Lies the Government is Telling about the California Drought

The 1974 film Chinatown, starring Jack Nicholson and Fay Dunaway, “was inspired by the California Water Wars, a series of disputes over southern California water at the beginning of the 20th century, by which Los Angeles interests secured water rights in the Owens Valley. . . . The water rights were acquired through political fighting and, as described […]

Turn In Your ‘Assault Weapon’ for a 75% Return on Your Money

Liberals are so creative. The latest scheme to get so-called assault weapons off the street is to offer a tax credit. Dr. Susan Berry on Breitbart writes: “Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced a bill on Monday that, if passed, would give a $2,000 tax credit, over a two-year period, for owners of ‘assault weapons’ who turn […]

Tyrants Using Children as Props and Propaganda

President Obama surrounded himself with children as he issued a series of Executive Actions to stop gun violence, none of which will actually stop anybody hell-bent on murdering. If you can’t make your case without props, then you don’t have a case to make. Politicians are mostly about theater. The goal is to bypass the […]

The Most Pro-Gun Low-Crime City in the United States

The anti-Second Amendment crowd is on the warpath again. PBS’ Bill Moyers, who served as White House Press Secretary in the Lyndon Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967, called the NRA “the enabler of death.” 65 million other gun owners in the United States didn’t kill anybody yesterday. I live just a few miles from […]

Let’s Stop Presidents from Using Bible to Take Inauguration Oath

We need to stop presidents from taking their constitutional oath with their hand on the Bible, swearing before God that they will uphold the Constitution all the while knowing they won’t. Their campaigns and policies tell us that they will not follow the Constitution to the letter. The Constitution is a prop. It’s no different […]

Law Professor Says 2nd Amendment not ‘Absolute’

On January 9, 2013 the Huffington Post ran a column by Geoffrey R. Stone on the Second Amendment. Stone is currently the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School. In 2008, I wrote an extended paper (Historical Revisionism) on Professor Stone’s misunderstanding of the First Amendment as […]

‘Saving Lives’ is the New Liberal Phrase for ‘Tyranny’

There you have it. Vice President Joe Biden says the government has the right to restrict gun ownership because it’s in the best interest of people. It will mean “saving lives.” He compares further gun restrictions to seat belt legislation. CNS News reports: “Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday compared restrictions on guns to auto […]

The NRA Got Harry Reid Re-Elected

There was a good chance of getting rid of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in 2010 until Wayne LaPierre of the NRA descended on Nevada and endorsed the liberal stalwart. Reid used a lot of tax-payer money to build a state-of-the-art gun range in Nevada, the Clark County Shooting Park. Why did he do it? To […]

Chicago Teacher Union President: ‘Off With Their Heads’

Karen Lewis is the president of the Chicago Teachers Union. Chicago is the murder capital of the United States with more than 500 murders in 2012. So what’s the relationship? This “professional” educator said the following: “Do not think for a minute that the wealthy are ever going to allow you to legislate their riches […]

NY Congressman Wants Hugo Chavez as President

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have declared themselves to be “Presidents for Life.” Venezuela’s constitution once had term limits on the presidency. Because of a 2009 referendum, Chavez can run indefinitely. Now it seems that Rep. José E. Serrano (D-NY) wants President Obama as President for Life. Rep. Serrano, New York Democrat, wants President Obama to […]

Will Trillion-Dollar Coins Fix the Debt Crisis?

The Congressional spenders and the President are thieves. They pass laws to take our money in the form of a progressive income tax and redistribute it to people who don’t lift a finger to earn it. They print money to dilute the value of our investment accounts. They implement debt-ridden programs in order to buy […]

Breaking News: Map of Addresses of Criminals Who Own Guns

“The Journal News, which serves New York City’s northern suburbs, sparked an outcry last month when it published clickable online maps with the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester counties.” Gun owners are outraged that their personal information has been made public. Liberals are such hypocrites. During the Bush Administration […]