Administration Tells Benghazi Witnesses to Keep Quiet

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, our government is telling witnesses to the September 11 attack on a U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, to keep silent about what they know.

Some jobs require an oath of secrecy, particularly certain positions in the military, law enforcement or intelligence fields that may expose a person to genuine national secrets.

Then there are those situations where you might be sworn to secrecy but it just doesn’t feel right, like when the school bully warns you not to rat him out to the principal after taking your lunch money.

Congressional staff members who have been investigating Benghazi believe there are 33 eyewitnesses who have for all intents and purposes “vanished.” The White House has not come forward with a list of names and won’t tell members of Congress who or where the survivors are.

White House spokesman Jay Carney has denied that the Administration is interfering with the Benghazi investigation, saying, “I’m sure that the White House is not preventing anyone from speaking.”

He’s believable because it’s perfectly normal that 33 witnesses to an embarrassing international incident wouldn’t make a peep in our media-saturated modern world. After all, it’s not like any major media outlets would be so hungry for ratings that they would grant anonymity to a source who was fearful for his job, career, family, life or whatever. That never happens.

Graham for some reason is just being stubborn when he doesn’t accept Carney’s excuses.

“The bottom line is they feel that they can’t come forth, they’ve been told to be quiet,” Graham told Fox News.

“We cannot let this administration or any other administration get away with hiding from the American people and Congress, people who were there in real time to tell the story,” he added.

At least one witness, a CIA agent, was visited in the hospital by Secretary of State John Kerry, and possibly Hillary Clinton. I’m sure they were just checking on the fellow.

Other Republicans, like Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, are just as convinced as Graham that the Administration is still hiding something from the media and Congress.

It’s hard to imagine what, since so much information has been leaked to the New Media regarding Benghazi and how the U.S. “mission” was actually a gun-running operation to fuel the fighting in Syria. It’s also known that the U.S. screwed up by relying on al-Qaida-linked mercenaries to overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

At least it’s known to the global media and the New Media — just not the lame-stream media like NBC.

We should urge Sen. Graham and other conservative representatives to keep pressing for answers.

162 thoughts on “Administration Tells Benghazi Witnesses to Keep Quiet

  1. After this much time and the propensity for bits of information to leak out, I would have to say, sadly, that that there are probably 30 Jane and John Doe’s on slabs scattered throughout morgues across the country and the world. With this administration and the fact that these 30 or so people owed there lives to the memory of two utterly heroic and honorable warriors, it would seem that at least one would have the twinge of conscience to speak out in their behalf; if they could.

    1. cmorplante……Just what I have been thinking. I’m sure they are being held in check to keep them from shedding light on the fiasco and to prevent more of the nefarious underbelly of the Obama administration from being exposed.

      1. Absolutely correct! At the very least, they and/or their families have been threatened in some way. This is hillary’s (and the left’s) usual shtick — threatening people, like she threatened the women who got involved with bill.

        1. What do you expect? Don’t forget the obummer political machine silenced the Clintons about his ineligibility during the 08 primary. Must have been a mighty big hammer over her and Bill’s heads; like maybe Chelsea’s life?

        2. Don’t forget what happened to Vince Foster or Ron Brown. Dead men (or women) tell no tales.

      2. I would think that records somewhere reflect on whom was in the area some time before the incident. In this working from a list of these people say from June and determining where they are now might give us several names to work with. I would be asking the Green Beret Ltc that was there who else was operating in the area or perhaps Gen Carter Ham who was in overall command of the military in that area.

        1. Actually he was forced out according to my sources at Fort Bragg. By his wanting to help and raising questions after wards.

    2. I hope LIndsey Graham sticks with this until we DO GET SOME ANSWERS. He just may have opened a can of worms. Enough to flush this whole administration down the toilet. You had to know that there was one big fat lie after another right from the beginning. Go get him Lindsey! All of them should be MADE TO TELL THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE!

      1. that you can’t count on. he is a lot more liberial than he acts. i believe this man is smoke an mirrows don’t expect much from him.

        1. I hope you are wrong Don but, I was upset with him for his behavior when Rand Paul did his filibuster so maybe he is smoke and mirrors but I hope he has good side to him and will stick with the Benghazi business. I used to like him but I am seeing a different side to him every once and a while and Mitch McConnell too.

        2. got to remember Graham has been taken to task over the Paul filibuster and is up for re-election in 2014! He needs to pull a really good rabbit out of the hat in order to have a hope of getting re-elected. The local TEA Party group in SC is just dying to put up a good Conservative candidate against him. He often does the right thing but isn’t very consistent or Conservative.

        3. Graham needs to go, just as does McCain of AZ. I should know I live there and voted for him. But, never again.

  2. I hate to brag, but I warned on this only a week or two following the incident. Keep going Sen. Graham. The truth will out.

    1. your counting on a rino tommoro he may go in a nother direction. this man an his buddy mc cain are 2 people you can not count on . their is more left in them than right

  3. I know for sure Sheriff joe ad he cold call Possee can find rem ad make them talk. Just callJoe. Also Andrew’s crack investigative team can easil get names, contact them and then publish they are not talki g. Why do with silly supposition. Or did these 33 disappear with poison darts, maybe. Go start doing some investigative journalism with facts. Be brave

  4. I am one of those witnesses. I’m writing this post under another person’s name. And I know where all the witnesses are “buried” and what they’ve been told to say if they they are discovered by the SS members in charge of this Obama administration’s so-called “investigation”. If these SS members of the Obama administration found out that I’m ratting on them, they will hunt me down and bury me for sure — as they use to tell “ratfinks” in Chicago before Obama was elevated to his new position as president for life.

    1. Why use any name at all? If you really are one of those witnesses, find someone to give REAL information to. Don’t blog. I think you are a fake/flake.

      1. I don’t really care about how dumb people like you think about my tongue in the cheek post. You didn’t get the point I was making, and your post indicated to me why you didn’t get it.

        1. Either you don’t think these people exist or that what they saw/experienced isn’t important. Take your head out of the sand.

    2. Come on. No one is going to believe you. The internet is full of posers, shysters and crooks. I learned that many years ago when I used to believe in stock message boards and found out that there are paid plants to spread confusion and disinformation. You say they are “buried” but then go on to say they have been coached as to what to say if they are discovered. Just as in a kidnapping people need proof of life, we need some proof that you know what you are talking about and that you are credible.

    1. Not “Barky O”, But his NWO War Daddy” and Financier Georg Schwartz /Soros! Unlimited $$ will get You Anything/ Everything. I can’t believe the Anti-Defamation Society Jews took the Jew-Nazi Quisling, Soros’ side against Glen Beck, when Beck was calling attention to Soros’ War, and Currency Manipulation CRIMES!

    1. You are very witty! My thoughts exactly. I don’t know how he can keep a straight face when he speaks such garbage!

  5. This will be like the Watergate incident, the public will get the information, long after this guy is gone from the WH. It’s not a shock that the witnesses have been silenced. This Administration lives in the shadows.

      1. Watergate was child’s play in comparison to the behaviors of this prez. At least Nixon was man enough to admit wrongdoing and stepped down. We’ll never see this guy admit to anything.

    1. the only real thing that was wrong about Watergate was that the President tried to protect his “guys” by covering up a basic B&E of the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The only thing that was there was “intelligence” info on the campaign…WHO CARED??? Had it been you or I…and we had no previous record…we would have gotten a slap on the hand and a suspended sentence for that crime. Would the world come to an end if the Republicans found out what the Democrats were doing in a campaign…STUPID waste of taxpayers money. Were his guys wrong…absolutely. Should Nixon have thrown them under the bus, fired them all and walked away…absolutely. That said…this situation got 4 good men killed…two were complete heroes as they knew when no one came that they were going to die but they took 60+ bad guys with them. I am so angry at this administration …they feel that they can do no wrong. At least Nixon showed that he cared about the country when he resigned rather than put the country through a horrible situation. He had class something this President has no clue about. When/if (and I feel that it will eventually come out) the House finally gets to some of those people…it is going to be ugly. I think he and Holder should both be skinned for Fast and Furious…but that’s a whole other story.

      1. My reference to Watergate was the Scandal itself. No comparison to the things this character has gotten away with. The men who died have been brushed off,just like the Border Agent who died. BO continues to act unknowing of the events, but we all know that being the control freak he is, his fingerprints are on everything that goes on in these agencies. As they say, you can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

    2. How dare you say that about the great and powerful bo? He has the most transparent administration. I know this to be true becasue he said it was and he also has a website.

  6. If the 30 witnesses are still alive, they should immediately tell others what they know about the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Then there would be no reason to have them killed and they could be protected. If Obama is innocent of any wrongdoing why is he hiding them????

    1. if they were there they are marixs an will say nothing. you think they would trust just any old body there? use your brains any info about this marixs president an his menions are hard to come by

  7. I hope that Senator Graham and others will keep this up front. We can’t just sit back and let this charlatan and his minions get away with anything they want. I don’t care if the media is deaf and blind to this evil dictator we’re stuck with, there are enough of us out there that I’d think there would be a way to see to justice. Any ideas or any help that “we the people” could provide, I’m sure that there would be many, myself included, that would step up to see this guy sent back under the rock he crawled out of. Hillary too.

  8. Someone is going to have to provide concrete and detailed information about this debacle. If we allow this travesty of justice to be ignored what will happen if Americans are lined up and shot in cold blood by Obama and his minions. He did it in Benghazi, why not here?

  9. They must get the truth. They must get the names and supeona these witnesses. Defend our country from tyranny and oppression.

  10. We should be demanding to press criminal charges. Shrillary Clinton for starters. Plus Eric Holder for an act of war against Mexico. Obama for constantly lying.

  11. Obuma will sheild and back Muslims every time, Prior to his presidnal election , he has made 16 statements ,”stating that he IS a Muslim” “and if push comes to shove, He will stand with Muslims.
    I really doubt that Obuma has ever told the truth.

      1. I don’t know about the czars, But I Know that Brennan, Hagel and Kerry are Muslim Converts.. I doubt the czars are Jews, communist yes but not Jews.. Which ones or who are the Jews???? Names please..

        1. Thanks, What is beenie weenie’s name and what does he do?? Whats he czar of??
          He don’t like Jews, I don’t think

        2. I have to look up the article on Hagel to be exact…He was in a M E country as sort of liaison for Military/Gov. Any way by the time he returned state side, he had converted to Islam. And has remained in close contact with the one person.You will recognize the name when I find the article. Anyway His conversion was widely known about. As I said, I will look up the article and put names, place and time in a comment. Give me a couple of days….

        3. needs updating but his picks havent changed…jack lew for instance

          Economic Czar – Larry Summers
          Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein
          Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg
          Guantanamo/Military Jails Czar – Daniel Fried
          Car Czar – Steven Rattner
          Border Czar – Alan Bersin
          Climate Czar – Todd Stern
          Global Warming Czar – Carol Browner

          S. Bernanke – Chairman
          Donald L. Kohn – Vice Chairman
          Kevin M. Warsh
          (Note:Frederic Mishkin recently left the Board of Governors)

          Jewish Federal Reserve District Bank Presidents:
          Eric S. Rosengren – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
          Charles I. Plosser – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
          Jeffrey M. Lacker – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
          James B. Bullard – President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
          Gary H. Stern– President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
          Thomas M. Hoenig – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
          Richard W. Fisher– President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
          Janet L. Yellen – President, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

          Benjamin Bernanke: Chairman, Federal Reserve System
          Neal Wolin: Deputy Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department
          Lael Brainard: Under Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department

          Richard Holbrooke:Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan
          Stuart Levey: Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
          Lawrence Summers: Chairman, National Economic Council
          Paul Volcker: Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board
          Jared Bernstein: Chief Economist and Economic Adviser,
          Peter Orszag: Director, Office of Management and Budget
          Jason Furman: Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget
          Jeffrey Zeints: Chief Performance Officer to streamline government and cut costs as well as Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget
          Gary Gensler: Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
          Mary Schapiro: Chairwoman, Securities and Exchange Commission
          Sheila Bair: Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
          Karen Mills: Administrator, Small Business Administration
          Jon Leibowitz: Chairman, Federal Trade Commission
          Douglas Shulman: Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service
          Neil M. Barofsky: Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“SIGTARP”)

          James B. Steinberg: Deputy Secretary of State
          Jacob Lew: Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources
          Jeffrey D. Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (Includes Mideast)
          Lee Feinstein: Foreign Policy Advisor
          Eric Lynn: Middle East Policy Advisor
          Dennis Ross: Special Advisor for the Gulf (Iran) and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State
          Mara Rudman: Foreign Policy Advisor
          Dan Shapiro: Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council

          England: Louis Susman
          Germany: Phil Murphy

          Rahm Emmanuel: Whitehouse Chief of Staff
          Julius Genachowski: Chair, Federal Communications Commission
          Elena Kagan: Solicitor General of the U.S., Department of Justice
          Dr. Margaret Hamburg:Commissioner, of the Food and Drug Administration
          Dr. Joshua Sharfstein:Deputy Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration
          Susan Sher:Chief of Staff for First Lady Michelle Obama
          Dr. Thomas R. Frieden:Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  12. Do we have the three monkey’s who see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil , in this adminsitrtion? Obama, Hillary and Holder?

  13. It will come out but then it will be too late. Time and again this administration conceals the truth.
    CONGRESS IS COMPLICIT AND just as guilty. There is no trust in this administration run by islamists.

  14. Where is the mainstream media? If this had happened on President Bush’s watch–which it wouldn’t –but if it did– the papers and TV would be screaming bloody hell. Why aren’t any honest Democrats seemed to be concerned?Transparency, honesty, integrity, character–what does it matter, Hillary? Boy from Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, to Clinton and Obama. Where’s Gibbons to write another rise and fall history?

    1. Obama is a muslim ass kisser, just like his ass kissing predecessor. A few things come to mind when I reminisce on the Bushes tenure. Let’s see…. there was the freedom killing, Patriot Act. Then there are all of those images of GW holding hands with all of those Saudi Princes. Gotta keep those oil prices high for OPEC and for the american oil men, which the Bushes are. Then there were all of those Ramadan dinners held in the “peoples” White House, at the “peoples” expense. After 911 who could possibly object to elevating Allah, during the muslim unholy days, and in of all places, Our nations capitol. Which, by the way, is blasphemy against the G-d of Jacob.
      Let’s not forget big papa Bush, crowing about the “new world order” that they are tirelessly perusing. Which requires the removal of America’s sovereign borders. They are all globalist, their most fervent desire is the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist.

  15. Obama has been molded into the image of his god, Allah, aka Satan, the father of lies. Even the photo above this post reveals his wickedness. “The eyes are the window to the soul.”
    With his upcoming trip to Israel, and his planed visits to some of the Holy sights; Obama is engaging in some very risky behavior. There is the very real possibility that he could burst into flames, in full view of the world. That would be AWESOME!

  16. Dis-regard what Jay Carney says as he it part of the problem not the solution. Prosecute from the bottom up and someone that is facing prison will eventually talk and continue to talk until the answers are forth coming

  17. Just as the fags who used to enjoy bathhouses with Obama in College from his dorms to the so called people who have no clue who he even is! (the kgb sealed $2 Millon records) I know how many people from my highschool from class reunions? to College students and all his so called degrees yet no one knows him? So who is he? Satan himself! Lucfier the decieving and blinding people! Just like Sodom got destroyed by our Lord, it is just a matter of time when the good ole USA get’s blown away into little pieces! This is his world not Obamas! From the queers who want to get married, to joining and currupting our youth in the Rainbow Scouts, I mean fag Scouts, ok Leader men preying on our young kids club,pick one! To an evil force destroying our Military to the financial reources of our economy! The writing can’t be any clearer – just look at the name Barak Hussein Obama! It is just amazing that people are letting this Bozo do what he is doing and getting away with it now for 5 years. Before Hitler is in full control, why isn’t the problem in these days and times gotten rid of? Before it is to late?

  18. Great journalism. We must press relentlessly until we can get the politicians who are hiding behind this out of office. The present administration have no idea what the truth is because, on a daily basis, because they have never told the truth. They think we can’t handle the truth, because we are so stupid, right?

  19. The State Dept’s Ms Lamb admitted she was on the phone with Benghazi at the start of the attacks…everything else is Kabuki theater…this administration knew in ‘real time’ and let then die for political reason…Move along…the truth will never come from Satan’s soldiers…

    2:09:00 tells us all we needed to know.

  20. I don’t know exactly what all the charges should be, but I know that from the TOP down things have been done that are not right and no one has or will do anything about it…..

  21. Can we be certain that the administration did NOT give orders to murder the 33 with drones. After all, a 16 year old American was recently murdered by our drone.

  22. SURELY you aren’t implying that about our President! Unknown, unskilled, properly unvetted, uneducated (rumors don’t count), never achieved anything in his life, lived solely on the generosity of his family, friends and companions all his life? Who has YET to present records, documents, information, papers, OR Credentials to prove he is qualified to lead the greatest Nation on earth? Who side-stepped, ignored and by-passed every requirement normally REQUIRED in order to qualify to campaign? SURELY you JEST!

  23. When you say “vanished,” does that mean that these witnesses have physically disappeared, or have their identification as witnesses disappeared? A number of individuals were said by certain sources that witnesses to illegal activities connected to the Clinton’s, disappeared in various ways. Murder to cover-up crimes isn’t anything new that would fall under the realm of possibility with the progressive agenda.

  24. This is what happens when the mainstream media sticks its head so far up Obama’s large intestine that they lose sight of everything but his stench (which they describe as divine). When the truth BEGINS TO TRICKLE DOWN TO THE MASSES watch how fast the mainstream media becomes EXPERTS on what has happened. It’s sickening what’s happened to news on the national level. You find out more about what is happening here on the BBC (which keeps ITS ears tuned to those in the media considered THREATS to our national security by our own government!)

    1. They should but they won’t. He should be arrested and charged for a lot of things, but nothing will happen….Number one.. They do not have the ba s to do it.. & Number Two What Judge do you think would actually allow a fair trial or find him guilty regardless of evidence presented?? Certainly not one of the Supreme Court Judges.. And they have long arms…As far as I’m concerned, Washington is one big slop bucket and they are all POS……

  25. I’d believe Graham’s statement instead of suspect it’s true if he had explained how he knows this information. Did he talk to some of the witnesses who actually told him “I’ve been informed NOT to say anything by the administration.” If not, I suspect Graham’s statement is suspect.

  26. The nazi in chief only wants those who eat at his table of dictatorship and drink the cool-aid of slaves, he thinks he is a god, and really just a ill informed satanist like his two fathers, Hitler and satan, both lose as does this little messiah in cheif and end up in the lake of fire, follow him and join him, hope you like a eternal vacation with more heat then you can stand.

  27. This is just Chicago style politics coming out of the White House at its best. Example, Hillary Clinton’s testimony, or dramatic lack of it, on her knowledge (using it loosely). Again, where is any leadership to get at the truth, or is it also guilty of some things and not wanting to show its hand? Just makes one wonder what is going on after such blatant misleading stories and testimony; that no one seems to hear or comprehend.

  28. By the lies, denials, and coverups i guess we really intuitively know the basic truthes here, but it would be nice for someone in the adcministration to have the Blls to put it in writing.

  29. Friends and families must know something is being covered up. To keep everyone silent forever will be impossible.

  30. The. Most. Transparent. Administration. Ever!
    Yep, that’s the only promise the O-man has kept! We can see right through him!

    1. WRONG, He made one other promise that he has kept…He Promised to Fundamentally Change America….I believe this to be the only two times he has spoken without lying….

  31. I wonder how Jay Carney can look at himself in the mirror knowing that he’s being paid to lie for the Obama Administration? That’s like prostituting yourself for money, isn’t it?

  32. …so break out the subpoena pad and start putting folks in jail that get in the way….and you can start with Barry!

  33. So the Barack Obama Regime is going back to his origens in SouthChicago, and using extortion and intimidation against Governement Witnesses not to talk about the Bengazhi Massacre, by keeping them quiet…

    There goes “the most transparent administration Washington has ever seen”…

    Has his goons already enforced his Ilegal Orders braking any knees, or legs, or hands, or arms, or broken any heads yet??? Be patient because, it will soon happen.

    Congratulations to all the Obamites Idiots a/k/a Liberals, the Left, Socialists and Progressive, that voted to re-elect this Tyrant, and ruin our Country.

  34. Nixon must be rolling over in his grave. Sounds to me like a cover up waiting for a Pulitzer for any journalist with a set of meatballs to do their job and expose it. “Mr Woodward, the American public waiting on line 2”.

  35. Same game, different names! This is held up by Obama for the same reason that he has all his personal records sealed: As he said “The only people who hide from the truth are people who have something to hide”!

  36. Note to Jay: YOU sir are a LIAR in such proportion that it rivals your boss the Liar in Chief. No one believe your BS anymore!!

  37. How sad that this kind of question needs to be raised in our formerly free republic. And, on in OZ could such things be going on in plain sight for anyone interested enough to care, and they don’t care.

  38. How sad that this kind of question needs to be raised in our formerly
    free republic. And, it seems that only in OZ could such things be going on in plain
    sight for anyone interested enough to care, and they don’t care.

  39. The picture of Obama that accompanied this article candidly reminded me of a picture of Hitler during one of Hitler’s speeches in Munich. My question is: Do all tyrannical, narcissistic dictators strike the same out of their mind poise when lying to the public?

    1. Their blood is on his hands as the ‘Commander in Chief” and as the “President’! It is also on the hands of a bunch of linguini spined subordinates in the Chain of Command!

  40. Ask most libs about Benghazi and they will admit they do not know “who he is”…HA! Thanks to improper history teaching and lack of true and honorable media reporting, most do not know of Benghazi, six months later, what a farce!

  41. You need to stay on Obama’s case , no let up keep that hammer down . The bottom line is if we have wuitnesses that can testify the Ambassador Stevens on direct order by Barck Obama foor recruiting Jihadst Libyans in Benghazi and arming them to go to Syria and fight Assad . If we can proove that , it is treason and Obama can be impeached for treason for Arming AlCaida. , Thes ewitnesses are our emloyees Federal Workers we pay their salaries and if they dont come forward and tell the truth , do not listen to the White House or State Department telling you to keep quiet . If we find out that you are doing that and hiding informaton , we will immediately terminate you , all pay will sease , your pension and federal Health Care will expire and you will not be paid.

  42. Even L. Graham gets it right once in a while. But when the fraud president has to answer for his treason, it will be just the beginning, there are a lot of people who have to answer for that fraud being in the position he is in! There are a lot of laws never legally signed by a president, A lot of money not legally spent or accounted for, ect. It is mind boggling the web created and tangled in just the past four years. By the way those 100 senators sitting in Jan. 2009 have a lot to answer for! As do fifty state Secretaries of State.

  43. Because Obama has been ‘scripted’ by his benefactor’s all along his formative and adult life he thinks he will continue to be protected from the truth……….when it finally comes out with all the rest of his dirty laundry he will be toast!!!! The most defamed and reviled person to dare sit where he had no right to! He believes his script…his press, his image in the mirror and so does that idiot ‘wife’ of his…………..false front to a rouse of large proportion’s in evil! I do not know how he can stand himself or her?

  44. Who would want to work for the State Dept. after knowing what has happened to the Americans our Fed Gov. put in Benghazi? What kind of people are working for the State Dept?

  45. The force that keeps them quiet must be the same force that shields the truth about Obama’s past. There are too many unanswered questions that are ignored. Social Security card, passport, draft registration, birth, education, classmates, financial backing. The Clintons managed to rack up quite a list of dead while keeping them in power, somewhere about 130.

  46. Has Graham ever really gotten anything significant that is good and conservative accomplished? I don’t know, does anyone else?

  47. This from the man who promised to be open. Where are the media? There must be a great scoop here. I’m sure they aren’t looking for these witnesses if it would embarrass the president they so protect. Go get ’em Graham.

  48. Nope, you’re dealing with the most corrupt king wannabe in the history of American politics, who will keep this buried deep in his litter box where all his other zhit is covered up. Being a muzlim himself, you may have noticed that he’s all buddies with the muzlim terrorist, hard core ragheads that have taken over Egypt, and are clearly and openly hostile to the USA. BUT, doesn’t matter if they hate us, want us destroyed (along with Israel) we are STILL giving them billions of taxpayer dollars and top shelf fighter planes! So the Benghazi gun running scheme blew up (maybe Al-quida was unaware we were helping their buddies). From the first minute of his first alert the SHTF, this faker want’s it all covered up and to go away. That’s why he goes partying instead of seriously trying to save our people.
    Don’t know if Average Joe on the street can get their head around just how much power this muzlim pretender has as prez of the USA…..but if he wanted 30 people associated with this to be kept permanently quiet, just like in the Chicago mob where he leaned his craft, they can be dealt with. Same as Sandy Hook, there is a LOT of BS going down here, in this public theater against law abiding gun owners, but there are way too many dots that don’t connect AT ALL when you look closely.

  49. Sadly there are too many people who have gotten drunk on Obama’s Kool Aid and don’t care. American Idol and the other drivel on TV are all that is important to them. Then there are others who are so busy trying to make a living any news they get is from the TV so they have no clue as to what is really going on. They actually think everything is still Bush’s fault and Obama is a great President because that is what the TV news tells them. If you are able to point out what is wrong with Obama to these people and what he has been doing they are actually shocked. Like the Germans who after WWII were shown the Nazi death camps they didn’t know existed. All they saw was Hitler was a great leader saving Germany from the rest of the world because his propaganda told them so.

  50. When we were kids and we did something wrong we always said to our frends that knew what we did, ” you better not say anything or I’ll kick your but!” and this is no different with what oBama is doing! But now I think these people are worred about there vary lives from our own PRESIDENT! THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT DOING THIS TO ITS OWN PEOPLE! And if we don’t do something about it soon this will become wide spread and we will all be sorry real soon! Why do you think oBama is going after our guns and all our RIGHTS! oBama and others are committing treason on our country! He theatens our people and also lets illegal aliens that are also criminals and knowen terroist out of prison! THIS IS TREASON!!! And we need to stand up and do somethig about it now! AND GET RID OF THIS IDEA THAT IT WONT HAPPEN HERE BECAUSE IT IS, EVEN AS YOU ARE READING THIS!!!! IMPEACH THIS TERROIST WE HAVE IN OUR WHITE HOUSE NOW!!!! Or we will all be sorry!

  51. After the tragic incident, I read from some where (I can’t remember the bloc) there were 35 survivors that able to flee and were sent to the hospital in Germany. Then 1 of them died, so there were 34 survivors and the death should be 5 instead of 4. However, I must delete the news and I always wonder what happened to the survivors and why I had never heard anything after that. If I knew there is going a conspiracy of hussein obama, I would keep the news. I might try to find it from either Canada Free Press or Pravda. I even posted on my comment there were 5 deads and I got a respond from one stupid obama’s sucker that I don’t know how to count. I did hit back about the news. Might be we can check the record from the hospital in Germany.

  52. Say it isn’t so, Ma! What a shock…By the way, great picture of Obama. Reminds me of old film clips of Hitler ranting..

  53. Now if only the much maligned, dismally rated United States senators and representatives will grow enough balls to actually demand the names of every one of the ‘witnesses’, and then interview each of them under oath, America will bear witness to an incident that exposed White House and State Department involvement in what will surely be a weapons-running operation to opposition fighters, a.k.a., jihadists that would love nothing more than to see our country go up in flames!
    The White House, the State Department, Obama, Clinton, Panetta, whomever; someone or everyone must be held accountable for the deaths of the four Americans, no stone must be left unturned!

  54. “We should urge Sen. Graham and other conservative representatives …”

    This implies an untruth: Graham is not a conservative. He’s certainly not in favor of freedom.

    Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  55. I don’t give a rip what kind of secrecy they may be sworn to. If they are alive they should be compelled to testify before congress. That is, if we knew who they were. This is pure coverup BS and congress needs to get to the bottom of it. Get on the news and talk about how the administration is interfering, stonewalling, and obstructing. We deserve to know the truth. And yes, we can handle the truth.

  56. I LOVE that picture of oblamo……it shows what an EVIL person he really is!!! Satan is sitting on his shoulder! It also shows what a lunatic he really is !!!

  57. When is Obama going to come clean on Benghazi… NEVER IT’s BUSH’S FAULT> If he can blame someone else he will. He don’t have the nuts to come forward and tell the American people he was affraid and went and hid in the closet.

  58. Are these people ghosts? Do they have names? Do they have families ? Do they live in American…land of the free and home of the brave?
    Are they under house arrest? Amazing that no national news network has moved to find things out about any of them.
    Obama knows and that’s scary.


    The September 11th siege of our Benghazi Consulate — in which U.S. Ambassador
    Chris Stevens and three others were murdered by Islamic terrorists – may well
    have been the Obama Administration’s attempt to generate an “October
    Surprise.” Like everything else Barack Hussein Obama and his minions have
    attempted, it went awry with catastrophic results.

    I believe this theory explains all of the currently available facts better than any
    other, and is eminently plausible: It is exactly the sort of ploy the Obama
    Administration would use as a tactical diversion upon finding itself in a tight
    re-election campaign. (Even Obama didn’t expect to win re-election, if his
    uninspired performance in the first televised Presidential Debate is any indication…)

    The possibility that the Benghazi incident was orchestrated by Bolsheviks and other
    traitors in the Administration helps explain another curiosity: The glaring absence of
    any other event that might have served the Obama Campaign as an “October Surprise.”

    The fact that no other crisis was exploited by the Administration speaks volumes, especially
    for a political party heavily dependent upon “crises” of their own manufacture, which are
    shamelessly misused to ensure the election of their candidates for national office, as in the
    case of the burst housing “bubble” in 2008. Moreover, this theory has the added benefit of
    explaining the following:

    First, it explains the glaring lack of security at the Benghazi Consulate. Security Guards
    guarding the Consulate were not issued ammunition for their weapons. Moreover,
    Consular personnel had made multiple frantic requests for additional security for several
    months prior to the incident, only to see these requests rejected each time by the Obama Administration.

    In addition to the absence of an armed Marine Guard, a 16-Man security team at the
    consulate was disbanded and sent home approximately a month before the attack. Even
    the Libyan “Government” (whatever that means) repeatedly warned U.S. officials of threats
    to the Consulate by radical, terrorist elements.

    We have also learned that much of the assault on the Consulate was viewed by the National
    Security Agency and State Department in “real time” — thanks to our drone technology — but no forces were scrambled in an attempt at a rescue mission. Even though the drones were armed,
    and could have thwarted the attack as soon as they were in range, they were never used,

    These facts lead to the unavoidable conclusion that a terrorist assault on the
    Consulate in Benghazi was both inevitable and eminently predictable. Indeed, it
    was probably INVITED: What was not anticipated was that
    Ambassador Stevens and three others would be killed, rather than merely taken hostage.

    Second, it explains the Obama Administration’s motive. The attack
    on an American Consulate and the capture of Consular Personnel would have
    afforded the Bolshevik-in-Chief an opportunity to negotiate with
    Libyan Authorities for their release. (Don’t forget: Obama supplied military
    equipment and some intelligence to the Libyan “rebels,” so they are indebted to him
    for their coup.)

    With the assistance of the Corrupt Leftist Media in the United States, any successes
    would have been portrayed as the greatest humanitarian effort since the Normandy
    Invasion, and would probably have ensured an Obama landslide and a second Nobel
    Peace Prize. His triumphant return would have dwarfed Julius Caesar’s return to Rome
    from the Gallic Wars.

    Third, it explains the puzzling blizzard of lies in the aftermath of the
    attack. This theory also explains why key administration figures —
    such as President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chief Prevaricator
    Jay Carney and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice — stuck to their puzzling narrative
    about “spontaneous” demonstrations, while attributing the entire
    incident to a phony anti-Islamic video that no one ever heard of or viewed.

    Indeed, they stuck to this phony narrative for days and weeks
    after it was decisively disproved, suggesting that the game plan was already
    drawn-up, but when things fell apart they had no alternative but a resort to
    their pre-written script.

    If this theory is correct, then Ambassador Stevens and these three other brave
    Americans were sacrificed on the altar of Obama’s reelection

  60. how many people have to disappear before congress gets a clue that it just might be this administration making them disappear. who is going to investigate that?

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