the public meetings were 100% positive by the attending public. This City government is one of the most
    conservative local governments you will find in the country, and has the upmost
    respect to all civilian rights, their only plan was to elevate the amount of visible patrol into these troubled areas of the city to deter the criminal element from their area of operation.
    I just ask that before we all jump to a drastic conclusion of what is going on simply from reading a article from a single newspaper ( SINCE ALL MEDIA CAN BE SO TRUSTED ) that we would at least look for a second source to confirm these claims first.

  130. More apt than a quote from a traitor and a liar would be this from a REAL patriot: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


  132. How ironic that in Arizona, the ACLU is up in arms because the police want to ask for id when a person is suspected of breaking the law, or to e verify before hiring but now it’s ok to stop citizens walking their dogs or just because they live in certain neighborhoods. Your tax dollars at work, folks.

  133. At least I will feel safer. I am a stupid modern day American who want all my security to come from the government. Therefore, please strip me of all my constitutional rights so I can feel safer, please.

  134. i think the law is good in some ways and kind of nazi in otherways if someone is walking there dog around the block where they live and has been doing it everyday for years are you going to stop them everytime? On the other hand it is very good I think you might catch a lot of wanted bumbs this way. try the put the lesser bumbs in jail but if some one is convited of murder don”t let them appeal for ever one time is good and after that give them the needle and don’t tell me it cost a million dollars to do it I had to put my dog down this year and it cost about 150.00. also use the willing justice of the peaces. this was there job years ago

  135. Oh ya, right,! Told you we are living under a dictator. This is what he wants, to rule as kingand he has such great Americans as John McAmnesty helping him! I have lost al;l respect for McAmnesty! His hero status died along time ago, he has crossed over to the dark side now. He goes out of his way to help Hussein destroy this country. Drones, some armed being used by police depts. now, drones the size of flys are being used to spy on you, all e-mails and cell phones tracked and mail read and monitored. I hope all the stupids and the leeches with their obama phones are proud of what they’ve done, PUT A DICTATOR BACK INTO POWER! They will be the first to go right along with the seniors and the disabled!

  136. I don’t blame these people, who are under assault and constantly fear for their safety. Having been a young man in Brooklyn as it was turning bad I can directly empathize. And the alternative to martial law is vigilantism. They tried that too in one part of Brooklyn in the mid-1960s, and also near Newark NJ in the late 1960s, and in both cases it was effective, while the New York Times underwent a series of hysterical outbursts of liberalism condemning people “taking the law into their own hands.” Instead, the Times believed people should continue to expose themselves and their families to the mercy of violent criminals.

  137. I can’t argue with any of the sentiments presented here. All very insightful. But at the end of the day, what are “we the people” going to do about things in this country? It doesn’t seem productive to our society to just beat these topics up on blogs that only result in preaching to the choir. We all feel good having the opportunity to have our “voices” heard, but who’s hearing it? The 51%? We are in the minority and the real issue is what productive thing can each of us do to cause a return to political and social conservatism and the Judeo-Christian ethic in this country?

    1. Community group involvement. . . . Alternative forms of communication, i.e. CB Radios and SSB and Short Wave Radios. . . . Get one, set up portable units not home based stations, learn to use them and establish a contact network. . . . Everyone is procrastinating, but it will come to a head overnight and there will be NO TIME TO PREPARE ! . . . Just like the black rif-le bans, these forms of communication will be “outlawed” too ! . . . . When the internet and cell phones go down with the “flick of a switch”, and they WILL, it’ll be too late to figure out an alternative ! . . . . If Custer could make use of hindsight, I’m quite confident he would have done things differently . . . . “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda !”

  138. From the article: “Most often, this identification process will be nothing more than
    making contact with a subject, handing them a business card, and asking
    if they live in the area and if there’s anything we can do for them.”

    The single best thing everyone should do is hand the card back to the “officer” and declare that they refuse to accept their “offer of services” and go on about their PRIVATE affairs.

  139. Ya, Know why theyre doin this in Paragould, Ar.? Because so many thugs are out stealing,sellin dope,assaulting ,robbing and murdering people thats why. Its needed,No longer cana law abiding citizen walk thier dog or walk to the corner store ffor a gal.of milk without running the risk of being hurt or killed. Thats why people,Dont blame the Mayor and although I despise him ,Obama,blame the fuckin criminals.

  140. At first I was a little disturbed by the headline. As I read I got more disturbed until it began making sense what they were trying. I have often said if I were to move out of Florida I would probably go to Arkansas or Oklahoma because they seemed to understand freedom better than most. The article seemed to challenge that belief a little but not completely.

    1. Well, they say your first intuition is usually the correct one. . . . In this case, I think the theory proves itself once again ! . . . Once some doors are opened, they can never be closed !

  141. Be perpared for the worst Americans your freedoms and right will go bye bye if democrats and Obama have there way so civil war maybe closer then one thinks.

  142. Wasn’t Bill Clinton governor of Arkansas? Well, that explains it, the most brilliant people come from Arkansas. Must be something in the drinking water.

  143. You got to do what you got to do. Just be thankful that it is local police and not the Federal Govt. coming in and screwing up the works.

    1. Once you go down that road, you may NEVER come back. . . How far removed is it from government troops or national guard troops being on the streets ? . . . This is not necessary, and should be a big red flag to all who can see it ! . . . More and more lunacy appears to be the norm ! . . . This is not meant as a direct reflection on you, but on our society in general, who seems to have lost its compass !

  144. Real Estate Agents should be forced to disclose to home buyers in Paragould, Arkansas, that if they buy a home in (Paragould) they may be subject to Nazi styled stops and interrogation by militarized police without probable cause.

  145. I do not mind being stopped and asked for ID. Happened to me in San Diego years ago. Do not mind asking what I am doing or going. But to prove it is going a little beyond what is right. If I tell them I am going to the store cause the baby needs diapers, how do I prove that other than have the cops follow me there and back home. Waste of tax money.

  146. All these comments sound like a
    Ugly American circle jerk….what a waste of time. I guess you all need a villain
    in your life ….someone you all can blame for your personal failures. No god (you
    say you follow), would ever have all this hate in his heart. You all need to look inward and ask why you
    hate a standing US President who won two American Elections fair and square. What a shame this site is. I guess misery loves company, because these
    comments reads like a load of miserable people spewing a toxic mixture of arrogance
    and ignorance.

  147. Well in California they are laying off Police and letting out thousands of Felons due to overcrowding in the Prisons. Now crime rates are skyrocketing and repeat offenders are finding their way back to Overcrowded prisons. Maybe all citizens should just arm themselves here too and prepare for the worst.

    1. Wow, ol’ CA Senator Feinstein clawed the podium right after the NRA speech, accompanied by her ol’ pal CT’s Blumenthal. Both anti-NRA, both anti-2ndAmendment, both anti-nationwide security of all schools. I am absolutely stunned at what I am realizing. I watched those two frozen faces and thought as they damned guns, that these are Jews. These are blood of those burned in furnaces and killed all over Europe because no one would help them except the good ol’ Americans jumped in and brought others with them to save their butts. Those two know that if their blood had guns that they might have had a chance to survive. WHY would these INGRATES do this to Americans? They gotta go. Plain and simple, kick them out of office. Certainly filthy Blumenthal is quite a representative of Connecticut. Makes one wonder about Connecticut that supports and pays that piece of filth to speak for them.

  148. What seems semi logical for any given situation can very quickly turn against you and what was once a good thing can become irretrievably wrong. . . . It would be far better for the populace to arm THEMSELVES, and a comprehensive “Castle Law” be instated immediately ! . . . . These quickly thought out answers usually do not have a comprehensive approach to the problem, and infact create more bad situations than they fix. . . . Why not just take all the guns away from just the bad guys ? . . They can’t do that, so they want to take them away from the good and honest people. . . And, sadly, a lot of people think THAT is the answer. . . THAT would be “everyone’s worst nightmare ! . . . I think the Mayor and the Chief O Police both suffer from “Napoleon Syndrome”, and see an opportunity to act out their dreams of power in the real world. . . . A good, comprehensive Castle Law Doctrine and a good armed citizen Concealed Carry plan would help to eliminate the problems Paragould Arkansas is experiencing. . . . WE DO NOT NEED MARTIAL LAW IN ANY AMERICAN TOWN ! . . . . What we do need is responsible armed citizens !

  149. Most attempts at crime prevention are crimes themselves — but the tolerance or acceptance of criminality is the biggest crime of all.
    Death to tyrants, death to those who terrorize, is never a crime.

  150. All these comments sound like an
    Ugly American circle jerk….what a waste of time. I guess you all need a
    villain in your life ….someone you all can blame for your personal failures.
    No god (you say you follow), would ever have all this hate in his heart. You all need to look inward and ask why you
    hate a standing US President who won two American Elections fair and
    square. What a shame this site is. I guess misery loves company, because these
    comments reads like a load of miserable people spewing a toxic mixture of
    arrogance and ignorance.

  151. I cant wait till my generation takes over. all you guys crack me up, have you people ever thought that a REAL person has views on BOTH sides of the political spectrum. I mean crap is it really that hard of a concept to grasp. All these people that are for obama in my opinion are just as bad as the over the top repubs. The reason i have for that belief is that my whole entire life there has been a mixture of both parties in office and guess what nothing has changed. What really gets me is all these people who continue to vote for dems and repubs get mad when nothing changes. Well the big surprise is STOP voting for them and maybe our country can make a u-turn.


  153. TSA was to get us used to being searched and violated in different ways . Check points another , getting us used to the same things . Now with this just another in a line of freedoms lost .
    This goes back to local politics which is the only way to get our country back . The County Sheriff could put a stop to this .

    As long as you fight DC and not care about local it will only get worse . When are you people going to wake the hell up and know that you cannot win a fight in DC ? Shouldn’t it be evident by now ? While we sit around and talk DC they will keep at their program of putting us into total servitude and as I see it they are succeeding handily and you are falling into that same trap .

    Ocrap was going to win and you should have known that also but all I heard was Romney was going to win and wait for the elections and then we will change things around . Yeah hows that working for ya ? ?
    People are the power but not unless you show it and exert that which is your right .

  154. Can You Say Foolish. They think that there’s been blood before today really know the hornets nest that they’re going to stir up? They try this in the streets are definitely going to change color. Granted they do this And Dirty Diaper Head Obama will then declare martial law because of the outbreak of violence in this jerk water town.

  155. That’s a little bit too much! I don’t know what these folks are thinking but that is playing with fire. An increase in the presence of police and them doing what is required of police officers will get the job done. Where did the Chief learn his police techniques? Maybe in Russia or China?

  156. The County Attorney needs to step in and have the Police Chief and any other individual that is implementing this for violating the law and the US Constitution. If not the County Attorney should be immediately removed from office. Then again, this also shows how people are sheep in this Country, because most of the town people are agreeing and want this.

  157. Tyranny in the making. Socialism around the corner. Another Obama executive order. Big brother is here. Thanks to all you Obama voters. You have no idea what you have done. America as we knew it, will be gone shortly, along with all our freedoms.

  158. Your papers -please!

    wake the f*** up Arkansas. You’re being used as an example of what they’re going to do around the country if you all don’t stand up and say: ‘absolutely not’

  159. Well DON’T act surprized people, this is nothing but the beginning of what is about to come to America’s front door and kick it in on us, be ready to defend yourself and your family. The Socialist in Chief isn’t going to stop till we ALL are living under martrial law, with our weapons taken we will have NO way to stop them from crushing us under the government’s boot! People DON’T allow them to just walk in kick your teeth in and take your only lifeline to freedom, their coming for them before long, and as true Americans we have the right to bare arms to ensure we maintain our rights and freedoms, as Americans it’s our duty to remove this government and replace it with a Constitutional rule of law government. If it comes to it we have got to take everyone of these Communist spys out and dispatch them to hell in order to return our nation to Constitutional law. We can’t wait for them to take our weapons to realize just how REAL this is getting, we need to stand ready at a monents notice and be ready to fight for our freedoms like our fathers before us lest we become slaves to an out of control tyrannical government, and thats just unacceptable to me! Remember this, the bee is small but in numbers their mighty! People theres millions of us armed to the teeth just ready to set our nation back on the right path to ensure American’s rights and freedoms! STAND READY AMERICA IT’S COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!

  160. Clearly, the permanent, parasitic political class is dominated by unbeheaded criminals. Their only “legitimate” characteristic is their skill at crafting and deploying pretense. Their only real motive is revealed by the very real possibility that they start each day by asking themselves, “What can I do today to sustain and grow my power?” Real politicians and bureaucrats are servant leaders who know that government at its heavenly best is no more than a necessary evil. These leaders ask, “What can I do today, to make my job less costly, less needed or even obsolete?”

  161. I’m a former cop and do believe that if I were a citizen in Paragould, AR that they would find me out “walking my dog” just when this ordinance hits the streets.

    The lack of effective law enforcement – which involves more than simply supplying officers on the streets (e.g., enhancing community involvement, effective follow through on arrests, appropriate sentencing, etc..) – does not require restricting the lawful liberties of a population.

    I’d rent a dog if I had to. This kind of jingoism does not fly.

  162. What does Pastor Arnold Murrey have to say about this???The Shepherds Chapel will put a stop to this!!!Don’t you worry one bit!!! Pastor Murrey is one of GODS ELECT!!!Nothing would make Father Madder!!!Prepare to see the STRENGTH OF GODS RIGHT HAND!!!We must pray for Arkansa.That GOD put his sheild of protection around His chosen people.Lead,Guide and Direct ALL the homes and families during these times of trials and tribulations!!!Count it all joy!For when you are weak,Thats when GOD id His STRONGEST in your life!!!Just remember Fathers on the THRONE:-) I will be praying for ya’ll!!!GODBLRSS AND PROTECT EACH AND EVERYONE OF HIS CHILDREN!!!

  163. Thats how the Brown shirts in Germany started.Police said it will not violate your rights!!!Then why would you HAVE to tell them WHY you are out walking.People in better start some counter measures and NOW.Get the city council and the city lawyer at town meeting and NOW!!!!!!!!

  164. When Paragould winds up being wholely-owned by the first litigant to take this to a Federal court, the idiotic mayor and his idiotic chief should be made to stand on the City Hall steps in front of a blackboard and each write “We planned this without consulting the city attorney. DERP” 100 times. What a couple of morons.

  165. This is exactly as I envisioned it would begin as Obama allows his ‘Jackboot Thugs’ to start with the “indoctrination in implementation” of Socialist Authority. Even the most casual of observers with a modicum of historical knowledge about the major events of the twentieth century will be accutely aware of how eerily similar these past few years of the Obama Administration have mimicked that of Pre-WWII Germany and the Nazi Party ‘Rise to Power’.
    Censorship and Gun Control will ultimately lead to Tyranny and Genocide.

  166. The MPD does the same thing in Washington, DC from time to time, targeting high crime neighborhoods and locking them down, checking i.d. of everyone who goes in or out, not allowing non-residents to get in. They just don’t call it martial law.

  167. About 10 years ago I sat on a street corner with a friend in Tbilisi, Georgia (former USSR). We were drinking huge 32 or 40 oz. beers. Cops drove by and waved. Funny how there was more freedom there than this Arkansas town. Actually, scary is more the word.

  168. So….Nazi Germany has arrived in Arkansas!! I wonder how long it will be before the rest of the country follows suit!!! THIS NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO COURT!!! Where’s the ACLU at a time like this, unless they wholly support it.
    WHAT A GAFF!!!

  169. first, you have to identify a problem, theft crime, then identify why the problem occurs, lack of money or poverty, then identify that problem why it occurs, less jobs, then identify why that happens, ….the biggest reason is because the federal reserve has lowered the value of the dollar and NAFTA has made it possible for manufacturers to make things cheaper over seas and get them back to the U.S.

    so the solution would be to repeal the federal reserve act of 1913 and repeal NAFTA and start taxing the imports higher again

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