Fascist City Arrests Two Moms for Opposing ‘Smart Meters’ in Homes

Two Naperville, Illinois, mothers found out what happens to Americans who think they can determine for themselves what is in their best interests.

Malia “Kim” Bendis and Jennifer Stahl were arrested when the city sent around armed police officers to escort power company technicians to install “smart meters” on private homes where owners had previously refused to allow the devices.

Both Stahl and Bendis are leaders of a group called Naperville Smart Meter Awareness which opposes the smart meters for, as the Chicago Tribune put it, “health, security and privacy” concerns. The group is suing the city over the installations which have already occurred in over 57,000 homes.

The city says the wireless meters will make electricity more reliable, more efficient and cheaper. Its installation project is 99 percent complete, according to city officials, except for a few holdouts like Stahl and Bendis.

Smart meters have been installed in homes across the nation under the same pretexts. The truth about smart meters is less innocent than government at all levels has let on. The devices were conceived and designed as part of the broader environmental program that has been adopted under Agenda 21.

There are several health concerns about the wireless meters, including exposure to radiation and electromagnetic fields. Some people are apparently sensitive enough that they can hear a high-pitched buzz or hum from the meters. Health problems that have been documented after installation of the meters have included headaches, insomnia, increased irritability, inability to concentrate, memory problems, dizziness, fatigue, vision problems, nose bleeds, nausea, heart arrhythmia and a whole list of other ailments that some doctors have linked to interference with the human body’s nervous system.

As bad as all that is, however, the most urgent reason to oppose smart meters is because they are fascism in a box. The touted efficiency and reliability increases of the meters arise because the meters patch a home into a computerized network that allows faceless technocrats at some faraway power facility to determine if you are using too much electricity and control the utilities and even appliances in your home. With smart meters, the utility company can turn down or cut off the flow of electricity to your house, adjust your thermostat without your knowledge and monitor your usage in real time. If you have modern computerized appliances, they can control your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, even your coffeemaker.

Stahl said utility workers ignored a posted sign refusing to allow a smart meter, cut a lock on her gate and forced entry into her backyard. When she stood in front of her meter and refused to move, the police stepped in and arrested her. Bendis declined to speak to reporters on advice of her attorney.

“It was forced on my house today,” Stahl said. “It was really a violation. I violated something, but I’ve been violated too, so I guess we’re now in a society of violating one another.”

She said her group represents other homeowners who were not allowed to refuse the smart meter installation.

The city offers a wired version of the meters but forces recipients to pay a $70 fee for installation and an additional $25 per month.

City Manager Doug Krieger defended the arrests, saying that police were simply protecting utility workers at homes where owners had resisted previous attempts at installation. He said, “The city has always had and maintains the right to access our equipment, and today we were simply exercising that right.”

Protecting Americans’ rights, on the other hand, apparently isn’t in the plan.

455 thoughts on “Fascist City Arrests Two Moms for Opposing ‘Smart Meters’ in Homes

      1. Yes it is … my sister-in-law’s husband is completely off-grid – in Texas. And you don’t need a windmill to use solar-power.

        1. daughter in CA. pays .25 a month for elec,bill! the people who had owned the house put in a solar system and she is reaping the benefits! LOL!

        2. Early last year, I found out that the late Larry Hagman’s former home in California was completely off-grid as well – including his water sprinkler system for his gardens and hot water for the home. Estate was for sale for about $6.4M … not sure how much he got for it (or if he was able to sell it) before he passed away.

        3. from what gathered the system wasnt cheap. they gave 500k for a ten year old house valued at 1.4m with four acres not far from monterey. the trick is to find one ready to use to negate the install costs.

        4. No, they’re not “cheap,” which means they don’t fall apart if they’re built right & work properly. As my husband always says, “You get what you pay for.” If you want cheap, you’ll pay next to nothing; if you want high-quality product, you’ll pay a little more.

    1. We checked out both!! Would have to cut down trees for solar, that had been in yard for 100 years. Didn’t wan’t that!! Wind had to have a big windmill in yard with a hum and a lot of batteries in garage..And had to still hook into electricity. That was about 20 years ago. Maybe things have changed other than our tree!! It is still here.

    2. I’d have to agree with Colleen. I’ve looked into wind/solar as investments before. Both technology are way underdeveloped, costly, inefficient.

      Illinois doesn’t get consistent sun. …and you can’t have the power or heat go off in a snow storm.

      Wind turbines takes space, expensive to install, noisy, and is highly dependent upon consistency of wind speed, direction, or even having wind. …typically not as easily implemented in heavily populated areas. and typical wind turbines are pretty good at killing bats and birds.

      1. Solar power has dropped in cost dramatically. I went solar three years ago and love it. I wish I had waited a bit though. To install the same system now would cost me half of what I paid.

        I sure wouldn’t stay in a state so politically corrupt as yours. I’d beat feet for a free state with sunshine.

    3. According to the Mayor’s office there, they would not permit the grid to be detached from the house and a smart meter would be attached anyway.

    4. That’s the sanist comment here. The workers have a legal right to be there. That is usually spelled out when you apply for service and/or have it brought into your home/office. If you don’t want it, no one forces you to get it, and as you mentioned, there are other alternatives. The police were only following the law. It appears the ladies weren’t, or decided to physically attack the workers or police.

      1. mjritter, the women didn’t want the NEW “smart” meters installed. They were happy and content with the old WIRED meters. They should have the right to say no to that. It was the city that pushed their agenda on them.

      2. “The police were only following the law.”

        The ultimate argument of statists everywhere. I don’t think that argument will carry much weight before the Great White Throne.

        1. The German soldiers in nazi Germany said the same

          thing. We were only following orders. Think it can’t

          happen again?

      3. You are probably legally required to have utilities. So please stop acting like you have a choice. Even if you select other choices I am pretty sure you are required to have utilities from the monopoly.

        1. What a load of crap. So you are saying that solar power with battery backup, power inverter system is illegal. Where did you come up with that? Join us here in reality.

      4. But a citizen also has the right to not be exposed to the

        extra RF constantly being emitted by these devices.
        And forcibly.

        1. grass, I am against these “smart meters” too, but the amount of RF being emitted is minimal, about the same as a cell fone, and unless you are within a couple of feet of the device 24/7 it’s not going to be a hazard.

        1. And every battery has a finite lifespan; one large enough for a house would also be very expensive. Just the ones they put in the electic cars cost as much as the average driver spends on gas in a year. And that doesn’t even take into account the added strain put on the power grid by charging those fancy car batteries as we haven’t built a new powerplant since the 70s

        2. The expected life for my battery bank is ten years.I use good old lead acid batteries in a 48 volt system. They run on float charge at all times with my system unless there is a grid disruption. If I chose not to stay grid tied I would add a few more for a total cost of about $4000.00. I choose to stay tied to the grid at the moment so I can use it for a free unlimited battery bank for back feeding. My system was designed to be just fine as an off grid, stand alone should the need ever arise.

        3. I think it depends on the number of panels you need. There is a website that sells you the plans for very little money and all the stuff you can buy at Lowes or Home depot.

        4. Not for me. Even though it’s not cheap, I bought the best components and hired the top people for the installation. I have 44 230 watt panels on my roof and I won’t play games with heavy fire power like that. You can search up plenty of nightmare home fires resulting from DIY solar projects.

    5. No where even close to possible in TX with the amount of A/C that runs in the summer. And if you are up north and think that one can get by on a window A/C unit, how about you live the winter with little or no heat.

    1. Not at all. The utilities have a legal right to be there. If the ladies don’t want the service, they are not forced to use it. Have them take their equipment and leave. Then they can provide it themselves.

      1. Apparently you did not read the article or your comprehension skills are lacking. She stood in front of the meter and told them she didn’t want the device hooked up. The utility company called the police on the home owner. What about that do you obviously not understand. You are just another kool-aid, libtard p o s.

        1. They call the power service company a “utility” because they won’t call it what it is, a “monopoly”. You have no choice in an alternative, or how to be billed, or what equipment they use to measure your usage. This is all in the fine print in the contract you have to sign to receive their services.
          How’s living in the Blue State working out for you ladies?

        2. I’m not sure exactly how you could accomplish that in an Illinois residental area because I’m from AZ. I’m gonna assume it requires solar panels or wind turbines, and even though I may be able to accomplish these requirements to divorce myself from the utilities, if I was renting my home, my landlord would have to approve these modifications. In Illinois, there might be many other types of impediments to “getting off the grid”. Weather being one of them. However I am eager to hear your response.

        3. You can also hook up a million hamsters to generator wheels and make your own power. That’s one way to “break” the monopoly. Living in a Blue State, we don’t have to worry about where the power comes from. It just sort of arrives magically, thanks to the wonder of building codes and ordinances.

        4. mjritter was saying Ms Stahl is not forced to use the product the utility company is selling, she is free to use wind, solar, whatever. Not that I agree with what is being done here, just saying many times you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        5. Whose meter?? Think again. The power provider owns it, the box it’s in and the wire leading to the meter. The homeowner only owns what is downstream. They have every right to access their equipment at any time, and if you don’t believe me read your contract.

        6. Well, getreal, the utility company may have the right to access their meter, but did you read the part that these new meters give utility companies access to devices in YOUR home, on YOUR side of the meter. Should the untility company have access in side your home? Would this give them access to your thermostat to turn your AC up or down? Or even to monitor the use of the devices you use. And unless you sign over rights to it, the homeowner purchases the box the meter is in, it is not theirs.

        7. You’re probably right. MJ is just another dumb-ass Liberal that thinks this fraud of a President is for the citizens of this country. Duh! That must be why he has used Executive Orders so he can bypass Congress. Elaine, you keep thinking the way you have been because the POTUS is exactly what we think he is and he doesn’t even deserve to be President. Barry Soetoro is nothing but a fraud born in Africa and is an Indonesian citizen not a U.S. citizen.

        8. Refuse the service. I did exactly that about 30 years ago. I dropped the utility wires, told them to come get their crap off my property, and ran a tractor run generator for a while. DCFS came to take my kids away They showed up during a power outage. I was the only house in the township that had power. They left stuttering. A couple of neighbors did the same thing. It was about crappy and undependable service. The utility decided to install underground service, and that took care of the problem.

        9. So, you are a consultant now?

          I mean, you haven’t run your home off some generator fueled by a tractor for 30 years…

          generators ain’t cheap, either.

        10. NO, generators are not cheap, and running that tractor for a month wasn’t cheap, either, although it was not that shockingly more expensive than on REA at the time. But I had the generator, just like all my neighbors did, and still do, because if you have a brood house, and a small greenhouse, and a few other things that absolutely require power, whether the power company is available or not, you have to be prepared to keep your animals and plants alive. Actually, that was not a lone act, nor was it unplanned. Probably 200 of us did the same the same thing the same day, about a week before the rate hearing, and we all showed up at the rate hearing. Rate hearings in Illinois are per-functionary affairs–the lawyers from the utility show up with about a 2 foot pile of documents to enter into evidence, and a few gadflies show up to protest. When you have a line of people waiting to get into the hearing, you know there are going to be fireworks. Our lawyers uncovered evidence that the power line system in our area had not been updated since WWII. The admitted outage record in our area was the worst in the state. The admitted outage record means that power has been out for more than 1 hour for more than 50% of the customers on the circuit. So if they can get 51% of the customers back up within an hour, it doesn’t count as an outage, and the rest of you can go pound sand. Long outages were, like a day or two, so common, we could conspire to do that, and wait until shortly before the hearing. The utility decided that the cheapest way to dependably get us off their backs was to go underground. Within 3 months, they had put a whole 6 square miles underground right up to your meter. Ended the problem.
          Emails and screaming is a waste of time. You have to get hold of their tit, and take a couple turns on it.

        11. Actually Mrs. Connelly YOU are the one that doesn’t understand the situation. These women can have a solar power system installed and then they can tell the power company to come get their crap and haul ass. These people voluntarily entered into a binding contract with the power company. If they don’t want to use their service , that is their right. The power company is under no obligation to provide service at the customers demands.

        12. I really don’t agree with you here.

          Solar is not the see all be all answer to our energy woes.

          Its expensive. And, places like Oregon (yes, where I live), well, its a good day when its sunny. Oh, look, the sun peeks thru the clouds now, for about 5 minutes. Yeah. That IS going to heat my home. Plus. (This is the really good news) The local environmental agency doesn’t allow burning (as in your fireplace or woodstove) on certain days. The air is stagnated. So. Its good to become acclimated to being cold, during the winter.

        13. I never said solar was the see all be all answer to your energy woes. Depending where you live in OR you could run this, http://www.microhydropower.com/ Or, you could move to a different location in Oregon which would allow you to become more self sustaining. YOU have to look at your situation and make some decisions.

          I also ran into this while surfing about alternative energy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgltxAQgMQs Nobody said it was going to be easy. I don’t know your variables; income, physical condition, age, but where you live might be the best spot for you.

        14. I have a better idea. Rather than abandoning the whole idea of having electricity in our homes because the system has been taken over by communists who want to use that control as leverage over our every move, why don’t we just kick them out and take back control of our own lives and get electricity from private companies that can deliver it cheaply and reliably without a lot of hassle? Abandoning the infrastructure to the barbarians is a very poor choice.

        15. Just to humor myself, I will look at these links this weekend.

          But. I have my piece of heaven, and I don’t want to move. Even without the water. OK, boyfriend. I have enough to deal with without H20. Yes I do. But thank you for your insight.

          And, think: Broke. Broke. No retiring here. And I am cool with that, because hard work doesn’t phase me. But, again. I pay for a service. That is all I want, is a service. Just like you know, you take your car for its maintenance, you wouldn’t want a “governor” put on your engine, right? So you couldn’t go faster than oh, 55, and that way you couldn’t waste fuel? How would you like that? Being monitored?

          Lastly, the people I know that have solar panels, have money, but by God, they sure had the tax breaks to get them installed…And they love broadcasting how environmentally friendly they are (all this at our expense, mind you), and support the faker in chief to boot.

        16. Actually, they own the meter and the wires attached to it. She also had the right to have the power turned off and could have used a generator to power her house.

          It works this way: You use power, the device sends the usage information to the power company, and then the power company bills you! You pay the bill (in U.S.A. money) and you get to have more power.

      2. a legal right to access for MAINTENANCE. Installing a gateway to a private home that can be accessed at any time is not maintenance. What is wrong with the old wired system>? It delkivered the desired electricity. as contracted by these two ladies. This IS tyranny.. forcing something risky and unwanted upon victims at gunpoint. Any bets this meter will be marked as a target for special treatment? Then there is the issue of the radio waves… and the “jury is still out” on that. Enough evidence exists to raise serious doubts about their safety. these women have no option n ow the utility company has forced themselves upon them. Diosconnect from the pwoer grid, the local :”health department” will condemn the homes and force their eviction. Even if they own them outrigth. Seems we’ve created a monster in government power, then turned him loose upon our own, Why are we surprised when the monster gets hungry and sends his goon patrols round to “collect”? The power folks want $70 to not install the Stupid Meter… which is insane, because there already IS a functional meter installed. And they want money to leave it there? Its all about control. Surrender at every turn. You WILL comply. Ve vill haff no eckseptshuns”. The courts WILLL side with the city. That’s why there are there. I’d change the venue to some other district where the judge doesn’t have lunch with the city councilmen. Talk about a conflict of interest….

        1. They have a reason for charging you more for the technology you want. They want to spy and control get it?

      3. It’s not about “providing power’ it’s about MONITORING and CONTROLLING the amount any given person or group USES, and spying, quite literally, on people, and the meters themselves DO pose a significant health hazard, so for mothers to say NO to having that close to their homes is rational and reasonable!

        1. That actually disappeared some while back; I believe about the same time as income tax and the Federal Reserve came into being, which would be a century ago this year. I know it’s gone; I’m just not certain of the timing off hand. Property “owners” can see that if they look at the very fine print on their land “titles”, in any case.

        2. I read somewhere that the Federal Reserve has a 100 year charter, due for renewal this year. This is a great chance to get rid of these parasites.

        3. Just a suggestion here, but don’t hold your breath. The regime in power here is being run by the SAME agency that encouraged the establishment of the foreign owned Federal Reserve bank here in the first place, and THAT agency is calling the shots. It was set up that way because they believed then that they’d have their NWO established by the turn of the millenium; but the US and the American people resisted more than they expected, and America’s birth has been the ONLY event of global proportions that they have NOT orchestrated since 1540. Their target goal now is 2018, which is the reason we’re seeing the almost desperate escalation of pushes to destroy our Constitution and culture as well.

        4. I won’t hold my breath, rest assured. But, who is they and what did they orchestrate back in 1540? Feel free to message me through my alias here on this site.

        1. Look, Deborah G, catman was replying to mjritter and rite is a correct spelling, as in rite of passage. And if you want to get really pissy about it, you should have inserted a comma after the word ‘it’ in your snarky reply.

      4. I don’t see how a company can install unwanted equipment on your premis and then turn around and charge you $ 1o5.oo a month when it does nothing for you and you don’t want it..

        1. You all need to actually read the Article. It does not say the extra money is for the same meter. It is for a wired version of the smart meter. No radio waves but still invasive and controling.

        2. I wonder if there is some way those radio waves could be blocked to mess with the electric co. Some type of metal shield?

        3. Well, if they are providing the service, and you are voluntarily in business with them,they can maintain it any way they want. And they have a legal right to go onto your property to modify/maintain it. Don’t like it? Buy a solar panel system and get battery backup and then they have no LEGAL right to be on your property. Be independent and as self sufficient as you can, THAT is the American way.

          Btw, the utility provider is a legal private enterprise and is in business to make money. Are you so naive to believe that they are doing this out of the goodness of their heart? If so, you have a rude awakening coming soon.

        1. It must be love because only a dumb-ass would believe Barry Soetoro is doing his best to save our country from bankruptcy. Our government has forgotten their job. That, normally, would include the President too but this guy is a Muslim plant. Congress has as many criminals in it as it does honest politicians. The citizens of this country are being robbed by it’s own government. Congress got us in this mess and now expect the people to bail ourselves out. The President is just trying to keep them in line. They got a raise in 2009 and now Barry wants them to have another one? Wake up people, you are getting screwed and not even having any of the fun.

      5. I agree the utilities were only acting like the government in the best interest of the collective. I think all individuals should be charged triple for not surrendering their privacy to anyone who has a legitimate need. Bless you COMRAD!

        1. WHAT! did you just say? “individuals should be charged triple for ‘not surrendering their privacy’ to ‘anyone’ ‘who’ has a ‘legitimate need.” what the hell country do you think this is? and what would that “need” be? I would love for you to enlighten me on this. The last time I checked “We the People” have and I quote the 4th amendment to the Constitution… “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Now that I have stated what is in “We the Peoples” constitution where in there does it give the “power companies” the “right” to do what they did to this women? I don’t give a hoot if they “own the equipment” We own our homes, not them. They can take there communistic crap off my home, if not, I will rip it off my property and throw it in the street!!! if they ever come to my home trying that crap; “I will shoot them!” PERIOD why don’t you get the hell out of my country and go back to where you came from? commie

      6. Hey, easy on mjritter, he’s a government drone. All this control stuff is his living, how he earns money. You think he likes being what he is? This is all there is for him. He just a worker drone in the hive spouting the same worker drone “M-M-Mum” as the rest of his unionized bees are.

        1. Actually, cathraymond and igotacomment his comment doesn’t strike me as one posted by a government drone. “If the ladies don’t want the service, they are not forced to use it. Have them take their equipment and leave. Then they can provide it themselves.” What he is saying is the truth.

          There is NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT for ANYBODY to buy their power from a large corporation. If these women are serious about not wanting their power usage monitored, they can have solar panels installed and with battery backup they can be off the grid completely. THEN, the power company has NO LEGAL REASON to be on their property. At that point these ladies can tell them to come get their smart meter and haul ass.

      7. But the whole point was that the ladies did not want their utilities monitored, and THAT is their right! It looks like they may have to live in av RV somewhere to avoid govt surveillance…

      8. You should read “Off the Grid” by Nick Rosen.
        It documents how the electric companies became a monopoly. Its why we are beholden to them now.

    2. Remember a guy in Germany named Hitler? This is one of the ways he and his SS took over Gremany. Wake up citizens before it’s too late. Our fearless Muslim communist President wants to be dictator, not President.

      1. I think neighborhood watch and assistance are in order. These gestapo police are supposed to protect everyone equally, and are supposed to answer to the people not the power companies. A visit to the local police to let them know just who pays their salaries may be in order.

        1. Get to know your neighbors that is a difference between us and the past. How many people on your block do you know. When the SHTF happens you will need help from a group why not your neighbors. That is a great starting point. get involved in local politics.

        2. What do you do when at least a third of your neighbors are Obama supporters and think socialism is a good thing? I swear that I have a libtard neighbor who hates me solely because I’m a conservative born in the south. She’d probably report me to the government just for that!

        3. The city pays their salaries. They work for the city! Not the people! Just in case you didn’t know, the city has also authorized the police to shoot you in an eye blink. The shooting policeman will then go on a paid vacation for a couple of weeks and then it will be a return to business as usual.

      2. obama has gone beyond wanting to be a dictator, all one has to do is look at the mandates he has established to know he is the muslim communist dictator you say he wants to be.

        1. We can make our own guns; there are videos online that show step-by-step how to convert a toy air-shot gun into a working semi-automatic, cheaply and easyily! It’s also easy to make our own ammo! There’s always a way!

        2. Compared to the Islamists, the communists have morals…Of course the communists have the morals of rabid weasels…Naturally a few who call themselves liberals or progressives attempt to distance themselves from Stalin and Pol Pot – but we all know by now what they are. What’s surprising is how these liberals, the educators, doctors, media, Hollyweirdos and government wannabe elitists have hitched a ride with the Islamists now in some insane attempt to be “relevant”? Crazy is as crazy does…

        3. I live in Naperville Illinois where the moms were arrested. Two Naperville police and two installers came to my door on Thursday morning, a day after the arrests, and escorted the installers to my backyard to force the installation of the meter. I even asked them to pull my meter/take me off the grid and they told me they couldn’t and they were putting on the wireless smart meter. I felt so helpless over the safety of my own family and home. I asked the two officers to make a police report of the events that just occured and they refused. All of us in Naperville need your help. Naperville Smart Meter Awareness currently has a federal lawsuit pending against the City of Naperville. This lawsuit is for constitutional protection and not for monetary gain. Could you please donate a little something to help stand up for all of our freedom. Any and all will help is much appreciated. Here is the link to support them. http://www.napervillesmartmeterawareness.org/donate/

        4. they have no authority to force you into buying a service from them. that would be like mcdonalds getting a police escort onto your property to force you into using their burgers instead of your own for a bbq. sue the pants off the fascist scum (police and power company both violated your rights) then use the money to spread awareness of this madness.

        5. Tad Cronn, What are you talking about fascist city? The whole state of Illinois is FASCIST and Anti-American! DIVERSITY, AFFIRMATIVE action sorry TAD CRONN but if your whitey your not included and your discriminated against in Illinois! Illinois is a fascist state.

        6. Not many people are aware today of the racist history of Illinois. For some time prior to the Civil War, many northern states had “black codes” which prevented any black person from entering into the State for more than 30 days. Could not marry, own property or make or endorse a contract. During the Civil War, it was illegal for any black person to enter into the State of Illinois. And Illinois was not the only State in the north doing this. Ah, yes, Illinois, Mr. Lincoln’s home political State and his city, Chicago; the State where Mr. Lincoln was tearfully buried and then praised for his efforts to bring freedom to slaves…

      3. I’m thinking it already is too late and we need to stop this. We ned to really get out and VOTE in the midterms to upset the balance. Grassroots starts at the local level.

        1. You need to vote to get rid of every single one of them that has been there more than a couple of terms………………….some of these folks have been there since they got out of college and are in their 70s and 80s and people keep sending them back. It is my guy, you guy and our guys. They have to go since they long ago forgot what they went there for, and also long ago exempted themselves from the laws they impose on us…………….that should not be happening!

        2. Perfect example of too much time in politics: Joe Biden has never held a job outside the political structure and is a very rich man today on our dime.

          He cut his teeth on college politics at the University of Delaware and was president of the student body. Has never accomplished anything of value is his entire life.

          (I’m a former Delawarean who transplanted years ago to a great and proud state. Like to guess which one?

        3. The situation we have is that the voters that work for a living are outnumbered by the freeloaders that vote for a living. The only thing they care about is voting for the ones that promise to keep those welfare checks and food stamps coming.

        4. “We ned to really get out and VOTE in the midterms to upset the balance.”

          With all the apathy in this country good luck with that. When over 50% of
          those eligible refuse to vote, what makes you think they will in 2014. They wouldn’t vote if their freedom depends on it. They proved that last November. APATHY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. NOT OBAMA!

        5. Well, if in the election there was vote tampering, who is to say there will not be vote tampering again. I don’t put it past ’em.

        6. Ha Ha ha ha. Vote huh. See how well voting worked for us in NOV. That avenue of recourse is gone. He who counts the votes controls the outcome, and we know exactly how that went. 2 years ago the conservatives took it to the liberals, that is why they knew they had to rig the election this time or we would kick them out. So they did and you see what happened, they won almost across the board. They had to allow us just a little light at the end of the tunnel or it would have been too obvious.

      4. This is exactly the way Hitler got started. In Germany, once he installed new electric meters, the German People elected him dictator-for-life for having freed them from a lifetime of inaccurate utility bills!

        If you don’t like the meters, just shut the power off, and attach your own generator. That way, you’ll never have to deal with the deadly RF radiation they all emit. Be sure to throw away your cell phone, microwave and WiFi, since they all emit RF radiation. Better yet, don’t use any power at all. It’ll keep you “off the grid” and away from notice.

        At night, while in the dark, wear a tinfoil had while hiding in your closet. Don’t hide under the bed, because that’s the first place Obama looks when he makes the rounds at night in his stolen Air Force One jet.

        1. What is it with you “tolerant” liberals. If we don’t fall in line with your emotional agenda you drag out the old tinfoil hat crap. Logic mean nothing to lockstep progressives, because if they don’t get their way, they’ll just insult you or talk louder. It appears that the feminist that they associate with have finally emasculated the men into similar screaming drama queens. RG, if you happen to be female, take a Midol, if you’re male you can now also take a Midol.

        2. We’re all talking about a power meter. A simple device the electric company uses to charge you for the electricity you use. The deal is simple: If you want power, you pay for it. Part of that deal is that the utility gets to install it’s own meter on your house. There’s no agenda; it’s called a business transaction.

          Now, instead of some creepy utility guy walking onto your lawn to read your meter, you get a little box that calls home with the reading every month. The power company gets to use that creepy guy to do other things, like fix and upgrade distribution transformers, cut tree limbs, and fix/install telephone poles. In the end, you get more value for what you pay out. (Of course, the utility can always pay out the savings to shareholder dividends. You’ll see no service improvement, but that’s Corporate America for you.)

          Now, please feel free to tell the power company to go pound sand, buy your own generator, and make your own power. Make sure it’s up 24/7/365. Feel free to add a second or third generator as redundant backups. Buy and store your own generator fuel.

        3. Here’s the deal moron, I already have a power meter on my home and have had one for 42 years, we’re not talking about a power meter, we’re talking about being FORCED to buy a power meter that monitors my private usage. You don’t have to waste that many words to explain what a lock stepped, brainwashed dolt you are, but I bet you’ll feel different when Barry has the cable company force you mommy to put a meter on your internet usage to monitor your game playing with your little friends.

        4. Are you that blind? Do you want your power cut off in the summer because you are using too much AC? Do you want your voltage dropped so your equipment is ruined?

        5. Given that it
          1. Erodes privacy and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures due to the expansion of the government’s ability to conduct wiretaps,

          2. Lets the government obtain National Security Letters and perform searches without notification.

          3. Detain material witnesses and terrorist suspects without access to lawyers, hearings or any formal charges.

          Wouldn’t you complain about, too?

        6. Did you complain about the NDAA? I’m not for the Patriot Act, but so many of you libs support whatever Obama does and then you blast republicans who do the exact same things. I’m a conservative with a bit of a libertarian bent, so I don’t think there’s really a dimes worth of difference between the two major parties. It’s time to be thinking about liberty vs. tyranny instead of left vs. right or republican vs. democrat.

      5. Mike, I’ve been saying the same thing since this Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler was implanted by the NWO-ists in 2008. Your too kind, most of the dying Republic is comprised of sheeple, not citizens! The REVOLUTION must start gearing up, fast! I’ll lead it! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

      6. Mike Tanco – we have Odipshit for another 4 (or 40 Years) thanks to the the massive voter fraud – oops! – I mean the 47%.

    3. And, we have seen “nutting”, yet, as Sgt Schultz would have said. The criminal squatting in our Oval Office has only just begun…short of a violent revolution, it is already too late, for this nation’s majority, and so-called electoral college, has turned into blind and stupid psycho’s who care about nothing except appeasing the little black madman with the Alfred E. Neuman ears. King Obama will probably remain on his illegally-obtained throne far beyond the life of many of us.

    4. My dad was a victim of the Nazis, spending time in 5 Concentration camps, watching thousands die, and finally released to the Americans during the invasion… he was 45 Kilos (about 95 Lbs) for a height of 6’4″!!! – Americans have got to do something RADICAL to stop the rot BEFORE the anarchists – (Gov’t un-necessary interference in ordinary citizens lives is a form of anarchy against the rights of choice) – get too much control!

    1. No one is stopping you from leaving if you don’t like it.. And as far as abortoon goes, it’s legal. It’s interesting the hypocrisy shown by so many. People claim the government will interfere with the Dr -patient relationship under Obamacare. Yet have no problem in having the government interfere with the dr-patient relationship when it comes to a legal operation. The hypocrisy is quite telling..

      1. did that in the 1990’s it is called the 180 day rule. now i got several passports, flat 19% tax. all in country that has a currency that is pounding the poo poo out of the USD. 7% interest in 3month CD’s. no murdered baby blood on my hands. no taxation to feed illegals, no taxation to support homo’s and their diseases, and by the way your legal is not moral. and furthermore i think all you can do is whimper “leave” all the while you are going down the toilet. I laugh at you, you are not a man, you are a punk.

        1. too poor to pay attention the sheoples are off to slaughter. the writing was on the wall when clintons/waldons opened walmarts and the sale of USA technology {wealth} was traded for short term fiat dollars {money}. money is a by product of wealth {technology, know how}.
          did you know the latest debt relief plan? in the EU, UK, USA {debt} ridden now accept money {loans} from the muslim countries {muslim brotherhood}, these loans have there origins in the forgein aid packages. if one goes to allah land there is no improvenment in quality of life for the people in general, i concede that ruling elite are different just like here. but to get to the point. these free moneys GIVEN to them are now being LENT back. under sharia law/islam it is forbidden to charge interest, even in the foreign exchange world forex or fx. so the interst is bow the knee to allah/islam. this is why you have the muslim antiChrist as your chief. he is appointed to rule over you. by the way senate, congress, scotus, jcos all eat at the same trough. you have been sold along with your children, constitution and country. and do not even know it, so keep up the good work and always keep your head in the sand, you look better that way, oh and do not forget your vasoline.

        2. What countries? This one is beginning to look more and more like Nazi Germany in the 1930’s every day. I am looking for options while options are still available. I am fed up with working and seeing everything confiscated to pay off leftist, lazy political hacks of the corrupt POS in the White House.

        3. look very closely at Poland, when i first got there 1usd=27pln {polish money} today 1usd =3pln. property prices sugred in the last 20 years more millionaires than anyone will admit. property taxes very cheap, abortion illegal, homosexuality close to being a crime.
          Russia now also very good, 19%tax, no homos allowed, no baby murdering. read about 183day rule it is international agreement that where ever you have 183days it is primary tax country. look at Belize, excellent programs. only 1 catch DO NOT EARN MONEY IN THE USA, this is where people go to jail for tax evasion. you can sell to USA but do not earn money in USA jurisdiction.
          it is quite easy now a days to earn money abroad. learn to FX, you can have broker anywhere, south Korea, china, switzerland etc. live in country that does not restrict forgein notes, ie. in poland if i have handfull of usd, and i know obama is going to open his mouth, i run out to the exchange sell my usd for jpy, chf, gbp whatever i thnk will best incline. you can then buy back the same amount of dollars for less forgein currency than 1st spent, residual is proffit. there are many many avenues. the worst is to sit with the leaders who keep you in bondage and steal non stop.
          usa has been cursed by God. and nothing will halt hold or slow it’s decline. because having forsaken the creator, with obamacare the name american is the same saying, hi i am a baby murdering, homosexual promoting, sodomite effeminate, that cannot feed my self, lyieng thieving criminal scum, just like my dear leader. and yes this is the opinion of anyone that has their eyes open. how can so many good people follow such a policy. but wait screw God cause america has the antichrist.

        4. Good info. Since producers and the successful in this society are becoming so hated by the lazy Leftist pukes I personally hope all of us leave this country and let the remaining dead beat Leftist obamites freeze and starve to death in their “free” gubiment huts waiting for their “free” gubiment cheese while talking on their “free” obama phone!

      2. Legal and lawful are two completely different things. As to hypocrisy – we have laws against murder, but those laws do not protect everybody! Currently, if you haven’t taken a breath of air you are not covered by the law and it is OK to be murdered. Soon, the criteria will be changed – maybe everyone over the age of 60 will be murdered, or anyone over the age of 18 who does not have a job. As long as a Doctor – Patient relationship ONLY involves the two of them, leave them alone, BUT when another life is involved there needs to be an advocate for that life, a life unable to defend itself. If the mother is the child’s defender, then she is the advocate, BUT if she is not then another needs to speak FOR the child.

      3. mjritter- with Obamacare there is no longer doctor -patient privileges all information is put on a computer network that is nationwide at a minimum . There is no longer privacy .

      4. You have become the Puppet you were trained to be. It is not your fault, but now that you have been
        told, it is your fault. Thinking is part of the solution to your problem, but you must do it for yourself b/c you actually truly want to know. I promise I was like you until I began to realize what was happening. Waking up at 50 is still Waking Up! They do not want you to wake up. Please try anyway. STUS

      5. Abortion is a disease on the American
        society pushed by a Supreme Court in 1973 that has caused the slaughter of 56
        million babies.That’s enough to populate many,many large States in the U.S.
        While you read this ; every 23 seconds a beautiful live baby will

        Can you imagine if George
        Washington,Salk, MLK, The doctor who invented open heart surgury ,Gen. Robert E
        Lee or Gen. & President U.S. Grant had been aborted.? How many of those dead
        babies possibly could have found a cure for cancer,heart attacks.diabetes ,or a
        meriod of other killing diseases ? What could have been the lives and
        acomplishments of many others IF they had been allowed to live. Look back at
        1973. How many new accomplishments have we been presented with . How many tax
        dollers would they have paid by working and helping our current disaster .. Our
        young people will never see social security and medicare ;Forget that.We are
        allowing the slaughter of our futures.Who will defend our Nation if we have 56
        million babies who can never stop a rouge nation from replacing our current
        military. Does Obama and his cohorts plan on this ?

        Dispite what some claim ;
        They are real human beings at conception . What will God do to us for destroying
        a live viable life ?

        We have gone from a nation
        that held life in the greatness and wonder of love and kindness that our God has
        allowed us to witness and we snuff it out and dispose them as garbage . They are
        REAL BABIES and they are alive .

        How long will God allow us
        to spit in His face ?

        How long will we not stand
        up for this useless slaughter of the innocents ?

        President Obama supports
        this ongoing murder of real citizens. What if his mother decided to just dump
        him in a garbage can ?

        This Supreme Court neglects
        humanity by just going alone . They have the powed to stop it thru a lawful

      6. Murder is illegal, and abortion is murder, why do so many people approve of murdering un born defenseless baby’s? Look at an ultrasound sometime and you will see a baby in the womb, everyone has the right to protection from being murdered except baby’s, why is that? No matter how you want to slice and dice it it is steal murder of a human life, a baby.

        In a Moral Philosophy class, ethics 101, I had to do a paper on abortion and the women who headed the abortion movement called a babe a parasite who should be destroyed. During the Salem witch trials a women was convicted of being a witch, however, back then they believed a baby to be alive and the woman’s execution was stayed till after it’s birth because the baby was Innocent, however, after the baby was born the witch scare was over and the women was set free. The point of my story back during witch trials they steal and some common seance and did not murder a helpless baby.

      7. really>? here’s a big fat F-ing clue. There is NO doctor patient relationship at PP> you make an appointment get an IV and you never see the doctor.

      8. Hey, you can have as many abortions as you want. That will between you and God. I just don’t want to have to pay for them. Got it!

    1. Well Illinois got him his first set in the goverment and then voted him into office more than once. He took Chicago by a storm. I know most of the state did not vote for him but with a large city like Chi town that is mostly hispanics and blacks most on welfare and food stamps what do you get?

  1. Wow! There is no stopping this evil from spreading like a cancer across our country. One day soon they will be installing surveillance cameras in our living rooms in the interest of “national security.” For those who have not read “1984” i urge you to do so. It took a little longer to get there than Orwell thought but we have arrived.

        1. It hasn’t? i see grassroots resistance everywhere and whnever you can resist . Make it known why and that you are. When they start getting newspapers and bad press they’ll either have to squelch it or Fox will have to pick it up

        2. Yes it has, and it has been declared by the liar and thief that now sits in “our” white house. The only thing that will save this country is “We the People” with guns in hand period. here’s another one from “our” Constitution and I’m paraphrasing “when any form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people, to alter or abolish it…” it is time to get the wrecking ball out America; on this “form of government.”

    1. They put them in our house before I knew what was going on. I refused to let them put one on the independent standing garage and they are charging $18.00 per month for the old meter now even though we read it and send them the reading.

      1. Have you ever read the bill they send you? check this out.

        Power supply Charges:
        Power supply energy
        Renewable Energy plan Surchg
        Other power supply Surcharges*
        Delivery Charges
        Service Charge $6.00
        Energy Optimization
        VHWF credit
        Other Delivery Surcharges**
        Residential (your state name here) Sales Tax

        Now that’s just the Electric

        Here now are the Natural Gas Charges

        Customer Charge $10.50
        Gas Distribution Charge
        2011 U_16993 UETM Surcharge
        Energy Optimization
        U-16999 SI Surcharge
        RDM surcharge/Credit
        Residential (your state name here)Sales Tax

        Now I tell you; Half of these charges are nothing but crap, they charge you to read the meter, they charge you just for being a customer of theirs, unbelievable! I’ve put the service charge and the customer charge to highlight something; they charge us for them to come out and read the meter 6 dollars, if I figure that they pay their employees a rate of lets just say 10 dollars an hour and each house they charge the $6 and lets say they read a total of 200 houses, that would be $1,200 per 200 homes and that’s on the low end, I know there are way more that 200 homes in my city lets say 20,000 homes at $6 that 120,000 dollars and that’s with more than 1 employee reading those meters.
        Now lets look at the $10.50 customer charge at the same 20,000 homes being charged $10.50 each that’s a total of $210,000 mind you this is done every month… as you get a bill every month. This is nothing more than a total monopoly of an industry and unwarranted fees it would be like you grocery store charging you just for walking into their doors and purchasing food or whatever and an extra charge being on your bill… saying ” thank you for your patronage and that will cost you an extra $5.00 please come again.”

        also look at the IMPORTANT INFORMATION at the bottom of your bill it states

        Beginning with your usage on November 1, 2012 your bill will reflect the 2011 U-16993 Uncollectible Expense True-up Mechanism (UETM) surcharge pursuant to the MPSC’s authorization.

        Where the hell do they come up with these words?
        “uncollectible true-up mechanism (UETM) surgharge?

    2. hate to break it to you but they have them in TVs now. They monitor what we watch how long and before you know it they can turn on the cameras.

  2. Are you serious?! I’m normally 100% in agreement with the news from here but this is just borderline nuts. Making a mountain out of a mold hill. Cell phone use will likely output more radiation than an outdoor meter ever will. Smartphones are worse since the data rates are much higher. Illinois snows a lot and paying for staff to read meters is more expensive and time consuming, plus less accurate. I suppose if they’re really concerned, just make those home owners pay more for the extra costs that would be otherwise saved from meter readers. I don’t know that this story makes much sense.

    1. You need to read the UN Agenda 21. Also while you are at it, do some research on it. It is nothing more than the eco terrorists and tin pot dictators planning to control every aspect of our lives.

    2. “Making a mountain out of a mold hill,” eh … Hmm … the affects from your “stupid” meter must have affected your brain sooner than expected. Or, maybe you’re enjoyingg the “high” you get from the noise. The affects/symptoms listed have long been documented by neurologists – for years!! Google it!!

    3. please feel free to correct me. I’m really puzzled as to the logic of this story. I get the private property issue but the fact is people want and expect to have access to basic gas/electricity/water/utility. …so meters will be needed if you want some way of measuring usage. Public Utility companies are not commonly known as high profit or high revenue companies or investments. the idea of putting up fences, locks, guard dogs, signs, then insisting meter readers or wireless meters needed just isn’t make much sense. It sounds more like a home owner who doesn’t feel right to be paying for their own utility. If none of these avenues are available because of privacy concerns, I’m not aware of any other replacement technology that will adequately measure utility use in an efficient manner.

      1. This is not about the meters themselves!! It’s about the UN Agenda 21 issue!! What part of that do you have trouble understanding?? I swear that some people either are too stupid to get it, or just plain don’t care – it’s about control over everything – in your life, my life and every single individual on the planet!!

        1. Again, falling for the Glenn Beck paranoid scenario! I am a conservative Republican leaning more and more towards libertarian, and I am about sick of Beck and the other talkers getting people all paranoid about silly useless stuff. If you believe that Habib in some office building in India is sitteng at a computer waiting for you to run your fridge and furnace at the same time so that he can turn your power off, well, that’s up to you. But this is one of Becks biggest ways to make money. He makes you go watch paranoid videos, makes you paranoid about your electric meter, makes you paranoid about your television spying on you, makes you paranoid about drones that look like butterflies spying on your non GMO corn plants. Seriously, how can you people live from day to day in a constant state of paranoia like that?

        2. You sound more like a Libertarian leaning more and more towards being a Liberal. You’re no Conservative, Paulbot. Don’t accuse of others of being conspiracy theorists when Ron Paul is the master, giggy.

        3. Did I say anything about listening to Glenn Beck?? Let me tell you something … I’ve known about Agenda 21 a whole lot longer than Glenn Beck has been talking about it! It started in 1989 – under President George H.W. Bush … With his “New World Order” speech!!! Google it – it’s there!!!

          I’m not as young as you think I am, nor am I stupid!! I know when my liberties are being violated, but apparently you have no problem sacrificing your own liberties for the World Government!! So, I call you out to be as dumb as a box of rocks for not keeping pace with the rest of us who’ve been awake for more than 20 yrs.

        4. MissDiane47: appreciate your concerns. I’m a degree engineer. I have traveled the world. I have had many electronics designs under my belt [telecommunications/defense/medical/aerospace]. Voted conservative all my life. I do make it a point to try to keep open and civil discussions among disagreeable liberal/progressive friends. Try to seek an understanding of their views. I’m sure you are a conservative as well. but I have to say I’m disappointed by your need to immediately jump to using exclamation marks and name calling. Neither technique works well in a debate when you’re trying to convince the other side their views are wrong.

        5. How interesting that you would wait an entire year to reply.

          Let me explain something to you about college degrees. All they are is a piece of paper hanging on your wall in a frame that says you completed something in college. It doesn’t give you basic common sense, especially when it comes to individual sovereignty. You could have certification in dog grooming for all I care, but it still doesn’t give you or any government entity the right to force something on another individual if they say “NO, I don’t want it!” Period!

          That’s my point!

      2. It has to do with installing a meter that is known to cause serious health defects in individuals, and the rights of those individuals to refuse the meter being installed on their home. It has nothing to do with access to the electric, because the homeowner was willing to have the old WIRED meter on her home. It was the fact that she was FORCED to get it, and she didn’t want it, because she didn’t want to endanger herself or her family or neighbors.

        I suggest, smithsson, that you research the history of the damage that these smart meters do to people. Plus the intrusion of someone who knows nothing about you, controlling your usage of electricity, shutting it off, or causing brownouts, just because THEY think you’re using too much. I sure as hell wouldn’t want it on my home, because I’m looking at -2 deg F right now, with wind chill, and I’m home all day. Does the bureaucrat at the utility company know I’m home now, or would they rather turn off my usage, and make me and my pets freeze to death?

      3. It is not the old meter that they are complaining about. The old ones had to have a meter reader come out and write down the usage numbers or you could read the numbers yourself. The new ones are computerized. It does away with someone having to come out and read it as the info is transmitted directly to the electric company. And it has been proven that the new meters cause a host of health problems.

    4. You want these people to monitor/adjust your house the way they see fit? Remember that the next time you are trying to do something and your power goes out because they decided you are using too much.

    5. I guess now all the out of work meter readers are on unemployment? You can read your meter yourself and either mail in the reading or call it in. Maybe even go on line and do it. More government intruding on our rights to privacy.

    6. Look, kooks complaining about radiation is just that. Godfather was only listing the claims made by the awareness group.

      The big issue is that the city and police got involved in a contract dispute –

      If my cellphone provider tells me I have to have a crappy model with poor performance and which spies on me, I tell them to go take a hike.

      If my electric company wants to replace my meter with a model which can turn off my power on a whim, report my instantaneous usage, and maybe meddle with my appliances and heating, I would tell them to go take a hike, too.

      BUT, if my electric company offers me a bargain where I give something up in exchange for a discount, maybe I’d consider it. In fact, I did just that – when I installed ground-coupled heat pumps (AKA Geothermal), I asked the electric company if there was a reduced rate for high efficiency systems. Answer: Yes, if we get to turn off the reduced rate circuit for a couple of hours during peak load.
      So, most of my house runs on regular priced electricity, and stays on constantly, while my high load heating, and water heater, get cheap electricity, in return for being interruptible – so far, the interruptions have been few, and the bargain is good.

      I had a choice – these homeowners did not, and the city and police got involved on the side of the electric company – looks like and smells like Fascism.

    1. So you’d have her whole family missing her when she would go to prison, or be killed by the police? Some friend. So many crazy people on this site. Just MOVE if you are being “oppressed”. This is only happening in the city limits right?

      1. Mark, your ideas always seem to be giving up of something one already has. If I already own it, why should I have to give it up to please the government ? The government is supposed to work for us.

  3. Protecting the utility workers? BS. From a woman simply standing on her own property? When the cops laid hands on her, she should have shot them. It’s perfectly legal and allowable when they are acting lawlessly.

    1. They did that to a house where a fugitive was holed up, near here, where I live. The cops had the electric and gas turned off, so that the house couldn’t be warmed. It was a rental house, and the fugitive broke in, and wouldn’t come out. The owners of the house approved it.

  4. The concept that made the new nation established in the Western Hemisphere different than the nations in Europe was the concept of PRIVATE PROPERTY. A man’s home is – or at least USED TO BE – his castle. Short of preventing serious danger to the neighbors, the government had NOTHING TO SAY about what you did in your home, how you painted it, or anything else. Then came the “covenants and restrictions” in property deals and the need to get “permits” from the local, county and sometimes STATE governments to do everything from add a deck to put in a walkway. But even THAT wasn’t enough. Now we have to allow them to install “meters” that allow other people to not only monitor your property, but do such things as lower your thermostat and limit your electrical usage. Next, I suppose, comes the televiewers Orwell predicted in 1984. I guess the “Great Experiment” in self-government and personal freedom is over.

    1. Tell me how they can lower my thermostat! I have an oil furnace with a simple mercury bulb thermostat. Explain how they can control that. They can’t, people like Beck and Quinn and Rose have you people brainwashed! No wonder the Republicans lost! You followed the clowns and voted with them instead of who you should have voted for and that person was Ron Paul! He would have had the Sheriff department evicting the UN right now and Obama Care would be in the trash compactor!

      1. A vote for Ron Paul was a vote for obama bin lyin. He didn’t stand a chance. His buying power wasn’t anywhere near that of obama bin lyin. obama bought this election and the previous one also.

      2. Yeah right. If RuPaul had been elected we would be living under the Fourth Reich right now (much like we are living now). Paul and Obama are one and the same who care absolutely nothing about the Constitution. All they care about is power. Mitt Romney would have ended ObamaCare and all of Obama’s EO’s and he would have put millions of Americans back to work but thanks to the actions of you traitor Paulbots we now have Obama for another 4 years, maybe even longer. You all threw your fellow Americans under the bus because of some old Nazi kook who brainwashed your very weak and fragile minds.

        1. Ignorance is bliss, eh Ed? I don’t know where you picked up the line of BS you just regurgitated but I strongly suggest you watch some of Dr. Paul’s video’s on YouTube. He is more pro Constitution that the total sum of all the parasites in the legislative branch of the federal government.

          Remember, it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Romney is part of the bankers cabal which currently OWNS this country.

        2. I have watched some of RuPauls pro Nazi videos where he blames Israel for trying to protect herself and her citizens from the murderous Palestinians. His videos are full of hate and propaganda toward the Israelis but he supports Hamas and Hezbollah for what they are doing to Israel. Ron Paul, what a Godly man!!! He claims he is against abortion but he sides with his true party, the Democrats, and votes against a Republican sponsored bill to stop selected sex abortions. What a great man!!! He publishes a racist magazine but when he gets called out on it he blames his staff. He claims that Social Security (Medicare and Medicaid) is unconstitutional yet he is getting a check every month. Doesn’t that make him a hypocrite? I’ve heard numerous Paulbots on here the past few days praising Adolph Hitler and saying that Hitler tried to warn the rest of the world about Communism and that the U.S. and Russia were the bad guys during WW2 and that the Nazi’s were the good guys. What’s your thoughts on it, Paulbot? Are you another Nazi and terrorist sympathizer?

        3. Who gives a rats ass if you believe me or not? You have a pc….you have YouTube….look it up yourself. I’m just giving you my own personal opinion about the old Nazi coot.

        4. In that case maybe you should keep your mouth shut before you accuse a good man like Romney of being something he’s not. Instead you listen to the raving rantings of an old Nazi lunatic, who spews nothing but hate. All of you spread your lies about Mitt Romney but when somebody says something about the old bigoted, anti-semitic Ron Paul you all get pissed off. This old fool cares nothing about the Constitution. He cares about the power and his terrorist buddies, Hamas and Hezbollah and of course, the Nazi Party.

  5. Install your own solar electric system and rip the meter off. You can put it in a box at the curb for them to pick up with some dog crap in it. Going off the grid is easier than you think.

  6. I have been hearing a high pitched whine ever since Obama took office. I thought it was the smart meter that they snuck in and put on my house while I was out of town. Turns out it was Obama himself I was hearing

  7. all involved need to be arrested, a person has the right to protect self and property. That is the law set forth in the Constitution. These people’s Constitutional rights were violated.

    1. Not hardly, the equipment to deliver the electrical power belongs to the power company, up to and including, the meter. If these two don’t like the rules they should get some solar power equipment installed and then they can tell the power company to go to hell.

  8. Little by little, bit by bit, they are taking away our freedoms of choice. Our lives are no longer our own, but we are to be totally controlled by government agencies, what we see, what we buy, what we eat,etc. etc. It’s all about power, control, and money. It’s time and high time that we awake from our sleep and begin to pay attention to what has already gone on and what is happening now. Our lives, our health, our food, our taxes, our guns, our choices of every kind are under assault. All the things from what we eat, the chemicals in our foods, forced vaccinations of children whose systems are not mature enough to be able to handle them, doctors who know nothing about nutrition and when we go to them with a problem, instead of finding the cause, they give us un-tested chemicals instead of natural treatments that have worked for generations. I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with our governments, local, state, and federal, who think they should decide what is right for us instead of “we the people”, because they think they can, and they will not even listen to our side. I could go on and on, but you get the idea, where and when will we draw the line???

  9. I live in Idaho where because of our State Constitution and the State Laws (a man’s home is his castle) this kind of arrest would be impossible. I realize that the power company has to be able to reach their equipment, but as long as the old meter still worked, I don’t see the problem, certainly not a problem that necessitated an arrest. AND, I called the Napierville Mayor’s office and spoke with a lady named “Kim” who did confirm the story, although she did say that both women had been released; apparently they received a desk appearance ticket/summons to appear. Even this lady had the good sense to sound embarassed about it. AND WELL SHE SHOULD, WORKING FOR A BUNCH OF LEFTIST NAZIS.

  10. I have a friend who works for water and power division of a city in Los Angeles County (shall remain nameless) who affirmed what this article said: With the wireless meters, the water and power company can monitor individual usage of electrical appliances in the house and throttle the usage of electicity to each one. They already have law suites because this throttling is not accurate and has caused some appliances (home theater systes, computers, etc.) to burn-out with too much voltage. These devices aren’t 100% accurate. Residents have sued the city for compensation to replace items burned out by this. Ironically, he said the city was sold on this from the wireless meter manufacture because their ROI (return on investment) was supposed to be 5 years or less. However, he said after an investment of over $25 million that it would take closer to 10 years for the city to get its ROI.

  11. What makes Naperville, Illinois, fascist? Have they suspended democracy and instituted martial law? Thought I would have heard about that on the news.

    1. Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism.[1][2] Fascists seek to unify their nation through a totalitarian state that seeks the mass mobilization of the national community through discipline, indoctrination, and physical training.

      So, tell us… based on the definition of fascism here included, does not the above article sound like fascism to you?

      ‘You shall comply by the heavy hand of government!’

      1. Then according to your own explanation, what changes have been made to the Naperville city government that would characterize it as “radical authoritarian nationalism?” Are the city officials no longer elected?

        1. You speak as though you have solid evidence of that. This could be an opportunity for you. Get it on the news!

  12. “The city says the wireless meters will make electricity more reliable,
    more efficient and cheaper.” That is definately not true. Had one in my home for 3 years and it costs more in the longrun. Just makes them more profit as there is no need for more employees to read etc.

  13. Smart meters are the dumbest idea yet to come along in a free society – although I have to confess that under Obama there are so many dumb idea choices. I am amazed at what people will tolerate when some liberal says it’s in their best interest – i.e., to save electricity or some other lie. What will it take to wake people up? These officials don’t have a divine right to impose these things on people, particularly those who don’t want them. It’s frightening too, to see how easily the police can be misused to impose citizen abuse.

  14. If she does not like the way the electric company “reads’ the meter, then tell them you do not want their power. Turn off you electric panel and voila, the meter stops. The meter belongs to the electric company. People get upset over nothing. The ones they are installing in our area are not “wireless”, they use the power lines to send the data on. The electric company should have given her an ultimatum. Let us replace your meter by X date or it wil be removed and nothing left in its place but a cover plate. Or just send the meter man around once a moth and since they only have a few meters to read, divide his cost by the number of people. That should be about 200 dollars a month each. You electric usage, 150 dollars, read the meter, 200 dollars; total bill 350 dollars. Let her make the decision.

  15. The ignorant (the city just repeats what they are told by the power companies and suppliers and think they still have a right to my property? Don’t think so and I think they are soon to find out. What I want to know is who gave te power company to regulate my usage? I pay for the power I use at the point of service which is the power meter box. When they reach inside of that electrical boundary they are outside the law and that is easily defendable in the courts. Their power monopoly doesn’t give them dictatorial rights. It places more responsibilities not to abuse the end user beyond this point. I didn’t know they could reach inside of the power supply boundary and one is on my house. I don’t like that they didn’t tell me this and second when they do it it is the same as home invasion and cyber attacks which will put the perps in jail and the city officials right there with them as an accessory to the cyber invasion.

  16. [email protected] says:

    Soon and very soon,bullets will begin to fly.And a shot will be heard around the world,,,,,once again.

  17. Well, the utility company could have just accepted the refusal, and then turned her power off. They have a right to access their equipment! The utility is responsible for the equipment from the plant to the power pole to the meter! The customer is responsible from the meter to the breaker panel and throughout the property.
    I wondered how long it would take Glenn Beck to hop on that conspiracy train! I read the story early yesterday, so it took Beck an entire day to pick it off the conspiracy vine!

    WHo in their right mind thinks that there is some idiot in a far away land that is salivating for the opportunity to turn your refridgerator off? IDIOTS!!!!!
    Focus on the big issues, like getting Obama impeached and getting Congress to start working for WE THE PEOPLE again!

    1. There is no one any better to come up with conspiracy theories than Ron Paul or Alex Jones. They are the kings of conspiracies. Are you a hypocrite?

  18. It was kinda funny when they came to put one of those things on my house last year. I told them not to and they said I had to let them. I told them it wouldn’t work unless it could measure my backfeeding power from my large solar power system. They agreed that I was right. Their gizmo was useless on my house so … no smart meter for me! 😉

    1. Wrong, it’s been proven that the votes were tampered with. In one county in Florida, there was 141% voter turnout. In many other counties across the USA,obama bin lyin received 100% of the vote…….statistical impossible. Maybe he bought the presidency again ?

      1. What are you, some kind of bigot? Dead people, comic characters, and pets have the right to vote too. And Libs have the right to vote as early and as often as they please. Get with it.

      2. If that had been a republican they would have gotten the Supreme court. What was the Matter with Mitt why didn;t ge demand a recount?

        1. Mitt fought hard enough but we had a bunch of dim (DEM.) witted, weak minded traitors called Paulbots who threw us all under the bus because their loony cult leader was unelectable.

  19. It starts in small towns and when there is no OUTWARD and OPEN defiance then it spreads to bigger towns, This is that scum sucking low life liar thief murdering muslim POS obamaass and his carbon followers and his demoncrate minions and his followers as he is theIR FUROR AND SAVIOUR, His brown shirts are starting and it will spread like a disease across this nation. The FUROR will use any means possible to distract the nation while he completes his marxist muslim plan to take AMERICA to 3d world status, then he can declare HIM SELF and MOOCHELL AS LEADERS FOR . FOR LIFE. To the liberals that follow this excrement you will be one of the first to pay the price since your so easily fooled he cant afford to have you protest when you see the truth. Once your gone, he will get his blue hats, black panthers. mexican drug people and muslim terrorist to take on the people that believe in the 2nd amendment and the CONSTITUTION of the once great UNITED STATES

  20. And they feel free to violate your property rights, (That locked gate they cut doesn’t only keep them from adding a meter, but also protects her private property rights, and all things ON the property, not just the meter). And WHY do they feel free to do it? They know not many people in Illinois OWN GUNS.

    1. She doesn’t own the meter, she owns everything ‘downstream’ from the meter. And the power company has every LEGAL right to enter her property to service, modify or upgrade said equipment. It is in the contract ANYBODY who buys power from a power company signs to receive said electrical power.

      And you’d pull a weapon on a power company employee lawfully doing his job? If you don’t want the power company on your property, get off the grid.

  21. The health concerns are many, and the ultimate invasion and control of your power usage directly contradicting your wishes, like to stay warm in winter or cool in summer at temperatures that are comfortable to you, are what more than a few people are ‘wired up’ about.

  22. That was the wronge fight to pick. Put your efforts into removing bad government like ZERo, Fienstien, Reid. We need a police escort to arrest them.

  23. Nothing is stopping the relentless move toward totalitarianism in America! The bottom line is that there is no more freedom here! Corruption is essentially stifling any and all reasonable dissent. Privacy is an illusion! One has no control over private property where public utilities are concerned, even if the utility has an ulterior purpose and even if the power behind the device is part of a United Nations plan to ultimately take control of America. Yet there are those who are too stupid to see what is happening. It happened before elsewhere. There is great evil abroad in the world and this administration is part of it!

  24. Tad Cronn YOU are IGNORANT, STUPID and SERIOUSLY MENTALLY SICK as are ALL those that have “health” problems from the meters!!!!

  25. Amerika is a lost nation, and yes public utilities do have access to your property. But the real purpose bedhind these boxex is surveillance not “not to monitor power usage” I mean really.
    Another strike for Hussein Obama. Ala be praised.

  26. They can protect themselves, health wise, by wrapping the meter in aluminum foil, and grounding the foil to the power entry ground rod.

  27. Get government out of the power business, as that’s the real issue here. If you have a cell phone, it’s the same signal. These meters use the cell networks. EM is everywhere, so health concerns are not the issue. If it’s privacy that she wants, then a smart meter is the way to go because nobody has to come to your home to read the meter. The problem is the power monopoly of big government that wants to use this system, let her pick a different power supplier that does not use these meters and the problem is solved. BIG GOVERNMENT strikes again!

  28. 3 items

    1st – When you agree to get service from any utility
    company they are allowed a servitude of passage to and from the meter or
    point of access to the home or business. This access typically includes
    a minimum10 foot wide path in case they need to get a vehicle in place
    for pulling wires/cables or mounting their equipment to the structure.
    If you don;t like it then you have a choice not to use their service.

    – This is an economic issue as they can CHOOSE the now optional old
    style hard wired meter that requires manual reader to come by. The
    property owners have to pay for it and if I’m not mistaken, I think
    that is called capitalism.

    3rd – Wireless means they use
    electromagnetic energy or radio waves which is in use everywhere you
    stand unless you live inside steel box. All the other assumptions of
    what they can control are baseless, other than reading the power
    consumption and turning the power to the whole facility on or off. As
    for controlling the stuff inside the house?? Now your sounding like the
    people who wrap tin foil around their heads to stop the aliens from
    reading their minds.

    1. I think you’re confusing smart meters with the ones that don’t require a meter reader. Two totally different things, though both use wireless transmitters. The latter simply transmits your monthly usage to your local utility, whereas the former CONTROLS your usage by one of two means: by cutting your power completely for a time, OR through individual circuits that your HVAC, fridge, et al are connected to. The latter would also require the “smart” thermostats, circuit breakers and/or outlets that can be controlled by the “smart” meter. Yes, this stuff exists. Keep that in mind when your local utility comes to your home to install these items claiming that they’re simply “upgrading” them.

      1. If you read the article you would understand the article tied the “smart meter” to the wireless meter.

        I agree to the statement it can completely cut power to the facility as previously stated in my post. The smart meter resides in a meter pan that feeds the breaker box. As far as tying it to to individual circuits, that’s impossible unless you allow them into your circuit breaker box which is private property and in most cases resides inside the house. Or unless someone is dumb enough to purchase a product that could be controlled by a smart meter.

        I know, I know … those appliances will soon be on the market and the only thing we’ll be able to purchase. Just keep the tin foil close by, it will work on those too.

  29. I remember back in my younger days, they told me that the horseless carriage was going to wreak havoc on the world, they told us that the government had martians at area 51, they told us that the Russians were going to nuke us into oblivian, they told us that computers were going to take over the planet and destroy mankind, they sent a significant portion of the population into a panic when Orwell aired War of the Worlds. The point here is that people believe any kind of conspiracy and people like Glenn Beck make tons of money making you people look like monkeys! AHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahhhhaaaaaaa IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

    1. It seems like you are the king of idiots, giggy by supporting an anti-semite like RuPaul. It seems like he has taken advantage of your very, very weak mind. I know some people who are good at deprogramming weak minds like yours. Do you need some help?

  30. “More reliable, more efficient, and cheaper”.
    In real English that means “we can turn off your power from a remote location whenever we feel like it, we can now figure out ways to bill you more based on when you are using power, and your bill is going to increase very soon now”.
    I live in an area where “smart meters” have been in use for a couple of years and the real English translation is the Real World outcome.
    They now have the ability to do rolling blackouts on a house by house basis. This is just as harmful to your own electronics as the grid shutdown method but allows the electric company to treat their own equipment with more care.
    In addition, there is growing concern about the constant radio frequency exposure from the low power transmitter installed in each of these meters.

  31. Forcing known dangerous radio waves on families is a travesty. What happened to governments great concern for the “children” that Obama and Biden were using to justify taking away our 2nd Amendment rights just last week. Just like gun control is about control and not about guns, this smart meter is about control of “you and when and how much electricity that you use”. I can see hooking it up at the curb and that would be what the $70 fee would be for. There should be no monthly fee allowed once the owner has paid to install it at the curb.

  32. People, it’s time to stand up for your God given rights as free men.Have”NO TRESPASSING”

    signs all around my property.If these company techs or police think it’s worth dying for to put

    a meter on my house then come right ahead.Served in NAM,am getting old,have no fear of dying myself which I’ll probaly do if it comes to this but I’ll be dammed if I’ll put up with any more of this goverment B.S. What has happened to the people of this country,do you want your children to be slaves.The revolution has already begun,this goverment started it but
    don’t think they will like the outcome,there are too many patriots here to let our freedoms
    be taken away.The war will be like Vietnam,people in the day being teachers,shopkeepers
    ect. at night being Americans fighting for their freedom. God Bless America.& Semper Fi

    1. Mr. Stevens I thoroughly applaud your independent streak but there are better, easier ways to handle this issue. This devildog strongly recommends you get off the grid. For a Marine combat vet, the best way to go is lying in your bed, surrounded by your family, like my Dad, a Puff pilot. Semper Fi, leatherneck.

  33. Install standard thermostats and analog controls on everything and they cannot regulate your use. Aluminum foil on the wall behind the meter blocks the RF waves from coming into your house. Defeat them by any means possible including going to jail. If we all go they can’t handle it. We can go off the grid, become pioneer women. Install pellet stove and smoke up their nice clean air they like to fly their jets around in.

    1. Problem with your suggestions is that they can still monitor your overall usage, and cut your power completely if you excede the limits they place on you.

  34. I only they could operate my power drills and electric saws. Why I could just stay home and the anonymous drone in some cubicle in a far away land could do all of my work for me!

  35. This is all part of Agenda 21 which is designed to track and monitor everyone so that when the us signs on to be taxed to support the world wide agenda for climate change we won’t know what’s going on. It is really the gateway to total world control by the few elite for the redistribution of wealth to everyone around the world. Welcome to obamaworld. Why do you think they want our guns now?

  36. “Health problems that have been documented after installation of the meters have included headaches, insomnia, increased irritability, inability to concentrate, memory problems, dizziness, fatigue, vision problems, nose bleeds, nausea, heart arrhythmia and a whole list of other ailments that some doctors have linked to interference with the human body’s nervous system.”

    These health “problems have only been claimed. None have been proven.

  37. The city is 100% in the right in this situation..they have the right to enter yards when they need to…the transformers in the back of the yard are owned by the utility, wire in the ground and in the air , and the meter on your house, all owned by the utility.The wires that go from the meter inside to there breakers is owned by the customer…If these people who are so concerned with health risks, maybe they should pay the 25$ a month for the nonwireless meter….I am quite sure when people have power outages, they will let lineman go in the backyard to fix it…

    1. The city has no right in this situation, and the women have all the right to refuse this meter. We pay for the electricity we use and as such we have the right to turn it off or on as we please, not the power co., so long as we pay the bill.
      It appears you, disqus, whatever, daves have bowed to this gestapo regime of obamas. I vote you can leave and go to iran or iraq or any other dictator country and try your muscle tactics on them, we won’t miss you.

  38. Ok paranoid monkeys, turn your thermostats down to thirty degrees then call the power company and ask them to turn it up for you. I’ll bet they can’t do it.

    1. Installation of these “smart” meters also involve installing thermostats and receptacles(outlets) that can be controlled by these meters. If these items haven’t been installed yet, then at some point they WILL be. If you bypass them, the utility co. can still monitor your usage, and cut your power COMPLETELY if their adjustments to your home fail.
      This is why these meters must be opposed now, lest you like your privacy and liberty being compromised.

  39. Not exactly. The ladies have the RIGHT to alternative power such as a full house generator powered by natural gas. I HATE ANY intrusion but when one gives another entity the power to supply the utility, they also have the power to write some of the rules. Give and take. I’d use a generator if it’s that offensive.

  40. I had the SOB’s try to get to my meter ,so I tied one of my BIGGEST German Shep. to the meter. 3 days later I got a letter asking to remove my dog. Not happening on my watch, thank you. I had one of the other Ger.Shep. ready to go climb in the open door on his power Co. van when he tried to threaten me and I told him he had about 10 seconds to get in the van before I let the other dog go,and that 5 of those seconds had already passed. They finally gave up . Come back when they want to try again !

  41. All any utility meter should do is monitor overall usage for billing. Anything else that is done needs to be done by the homeowner or at homeowner discretion. With the goal of adjusting utility usage in mind, the Elitist 1% with their large and many homes will be without electricity most of the time because of the size of their homes and their many gadgets, if this is handled as an honest system. With this in mind, Smart Meters must be installed on homes occupied by the Democrat 1% first. Let’s see how they like this home invasion. If they have too many gadgets running at one time, their heat temperature will be cut down to 50 degrees in winter. Yay!

  42. In Tulsa, OK, the Republican mayor and City Council forced everyone to purchase and use plastic trash receptacles, including one for recycling, raised the rates, decreased the pick-up days from two to one, and established a list of picky rules. This was despite polls showing 95% opposition. This is government of, by, and for the government. One of our neighbors cut up his recycling bin, put it in a bag in the other receptacle, and they hauled it off–classic!
    Yes, a city can be facist.

    1. Where I live my town turned it over to a private co. They supplied all the big containers for both trash, and recyclables. Recyclables are recycled free every other week. Garbage is picked up every week.

  43. You let the commies take over. You kept you mouth shut, your eyes closed, you decided to see no evil for whatever reasons.

    Now you have to fight back. Time has given the commies to be firmly entrenched, at school, in politics, in neighborhood boards. Like a stain they will be hard to get rid of.

    You fell for it BIG TIME America. You let the fools take over and as I have always said it’s not a real smart guy that brings down something, BUT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!

    Just look at them, Biden, Barry Saetoro, Neopolitano, Kagan, Cuomo, Pelosi, Hairy Weed, etc.

    1. Only to those that support the great one Obama. Free cell phones. Food Stamps, Medical care, Fuel assistance, Heck I may be describing illegals.

  44. My husband for the last ten years or so has kept record of our electric meter reading. In our area we have always read our own meters and sent the results in to the electric company. About two years ago they sent us a letter stating that they were going to install a smart meter. We called them and told them we did not want one. Well, they said that we had no choice and that they would install it anyway. For the last year or so my husband has continued to read the meter and our electric bill has remained pretty much the same. I don’t know about the radio waves or anything else about it but we are healthy and our electric bill has remained the same.

  45. Last year Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, Canada, MANDATED that the entire province be wired with “smart metres”. They got about half done before there was such a public backlash that the utility was required to put the old ones back. The major stink began in Ottawa (Capitol of Canada) and spread like wildfire. They put one on my apartment (without my or my landlord’s permission) and my electric bill TRIPLED for the three months it took to get them to remove it.

    If they are going to insist on this technology, there is NO reason that the metre can’t be installed on the pole, 100 feet from a home.


  47. So fire the city manager the utility manager the mayor the city council then oh well you will do none of that never get enough voters with you, Tried that hear and was told it’s for the good of the planet and you have no right to protest the fixes anyone comes up with.
    being to poor to higher a lawyer the have you locked in if I could sell my house I would get the hell out of this state..

  48. Cheaper is a lie, the city installed this smart meters in my home and my elec. bill went up not down. Plus I have had more health issue sense, some stumice, (sorry can’t spell the word or find it in spell check), issues and a cough that just won’t go away and I tire more and I have never needed a nape except when sick now I find I am more tired then I should at age 55 years.

  49. Folks this is just the beginning of the Rape of America by our Communist leader and his SS. I’m afraid we have sold our country out for 40 pieces of food stamps and cell phones. Our salvation now is Jesus Christ

  50. I wonder if a Faraday cage around the meter would cause enough interference to the device to help. The in and out wires may make that ineffective. There is the option of photovoltaics if they can afford it and get off the grid.

  51. Our school district ten years ago tried a similar system to control the temperatures in our classrooms. What a disaster! Depending where the meter was put our classrooms were never comfortable and our school engineer couldn’t help us because all was controlled from the district engineer’s office. For example my meter was in the southeast corner of my room where a large south window faced the black roof of the floor below. The meter always read 10 to 15 degrees above my thermometer in the front of the room which meant the actual room was cooled to 59 degrees. We wore coats and hats most of the time and gloves on some days. Other rooms had opposite problems. After five years got a school board member’s child in my room. Only took a month to get my room off the grid. Other teachers were not so lucky. And when we finally got access to the bills we found that our heating and cooling costs had gone up by 15%.

  52. I am sick and tired of the control going on. I’m thinking its time to get off the grid. There are websites that tell you how to do it.

  53. I think the simple solution here is to build a jammer which prevents the electric company from communicating with the device. Maybe they’ll get the hint when they can no longer communicate with a substantial percentage of them. Then again, I’d never live in Naperville. It’s full of overpriced houses owned by snobs. My home in nearby Plainfield is bigger, nicer and has a lot twice the size of most homes in Naperville at twice the price. :o)


  55. I agree with the Ladies. The city is just like government. They
    forgot that their main reason for existence and that they should be working for
    the people not for themselves. I could understand the city IF they were
    installing “smart meters that would let the city employee drive up and down the
    road reading the meters with out walking and having to read meters. Better yet,
    be smart and read all meters from the office through computers and wireless.
    The city is looking in the wrong direction. Utility bills are out of reason now
    and we sure do not need or want them sleeping on your couch. The people are
    paying the high utility bills now and must have a say in what goes on with in
    THEIR City.

  56. I love you guys and I’m right of Rush Limbaugh, but this is over the top! A “smart” meter cannot do all those things. Where it saves is by eliminating a human driving around in a truck trying to read those 6 little dials on your meter then probably window peeking and scoping your house while milking the utility company for more OT; if you want to be paranoid about something. Years ago when these first came out the truck was still required and the human had a hand held device, but I think now it’s done using cell towers, no more radiation than using a cell phone. Besides, it’s against the law for the power company to shut off your power without a zillion warnings. Can you imagine Obama getting a call from someone using their obamaphone that there power was shut off because there was not enough money on the welfare card to pay the electric bill?? That utility company would be sued out of existence.

  57. Having lived in the area for forty years to the best of my knowledge Naperville buys electricity from the grid and has a city OWNED electric department. Thus it is not the evil corporation but the EVIL city fathers that are causing this problem.

  58. What was wrong with the original equipment? If it was not defective, then they have no right to force the homeowner to change it. Protect the utility workers? What a crock! Fascism is here folks, and the police are helping to usher it in. The police need to take all those “To Serve and Protect” BS signs off their patrol cars. They should have been protecting the homeowner from the utility workers.

  59. We are worse off with this man who claims to be president, even though there are things that show him to be ineligible, then any other president in the history of our nation. Remember what was said by him, to the Russian, when he thought the microphone had been turned off, “Wait until my second term, I’ll have much more flexibility”, well people wait and see what he tries to push through now that he doesn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone so as to be re-elected. It’s time to be worried, very, very worried.

  60. Well it shouldn’t bother most of y’all that thought onstar is such a great deal…it can completely control your vehicle…track everywhere you go and listen in on you ….ALL for YOUR BENEFIT …the same for YOUR Security Sytems …. Traffic Cameras with Audio ….Security Cameras with Audio and Now Smart Metors!! Now they have chipped our cars for the insurance companies! Our TV – Computors – Mobil Phones – IPads … ALL. For OUR BENEFITS. …. lol
    The police NOW USE Equipment that can see and hear into YOUR HOME!! They even have Unmarked Vans sitting along side the roadways with this monitoring equipment … I know for a fact it’s IN USE in Clear Lake … NASA … Kemah .. Seabrook …. Houston Texas!!!!
    OUR Technology has been turned against us and is being used BY THE GOVERNMENT to SPY on us!!

  61. Yes, I agree, sounds like the Gestapo to me also. We don’t have those meters here in Southern Oregon as far as I know.

  62. Uhhh, I’m pretty sure there’s a difference between a “right to access” their equipment, and an invasion of someone’s property to force a product on them they don’t want. Following the city’s logic….anytime a gubmint agency thought they had a product that they thought was so great it had to be forced onto the consumer….oh….wait,,,,we have that with the current president, his healthcare, and his cramming his nazi version of socialism down our throats…..never mind….

  63. I believe that the mayor of Naperville is up for reelection ,in March , hope everyone remembers what he was responsible for

  64. Unless the city wants to mount camera’s everywhere, I sincerely doubt if those meters would ever work again, malfuctions all over the city..

  65. I don’t know for sure, but I was told by an electrician a big magnet will polarize the meter, and it won’t fuction properly.

  66. When I refused, they waited till I was not home and trespassed to change the meter. It’s time to get an signal blocker next to this unit, that should stop transmission of all data.

  67. You don’t have a right to unmetered electricity. If you want the city or the power company to leave you alone, go off the grid. Buy solar panels and install them on your roof or something.

    The city has to pay for the labor of reading the meters. If the meters can be read with little or no trouble, the city has less expense. Every business, including cities selling electricity, has a right to say on what terms it will sell what it sells.

  68. I think that would be the final straw for me. I’d tell them to unhook my house from their grid. If I’m not using their power then I don’t have to use their super computer spy meter. I’d buy a generator and some solar panels and say go somewhere else.


  70. How many folks claiming to get all these so-called “symptoms” from smart meters have all sorts of other wireless devices all over their homes – WiFi, cordless phones, cordless keyboard/mouse for computer, etc.?

    I am no fan or supporter of these “smartmeters” – indeed I want nothing to do with them – they are part of Agenda 21 and WILL be misused. But lets be realistic and focus on the REAL reasons these are bad… Some people get sick by going to the bathroom or breathing.

  71. Naperville, is an affluant city in traditionally republican DuPage county. Mayor Pradle was “Officer Friendly” 30 years ago. Liberalism ruins everthing it touches.

  72. I KNOW someone who lives in Naperville. BOTH of these ladies could have opted out of the program, with no hassle. Not sure why, if a nice, peaceful solution was offered UP FRONT, these two dames would want to push the issue. I think “Godfather” is being conned.

  73. I can think of several unconstitutional moments here. And any good lawyer would lick this up like a steak. Also, it doesn’t take much savvy to figure out how to ‘malfunction’ this ‘meter’ so that it fails, oh, say once a week.

  74. I would think that once the power is on YOUR side of the meter, it belongs to YOU, and no one should be able to tell you what you can or cannot use it for, or when. A possible remedy would be to build a “Faraday Cage” around it (to block RF energy), or use a “Motor-Generator” set (an electric motor turning an electric generator/alternator) which would eliminate any direct connection to the “grid”. That way, they might see you using power, but they couldn’t tell what you were using it for.

  75. hold on, sounds like meter was on outside of house, 6th from last paragraph, pretty sure utilities have legal easement/ right of access to any equipment OUTSIDE a private home. IF it was in home, I might be w/ most of ya. Other option is for utility to simply shut off power for non-compliance… but that wouldn’t give this obscure non-issue enuff publicity, would it?

  76. Naperville is part of the mobster-controlled metro-Chicago area–the same mob that mafia mob that put Obamanation in the Illinois state senate.

  77. I think its great.

    This is how a revolution starts: People standing up for their rights, and being arrested. Its the ultimate wake up call…

      1. I believe its along the lines of private property rights.

        You know. A person is beholden to an electrical company, unless of course they have a generator, maybe some solar panels, and other really helpful things that allow a person to live off grid…

        She pays for the service. Right? She pays for it. And, if she does not want her service monitored, why should it be? It shouldn’t be.

        I have underground electricity to my big barn, and my house. And, the structure that maintains my house is rotting. Its not attatched to the house. However, lucky me, I am the one that gets to pay to relocate the box where all the whirly gigs go round and round… And, the house and the barn, cost me $24 each per month, just to bring the power…OK?

        So. During the summer, the cost of bringing me power (to my barn), costs more than the energy used. . And, I get to tie them in myself, at my own cost…You see. I pay for that. Its mine.

        All the expense, usage and maintenance is mine. So. If I DO NOT want a monitor monitoring my usage, I should have a say so. And, as soon as I don’t, I’m going to make other arrangements.

        You don’t seem like you might even be close to being a conservative.

        And a sniper? I’m thinking that you have conservatives in your sights…Ok.

  78. There is a simple solution to this. File a class action suit in court that the meters cause health issues. Make the utilities pay each and every customer a fine and then have the courts make the utilities replace all of the meters.

  79. First of all….. ALL our government is ONE….. they might arrive differently…. but they are all for the same “Agenda 21, fascist, “One World Gov” under the UN crap!!! This is really happening. Go yo youtube and plug in the following: Agenda 21- Codex- Fema Camps-80% Depopulation = New World Order (Terror Camps: it’s a long presentation but highly informative… and frightening! If we do not do something right now… there will be no omorrow!!

  80. As an electrical engineer, these wireless meters DO NOT have the capability to control all the electronic devices in your home. They are meant to cut down on salaries ( overhead) of the armies of meter readers. The type of device to control the devices in ones house would be very expensive and to the tune of 100k per unit. These units are cheap. It is like wireless water meters, and they certainly don’t reach in and automatically flush and run your water…so get real……The power company would never spend that kind of money nor would the public service commission in the states allow it. Most of my posts here I support I am a very conservative republican, but this is one time you are wrong…….

  81. Is there not a way to disable the things? Maybe wrap it in tin foil or something? Zap it with a degauss coil or something to that effect?

    When they done ours, we had two choices. Have the meter or the old meter would be removed and no more power. I like A/C in the summer and heat in the summer. The options were not real good.

  82. The Global Warming hoax is being used as an excuse to take over everything. Remebmer the WMD’s in Iraq? They weren’t there. They were just an excuse to invade and spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on products sold by the military industrial complex. Global warming isn’t real, either, but it is being hyped like the WMD’s in order to force an “emergency response.”

  83. There are several thousands of people involved, and they have the right to determine how, and by whom, they are governed, So why are the officials who directed such a project still being paid by the local taxpayer. Sooner or later we are all going to have to rebel against these leaders, and replace them with ones that do our bidding. It if comes to downright war, armed conflict, so be it. Either we are going to be a free and independent people, or we are going to be slaves. It is up to us, we the people, not to a few power mad individuals who think they are the only ones fit to make decisions that affect our life.

  84. It is just too bad that a group of those brave ladies weren’t there to not just arrest the Utility Company workers but arrest the police as well for invasion of privacy and for assisting the Utility Workers against the wishes of the property owners. It appears that arresting police officers is what is going to have to happen in order for Order and Freedom to be restored.

  85. Australia tried such measures, but OUR installations of power supply are on our homes, and our homes come first, if the want meters without consent, they have to put it on the Power Pole instead! We OWN the homes we live in, NOT the Power Companies!

  86. I agree, these things are fascism in a box. I think that we would do well to abandon this specious nonsense about the health concerns over radio waves. People have been exposed to radio waves in the US for a long time and they are seriously not harmful. The real concern is that giving the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington (or the states) the tools to control our every move is a bad move because that’s exactly what they will do with them. If they didn’t want to do that then why would they be installing them? It;s bad enough that I need to fight over the remote control and thermostat with my daughter, I sure as hell don’t want to fight over those things with the do-gooders in government who want to enforce a “more sustainable lifestyle” on me. If they want to play with a thermostat or a TV they should go home and fight with their own families.


  88. Tad Cronn, You don’t know what your talking about. Shame on you for telling untruths and getting people scared and riled up for your enjoyment.

  89. As a geek, some of this Is BS, they cannot control your appliances nor the thermostat This was in use YEARS ago in NC and nothing happened. We manufactured this stuff and there was nothing in there to be afraid of. If one fears such, can your iPad, IPhone and such. Any RF device against your brain is MUCH worse than a stupid meter… Grrrrr.

  90. As my stepmother would say, BS! The women were out of line. Those power meters BELONG to the power company. They have a RIGHT, by LAW to change them as they so please. So far as the workers coming on her property, anyone ever hear of eminent domain? The junk about health risks associated with these meters is just that, junk, or more BS, if you please. The sounds are most likely nothing more than what is heard because of electrical power passing through the meter to do it’s job, in the home. If the home owner uses less, then most likely, the noise will be less. These meters are just modern versions of the old style meters that a lot of us grew up seeing on every home, apartment building, or business.

    In terms of the company being able to control the use of electricity in the home, such as controlling the thermostat, junk – PERIOD That meter has no more ability to to control a thermostat than used tires in the junk yard have of controlling the speed of an aircraft flying over head at 30,000 feet in the air. Insult yourselves people, THINK. How could a meter that is only set up to measure current flow through it control a thermostat? First of all, that thermostat is isolated by a small transformer that supplies it’s power to it. Unless the thermostat is a special one that was purposely made to accept control signals through it’s transformer, no computer commands are going to get to it.

    Whomever wrote this drivel about what the power company can, or can not do through one of these smart meters is just stirring up trouble, talking about things they have heard, that have no truth, or is using their imagination to do the same thing, stir up trouble among people who are concerned, but not informed. This article is zero percent better than the liberal agenda to control guns.
    Writers, kindly know what you are talking about, and have factual information, BEFORE publishing it.

  91. Can’t she just “allow” it to be installed, providing an affidavit at the time of installation of her refusal it be installed (that it is unlawfully on her property and once left there, the device on her property becomes her property), then when they’re gone just cur their connections or place a thimbleful of thermite on the boxes and melt’em down?

  92. By the way, if a person is going to shiver and shake, and be overly concerned about the electrical signals coming from such smart power meters, then it is an absolute must that you get rid of your televisions, radios, computers, microwave ovens, any appliance that is in anyway “sophisticated”, or “smart”, Bluetooth phones, cell phones of any kind, your car, or truck, portable music device of any kind, Kindle, or any kind of small computer, such as laptops, or notebooks, and other computer devices of this type. Why, because, guess what, they ALL to one degree or another generate and USE signals similar to what the smart power meters use. You are literally surrounded by these type signals. Hurry people, those who are afraid of such things hurry, get out NOW!!!!! RUN for your life, those signals are everywhere. You are drowning in them. Television stations use them, radio stations use them, the police, and Fire Departments for communications, your cell phones, it’s everywhere. The only safe place, literally, is out in the far distant country side, where not even a high voltage power line can be seen. You MUST revert to life as we knew it in the Middle ages. Save yourselves, RUN it is everywhere, making you ill, as you read this. There now, feel better?

  93. All bow down to in the presence of the great Washington “Patron”, who knows better what you need to live than you do. He knows that saving you money by charging you an additional monthly charge for a computerized meter you don’t need or want is good for you. The fact that you’ve been providing for yourself and your family perfectly well before he started redistributing your money, means nothing. The fact that he’s never worked a legitimate job, earned an honest dollar or even knows or cares anything about real Americans means nothing. YOU WILL DO IT

  94. The politicians who are ultimately responsible for the invasion must all be either impeached or voted out of office – whichever is quicker. Activists must be present at every City Council meeting and every neighborhood outreach by individual councilors – our rights are not negotiable. Meanwhile, the smart meters installed over homeowners’ objections need to suffer mysterious technical faults – data errors and intermittent signal losses – which make them more trouble to use than they’re worth.

  95. This is my third try to tell you about my smart meter…..it bugs me no end as they turn off electrics to ‘save’ some of it for high useage times. We get very hot and the use of AC is about 9 months of the year and it really struggles to keep up with all the people here!!! I think they use my neighborhood as a ‘test market’ to see how it goes doing this…….there are days I have to go out to the junction box two three times to turn it back on. Often when I have been out for a while it is off….yet my bill is never lower for it!!! I have called them on it many times but they deny anything to do with it ,but they control the meter right from the station so…..??

  96. Smart Meters, hmmm, freeze conservatives to death? Possible? Might Be. Hypothermia can occur at different temperatures for different people, due to health, age, etc… If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it, guess it would be time to go off the grid. Wish I had money to go off the grid.

  97. This is happening in Illinois. I’m in a different state and get a offer every 6 months from my electric company, they will pay me $25.00 a year to install their smart meter. Isn’t this a states issue, every state is handling it different through their state utility commission? How is your states utility commission formed. Appointed? Elected? This is a blue state, how are red states handling the subject? Another issue people need to learn to pay attention to. Your vote counts. Use it.

  98. Tad…..Where do you get your info. Changing out a meter that sends watthour reading to the power co. cannot control you AC heating or range in order to do that you need controls on each device to receive commands, like you can do with your cell phone. The power co has the right to not furnish you power if you do not allow access to your meter and by having a meter they can do as they wish (like read the meter) or change out the meter for a new one, etc. The service drop and meter belong to they you can provide a generator on your property to power you house, may need an underground (diesel or propane) fuel tank or a nateral gas supply. you may use solar but will another power source as sun is not as good in IL as say AZ or FL or any of the southern states. Dont think the city would let you put in wind power as they are very tall and big an you would need a few acres for this, and living in a city don’t think you have this. Or guess you can pay for the wired meter and the reason for the extra cost, they have to send out a meter reader and you lock yard so they cannot get 2 it to read, then they have to get police to come let them in. If I was the power co I would just refuse to supply you power till you comply with our rulls. And in one comment it said the called the cops to come out to arrest you, the cops were with them all along as you had refused to let them in before. They can not spy on you with a meter other than knowing how much electric you use.

    1. Where did you get your information, with improvements on the meters electronics they can make the meter do every thing that can be done eith any wireless device. The meter may not be able to do that today, what improvements are standing by.
      This is why we need the second amendment, do not trust the Goverment to do hat is in your best interest, they will not do it.

  99. You are an ill-informed dolt.
    If you could keep your meandering thoughts to yourself,
    you would not display your puerile mind.
    However, given your liberal bent, I sincerely doubt you can restrain yourself..

  100. I listened to this woman tell her story (on the radio) and what they arrested her for is blocking access to the electric meter that the company was going to replace with a ” smart ” meter.
    Even IF we don’t like it, almost every town and city has an easement law, which gives the utitlies companies access on to your property to do their maintenance work. You can’t stop the electric company from access to your meter right or wrong, it’s the law.

  101. If we as real Americans don’t resist then we get what we deserve. We need to get all the ammo we can and I’m not just talking about bullets

  102. the muslims are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the muslims are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. SMART METERS are Fascist indeed – each house can be monitored for usage (Strange usage patterns could signal illegal activity), and each meter can CONTROL the amount of energy used. Should the time come that “the enemy” wants to CUT ALL POWER to any and/or all specific users (read ‘houses’), the power company can turn OFF all power completely.

    This issue goes to GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF CITIZENS, no matter how you look at it. And yet it is happening nation-wide, with hardly a murmur of complaint.

    Got alternate energy sources? A solar panel & battery setup? Wind generators? Lots of batteries? A wood stove? Candles? …a match?

  104. You don’t own the meter and you aren’t legally allowed to prevent the power company from access to their equipment. To each and every one of you sniveling about EM emissions from these things: if you use a cellphone, you need to shut. up.

  105. The newest nightmare from Brave New World! It seems that Big Brother will stop at nothing
    to keep everyone under control. I wonder when everyone in America will be forced to
    have an identification nr. implanted in your body, just as it is done with cattle, cats, and dogs? Severe Government Control is rapidly taking over Freedom. I am wondering how
    far they will go with their plans for forced control, before folks say :
    Enough is Enough. This is not America and not our Western Civilization!
    Communism has never worked in East-Europe. And no one would ever allow it to return.
    Freedom is still very cherished in Europe … everyday.

  106. Well I hate to admite it but for once, o-butt-head has nothing to do with this because smart meters are almost 10 years old! A solution which would make a good point would be for the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group to turn off their power, and disconnect from the City power. Buy a generator, quit electing city managers etc.

  107. Why didn’t they just shut off their electricity and forget about them, $25,00 a month sounds awful far fetched too, but truth is often foreign to this site.

  108. Too bad our police department have become thugs for the corporate world. They have no problem rough housing or deliberately abusing citizens they swore to protect. Very sad to see some disarming citizens during emergencies, civil unrest, or just protecting their own property. Our police are there to serve and protect. I guess they forgot what they swore an oath to do. Very sad indeed.

  109. “The city offers a wired version of the meters but forces recipients to
    pay a $70 fee for installation and an additional $25 per month.”

    Not true!! They are forcing everyone to install wireless! Where are our property rights?? This is a violation of our civil rights!!

  110. For 50 years now our government has been pushing for us to use less power, gasoline, water, and produce less trash.

    We have blindly complied.

    When utility companies, say PG&E, were once paying taxes on an annual income of, say $40 billion, lower usage has led to lower annual income. Today they may pay taxes on, say $30 billion.

    It’s the same for every utility company.

    And government wonders why their tax revenues have decreased.

    And government is still too stupid to adjust their wasteful spending.

    And we the people are too stupid to simply replace them all. It can’t just be everybody else’s Senators and Representatives, everybody else’s state governments.

  111. Oh I see, they have a rght to access their equipment, but we DO NOT have a right to refuse access to our homes or property?So the police work for the power companies now? Since when do power companies have the right to attach something to your home without permission? They put the first meter there because the owner asked them to connect power to their home. They cannot attach a meter to your home for the first time without even contacting the owner first, right? I am not going to let them put one on my home. As a matter of fact I have already written the power company and told them NOT to put a smart meter on my home. What right do they have to determine how much power I should use or what appliances ishould use and for how long?
    What the hell is this country coming to anyway?

  112. EPA, UN and their Sustainable Development/Agenda-21, Soros… and all of the morons out there who prey on Americans and want to intimidate everyone into submission… their Newspeak/Political Correctness…go take a flying leap! We know what they are doing. I’m glad the two ladies had the backbone to stand up and demand to ‘stick the meters’ – I think More Americans should do the same thing. I’m waiting to get our next electric bill because we switched to other kind of home heating and cooling and water heating. And, NO it wasn’t “Green Crap.” I know a family member who has a Prius. Beautiful car. The Battery went bad and it only cost him $3,800 to replace the battery. LOL. Just wait until it costs more to plug that car into an electric outlet then it does to put gas in the car!

  113. It might be their frigging meter but it’s my house. we are under a contract that they can’t change in the middle of the agreement. They have the right to make repairs as in the contract but not additional changes that monitor my use and I sure as hell didn’t give them the right to adjust my usage without my consent.

  114. “The group is suing the city over the installations which have already occurred in over 57,000 homes.” … Well, the group should be suing those who Represent the city… and, not sue the taxpayers…. Since it’s those who represent the city, that have allowed this .

  115. Just shoot the trespassing interlopers. Put them in their graves and perhaps the next bunch won’t be so happy to infringe on the privacy of other citizens.

  116. the chimp in charge delivers the greatest nation in the history of mankind to communists at the UN;; in return he is crowned CZAR OF THE WORLD; that “is ” his agenda. 21

  117. No way this can be a legal arrest, even if the citizen signed permission to the power company to access their equipment. The permission can be withdrawn by the citizen at any time. No exigent circumstances existed in this case . The police needed a court order or a search warrant to forcibly enter this. Property. The power co. could have cut her power until an agreement was reached , this is Fascist agenda 21 at its worse. Next step will be to attach a camera and or a listening device to the wireless meter.and the telivision. Or any other appliance that has wireless signals.

  118. What happens when a labor union dispute at the power company stalls. The union and goverment can control everyone’s power. in the winter they can freeze you out, burst your water pipes, rot your food, set your house on fire with other appliances in the summer they can make the heat overbearing, scald you with hot water from one second to the other. Fascism ladies and gentlemen, you had better wake up. It is here.

  119. What is happening in our country? Where is the FIGHT to combat the constitutional erosion of our rights? I can’t believe so much of what’s going on!

  120. This is how it starts, folks! You never think the thugs will come after you, but they do…and it always gets worse before it gets better.

  121. We have smart meters in California and my Utility bill is terrible. 1700 SF home bill is 1,500 per month in the summer. Thanks smart meeter for making my energy more reliable and cheaper

  122. Congratulations, Herr Kriegerd. Der Fuehrer would be so proud of you and your
    Gestapo people in Naperville!!!!! Forcing the public to accept constant surveillance
    of their private life and the shredding of the once known Constitution of the United
    States of America will make Naperville
    the model city of the New Socialist Order!!!!
    You should be so proud of yourself.
    The thousands of people in your country that have laid down their lives
    to protect this country from a Nazi or Soviet style government have now died in
    You have made great strides in the helping to change this
    country. Soon, it will be known as the
    Peoples United Socialist States of America. You and your Gestapo are forcing the people
    of your town to accept these smart meters that not only can tell everyone in
    your town of every single move this person and their family make in their
    house, but you will effectively carry out the orders of the Fuehrer with the
    Agenda 21 by shortening the live of the occupants of the house. The smart meter has radio frequencies that
    are directly linked to cancer. WOW. You will some day go down in history. Sincerely, Geheimish Verbotten.

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