Chicago Teacher Union President: ‘Off With Their Heads’

Karen Lewis is the president of the Chicago Teachers Union. Chicago is the murder capital of the United States with more than 500 murders in 2012. So what’s the relationship?

This “professional” educator said the following:

“Do not think for a minute that the wealthy are ever going to allow you to legislate their riches away from them. Please understand that. However, we are in a moment where the wealth disparity in this country is very reminiscent of the robber baron ages. The labor leaders of that time, though, were ready to kill. They were. They were just – off with their heads. They were seriously talking about that.”

A number of those in the crowd cheered their approval. Why not? Unions gained their position of power through thuggery.

Lewis went on to say the following about what the rich will do to them:

“[T]he key is they think nothing of killing us. They think nothing of putting our people in harm’s way.  They think nothing of lethal working conditions.”

Is there any evidence for her claim? Absolutely not. It’s people with money that pay the teachers of Chicago their salaries and fund their bloated pensions.

It was union leader Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. who said this about members of the Tea Party: “Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

Consider this from Breitbart’s Big Government. When Steven Crowder approached union protestors in Michigan with questions about their responses to what elected Michigan representatives had done on Right-to-Work legislation, Crowder was assaulted, and one person threatened to shoot him.

Lewis and Hoffa are liberals. They can threaten to do violence against conservatives and intimidate with innuendo. The media will hardly report on these malicious and dangerous attacks on conservatives.

I don’t have to say that there’s a double standard. If a conservative had said anything close to what Lewis said, it would be the end of her career. Liberals are a protected political class in America.

291 thoughts on “Chicago Teacher Union President: ‘Off With Their Heads’

    1. Sooooo… you are responding to an article, which claims that union members have no rational reason to fear for their lives, by wishing key union organizers dead. Well played, sir.

      1. Sounds more like the unions are the aggressive ones. Maybe we can just ban guns from union members, so we all rest a little easier. My wife got a 1% increase this year, and they are bitching about what? Another one of those “I’m entitled” to it.

      2. If you recall, his was in response to an already existant threat by lewis. Such a short attention span you have!
        What? Is the water too hot for you? Liberal UUGGGGH!!!!

        1. Did you just jerk off all over your keyboard, or was that UUGGGGGH supposed to mean something to me? The irony is the threat of violence while complaining about threats of violence, retaliatory or not. UUGGGGH!!!!!

      3. Wealthy people didn’t kill Jimmy Hoffa, the mob did when Jimmy got too greedy and was looking to get wealthy at his keepers’ expense.

      4. If you were in the know, you would know that it is actually NON-Union members that really have a fear for their lives. Why? Because the SCOTUS upheld a ruling that unions can resort to violence when “CONDUCTING” union business! So who should be afraid? Learn before you spout off!

        1. Yeah, why don’t you learn me and point me to the Blaze article or Alex Jones rant that describes your wet-dream evil union fantasies like they have a hold in the real world. Give me a link to actual documentation instead of just spouting off like some impotent schoolboy.

        1. Name calling? Just what I’d expect from a right-wing blowhard. Article whining about a labor organizer using violent imagery making all you pro-gun closet cases wet yourselves. You got a point, make it, otherwise keep stroking yourself and insisting that cutting pensions and health benefits make you a real man, and leave discussing real world issues to the big boys.

      5. Key organizers= big obama supporters=socialist rule under the guise of capitallism=greed and corruption on the part of key organizers=rank and file being f87cked=the only remedy to stopt he cylcle of madness is execution of the circle.

        1. You don’t have a point. You’re just another left wing nut job ranting and raving about anything that you think threatens your handouts from the government. Grow a pair and do something for yourself. When the war starts, you’ll be running from house to house crying for protection…hey, maybe one of the union bosses will let you in.

  1. And so will read the epitaph of this great Republic. Once they got nearly complete control of the media, the end was a foregone conclusion, now it’s just when. May God help all of us that still believe in him. The Republic is nearly lost now. Now, more then ever, we must not let them take our guns, our only means of defending ourselves from the onslaught that is coming. MOLON LABE!

    1. It is no coincidence that there is such a push at this time toward “gun control”. The people at the top of our government have an inkling that there is going to be civil unrest sometime during this year and they don’t want any more resistance than they can get by with. There will be martial law. There will be gun confiscation — just like during Katrina. Pray for America like you’ve never prayed before in your life!

  2. “Is there any evidence for her claim [that the wealthy don’t mind killing union members]? Absolutely not.”

    Well, except for all of that history involving labor unions and striking workers being brutalized and killed. That’s why the government gave us Labor Day, to sort of apologize for the US Military killing striking laborers during the Pullman strike. Other than that, no evidence at all.

    1. Not 100 years ago; is there evidence today, at this time, in this supposed new “Robber Baron” era? The answer is still, absolutely, NO.

      1. How about coal mine owners purposely neglecting safety regulations because the fines are cheaper than protection the lives of the workers who died in a mine collapse? That’s pretty recent.

    2. Or the union set bomb in Victor Colorado? In the 1890s? Or the beatings at the caterpillar plant in the 90s? Or the SEIU beatings of Tea Party members? Or the violence in Pueblo during the steel strike there? Or what? Maybe they’d ought to have a “Free Enterprise” day for all those who start/build/maintain business that hire labor? At great financial, sometimes personal risk, and always against a government run by labor union lackeys?

      1. Yeah, I’ll match every organized crime/labor crossover story with at least ten exploited workers or striking laborers killed store you’ve got. Union-run government? Don’t even try to claim that fossil fuel, bank, and media lobbyists somehow don’t drown out labor unions that represent less then a tenth of the country’s combined workforce.

    3. Didn’t Pullman occur almost a hundred years ago and involved striking ‘railcar’ workers? I don’t believe you can find anything like that involving teachers. Miners, autoworkers steelworkers have all been violent but teachers, really!!

      1. You’re right, let’s ignore all historical context. No CEO has ever stabbed a teacher in the head over a gold coin. That’s good enough for me. Does that mean racism is just a myth now because there are no more Whites Only water fountains? This is what happens when you let Texas write the text books.

  3. The marxist want to take our guns and then take away free speech. They want to do away with the ruling class. Did I hear someone say behead the rich? Could that mean ‘white people?’

    1. Mary….There ought never to be a ”ruling class” in America, but that is exactly what Obama and his minions want to become, and so far, they are acting ”as if” they are, already.

      1. Very, very successful ruling class! We are victims of political correctness. Politics has run amuck for a long time, now!

    2. Behead the rich??…. Just the new rich of course, Those who have invested their labor and money in building a business that hires people and creates jobs. These are also the same people who are taxed at a higher rate, because they have actual income, than the old money people, those who inherited or married into money and also pay lower tax rates. (Hello John and Teressa Kerry). Now, one more question for you..guess which party has more new rich paying higher tax rates and which party has more old rich paying lower tax rates?

    3. I wouldn’t put it past that ho.

      Unions/union workers/beneficiaries of govt. handouts, they’re all making their move. This could get very nasty over time.

      These people have to be taken seriously as a threat.

      1. dude what is the Military stance on the gun control thing? if they try to disarm the country will the military take action towards the people if they rise up against this government ?

      2. The storm is coming and the line is getting closer. When they try to take the first gun from the first Special Forces Trooper that will be First Blood.

      3. your 100% correct we are just settin up camp and countin our guns,keepin our powder dry,swabin out the barrels lockin and loaden and practicin steady aim

      4. Crosshairs,That is the best news I have heard lately. I also liked Alex Jones reply to Piers Morgan (ON GUN GRABBING) This man morgan also had the nerve (or lack of sense) to sit across a desk from Jesse Ventura and call him a coward. Jesse is a former NAVY SEAL AND EX PRO WRESTLER. ( No room for cowards in NAVY SEALS or PRO WRESTLING)

  4. ”…’THE WEALTHY’ are ever going to allow you to legislate their RICHES away from them…..the ‘WEALTH DISPARITY’ in this country is very reminiscent of the ‘ROBBER BARON’ ages.”

    Notice the buzzwords of Marxism commonly used to foment jealousy and anger against the rich. It’s the typical class division spewed by the left and it always ends in appeals to violence of one kind or other.

    The first murder was committed by Cain against his brother Abel….and it was triggered by a spirit of jealousy. Since then, jealousy has been one of the driving forces behind those who want to either literally murder someone or ‘kill’ their reputation. And it certainly drives the union attacks on business owners.

    1. I like your comment, its good to see we have intelligent people on our side. To bad we can’t get our message out through the msm. Public unions are parasites.

    2. It is obvious to me that they (public unionized workers and unions) are the rich compared to me and MOST other private workers who are working harder and getting paid less. I am not jealous, however, and would never wish to steal from them in the form of taxes to pay me an indulgent salary and benefits which I do not currently have. You have hit the nail on the head with the example of Cain and Abel.

      1. Actually, it is the devalued US Dollar that is the real problem. If our money was worth its face value, most of us would have respectable income. We had a functional economy once, when scrupulous bureaucrats realized there were limits, and acted accordingly.

      2. So…………….. Public and private Union Members are “rich” compared to you and have pensions that allow them to retire with dignity. I am thinking it would be in YOUR interest to try and join a Union, don’t you think?

        1. No, you don’t get it. You’re only thinking of yourself; need to think what you’re doing to the taxpayers. Stop the me, me, me mentality.

        1. With your taxes if you have a job if not and still have your home than

          w/ RE tax or they will come and confiscate your possession and trow you under bridge This is Howe Public sector unions will be come Obamas

          civilian Army just as Big and strong an our Military!! {quot} Obamas speech 2-3-yrs ago I know i seen it happen after 2nd ww- in eastern Europa when communist took over whole Regina up to West Germany People of America Don’t let them take your Guns that is there only fear

          110-million gun owners God Bless America {down wit socialist, communists ,and Obamas Muslim Agenda ! Lock and Load }

        1. What kind of idiot are you? Do you not have the brainpower to decipher sarcasm? I don’t know what kind of leg you were to call yourself Sgt but you should have learned not to address a member of the 11th Special Forces as fool. That could get you in a whole lot of trouble.

        2. Don’t feel the need to flaunt my rank. I did, however, outrank Sgt. York.
          And you don’t want to be around if I decide you are vermin and deserve that jump.

        3. well Maxmickl you boy need to reread(if you ever did) the history of WW1` to decipher the name Sgt. York. Stupid is as stupid shows.

        4. I know who Sgt York was and you are no Sgt York. Your stupidity grows by the message. Have you any idea why you started this idiotic discussion? I made a facious comment and fool that you are you went toxic. Try to make an attempt to connect your eyes to your brain. You will never know as much about military history as I do and you will probably never understand any of what you think you know. I was a distinguished graduate of the JFK special warfare school at Fort Bragg when I was a green Beret. You probably were never in the military and if you were you were probably a cook.

      1. axmicki…Likely a stone or farming implement. Had the leftist loons been around then, they would have outlawed rocks and shovels or whatever it was that he used.

      1. you’re right; & this was foretold over a hundred years ago. here’s 2 books to back your claim, both of which can be also read free online:
        The Secret Terrorists, authored by bill hughes & The Great Controversy, authored by ellen gould white.
        be blessed!

        1. no not really with out big business there would be many less jobs, We do need them, But not the big union bosses

        2. And you are too stupid to understand the difference between spelling and grammar/composition. Without big business you wouldn’t have a vehicle, prescription drugs, or a plethora of products you use daily.

        3. John is a liberal leftist so give him a break.. I suggest both legs. Whats the difference hes already on some obama program and NOT contributing to the American way of life. OUR Govt by the People.
          Mike in Afghanistan

        4. Mike, thanks for your service.

          El Dumbo and his regime (Big Government) are a cancer and need to be eradicated. El Dumbo hates our way of life he wants to be El Supremo, he does not care about the US Constitution one iota. I served this great Nation for over 30+ years and will go to my grave defending her and her people (both types: those that can’t defend themselves or those that won’t). When I took that oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC in 1963 it was not for just the time I wore the uniform it was for the rest of my life.


          US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

        5. Sir, I thank you for your service. My Dad got the Bronze Star in WWII as a combat engineer in the 137th HQ Batallion, 102 ID (Fighting Ozarks). I missed Viet Nam due to timing and as a young punk, never enslisted, and while I hope it does not come to war, I’m ready to make up for what I haven’t done. I really respect heroes like you, because now that I’m older, it is so easy to see where we would be without people like you. Thank you again…I’m very grateful for your service.

        6. If your greatest contribution to the discussion is to edit typos maybe you should hold off till you learn to think.

      2. thats why Obama supports them, he knows it’s how to bring down this country, right after he gets the guns out of the way.

        1. We have the most corrupt administration in our history…he has proven he cares nothing about the will of the people or the Constitution.
          We are in unknown territory here. Could be we will find out why the government bought millions of rounds of ammunition charging them to the weather center, SS and such!

        2. We are not in uncharted waters all this has been done before. Americans then did what they had to to get the govt under control. Be it British or leftists. There is no difference between the revolts. We have a bigger enemy now but in the end we’ll have the America that was once a shining example of Government by the People.
          Mike in Afghanistan

        3. Don’t forget! It was Hollow Point Ammo. That is not used for target practice, but to maim and kill! Who might be the target?

        4. Executive order is meaningless if EVERYONE refuses to obey. Besides, he cannot remove an amendment via executive order.

        5. His plan could have something to do with the availability and the ammunition. I am very curious as to why the Sandy victims did not demand why FEMA is short on funds. Evidently, millions of the tax- payer’s dimes were spent on the accumulation/ stockpiling of weapons and hollow point bullets. And, as some speculate, funding for FEMA “camps”.

        6. Jan, what makes you think Sandy victims didn’t demand to know why FEMA is short of funds? Do you actually think the idiots in the alphabet media would report that?

        7. They did it in New Orleans so what do you think they believe , THE AMERICAN CITIZENS WILL LAY DOWN THEIR ARMS WHEN TOLD TO DO SO WITH THE BACKING OF THE MILITARY. That is what the leftist believe and you know what many will.

        8. Keep this in mind. When we fought the revolution, the first time, only 20 % of the people were in favor of the revolution. The balance were loyalists. THE 20% WON

        9. Don’t bet on it. I know many soldiers that just came back from Afghanistan & they are telling me if it comes to shooting us or them (this administration), it will be them they shoot, not us. They will be with us, not against us.

        10. I really hope somebody has a plan because he will wrangle a way to circumvent the Second Amendment. He has to be charged with treason. Is a citizen’s arrest possible……if anyone could actually get to him?

        11. One thing to keep in mind. The unions only represent about 10 % of the working population, and their membership is declining. They are the least of our problems.

        12. you can bet union people would keep their guns. that’s Obama’s army of lieutenants to keep the rest of us in place when the time comes. We have Chicago gangsters running the country and people are too stupid to recognize that. Now there’s talk about a 3rd term try and he hasn’t even done the 2nd term yet. There’s an ill wind blowing.

    1. Unions represent their constituents as part of a democratic society. Please don’t think you can tell us that we should submit to big business.

      1. I will agree with your premise but in turn please don’t tell those who are not in unions and don’t agree with union tactics that we are the enemy.
        I own a company and not one of my employees has ever been inclined to join a union and no union organizer has ever attempted to approach them since I provide them more benefits and personal job security than the union could or would ever do.
        And they don’t have to pay one cent from their earnings for “representation.”
        At one time unions had a very commendable motive – they have long since outlived their usefulness – their demands have taken down more large U.S. corporations than any foreign entity – steel-automotive-shoe-garment, etc.- they are the reason we have a “rust belt”.
        It is also apparent to any rational person that the Chicago Teachers Union has destroyed the Chicago public school system – what the president of that union is espousing shows very little intelligent thought (and that from an “educator”) and only creates a greater chasim between the union/s and the general public,
        Threaten to cut off my head and, frankly speaking, you are in deep manure.

        1. d1032, you forgot on Company that the Union people put out of business: The people who made Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs and other of my favorite comfort foods.

          I for one have worked for several Unionized Companies and all I could see was that the Union Bosses primarily were out for themselves.

          US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

      2. Hate to tell you this but true union reprensentation ended about 40 years ago. The rank and file are not represented, they just think they are so the dues keep coming so people like Andy Sern and Hoffa can keep spending and most importanly keep the imaginary power they think they have. There is no need for unions anymore, at least not in this country. It is just too bad the EEOC and other regulartory agencies don’t make the companies hire only documented workers and enforce the fair labor act. Unions have taken the place of the old time industrialists that called for the unions to be created. Here is a perfect example. My wife and I both work for county government agencies that do the same things, only in different counties. Her place of employment was unionized, so they got higher wages, made the county pay a higher share for their health insurance and since it is a county government agenciy, the taxpayers had to bear the burden as in all counties. In my county we are not unionzed. Our wages are a bit lower, and we pay higher percentage of our benefits, closere to what the private sector pays. I maintain that while she may have a sweeter deal, as a taxpayer, my county is giving the taxpayers a better deal by not having to cave on ridiculous issues. Just because out employer is a county government, why should I pay less for health insurance or retirement than those in the private sector. I don’t and I shouldn’t, but the counties that do have unions pay a far less share which falls on the residents of that county. And I can tell you all those union dues her union collects does not go to wages for the employees. The union gets a real big chunk and for what? Political actioin. look what the unions accomplished with theUAW–56 bucks an hour plus benefits and a 7000 dollar bonus per person. I would love to have that, but it’s coming on the backs of someone else, and not right. I’d rather have less, if it’s right. guess I’m the odd man out.

        1. All the gov’t employee unions have the inflated benny pkg’s and are all ponzi scemes,, more gov’t employees to pay for more, so unions back & vote for those that give them more… What do we do when there are more gov’t employees than private sect employees ??

        2. speaking as a county govt employee i say we do now allow unions, they are already protected under civil service–most that is, not all like me, who have contracts and can be let go anytime for no reason; secondly, we make sure their contributions to pensions and health care are more equal to the private sector. Our retirement is tied to the same thing SS is; the value of the dollar and integrity at the federal level who oversee all pensioins via Medicaid and Medicare. My bennys cost went waaaay up and if that makes it on par with the private sector, i’m fine with that. The last year I took health insurance, 2011, other than the monthly premium, my out of pocket to meet deductable was 4400 dollars, the next year, the same plan was 8800 to meet deductable, and this was in 2012. Bottom line is no matter who the employer is, the cost to the employee should be on par. We should not get any special bennys like the federal workers do. They, like the unions get breaks we will never see. Your public employees at the local level like police, fire, and what I do know what we do is more for what we do than for money. We don’t want special breaks and believe me, at the local level, we don’t get any. I should have to pay what you pay for health insurance, and do, but the federal employees don’t,

        3. I went over 5 years with no wage increase, and in the last two years have seen 2 percent each year. Then I hear of the obcene percantages of the teachers union in Chicago and want to puke. Tha’s the problem, and if you look at their president, it looks like a gigantic problem

        4. The other way for taxpayers to fight back is not to renew tax levies. The problem is that means less police, fire, children’s services, etc. The agencies have to step up and say “if you are paying X, then we should be paying X. We are all in this together, and I for one don’t want a special deal and feel even prouder about what I do, knowing I’m not “special” when it comes to wages or benefits.

      3. You submit to big union business that has nothing to do with their members but everything to do with their union dues. Union bosses could not care any less about their members but their monies which they need to go on vacation.

      4. WTH is a democratic society except mob rule. we are a REPUBLIC as in “and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, (whom we have strayed from) so this outcome, “with liberty and justice for the rich”.

      5. Have you ever sat in on union negotiations either contract or discipline? Obviously not, unions will sell the rank & file down the road at the drop of a hat! The higher you get in the union the higher the price….

      6. It is very apparent you think violence is the best way. I’ll play.
        One nation under God, Govt by the People.
        Mike in Afghanistan

      7. There ya go again! When are you people going to earn this ain’t a DEMOCRACY! It is Constitutional Republic. A Democracy is two wolves & a rabbit voting on what is for dinner.

      8. Costing the consumer because any business that is unionized the product price is outrageous. Unfortunately, that is why most of what we buy is made in China….it’s CHEAPER!

    1. Unless they’re a mob, then they’ll beat-up a guy in a wheelchair. Remember Kenneth Gladney? As my Granddaddy used to say “Talks Cheap”.

  5. Off with union leaders heads watch them roll in the streets as children kick them about like footballs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. If you think this is a good idea, start with teacher union leadership who are among the wealthiest people. Purify your own house first.

  7. If you cut off Karen Lewis’ head you would be holding about 100 pounds of fat with hair! Except that 100 pounds of lard would be more intelligent. And people wonder why unions are a dying breed.

    1. You are so right. Someone should remind these Brown Shirts what happened to Hitler’s Brown Shirts: he had all of their leaders killed during “Thr Night of the Long Knives” and then put their ‘troopers’ in the Wehrmacht where very few of them survived the war.

  8. The irresponsibility of the left is so depraved, so damaging, so very “end times” I find it amazing that their following is so strong.

    But, after 50 or 60 years of propaganda and mind control, infiltration and subjugation, it’s no wonder we are no longer the greatest country on Earth, but a shadow of the former.

    We have in our midst the “Useless Generation” containing no heart, no soul and no spirit.

    This is a death knell for the Nation of ours.

    I wake every morning just a bit more disheartened over what I see, but never the less, I strive to keep my faith.

    In the mean time, I know we are headed for a showdown of Good vs Evil.
    This whore does in fact represent evil.

    1. Those of us with FAITH must be strong and we must be pure. There is NO doubt that we will experience many trials, some of them possibly literally at the hands of the Federal Government or such. The United States as we knew it is dead. We are simply waiting for the moment when the second Revolution/Civil War begins. We allowed our nation to be overrun and subverted because we were too busy to really pay attention to the great gift of FREEDOM that God gave us through the inspired Constitution.

      Now we must be willing to feed the tree of Liberty. Sadly, the tens of thousands of troops we have expended since WWII have not fed the tree of Liberty but have fed the insatiable hunger of the world oligarchs including our very own American Oligarchs. Anybody paying any attention can see that the Federal Government, through its internal agencies including the SSA and the IRS are preparing to disarm and subjugate the American People.

      There will unavoidably be tremendous bloodshed and loss of life. If we are strong, we will prevail. A death knell of sorts, followed by the Resurrection of the Republic supported by a people that have been tried in the furnace of affliction and that VALUE and UNDERSTAND FREEDOM.

      God’s Blessings upon ALL PATRIOTS (None of the current administration included)

    1. The teachers union is nothing more than a conglomeration of leftists who teach their leftist B.S. to our children — which is why we have such a dumbed down electorate now. When they turn 18, they put them on school buses and ship them to the polls en masse to vote for leftists like Obama because that is what they have been taught to do for years — without thinking — because they can’t anymore.

  9. “…off with their heads!”….Uh, wait – isn’t that the hate speech which the left ‘hates’ so much? Better get the thought police and get this critter behind bars where he belongs.

    1. Remember, Eric Holder, the pinko is their boss, they don’t investigate theirselves! My husband says we should make the conservative states, our USA, he, Obummer, wants us gone anyway!!

  10. ‘lethal working conditions’? hmmm … how can working conditions for chicago teachers be ‘lethal’ with their anti-gun laws and the fact that schools are ‘gun free’ zones?

  11. They aren’t liberals. They are communists, period. Richard Trumpka is an avowed communist; Stephen Lerner is the one who called for occupy wall street and their revolutionary, terrorist, anarchic tactics. An ex union leader before him, who also helped organize that gross movement, stated the occupy “movement” was about communism and overthrowing capitalism.

    This is the worst, too, because too many sheep are believing this. The divide between the wealthy and the supposed rest of us is the worst it’s been since the Robber Barron days?? Really?? Our poor right now in this country, which does not only include people in actual poverty, but people with houses that contain big screen HD TVs, washing and drying machines, one or more cars, *are* rich to most of the rest of the world. This notion that we’re all being so taken and repressed is asinine, but it’s a tactic that these brainwashing, communist teachers in our schools have ingrained in entire generations of zombies now. This country is teetering on the end of it, or for revolution, because there’s no real reaching those that follow these people, and all in Washington, even those on our supposed side, aren’t listening to anyone bu their own power and greed. We the People are the last line of defense, and so they come for our guns. This cannot continue.

    1. *ex union leader named Mike Golash. He’s the one quoted saying occupy is about overthrowing capitalism with communism.

    2. There is resistance and revolution coming and the people in Washington know it. Find other ways besides firearms to protect yourselves. Take care of yourselves. Learn survival skills. This is not a bunch of “conspiracy theory”. It is a fact that the government is stockpiling BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition. What do you suppose they need that for?

  12. What’s the difference between a former Soviet Union Communist Party member serving under Stalin’s dictatorship and todays Democrat Party members? Absolutely nothing!

  13. Who the hell wrote this socialist BS. Unions are some of this countries big ills, and am glad to see more states going as free to work states. We need more of them but with a few rules to protect good workers from potential one sided employee relations…………Just saying!!!

  14. What a celebration of stupidity and what is even more scary is that this bunch is charged with the responsibility to educate the youth of america…. there is something fundamentally wrong here and it has a lot to do with the kind of people we have become as a result of a steady diet of class warfare and empowerment of the poor and the lazy…

  15. If only we could find the person/persons who took out Hoffa Sr. and turn him/her/them loose on the union leaders. ALL of them.
    T’would be a nice thing, I’m thinking.
    And only wishful dreaming.

  16. Current approval for tea party 33% compared to 2/3 in good old days. Shrinking, sinking, doomed. Obama 57%, Michele 69%, Hillary 65%., Boehner 10%. You guys are rocking. Way to go.

    1. Of course you get your approval numbers rating from the same mainstream media that savages the Tea Party and any Conservative viciously at every turn. The thing is, we know that everything coming out of DC or the SCUM MEDIA is complete BS or total fluff and distractions.

      I know you dream about the tea party being dead. Good luck with that. Every time Obama appoints another commie to a position of power, or writes another unconstitutional executive order, or tells us HOW HE IS GOING TO DO US, bypassing Congress and all, another Tea Party supporter is born.

      Nobody likes Boehner, including and particularly Tea Party because he is a slimy untrustworthy capitulating weasel. Meanwhile, back in the REAL WORLD

      Tea Party supporters are taking over the Republican Party from the ground up. Precinct positions first, then upward. By 2016 if your hero allows us to have an election, the Republican Party will BE the Tea Party. Then America will have a clear and true choice between Liberty and Tyranny. Meanwhile, while you chuckleheads are congratulating yourselves on our demise, you notice how many GUNS been purchased lately? We see you coming, and when you come for us, you will be met with a hearty HAIL (of lead) Good luck with YOUR revolution, commie tool!


  17. The left is going to continue to spew hate towards everyone that is not in their camp until one day some insane liberal nut job will start killing those that don’t believe the liberal way and it will start a rash of violence. You don’t hear conservatives, Republicans or Independents going around threatening or wishing that the liberals should be killed.
    These loons are a danger to the peaceful nature of our society.

  18. Fascinating…a real violent analogy..made publically…and listen to the MSM…hear that…NOTHING!!!! Please refrain from using the term’s LIBTARD…

  19. Whats not new here Lewis is a racist , she her leader and the top cop in the US are all racist. They have no common sense and believe that they have been an oppresed people ever since their ancesters sent them to this country. Read the History Books , Head of Teachers Union , it wasn’t the whites in South Africa that sent all of the blacks throughout the World it was the Head of all the tribes that got piad for putting them on boats . Thy always want to Blame other people for any mistakes that have been done in the past , Obama is the prime example , his whole 4 years in office plus the6 trillion dollars that he and Congress spent is all Bush’s fault. Even after winning the last election , when a reporter asked him , why now all of a sudden are you wanting to pass Gun legislation , these shootings have been going on for the last 4 years on many occasions. Obama ‘s answer was well where do you think I was on vacation, I had two wars to deal with , the worst crisis in economic history since the Great Depression , plus General motors going BK . The reporters name was Joe Tapper, of course his statement and question to the President was never put on ABC National News that evening , none of the other Liberal News stations aired it either. Also that eveining or the next day it was announced on ABC that Joe Tapper will not be the White House reporter in 2013 , do you thinkObama and any of his people in the WH had anything to do with that cchange.

  20. Karen Lewis is a morbidly obese (really really fat ; tranlated for current Chicago High School graduates). She is incapable of running , and if anyone in Chicago is in need of a few hundred, or even up to a thousand dollars, I will pay American cash dollars to see a video of the real Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago’s Teachers Union) being chased at full waddle down the streets of Chicago for at least a 10 minutes. The pace must be fast, she must be forced, there must be some degree of fear in her eyes as she hauls that big bulk down the street, and there must be no pre-arranged medical aid for the big ol fat woman. i.e. It must be spontaneous, and you need not offer any proof of your involvement. Just get that video online, and provide anything that one might take as a hint where to send funds. I will comply. I do not advocate we remove her head, or even kill her, just make her sweat like a dog, and waddle in fear, you see, I am not a liberal like she is, I am a compassionate conservative

  21. I am sick of the violent language of union leaders. They are decidedly low class and not what we want running society. Do we really want a slob like Karen Lewis teaching our children? She complains about the rich people’s accomplishments while she promotes violence, decadence and a failed society.

  22. This is why I don’t send my children to public school. Karen Lewis is pond scum yet Chicago parents are forced to send their kids to those schools where 8th graders cannot read and only about 50% of 9th graders end up graduating. She thinks teacher unions have the answer to education problems. Her solution??? Give us more money and reduce our classroom hours.

  23. Unions back this Muslim President we have and will always back the Democrats because of their ideology. The stupid people are the votes they need and it’s the only way they can continue to control the country.
    Take a look at Obama’s staff and you’ll see a trend. He has to keep close ties with the Chicago crooks so he can continue to that this country into complete finacial destruction. Remember, the MUSLIMS have said they will destroy us from within. Guess who is leading the destruction?

  24. This obviously ignorantBiach must not have heard about a little thing called THE AMERICAN DREAM ! !

    Where you can come to this country without fear of a corrupt SOCIALIST/Communist gov’t that STEALS your money via taxation to ENABLE slothful and lazy behavior !

    why is it that so many liberal commies don’t mention the fact that THIS is what made America GREAT ?
    It is what drove so many individuals to be more than mediocre SLAVES to the gov’t…
    like Europe…

  25. When massive inflation hits everybody in our Nation, and it will because of the last four years. The poor and middle class are going to get hit so hard in their pocket books – they’ll think it’s 1930 all over again. This type of governing dose not and will not work. Redistribution of wealth has been tried and failed everytime.

  26. In Chicago 71cents of every dollar spent on Education goes to Teacher Retirements. Now with this in mind of course this dingbat will say anything she wants. The taxpayers and the students are getting really hosed on this deal.

  27. The Chicago teacher’s union has become just another bunch of thugs. Professional teachers, they aren’t. As such, they need to be fired, immediately, & blocked from ever again being in a position to influence young minds.

  28. Molon labe, an old slogan of the Texas Revolution. Karen Lewis, the fatah the hut of the Chicago Teachers Union, does not live here. We still have an open season on feral bores. She’d be hunted down in minutes, her head on a piece of walnut, hanging in our state rotunda, an object lesson of what happens to people who unionistas threaten in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  29. I have been a member of or involved with several different unions throughout my lifetime. Unfortunately, most union members have no concept of “work” because the unions go to bat for those who do not work and hassle those who do work for making the other members “look bad”. Unions served their purpose when first founded but they have definitely outlived that purposed and seem to be nothing but thugs and borderline criminals nowadays. They have tried to take their right to “peacefully” protest and picket and turn it into a right to riot, threaten, bully and assault. Unions are probably one of the strongest reasons for Americans to keep all of their guns.

  30. When you who claim to be “conservatives” use the same words as your opponent you are automatically on the defensive because it is our domestic enemies who have defined these words. Unless and until you use words to define your arguments by referencing those things which exist as absolute moral values, you will forever be losing the battle. For example, the people this author calls “liberals” define themselves as ‘friends of the common people and the little guy’ and these same people define their political enemies as “conservatives”, which they have relentlessly attacked as ‘greedy, hoarding, and cruel to the weak and helpless’. Both are lies, of course but these definitions shine in the hearts of the deliberately mis-educated and the fearful because we have not made an intelligent effort to educate these people in terms of absolute moral values. I hope these examples begin to make the light shine into a great modern mystery: why are we who love God and country and Constitution always on the defensive?
    They are ‘llberals’ because those who know better haven’t done their homework. Reference them in terms of absolute moral values and they are godless, atheist communists. We are ‘conservatives’ because we define the word one way but those who control the organs of communication define the word differently and repeatedly attack “conservatives” as domestic terrorists. This simply means that if each of us educates one uneducated person every day to at the least begin to ask questions, then we will be on our way to winning the fight by means of bypassing the communists who control the media.
    We are not “conservatives” or “liberals”, we are all of us Americans. What defines an American? He or she chooses to obey the laws of the land – based on absolute moral values – and in the freedom protected by obedience to law, one is free to exploit their talents to their full potential. In terms of our elected federal officials, they willfully, knowingly, and deliberately disobey their oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”, which is destroying our God-given rights and freedom. They are shameless criminals and should be held to the same absolute moral standards as law-breakers that you and I are held to, more maybe. One obeys the Constitution or not. “Liberals” regard the Constitution as cruel and disparaging and discriminatory and should not be obeyed. Why? Because obeying the constitution would destroy them politically and personally. The question is, why are we allowing these atheistic, godless communists to rule our lives without question or having to face the consequences of their acts?

  31. The picture should be of an islamist — who was appointed to our government–considering that beheading is the thing with SHARIA-LAW AND this guy in the WH is ok with islamists too who do this on a regular basis! We are led by an islamist from Chicago-go figure!

  32. That dont sound any diffrent from thugs But i kind of have said that about lib teachers of my kinds. Dont listen to them other than for test you want get the truth from a lib. You know whats right and wrong if you keep the bible with you. But it looks kind of like the gop is starting to be the same way more and more. Conservative 3rd party is the only way as i seee it


  34. It is these thugs that are ruining our country. it is time to get rid of all unions and union heads. Off with their heads, not the heads of the rich

  35. Boy are they going to be surprised….just like the British were at Lexington….in their fantasies we are going to do whatever they tell us to do….hahahahahahahahahahahaha…..

  36. There was a time when unions had a real purpose. Not so today, they are the ones that are greedy and jealous of someone that worked his or her ass off to get ahead. They want all they can get for nothing until there is nothing more to give.
    I was in unions years ago and I was also a local union president. I have seen the light and no longer have any affiliations with them.
    I had to decide between moral and imoral activities… as a christian my choice was moral.

  37. Kicking unions out would be a major problem. The represent only 14 to 17 percent of the workers in the USA. The problem is that this “President of the people” has sided with the unions against the other 86 percent of Americans. The unions will gain in power against the general population as long as Obma is in office. That is a sad fact.

  38. I don’t have a problem with the concept of a union for the private sector. If mgmt and union make an agreement that is economically unsound, the company will go under. I have a big problem with unions in the public sector – they are raiding the taxpayers with no concern for the consequences. I have never seen a more judgemental, dictatorial, unethical, economically ignorant bunch of people as we now have in the w/h and in these out of control unions.

  39. City City, small city, rural, teachers are generally A-holes with or with out a union–they all too often spend their off time (and sometimes class time) whining about how hard their lives are. So while you are doing away with public sector unions do away with this phoney asshat tenure too.

  40. Apparently the Chicago Teachers’ Union president’s idea is that rich people want to kill all the poor people. Finally, a reason why liberals are so anti-gun!! There are two flaws in this reasoning; ONE The only hate being spewed is coming from liberals, who don’t consider themselves as part of the “rich”, even though many of them are and TWO The living-large union bosses can’t fear the rich wiping out their poor selves because THEY ARE ALSO PART OF THE “RICH”! Therefore, this union thug should be ignored as an inconsequential liberal squawker, as should they all.

  41. this is why you take their threat seriously and act on it. You have a right to self defense. Does the military wait for a physical encounter or I will kill the Pres and no one in gov act on it. Hell know they would be all over you. The laws apply equally or not at all period and that is the law void. I have 2 children and a wife and I am taking the head off threat literally because the conviction in their voice is an immediate threat. WTP real Americans need to take a physical action to show these gov & union thugs they are going down by any means. Post the names and addresses of all union members even teachers and see how they like it. I remember when I was 10 y/o 34 years back my frineds father was a grocery store manager (they aren’t union -managers just employees are union) Well the Union went on strike and because my friends father wasn’t union he had to work or be fired. The Union flattened all his car tires vandalized his house and car with paint, acid and dents. When I was working for lucky’s at 23 y/o a strike came up the union bosses didnt want to go back to their union job pre union boss time and forced Safeway and Lucky’s to go on strike. There were good reasons like benefit cuts while the stores made tens of millions so a strike was justified but we were told if we crossed the line we were out no matter if we were to loose our hose, car etc. But what they asked us to do was not right. Cut open products, put fresh fish between the isles, unplug coolers etc. That to me is malicious, cowardly, destructive, violent and soo on. My point is the union has 10% legitimacy but the 90% left over is all threats, violence, and yes murder it happened many times by the union. So it’s no wonder why the Liberals like the Union, they are like minded, it’s all mine mine mine. We need to get into their face, homes, friends, family and vacations.

  42. Yes, unions have to do, learn to do that those in the union are told what to do and when and are not the smartest people doing their jobs, there are non-union people who are ten times smarter then union people. I will not hire any one within a union. I want no one working on any thing l have if they are union. I would take a hill billy from WV to fix my cars,roof and drive, also they do a better job. And stand behind what they do.
    They are honest and if you are not please, they will work with you to make it like you want.No more unions ….

  43. Hmm..when someone tries this hard to turn me against another person I always step back to figure who the real enemies are here. In this case the enemy would be whoever pays people to write articles vilifying a group or disparaging a person. This is 2nd grade tactics LOL. “Suzy said you had hairy eyeballs!” “what ya gonna do about it?” Yeah, um, this article makes me more inclined to back the unions who I have no history with one way or the other. .

  44. I have lived long enough to know that unionism was a necessary evil back in the old days when working conditions were harsh. Those bad days are over. Business proprietors have become more compassionate towards workers; but they’re certainly not going to turn over the business they’ve created in the name of Marxism for the so-called “equal distribution. These proprietors are the creators and the achievers who gave the less fortunate a means of making a living. I have seen union bosses turn greedy to a point in which businesses have been destroyed or forced out of the country. I have seen union bosses steal membership dues to donate illegally to candidates of their own personal choice, and not necessarily those of the workers. The sole purpose of membership dues were to provide workers with meaningful benefits… period!
    Rather than unionism, I would like to see a law that protects both workers and proprietors, in which, pay rate is determined by the skill or labor involved. But to pay, for example, a floor sweeper $100,000 dollars per year plus health benefits, sick days, vacations, etc. is totally rediculous. Wages should be based on job performance and professional skills. This way, the worker would be able to keep his entire salary without a union to steal his hard earned money, and then, be able to buy his or her own insurance health benefits. Employers are not required to pay for individual’s health insurance benefits; that is the individual’s sole responsibility to provide for his or her own health care, and not the employer. Look at it this way; I’m the employer… I’m going to pay you in accordance with your skill and labor with enough money so you may be able to support yourself and your family, for which, will also include enough money to purchase your own healthcare insurance; but don’t get greedy…. you could loose your job. If you feel you should be earning more money, then get an education in the field that would pay more. Employment is based on honesty and individual merits. This is how I lived all my life and never took anything I didn’t earned. The $250 dollars the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II stole from the American taxpayers; I sent back with a stern letter. I have always earned my living the old fashion way… I worked for it.
    USAF (RET)

  45. Once We the People rise-up (here shortly) these people will all be gone! Obama, the Unions, and the Communist/Muslim/Left are forcing this coming Civil War and they know it…!!! They think We the People will just role over and let them kill us…not in my Community…!!! Go listen to Dr. Michael Williams web Radio show “The Patriot Report” and get the real truth of what is happening in our Nation! We need to support this show and sign the Recall Obama petition on the web site, we want 5,000,000 signatures. We the People need this show, we need the truth and if we don’t donate NOW the show is going off the Air/web in the next week or so! Please donate today at “thepatriotreport dot org” and listen to the show at “webtalkradio dot net”

  46. It’s the “Chicago Way”! We have a Department of Eduation, and a National Teacher’s Union….Have anyone of you looked at the graduation rates in the “big” cities such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta…..Hell, I live in Oklahoma City, and there is a High School that 82% of the Seniors cannot graduate.

  47. I would dare say that this teachers union leader probably makes 6 figures for doing little which is way more then me and probably lives in a very nice house in Chicago.

  48. I noticed this fat pig hasn’t missed any meals. And, of course she is too stupid to realize as the well paid prez of the teacher’s union she is one of BO’s rich who should pay a “little bit more”.

  49. When I lived in Baltimore….The city tried to pass a law that teachers would have to periodically take a test to see if they were still proficient in there subject. I still can remember this….the President of the Baltimore Teachers Union stated, “We Give Tests, We Don’t Take Them.” And, this should not come as as shock…..Once the Department of Education made threats about funding….Baltimore, backed off!

  50. Oh, by the way….My wife was a teacher for 22 years….she quit because of having to teach the state qulaification tests…..passing students that we dumber than a rock bee scause it made the school and the state lool good…, that they could get more Federal Money.

  51. Imagine if there were no self-defense firearms in the hands of private citizens, what these animals would be doing. Union thugs would have firearms. Law enforcement would be groveling before them and the islamo-marxist politicians and we would be witnessing bolshevik revolution # 2. Keep your powder dry folks. Looks like you may soon have to vote with your trigger finger.

  52. Unions are the downfall of this country with their bloated salareis and out of sight pensions. What makes them think they deserve more of a right to work than those not in a union? I am sure the big, fat union bosses don’t like the idea that they can’t rob the treasury and force workers to pay for their political gain and inflate their already fat salaries. Unions are a dinasour and should be buried. You can’t STEAL from the rich and hand it to the poor. Won’t and never has worked. The poor will end up poor again and the rich will just move their money. Mostly Obozo is going after the “rich” white people who give the rest of us jobs. Companies will just move out of the country, taking their union jobs away from the unions and the rest of us who work union free.

  53. this guys the president of a union, what does he think he is? he’s rich too I bet. tell to cut he’s own head off. And shut down every union in the country

  54. So how wealthy is Miss Lewis as CTU prez?

    How about we Off the Unions?

    Their time is past,
    Their service, done
    Now they’re just thugging
    Seems almost, for fun.

    Dues we, or Dues we not?

  55. Most Americans are not truly anti union but we are again thuggery so as they go hand in hand we don’t need either one so get the h3ll out

  56. Until we have a MAJORITY of people in this country willing to GET UP OFF THEIR BUTTS AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST LIBERALS…the liberals win…

  57. This person is not a professional educator. She’s in the union because she couldn’t take it in the classroom. That’s how it works a lot of times. Not competent enough to do the job they were hired for, these people look for ways “up and out” of the classroom. Educational whoring at its best.

  58. As for Jimmy Hoffa Jr, “Do you know where your Dad is?” He is trying to act like the
    rest of the THUGS in the UNIONS but when they start making threats of this type they
    will discover they are not nearely as strong as they think they are except in corrupt cities
    such as Chicago and a few other northern cities and states. They are one of the prime
    reasons for the problem with businesses failing across the nation today.

  59. Just after I signed a petition against whale hunting, this bloated piece of blubber opened her mouth. She’s a good reason to home school or send your kid to a private school. Pathetic.

  60. Just this guy black? Without a union…………he wouldn’t have the muster to make it in the classroom. An example of why over 60% of black youth don’t make it. Great union?

  61. Unions get in the way no matter what State we are speaking about and that is the way it is so to me they should be kicked out.

  62. Unions in the US were started in the 1850s by German Marxist immigrants. The
    typographers union was the first. Unions were created by the Communist Party to
    serve several functions. To raise money for the party, to recruit new members
    into the party, to destabilize the country targeted for takeover are just a
    few. Marxists are in control of the Democratic Party and intend to impose socialism
    on the US with union help.

  63. Unions should be listed on the white house hate groups list and put on the terrorist watch list of the FBI, CIA, NSA,HLS AND ONY OTHER THE OF THE GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS THAT SPY ON HONEST CITIZENS, OH WAIT, THE GOVERNMENT IS AFRAID OF HONEST PEOPLE, GO FIGURE.

  64. I see a lot of comment, but my opinion is that we need to continuously speak of this nonsense to everyone who will listen. We must do everything we can to help these fools discredit themselves with the words of their own mouths. I often complain that too many Americans are idiots with minds that can’t remember what they had for breakfast (and I am not talking about older people who can’t help it), let alone what is going on in the world from week to week, or year to year. Thinking about it, we are part of the problem. We have to help the knuckleheads remember.

  65. Face it unions are nothing more than communism…..For Hoffa jr. to say anything is an oxymoron, we all know that his father was hip deep with the MOB, and the thugs haven’t quit yet

  66. Many years ago I was a member of a union, and most of their actions disgusted me to the point that even though i was making good money for the time (1970s), I got so fed up that I just waked away from the job and the union. Later, I learned that the AFL-CIO had helped to bankroll the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917, which led to the rise of Communism and the Soviet Union. I know that there are those who would say that the unions have done much good. To that I say: Hitler did a lot of good, but that does not negate the evil he did.

  67. in as uch as the democrats live by the rules given them by the unions and the same giving the unions a blank check on their actions, we the people needs to use the same blank check to counter the actions of the unions, as their leader Oboma said if they brings knifes we bring guns, its time all citizens have the same rights and not just a one way street.

  68. In a civil war ( which might very well happen ) you can bet the UNION bosses will disappear quick- rather than be STRUNG UP to a tree!

  69. I’ll tell you THE ONLY PROBLEM!! 43 MILLION WHITE so called Americans SAT ON THEIR LAZY, FAT SSA and did NOT VOTE!! That is the ONLY REASON obama is back into office because the WHITES out number FAR MORE the moochers, Mexicans and whomever than ANYBODY!!

  70. It is quite obvious that Karen Lewis has been living ‘HIGH ON THE HOG’ in more ways than one. I’m sure her huge salary and benefits have enabled her to engorge herself to the size 77 she has attained. She is a poster child union president – one does NOT have to state the obvious because of the visual she presents. If anyone needs killing, it’s this useless lump of humanity.

  71. all unions are run by the mob and political gangsters. and all gun hatting people should be draged behind a truck by their balls and tits and then tied spread eagle between two trees!!!!!!!!

  72. The only reason they do this & get away with it is because most of us Conservatives are Christians and our church teaches the word of the Saviour, not the teachings of Satan! Sooo…until the time comes when our church leaders tell us different, I imagine we’ll keep taking the abuse! I’m a sinner, have a temper and am ready now to whip some bully skulls, but I’m trying real hard to live what I preach! Lord help us!!!

  73. Don’t make the mistake Australians made by handing their guns in over John Howard’s contrived, planned, false flag, Port Arthur ” massacre “. Don’t hand your guns in. Get organised, united and be ready to stand together against this puppet fraud ” president “, Obama and all his powerful antigun string pullers – at short notice. Be vigilant and beware of traitors from within.

  74. How sad ! A great problem is that education is no longer the imparting of useful knowledge to upcoming generations; education has become leftist indocrination. I remember my teachers fondly. They taught me to love knowledge and to be responsible. Both my parents were absolute, abject drunks. I remember my 6th grade teacher taking me aside and telling me that I did not have to end up like my parents. My high school Spanish teacher told me that if I really wanted a university education, I could get it in the U.S. I might have to work harder and longer, but it was available. I later becme a teacher myself. I always tried to teach my students not only my subject matter, but also to be responsible for themselves. Unless and until we insist that there be some meaningful learning standards, things will only grow worse. I suggest home schooling or schooling in private or parochial schools where the emphasis is on useful learning. And you parents are really the most meaningful teachers your children will ever have.

  75. Look up the American Workers Party founded in New York by Communists Lenin and Trotsky, read their directive, and then realize they are now the AFL-CIO. Their goal was to destroy America by destroying free enterprise. (Businesses) Now, look what uion thugs have done to American industry!

  76. nichols33, I agree with that, do you think we could add a few more to that list starting with Obama and his cabnet.

  77. One must remember that Liberals speak the “TRUTH” and say what is Correct and must be done for “Fairness” to the Sheeple. We, those of us who think Liberals haven’t a clue, are all “RICH RACIST” regardless of ethnic background or income. Don’t you know that everything we say or think is Code for racist statement; even “What’s for dinner”. We all deserve to be killed or imprisoned.
    OH? When that happens to us, where are they going to get their , MONEY, FOOD, Anything else we bring into being? Haven’t thought about that have they?

  78. i believe those chicago teachers just recently went on strike, shut down the schools, and as a result they are paid some of the highest salaries in the country, some of the most elaborate benefits package, and guess what…..they csnnot be fired…they may be transferred, relocate or whatever..but no matter what they do they cannot be fired….and just a foot note…the chicago school system has some of the lowest test scores in the country, with some of the highest dropout and teen pregnancy rates in the country.

  79. What this communist over grown whale is preaching is violence, be head all rich people take away everything they have and give it to public unions and government This happened
    in USSR 1911 to1919 Bolsheviks massacre every Russian that was rich, had a farm, grocery store, push cart ,selling milk eggs bread on streets, Factory s small big this people
    were massacre by the million in name shear the wealth every body is equal ! what happened in eastern Europa communist done the same thing confiscated all wealth rich people got executed and some landed in labor camps for live Don’t think for minute if Obama haze a chance theta he wont due same , that’s why this wheals { male females}
    preaching hatred against rich, wealth ti job creators, Tax the rich distribute the wealth
    America hang on to you guns Obama is coming !God Bless Yous All

  80. It is really getting repulsive with this fraud squatting in our white house, the soros media propaganda, and the liberal idiots trying to destroy our once great country….We the People still under our 2d amendment right have ample reason to defend ourselves against this tyrannical group of thugs ruining our freedom, economy, and country.. Time to organzie before the muslim queen and the ding bad biteme biden whack out another exec. order to take away our guns…..yuck to you idiots that re elected the terrible two

  81. this article is total b.s. the quote provided doesn’t suggest the union president supports murder, just that previous generations had a more extreme view of the social classes. the writer makes wild judgements, claims that are unsubstantiated or false. the rich are destorying america and people commenting here somehow thing its the unions fault. give me a break.

    1. the welfare moochers are destroying America. G ood thing there are some rich folks to pay your salary, assuming you work, which you probably don’t. you are on the wrong blog. you need to go to your pal al gore’s old attempt at a tv station. I’m sure al’jazzerra would love to hear what you say. how stupid, “the rich are destroying america”. who do you think paid to build it dumbass?

  82. I just love these arrogant people who are pocketing money left right and center who talk about “The Rich” as if they were criminals. The real criminals are these union leaders and she sure looks like she eats well, probably enough for 3 people. A pox on their houses, oink! oink!

  83. Sounds like another reason to keep and fight for our guns, don’t you agree? From the Atheist, Christian Haters, Radical Muslims, Opposition Democrats, Unions, Union Leaders, Thugs, Muggers, and Murderers, it’s just a wonderful place to living in this day and time. PSLAMS 23:4; Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of DEATH, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me — read on !!!

  84. Must be a Democrat !!!! They think they are the only ones in this world we live in, or at least the only ones who really matter . Masters verses Slaves !!!!

  85. power corrupts and destroys , unions were started to represent the workers a GOOD thing but with new power they took controle of companies and the pay offs started , the country and unions need realignment not replacement bob

  86. Always be suspicious of anyone who tries to get you to do something you know is wrong by telling you the other guy is doing that already, or is going to do it, or is thinking about doing it, or that someone similar somewhere sometime did it…

  87. As a member of this union (I’m only a member so I have a right to vote, because they steal my money whether I’m a member or not) where Lewis is the President, I know how much silly ranting she can do. She looks like a chicken with her head cut off on Youtube talking about Emanuel. But Chicago is a totally corrupt city. No one will speak up about the evil that goes on here, because of fear. I have spoken up about about voter fraud only to be threatened by some, and the news said: “Yes, we are aware of the supression of voting going on in Chicago.” What a joke.

  88. Sorry but, in my humble opinion, it appears that Karen, by her physical dimension, is enjoying a “great life”, at the expense, of helpless teachers, “forced” to pay into her Union… The likes of her are the ones that keep the Obamas in the White House…
    Keep talking BIG, Karen… you look real good!
    And to think she represents what is wrong with some of the most aggresive and radical “teacher’s Unions”, throughout our school system” ie greed!

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