CBS Commentator Wants Abortions to Lower White Voter Population

On MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show Saturday, CBS’s Nancy Giles said the reason white people are “trying to eliminate all these abortions” is “to build up the [white] race.” This is the epitome of racism. Can you imagine what the response would have been if a white person had said that the reason blacks are winning elections is that they are having so many babies out of wedlock, which they are?

She’s implying that lowering restrictions on abortion will help liberals. Sick.

Could it possibly be that the reason conservatives, white and black alike, oppose abortion is because it results in the death of pre-born babies, white and black? If Giles had her way, she would promote abortion among whites to decrease the number of white voters that are the mainstay of the Republican Party.

In reality, it’s liberals that are choosing not to have children. This is a form of voluntary genocide — self-immolation by legal decree and a liberal public policy absolute. At least one very liberal columnist has noticed the demographic problem for liberalism:

“[F]or the past 30 years or so, conservatives — particularly those of the right-wing red-state Christian strain — have been out-breeding liberals by a margin of at least 20 percent, if not far more. . . . Translation: Libs just aren’t procreating like they could/should be.”1

It’s happening in parts of Europe as well. Ben Wattenberg has described this phenomenon as the “Birth Dearth” where the average birth rate 15 years ago among European women was 1.4, while the minimum replacement rate is 2.1. Similar demographic statistics can be found in Japan.

Let’s get back to Giles’ comment about abortion and whites. She may not be aware of the following statistics from the site Black Genocide:

  • Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. That number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.
  • 1,452 African-American children are killed each day by abortion.
  • 3 out of 5 pregnant African-American women will abort their child.
  • Since 1973 there have been over 13 million Black children killed and their mothers victimized by the U.S. abortion industry.2her">

And what political party supports the killing of black and white babies? Democrats!

  1. Mark Morford, “When Liberals Rule the World: Stats say the GOP is dying. But red-staters are breeding like drunken ferrets. Who wins?,” SF Gate (March 28, 2007). []
  2. ]

188 thoughts on “CBS Commentator Wants Abortions to Lower White Voter Population

  1. As anti abortion as I am – I only have one kid! … oh yeah! I make sure he does well in school … no pot parties and hookers for him!

    Unfortunately; He’ll have to support the low life lazy excuse makers who will hate his success when he is finished with a minimum of 7 years of college!

    Unlike Trevon, my boy will be properly reprimanded for aything he does wrong like the remote possibility that he tries the illegal use of substances and he will not EVER be treated to candy and pop for being a screw up!

      1. Ed, just because that’s what you did doesn’t mean all kids do such. There is such a thing as explaining why rather than saying “because I said so”!

      2. Ed, I’m assuming that your kid turned out to be a “snake in the grass”. You do not have to accept this. You can still tell him a thing or two, and I suggest you do it right away.

    1. Sounds iike you are an awesome parent and should have more than one. I think many of us were brainwashed with the population explosion theory of the 70’s… aka don’t do more than replace yourself, well look where that has landed us. If you are willing to be good parent, please consider having several.

    2. Good! It definitely sounds like you are a responsible parent & want the best for your child. Unfortunately there are many that have children & care nothing about them, seeing them only as bad mistake. These are the kids that get in trouble.

      1. Don’t forget, some see having children is for more Government $$$…
        Then their children do the same…
        Abortion, I personally could Never have one…
        To me, that is a Moral issue in your soul.
        Your Soul Pays Those Consequences, Not The Government…
        But then, turn it around, and The Government Is Paying for the Morals of Your Soul…
        Evil is as Evil does…

    3. I to Anti, have 1 child we focus on.
      I never wanted children, I never wanted to marry…
      Then Bam! Someone comes along, changes your world and again…
      Bam! I wanted to have a baby…
      Columbine happened a month before I was due…
      Yes, I held my belly, while crying and apologizing to my unborn Son for this World I was bringing him into.
      After he was born, while feeding him, i dozed a little…
      I saw him, as an adult, standing in the kitchen in Army Fatigues saying
      “Mom, It;s time for me to go.”
      I’m crying now looking back…
      Today, he is 13…Get’s straight A’s and is pretty considerate and very polite.
      I say ‘Pretty’, because again, 13 is an awkward age…
      He took a ‘mock’ test in school before the election…
      He’s a True Conservative… (Get’s that from good parenting)…
      His Future…???
      I’m putting that in Gods Hands…
      College? Military?…I don’t know…
      I’m so disoriented on the possability of him having a ‘successful’ future…
      I cried after this election, in 4 years, he will be 17…
      God, can you imagine the price of Gas? College?
      I Pray for the Future of all Our Children!!!

  2. It’s also sad that…..

    Baby’s granny can get paid by the government per child to provide daycare while baby’s momma goes to work or school……

    More children babymomma has……more money babygranny makes.

    1. I’m all for sterilizing them after two children. I didn’t use to feel this way but I’m sick of paying for their daycare, their healthcare, their food stamps and obama phones. If they can’t provide for their children on their own, THEN DON’T PROCREATE AND EXPECT US TO PAY FOR IT.

      1. I like the idea that was floated about 15 years ago, let’s make it mandatory that they have to use implanted birth control for the entire time that the mother is on welfare, and limiting the welfare allotment to the same as when the mother started getting it, with no more allotments for having additional kids, and one more thing, I think it’s time to put a lifetime cap on how many years a person can collect welfare, whether it’s all at once or intermittently. I think 7 years ought to be the absolute limit. If we don’t do this, people are never going to get used to planning ahead. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions?

      2. I agree except that I favor doing it after one kid. The sooner they learn that their actions have consequences the better off we’ll all be.

      3. Personally, one out of wedlock kid is enough. You want government assistance? One child, then sterilization. No sterilization, no assistance.
        I don’t care what the race of the breeder is, either.

      4. I agree with you completely & have felt that way for years! After the 2nd ‘mistake’ (from screwing around) make sure there isn’t a 3rd ‘mistake’ for the taxpayers to have to take care of. No chances of going on like that one that had 15 kids & hollared “who’s gonna take care of my kids”?

    2. The problem is babymomma doesn’t go to school or work, at least not at a regular job. She may be hoing around making money that way or selling drugs, but still keeps popping those babies out to make mo welfares moneys. After the second child there should be no more welfare for any additional babies & maybe not after the first out of wedlock baby.

    1. Maybe she needs to be aborted. Oh wait, too late. Maybe we will get lucky & she will get run over with Obama’s bus or subway.

        1. Obama supports post birth murder. He voted against protecting babies that survived their abortions twice (as I recall): Once as an Illinois Senator and then once as Fed Senator. Bush signed both the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, as well as the Infants Born Alive Protection Act.

      1. I forget, but under either sen. boxer or bimbo pelosi, the system would be able to terminate a child even if born alive. Sort of like the infanticide bill obuma voted for in the ill. state sen.

    1. Thank you Melissa Harris-Perry, for opening the door to discuss race abortion, so we can now openly discuss abortion of black babies without sounding racist. I don’t think there are enough abortions being performed, after the 1st abortion, give them a coupon for half off the 2nd. We “right-wing Christian strain” are tired of carrying chronic welfare families on our back, time to thin the herd.

  3. That is just as sick if someone said they wanted more black women to have abortions. The libs just don’t understand that abortion is just plain wrong. It is killing innocent babies.

    1. Finally someone who has seen that movie. I tell my kids to watch it because that is what their future will look like. And it is truly sad but true. It may have been done tongue in cheek but the way people are today it will be our tomorrow…sad, sad, sad…

  4. Liberals don’t need to have their own babies – they figure they’ll brainwash ours in the public education system and then make debt slaves out of them in the college system.

    That way they don’t have to be bothered with raising their own kids. Conservatives bear the expense in dollars, time and effort, and the liberals plan on reaping the rewards. But they end up missing out on the big reward – actually being a parent.

    1. Blacks have babies for two reasons 1) welfare 2) too stupid to use birth control. There is actually a third. Black guys will flock anything, even old ladies & black girls can’t keep their legs closed. I know I am going to get static over that observation, but that is what I have seen, so it must be common knowledge. That isn’t to say there aren’t females of other colors that do the same thing.

      1. I have noticed that myself. It really yanks my chain, when I see black women, dressed to the nines, false fingernails, and weaves, pay for their groceries with food stamps.

  5. that’s rich! considering abortion founder wanted to decrease the black population! how about stopping all abortions? sounds fair for all!

  6. I am not sure where the liberal mindset is but they are apparently bent up ZERO population
    growth or else they just trying a backhanded populatio contoerl of a certain racial group.
    Either way these people are totaly insance and perhaps they should practice what they
    seem to enspouse.

    1. She shows her stupidity, because their are far more black babies aborted than white babies. Typical Liberal no facts just irrelevant thoughts.

      1. Do not insult thinking people by grouping us with this lady. I don’t think her mental processes can be construed as “thoughts”. At least, none from the higher ordered sections of the brain. Hers are driven by the motor skills part of the brain.

    2. Yes, and where are the ‘compassionate’ and ‘caring’ liberals to denounce her for her ‘racism’ and ‘hate speech’, which you know would happen if the races were reversed.

  7. How does abortion build up anything? It is neither building up the white race nor black race and In fact, it destroys more of the black race by percentage. The Democrats are the party of slavery and infanitcide and continue to demonstrate this daily. What saddens me is that for a few “freebies” the liberal sheeple are willing to sell their soul and their freedom.

  8. DeMar’s delusionary lunacy, also unfortunately shared by millions of others, equates a zygote or an embryo with a “baby” or a “child.” There is no comparison, period, except in the twisted minds of those who cannot and will not accept the scientific facts. As long as there are people who insist that a zygote or an embryo, are the equivalent of a fully formed, viable human being, i.e., a “baby” or a “child”, their irrational pathology will continue to fuel their insane denials. And some of them will bomb clinics and murder doctors…as they’ve been doing for many years, and rationalize their crimes accordingly.

  9. CBS Commentator (Nancy Giles) Wants Abortions to Lower White Voter Population ?

    Yeah, well … I and many others want abortions to lower the number of liberal media people. We don’t want these miscreants breeding.

  10. I think we ought to extend abortion services to those who want abortions. Let’s abort obama, pelosi, reid, this chick and all the rest of the liberals. Step up and we will be glad to abort you too!!…

    1. Sorry Nancy’s, but why are so many people named Nancy nut cases? Inquiring minds want to know. As well as the ones we have in government, I personally know 5 or 6 & all but one is a Liberal & have bats in their belfry.

  11. Black ignorance is blissful. It’s also slow extinction. Leave it to the (nominally) Catholic latinos to overbreed and take over the system.
    I say nominally because they voted for abortion, gay marriage, and homosexuality. ALL of which are sentences to hell in Catholicism.

  12. This article and its author are stupid. It’s mainly black babies being aborted as per design by the racist Margaret Sanger. Abortion which is aimed at the black population has been pushed ever since by liberals/ democrats do who is the true enemy of the black population. Whites as a whole are not necessarily concerned with abortion cutting their race down as it is the black population most adversely affected by abortion. Maybe if more liberal journalists were aborted….

  13. MS. Gile’s is either just plain stupid, or blind to what is really happening. Very few white women have babies fathered by white men and the birth rate of white babies is less or not much greater than the death rate. Even if the millions of white babies that are murdered every year by their white mothers is left out of the equation, the birth rate of whites is far below that of blacks, Latino’s, Muslims, Indians,Asians, or any other race.
    White men are already so few in number they can’t even field an all white basketball team, or form a all white college fund.

    Very soon the Sharia Islamists will have gained enough power that most of the white female population will be forced to accept their slavery by converting to Islam or suffer the extreme penalty for their currnt life style. Womens rights will be only what Sharia law allows, and that law is very simple, to be subserviant to their male masters.
    Of course Sharia law will not bode well for catholics and especially Latino’s since most claim to be catholic, and the Jews will have to accept Islam or become martyr’s. As for the Mexicano’s they will have have to worry about hiding in the shadows, amnesty or forced deportation. The Sharia do not deport, they decapitate.
    Sharia law is going to be very bad for those who supported Obama and the communist democrats.

  14. Amazing some liberals would in paranoid fashion see the pro-life belief one of increasing the white voter. I as one pro-lifer view it as another wonderful creation to love in this world. I feel sorry for someone who’s sensibilities allow for the killing of the unborn, but I realize it is their choice to think as their conscience allows them. Unlike them, I am not hell-bent to force them to think like me.

  15. Africans are not the ones having abortions! Whites are! Ihear on the news every day where the idiots have 15 – 29 kids all from different fathers and all on welfare. one Negroe man was 25 and had 29 kids! All on welfare!

  16. Actually, I think she’ll get her wish vis-a-vis declining white population. As the Kenyan Marxist continues to turn America into a country not worth fighting for or living in and people begin to understand that their future is as hopeless as that of Europeans, the birthrate will decline. Having kids requires that one have hope for the future. Once the progressives have destroyed that, population will drop along with the standard of living….

  17. This just shows how upside-down we are now – ‘ woe to them who call good evil and evil good’ – and you can’t begin to imagine the outrage if any white commentator had said this, and she gets a pass ! ! It seems that people of her mentality believe that only whites/non-black people are rqcist ! One good thimg is that if enough of these libs just keep having abortions and/or not have kids, hopefully before long they will unbreed themselves out of existence, which is FINE and dandy with me !! ! Is that racist ??

  18. I agree, if the opposite was said about blacks, we’d never hear the end of it would we? Why do these liberals come across so uneducated? Why don’t they do their research before saying such racist comments? Has Obama not divided this nation to the point of such comments? No wonder this nation is going down the tubes. I lost my country on Nov. 6th. Life will never be the same.

  19. One of the few pluses of abortion is that it occurs mostly in the inner cities in those planned parenthood mills (where they give all of those mammograms). Inner city rat extermination provided by the left. Imagine killing your own kind.

  20. Doesn’t this fool realize that 37% of aborted babies are also murdered and they are black.
    A fools mind is often questioned whenever they try to think.CBS has lost it’s ability to honest articles. I won’t even call it NEWS because it isn’t.

  21. Typical misinformed talking head. The most dangerous place for black kids is the mother’s womb. Less abortion means relatively MORE blacks, not more whites

  22. I believe these young ladies believe that if they can get $400. or more a month per child, they would rather have the child. Remain single and have babies for a living.

  23. You ignorant simpleton b!tch! Why do you think that the majority of the Planned Parenthood offices are in close proximity to the BLACK neighborhoods? Because the majority of the abortions performed are on BLACK women. Here’s a frightening number for you. Since 1973, THIRTEEN MILLION black babies have been MURDERED.
    So now you think that WHITE people should “follow suit”? You’re PATHETIC!

  24. God please help us help our Nation be the great beacon of light on the hill
    for all in the world of need again!

    Please God help us get these commie, nazi, fascist, scum out of leadership
    positions in the USA!

    Please help us help all those in the world who yearn for

  25. Planned Parenthood was founded for the very reason of eliminating, or at the very least, decreasing the number of “undesireables” as Margaret Sanger, its founder, described black people. She began what she called “The Negro Project” whose purpose was to sterilize blacks in order to keep them from reproducing, and the rest could be eliminated through abortion. Liberal dems never get that they, by their continued support and funding of PP are the very ones who are continuing the eugenics started by Sanger, who was the ultimate racist I am amazed at the ignorance of “liberals” who are anything but. Go to any PP clinic and watch who’s going in, especially in the poor, urban areas. Blacks are their chief source of abortion and birth control income.

  26. Oh how horrible is the death mill for preborn babies. organs of late term abortions are black market body parts. Clinton wanted passage for these laws. Hate evil and throw it off the wall EVERY time it tries to climb back up!

  27. Questions of right and wrong transcend race. White conservatives and Christians oppose abortion because it is morally wrong. Only a liberal would try to play the abortion game as a means of increasing liberal voters. Conservatives oppose abortion despite the fact that more black babies would mean more black voters and an increase in the welfare rolls. It is misguided liberal social policy that is harmful on both counts. It pushes an evil agenda to abort black and white babies, and liberal social welfare policies that remove the natural check upon raising more childrten than one can support.

  28. I’m not so sure that most of the liberals (leftists is a better name) are not either gay (open or closeted) or feminists who don’t marry because they hate men. So, neither has children. Which is a good thing, for the child especially.

  29. Only those who hate white people watch MSNBC. This host and her guest are both racists who despise whites. We must not be hesitant to call people racist against whites, even if that person is white.

    1. Liberals do, by the hoards. It worries me considering the last election results. allows commentary and it is vile. The moderators censor conservative comments frequently. I’ve been schooled about liberal haters in a big way on their website.

  30. Typical Obama,braindead liberal. These people are ruining this once great nation. This person needs to be put in a Home. Unfortunately, Obama supports people like this and in the meantime they can spout any garbage they want because it is the liberal way. This country is going down the toilet and here is another example! Sad.

  31. This is abject racism so say that the white race is just trying to increase in numbers when it is the matter of a life that is at stake; but this CBSer has been brainwashed as most on that network are to think in politically correct terms. To counter what is said here I am forced to recall how members of certain sectors of our society have at times reproduced like rabbits just to get another GOVERNMENT HANDOUT!!!!

  32. Blacks have been killing each other since the beginning of time – abortion is just the newest means of doing so.

  33. Her logic is seriously flawed. White women who vote republican are generally Pro-life in the first place. I can’t believe she would want fewer democrat voters, but that is where abortion is getting them.

  34. The true reason Aboration is needed anong the off color, black, brown and others is they want the free crap that the goverment givs out, food stamps,chiuld support any thing free. Born with no father and a mother whore. Education is their for all. % tellls us White trailor trash is going the same route. Their is work . The voting gain with the added underage whores having babies do effect the Vote in time but also steal all food stamps and support $ from that 1/2 bread lies OBAMA. It will happen and that is a Civil War. They will steal from all whites. Gun Control is for the off white only. All working Americans no matter color Locck and load and protect your self and True Family. Like Vietnam shot antthing that can crawl .
    FACT Just ask Congress, White House and Justice house.

  35. Why do they allow idiots like this to comment on national TV. You can’t do much to educate a stupid person that is also a Liberal as their opinion is set in stone and reason is not one their assets.

  36. As long as everyone wants to play the race card I think I’ll jump in with this comment. And who is it that wants to lower the white voter population? Could it be the minorities? the democrats? Our wicked and nefarious leaders??????

  37. Why did we fight a war to get rid of Hitler, whose eugenics program was unsurpassed at the time? We ourselves have developed a eugenics program to make Hitler’s look puny. Someone reported on TV recently that 42 out of every 100 deaths in the USA are caused by abortionists destroying the lives of babies before birth. The adds for Planned Parenthood always feature black women, making it clear who our government is using our tax money to abort. Unfortunately, our country is on a shortcut to hell, and most of our current American population will soon be there. Europe is going the same way, and the majority of Europe’s population will soon be Moslems. We are extremely lucky to have Hispanic immigration, and our immigrants will hopefully maintain Judeo-Christian traditions.

  38. I do not believe in evolution. But I must admitt that some of these people make me question that belief. Like th is program. My miniture doxie is smarter!

  39. Funny considering the progressive heroine is Margaret Sanger who created planned parenthood to get rid of blacks and undesirables.

  40. Does it really get any crazier than this loon? Well, yes, yes it does because idiots like Perry put this loon on her show where idiot watchers can watch and believe. Incredible this woman keeps her job. I guess this is an entirely different situation than the one that got Juan Williams canned over at NPR. Yeah. Entirely different.

  41. White we can all morally “encourage and shame”, none of us by the force of government can forcibly require a parent to give a kidney, bone marrow, or blood to their child. Nor should a woman be forcibly be required by the power of the government be forced to donate their uterus to their child. The government can NEVER have that much power.

  42. CBS is just as incredibly stupid as is MSNBC, they just have a bigger audience. Since the head of Planned Parenthood was totally pro-eugenics and actually hated Black or mixed race babies, she must have been a Republican according to CBS. She and her ancestors are succeeding in quickly eliminating Black babies from the US population. The problem is that Blacks and Obama (granted, only half Black) are so stupid, they continue to pay out someones else’s money to Planned Parenthood and think they are getting a great deal. Now that is dumb.

  43. I am against abortion, but having the liberals keep getting them might be a good idea, so that eventually there won’t be any more liberals.

  44. I am a surgical technologist, a third trimester abortion is legal I have seen them. After seeing one I have nightmares and I cry at the drop of a hat. It is flat out murder of a fully developed human being. I am not anti abortion, but the rules of abortion have been perverted by the left they demand no resrictions. They should all be made to hold a lifeless newly aborted baby and place it in a bio hazard bag.

  45. She must be the poster child for ‘STUPID’ this month. The largest losers in the abortion mill are blacks. If she had done ANY research prior to opening her mouth, perhaps she would have avoided reveling such ignorance.

  46. I wouldn’t expect less from MSNBC. I only watch this station occasionally just to compare their news with truthful reporting. Their childish, hysterical and slanted coverage of the presidential campaign was on a prepubescent junior highschool level and their news anchors exude hate and vile for anything decent. We should boycott all sponsers of this network and their ilk.

  47. Abortion is an evil act with some possible exceptions and those can be argued about forever. It is basically wrong to take the life of an unborn child. That being said, I want to take on Planned Parenthood The movement was started in 1916 by Margaret Sanger. She believed in eugenics, a philosophy of racial reduction through the use of abortion. Her goal was to reduce greatly or possibly eliminate the black race in America by promoting abortion of black babies. Her idea is succeeding in a limited way… about 40% of abortions in the US are black babies against only 13% of the population. I guess that enough black babies are actually born to have that 13% number remain somewhat static. were the abortions not committed, blacks would be about 20-25% of the US population today. The info about Margaret Sanger is an easily researched fact on the internet. I recently told this story to groups of racially mixed women at a Planned Parenthood rally (at the site of the Presidential debate on LI)…. there were mixed reactions, but it made most of them think about why they were there carrying big (3′ X 4′) Planned Parenthood signs. They like to tell us that Planned Parenthood promotes women’s health issues, but you can see them on u-tube videos openly promoting abortion all day long, and they’re doing it with our tax dollars.

    1. I’m an ultra conservative and a nurse. Thirty years of nursing, I could never participate in taking a life. I knew that right out of high school into nursing school. That said, I have to say I’ve learned that Planned Parenthood is not all bad. I realize the cost, and I’m not argueing that. I am saying that PP also has many qualified nurses and Dr.s that contribute much more to young womens healthcare needs way beyond abortion. Women’s healthcare is complicated and comprehensive. This is something Republicans need to just be aware of.

  48. I wonder if Ms.Harris- Perry is aware that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger for the purpose of promoting birth control and abortiona as a way to eliminate the black race?

  49. It is good for her own good :she is so stupidly “smart” that the rest would not have to stomach another generation with the same mental deficit .She just committed her own generation harakiri . She is defective ,which is a blessing in disguise.

  50. The fact is that abortion DROPS the number of future liberals. It drops the number of future black voters. It drops the number of future hispanic voters. Yes, it will impact liberal whites too but, not nearly as much as the other races because abortion (murdering your kids) is much more common among DEMONCRATS than among conservatives of any party. So, by stopping abortion, we’re actually HELPING to increase the number of liberals.

  51. Again, allows commentary. It is infested with liberal haters and racists. Conservative commentary often gets censored, but surely you will at the very least experience a violent, mean-spirited, verbal attack often in groups. It is an eye opener. Difficult, but I’m thankful I was “schooled” at the brutal, hateful, spiteful mind set of many liberals and the media that actively supports them regardless.


    Christ with children by Carl Heinrich Bloch

    The Little Children was a saying given by Jesus in the New Testament.

    From Matthew 18:1-6 (KJV)

    At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
    And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,
    And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become
    as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
    Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
    And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.
    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
    Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!
    Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.
    And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.
    Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

  53. Re; Translation: Libs just aren’t procreating like they could/should be.”
    Well, it’s kind of hard to procreate when you have so many liberals who are attracted to the same sex. Even the ones who aren’t don’t seem to want to have kids. Perhaps that’s why they are so he.ll bent on commandeering control of other peoples’ kids through the education establishment.

  54. I read a book this year that stated that there had been 53 million abortions, since murder had been legalized. 53,000,000. I wondered how many that was, because it was just a big number. I looked at the US Census data and the estimated population of the states for 2011. What I found was that 53 million is very close to the 27 states with the lowest estimated population for 2011. 27 states. Over half of the states in the US! We’ve killed entire states full of people. And this vile person has the gall to state that? The Democratic voters are merrily killing off their future voters. Pathetic. I grieve for our country. God has removed his hand of protection from this once great nation, I believe, mainly for this vile sin.

  55. These brain dead zombies spout off without any real knowledge of what they are saying. It feeels good–so spout it. The truth of Planned Parenthood’s beginnings are far grimmer. It was not the idea to reduce whites but minorities that his evil was begun.
    Children of all races and colors should have the right to life. I agree with Doodlebug–a sick, sick mind. Fire her worthless arse!

  56. Nancy Giles, you are nothing but a freaking idiot and a “NOBODY.” I believe the Dr. dropped you on you head when you was born, or it could be when he went to slap you on your bottom to make you cry he slapped you in the face as he couldn’t tell the difference!

  57. Totally clueless Lib-Progie-Democrat. Since a majority of abortions are preformed on minorities, if “Evil Conservatives” wanted to insure a continued dominance they would be handing over money to Planned UnParenthood by the wheel barrow full.

    Margaret Sanger founder of Planned UnParenthood was a true racist, her goal was the eradication of less breeds of the human species. A quick look for Planned Parenthood clinics using Google maps shows a far majority are located in the inner city neighborhoods not in white communities.

    I read once, sorry I lost the article bookmark, that Lib-Prog-Democrats are far more likely to get an abortion. If “Evil Conservatives” really wanted to eliminate people that were objectionable, then wouldn’t they be giving insane amounts of money abortionists?

  58. Would it be rude of me to point out to this “clueless ‘ho” that far more white liberals get abortion than do white conservatives?
    Therefore restricting abortions would result in a net increase or white liberal voters!

  59. I think the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist who wanted to abort only black babies. Blacks are so ill informed one can throw them crumbs and they think it’s a meal of great value.
    There used to be insane asysums for people such as this. AndIi don’t think they were alowed to vote.
    Where is Al(not so sharp) and Jesse( unfaithful one) on this issue? And all along i thought they were against killing ethnic minorities.
    Only when it gets them headlines in the liberal press.

  60. And don’t forget those lynchings were committed by democrats.
    How many democrats voted to end slavery? A: 0
    How many democrats voted to give blacks the vote? A: 0
    Who was the KKK? A: Democrats
    Who tried to block the vote for the Civil Rights Act 64? A: Senator Byrd, democrat and former KKK wizard.

  61. You just can”t deal with these “A” holes. Once again thank you phony Catholics for putting this abortionist and his disciples back in office. Their will be a judgement day!

  62. Opinions are like A–holes everybody has one. Liberals have two, one at each end but both ends produce the same waste product.

  63. Gary this is an interesting article but I am wondering where you got your figures. It is my understanding that 50K babies have been aborted in the past 5 years and 87% of those are black. A huge percentage of abortions are preformed in Washington DC and most are black. See if you can get us the honest figures on these statistics, would you? Thanks.

  64. How Many of you Know a Black or Hispanic woman that has had an Abortion?? Only if they are Elites,–Professionals, Medical, College Professors, Business Owners, etc. who don’t have TIME to raise kids. The Majority of Recipients have as many kids as possible, Because, WE PAY THEM to Breed!! They consider that thier JOB. They are taught from an early age– Have some Babies, then you’ll get money!! Don’t even try to refute this, My wife was a career Fl. Social Worker, A.F.D.C. . I am a Retired Fl.Correction Officer, I Know how Recipients Think. If you ask them, they’ll tell you!! We’re Taking Over!

  65. Nancy Giles is a pig and the worst of the worst. She was on Charles Osgood a few years ago and talked about George W Bush with total disdain and flatout called him a racist because he was white. Now, there’s a role model for our young children.

  66. Ironic that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, stated that it was focused on black neighborhoods to reduce the number of black people. Why Obama and libs support killing black babies is beyond me.

  67. Blacks are so dumb, they are being brain washed to get more voters to vote for the dem-o-rats. They are in the same boat as the whites are. The Blacks can not even see that. Well, if Blacks think they will get free welfare and not all races, then they are in for a rude awakening. Don’t make us women mad. We see obama’s plans. Take the dictatory out and let us return to some peace and order.

    No more taxpayers money so he can party and vacation on again, those days are over. Unless, he pays for ours…. all of ours. Dictator lied to the Black people and the poor.Afforable health care my butt.It is another TAX

  68. Out of the mouth of a true racists..She dhould do her homework and realize that Plnnd Prnthd was formed to deceminate the black population and other minoroties and for the disabled….Does she know that most of the clinics are in the innercities which have the majority of Blacks and Latinos who are mostly on welfare yet the abortion rate umong those are higher than others……Her offensive racists remarks only prove that the Left is a hatefull bunch of uninformed lying mouths of the Marxist order…Just one man’s opinion

  69. I’m for forced euthanasia on lousy CBS employees like Giles. If you stop the guilty breeder you don’t have to abort the innocent product.

  70. Quite a switch, since Margaret Sangster (who believed in eugenics) started Panned Parenthood for the purpose of getting rid of black people, whom she believed to be an inferior race of people. Now the worm is turned, and it is white people who are considered to be inferior. It is alright that we are the ones who work and pay the taxes for the government to take and give away to the freeloaders.

  71. If you study the history of the push for legalized abortion in the USA you will find that the supporters of Eugenics were the leaders of the lobbying effort.
    50 Million aborted children of African Extraction later we see the results of their efforts.

  72. I am stunned at any human being who advocates the systematic death of human beings. To say she is on par with Mengle is appropo. To conclude this woman is profoundly mentally ill and needs to be confined to an institution for the criminally insane is specific. Even as a humanist, and not a god believer there is something so wrong with this person I can not see why she is alowed to walk freely among us.

  73. It amazes me that blacks still support planned parenthood that was founded by Margaret
    Sanger to try to eliminate the “inferior race”. If they knew would it change anything?

  74. What a total idiot! She doesn’t know her history either. Margaret Sanger founded Planned PArenthood in order to abort Black babies. She thought that African Americans were genetically inferior so she wanted to make abortion more accessible for them.

  75. What a &^%$#@! moronic fool. This person should not be permitted to breed.

    No doubt she is a product of affirmative action. How is that working out so far?

    What a bloody waste of flesh.

  76. Ha ha ha I can see it now, “I’m getting an abortion because if I don’t, then that would be racist” I think killing your offspring to prove you’re not racist is as stupid as voting for Obama just to prove your not racist. You know, I am starting to think racism just might be what this country needs. I mean why not? We get accused of it anyway no matter what we do or don’t do.

  77. Yet another lib who needs to lose her job and be arrested for “hate speech”. We need to start pushing our DAs, State Attorney Generals, and even Holder’s office to prosecute these cases. Either we have a law and it applies to everyone or we do not have a law and it is stricken from the books, however we will not tolerate laws that are only applied to select individuals who don’t follow the “party line”! This is also yet another CBS employee shooting off this kind of nonsense. I think CBS has officially earned their spot at the bottom of the media “barrel” next to MSNBC and CNN!

  78. Who listens to those msnbc news anchors in the first place! 90% of the news anchors on this channel are the worst racial biggots that exist. If people with common sense carried on like this woman(someone not a democrat) it would be on every main media programs on these news shows that have lousy ratings and probably call for prison time if it was on for example Fox news channel.

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