Bible Education in High Schools an Overdue Idea

A bill approved by Wyoming’s House of Representatives has potential for greatly improving public education.

To atheists’ dismay, the house passed a bill last week that would allow high schools to offer elective courses on the Bible. It’s one of the sanest ideas to come out of any government in a long time.

Critics will jump on this idea as some sort of “indoctrination” in violation of the mythical, mystical “church-state separation” that the liberal courts have adopted. But the Supreme Court has ruled on numerous occasions that schools can offer courses on the Bible so long as they are not used for devotional purposes.

The Bible has long been a missing component in American education, being relegated to a dusty shelf in school libraries as children were subjected to a nonstop anti- intellectual diet of Darwinism, which has become virtually a religion of its own.

Science is a great tool for examining the world around you, and it can lead to amazing discoveries. But the greatest virtue of science has always been its correctibility. When an idea is shown to be wrong by experimentation, the scientific method provides for revision of hypotheses, theories and conclusions.

Where science falls apart is when people start taking it as Truth, capital T, rather than as a tool for finding out facts. That’s the exact situation in most public schools today. If there’s any indoctrinating going on, it’s by those preaching the twin gospels of Darwinism and Marxism.

The Bible holds a unique place in human history as the holy book of one of the few major monotheistic religions. But more than that, it has been the source of inspiration for Western civilization at its best and worst moments.

As often as good men have drawn strength from the Bible to lead civilization forward, evil men have cited it in their efforts to drag civilization back. It gave the diverse cultures of Europe the heart to pull together and repel Muslim invaders on several occasions, then was abused by many of those same protectors who were overcome by their own greed and xenophobia.

It’s stirred the imaginations of artists, writers, musicians and philosophers. Its worldview nurtured science by describing a universe designed by an eternal and just Creator whose laws can be understood by observation and reasoning.

The Bible is the cultural touchstone that led to the Founding Fathers’ most passionate ideas about freedom, government and inherent human rights.

Critics of the plan to offer elective courses on the Bible are ignorant of these points. They in fact are the best example of why children need to learn about the Bible.

Even people who are not Jewish or Christian have an incomplete understanding of the culture they live in if they don’t know about the Bible.

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  1. God, please let this become the first, albeit tiny, ripple of an increasing storm of righteousness and virtue, that encompasses the nation, leading to a return to honor, Christian worship, Biblical principles, family values, hard work, and devotion to Church and community. There were “great awakenings” in the 1700s, the 1800s, but not since then. We could sure use another one right now, Lord, as the sea water laps over the rail of the “Ship of State” known as America. As a matter of fact, if America is in Your future plans for this world, that future rests solely in Your hands now, for it is far beyond the ability of men to accomplish. I pray in Jesus’ name, Lord. James White, M.D.

    1. We need to bring God back into our schools. We’ve turned our backs on him and we’ve lost his protection. Now more than ever, we need God in our lives, schools and politics.

      1. Martha, we not only turned our backs on Him, we’ve kicked Him in the face. Perhaps if there were more classes. prayers allowed, even Bibles delivered to schools like the Gideons do for hotels/motels. there would be less Bibles being delivered to teenagers in prison. We may be able to save some of these young people. It’s worth a try.

    2. Don’t forget decency…We are the most indecent people I have ever heard of…No respect, no moral compass, no conscience, all depraved…and running our country with more coming after them even worse. Even my youngest son tells me the world has changed and all the bad is now good. I tell him nothing has changed the immoral people have bought a lie and they have changed…Truth does not change…It makes him feel better to think it changes when he sleeps around and has been taught it is wrong.

    3. Brother Jim…….Amen…..I’m in total agreement with your prayer (Mat 18:19). Just like what happened so often to rebellious Israel, America is being brought to its knees as its people finally realize that we are captive to crime, drugs and depravity because we have rejected the One who has blessed us for 200 years.

      Only when we seek His face and repent, and cease the murder of our own offspring will God deliver us from our enemies. Only then will America be known once again for tis goodness and virtue.

  2. Even ignoring the religious aspect, one should ask: will this increase the costs of education? If so, how does a small government conservative justify this additional expense? As for what the Bible teaches, that should have been taught at the home; if it has to be taught in the schools, it’s too late.

    For those saying God is not in the schools—you’re still allowed to pray silently. As for Darwinism—while you could make a case that Marxism has harmed—what harm has Darwinism caused?

    1. Adam….

      1. The Bible is the foundation of Western society and as such should be a requirement in schools…and monies used to fund it is money well spent.

      2. You’re wrong. When America decided to eject God from our schools….by not permitting audible prayers… a growing prohibition against any references to Jesus at Christmas or Easter (both of which are a celebration of an aspect of his Life)….by not allowing kids to even carry a Bible to school or make any references to God/Jesus….by not even allowing kids to wear Christian t-shirts (in some schools)…….it was our downfall…and God’s protective hand was withdrawn.

      Those in the media, reporting on school shootings and mass murders across this nation, often ask……..Where was God?

      Answer: Outside where you put Him.

      3. It’s never too late to know the One who made you.

      4. The harm from Darwinism? If you don’t know that answer by now, then it’s pointless to try to tell you.

      1. you must be satan to the last person then! lol. The attack on Darwin is a foolish stupid waste of time. You go nowhere with it. Why not atatck the true culprit, neo-communism? Deweys progressive education designed to make kids progressively stupider. etc, by atatcking science, which is what the left now does, you play in their court and help them succeed.

  3. Though I am a saved Christian, I’m by no means a religious person. I’m all for bible teaching in schools where it allows for the interpretation of the child through the Holy Spirit. Thats where the family comes in. I’ve taught my children to pray for divine interpretation prior to reading the bible so that the evil one may not warp the truth.

  4. We need God anywhere we can get him…If they read the Bible they will get the interpretation from God….Get it into their hands…It can be as simple as one scripture to change the course of history.

    1. I don’t think you really want school kids finding out what’s actually in the bible. You’d probably be better served just telling them what you’ve been told about it.

      1. I want everyone to know what is in the Bible…I read it as a child and as a teen etc. It was my help in times of trouble. I gave me answers to life. I want all the kids to know the Bible…for themselves..The Bible is a living word. You have to experience it to know what I mean…

        1. Back when our second president John Adams gave over the office of the president to Thomas Jefferson in 1800, he told the new president, ‘make sure to keep God and the Bible in our public schools. The children need to know right from wrong and understand the importance of excepting God in their lives. Without this important teaching, there will not be enough policemen to enforce our laws’. How could he know the mess that we are experiencing 200+ years later after scrubbing and bleaching out every hint of God from our public schools.

        2. Thomas Jefferson was one wise man as were our other founders…Now there are not enough locks to keep us safe in our homes…It began to go to hell when they took God out of school…I was there…So foolish…The devil knows his days are so short..He is so desperate…

      1. Looks very good. Certainly is clean about what is to happen to homosexuals…and what is an abomination…Of course in America now there is no right and wrong…whatever we want it to be….We must get back to basics.

  5. .Murphy, it doesn’t have to be interpreted as much as you might think. Since it is an elective it can be taught and discussed. UCC of the Bible is very plain. What would have to be done is to give students the historical context for each book. That goes a long way in keeping weird interpretations out. I do it all the time in my classes in Prison.

  6. Adam, Darwinism has led to the creation of Progressivism and Planned Parenthood by Margaret Sanger. Darwinism has helped lead to the efforts to remove our society to it’s current state. Think about it, when kids were taught right from wrong, we never had gun violence in school even thought guys with pick-ups had rifles in gun racks on school property! Since Darwinism has been taught, things have only gotten worse!

      1. Not true at all. HS used to have rifle teams and no shootings. kids used to bring their guns to school to hunt afterwards, no shootings. Since the 1960s violence greatly increased along with crime. The age of the neo-left corresponded with the age of violent crime. Violence is a reaction to force and coercion and the feelings
        of helplessness and hopelessness in a nation that has gone from more freedom to more enslavement. You cant preach doom and gloom and eco-apocalypses along with death studies to kids and not have them go psychotic. They wiped out all of our frontiers, limited our horizons and then put a lid on and then increased the fire of inflation which pushed good jobs overseas and you don’t think this
        pressure cooker wont explode?

  7. And of course from there you can go right into the Constitution as a contract with the people that is fully based upon the Holy Bible. Not only that but, you will get people that have been taught morals and ethics. What they do with them from there is their decision but, then unlike Obama they have no excuse. Obama is the opposite way. He was taught muslim ethics and morals that boil down to killing and stealing are ok as long as it is not your fellow muslim sect (sunni, shiite ect). Then the Unitarian Church which is a “do as thou wilt” church having little to do with Christ. Then of course he belonged to the “low down” club at Wrights “church” which again is hardly Christian in any way shape or form

    1. The Constitution does not mention the Bible, God, or Jesus. This omission is glaring enough to prove it was left out deliberately. In no way can you suggest it is “fully based on the Bible.” Unless you are suggesting that the Constitution is based on giving this new union the freedom from the religious tyranny they had under King George.

      1. CARLjr……If you want to know the background and motivations of the novel, Moby Dick…you ask Herman Melville, its author.

        If you want to know the background and motivations behind the Constitution, you asked it authors….James Madison and other contributing Founding Fathers. Read the Federalist Papers, their personal letters, speeched and journals.

      2. First paragraph of The Declaration of Independence:
        When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people
        to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,
        and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal
        station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a
        decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should
        declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

        Since the Installation of the very first President of the United States included prayer to God and the Ceremony of Installation was immediately followed by all participants adjourning to a nearby church for a ceremony of thanksgiving and worship this country was, in fact if not in written declaration, founded on the principles laid out in the Torah and the Christian Bible for securing a sound government.
        You really need to familiarize yourself with the Federalist Papers.

        1. Yet it lays the foundation on which the United States Constitution is erected.
          Your silence on the historical context of the actual events making the Constitution an operational document is deafening.

        2. Please see my post describing the historical context of the actual events which led to our independence from England.

        3. Your depiction of the reasons for the founding of various American Colonies is reasonably accurate yet you completely fail to detail the actual reasons that resulted in the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent War of Independence.

        4. I specifically said what the motivating factor was and addressed the list of grievances leveled against the head of the Church of England. You did not read my post carefully. (Or any history books apparently)

        5. While some draw meaning from the references to “Nature’s God” and “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence (references that could mean any number of things, some at odds with the Christian idea of God) and try to connect that meaning to the Constitution, the effort is largely baseless. Important as the Declaration is in our history, it did not operate to bring about independence (that required winning a war), nor did it found a government, nor did it even create any law, and it certainly did not say or do anything that somehow dictated the meaning of a Constitution adopted twelve years later. The colonists issued the Declaration not to do any of that, but rather to politically explain and justify the move to independence that was already well underway. Nothing in the Constitution depends on anything said in the Declaration. Nor does anything said in the Declaration purport to limit or define the government later formed by the free people of the former colonies. Nor could it even if it purported to do so. Once independent, the people of the former colonies were free to choose whether to form a collective government at all and, if so, whatever form of government they deemed appropriate. They were not somehow limited by anything said in the Declaration. Sure, they could take its words as inspiration and guidance if, and to the extent, they chose–or they could not. They could have formed a theocracy if they wished–or, as they ultimately chose, a government founded on the power of the people (not a deity) and separated from religion.

      3. Wrong. James Madison and John Witherspoon could write the document in no other way than by the Holy Scripture. Remember that everyone that went to University in those day first took classes to be a minister of the word of GOD. It was imprinted upon them by their education. As for George he really was not such a bad guy in the world and actually liked our George. You might want to read a little history before opening up your yap.

        1. Not such a bad guy? Seriously? Maybe you should read the list of grievances against king George III in the Declaration of Independence. George was the head of the Anglican Church and made every attempt to have his bishops impose religious rule over the colonies. It was our quest for religious freedom that was the motivating factor in our independence from England. It is true that many in the new world believed in a supreme being, but the colonies all had different sects. Baptists, Pilgrims, Puritans, Presbyterians, Quakers, and Methodists all had their own forms of worship and did not appreciate interference from the Anglicans. The overriding theme of religion in colonial America was the hatred of everything Catholic. There had been a long history of religious violence in Europe with the Protestant reformation and Henry VIII separating the Anglican Church from the Roman Catholic Church. These conflicts often played out in bloody battlefields with thousands of casualties. Many people fled to the new world to escape the persecution of the theocracies that dominated Europe.

          Read more than ONE book, dummy.

        2. Nope stupid and I stand by what I said. Our form of government came from the English one that until our nation was the most free in all the world. And it was not religon that motivated us but comerce that was taxed for a war. Go back to school child.

        3. Wrong, you completely
          miss all the thinkers that they read, Locke, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Turgot,
          Pain, etc along with the example from scripture, especially the old testament. The “bible alone” was not their only source. To argue it was is to be ignorant of historical facts.

        4. However they read these people in a context of scripture that they had already based their lifes on. A muslim would have a completely different view

      4. You are right; it
        wasn’t fully based on the bible. The classical liberal thinkers influenced the
        founding fathers even more. They were still religious but they were imbued with
        philosophy, natural law etc. The protestant mind needs to always champion their
        ideology of the bible alone, that is why they think the founding documents came
        exclusively from the bible. The left also needs to uphold their ideology and
        that is why they interpret the 2nd amendment as a societal right and
        not an individual right as the left holds the idea of social construction. Nowhere
        do our founders see anything but individual rights and the rights of individuals,
        but the left will read into everything a communal right as their ideology
        requires it. In their eyes individualism is a myth, even though Marx never
        taught that, it was revisionists who did.

        1. Well said, Craig.

          To build on this, much to the dismay of many Trinitarians, the Classical Liberals, who also led to the Unitarian movement, also had a lot of influence. Essentially, the Unitarian foundations of personal freedom and choice, along with the thinkers of the Enlightenment are key as to why we have what we have.

          While many of the values espoused are indeed Biblical, all language was left theologically neutral for one simple reason: even in the Eighteenth Century, there was a lot of diversity religiously speaking, and under no circumstance was anyone to be slighted. Between all the Christian sects, a small Jewish population, and the Indians practicing their indigenous beliefs, nobody could be left out.

        2. Unitarians now and then had little to do with GOD or the BIble. And no they really in the time period were looked down by everyone as nuts. And yes Jefferson was considered to be a rather odd duck for his Deist theology. And if you read the Bible it includes everybody(Isaiah included the gentiles in the Old Testament) so it does follow it comes from good ole King James.

        3. No classical thinkers did not influence the founders to any great extent except for Jefferson who was a deist and did the Declaration not the Constitution. Madison did construct the Constitution and the 9 out of 10 of the first amendments. He also felt uncomfortable with the secrecy that the convention was operating under so he instituted a Q & A that is known now as the Federalist Papers.

  8. Are they also offering electives covering the Torah? The Quran? The Book of Mormon? The writings of Confucious? Can non-believers take this course? Will these students be allowed to have a different opionion?

      1. When Michagan schools offer an elective in the Quran – you will have
        painted yourself into a corner. You will not be able to object

    1. CARLjr…The Bible was the foundation for Western civilization and as such should be required in school.

      Philosophy could be an elective at the high school level and would include any and all other religious/quasi-religious/secular systems…but the parent’s permission should be required.

  9. Allowing schools to offer a proper study of the Bible as an elective course is a direct representation of the first constitutional amendment which forbids both “respecting an establishment of religion” and “prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. But, in order to achieve it, schools have to offer studying other religious views including atheism. I perfectly understand CARLjr’s concern. It’s much easier to replace current establishment of atheism as a dominant religious view with an establishment of Christianity, Islam or other religion than to teach an equal respect for different views and an ability of peaceful expression of personal beliefs with no insult or humiliation of others. What it really necessary is to finally draw the line between scientifically approved theories of origin of the universe and Darvin’s theories and religious views of atheists which have absolutely nothing to do with science.

  10. My reply got cut off: What harm has teaching evolution as the only way life on earth came about? Took four courses for H.S. science teachers at the U of Utah 1999-2002 and each instructor (one a Nobel Prize winner) told us of different abuses and crimes against humanity that Social Darwinism had caused from Margret Sanger’s goal to stop unfit parents from reproducing (mostly Blacks and those with low IQ), to Nazi Germany’s super race/gas chambers, Eugenics-the purification and improvement of the human race, that human embryos are just a developing bunch of unfeeling/unknowing cells to selecting embryos based on sex or genetic potential. Each instructor observed in different ways that morality based only on science had created movements/societies that developed into oppressive groups that chose who should live and who should die.

    1. Social Darwinism is something entirely different from Darwinism as Charles Darwin wrote about it…a compete bastardization. The way I read the article, I didn’t think that Tad Cronin meant social Darwinism.

    1. I’ve been unable to tell how many of them are religious because it’s more pleasant to attend ANY gathering than sitting in their cells. (There is no evidence that religion benefits, though. The crime and divorce rates are higher in the bible belt than in the less religious northeast.) Surveys in less religous countries such as Denmark bear this out as well.

  11. Any Christian parent who flippantly sacrifices his children
    to the Socialist State to be “educated” needs to ponder deeply the alternative to
    having a millstone hung around his neck and cast into the sea.
    As if having a State curriculum dealing with
    the pearls of Scripture would better the situation.

    I vote we add a Bible section to the local porn shop while
    we’re at it and perhaps, nightly sermons at the local casino.

  12. We need God and the Pledge of Alliegence back in our schools and instead, kick the Leftists, Communists, and Atheists out of our schools instead! America is in a horrible Moral Decline and it is getting worse, especially since we have a President who loves all this sickness of humanity, but, of course, what do you expect of a Gay Muslim President!

  13. Lets hope it works God knows the country needs it But obambo and his muslummms want let it happen. That could only be if they wanted to teach muslumms. who can all die as for as i am conseraded. But if God help they mite just win but i bet obambo says he is going to take away goverment money if they do

  14. “The Bible is the cultural touchstone that led to the Founding Fathers’ most passionate
    ideas about freedom, government and inherent human rights.” I need to
    correct you here, Classical Liberal thinkers were what gave them that passion.
    Once again bible thumping hacks with no historically accurate knowledge put
    finger to key and show their blatant stupidity and once again champion a cause
    that they cannot win or push through. Why not add the classical liberal thinkers
    back to the curriculum? That would be a far easier task. Then in turn with their
    Aristotelian base that would then lead students to the bible and religious ideas,
    which the churches could then build upon! Without a classical liberal education the
    founding ideals of our founding fathers are impossible to support, the
    socialists knew that that is why the took out of the curriculum all elements of
    classical liberalism along with the bible. Put the classical liberals back in
    and the bible follows, but the reverse is not true. One can have the bible and
    be completely ignorant of classical liberal ideals.

    1. Again, well said.

      For my M.Ed. thesis, I redesigned high school along the lines of classical liberalism, and added a small vocational componet. Even the most ardent neo-liberals loved my idea.

      And yes, part of my classes included things like Bible study, philosophy, ethics and morals. The Bible Study I used was part of a class on comparative religion, to include all the major faiths and some of the minor faiths and the newer systems of beliefs, point being that my kids would have SOME grounding in thinking not only about matters of this life, but matters of the eternal.

  15. There is a myth that religion has not been and should not be taught in school. When my grandmother graduated from high school in the 30s, the state of No Carolina gave her an inscribed Bible. Those who think such things are banned by the First Amendment should read it — it begins “Congress shall make no law…”. It places no restrictions on state, local governments or school boards. Any reading that it does ignores the written text.

  16. Even people who are not Jewish or Christian have an incomplete
    understanding of the culture they live in if they don’t know about the

    Read more:

    Absolutely the most important observation in this article. Our kids have lost so much grounding, and not just the moral side, but no clue as to where things came from.

    I hope this starts a national trend. One high school I subbed in had a comparative religion class. The kids who took it loved it. It was full of everyone in a diverse town- Jewish, most branches of Christianity, Buddhists, Muslims, spiritualists, atheists, the whole spectrum of ethnicity and religion, and not one of them had a bad thing to say about that course other than “why aren’t we getting this earlier?” It made them examine their own beliefs and gave them better understanding of the beliefs of others.

    I wish the State of Wyoming well in this endeavor.

  17. In keeping with the Constitution, a school can teach “about” religion, including Christianity, as long as it is neutral in doing so and neither promotes nor denigrates religion. The school would run afoul of the constitution only if it purported to teach that this or that religion is true and others are not.

    Contrary to what Cronn supposes in his post, not all atheists oppose teaching about the Bible in school. Some, indeed, heartily support teaching about the Bible in the context of anthropology, comparative religions, or other like courses, thinking that when Christianity and the Bible are reviewed along with many other religious views and texts, the result will be to recognize it as just another of the many ways of viewing the world. Those who, on the other hand, oppose teaching about religion in the schools, do so because they fear the subject will not be addressed neutrally, but rather will be approached with the underlying aim of promoting a particular religion. Given some of the comments on this post (which cheer the prospect of getting God back in the schools, etc.), that fear may well be warranted.

  18. Frankly this scares me. As we have seen in the past there are ways to pervert even the teachings of the Bible. Throughout history there have been those who built cults through the twisting the tenants of the Bible. In the last century there were some high profile cases that have brought this to the fore. Examples include David Koresh’s Branch Davidians, Jim Jones’ Jonestown. Both of those twisted the Bible to control their followers. And their were others. I myself was in a, less tyrannical, fundamentalist, Biblical cult type religion. There are still quite a number of such cults today.
    Every human endeavor throughout history, that has started out with good intentions, has eventually been passed on to a leadership that has changed its altruistic intent. Even the one that I thought would never falter, the Boy Scouts, is poised to compromise on it’s principles. You could probably name many organizations that have degenerated over time.
    No course of education is without bias. Every teacher, no matter how they try not to, will introduce their prejudice, and bias, unintended through body language and gestures. There will be teachers who will evangelize for their own religion is these classes. There will be teachers who don’t like what they are supposed to teach about the Bible, and will neglect, or downplay some of the principles. There will be teachers who hate the Bible, and purposely infiltrate to acquire a position teaching such a course, just to pervert it.
    All of this will face the control of the government bodies who now dictate what can and cannot be taught in such a course. The courses will be so watered down, it will render course a waste of time. It all comes down to who will decide what will be taught. You can bet it won’t be the parents.
    Parents should see to the Biblical education of their own children. But parents don’t even know what their children are being taught in Sunday school, catechism class, confirmation class, and especially not in school. They aren’t going to oversee this class either. These proposed Biblical courses are just another “feel good” way for parents to shirk their responsibility.

    So do you want the schools teaching Bible classes? I don’t !

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