Basketball Thug Charles Barkley Threatens to Beat Mitt Romney Like a Drum

“Mitt Romney, listen man. We’re gonna beat you like a drum in November,” former NBA player Charles Barkley said during the TNT broadcast of Sunday night’s Celtics game. “Don’t take it personally. I like you. You seem like a nice guy. But you’re going down, bro.”

Liberals have accused the Tea Party of being racists. In addition, there was an incident where Tea Party members were accused of spitting on some Democrat officials as they walked by them. There is no evidence of either claim. There is no comparison between the behavior of the Tea Party and the Occupiers, a group supported by a number of noted Democrats.

In October of 2011, Rep. Nancy Pelosi told reporters, “God bless them for their spontaneity. It’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused and it’s going to be effective.” She went on to say that the Occupy Wall Street protests “strengthened our democracy.”

We have evidence of supporters of President of Obama using verbal thuggery in an attempt to intimidate conservatives. Union thug Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. had this to say at a campaign rally for President Obama:

“Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

The SOB’s were conservatives who were speaking out against the free-spending ways of our elected officials — Democrats and Republicans.

Hoffa’s comments were made prior to the introduction of the President who was to speak at the rally. What was the president’s response to Hoffa’s comments? Did he disavow his violent rhetoric? He did not. Did he distance himself from the union boss’s comments later in the day? He did not.

Here’s what President Obama said: “We are proud of . . . Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa,” who along with Michigan liberal Congressmen, Senators, and union officials “who are working every single day with your state and local elected officials to create jobs and economic growth and prosperity here in Michigan and across the country.”

Violent rhetoric is an integral part of the new Democrat Party. Charles Barkley exhibits all the racial and sports’ stereotypes that decent Americans– black and white — are trying to get away from. There is racism and bigotry in America and Barkley is helping to keep these baser cultural elements alive for political gain. Without the ability to claim ‘victimhood,’ the race baiters would have to take a hard look at their own community. It’s easier to blame than change.

Barkley sounds like the stereotypical black thug that many blacks claim do not exist in any disproportionate way.

I apply the Republican test to comments like Barkley’s. How would the liberal media respond if a noted high-profile conservative had used similar language about President Obama?

This isn’t the first time Barkley has spewed verbal sewage. “The retired star’s mouth got him in trouble in March when he told Jim Rome that ‘20%’ of NBA fans were so vile and mean-spirited that they deserved to be shot.”

343 thoughts on “Basketball Thug Charles Barkley Threatens to Beat Mitt Romney Like a Drum

  1. Get ready for the racial violence that seems to be headed our way for Nov. Of course how are the racist blacks going to discern the average white citizen from his OWS thugs?? The smell of course.

    1. Its a shame really.
      Barkley was set to run for governor of AL a few years back, as a republicanT, before his DUI arrest.
      Barkley is kinda a loudmouthed guy. I dont dig his schtick.
      He is black, so he’s bad and evil and scary.

    2. jong–your rhetoric will in no way bring about racial revolution. You are no better than a piece of and about as bad as Charles—Charles Manson, that is.

  2. Wow. I’m impressed by your ability to interpret Barkley’s words as being violet. Way to spin! I mean, there’s no way he actually meant that Obama would beat Romney at the polls. It must have been a non-veiled physical threat. Genius!

    1. Dude, people here dont care about reading articles. They read the lede and figure a way to blame President Obama.

      1. I have actually been entertained by Charles’ comments for years. (except his absurd Trayvon stance).
        I think this remark was in no way threatening nor violent.
        That said…if you are violet, do you qualify as a “colored person?”

  3. Nice mug shot Chuck. Keep flappin’ your gums. Every time you open your foul, school yard mouth, your credibility plummets even further. Moron.

      1. yep, ovomit cannot pick and choose all the rich, he can try, they will all have to go down sooner or later……………then whatcha gonna do…………..commies???

        1. For the life of me I cannot understand why all these celebrities and stars support this man. Do they not understand the concept of redistribution? That means them, too. Obama is not going to care who they are. He cares about himself. I swear he would sell his own children if he thought it would save him. I know he would sell Michelle.

        2. Brad and Garfinkel would buy Moochelle. They could take turns putting lipstick on her.

        3. Involved –
          The good part is that I am seeing & hearing die-hard Democracts, yes, even Hollywood people & politicians, renouncing BO. Ted Turner (now we’re talking staunch Dem) even said Romney would make a good President.

          Maybe America has “seen the light”.

        4. Romney probably wont be worth a d*mn as President except maybe to the super rich, because they are all he knows exists, but a dead skunk in the white house for four years would be better than Obama! At least maybe he wont bow down to Muslim Kings and other so called Muslim leaders and maybe he will help Sheriff’s and states enforce the laws that are on the books and maybe that Secret Back Room in his church wont be as scary as Obama’s Muslim Secrets! All Cults scare me!

        5. Ronald Johnson –
          I’m with you! And anyone that doesn’t think Muslim is a cult needs their head examined. Religions don’t encourage their followers to murder people just because they believe in a different religion. That’s why Muslim is a cult, not a religion.
          The only difference I can see between the Nazis and the Muslims is that the Nazis didn’t kill their wives & daughters under the cloak of “Honor Killings”. What a bunch of uncivilized, barbaric thugs.
          I hope that when we vote Ovomit out of office we can have a Federal investigation into the Muslim cult. That will never happen while he’s in office. Hope Mitt grows a big pair of them & takes on this issue that’s been haunting America since 9/11.

        6. the elites get the two religions fighting and killing each other, and they grab the booty. The true muslims are not fighting… its just the ones USING religion , deceived. Just like the deceived Christians who think God wants them to go to war. Love your enemies,

        7. it s not the muslims you need to worry about. it s those who hold the bag.. the money. they pull obama s string

        8. Who wouldn’t sell Michelle? Truth be known in the end you probably couldn’t sell her and would be hard pressed to give her away!

        9. Obama is a puppet for his masters behind the scenes. They write his speeches and counsel him. We have to get at the core and there is only one person I know of that wants to extricate the Fed and the irs… all the rest are just a different flavor of paid front men willing to be bought to have the title

        10. I am all for Ron Paul! Individual freedom and less government should be appealing and afforded to every citizen of the United States of America. Those who don’t believe in this cannot call themselves a true American and should seek anther country to reside in.

        11. When the demon-craps “tax the rich”, will they manage to exclude Holliwierd and the NFL/NBA, etc.?
          For those who don’t watch the Business News on cable(not Fox), Warren Buffet said the Buffet Rule will NOT fix the problems in DC!!!

        12. Got that right, and oh, Buffet’s secretary pays more taxes because Warren doesn’t get a salary, he lives on capital gains,pays 15% just like Romney did. Buffy also owes millions i taxes and the IRS is on his arse now. ROTFL! @ Buffy.

    1. Well, this is probably the last time in our lifetime, that a black man will be President, so the small percentage of the blacks that are racist, are going to defend and support Obama, regardless of how bad Obama has done. The sad part about Obama’s last three years, is that he had the chance to make a great President, without all the dividing America he has done, but no, he has done right the opposite. He surrounds himself with people just like himself, those that are incompetent to run a successful Presidency. Obama will go out as a total failure, not only to the nation as a whole, but as a failure to the black race.

      1. Worst yet for him, he will always be the very worst president we have ever had [ even Carter was great compared to him] and Obama is the very worst President we will ever have again and at least when people in the future vote they will remember what they get and how bad they can hurt America with their vote! in this world, once he is out of office he,Michelle,Hillery,Holder,Reid,Pelosie,Biden,Waters, Frank, Jackson Jr. and,all of Obama’s Czars will be arrested,tried,convicted and spend their remaining years is prison or let them be sent to Iraq!

    2. We are stuck with him. Gotta maintain a balance of whites, blacks . . .and did someone say Asians?
      Nice thing about affirmative action, you can be the school idiot and land a good job because you are an idiot and the supreme court cannot tell the difference.

    1. I live in Alabama, the same state that Big Mouth Barkley is from and I can tell you one thing, he’s just as big a jerk in person. He made a similar “drum” comment at an event in Birmingham, only this comment was directed at our Republican governor. Barkley says he’s going to run for Governor of Alabama! Heaven help us.

    1. I am sure that he’s concerned. Why should anyone care what he says, and why should anyone distort his political metaphor to a physical threat. Looks like the editors are running out of gas. Why no more “birther” nonsense? No more shredding the Constitution, impeachment demands, FEMA concentration camps, or education fraud? Is there something else I missed? Oh, I forgot, communism right around the corner. How could I have missed that one. I read here that Uncle Joe is still alive and was given the Lincoln bedroom and the Reagan bidet. What a scandal!

  4. I’m a Romney supporter. I don’t take this as a threat, except beating in the polls. This is the kind of crap that has to stop. You lose credibility when you say stuff like this.

    1. I doubt it. For all we know, you might even be a supporter of Obama trying to bombard the conservative sites, along with other DU posters.
      Charles Barkley never had credibility. Credible, intelligent people don’t use a sports show to air racist tirades! And credible personalities do not call for the shooting of NBA fans!
      Remember how the Tea Party and Talk Radio were excoriated after Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a doper?! We have a little double standard here.
      Mitt will lose by a few million votes. Mitt is a designated jobber in the political “wrassling” arena. Mitt is designed to LOSE, giving an illusion of a two-party system. The GOP does not want the Oval Office, because they get a good chunk of cash and bennies from spending on the NDAA, ObamaCare, ARRA, TARPs, Green Energy scams, ad nauseum. So they have a WWE style wrestling match, where the end is scripted.

      1. The GOP picked McCain in ’08 & shoved that moderate down our throats. We know how that turned out.
        The only way Mitt can win is to select a strong, intelligent, a$$-kicking true Conservative as VP, and I’m not talking Christie or Rubio.
        I’m talking about NEWT, a guy who will watch Mitt’s back & keep the Liberal news media more truthful, especially during the elections. Anyone who can call a lying Liberal newscaster a liar to his face is A-OK in my book!

      2. Vincent, it’s time for all you mindless cult members to report to the White House for Kool Ade, so drink up!

    2. Exactly. Hyperbole is the realm of those who exaggerate way too much. We should leave it to the left (pointing out their intransigence when it occurs) but keep ourselves above it. If we’re looking for respect from independents this year, we can’t sound like a bunch of dizzy yahoos.

    3. I strongly agree that we as conservatives have to be more mature than this; this statement was pure Barkley….obnoxious, but very tongue in cheek. I think the media is making a mountain out of nothing and looks silly!!!

    4. Does Romney lose credibility going to a church with a secret back room only for Special people and how much credibility does he lose for hiding so much of his money in the Cayman Islands??

    1. No, they do not know what they are getting themselves into……….if it comes to fruition………….they will be the first ones to squeal.

      1. One of the first eliminations is the “Useful Idiots” because the Communists think that they will be traitors to the new order as they were traitors to their country.

      2. When the Communists have full control, they will eliminate the “useful idiots” first because they figure if they are traitors to their country they will turn on the Communists as well once they realize what they have supported.

  5. Compared to the out and out threats by the “lock and load” psychos here, that “political” statement was mild. Sounds like Mitch McConnell and John Bonehead. Every day people here threaten lynching, murder, trials for treason, and more. Even Romney fumbled the ball when one of his supporters recommended trying Obama for treason and he couldn’t tell her off. Sites like these encourage sedition daily.. I have no love for Barley, but it was a political metaphor. But, you people never lose a chance to thrown gasoline on a candle.

    1. Garfunkel, are you really that clueless that you don’t see the real violent rhetoric coming from the Obama supporters on a daily basis? There are no bigger racists and bigots in this world. Go back to bed moron.

  6. Charles, you were once a semi-respected retired NBA player of some note. Your thuggish behavior of the last few years have robbed you of what little respect we had for you. What a shame you have destroyed your meager reputation.

  7. If Larry Bird said the same thing about Obama, he would have been led away in cuffs. We must not ever criticize this President or tell him we are going to beat him like a drum or we will be called racists.

    1. I doubt it! Where is there evidence of anyone led away in cuffs. Look at all the “real” bile and threats posted here and at this site’s clones on a moment by moment basis. We do allow free speech and Obama has endured more mud than almost anyone. I don’t hate or even dislike Romney, but let him be a man. At this stage his inconsistency and flip-flopping only qualify him to be CEO of IHOP.

      1. Hmmmm …… Would you count being called in by the SS as being led away in cuffs? Hear about Ted Nugent?

        1. Ted Nugent’s comments totally sounded like a threat to the President. He was never handcuffed, never charged. They questioned him and accepted his response.

          I guess he convinced them that he was lying when he said he will be dead or in jail if President Obama wins again.

        2. “I’ll be dead or in jail”, that sounds like a threat towards another? Sounds to me like the statement of one who feels threatened by another.


        4. Brad are you a complete Idiot and were you born that way are just grew into it! How is saying he will be dead or in jail a threat? Sounds more like the PRAYER of a NATION! And even though Obama is really against all Prayer except Muslim Prayer [ if you call the wailing and lip banging they do called prayer] we can still pray in America, at least as long as this closet Muslim is voted out soon!

        5. you wouldn’t know a threat if it bit you in the arse. Nuge IS law enforcement you dumba$$. Has worked with US Marshalls. Secret Service, all kinds of ops. Has been for almost 30 years. Do some research before you open your pie hole and make yourself look even more like the dumba$$ you are. Wait, that’s how liberals are anyway.

      2. Hey Garfunkel, where’s Simon? And please, enlighten us as to the qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama to be president. I’d love to hear it….

        1. Why are people so evil. If people could just separate good and evil we would not be going through all this crap with an evil president and cabinet. Wouldn’t it be nice
          if we could all get along and do what is good for the United States instead of trying to destroy it and have people like Charles Barkley threaten our hopefully new President.
          He had better watch out as the devil will get him in the end.

        2. Liberals see only Conservatives as being the evil in their lives. No living-together is possible there.

        3. Beat you like a drum in November – sounds like an election prediction, not a violent threat.

          Good comment Richard I have heard so many calls to use a second amendment solution on President Obama.

        4. Hopefully Mr. Barkley’s presidential predictions are as accurate as his 2011 NBA finals predictions (Heat in 6, oops).

        5. To Garfunkel and Sad Brad…Charles Barkley’s opinion about politics is similar to his basketball talent…OK but not overwhelmingly impressive. We all know most professional athletes (especially basketball players) aren’t very bright. The fact is these thugs are paid for their “talent” on the court not for their brilliance off the court and Barkley just proves this fact.
          Barkley, Garfunkel, and Sad Brad are what we would call 10 watts bulbs in a 100 watt discussion.

        6. To Brad Nova –
          How’s the hospital food? I mean, you are brain-dead & blind, right? Or just a bad reaction to the Liberal Kool-Aid? Ring. Ring. OWS is calling you, better go put your tent up for the night.

        7. He is already associated with him , or they are paying him well,Think about they always get a sports figure to sell products, and in this case Barack and his Merry men hired Barkley to sell Barack.
          SOOOOOOO you know Charlie is getting paid well for this gig.

        8. Umm, I think we “the Republican Conservative’s” are tired of being called racists just because we dont like the current pres, even though he is NOT QUALIFIED TO BE IN THAT POSITION AT ALL. But when we say “ANYTHING” about him we are called racists and it really pi-s-s-e-s us off. Let’s show them all who is in charge and vote the current idiot in chief and his idiot cabinet out of office, out of washington dc and entirely out of the USA!

        9. it s not a democracy any more. our votes won’t count. Those kind of people will never let go of power no matter what.. they will do anything to keep it. Barkley is the racist because all he can see is color of skin, not what is right

        10. Maybe part of the reason you “Republican Conservative’s” are called extremists and racists is because you don’t just say “let’s vote them out of office.” you say things like “let’s get them entirely out of the USA!”

          Disagreeing with the administration in power is a good thing, urging that we purge them from the country isn’t exactly an appropriate response to not liking their policies.

        11. I am not racist…. I love LOVE an African-AMERICAN as president if they are quaified. Obama is neither qualified nor American.

        12. We could draft Powell and Rice to quash all this noise. They are both of Presidential timber and both carry high marks for service already rendered.

        13. We could draft Powell and Rice to quash all this noise. They are both of Presidential timber and both carry high marks for service already rendered.

        14. We could draft Powell and Rice to quash all this noise. They are both of Presidential timber and both carry high marks for service already rendered.

        15. I get that you are politically opposed to the President and his administration, but how does that make them evil?

        16. obama is The Affirmative Action president (read, he was elected because of the color of his skin, not because he had any kind of qualifications).

        17. He has no qualifications to be President, none at all, he never should have been in the senate.He is an uneducated slob ( Harvard my azz) if he went to Harvard they should shut the place down. he belongs back on the streets of Chicago with the rest of the thugs.

        18. You say things like this and yet you guys and the article are incensed that anyone could possibly consider you racist.

          Now where could they have gotten that idea? Surely not comments like this.

      3. Well, I Doubt It too! It’ll be a while before the current Pres catches up with the last one as far as “enduring more mud than anyone else..”. It’s called Factual Critique by the way, not Mud! Bush’s administration seemed to take it better than the current one does anyway and not “cry” all the time about it. Dems are like some Baptist Deacons I used to know, HYPOCRITES!

      4. Stifle garfunkel. True Americans have had to stomach more then our fair share of bull s*it, nonsense, and the ridiculous cry of ” racism” from you inbred moronic obummer zombies then we care to any longer. When you see your proctologist and a neurosurgeon to get your cranium removed from your distal alimentary canal, then come back and post.

        1. This is cute. You’re arguing about how the liberals are keeping you down, you refer to us as hypocrites and morons, even EVIL! Yet you’re the ones who voted down Garfunkels comment as “abuse” because he made a joke about Romney being barely qualified to fun an IHOP.

          Quite a tolerant lot you are.

        2. If you think us an “intolerant” it is because we have had quite enough of you liberal pukes to last three lifetimes. We don’t want to hear anything you may have to say, because it’s the same Godless, liberal, homosexual affirming, child murdering, socialist crud that you guys have been spewing lockstep behind your douchebag Muslim messiah illegally occupying the White House. We want you all to leave this nation, and start your own where nothing maters to you all but wealth redistribution, abortion, gay marriage, and any other sick thing you lost people can come up with in your depraved, Godless little minds. Do it any place other than the U.S.
          Buh bye.

      5. Hey Garfunkel, you’re a little old to be smokin’ that funny weed, aren’t you? Any mud O has endured has been warranted and he should be seeing the inside of crossbar hotel.

      6. Your ovomit-zombitude is duly noted.

        ovomit is disgusting verminous swine.

        “you can put lipstick on a pig”………..

    2. Mr. Larry Bird has class that imbecle charles barkley is all mouth and eat up with the dumb. I hate this arse hole just as bad as obama.

        1. Read that O is the son of Malcolm X. Looked it up and saw side by side photos of the two of them and just like 2 peas in a pod. Explains how he’s been groomed from birth and schooling paid for by those in the know. His mission (if he accepts it) is to carry on Malcolm X’s work.

        2. I would like to think that Barkley was speaking symbolically, that Romney will be beaten like a drum in voting. It also shows he is a racist, because he supports Obama just because of his color

      1. I think Charles Barkley will pay for his stupidity. It always comes back to bite you –
        Just wait and see.

        1. This is an example of Charles Barkley dribbling! Maybe too many basketballs were bounced off his head! Pay him no mind, it’s not worth the bother.

    3. Here is a good case of STUPID.
      If we make remarks like that we are called Racist, When they make a remark we don’t care, WE jusrt set back and consider the source,
      But they have to have an excuse to cause trouble and that is Sharpton first, middle and last name.He loves to create PROBLEMS,Hr is helping the SOCIALIST BY CREATING PROBLEM.
      So again we will just consider the source.
      .He doesn’t age well does he? ,part of that is because the devil is nipping at his heels.

    4. obama is half white. he s a honky. so is that being racist. I’m a honky. I m being racist against myself? I would be happy to see hatred in our words decline completely and respect each other, but you can’t do that when one side will do anything to keep power. It is those POWER freaks that are the cancer. They must be cut out. Where is that power coming from is the question

      1. 128517: your question is very easy to answer: it is from the devil and as his days are very short, he is doing everything and anything to destroy God’s Creation and us, His children. Where did birth-control, sex-education, pornography, abortion, homosexual activity, divorce, head-start, preschool, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, etc. come from? The devil, the very same one that tricked Eve, just over 7000 years ago, in the Garden of Eden. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED! His Answer is coming very soon, so hang on for the ride. +JMJ+

        1. yes I know Holly, but thanks for the sermon. Actually the answer I was looking for is an earthly one. Where is the power coming from? The banksters, the international money changers, the so called elite.(delite). and they are doing the bidding of Satan

        2. So it was the devil who created a program for disenfranchised children from poor urban neighborhoods to get school supplies and discounts on food? Also apparently the devil created preschool? Uh… erm…. huh?

        3. Hollie is an idiot. 7,000 years? This is the type of stupidity that Obummer and his cronies are counting on. Devil making pre-school???? This Hollie is probably a liberal troll…….

  8. Mr. Barkley, a black person, should show more sensitivity towards our Native American brothers and not drag “drums” into this issue. Native Americans are demeaned enough by the use of indian names in high school, college and professional sports. Must their sacred musical instrument also be smeared?
    Mr. Barkley, have you no shame?

      1. facetious |fəˈsē sh əs|adjectivetreating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.

    1. Are you SERIOUS??? Can anybody say anything without someone getting upset about it!!
      GOOD GRIEF…..! Native Americans are NOT the only people who use drums…??

  9. Though I’m thorougly conservative, I think t’s a stetch too say he’s actually promoting violence. It’s a metaphor. No worse than bulls-eyes on candidates pictures. Especially with the qualifier, “Don’t take it personally. I like you. You seem like a nice guy. But you’re going down, bro.” added.

      1. Sit down and shut up !!! . . . I wish Ihatelibs wouldn’t have put it quite the way he did, but it is a valid question. . . . Who was for slavery ? Democrats ! . . . Who was for civil rights for blacks ? Republicans ! . . . . Who keeps Black Americans in their pocket by keeping them on welfare and the such, instead of working to get them into the workforce where they can make their own living and have some self respect as a productive American ? Democrats ! . . . . . You’re pathetic as a person, and as a patriot ! . . . . Not all stupid people are liberals, but all liberals are stupid ! . . . Try “that” one on, as I think it’ll fit !!! . . . Here’s another, Just say NO to drugs !
        D R U G S
        democrats refusing (to) use good sense !
        So, my question to you is, “Who’s the racist ???”

      2. are you talking about the Rep. that brought you the Equal Rights Amendment? you know the one that the Southern Democrats tried in vain to stop?

      1. Richard, if you want hypocrisy and hate speech, go to virtually
        any MSNBC comment page. Now those people know how to spew hate speech!!

  10. What Barkley did was silly, but this column is even sillier. There’s no way he was threatening any kind of violence. John McCain said he was going to “beat Al Gore like a drum” in 2000 before he was defeated by George W. Bush for the Republican nomination. Violent rhetoric. Get a grip, people. You’re acting just like the Democrats with this nonsense.

  11. Chuck, you had been a fave for many years, but to find you now as a racial card playing hoodie, just burned the barn. To speak that way just because Mitt is white is sickening. Are you going to convert to Islam now too? That way you’ll be more like your “drum major.”

  12. Time to stop all the rhetoric and work on getting people rgeistered to VOTE against Obama’s radical socialism. He is slowly giving the country away to our enemies, releasing terrorists, ceeding our sovereignty, and stealing our money. He just ordered Clinton to give millions to the Palestinians, because in was in he nations best interest ! Giving money to terrorists, threatening the Supreme Court, using taxpayer money to pay for his reelection campaign, and flaunting every law on the books. How anyone, in either party, could support this common criminal is beyond comprehension.

    1. I have to disagree with your last sentence. He is quite the UNcommon criminal. A criminal committing criminal acts against the world.

  13. Guys….look where it’s coming from. He can flap his lips all he wants, it doesn’t mean anyone is listening.Just another socialist in the mix.

  14. In Mr. Barkley’s defense, he has been dieting with one of the well known diet food sytems available! He is also a spokesperson for that same diet system! Obviously, the lack of proper nutritional intake and the lack of vitamins found in raw unprocessed food has affected his brain function! Why else would a respected athlete with a distinguished career in the NBA engage his mouth without putting his brain in gear! Charles, please eat a piece of red meat and have some bread, you are inadvertently destroying brain cells needed for cognitive and normal brain function!

  15. Wasn’t Charles Barkley toying with the idea of running for governor of Alabama as a Republican some years back?

  16. MiddleOfTheRoad was correct, Barkley was referring to Obama and his supporters (of which, Barkley is one), would beat Romney at the Ballot box in November. There was no threat to Romney’s safety, just beating him in the up coming election. As slimy and immoral as Obama supporters typically are, and are certainly more likely to spew violent threats, against any one opposing Obama, Barkley’s comments were as innocent as Sarah Palins talk of “targeting area to campaign in.”
    I loath the Liberl media and Obama supporters as the next person, but must not abandon the truth and honor, and just because the Libs would take an innocent comment like Charles’ from a conservative and spin it in a bad way, doesn’t mean that we should follow their lead! Gary DeMar, is playing on our dislike and distrust of Obama supporters to get ratings for his article, by twisting the meaning of what Charles really said.

    1. Well, I was there when Ted Nugent made “his” comments, and he absolutely did not threaten O in any way, except for defeat at the ballot boxes, and yet he was called in for “questioning” in regard to the matter. . . Did you stand up for Ted Nugent ? . . .Same rules apply !!!

      1. Exactly. Nobody is saying that Barkley was actually threatening Romney, they are just saying that if a conservative said the same thing about obama, he/she would be accused by the left for threatening violence. But if it is someone on the left who says it, it is just talk.

  17. Speaking of left-handed political compliments, threats and endorsements, how about the biggest hypocrite of them all, next to Romney, Rick the Twister. How much of his holy-roller bunk could any one swallow. This Elmer Gantry wannabee, this boy next store, this fraud, now endorsed Romney, who he despises. In fact, Romney brutalized him all winter and spring. Now he has taken the expedient path. What else is new?

    After claiming numerous times that Mitt Romney could not beat President
    Obama, Rick Santorum has endorsed Romney, who once accused Santorum of
    “dirty tricks.”

    Santorum, who claimed that God told him to run for president, once called
    Romney “the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama.”

    Santorum’s email endorsement came almost a month after he dropped out of the
    presidential race and included disclaimers: “I felt that it was completely
    impossible for me to even consider an endorsement until after a meeting to
    discuss issues critical to those of us who often feel our voices are not heard
    by the establishment: social conservatives, Tea Party supporters, lower- and
    middle-income working families.”

    “The primary campaign certainly made it clear that Governor Romney and I
    have some differences.” He also noted disagreements about economic policy and
    said he “had concerns about Governor Romney making a case as a candidate about
    fighting against Obamacare.”

    Santorum said he was moved to back Romney after a “candid, collegial” meeting
    in Pittsburgh
    that lasted more than an hour: “There are many significant areas in which we
    agree. The need for lower taxes, smaller government, and a reduction in
    out-of-control spending. We certainly agree that abortion is wrong and marriage
    should be between one man and one woman. I am also comfortable with Governor
    Romney on foreign policy matters, and we share the belief that we can never
    allow Iran
    to possess nuclear weapons.”

    “Above all else, we both agree that President Obama must be defeated. The task
    will not be easy. It will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be
    victorious. Governor Romney will be that nominee, and he has my endorsement and
    support to win this, the most critical election of our lifetime.”

    Santorum added that “I look forward to working together to defeat President
    Obama” but did not indicate plans to campaign alongside Romney.

  18. Keep Barkley in sports where he & his questional ability belong. Too bad he was’nt a baseball where a bat might have slapped him in the teeth. I’d love to get the chance to shut that big mouth…jerk !

  19. Charles Barkley is another ignorant fool. The ways that he talks and expresses himself it is something else. Where did he go to school? Mitt Romney is going to be our next president. He will bring class to the white house.

    1. Yeah, altho I don’t watch sports, I watched his short-lived talk show several years ago…his ignorance was stunning. Maybe he’s a good basketball player but he is v. ignorant.

  20. Barkley is another black moron whom wouldn’t have a life or job if he had to do anything that required brains. This is the down side to professional sports. A guy good at playing a game often has no smarts at all for anything else. Such is often professional athletes and especially blacks. So he was a great basketball player; so what. If we had any values as a society and didn’t out a bunch of morons up on pedestals for being able to play a game, he would be starving in the ghetto with all of the other jigaboos. It is the lack of values and decency that has brought about America’s decline; like it is so important for a bunch of stupid, slovenly idiots to sit around and watch sports on tv, as if they could ever be anything but watchers.

    1. Wow! You guys need to get it together. Spitting the N word and all black people are idiots that don’t want to work. If that is all you have it is sad to say but Obama will win this next election! Here is a fact for you guys there are more white folks receiving public assistance than other ethnic backgrounds! You guys are so focused on the wrong thing. Both sides are raping our economy, and the sad fact is that most of the people posting here are not rich enough to be a democrat or republican.

      1. Seriously, you HAVE to post a link to the proof that more white people than black are receiving public assistance. The fact is, the illegitimacy rate is 74% in the black community. Do you really expect us to believe that they then have a lower rate of public assistance? I refuse to believe that.

      2. Ga Republican- Referencing your last sentence: I was until the last 3 1/2 years, but isn’t that his plan? Ted Turner (devout Democrat) who said Mitt Romney would make a good President, might have second thoughts about BHO since he’s lost several Billion $.

  21. What an idiot, but now surprised, that is the mentality of some of these over paid athletes and hollywood idiots. I would love to know how it would have been handled if someone made a stupid comment like that about obama. They would probably have them arrested, tarred and feathered. Name calling and violent acts seem to be coming from the left on a regular bases. Although there are idiot rights also, personally I just don’t see it from the right. I just want the facts, not a bunch of morons who want to start riots!! and that is including racist jesse jackson, al sharpton and on and on. go home with obama to kenya chuckie!!!

  22. oh ya this is the same guy that poses for great jailie pics. Wanted to be Gov. in Bama and runs that mouth to no end. Chuckie GET LOST

  23. Barkley was an embarrassment as a “commentator” (really) during the NCAA March Madness telecasts. He didn’t have a clue about college basketball. He is equally clueless in this case.

  24. Barkley needs to confine his remarks and threats to the basketball court and the basketball court ONLY!! That’s about as much as he can handle. His remarks are a prime example of the “Peter Principle.”

  25. I am a white guy and Obama is going down. I guess I better be worried about his posse coming after me!!

  26. I agree that if a white professional athlete had said the same words about President Obama, there would be hell to pay. Chuck Barkley has been outspoken for some time, but I never thought he would go this route. Shame on you, Charles.

  27. Remember when Barkly was playing B-Ball? The libs used to get upset with him because
    he talked (politically speaking) like a conservative. It’s amazing how his views changed when he
    started getting involved in politics, after –ball.. I guess he figured out that his supports were
    the lowlifes he used to criticize??? I guess that’s what being a liberal is all
    about. U 2 lazy ta work? I’ll take it from someone else and give it to ya.

  28. Barkley, you not playing anymore, you get pay to broadcast the basketball game, and honestly I don’t think you know the the heck is happaning around you, so stop kissing OBAMA;S A– .

  29. These Bolshevist schweinhunden boast defeat of Mitt Romney because that is the plan. The Bolshevist leaders of the Republican Party are using sick tricks to place Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate because he as a throw-down like that loser coward McCain in the last bogus election. We do not hear Democrats boasting that they wiLl defeat Ron Paul ! You can be certain that whether or not Ron Paul is elected President the Campaign For LIberty will not abate. We hope for a peaceful restoration of Law and Order. If LIARS like the Little Muslim Prick from Kenya or anything like a Mormon Shyster Billionaire are allowed to make peaceful restoration of American Christian governance impossible, armed and forceful suppression of the current insurrection will become inevitable. It is folly to think those of us that love the truth better than the lie are weak. Three Hundred Million- One Hundred Million armed Militia stand ready. Stand down or fall where you stand.

  30. Does anybody really listen to TNT?! This guy is NOT one of the reasons to do so! Besides, Ted Turner said Romney would be a good president (he can speak the truth like this now that he is no longer married to Jane!).

  31. Obama is dividing everyone on purpose. United we stand divided we fall. When America falls he can implement his new change that is really the old ways of fallen countries that came before us. Communism and socialism. It is easy to see that if he can divide everyone racially, our whole system will fail leaving him to replace it with something else. If America wants to take back our country, we will have to not fall for his trickery and unite against him black white brown yellow etc. so united America will stand.

  32. I apply the Republican test to comments like Barkley’s. How would the liberal media respond if a noted high-profile conservative had used similar language about President Obama?…CAN YOU SAY “TED NUGENT”, KIDDIES ? GOOD, I KNEW YOU COULD !!! WONDER IF OL’ CHUCK WILL BE HAVING ANY CONVERSATIONS WITH THE SECRET SERVICE OVER THIS ? DOUBTFUL, BUT HEY…………

  33. The very fact that Charlie feels that he could get paid L A R G E sums of money for ‘playing’ basketball and then have the gall to say he was not/would not be a role model reveals his real character and lack of integrity. If a white person would have said what he said to Romney – they would be ‘strung up’ verbally at least in a righteous minute. Charlie has always had a BIG mouth. He has had more than his share of 15 minutes of fame. POX ON HIM!!!!!

  34. If it wouldn’t be sinking to his gutter level and racist, I would say something gutter level and racist. Bottom line, who cares about this fat, bloated toad?
    The only true morons in relation to Barkley are the ones paying him. Now that’s what I call money well spent.
    Maybe the unwashed masses think he’s entertaining, whenever I see his mug, I change the channel.

  35. Did dickhed barkley axe ihe boy in the hoodie if he did good???axe him again barkley you low life pkerhed…….oh yeah I’m not a Romney fan,just get sick of the lowlife pukes thinking they have a right to say what the want because the muzzie half breed obama and the pinnoco holder are racists ,so the NIGie-rows think they can say what they want barkley is a puke of all pukes

  36. Take it from whence it comes; A bgig moutheed big man with a thug like career in the NBA. He probably could not have been successful anywhere else at anything else were it not for his national clebrityy for his supposed Exploits on the basketball court. I have always wondered why so much importance is assigned to peoiple like Barlkely whentheir most signifivan t achoievent has been in games played for a living. It does not make tthem expert at politics ot business and although some do well, most do NOT after retirement. If you are a rewalist, political parties mean nothing; only the performance level of every administration and this one is by ALL measures a totyal and abysmal failure and needs to be replaced. So chuck, eother become a REALIST; or stuff it!

  37. To see vile Barkely should look in the mirror.
    This guy probably doesn’t know who his daddy is.
    He is pond scum.

  38. Too bad this reprobate is from my state – Alabama. We don’t claim him however! He’s a disgrace to the state and to his race. He is a racist, liberal with no class!

  39. I admit that Charles can be fun, he is never boring like like Michael Jordan, who probably strives to not be controversial. However I would appreciate it if that brilliant thinker, Charles Barkley, would stop talking trash for five minutes and explain to the country why Obama (other than the color of his skin) should be re-elected. What policies has he enacted to make America a better stronger place to live? Is it the 5 plus trillion dollars of debt he’s wrung up? Is it how he has so united black and white, working and stay-at-home women, the rich and the middle class and poor? Is it how he’s destroyed NASA and decimated and demoralized the military? Is it how he’s stood up for freedom of religion, speech or the right to bear arms? Or the Constitutional privilege to not be forced to buy something you don’t want (Obamacare)? The 300 dead Mexicans? Solyndra? Ener1? C’mon, Chuck, tell us why we should vote for him.

  40. I can not wait until Mitt Romney wins the Presidency so I can once again be proud of my President, a felling I have not had since this fraud has held the office. The only reason Charles Barkley backs him is because they are both black and that and that alone is no reason to have a President who is unqualified. We have over 20% unemployment here in N.C. and we will not survive 4 more years of this nonsense. Shut up Barkley and do the only thing that you do well, sink a ball through a basket

  41. If every conservative boycotted the NBA until the criminals, druggies, wife killers & beaters, Alcholics and pit bull baiters, got ousted then we could go back to a reasonable salary like $70,000 to &80,000 a year is more than enough for an unexecutive level athlete. Since America doesn’t want news on TV only sports weather and uneducated movie star info. no one saw B0, Holder or Van Jones coming,
    It is time for America to wake and demand news like who are the BiIderberg, IIIuminati, Council on foreign ReIations.

  42. I remember seeing Charles Barkley on, “Jeopardy,” he couldn’t remember his own name! It’s a good thing he could play basketball, otherwise, he’d be washing windshields at streetlights, for spare change!

  43. You’re worried by what a basketball players brain came up with. It was the typical challenge from a liberal celebrity, this time in black speak, to a republican. The incident probably turned off as many people as it helped. People are getting tired of this BS, except Bollywood movies, of course.

  44. It is, directly, thug language…no doubt about it. And, yes, too many high profile liberals are focused on dividing the races for violence…the primary fertilizer for a new bumper crop of white guilt (blacks, on the other hand, are incapable of feeling guilt…it’s too hard to break through their overpowering feeling of entitlement). The sooner Obama is gone, the better.

  45. I’m ashamed to be an American with all the treasonous rhetoric that the Tea Baggers are spewing. If you gave our Pres a chance, you would see he’s trying to help the ever-fading middle class. Romney is only out to help the rich. It’s very obvious, but you don’t see that because you live in a bubble…So sad.

    1. don’t tell me you are on welfare and foodstamps aren’t you!!!! Anyone who thinks obama is doing a good job is either what I just mentioned, illegally here or a muslim brother of obamas!! I am very proud to be an American, Unfortunately if obama gets in again it will NOT be America anymore it will be muslimville!!

      1. Sorry Linda, but I’m not your vision of a lazy illegal muslim. I work very hard for my living. Never collected anything from the gov’t. Don’t tell me you’re white and pissed….I get it. But the world is changing and you need to accept it, or get in line to live on Gingrich moon colony 1.

  46. Who would take barkley’s comments to be a racially motivated threat? Why should conservatives start mimicking the left, and crying ‘race’ at every perceived affront? That is something i expect from obama’s party, and his spokesmodels; but why should we descend to the level of jesse jackson, al sharpton, louie farrakhan and obama …. it’s much more effective to call them out for their actions and deceit than to act like them and try to play the race card ….. we have real cards to play; all they have is accusations of racial bias and misdirection.

    Surely the author of this account could have found something real to report on rather than trying to imitate obama’s sycophants in the liberal media.

  47. Charles Barkley is just that, a thug. He isn’t to be taken seriously any more than the professional bigot & hypocrite, Al Sharpton. These two are racists of the lowest order & must be silenced by ignoring anything they spew out as adolescent, although adolescents would show more maturity!!!

  48. The republicans need to learn to fight back, they set back and let the Dems talk all the trash. Fight these lawless skumbags like they fight you. This thug is talking street talk to intimidate and get “his people to rise” like fast and furious the repubs have still done nothing, the guy beat to death with sledge hammer, show his picture on tv tell how they beat him up, the reporters that were beaten by black mob, O’Riley is hitting it hard but not hard enough. Lets see pictures of the mobs at night ,they are there. Zimmerman they let Al Sharpton walk all over them. On the intrenet they are getting into it well, fox is not. And what about the DOJ and FBI figures about black on white crime. Republican are too weak.

  49. Looks like Barkley is a Socialist at heart and much less educated than I ever imagined! Perhaps he has been hit in the head too many times with the ball. They should wear helmets you know :-)

  50. When Barkley told Romney “we’re going to beat you like a drum”, who is the “we” he is referring to? The other blacks? Somebody tell barkley he isn’t in a basketball game. There are White’s out here. He must live in Chicago.

  51. Barkleyis and always was a bum!,, a has been basketball player trying to relive this 15 minutes of fame. All these so called famous people like and want Obama. They have the money to take care of whatever obummer hands us. But the common everyday person doesn’t have that luxury. Obummer has ruined life as we know it!

  52. This article is BS! They make it sound like he was going to attack Romney. They took a simple statement “we are going to beat you like a drum ” meaning (the Election), and then show a picture of Charles Barkley in a police shot. Why not one in his basketball uniform? This article is meant to stir up racial tension. How about some legitimate reporting.! BTW, I’m do not support Obama or Romney!

  53. I hope when I go to vote these liberal bold mouths, thugs, pink wearing activist try to intimidate me or want a physical altercation because that will be a real These mouth pieces follow Obama like blind mice. Brainless bitches just like the traitorous progressive party.

  54. It’s obvious Charles doesnt think before he speaks……probably doesnt have the brain to think with!!! He’s a liberal, racist creep!!!

  55. Why do they hire sports idiots to be announcers? Guess you gotta’ be from the hood to play basketball anyway.

  56. Barkley put his game face on in front of the camera. Doesn’t mean he’s smart to do so nor though does it mean he was threatening Romney. Imagine how short an attention span he will have after Romney “kicks NObama’s can all over the place” – “we will, we will rock you” (to paraphrase Queen).

    1. Wow Bill quoted a Queer! That’s not Republican of you. Supporting the gay community and all. You’ll be blacklisted for sure!

  57. This borish racist idiot is the reason I don’t watch these broadcasts with him on. If this station had any social conscience they would bounce him from their station and add someone who is about basketball anylysis and not always about himself with his disgusting insulting commentary.

  58. I think your funny ,But your as dumb as a box of rocks.
    So if your counting on any support from me you will get the same I will be giving Barack .
    NONE That is why I said you were as dumb as a box of Rocks, If you are associated with that loser you are NOT in GOOD COMPANY.
    If your voting for him because he is half black,Not a good reason ,If your voting for him because he is a Socialist ,another reason you should stay home and pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep.
    I will come in 2013 and wake you up.And you can help Barack and Michelle move back to Chicago,I keep telling every body you always help your friends, If not with muscle it will be with money.
    Now that is what you call some one that has your interest at heart.

  59. Barkley has assumed the spokesperson du jour for weight watchers. As a [recent] former member of weight watchers, I find this choice as a company representative of a world wide and prominent name, despicable. For this reason, I cancelled my membership with them and encourage other members to do the same until Weight Watchers, inc. can incorporate some dignity back into their organization. Charles Barkley is not suitable for television commentary, nor for major company endorsement. Somebody should be censoring his public mouth.,

  60. I can’t belief that no one remembers comment by Barkley on Nat’l TV about ten years ago. Barkley said ” I hate all white people”

  61. My take on Charles Barkley is that there is about as much between his ears as there is between the basketballs he plays with. Insignificant clod.

    1. Actually – Gingrich was my 1st choice. At one of the debates he told the Liberal news moderator that what the moderator said was a lie. I did a Nancy Pelosi & jumped up and cheered. It’s about time someone called the Liberal news media liars.
      The Liberal news media has a Liberal agenda, but it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Don’t these morons know that 1/2 of this country is Conservative, that we are not stupid & don’t buy into their Liberal brain-washing?
      No wonder their ratings are down. Morons……….

  62. Hey Gary DeMar: Barkley said….We gonna beat you like a drum in November,” and not we’re gonna beat you like a drum in November.” Barkley’s like most black athletes….totally illiterate.

  63. Why didn’t the secret service investigate jimmy hoffa and berkly for there threats and comment like they did the guy at the NRA convention. O! thats right they are against Republicans so i guess that is ok. Just don’t say anything against obummer.

  64. I remember Barkley saying that after he retired he was going to run for governor of Alabama as a republican. The guy was overrated as a player and how he continues to get analyst work is beyond me.I also have to think he is in that 1% – the group the dems abhor – unless he blew it all gambling.

  65. I do believe that Mitt Romney is older and more experienced than Mr. Barkley. This being the case Mr. Barkley should have respect for his elders. If he can’t do that any should have respect for his betters.

  66. Is Nancy Pelosie Barkley’s real MOTHER? They are so much alike they almost have to be! Check both of their hanging Jowls!

  67. Hate crimes only apply when a white says it against a black, according to Hold-Us-Up, our sorry excuse for Attorney Generyal and his Department of Injustice.

  68. I remember when Barkley was playing for the Suns, he was a registered Republican, basically because Cotton Fitzsimmons had allot of influence on him.
    I also recall Chuck saying he was going to run for governor he wanted to do away with the eletric chair to execute convicts and replace it with the electric bleachers!
    How how things have changed.

  69. I hope the white “folk” who pay this goons salary and patronize his endorsements take a second look at him as any kind of role model. I doubt if most dumb Americans will … they must think it is cool to pollute our culture with ignorance and classless behavior. America has stopped becoming a country where people of substance pull other up … we have now reversed that where we are pulling everyone down to the gutter.
    Sad …

  70. Never did like Barkley. Ever since that Nike commercial when he claimed, and I quote: “I’m not a role model, etc.”. The “man” is crass, pure and simple.

  71. just goes to show how Obama has divided our country by race. A white person says something negitive about Obama and it is racist. A black person says or does something negitive……silent!!!!!!!!


  73. Don’t go to games, or watch on TV. Do not buy the junk they make money from. They are all as uneducated as one can be. When barkie was in school he was in a special reading class when he was 20 years old. I understand the nba and nfl are 78 % felons. Read the book.

  74. Of course, Obama will not disavoe the thugs rethoric. Remember, he said “if they bring knives, we’ll bring guns. So, is he a thug or not?

  75. Barkley has always been just a big stupid body topped by an empty head!! That said, I think what he
    said was purposely misunderstood by the Leftist odiot who quoted him!! It is obvious that Barkley was
    referring to beating Romney in the election, not physically!! However, it is frightening to learn that
    there are people walking around loose who are even more stupid than Barkley, such as the
    simpleton who misunderstood him and the others who believed the interpretation of physically beating
    up Romney!! Scarey, isn’t it??


  77. YOU GUYS TOOK BARKLEY OUT OF CONTEXT… he said ‘WE’RE gonna beat you… like any competition… what a complete waste of time

  78. BARKLEY’S BARKING has started again. He is using his MUSCLES for he hasn’t got enough BRAINS to fill his empty head.Obama’s GESTAPO will be out in force, literally. They already eliminated BREITBART and two others so far who know him. Talk about – GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER .

  79. Barkley’s been on a diet. It may have helped his waistline but certainly didn’t do anything for his fat mouth. He has a right to his opinion just like the rest of us do ours. My complaint is that he abused his position as a sports commentator to air his position to millions of viewers. Since I only have venues like this one, I would like to make my position clear. I think that obama is one duplicitious, lying, fraudulent impostor occupying the nation’s highest offices based on untruths. Charles Barkley is a fool for supporting him.

  80. It seems Barkley lost more than his tummy weight on his diet. He would like to gamble with our money and lose it like he has done in Vegas?? Winner? NEVER!

  81. If “20%’ of NBA fans were so vile and mean-spirited that they deserved to be shot.”, what do you think of the players, many many of whom are felons?

  82. Poor Charles Barkley isnt to bright…Im sure he went to college on affirmative action program…If comments he has made about whites were in reverse, whites would not be able to hold a job…He, like other black commentators on tv, are actually listened to by whites, however, realized they really arent to bright…If sports depended on black support, there would be no NBA…Ever noticed not one in 500 in audience are black….I could go on and on, and tell you the truth, however, its like our illegal muslim president…To expose the truth would bring out two of the dumbest looneys in the US…Jesse Jackson, and that numb skull Al Sharpton…Now you know the rest of the story…

  83. C’mon, this is no worse than the stuff Ted Nugent was saying a week ago. Let the liberals have their double standards. We don’t need them.

  84. Blacks continue to show their inferiority…They do have a problem, and affirmative action cant heal there inability to achieve normal intelligence…You will notice, even amongst other black tv commentators, Charles Barkley is viewed as a bit retarded…Charles claim to fame is, his mental retardation is looked upon as humor…It is known, he isnt to bright, however, if proclaimed by the news media, It would bring out the two Amos and Andy characters…Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton…It is assured…Andy and Kingfish of that program, were absolute scholars compared to Jackson and Sharpton…

    1. It’s amazing that someone lacking the reading comprehension to realize that the interpretation of Barkley’s quote as a physical threat to Romney is absurdity at its best is somehow comfortable to question the intellectual ability of an entire race of people. I suppose your obvious mental inferiority is a reflection of all whites?

  85. The Round Mound Of Sound aka Charles the Barkley, loves the sound of his own voice, at one time Sir Charlesespoused conservative bent but as time wore on and his image began to fade, in order to keep some of the light shining on his lips Charlie made quacking noises. A quack, quack here and a ect……made him more noticiable, he made a few commercils that implied his one known status in the basketball world, must not have been enough, he then did sports broadcasting and opinionated as well he could the proficiency of upcoming and present sports stars….apparently, still not enough…

  86. I agree Mark . But Chuckey Barkley is just a troll and allowed to say anything with no danger of reprisal

  87. PS. Chuckey , to bad you have the ugliest golf swing in the history of golf . I’d love to get you on the course and beat you like a drum .

  88. First off… I don’t agree with Obama and I am a tea Party Patriot… that being said… Seriously… GROW THE HECK UP…. Its clear here he was using and expression and referring to beating him in the election not physically attacking him. When will both sides grow up and quit sinking to these absurd levels and acting like preschoolers. Both side need to hold themselves to the same maturity standard. He clearly likes the guy as a person but thinks he is going to loose in the fall. He is entitled to the opinion whether we agree with it or not. We need as a group of people raise the bar on this type of news reporting and rhetoric… quit looking for fights where there are none. If this was a republican saying we were going to beat obama like a drum and they came at us we would tell them to grow up and its not a racist thing or a physical threat… we should expect the same and allow the same from them. If Mr. Barkley said we were going to shoot him like the white dog he is or tar and feather him like his KKK brothers, there would be reason for concern, not the case here. GROW UP! GET A LIFE! SET AN EXAMPLE FOR A CHANGE! If you agree feel free to check out some other rants on getting real on some important topics here:

  89. This president doesn’t have a clue. We can’t afford another 4 years of on-the-job training. This is not a race issue. I would vote for a martian if he was leading this country in the right direction. He is definitely not a rock star. Mr Obama is like the Pied Piper with all the fools following-he’s a gifted speaker but take the teleprompter away and he’s a babbling fool.

  90. I dont see how anyone can take these sports, movie and musik stars like Ted Nugent a Vietnam war draft dodger who found a right wing market for his riight t wing tainted musik, Its kind of acrimonious that sprots pro figures belong to unions that assure them millions of dollars every year in just raises. But the average worker cant even make a small noise to get a raise, because the boss man will tell him that he is just lucky to have a job. Most Amrican workers don’t have any kind of a voice anymore since Reagan stasrted to dismantle the Unions, and its still going on at a faster pace.

  91. It is so funny when Liberals talk about how tolerant they are. They are very tolerant. They tolerate all kinds of nasty, rude, language. They tolerate unbelievably foul things said about Republican women, like the things that were said about Sarah and Bristol Palin. They tolerate all types of behaviors, like Black Panthers who threaten voters. They are concerned about the rights of terrorists. They worry about the welfare of illegal aliens. They just can’t tolerate white men who have been successful in the business world. They also can’t tolerate Christians or anyone who is a Conservative. Other than that, Liberals are very tolerant.

  92. Charles has a habit of making stupid remarks that make the news and you would think he would learn after he got beat down regarding his comments about the quarterback. What he found is that quarterback is a lot more popular than he is.
    Why does ESPN keep this moron hanging around?

  93. My guess is that Barkley would consider Republicans such as Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Walt Williams, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Charles Payne and so on as Uncle Toms. His opinions matter and theirs don’t. WTF?! Ultimately, he’s a dope whose opinion doesn’t matter a lick…except to other liberal dopes!

  94. Beat you like a drum is not an attack on Romney. Totally retarded analysis. Beat as in win election. Hate the black basketball guy but stay in touch with reality. And decide if Obama is a Nazi (like Hitler) or a regular commie (you pick the type as there are many flavors. You cannot be both. Soros gave 2M to grass roots organization for Obama. What a wimp compared to 60m from the Koch’s. Perhaps you can buy the election. Worth a try. 60m chump change to these guys and they and Rove picked your guy. Hope you are happy with their choice. Anyone seen his birth certificate. He was born in Mexico with his bigamist grand dad. Great cult religion.

  95. we the people demand charleys barkley,be charged with a racist hate crime,for his racist remark.we the people demand an apology from charles,and want a investigation into this racist hate crime remark.and an apology from oboma,and holdup.justice for mitt.

  96. Barkley is a joke. Pure and simple. There are too many like him in the media. What the heck has happened to our great country???? It truly is sad!

  97. Did Charles Barkley go to Hulk Hogan’s school of professional wrestling and flunk the course again? Please Sir Charles and I use the term loosely go play the drums with Willie Colon’s band.

  98. It’s funny, these liberals doing all the threatening and stuff…..question is, will Barkley do this I a Concealed Carry State ?…….naaaa…..they arent real bright, but they aren’t that stupid,…..are they ?

  99. Barkley is a fat loud mouth has-been… Anyone that pays any attention to Barkley has a lower IQ than he does. He’s an old joke that has lost it’s funniness

  100. Please, don’t even attempt to compare Larry Byrd to barkley. That would be a slap in the great Larry Byrd’s face…

  101. hook barkley up to a wind turbine and he alone could run dc ! Just pray for the foolish and don’t act like them .

  102. I must have been absent from school when we discussed racism in the late 60’s because I see nothing racist over what Barkley said. Am I a racist because I can’t see racism? To me it sounded more like a verbal assault on the people meant to provoke those with a limited imagination.

  103. I read Charles Barkley’s book years ago, he explained why he was a Republican. And His values, the only way he could have changed this much is if he lied in his book. Or is in favor of BO just because he is black, that would make his a racist. So what is he a lier or a racist. Maybe both He was a thug as a basket ball player, nothing has changed

  104. I used to like Charles Barkley…as a player and also as a commentator on basketball. However when a person who made his way through life “playing a child’s game” and wearing a jock strap half of his waking hours speaks on anything but his sport he does not know what he is talking about and therefore has nothing constructive to say. The only thing worse then a dumb jock spouting off on societal issues is a Hollywood “star” talking about anything. Especially the immoral people whose age is higher then most of their IQ’s. Cher Bono take note you immoral adulteress.

  105. If the Secret Service don’t detain Barkley for threatening Romney, we can be certain that this Democratic admnistration is racist.
    Islam is a religion, but the Democrats call people who criticize Islam “racists,” not “religionists.” Thus, it is fair to characterize Democratic hatred of Romney as “racist.” But, then again, Romney actually is a different race than most of the most vocal Democrats.

  106. You will have to excuse Barkley. He attended Auburn University for about 2 classes a week for six months and that places him among the phony elite throughout Alabama. He could not pass the entrance exam at a real University like the University of Alabama and he had to find a little school where he did not have to know anything other than play ball.

  107. Obama loves these gangstas it reminds him of the good ole daze back in Chi town at the Rev Wrights takin trash ’bout whitey, linin’ up the pantas to make sur he won the ‘lection. Remember Chicago is the home to community organizers – Obama and his protege Al Capone. Barkley is a non entity.

  108. The guy wasn’t referring to beating Romney physically. Obviously, he was referring to beating him at the polls – thus the reference to November. He even went so far as to reassure that it WASN’T a personal attack – “Don’t take it personally. I like you. You seem like a nice guy.” Which is more than I can say for most of the so-called conservatives I hear these days who seem to rely on nothing but personal attacks against others in support of their candidates. This is exactly the type of stuff that turns me off from the other side of the fence. At least find something legitimate to cry about. There’s plenty without seeking out political non-entities to accuse of racist bile when they’re just supporting their candidate.

  109. Barkley has a head as big as a basketball. Just AIR inside. Liberals are afraid of a real American that has held jobs,turned economies around..and is a US citizen.. I believe they hung people for treason against America in the old days.. May be bring it back. Obummer has met his end and I hope all the rest of the Liberals are thrown out with him. He has ruined America and I hope and pray we can reverse and take OUR America back. As a veteran he has shrunk the military to the point of weakness and we cannot fight on 2 fronts. Look at the treaty just signed with Obummers buddy Karzi..We can’t fly drones to protect our troops. He and Barkley can move back to Kenya…they both belong there……God bless America!!!

  110. Why does anyone give Barkley the time of day?
    He is an illiterate bozo who could rebound. That’s it!!
    In street terms, he’s a dumb-ass, and b/c he is a supporter of Pres. Oduma, we could simply call Charles an o-dumb-ass.

  111. ……the ONLY reason ANY/ALL blacks will vote FOR NObama is BECAUSE the CHARACTER is black (actually he is NOT black he is afriKan) sorry for the mistake……….NO MATTER what NObama HAS/HAS NOT done for ameriKa!@#$%!…………..CASE CLOSED!

  112. Charles Barkley is an embarrasment to the human race and I no longer watch anything where he appears, who needs a moron like him!

  113. The ONLY intelligent thing I have ever heard Barkley say was several years back (during the 2008 campaign(?)). If I remember correctly, he was a guest on Jay Leno’s show and they were talking politics. When discussing the Rep and Dem parties, Barkley said “the po’ (poor) people have been voting for Democrats for the last 60 years, and the po’ people ARE STILL PO'”

    Again, that’s not only the smartest thing I have ever heard him say, it’s the truest thing I’ve ever heard him say.

  114. I was in a hotel in Prescott, AZ several years ago when a younger Barkley was still making a living bounsing a ball (strange carrer for a grown man). Barkley and team were staying in this hotel and a number of children including my daughter had gathered in the loby with hope of catching a glimps of their hero. One little boy about 5 or 6 ran up to Barkley with a ball asking for an autograph. Barkley snarled something at him and pushed him down as he passed by, the ball flying out of the boys hands. By the time we came to grips with what we had just whitnessed, Barkley had vanished.

  115. Barkley is the same worthless piece of garbage who wanted to see Tim Tebow disabled. I guess he’s typical of the rest of the black criminals with NBA roots. He hates anybody who’s white, Christian or conservative.

  116. Shows exactly what kind of idiot Barkley really is.. and the only way this ILLEGAL-ALIEN FROM BORN IN KENYA will get the white house (no proper caps for white house because she is being held hostage by an impostor)is to cheat…For all the public fights you have gotten into I would think that a non-corrupt Justice Dept. and Secret Services would be coming to talk to you right about now.. Ted Nugent didn’t even say anything about harming obama, but rather himself and they talked to him… what a racist country we are in… And y’all have the ignorance to be cast aside for how long, and now want to dish it out.. no wondoer most inner city school children don’t get good grades,, you don’t think, open your eyes, learn for yourself…Obviously you haven’t learned a dam thing about the impostor you are advocating.. Well, I guess since you are too old and fat to play the game any longer you have to bad mouth something…. Sad, really sad if you ask me….

  117. Barkley, you are a racist thug and you will get beat like a drum if you keep running your racist, hatred spewing, filthy mouth!!! People are getting tired of all this crap from the 60’s being brought up all the time!!! It’s in the past, move on, you turd!!!

  118. The Population of the U.S is +300 Million ; IF 10 % of Americans ,that is 30 Million , will stand TALL and UNITED WE STAND and UNITED WE ARE THE POWER no one would be messing with the 10% ;
    the combined U.S. Forces that is Army Navy Marines AirForce are about 2 Million soldiers, add the U.N. troops about another 30.000 and obama`s army and black panthers and the rest tsa, homeland security, dot and more crap ; not even a Fool would have balls to face us ,the 10% of Americans Patriots. obama`s cowboys would be running and pissing on themselves . Please pass around the idea of 10% ; United we stand and United we are the power ; WE the Americans are the Power.

  119. What happened to the S.S.? Are they still on vacation making sure that some special ‘houses’ are safe for our ‘politicians’ in some far away honeymoon island? Any nomal person coming up with threats such as his, would be facing some very tough questions, along with some torture thrown in (of course, this would not be done in this country as it is ‘illegal’, so they would have to take a little trip, without the need of a passport or to go thought those perverts waiting at the plane terminals. +JMJ+

  120. There’s a new perfume or cologne or toilet water out there.

    It comes under various names, but it is often called “NIZZLE SHIZZLE.”

    It seems to be strongly associated with the new entitled groups that are strongly associated with our fabulous POTUS.

    When I am in the midst of some social group, and the first whiff of it gets into my nostrils, I am offended.

    Personally, I think it stinks.

    However, because of its seeming ubiquity in certain circles, it is almost unavoidable, and one must be charitable and accepting of its presence.

    It seems to come in varieties that span gender, race and other forms of ethnicity, even though the greatest concentrations of it are exactly where it would be expected.

    Society seems to be divided by those who wear it, and those that do not.

    The newly entititled wear this scent at almost every opportunity.

    They seem to enjoy the effect that this scent has on those who they believe do not belong to their group of the newly entitled.

    Clouds of it seem to arrive in the air at the same time that the newly entitled are describing their plight in the modern world, as if they are the only group having a tough time now.

    The newly entitled have long enjoyed a specific form of advantage in our society that has provided an unequal advantage for them for most of their lives and almost my entire life. Merit was replaced with quotas that steadily undermined nearly everything that our society had accomplished until what is left is barely functional, even for these beneficiaries of these official advantages. However, as many of the individual advantages of their official advantages are now being lost in a time of enormous upheaval and the deliberate destruction of our American way of life by the political and corporate and banking machines at the top of the pyramid, they feel the pinch most sharply, and resent it even more sharply at a time when their chosen one, the prophet of their new entitlements, their POTUS, was supposed to be providing the quick and easy and “fair” way for them to gain these very comforts of this American way of life that they have long sought to possess through the quick and easy and “fair” ways that have so long been provided to them.

    Hence, they cannot seem to help but spread this increasingly acrid smell of “NIZZLE SHIZZLE” where ever they go.

    This toilet water called “NIZZLE SHIZZLE” is apparently intended to create the feelings of guilt in those who are not among those who wear it. For some reason, it does not have that effect upon me. Increasingly there are many of those who do not wear it are losing their phony feelings of guilt as well.

    Oddly enough, this natural resistance to something so foul and stinky and offensive has only increased the usage of this toilet water called “NIZZLE SHIZZLE” by those who use it. This trend indicates that the prevalence of this scent will only continue to increase until the “NIZZLE SHIZZLE” crowd gets the idea that it is not a welcome intrusion into the environment, and they abandon the slavery of this toilet water for the smell of natural liberty.

    So, when you, as one of the members of society who does not wear it, catch the smell of “NIZZLE SHIZZLE”, just smile.

    You know that it is not you, and that it is not your fault.

    And, of course, like almost everyone else, you too can blame it on the dog.

  121. Barkley is an over the hill athlete that thrives on attention. He will do and say anything to get publicity about himself. The fact is that no one cares what Barkley says. He is a total joke on ESPN when he opens his mouth. If Obama was white he wouldn’t get so much response from Barkley anyway.

  122. Back in the early 20th century blacks started a back to Africa movement. We need to start a new back to Africa movement for the racists like barkely and the parasites like sharpton and jackson who live off of the hatred they keep stirring up.

  123. Hold on guys, I’m a conservative and cant stand Charles Barkley’s Obama pandering either. But what he meant when he was referring to we-as-in Obama(liberals) beating Romney in the election, not physically beating him(although he may desire to). Chuck does rub me the wrong way also. But remember TNT is owned by Ted Turner, he can get away with talking liberal trash.

  124. Who cares what Charles Barkley says…he’s nothing, just a poor excuse of human flesh that just happens to play a sport…..don’t take many brains for that.

  125. Come November when Obama is dethroned, are we going to have riots in the streets like many blacks do when they feel like they’ve been wronged?

  126. This is why he never won a title. He is arrogant and has no humility. But cut him some slack. He has always been angry. You might be too if Jordan and co. showed what a real winner is and took your prize.

  127. Amazingly, in this word salad of innuendo and race-baiting, there is conveniently no comment on all the “Second-Amendment solution” talk, or “We came unarmed – this time” comments from the right during the last election cycle.

  128. Did anybody find it Ironic that somebody who is complaining about another group of people being thuggish and using violent rhetoric has a gun toting gangster on the main header of his web page?

  129. I can see in the comments that as soon as the green light is given, as soon as the door is opened even a crack, the racism flows like the Mighty Mississippi.

  130. What are you complaining about? He’s just following your “Second Amendment Solutions” line. I don’t remember ANYONE that wasn’t a lib getting all in a tizzy about that one.

  131. Really? “We’re going to beat you like a drum in November” is violent rhetoric? If Larry Bird said the same thing about Obama, no one would care. Seriously, stop it. I get that Obama’s not the perfect President, but your blind hatred of all things Not You does not make America a better place.

  132. Ron Paul Hearings on Ending Bankster Power

    Dr. Ron Paul
    May 10, 2012
    United States House of Representatives, Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology, May 8, 2012
    Although it has taken nearly a century, it seems that the entire spectrum of the American political establishment has finally realized the destructive power of the Federal Reserve System. Whether left, right, or libertarian, politicians are lining up to attack Ben Bernanke and the Fed’s destructive monetary policy. Where there is disagreement or lack of understanding, however, is on why the Fed’s monetary policy is destructive, how it harms the economy, and what should be done about it. Today’s hearing will examine the various proposals that have been put forth both to mend and to end the Fed. It is my hope that this hearing will spur a vigorous and long-lasting discussion about the Fed’s problems, a discussion which will lead to concrete actions once and for all to rein in the Fed.
    Much confusion exists over what the Federal Reserve System actually is. Some people claim that is a secret cabal of elite bankers, while others claim that it is part of the federal government. In reality it is a bit of both. The Federal Reserve Board is a government agency, while the Federal Reserve Banks are privately-run government-chartered institutions, and monetary policy decisions are made by the Federal Open Market Committee, which has members from both the Board and the Reserve Banks.
    The Federal Reserve System is the epitome of crony capitalism. It exemplifies the collusion between big government and big business to profit at the expense of the taxpayers. The Fed’s bailout of large banks during the financial crisis propped up poorly-run corporations that should have gone under, giving them an advantage that no other business in the United States would have received. The bailouts continue today, as banks maintain $1.5 trillion worth of excess reserves at the Fed, reserves which were created through the Fed’s purchase of worthless securities from banks. The trillions of dollars that the Fed has injected into the system have the goal of forcing down interest rates. But the Fed fails to realize that interest rates are a price, the price of money and credit, and that forcing interest rates down will only create an even bigger bubble and an enormous economic depression when this entire house of cards comes falling down.
    The Federal Reserve is statutorily required to focus on three aims when engaged in monetary policy: full employment, stables prices, and moderate long-term interest rates. In practice, only the first two have received any attention, the so-called “dual mandate.” Some reformers have called for the full employment mandate to be repealed, in order to allow the Fed to focus solely on stable prices. But these critics ignore the fact that stable prices are not a desirable goal. After all, with increasing productivity and technological innovation, the natural trend for most goods is for prices to decrease. By calling for the prices of goods to remain stable, the Fed would have to inflate the money supply in order to counteract this trend towards price declines, pumping new money into the system and creating economic distortions. This is exactly what happened during the 1920s, as the Fed’s monetary pumping was masked by rising productivity. The result was stable prices, but the malinvestment caused by the Fed’s loose monetary policy became evident by 1929. There is no reason to expect that focusing on stable prices today would have a dissimilar outcome.
    Other reformers have called for changes to the composition of the Federal Open Market Committee, the body which sets the Fed’s monetary policy objectives. On Constitutional grounds, the FOMC is undoubtedly problematic, as government appointees and the heads of the private Federal Reserve Banks work together to set monetary policy objectives that directly impact the strength of the dollar. While all of the members of the FOMC ought to be confirmed by the Senate, debates about the size of the FOMC or whether Reserve Bank Presidents should make up a majority of the members or whether they should even serve at all are largely a sideshow. While the only dissent to monetary policy decisions in recent years has come from Reserve Bank Presidents, there is no reason to think that expanding the FOMC to include more Reserve Bank Presidents would lead to any greater dissent or to any substantive changes to the conduct of monetary policy.
    A D V E R T I S E M E N T
    Another proposal for reform is for outright nationalization of the Fed or its functions. No longer would the Fed create money; that function would be taken up by the Treasury, issuing as much money as it sees fit. No longer would the Treasury issue debt to cover fiscal deficits, it would just issue new money to cover budget shortfalls. If what the Fed does now is bad, allowing the Treasury to print and issue money at will would be even worse. These types of proposals hearken back to the days of the first greenbacks, which the U.S. government began issuing in 1863. A pure fiat paper currency, unbacked by silver or gold, the greenbacks were widely reviled. Only once the greenbacks were made redeemable in gold were they accepted by the American people. The current system of Federal Reserve Notes is even worse than the greenback era in that there is no hope that they will ever be redeemable for gold or silver. The only limiting factor is that the Federal Reserve System only creates new money when purchasing assets, normally debt securities. Allowing the federal government to print money without at least a nominal check on the amount issued would inevitably lead to a Weimar-like hyperinflation.
    So what then is the solution? The Fed maintains that a paper standard can be adequately managed without causing malinvestment, inflation, or other economic distortions. If the Fed were omniscient and knew the wishes, desires, and future actions of all Americans, this might be possible. But the Fed cannot possibly aggregate or act on the information necessary to engage in monetary policy. The actions of hundreds of millions of individuals, all seeking to better their position in life, acting purposefully towards that aim, cannot possibly be compiled into aggregates or calculated through mathematical equations or econometric models. Neither a single person, nor the members and staff of the FOMC, nor millions of people with millions of computers working in a new Goskomtsen will ever be able to accumulate, analyze, and act upon the information required to create a centrally planned monetary system. Centrally planned fiat paper standards such as the one currently in place in this country are doomed to failure.
    This brings us to the question of the gold standard. The era of the classical gold standard was undoubtedly one of the greatest eras in human history. For a period of several decades in the late 19th century, largely uninterrupted by war, the West made enormous advances. Economic productivity increased, art and culture flourished, and living standards rose so that even the poorest citizens lived a life their forebears could have only dreamed of.
    But the problem with the gold standard is that it was run by the government, which exercised a monopoly over monetary affairs. The temptation to suspend gold redemption, so often resorted to by governments throughout history, reared its head again with the outbreak of World War I. Once the tie to gold was severed and fiscal restraint thrown to the wind, undoing the damage would have required great fiscal austerity on the part of governments. Emancipated from the shackles of the gold standard, the Western world proceeded to set up a gold-exchange standard which lasted not even a decade before the easy money policies it enabled led to the Great Depression. While returning to the gold standard would certainly be far better than maintaining the current fiat paper system, as long as the government retains the power to go off gold we may end up repeating the same mistakes that occurred from 1934 to 1971 as the government went first off the gold coin standard and finally off the gold bullion exchange standard.
    The only viable solution for monetary stability is to get government out of the money business permanently. The way to bring this about is through currency competition: allowing parallel currencies to circulate without any one currency receiving any special recognition or favor from the government. Fiat paper monetary standards throughout history have always collapsed due to their inflationary nature, and our current fiat paper standard will be no different. The Federal Reserve is currently sowing the seeds of its own destruction through its loose and reckless monetary policy. The day of reckoning may still be many years in the future, but given the lack of understanding on the part of the Federal Reserve’s decision makers, it is quickly coming upon us.
    It is imperative that the American people be educated on the dangers of the Fed and the importance of restoring sound money. Now that nearly 50 years have elapsed since silver was removed from circulation, fewer and fewer Americans have firsthand familiarity with real money. The laying of the groundwork must begin today, so that the American people will be prepared for the day when the mirage the Fed has created evaporates complete
    Video of Hearing:

  133. Charles Barkley is a blow hard everyone knows that so why all this rancor. Leave him shooting off his mouth and sooner or later he will hang himself with his verbiage. Obama will ask him to be still. When he talks now he unites us..lets use that ..

  134. It is comments like these–the ones claiming Barkley’s words are inflammatory that keeps the the fight going. I’m all conservative and am willing to put blame where it belongs, but it’s stretching the point to say that Barkley said anything over the top or volatile.

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