Black Panthers Want to Crush Your Neck

The New Black Panther Party is the Old Black Panther Party. A rant from a black woman from Tampa, Florida, blames the Republican Party, the Party that “hates black people” (her words), for the violence that’s going on in the city. She ended her rant on a “black power” radio station with this threat:

Our “Feet Will Be On Your Motherf***ing Necks.”

The following is being reported at Breitbart:

National Field Marshal for the New Black Panthers King Samir Shabazz who was caught on video tape allegedly intimidating voters in Philadelphia in 2008 is now in charge of the New Black Panthers plan to create inner city militaries that would go into nurseries and kill white babies and murder white people in the street.

Let’s see if we hear anyone from the Democrat Party distancing themselves from these comments.

Revolution has almost always been a tool of the Left. Mao Tse Tung’s revolutionary manifesto that “power grows out of a barrel of a gun” is a leftist slogan. Leaders of student movements in the 1960s used the rhetoric of violence to further their anti-establishment cause. Carl Oglesby, president of the ultra-leftist Students for Democratic Action (SDS), said, “Revolutions do not take place in velvet boxes. . . . Nuns will be raped and bureaucrats will be disemboweled.”1

A keynote speech at a 1962 SDS convention praised the freedom riders, not for furthering civil rights but rather for their “radicalizing” potential, their “clear-cut demonstration for the sterility of legalism.” It is not by “learning the rules of the legislative game that we will succeed in creating the kind of militant alliances that our struggle requires. We shall succeed through force — through the exertion of such pressure as will force our reluctant allies to accommodate to us, in their own interest.”2

Tom Hayden, a former SDS organizer and strategist, intoned the following in 1967: “Perhaps the only forms of action appropriate to the angry people are violent. Perhaps a small minority, by setting ablaze New York and Washington, could damage this country forever in the court of world opinion. Urban guerrillas are the only realistic alternative at this time to electoral politics or mass armed resistance.”3 Hayden went on to serve in the California House of Representatives.

The August 24, 1967 issue of The New York Review of Books carried an article by Hayden that stated:

“The role of organized violence is now being carefully considered. During a riot, for instance, a conscious guerrilla can participate in pulling police away from the path of people engaged in attacking stores. He can create disorder in new areas the police think are secure. He can carry the torch, if not all the people, to white neighborhoods and downtown business districts. If necessary, he can successfully shoot to kill.

“The guerrilla can employ violence effectively during times of apparent ‘peace,’ too. He can attack, in the suburbs or slums, with paint or bullets, symbols of racial oppression.

“These tactics of disorder will be defined by the authorities as criminal anarchy. But it may be that disruption will create possibilities of meaningful change. . . . Violence can contribute to shattering the status quo, but only politics and organization can transform it.4

Today’s Black Panthers and those that support them believe, along with the Occupy Movement, that violence can lead to social, economic, and political utopia. We thought we saw an end to such madness in the 1960s and early 1970s. The class warfare rhetoric of this administration has reignited the belief that violence might be justified for a righteous cause.

The following comes from Steve Elliott:

“[At] a Paul Ryan campaign stop, pro-Obama thugs disrupted his speech and attempted to storm the stage. The hecklers interrupted Ryan throughout his speech and then at one point began to climb the stage. Even liberal commentator Mark Halperin admitted these protesters were likely Democrats ‘on duty’ — meaning they were dispatched to disrupt the event.”

 This is just the beginning. The slogan of the New Black Panther Party is FREEDOM OR DEATH.

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190 thoughts on “Black Panthers Want to Crush Your Neck

  1. All I can say is………….Bring it!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t think for one second that that people are going to tolerate this like sheep. They will defend themselves and their property with whatever it takes. Americans don’t like to be threaten by scum.

    1. sKDrrxCTFT………..A big AMEN to that!!

      I will stand shoulder to shoulder with every American in defense of our Country and its people to keep this rotten bunch from achieving their goal.

      The Black Panther slogan is freedom or death.
      Freedom from what?
      The only chains I see are those self-imposed chains of hatred-of-whitey.

  2. That should be rather interesting. Here in Grand Rapids of course we will have them hanging from the light poles on the most traveled road. Most people including blacks want nothing to do with them here. Freedom or Death. I like multiple choice. It will of course have to be death. Their kind of freedom is slavery for everyone else.

    1. Are we going to have to bring our guns to the voting booth?. Back on Jan. 21, 2009, the day after Obama was inaugurated I told my friends that this type ot tyranny was going to happen in 2012 and everybody called me a radical. Well, I wonder what they will call me now? A prophet?

  3. Hadn’t heard that name, Tom Hayden, for decades. Given his radical anti-Americanism, one can see why the traitorous Jane Fonda married him.

    As for the Black Panthers….. The evil of this group cannot be overstated.
    There is nothing new under the sun. Hatred, revenge and rebellion against God have existed from the beginning and nothing has changed.

    Regardless of their color, the wicked will always try to force their will on the innocent and good, and they don’t care how many are hurt or die in the process.

    If there’s any group that qualifies for a life sentence in a penitentiary, it’s the Black Panthers. The Occupy Wallstreet thugs are a good second choice.

    1. Not the penitentiary! I for one don’t wish to support these thugs in luxury for the rest of their lives. Death sentence is much cheaper, and puts them out of our misery

  4. Freedom or Death? I guess they have already chosen Death. Death (murder in the heart) and Hatred of this kind only come from satan and those who choose him as their god. If you want true Freedom it only comes through God with accepting Jesus. Anyone who chooses not to choose Jesus has already chosen the only alternative, satan. Hatred is from satan and love is from God only. Repentance is the only logical and real choice!

  5. AFTER November when Romney is elected president these stupid, simple, ignorant, hate mongers WILL SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP OR GO TO JAIL!

    1. Or better yet, the reverse will happen and whites can state going after them like they have been going after us for the last 4 years.

      1. Oh how we have suffered so. Actually they have had no impact on me whatsoever. In what way have they been going after you? Speech?
        A whole lot of people seem to be eager to go after “them”. That’s kind of what blacks have been claiming is just below the surface. Can we leave the racist crap out and talk about security instead? ANY GROUP that threatens the peace and operation of the nation is a threat to be dealt with. The color of the members should have NOTHING to do with our level of enthusiasm about defending ourselves.
        Getting even does just that…lowers you to the same level as the offending group.
        I see no better qualities in white people who hate blacks than I do in black people who hate whites. Both groups are a drag on society.

        1. Hey bud, i didn’t see anyone black or white standing at my polling place dressed like swat and carrying nite-sticks like the last election. I won’t be intimated by you or your black, green,white buddies. the fact that they don’t know how to say hello as they pass by is part of the problem, and why do they always want to kill whitey?? I heard that crap all thru the 60’s…..frankly,i’m not going to put up with it agian.!

        2. I do not consider myself to be a racist, but I can see it everywhere more and more…thanks obuttface. Nonetheless, I am sick of seeing and hearing about the black mobs all over the country that pillage stores and violently attack whites and minorities (other than blacks) with complete impunity. There comes a time when “turning the other cheek” leaves you in the predicament of having run out of cheeks. As far as getting even goes, “getting even” is for “sissies” and just breeds decades-long Hatfield-and-McCoy-type feuds. However, getting revenge–swift and decisive–is not only often necessary but can be satisfying and sweet and “is a dish best served cold” (Khan from Star Trek). New or Old Black Panthers that try their crap around my neighborhood will be stacked up like cord wood. I’m not going out looking for a fight, but I will not run away either and will defend the lives and property of myself and my family without question and absolutely without mercy…just like them!!!!! (signed: 30-year veteran Infantryman)

        3. I’ve read that “turning the other cheek” referred to a “slap”, an “insult” – NOT to grievous personal harm. Otherwise why would Jesus COMMAND his Disciples to “… sell your cloak and buy [a sword].”? Were they to spank the evildoers with the sword?

        4. Firstly, I never stated I hated blacks, not once did I mention that.
          Secondly, not sure how you can say that the only way they are affecting people is through speech. Have you not noticed the flash mobs occuring across the country? I don’t see any white people in them, do you? Have you heard about the riots in FL, MD, etc. in which groups of sometimes over 100 blacks are attacking, beating, robbing, and in some instances killing whites? Have you heard about the pick and punch tactics in which blacks select an individual, usually an older person or a gay person, and for the fun of it, kick the crap out of them?
          Maybe you forgot the last election in which the NBP would not allow whites to vote, which is a Constitutional right! I guess you missed all of this, too bad, you would see why white people are becoming outraged at the lack of response from the current administration.

    2. I’m afraid you have Obama next election, if not the full 4 at least long enough to trip some of the Obamacare triggers with dates attached.

    3. Romney is too much a crook; tax cheat and money launderer and acceptor of foreign money for his campaign and his fans too far below the lowest common denominator, to be elected before being handcuffed and hauled in for 10 to 20 years.

      1. You’re funny Howard. If everything you said about Romney were true, he would still be miles & miles above the alinsky-ite in decency & honor. Shall we list obumo’s crimes?

  6. Actually, the BP admited hatred of whitety” will compel me to go th next gun show in the area. They are telling us to arm ourselves – they’ll be easier targets to recognize in their uniforms! We have a government that is allowing them their buster without consequences – time to change the entire DOJ and the WH crew.

    1. Who did 9-11, Fukushima, HAARP attacks against the U.S., loots Wall Street,blew out the DH oil well, and puts our troops in areas impossible to defend themselves let alone find a good reason to attack? GOP/Dems./BP/S&Bs/City of London/ Rothschilds. Not a Black Face among them. HOWEVER, These same groups have engaged in genocide against all people of color since they first set up shop, including Afro-Americans and Africans.

    1. I believe you number is quite high. Probably half of what you say are armed. But that is enough to take care of business.

        1. Deer Hunting permits in Wisconsin last year were about 600,000 issued.
          This would be the 8th largest army in the world.

          I don’t see an armed insurrection by negros in Wisconsin any time soon!

        2. And Michigan is 750,000. I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just saying that Brendajanetorres were way off. Not 95% as she stated.

        3. No such thing as too much firepower!!

          There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin .

          Allow me to restate that number.

          Over the last several months, Wisconsin’s hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

          More men under arms than in Iran .

          More than in France and Germany combined.

          These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed.

          number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of
          Pennsylvania and Michigan’s 700,000 hunters, all of whom have now
          returned home.

          Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that

          the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

        4. Gangbanger weapon of choice is a handgun used at close range.

          Deer rifle can reach out and touch someone at a long range.

          Marine Corps rules for fighting:If you can choose what to bring to a gunfight, bring a long gun and a friend with a long gun.

          Are you related to Chai Soua Vang? I will keep an eye out for Laotians!!

        5. Nope, code name in RVN.

          Gangbanger are going into the military to get training but most of them are spray and prayers, which is why so many little kids die in their attacks..

          Need a rifle, shotgun and handgun

          Best to shoot them down the block, next several houses down, next two houses down, next in front of your next door neighbor last in your yard.
          Make your shots count and send a lot down range.

        6. Try that bovine scatology here in Texas, foul-mouthed woman! When you do make sure you sew the name, address, and phone number of your next of kin into your socks or someplace where the coroner can find it. If you haven’t noticed it in the news, down here we saddle our own broncos. Rob a store and either the owner or a customer will likely shoot you graveyard dead in the store or in the parking lot. Texas is a friendly state, but we don’t take kindly to anyone pulling that kind of crap. Especially some out-of-work, welfare-drawing, ugly-as-a-mud-fence, hammer from the east coast.

      1. listen to the pop, thats the sound your head makes when comes out of your ass. then you will see that the numbers are closer than you think. if my neighbors need a wepon, I will be more than happy to “give a helping handgun”

        1. People,, the numbers are for registered gun owners…. How many gun owners aren’t registered??? Even the criminals have them, so that number just went up a little more…
          and for my buddy Texas Tanker, We sure don’t like it. I am close to the home of Joe Horn.. Tell you anything??? like you said, bring that shti down here!! please

    2. Yes Brenda, you are on target – Bring it on New Black Panthers. Blacks only make up 13.1% of the population – they are outnumbered almost 8:1, surrounded, outgunned, out-trained, we have better training, better ammo, better weapons and now we’re pizzed! When you burn down your ghettos come on out to the ‘burbs. We’ll give you the warmest welcome you’ll ever get… in a wide variety of calibers. It will be raining lead on your worthless black racist azzes….

      1. Exactly my feelings. Whites have all the advantages. Just circle the ghettos, stop food from getting in and eliminates the rats as they come out to forage!!

    1. Look how many of them are in prison almost all of them ain’t worth the scum under my toe nails,with hot water i can wash that scum out in it will go into the the tub and out into the sewer where they all belong,the only good one is a dead one! one lest mouth to feed.

      1. You are right. Telegraphing all this is really silly. It is almost as dumb as the Panthers themselves. They will lose in the long run, but telling them that you are going to do all this may make you feel better for a minute but only lets the government and the radicals where to look.

    1. 1st John 4:7-8 Beloved, let us love one
      another: for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God, and
      knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

      1. While as a Christian, I agree with you, I will not stand by while Satan’s minions slaughter my brothers and sisters, like you, in Christ. We didn’t defeat the Nazi’s with love, but with strength of arms and the might of righteousness. Some will need to be defensive sword and shield of God until the Lord arrives in his all his might and glory.

      1. A young black male invaded the Tulsa OK home of Bob and Nancy Strait (90 and 85 years old respectively). The Straits marriage of 65 years came to an end after Tyrone Woodfork (as charged) beat the elderly couple and then raped Mrs. Strait. She died of her injuries while Mr. Strait, a WWII Veteran with the 101st Airborne, was left for dead but later found by a family member. Mr. Stait is slowly recovering from his near-fatal injuries.

      2. Bobby Seale is dead or is it Cleaver or both? Anyway, practically all of the earlier racist cracker monkeys are dead and in hell. It was simple justice or karms and as the ungodly cracker blacks said that the chickens come home to roost. This new crop of ungodly Blacks will die off or burn as stubble at the Lorfs coming.

      1. Been thru one already but if another comes down the pike, well I guess I’ll just kiss the wife goodbye again….at least it won’t be to go to another God-forsaken foreign sh*thole place like ‘Nam was. Still as deadly (as all war is) but closer to home. Semper Fi Brother and good huntin’.

    2. I love a good fight. Can’t stand the panthers th., Where am I needed? i AM TIRED OF WORKING MY ASS OFF FOR SOMEONE WHO ISN’T. Time to take my America back….come what may. I know life isn’t fair, but I think it needs a chance.

  7. Why are people allowed to make these kind of threats in your country? Surely the threat to do violence to other constitutes going beyond the limits of free speech? (Jesus said if a man hates his brother he has committed murder) – If a man can be arrested ( en passim) for displaying an “Abort Obama” sign on his truck, why can people such as the odious racist quoted, get away with (the suggestion of) murder? This is the spirit of evil and the desired end of the threat is shown here in the actions taken by the communist terrorists in Zimbabwe. Caveat Lector.

    1. Amen Peter..
      Unfortunately, the powers that be are allowing it to happen to further their agenda. If the president, vp, etc. were truly for the betterment of the country, none of this would be happening. However, as all other countries are aware of, Obama and his team of radicals are out to destroy the US, not empower the people to make the country great!

        Dictatorship 101

        1)A major first step is the Gaining control by whatever
        means available of ALL means of communication, i.e. the news media and every
        other means of private and public communication;

        2) That while also taking promptly total control in/of
        all areas of banking, finance, commerce, etc.;

        3) While also seeking to totally DIVIDE AND CONQUER,
        this a very basic Rule for success in establishing control in an adversarial
        endeavor be it in War on the BATTLEFIELD or in the ‘POLITICAL WARFARE TRENCHES’
        in the TARGETING OF THE NATION’S ENTIRE/TOTAL POPULATION . . . and anyone that
        is ‘awake’ is seeing that accomplished NOW on a daily basis; this ‘tool’ being
        applied exponentially by government in general and now in particular in our
        United States of America today: citizen set against citizen, neighbor against
        neighbor, that being fostered by courts and the government at both the
        national, state, county, city and town level; this tool gleefully touted by on
        of the czars of the Alien Occupier in his statement “Crisis offers
        Opportunity”, opening the door wider to the fermenting of civil unrest in every
        available area of our society is being utilized as simply yet another of the
        satanic tools being put into play;

        4. And most certainly of greatest importance is
        implementing by every means available the Totally disarming of the general
        population as Hitler’s National Socialist did especially targeting the Jews;
        Marks & Stalin’s Communist and as sought by the UN and those of the National
        Socialist/Communist/liberals; especially those currently in power in our
        nations’ government; their sole purpose being to facilitate the allowing only
        the ‘government’ to be armed thus establishing total dependence on the
        government by those of the population who are ‘law abiding’ our of fear or for
        whatever reason, while seeking to convey what is actually a totally false sense
        of safety and well being.


        This course of action/instruction successfully tested
        thoroughly and hardily approved and strongly recommended by the “infamous”;
        i.e. Hussian, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hun Sen, Kim Jong-II, Chairman Moa,
        Chavez, Castro, Mussolini, as well as all others of similar ilk including the
        Alien Occupies of our White House; Beelzebub’s current star puppet and his
        horde of disciples!!

  8. What group of people in this country is obsessed with race? Blacks, of course. While others go about living their lives, the black community continues to wallow in self pity instead of identifying, addressing, and correcting those areas that continue to make the black community a disaster.

    1. That is so true. Blacks always call whites “whitey, honkey, cracker.” Chris Rock makes a living doing it. Black panthers need a few of their necks stepped on, then they be singing a diff’int tune.

    2. They don’t need to address anything. It’s all been addressed FOR them, and spoon fed to them, but they spit it back in our faces. Since we are to the point now where reverse discrimination laws bend over backwards for them & leave nothing left to do to please them, they are angry that there is no justification left. They hate us more than ever for that – past discrimination was nothing compared to the humiliation of leaving them no excuses.

      1. “familiarity breeds contempt” was never more true then when applied to the welfare rats. They need to go to work and earn their salt like the rest of us. No more free rides and yes, I mean FREE now that Ovomit has taken the work requirement out of the criteria for receiving welfare.

  9. Bring it, they’ll be out of business very quickly….from the citizenry. The real question is why they aren’t in jail. They’re obviously a hate group, and they’ve conspired to murder a citizen (Zimmerman) on video. If the DOJ waits until someone gets killed then the next target needs to be the AG…..either by congress or the citizenry.

    1. The head of the old Black Panther Party has emphasized that the old Black Panther Party is not the goof ball hate monger new black panther party. I am blue-eyed blond and never kissed a black man’s ass in my LIFE, Which is fine with them. The REAL Black Panther Party is ANTI-OPPRESSOR. Not anti-caucasian. Learn this. The American Indian Movement is not racist either, but like with the real Black Panthers, TRUST is not the basis for a sound positive relationship.HONESTY always performs that function. And that takes some exposure, Mr. Dimbulb. I used to know the Black Panther Party in Seattle. NOT racist. That racist coloring book showed up one day before a visit. Black Panther central in Oakland, California did not even know where they came from, though they were dropped off in a number of Chapter headquarters.
      Last year, Anders Breivik, a Norwegian man with ties to the English radical right and free masonry and Knights Templar groups and working with white supremism in mind, murdered 80 kids in a park, all white, after bombing a downtown Oslo, Norway government building, killing 8 more people. Please see my above comments. You folks have been watching WAY too much CFRtv. The English Rothschilds bank owns AP and Reuters AND controls the Council on Foreign Relations, which controls ALL corporate television news in the U.S..

  10. Thanks Obummer & Holder…this is your doing! You both deserve the same fate as what my fellow Americans want to do to the Panthers !! I can’t beleive this country has come to this with ONE BLACK MAN in Office stirring the pot! It should have been Alan WEST as our President!

    1. Nadine, please do a Yahoo! Search on ‘Project Monarch’. Obummer exhibits all the symptoms of not being in control of his decision making processes. Every oath and promise he has made has been broken and he sees no reason to explain himself. I researched lobotomies at the University of Washington medical school library about 20 years ago and the Obummer manifests common symptoms of having been given such a procedure. A chemical drip installed through one of the cuts making one of the long scars on the back of his head does not take much imagination. He has betrayed the entire voting public across the board and acted like Bush44 would.

  11. “Where is the outraged lamestream media on this? Suppose the Neo-Nazis, Hells Angels, KKK or the like said something like “Feet Will Be On Your Motherf***ing Necks.”? It would be THREE INCH HEADLINES in every “News” paper/magazine and the lead story on every “News”/talk show for MONTHS! But Holder has to protect “his people”.

    1. The fake Black panther party you speak of here is only 10-12 people. The corporate news is teasing you. The real Black Panther Party has disavowed this new group as of at lest two weeks ago. this from the REAL Black Panther Party central.

      1. It MAY be true that these are the words of a violent, rogue faction of the “true” BPP but for all the press they’re getting these headlines are all but certain to embolden malcontents to follow suit: “If you get 1,000 people to follow ONE psychotic – you, then, have 1,001 psychotics to concern yourself with.”
        IF it is true that these are the words and goals of such a rogue faction it would behoove the TRUE BPP to LOUDLY disavow them lest THEY get dragged into the gutter, too!

  12. It’s very obvious that the government has taken racial separation to heights that have never been seen before. They have looked away from racism that is a two way street. If you are white and have black friends, you are the enemy. If you are black and have black friends, you are the enemy. I can see this madness going only in one direction and it will be found that all blood is red.

  13. You failed to discriminate between new and ok black panthers. Now the new ones are 100% for sure in charge of the thousands of FEMA interment camps, bullet proof traffic kiosk and the radio chip. They have been organized by Saul Alinsky fu ded by you know who, george. There is probably a camp near y now. They wear pink hoodies. All right wing bloggers and people who post like blogs like this will be in one near them soon. You will be forced to watch continuous films of SDS speeches, Jane and all Bob Dylan protest songs. May be with Joan Baez. Be scared, very very scared.

  14. And I guess they think we will just let them do it? HAHA They will be in for a rude surprise right before they are perforated with large holes.

  15. Bring it on! To get to my neck you have to come out of the woodwork, slip out from underneath the slimy rock that you hide under, I’m out of the filthy gutter that you live in, and come into the light. When you stand in the light of reason and justice become nothing but smoke and if nothing else a very good target.

  16. America is a nation of gun owners and will not allow anyone to put their foot to our necks. The original Black Panthers never amounted to much and neither will these nitwits. This “Klan with a Tan” won’t get anywhere in this country.

    1. you are right we should never allow anyone to put their foot on our necks. the problem is obama and holder are empowering the black panthers. obama and holder use them to intimidate white people. never underestimate their power. whites need to unite and realize the real threat the black panthers impose. they blatantly intimidated voters with clubs and you can bet they were carrying guns. holder and obama let them get away with it.

  17. I have often wondered about the blacks hating the whites. If this is really true why do the blacks insist on hating the whites when they continually insist on mingling alongside and then whine and complain. I don’t get it. There are countries that are totally black. If thats what they really want why not simply pack it up and move it out? Too much bloviating and not enough independent thinking on their part. We have that georgeous “Gabby” who just won a gold medal for her stunning performance in the Olympics. Celebrate that beauty instead of hanging on to something that doesn’t really exist other than in one’s own mind. The chains and cotton fields are long gone. But, the memory lingers on. How’s that working for you? OMG. There are black football players, basketball players, movie stars and singers and musicians, politicians, and there is still this begging for more? More of what? Wake up before you really miss the boat.

  18. I am a conservative and I would not do to any race what they advocate doing to the White race. However, it must be noted that the Blacks-especially the racists-are in a minority and they can easily be overtaken and dispatched. Why the federal government allows hate speech which I assume is against the law since one cannot talk in such terms of the homosexuals to exist is beyond me. I have never supported any extremist group such as the KKK but if these snakes and dirt bags attempt to carry out their evil plans, I support any group that stands up to them. I know the federal government as it is now will not condemn them nor take action to disband the Black Panthers for obvious reasons.
    Obama has fostered militant groups, street gangs and thugs since he entered politics, he is evil and has always sought to do permanent harm to this country.

  19. Being that the 2010 Census shows Blacks are 12% of the population, Whites are 63% of the population and Hispanics (which really hate blacks) are 17% of the population, I’d say it’s open hunting season on blacks if they even try something as foolish as this. I think that the vast majority of blacks won’t do anything because they know they are outnumbered. But if the BP’s want to try something, bring your weapons to the party and rid them once and for all, along with that stupid woman who made the remark. My friends and I, all Veterans who have fought in war, are well armed; some of us have long range rifles which can shoot their heads clean off from over a mile. And when you see some disruptions at a Republican function, engage them! Use a taser, get behind them and throw an extremely hard kidney punch and even unload your weapons into them if necessary. You see a car with an Obama sticker at the function, mess it up! They’ll get the message real fast, just like the Chik Fil A message when millions showed up.

  20. After Romney wins, I hope blacks go crazy and burn their neighborhoods to the ground, cause they won’t get a dime in government money to rebuild. It will be an opportune time to round them up and ship them to Africa with a couple of $100 in their pockets, with no rights to ever enter the US again under penalty of execution. Except that Africans can’t stand American Blacks either.

    1. Yep! You’re just as bad as the NBP are. See how easy it is?
      Are you for rounding up the new Black Panthers or just everyone who doesn’t look like you?
      I guess the second step would be for peace loving citizens to round up the remaining racists from both teams and export them to some far away place.

  21. With the suspicion that BO is champing at the bit to declare Martial War and with the huge stockpiling of ammunition by several of his departments giving credibility to the likelihood of that taking place prior to the upcoming elections, this seems inevitable and as always seem to be the case some are prepared, at least to some extent; successfully ‘repelling borders’ is going to take some doing. Not having a stockpile of arm and ammo isn’t really going to be a problem for those that have the necessary skills. It would be extremely difficult to imagine, with all of the arms and in the hands of the probably attackers, that acquiring what is deemed needed won’t be anywhere near the chore like a blind pig finding acorns; all needed is the gumption to take advantage of the opportunities as they are present and there is no question that they will be . . . “if you know how to shoot”.

  22. To all Black Panthers/Pantherettes: “Set one g–d— black arse on my property and I will shoot you without hesitation – you mess with what I have spent a lifetime creating for my children and your black butt is dead.
    Unfortunately, and sad to say, I had to spend 30 months in Korea killing folks who had done me no wrong so I will have absolutely no trouble getting rid of those who intend to wrong me or my family.
    ‘Nuff said, just stay the hell out of my way.

  23. Freedom from what? Their anger is misdirected and they don’t even know it, sad. Whites and others have moved on. Get up!

  24. If these fools want a war, I say bring it. I marched in the 60’s during the civil rights movement, but not for idiots like this. They’re not the only ones that are armed and have had training. I wil not be intimidated by the racist rantings of a few lunatics, nor will I be a pacifist if they start any crap with me.

  25. Blacks are so racist and full of hate.
    If they would spend as much time doing good things rather then bad, things might be different.
    They were given too much in the past they need to be made slaves again , they need to be controlled, because they dont know how to cope with life with no control.
    But then who raises these black kids, 10 kids in one family and each a different father.

  26. So Joe Biden, who are making the threats now? You support those who are threatening domestic terrorism due to your silence and you have the gall to detest Romney and Ryan for wanting this nation to regain greatness. Where are Obama and Holder on these threats? When will there be an investigation of the racists in anti-american uniforms who have made outright threats to do harm to whites? And if they DO as they say, what will be the response of those who took an oath to uphold our laws and fight against our enemies, foreign and domestic? If this administration does nothing, do they not deserve to be arrested as well? We need officials who WILL obey our laws and stand against the same tyranny they accuse law abiding Americans of. Our laws are to be applied equally without prejudice.

  27. I have to say this is one scary administration. Of course everyone knows the thug tactics of Obama and they have been allowed into our government, Justice System for example, and into all levels. We truly have a bunch of left wing radicals running this White House and country and they will not stop at niceness and politeness nor will they leave peacefully. I wonder where all the white supremest groups are? It seems they were all quietly weeded out when Obama first got into office or they are laying very low.

    1. Dozens, if not hundreds of military officers have been murdered by government insiders to facilitate the drug flow, pre-Obummer. Bush41 was doing the ‘Fast and furious business clear back to 1952. Homework, knave.

  28. The power of the pen is mightier than the sward. They whom hide behind lies will cower in the truth when in the light and this will show the way. Always stand on the side of God. Promote peace by standing strong and unafraid. For we the American people choose to stand as one nation under god. Can you stop an American Title Wave? Hell no you can’t!

  29. I used to be friends with the old Black Panther Party in Seattle. I have blue eyes and blond hair and i did not feel the least bit like grovelling or punishing myself or compensating black people for anything my ancestors could have possibly done and that went over fine. The issue is getting rid of oppressors. Anders Breivik’s attack on Norway should indicate to the slowest of white and black racists that the issue of race is like the practice of separating teams by the color of their jerseys, and not by the identity of what team they actually are on. The real issue is control and oppression by who. Not by what color. Anybody who starts yelling racist bullshit in your face, they are not old Black Panther Party. If they say Romney is a jiveass cracker, that’s different. If they say the Rockefellers and Bush criminal cabal have been racist in their genocide in their treatment of people of color consistently since they first got the power, believe it. That does not make them any more racist than it makes you a Bush or Rockefeller. They made their bed. Not let them sleep in it. The American Indian Movement is not racist, either. I know. The color of the uniform as expressed by the sentiment of the heart. And a heart can be filled with blind hate. Racists are trained fools.

    Most of the comments so far are made up of some of the most stupid crap ever to have flowed from a mouth.

  30. This is too funny. What a group of kooks living on hatred.

    If they feel so strongly about this, what are they waiting for? Clearly they just want to rant, rave and get on camera.

    If they want blood, they can get it anytime they are brave enough to do it. They will live just long enough to regret it though.

  31. The Black panthers do not represent most blacks but if a civil war breaks out, all blacks will be potential targets, just because of the well known fact that most are sheep for the left.
    Perhaps the black community should crack down on the panthers themselves before things turn real ugly.

  32. The panthers were cowards when I lived in Chicago and the wooses haven’t changed. Stand up to them and they quiver like a naked man in sub zero temps. They were hunted down like the sewer rats they are then and if they keep running their filthy mouths it’ll happen again . They were warned once that’s all they’ll get.

  33. I’m offering free colonoscopies to any Black Panter at any time. I just got plenty of 8-pellet 0-0 buckshot and have a good 18-inch 12-gauge to administer the proper dose!. Any takers?

  34. You must be joking to even mention the new black panther party, last time I checked with the Southern Law Poverty Center, this NBPP had about 12 memebers, mostly former Rent A Cops. But, but there are now 2500 extremist groups including 0ver 1000 white supremacist groups,170 neo nazi, and other hate groups like the “Patriot” and militia groups, Nativist groups,55 Christian Identitly groups,32 Neo Confenderate Groups, Racist Skinheads, White Nationlist, 152 KU Klux Klan cells, 140 Black Separatist groups. This fair and balanced posting must talk about all extreme groups who want take down this democracy. It was a racist skin head who killed and wounded sikhs during religious services. The sikhs are pacifists. Why does this posting say bad things about the SPLC, they are not politcal, anti religion. all they do is track radical groups left or right and bring them to the attention to the public and law einforcement agencies. They have now power to arrest anybody. The only power they have is the freedom speech.

  35. These guys are black supremacists who hate white people. The black panthers should be considered a hate group, but they have a friend in the White House and in the Justice Department.

  36. If Old or New Black Panthers show up at YOUR polling place in November, call your local Sheriff’s Office and NOT the City Police Department. You see, the City Police Chief is Appointed by your knucklehead city commission. Your County Sheriff is Elected by the people and is your Constitutional Officer for your county. Go ahead and put your Sheriff’s Office number in your phone. Remember your city or town IS IN your County and the Sheriff will answer your call.

  37. This lying, two faced, arrogant dummicrat donkey has filled the blacks with so much crap that it is no wonder that statment was made. If obummer doesn’t get back into office for four more I am afraid that there will be a revolution. And you know who obummer will put on the front lines. We must get this country turned around and get rid of all the hatred that obummer has stirred up in America. Fight for a turn around before it is too late to make a difference.. Romney and Ryan – The Come Back Team!

    1. Romney and Ryan. Sounds like a puppet show at Soledad prison.
      Vote Dr. Ron Paul for president. Dump the Fed. Gently but ASAP close down fission nuclear plants which are crumbling faster than is visible. Put in a garden and befriend a few chickens. Keep your ammunition more hidden than firearms.

  38. Do negros actually believe they would win a race war against whites?

    Whites have all the money, weapons, brains, numbers etc. Only race baiters like Revrum’s Sharpton & Jackson keep negros on the dependency plantation. How else do they fund their extravagant lifestyles?

  39. Why is this group not being investigated? The Ku Klux Klan was infiltrated, investigated, and individuals were prosecuted for their crimes. I hope that the New Black Panther Party will get the same treatment.

    1. That’s a joke right …. only white people get called names or investigated!!!
      I’ve never been a racist but rev wright and obama have given me a whole new view point!!

  40. Slogan is FREEDOM OR DEATH? In the words of Patton, he told his troops their job is not to die for their country, but to make the other dumb bas$%rd die for his. I say death to the Black Panthers would be in line with Patton’s advice.

  41. As it becomes clear by mid to late October that Dear Leader is going to lose, and lose big, in the election, be prepared for riots and other “uprisings” in cities across America. Remember Dear Leader’s words in 2009 about wanting to arm a “civilian army” as well as the military is. The NBP, and the Nation of Islam, along with some other fringe groups (LaRaza perhaps?) are that army. Listen to the speeches Dear Leader and the VP in charge of Buffonery are giving. Their aim is to rile up the “under priviledged” and create domestic chaos. And, BTW, is anyone in Congress tracking that 450 million rounds of ammo DHS ordered? Just wondering…

    1. They ordered another 750 million rounds and their total is up to 1 billion now. Makes you wonder does it not?? The ammunition is not going overseas. It is staying here.

  42. Well we certainly knew her feet were not going to be doing anything useful like working !
    If their feet even get close to me I will start with their big toe and work my way up till they decide that having their foot on my neck probably is not a good idea after all. It has been a long time since I missed anything I aimed at.

  43. if white people would say this they would send in ATFthe national guard, cia to arrest all those people but they can’t to that to ni—-s because king hitler obama would not alow his black brothers to be arrest white power

  44. “Freedom or Death”…OK, I’ll bite. Would you like one bullet or two? I may die defending me and mine, and other innocents in the area, but you will certainly know that you have been in a serious dispute. That is unless you use the typical cowardly, leftist methods to “drygulch” me. One on one you just don’t have the guts…unless you do your attacking in one of those deadly, feel good, criminal safe areas where law abiding folks generally follow the rules and don’t pack. You may get a surprise with some of us though…

  45. Why is debbie wusserman shultz advertising on this page to protect obummercare? Do we have some traitors at godfather politics?

  46. it’s kind of an odd thing. When I was a young man I’d fight anything on 2 feet with no weapon or anything on 4 with a pocket knife. I’m a lot older and slower now and fighting hurts too much any more so if some fool thinks that he or she is going to put a foot on my neck then they need to think again-that is if they are capable of thinking at all. Now I’ll just shoot your stupid butt and leave you for the ants and the buzzards. They need to eat just like everything else.

  47. I really wouldn’t give these racist hate mongers the satisfaction Of any publicity at all maybe then they will go away> if they don’t travel in groups of fifties they wouldn’t be so mouthy . They want they want it’s all you hear out the whole bunch. I retort back you work you work . This not the way I was taught to get respect. There is a better way Love Jesus said that. Those who respect you out of fear are the ones who might just poison your corn flake . God Bless America .

  48. I think it would be a totally excellent idea to post up a couple of armed, locked and loaded soldiers at each voting station where this is gonna be a massive problem. You can absolutely believe that you’d not see any of these worthless scum. Some elected official needs to get behind this. It would give soldiers a chance to guarantee our right to vote without intimidation. I have written the suggestion to my senators and congressman in Oklahoma with the suggestion.

  49. Bring it on you step-n-fetch-its! Just remember, when you come around my neck of the woods, I’ll have a couple of my friends; Smith & Wesson.

  50. They have the correct name, Black Panther. They are just like animals. I don’t they realize how many guns & ammunition the conservatives have bought ever since yobammy took office. They might get more than they bargained for if they begin a riot!!!!!

  51. Like the dozen or so numbskulls who claim to be the new Black Panther Party, without Black Panther Party endorsement, most of the comments here are just plain stupid. Bobby Seale disavowed these new fakes. The Black Panther Party was not racist. They were anti-oppressor like The American Indian Movement. I was never expected to kiss anybody’s ass during my time with these groups. I have blue eyes and blond hair and I resent the BS posturing going on by fakes just trying to start trouble ad take peoples’ minds off the attacks already going on against the U.S.. Israel is the Rothschild’s ‘Jonestown’ for raising terrorists and mercenaries. Ignorance is never a successful survival technique.

  52. The reason the black panthers get a pass is because they are the minority (black) as is the president, as in obama. Like attracts like. Would the White Skin Heads get a pass from the minority president. I don’t think so.

  53. Last I heard, the African-American (or whatever they are currently calling themselves) population in America is 11%. Let us generously say that group has 5% males. Let us also assume that 1% will have the nerve to pick up a weapon and go after Whitey. From the stats I’ve seen on hunters and gun-owners in America (Sorry, I don’t have any almanacs carrying all the numerical details handy right now.), a race war in America would last about 37 minutes. Wouldn’t matter if the African-American were a child, old woman or a foaming, foul-mouthed Black Panther, at the end of that race war, the African-American population in America would be about 0.5 to 1 %. The only predictable thing about people out of this demographic (who are political malcontents and revolutionaries) is that first they start loudly, if not angrily, mouthing profanities. Then they posture, then they prance, then they try to make like a black Rambo (but only if there are five or more of them versus one of their victims). Then they run off like cockroaches fleeing the light. Before anyone starts shouting that I am prejudiced, racist, bigoted or anything else, let me add that I have lived and studied and worked with blacks long enough that I have discerned this pattern. Their boasting profanities and unjustified aggressiveness is one of the primary reasons that so many people are arming themselves, getting weapons training and thinking ahead to keep from being trapped in a deadly, take-no-prisoners, robbery, a car-jacking, a flash-mob or a home invasion. Your foot on my neck? Ha! That is a two-way street, you would be revolutionary.

  54. This ranting black woman is a scumbag dipsh@t idiot typical welfare queen. If a
    pink skin person said her words they would be in prison. People like her
    moan continually complaining when Caucasian America has more than made
    up for the slavery which has morphed into white slavery and the blacks
    want to be the new slave masters. I am sick of this crap Affirmative
    Action reverse discrimination. I wish enough people would wake up and
    stop this mafia behavior. There is NO COMMON GROUND when ungrateful
    blacks want to snuff out whites just because they are white. More has been given to these dark skin peope in the USA than any other country in the world. The Black
    panther party should be eliminated just in the same way they want to
    wipe out white babies and innocent white people. I grew up in inner city
    Chicago and lived 2 miles from the Black Panther Party HDQ on Madison
    Street East of Western Avenue. This NBP is a communist front/muslim
    front organization spewing their hatred to pink skin Americans planned
    by hidden agenda at the top to destroy America. Why would non law
    enforcement agencies of the federal government purchase millions of
    bullets ? use them on Americans who believe in FREEDOM that our soldiers
    died for !!!!!!!!!!

  55. why do you monitor my comments when I have read comments that are not as intelligent as mine and or are more inflamatory?

  56. Note the harbinger-of-what-might-come incident at Ryan’s speech in Iowa: There may be few New Black Panther Party members, but they can incite large numbers of participants of flash mobs. I predicted to myself that flash mobs would play a role in this year’s presidential election to the peril of Romney and whomever he would pick to run with him.

  57. bring it on black mfc’ers…let the games begin…America needs another race war…u will get what is coming to u nappy head mothers…

  58. Are they the New ARMY that Obama was talking about. He wants a Army STRONGER, Better EQUIPPED, BETTER FUNDED then OUR Army. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  59. This is Exactly what Obama and his muslim backers want, to divide whites and blacks and have us destroy each other. Then he and the muslims will have the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We should stand against them and destroy them and thier mosics which is where they are breeding hate for America and home grown terrorists.

  60. I bet the leader of the New Black Panthers will be hiding his sorry butt in the closet and let his minions get shot up!

  61. It won’t be a hate crime when I defend family and neighbors…just a good old fashioned shooting of murderers. Got lots of ammo. Probably a crowd of guvnmnt wimps going over these comments and making a list….the type that gets off on sniffing toilet seats in public restrooms.

  62. Protect your 2nd Amendment rights. As long as whites are armed unlawful behavior by milatant freeluncher thugs like the. panthers will be the farcical annoyance that they are. Blacks at most are 12% regardless of their loyalties.

  63. What would happen if a white made the same remarks these monkey f*****g welfare collecting sponges make and do so publicly ? They would be arrested by that dude from homeland security ( janet napolitano) for domestic terrorism. Why are only white people accused of hate crimes??????

  64. Even if they take the urban areas, let them come to the woods and hills; this is where they will truly meet their end. I believe in compassion and repelling a harsh word with a soft response. I believe in forgiving your enemies also, but if I have to defend my family and myself against a threat like this, I will and will do it most effectively.

  65. Screw The New Black Panthers,I fear for the safety of those both attending and also those that are working The RNC…Watch out for the crazies…they will be there,count on it!!!

  66. civil war is getting more possible and will be worse than anyone thinks. Winning will be hard as the govt. has already practuced taking an airport in denver and other exercises in Fla. and St. Louis. O has no intention of anything except a racist state. IMHO

  67. Well, well. If it’s “Freedom or Death”, I will, if necessary, dispatch as many as I can. This group needs to be abolished. They are pure evil. They are pure stupidity. And if they pull any of their blowhard stunts, they will be squelched any way, shape or form, that is needed. Americans of all races, colors and creeds detest this group of cockroaches and we not stand for any more of the New Pink, yes Pink, Panther crap!

  68. Their Icon says freedom or death. Well they have freedom. I am sure if they try to take mine I could arrange for their other wish. They threaten me or my family I will protect, that is my right.This is not given by the Constitution but by God,If I am to meet him a few will be traveling with me. We have had enough of people who by race, color ,religion or godlessness. think they have the right to tell the rest of America how they want things to be.
    Well we are tired of it and if you don’t like how things are in the USA I will gladly hold the door for your exit. Its time to stop all the politicaly correct Bull muffins, and show these people and the world our spine. Nowhere in the Constitution is the word fairness. This is what people whine when they don’t have the ambition to make something of themselves. Somehow we must support all the groups like the black panthers. I would like to see just one of them go up against a real panther. They cant for they can only threaten the weak.
    Well hear is a word of warning, their are still more of us. And If you think you can put your foot on my neck— Just try. I am seventy years old and can still defend myself.
    I have wasted too much ink on these “people” Get some pleasant topics on this website.
    God bless America.

  69. Be careful Brothers because they are working for Obama to create class and race warefare and this Godfather may be exaggerating to stroke the flames for Obama. Never the less, lets stay around the house and do not go downtown and keep our pieces ready and powder dry.

  70. The monkeys are terrified of attack dogs and remote controlled mines are cool. I always haye to have to clean their bodies and blood from the driveway or carport. They have AIDS and other diseases. Monkeys are ungodly filty, nasty creatures like Obummer.

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