Obama’s Boring and Sad State of the Union Address

  On Tuesday evening President Obama delivered his FINAL (Yay!) State of the Union address as President. It was a day for Americans across the nation to breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that our long national nightmare is almost over. Liberals hoped for a stirring Obama tirade – something that would excoriate […]

Ted Cruz Mocks Obama’s State of the Union, Says the President is in a “State of Denial”!

In the aftermath of what some pundits are calling “the worst speech of the Obama era” (which is saying a lot, because Obama has delivered some terrible speeches), presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News and viciously mocked Obama’s last State of the Union speech. It was vintage Cruz. This was not so much […]

Danish Prime Minister Slams Democrats, says ‘Denmark is NOT Socialist’!

  I have to admit that when I read Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen’s recent comments at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, I LOL’d. In fact, it was less of a laugh and more of an ecstatic chortle. The Democrat-Socialist alliance in the United States loves arguing that the folks living under socialism just […]

Donald Trump on Politicians: “When I call, they Kiss My A**”!

Donald Trump recently continued his assault on the corrupt American political process, and once again had some of us scratching our heads as to the inconsistency of his commentary. You know, it’s interesting. I was looking at the ones I’m running against. I’ve contributed to most of them — can you believe it? I’ve contributed […]

Hillary Clinton’s Blatant Hypocrisy Uncovered in Emails

  The latest Clinton email dump by the Obama State Department may well prove to be the last nail in Hillary Clinton’s political coffin. Why? It holds several interesting tidbits (the most damning of which shows Clinton commanding her underlings to strip “classified” identifiers from the data and then to send it on to her […]

Marco Rubio Hammers Obama on North Korea, Reminds Americans that the Clintons Wanted to Travel There

  Are you wondering why Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has spent so much of his time campaigning talking about national security? Well, wonder no more. While speaking to a crowd of supporters in Marshalltown, Iowa Rubio excoriated the Obama administration for showing such feckless disregard for our safety over the last seven years. He hammered […]

A Couple of Great Responses to President Obama’s Terrible Gun Speech

There were several great responses from the GOP in the aftermath of President Obama’s horrible gun grab speech, and we’ve collected a handful of them for your enjoyment. We’ve got a couple of presidential candidates, several conservative firebrands, and a few GOP establishment mouthpieces. It’s nice to see a unified response! Now let’s see if […]

Of Course We should Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism

  The brilliant Dennis Prager has written an excellent defense of conservatives who demand that “moderate Muslims” take a harder stand against Islamic terrorism. In recent days, liberals have joined with Muslim apologists to decry the idea that Muslims should be asked to stand with us against terrorism and Prager answers these critics well. For […]

Ted Cruz’s Dad says it’s Not “Pro-Choice” it’s “Pro-Murder”!

When it comes to the Cruz family, it’s ‘like father, like son,’ and this is why we love the Cruz’s so much. In a recent speech (or better, a sermon) to fellow evangelicals, the Reverend Rafael Cruz argued that conservatives and Christians must stop giving in to the liberal, politically correct culture of our day. […]

The Reverend Franklin Graham Explains Why He Quit the GOP

  The Reverend Franklin Graham has heard a lot of folks chattering about his recent decision to ditch the GOP in the wake of their decision to pass the disastrous Omnibus spending bill. He decided that he needed to clear the air and explained to Greta Van Susteren on Fox News that the Omnibus Bill […]

Jeb Bush Finally says Something we Agree with: the Rise of Donald Trump is Barack Obama’s Fault

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently sat down with President Obama’s favorite little “journalist,” Steve Inskeep of NPR. The two met in Boston, where Bush was in the midst of campaigning, and of course the topic of conversation centered around… Donald Trump. Inskeep and Trump trotted out all of the anti-Trump tropes they could muster, […]