Bill Maher Encouraging Riots if Obama Loses

Obama buddy Bill Maher had some words of caution for those who planned to vote for Romney. He said, “If you’re thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea:  black people know who you are and they will come after you.” He quickly clarified that it was only a joke. After all, it was part his “comedy” routine on Friday. It’s one of those jokes that isn’t funny mainly because it’s so true.

Obama supporters definitely don’t need any more encouragement to cause mayhem if Obama isn’t re-elected. Hundreds of tweets from Obama supporters on Friday alone were calling for riots if Romney wins on Tuesday. Here are a handful of examples, complete with misspellings and foul language:

  • If Obama doesn’t win, I will actually start a riot. This is not a joke.
  • If Romney win , me obama and 2 chainz going to start a riot and shoot his ass !
  • If Obama lose it’s going to be the biggest riot in history… Beacause, I’m going to start it!
  • I Swear If Romney Win Imma Start A Mothaf****n Riot

This kind of language is to be expected from those who are completely uneducated. All they know is violence. To us, this election has been about ideas and a debate over ideologies. To them, this election has been about who has more power. They will vote for whomever offers them more things for the least amount of work. As evidenced above, they will literally fight to keep that welfare spigot going.

Not surprisingly, this kind of talk was not expressed by anyone supporting Romney. Romney supporters want Obama out of the White House because he’s been a complete disaster. His ideas might be more appropriate in a communistic third world country, because that’s what their people would be used to. But his ideas don’t work here.

America is too young for us to shift so quickly into a third world type dictatorship. We remember too recently what living in a free country was like, and we see it slipping away from us before our eyes. America has a relatively recent history of fighting against tyrannies. It’s in our blood to want to be free from a totalitarian government. Perhaps that’s in everyone’s blood, not just ours. But we have a greater opportunity now to fight against this tyranny than any other country in the world.

Bill Maher and Obama continue to egg on their supporters to riot and absolute mayhem as revenge for a Romney victory. There will be riots. Stay armed. It’ll be worse than any hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

172 thoughts on “Bill Maher Encouraging Riots if Obama Loses

  1. ….used to be a MAHER fan…….NO LONGER!….now i can UNDERSTAND how he got KICKED OFF/OUT of ‘politically INCORRECT’……..for BEING just that………..incorrect!@#$!…MAHER……….NEEDs… be ‘censored’……SAD…but TRUE!….i used to stay tuned for his HBO series………UNTIL……he became a COMPLETE !!!!!!!!!!… BETWEEN the lines people…………………

      1. They can bring it on! In my state where most people carry firearms and actually know how to use them, the rioters would be at a disadvantage.

        1. I think I can hit a left wing liberal Obama supporter, at  one hundred yards with a blindfold. All i need is my dog to sniff them out.

        2. Not to worry. Those he’s seeks to incite have no idea who he is and would never hear his message. Maher knows this, thats why its all a sham and means nothing. He’s just a Jew, trying to rile up the gentiles…..its how they have fun. Stop falling for it. You’re all better than he is.

      1. I bet it so bad where Bill lives that they do not even allow any security guards
        who are not white because it might offend the residents. Of course they will
        allow the Brown lawn keepers and house keepers to work for them.

        1. Maher is a typical left wing liberal bleeding heart, who never had the City life experience that most of have had.  i was born and raised in the largest city in New Jersey, and was always in an integrated community, and high school.  We  are not the racist, it is usually the left leaning liberal who’s only experience with the black community is reading a book or newspaper.  Maher sholud try spending some time in the black community, and I do not mean just a walk through.  try living there for six months to a year, then get back to us.  John Nicoletti, Naples, Florida

      2. A problem is that liberals still think its 1969–just check out Berkeley CA on Telegraph Ave…I’m surprised OWS didn’t start here—the young brunette ponytails just turned into the silver ponytails, while their grandchildren sit at home and smoke dope–along with them of course..
        Pot ‘seems’ better than small sips of liquor?, it messes up the male sex organs–and we yet cant find out why autism skyrocketed; and how come kids are allergic to peanut butter? Kids used to eat PB&J ALL THE TIME in school in the Eisenhower/Kennedy/Johnson era

        1. You nailed it beautifully,Cat. I spent a lot of time in Greenwich Village, and the same mentality exist today, with children and grandchildren.  The flower children as they were called, were on a constant high,  and totally looped. LSD, was fashionable, and so was jumping out of ten story buildings.  This generation of left wing liberals, as usual, think they have the solution to our problems. When you breed a liberal to a liberal, you end up with &*&****&&**.  I am being kind here.  You wonder why more parents today are homeschooling their children.?  Look at our public education, and the teachers union, that have loaded the classrooms with antiAmerican, and anti anything, to indoctrinate, not teach our children. Sincerely, John Nicoletti, Naples, Florida*,.

    1. When Romney wins and these riots actually do break out, the FBI, HSA and police need to be crashing down these idiots doors like Maher and arresting them for inciting a riot. I think they crossed the line of that freedom of speech rite by getting on stage, tv or print telling people to riot if the clown in office loses just like someone yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater. Any damage and loss of life in these riots need to be on them. These state governors and Congress needs to call these people out on this now and order them to keep their alligator mouths shut and not overloading their hummingbird a$$e$.

      1. Just wait until after the riots. The smoke won’t clear before lawyeers will be signing up the survivors for a class action suit against Maher.

    2. Oy vey!–blarney!—that ‘irishjew’ cant make blacks do NOTHING—hes anti-christian among other things. Many blacks DO have some sense, but you wouldnt see it in the liberal media. We have enough conservatives and some of us ‘sigh’ are getting married to good spouses

  2. Chris Matthews said on Sunday that he is expecting REPUBLICANS to ”start something”….that if Obama wins, they will be furious and ready to fight.

    That Matthews (a ‘good’ Catholic) and his cronies (mostly ‘good’ Catholics) are sold out for such an anti-God, abortion-promoting, Bible-mocking liar is inexplicable and shameful.

    1. If Obama wins, the GOP will start up their outrage machine and begin the excuse tour. It will mushroom into reasons why the victory was illegitimate, then the next mission will be to oppose Obama at every turn.

      If Romney wins, the exact same thing will happen in reverse.

      I doubt if either side will riot or resort to violence in their outrage. It’s possible, but unlikely. Both sides have impressive marketing firms that have continually shown their opponents as cartoonish Bond villains who want to destroy the world. This blog is a perfect example of the ridiculousness the conversation has devolved into. The other party are no longer Americans, no longer even Human, they are cartoon devils made of pure evil. Some people may indeed freak out if their guy loses.

      The two party system is completely broken. We will never again see a bi-partisan effort on ANYTHING. The party that is NOT in power would rather see the country fail than allow even a minor victory to the other side. Each side has elected the extremists, and they are indeed extreme. Because of the political roadblocks, be prepared for our new president (whoever wins) to ramp up the executive orders just to get anything accomplished – we will continue the standoff.

      Vote Gary Johnson.

        1. No more than wasting your vote on either of the other two. My district is so strongly in favor of one candidate, it is a foregone conclusion who will get the vote here. Plus, my state is a winner take all state, so it doesn’t even matter who my district votes for – if we ALL voted candidate A but candidate B wins the state – our district vote changes from A to B also. Want to know how I know my vote doesn’t count? I have not been deluged with political ads or phone calls, and neither candidate has come here to campaign. Your vote only counts if you live in a “swing state”.

        2. Ed Scott…I’m voting for Romney but Johnson has some good ideas. I never said I was voting for Johnson.

      1. Great idea if you want to reelect obama!!! The time for a 3rd party is not now. We voted for Perot, and helped elect clinton. Rethink who you want to be president.

        1. Don’t forget we have an electoral college and your individual vote is
          not really counted that way. Your elector votes for you. Only 538 votes actually count.
          A vote for the third party will not get them elected, but it will give
          relevancy to the next candidate that is outside of the elites club. The
          true bi-partisan effort is to keep out any competition and to cover up
          their shared corruptions. Not allowing anyone else to the table just
          shows it’s really a one party system.

        2. Perot took 15-20% of the vote. Most of us that voted for him would have voted against Clinton. Add that percentage to Bush and he would have been president. To the winner of the popular goes the electoral college votes.
          I think there is a need for a strong third party, but at my age I’ll never live to see it.

        3. Perot took plenty of votes from Clinton also. You have fallen for scare tactic propaganda from the ruling class. It was not as one sided as they would have you believe.

          The elector does not have to vote with the popular vote. In 2000 the elector from Washington DC was a “faithless elector” who did not place a vote at all – to protest not having representation in Congress. Nobody in that district voted essentially. Remember, the 2000 election was very contentious – supposedly within a few hundred votes. Except not really. D.C. had half a million voters that did not have a voice at all. Your elector’s vote counts – yours does not.

          Vote Gary Johnson.

        4. so true, there is a strog augument, that if clinton was never elected, we would have never had 9/11 never mind the 1st bombing of the towers, and all the other maladies that have plagued our Great Nation, I now I was one of the perot idiots, but NEVER again!

      2. yep and you and your gary johnson pals can pat each other on the back if bho wins! oh one other thing, if bho wins republican will not riot, but if Mitt R. wins, there are plenty useful idiots in the democrats (rymes with rat) to riot!

      3. Carl Jr. You are obviously one of those lame brains…..not able to see anything from a legitimate point of view. A vote for the “loser” Gary Johnson IS a vote for Obama…..but guess you are not smart enough to comprehend that! Better that you don’t vote at all….and go back to your kindergarten classes!!!

        1. My point of view is legitimate even if you do not agree with it.

          Your devotion to career politicians and the corrupt political parties only continues the elite fleecing of America.

          They teach about the electoral college in third grade – maybe you dropped out before then.

      4. the demo’s already have 4 law suite’s set and ready for court,,THEY are the ONE”S being caught cheating at the poll’s,,voteing 3 to 4 time’s not the repub’s,,and WHO IN THE HELL IS gary johnson ??

        1. Both sides have been caught. Both parties are corrupt. We need an alternate choice. It’s interesting to hear what a candidate who is not owned by Goldman Sachs has to say. Johnson has been marginalized and blackballed by the ruling class and their respective “news” partners. Votes for Democrats or Republicans are votes to continue business as usual. Keep the corruption going…

        1. Hey, that works too, and also one could refer to him as a “rectal cavity”. A retal cavity is a location for the storage of democratic party members brain cells.

      1. Are you stating that he isn’t Catholic? or that he isn’t a good Catholic because of his leftism? Many are Catholic “in name only”

    1. HE IS NOT A MAN~~~~~he is a girley~boy,,coward,,pu$$y,,JUST like that califorina freak in CUNTion’s time,,,YOU know the 1,,,that was going to come to all our house’s and take our gun’s..ALL mouth,,no BALL”S..

      1. Actually, that’s pretty much what the good captain said.

        Mr. O’bama, where are the Jobs?
        Where are the war-zone absentee ballots, Mr. Commander-in-Chief?

  3. Screw maher, he doesn’t have the sense to be a public figure and shame on the people who made him so. He’s despicable and I know God has a special place for him if he dies in the state he’s in. Just please hurry; he’s a distraction from everything decent.

  4. I believe that there will be roiting no matter who wins. This country is fed up with the obummer administration so if he wins, there will be roiting by people, like me who no longerr has any faith in government or the stupid people who voted obummer in the first time and now after all the crap he has pulled to elect him the second time. If Romney wins Maher and the Chicago machine are going to be “mad as hell” and will stir up roits all over the place. Hopefully they won’t be like those in Libya! Nothing will surprise me. I don’t trust Maher or any of the Chicago macine.

  5. Maher, you just yelled fire on youre set what’s wrong with you?
    What’s the logic behind that? Do you want to see mass confusion? It seems you are confused all by yourself standing there thinking your funny it’s not not at all you talk like the enemy are you? Or have you been through the washing machine like so many others have.

  6. Only an idiot would take Maher’s remarks as somehow “encouraging riots”…which explains why the writer of this hysterical piece did just that.

  7. Oh, please let it happen! It will result in the greatest victory ever seen for conservative politics if these idiots riot. Come on morons show us just how stupid you really are, I dare you to riot!!!

  8. Does this clown realize he is not helping obama with his threats. This is America you bird brain if you arent aware – and we all have free choice. You threats just tells me that if by some loss of complete sanity that I was going to vote for obama – I certainly would not after these comments. This is a free country the last time I checked and your threats fall on deaf ears. I would vote for Romney now because if this is the type people that obama attracts – no thanks bud. Way too immature – all you want to do is win – you dont care what it will do to this great nation. You might best be looking for another line of work – I dont think you are going to have much following and you know what happens then – network will cut you sorry butt off. You certainly wont be missed. You added no value with your show.

  9. You know there was a bunch they threaten to leave this country back when Bush won a 2nd term. I say what are you still doing here. You sure wont be missed – again Chick Fil A – they threaten to do all kinds of stuff if people supported this company and why – because the majority of people dont believe in same sex marriage and abortions. We proved them wrong once again – there are far more people that believe in what’s right than the few that believe you should be able to live anyway you want – IF it makes you happy. God gave us the Ten Commandments – NOT the 10 suggestions. If you dont live by them you will suffered the consequences – dont be afraid what man can do to you – be very afraid what God WILL do to you. People like Bill Mahr and a few others – have no clue. God have mercy on them.

  10. When the first blood is shed, I encourage a rope for Maher. In keeping with the Constitution, I encourage indictment and conviction first in a court of law with the scum in a cell to avoid his fleeing prosecution! This scum is not funny, he is criminal.

  11. Robert Welch was right. He said, way back in the fifties, that we will be defeated from within. Never have I seen a more divided country. Thank you, comrade Obama. This will be your legacy.

  12. So, it’s only a joke if I call him a flaming queen and wicked and evil and every other derogatory thing in the book. After all, it’s only a joke; like his brain.

  13. That is why the people in the right, on the right will all have the right protection because of idiotic comments like Maher made.

  14. He is a terrorist threat, and in accordance with the philosophy of the in power regime should be locked away in Guantonamo and forgotten!

  15. If these low life really start a riot I hope it’s in Bill’s office. That punk needs to understand what he is playing with.

  16. Billy, it’s too bad your Mommy didn’t take your advice and that of ALL your lefty friends and abort the mess that is now standing in your personal space.
    Again, Billy, it would be best for you to remain silent and let ALL think you are ignorant, rather than open your mouth and remove ALL doubt.

  17. Why are people so stupid in this country? Say Romney wins, if no one likes what he may do in 4 years, maybe Obama will run again they do get 2 terms . That doesn’t mean they have to be back to back. So people who encourage roits or threaten people that they will roit are mere terrorsits who shouldn’t be in this country and enjoy all the great freedoms we still have.

    1. No way – if Romney wins in 2012, and the people are not pleased – Hillary will be the next Democratic candidate. Come to think of it, unless Obama declares himsef the eternal leader of the land, Hillary will probably be the next Democratic nominee. And with Billy-boy at her side, she can’t lose. By then, I’ll probably be looking down at y’all. And you know who the real eternal leaer is.

  18. Sounds like is is time to lock and load. Gotta love those liberals though crazier than a syphilitic suicide bomber with mad-cow disease

  19. This ignorant, Godless fool should be arrested and jailed if any such incidents occur. Maher is a foul-mouthed idiot with a deficient IQ.

  20. Did anybody tell bill that there are many black who have moved away fro Oslume. and is going Republican? These are the ones that will zero in on Bill Mahner, himself

  21. All I can tell ya BIG HONKER…..Bring it on, we need to purge this country and I couldn’t think of a better place to start than with the n166er$…and I would only hope you are in the front of the pack…..I’m in Show Low AZ just in case you grow a set and want to start here……

  22. A joke? A JOKE?! Were I to tell a “joke” like that…even ONCE…my own family would be among the first ones to lecture me on the evils of such disgraceful things before ostracizing (sic) me, or even turning me out onto the streets to beg for my living.

  23. IF the blacks and others decide that they wish to riot I have a very nice .308 awaiting their decision. I will not start it but, I also will not sit on the side lines.

  24. He should be jailed and put into solatary, then the key should be thrown into the ocean. What a hate filled @@#&*^#$ he is. Used to think he was mildly amusing, but l lost that view of him long ago, and avoid his HBO program like I do all evil.

  25. Maher is losing it completely because he flushed 1 Mio. USD down the toilet.
    He is one of the most evil, vulgar and useless guys on TV.

  26. Remember that after more than 17,000 were executed in the French Revolution, they turned on the leaders and executed Robespierre and the top leaders. Be careful what you start Maher.

  27. And where will Bill Maher be hiding I wonder in his boyfriends appt under bed maybe. You

    know he will not be out with the rioters he so encourages or supports. The only way

    he has remained on TV is because the producers are all in bed with him and his friends
    who hate America and our way of life.

  28. A black kid asks his mom, “Mama, what’s a democracy?”
    “Well, son, that’s when whites work every day so we can get all our benefits!”
    “But mama, don’t the white people get pissed off about that?”
    “Sure they do, but that’s called RACISM”

  29. So black people know where I live and they will come after me if I vote for Romney. Please let it happen! This old Vietnam Vet. has a nice arsenal just waiting for that day. Just got some new ones that need test fired.

  30. I’ve lost count of the number of people here who have already suggested that Obama should be executed. I guess double standards are the order of the day…

    1. Probably because counting isn’t a life-skill you’ve mastered. Now, has anyone of the national stature of Bill Maher, on the right, done such suggesting? If so, please be so kind as to name a couple.

  31. Maher and his ilk will be tolerated only as long as “we” purchase Maher’s sponsors’ products. Perhaps “we” should all send letters to the CEO’s of these companies along with partially used containers of their products (if applicable) indicating that these are the last of their products “we” intend to purchase as long as they have money enough to waste on people like Maher. I have visions of Mr./Ms. CEO receiving, oh, 150,000 partially used boxes of, say, Tide or Pepsi at their home address. I think they’d respond…quickly!

    We, the consumers, are ultimately in charge. It only remains to be determined that “we” are in the majority.

    It’s also possible that “we” are not…but, then, that’s another problem.

  32. I have warned everyone I know to be well armed and ready if Romney wins. This nation is ready to explode and most people know it. How big of an explosion remains to be seen.

  33. Law abiding persons have no knowledge of where the despicable Bill Maher hangs out, but let us find out and publish his address and phone number – it is probably all unlisted to protect his feeble sorry pale liberal ass. One of the Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas had a song
    “I’ve got a little list, a little list !” He should be more careful and shut his loose mouth before he lands upon someone’s “little list”. Incitement to riot is a felony crime ! He is really naught but a wan pale ‘Wannabe”.

  34. How could it have been a joke, maher is not funny. If he winds up with blood on his hands, put him on trial. He is not a union official so he can be held responsible for inciting violence and mayhem. maher is not a comedian,but, he is a joke.

  35. And they wonder why,folks are loaded for boar!! Bill is a moron , a rich moron at that! But , what he fails to realize is that he is a marked man for the rest of his days(short I hope)! He has no concept of decency or what America was built on. I place him on the same traitor list as oscumma, jarrett , assnrod and the rest of the “ARSE CLOWN GANG”!

  36. How ironic that obama & his dem cronies are so anti-gun at heart & therefore (supposedly) anti-violence, but all their supporters understand is violence. They throw these baby tantrums like spoiled little brats who don’t get that candy bar or shiny new toy they wanted. Well its time for the brats to grow up because mom & dad are broke & taking some responsibilty by feedin ur families, payin the bills, both in the household & the country are what’s truly important. Grow up & get a life or get the hell out! And please God take kill bill maher with u!

  37. Are you people serious??..ok..And our group will make it a point to hunt down and eliminate as many black niggers as I can on Wed. if Obama wins.. if that is what you ignorant blacks want ! You people are way out gunned and out smarted so try us if you dare.

  38. Isn’t that the same as yelling FIRE in a crowded theater? He may think that he can get away with calling it “comedy” but it is as real as it gets for that foolish liberal!!!!!!!!!

  39. Regarding Bill Maher,
    No one who’s face looks like an Albino Baboom, should be taken seriously….

    Am certain, we all have more important things to do for our Country.


  40. We need to get rid of the electoral vote. Use the popular vote. It doesn’t matter about who gets the state. That is just a bunch of bs. If Romney wins prepare to defined him. if bho wins perpare for a revolution, and I say it is time to do that either way. bring back the constitution full measure.

  41. Note to potential riotors:

    Go ahead and riot! In you own neighborhood, destroy your own property!

    But do not try to destroy mine for I will defend it, and I plan on walking away from that confrontation, will you? Doubt it!

  42. YOU know;;I AM sick and tired of the DAMNED LIEberal’s//democRAT”S,,alway’s starting trouble and then RUNNING and hideing when the SHTF,,IF black people can’t see they are being played,,then they get what they derserve,,NOTHING,,they should know that maher WILL not spend 1 cent on them or stand beside them,,LIKE ALL LIEberal’s//democRAT”S,,he will run and hide,,JUST like they did in the 60’s,,YOU never saw there face’s on the front line’s… they just start the problem and then HIDE.. ALL of the LIEberal’s//democRAT”S have been doing this that IDIOT JOHNSON.. but yet young innocent people get hurt,,and all they do is hide and talk !! they are COWARD”S–PU$$Y”$–and have no BALL”S

  43. LOL at one of the tweets

    “If Romney win, me obama and 2 chainz going to start a riot and shoot his ass !”

    “TRUUUU !!” (2 chainz voice)

  44. I thought that tring to start a riot is against the law. Where the hell is his head (besides way the phuc up Odummers arse)

  45. Let’s see now. If I were going to riot and go after white people, would I go into my area where we’re a mixed community, heavy military and damn well armed, or would I go after those rich folk in their gated community that for the most part are counting on the Police and their burglar alarms to protect them? Hummmm. What to do. Better watch what you wish for Billy boy it may come home to roost on your sorry worthless rich butt. We sure won’t help you or miss you.

  46. After ROMNEY wins, Bill Maher and HBO will go down. As will all the networks who lie and cover up for the filth in the White House. Bill Maher is lower than a snake’s belly.

  47. Christian, Conservative, independent and Love my country ….shed sweat ,tears and blood for her… where did she go…God created us all no matter what race ,color or creed
    appears to me the real haters and racists are my fellow Americans of the Liberal Ideology

  48. So, tell us dear libs, will your new-found limitation on ‘free speech’ that you so desperately desire to impose on those who disagree with your marxist mantra also include your pal Bill, inciting to riot against white folks? No? Didn’t thinks so.

  49. Where in the world are the FBI and other agencies when threats are made like this? If I were in a restaurant and mentioned something similar involving the president, I would have the authorities all over me. Oh well, it is only going to get worse.

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