Boston Tea Party Was Act of Terrorism Says New School Lesson Plan

One of the single most important events leading up to our declaring independence from Great Britain was the Boston Tea Party.  The event was an act of rebellion against the British taxation of the American colonists without having any representation in Parliament.  It was a protest demonstration designed to send a message to the British crown that we were not going to just do nothing while they levied undue taxes on us.

At least that is what I was taught and have always heard.  However, history revisionists who have been doing their best to re-write American history are portraying the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism and not a political protest.

A lesson plan now available to school teachers in Texas is being promoted by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative.  This collaborative is a non-profit K-12 curriculum provider in Texas who received $25 million from the state funding last year.

According to a report, part of the lesson plan reads:

“A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the property of private citizens today at our nation’s busiest port.  Although no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise, considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities from the authorities.”

“It is believed that the terrorist attack was a response to the policies enacted by the occupying country’s government. Even stronger policies are anticipated by the local citizens.”

If the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, then so was the entire Revolutionary War which would make George Washington the leading terrorist.  All of our nation’s early leaders would also be considered terrorists instead of patriots and liberators.

Groups like the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative are constantly trying to re-write history to take out any Christian and patriotic references and influences.  Revisions like the Boston Tea Party help undermine American exceptionalism that used to be taught.  Instead, it makes everything about America to be evil and vile to the rest of the world.

So many public school textbooks and lessons plans today are geared on teaching our children all about globalism and one world economy and so on.  The same text books teach that American capitalism is bad and responsible for many of the problems in our nation and the world.  They no longer teach patriotism or national pride.  I just found out that my granddaughter who is in the fifth grade in public school has never been taught the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem at school.

By the time this generation finishes school, America, if there is an America left by then, will certainly become part of the one-world globalism effort.  America, land of the proud will become land of the enslaved and our children and grandchildren will never get to experience the greatness we once were.

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  1. This is just pathetic. The dishonesty of the left knows no bounds and that includes lying to our children about our roots. The history redactors are busy at work writing their brainwashing tomes.

    I guess the lesson for us here is that WE MUST be the teachers of our children. If you can home school your kids, do it. Make the sacrifices necessary because it will be worth it.

      1. I’ve known several people who’ve grown up home-schooled and they are, without exception, more intelligent and, in general, curious about the world than the vast majority of people graduating from public schools today.

        Are there people who do it wrong? Certainly. I haven’t met any of them, though, and as far as I know, they’re the exception, not the rule.

        But you’re probably right. Man, how backwards and ignorant is it of people to want to take care of their own children, to pass on their beliefs, values, and skills. They should just hand all of that over to the state. In fact, it would probably be best if babies were confiscated at birth to be raised in state-run nurseries so they can’t have any subversive ideas, questioning the benevolence of the state.

  2. I’d like to see more context here. I think the passage quoted above could be part (emphasis *part*) of a good lesson plan to show how different people would view the event. If you said, “This is how the British would have described what happened. Now we can talk about how it would look from the colonists’ point of view,” I think that would be just fine.

    If this is all there is, or is the main point of the lesson, then yeah, I have serious problems with it.

    1. Of course it is out of context. That’s the point of these salacious articles that do anything to drum up emotions. Leave out the part that actually teaches, such as, “Would contemporaries of the Boston Tea Party see the event this way? Would Tories see it different from the colonists?” etc. How lame to base this article on “a report” and not on the actual in context lesson plan/textbook.

      1. maybe you should read some of the trash being called textbooks that find their way into schools – written by liberals with the INTENT to underrmine the Republic and replace it with socialism.

        1. Most of socialism is a good thing. You clowns hate anything that serves the common good. You constantly bad mouth anything intelligent and progressive. You seem to want to return to the era of witch trials, prohibition and killing Indians.

        2. Socialism is not PROGRESSIVE. You think where we are headed is good? You need to go live under socialism for a couple of decades and then teach me something about it. You want to bring us all down instead of lifting people up. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism, but there is everything wrong with corporatism. When the government is in bed with big business, where the enforcement of laws is none existent, then you have socialism at it’s finest. In the end government wins out and all people lose.

          You think federal government has the people’s best interest in mind? You think spend 1 trillion dollars on welfare is good? You think the federal government spending 4 trillion dollars a year is great? The only ones getting ahead are people in the federal government and their friends.

          Madoff is a perfect example of too much government. It should never have taken as long as it did to discover what he was up to and take him out. 18 layers of bureaucrats and staffers screw everything up. How many evil people roll back and forth from private industry to the federal government and then back to private industry?

          You made a broad statement that most of socialism is good so now you can provide us with a complete list of all those good things. I’d like to see them cause I lived in a socialist country for many years and I watched it take 80% of everything. 27% just for VAT. I’ll give you that it was fair, it screwed 100% of everyone. Oh except of course the political leadership. They always manage to be exempt from their own laws just like here.

        3. Chris, you obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about. You have already been damaged by the leftist propaganda machine. Socialism takes away incentive to get ahead, to try and be better than the other guy, to be exceptional. Have you ever been to a socialist or communist country? The vast majority of them only serve to lower the standard so that everyone is equal at a lower level. Very rarely if ever does the standard get raised so that everyone lives a better life. All socialist countries that I have lived in and seen have a population that serves only the welfare of the government. Not the the people.

        4. And you have to resort to utterly baseless insults. “Witch trials, prohibition and killing Indians”? Please point to something this blog or anyone posting here has said that supports any of that.

          We can very easily give evidence of liberal anti-Americanism and creeping socialism, but all you have are the most pointless insults.

          By the way, how do you like your DMV? Is it efficient? Friendly? Because that’s what an exclusive government service looks like. If you’re looking forward to socialized medicine, you’re looking forward to your doctor’s office being run like the DMV.

        5. Any system, and especially Socialism, that advocates another individual has a prior right to confiscate my earnings is a tyrannical dictatorship. Our Constitution, and my military career were both dedicated to the opposite proposition, i.e. a man has a right to equal opportunity, not equal outcome, and that the government is beholden to the people and the states for its authority. Further, that authority, can be restricted further because it must remain within the bounds of our WRITTEN Constitution.

        6. Govt control of all we do. That is Socialism. I prefer to make my own decisions , all within the law. I do not need someone telling me what to do when to do it and how to do it. Why anyone advocates it is beyond me. It has never worked .

        7. You think you got it right. But you are really screwing yourself. You don’ know how well off you are to even be allowed to make such a dumb statement. Visit Cuba and you will see what you are bragging about!

        8. By the way, capitalism serves the common good. It is entirely voluntary. I only give a business my money if they give me something I value more. We both win. If I take five ingredients worth a total of $6, work for an hour and assemble them into something people will happily pay $20 for, who loses? No one. Who gains? Everyone.

          On the other hand, anything the government does is coercive. If the government takes $20 from me, various bureaucrats will keep $10, $5 will be given to people who could work for themselves and I’ll get $5 worth back from it. Who loses? Almost everyone. Who gains? The government.

          This isn’t even getting into the innovation stimulated by capitalism and free enterprise. If you factor that into the equation, socialism doesn’t just lose. It’s demolished.

          By the way, Obama’s a racist.

    2. Subtleties and half lies are more damaging than blatant lies.

      The leftest “danm” well know what they are doing…

      And it’s working!

      1. If we want to be taken seriously, we have to present the whole picture. America is good. America is not perfect. Our founding fathers were fighting for good things, but they were as flawed as any of us.

        Offering a different perspective isn’t a bad thing, as long as the curriculum/teacher leaves room for other options. Teaching history as pure political indoctrination is unacceptable, though. Conservatives can be as guilty of it as liberals, but conservatives are not controlling our public schools and colleges today by way of the NEA, so we have just cause to be leery of liberalism in schools.

    3. Go here to see the whole lesson, then follow it by reading the next one. It is worse than you thought, not better!

      However, this is how it is being taught via the Texas public school system’s World History/ Social Studies lesson plan (Unit 12: Lesson: 07

      Read more:

    4. You’re exactly right – if the purpose of this exercise was to show children that they need to view any information they get from different perspectives, then this is a VERY valuable lesson that needs to be taught. And hopefully some kids will take that home with them, which is good.

      But after reading through the lesson plan, I think the main purpose of the lesson plan was to feed into the whole “terrorist” propaganda engine – to start getting kids to fear the “terrorist” boogyman as early as possible. If it was really fair and balance, it would talk more about some of the terrorist acts perpetrated by the United States, like what would our founding fathers think of drone strikes against US citizens, the CIA’s fomenting rebellion in Iran in Operation Ajax, or indefinite detention.

      The reason we have so much government intrusion into our lives, and unconstitutional laws, is that there are so many people in this country who are so brainwashed by the propaganda that you can pretty much tell them ANYTHING and they’ll believe it.

      You can tell them something like “Those guys are making weapons of mass destruction!” or “Iran is developing Nuclear Weapons!”

      And they won’t even think to ask any questions, or do independent research.

      People that easy to brainwash are the real danger, because the people in our government who are trying to destroy our constitutional rights can use the gullible folks to push through legislation that smart people would protest against. (like the Patriot Act, Section 2021 of the NDAA, etc) Hopefully we’re teaching our kids to actually THINK about stuff and not just accept it as fact because they heard it on the news.

      1. Markusdecarcus……Exactly.
        Evil is good, and good is evil. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Up is down and in is out.

        Its like the worst Wonderland visit Alice could ever take, except instead of the cheshire cat….we’ve got Obama.

        1. You are like many people ….you expect to get change you can believe in by choosing a political candidate ….like children watching a puppet show …

        2. “change you can believe in”?that’s straight out of obamas phrase book,are you one of his blind followers?

        3. I almost cried reading this article. How can we allow anyone to change history especially American History. I wonder if Gov Perry is aware of this.

      2. Remember the Superman Comics that had a parallel universe Bizzaro guy… That’s what this reminds me of… everything kind of looks the same, but it isn’t (google Bizzaro for questions) That’s exactly what I feel about what is going on. Everything seems the same, but it isn’t…

      3. The world we live in: “Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.” – Michael Ellner

      1. only18 states have unions. So how do you explain the others being so UN American. Just independent commies. Must be. They are so sneaky. Just took over before our eyes, plus all the state Education agencies. Should be really scary to all of you. Teachers are everywhere. Home schooling ismonly way. But don’t let yiur kids hang out with any of those public school kids.

        1. Even the non-union states are required to teach by Dept. of Education approved texts. Pretty much eliminates any questions by educators who know better.

        2. Funny some of the things I rember from nearly 60 years ago. I rember a teacher saying the War of Northern Agreation (Civel war) was not about slavery. I was so indoctriated I did not belive it for about 40 years. (yes political corectness has been with us that long) When I stumbled on to some info and did a little idependent study.

        3. Civil war was about States Rights not Slavery, The studying you have done was written by the winner of that war.

        4. Pete has it right, Matt. And so do you. The real culprits in all of this sh_t are the Teacher’s Unions, the AFT and NEA, whom pretty much pull the strings of their puppets at the state level. If you want to change their tone in a hurry, abolish national unions from auto collection of dues from each of the state affiliates, and likewise do the same for the state associations. All dues should have to be collected monthly via a mailed check that would prove a willing contributor of it.

          As for the Fed’s, the Department of Education simply makes everything downstream of them ineffective and expensive, a typical Federal Bureacracy, similar in usefulness as the Department of Energy.

          Nothing but bureacrats living like pigs at the public trough.

          All they, collectively, have been able to do is take American students from the top three in the World to somewhere around number 28th. Useless waste. All the while increasing the cost per pupil 10-fold.

        5. Unionized or not, they work from the same playbook…”give me a child for 8 years and I’ll give you a Bolshevik for life…” Unions don’t make the teachers commies, they keep the commie teachers safe from us!

          Remember, it’s where the teachers are taught that was socialized first. Lenin and the communists knew that so all colleges and universities had to be infiltrated. Hillsdale College is probably the only non-socialist/Leftist?Marxist college left.

        6. I was a teacher in Philadelphia for about ten years following a career in industry.
          I am not a communist, nor did I allow the communists in our school district to stop me from having my student s say the Pledge of Allegiance and I displayed a U.S. flag that covered most of one wall of my classroom.
          It is easy to get around regulations if one has a will to do it, rather than just lament over the regulation being out in place.
          I had a student organization whose charter stated that every meeting would be started with the Pledge of Allegiance so I made every class meeting a club meeting, thus every class started with the Pledge of Allegiance.
          We can fight them, we just have to be innovative.

        7. You are one in how many thousands of teachers who do not do what you have done! Many believe that socialism and communism are the only way to rule. You are outnumbered and outgunned…rg

    1. When you ask for a law you are saying that the public needs the government to intervene. I think we have had enough government for one generation. Where is the public outcry? That is Jacked Up, and whoever wrote it needs to have their background investigated! Anti-American propaganda is just that and should not be tolerated. America is being neutered at every corner. We need to stop this before it goes too far. Being American is something inside all of us aging back to the separatist movement. It is bigger than any government. It will prevail. The only question is how bad will it get before America rises up against this anti-American socialist/communist/progressive tyranny.

    2. Works for me. I think it should be extended to private schools who accept vouchers and to other private schools, too.

      This is beyond disgusting.

    3. It’s been going on a very long time…..



      This is an archive interview filmed for RADIO LIBERTY by Dr. Stan Monteith in 1980.Norman Dodd was chief investigator of the REECE COMMITTEE, set up to
      findings were so shocking that the Reece Committee Report was hushed up and it removed from public view. This is the ORIGINAL ARCHIVE film of the interview with Norman Dodd- as he discloses the content of that report, and joins many dots
      for Truth Seekers today. This video is an update to the audio (visual) version released previously, and contains even MORE disclosures in this original interview.***

      New World Order Agenda
      Exposed – The Charlotte Iserbyt Story – Documentary

      Foundations:Their Power and Influence [Paperback]

      Norman Dodd and the Tax Exempt Foundations-1982 Interview by G. Edward


      Norman Dodd’s Background

      The End of “Sound Banking”

      The Reese Commission

      The Ford Foundation

      Carnegie Endowment and
      Rockefeller Foundation




      Provided Below

      Norman Dodd

      Reese Committee

      Norman Dodd and Stan Monteith – The Enemy Within [Foundations]-1980
      (Dodd Interview begins at about 30 minutes into the video but Montieff’s lead in is well worth listening. This is the previously released interview to “THE

      1. Transcript of the Norman G. Dodd Interview by G. Edward Griffin

        The story we are about to hear represents a missing piece in the puzzle
        of modern history. We are about to hear a man tell us that the
        major tax-exempt foundations of America, since at least 1945, have
        been operating to promote a hidden agenda. That agenda has
        nothing to do with the surface appearance of charity, good works or

        This man will tell you that the real objective has been to
        influence American educational institutions and to control foreign
        policy agencies of the Federal government. The purpose of the
        control has been to condition Americans to accept the creation of
        world government. That government is to be based on the
        principle of collectivism, which is another way of saying socialism;
        and, it is to be ruled from behind the scenes by those same interests
        which control the tax-exempt foundations.

        Is this a believable scenario?

        Well, the man who tells this story is none other than Mr. Norman Dodd who, in the year 1954, was the staff director of the Congressional Special Committee
        to investigate tax-exempt foundations — sometimes referred to as the
        Reece committee, in recognition of its chairman, Congressman Carroll
        Reece. I conducted the interview we are about to hear, in
        1982. I had no immediate use for the material at that time, but
        I realized that Mr. Dodd’s story was of great importance.

        Since he was advanced in age and not in good health, I wanted to capture
        his recollections on videotape while he was still with us. It
        was a wise decision, because Mr. Dodd did pass away just a short time

        In later years there was a resurgence of interest in Mr. Dodd’s story,
        and we released the videotape to the public in 1991. And so,
        what now follows is the sound track taken from the full, unedited
        interview, broken occasionally only for a tape change, or to omit the
        sound of a passing airplane. It stands on its own as an
        important piece in the puzzle of modern history.

        [begin interview]

        Griffin:Mr. Dodd, let’s begin this interview by a brief statement, for the
        record, telling us who you are, what your background is, and your
        qualifications to speak on the subject.

        Dodd: Well, Mr. Griffin, as for who I am, I am just as the name implies — an
        individual born in New Jersey and educated in private schools,
        eventually in a school called Andover, Massachusetts, and then Yale

        And, running through my whole period of being brought up, growing up, I
        have been an emphaticable [sic] reader, and I have had one
        major interest and that was this country, as I was led to believe
        that it was originally founded.

        I entered the world of business knowing absolutely nothing about how
        that world operated. And, I realized that the only way to find
        out what that world was, and consisted of, would be to become part of
        it. And I then acquired some experience in the manufacturing world,
        and in the world of international communications, and finally chose
        banking as the field I wished to devote my life to.

        I was fortunate enough, to secure a position in one of the important
        banks in New York. I lived there. I lived through the conditions
        which led up to what is known as the crash of 1929. I witnessed what
        is tantamount to a collapse of the structure of the United States as
        a whole.

        Much to my surprise, my superiors, in the middle of the panic in which
        they were immersed, confronted me. I was confronted with the
        question, “Norm, what do we do now?”

        I was thirty at the time, and I had no more right to have an answer to
        that question than the man in the moon. However, I did manage to say
        to my superiors, “Gentlemen, you take this experience as proof
        of something that you do not know about banking.” And you better
        go find out what that something is, and act accordingly.

        Four days later, I was confronted by these same superiors, with a
        statement to the effect that, “Norm, you go find out.” And I
        really was fool enough to accept that assignment, because it meant
        that you were going out to search for something, and nobody could
        tell you what you were looking for. I felt so strongly on the subject
        that I consented to it.

        I was relieved of all normal duties inside the bank and, two and a half
        years later, I felt that it was possible to report back to those who
        had given me this assignment. So, I rendered such a report and, as a
        result of the report I rendered, I was told the following:
        “Norm, what you are saying is, we should return to sound
        banking.” And I said, “Yes, in essence, that’s exactly what
        it is that I am saying.”

        Whereupon, I got my first shock, which was a statement from them to this effect: “We will never see sound banking in the United States again.”
        And they cited chapter and verse, to support that statement.

        What they cited was as follows: since the end of WWI, we have been
        responsible for what they call the “institutionalizing
        of conflicting interests.” And they are so prevalent inside this country, that they can never be resolved.

        ***Not sure what “institutionalizing of conflicting interests.” really

        This came to me as an extraordinary shock because the men who made this
        statement were men who were deemed as the most prominent bankers in
        the country. The bank of which I was a part was spoken of a Morgan
        bank. Coming from men of that caliber, a statement of that kind made
        a tremendous impression on me.

        The type of impression that it made on me was this: I wondered if I, as
        an individual, as what they call a junior officer of the bank, could
        with the same enthusiasm foster the progress and the policies of the
        bank. I spent about a year trying to think this out, and came to the
        conclusion that I would have to resign.

        I did resign. As a consequence of that, I had this experience. When my
        letter of resignation reached the desk of the president of the bank,
        he sent for me. I came to visit with him and he stated to me, “Norm,
        I have your letter, but I do not believe you understand what has
        happened in the last ten days.” I said, “No, Mr. Cochran, I
        have no idea what’s happened.”

        “Well,” he says, “the directors have never been able to get your report
        to them out of their minds and, as a result, they have decided that
        you, as an individual, must begin at once, and you must re-organize
        this bank in keeping with your own ideas.” He then said, “Now,
        can I tear up your letter?”

        And inasmuch as what had been said to me, what he was offering me, at the
        age of (by then) thirty-three, was about as fine an opportunity for
        service to the country as I could imagine. I said, “Yes.” And
        they said they wished me to begin at once, and I did.

        Suddenly, in a span of about six weeks, I was not permitted to do another piece of work. And, every time I brought the subject up, I was kind of
        patted on the back and told, “Stop worrying about it, Norm.
        Pretty soon you will be a vice-president and you will have quite a
        handsome salary, and ultimately be able to retire on a very
        worthwhile pension and, in the meantime, you can play golf and tennis
        to your hearts content on weekends.”

        Well, Mr. Griffin, I found I could not do it. I spent a year, figuratively,
        with my feet on the desk, doing nothing. I just couldn’t adjust to
        it. So I did resign. This time my resignation stuck.

        Then, I got my second shock, which was the discovery that the doors of
        every bank in the United States were closed to me and I never could
        get a job, as it were, in the bank. So I found myself for the first
        time since I graduated from college, out of a job.

        From then on, I followed various branches of the financial world, ranging
        from investment counsel, to membership in the stock exchange. I
        finally ended up as an advisor to a few individuals who had capital
        funds to look after.

        In the meantime, my major interest became very specific, which was to
        endeavor, by some means, to get the educational world to actually,
        you might say, teach the subject of economics realistically, and move
        it away from the support of various speculative activities that
        characterized our country.

        I have had that interest and you know how it is, if you generate a
        specific interest, you find yourself gravitating toward persons with
        similar interests. Ultimately, I found myself kind of at the center
        of the world of dissatisfaction with the direction in which this
        country was headed. And, I found myself in contact with many
        individuals who, on their own, had done a vast amount of studying and
        research in areas which were part of the problem.

        What point in your career did you become connected with the Reece

        Nineteen hundred and fifty-three (1953).

        1953. And what was that capacity, Sir?

        That was in the capacity of what they called “Director of

        Can you tell us what the Reece Committee was attempting to do?

        Yes, I can tell you. It was operating and carrying out instructions
        embodied in a Resolution passed by the House of Representatives,
        which was to investigate the activities of foundations as to whether
        or not these activities could justifiably be labeled “un-American”
        — without, I might add, defining what they meant by “un-American.”
        That was the Resolution and the committee had, then, the task of
        selecting a counsel, and the counsel, in turn, had the task of
        selecting a staff; and, he had to have somebody who would
        direct the work of that staff, and that was what they meant by the
        “Director of Research. “

        What were some of the details, the specifics, of what you told the
        committee at that time?

        Well, Mr. Griffin, in that report, I specifically — number one —
        defined what was, to us, meant by the phrase “un-American.” And,
        we defined that, in our way, as being a determination to effect
        changes in the country by un-Constitutional means.

        have plenty of Constitutional procedures, assuming that we wished to
        effect a change in the form of government, and that sort of thing.
        And therefore, any effort in that direction, which did not avail
        itself of the procedures authorized by the Constitution, could be
        justifiably called “un-American.” That was the start of educating
        them, up to that particular point. The next thing was to educate them
        as to the effect on the country, as a whole, of the activities of
        large, endowed foundations over the then past forty years.

        What was that effect, Sir?

        That affect was to orient our educational
        system away from
        support of the principles embodied in the Declaration of
        Independence, and implemented in the Constitution; and to educate
        them over to the idea that the task now
        was to effect an orientation of education away
        from these briefly stated principles
        and self-evident truths.

        And, that’s what had been the effect of the wealth which constituted the
        endowments of those foundations -– foundations that had been in
        existence over the largest portion of the span of fifty years — and
        holding them responsible for this change. What we were able to bring
        forward was — what we had uncovered was — the determination of
        these large endowed foundations, through their trustees, actually to
        get control over the content of American education.

        There is quite a bit of publicity given to your conversation with
        Rowan Gaither. Will you please tell us who he was, and what was that
        conversation you had with him?

        Rowan Gaither was, at that time, President of the Ford Foundation.
        Mr. Gaither had sent for me, when I found it convenient to be in New
        York. He asked me to call upon him at his office, which I did.

        Upon arrival, after a few amenities, Mr. Gaither said, “Mr. Dodd, we
        have asked you to come up here today, because we thought that,
        possibly, off the record, you would tell us why the Congress is
        interested in the activities of foundations such as ourselves.”

        And, before I could think of how I would reply to that statement, Mr.
        Gaither then went on, and voluntarily stated, “Mr. Dodd, all of
        us who have a hand in the making of policies here, have had
        experience either with the OSS during the war, or with European
        economic administration after the war. We have had experience
        operating under directives. The directives emanate, and did emanate,
        from the White House. Now, we still operate under just such
        directives. Would you like to know what the substance of these
        directives is?”

        I said, “Yes, Mr. Gaither, I would like very much to know.”
        Whereupon, he made this statement to me, “Mr. Dodd, we are here
        to operate in response to similar directives, the substance of which
        is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the
        United States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet

        Well, parenthetically, Mr. Griffin, I nearly fell off the chair. I, of
        course, didn’t, but my response to Mr. Gaither then was, “Oh, Mr.
        Gaither, I can now answer your first question. You’ve forced the
        Congress of the United States to spend a hundred and fifty thousand
        dollars to find our what you have just told me.” I said, “Of
        course, legally, you’re entitled to make grants for this purpose.
        But, I don’t think you’re entitled to withhold that information from
        the People of this country, to whom you’re indebted for your tax
        exemption. So why don’t you tell the People of the country just what
        you told me?” And his answer was, “We would not think of doing
        any such thing.” So, then I said, “Well, Mr. Gaither,
        obviously, you forced the Congress to spend this money, in order to
        find out what you just told me.”

        Mr. Dodd, you have spoken, before, about some interesting things that
        were discovered by Kathryn Casey at the Carnegie Endowment. Would you
        tell us that story, please?

        Sure, glad to, Mr. Griffin. This experience you just referred to,
        came about in response to a letter which I had written to the
        Carnegie Endowment Center, National Peace, asking certain questions
        and gathering certain information.

        On the arrival of that letter, Dr. Johnson, who was then President of
        the Carnegie Endowment, telephoned me and said, “Did you ever
        come up to New York?” I said, “Yes, I did, more or less each
        weekend.” And he said, “When you are next here, will you drop
        in and see us?” Which I did.

        And again, on arrival, at the office of the Endowment, I found myself in
        the presence of Dr. Joseph Johnson, the President, who was the
        successor to Alger Hiss, two vice-presidents and their own counsel, a
        partner in the firm — a fellow by the name of Cromwell. And
        Dr. Johnson said (again after amenities), “Mr. Dodd, we have
        your letter. We can answer all those questions, but it would be
        a great deal of trouble. We have a counter-suggestion. Our
        counter-suggestion is that, if you can spare a member of your staff
        for two weeks, and send that member up to New York, we will give to
        that member a room in the library, and the minute books of this
        Foundation since its inception. And we think that, whatever you want
        to find out or that the Congress wants to find out, will be obvious
        from those minutes.”

        Well, my firstreaction was they had lost their minds. I had a pretty good idea ofwhat those minutes would contain, but I realized that Dr. Johnson had
        only been in office two years, and the vice-presidents were
        relatively young men, and counsel also seemed to be a young man. I
        guessed that, probably, they had never read the minutes themselves.

        And so, I said that I had somebody and I would accept their offer. I went back toWashington, and I selected the member of my staff who had been a
        practicing attorney in Washington. She was on my staff to ensure I
        did not break any Congressional procedures or rules. In addition to
        that, she was unsympathetic to the purpose of the investigation. She
        was a level-headed and very reasonably brilliant, capable lady, and
        her attitude toward the investigation was this: “What could
        possibly be wrong with foundations? They do so much good.”

        of side 2]

        Well, in the face of that sincere conviction of Kathryn’s, I went out of my
        way not to prejudice her in any way, but I did
        explain to her that she couldn’t possibly cover fifty years of
        handwritten minutes in two weeks. So, she would have to do what we
        call “spot reading.” I blocked out certain periods of time to
        concentrate on. Off she went — to New York. She came back at the end
        of two weeks, with the following recorded on dictaphone belts.

        We are now at the year nineteen hundred and eight, which was the year that theCarnegie Foundation began operations. And, in that year, the
        trustees meeting, for the first time, raised a specific question,
        which they discussed throughout the balance of the year, in a very
        learned fashion. And the question is this: Isthere any means known more effective than war, assuming you wish toalter the life of an entire people? And they conclude that, no moreeffective means to that end is known to humanity, than war. So then,in 1909, they raise the second question, and discuss it, namely, how do we involve the United States in a war?…….

        Commentary: As I have listened to the interview repeatedly and
        studied what was said by Norman Dodd, I kept being reminded of what
        George Orwell wrote in his dystopian novel “1984.”I believe he
        wrote what he wrote as a way of warning us of not only what was going
        to boldly come in our future, but also what had already stealthily
        been set in place. This particular part from “1984” speaks so
        loudly to this part of Norman Dodd’s words:

        “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

        It does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is real, it does
        not matter if victory is not possible…..The
        war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous…..The
        essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of
        human labor…. A hierarchial society is only possible on the basis of poverty
        and ignorance…In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on thebrink of starvation…..The war is waged by the ruling group against it’s own subjects, and it’s object is not victory over Eurasia or East Asia ( or Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya, or now Iran) but to keep the
        very structure of society intact.” George Orwell 1984

        continues: …..Well, I doubt, at that time, if there was any
        subject more removed from the thinking of most of the People of this
        country, than its involvement in a war. There were intermittent shows
        in the Balkans, but I doubt very much if many people even knew where
        the Balkans were. And finally, they answer that question as follows:
        we must control the State Department.

        And then, that very naturally raises the question
        of how do we do that? They answer it by saying, we must take
        over and control the diplomatic machinery of this country and,
        finally, they resolve to aim at that as an objective. Then, time
        passes, and we are eventually in a war, which would be World War I.
        At that time, they record on their minutes a
        shocking report in which they dispatch to President Wilson a telegram
        cautioning him to see that the war does not end too quickly. And
        finally, of course, the war is over.

        At that time, their interest shifts over to preventing what they call a
        reversion of life in the United States to what it was prior to 1914,
        when World War I broke out. At that point, they come to the
        conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, we
        must control education in the United States.
        And they realize that is a pretty big task. To them it is too
        big for them alone.

        So they approach the Rockefeller Foundation with a suggestion: that
        portion of education which could be considered domestic should be
        handled by the Rockefeller Foundation, and that portion which is
        international should be handled by the Endowment……

        I am reminded of Orwell’s writing in “1984.” “He who
        controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past,
        controls the future.”

        Commentary: I believe another way of saying what Orwell said is as follows: Hethat controls the finances and politics of the present controls the
        writing and editing of history (including the media). And he that
        controls history controls the minds of the future, and in effect
        controls the future.***

        1. Dodd
          continued: ….They then decide that the key to the success of these
          two operations lay in the alteration of the teaching of American
          History. So, they approach four of the then most prominent teachers
          of American History in the country — people like Charles and Mary
          Byrd. Their suggestion to them is this, “Will they alter the manner
          in which they present their subject”” And, they get turned down,

          So, they then decide that it is necessary for them to do as they say,
          i.e. “build our own stable of historians.” Then, they
          approach the Guggenheim Foundation, which specializes in fellowships,
          and say” “When we find young men in the process of studying for
          doctorates in the field of American History, and we feel that they
          are the right caliber, will you grant them fellowships on our say so?
          And the answer is, “Yes.”

          So, under that condition, eventually they assemble twenty (20), and they
          take these twenty potential teachers of American History to London.
          There, they are briefed in what is expected of them — when,
          as, and if they secure appointments in keeping with the
          doctorates they will have earned.

          That group of twenty historians ultimately becomes the nucleus of the
          American Historical Association. And then, toward the end of the
          1920’s, the Endowment grants to the American Historical Association
          four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) for a study of our history
          in a manner which points to what this country look forward to, in the

          That culminates in a seven-volume study, the last volume of which is, of
          course, in essence, a summary of the contents of the other six. The
          essence of the last volume is this: the future of this country
          belongs to collectivism, administered with characteristic American

          That is the story that ultimately grew out of, and of course, was what
          could have been presented by the members of, this
          Congressional Committee, and the Congress as a whole, for just
          exactly what it said. But, they never got to that point!

          This is the story that emerged from the minutes at the Carnegie

          That’s right.

          And so?

          It was official to that extent.

          And Kathryn Casey brought all of these back, in the form of dictated
          notes, or verbatim readings, of the minutes?

          On dictaphone belts.

          Are those in existence today?

          I don’t know. If they are, they’re somewhere in the archives, under
          the control of the Congress, the House of Representatives.

          How many people actually heard those? Or, were they typed up,
          transcripts made?


          How many people actually heard those recordings?

          Three maybe. Myself, my top assistant, and Kathryn. Yeah, I might
          tell you this experience, as far as its impact on Kathryn Casey is
          concerned. Well, she was never able to return to her law practice.
          If it hadn’t been for Carroll Reece’s ability to tuck her away in a
          job with the Federal Trade Commission, I don’t know what would have
          happened to Kathryn. Ultimately, she lost her mind as a result of
          it. It was a terrible shock to her. It is a very rough experience
          for her to encounter proof of this kind.

          “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary
          act.” George Orwell

          Mr. Dodd, can you summarize the opposition to the Committee, the
          Reece Committee, and particularly the efforts to sabotage the

          Well, it began right at the start of the week of the operating staff,
          Mr. Griffin. It began on the day on which the Committee met for the
          purpose of consenting to, or confirming, my appointment to the
          position of Director of Research. Thanks to the abstention by the
          minority members of the Committee from voting, that is, the two
          Democratic members – that is why, technically, I was unanimously

          Wasn’t the White House involved in opposition?

          Not at this particular point, Sir. Mr. Reece ordered Counsel and
          myself to visit Wayne Hayes. Wayne Hayes was the ranking minority
          member of the Committee, as a Democrat. So, we — Kathryn and I —
          had to go down to Mr. Hayes’ office, which we did. Mr. Hayes
          greeted us with the flat statement, directed primarily to me, “I am
          opposed to this investigation. I regard it as nothing but an effort
          on the part of Carroll Reece to gain a little prominence. So, I’ll do
          everything I can to see that it fails.” Well, I have a strange
          personality, in the sense that a challenge of that nature interests

          Counselwithdrew. He went over and sat on the couch in Mr. Reece’s
          office, and pouted. I, sort of, took up this statement by Mr. Hayes as a
          challenge, and set myself a goal of winning him over to our point of

          I started by noticing that, on his desk, there was a book. The book was of the
          type – and there were many in those days — that would be complaining about the spread of communism, and Hungary. That type of

          This meant to me that, at least Hayes had read the book. So, I brought up the
          subject of the spread of the influence of the Soviet World. For two
          hours, I discussed this with Hayes and, finally, he ended up by
          rising from his desk and saying, “Norm, if you will carry this
          investigation toward the goal that you have outlined to me, I will be
          your biggest supporter.”

          I said, “Mr. Hayes, I can assure you. I will not double-cross you. Subsequently,
          Mr. Hayes sent word to me that he was in Bethesda Naval Hospital,
          with an attack of ulcers. He asked if would I come and see him.
          Which I did. He then said, “Norm, the only reason I’ve asked you
          to come out here is that I just want to hear you say, again you will
          not double-cross me.” I gave him that assurance, and that was
          the basis of our relationship.

          Meanwhile, Counsel took the attitude expressed in these words, “Norm, if you
          want to waste your time with ‘this guy’ (as he called him), then you
          can go ahead and do it, but don’t ever ask me to say anything
          to him, under any conditions, on any subject.”

          So, in a sense, that created a deck for me to operate in relation to
          Hayes, on my own.

          As time passed, Hayes offered friendship, which I hesitated to accept
          because of his vulgarity. I didn’t want to get mixed up with him
          socially, under any conditions.

          Well, that was our relationship for about three months. Eventually, I had
          occasion to add to my staff. As a result of adding to my staff a
          top-flight intelligence officer, both the Republican National
          Committee and the White House resorted to stopping me from continuing
          this investigation in the direction Carroll Reece had personally
          asked me to go.

          Mr. Griffin, that direction was to utilize this investigation to uncover
          the fact that this country had been the victim of a conspiracy. That
          was Mr. Reece’s conviction. I eventually agreed to carry out that

          I explained to Mr. Reece that his own Counsel wouldn’t go in
          that direction. He gave me permission to disregard our own Counsel
          and to set up an aspect of the investigation outside of our office —
          more or less secretly. The Republican National Committee got wind of
          what I was doing, and they did everything they could to stop me. They
          appealed to Counsel to stop me. Finally, they resorted to the
          White House.

          Was their objection because of what you were doing, or because of the
          fact that you were doing it outside of the official auspices
          of the Committee?

          No. The objection was, as they put it, my devotion to what they
          called “anti-Semitism.” That was a cooked-up idea. In other
          words, it wasn’t true at all. But, any way, that’s the way
          they expressed it.

          Excuse me. Why?

          Then they made it stick.

          Why did they do that? How could
          they say that?

          Well, they could say it, Mr. Griffin. But, they had to have
          something in the way of a rationalization of their decision to do
          everything they could to stop completion of this investigation, given
          the direction that it was moving. That direction would have been
          exposure of this Carnegie Endowment story, and the Ford Foundation,
          and the Guggenheim, and the Rockefeller Foundation — all working in
          harmony toward the control of education in the United States.

          Well, to secure the help of the White House in the picture, they got the White
          House to cause the liaison between the White House and the Hill — a
          major person — to go up to Hayes and try to get him, as it were,
          actively to oppose what the investigation was engaged in.

          Hayes, then, very kindly, would listen to this visit from this major person. Then
          he would call me and say, “Norm, come up to my office I have
          a good deal to tell you.”

          would go up. He would tell me he just had a visit from this major
          person, and hewants me to break up this investigation. So then I said,
          what did you do? What did you say to him?” He said, “I just
          told him to get the hell out.” And he did that three times. I got
          pretty proud of him, in the sense that he was, as it were, backing me
          up. We finally embarked upon hearings at Hayes’ request.
          Hayes wanted to get them out of the way, before he went abroad in the

          Why were the hearings finally terminated? What happened to the

          What happened to the Committee, or to the hearings?

          The hearings.

          ***Divide and Conquer***

          The hearings were terminated. Carroll Reece was up against such a
          furor in Hayes, through the activity of our own
          Counsel. Hayes became convinced that he was being
          double-crossed; and he put on a show in the public hearing room, Mr.
          Griffin, that was an absolute disgrace. He called Carroll Reece
          publicly every name in the book.

          Reece tookthis as proof that he couldn’t continue the hearings. He
          actually invited me to accompany him when he went down to Hayes’ office
          and, in my presence, with the tears rolling down his face, Hayes
          apologized to Carroll Reece for all he’d done, and his conduct. He
          apologized. To me, I thought that would be enough, and Carroll would
          resume. He never did.

          This charge of anti-Semitism is kind of intriguing to me. What was
          the basis of that charge? Was there any basis for it at all?

          The basis used by the Republican National Committee was that the
          intelligence officer I had taken on my staff — when I oriented this
          investigation to the exposure of, and proof of, a conspiracy — was
          known to have a book, and that book was deemed to be anti-Semitic.
          It was childish, but it’s what the second-in-command at the
          Republican National Committee said, and he told me I’d have to
          dismiss this person from my staff.

          Who was that person?

          A Colonel Lee Loraine.

          Lee Loraine. And what was his book? Do you recall?

          The book they referred to was called “Waters Flowing Eastward”.
          It was a very strong castigation of the Jewish influence in the

          What were some of the other charges made by Mr. Hayes, against Mr.

          Just that Mr. Reece was utilizing this investigation for his own
          prominence inside the House of Representatives. That was the only
          charge Hayes could think up.

          How would you describe the motivation of the people who created the
          foundations — the big foundations — in the very beginning?
          What was their motivation?

          Their motivation was, well, let’s take Mr. Carnegie, as an example.
          His publicly declared and steadfast interest was to counteract the
          departure of the colonies from Great Britain. He was devoted just to
          putting the pieces back together again.

          Would that have required the collectivism to which they were

          No. No. No. These policies are the foundations’ allegiance to these
          un-American concepts; these policies are all
          traceable to the transfer of the funds over into the hands of
          Trustees, Mr. Griffin. Those Trustees were not the men who had a hand
          in the creation of the wealth that led to the endowment, or the use
          of that wealth for what we would call public purposes.

          It was a subversion of the original intent, then?

          Oh, yes! Completely so. We got into the
          worlds, traditionally, of bankers
          and lawyers.

          How have the purpose and direction of the major foundations
          changed, over the years, up to the present? What are their purposes
          and directions today?

          100% behind meeting the cost of education, such as it is presented
          through the schools and colleges of this United States, on the
          subject of our history -– to prove that our original ideas are no
          longer practical. The future belongs to collectivistic concepts.
          There is just no disagreement on this.

          ***“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human
          face, forever.” George Orwell

          When a boot is stomping on your face, it matters not if it is the
          boot of communism, or fascism; for when you get past the window
          dressing, they both boil down to totalitarianism. Many people assume
          because they have been fed the misinformation that “communism and
          fascism are polar opposites.” They are both branches of the same
          Marxist tree. For an exceptional examination of this very subject,
          check out the insightful documentary film “The Soviet Story”.

          The somewhat powerful so called elite want us to argue based on a Right
          vs. Left theory. (I call them so called elite because their greatest
          power is in you not knowing them for who they are.)The right extreme
          being Fascism and the Left extreme being Communism. Either way, those
          in power retain power. They really don’t care if it is right or left.
          It is a false paradigm, intended to entrap the human mind in a box of
          limited vision and questions. It may go back further than I’m going
          to talk about, but the early twentieth century social scientists who
          worked for the international banksters utilized it, and the
          international banksters funded both Trotsky who they sent to Russia,
          and Hitler in Germany until he went rogue on them and started Germany
          printing it’s own money independent of the international

          Our founding fathers looked at a different
          political spectrum. One that had Tyranny – (the opposite of Liberty
          and Freedom_- 1984 like) as one polar extreme; and a Mad Max or
          Road Warrior type of existence as the other polar extreme. They were
          looking to forge a system that had just enough “control” to keep
          us out of chaos or anarchy but to err on the side of Liberty and

          Why do the foundations generously support communist causes in the
          United States?

          because, to them, communism represents a means of developing what we
          call a monopoly — as the organization, we’ll say, of large-scale
          industry into an administrable unit.

          Do they think that they will?

          They will be the beneficiary of it, yes.


          “No man escapes when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails. And
          those who cried,”appease appease” are hung by those they
          tried to please.”

          “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization,
          it expects what never was and never will be.”

          Thomas Jefferson


          Charlotte Iserbyt

          The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

          CharlotteIserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full


          John Taylor Gatto

          Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling

          John Taylor Gatto – State Controlled Consciousness


          G Edward Griffin

          Freedom Force Internationalist

          Reality Zone

          Dr. Stan Montieth


          Radio Liberty

        2. Every body on here is a total nut-job! If they don’t like America, move to North Korea or Iran! What a bunch of sore losers. PATHETIC!

    4. You’d first need to have your own currency …..not something that your government borrows at interest … read about the federal reserve Act of 1913 , and by the way that’s if you had a Republic !*
      The Act of 1871 gave corporations personhood and turned your rights into privileges ….the marked the birth of the American Empire under a democracy in the form of a duocracy something of a republic for the rich or like Gerald Cleante ” by the institutions for the institutions”
      In the Declaration of independance the document starts with ” WE THE PEOPLE”
      not ‘ we the corporations’ …..
      an other way of putting it ” we the proletariat” declare our independance from the regeant classes for the vows given by the king to his subjects were broken …

    5. There ought to be a law that says that schools are not paid for with federal funds. Local communities alone ought to determine how to pay for and then
      themselves pay for the education of their young. Oh, I forgot! There IS such a law–the Constitution (before the unConstitutional 16th Amendment).

      1. Even with the Sixteenth mendment, it should still be possible, if only they would give the tenants of the Tenth Amendment it’s full value and consideration!

    6. That’s dumb – that means that nobody can ever address issues when we, as a country screw up. Like all of our wars in the middle east, like the Department of Education, DEA and TSA, etc. If you can’t say anything “un-american” then you’re basically talking about political indoctrination. That only produces idiots. (I think some of them are commenting in here right now!)

      What we really need are THINKING people who look at BOTH sides of an issue. I actually really liked the exercise in that lesson plan, because back in the day the Boston Tea Party probably WAS reported as an “insurrectionist” act (since that stupid word “terrorist” hadn’t been created yet) and as long as we’re talking about juniors or seniors in high school, I think its VERY important that they see that one side’s “terrorist” is another side’s “freedom fighter”, otherwise they’ll grow up to be thoughtless NeoCons.

      The only thing I would add to that lesson plan, honestly, is a study about how our drone assassinations and killing of civilians is another form of terrorism. It fits the definition perfectly.

      I’m sure some non-thinking idiots are going to say that I’m a leftist or an Obama lover or some of the other stuff that non-thinking fake conservatives say. But thinking people will realize that you *always* need to ask questions and look at situations from the opposing side. Walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, so to speak. That’s what our founding fathers would have done, and what *real* patriots do – they don’t just follow along with the propaganda like sheep!

    1. Don’t even call them “blue”, Ricardo. That color assignment was made by the Democrat Left-leaning media with their Madison Avenue color consultants for it’s psychological effect.

      Red has always been the color of the left since Lenin. It is the color of the Labour Party, while blue is the color of the Tories. It means Stop, Danger, red ink losses in the income statement, blood in the streets, angry bulls, Red China, Red Path, Red Brigades, red flag in sports, dangerous overhang off your truck, no parking in California, Fire, exit, rear of the train, Satan.

      Blue is the color of law and order, sunny days, police officers and police cars, mailmen, good news, buses, blue plate specials, blue ribbon winners, blue-bloods, bluegrass, rhythm and blues American music, deep blue seas, blue skys coming my way, calm, peace, serenity, Blueball Pennsylvania, Blue Man Group, blue eyes, blue water rafting, blue lagoon, My Blue Heaven, blue water navy, When Sunny Gets Blue, wild blue yonder, the boys in blue, Bluesette, the Blue Star Steamship Line, Blue Bonnett Margarine, Heaven.

      Just look at how the TV news producers color their sets. It is always blue, calm, soothing, pleasant blue, light and dark, variations to white and never red, orange, wavelength transmissions. It is a total fraud on your subconscious and I can’t believe that Roger Ailes let them get away with it. Rupert should have stepped in on that decision!


  3. It is obvious this is being taken out of context. I’m guessing the passage is from a broader lesson about how an event can be twisted in the media.

    You need to get out of the echo chamber once in a while. You need to stop looking for things that anger you just for the sake of getting angry. It’s better for your health.

  4. Parent should be more aware of what the Liberal teachers are TEACHING! This is how they got to our KIDS! History…FACTS…where are the good teachers!

      1. I know there are good Republican teachers fool..and who you calling ignorant!! You fools let Obummer in again…reap the rewards smart allick…dooms day is coming & your invited! Pay attention to the phony, don’t want you to miss the surprise! Ignorance was the fraudlent and stolen election by the people BO BOUGHT! Did you get a PHONE TOO! FOOL!

        1. Thanks Wildbill…comments like that just tick me off! Total lack of educated knowledge of what Obama has & is doing to this country & what some teachers are brainwashing our kids with! I’m sick of this racist & WHITE Man crap the MSM & the left is spewing! That to me is hate speaech & insighting riots!! They’d love a fight so Obummer can impliment Marshall law…I’m sure they have a motive! Beware!

      2. Go back and nurse from George Soros and Karl Marx some more. Your comments reek of talking points and total lack of actual life time experience. i would imagine, although I do not know, that you are homesick for nanny state control of your entire existence.

  5. The left identifies the Boston Tea Party as a group of terrorists but can’t identify the “killers” of four Americans in Benghazi as terrorists!

    1. Even worse it is unable to identify a muslim attacking his fellow soldiers prior to their deployment to fight islamic terrorists as a terror attack or treason against the u.s. government. Shave Hassan’s beard and try him for treason and terrorism, strip his insignia and decorations, then hang him on the Fort Hood Parade Ground with a pigskin jacket.

  6. I think Governor Perry needs to step in and let organizations like this one know that this rhetoric is not what the US is about, nor is the State of Texas. The word “terrorist” was probably not known to most people circa the Boston Tea Party – at least not with the current definition of the word. However, I am terrified and terrorized every time I read something like this happening to the history of our country. We need to stop the rewriting and revisionism of our national history before we become a country that no one over the age of 21 will recognize as the United States of America.

  7. Who in the Texas government signed off on this garbage? That’s what I want to know. In every event there has to be a single ultimate approval (signature) for the event to be implemented. It should be fairly simple to find out who that individual is and confront him or her. If I were in Texas I’d be at his doorstep with a copy of the history book. This clown would be one sorry Marxist.

    1. 17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission
      belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum.
      Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

      That is from the document – The Communist Takeover Of America. – 45 Declared Goals Of The Communist Manifesto.

      Everyone should take a minute and read the list of goals. If you do so, you will be shocked at how many of them have already been achieved. It will also explain how everything from Freedom Of Speech to Gay Rights is being used to break down our society and bring about the demise of the USA.

  8. If Egyptians were to try to change the thoughts about their country and their behaviors there wouldnt be an Egypt and they are trying to change America after all these years. What is wrong with these people, cant they think of anything else to do beside screw America.

  9. Why in the world do the states, especially Texas, buy textbooks from an obviously socialist company like Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative?!? They should be laughed at, not catered to. For cryin’ out loud, this one should be easy to fix…fire their dumb *sses!!!

    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

  10. is this the same group that had a black politician insisting that rap music be included in the history books as a contribution of the blacks? alot of our history books are written by bill ayers that criminal turned college prof.

  11. There will be an act of heroism when those altered text books are destroyed and the perpitarators are charged with their crimes! This is America where rewriting history should be illegal!

  12. It all depends on what side of the equation you are on and what your interpretation of terrorism is. If they consider that to be terrorism what will they think about the next revolution?

  13. The tea destroyed was the property of the British East India Company, a British Crown entity. The three vessels within which the tea was held captive when the colonists refused to pay the tax upon it, were private property, owned and operated by Colonials. Their means of livelihood was essentially being stolen from them by the Port Authorities in refusing to allow the tea to be unloaded without the tax being paid. Their compatriots moved to release the ships by boarding them and tossing the offending tea into the harbor. Not one person, not one thing, was harmed other than the tea itself.. save for one padlock cut to gain access to the hold on one ship, which was replaced by the “raiders”. They were NOT drunk, as they had just come direct from three days of public meetings to determine HOW to free themselves of the tyrannical and unlawful acts of the Crown. One mroe detail: the tea on which the tax was imposed was desitned for COLONIAL tea sellers. LOYALIST tea sellers received their goods through untaxed channels, giving them an unfair traade advantage. Further, the tea aboard those three vessels was quite old, having knocked about the wharves of London for some two years. The whole tea tax was a ploy to unload inferior goods at higher price to Colonial merchnats under force of arms (General Thomas Gage, in Boston, was the final enforcer of the plot).
    I’d be curious to know precisely WHICH traitorous soul wrote this bit of trash and managed to get it published in a textbook to be used by our government schools. Seems the plot to subjugate Americans continues unabated nearly three centuries on.This lying “author” (propagandist) needs to be outed.

  14. That quote MUST be a characterization and a distortion from the British supporters at the time. The textbook, the school board, and the educators can certainly NOT be adopting that as an accurate report of the history. You can stand today on the very spot in Lexington Green where the battle began and be shot or sent to state prison for possession of a sidearm.

    John Brown I would agree was a terrorist. Not the Minute Men, Boston Tea Party dissidents, Occupy Movementors, Sit Iners, or even the Four Dead in Ohio.

  15. The British viewed the ‘tea party’ and revolutionist as terrorist. This is not a revisionist view but the view of the Brits at the time. The revolution is complicated at best. Please recall that most British subjects even those living in Britain were taxed without representation. That was how their government was run. Also, at the time the Brits felt justified to tax the colonies because the Brits had just expended blood and treasure in protecting the colonies during the French-Indian War. The Brits needed money to maintain their armed forces and felt that the American colonies, who at that time were paying little if any taxes to Britain, needed to share in the expense of their own protection. I’m not taking the side of Britain nor of the revisionists, but am just stating the facts. Both sides could have avoided the war if cooler heads had prevailed. Hamilton, a merchant wanted to compromise, but Sam Adams didn’t…Adams led the more radical side of the argument. When the Brits resorted to brut force and terror it had the effect of winning the more moderate of the colonists to the side of the rebels. Finally, let’s keep in mind that all colonists at the time consider themselves Englishmen…the British government considered them Englishmen. With this in mind it is easy to understand the Brits attitude and view of the those who would rebel. They viewed those who would rebel as traitors, rebels and yes terrorist. Several decides in the future the United States would face its own rebellion and a new generation of traitors and rebels.

  16. Just one more reason for eliminating a government (taxpayer) funded propaganda machine. We are past the time for reforming our education process, and it must be done
    without government interference.

  17. Terrorist? The only damage, other than the tea, was to the lock to the cargo hold. It was replaced by the terrorists. The terrorists also cleaned the ship after they finished destroying the tea leaving it in the same condition as when they started. To compare these people who were making a political statement to terrorists is invalid. The only people hurt by this action were the wealthy merchants who had more money than they needed anyway. How can liberals find fault with this?

  18. A PART of the lesson plan reads …

    The rest of it, which has deceptively been left out by the author, then goes on to explain to the students that this was the Boston Tea Party, and that one must always take news accounts with some skepticism.

  19. What utter garbage, The Crown levied taxes on the Colonies, the Colonists wanted a seat at the table, they said no so the Colonists revolted. And won independence. By the way the men who lead the revolt were also the ones with the most to loose. Its very easy to tax a person if he has no say in the matter. Its a great way to do something, have people with no say in the matter, to just shut up and pay the bill. We are just about there now. Its going to be an interesting few years.

  20. These Liberal teachers are out of their minds, this act started a revolution to create a free society with the rights we have today, these teachers need to take a history lesson before stating wrongful information !!!

    1. Look up “Agenda 21” whenever you have the chance.

      With peaceful protest met with pepper spray and police brutality, whistleblowers facing life in prison or capital punishment, making a school project about us being a police state, and war veterans being kidnapped because of “threats” made on Facebook, I wonder if we have ANY freedom left.

  21. I never saw the word TERRORIST” when i was being taught history in the fifties. Now it has become fashionable, to describe anyone who disagrees with a political viewpoint, as a terrorist.? It is truly amazing, how much the left leaning liberals, hate America. Find another

  22. I love this part: “I just found out that my granddaughter who is in the fifth grade in public school has never been taught the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem at school.”

    I’m sure his sourcing went like this, “Hey, Cassandra, do you know the Pledge of Allegiance?” “Um, I don’t know.” “Can you say it?” “No.” “How come?” “We were never taught it….I’m going to go outside and play now.”

    That’s an unassailable argument.

    just found out that my granddaughter who is in the fifth grade in
    public school has never been taught the Pledge of Allegiance or the
    National Anthem at school.

    Read more:

    I just found out that my granddaughter who is in the fifth grade in
    public school has never been taught the Pledge of Allegiance or the
    National Anthem at school.

    Read more:

    I just found out that my granddaughter who is in the fifth grade in
    public school has never been taught the Pledge of Allegiance or the
    National Anthem at school.

    Read more:

  23. Hey, if this crap is going down in Texas just think what is being taught elsewhere. There is some very bad teaching going on at the University of Texas. As I advised Gov. Perry in another comment section recently, it’s time to ask the University president to come to your office and teach him a lesson about where the bear shits in the buckwheat. Revision of history is not academic freedom.

  24. History is written by the victors, and always will. The English Conservatives (the King and his bunch basically) considered this an act of terrorism, and would have hung most of the participants. A war was fought and the rest is US history. No grudge match (unless you call the war of 1812 where the British burned our capital for spite) was fought. The English sided with the Confederacy to spite the US government just like we do to spite Russia, Iran, China ect.
    Lots of money was made and always will be on wars.

  25. Texas needs to get to the bottom of re writing the history of America..Gov. Perry and Texas needs to put a stop to it. It starts in Texas to lead the way..Do Not Alter our History…

  26. The very people who should care what is being taught are the parents. They apparently don’t seem to be aware nor do they seem to be concerned. It will take more than one parent complaining. It will take all the parents and I don’t really see that happening. Folks just don’t care any more. Patriotism seems to be on the wane and those that are patriotic are ridiculed, chastised and out voted.

  27. I’m a conservative patriot, so don’t send me flames. Watch the movie “John Adams” if you don’t get this. The British did consider American colonists to be British, and the “agitators” to be terrorists. The first paragraph quoted above sounds like it was written from the perspective of a Brit, and maybe that’s what the book was trying to portray. You know, an imaginary press release. In the second paragraph, though, the Brits would not have called themselves an “occupying country.” They considered the colonies to be theirs. Period. They certainly did consider the Tea Party to be a terrorist attack.

  28. One day, 100 yrs from now, if the world still exists, someone in the former United States of America will discover lost copies of the federalist papers and the U.S. Constitution, and a new independance movement will begin…

  29. Revisionist liberals have been pulling these little gems for decades. Most college grads today know nothing of the real history WE learned all those years ago. Why do you think they fall for the BS that 0bama and the lib media push on them? They have been TAUGHT that way.

  30. Did the king take over our schools or did we outsource our history books to the British?
    Oh wait I know it’s to prevent an uprising in the future by our children. More programming by the libs directed at our kids. Nice…

  31. One group’s freedom fighters another groups’ terrorists. How about the Jews who bombed the Hotel King David? Terrorists or freedom fighters?

  32. This is completely unbelievable. Please pray that God comes back to our country, obviously He has left. I guess I wouldn’t stick around either if I were unwanted. How completely sad this is!

  33. “If the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, then so was the entire Revolutionary War which would make George Washington the leading terrorist. All of our nation’s early leaders would also be considered terrorists instead of patriots and liberators.”

    This is in preparation for making all of today’s Patriots into terrorists.

  34. Clearly a scummy bunch of Snookie Pooh’s rewriting history to their sick and distorted bent. Proof positive of the danger that liberalism poses to the future of country.

  35. Yes that in fact is how the propagandists of the day labeled the Freedom Fighters. The media was controlled by the throne. Much like it is today…tea party activists were labeled the same by the “crown”. The conclusion of the lesson should be that were it not for these “terrorists” for liberty there would never have been the “Land of the Free, home of the Brave. Then ask the class who among them would fight today to regain liberty lost since our forefathers struggle.

  36. Ok, if they are right and it was an act of terrorism, then the terrorists must be punished and the nation returned to it true government and king, ie Great Britian. NOT!!!! These people want to make statements to rewrite history without using their brains to show what the consequences of their new idea would be. As the character played by Tommy Lee Jones, in Lincoln said, “all people are equal under the law, but as my learned Democrat here clealy shows not all people are as he has just demonstrated.

  37. OK, depending on who you were the Sons of Liberty could be considered a gang of terrorists. If you were a loyalist and getting tarred and feathered the folks doing it are committing an act of terror. However,telling the story from that point of view ignores the tyranny of the crown policies. The Boston Massacre was a riot that got out of control. The larger problem is that our schools don’t educate but indoctrinate our kids with a twisted view of American history and life, to poison thier minds against being Americans. That has been the plans since I was a kid in the 60’s and it worked, case in point Obama’s reelection.

  38. It seems to me that the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative only exist because of the 25 Million the state gives it. It also seems silly that the people of that state would support a progressive organization that is destroying the history of the country. This self destruction goes on all over the country because of the apathy of of the people and the uselessness of our government.

  39. Having not read what the actual text says, I can only assume they are trying to portray our actions as wrong. Knowing the bent of the government and the usurper in the WH, this should not be surprising. But I do have this to say going on assumption.

    You better believe it was, and the right kind of terrorism, too. We didn’t go in to slaughter babies and innocents. The so called terrorists dumped tea in a harbor because of over taxation and oppression from King George. If you think about it, we didn’t fight the British on their terms – we fought it on OUR terms stemming from our experience with the French and Indian war and how that was conducted.

    Maybe we need a better explanation of terrorism. Since when is it terrorism to stand up for ones rights? That is what they are trying to teach our kids: that it is wrong to stand up for our rights. I would suggest people get a grip and start sitting with their kids, explaining the difference between standing up for what is right and fighting against what is wrong.

    Benjamin Franklin said, “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson agreed with him! And I agree with both!

  40. The Boston TEa party had nothing to do with the American Revolution at first, it had to do with equal taxasation of Tea, localally owned tea imports were taxed by the King, but the Kings Tea Company was not taxed.

  41. The person who wrote this should be neutered, with a chain saw.
    I’m sick and tired the aholes who write revisionist history like this.

    If you don’t like this country. If you’re embarrassed by this country … leave.

    We won’t miss you. You’re a negative thinking, blight on society.

    One final point / question … who is paying pricks like this to taint the text books used in our schools? Which ever group it is, be it the NEA or whatever, should be defunded and its members deported.

  42. Quite honestly, this has been taught in schools for over 50 years and, when you look at the facts of the matter, it happens to be the truth. Wouldn’t you call a group that sinks an American oil tanker “terrorist”? Same thing.

    Also, for anyone who watches “History Channel”, you will quickly discover that George Washington was a really piss-poor general — he was a much better spy master.

    Lincoln was actually a mediocre president married to a total harridan of a woman who actually had the final say in the White House.

    I find it actually amusing that the current textbooks teach that America won the war of 1812 and was the innocent party when it was the United States that originally invaded Canada and tried to capture Toronto. The British showed us, by burning down the White House and half of D.C. that we weren’t all that great then, either. If you’d like the real facts behind that one, check They beat the living crap out of the U.S. and then had the civility to go home.

    1. In fact, Washington began his career as a general with some mistakes, but he improved greatly over time. His campaign that began with crossing the Delaware in winter and ice was a great success and took the revolution from being nearly a lost cause, to odds-on. The British ended up penned up in that part of NJ nearest NYC for the rest of the winter.

    2. Yes, you are correct,and you have made an excellent point. I have read other countries text books, and we do not tell the truth. Read this. They tried it in 1776, many times, the Canadians hugely outnumbered destroyed the Americans, remember Arnold. Or, Penobscott Bay where Paul Revere was court martialed for cowardice after a few hundred Scottish troops routed 3000 Americans, and the Americans beached their 40 ships against the 3 British, when they were told the British Navy was approaching. You won’t find that in a US textbook. Washington also murdered American protesting taxes during Shays rebellion, and because he refused to address the slave issue, caused the deaths of 700,000 of their grandsons. Yes, he magnanimously freed his slaves after his death. Big f’ing deal.

      1. That website is so full of revisionist history that it doesn’t even make sense. While noone is (or was) perfect, those “stories” are ridiculously made up. I find it interesting that the bibliography seems to all be from modern British sources. Britain went liberal many years before America did. The revisionist history writers have been over there for a lot longer. There is plenty of actual historical documentation to refute much of what was written on that page.

    3. Uh, No they didn’t! The British won some battles in the war, but, they did not take Boston nor New York. And even though a peace agreement had been signed, word didn’t reach the British troops before they launched an attack on New Orleans, where they were thoroughly defeated by Andrew Jackson’s army.

      There are many battles in the course of war, and losing a battle is not the same as losing the war. Otherwise, the attack of Pearl Harbor, where we got our butt kicked completely, and then the devastating defeat and surrender that led to the Bataan Death March would mean that we lost WWII, and we know that didn’t happen.

      The History Channel has become another member of the revisionist history/propaganda wing of the Democrat/Progressive/Communist organizations that are actively working to destroy this country.

      The Communist Manifesto’s stated 45 Goals For The Takeover Of their guide and they are following it (unfortunately, quite successfully) to a tee.

      1. It probably won’t be long before they start saying we did lose WWII. They just need to wait until everyone who was alive during that time are no longer with us, then they can begin. The already downplay our efforts in Europe, giving most of the credit for defeating Germany to Stalin.

        And Russia was only fighting Germany, in one theater, while we had troops fighting in the African theater, the,Italian theater, Burma theater, Pacific theater, the Atlantic ocean theater.

        And while doing that we were also supplying weapons, and ammo to the British as well as to Russia early on in the war. Eventually, Russia would supply their own war fighting materials including some very good tanks, but they had our help initially.


  44. Always knew Perry was a commie atheist fake. How y guys were taken by this major fake. He’s the one who gives free college to illegals. Texas board of Education which highly influences textbooks got rid of all references to the atheist, Pre commie Jefferson., of course UN and any Hispanic people who had seeped in as leaders. Almost all US textbooks for history will be the Texas type. Now not sure what they could sneak in for math. We are tryi g to get rid of evolution. But people like Perry are hard to get around. Be vigilant. Maybe Perry will be thrown out by real conservative in 2014. Maybe y can contribute to his primary opponent. He has a Hispanic name so sure to win.

  45. The reason the history of the Boston Tea Party incident is being rewritten is to further discredit the modern Tea Party movement. (It is also conspicuously not called the Boston Tea Party, when briefly mentioned in the historical movie, A Story of US).

  46. The problem really exists because there is no longer an allegiance oath demanded for teachers at any level from K through university.

    As for the act of terrorism, I think that all would agree that it was an act of civil disobedience and rebellion. To us, it has always been the beginning of a new way to do things (revolution); to the Brits, it has always been referred to as the American Rebellion.

  47. Wonder how many tea bags were killed?
    Can we compare this to the 13 killed 7 29 wounded at the Fort Hood terror attack?
    It is NOT a terror attack, right?
    Even tho witnesses had heard Major Hassan say: “allah ahkbar’ & hard evidence found in his phone, computer & room indicating he was in direct communication w/terrorist groups … the great muslim sympathizer … OBLAMER will not call that a terrorist act but calls it: “work place violence”!
    Where do they get these teachers?
    What part of Kenya did this guy come from?

  48. If the leftist consider the Boston Tea Party a terrorist act then I look at everything that the Obama administration has done also as an act of TERRORISM. When they run over everyone to pass bills that they have not even read then it is terrorism!! Just think of how they have terrorized the aging people of America with their threats of pushing granny over a cliff. Plain & simple Obama & his administration are nothing more & nothing less than Terrorist!!

  49. Actually this lesson plan is teaching critical thinking which we all know the Texas republican party platform said they were against. The lesson plan asks the kids to analyze the Tea Party activities from the perspective of the British and a newspaper article. Would the patriots be considered terrorist from the perspective of the British. Surely they were. But hey we can’t have kids thinking. They just need to memorize Pre digested facts. That’s the Christian way. Down with critical commie thinking.

  50. Communist, Marxist, Socialist Are The True Real Terrorist. They Murdered One Billion People Combine In Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, China Combined.

  51. >“A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization,…”<

    Believed by whom?

    If the Boston Tea Party was an act of terror, so were the nation-wide "occupy" movements and EVERY anti-war parade, movement, and/or action since then.

  52. I think anyone that does not love lady liberty should leave immediately. now don’t let the door hit you in the as- you commie ba–ards

  53. I’m tired of this garbage. If the Tea Party/Revolution is discussed in terms from both sides of the conflict, I’m all for it. Additionally, the benefits and consequences of these actions should be discussed. However, it sounds like, once again, these yayhoos simply want to say “America was/is bad” and that’s it. I’m tired of this garbage.

  54. And of course along with this every household will remove any pictures of the Lord Jesus Christ and replace them with pictures of Obama. Stalin did the exact same thing.

  55. You hit the nail on the head. There won’t be an America as we knew it anymore and our kids and grandkids will indeed never know how great our nation was or even the true story of its origin. To hell with the texas curriculum collaborative whatever.

  56. This is the same idiocy being taught today. If anyone in the middle east protest against their overlords, that is considered their right. When the Chinese protested against their enslavement that was considered their right. Yet, our educators want to teach a peaceful protest against the King of England as an act of terrorism? Give me a break. Hopefully the parents in Texas will be up in arms over this stupidity.

  57. time for civil/relolutionary war. the only way to get these people out is to force them out. laws are not enforced, the courts are useless and the government is horribly corrupt. the only thing i can think of that doesn’t have an agenda is a bullet. it’s track is straight and narrow. people like the teachers & politicians just can’t seem to fired or voted out. i know no other way to resolve this issue. any ideas?

  58. It will continue as long as we are to afraid to even call a spade a spade. What the hell are we going to do about these constant assaults to liberty, yes OUR OWN LIBERTY. I reckon we will continue to complain on the key board and that seems to satisfy us for the most part.What on gods green earth makes us believe that complaining or for that matter voting will reverse the disease that has destroyed our country. We allowed it to grow and fester for decades now.We have no courage to even say what is on our minds. Fact is the Muslim darky in the white house is but only a symptom of the true illness which is we allow liberalism to continue to breathe.

  59. This group in Texas has been under fire for years. If it wasn’t tragic (how they are rewriting history), it is almost comical to see the exact opposite being written. Fortunately there are people checking and objecting to their nonsense. As this rewriting is being done, it would have been impossible to have had this great country for all these years.

  60. If the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, what do they call the Occupy Movement? They were much more destructive with much less purpose. I am sure they are not vilifying them.
    I think we need better review of the textbooks being approved for educating our children. The fox has been turned loose in the hen house when it comes to approved educational content. Only liberal, left wing propaganda seems to be coming through, these days.

  61. Most of my posts, I think, jive with the main thoughts of this site but on this column, I have no issue. It’s not because part of my ancestry was Tory and after the Revolution driven from Virginia to Pennsylvania (yes, in terror of their lives) but more at, “It’s the winners who write the history.” Imagine what we’d have learned if the Revolution had failed. It’s perspective really. As Franklin said, “Revolution is never illegal in the first person, such as our revolution. It’s only illegal in the third person, as in their revolution.” So ours was legal but open to discussion. Now, how about back to the fiscal cliff and forcing the Dems to cut some spending?

  62. Hopefully, the School Board pushing this nonsense will be told in typical Texas bluntness to “stick this where the sun don’t shine!!”

  63. Such a lame-ass idea HAD to come out of Austin. It’s the ONLY place in the whole of the Lone Star State to have the cajones to publish such blatant revisionist BS. When Texas finally secedes, I hope that the ring-fence the city of Austin and make it a prison for all of the intellectual types who think less of our country and it’s founding.

  64. There will still be an America. But between the socialist policies of the current administration and the lack of even teaching cursif writing (printing will be next. All that is needed is the abc’s to text!) It will be spelled, “Amerika” [sic]. The USA will be the USSA [sic].

  65. The Texas legislature should ensure those communists at Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative never receive another tax dollar. Send those creeps to the former USSR where their message is welcome.

  66. Actually, history records the Boston Tea Party as an act of rebellion against a series of intolerable acts imposed on the American Colonies. Seems that these damned socialist Democrats can’t be bothered to examine the past, instead they just impose their interpretation of it. Maybe we modern “colonialists” should impart a bit of the past on them.

    1. Are you kidding, we are a bunch of panty waists. Intolerable, compared to what. The last time anybody in Massachusetts rebelled was Shays Rebellion, and the US Gov’t killed them.

  67. One of the primary reasons for my decision to begin homeschooling my son beginning with the 2012-13 school year. Wish I’d done it from kindergarten, but better late than never.

    1. No, it started with Shays Rebellian in 1786, when violence was a tool was used against the US government, and the US used violence against American citizens protesting over taxation by the US Government. Owe, how those citizens in Massachusetts learned to rue the day they did not remain British, which is why in the War of 1812, Massachusetts was not ready to fight the British. We allowed it. Those citizens never had it so good, prior to the revolution.

  68. Well if these lefties are changing the definition of terrorism then I guess Eric Holder and the gun running ATF are terrorists for allowing Fast an d Furiouis, and then we have Obama’s progressives in the campaign accusing Romney of killing a cancer patient. Surely that is an act of terrorism and the government through the force of the IRS confiscating my wealth is surely terrorists. Do you see where I am going with this. Oops since I am a conservative I can’t call people terrorists. only commie, pinko demorcats can do that. Sorry.

  69. It was a violent act. It destroyed private property. We were part of Britain, and the citizens were by and large of English extraction, three years before we declared our independence. I think this was a correct call. If I burn down the IRS, or better yet, a government officials house it is a violent, illegal act. I guess it comes down to the definition of terrorist. Remember a1/3 of the citizens wanted to remain British, and the other third had no opinion. In retrospect, was it such a great idea to avoid paying taxes. As for me, give me the tea or the stamp tax, especially compared to what we have today. If those alleged patriots new the future, 700,000 of their grandsons dying in Civil War, commiting genocide on the Indians and seeing the US today, they may have wished to remain British, like Canada today, who settled the west without going to war against the Indians, freeing the slaves with no death by adequately compensating the slave holders throughout the empire, allowing only the smartest and best to become citizens, then maybe this country was a mistake. By electing Obama and a Democrat Senate, we have taken on the lowest common denominator.

  70. How can this be?? Who approves this information?? Anyone can just “teach” anything???
    Getting sick and tired of all the unethical things that are occurring. Not truth, no common sense, etc. . . glad my kids are out of school but worry about the grandchildren now. . .

  71. If anything the Boston Tea Party was a lesson in history to show what happens when
    government runs amok. Here 200+ years later we find ourselves in a situation worse off than our forefathers faced back then. It’s up to the American people to right it and change the current path we’re on otherwise we might as well fall off the cliff and roll over and die.

  72. Another good example of government ineptness. A couple of years ago there was a big bruhaha about some of the textbooks being selected by the group in Texas who performs that task for the state of Texas. The problem was and still is that since Texas is the second largest state it has a very large public school population. As such, they are used by textbook publishers as a model for the remainder of the country when deciding which textbooks will be published and distributed/sold nationwide. Attention must be given and ACTION MUST BE TAKEN TO SEE THAT THE LESSONS IN HISTORY (in particular) NOT BE GIVEN A MARXIST SLANT. We have way too many teachers who have come out of OUR colleges and universities with a leftist bent and the result is that our children are being taught basically by Communists. This problem must be addressed now!!!! And we wonder why Obama was able to regain OUR White House a second time. Please note I said “regain” not win because he HAS NEVER WON ANY ELECTION HE WAS EVER IN BY ANY MEANS OTHER THAN FRAUD, THREATS AGAINST HIS OPPOSITION AND INTIMIDATION OF HIS OPPONENTS. Those elections include ALL he was ever involved in.

  73. “terrorism” is a tactic of “tyranny”… liberation is the action for liberty and separation is the action for Independence… tyrants terrorize because that’s what frightens them, so liberation (like The Boston Tea Party) was a very mild taste of their own medicine to begin the process for Independence.

  74. I think we need to see the context in which this appears in the lesson plan. It reads more like a juxtaposition of modern journalism on an historical event for some other educational purpose. It doesn’t read like a history text account of the BTP. Let’s check this out before we jump the gun. I can’t imagine Texas allowing anything so subversive in their textbooks.

  75. Anybody with a clue could tell you the USA was founded on terrorism, only idiots who don’t read would make an argument against this.

    1. That is an understatement. We committed genocide against the Indians, for that there is no doubt. The British wanted to control westward expansion, and not obliterate the Native Americans. That’s why Canada settled the west without warring on the Indians. I am an Eagle Scout, and I revere the American Indian. if you are a native American, I am so, so sorry. If the American Indians, and the blacks (Britain freed the slaves with no violence 50 years before,) and the patriots whose grandsons died, one of the 700,000, I dare say, they would have embraced, and fought vehemently against the patriots, especially at what is going on today.

  76. We Paulitarions have been screaming from the top of our lungs at what was going on in America for years. The question is. Those of you that voted for Romney or Obama. Hows that working out for you?

  77. It will be up to parents to teach the truth to their children if they’re being fed the liberal history in school. Start buying the books that you will use before they ban them from the stores. If the liberals are going to change our history they will have to do away with the books of the past in order to get away with it. Forget I pads, techno toys, teaching your children is more important. Make sure you question them about what they are learning.

  78. Get a copy of the DVD “Agenda”, Grinding America down” and you will know what has happened & who is doing it. I have personaly purchased 172 copys of the movie & passed them out. They are always well received & passed on to others.

  79. The American people (Thats you) are being completly ignored! We are being pacified right out of every birthborne right we have. And as you can see by the election our way of life is being invaded just as kruchev said in the 60’s “The United States will be taken over without firing a single shot”. Look it up. What the heck you think is happening?

  80. Of all the states, i would expect Texas to be the last to equate protesting against a tyrannical government to terrorism. It’s a sad day when people call bad ‘good’, and good ‘bad’ – what can one expect from a people who accept tripe like obama as ‘lord and savior’?

  81. They started saying the Civil war was about slavery when it was about southern states oppression by northern states from 1842 through 1860, i.e. states rights and free commerce guaranteed by the Constitution but usurped by the northeastern states in a greed and power grab in the US Congress. Sound familiar to today?????. Now you know the rest of the TRUE story. Check the facts and you will see this is fact.

  82. TEXAS of all places!! Man the left have infiltrated one of the last bastion of freedom and liberty in this country the biggest red state of all… God help us all

  83. I wonder if this same man had be allowed to talk to the suppose open minded teachers of peoples thoughts of why he thinks the way they teach these kids of ours histroy is so wrong.I guess no .Again showing what hypocrites these teachers are when they say they are open minded at anybodys opinion .I am sure that Giacomo had try to talk about what he saw that was teach to his grandson and was treated like he was crazy .Because he does inot agree with them .The next time if he is reading this should asked these same teachers who teach this trash .Put them in time machine and send them when the British was controlling this country and let me stay there and see how much they think how great this was .I am sure they will see that the tea party in those days were heroes just as well as they are today.

  84. Don’t forget that they were RACIST terrorists. They dressed as Indians so they’d get the blame! Ohhhh, For shame for shame for shame!!

  85. WOW! Way to take things out of context! Nicely done. The passage in question is given as an IDEA of what a BRITISH news report would say about the Boston Tea Party if the media then was like the media now. The people writing the cirriculum are NOT calling the Tea Party raiders “terrorists”. Use your friggin’ heads, people. This kind of knee-jerk reaction is something that I would expect from the LEFT, not from the right.

  86. This is all part of the “dumbing down” of our American educational system. I’m sure many of the dumbed down young voters in this country contributed to the re-election of Barry Hussein Obama.

  87. I have not read these particular changes in total. I will say that it is sad and disheartening that a 5th grader has not been taught the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem with our school systems. I agree that we have experienced too much revisionist history where the tragic is omitted and the true heroic efforts downplayed. Even though, I do not agree with the writing style and choice of words, the Boston Tea Party only became a proud American moment long after a few generations had passed.

    Most Americans, people such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, criticized the event at the time. While this video is somewhat elementary, the video description gives a real historical take on the event and highlights how this event turned from being regarded as non patriotic to its legendary status. I wish we would focus on real American heroes of the day such as members of Washington’s army who refused to give in and quit despite all the hardships they faced.

  88. Our government-controlled schools demand diversity in everything but thought – which must conform with the socialist ideal. They do not, however, teach of the socialist experiments among our early colonies – Jamestown, Roanoke and Plymouth: all faced starvation and Roanoke disappeared altogether. When private property was allowed, Jamestown and Plymouth flourished. Who’s going to work his butt off so some slackers can eat? Obama apparently slept through those classes.

  89. we need to confiscate the text books, demonstrate, not let our children go to the brainwashing centers. It will only get worse until you are disappeared for thinking or speaking against the state

  90. Every American parent should be mad as hell with liberal traitors brain washing our children. This is were Americans should draw the line of no return. Folks we are under attack and now they are going after our children dame it let stop this crap NOW. Peacefully if we can but by force when peace fails. Hell with it run the liberal socialist the hell out of America now. I see a civil war as our only hope to clean up America. Lets get it on.

  91. There is a simple enough solution to most of the school problems in this country. Fund the student and not the school. Then you can send your child to the school you like or homeschool.

  92. this is a not new, it has been going on since at least 2002 and dhs is the main culprit. my objection to their “training” cost me a stripe. but dam it felt good nailing that dhs ass hole in the mouth…totaly worth it.

  93. so therefore, the Civil War was a terrorist Act? Which means, It wasnt Japanese warplanes that attacked Pearl Harbor! It was Terrorists! So why aren’t Illegals flooding into America considered Terrorist? Just something to think about.

  94. There was nothing wrong with the educational system that my mother taught in (1929-1968) and our famlies benefited from (1950-1965). My brother and I both were taught good clean honest family values and ended up being contributors to the type of society we were from. We both finished college and raised families an had a productive lfe. The education system, back then, was as good if not better than today. After the liberal mind set of the mid sixties ‘enlightenment’ happened, everything started going down hill. Then after the mid 1970s education went to hell-in-a-handbasket. Dump the unions and get back to teaching basics.

    1. The DOE wasn’t created to provide our children with a better education. It was created to give the communist control of our children so they could start conditioning them to be receptive toward socialistic policies. Unfortunately, they’ve been very successful to date.

      17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission
      belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum.
      Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

      Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix,
      pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

      Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON.
      January 10, 1963 .

      Mr. HERLONG. Mr. Speaker, Mrs. Patricia Nordman of De
      Land, Fla., is an ardent and articulate opponent of communism, and until
      recently published the De Land Courier, which she dedicated to the purpose
      of alerting the public to the dangers of communism in America.

      At Mrs. Nordman’s request, I include in the RECORD, under
      unanimous consent, the following “Current Communist Goals,” which
      she identifies as an excerpt from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon

      [From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen]

      1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative
      to atomic war.

      2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging
      in atomic war.

      3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the
      United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

      1. 4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of
        Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used
        for war.

        5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet

        6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of
        Communist domination.

        7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China
        to the U.N.

        8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in
        spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by
        free elections under supervision of the U.N.

        9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because
        the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are
        in progress.

        10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation
        in the U.N.

        11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If
        its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government
        with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe
        the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes
        these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the

        1. 12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

          13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

          14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent

          15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the
          United States.

          16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic
          American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

          17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission
          belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum.
          Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

          18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

          19. Use student riots to foment public protests against
          programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

          20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review
          assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

          21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion

          22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading
          all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to
          “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute
          shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

          23. Control art critics and directors of art museums.
          “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

          24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling
          them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

          25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting
          pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio,
          and TV.

          26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity
          as “normal, natural, healthy.”

          27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion
          with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the
          need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

          28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression
          in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation
          of church and state.”

          29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it
          inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to
          cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

          30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present
          them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

          31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage
          the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor
          part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history
          since the Communists took over.

          32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized
          control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare
          programs, mental health clinics, etc.

          33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere
          with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

          34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

          35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

          36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

          37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

          38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police
          to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders
          which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

          39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental
          health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose
          Communist goals.

          40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage
          promiscuity and easy divorce.

          41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the
          negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and
          retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

          42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection
          are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest
          groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic,
          political or social problems.

        2. 43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native
          populations are ready for self-government.

          44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

          45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States
          cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic
          problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals

  95. I joined the Corps when I turned 22, retired from active service at 58, and served 3 separate combat tours during that period. At 60 I began teaching in high school. Combat was not fun; I pray nobody else has to experience it; but I would do the exact same thing today if I were 22 years old again. Seriously people, today’s habit of calling oneself a conservative and blaming everything on liberals is BS. The United States is the greatest country on Earth, but it is not now, nor has it ever been perfect.

    Please consider this: if you think the Boston Tea Party was carried out by American patriots, then you must believe that people such as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were traitors to the United States for condemning the action and participants. The Tea Party did not unite the colonies; the colonies united later in
    response to the Coercive Acts placed on the colony of Massachusetts. We tried letting states have supreme power with the Articles of Confederation. It almost resulted in an end to the US, but fortunately a group of 55 men took it upon themselves to not revise, but to create a new government, the Constitution. That document had many
    compromises. State legislatures were circumvented to get the Constitution ratified.
    Two years later, a Bill of Rights was adopted.

    I did not vote for every President while I served, but I regarded those for whom I did not vote as the Commander-in-Chief. Why? Because that is part of the Constitution, and
    I am an American serving my country. Blaming Obama for all the problems of society is just the same as in the past when people blamed Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton. It really means that “We the People” have lost confidence in ourselves and have become so pathetic that we want the President to solve all of our problems because we are incapable.

    So called conservatives today are no different from the so called liberals back in the late 1960s through today where if it benefits you, the government is good, but if you disagree then government is bad and anyone who defends it is evil. I’ve returned from combat and in one conflict spit on by so-called liberals. In another conflict, the spit came from so-called conservatives. The only difference for me was that I had the blood of different generations staining my body from those lost fighting for freedom. Evil is the types of government in other parts of the world. Democrats and Republicans are equally bad, but fortunately neither has tried to force a government of true Socialism or true Fascism during our lifetime. Yes people need to teach history, but not the revised history where everything is either good or evil. Some US history is unpleasant, but some is phenomenal; we cannot have one version without the other because the reality is a
    combination. Hopefully, we are Americans first, and donkey or elephant, liberal or conservative, well down the list of any labels we bestow upon ourselves or others. (Please refer to my other post for remarks and a link specifically about the Boston Tea Party).

  96. It was also the birth of a nation, but what do you expect from today’s teachers. There is no American history anymore and one plus one is three with a passing grade for they made the effort to add. These teachers must be in New York, Chicago or California for that’s were all the idiots live.

  97. What IS terrorism is the Democrats never letting a crises (real or manufactured) go to waste (e.g., global cooling in the late ’60s, global warming, now, alar on apples and saccharin being carcinogens, as well as the EMF surrounding high-tension lines, acid rain, ozone layer depletion in the atmosphere, the magnitude of the threat of Aids to heterosexuals, etc., etc.). These manufactured crises, and attributing the causes to be of man-made origins (global warming may exist, but it’s a natural cycle, if so, and ozone depletion, which fluctuates seasonally) is done to incite terror to the residents of the United States. This is in hopes to effect change towards the liberal agenda. (“But we’ve got to do SOMETHING!”, they would have us think.)

    Yet the left, obviously, has no problem with generating terror to benefit its own goals.

  98. If they think the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism wait tell the see the act of firearm owners when barack hussein obama tries to bans firearms.

    Defund the Department of Education.

  99. It’s a good thing that no one in the world talked the way the unnamed “reporter” does in this supposed report from “today’s” news (as of the 18th century), otherwise, someone smarter than an ignoramus MIGHT be inclined to believe the false-TRUTH of this report. Obviously, this is a rewrite by a 21st century “historian” who didn’t bother to study the speaking patterns of the day he’s pretending to write from. Stand by for almost ALL history books to be rewritten by the “progressive” “elite” in their quest to show the socialistic roots of the founding of the country and that they have always DESERVED to be in power. Can’t spin it any more than that!

  100. The foolish dribble coming from America’s brainwashing institution (the government school system) is laughable if it were not so diabolical. American parents who send their children to these institutions ought to be horsewhipped for their negligence towards their own precious children. The false teachers who propogate these lies in our schools, universities, and textbooks ought to be tarred and feathered and then deported to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Mauritania, United Arab Emirates, Libya. . .

  101. With this logic it only makes sense to inform all those impressionable Texans the poor Mexcan soldiers were murdered by a group of terrorists cowering in a church called the Alamo – but thanks to heavenly intervention the terrorists were silenced and sent to their eternal damnation.



  103. I don’t know where I live anymore, it is not the country that I grew up in and the way it is going in less than 10 years it will be no different than Europe and then where will the people go. They will have no where to flee to when tyranny raises it’s ugly head because it will be here too… marys

  104. I am so blessed to have both my children in a private Christian school (elementary & high school) where they are taught about the love of Christ and the love of their country while being leaps and bounds ahead of their public school counterparts. This so-called curriculum would never be taught where they are!

  105. As a Texas I am ashamed that our Texas Education Board would let something like this outrageous lie be used to rewrite our American History. All Texans should contact the Texas Education board and get lies stopped from being taught to our Texas children.

  106. you can whine all you want and they will continue to just laugh at you until you stand up and march in the streets and boycott the public education system nothing will change and it will keep getting worse. teach your kids the truth and to stand up to their teachers and give them hell yourself. when they fear you the crap will stop, or put them out of work by screaming for your local and state reps to promote charter and private schools over public indoctrination centers. it will take a show of force ( non-violent ) to chase out the left not writing letters or phone calls.

  107. Tyhpical liberal BS; rewriting history to fit their narrative. It’s a sad commentary that we have to go in and sue such idiots to make them acknowledge the truth, which just happens not to be the truth they want to hear. Liberalism is a disease; it’s too bad so many people seem to be afflicted with this malady these days.

  108. This so called Education Service company is full of S..T , The great state of Texas is going down the tube if it lets this kind of bull be taught in it’s schools. It they allow this bull to be taught they also ought to teach that the Alamo was an act of aggression and they STOLE Texas from Mexico!!!!

  109. I know what I read is upsetting and I have an opinion that would rock the roof…but as much as I hate it…until the good people of Texas put a stop to this madness that seems to be coming out of Texas more and more….it will be just words without substance. This is the case over and over again. People often ask me why I don’t attend church as often as I should…and I tell them that we need churches to not just collect money to keep their doors open, but to stand up for the side of God. Where have they (churches) been when God was taken out of the Halls of Justice in various locations. Or in schools, and elsewhere the so claimed separation of State and Church! My point is until people take action against evil…evil will win. If you are not a part of the solution You are without question…a large part of the problem!! Abortion comes to mind of evil getting away with what it may…and not one word from the churches. Of course we heard a lot of it is a womens body so she has the right to do what she wishes with it…not before conceiving…but let the fun begin!

    One could suggest that I oppose to the Board of Education at any level…be that State of fed. Let alone a group of fools re-writing our history to suit their foolishness…

  110. For years the media scrubbed the image of FDR into having the people believe FDR was a hero who saved America. Actually FDR did worse then Obama is doing on the recession with endless unemployment, policies that destroyed jobs and rewarded his friends, and stumbling from one economic blunder to another until World War #2 saved him, and his image.

    If anyone doubts the truth about FDR I suggest you read the book. “New Deal or Raw Deal” By Burton Folsom Jr.

    Even FDR’s Sec. of treasury had this to say about FDR’s failures”
    New Deal

    In 1933, Roosevelt became President and appointed Morgenthau
    governor of the Federal Farm Board. In 1934, when William H. Woodin
    resigned because of ill-health, Roosevelt appointed Morgenthau
    Secretary of the Treasury (an act that enraged conservatives).
    Morgenthau was an orthodox economist who opposed Keynesian economics
    and disapproved of some elements of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Although
    he was a Roosevelt loyalist and retained his office until 1945, in
    “New Deal or Raw Deal?” Burton Folsom quotes Morgenthau, testifying
    before the House Ways and Means Committee in May of 1939, the FDR
    ally did not sugarcoat it: “We are spending more money than we
    have ever spent before and it does not work. I want to see this
    country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. We have never
    made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this
    administration we have just as much unemployment as when we
    started and an enormous debt to boot.”

    The liberals have said we will write the history so it favors us.

  111. Are you kidding me?!!? Welcome to the ultra liberal world. My child will always know the truth about the Boston Tea Party. My ancestors have been in New England since the 1600’s and I am not ashamed of my heritage. She will know her family history and be proud of it.

    1. With all due respect, what is this “truth about the Boston Tea Party?” If you believe the Johnny Tremain version, are you also arguing that individuals such as George Washington and Benjamin were traitors to this country for condemning the “vandals” as George Washington described the Tea Party participants? Liberal, Conservative, Obama, are just excuses for our own ignorance or lack of confidence. I joined the USMC at age 22 and retired at 58, and in 3 combat tours I learned one thing about this great nation. That individuals who are protecting your flank and the individuals for whom you are protecting by taking point are not Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, or Conservatives. They are Americans sacrificing and working together because when one goes down, it increases the likelihood of others going down.

      I will say that it is sad and disheartening that a 5th grader has not been taught the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem with our school systems. I agree that we have experienced too much revisionist history where the tragic is omitted and the true heroic efforts downplayed. Even though, I do not agree with the writing style and choice of words, the Boston Tea Party only became a proud American moment long after a few generations had passed.

      Most Americans, people such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, criticized the event at the time. While this video is somewhat elementary, the video description gives a real historical take on the event and highlights how this event turned from being regarded as non patriotic to its legendary status. I wish we would focus on real American heroes of the day such as members of Washington’s army who refused to give in and quit despite all the hardships they faced.

    2. No, welcome to the ultra conservative blogosphere, where half the facts are taken out of their context in order to whip up a fury.

      I tried searching for the text that was posted above, but every single site that I found was a right-wing site simply quoting the same material out of context. There is obviously more to this than what they’re showing us, but they don’t really want to. We simply wouldn’t get as upset, or maybe not upset at all.

  112. Why are we allowing hard-core Communists, Left Wing Radicals, Socialists, Liberals and assorted other America haters, to compile school books containing revised American history, lies, distortions, and left wing political politics and ideology? This is Communist propaganda and “re-education” much like that forced upon populations that have been overran by Communist regimes in Asia. These democrats and liberals have become Communists and are posioning the minds of Americas children. This is out and out acts of “sneaky treason” against our country and our helpless children. These democrats and so-called “teachers” should be arrested and deported from the united states as enemies of our society!

  113. Our country is being destroyed from the inside out. Many years ago there was a TV movie called ‘The Taking of America’. IMO the story told in that movie is now happening and our politicians aren’t doing squat to stop it! Rather, they’re welcoming it with all their ‘globalism’ crap! ‘Globalism’ will be the downfall of the USA!

  114. The evil liberals are at it again. The only evil I see is what the liberals are doing with the minds of our youth. Leftists are the only domestic terrorists I see.

  115. To the British, yes, that would be considered an act of terrorism – especially considering the modern view of what “terrorism” means – that label is now given to just about any act, violent or non-violent, that the media chooses.

    And the reason they’re now “tweaking the history books” is because Britain still owns us – a portion of our income tax goes back to them. King George never recognized our independence – he was just no longer under obligation to ship material and money to support his subjects and colonies. At the same time he retained financial subjection through debt. This fact has been very well hidden by the historians and media. But I guess now it’s time to slowly start conditioning the kids into accepting it.


    Check out the quote in there from “Legions of Satan” by Jonathan Williams, 1781 (a very very very rare book). What is included here is not the complete quote……

  116. Wow, people are dumb. I’ll bet the majority of people who read this article will think “The author of those textbooks is wrong because he called our Founding Fathers, who we know to be Patriots, Terrorists!”

    But the real message here is that many of the people WE call terrorists TODAY, are probably considered to be Patriots in their home countries. Think about it – an occupying force (Britain back then, the United States now) comes in uninvited to “help”, and force their political system and beliefs on the populace. (it’s even worse now, because at least the Brits weren’t bombing civilians like we do)

    Nobody wants them there, so some people finally stand up to them and try to force them to leave. Then the occupying country labels the people fighting back “terrorists”, so you don’t feel quite so guilty when you kill them. If you’ve got a good enough propaganda engine, you can get EVERYONE using the word, even though nobody thinks about what it really means.

    Back in the days of the Red Coats, soldiers lined up and volleyed shot at each other until everyone on one side was dead or turned and ran. When we started using Guerrilla tactics (since we were militarily outmatched) like using cover, attacking from the flanks, etc, our tactics were considered dishonorable, but it was the only way we had a chance against a superior enemy.

    That is EXACTLY what’s happening when people attack us today. Nobody in their right mind is going to go toe-to-toe against the United States – it would be suicide. So they have to resort to whatever tactics they can use to get us out of their country. The parallels between our “war on terror” and our historical “war for independence” are too many to count!

  117. To lie about the history of our country should be considered treason and those guilty should and must be punished under the law for treason!~

  118. I believe any persons involved trying to rewrite children’ U.S. History Books that are connected with Communists or communists groups, should publicly be identified because they may have a conflict of interest with the truth, why Americans fought in the American revolution e.g. to be free of British rule.

    I believe Communists in general should be identified because some Reds want to overthrow the United States Government; confiscate Americans’ Property. It is foreseeable in the future that politically things could radically change, that Americans may support at large arresting communists, including those in U.S. Government believed to threaten national security, especially where proven linked to a foreign power that wants to harm America.

  119. All you idiots on here are a pathetic bunch of extremist boneheads! Please die or leave this great country. I hope Obamacare really does have you euthanized!!!

  120. Texas should be GIVEN to Mexico. It is and always has been theasshole of the universe! The governor there is actually DUMBER than Dubya! Yet you rightwing nut cases love these pathetic toads— go figure!

  121. I was a vocational teacher in the Philadelphia school system. We never had lesson plans prepared for us, we made our own based on the material we were going to teach. I don’t believe that teachers in other areas had their lesson plans prepared for them, either, but also made their own.
    As Americans, we need to let our school boards and teachers know that we are not going to stnad by and let them destroy everything good about the United States.
    Call your teacher union president and attend school board meetings. Write articles for the local paper and sit in the school districts superintendent’s office until they hear you out about the “new ” history and other efforts to distort and destroy the glory of this country.

  122. Didn’t the libtard demoncrats say that ‘civil disobedience’ was the highest form of patriotism? Hypocrites have no legitimacy whatsoever.

  123. copy and paste Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative in your search bar then look at “red hot conservative”and see what comes up. i bet you anything you’ll be shocked as i was.

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