Ben Bernanke Says Paper Money is Better than Gold to Solve Our Financial Problems

In a series of lectures at George Washington University, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke attacked the gold standard again. It’s rather ironic that he made his attack at a University named after George Washington who was present at the drafting of the United States Constitution and was unanimously elected president of the Convention.

The Constitution includes the following about gold and silver:

“No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

Paper money was issued as “gold” and “silver” certificates that could be redeemed for physical gold and silver. These were later replaced with “Federal Reserve Notes.” There is nothing backing these pieces of paper (actually, currency “paper” is composed of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton) other than the confidence that people have that other people view the money as valuable. Once that confidence goes, people start hoarding things of value – gold and silver being the most popular. Loss of confidence in un-backed paper money has a long history. Consider this:

The U.S. Department of the Treasury first issued paper U.S. currency in 1862 to make up for the shortage of coins and to finance the Civil War. There was a shortage of coins because people had started hoarding them; the uncertainty caused by the war had made the value of items fluctuate drastically. Because coins were made of gold and silver their value didn’t change much, so people wanted to hang onto them rather than buy items that might lose their value.

In his lectures, Bernanke tried to argue that “the gold standard did not work well.” Of course it didn’t if you were a politician who was using worthless paper dollars to give the impression of economic prosperity.

In a slide presentation, Bernanke outlined what he contends is gold’s greatest weakness. You might have to read this at least three times because you’ll think you’ve read it wrong:

The strength of a gold standard is its greatest weakness too: Because the money supply is determined by the supply of gold, it cannot be adjusted in response to changing economic conditions.

That’s the point, Mr. Bernanke. The gold standard is designed to keep politicians from turning our money into worthless scraps like the discarded leftovers of cotton and linen our money is made from.

188 thoughts on “Ben Bernanke Says Paper Money is Better than Gold to Solve Our Financial Problems

  1. Right now…..

    if we went back to the gold standard…..

    foreign banks would turn in our paper money and deplete our gold reserves…..

    as it is…..

    we’re inflating the cost of our goods by printing more paper.

    1. You actually think we have gold reserves?  If the current administration can get away with the outright theft of trillions of dollars what makes you think they have not already depleted the gold…to their pockets?

      1. You are right there is no gold….the answer is to uncharter the Federal Reserve and take over issuing the money ourselves without interest and put Americans back to work.  …. the global elite have hijacked this country and they need to be kicked out along with their gloalization programs as well…..the UN, NATO, FTO, the world bank, IMF, and the list goes on….take back the country ….while we still can… 2nd Revolution ??? 

    2. And this was a primary reason why President Nixon uncoupled the redemption of dollars for gold.

      “Due to the excess printed dollars, and the negative U.S. trade balance, other nations began demanding fulfillment of America’s “promise to pay” – that is, the redemption of their dollars for gold. Switzerland redeemed $50 million of paper for gold in July.[1] France, in particular, repeatedly made aggressive demands, and acquired $191 million in gold, further depleting the gold reserves of the U.S.[1] On August 5, 1971, Congress released a report recommending devaluation of the dollar, in an effort to protect the dollar against “foreign price-gougers.”[1] Still, on August 9, 1971, as the dollar dropped in value against European currencies, Switzerland unilaterally withdrew the Swiss franc from the Bretton Woods system.[1]

      1. Regarding France.  Are you aware that when DeGaulle demanded gold for dollars, that France still owed the US 10’s of millions of dollars for our help in WWI and WWII?  But guess what?  We forgave the debt and paid his demand.  Another case of Govt. at work.

    3. The US dollar that is printed right now isn’t a gold certificate.  No one can demand gold in exchange for it. If we moved back to a gold standard, we would have to set a price ratio for federal reserve notes to gold certificates, and pay our debts accordingly.

  2. The Fed receives as profit every dollar of inflation via the auctions of deficit securities. The accounts are handled exclusively by the FRBNY and have no public accounting for disbursements. If the value of the deficit securities went to the government, there would be no inflation nor any increase in the national debt.

    Hiding of money that is legally due to the government is a crime. 
    For details, see  RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE

  3. Then we should all send Bernanke some Monopoly money and tell him to fix the economy. I’m soooo tired of having the government treat us like we’re stupid.

    1. Maybe we ARE stupid.  Rasmussen Reports shows that Obama’s approval level has never been below 40%.  How can intelligent people believe that he’s doing a good job?  After the passage of ObamaCare, Nevada re-elected Harry Reid… how is that smart?  Recent polls show that 26% of Americans polled see society as unfair and discriminatory in 2012… while only 64% see society as being fair and decent… really??  To quote (or paraphrase) Tom Hank’s character, Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does.

      1. You’ve definately got a point. I’ll watch the news displaying one poll stating that 60% of the american people think this country is heading in the wrong direction, and the second poll would show Obama with a 55+ rating. But, never underestimate the power of a well written poll question, uneducated people, and the media.

        If you watched the Panama Beach interviews by Watters on O’Reilly, those college kids were downright dumb. I was embarrassed for their parents. I just hope mortgaging the house to pay for that “education” is worth the big bucks.

  4. There is not enough gold on this planet to cover just this country’e expenditures alone.  However, our biggest problem is NOT the lack of gold but rather the lack of common sense of our politicians.  As long as they are allowed to keep printing monopoly money, they will continue to do so.  They need to be stopped.  We need sensibility in government, we need to eliminate tons of entitlement programs, we need to downsize government by at least 50% if not more.  Or more simply ALL politicians without exception need to be replaced.

    1. You are right… on all counts, but even replacing ALL politicians won’t fix the problem.  The problem is that more than 50% of the people have been brainwashed into believing that they can get something (perhaps everything) for nothing.  We are WAY passed going socialist; the people have already been brainwashed by the public school system into believing that they are “owed” food, clothing, housing, cars, TV’s, computers, smartphones, and much, much more.

      The only solution I can see is an all-out effort to re-educate the people about “how stuff REALLY works” and I don’t see anyone but The LEFT doing anything to really educate the people… and they are educating them in the socialist way.

      Good grief… where can we go to live nicely and be left alone??

      1. There are THREE departments in particular that desperately NEED to be eliminated IF we are so survive both economically AND as a FREE nation.
        First: The Department of Ed MUST be eliminated and education RETURNED to the local level, thus preventing most of the marxist indoctrination of our youth.

        Second: The EPA MUST be completely eliminated. It has singularily destroyed more of America’s business’s than anything else has done.

        THIRD: the Department of Energy MUST be eliminated so that we can once again acquire OUR OWN natural resorses and release this country from the stranglehold of dependence upon foreign energy.

        Also when it comes to being more responsible with taxpayer money, ANY AND ALL BENEFITS should be strictly restricted to U.S. CITIZENS ONLY. this ALONE will save HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAXPAYER MONEY EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

        1. All true… and that’s just a start on the actual problem.  However, before that can be accomplished, the Conservatives need to embark on an all-out process of sharing REALITY with the masses… in order to get control of the government; otherwise they cannot make any of the changes you mentioned.  The Progressives have a better communication path (via the networks and Hollywood) than the Conservatives.

          It would also help if we actually had a Conservative on the ballot in November.  Right now, it looks like we will have a radical Progressive on the Democratic ticket and a less-radical liberal on the Republican ticket.  Romney will make none of the changes you describe.

        2. IF people start paying attention once again to where the REAL power is in this nation then it makes absolutely no difference in who sits in the oval office. IF WE THE PEOPLE succeed this election in putting enough pro-America Senators in office (and so far from watching all the states it at least appears that it just may happen this time) then along with increasing the pro-American reps even more in the House than was done in 2010, it will make no difference who sits in the oval office. They will in effect be neutered. Even executive orders like this present anti american sitting in that office likes to spit out in complete defiance of our constitution can finally be countermanded with a majority of pro-Americans in congress.

        3. E X A C T L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Remember Congress controls all the money NOT the president.

        4.  dont forget getting rid of welfare too and get those bankers out of control of our money system put it back with congress where it belongs

        5. What we need to add to that list is to bring back the DRAFT!  Maybe that will put a little respect into some of these OWSs

        6. We would need to reverse the damage that is being done to our youth via the department of ED first MaryAnn as well as take complete control of congress first, because as it stands at the moment congress is totally willing to do whatever anyone wants that demoralizes our service personnel. If those were not changed first then those being drafted would just demand that they be able to do whatever they wanted to do and they would get away with it. Then look what would happen to our military.

        7.  4th.. the BATFE….. Firearms/explosives, you send to the FBI…. Alcohol and Tobacco you give to the FDA…. POOF!! No need for ATF! Heck, when you call in a NCIC check it’s the FBI, NOT ATF that handle it ANYWAY!!

        8. eliminating the epa is one thing i cannot stand behind. some of their power needs to be rescinded. but companies will not self regulate if it means hurting the bottom line. they would just as soon dump industrial waste and oil on the ground or down the sewar.

        9. Eliminating the EPA is a MUST. Just have 3 primary rules and 100 agents per state MAXIMUM (with exceptions of course for a few states like Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Delaware because of their size) will solve the vast majority of problems. 1. Found deliberately polluting the air, shut down until problem solved, 2. Found deliberately polluting the water, shut down until problem solved. 3. Found deliberately polluting the earth, shut down until problem solved. No need for the massive amount of expenditures now wasted on this agency. No need for the massive amount of personnel that there is now shutting down businesses for idiotic reasons and preventing businesses from even starting for those same reasons. You need to remember just where the EPA came from to begin with. When Raegan collapsed the soviet union there were all these cells in America that were left with no military targets, but it was soon realized that this nation could be severely crippled if liberals could be organized to go against this country on an environmental basis. They have bleeding hearts with no sense of practicality so they could easily be used as useful idiots and create all sorts of public disturbances protesting this or that or whatever. Soon enough, many of them with the help of leftists that got into different positions of government were grouped together and the new federal EPA was created with gestapo type powers. Soon enough after that, the EPA was actually called upon to render it’s opinion in governmental policies which increased it’s credibility. The same as the ACLU is now called upon for “legal advise” when that entire organization was put together by roger baldwin and crystal eastman for one sole purpose and that
          was to use our own laws against us and legalize anything and everything
          that would ultimately be detrimental to this nation. So the EPA as an
          agency unto itself is NOT needed.

    2. How do you know that the US even has a gold reserve?  There has not been an official audit and examination of the “gold” that may be in Ft. Knox since 1937.   There was a “visual” audit, (more like a viewing) of the “gold” in 1974.  “OK folks, nothing to see here let’s keep the line moving now, keep moving….”

      1. I don’t know if anyone outside an actual guard at fort knox or the reserve bank in new york knows for sure if we even have any gold left. Maybe that is why it was released to private industry to use in manufacuring, because there just wasn’t enough of it to back our nations huge expenditures. I do remeber that at last estimate we were said to have 445 BILLION dollars in gold and that alone isn’t even enough to back all the money we give just to illegals.

  5. When Chavez pulled his gold out of the EU, Loyd’s of London pulled out of the EU, they wanted nothing to do with worthless paper. Loyd’s of London is a very old company and very conservative, and very intelligent.

  6. But he prints it like it is going out of style.   Again more marxism.   You must destroy the current state including its money system and economic system and take over all and re-distribute it.   Making out money worthless of course is just part of the Plan to re introduce new money (the old stuff will be worthless and you will not be able to buy anything with it) probably with the “great leader” Obama on it with his wookie mooooseellleee.   It has happen before in many countries look at Brazil and their marxist leader a good friend of Obama’s

    1. Which is exactly why he signed an executive order last Friday (3/16).  Once he as finished with our currency he can impose the new version of Marshall law and the government will take over all critical industries.

  7. Well, he is trying really hard to make sure our paper money is about as valuable as monopoly money. The Feds policies are the real reason gas, food, clothing, etc. prices are up. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Confidance in the feds is about 7% and the Dollar is woth about 7% of what it was worth when the Federal Resrve was created and the Senators that voted against SODOMY and BESTIALITY is 7% of the Senate.  I guess it only proves that 93% of the Senate is Homo’s and Goat Humpers, but they also created the Federal Reserve which has nothing to do that is Federal.

  8.  Everyone here should see Senator Jim Bunning’s statement at Bernanke’s reconfirmation hearing.  Senator Bunning said Bernanke “broke federal law” and Bernanke didn’t deny.  Bernanke would be in jail if the vast majority of members our government were bought and paid for.  Thankfully, Ron Paul is not.

  9. OK, Mr Bernanke, I’ll trade you Monopoly Money all day long for gold. I have a feeling that’s a deal you’re not willing to “put your money where your mouth is,” you lying hypocritical jerk. 

  10. Good thing our money isn’t backed by the value credibility of our politicians or it would really be worth 0$. An Obama bill would be worth less than -2 cents.

  11. Between this guy, our tax-cheat treasury secretary Geithner, and Mr. Oblunder it is small wonder paper money is the preferred currency of the realm.
    If you run a few hundred billion short just run out and print some more, no worries, as it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on anyway. 

    Mr. Bernanke, I will send you a hundred-billion in Monopoly money for one-million in gold ignots, you can’t beat that deal anywhere!

  12. You’re right Ben. But since I have more Monopoly Money than I want it’s unfair that I continue to hoard it any longer – I want to spread it around. So, I offer you as much Monopoly Money as you ask  (and/or a bridge I also own) in exchange for your gold. And any one else is welcome to the same (limited time) deal.

  13. The U.S. goverment should start digging for gold instead of digging for tax payors money to help with the debt the goverment has created. Turn back to the gold standard and have real value to our country and economy instead of worthless paper.

  14. We have little or no gold reserves, Fort Knox is empty. China will destroy the value of the US Dollar with the help of the US Government in 2012 and 2013, Then the US Government will pay down it’s debt with worthless paper, if they, the lenders, even accept it, the cost of goods and services will skyrocket and US citizens will will be brought to their financial knee’s, many will be inslaved into proverty. Mark these words and this date.

  15. Ben Bernanke is an idiot, propping up the Federal Reserve system and (with his absurd policies) making the dollar virtually worthless.  Just remember “there is no inflation – there is no inflation – there is no inflation – there is no inflation”. 

    Even though gas costs more that twice what it did three years ago, and (maybe it’s just me) when I do my biweekly grocery shopping, as I have for ten – fifteen years, the cash register says it will cost me more than twice as much today compared to what I paid three years ago for the same things – there is no inflation – there is no inflation. 

    The “big lie” theory says that if you say it often enough, people will believe it.  Somehow for the guy paying the bills, the “big lie” just isn’t working.

    1. Bernanke and these guys in Washington are not idiots.  This is a very calculated, deliberate plan from the liberals and democrats to cause this economy to fall and the government can take completely over.  

      1. Paulam777, you are correct, they are not idiots at all.  They are seeing a plan to fruition, a plan set in motion in 1910.  I have to diagree with the last part of your post, as both Repub and Dems are complicit.  Believing that there is one party that stands for the “average American” , is a foolish as believing in Santa Claus.  Not only do I buy gold and silver, but everytime I’m in China, I trade as many Dollars for Yuans as possible because when ALL the politicians are successful in wrecking our economy, Yuans will be an inflation equalizer.

    2. We truly would not have inflation, if we did not have a goverment that only knows how to spend our tax dollars and were honest people.  Ben Bernanke is not only an idiot, he is a puppet. 

  16.  He has printed our money into worthlessness, which is why oil is so high:  It’s traded in dollars.  But try to convince liberals of this. (It’s oil company greed ans speculators, according to them). 

    1.  What a moron Bernanke is along with the rest of the commie mob that is ruining our once great country!!! Almost makes me regret being a disabled veteran…..I am ashamed of what our country is turning into….

      1. Join the club. This administration is the most dishonest and corrupt bunch in the history of the United States. It all starts with the guy in the White House and trickles down thru Congress. It is a sad situation we’re in today.                                                               Mike Tanco

      2. agin i say morons thet ain’t. the fall of the dollar is in the plan. you must get this right. not spupid not morons very smart people with a plan they have stuck with for years. please for our country get this right.

        1.  I’m a Vet too, but not disabled (other than old age) and I’d sure join in to help defend our country and its constitution for the leftists in charge now.

      3. Don’t regret being a disabled veteran or a veteran at all my friend. I’m a disabled vet too, and I’m still proud that I did my part to keep this Country free as long as I was physically able to do so. I may not be able to serve in the Army any longer but I can still shoot, read a map, organize a defensive, plan an attack, send out patrols, yes I still know how to do everything I learned in the Army so when the economy fails; my family and friends will be counting on all my military knowledge to help with our fight to stay safe. And you my friend should be thinking the exact same way!! Be proud Veteran!!

        1. Thank you for your service.  Our Veterans are the back bone of our nation, you deserve much more than you receive. 

      4. Well NunYa, we know you didn’t fight for this, but you did fight for those of us who are fighting against htem.   Thank you for your service

  17. Bernanke is a moron – Everyone will see when this catches up to us.  It hasn’t yet but it’s going to.
    Get debt free as soon as you can put money away. 

  18. Craig,

       We have seen this all with Jimmy Money Printing CARTER!He was a real TYRO compaired to what we have now!!!BUY GOLD AND SILVER!!Let them all POUND SAND!!

  19. Another dummy from the Urkel administration!!

    How does the Kenyan imposter find all these brain-dead, mental midgets?

    Go tell China that gold is worthless; their own a lot of gold plus over half of this once great country !!!

  20. Amazing – Bernyankme thinks he’s playing a game of Monopoly….the problem is, he’s playing with OUR money!

    1. It is a big game of monopoly. The problem is, in this game the banker gets to make the rules and anytime he wants can change them on the fly. So that means unless you are friends with the banker. You lose.

  21. Thanks for the tip Bernie.  Now that you have made it clear that you are against gold…  I know with great certainty that I should own it.   You are ded fukkin’ wrong on everything.     

    1. Personally, I feel silver is a much better investment for lots of reasons.  And my silver is where my mouth… oops! fingers are.

    2.  … And silver!  It’s hard to buy a gallon of gas with a $20 gold piece but very simple with a silver dime.  Equate that to asking a 7-11 clerk to break a $500 bill for a piece of bubble gum.  :)

  22. shackles and chains for this shyster communist punk. I hear he is in some hotwater he and thee other national and international bankers are not going to get out of. About time.

  23. So let me get this sraight-Gold & Silver which has had value from the begining of time has no value. But paper with ink  representing a Debit note is priceless. They don’t call this guy “Hanky Panky Ben Bernanke” for nothing! What kind of Morons would believe this crap? You would have to believe in Maxism,drinking obozo coolaide , obozocare or the moon is made of blue cheese. Unfortunitly there are those week minded sheeple that eat this S**t up.

  24. Who in the Great Hills Of Hell would believe Ben Bernanke a O’Vomit Boyt. He can go blow at the wind  as thats what he is doing to We The People. He can KOBA

  25. That’s fricken phunny coming from an illegal and unregistered foreign agent of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, eh? “roll eyes”  

  26. He’s stating what he and Obama had in mind. Ruin the country from all sides. Don’t allow it to continue. VOTE!

  27. aZ WARRIOR I do agree with you entirely and Bush, Paulson had started the laws for a recession, whereas bHussein, in the red to the money he made for relection to What he got, is a nowhere man of lying czars, all making monies Daily from the US citizen..then the LAPD cannot arrest illegals that drive without a license. Once it was a Party for the hispanics, now the illegals. I Was a farmer’s daughter, working harder for my first 18 years, an only asset to older Mom, 400 chickens, crops, canning, freezing in the early 60’s to beat the Band, in PA…we lost all mfg jobs, NFATA Clintont took them all, and this is NOT even mentioned ever..never do YOU hear the demo hero of present times blasted the USA to Bits, either.
    The banks have ruined the entire world, will close, and fdic will not mean a thing. People are so dense, and so unread, and uncaring, there is No help to be expected from anyone.
    God Bless America and His people.

  28. Look it up ? Plunge protection team =Ben Bernanke,Tim Gietner,Mary Shapiro,Gary Ginsler a Apocalyptic confusion all have a leftists, progressives, socialists, regressive, Marxists they are one of the most complex of all Islam.

  29. Paper money is better than gold to solve our Govt. financial problems because he can pay off our debts with worthless inflated monopoly money, instead of Gold….That’s why we, the people, need gold and silver, because we will be able to pay off all our bills with just a few oz. of Gold, rather than a truck load of Paper…

  30. Actually, if the Democrats did what Bush did during the last gas hike, start issuing permits to drill on Federal lands again, the price would stop flucuating on every sneeze from the Middle East.


  32. Bernake part of the liberal Democrat party that wants to destroy capitalism in favor of socialism and communism. Democrats hide behind that party label because their actual title should be the U.S. Branch of the Communist Party. (their logo is accurate thought — the jackass.)

  33. The only thing worth less than Monopoly money is the U.S. dollar , thanks to uncle Ben and the politicians under Obozzo and the Dumocraps borrowing to finance their adiction to spending.

  34. This nation is being lead as was Sweden to get off cash and into a cashless society.  If you own real gold and silver, where can you buy with it?  If you cash out, what do you get?  Cash?  Remember, no cash.  Why would this come about?  Easy satan isn’t god and can’t be everywhere so he has to use a system that allows him to be all knowing.  In a cashless society there won’t be one thing hidden, he will know everything about your life.  Will he make you take a chip to belong to this society?  You can bet he will, just like God has His mark, satan will have his mark for those who belong to him.  Coming to America soon, after this present president breaks the bank with his foolish idea’s, with the help of the stupid and blind that can’t see his plans of becoming king.

  35. Just remember the ‘federal reserve’ is no more ‘federal’ than ‘Federal Express’ delivery company. It’s a private super-bank that exists only because of crooked deals in congress sneaking the bill thru on Christmas eve 1913 when almost all representatives were home for the holidays.

    They will fight to the end to prevent return to a ‘backed’ currency which is far more difficult to mess with than the worthless fiat money they control.

  36. The last time I looked at the price of gold (a few months ago) and the price of oil, oil was actually cheaper if you were to buy it with gold than it had been a year or so ago.  That is an indication that inflation is the reason that oil is so high.  One could argue that the price of Gold may be too high, but the high price of gold is a result of a very reasonable fear of the dollar inflating even more. 
    I do think though that there was a reason to prevent the collapse of the banking system.  Milton Friedman was as conservative an economist as you can find and he argued that the Great Depression could have been prevented if money had been leant to the banks to prevent widespread panic withdrawals.  Everyone bash’s Bush including conservatives for bailing out the banks but he may have been right.  The problem is that has been carried to far by the Obama administration. 

  37. The printing of the “worthless money” with nothing backing it up is causing our country to go bankrupt and causing our country’s credit rating to be reduced!
    Also printing money that is not backed by gold or silver causes everything to increase in price….think about that when you are filling up your car….oh wait we are going to use alagae or use electric cars like the volt!

  38. I listened to Mr Bernake’s presentation and his criticism of a gold standard always boiled down to government’s inability to “manage” the currency…which is exactly the point.  He always avoided talking about pegging the dollar’s value to the market price of gold.  Instead, he would cite the weakness of having a fixed price of gold and the large amounts of gold required to shipped back and forth between countries to correct a balance of payments for goods.  A dollar valued in gold at market price would show everyone exactly what their money was worth at any given moment…and of course, no politician except Ron Paul wants that!  Cheers, November is coming soon!

  39. We should declare all US federal reserve notes as worthless and not accept them in any trade and make all our foreign debits null and void then reissue the precious metal backed United States currency making all other forms illegal  like the Constitution states “make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts” 

    1. Its not even that complicated. John Kennedy got his head blown off for putting pen to paper with Executive Order #11110. Search and read it. The bankers don’t like it when you mess with their US TAXPAYER cash cow.

      1. Just for the record people for those of you that don’t know. The real reason The Bankers/ Zion are leading America once again into war in the Middle east has very little to do with NUKES. And a whole lot to do with another upstart Country like Iraq and Libya that has said sorry. Keep your US Federal Reserve Petro-Dollar Notes as we already have enough Toilet paper. That would be Iran that is now bypassing our sanctions and trading Oil to India for GOLD< you know that useless stuff Mr Bernanke is mumbling about. And the whole world has seen what happened to Iraq and Libya.  God only knows what they have in store for Adninandjab. He really crossed the line. He also agreed to accept Chinese YUAN for China's Oil needs.

  40. wow! folks here posting, sound like Ron Paul supporters!
    Dr.Paul has been saying about Fed Reserve for decades!
    with all these folks support, we Americans still have chance to turn our Great Nation around and  turn to SOUND  money that is backed by gold and silver as written in our Constitution!
    Dr.Paul is right on! and it’s very clear and understandable  when Dr.Paul said “liberty brings all people together…” because individual’s “liberty” is actually link to “money”(this money being a SOUND money)
    For a fact that NO individual in this Great Nation can live without the “link” to the Dollars!(unless one lives deep in a mountain with no human contact at all for all his/her life… and we all know this is very very difficult thing to do)
    so when Fed Reserve messes with fiat “money” we Americans get screwed because where and how are we gonna have our HAPPINESS and the FREEDOM to do the things that we want to do in our daily lives if our money is getting worthless every day!
    wow i get it now! “liberty” is definitely LINK to “money”
    one of the best solution to this nations problem is having a SOUND money as it stated in our Constitution!
    God help us!

  41. When up is down, right is left, right is wrong, that’s what’s going on now in America, nothing the government does makes sense. I suggest you stock up on food water and anything else you might need to keep yourself and your family locked down for 3 to 6 months, by then most people that didn;t prepare will have died and you might be able to continue living at that point. IF we make it to the next election we need to really “drain the swamp” this time…… obama’s latest tweaking of the law will allow him to call martial law even during peace time. WTF    CHECK and MATE!!!

  42. Hey, Ben. I got a great deal for you. I’ll give you all my monopoly money in exchange for all of “your” worthless gold. Don’t want you to suffer with trying to store all that crap. I need to build an addition to my house. Think it would look great in gold brick. Just like you, Ben.

    P.S. Where’d you get your degree from, London School Of Dickonomics?

  43. Ben Bernanke is right…if you want to bamboozle the general public, but the general public is too smart, so Ben has to create a false truth and first he has to convince himself.  It’s the same as “I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.”  After repeating it several times, he believes his own lies.

  44. All the Bankers to do with the Federal Reserve and its owners Goldman Sacs et al should all be put in jail for what they have done to America and the congress that allowed them to do it should be put in jail as well….under the charges of treason and any other charge applicable to the havoc they have wreaked world wide.

  45. I have been preaching this for the last five years. All of  America’s money problems can be traced back to the Fed. Res. Act of 1913 and the corrupt Congressmen/Senators who passed the bill.  The entire Legislative branch of government must be eliminated.  Keep your powder dry and your guns oiled.  FEMA IS comming to confiscate everything you have.

  46. Don’t be too hard on him he is just another puppet trying in vain to support a political agenda which is false and unjustifiable.  I think it goes back to the days of Caligula when he decreed his daughter was actually his son, can you imagine how foolish his puppets appeared in trying to justify that?

    1. They probably appeared just about like our traitorstream media does today as they trip all over each other in their attempts at marginalizing Ron Paul.  Their day will come too.  It will not be long when their grand children come crying to them with laments like, But Grandpa, I don’t want to work in the state bakery for the rest of my life. I want to be a zoologist.

  47. When the paper representing the gold is worth nothing, the gold you would have is still worth something… I think what Benny meant to say is that Monopoly money is better than our dollar… Of course they don’t like the gold standard. They just can’t go out and print more gold!!! It puts idiots like this out of business once and for all.

  48. All this could be avoided if they would just listen and do what Ron Paul advised.Audit the Fed and then shut it down.

    1. best comment yet, hey bruce have you seen how well RP does jeet kune do? I know you are Bruce Lee but do you really want to meet him in combat? Really?

  49. This is all propoganda scare tactics…. it is so obvious.  Noway is Romney going to be president of this country.  People  have seen right through that crap from America’s priveledged.

    1. I feel sorry for you Jeremy.  You’re one of those bitter Liberals that will never amount to anything than what you are today, which is probably an Occupy Wall Street supporter….a bum and a leech.. someone who wants, feels, and believes that the Goverment MUST take care of you because it’s their job.  Well, my boy, why don’t you do something productive with your life and get a job.  Oh yeah, that’s right.  YOUR President has maintained a > (do you know what that symbol means) 8% unemployment rate for the last three years.  So I’m sure you will be like YOUR President and blame your misfortune on everyone else but yourself.

      You will never be successful because winners take responsibility; losers blame others (sound like YOUR President).  Romney may have had opportunities afforded to him but he could have squandered his wealth away by doing what you’re doing now, which is nothing.

  50. Bernanke (along with Henry Paulsen,his boy wonder assistant TurboTax Timmy Geithner,Bawhney Fwank,Chris Dodd & a few hundred others ) should’ve been strung up years ago!

      1. The TARP bill that W sent to congress was a whopping 3 pages long… The one he ultimately signed was over 300 pages long… Lest you forget, it went through a Democrat house before it came back to him…

        1.  I sent two emails to my rep, one before TARP to vote against it and one after my rep voted for it that you lost my vote and I voted for a different candidate.  What did you do?

  51. The ultimate decider of what real money is – God.  “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine,’ says the LORD of hosts.” (Hag 2:8).  “And all your valuations shall be according to the shekel of the sanctuary” (L.ev 27).   A ‘shekel’ is about 1/2 ounce of silver (about $20 in today’s fiat money system).  This NEVER changed, but the dollar changes every single day. Bankers hate the silver and gold system because they CANNOT corrupt it, and they CANNOT print it, and they CANNOT charge interest by creating it out of THIN AIR! This is why the thief Bernake hates it. It takes away their power. Surely God will judge these thieves for what they have done, as they have totally corrupted our monetary system for their own gain.

    1. God is not going to fix this problem.  After all didn’t some one say God will help those that help themselves? or something like that. I tend to think God really could give a hoot about politic’s. Our rulers seem to believe that. So you do the math on how this madness will be brought to a stop.

      1. The Bibical saying is God helps them who walk by faith.  We are supposed to rely on our father God.  God gives a major hoot about everything.  He has numbered the hairs on our head and he knows if a sparrow falls to the ground.

      2. Ron, you are correct that God is not going to ‘fix’ our political system, but if you understand what God said regarding his laws and the correct way to live this life, you will also understand why mankind is in this mess in the first place. If mankind (starting from Adam), had listened to God and kept his commandments, we would not be in this mess. The problems with our financial system are rooted in the breaking of this commandments, “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL”, and when men print money using worthless paper as a medium of exchange, it is stealing, and cannot stand. It’s going to collapse because you cannot violate the laws of God without grave consequences.

    2. but the definition of a dollar is a certain weight and fineness of silver or gold, not sure which, thus what we are dealing with are FERNS, not dollars at all…

      1. The founders defined the dollar this way, but why even have a dollar backed by gold and silver? How about we just use the gold and silver as money? Oooo…..   that’s not corruptable (and you can’t swipe a card), so no, we CAN’T use that! Politicians and corrupt bankers got rid of the precious metal system decades ago, and now we are suffering the consequences. The time has come for the people just to use gold and silver coins as currency, and we DITCH the electronic/paper system that the corrupt bankers and politicians love so dearly. And why do they love it so dearly? It’s corruptable, and they can tax the people with inflation by printing as much of it as they want AND they can track and control your every move!

  52. Hell yes NunYa…me too. Taking 4 rounds is almost not woth claiming i am a veteran. I sure didnt go through the mud and blood to see these socialist pigs take over. F#%&them. I want AMERICA back. Vote these liars and thieves out!!!

  53. paper currency in circulation before ’08 $500 billion. current amount today $2 trillion, we are about to get a history lesson first hand of what weimar germany looked like.

  54. Rachel Maddow: Romney’s Lies Should Disqualify Him From High Office

    Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:00 AM PDT

    The disastrous comparison of the Romney campaign and Romney himself as an Etch A Sketch
    — a blank slate to be rewritten to fit the moment — Rachel Maddow
    finally did what no journalist to date has bothered to do. She
    enumerated the lies he tells daily, the cynicism with which those lies
    are told, and goes on to explain why Romney is undermining democracy and
    the office of President when he lies so easily just to get the job.
    Romney’s own words bolster the lack of conviction to any set of ideals.
    This is what he said:

    “I’m running as a conservative Republican,” he said. “I’ll be running as a conservative Republican nominee.”

    So you know, I was a vampire for Halloween, too, but I’ve always been
    a Democrat and if I ran for office, I’d be running as me, not a
    definition of the party designation next to my name.

    My 18-year old daughter got it right away as she watched this
    segment, asking if Americans are really this stupid. Sadly, I had to
    answer her in the affirmative. It really has to be difficult for members
    of a party to hate their candidate, know he lies with ease, and yet
    stand up and wave the flag for him. Yet it seems that more Republicans
    than not are doing just that.

    Steve Benen described Morphing Mittens’ many versions:

    Romney 1.0 was an independent who distanced himself from
    Reagan; Romney 2.0 was a moderate Republican with self-described
    “progressive” views on social issues and health care; Romney 3.0 was a
    social conservative who cared deeply about the culture war; and Romney
    4.0 is a far-right businessman who represents the GOP establishment and
    the top 1%.
    What will Romney 5.0 look like? I don’t know; I guess we’ll have to
    wait until after Fehrnstrom & Co. shake the Etch A Sketch and hit
    the reset button.

    As Maddow argues, a man who can lie and shift with such ease not only
    poisons democracy should not be considered to hold higher office. It
    just plays right to the “untrustworthy government” theme conservatives
    love, but it’s a terrible way to lead.

  55. I’m confused… I hear that Gold is the way to go as a hedge against inflation and the value of the dollar…
    1.  Why is the value of gold based on purchasing it with dollars.. that is an ounce of gold costs $1,500.00 per ounce..when the value of the dollar is suspect.

    2.  If the bottom does fall out, how much gold will it take to purchase a can of corn, or beans, or any other food item?  and remember, you can’t eat gold….

  56. Getting off the Gold standard created the greatest economy adfter WW ll the world has ever seen. Gold is only good for making Jewlery, teeth and some limited industrial uses, otherwise you can’t do anything with it because its to soft.  I  can’t understand why anyone would pay $1600.00 per ounce for this metal that has such limted use.

  57. The dollar is worth somewhere in the vacinity of 20 cents in real terms as depicted by the cost of $107.00 +/-  for a barrel of crude oil. Silver and gold are a common hedge against inflation. Bernanke & cronies say there is little or no inflation in the economy?
    With the dollar worth almost zero in international markets, inflation is all around us, however the morons running the Treasury Department in Washington can’t see that, or worse, choose to ignore it!
    Personally, I’d rather have a handful of gold coins than a handful of $100 bills.

  58. Bernanke is an idiot who has been in over his head from the day he took office.  He and Turbo Tax Tim have done more financial harm to this country by their monetary policy than the ten appointed before them.  They are playing musical chairs with the money supply and it is causing the inflation we are seeing today.  No wonder gasoline is going through the roof.  When the dollar is devalued, it makes everything more expensive.  I hope this country does not go the way of Zimbabwe or the old Weimar Republic where it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, but we are rapidly moving in that direction.

  59. As usual , Bernanke has his head shoved up a body cavity that can’t be mentioned in polite company . I suppose this is his way of telling us that they have looted all of the gold reserves we held and there is nothing backing up our dollar . 

  60. Bernanke SHOULD be facing charges of TREASON and awaiting trial and eventual time in Federal Prison!; as well as much/many of the current regime INCLUDING “resident”(thats NOT a typo!) obama!
    ABO= “ANYBODY” but obama!

  61. Bernanke thinks we are all too stupid to understand the market and how it works. Well I understand that you don’t spend money you don’t have and have no expectation of ever being able to pay back if you can get somebody to give you a loan. The Federal Reserve has been operating in secrecy for TOO LONG! They and the Democrats have been operating a huge PONZI scheme with taxpayer money. Unfortunately, some of the establishment Republicans have also bought into the scam and its benefits. It’s time to get back on the gold standard, audit the Fed. and kick them out of our nation!

  62. What is so sad is that people will follow Bernanke’s madness and buy fiat currency because: 1) they don’t understand that the goal of this administration, and that includes Bernanke even though the Fed is supposed to be apolitical, is to destroy the currency and in turn our economy, 2) that central banks around the world are buyers and NOT sellers of gold, 3) the Chinese, Indian, Russian, etc. governments and are all  buyers of gold and 4) the Chinese government owns us and when it is advantageous for them, they will call in their markers turning us instantly into the Weimar Republic.

  63. An attack on gold is an attack on our Constitution!!!!!!!!!! In Your Face Bernanke!!!!!!!!!
    Repulicans-Democrats-Independents-Vote Your Conscience!!!!!
    RON PAUL & ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012 3rd Party Trumps All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Paying off the national debt: 
    As seen on Fox yesterday, the national debt is close to 16 Trillion dollars.
    A miracle happens and we change leadership, ethics, morals and accrue common sense.
    Let say as a part of this miracle that spending is held in check – frozen if you will. 
    Let’s say that in this miracle,  next year we match the highest surplus ever – $250 Billion under Clinton and it goes toward paying off the national debt.
    Let’s then say we repeat this surplus every year until the national debt is paid off.   Interest keeps building but we are paying it down.  With all these miracle surpluses, how long will it take to pay it off?
    66 years

    NObama has already shackled America to the grindstone of world marxist rule.

    1. The U.S. debt is just another straw that will break the camel’s back. There is over six times the debt in the world as there are assets to cover it. This was created by all the different country’s banks like our Federal Reserve. If the Fed note loses it’s place as the world’s currency, it will bankrupt millions of people all over the world. Once the dominoes start to fall, there will be nothing that can stop it. But that is the plan for a one world financial order that Satan has put in place so that he can rule the world.

      Satan wins by deception, which is exactly what the Fed has been since the beginning. The “direct” income tax on the people is against the original Constitution. No amendment should have been allowed that “changes” the original. The Fed, the “direct” income tax and the IRS were all created to strip the people of their money. FDR sold the people into slavery to the Fed in 1933 with the Banking Act (bankruptcy act). They have stripped trillions from this country ever since, but the people didn’t know what was going on until the Internet started wising people up.

      If you look at the national debt ever since 1971 when the Fed note was taken off the gold standard, you will see that it has been climbing ever since. The so-called surplus from the Clinton years was only money they didn’t spend that they had allotted themselves in the budget. The DEBT still went up during that same time. If there was a real surplus, the debt should have gone down. It was just more “cooking the books” by our government.

      Between the Bush years and the Obama years, our debt has reached a point of no return. Don’t kid yourself — this was planned! This country has become an entitlement welfare state, dependent on the Fed to print up more worthless Fed notes to keep it going. There is NOT enough working people in America now to pay for all the government programs. Also courtesy of the government.

      Who is to blame? Both sides for being puppets of the Fed. He who controls the money — controls the government. Our politicians are worthless as far as getting us out of this mess they created under orders from the Fed.

      Do I have any solutions? One! PRAY as if your life depends on it, because it does — and “hope” that God is still listening. Pray that God will protect your soul through the hell that is coming and give you the strength to not succumb to the Mark of the Beast for your body to survive.

      We, who believe and trust in the Lord will survive to live in a Heaven on Earth ruled by Jesus.

      That is the world I look forward to!

  65. Tell me where I can meet up with him,  I will bring a case of monopoly money and trade him for a box of similar size of gold.   

  66. This is how I value gold and more so silver. When I was 8 in 1964, my mom gave me a dime (silver) and said “Go to the store and get a loaf of bread.” I would buy the bread and take the left over penny and buy a stick of candy. Today, if you cash in that silver dime (aprox. $2.25) it will still buy you a loaf of bread and some candy. If the bottom falls out, that silver dime could still buy you something, that cotton/linen paper thingy won’t.

  67. Because of this mind set we are losing our dollor to the China money standard. Even the China dollor value is climbing as the US dollor is dropping, and fast at that. China only holdes 1 trillion of our US debt but as long as we keep printing money those dollors keep losing value. It’s much like the more you have of something  the less it’s worth. So the more we print the less it’s value by owing 1 trillion it will take 10 trillion to pay it off.  And in real terms Obama is winning the war on America. To put it in his words,” We are going to transform America ” The real thing is he said he needs 4 more years to do it, and that my friends will be the end of America as we once knew it.  Then to ever get it back to something close we would have to have a civil war in the streets of America alot like Libya. And then the muslim world might be the road block for our recovery. You can bet Obama has a plan to get his votes out and we have got to do 3 times better or we will still lose the election. We have got to take back the Senate and Congress from the liberal vote. So Pray and go to work for America GET THE VOTE OUT.    

  68. Ben Bernanke is a Jew’s Jew.  Call me anti semitic if you must but the fact is the Jews own and control most of this worlds’ financial and banking institutions.  The devaluing of the Dollar and other world currencies is one of their tools to control and rule the world.  

  69. Meanwhile, gold goes up, the dollar goes down.  And this guy is in charge of our money?  He should have the US dollar is worth monopoly money.

    1. From what I understand, there is no gold in Fort Knox. It is all sitting in the Fed basement for all the money they printed up for the politicians after FDR signed the Banking Act (bankruptcy act) of 1933 — selling the American people into slavery to the Fed for eternity! Our tax money doesn’t go to the government — it goes to the Fed for the trillions in monopoly money they print up to keep funding all the government’s programs.

      ALL Americans are in debt to the Fed for trillions of dollars that the government gave away one way or another. Neat little scam they’ve had going for the past hundred years. They can take EVERYTHING we have as payment on the debt that the Fed and the politicians created. We are going to wake up to find we no longer own the country our Founders fought and died for because the government sold us into slavery many years ago.

      If people think that we have a snowball’s chance in hell of this country going back to a more Constitutional government — guess again. The Fed and the government have a hundred years head start on us that has destroyed our Constitution. They are like a cancer that has taken over everything. We would have to destroy the patient to cure it — starting with our fake currency and all the government programs that makes us slaves to the Fed’s money printing.

      Not many people are willing to give up their false sense of security to face the truth of how bad it really is. They falsely believe that they still own something of value that the government can’t take away. By the time they wake up to the truth — it will be too late.

      Check out executive orders from hell if you really want to know where we’re headed. 

  70. We must expose lies immediately, for once they  are allowed to take root and are accepted as truth, they are much harder to dismantle and prove they are lies.   People are not willing to invest time and do their own research.  Lies can be very subtle, such as taking credit for good activity that is happening right now, yet it was not something you had anything to do with.  That is a subtle form of TWISTING the factd, it still equates to lying.

    1. Making my own correction to the above comment.  I hate it when I do not catch errors like the d instead of an s in the word….facts….sorry.  Pretty obvious but it is easier to read if we try and be careful to get it right the first time.  


    Pres Kennedy did it by Executive Order and ended up dead! The Warren Commission never told you about that, did they.

    Lyndon Johnson ignored Kennedy’s Order and now THEY tell us America is broke !

    Ron Paul has been warning us about the Fed for the last 30 years but THEY tell us he is just a crazy old fool.

    RON PAUL & ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012- 3rd Party Win Trumps The Establishment !!!

    Republicans-Independents-Democrats: UNITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. The last tool Helicopter Ben has left the the power of verbal persuasion.  This power is diminishing as more and more people realise that the emperor is in fact jay-buck naked.
    The sham will be over when the Chinese implement a gold backed international currency and start to demand settlement of accounts in hard currency – I.E. the gold backed Yuan.  At that point it is “game over” for ~all~ the fiat currencies.
    We are seeing the second piece of this plan coming online this summer as the Chinese establish a Pan-Asian Gold Exchange.  The first piece is the amount of gold held by Chinese citizens as government encouraged savings.  I expect the third piece to appear within 2 to 3 years(maximum) of the start of the new gold exchange.
    The Chinese are quietly buying up gold bullion as well as taking positions in gold mining companies worldwide.  They are publicising only a small portion of their activities in order not to cause a sharp rise in market prices.  The signs of these market activities are there for anyone who cares to do the investigative work and connect the dots.
    Bernanke knows his time is short but he can’t do anything but keep on turning the crank on the printing press.  As soon as he stops he no longer has any usefulness to his puppet-masters.  

  73. And I got a bridge in Arizona I will sell you with all the funny money you can print. They reall think we will beleave that bull.

  74. The Federal Reserve system is a collusion between government and the banking industry, with the dual purposes of  1. facilitating government borrowing far beyond anything possible with real money and interest rates set by a free market and  2. allowing the bankers to create and manipulate currency and credit for their own benefit and that of government.

    The result of these policies has been a constant inflation of the money supply, until a dollar today has the purchasing power of less than two cents, a hundred years ago.  The creation of huge amounts of artificial credit is responslible for fraudulent “booms” that misdirect limited real resources and capital into unsustainable projects and result in “busts”, when the creation of fake credit must be curtailed to prevent financial meltdown.

    Bernanke’s job is to oversee and protect this system, whether, or not, he understands exactly what the purpose of the system is, or what its effects are (and most economists, trained in false Keynesian theories which promote this system, don’t understand).

    “The gold standard makes the determination of money’s purchasing power independent of the changing ambitions and doctrines of political parties and pressure groups. This is not a defect of the gold standard; it is its main excellence.”–Ludwig von Mises

  75. Paper money = the emperor has no clothes = smoke and mirrors = they are too stupid to figure this out  get rid of the federal reserve but now we can’t because everyone is living on credit 

  76. Over recorded history, about 5000 years, more people have died over its ownership than any other reason exept for religious wars.  Gold is useless as an  industrial metal, it has some uses in computers and electronic devices. In poorer countries gold is still used in dentistry. And of course this shiny metal wont rust and makes nice jewelry.   Why would anybody want to  pay $1600.00 for good $$ for just one ounce of this stuff.

  77. It is expected that the head of the FED would object to gold and silver as a currency.  The Federal Reserve is in and of itself a criminal enterprise designed, created, empowered and put into practice through the undeserved and unconstitutional force of law in support of the financial well-being of foreign investors through an illegal and immoral kind of scam perpetrated upon the citizens of this republic.  A return to the gold and silver standard would in the very least, undermine and ultimately destroy this unconstitutional scam.  At the very most, it would force a revelation of the illegalities, unconstitutionality and the outright fraud involved in the FED. 

  78. No wonder we can’t resolve our finances, we have one ignorant after another controling our economy and an American voting public that has no time to stop and see that we are going down the tubes.  “I have no time for this crap, I have to go to work”  so says the average American.  So while they have no time and take no time, they are doing exactly what our enemies, including Washington DC, want us to do, NOTHING.  So Mr. Obama may get a second term unless we who are making these comments can get beyond this web page into the hearts of America before election day.  We have a lot of work to do and prayers do help also.  The LORD is not going to do anything unless we plead with HIM.  He has been ignored and discarded like an old record.  How would you feel if you were the LORD?
    Even Scripture usings God and Silver to discribe the beauty of heaven and the high value of certain items.  Why do you think our founders passed on the same wisdom?  Why do you think that in history past, empires used Gold and Silver as payment in place of bartering?  It’s time to retire Mr. Bernanke, those US Senators who agree with him and the President.  Come on America, Let’s do it!

  79. Bernanke and his ilk worship at the altar of fractional reserve banking of the world banksters. It also explains why a anything bought for a real dollar in 1913 costs 3,000 times that now.

    Remember bubble gum, 10 for a penny? Priced bubble gum lately?

    A two bedroom house with two baths  in 1960 could be had for $3,000 silver dollars.

    A car could be had for the currency value of $5,000; the pure value in silve? Not much different from Henry Ford’s Model A, in the early 20th century, of $595.00.

    Get the point?

    The entire purpose of the “Federal” Reserve is to leech the value of American prosperity by determining, in conjunction with the Rothschid banking Empire, how much they want to steal from you. Which is everything!

    If I can print a $100.00 bill for, oh, about 10 cents, and then sell it to the world at face value, who’s making the money here?

  80. The opinion I have says Alan Greenspan was (is) a much more reliable source of financial information than Bernanke. Better in his guidance, his opinions and confidence. In other worde: He knew more! Bernanke is another of the crowd that needs to be sent packing in Nov.

  81. Read what Judge Learned Hand said when they were debating the CONSTITUTION, about paper money.
    He said that they would use it to inflate or deflate the money and STEAL OUR SUBSTANCE FROM US .
    Why did the federal reserve act have to be passed in the middle of the night christmas eve,when everyone that opposed it had gone home.
    Jack Kennedy was killed because he printed us notes which did not draw interest to the federal reserve and the BANKERS so they could line their pockets off the working mans BACK!!!!!!!!!!!,and he would not stop.
    Reagan was shot because he was going to act on his promise to do something with the money.
    We need to have RON PAUL as the secretary of the Treasury,if he is not president.

  82. And this from a Tax Cheat! BHO appointed him and before he was confirmed he had to pay his back taxes. The jerk needs to go along with his boss: BHO!

  83. Besides getting rid of the Federal Reserve banksters,we MUST clean house on our Congress.Then we need to start new news media outlets,as we all know that they are controlled and only cover or report news THEY want us to read.
    Then we can start by abolishing Dept.of Education,EPA,Dept.of Transportation,Property taxes,Income taxes,Drop ALL Foreign Aid,Close Military bases,Get out of NATO and SEATO,Tell the UN they have 24 hours to get out of the building in NYC(I meant closing military bases in foreign countries) and drop out of the UN.

    This would only be a start.I would as President tell ALL lobbyists to leave Washington,tell ALL of Congress if you don’t follow the Constitution,you will be ousted as a traitor.

    Their would be no bank bail outs and their would be an investigation.

    Americans need to start learning that no one is entitled to hand-outs.I would try to get a bill passed to repeal the 17th Amendment(which allows Senators to be voted in by popular vote,instead each states legislature would vote 2 Senators in and if they were not doing their job they would be ousted).This way,you couldn’t be ultra-rich and spend $20 million on a campaign,like McCain to get re-elected.

    This is just starters………………..

  84. Liberals view money just like they view the law.  Money doesn’t have to be backed by anything but faith, they say.  Trust us, a dollar is whatever we say it is.  Same with some of the Supreme Court justices.  Trust us, the law is whatever we say it is.  Constitution?  What constitution?  These kinds of issues define liberals and conservatives.  Liberal have no core values, they just go with the flow. 

  85. Gold, silver, copper all good things.  Melt down a bronze penny and it is worth about 2.6 cents that’s a pretty good profit margin and copper is not at it’s peak.  We shall see how high prices go.

  86. Well then if he is convinced that monopoly money is worth more than gold I have some that I would be very happy to trade to him for gold.

  87. One word for what’s coming and that word is “BRICS”. We’ve gone to war with every country that wanted to get paid in something other that “Petro-Dollars”. Are we going to go to war with Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa too? We are so done when the world dials off the dollar. Not far now….

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