Bob Costas’ Gun Control is NBC’s Class Warfare

News organizations have been interpreting the recent Bob Costas lecture to the nation as a question about whether or not it was appropriate for him to share his opinion on a football halftime show. Who are we kidding? Virtually all TV shows and movies are platforms for promoting ideas about issues. I remember being shocked when I watched the “DVD extas” for a season of the TV series, “Dark Angel” to see how James Cameron had installed rules to discourage handgun ownership and encourage motorcycle safety. “Everyone is doing it”—often with a great deal more subtlety than Bob Costas used. We’re better off getting a direct statement instead of understated hints and directions.

Instead of spending time complaining that Costas’ opinions were “misplaced,” we should spend time considering why his opinion is wrong and why it is so common in the media.

By the time you get into major TV shows, the “talking heads” of infotainment are in an economic level much higher than the average viewer. Bob Costas has options regarding where he lives, how much security he has, what kind of lawyer he can afford, and what kind of leverage he would have if he were abused by the police. His viewers, on average, have nowhere near his level of power and privilege.

If Bob Costas felt threatened and called the police, assuming he doesn’t have his own armed bodyguards, I am sure he could depend on a quick response. You and I cannot be confident of anything like that. Furthermore, as SWAT raids become more common and more abusive, I doubt Costas needs to fear any such thing ever happening to him.

The fact that Costas wants a regime where it is illegal for us, the little people, to own a gun, just tells you how little he cares about us. But even blaming Costas is inaccurate. Despite how his remarks are characterized, they were not “a rant.” On the contrary, they were carefully thought out.

Costas’ words were obviously preplanned, rehearsed, and almost certainly displayed for him to read on a teleprompter. There is no reason at all to believe that his remarks had not been vetted in advance by NBC. This wasn’t just Costas lecturing us; this was the whole network informing us of our place in this world. We really should not be surprised if we eventually discover that he did not write the message himself.

I saw one person ask on Twitter if there was nowhere she could go that was safe from liberal propaganda. That, I think, was part of the purpose of Costas’ delivered speech. We have all been informed that our lives are completely under the control of liberals. There is nowhere we can go to escape their immoral moralizing. Every single part of the big, blue screen is under their domination.

We live in an age where a small ruing class is trying to inculcate a slave mentality through propaganda masquerading as education, entertainment, and athletics, as well in all other areas. This latest push for gun control should be seen, not as one man’s opinion, but the voice of the ruling class trying to browbeat us into becoming even more vulnerable to their coercion.

74 thoughts on “Bob Costas’ Gun Control is NBC’s Class Warfare

  1. Bob Costas, while I respect you and your work very much I do say that I have to disagree with you. The reason why is because someone full of rage and or criminal intent will kill with a knife if a gun is unavailable. So, what then? Do we ban all knives? Once we make that step and people start killing with bats, and pipes and bombs. You cannot stop a murderer from killing by trying to control what tool he uses.

  2. With this logic we should stop all sport activities because there are more than 3.5 million annually including hundreds of deaths. This would be for the ” the overall good to mankind ” of course. No more sports!!!!!!!

    1. And that is exactly why we have a Second Amendment, to insure the government never tries to do so, or for that matter to insure the government never tries to repeal any other of the amendments.

      I will keep my firearm, with the absolute insurance that the if it became absolutely necessary the Founding Fathers meant me to use that firearm to insure all my rights will be safe.

  3. Calling for Costas to be fired is fine, but it’ll never happen. Now if he had argued, that if the murdered woman had a gun, she could have defended herself against the attack, he most certainly would have been fired.

  4. Why should anyone pay any attention to Costas or any other talking head on TV? They are simply a bunch of idiots reading scripts in public.

  5. There is a very unfortunate, but obviously unaddressed major issue in this sad circumstance. The MAN with the gun is where the responsibility lies. He made a decision. Had a knife been there, or a baseball bat, or some other weapon, the same outcome would have occurred. Mr. Costas ignores the obvious and would have us blame the gun. Not so. The blame lies directly with the perpetrator.

      1. Hahaha…LOL! Yeah but if sharpened correctly, that pilgrim shoe buckle could be used as a “ninja throwing star”……everything is dangerous!

  6. No, they wouldn’t be alive, they would still be dead, probably from a knife/beating. However, NBC needs to be boycotted until this anti-American, Anti-Constitutionalist is fired. I’m no longer watching any NBC station and you should do the same if you cared anything about your Constitutional rights and what part you can do to keep them.

    1. You stop watching NBC and buying the products they advertise, they will get Costasd off the air. It worked getting rid of Rosie o’donuthole.

  7. Costas, pull your head out! You either know little of what you speak, or are just reading some message from people over you spreading false propaganda. In other words, a “puppet”. Record shows that in every State that has enacted a Concealed Carry Law, the number of violent crimes has significantly reduced. Duh! I suggest you fold yourself up, strings and all, and get back in your box (please be sure to seal the lid)!

  8. Bob Costas, what if the girl had refused to go out on a first date with this football player? Would they both still be alive? Who knows?

  9. Costas needs to stay focused on football. He can do a fair job of it. Leave politics out of the setting of sports. Your opinions should not be aired. Do your job and shutup. If it were not for the 2nd Amendment and the good people who support it, we would all be under the grip of our Dictator Obama ~ King Obama ~ Pharoah Obama….or whatever he wants to call himself. I have a much better description of him. Just shutup Costas!

  10. Over the years I have had so much respect for Bob Costas; however, with his foolish statement and personal opinion on the air, that respect is gone. He is there to cover a sporting event; not share his opinions.

  11. when sports fans turn on the television to watch a game we want to escape from everything political. when i’m watching a football game i want to hear the commentator talk about football, not politics.

    1. Amen to that, brother. Is it not enough that we have to discern what is true from what is propaganda just to get the news when we want truth? Huge violation of ethics and common sense to use a sports venue to ratchet up some liberal agenda. Thing is, even Costas admits that he didn’t write the statement. It came from some other lame pseudo journalist and Costas just hung his hat on it. Double lame. I heard it when it actually came on the TV and was embarrassed for the state of the union. Please leave something sacred if we can’t have religion on TV; at least leave sports alone.

  12. MR Costos: please tell me…sir, how many handguns do you know of or have seen that will fire or work UNLESS someone pulls the trigger! Guns do NOT kill people anymore than lead pencils make mistakes on homework or tests! the foolishnes to believe otherwise just leads me to believe that this man or anyone else that has this mindset, has NOT studied past history of the several countries that do have handgun control: i.e. Rudssia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Venezuala, Cuba etc Before any country can control a nation, they have to get rid of the Guns…Fact is: japan refused to attcach the mainland U.S.A after hittong Pearl harbor due to the fact that the Emporer said he KNEW that behind every bush would be a gun if Lapan had have tried to attack this nation! Mr Costos…stick w/what you know: sports and shut up about guns and thier control!! By the way, how many do you have???

  13. So what if that woman had been poisend w/sleeping pills or maybe run over w/a car? Do we outlaw cars and sleeping pills! Its not the murder they hate, its the Guns they want so they can get the control!! Don’t kid me, go kid your grandmother!! I have more sense!!

  14. If the girlfriend had had a gun, she could have protected herself. The Satanic organized crime cartel wants to disarm everyone but themselves. When guns are outlawed, only the criminals will have guns and that is a MUCH MORE FRIGHTENING SITUATION.

  15. This man is either a traitor to America, or he’s working for the UN?

    The people behind the regulation of guns is the United Nations.

    They are behind Obama, they want control of your internet, your guns, and your liberty.

    Disarm America, and then the only way to fight a corrupt government, is like they do in the Middle East, by throwing stones!

    1. Mostly you are right, but there are those that might watch what is supposed to be presented without political bias, so much for that now.There is nothing left without political, far left wing, bias on NBC. Shut them down!

  16. Costas just proved he knows nothing about legal gun owners just like he knows nothing about sports. What a jerk! Outlaw cars that kill and airplanes that kill. If NBC had any balls they would kick off TV.

  17. stabing hurts more than bullet. Big mouth costas u weasel, u r talking about peoples rigths in a free nation built by the musket u idiot. all u floks who want to live under a dictatorship, ur free to leave our beautiful country any time u moron’s

  18. This moron should just keep his mouth shut! I am offended by what he says. If non Christians can’t have a tree in a town square then I don’t want dumb morons saying what I can or can’t do on a national program. It offends me and I want it stopped!

  19. Hey Bob, stick to sports commentary. You’re kind of smart at it. Don’t comment about things you know nothing about. Oh, and by the way, you do fit in very nicely with NBC’s ultra left-wing liberal image.

  20. Firstly, NBC is a mouthpiece for Obama, so this doesn’t surprise me. Secondly, football or any sports on TV is no place for someone’s ideology rant. He should be fired or at the very least reprimanded and made to pay, but I bet you NBC put him up to it.

  21. I have a better idea than outlawing guns, since the liberals say the football injuries caused Belcher’s mental state let’s outlaw football instead then Costas can analyze tiddlywinks.

  22. Hey, Bob, ban the shooting part of the biathlon!! The shooting part may just allow one of them to kill their competitors to win, you a$$!

  23. i never cared much at all for the sawed-off little shrimp whose mouth is bigger than he is…he’s like a lot of other sports casters..if they know so much, why aren’t they coaching, etc….guess we are supposed to cut off the hands of a person who kills with a knife: ban anything and everything that can be used to strangle a person: ban all cars for vehicular manslaughter: close all pharmacies that sell drugs used to overdose: remove all sharp objects from our homes: and on and on and on…..go find another cause costas, like how to shut up UNQUALIFIED sportscasters…..

  24. Costas had no business commenting against the 2nd amendment during a football game. That’s not his job or the time and place for that. He should be fired as he was too far out of line with anti-AMERICAN comments!

    1. This loser network and the rest of the Obamanation propaganda team sold out the Republic. I very much care that they be shut up and fail as soon as possible, each and every one of the traitors!

  25. This guy has hired men, WITH GUNS to accompany him, everywhere he goes. We do not have that luxury, so a gun is our only protection. Why can*t they get that thru their thick skulls? I am so happy, when I read that a 15 year old girl, shoots an intruder, that had a criminal past, and disposes of him! Otherwise, she would of been just ANOTHER statistic!

  26. Costas’ remarks are preposterous and have no basis in fact or logic, but then Liberal arguments rarely do.

    The issue is not whether Costas and NBC have a right to make political statements during football halftime breaks. If they want to do so, it is their “unalienable right”, one I have personally defended in two major wars.. On the other hand, do NBC & Costas and FOX News’ Bill Hemmer & Martha McCallum really expect us to believe that a 260 pound linebacker can’t kill a 100 pound woman, or himself for that matter, with something other than a gun? How ’bout his bare hands? Give me a break!

    I will be interested, however, to see what NBC’s sponsors have to say about 85 million “P.O.ed” gun owners, who quit watching NBC Sports.

    Costas would be well advised to stick to his knitting or football; anything but politics.

    One last point; I am sick and tired of the media bombarding me with anti-gun propaganda on virtually every type of programming. We get it on talk shows, news, movies, regular programming, documentaries, cartoons, kids’ shows, everywhere and now during halftime commercials during football games.

    There are 85 million legitimate gun owners in this nation, who own, on average, three guns each. There are easily 300 million legally owned guns in this country. Think about it. Nearly half the adult population owns guns. Only a tiny decimal fraction of those people commit crimes with guns. In deed, if one eliminates the mentally ill and career criminals from that decimal fraction, who are already statutorily forbidden to own guns, the number of gun crime perpetrators drops mathematically to next to nothing.

    Far more importantly however, it is the damage to all of our basic freedoms that I fear the most. The Bill of Rights is a partial list of our basic individual freedoms, upon which the government is absolutely forbidden to infringe. In deed, the Bill of Rights was as an absolute condition to the ratification of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment puts teeth in the other nine of those rights and government prohibitions.

    As goes the 2nd Amendment, so goes the entire Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

    “An unarmed society is an enslaved society” Thomas Jefferson.

    Mike Steele
    Midway, Georgia

  27. Next, Mr. Costas should talk against Bows and Arrows and knives.
    He should ask the goverment to ban razor blades too.

  28. Who, but other Idiots, will listen to Bob Costas stupidity and endless ranting?

    Too bad, there are too many like him, around…


  29. I think it is time to take away any of the Communist protection. Let’s start by the POTUS, the Communist in Senate and the House, then work down to the other traitors to the US.

  30. Costas is a fool! In my opinion he is not even very good at what he is paid to do. But at least he should restrict his comments to that. For venturing into biased politics on company time he should be fired!

  31. Wow Bob is clairvoyant. They would be alive today.When the news media starts reporting the positive thing about our gun culture they will not have time to report the manufactured news that is presented to the ignorant mass. Gun or firearms do not kill or save any one. Firearms are a tool used for bad or good. Bad people do bad things. Fire arms have save many more lives and stopped violent crimes.The present of a firearm makes cowardly punks flea. Because a man is emotionally upset and dose the unthinkable with a firearm then all firearms should be band. When a car is used as a weapon we don’t call for the banding of cars. Should we band knifes and stones bats why lets all cut off our hands lets band them all. Bob has his opinion and has the freedom to say what he believes .Needless to say his opinion has no merit , he like many others are just a talking head being politically correct. Where are the real men !

  32. Bob Costas should have the opertunity to walk the streets of south Chicago at midnite unarmed and unescorted . If he lived through it , his opinion would change

  33. At first I was optimistic that this was going to be a positive message for guns, but as I read I discovered otherwise. I love the last two paragraphs in this article. Mark Horne sums it up quite a bit in a few sentences.

  34. I want just 1 of these anti-gun idiots would back up there statements about gun control with evidence that gun control works. In what country has gun control ever stopped someone from killing somebody.

  35. Bob Costas would have every right to say what he said if he had been on a talk show.
    He was at a football game. People paid a lot of money to see the game, including the half time shoe.
    He robbed these people of what they had come to see.
    A short tribute to the life of the player would have been much more appropriate.

  36. costas needs to stick to his crummy sports work !! I have no idea why his is allowed to do sports anyway HE IS BORING !!!
    He is WORSE at arguing about why Americans should LOSE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL “RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS” !!!!


    This is the reason that I am now in favor of the MEDIA’S “FAIRNESS ACT” as long as that includes FILTHY RICH LIBERALS HAVING TO KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT ABOUT THEIR PERSONAL SOLUTIONS TO AMERICAS PROBLEMS unless someone is right their to TELL THEIR OPINION TOO !!!


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