Comcast Cable Network Bans All Firearms Related Advertising

Comcast Corporation is the largest cable television provider in the nation.  It is also one of the largest providers of internet and home telephone services.  Their last revenue report was for 2011 where they grossed $55.8 billion.  Headquartered in Philadelphia, Comcast services can be found in 40 states and Washington D.C.  In many of those areas, they are the only cable option available.

In addition to being the largest cable provider in the nation, Comcast also holds shares of small cable networks such as NBC Sports Network, Golf Channel, G4,E! Entertainment Television, and Style Network.  More recently, Comcast purchased 51% of NBC Universal in 2011 and the remaining 49% earlier this month.  They have been the PacMan of the cable industry, devouring smaller companies that lie in their path.

In the wake of all of the gun control talk and legislation, Comcast executives decided to enact a company-wide ban on all advertisements from gun or ammunition manufacturers, retail sales distributors or even sporting events that have anything to do with firearms or weapons.  NBC Universal had a similar policy when they were acquired by Comcast and the new parent company expanded those policies throughout the company.

The ban on advertisements even affects local businesses that have been advertising on the local Comcast cable company in the past.  As of February 8 of this year, Comcast has cancelled all existing advertising and will refuse to take any others in the future.  A statement issued by the company said:

“Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward.  This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.”

The ban was made company wide, but was kept a secret from the general public until Canadian American Corp, an advertising agency, attempted to purchase an ad on the local cable channel for Williams Gun Sight, Inc. located in Davison, Michigan.  The company had placed ads with the cable company in the past. Dan Compeau, COO for Williams Gun Sight, said he believes the ban is unconstitutional and told CBS News:

“We’re a perfectly legal company selling a perfectly legal product and they have chosen us out of all the industries out there to make a stand on what’s right or wrong.”

“We were totally caught off guard by it.  All these TV stations are taking millions, if not billions, from alcohol companies — and alcohol deaths, alcohol sickness, way outpaces anything a gun can do. [Comcast] is two-faced.”

John Kupiec, President of Canadian American Corp, said that he believes that Comcast represents a monopoly since they garner two-thirds of the domestic market.  His company is considering taking legal action against Comcast.  He also wants Congress to investigate the company.  He explained:

“The next step is we want to get the lawmakers on Capitol Hill to review the monopolistic rights this company (Comcast) currently enjoys as the largest cable provider in the United States.”

“If you’re a gun range, if you sell firearms, ammunition, whatever, they will not accept your advertising.  I’m an avid hunter and I believe this is a direct threat on the Second Amendment, a direct assault on legal businesses in the United States, and I think it’s antitrust.”

If Comcast decided to ban all advertising that supported companies like Target and JC Penney or others who supported gay rights, there would be a firestorm of attacks and accusations of being hateful and insensitive.  But when they take the same action against the gun industry which the Obama administration would like to put out of business, little is done or said against them.

If Comcast is allowed to refuse to take orders from anyone involved in the gun industry, then a bakery should be allowed to refuse to take orders from a homosexual couple.  If the action of the bakery is considered to be wrong, then so should the actions taken by Comcast.

I agree with Kupiec in that Congress needs to investigate Comcast on violations of the anti-trust laws in that they have become a monopoly in many areas.  I recall when Congress forced AT&T to split apart because it was a monopoly back in 1974.  Perhaps they need to force Comcast to do the same thing.

352 thoughts on “Comcast Cable Network Bans All Firearms Related Advertising


    Cancel your Comcast subscription and look for another provider. Hit them where it hurts the most…… their over-stuffed wallets.

    1. I cancelled my Comcast service in January reason
      Comcast is nothing but Ash and trash and a mouthpiece for the lIberal left wing

      1. I grew up in Silver Spring, Al. You’re surrounded by liberals and have my deepest sympathy. It must be tough living in that state these days.

        1. I think I’m the only conservatoive left in my county in NY> I just bought a small house in Florida and will get the heck out of here. High Taxes, teacher’s unions ALWAYS get their raises on my Property tax and the highest income tax state in the nartion after Californoa. I’m done. Let them have their unions and illegals.I just cancelled my Comcast account that I have in my Florida house. DONE with them and when the grndkids want to go to orlando? NOT to their theme park.

        2. Good for you Deb, I don’t blame you. I live in Pennsylvania which is becoming more like West New Jersey. If this state passes gay marriage, I’m heading south too, but we won’t go down without a fight. I’m looking to cancel my Comcast too after that boneheaded move to ban the gun industry. They’re way too expensive anyway.

        3. Left PA 14 years ago and moved to a small SC town. The only problem living in the south are the negros. They won’t work, don’t want to work and ain’t ever going to work. But the taxes are low, schools stink, cost of living is ok, and I am still glad I left northern lib country where guns are being taken away and economic slavery is in place.

        4. They traded one plantation for another it seems…the welfare state; and one master for another…the democrat party.

        5. I live in NY and tg i can get DirectVinstead of Comcast. There are a few bastion’s of conservatisim left in NY(mostly upstate) but we get out voted and out represented by the rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel here. The blacks here are mostly ok and do work. We can find the trash in every race. i agree though that they did indeed trade one plantation and master for another and gotta remember the KKK was southern Democrat’s as well. If our little mussolini Andrew Coumo gets away with this totally illegal gun grab action I will take my loses and move to Texas as that’s where all the gun and ammo manufacturer’s will be headed as well

        6. Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed on to Obama care. So it looks like maybe you should go to Texas. And I voted for him! I guess that South Florida bunch is taking over this once great state that I grew up in!

        7. I voted for him, too! Can’t believe how he flip flopped. I was missing Fl, but now I’m glad I moved back to Ga

        8. I don’t really know what you mean regarding blacks and Mexicans. I moved to be close to my family.

        9. We have to fight and it is a fight for our very lives here. kill the gun gbrab legislation of ovomite and others like coumo then send an eod team into that tower of Babble in the rotted apple. blow up that trash so called sculpture in front and give the rat’s inside 24hrs to get out as the tower is coming down

        10. I am a full time resident of Naples Florida and it is predominately conservative, but we are becoming overwhelmed by the black and mexican parasites who all vote democratic.

        11. Many New Yorkers will be following your lead. One day, Bloomberg & Cuomo will wake up and there will be NO Taxpayer/Suckers left to pay the bills.

        12. Sister if you think Florida is any better, any more conservative, any less corrupt, you better stay in NY! If anything it is more politically corrupt than NY. Of course most of the Yankee residents vote Twice or three times and several counties in FL turn out voters in numbers to exceed 150 % of residents, all damnocrats of course!

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        14. Taint just “Silver City” but all of Maryland. I am a product of Bethesda elementary and High Schools as well as Montgomery Jr. College and Univ of MD (1957). It shames me that so much of the state supports the food stamp party.


        16. The Peoples’ Republic of Maryland. It is hell on Earth trying to live here. Can’t wait to bail out before the lid comes off.

        17. The Only reason we live here is because of the proximity of Walter
          Reed now at Bethesda National Medical Center Hospital ,The Commissaries at Ft
          Meade and Fort Myer and PX’s as I retired from Walter Reed and from Fort Myer,
          VA Military 1979 and DOD Fort McNair MDW in 1997.
          I hate the Left wing Liberal Administration that runs this County and I am most like;y the Only republican conservative with the exception of 2 other people on my Street here near Wheaton High School

          AL EISNER

        1. Without T.V. you will have a better life, I would make that promise, I have T.V. but don’t have cable, sat. just buy and collect the movies I want and watch all the free old T.V. shows I want on the internet!

        2. WHycan’t you afford to? ALL of the cable companies have deals. IF you have a conscientious objection to their policies they have to let you out of the contract.

        3. I have called and battled with them for deals…oh I’ll get out of it, but $$ is tight to start all over again…but I’ll find a way!

        4. My direct TV bill is over $200/mo and that is before buying a movie or sports event. They do have plans for around $29 per month for basic service.

        5. I thought there was something coming out soon where you can order JUST the channels you want! Not sure who it was! Anyone hear about this!

        6. I have Direct and i do an ali- carte where i select what i want and disregard what i don’t. Admit i still get channels i never turn to but that’s about the worst of it

        7. I have everything available on Dish, less the specialty sports programs, for less than half that. And most of that is wasted, especially the Obama networks.

        8. Get a Roku box, and a roof antenna! I did I was fed up paying for a TV service I hardly ever watched. I found out I have 17 local channels, about half come in HD. Save some money.
          You can also watch a lot of TV by going to the channel on line.

        9. People who live near a large metro area can get a fantastic number of high definition digital stations right off of an “over the air” antenna designed for digital reception. Except for the purchase and installation of the equipment it is all free. Is free good?

      2. Good for you doc!
        We currently have Comcrap but will be dumping them in a couple of months when we are scheduled to move. Our new provider will be COX. I just hope they have their heads on straight!

        1. If you can get through to them, please let me know. I have made numerous calls to them, but can never get through to their advertising dept.

        2. That’s because the don’t want to talk to the CUSTOMER! It will be their downfall. Then maybe obamy will bail their butts out….

        3. So sorry to tell you – Cox is liberal. They own the newspaper in Austin as well as in two of the three small towns in my county. You find nothing in these papers that isn’t along the Obama agenda.

        4. TexasOlTimer, you’ve really made my day -not :)
          That’ not encouraging. It’s like we just can’t get away from this liberal crap.
          Oh well, will just have to keep the fight going after our move.
          Thanks for the info.

        5. Thanks for the info, will be marking Austiin and the sorrounding area of my list of potential relocation areas in Texas. Gonna have to post Texas Ranger’s at all roads leading in and have anyone with an out of state tag fillout a questionaire. also search the vehicle, if no weapon’s found and liberal tud answers to questionaire turn em back or we will surely lose the last great bation of Conservative values in the country

    2. Yea, I’ve been saying this forever, no one does it. I say cancel all of it, cable/satellite. You are funding your own demise by paying for their service and all the taxes attached. 150 channels of NOTHING good to watch. Brainwashing is all it is. At least cancel the dam Comcast now, really folks come on!. How are we ever going to make any friggin progress if we keep paying for the media bias and destruction of our Constitution & country. It needs to happen, we are large enough to make a deep impact IF everyone does it. Mine has been gone for 3 years now. I am one person. Be a conservative. By canceling the box you will have to act like one, if not your a hypocrite. Has anyone checked to see if the commie comcast cable is also receiving the new al-jazeer signal? Good chance they are, how many more reasons do you need people? So what, the cable is not on 24/7. Your lives will improve, mine did. You will always have your internet that is all you need. You can see FOX news on the internet, you can subscribe to blazeTV, you can go to the library and check out DVD’s for zero cost, you can get a converter box for 30 bucks and zero cost per month for local stations. That is all that is needed. Best to do it now voluntarily because when the $hit all collapses there won’t be money to pay for it, so nip it in the bidd now and who knows…. something horrible might get de-railed just enough to make a positive difference. We shall see what you do. If everyone really wants to do something then DO SOMETHING. This would be so much more effective then the stupid tea party meetings to discuss a gov. we no longer have control over. Face it, we have made our “civil SERVANTS” our “rulers”. All for tv. Such a disgrace.

      1. 150 channels of NOTHING good to watch! You got that right. We do every once in a while get a little nugget of real entertainment but those are far and few between.

        I’d like to see a conservative cable company emerge. I think there would definitely be a market for it.

        1. I agree, good idea! Meantime don’t pay for the communism. That nugget can be easily replaced at your public library or DVD rental source. Seriously, it is better. My library has such a huge selection of movies, documentary’s, TV shows, shows from HBO. Three years and I still have not seen 1/2 of them. All the old TV shows like All in the Family, Bewitched, MASH, Andy Griffith, Perry Mason, the list goes on and on and you will see soooo many references in these old shows to bashing and DE-moting communism it will shock you, it will wake you right up to see how our media and country was before they were brainwashed. It is amazing I’m telling you guys you have to do it! Archie Bunker was big time conservative and the history references in these shows is also remarkable. You can learn too. Thanks for the comment Patriot!

        2. Thanks dshevlin.

          Unfortunately, I need access to upper-level internet access. As I previously posted, we will be moving in a couple of months and our new provider will be Cox. Don’t know anything about them however.

        3. Some local phone companies can serve this need. That is what I use. If not at least you get to fund another and not comcast! Best wishes.

        4. Thanks dshevlin!

          I tried getting dsl a number of years ago and got the run-around and finally found out I wasn’t close enough to one of their boxes. I’m moving to the southwest in a couple of months where cox is the local provider and I’ll check with them about their services as well as their policy. Hopefully, that will work out.

        5. You and everyone else who have replied in support or to confirm the message are Team America at her finest! God Bless to all because America is worth it and she is a Blessing. Thanks for telling me your stories! Remember the movie Team America? “America %uck yea, freedom is the ONLY way!” Let’s roll people!! :)

        6. Thanks Deborah. I’ll be moving to the South West in a couple of months and COX is the service provider in that area. Hope they are better than Comcrap! :)
          I’m checking out Direct TV a well.

        7. Call them and ask them if they hgave a ban on guns ads and what their company culture is they have a statement all prepared in writing. THZEN ask the what candidates did their company donate to. You can get a list by law or from the government website. IF we do our homework we can beat them.

        8. What was that all about? Can’t believe it’s because they weren’t bringing in the advertising dollars. Sounds political to me.

        9. Be careful with DIRECT! I have them, and signed up under one of their promotions. Didn’t get what was advertised because I didn’t request it. Found out afterwards that if you did not ask, they didn’t give it to you. I had to fight to NOT have the free HBO, and the other premium movies. The reason is it is to their advantage. MOST people forget to cancel before the time is up, and gets charged for at least one extra month or more. I will cancel after my contract is up!

        10. The problem is MOST of the media is owned by the Democrat leaning business people. If conservative would start one, the libs would just buy them out and change the format.
          Look how the democrates complained about the conservative radio talk shows, saying they should have equal time, and that it wasn’t fair because their stations couldn’t make a go of it. As a youngster, I rember there was more stations on TV with a differant point of view. Now you get one side, and if you don’t like it, TOUGH!

      2. Most of my air-time is spent watching Military Channel, National Geographic in HD, Fox Cable, and later at night, a movie if it is good, and I have been finding that some of the foreign language films are very good, even the ones from S. America now. Turner Classic Movies still comes across with a lead in speaker, and no commercial. Great old movies. I gave up on The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel. They are pretty much filled with boring crap now. ‘Shark week! Shark week! Grrrr. Got to take the bad with the good to get certain channels, but at least I am on Charter cable and not Comcast.

      3. Hey I did it back in 2008 and have been alot more happy, buy movies, why pay 40 to 80 dollars a month, just a waste of money, there is really nothing on worth watching, can’t believe nothing you see or hear on the media, there’s a bunch of internet T.V. shows even netflix for 7.95 a month and i don’t pay for that! I can find a lot more things to do with the money they charge than to waste it on T.V.

      4. My channels include great college basketball games, college and pro football, terrific golf tounaments, the Olympics, special coverage of current news events, the History and Discovery channels. In short there are reasons to have a Direct TV subscription, and my computer does not have a 70 inch 3D screen.

    3. Absolutely, when they started in Denver many years ago they were just as greedy and liberal as they are now. I will not renew with them. Remember J.C. Penny’s when they allowed Ellen the degenerate to advertise for them and their stock did a nose dive?? Lets make it happen again.

      1. Ya, and I believe their CEO was forced to step down. Who thought it was a good idea to back their type of debauchery by having a lesbo doing commercials for children’s clothing? NOT A GOOD BUSINESS MODEL! Ellen degenerate is a real tool and piece of human trash!

    4. I would love to cancel this anti American, and racist company, but in Naples, Florida, and most of the state of Florida, Comcast is the only cable provider. Unfortunately, we have no options, and they know it.

    5. I hope every and any Gun owner and or believer in the second amendment cancel’s their comcast contract and sends this Anti American company into the deepest recession they have ever seen. I wonder how the President of this company would re-act if the traitor in the white house suddenly decided to ignore the first amendment and told him what his company could and could not broadcast. Re: news coverage etc

    6. I’d love to cancel, but then I wouln’t be typing this message. But, I agree. I’ve been very displeased with the fact that Comcast endorses every thing Obama does. I have voiced my discuss and displeasure with them. My bill went up as well. More for Obama, I guess.

        1. There are more providers, but if you live in a retirement community like I do, all this is bundled through the HOA, and I pay for it whether I like it or not. Moving is not something I can do right now, otherwise I would be in Texas or Florida.

      1. there are just too many option out there. do some research. if not you – who?; if not now – when? I am typing this without cable. REALLY FOLKS, you are complaining about this is a SACRIFICE to be without crappy tv??? Try telling that to one of our veterans who come home without body parts. Or, tell their family who will never see them again. I am not picking on just you Florence. Too many post here are very wimpy. I see other stories on this same forum with people saying they are ready to take up arms. but cancel cable? Oh cry me a river. You will have to rent or check out a movie or get hulu or some other internet service. Or read a book. or do something productive. Just what is your freedom and liberty worth to YOU???

    7. anything comcast I have and will continue to boycott. Take note of all that comcast controls and add them all to the boycott list . They recently raised their prices in south western , Pa and cut half the channels for many .

    8. Unlike many, I do not begrudge Comcast the dollars they earn providing a service. If you feel their wallets are “overstuffed” buy stock in their corporation so that you will be the one who gets the money. Stockholders also get to vote on corporate matters.

      1. Whackajig…I have no problem with people running a profitable business. My point in referring to their overstuffed wallets was that there are a lot of gun owners handing over significant amounts of green to Comcast and the company needs to understand that if they take a stand against those subscribers, it will cost them big-time.

    9. Simple!! Show Comcast Corp. how BIG and how MANY we really are!!! BOYCOTT!!!

      Cancel/NIX ANY and ALL subcriptions IMMEDIATELY!! Too bad if you have to go elsewhere – DO IT!! SHOW Comcast that the AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR manipulation of our 1st AND 2nd AMMENDMENT RIGHTS!! BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!

    10. Maybe they should cancel all automobile ads. More auto related deaths then heart attacks. Dumb, real dumb. How about all beer ads?. How about cutlery,razor blades,bicycles,? See how dumb this could be.?

  2. Are they going to “ban” all TV shows with guns in them? I would agree with the posters above. Boycott Comcast. Even if there is no other cable service in your area, there is still satellite, which in my opinion is better.

  3. Are they going to “ban” all TV shows with guns in them? I would agree with the posters above. Boycott Comcast. Even if there is no other cable service in your area, there is still satellite, which in my opinion is better.

    1. They didn’t say that, low information voter. I bet we can start a conspiracy theory that Obama made them do it. Threatened them with poison darts. Can we get Sheriff Joe to investigate. Hope so. This is so cool. Obama approval rating 60%. Republicans 35% tea party 28%. Señor Crux. 15%. Señor Rubio 25%. I’m from to and sure glad señor Cruz is protecting our golf courses from UN. We love our guns, religion and golf. Purses. Hes a true man for doing this.

      1. He’s asking a question, but your attempting to change the context, but your are right about Obama 60% are in favor, favor that is of seeing him tried for treason.

        1. I believe that creep is a Troll who is now using a different name.

          Do this board and it’s users a favor and don’t feed these trolls! :)

          Note the snarky remark in his 1st sentence. It’s a dead give away.

          That remark didn’t warrant that type of a response but then again, no one ever said liberals especially Obama trolls were civilized or have any conversational skills or social skills! :)

      2. “He didn’t say that, low information voter”- technically you’re correct about the “he didn’t say that” part. Judging by the approval ratings you quote, YOU are the low information (probably multiple) voter. (Does multiple voting pay very well?) Those stats came directly from the barry adminstration via the MSM. Maybe not from barry personally, but same difference, it’s from the people who pull his strings. I’ve seen those stats myself, I’m just not as gullible (or paid) as you are. Those of us who have paid any attention to historical precedents know that the only reason banning gun related ads WOULDN’T be a “logical” prelude to banning pictures of guns altogether -note how much trouble gradeschool kids get in for simply pointing their fingers like a gun, or pointing at someone with a clear plastic gun filled with bubble gum- is because smellywood’s rich liberal brat “actors” would get upset about losing their income and raise some stinkin’. barry and co. wouldn’t like that, they would lose their mega $ donations as well as have too much attention drawn to their schemes. You need to to be fired from your troll job- your emotionally based sarcastic factless ranting is such a dead giveaway. Changing your screen name doesn’t fool anyone, as your method of factless attacking of others follows you.

    2. Wow, what a conflict of interest when NBC starts the new season of Revolution. are they going to ban that too? NBC is already at the bottom.

    3. Good point … I wonder if they will put their money where their mouth is and scratch any tv shows which involve the use of firearms, regardless of station. I bet they do not have that courage in their convictions. I dumped them a long time ago, not because of any political mindset, just found them to be jerks with whom to do business.

  4. I don’t believe they do anything unless it benefits their bottom-line. Does Comcast stand to get a huge tax-break by venturing this avenue? There’s more to this story I’m sure!

  5. The Comcast Cowards have caved to Obabler the ‘dictator’ I do not have Comcast and I wouldn’t ,even if there was no other system. I hope they get so many cancellations that they go bankrupt.

  6. I was toying with switching over from Verizon FIOS to Comcast Xfinity in order to maybe save a few bucks a month, but no more…and when the Comcast guy calls to try and sell his promo I’m going to tell him precisely why I’m no longer interested.

    1. Their customer service sucks big time and always has. Their programming line-up sucks too! It seems like we have to call them on a monthly basis regarding their crappy service.

      1. Amen Patriot; I live in a building where 192 apartments can only get comcast but, getting a patition signed to get them out of the building, a real big hit in the pocket book for them. God Bless Friend:

        1. Good for you foxxybey, good for you. That’s how it’s done!
          God Bless you too friend and good luck with that petition. That’s the American way after all!

  7. No more Comcast for me. I just bought a new house and intended to using their service. Not now, I’ll just go satellite or do without if I have to.They turned into a controlling bunch of crooks just like our government.

  8. I can see a law suit coming and I hope comcast gets nailed for all they have. Go to it fellows as I am behind you all the way. Lets ban all government advertisements to.

  9. How typical of these minions, vaunting their displeasure with guns, yet making money on every program where a gun is shown and used. Why don’t they just not show these films, and take a loss…NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! Typical hypocrisy!!!

    1. Don’t you just love the way they take our money and then turn around and use it against us or give it away to causes we don’t support?

      We got big problems in this country.

  10. Pull their license(s) and cancel subscriptions. Then maybe they’d listen to reason but I have my doubts. Stupidity is running rampant in this God-forsaken country.

    1. If I’m not mistaken folks, I believe that you can protest to your local municipalities about this since they have control over cable!

  11. I’ve heard that a lot of firearm related shows such as; ” TOP SHOT”, and some history channel gun content will not be produced. I have noticed lately that there have been NO gun related content available on my tv.

  12. Comcast just opened a can of worms for itself. First, many people will cancel their Comcast accounts. Second, the gun companies might have a basis to sue, based on discrimination. Third, congressional inquiry into whether Comcast is a monopoly might be an unforeseen consequence, and having the Congress looking into your business is hardly ever a good thing. Much ado for what amounts to just being a little too PC…..and liberal and dumb. Oh, wait, that last part was redundant. Sorry.

  13. Get Dish Network. No, I have nothing to do with them but you can fire a media giant that is colluding to suspend 1st and 2nd Amendment, guaranteed rights and you should. It’s your duty. That’s how you deal with usurpers. From my experience, Dish is better than the other satellite company. Should have fired obama

    1. Dittos. Wounding or destroying their pocketbook is the only thing these social misfits understand. They should be concentrating on embracing and promoting American Values and get off the social engineering kick they’ve been on. Dump the queer programing would be a good start! How about banning Ellen Degenerate commercials/JC Penny’s?

      1. Queer programming is the key term! They are programming our kids to believe that it is not only normal for men to act effeminately and to take on a strange incarnation of the role of wives but to popularize it while vilifying normal, decent people and portraying them as ignorant, angry, uninformed haters when the opposite is true and the roles of reality are reversed. They are the angry purveyors of hatred, of censorship, policed and restricted speech an thinking while they spitefully, jealously attack our morality and the sanctity of spiritual, procreative, family based marriage..

  14. I’m on my way to the Century Link office….no more Comcast internet, but since I have no choice (live in a condo) on TV cable, I’m STUCK with it on that. But, there will be $60 a month of MY money they no longer get~!

    1. Good for you LaNell. Always go for the pocket book. We’ve done the same thing. If we don’t need it we dump it and we tell them why.

  15. Would you rather have cable or would you rather have a gun? I don’t remember ever having a comcast employee protecting me against an assailant. I think I will take the gun option.

    From the lineup they have now, they have darts, which can be lethal in some cases. Poker, which can lead to deprivation of family. Boxing, which has been shown to promote violence, and fishing.

  17. Yea..another really really cool boycott. Grab a box of chick-Fil-a and set up AT&T, A true patriotic corporation. They paid no income taxes last year so they are double cool. Go by Hobby Lobbynandmoick up some fun. Rafts. Heard their business is down”. For the rest of Americans who put up with bad cable via Comcast….yawn. Go geezers. Boycott boycott. Can’t yiu see them shaking in their commies boots. Love you guys.

  18. This is another example of the Government/Corporate Axis at work. I would not be surprised if a “suggestion” from Holder prompted such a policy. Comcast is a quasi-legal monopoly that should be broken up! Doesn’t the Anti-Trust Act still exist? (And how much money did Comcast contribute to Obama’s campaign?)

  19. Where do they think they get Their Freedom to Own a business, pocket their Own money? From the Freedom our forefathers fought and died for… Complete Idiots.. If govt gets our guns, becomes a Dictatorship, they will just kick out the CEO’S and take over All Internet, News, and TV, because that’s what Dictatorial govts do. They Control Everything! Just another Liberal that can’t see past the wad of cash stuffed up their nose…

  20. What a bunch of hypocrites! They broadcast thousands of shows and movies displaying gun violence but they won’t show a single advertisement from a paying client to sell people the means of protecting their homes and families against gun violence? This is the biggest crock of BS yet in this idiotic debate over our second amendment rights.

  21. Another knee jerk dumbass reaction from another out of touch corporate entity. Kinda like when they tried to bury Limbaugh for calling a slut a slut. Do the gun and ammo manufacturers really need to advertise anyway? Those are products that really sell themselves. They will regret it. I agree, “BOYCOTT”. Let the market decide.

  22. Nice to know that ComCast is owned by a bunch of liberal, anti-American, socialists. If I ever live in one of their areas again, I’ll get directTV

  23. They speak with censorship, we will speak with our money. Let’s see who wins.

    Get the name of every sponsor or advertiser, every channel they own and simply stop watching.
    Money will trump principal, EVERY TIME!

  24. Can anyone tell me the last time they seen a commercial for you to but guns or ammunition ? They are stupid to cancel advertising they don’t even have

  25. It would seem that I’m one of the lucky ones that since we have other options than Comcast. There are always options to the satellite dishes and other services. So it would appear that it’s a good time to come to the realization and cast out Comcast.

  26. Liberal station & yes…they need to be boycotted! We need more competition other than the DISH! BUT…that would be bad for OBUMMER! I hate paying them!!! All their LIBERAL propoganda is Disgusting…but the un-informed, dumb-downs eat up all the trash!

  27. Guess they have a right not to accept advertisers. Public also has a right to cancel service and/or boycott the advertisers they do accept.

  28. I bet they will still air TV shows and movies with guns and gun violence in them! Piss off the American Patriot but not the Hollywood idiots! There is probably no big financial loss with the firearms advertising but there is BIG money in Hollywood trash. Hipocrites!!!!

  29. I got rid of Comcast years ago and got directv and have never regretted it. Comcast tried to get me back and I told them they could give me their services free of charge for the rest of my life and they will never be in my home again.
    Comcast is owned by two jews and The thing I don’t understand is how can any Jew support gun control after what hitler did to them.

  30. Gee if Comcast is interesting reducing gun violence have
    they stopped showing all violent Movies? Of course not they simply want
    to showboat using the gun issue.

  31. Screw Comcap!
    They are apparently still accepting Starbuck, Home Depot, jc pennys, etc. Commercials.
    How about banning their commercials? After all those business are embracing anti-American agendas most notably, Gay rights and Gay Marriage and the indoctrination of school children!

  32. Hmmm,that’s ok !!! I no longer have Comcast !!! I fired them . Their rates were too high !!! I now have DIRECTV !!! Saving $95/month !!

  33. Imagine that….they will broadcast any and all sex, will allow any show that has gay references, any show that blasts God, removes any shows that references God in a good way……but they are going to be “responsible” and stop showing gun advertisements. Great thought process there Comcast!! Glad I dumped your a$$es years ago!! I am thankful that I haven’t contributed 1 cent to your massive earnings!

  34. Hypocrites, The hundreds of shows glorifying guns used by the heroes clutter the channels every week and are a much better advertisement for guns than any advertisements which might be placed, altho I can’t remember ever seeing any.

  35. Well we now are banning everything they own so that we don’t hurt their feelings because we own guns,.
    We are now looking into everybody that is doing anything like this,that way we will be not hurting anyones feelings we won’t be spending our gun owning MONEY WITH THESE —–PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATE COMMUNISTS,—————-WE ONLY WANT TO PATRONAGE ONLY AMERICANS AND THE HECK WITH EVERYONE ELSE.

  36. Land of the free, home of the Brave? NOT! Now we have Censorship of what we can and can’t advertise on TV, Internet, etc.. We need to Round up these people and ship them off to Iran.. There’s plenty of Censorship over there. They ought to Love it there… They can help in the censorship of Religion, free enterprise, women’s rights, internet, news, etc. and maybe end up with a dozen virgins of their own, to top it off..

    1. Just dragging them out into the streets and pummeling them in public would work for me especially if they announce, “film @ 10:00” :)

  37. I realize the Government is a very powerful entity unto itself and the “force” it can exert to get what it wants, but Comcast is a PRIVATE company and this is a cowardly move….but, as I said, they are a PRIVATE (or Privately Owned) business, so they can certainly do whatever they want – I just have to question their motives for doing so. Isn’t a business in operation to make profit? wouldn’t cutting that advertising make them lose some business and therefore lose some revenue? just askin’….

  38. So, so glad we left Comcast a long time ago. Service was lousy and trying to deny us the second amendment is another big reason. Don’t want anything from Comcast.

  39. Luckily I do no have Communistcast cable, but I hope anyone who does have Communistcast, will make the switch to an alternative provider, such as a satellite provider…

  40. Fortunately I don’t use Comcast, and if I did I would drop them like a hot rock for doing that. I did use them once,but I got rid of them and have been happier ever sense.

  41. If your waiting for congress to step up and protect the people or do their job, don’t hold your breath, else Obama would have been investigated in 2008 and never been elected. Comcast is just using the same policy as the Soviet idols, ignore, don’t allow the other side to talk and then they don’t exist.

  42. Comcast Corp.’s also has a government subsidized $10 Internet Essentials program which was the result of a long list of conditions the FCC attached to the cable giant’s January merger with broadcast network NBC Universal. I wonder if the government put pressure on them to do this as well??

  43. Yeah, I remember back in 1974 when all the hippy liberals were laughing about how ‘they’
    had managed to break up Bell Telephone. It was known as Bell, not AT&T as noted above. I remember the hippies playing the song ‘Breaking up is harrrrd to do.’ on the air. Well, they got their breakup, and what did we get? Greatly increased phone bills because now when you open a land line bill, you see two pages (mine is three) of add on by this company, that company, the government, the list is endless. Yeah, they saved us all from Bell. But something needs to be done to Comcast, I’ll go along with that.


    Where was Comcast and all of the liberal bias main street media when Obama and Biden were having a water gun shoot out at Obama daughater birthday party? With all the debate about guns, real or play guns, I found this article very interesting! We are suspending our children from schools for using water guns, dropping gun bussiness ads, and here we have the President and the VP encouraging children to shoot each other with water guns! So should we suspend both of them from office? I believe this is just another example of Liberal Democrat Double Standards!

  45. My wife and I are looking at options on our involvement with Comcast. It’s difficult to deal with a monoply, but there are some small things we can do right away. I urge everyone to try. The ramifications of this whole affair are dire. The fate of the Republic is at stake.

    1. Wow! Pull out the big gun! That would be interesting.

      Hey Bill, nice dog. It looks like my “Jack”. We adopted him when he was a pup so we are not quit sure what breed he is. We do know he’s a terrier. We believe he has beagle, jack Russell mix. Maybe he’s what is calked a jack-a-bee (Russell/Beagle mix). Very energetic, very friendly dog except he goes nuts when he sees another dog. Was socialized when younger but has gotten aggressive towards other dogs. Loves kids so he can’t be all bad :)

  46. You seriously did not compare homosexuality to gun rights? Are you conservatives that ignorant? Guns are violent in nature, and depending on who is using them, could be very dangerous. There is absolutely no danger in homosexuality. You can’t use homosexuality to kill. You can’t use homosexuality to injure. You right wingers are so fucked in the head.

    Plus, this has nothing to do with the second amendment. Right to bear arms =/= right to advertise anything about “arms”. If anything it’s infringement of the first amendment.

    1. You must be deranged……Homosexuals transmit AIDS and various and sundry other social diseases……..I’ll take my chances with a gun…..

      1. You realize straight people have AIDS & HIV too…right? 78% of women that are diagnosed with AIDS are heterosexual. In case you’re too stupid to understand that big word, it means they only have sex with dudes.

  47. So Comcast has now banned all ads involving guns and accessories! How does that effect such shows as Top Shot, Swamp Men and the Alaska Outdoors shows? I will definitely drop Comcast (TV, Internet and phone) if they drop these shows. And what about all the alcohol advertising? You can’t advertise alcohol over the public airways. And what about all those drugs that we have to hear about all night long? Cut the two faced crap! All or nothing!

    1. every locatrion has at least a couple of IP companies – look online for your area – pull the phone book
      Or hook up through your smart phone and kiss the IP goodbye!!!








  49. I find this article a little confusing. Yesterday, I read all over the internet about obama’s TV ads regarding ‘the gun ban’ and is planning on airing them 24/7 on TV. So, you mean to tell me that Comcast will REFUSE to accept/run obama’s TV ads? That should be interesting to watch as this develops!

  50. here’s the deal Comcast is owned by NBC a liberal BS station ALSO they just boughgt GE’s stake in orlando attraction MGM grand;s them park. SOOOOOOO Cancel Comcast if you have it tell them why. Call NBC and don’t spend money at their theme park. I called Cocast AND NBC cancelled my comcast and got Direct TV. HAVE to take a stand agsinst these liberal A-holes.

  51. That’s right you Socialist Pigs. Ban all you want too. I don’t use your damned services anyway. How damned stupid can you be to think that your little company is going to keep people from buying guns. IDIOTS

  52. well I have just researched in my area and I work from home so I am stuck with these idiots For Now but hopefully not too much longer as I will be moving, Comcast is very evil and they make their customers continually go back to keep the charges down as they will hike it up automatically if ya do not pay attention. (over priced in general) As our money dwindles and our rights are being cut away one at a time… this is outrageous. When I am not working from home, this will be soon, all will go away, no more tracking, no more BS being pushed in my face and more importantly my families face… the children are the concern here, they are not going to watch too much BS if any as I have stopped it. They were charging me for TV which is local channels only, your right to have by law just in case you do not know…mention that to Comcast or whomever and they choke and begin to dither Would love to leave them, truly hate this for all of us. Those of you that can change good for you. Keep the faith

  53. I will never do business business with Comcast again. I will also encourage all friends and family to drop them ASAP! Screw those Constitution hating Liberal assholes!

  54. I’m not sure why these fools want to abrogate the second amendment for the white house cabal when sooner or later that same group is going to restrict their first amendment rights. The only ones who will able to stand against this abrogation of their first amendment rights will be those of us who retain our second amendment rights. Don’t these liberal fools recognize this?
    It never fails to astonish me how stupid these liberals are, but I guess if you are liberal you can’t be that smart. You have to believe that executing a criminal is murder while aborting a fetus is ridding the body of unwanted tissue, you have to believe that giving homosexuals access to boy scouts would have desirable results, you have to hate Christians who hope liberals go to heaven when they die and love Muslims who want to kill liberals so that they go to hell or, as in this case, stopping people from owning guns is going to make your rights more secure from an overbearing government.

    Once again, the liberals prove how utterly stupid they are.

  55. Why is it when a group or company get so big they feel they can start making rules and laws and finely brake the law and get away with it. To me this is unfair trading and unconstitutional.Sue,Sue,Sue,Sue,Sue. Tie there butts up in court costs and send them to the poor house with the rest of Americans. I don’t buy anything from GE because they don’t pay taxes in America. I know I’m only one person they will never miss my business, but if every taxpayer stopped buying from GE things would change. That’s real CHANGES we could count on. If we can’t count on each other who can we count on?

  56. When you get a cable company ir ANY company always call their compnay and ask them what their company culture is. IF they start with the “We believe in caring for our environment then right off the bat you know you have a treehugger. Ask what their position is on donations and ask what candidates they donate to. IF they donate to democrats don’t use their services and tell them why. I got rid of my Pest control company because they had OBAMJA stickers on the bumper. I told them why. I fired every employee that had one on right after the election and told them they voted themselves oUT of a job. {I also made sure no one else heard lol] If anyone asks I’;ll just say I no longer had that position availabele period. IF you don’t as a conservative use the same tactics they will win. Here;s a clue they can’t keep gioving away our money if we don’t allow them too. I actually split my business in half and now have 2 corporations that have tax advantaged set ups. IF that doesn’t work I’ll sell out buy gold and not produce anything they can get their hands on.

  57. Just like you Muslim Brotherhoodlums to boycott a good Christian company like Comcast whose owners are just exercising the freedom of religion, like the Catholics are when they deny their female employees health insurance. Or haven’t you Heathens ever heard of the Bible – in which it is written “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

  58. I will be leaving comcast at the end of the month since they don’t support our 2nd amendment rights. If we don’t send the message we will continue to lose our rights.

  59. If they wanted to do something constructive they should ban all of the shows depicting immoral conduct. In my humble opinion, some of the so called “sitcoms” are dribble, tripe and do nothing for wholesome family viewing. Then again, Hollywood and the major stations are in the same boat with the trash they serve unto the public. But then again, these shows are what the secular public wants.

    As for banning “all” firearms based advertising it’s like tugging on Superman’s cape or spitting into the wind. What good will it accomplish? Anything, something, nothing? In my opinion, nothing. How asinine to think banning ads about guns will have any effect on the public’s thinking about firearms. It won’t. All of the hubbub about banning guns is a crock of cheese. They preach “we”, I guess we means the government, has to keep guns out of the
    hands of criminals like felons. Ah alright. How do they propose to do that? I’m sorry, Our elected officials have their heads screwed on crooked or up their armpits knowing I’m thinking much lower.
    If a person who makes a living robbing people is told he can’t have a gun what will he do?
    You guess it. He will get one. It’s like the guy back east that set a trap by burning a house. He killed his mother “with a gun.” He killed his sister, “with a gun” set fire to a house and began shooting at the first responders. Do you know what I heard one newscaster say because he was a felon? “He wasn’t supposed to have gun because he was a felon.” Unintelligent media and their slanted reporting makes me want to puke.

    Go for it Comcast. While you’re at it, take the ads for violent computer games, condoms and the rest of the tripe off the air as well. College educated nincompoops that you are.

  60. Rick Scott has a huge problem and I believe it was a decision based on his love for his state. He may not like oBAMACARE but he does have a non partisan role in caring for all his citizens/ He probably wilkll not be re-elected after this anyway. Sad because I think the bullying tactics by OBAMA are legendary.,

  61. We Americans are rooting for you, Mr Kupiec. How dare a company making billions off Americans challenge our God given and Constitutionally guarenteed right of self defense.
    These liberal MARXIST NAZIS need to be stopped now.
    Best of luck, Sir . . . .

  62. Good point about the “what ifs” had Comcase banned JC Penney for their gay rights stance. We have gotten to the point where it’s all “OK” if I agree with the thinking. That’s a dangerous way to be.

    1. No they haven’t! It’s liberal PC Bull-sh*t all the way. That’s why we need to start flexing our financial buying power muscle. Enough is enough already!

      Look how UPS denied the BSA funding because they didn’t fall in with the queer agenda!

      1. Patriot – I believe we’re saying the same thing. It was “OK” for the UPS to deny the funding because the Scouts don’t support gays. The fact that they support children and as far as I know do not preach hatred towards gays is worth nothing.

  63. My..My…Comcast has a conscience? I guess that the owners don’t watch their own shows…their hateful NBC [ NutCases Barack Channel] is a 24/7 vile, racist, bunch of talkers….Obama’s talking points by the like of Chris Mathews…Rev. Sharpton….Ed Schultz..Chuck Todd….Little Lawrence…MadCow…Andrea Mitchell…Toure…Joe Scarborough and his little Princess Mika…All Contributors…They spit hate all day…No one is restrained by Comcast…This outfit is much more dangerous than guns…they spread rumors…they edit the news to their liking….they lie…Chrissy and Chucky…tear up at the sight of Obama…they should be shame for their spouting lies all day and blaming others for Obama’s failures…how much are they getting from the tax payers for their treason of their own country…NBC and MSNBC have gone FORWARD..[Obama’s words]…over the edge a long time ago…I have Direct TV…have access to NBC….but it’s been over 4 years…since Obama that I have refused to watch the filthy lies…and will continue to do so…The Hell with them…

  64. If they are so anti gun they should ban all movies with guns as well. Then see what happens to those IDIOTS. They are plainly hypocrites. Direct T.V has better programming any way.

  65. I have tried to contact them several times, but can never get to their advertising dept. I want them to know why I am canceling my service.

  66. Can’t dump Comcast.. they made me mad bu incompetence, then insulting me, then double billing me AFTER I had gone elsewhere. This does not surprise me. They are über liberal. I don’t even know who else adverties on them. Wonder if they’ll cancel Cabelas’, Big 5, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Bass Pro, they’re all in the firearm business along with their other stuff.. hey, even WalMart and Freddies sell guns. Comcast needs taken down a few pegs. Too biug fer they britches.

  67. Just another good reason why I canceled my subscription with these Nazi crooks and switched over to Frontier!! I like Frontier so much better, for me there is no comparison!!

  68. Boycott. Inundate these pieces of SHlT with all manners of contact: Email, phone, fax and letter.
    The enemy is thick in America.

    I got to tell you (anyone who is bothering to listen) we are being
    pushed and have no choice but to roll over, or fight like Americans.

  69. Put them out of Business !!! There are plenty of Other companies (Satellite TV) who probably charge A Hole lot Less and have Better Service !!! Some one else who doesn’t know who the 2nd Amendment applies to or what it’s for !!!

  70. Does anyone have a list of their advertisers? I shut off my satellite dish in 2003 and haven’t watched TV since. My internet is a local provider and my phone is another local company. I farm and am part of the eat local movement. Heck, I don’t even buy beer and wine anymore since I make it myself. You would be amazed how much more I get done without the boob tube to distract me.


    I just cancelled my subscription and went to a new cable company. If any Cable Network Bans Firearms Related Advertising I will cancel them as well and if they all get involved in this BS like the commie Comcast has I’ll go to satellite or back to rabbit ears….

  72. When I first moved to Phoenix, AZ Comcast was just about the only show in town and boy did they know it. I warned them that this would change someday and the people you think you’re doing a favor to now will put you out on the curve. This was back in the 80’s. When I moved south of Tucson I got one of those hugh satelight dishes and while it was not perfect it felt wonderful not to deal with Comcast ever again.

  73. If I was a COMCAST customer, I’d CANCEL their service in a flash; I’m not, but now I know where they stand & will spread the word whenever & wherever I can. Multiple that by many millions of lawful gun owners, and then we’ll see what these smart-arse companies do.

  74. Comcast customers should feel lucky that they have a left wing socialist company that is protecting them from those evil gun ads. Which by the way are legal. I wonder if Comcast will refuse to run ads promoting Plan parenthood, birth control, anti-gun to name a few. They doing something that liberals like and the DOJ will be on their ass

    Comcast policy would go well in China, middle east countries, Russia and yes this company would be be right at home in 1930’3 and 40’s Germany. The Fuhrer would have been proud of these people.

  75. Did you know that Comcast takes progams from the “air” which you can get with an antenna, rerout it and then sell it to you? The quality is diminished as they do this too. How much doi you have to pay them when you can get it for free. I have over 30 stations free!!!! They have deceived you.

  76. what a bunch of bullshit…so what about violent movies that have guns & killings will they stop showing those movies???????? yea right!!!!

  77. I am changing to AT&T U-Verse as soon as possible. You don’t see these idiots banning movies or other shows that show gun violence.

  78. Folks, if I lived near their home office, you’d find me standing out side their HQ with a sign that read something like this “Unfair practices: Their Security Personnel are armed but they don’t want you to be.” Oh, I’d also have a sign that listed any and all businesses that advertised with them so that people would know which business to boycott.

    “AN UNARMED INDIVIDUAL IS A SLAVE; WHEREAS AN ARMED ONE IS FREE!” I’m free and so are my friends and family;; what will you be?

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68-’69; Door-gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM) and now a retired USAF TSgt (E6).

  79. Are you also going to stop all violent movies that are killing all kinds of people too? Even the voilent cartoons like Elmer fudd shooting at Bugs Bunny. You a bunch of hipocrates. Now we watch your ratings go down the toilet.

  80. Isn’t this “no firearms type advertising” action a bit two faced on the part of Comcast?
    If they were sincere in their actions rather than for the political gain by kissing the asses of the Democrats, liberal Republicans and the like, why don’t they ban all programs that contain
    any firearms related violence. They obviously will not do that because they would lose money big time. That would leave us with useless programing like the “shopping networks”. You can bet that their past “firearms type advertising”, compared to all other advertising, was probably
    less than .001%! Boy, what a sacrifice for Comcast. With almost nothing to loose, you can bet that the other media outlets will follow suit. What a bunch of pussies.

  81. I wonder if the executives at Comcast have any sons or daughters fighting for our country? Or are they exempt just like the sons and daughters of the Congress and Senate?

  82. Well I don’t subscribe to Comcast, and never plan to. As for as I am concerned Banning advertisement for guns and ammo just put the nail in their coffin in my book. With the way Comcast treat their employees I am not surprised by Comcast move,.

  83. I’m with A T& T and this is what almost detroyed Rockefeeler Carnegie and JP Morgan in the early days of a monopoly! I agree BOYCOTT! Spread the word and let’s show them who is boss, called American’s! Without us to have your service you are NOT a company! Bye Bye

  84. Roof antennas, and in many areas rabbit ears, still work. You can get (with a little time lag) all the educational shows and movies from other sources. Been strongly considering dropping my Dish account ever since I realized that I haven’t watched anything on my DVR in about six months.

  85. Hey Godfather haw about listing all the advertisers on Comcast – I don’t have Comcast but I will boycott all Comcast advertisers. Thanks Pete

  86. I just found a great site on FaceBook. However, it does have some profanity. It is F***Comcast Cable I didn’t know there was so many people dissatisfied with Comcast. They are really angry and want to file a class action law suit. Comcast is owned by NBC according to one post.

  87. Every where I have stayed that had Comcast controlled TV, the service was terrible, and the business that had them were going to change to another company. I guess Comcast is scared
    of Obama, and they don’t want to offend him so they cave.

  88. Well this is all part of our very large and very fraudulent large scale media which is totally hell bent upon turning this nation into a hellish miserable socialist nation. Yet Comcast sure doesn’t mind carrying all of the immoral and violent trash that Hollywood churns out by the truckload! Comcast has a total monopoly in many areas and it keeps expending and it keeps hiking up its prices for service. Some of these big monopolies need to be broken up! Well sooner or later Obama and company will probably nationalize the media and Comcast will be out of luck!




  90. Comcast is the only game in town. Before the government forced us to go digital we could pick up analog stations. The DISH doesn’t work well in Oregon due to rain and clouds. It is a monopoly.

  91. This is where the leftists completely annihilate conservatives. They hear a company is pro life or pro marriage & they have the media calling their mentally ill minions to rally within hours. Conservatives are lucky to get a few thousand people to sign a petition let alone go out in the weather & physically protest.
    Just like GE, Starbucks, Apple, Microsoft, name a multi billion $$ company, Comcast will get a TINY bit of blowback for their leftist pandering & then all will be forgotten.

  92. gun manufacturers are making record profits with obamaclan threatining gun bans so why would any one with the slightest intelegence drop good clients except for the simple fact they were never advertising with comcast to begin with in the first place.

  93. [email protected] says:


  94. I don’t do anything with comcast and would stop dealing with them if I had their service. I have friends on Comcast internet and they are gun owners and will be interested in knowing what their dollars are doing.

  95. The comparison between Comcast and a bakery is a little misleading: a bakery does not have a legal monopoly on its services. All cable companies operate without any competition due to (mostly local) government sanctions. The same is true of most utilities. These monopolistic entities should be subject to the same constraints that are (or ought to be) placed upon all government entities. If a bakery wants to refuse service to a gay couple, that is the owner’s perogative; he will lose business and may suffer financially for his decision, but no one is (or should be) guaranteed success for their unwise business decisions. Cable companies and networks who provide (ostensible) news are quite different in my view and if they want the unfair advantage of a government-sanctioned monopoly, then they ought to pay the price for it.

  96. No harm done – They don’t NEED to advertise! Most everyone has decided if they want “guns” on an individual basis, and either already have one or more, or will buy one when they have the money.

    It’s not a difficult choice – Comcast is not a ‘wide net’ – Gun manufacturers and sellers are seeing the will of America’s Citizens to take advantage of the 2nd Amendment.

    In summation COMCAST sucks anyway, so who cares?

  97. Hey, hey, ho, ho, COMCAST’s communists have got to go! We the People are coming. Lock and load, folks it’s time to stand and deliver.

  98. My dollars will never go to Comcast. Liberalism will prove itself to be the ugly beast that it is eventually. It will have to hurt the pocketbooks of those that support it first. Boycott Comcast and it’s shareholders. It is a publicly held company: CMCSA

  99. Comcast has majority ownership of NBC (total far left) which involves MSNBC the positively worst far left cable show in the nation. MSNBC “commentators” (because they have no credible journalists or reporters) are so over the top biased toward anyone and anything that doesn’t fit within their liberal agenda. No wonder their ratings are in the toilet and flushing away – they’ve earned it. These people wouldn’t know integrity, ethics or honesty if it came up and hit them in the face. They are literally in “attack mode” 100% of the time. There is nothing fair and balanced in their shows – only bullying those who don’t agree with them or their platforms. Some of the commentators even made despicable comments about Conservative women and Comcast did nothing about it. They actually breed hate and talk to viewers like we’re all stupid and there way is the only way and should we not agree with them, we’re wrong. When one looks at the lowest one can go they find NBC and MSNBC there. Comcast supports what they’re doing so we need to give Comcast a clear picture of what we won’t accept. We need to boycott Comcast. Find another venue for cable services and close Comcast accounts. Perhaps when its affects their bottom line they’ll be forced to change their networking agenda and wake up. In either case, I’m done with Comcast whatever they do.

  100. The government will not investigate Comcast because they are getting a kick back from them. The Government is the ones who allowed them to take all the over the air waves off t.v.’s and allowes them to charge huge amounts just to watch t.v.

  101. BAN FREEDOM OF SPEECH – BAN COMCAST! None of them have any decency or loyalty to this nation. I wish they would find an island 50,000 miles away from here and start their very own utopian orgy

  102. I am glad I do not have Comcast because if I did I would have to find a new service provider. Now let’s just see just how many Comcast subscriber gun owners that say they support the 2nd amendment and are against new gun regulations will put their money where their mouth is and give Comcast the heave ho.

  103. Why doesn’t he really put his money where his mouth is and quit showing movies with mindless killing and violence, oops that might cost him some bucks. He is a real hypocrite, he knows it and so do we. I’ll bet we’ll change his mind if we boycott his business and send nasty grams to the companies that sponsor his channels, this involves more than just something we don’t like, this seriously involves our right to defend ourselves and our families from harm whether from criminals, rattle snakes and our government!.Identifing one from the other gets tough doesn’t it?

  104. Show Comcast Corp. how BIG and how MANY we really are!!! BOYCOTT!!!
    Cancel ANY and ALL subcriptions IMMEDIATELY!! Too bad if you have to go elsewhere – DO IT!! SHOW Comcast that the AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR manipulation of our 1st AND 2nd AMMENDMENT RIGHTS!! BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!

  105. There are MORE conservatives and Patriots than we are ALLOWED to know…Ignore the Propaganda! There are MORE 1st and 2nd Ammendment Rights advocates than the media is letting on…Do NOT be discouraged! There are more FOR US than are AGAINST US!!

  106. @Screeminmeeme:disqus You took the words right out of my mouth on that one. Yes Comcast needs to be invstigated on every level possible by congress. They are obviously an ovomite backer and the owner’s part of the ‘elitist’s that Ovomit rail’s against (publicly) and kisses, laughing and joking about the stupid sheeple the snake tongues devil in the Whitehouse constantly seems able to hoodwink. Of cuorse his policy of take from one group (the middle class) and give to another(the non-working poor) has only one ending and that is total and complete economic collapse,which will open the doors to a U.N. take over of the United States or as ovomite likes it to be the U.S.S.A and a 3rd world country ripe to be plundered for her riches. His way of making US pay for the supposed sins of past colonialism and Corporate greed(which he supports privately). the Dreams from my Father, a basic how I will destroy in the Alinsky,Hitler methodology. I refer to it as his version of Mien Kamf in which the world was warned but just laughed it off and sat back and watched it unfold saying ‘well that won’t happen here”. Wake up Sheeple it is happening here and your hero is not God, rather he is the Devil’s Emissary.

  107. [email protected] says:

    Here’s another company who wants to keep everyone under their thumbs. This is Co’s should keep thier politics out of the work place and no forcing their oppinions on everyone else -who is paying high dollars for their Monopolized service.

  108. Yall Start buying up copies of that movie A Christmas Story, that movie will
    be on the hit list since it’s about Ralphy who wants a red ryder bb
    gun.And that movie is a beloved christmas classic thats like 25 or so
    yrs old now.

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  110. Just cancelled my comcast service and went with century link. saved money to boot but I would have cancelled even if it cost more. I don’t believe in boycotts whether it be comcast doing it or thier customer however, I have nothing against individuals making informed choices.

  111. Money talks, find a different provider and be sure to tell them why you are leaving. The more people you tell the bigger it will hit them . There are others choices and they know it.

  112. So, if I understand this correctly, it is a obama donator who is allowed to have a monopoly as long as they support commie/ marxism? Who is John Gault?

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