Black Teens Beat White Man Because They Were Bored – Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

I live just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and a local news story has caught my attention.

Six black teenagers were bored, so they decided to attack and beat up a helpless white man who was walking down the street minding his own business.  The victim had just finished some shopping at a local Ameristop and had his hands full of bags.  When the attack started, he was knocked to the ground.  He told the youths that he just got aid and offered them his cash, but they just laughed at him and kept on with the attack.  After the attack, the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of severe bruising, cuts, scrapes and internal bleeding.

When police arrested the teens, they told the police that they were bored and were looking for something to do.

Had the teens been white and the victim black, it would have instantly been labeled as a hate crime and Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would have been screaming for a lynch mob to gather outside the police station where the youths were being booked.  Even though this senseless crime happened a week ago, I haven’t heard anyone even mention the term hate crime.

That’s because hate crimes only occur if a white attacks a black or a straight person attacks a gay person.  When roles are reverse and blacks attack white or gays attack a straight person, it’s not a hate crime.  Therefore, if you are a straight white person, you may get charged with a hate crime if you accidentally step on a black gay’s toe, but that black gay can turn around beat the snot out of you and it’s just a simple assault.

So goes the hypocrisy of today’s judicial system and advocates like Sharpton and Jackson.

131 thoughts on “Black Teens Beat White Man Because They Were Bored – Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

  1. Another argument that child labor laws should be abolished in my opinion. If teens have jobs they may get bored but they will have their hands full.

    1. Not a valid argument………… if jobs were more readily available, what on earth would make you think that the blacks would avail themselves of those jobs? It is not in their DNA to work.

    1. America is divided into two groups. One group is the folks who work and produce, while the other is a band of parasites who consume what the first group produces without contributing.
      Both groups are AWAKE and know exactly what they are doing. Who is it that you believe is asleep? The liberal leeches or the conservative producers?

  2. “Had the teens been white and the victim black, it would have instantly
    been labeled as a hate crime and Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would
    have been screaming for a lynch mob to gather outside the police station
    where the youths were being booked. Even though this senseless crime
    happened a week ago, I haven’t heard anyone even mention the term hate

    The real racists are Sharpton, Jackson, et al, as well as those who voted for and support Obama BECAUSE he is black, the classic definition of racism.

    1. One thing to remember is the majority of white kids, even those coming from poor back grounds don’t engage in this type of behavior. Were it so, we’d be hearing about it 24/7 on the MSM. Even so, you are right. Were it whites beating up black elders, or raiding stores in flash mobs we’d never hear the end of it on the MSM.

    2. Anyone who votes based on the color of a man’s skin is racist. We vote for the content of the man’s character!

    3. I never heard about this on television. Had it been the other way around, the news will all over the media for months. Very sad. I never thought that America turns out to be this bad. Where are the black leaders condemning like what you mentioned.

  3. Is that not Apartheid, where laws are applied by the color or your skin? But then again, isn’t Eric Holder our first openly Apartheid AG. After all, did he not say that the Voters Rights laws did not apply to the New Black Panther Party precisely because they were black and their victims were white?

  4. Responsible black community leaders have to step in before this gets totally out of hand.
    THEY have to stop the violence by their teens. I can see a situation where whites begin to retaliate and THAT won’t be pretty.
    Media, politicians, school officials, etc. have to get off this PC train. It’s ok to call out black teens for their crimes. AND it’s ok to punish them with more than a slap on the wrist.
    Ghetto conditions are no excuse for wanton violence.
    If you hate the ghetto, work your way out. Plenty of African-Americans have done so.

    1. I am not sure that the term “responsible black community leaders” has not become an oxymoron, at least to the lamestream media. I am sure that some exist; by they get exactly zero reporting in the press.

        1. There are more whites in America, thus more on welfare. as a percentage of their population, more jigs are on welfare.

    2. JayJay, I had to chuckle at your idea tha there might be “responsible black community leaders”. Where did you get such a silly notion?

      1. Those who would lead the black kids out of the stupid kind of thinking so many are immersed in never get coverage by the Lamestream media.


  6. Let’s see they are bored because they don’t have jobs, they don’t have jobs because the economy is in the tank and they are being taught they don’t have to have respect for anyone, they can get free stuff from the greedy rich guys who could hire them, but their too greedy..
    This happened a week before Zimmerman, and the MSM didn’t have time for it either..

    A week ago, in Tulsa,
    Oklahoma, a black kid named Tyrone Woodfork severely beat an elderly couple, a
    Mr. & Mrs. Strait, who had been married for 65 years. Tyrone RAPED Mrs.
    Strait, and she died of injuries received at his hands. Mr. Strait served in the
    101st Airborne during WWII. NO national media carried the story. Tyrone was
    arrested yesterday.

    I supposed that if Mr. Strait had shot
    Tyrone, the whole country
    would know about the
    story. As it is, only Mrs. Strait died, so it’s not of interest to Brian
    Williams and the rest of the main stream media media.

    Think about it.
    After 65 years of marriage. After serving our country. After 90 years of life,
    Mr. Strait has lost his wife to a rapist/murderer. NO ONE in the national media
    gives a flip. They’re interested in their wonderful hero, Trayvon


      1. You are right about everything with one exception. The name for the white house has been changed to the white mosque.

    2. If you’re reffering to the Oklahoma case, the husband died too. He died several weeks after the wife because he lost the will to live.

      1. That is so sad and awful and just like all the terrible black on black crimes especially in Chicago just hidden by the media because it doesn’t promote their political scheme of Republicans and tea partiers being racist..

        1. Covering up crime in Chicago (and other cities) and at the border so the American people don’t know what’s going on is so dangerous and irresponsible. I think both parties should be held responsible.

        2. Chicago averages over 50 murders a month, 20 over a recent weekend. Rahm’s solution? Keep Chic-fil-A out of the city.

        3. and Chicago disarmed. Oh, but HE gets a cotillion of body guards.. well armed. On the taxpayer’s nickel.

        4. Both parties are responsible as well as the main stream media. I often wonder… what is in it for them to be so apathetic to other human beings? Why keep up this charade at the expense of thousands of lives every year? Why not report what is going on across the country? Why keep it secret? The heads of our government and the heads of the main stream media corporations have a lot to answer for. They are a disgrace and have not only let America down but have sent us into a downward spiral the likes of which we may never recover from. I am not a pessimist by nature, but for God’s sake when will this hatred nurtured by our government end? We, as THE people, must do something. I urge everyone to read anything they can get their hands on written by our Founding Fathers, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, etc. This is not the dreams they had for us. This is the nightmare they envisioned should our government ever try to take over our personal freedoms. The ghettos are only testing grounds for their diabolical schemes. The ghettos that our own government created to house those that they deemed not worthy of any influence, or compassion for that matter, but nevertheless a huge voting block. We need to start realizing that this is not so much about American politics as it is about world domination.

        5. What they hope to gain is the denial of any racial conflict so that our “president” can say there is none.
          This ill thought out (or maybe purposful) plan wil ultimately lead to a racial war to outcome of which will be devistating to the United States and the Black population. Yes, thee will be white blood flowing too, but most white people are faily well prepared, either through watching preparedness DVDs or, or taking survival courses, possibly only by common sense, but nevertheless, prepared.
          The black population, on the other hand, has, predominantly (NOT everyone) been on the government gravy train for so long that they have forgotten how to think for themselves. There is so much gang warfare that they cannot for a cohesive force to protect themselves, and many are too illiterate to be able to comprehend the logic of a book or DVD on survival.

    3. Tyrone deserves to be castrated & branded with a tattoo that says “I was castrated for rape” and after 1yr in prison general population, be electrocuted to death. Screw lethal injection, because “cruel & unnusual” is exactly what trash like that deserve

    4. I usually don’t reply to these kinds of comments but what “deeme” has posted is actually not 100% correct. I am by no means going to defend Tyrone Woodfork, but it just took a simple google search to discover that he was charged with assault and murder… but he never raped anyone.

      I have a hard time understanding why people like “deeme” and the author of the article above want to bring all this publicity to these terrible acts of violence. I don’t know about anyone else here but if one of my family members was murdered, the last thing that I would want to would be to have that crime make national news. It just brings more stress and difficulty to an already terrible situation.

      I also seriously question the motives of the author of this article. Did he want to bring light to this crime because he honestly felt sorry for the victim
      is it because he just hates black people and how they are sometimes shown by the media.

      I don’t know. To me, he (the author) comes off as a hypocrite and seems just as bad as the opposing political figures he writes about.

      1. Golly…do you think assault and murder without rape is not so bad? Do you think ignoring these heinous acts is the way to stop them? Do you think:”If we smile enough all these bad things will go away”.

        Questioning motives and calling him a hypocrite is only blustergab, not logical refutation.

        1. You beat me to it..many reports reported rape ,when I checked I never found any that didn’t..What’s really strange is when it’s whites who do this there’s no motives, in reporting it..So we shouldn’t report crimes of blacks because we hate blacks, how very sad that some believe this..We dislike all crime no matter who is doing it..When it’s the elderly or the very young, its the worst of the worst.

        2. Hi, hootoo. First off let me say that I believe assault and murder are both terrible crimes. I was just trying show how “deeme” was exaggerating a entirely different crime from what was discussed in the article. It seemed like he was just trying to get a bunch of positive votes and wanted to make what he was writing sound very important and shocking.

          Another thing I was trying to point out was that the author specifically criticizes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for being out spoken of a crime committed towards a person of a particular race, while the author of this article is doing the exact same thing that they are doing. He is being outspoken about a crime that was committed towards someone of a particular race. Hence is why a accused the author of being hypocritical.

          (The author also falsely accuses them of starting ‘lynch mobs’ which they have never done lol.)

          Lastly, I have no idea what ‘blustergab’ is lol. is it some kind of expression? cause it’s not in the dictionary.
          Please educate me.

        3. I live in Florida and, believe me, there were lynch mobs being whipped on by Sharpton and Jackson to “storm the jail and kill the bas….”.
          That is one reason Zimmerman had to be moved and hidden.

      2. No, the purpose of this article was to show the double standard applied to balck and white people. What would be blasted all over the media if it were perpetrated by a white person is ignored totally if the same act is comitted by a black person.


  8. This victim should learn a Zimmerman lesson ! Get legal & carry a concealed weapon ! These punk racist ignorant more than likely bastar&$$$ would have been running for cover ! Be prepared people ! If Obummer loses and I pray this happens , things could get real ugly !! Be prepared !!

    1. If no one else had posted this I would have! These punks (to be politically correct, otherwise…) would have soiled their diappers if this man had a “carry” and came up shooting! This is an example of “flash mob” violence and it’s going to get a WHOLE LOT WORSE!! Wonder, if he had and took them ALL out, what the “media” would have done with that?? The ladies and young kids are likely to be targetted in parking lots, beaches, malls, you name it. Arm the one’s you can! Even a .380 would have done the job here!

  9. We won’t hear about it in the news because this is what they want. They’ve been stirring up blacks to riot against whites, especially since Obama has been in the WH, and this is the “payback” they think whites in America deserve. The story recounted by Deeme is equally, if not more, horrifying. People of all races have treated others unfairly all throughout history, including African blacks who sold other African blacks from rival tribes to slavetraders, but holding someone TODAY responsible for what happened 200 years ago is the epitome of UNFAIR (Mr. Obama’s favorite word). Put on your big girl (or big boy) pants and do the best you can with your circumstances, like everyone else in history has always had to do. None of us have a perfect life. And, while you’re at it, try to be thankful to God for what you DO have, instead of whining about whatever you DON’T have.

    1. The panthers have promised the violence to escalate in a 2nd Obama term. If so, we’re not that far off to living like whites in South Africa. Living in fear of their lives.
      If they ever took away guns, we’d be sitting ducks while the government looks the other way and pretends the violence is not going on. Similar to what already exists.

      1. Think you are right about what may be coming. But, one very big difference tween SA and the USA: The blacks control SA, overwhelming majority there. Actual genocide, sponsored by the black government is going on right now against the remaining white farmers. Not much chance of that happening here. What is happening here is our black controlled Executive Branch is going to take us over by destroying our Constitution…..our Constitution is what makes us different from any other county in the world. Destroy that….which Hussein is doing piecemeal on a daily basis……….we are toast…..doesn’t matter who is in the majority. SA’s black government is way ahead of Hussein…..they have the same mission in life.

      2. Guns are only the most obvious way to handle the situation…if they get confiscated, other means even more capable will materialize and be so much less obvious yet even more effective. If it’s destined to go down, no preventive measures will be effective. Guns, after all, are traditionally an accessory for a uniform or as a Hollywood visual prop. If a task must be undertaken, it doesn’t have to follow the familiar visually centered script…people will manage as needed.

      3. Madam, I believe your American Blacks make up only ~14% of your total population. And with Planned Parenthood killing them off in the womb almost as fast as they can reproduce there is little danger of America becoming anything like S. Africa.

        1. The horrible increase in population in America is due to the uncontrolled breeding of blacks and the breeding and infiltration of the nasty mexicans. Whites are decreasing rapidly as a percentage.
          Doan you know dat be de truff?

        2. I would guess the vast majority of abortions are from whites, not blacks. A black gets pg, it means more welfare, food stamps, etc, so why have an abortion?

    2. Big girl pants………….. now that is one which surely applies to ms ovomit. Mooochelle has an ass which is two axe handles wide.

  10. A summer job, any job, would possibly rid us of some of this ! A dad at home would rid us of some of this ! A church in these young guys lives would change some of this ! The sad part is all three are probably missing in action !

    1. the only way this is going to go away, is to re-instate the draft, for all men and women, black, white, re and yellow, and everythingin between, we need to get to these youths and show them disapline, and pride, and show them they can do some good, and they can take care of themselves,but most of all there Country! I they don’t shape up in the service, well there is a lot of room at the Ft. Riley Kansas prison for them, becuase the U.C.M.J. will not stand for there BS!!!

    2. Did you notice how fast America’s blacks ran in the recent Olympics?
      They discontinued the use of starter pistols, blacks are very much accostomed to hearing gunshots. They now use burglar alams.

  11. These black teens should have been more worried about learning to read and make change for a dollar. Where are the parents? Educators claim they are worried about improving education among black kids. I’ve got news for them. Until the families – the parents – start to value and promote education, no amount of money will improve education/test scores for kids. Families have been under assault by the progressive left for decades. Now look where we are. Of course, strong family units might interfere with the bastardization of our country and the eventual socialist takeover. Government and community organizations cannot take the place of strong families/strong parenting. When the government pushes programs that diminish families, one can only assume it is by design to weaken a culture. Like it or not, the family is God’s plan for us and mirrors the trinity. Reject that and we consequently reject the blessings he planned for us.

  12. Why am I not the least bit,surprised about this!They should try to go get a job,ha ha!Oh that’s right black unemployment among teens,is extremely high!!But by Michelle it’s the White man’s fault!!!Not her husband’s that it is high among blacks!!!!

  13. If you want to really see where are country is headed watch this 9 min video..there are more but this one is, to me, right on target…
    Then go to this website to view the real intent of our enemies….
    There is always something new going on out there and we need to get really serious if one thinks it can’t happen to this country because it already is…I have seen this coming for the past 40 years.

    1. One is left to ponder what they’d have done if they could speak, read, and write English.

      Government-run, tax-funded welfare schools are no better at educating children than government-run, tax-funded welfare housing keeps a (stolen) roof over their heads. Neither they nor their parents have a vested interest in the outcome because they contribute nothing to the input.

      Mr. O’bama, where are the Jobs?

  14. LYNCH EM’! How do you like that Rev Al and Rev Jesse? This is what you two race-baiting morons have created. But thank you because you had just about had us fooled into thinking that blacks and whites could ever live in harmony. Now, we’ll be sure to once again watch out for the black guy when we’re out on the streets. Thanks Al and Jesse!

    What a pair of douche bags!

  15. You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey. Now, just so some of you don’t confuse what I’m saying with racism, let me clarify. A jungle is a place of intense competition or ruthless struggle for survival. A monkey is a nonhuman primate mammal. Any questions?

  16. …funny thing about that sort of occurrence, it just doesn’t happen much around where I live. But, we are a little more “no nonsense” here, regardless of pigmentation. It is a shame that the only dissenting voices on these acts of stupidity are being drown out or silenced by the degenerates and the despicable. It is time we re-institute morality into our daily lives.

  17. Had the white guy pulled out a pistol and shot these punks, you can bet Jesse and Al would have been on the first thing smokin’ to get to Cincinnati and start their latest grandstand and shake down of local black churches to help in their “efforts”.

    BTW…Anybody heard from Morris Dees on this one?

  18. When I was a kid, we played kick the can (among other games) to keep from being bored. I guess that in the Black community “kick whitey” is an acceptable substitute. Crime is crime…period, end of story. Labeling something a “hate crime” is just another politically correct piece of idiocy thrown to the minority communities as a sop.

  19. I wonder if these teenage boys had a father in their lives to guide and influence them? I wonder if they were born to young unwed girls who could not control them after they turned 12 or 13 years old and just go and do what they want without any discipline or direction?
    These kids are products of the Democrat Plantation where they are told that they cannot compete unless the benevolent Democrats help them. They have no role models to look up to that go to work every day, earn a living and do not live off of the government. There only examples are the mother, grandmother and probably a great grandmother who have lived on welfare their entire lives. I feel sorry for black people who vote to keep themselves enslaved in a party the doesn’t give a damn about them.

  20. Somebody should beat the crap out of Sharpton and Jackson so they can see, feel and understand what white people and straight people go through.

    1. Even the Reeeeevrend Jackson is smart enough to think, on hearing footsteps behind him in a dark street: “I hope it’s not a black kid.”

      Or so he told us once upon a time.

      Mr. O’bama, where are the Jobs?

  21. When it comes to black on white crime like this, sharpton and jackson are to busy uptown, eatin top shelf, drinking the best wine, smokin’ big cigars and countin’ da mony da shook the sis’s ‘n bro’s out of down in da hood.
    Tell me da hood ain’t full of sukkars!

  22. To bad the guy wasn’t an MMA competitor. After the cops showed up(for his protection) to clean up the mess, he could have said, “Yes, I HATE when people don’t let me mind my own business and leave me alone.”

  23. STOP! The issues are not African American/Black CRIMES AGAINST WHITE.EUROPEAN AMERICANS.
    The issue is why the Police did not state their race? Why the Local Media did not state their race? And why the LOCAL D.A. is not being confronted over this issue?
    This story,like every story before it lacks the key information? What is being done and why?Who is responsible for the charges and why does the Media not focus on the real issue?
    HATE CRIMES, Civil rights act of 1964, What does the Law stipulate a Hate Crime to be?
    The Media once again kills this story by reporting the wrong information,and hiding the right information,when will even this site take responsibility ans ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS?
    When will Godfather Politics side a reporter to the D.A.’s office with the right questions?
    How about the A.C.L.U local office being confronted about their lack of interest in this type of cover -up,yes cover up! When will someone actually take Acton and focus on the Key issues,and force the D.A. to defend his bais against the citizen and his rights, this was a purposeful,intentional act against this man because of his RACE,and this story does nothing to address the issue.
    Where are the outraged White men and women? Sharp-ton and Jackson Laughing because they no the reason the Media always reports their point of view is because they are organized,and force the issue. We do not,and that is our fault not theirs!
    Get off your ass,organize a meeting at the local churches and march to the D.A.s office in mass,and advise him or her that the issue is HATE CRIMES and charges need to be made now,no excuse. Every day return until the D.A.s file charges,and the media reports the real issue.
    If the Media fails to report the real issue,expose them,make them react to the bias,of their actions,compare their reporting to the real issues.
    Get up and take a stand,Sharp-ton,and Jackson would be raising hell,and that is why they receive the attention!

  24. What about Blacks beating, raping and killing Blacks?? Are thest all crmes of LOVE? There are more Black on Black crimes than anything else, if I remember my stats correctly. Why not focus on CRIME as CRIME? I have a hard time believing that crime is about anything but hate in some form!

  25. Just another example of hwo well Obama has “United” this country. I knew Obama was going to be the worst “unifier” in our history when he allowed the black panthers to get off for voter intimidation in Philly. Obviously these punks could of been Obama’s sons since they were playing basketball so nothing will happen to them.

  26. Where are all the big wig white people speaking out about the this horrible crime against an innocent white man NO WHERE to be seen and calling this a hate crime.
    The whole thing in nut shell all those big wig black people think it is great when there is a horrible attack on white man that is why they are silent.

  27. RACIAL ATTACKS in this country have never been reported or punished based on the Law, here in Tennessee we know this by experience.
    We have witnessed brutal murders by African American thugs,against a WHITE COUPLE,brutal in their torture,and sexual abuse,dismemberment,and the horror of the victims should e an turning point in this nation.
    Yet the crimes did not receive equal justice under the law. They people who committed the crimes were never charged with a HATE CRIME an the same excuse is used in every case of this type,the D.A. tells us the regular charges prevent their freedom from ever happening.
    Really, ok dragging a Black man to death in Texas caused the men to be convicted of murder,never to be free,yet the D.A. then filed the HATE CRIMES charges and that trail received NATION WIDE COVERAGE.
    The issue is clear,equal justice under the law is a “RIGHT” not a “CHOICE” and when will we stand up to the D.A. the MEDIA,the State Government,and force those in the DISTRICT ATTORNIES OFFICES to stop “CHOSING” instead of “CHARGING” which crime meets their interpretation,An meets the Laws intent?
    WAKE UP, the LAW is the LAW,Period! So why are we so content to allow the D.A. to decide when the LAW is ignored?

  28. We can thank Obama. It will take many a years to get back to the race relations prior to the Divider!!! Anyone who votes for him is a traitor the the United States of America where freedom was the byword until Obama. Give him his walking papers.

    1. If you dislike ovomit, why then do you honor him by using capital letters for his name? Is his name one which demands honor and respect? You can honor him if you wish, of course, I prefer to use small case for ovomit’s name.

  29. Isn’t i just a hoot that when blacks attack a white person, it’s NEVER ABOUT RACE! Interesting. Just saying…

  30. Perhaps it time to start an organization that will be militant about minority on majority, black on white and gay on straight crimes and scream for lynchings and boycotts and civil unrest unless the hate crimes against US are dealt with swiftly and with almost Unconstitutional harshmess. We NEED someone like Jackson and Sharpton who can make a profession out of being continually outraged about whatever he wants to mis-interpret.
    Lets go head-to-head with these racist morons and show them that we will NOT sit down, shut up and just take it because sme “Revrund” from the projects decides that saying the words “jet fuel” at the airport is inherently racist and must be punished. When they say something is racist, CALL THEM OUT. Berate them. Demand a dictionary of terms that are forbidden — with an explanation as to why for each — and then throw it out as racist manipulation of the right to free speech.
    Lets get our shorts in a knot everytime we see a box of crackers! Let’s protest everytime we see a sign that says “Honk” if you ………..! Lets go appoplectic during the winters when some weather-guesser on the local channel says that we are going to see a lot of “Snow Flakes” tomorrow — and demand his immediate dismissal and censure in his/her profession. The use of such perjorative terms should be obliterated!
    Unfortunately, as soon as you say those most hated words “White Pride,” you are relegated to the same definition as a skinhead Klansman who belong in scompound somewhere in the Idaho woods.
    Or perhaps it is enough to just look them in the eye and tell them to go to H*%l and get F*&^#d when the get there. Let them kow that thy are inconsequentialand incapable of intimidation.

  31. There is no money in defending a bunch of
    “bored black guys.” Al and Jessie are too busy extorting money from white businesses.

  32. We have a generation of animals let loose on society and I do not mean just the black ones. What in heavens name have we done in the name of being PC.

  33. The “Hate Crime” law would’ve probably never been passed if they hadn’t shoved it in the same bill to “Fund the Military”! If any members of Congress had NOT voted to pass it, they would’ve looked like villains for not funding our troops.

    My point is, we should DEMAND that only ONE bill be voted on at a time, NOT bundled together. Otherwise, we’ll have even MORE intrusive, unconstitutional laws passed.

    Why shouldn’t the black kids do whatever they please? Their HALF Black (everyone tends to forget he’s HALF white) “messiah” has come & will give them a pass no matter what they do. That “right” started on election day with the New Black Panthers getting away with voter intimidation! We “whities” did nothing about THAT & we’re not doing one thing about anything else either. Where are the “white peoples'” “Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton? Hey, we don’t have one! The only thing CLOSE was Andrew Breitbart & he’s dead!

  34. It is a HATE CRIME and therse teens should be charged as such. This is why we need conceal and carry in every state. Shoot the little b**tards and no more attacks.

  35. Well, maybe we should take a page from those despicable peoples play book and start spewing the same garbage that they do.

  36. …and where is the Racist Big Mouth in the White House? Why does he only chime in when it is perceived to be a White on Black Crime?

    Sounds to me like the White Folk should start carrying their firearms and help these board, but very dangerous youth off of welfare and other Public Assistance…permanently!

  37. Where is the President? How come he has not weighed in on this obviously racist incident.
    Remember “the police acted stupidly”, and “if I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon” comments. Where are you now B.O.?

    1. More important things to be concerned about than just this little incident. The kids were punished as much as they could (because of their juvenile status).

      @c8dabf11e0ad9af9557b2454b5db40a4:disqus – to win a hate crime conviction, you have to prove using evidence that it wasn’t boredom; the prosecution felt it couldn’t win a conviction on that. That’s why hate crimes are rarely charged…insufficient evidence.

      1. Really Adam? He should have been too busy to respond to local business in the first place the first time around. The POTUS injected himself without anyone ever asking for his opinion while stirring up racism where none existed. Adam, don’t you get tired of defending the POTUS? He has done nothing but divide our country.
        What would you say Adam if the man had a gun and shot and killed the six thugs that happened to be teens? I know how you feel about Trayvon, tell the truth. This is no little incident, this was no small beating, they attempted to murder this man. Look at his injuries. He suffered internal bleeding, that is serious.

        1. Yes. If he can show that they ere about to attack—they had it coming. If he did it to someone who was no threat to him, however, that’s homicide!

          As for stirring up racism, that depends on what you consider stirring up. It is nearly if not impossible for the President to stir up racism. In the case of Trayvon, if Obama REALLY wanted to stir up racism, he would have said that Travyon was killed only because he was black.

  38. If memory serves aright, Cincinnatti was one of the cities in Ohio tried to outlaw guns even after the state became SHALL ISSUE for concealed carry. They pushed it all the way to the Ohio SUpreme Court, and lost. Seems this gent should ahve taken advantage of his newly allowed “right” (it’s ALWAYS been his right, just not always legal in Ohio) to arm himself. One ruond from a .38 J Frame would have ended the matter. He could have rolled over once on the ground and come up shooting at the neatest “brave” kid….. whom he would watch go “code brown”, instantly followed by the other “brave” kids, and ended the beating. Then the kid would have been bored, allright, but a different KIND of bored… a thirty eight caliber bore, to be more specific. These kids should be put away for some time, and taught how to be productive rather than bored.

  39. There is a rapidly grwoing segment of Americans of ALL colors who are getting fed-up with this politically correct but morally and ethically empty approach to race relations in America. We did not own slaves nor approve of slavery, and in fact were members of the generation that implimented and paid for (dearly I might add) the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We have spent the better part of half-a-century supporting the implimentation of dozens of laws to extend and enforce that original legislation and we have supported with our tax dollars virtually every program or initiative that Washington and others put forward.
    Here we are at the dawn of the 21st century and we have an unbelievable decline in the social growth by what seems like a growing segment of African American citizens who seem to be intentionally rushing towards oblivion. My generation has done plenty to make good on the debt owed by our forefathers and I’m not willing to cash any more checks for the benefit of those who are ‘bored’.

  40. I’m an old white guy, and when they try to beat up one like me, boredom will be the last thing on their minds. Literally the very last thing.

    1. I understand……would be attackers never faced someone who could reach up under their breastbone…. grab their heart and show it to them before their knees buckle……they would’nt amount to a pimple on a “tuff” man’s neck.

      1. But that’s so messy and totally unnessesary, that’s why I take my little friend with me everywhere I go, and I have ever since I got back in 1970

  41. This happens all the time where blacks attack whites for no reason. They are lawless animals and unfortunately this victim did not carry a handgun to end their boredom. Filthy anti white racist swines.

  42. To bad the guy didn’t have a gun, they would have had plenty to do, like dodging freaking bullets! Stupid blacks, they don’t give a crap about anything except getting something for free and breeding like a bunch of cockroaches! The guy was doing nothing but walking, and this is what our country is now…

  43. Collectivist media and political hypocrisy is a fact of life, and we have to live with it. The most pathetic example I’ve seen lately is when Rahm Emanuel said that “Chick-Fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values,” this from a man who seeks help from gay-and-Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan to get crime off of Chicago’s crime-saturated streets (Emanuel is Jewish).

    It’s insanity, really. The whole collectivist bunch have lost their collective minds. Up is down, down is up, right is wrong, and wrong is right. We cannot convince THEM that they are insane, so we must convince as many people who we care about that right is right, and wrong is wrong, and hope that they get it.

  44. etc.) will continue to empower those that play favorites when creating and forcing law. They love their “government money” and their special protections, but they fail to understand the unintended consequences of special consideration. Perhaps this is a result of the special considerations given to them in the public education system. Maybe they never took the time to learn the difference between earning something and demanding everything. The government is catering to the load and lazy and it’s now turning violent.

  45. So sad and wicked. I am just waiting for the ‘so called’ ‘Black leaders ‘ to open up on this crime. Waiting ….

  46. Hate crimes only apply to the black. There has been numerous crimes against white folks by young black thugs that go without a word. I would like to know ust how many times this has occurred in the past year. Anyone have any suggestion how we can find out?

  47. Same as the well-mannered Occupiers who have trashed how many cities that they equate with the Tea Party. The Tea Party doesn’t damage anything, they believe in the constitution and respect other people and their property. Sickening.

  48. The race hustlers continued racism goes on. The sad part; those they seek to empower to hate, division, race and class wars, and violence are the very lives that are being destroyed rather than redeemed.

  49. This is just the latest of countless examples of the double standard going on in this country. We have no real media anymore, at least no honest media. They’re only interested in furthering an agenda that bashes whites, Christians, heterosexuals, conservatives and even conservative blacks like Allen West. This is what it was like in Nazi Germany and communist countries like Russia and China where the govt. controls the media. But then look at the modern day U.S.A. We have an illegal Kenyan communist squatting in the White House now. I’m not surprised at the dishonest abomination that passes for a mainstream media nowadays.

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