Big Brother Buys End to Your Freedom — With Your Money

“So this is how liberty dies … with thunderous applause,” said the character Senator Amidala in Star Wars Episode Three.

As ominous as her comment was, reality has a way of one-upping art, and the Obama Administration could teach Emperor Palpatine a thing or two about Byzantine schemes.

Not only does this Administration expect you to applaud its stripping away of your privacy rights, but it expects you to pay for it.

On the taxpayer dime, the Department of Homeland Security announced last week that it has received more than 70 “excellent” responses to its request for proposals to create a line of drones for its Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety program.

Several of the vendor proposals will now proceed to the testing phase this year and in 2014.

The goal, according to Janet Napolitano, is “to give us situational awareness in a large public safety [matter] or disaster.”

According to Wired magazine, the DHS is hoping for drones that can fly for up to two hours at a time and that have cameras that can cover a four square mile area.

These new drones will be added to the mix of the military drones the DHS already uses for, quote-unquote, emergency and non-emergency situations.

Thanks to our Congress and this current Administration, Americans can expect to see some 30,000 drones flying over domestic airspace by 2020. That works out to about one drone for every 126 square miles. For comparison purposes, Los Angeles County, not city, in California is about 469 square miles.

Of course, this is all for your own good. Note the use of the phrase “public safety” in the program’s name.

And none of the drones will ever be armed, according to the benevolent Peeping Toms in our government. … And we will each receive our very own unicorn, named Peppermint.

I’ve only got two words to say in regards to the Administration’s plan to spy on us all from the air: anti-aircraft gun.

35 thoughts on “Big Brother Buys End to Your Freedom — With Your Money

  1. Apart from it being an obvious privacy issue, anyone wanna guess how many plane crashes or close calls are going to result from 30,000 Peeping Toms crowding the airways?

    1. Like everything else that comes out of this communist administration, it will be a nightmare. A nightmare that never ends.

      1. What they haven’t planned for is people developing and building surface to air countermeasures for these things. Any modeler could do that easily.

        1. Absolutely. These drones are very susceptible to being taken over by a closer source of radio command. Or a new cottage industry on how to bring down a drone with a old microwave oven. Of course the old stand by of a 4 gauge goose gun that was meant to harvest fowl.

        2. A 30-06 would do the job too. Many might small like a frisbe therefore a load of buckshot would be more appropriate.

      2. It’s not just ‘this administration’ that is communist…..apparently the whole government has turned commie! We keep lashing out at Obama but we neglect to lash out equally toward our sorry no good members of Congress who continue to allow the usurper to write his own rules. Republicans are nothing more than bystanders in Congress, watching the mayhem that’s taking our country down and doing nothing to stop it.
        We are under tyranny whether we want to accept it or not. Nobody in their right mind thinks it’s okay to spy on citizens for no reason other than, “public safety’.

        1. technically you certainly have it right. Wish I had the arms to take these out. I’d do it. Their tyranny gets worse with each passing week – and it is BECAUSE our weak-kneed, ball-less, girly wonders of Republicans in power accept whatever the commie in chief wants to do. We’re quickly heading for full our Fascism.

    2. The Environmentally “friendly” super windmills in the Tehachapi Mountains of California kill about 70 golden eagles a year. California’s EPA has yet to flinch.

    1. Agree, I guess it is time for RC planes from patriots loaded with explosives to take the drones out of the sky. The second amendment gives us the right to take up arms against a tyrannical government.

  2. DAMN IT PEOPLE WAKE THE F UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE NEED TO DEMAND THAT THE DHS TSA BE ABOLISHED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The ONLY reason that dhs & tsa where to step all over us americans and BE THE STEP TOWARDS MARTIAL/POLICE STATE!!!!!!!!

  3. The American people are literally financing our own destruction by means of the globalist organized crime-New World Order- bankster-gangster crime cartel, by paying into the IRS extortion scam. The 16th amendment was never legally ratified and the IRS is fraud, grand theft and extortion from beginning to end. The Federal Reserve and the IRS are the biggest RACKETEERING rip-off scams in the history of the world.

  4. Can American citizens cut off
    the funding for UNconstitutional laws since congress isn’t interested in
    defunding UNconstitutional bureaucracies, agencies and programs?

    Here are two of the ways that two citizens kept the Satanic government crooks from robbing them.

    Fake OMB numbers on IRS forms could be why Robert Lawrence won case over IRS.

    Article from the, free
    catalogue: All Charges Dismissed! On May 12, 2006 in Peoria,
    Illinois, the attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice motioned the
    court to dismiss all charges against IRS victim Robert Lawrence in
    Federal District Court. The motion for dismissal came on the heals of a
    surprise tactic by Lawrence’s defense attorney Oscar Stilley. The
    tactic threatened exposure of IRS’s on-going efforts to defraud the
    public. The move put DOJ attorney’s in an apparent predicament and with
    just days before trial filed a motion for dismissal, with prejudice.

    Sixty days earlier, the DOJ had indicted Lawrence on three counts of
    willful failure to file a 1040 form, and three felony counts of income
    tax evasion. The federal
    Judge dismissed all charges with prejudice, meaning the DOJ cannot
    charge Lawrence with those same crimes again for the same years.
    The trial was to have started on Monday morning, May 15.

    On Wednesday, May 10, Stilley mailed a set of documents to the DOJ in
    response to DOJ’s discovery demands. The documents revealed to DOJ
    that Lawrence was basing his entire defense on an act of Congress, 44
    U.S.C. 3500-3520, also known as the “Paperwork Reduction Act” (PRA).

    In Section 3512 of the Act, titled “Public Protection”, it says that no
    person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with an
    agency’s collection of information request (such as a 1040 form), if the
    request does not display a valid control number assigned by the Office
    of Management and Budget (OMB) in accordance with the requirements of
    the Act, or if the agency fails to inform the person who is to
    respond to the collection of information that he is not required to
    respond to the collection of information request unless it displays a
    valid control number.
    In Section 3512 Congress went on to
    authorize that the protection provided by Section 3512 may be raised in
    the form of a complete defense at any time during an agency’s
    administrative process (such as an IRS Tax Court or Collection Due
    Process Hearing) or during a judicial proceeding (such as Lawrence’s
    criminal trial).
    In sum, the PRA requires that all government
    agencies display valid OMB control numbers and certain disclosures
    directly on all information collection forms that the public is
    requested to file. Lawrence’s sole defense was that he was not required
    to file an IRS Form 1040 because it displays an invalid OMB control
    Government officials may have been concerned that if the
    case went to
    trial, it would expose the fraudulent, counterfeit 1040. They may also
    have been concerned that a trial would expose the ongoing conspiracy
    between OMB and IRS to publish 1040 forms each year that those agencies
    knew were in violation of the PRA.
    Any information collection
    form, such as IRS Form 1040, which lacks bona fide statutory authority
    or which conflicts with the Constitution, CANNOT BE ISSUED AN OMB
    NUMBER. If a control number were issued for such a form, the form would
    be invalid and of no force and effect.
    Under the facts and
    circumstances of the last 24 years, it is safe to say that IRS Form 1040
    is a fraudulent, counterfeit, bootleg form. Government officials
    responsible for this fraud should be investigated and face indictment
    for willfully making and sponsoring false documents.
    Robert Lawrence’s documents made
    these points quite clear:
    A) IRS Form 1040 violates the federal Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) and is therefore a legally
    invalid form.

    B) Under the Public Protection clause of the PRA, no person can be
    penalized for failing to file a 1040 if the IRS fails to fully comply
    with the PRA.
    C) The PRS statutes explicitly
    provide that a PRA challenge is a complete defense and can be raised in
    any administrative or judicial
    D) The IRS Individual Form 1040 has
    not and cannot comply with the requirements of the PRA because no
    existing statute authorizes the IRS to impose or collect the federal
    income tax from individuals. That lack of bona fide authority makes it
    impossible for IRS to avoid violating the PRA.
    Since the
    case did not go forward to trial and since the DOJ is not and will not
    tell the reason for asking for a dismissal, it is impossible to
    determine, with any certainty, the actual reason for the motion to
    The DOJ must have felt that going forward would result
    in a probable loss for the government. If that happened, the press and
    others would quickly spread the word. The DOJ is exercising more
    caution probably due to the
    devastating loss against former IRS special agent Joe Bannister in
    2005. That case has received a massive amount of national
    attention. The PRA is a powerful tool, and one the freedom fighters
    have used for some time. In fact Free Enterprise Society was
    instrumental in developing this issue in years past.
    Was the
    PRS the sole reason for the dismissal? I hope it was a main reason but
    we will never know. Still, IT IS A VICTORY FOR ALL AMERICANS LOOKING
    Congratulations to Robert Lawrence and all involved! Order his DVD #06DRL for $11.00 plus $5.00 shipping:
    Free Enterprise Society, 6083 N. Figarden Drive, PMB 208, Fresno, California 93722

    Subject: Vernice Kuglin reveals IRS’s fraud

    FexEx Pilot Beats IRS! FedEx Employee Beats IRS in Court by Kevin Smith

    (from Free Enterprise Society’s free catalogue article)
    Substantially reprinted from the New York Times article of August 12, 2003.
    FedEx pilot, Vernice Kuglin, 58, legally has NO taxes withheld from her paycheck, and the IRS, like a child denied his fifth helping of ice cream, is throwing a temper tantrum.

    After being charged with six counts of “tax evasion” and having her
    passport stolent by the IRS, Vernice was acquited by a federal jury in
    Memphis, TN. Like many other income tax cases in which the victim has
    won, Kuglin’s
    testimony was
    bolstered by a stack of letters she had written to the IRS
    asking the Internal Revenue Service to tell her the law that requires her to pay taxes.
    True to its track record, the IRS refused to respond to her repeated
    inquiries. Instead, the agency used its standard “bluff and bully”
    strategy to try and force Kuglin to pay. though many women, or men, for
    that matter, would have buckled, Vernice stood firm.

    As court documents show, the experienced pilot filed a withholding
    statement on Dec. 30, 1995, directing that no taxes be withheld from her
    pay. From 1996 through 2001 she earned $920,000 as a pilot for FedEx,
    but no taxes were withheld, she said yesterday. Had she ignorantly
    allowed withholding for the period, a total of about $250,000 would have
    been stripped from her pay and given to the IRS. Sandra
    Munoz, a company spikeswoman for FedEx, said that the shipper was complying with all IRS
    regulations on
    withholding and did not say that Kuglin had done anything wrong.
    Minoz also did not say how many employees had submitted similar
    requests via W-4 forms or otherwise, and were having no taxes withheld.
    Joe Murphy, the federal prosecutor in the case, indicated in court that
    the agency intended to find a way to take all that it can by way of a
    civil action. Mr. Murphy did not say if the actions of the IRS were lawful, choosing to dismiss the issue yesterday by saying that he was not allowed to comment on the case outside of court.
    The lead defense lawyer, Lowell H. Becraft Jr. of Huntsville Alabama, said he built the defense around the absence of response by the IRS to Ms. Kuglin’s
    letters. He said the letter showed that his client lacked a
    criminal intent to evade the tax laws and was instead operating from a
    belief that her conduct was proper. Mr.
    Becraft, who 12 years ago was part of a team that won acquittals for 17
    defendants in another Memphis tax trial, said that jurors told him they
    had voted 7 to 5 for conviction on Thursday. They then told Judge Jon
    P. McCalla of Federal District Court that they were deadlocked. He ordered further deliberations, and the jury voted to acquit on Friday. “The whole thing could have been resolved if the government had simply answered her questions,” Mr. Becraft said. “It didn’t happen. I made an argument to the jury that an American has a right to ask the government for answers.
    A lot of people in the tax movement do not hide, they are in the face
    of the IRS and they write letters that set forth their position. And
    while a lot of them are not articulate or well grounded in legal
    positions, they have some things they want answered about their tax
    liability. But
    their questions are usually
    ignored.” Mr. Becraft also said, during an hour he spent with jurors after the verdict, their most focused comments were about the absence of a response from the IRS to Ms. Kuglin’s letters. The IRS was unable to state yesterday what policy it has on responding to letters asking it to specify the law that makes people liable for income taxes. Nancy
    Mathis, an IRS spokeswoman, quipped that the IRS had posted various
    items on its Web site and that it had issued press releases stating that
    taxes are mandatory, yet she did not cite any sections from the Internal Revenue
    In interviews over the last nine years, scores
    of people who affirm that they are not required to pay the income tax
    have said that they had sent letters to the IRS asking what law makes
    them liable for the taxes, yet they had
    received no response.
    Ms. Kuglin said yesterday, “I believe the 16th Amendment is
    constitutional and the Internal Revenue Code is constitutional, but I
    also feel there is a gross misapplication of the individual income tax
    laws by the IRS. The questions I have asked are what
    section of the Internal Revenue code makes me liable for the individual
    income tax and what law requires me to fill out the Form 1040 tax
    return,” she said. Ms. Kuglin said she hoped to resume
    flying as soon as the government returns her passport, which was seized
    after her indictment early in the case. Congratulations, Ms. Kuglin!
    Her DVD can be ordered for $11.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Order #04DVK
    Free Enterprise Society, 6083 Figarden Drive PMB 208, Fresno California 93722 phone: 209-966-7040

  5. There is a good way to stop that and that is to stop paying taxes, enough people do it and don’t go to court, don’t get a lawyer, stand your ground and when enough federal agents get shot when they come for you, someone will get the clue that your tired of the robin hoods that are stealing from the rich, the poor and in between and take this country back and get rid of all the marxist and start over again with the same good Constitution and Live Free in Jesus Christ or Die and be with Him forever.

  6. What no liberals screaming about this like they did to Bush about the Patriot Act. Where are all of these hypocrites hiding?

  7. Just a reminder for everyone here: the French Government agency that was responsible for the wholesale slaughter of thousands upon thousands with the guillotine, and also for the Vendee Massacre which slaughtered 60,000 of its own countrymen, was the Department of Public Safety.
    Just thought everyone should reflect on that.

  8. I suggest all duck hunters keep their skills sharp, they will be needed in the future. With good scopes on their rifles.

    This BS would have the left purple faced screaming over this, if Bush had pushed it. But, with our benevolent king zero, who pinky swore he’ll never use things like indefinite military imprisonment without charges, is to be trusted with this?

  9. As Pogo put it, “We have found the enemy and they is us.” Obama is carrying out his revenge, but for what? We didn’t do nothing. Double negative but we didn’t do nothing; we didn’t vote him out. It will turn out that freebies are very expensive. Bad enough he was voted in once, but the 47% wanted more, and the more they get the less it is…or more, depending on how you look at it or not. So, bye bye Miss American Pie; Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry; Them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singing… This’ll be the day that I die; This’ll be the day that I die.

  10. They will be looking for people that have american flags or that are patriots.Think they will watch gangs, drug dealers criminals that would do harm to people. I pay to watch that. I got an idea to get those drones from watching you .Get a picture of Janet Napolitano with no clothes on blow it up about 250 feet .Put the picture in front of your house and trust me who ever is the people controling the drones .They will be gone and you will never seen any of those near your house or place where you live at

  11. In all the articles I have perused concerning drones and the reactions of some people concerning target practice I am surprised. It is conceivable that these drones will be too high for practice in conventional ways. It is interesting to note that not once did anyone talk about the use of laser pointers etc. to blind them. I figure that since airline pilots get blinded by them in flight then the drones should be able to have their lenses affected as well. That means that they have a longer effective range and do not make noise so they are harder to find with no noise and they are compact.
    Outside of the DHS having a very weak excuse for the use of drones as we still have helicopters that are manned has anyone else noticed the practice of manned helicopters in cities lately? It seems that they are not police at all and have variable pitch rotors that can run silent. I have been watching them change from normal hover to silent hover at the same altitude and position with no thermal inversion for the sound to bounce off of. The standard canned answer if asked is that they are anti-terrorist practices looking for radioactive material.

  12. It’s coming and we all know what IT IS…!!! And be at your closes 2/23 2nd Amendment ralley…!!! We need people to show up at Noon at the Columbus Ohio State House (State Capital) on the west side of the building on the side walk.

  13. People, please go to the link I provide and sign the petition to Congress to investigate of the Criminal-in-chief’s use of forged IDs. 34,912 Americans already signed it. Clock is ticking. Act now!

    Please pass on to all your e-mail contacts. Thanks.

    P.S. The Supreme Court of the United States does not state whether the Orly Taitz case
    was granted or denied, no answer yet, NO TREASON YET by the justices of the
    Supreme Court. So let’s pray for their WISDOM.

    Go to the Orly’s website and look for her Reports.

    Orly Taitz’ Website is:

    “Fiat justitia ruat caelum” – “Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

  14. It’s simple. We the citizens chose random days for open season on UFO’s. We also need some creative souls to design microwave beam weapons and controller jammers. Take them down often enough and they will be shy in using them.

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