Baltimore MTA Demands Man “Show Your Papers”

We live in a world of uncertainty. Those we are supposed to trust with protecting us are beginning to no longer provide that protection. There is much audio and video evidence being posted everyday on the internet, typically on YouTube, of this abuse of power. Citizens must be allowed to record all actions of officers of the law to allow for accountability.

The following video of an individual filming at a train station is just one of those most recent evidences of this fact. These officers of Baltimore MTA don’t know the law, or they do and don’t care. Video begins below story.

While I personally would have just showed my ID, it is my understanding that if the police are not detaining you and have no reasonable suspicion of criminal activity you are not required by law to show them your ID. Police can’t demand “show me your papers”.

This is why it is so vital that citizens are allowed to record everything for accountability. This follow-up story shows how wrong the MTA officers were.

There is no more story.
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