Christmas Under Attack, but Pelosi Laments Lack of Kwanzaa

The “nones” are still at it, waging their annual war on Christmas.

This time, a group called American Atheists has bought a billboard in Times Square that shows a picture of Santa Claus and a picture of the crucified Christ, with the caption “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!”

The word “merry” is below Santa, while the word “myth” is below Jesus.

If anyone dared put up a billboard of Mohamed with the word “myth” under his picture, there would be blood in the streets and denunciations from the White House and Congress. Yet when it’s Christianity being attacked, the hate crime goes unnoticed, even encouraged by the media. (For further information, watch Bill Maher or Jon Stewart.)

Speaking of Congress, the Wicked Witch of the West Coast, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was chastising the GOP Wednesday for its lack of concern for the holidays, including in her view Kwanzaa:

“Is there not an appreciation for the Jewish holidays? The Christmas holiday? Kwanzaa? All the other things that families come together around? Bonding rituals important to the strength of our society? Do we not care about that? Well, the American people do. And they want to shop for it.”

(In the interest of fairness, she was trying to make a point about people struggling in the current economy, which is true, though I think if she were an honest person she would realize that most of the country’s economic problems are traceable to policies she and her allies have promoted in her congressional tenure.)

Kwanzaa, for those unfamiliar with it, is not a holy day in any religion, nor has it been declared a holiday by any government, though it has received presidential proclamations recognizing it.

It was invented out of whole cloth in 1966 by a college professor, Maulana Karenga, a black socialist who hated whites and European-American culture. Karenga said he created the festival to “give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society.”

Though he eventually tried to mollify Christians to lure them into celebrating the “communitarian” festival, Karenga originally admitted Kwanzaa was meant to replace Christmas, called Christianity a white man’s religion unfit for blacks, and he called Jesus psychotic.

In 1977, a young Al Sharpton said Kwanzaa was intended to do the work of “de-whitizing” Christmas.

It’s beyond naive that Pelosi would call a divisive anti-Christian, pro-Marxist festival a “bonding ritual” that strengthens “our society.” But that’s the liberal mentality. Anything that tears down America and its former values is warm and fuzzy.

The fact that a joke like Kwanzaa gets lumped in with Christmas and Hanukkah just shows the complete vacuity of the modern liberal mentality.

So Pelosi is correct about my lack of appreciation for Kwanzaa. I also don’t appreciate Festivus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or any other gag created for the purpose of sticking it to “evil white Christians.”

These types of annual insults are why 47 percent of Americans in a recent Public Policy Polling survey said they believe there is a war on Christmas, even though the mainstream media, once again, sleeps through a major trend.

The crass commercialism surrounding Christmas is bad enough. If our so-called leaders want to worship at the empty altar of Karl Marx, let them do it on their own time.

143 thoughts on “Christmas Under Attack, but Pelosi Laments Lack of Kwanzaa

  1. Pelosi and Kwanzaa have a lot in common. anti-genteel society, and constructed out of somene’s overactive imagination. Both are phoney as a Thre Dollar Bill……. we’d see a lot more social unity if both were purged from our midst and replaced with something of substance.

  2. This article is as pointless as Pelosi’s appointment to Congress. So what if there is a war on (the idea of) Christianity. Unlike the real wars that were fought about religion, this is moot. If people want to celebrate Kwanzaa, so be it. It doesn’t help nor hurt me.

    1. But she MUST take the dummicrat donkey in the WH with her. I’ll buy both of them a one way ticket as a CHRISTMAS GIFT!! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    2. In Kenya, they have no idea of what Kwanzaa is all about. They’d laugh themselves silly.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    3. They don’t celebrate Kwanzaa anywhere in Africa!! It’s a BIack American fabrication.
      And believe it or not, Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated anywhere in Mexico, it’s an American fabrication!

    1. Kwanzaa is a conjured black version of Christmas. Pelosi is so dumb to believe Kwanzaa is some ancient African holiday. There is a nice place in Hell waiting for Pelosi.

        1. Good point Manuel. What to do with that awful woman? Send her into outer space destined to a planet occupied by Apes.

    2. What a dumb broad and to think she’s only smart enough to be controlling in a disgusting, harmful way to all Americans. It’s all about her, period.
      Plus all the goodies she sneaked into bills to help her husband’s company and those other family members who’ve gained our money from her us.

    3. Parsing Pelosi’s words: “Is there not an appreciation for … Kwanzaa? All the … things that families come together around? Bonding rituals ….. And they want to shop for it.”

      Someone needs to ask Pelosi how and why spending money one may not have “SHOPPING” is a “bonding ritual” for families – and just what does one buy to “celebrate” Kwanzaa? A hoodie, sneakers and droopy pants? Is the Kwanzaa dinner pork rinds with watermelon for dessert? Inquiring minds want to know, dear Nancy!

    4. Senile implies there was a some form of intelagence to start with. In the case of Pelosi, there has always been a total vaccume where humans have brain matter.

  3. My wife worked at a nursing home and they were mandated to celebrate Kwanzaa a few years back. The truly funny thing was that the majority of the blacks had no idea what Kwanzaa was

    1. 7/Niggers have NO CLUE about anything which is why they voted for INSANE HUSSEIN in 2008 and 2012.

      Oh, yes I forgot, free cell phones; food stamps, welfare, and Medicaid!

      1. greyhound44 you have reduced yourself to the lowest common denominator by using derogatoy ethnic slurs toward people of different color. Now if you are referring to the NAACP that translates Niggers Aint Always Colored People, then you could be correct. Otherwise you might as well as be an ethnic slurring democrat.

        1. Only those with IQs in single digits.

          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Christmas Under Attack, but Pelosi Laments Lack of Kwanzaa

      2. With this whole web page full of comments by “good Christians,” not a single person has stood up to say one word against these and other blatantly racist comments. Amazing. Only the godless, faithless, non-believer has the moral integrity to stand up and say it is wrong.

      3. I’m all for free speech, but that’s a particularly nasty word you used there, even if low-class blacks use it among themselves. Even if you’re not a Christian, you need to mind your manners.

  4. “Christmas Under Attack”

    More stereotyping of Muslims, more offense at not being the only holiday in town.

    Just a bunch of privileged white people complaining about things changing. What sensitive babies.

    1. For your information Baby, I am not a privileged white person, I worked hard all my life and have what little I have without taking from others. And I am a christian-let me repeat that, christian-and I know that I am beyond a shadow of a doubt!
      Moreover, christianity is being attacked, islam is being held high by our government and it is going to get worse for christians. Now, you can go back to sleep and wake up when it’s quitting time. *Try not to let your boss find you asleep, you need a job and need to pay taxes for the entitlement people who won’t earn their own keep.

    1. And abortion, including retroactive abortion. (Wasn’t her mother a feminist? Why did she not act on her principles?)

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  5. For unto you this day, in the city of David, a Savior is born, Who is CHRIST THE LORD..

    i just don’t see Kwanzaa mentioned anywhere in the Word of God (the bible) nor Islam for that matter. Nor Budda, and etc. All manmade, false religions. The Pelosi’s of the world are many. Christmas makes us think of Jesus and ultimately Lord, And man, we can’t have that because we then may have to make a choice, whether or not to actually believe in HIM. Which of course would be the best and most important choice one could ever make…………….
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

        1. JD you are confused, overloaded with political campaigns. The Mormons claim their underwear is Magic. The Holy Bible is Miraculous.

        2. “Miracles” are a form of magic. You are confused. You (like members of all religions) think your magic is special and shouldn’t be called that. It’s not. It is all equally supernatural, magical nonsense.

    1. Christmas comes from the blending of Christianity with Paganism,which in Our Bibles is called Syncretism. GOD Forbids Syncretism ! But does demand that all of us follow in Jesus footsteps and attend God’s Annual Festivals forever,the same as he did. Also to keep his True Sabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) forever,not Sunday,that the Sun God Baal is named after.All the of days of the week are named after gods,like Thursday is named after Thor,only Saturday is named after the Sabbath ,and Nobody had,or has the right to change that,Nobody. For what the bible says by every word of God and our Bibles go to click on sermon’s and click on any sermon and learn for yourselves.

      1. Saturday is named after Saturn, god of the harvest, Tod.
        We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Dec. 25th.
        Originally, it was put there to attract pagans away from their solstice celebrations.
        Now, it has become synonymous with the birth of Christ.
        It’s been that way for centuries.
        Leave it alone.
        Pick another day, or use Dec 25th for festivaanza, or whatever you want..
        Christians don’t care.
        Just let THEM celebrate the birth of Jesus in peace.
        Stop forcing the State established religion, Atheism, down everyones throat

  6. Just be sure to publicize Bill Maher’s and Jon Stewart’s Death Notices, and all self-proclaimed Atheist’s deaths and expose if they chose any final services, religious or not. Has any member of the Atheist Club not had some burial service? Actually there is no reason for them to have any kind of service or burial because they deny life after death… they are kaput, dun’fer, why bury their bodies? Wait a minute, can’t say “their” bodies because there ain’t no more “their” there, according to Atheists. “They” ain’t comin’ back to “claim” “their” restored bodies, now are they. Well, they will, and will be awfully sorry and embarrassed they were so mean to themselves and humanity… and stupid.

    1. Wow, that’s quite a lot of misunderstanding for one comment. You’re actually claiming that there is no reason to have funeral services or bury people if they don’t believe in (your) God?

      1. Lifeless bodies are not people any more than a fetus in a female womb is a “people.” The used, lifeless bodies are called corpses. The fetus is just tissue inside the womb or outside if aborted, isn’t it? Why take up space on our land for lifeless bodies that are of no more use now or in future, any more than we value aborted tissue. Burn it all if the person was an atheist and since the living people have no thought to respect the tissue of aborted BABIES. Yeah, Jim, it all comes down to the wire. No ground space for corpses that will not be used in the future. No need for funeral expenses or flowers or viewing the corpse. If the living want to remember the person, show photographs. There is no misunderstanding. Believe or don’t, live and die according to your choice.

        1. Of course, most everyone realizes that funerals are for the living to grieve. But that’s not the weird part of your comment. You believe that the faithful will literally come back and inhabit their physical bodies that were buried? Their corpses will be reanimated from the grave? That’s messed up.

        2. Tell us, what do you say of Jesus? Christians believe he was born of the Virgin Mary, was chased around to be killed by many, starting with Herod, who ordered all babies under a certain age to be killed when he was told about Christ’s birth. Satan sure didn’t want Jesus to interrupt his work with HIS chosen people. God went right into the heart of the battle as Jesus to save any Jew who wanted to be saved. God told them how He would gather them as a hen does her chicks under her wings to protect them, but Ye Would Not, Ye Would Not. Ask yourself this, why did he enter as a Jew? What was he wanting to save them FROM? Satan wants souls because he cannot create anything. There is only 1 creator. God. Yes, David, LITERALLY, PHYSICALLY we will re-claim our bodies, uniting spirit soul and body. It’s called ETERNITY. Life here ends because of Eve. She complied with that good looking slick talking guy in the garden who told her she could know everything like God if she ate the fruit of the forbidden tree and would not die if she ate it which is what God had warned her. Lucifer, the once Bright and morning Star, who lost his job in Heaven and was really angry, damaged every seed Eve had, every human born today is dinged by his action whatever it was. For instance, research has proven that we use only a portion of our brains… which is the only organ that we do not completely use. God created us as complete, with FREEDOM to choose to love or not love Him. God gave us Death as a result of Eve’s disobedience and bringing Adam into disobedience. Like she told him Smoke this, Adam, you’ll feel really good and will know everything like God does. Too bad Adam hadn’t been with her in the garden when Satan arrived. Was he off golfing with the gorillas? God was good to us in bringing death to us. Can you imagine if people we have seen as pure evil never died? I’m sure you can think of a few. Death is a blessing in many ways. God made ways to SAVE us from Lucifer who became Satan, (transformer) and God protected 1 seed in Eve “for his purposes” which continued through generations to Mary and by her permission, gave us Jesus. Research just recently announced that cells of a child are permanently contained in the brain of the mother. There must be some really important reason for that, as people are identified by thumbprints that no two are alike. Give yourself some free time, get a cup of coffee and sit and read the Holy Bible alone, and ask God to guide you. It’s AMAZING, full of truth, history, guidance, prophecy, and about God and us… from start to finish. Hopefully you’ll start to see all the zillions of cemeteries around the world are there for a reason. Cemeteries are “Waiting Rooms.”

        3. …and all that seems perfectly rational to you. I’m willing to bet that all of that seems reasonable to you, but you are highly suspicious of things like biology, physics, and climate science.

  7. Pelosi just has to have something to say and more times than not it is of little importance. One would think she’d mention the deficit, budget, fiscal cliff or a jillion other things that are really important but both she and Reid bring up insignificant things that are usually of little consequence to the vast majority of citizens.

      1. Ah, then you are not in the vast majority of americans and apparently it does have some meaning for you.Why should she mention it at all?

        1. Why shouldn’t she stay on subjects of national importance? That my friend is why she is there. That’s why they are all there, to represent the american people and this country.

        2. But that was my original point. She is not up there editorializing on the meaning of Kwanzaa – she only said the word. You guys are the ones making it an important issue. Whey aren’t YOU addressing subjects of national importance?

        3. Because she is a politician. She is trying to be inclusive of everyone. She may feel Kwanzaa is a bunch of hooey herself, but she was making a comment about ALL citizens during a holiday season.

          She was saying – let’s figure this thing out NOW and not wait until the last minute – after the holidays. Americans want to enjoy their celebrations, not be so concerned about the fiscal cliff that they hang on to their money during the holiday season. “The American people are waiting for us to get the job done here, not to make a myriad of excuses about why stuff hasn’t been done.”

          “This matters, what happens here. It matters that we get a job done. It is relevant to the lives of the American people. As we gather here we – a country of great family tradition, of family values, of commitment to faith, faith in ourselves, our families, our God, our country – are away from home while people are lighting a menorah candle, a Hanukkah candle, while people are trimming trees and the rest of that.”

          Pelosi was not endorsing anything. She was scolding the GOP for purposely delaying any negotiations until after Christmas.

  8. The altar of Karl Marx is not “empty”. It’s filled with the offerings (if that’s the right word for “plunder”) taxpayers have been forced to make to the god of the state in the temples of prytaneolatry (schools, courthouses, capitol buildings, and city centers). It’s priests, the bureaucrats, and its prophets, the politicians, have long since converted us into more-or-less willing acolytes.

    Neither I nor my family will bow the knee to this false god. I would rather die in the fiery furnace than pray to the idol of Nebuchadnezzar.

    Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    1. Jobs? …and he says H*LL No! Just read his bounce, his bobble head, his burning glare. Nice guy? A person must be a Useful Idiot to buy that angry monkey teeth baring warning and think it is a smile.

    2. Wow, that’s a new word for me!! Prytaneolatry defined: a religion of death It is the faith of the damned. And it fits perfectly where you used it.

      1. You flatter me, sir.

        Yes, in a moment of poetic inspiration, I did say, “Prytaneolatry is a religion of death It is the faith of the damned. It will bring the prophesied destruction down upon our heads, and it will crush our children.” See

        The actual definition is the worship (~latry) of government (prytaneum). “The Prytaneum was regarded as the political center of the community and was thus the nucleus of all government, and the official ‘home’ of the whole people.” See

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  9. she is a prime example of power going to one’s head; except she has no brains and continues to utter the ridiculous. She should be forced to resign or forcibly kicked out of office. She is one of many corrupt politicians.

  10. so, let’s put one up with Santa and Mohammed…what’s fai is fair…they will continue to trample our rights as long as we sit here and complain which is what got us into this mess to start with. Let’s DO Something for God’s Sake!!! Take up a collection to afford a billboard of our own and do the “Tit for Tat”, there would be NOTHING they could do about it without showing their racist colors.

  11. I just always wonder even as a native Californian who in the world would elect this b*****? Merry Christmas to all of you who believe!

  12. Kawanzaa is a phony, made up, pile of garbage. Made up by a black convict, to convince all african american Christians to quit celebrating Christmas. Why? For the pure racist reason that “Christ” was not a black man. Therefore he shouldnot be recognized or worshiped by blacks. This is pure, ideological racisim. It is advocating the exact opposite of what most blacks, (including the N.A.A.C.P.) claim they want “civil rights” for. To eliminate barriers of race in our society, not encourage them! One cannot claim they want one thing, then, pursue the exact opposite goals. Not unless they were lying about what their true goals really were from the beginning! With “seperate but equal” events, organizations, groups, and holidays, they are advancing the cause of “seperation of races” while at the same time, demanding that there be no “seperation of races”. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

  13. Pelosi and her ignorance, hateful, right trampling policies, her hate filled initiatives can celebrate kwanzaa all they want, don’t do it on the tax payers dime this country was built on Christian beliefs and if they don’t like it they can go rule in another country rather than change ours.

  14. Truley amazing the left wants to destroy a real holiday that celebrate the birth of Christ and
    whines over a BS holiday they created to make a “Special” group of people feel good about
    where they supposedly came from. How much Botox did she drink this time?

  15. Pelosi needs to be taken away in a strightjacket and confined to a rubber room until she can be tested in a competency hearing. She does not deserve to be in congress, not even one as dysfunctional as this as she is a cause, not a symptom! Kwanzaa is a clone of Chrsitmans, bastardized to be more ethnic in nature, not a long term celebration.Pelosi is preposterous!

  16. Just a spoiled old bitty that is mad at everyone that doesn’t give her any praise. Definitly one that needs to be removed from congress. This is why I would enjoy the if the proof Obama’s inelegability were true. She knows if he realy is or not. I would love to see her put in prison for being part of the coverup.

  17. Pelosi is senile and should be insttutionalized bothe for her own protection and so she can’t cause further harm to the American people.

  18. Gather ‘roun’ little chillins’, and I is gonna tell you de made up story of total BS to compete wit de White Man’s religion.
    And the thing is, they have an entire political party made up of these folks!!!!

    1. Your racism should be making people shudder. I realize it doesn’t though. That’s part of the reason you guys are marginalized as stupid rednecks by the rest of society.

  19. Yo Nancy, I got something warm and fuzzy for you to embrace. I have a suggestion for you, STOP calling yourself a Catholic or even a Christian. You are an insult and embarrassment to Christianity and Catholicism. and just encase it has not registered with you, with all due respect (NOT), you are as dumb as a box of rocks, and you are the biggest rock in the box.

      1. When someone supports everything that goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ, (abortion, homosexuality, etc.,) they are not a Christian or Catholic. You can call yourself a Christian and/or Catholic, but if you sit in a garage on Saturday or Sunday, that does not make you a car.

        1. The Old Testament in the Ten Commandments condemns murder,abortion is murder. The old Testament even condemns homosexuality, even going so far as to say that such acts are an abomination in God’s eyes. The New Testament also condemns homosexuality. And to those of you who claim that Jesus’ death on Cross did away with the Old Law, you are sadly mistaken because Jesus said; “I did not come to change the Law, not one dot, dash or tittle of the Law.”

        2. Funny, I don’t remember a single quote from the OT attributed to Jesus…mostly because there aren’t any.

          And don’t pretend you follow all the OT teachings. If you did you would have sacrificed a goat this week and smeared the blood all over your clothes and your front door. Did you do that, or do you choose to interpret the Bible to suit your preferences?

  20. Hey pelosi,
    Kwaanza is a made up holiday! It was made up in the 60’s by Maulana Karenga who is also a convicted felon, and a racist cult leader!
    He was convicted of false imprisonment and the torture of a woman! Fine example, hey pelosi?

  21. People need to realize that despite the atheists’ frantic campaign, Christ WAS born on this Earth, he WAS crucified and told the people that he was dying for their sins. None of that is a myth. However one feels about religion, if we can celebrate the life and observe the passing of Presidents, civil rights people etc. then why should we not do so for Jesus Christ? Where is the ‘myth’?

  22. Kwanzaa does not have a historical beginning,instead it came to be by some blacks to come up with another holiday.Show me a REAL reason for it then we can talk about it.Personally I cannot see why there is any question on the Christmas celebrations.The first thing that you will find is that the muslims and the non believers will be happy to take it as a paid holiday but complain about it..NEWS FLASH,only muslims and non believers will be requires to work on Christmas and at regular pay since it is not a recognized holiday by them that don’t believe.No holiday pay for you and when it comes to muslim holidays if your employer is muslim then you get paid for the holiday
    At the same time I say that if non muslims are working for muslim companies,which I doubt would happen,the Christians should not get holiday pay for muslim holidays.

  23. Let’s cut to the chase : Line up the Left on one side and the Right on the other side and let’s have at it! This TYRANNY is getting out of hand! F the talk as we can not win that one but we would kick ass in the real one and that is what it is coming down to. Quit letting these communists bullying us into submission! They evidently want a fight and I’m more than in an obliging mood! I already know who and what these despots are!

  24. No one gives a poop what pelosi says. Her skin is so taught she can’t blink. What the hell do these rich old broads (like 75 year old pelosi and 79 year old feinstein) stay in congress for. The stuff they remember doesn’t even apply any more. Let’s abort all liberals that believe in abortion. That would take care of the problem right there…God, is this a great country or what!

  25. I have no problem with Nancy and her friends choosing to go to hell for their non christian values. I just they would hurry and do so and leave the rest of us alone. This woman should be walking around pushing a shopping cart on a street somewhere.

  26. JD, I do not attend church often. I would, however, think an indiviual who follows the teaching of Christ would be a much better neighbor than an individual who believes only in himself (or herself) or believes life is ONLY about self gratification. So, I can offer you a non Christian response “..!..”.

  27. These dems are so dumb …I’ll bet Pelosi doesn’t even know the story surrounding kwanzaa. ..and probably thinks the Manger is the housing Christ was born in.

  28. Kwanza is a copy of Hanuka rather than Christmas. They light a Menorah every night for eight days. It is just fine if it works for them.

  29. Pelosi is a psuedo-Catholic that serves Satan better than Jesus Christ. Her brain has been infected with stupidity and hate. She can’t say anything that makes sense any more. She’s been lost for a long time. It’s just now showing.

  30. Nancy sounds like a very love deprived person. Hey baby, botox doesn’t cut it. You would be far better off if you were more upfront with your hubby and not so domineering!

  31. This WICKED WITCH is trying to grab attention again. She is a DISGRACE to the CATHOLIC CHURCH. The POPE was right not to have a PHOTO OP with her.

  32. This is just another attempt by our illustrious government to keep a racial divide amongst the people. It’s about as racial as asking your race on a job application. It doesn’t matter if you were born here or immigrated here you are an American. When you immigrate here you are supposed be coming here because you believe in America and American culture. That is not to say be disrespectful or forget about your culture, but please do not disrespect ours. How our “leaders” can allow this kind of attack on our beliefs go unquestioned is beyond understanding. I’m not a greatly bold person but it is time to confront the main cause of all our problems which is the powers that be from the top down. I’ve considered my self of requesting an audience with congress but do not know how to go about doing it. I love this country and I’m tired of how these politicians are trampling over our Constitution and the American people. If you remember anything about this reply please remember we are not White-Americans, we are not African-Americans , we are not Asian-Americans, and we are not Spanish-Americans we are all Americans and that is what makes a strong America.

  33. Can’t understand why does anyone, pay any attention, to the Witch from California…
    The woman is senile, and one day, her eyes are going to pup-right-out of her butox filled face… Trust the event will happen in front of TV cameras and the News Media…

  34. Kwanzaa it is celebrated between December 26 and January 1 to honor African heritage. (Day 1: Unity. Day 2: Self-determination. Day 3: Collective work and responsibility. Day
    4: Cooperative economics. Day 5: Purpose. Day 6: Creativity. Day 7: Faith.) It was a combination of Africa’s harvest celebrations for African-Americans. Nancy, it does not take
    the place of Christmas and it is for African-Americans to remember their heritage—it is not an official holiday Nancy.

  35. She’s one to talk. Perhaps she should be more concerned about the religion she claims to be
    a member of (Catholicism,) because she’s a terrible role model for Catholics. In fact, the Catholic Church has actually banned her from all communion activities due to her pro-abortion stance. She has a hell of a nerve criticizing other people of faith.

  36. I’m getting real tired of this crap.I’m a Christian and not asshamed to admit it. I feel the Christians in this country are lying about there religious beliefs because they wont stand up against the way we are being treated. I’m tired of the ACLU telling me to be politacaly correct where I cant say the ‘N’ word or ‘ queer’ ! Muslems and mexican have more rights than me . I’m tired of all this . They dont have to be politacly correct but I do . Thats BULL SH?/!5 T CRAP I’M TIREDTIRED OF THIS . QUEERS START YOUR OWN RELIGION mabee the Muslems will take you don’t rewrite the HOLEY BIBLE that won’t get you into Heaven . Marrage is a Christian thing !. Muslems you can believe in your religion no problem I don’t have to dont try to force me ! ATHEIST No one tells you you have to believe in my God as far as i’m concerned you can all go to hell right now . If you don’t like Christmas dont change the name start your own holliday December 25 is taken start your own leave mine alone on a defferent day ! i’m 60 years old I’ve worked all my life for what I’ve got . the only one I owe is GOD . I don’t owe Muslems ,WETBACKS ILLEAGLES ,Atheist ,Queers any thing ! If you want my respect then respect my beliefs if not leave me alone because I’ll fight for my God , family property , and , my country they may not print this message because they’re affraid of hurting some ones feelings . I don’t care any more .They dont care about mine.

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