Barack Obama Fires First Shot in Executive War On Nature

Barack Obama’s war on nature by Executive Order is war on people. The war on nature is a war on those who have less. The war on nature is a war on the poor.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural gas that plants use to grow and thrive—in which case they produce more oxygen as a byproduct. Obama has found a Nixon-era law to try to treat this natural compound that is necessary for all life on this planet, and to which humans contribute less than five percent, as a toxin. As Bloomberg reports:

“President Barack Obama is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they should consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects, from pipelines to highways. The result could be significant delays for natural gas- export facilities, ports for coal sales to Asia, and even new forest roads, industry lobbyists warn. ‘It’s got us very freaked out,’ said Ross Eisenberg, vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers, a Washington-based group that represents 11,000 companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) and Southern Co. (SO) The standards, which constitute guidance for agencies and not new regulations, are set to be issued in the coming weeks, according to lawyers briefed by administration officials. In taking the step, Obama would be fulfilling a vow to act alone in the face of a Republican-run House of Representatives unwilling to pass measures limiting greenhouse gases. He’d expand the scope of a Nixon-era law that was first intended to force agencies to assess the effect of projects on air, water and soil pollution.”

First of all, carbon dioxide is not a significant “greenhouse gas.” Water vapor is the world’s greenhouse gas. That’s why deserts get extremely cold after sunset even though they were burning hot when the sun was up. But in a rainforest, where the air is moist, the temperature barely moves downward. Water vapor traps the heat. In fact, all the global warming models actually depend on carbon dioxide jump-starting a change in global humity that would be responsible for the majority of the warming they fear. But this increase in atmospheric water vapor, despite what the climate models were made to predict, doesn’t show up.

Secondly, the reason Nixon had to make the executive order was because the government is notoriously difficult to sue for damages, or to get a court to order a halt to the damage of other people’s property. If people were not prevented from suing for damages to their property, then potential polluters would make sure they were not doing anything that would get them sued.

Third, since this executive order will be a war on nature, it is a war on people. Ask yourself if you think the government has a right to demand an environmental impact study from you before you exhale. If you are exhaling pollution, then such an anti-human requirement makes perfect sense. But obviously that is a ridiculous position. Carbon dioxide is a natural compound that plants need in order to produce oxygen for us.

This executive order is as much a giant robbery of Americans as any tax increase. It will slow down attempts to provide cheaper energy and other developments. Worse, it shows the American government is dedicated to pursuing this hysteria in order to justify oppressive policies. That means we are still pushing for global restrictions that will cause much more severe economic disasters. Taking away the internal combustion engine from the developing nations is essentially a war on the world’s poor.

57 thoughts on “Barack Obama Fires First Shot in Executive War On Nature

    1. Should have put a stop to that back in 2006! Odumass and the entire ilk in DC need to pay from their own pockets 10x what any one else might be expected to pay. They’re the ones expelling most of the hot air!

  1. As he and HIS jet all over on our DIME in the MOST EXPENSIVE FORM OF TRAVEL in this nation. So what does he care people won’t be able to afford or even access gas to get to work? Really….him?

  2. What a effin’ hypocrite! When will we rid ourselves of these self-aggrandizing politicians who play political chicken games with our lives, instead of doing what should be done, that is funding a massive “Manhattan” style program to give us a Hydrogen Nuclear Fusion powered “clean” energy future. Against all common sense and logic, he blocks the Keystone pipeline which would “bind us over”, causing Canada to sell their oil to China, and guarantees billions to Brazil so THEY can drill off their coast! This is the epitome of stupidity.

  3. This is the kind of approach you take when your end goal is the destruction of a nations economy. The oil and gas industry has increased tha amount of oil and natural gas obtained right here from our own natural resourses inspite of the efforts og Mr. Obama and his far leftist administration. One can only hope they can keep going and that the majority of Americans wake up and see what is going on.

  4. In this of course I demand immediately that the White House, this being Obama his family and all others that have come in with him to immediately stop breathing in order to save the natural order of things that he himself has declared. For once he will be first leading the way.

  5. Money and Obama are at it again. This man and administration are fueled and ruled by the special interest groups that can gather him money and/or votes, period. Mother Nature is our environment and has taken care of us pretty good (even survived the big Ozone scare years back and distributes ash and pollutants from volcanoes very good). We live on a violent planet, but not as violent as some, but with this comes violent weather that puts, or sometimes we put ourselves, in harms way. We have lived with it for a long time, but now we must pay to control and stop it—I think not. Think. If we cut back on questionable foreign aid, would there not be money to support mother natures outbursts in just this country? Just a simple thought, but I must be uninformed on the continued value of foreign aid when most receiving countries hate us and some would outright use our money to destroy us and our allies!? Must have oxygen and carbon dioxide to exist, and, any attempt to alter and control could be disastrous, unless you are the accountant (our government and UN) raking in the money from such ill advised control. Most environmental causes only create money for those devising methods to control the same and us, and, has very little to do with cleaning anything up (China tells Obama clean her up as long as the United States pays the major tab (that would be you and me and industry). Get serious. When is this administration going to address the job market and jobs? How many years and counting negative is he and his press going to give him credit for nothing positive! Look out. Next it is his failed electric Chev Volt car that is not selling, but he is determined to make you and I buy them, no matter how expensive and inefficient because the King says we must stop using cars and trucks to save oil (for what?). Just like everything with this administration, it is hurry and hurry again. Policies so bad that must hurry and hide them? If we would just take more time with a good, sound developed plan, everyone would be behind this business and business experienced administration—not the case because can’t even get the Volt car right nor the failed solar energy companies. What will fail next at our expense, at our fail—breathing air!

  6. Which officially establishes a United States Federal Religion which is specifically forbidden by the First Amendment of the Constitution. The only place there is Global Warming is the faith/minds of the believers….and the “belief in things unseen” is the core foundation of any religion.

    1. You are on the mark, Tex. Read Agenda 21. It’s all about earth worship…they call it Gaia. It is a pagan religion that, for some reason, this group of Progressives has seized on through the United Nations.

    2. With night vision goggles you can see CO2. You can see it absorbing IR. The only reason you don’t see the CO2 is that you don’t want to see it. When dry ice evaporates, do you imagine that the stuff from which it was made ceases to exist?

      CO2 gas is used to fight fires. It’s entirely real. And global warming is also real. The photos from space of the arctic sea ice from the 1980s show one ice cap, and from last summer, another much smaller cap. Ditto with alpine glaciers. They’re shrinking.

  7. I do not think that paying taxes to breathe is an option, unless you are a president bringing in 72,000 extra a month over your salary. You breathe a lot Mr. P. You make more in a month than I can make in a year. Hit the company I work for with a bunch of stupid taxes and I will be in your welfare line! No Thanks!!!

  8. If the government is really worried about the earth, they would be on the phone to China, India, Middle East and all the countries that have toxic air. If they are really worried about the earth, more money should be spent on research to stop the next space rock hit. We all know it is a matter of time.

  9. Obama ignores the Constitution …. everyone should ignore Obama and every single “agency” that “makes rules”. Rules ARE NOT LAW – only Congress can make LAW.
    Resist – Refuse – Reload – Repeat.

    1. Well, can we make that SOON ?Bet his communist mother had to put a bucket over his head every morning so the sun can come up.

  10. Obama just doesn’t like mothers; kill babies, hence no mothers, encourage gays, hence no mothers; another executive order to stop this time mother nature. He has a bad attitude toward mothers.

  11. The truth of the matter is that both CO2 AND H2O (vapor) are greenhouse gases. Any systematic and sustained increase in either gas will promote rising temperatures. But CO2 is the driver, because it’s the one we rather directly control through our burning of fossil fuels.

    Whether any particular gas is necessary and welcome, or harmful, depends on its concentration. Human life requires oxygen, but an atmosphere of 100% oxygen would kill us. (Not to mention the inevitability of firestorms). Simply to observe that plants must have at least a little CO2 is not sufficient to prove that more will be better and a lot more will be much better.

    Warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air. This raises the possibility that the warming due to extra CO2 will kick off further warming as the already warmer air picks up more water vapor, warming things still further. The climate models have turned out to be a pretty good fit for reality. Witness the retreat of alpine glaciers and of the arctic sea ice.

    1. CO2 is not even 1% of air at about 375 ppm, if you have a 10,000 seat arena, you’d only have 3 1/2 seats with CO2 in them. Get real.

      1. CO2 is now at about 395 ppm. But that’s not really the point. There’s 15 pounds of air, or about 6800 grams, above every square inch of sea-level earth. A lot of light gets through those 6800 grams. Now put in a 2.7 gram layer of, oh, say, aluminum. Or CO2. A 2 gram coating of aluminum on a sunglass lens will block virtually all incoming visible light. What makes you so confident that the scientists are all wrong when they say that the 2.7 grams of CO2 that are actually there intercept a considerable fraction of outgoing infrared? The 2.7 grams out of 6800 is how many you get at today’s CO2 concentrations. And it’s the entire reason why the desert doesn’t get as cold as the moon come nightfall.

        1. Then why don’t you rail against the chemtrails and all the poison they’re spraying into our atmosphere in order to try and control the environment and thereby poisoning our air and water. Sounds like a scientist wannabe to me.

  12. Didn’t the EPA designate carbon dioxide a “greenhouse gas” a few years ago? So stupid — more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere = larger, healther plants, which take in the carbon dioxide and manufacture more oxygen…Are these people stupid, crazy, or just diabolically against life on our planet?!!!!

  13. I hope the House will see this as a direct attack on the American
    Economy he has already killed this should be an Impeachable Offence

  14. Obama why dont you just leave or resign or how much would it take to ship you back to Indonesia . We aare just sick and tired of your lies , the blame game , everything about the fraud that you have been the leader of for the past 4 years. I am just tired of your crap , just tired of your crap . Just Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. If anyone needed proof that the Latte in Chief is either working to subvert and weaken the United States or is an incompetent lunatic this should be it.
    Is he going to somehow mandate that a ~volcano~ be required to file an environmental impact report before erupting? We are primed and cocked for a major event along the east side of the ring of fire, either a major earthquake triggering a significant volcanic event or one of the volcanoes just letting go.
    In addition, Yellowstone is on borrowed time as the hot spot that powers all the geysers is overdue for another eruptive event.
    Any of these would release more CO2 than the entire output of the industrial and transportation activities of the entire United States.

  16. He came to America with no skills, no experience, no papers, no money, no job, no Documentation! He was here for twenty years before the public had ever HEARD of him! His only contacts were Foreign and Domestic Anti-American Factions that had blown up buildings in America, caused chaos in communities, was friends with radical, Party members and Marxists like he had been around all his life! These people took advantage of Americas emenities, yet denigrated her principles! He was sheltered from average Americans during this period lest he be influenced by normal, decent, compassionate, and pro-Americans with a love for God, Family and Country! We have made him wealthy, powerful, and famous! Yet he STILL sees us the same way he did when he first
    set foot on American soil! “Get what you can WHILE you can and then “sell” the rest to your old friends and comrades”! After five years he STILL doesn’t know what he is doing, but the ones who CREATED him DO! And it does NOT bode well for our beloved Country!

  17. Obama is a MORON or maybe even a Mo-Tard!!! He has no idea what constitutes an enviromental threat to this country other than what his huge contributors tell him. The only threat to the health and welfare of this country is HIM.He is a hater of this country and all it stands for. His father Frank Davis was a hater of it too so he has been taught well.

  18. They may try to tax the air we breath , what God gave to us freely, and then they will see God’s anger come down on the WH. God is they one that needs to judge who lives or die and when the WH wants to kill seniors, unborn babies and disabled and handicaps then God will strike Obama with a cancer, and strike the congress with a cancer.

  19. BO is on the same page with UN AGENDA 21. Is your City/town a member of ICLEI ? ..
    that is the far reaching arm of Agenda 21 infiltrating our US cities for compliance under the
    guise of the ‘GREEN’ movement/eco terrorists. The agenda is the iron fist in a velvet glove

  20. One again The Great King has spoken, and proved he has no common sense at all. He is so out of control he doesn’t know what he is anymore. So I will remind him– A JOKE !!

  21. This maniac is on a mission to destroy us…..when are we going to put a stop to this insanity ? I wonder if the President is bipolar or schizophrenic ? Maybe he wants us to stop breathing ?

  22. Well, big deal. His executive Orders are all ‘Illegal’ anyway, so anyone who follows one is not too bright !!

  23. I can only hope Congress acts on the White house, and get answers on Bengazi, and fast and furious, forcing his hand with impeachment.

  24. With the amount of CO2 coming out of his pie hole, Obama must be of great benefit to all the plants around the White House.

  25. Follow the money. Just who has all the Carbon Exchanges? Why all of Obama’s communist, Soros tapped buddies. All the vultures just waiting for the next manufactured crisis to begin. Out with God and in with the Goons.

  26. Forcing homosexual “marriage” on us is against Nature also–and dysfunctional and disease-causing— and warps the minds of our children and corrupts their innocence. They are normalizing an absurd idea that wouldn’t even occur to children naturally. It would only occur to them if they were sexually molested which would warp their whole formation—-and by telling little children about using their bodies in such vile, unnatural ways molests their minds and innocence.

    Sex Ed was created by Cultural Marxists to destroy Christian Ethics and insert Atheism. Sexualizing children—as even Rousseau and Freud knew–would corrupt them and disrupt normal sexual identity formation and make them promiscuous and look at others in abnormal way—including parents.They have to go through a “latency period” to not think of sex as just a commodity (not special) which is not an intimate activity. It becomes a group activity with strangers.

    But that is what Marxists want—dysfunctional, sex-obsesses kids who are easy to addict to drugs and all vices and not interested in academic excellence. Sex Ed is the easiest method to corrupt children–just google Lukacs and Hungary and the Swiss Sex Box for four year olds. Sick, evil people.

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