Cleavage, Piercings, Tattoos & Sagging Pants Banned By Texas Schools

Cleavage, Piercings, Tattoos & Sagging Pants Banned By Texas Schools

Over the last 40 years, school dress codes have reflected the moral decay of our nation.  When I attended high school back in the late 1960s, we had to adhere to a fairly strict dress code.  No shorts or t-shirts were allowed, girls dresses could not be any higher than 2 inches above the knee and no facial hair for guys.  Basically we were expected to dress in the manner fitting of many work environments.  It was done to prevent appearances from becoming a distraction to others.

If you’ve driven by a public high school in the past 10 years you may be shocked and appalled by the appearance of students.  Boys walking around in tattered t-shirts and baggy pants that barely hang on their butts revealing 4-8 inches of their underwear.  Hair in many colors and styles along with pierced eyelids, noses, lips, tongues and I dare not mention where else.  Girls walk around dressed like hookers waiting for a guy to rape them.  In some locations, gang colors, bandanas, hats and shirts are proudly worn.  Other shirts have profanity and display lewd and perverse images.

In general, too many of our young people dress in a manner that reflects their lack of respect for themselves and others.  They have little modesty, decency or moral standards.

At least one school district is taking steps to reverse this trend and try to instill some self-respect into their young people and prevent their physical appearance from detracting from the educational process.

Keller Independent School District in Keller, Texas has a new dress code that they will be enforcing this fall semester.  The suburb of 40,000 people just north of Fort Worth is dead set on making a difference in their children.  The new dress code starts out saying:

“The Keller ISD dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.”

Then it addresses hair, clothing, general appearance and accessories.

On shirts and tops, the dress code forbids the wearing of half-length, tank top, strapless, cut-off, halter, bare-midriff, see through or sheer, tops that showed cleavage, too low cut or had plunging necklines.  All undergarments must be completely covered.  Shirts may not display swear words or sexually explicit material, no gang related colors or symbols, or anything that may be offensive to others.  No clothing that could be classified as pajamas will be allowed.

On pants, they must be worn at the natural waistline and if necessary a belt must be worn to keep them at the natural waistline.  No form fitting pants like leggings, tights, yoga pants are allowed. Lengths of hemlines, pants and slits in skirts were limited.

On appearance and accessories, no tattoos – temporary or permanent, no piercings other than earrings.  No teeth grills, ear gauges or any jewelry with sharps points or edges.  No hats, visors, bandanas or head scarves.  No sunglasses or extreme styles of contact lenses.

Any student wanting to wear religious articles of clothing must obtain the approval of school administrators.

Dr. Randy Reid, Superintendent of the school district commented about the new dress code:

“The goal obviously is to have well dressed modestly – well dressed students in our schools.  We want to focus on education.”

At least one junior high school student seems to think the new dress code is appropriate saying:

“So many of the clothes were really inappropriate.  Shorts way too short – form fitting clothing – it was like you were naked but your legs were a different color.”

One high school senior also commented about the new dress code saying:

“We don’t really get to choose what we wear now.  We would rather just have uniforms.

I know a number of people may not agree with the steps the school district is taking, but I think it’s a great idea especially with high school students.  A high school administrator once told me that one of the main purposes of high school isn’t only to educate teenagers, but to help prepare them for the real working world they will be facing after they graduate.  Most businesses have a dress code and would not allow employees to dress the way many of today’s high schoolers dress.

I’m curious to see just how the enforcement of the new dress code will pan out.  Will there be challenges and if so, from who and for what reasons?  Who will prevail, the school district or the challenger?


52 thoughts on “Cleavage, Piercings, Tattoos & Sagging Pants Banned By Texas Schools

  1. Well i agree with it, i mean in my school some people look a little ridiculous and it’s annoying. Girls ain’t that bad usually. Mostly guys who sag and wear trashy lookin stuff. Not gonna stop everyone from dressin how they want but it keeps it under control.

    1. If you turned in an assignment in my class with so many obvious errors I would turn it back to you with the stamped message; I do not accept rough drafts. Please redo it. I teach physics and chemistry but require all assignments to follow our school academic standards. Such standards are just as important as dress and grooming standards.

      1. Ya but you don’t get how they run it. Sometimes the schools are a little ridiculous. Even are administrators don’t force us to follow the standard to a T. Most people have common sense to realize, hey that kid’s a good kid and that kid’s a trouble maker. You can’t be so strict, then you end up just being harsh. At our school we’re not allowed to have a certain area of hair longer than the resti, i think 2 inches maybe. The teachers know that rule is for kids who try to have mohawks not for kids who just want to gel their hair up and wear a nice collared shirt.

        1. Maybe your school should be a little more “harsh”. Judging from your spelling and grammar, they’re not harsh enough.

        2. I’d appreciate it if you’d be a little kinder seeing as most kids these days are liberal and i’m the conservative few. Now, concerning the spelling and grammar, i type on a tabket that often lags because i type to fast which makes the words mispelled sometimes. All i was saying, is that you have to remember why the rules are there. Everyone is human and rules can’t always be followed perfectly. I don’t think because i want to gel my hair and wear nice clothes that i should recieve the same punishment as the kid who deliberately tries to ignore the dress code. My teachers know i’m the kid who doesn’t do his homework right, doesn’t turn it in but aces the test. I’m not dumb, i always excel when i have to. Anyways, the point being, that the homework is supposed to prepare you for thes test in the same way that the dress code is supposed to prepare you to dress like a respectable person. If you don’t follow the rules perfectly but dress respectably, what does it matter. There’s nothing wrong with rules, just don’t lose sight of what they’re for.

    1. My daughter’s school, outside of Houston, has had a dress code very similar to this for a long time. Many Texas schools outside the liberalized urban areas have maintained sensible standards for years.

  2. Great idea! Maybe now the kids can get some work done. Hopefully other school districts will make and enforce dress codes as well. As for the snotty senior who commented, “now we don’t get to pick what we wear.”, dressing like a hooker or gangsta is a bad choice and when kids can’t make good choices themselves, obviously the choice has to be made for them. Shut up, cover up and study, you are in school to learn…life is hard and your employer isn’t going to put up with what your school has been putting up with.

    1. It’s the Parents who allowed this degeneracy! Children aren’t the blame! Their sorry assed irresponsible parents are the ones who allowed them to get to this degeneracy! Black AND White!

  3. Now if the Administration has the balls to stand up to the ‘out of district’ liberal media pressure. Certainly some crackpot will file a law suit demanding that their little snow flake be allowed to ‘express’ themselves and some shyster lawyer will demand the district throw it out. Then there will be some liberal judge who will want to make a name for themselves as well!

    Time for All of the REAL people to stand up and tell all of the wackos to kiss off!

  4. Hahaha…im waiting to see these kids protest in order to miss school?? I think it should be implemented State Wide throughout this country. Violators should do extra curricular studies on first offense..2nd offense you get KP included..3rd offense you are dropped from the rolls:)

  5. Boys and men walking around with their pants at “half-mast”, droopy-drawered, looking like they have a “load” in their pants, has to be the stupidest look ever sported. Why on earth would anybody want to look like one of Obama’s sons (if he had one) especially as he soon could be stretched out on a slab dead, with a bullet hole in him, for looking and acting stupidly. Gee, I wonder why they can’t find employment?

    1. The “sag and bag” look started in the late ’70s early 80’s in the California prison system when the gangs were using their belts as weapons. The guards took the prisoners’ belts away and as the prisoners usually would lose weight in prison, their pants would begin to sag. In solidarity with their “oppressed” brothers, the gangs on the street emulated the look. It became extreme when the street gangs would suspend large caliber weapons from a cord around their waists hidden in their saggy pants. Then the school systems around the same time dropped their dress codes. The rest is history.

      1. Yeah, I know all that, but you left out some key information. The prisoners with their pants hanging off their backside signify they haven’t been BF’d (yet) as a way to taunt the prisoners that had and those that wanted to. My kids are grown adults and thankfully grew up before that trend started. If I was a parent of a teen today, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house dressed like that or wearing clothes that could be reconfigured to that look. My kids would not be allowed to emulate prisoners, period! If he did leave the house looking like that, it would be the last time.

      2. Exactly. Those baggy pants remind me of a loaded baby’s diaper and it’s laughably ironic that those who wear them demand to be treated like men.

  6. Very good of course. But, the muslims will come along and demand better treatment and the clothing code will not be good for them. Stand your ground (in all ways)

    1. This is America, Muslims should comply with ANY uniform requirements, OR , they need to return to their native land and wear whatever they want! The lefties want “seperation of church and state”, so, if a school is part of the “state”, religious considerations should be gone for ALL religions, not only Christian and Jewish. Want to really “seperate Church and State? How about we do away with the Christmas break, you know the two weeks that teachers uions demand. Lets get rid of the week off at Easter too. Thats a Christian holiday. Or do you lefty libs ONLY want to do away with other religious stuff, but keep the “time off”??

      1. You are getting the point. Lets go one further. Marxism is a religion it has all the aspects of one according to liberals. They have to either give us their “holy days” off or eliminate it from schools. :)

  7. I feel that this does not go far enough. If I were the head of the district, I would have gone all the way and introduce a school uniform starting with this school year…it need not be too complex, and I feel that it would put a focus back on education rather than dress style. This is the uniform I would have (keep in mind this is Texas and I’m using the state colors in this):

    All uniforms: on shirts and sweaters: school patch on right sleeve, Texas flag on left sleeve
    Boys (pattern 1): White Oxford shirt (short or long sleeve), burgundy tie, optional blue sweater, navy slacks, black or navy shoes
    Girls (pattern 1) : White Oxford blouse (short or long sleeve), burgundy cross necktie, optional blue sweater, navy slacks, black or navy shoes
    Boys and girls (pattern 2): White short-sleeve polo shirt, navy slacks or shorts, black or navy shoes and socks.

    Acceptable haircuts and hair styles, and female nail polish: use Army Regulation 670-1, latest version.

    Religious headgear (i.e., yarmulkes, turbans, hijabs): Must be navy in color. Hijabs must be tucked into the uniform shirt. All other headgear must be stowed in lockers during the school day and may not be worn between the first bell and dismissal (including after-school activities and detention including Saturday detention, except as part of an athletic uniform).

    There would be no skirt-based uniforms (an exception might be considered for a female Jewish student, but the resulting skirt would have to go below the knee), and all shirts would have to be tucked in at all times.

    1. No religious statements or biases should be allowed therefore no Muslim clothing allowed in school…it is a distraction just like some guy wearing there pants way below their backsides. It is just as repulsive to see and just as offensive. Otherwise a Catholic should be allowed to wear a crucifix, a Wicca wear skeletons, etc., etc, etc. no headwear at all as in NONE, NADA.

    1. I’d be a bit more lenient on it. NYC uses magnetometers to prevent students from having them even brought to locker room. I’d go by “if it’s seen, it’s taken”…however, I would make an exception for tablets or laptops when there isn’t a test. Although it was graduate school, I used my tablet (with a keyboard attached) to type out notes and record the class. The use of phones would be prohibited during the school day, however.

      1. Want to get back to good, quality education. No laptops, tables or smartphones, or even cell phones allowed. Kids can “relearn” to live without them. Students survived for over 225 years in this country w/o being “connected”. They can do so again. How about bringing back, just a good old simple paper and “bic” pen? These kids DO NOT need to be in constant touch with each other. And, some parents need to learn that they need to talk to their kids, FACE TO FACE, not text them! 2 things for ALL schools. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES OF ANY KIND ALLOWED, (confiscate, with a “no return” policy if a device is seen) and every child IN AMERICA NEEDS TO HAVE A STANDARD UNIFORM, OF A STANDARD LENGTH, WITH A STANDARD AMOUNT OF BUTTONS AND BELTS, WORN IN A STANDARD MANNER. And guess what, TEACHERS should also wear similiar uniforms! What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander! The use of certain words, especially the “N” word, and the “F” word, gets an automatic suspension, with a third violation earns an automatic expulsion. Mandatory, (twice per semester) parent/guardian with teacher meetings. Parents don’t show up, kid not allowed to attend school, until the parent complies! Remove teacher tenure, and FIRE the bad teachers. Disenfranchise ALL teacher unions. AND most important, teachers must pass a test every other year regarding the subjects they teach, to retain teaching credential. Teacher pay for the following year, dependent on how well her students from this year score on a standarized test. For example, if a teachers students score 20% below their average grade level, the following year, that teacher gets a 20% pay cut. Simple, ….. Pay, base on performance! There are MANY other things that can be done, but this list is a good start!

        1. Excellent! Bravo! I wholeheartedly agree with every jot and tittle of your comments. If only. From your lips to God’s ear.

  8. These issue and more are the reason the majority of poll participants on Fox News are voting for school uniforms. Puts everyone on a level playing field!

  9. The only problem I have with the whole thing is the part, “or may be offensive to others.” That’s liberaleze that gives a blanket to liberals to say something offends them so it should be banned. If rules are going to be implemented, they should be clear, concise, and accurate….not vague and left open to personal interpretation as political correctness has run amok in our society. I believe the intention is noble. People just need to be careful they don’t give up too much of their freedom and personal liberty in the process. Our government is all about control and if people don’t remain vigilant, allowing the school system more control over children’s lives could be the trojan horse that backfires.


    1. I was with you until you said “no tablets”. If you have textbooks on tablets (but bar earphones and headphones in schools), that is that much less that a student has to carry to school. If the school issues tablets, there should be a way to “lock” them so that only certain files can be saved on them. Technology can be used as a teaching tool for non-mathematics subjects. If a teacher gets out of line, a recording done via a tablet can also serve as evidence of wrongdoing; instead of the student’s word versus the teacher’s word, it would be the student’s recording (subject to authentication) versus the teacher’s word.

  10. I would hope the schools would also require both the girls and boys to have sleeves on their upper body-wear that would extend down at least 1/4 of the way to the elbow and a neckline preventing the viewing of upper parts of breasts or undergarments.

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      If you turned in an assignment in
      my class with so many obvious errors I would turn it back to you with
      the stamped message; I do not accept rough drafts. Please redo it. I
      teach physics and chemistry but require all assignments to follow our
      school academic standards. Such standards are just as important as
      dress and grooming standards.

      1. I accept your editing of my post that was not proofed—but I give you a big “Zero” for being off-subject. Being 81 years young, with poor eyesight and hearing (among other things), combined with a lack of expertise on this old computer, which has a limited “spell-check” program, I am frequently prone to such grievous errors—what is your excuse? I find that such off-subject responses frequently reveal one has little of importance to contribute; “you are stepping on ants while lions are leaping through the windows”, to paraphrase some old sage. Perhaps you are a “plant” with the task of taking the other readers’ focus of the serious subject at hand. Ciao.

  11. WHOA!!! Sunglasses? Serious mistake. Eye protection outside in sunlight should be strongly encouraged with limited restrictions only as to excessive style. Talk to optometrists for guidance before denying students (and staff) proper eyewear.

      1. Tim, I once had a friend who insisted on wearing his dark glasses ALL the time and when we called him on it his response was, “Baby, when you cool the sun ALWAYS shines!”

  12. I like this and it is about time someone give these children some boundaries. The problem as I see it is this. If the teachers do not have a clothing code then what does that say to the children. I worked for a school as a custodian for 10 years, and the Superintendent of Schools decided to give the children a dress code to follow. She then told the teachers what they could wear There was a battle with the teachers, but not so much with the children. The teachers refused to buckle under and dress appropriately. When I was in school, the teachers for the most part came with suits on. A lot of the women teachers wore dresses, but a lot also wore suits. The men wore suit and ties. I also remember some of the boys started wearing their pants half way down the butt and look disgusting. The girls were into petty coats and we could only walk two or three down the hall because we took up to much room, but we were neat and clean. If they are going to come up with a dress code for the children they need one for the teachers as well. I do not know if you have noticed but bank tellers, or that bank I attend, the tellers have very nice dresses or pant suits on. Looks real nice. I am upset with personal working in hospitals since they relaxed their dress code. I know we talk about profiling, but it does make me think when I see baggy pants and mini skirts. I often wonder about male teachers how they handle the girls in the short skirts and breast popping out. . I wonder if that might be the reason there is so much inappropriate touching going on in the schools .It seems we live in a sex crazed world and it disgusts me greatly when I hear a female teacher has molested a little boy. I am appalled about the men teachers as well. If we dressed nicer maybe the temptation would not be as great.

  13. Plan on the first greasy A$# attorney right out of law school who has passed the board try to get hired by the parents and attempt to sue the district and everyone in it….after all, he/she needs to make a living.

    Telling people what to do, how to behave, what to say and how to act is UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND RACIST. Where you been??

    The liberals want absolute freedom to do and say whatever they want. They are marching toward total social anarchy.

  14. whats wrong with having a minimum set of standards?
    I guess, just like the Constitution, it’s passe?
    kids should not be allowed an opinion on this as they are emotionally stunted due to the lack of mature emotional and intellectual development. Modesty is a mature person that has self worth and THEREFORE self respect. Between TV, radio, and environmental violations on every level – even by teachers – our children are desensitized to the overt moral decay.

  15. Its a great start I approve of the dress code one hundred per cent.I graduated from high school in nineteen sixty two and wore none of the bs they wear now.Thank you Texas for making a statement that we hope and pray will be adopted bu the rest of America..

  16. My son goes to a charter high school and they have a dress code. Bottoms are either khaki or navy blue. Shorts/skorts on girls have to be level with the fingertips, but they can wear skinny legs pants. They tops are poloes, either navy, white, light blue, or burgandy. They can have long sleeves or short sleeves but MUST ben tucked in. Pants have to have belts and shoes are all one color. No colored tennis shoes, or Crocs, sandals, etc. Of course no hats, tats, or piercings, etc.

    I have no problem with uniforms of any kind at all. You don’t have to worry about somebody coming to school with designer names on their clothes or shoes and you don’t have little wannabe hootchie mama’s and wannabe gangbangers wandering around and distracting everybody.

  17. I’ve seen the way some kids dress for job interviews. Unbelievable.

    When did flip-flops become acceptable footwear for interviews? I must have missed that memo. And put away the freakin’ phone. If you can’t live for a half hour without checking Facebook, you’re not working here. Speak clearly and in English. When you are taking the orders from the customer, listen carefully. It’s okay if you can’t tell the difference between the salad fork and the dinner fork, we just want the order to be placed correctly.

    These are all skills that the students should have (operative phrase…should have) learned in school. That why students need to take notes during class, and turn in homework that is actually complete (including answering the very first question which is…What is your name?).

    Okay, okay, okay. I’ll get off my soap box. I’m just tired of going to a fast food place, being greeted in a foreign language, trying to place a simple order for 2 breakfast sandwiches and being greeted with “Huh?” or asking for a black coffee with no sugar and being given a regular coffee with milk and sugar.

  18. Good for Texas! If a kid isn’t intelligent enough to pull their pants up, they should be home wearing diapers! Idiots!

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