Company Won’t Hire ‘Until Obama is Gone’

A Georgia business owner has put up a sign that is causing some controversy. It reads:

“New Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone.”

The owner says that it’s nothing personal. It’s not attack on the President but on his policies. Bill Looman explained that he can’t afford to hire right now. “I’ve got people that I want to hire now, but I just can’t afford it. And I don’t foresee that I’ll be able to afford it unless some things change in D.C.”

There’s a lesson here for those who believe that we need tax increases. If this business can’t afford to hire anybody now, what makes anybody think that he’s going to be able to hire more people when he’s paying more in taxes? Maybe he’s making too much money, tax-promoters might say. Then what incentive does he have to work as hard as he does to keep his business going if he’s not going to be rewarded for his hard work and extra hours?

“Looman’s company is U.S. Cranes, LLC.  He said he put up the signs, and first posted pictures of the signs on his personal Facebook page, six months ago, and he said he received mostly positive reaction from people, ‘about 20-to-one positive.’ But for some reason, one of the photos went viral on the Internet. . . .”

“And the reaction has been so intense, pro and con, he’s had to have his phones disconnected because of the non-stop calls, and he’s had to temporarily shut down his company’s website because of all the traffic crashing the system.”

Somebody reported Looman to the FBI claiming that he was a threat to national security. Intimidating people who voice their opinion is a tactic of the Left. They use the First Amendment as a wedge to get in the door, and then once in the building they close it to shut out all competitive speech. It’s a common tactic. The Berkley “Free Speech Movement” is a classic example.

The Department of Homeland Security and finally Secret Service agents interviewed him. They left in a good mood. No harm no foul.

Mr. Looman is keeping the signs and online photos up. He served 10 years as a Marine. He knows what it means to defend our freedoms. He’s not backing down. He’s right. “A lot of people are waking up.” I hope it’s going to be enough in 2012.

197 thoughts on “Company Won’t Hire ‘Until Obama is Gone’

    1. I am part-owner of a small company with 18 employees. We don't have a "no-hire" policy, but we've certainly told our folks that we can't make any big moves toward expanding until we're certain the economy is back on track. We just can't afford those raises and bonuses or additional personnel until we're sure we can put that money in their hands instead of the government's hands. Some understand, and others have raised their eyebrows, but none of them have their personal assets up for grabs like the owners do should we find ourselves in a default situation. We can't even upgrade software or anything until we're sure we can pay for it. I'm counting the days until we get a president who understands business, private-sector productivity, and taxes generated by employing more people instead of taking more from the currently employed.

      1. Kay, this is BRILLIANT ! If only bHussein had your wisdom. Happy Thanksgiving, and I know your business will continue to thrive as a result of your wisdom.

    2. Not in Hawaii ! click on the link below—interesting!

      Can one doubt his own admission? Where is Sixty Minutes?
      Who would believe Obama is actually on this video admitting he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya and is not even a citizen. Obviously he made these statements because he did not know at that time that a president must be a "natural born" citizen. OOPS!

      1. I am not an Obama supporter but I want to say that, in my opinion, tactics such as that youtube video is as bad as an out and out lie and it gives fuel to his supporters to use against his opposition.

    3. Well here in 'Socialist Central' Cal. I let all go in 09 and they or whom ever comes back will be after the 'economy killer' is gone . less than a dozen but they had mouths to feed . And there is a lot more . The loons here in Cal are trying to bring back the economy with green jobs . What a monumental joke. Socialism is a joke on the people except people like Pelosi and the 'big scammer'

    4. Mr. Looman has the guts and courage to come right out with it. As I said on another forum, it isn't pleasant and what an unemployed person wants to hear. But the hard, cold truth is it costs to run a business, and the Obama Administration is making things more expensive, in the way of regulation, and healthcare, just for starters. And for those who drank the O-Kool-aid back in 2008 and are now without a job or run businesses that have since been hit really hard, you should have read the fine print on the label.

    5. Corporate cash reserves are at some of the highest levels ever seen because they are afraid of what the commie SOB in the White House is going to do next. That includes not spending reserves on new employees.

    6. First let me say that I am not a racist and this is not a racist statement, however I believe that there are a lot of people out there that voted for Obama just because of his race just like there were women out there that would have voted for Hillery just because she is woman, but we the people must vote for who is best for this country, it doesn't matter if you are Democrat or Republican , Black or White, vote for the best , not party , then, just maybe then we can see this thing turn around

  1. Best Read i've had lately !! This is Happening ALL over America, and this man had the Guts to say How and Why ! Get the message ,People, We got to get RID of this Usurper POTUS ! Semper Fi

    1. Stan, Obama is only the fruit of a poisonous tree; when he is gone another will re-grow! ~ America's problem can ONLY be solved by digging up the TREE (Congress) including ROOTS (International Bankers & Bilderbergers) and all, my friend!

    2. Hiring in these times is akin to staying on a boat while a madman is drilling holes in the hull and the water is pouring in! Gotta stop the leak before you do anything else, IE get Obama the sinker of the economy out of the Whitehouse! Vote him and his Demo henchmen out in 2012!

  2. Congratulations to someone willing to stand up and tell why they arent' hiring…. makes sense to me…. get rid of 50% of government workers and things might get back to normal…. best way to straighten this country out….to many government workers and not enough private workers…..socialism and communism wont' work… its been proven…. send the occupyers to Iran.. and N Korea.. see how they like that………………..


  3. Businesses weren't hiring before Obama became President. In fact, over 50,000 jobs were moved to slave-wage paying countries over the last 30 years as more and more factories shut their doors and moved overseas. The basic fact is that American workers simply cannot compete with countries where the workers are being paid 50 cents per hour and have no benefits. We could cut business taxes until they are zero, but NEVER bring back or grow any substantial number of jobs in this country simply because of the inequities in wages across the globe. The ONLY way that jobs will appear in the US again is if our wages decrease to the wages in China, Pakistan, India, and other third world countries. That is NOT what we ought to be advancing in our nation or for our citizenry. Other issues must be addressed in order to create jobs in this country, not simply cutting more business taxes, which has availed us nothing at all.

    1. That is why we bring in over 1 million legal and illegal persons per year. They work cheaper, sometimes smarter and easier to train how to vote.
      Cutting business taxes may not help the unemployment as businesses do not pay taxes, they are merely tax collectors for the government from you their customer. If their taxes go up, then the price for their goods goes up.Then you complain about being riped off by greedy companies for raising their prices.

    2. The main reason that we have lost all these jobs is everyone wanted cheap prices and didnt care what it cost in the long run.Wake up people buy only american made and the jobs will return,the big compANYS CANT SURVIVE with out your buying power.

    3. We were hiring, and handing out bonuses like crazy until a year into Obama's administration. Things were great until then. When the finances got bad, the owners took pay cuts, and often went without a paycheck at all. We were then forced to shut down our 401-K, stop providing birthday cakes, etc. Cutting the business taxes would be of great benefit. We could dedicate that money to better software, more employee incentives, raises and bonuses. The employees would earn more, and so would the government because of that alone. I wouldn't mind getting a guaranteed paycheck without a raise-wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit.

    4. Unemployment has drastically increased under Obama. Wake up. His POLICIES are killing the USA. He has no clue of what he is doing when it comes to job creation. His Healthcare bill alone is killing business. His proposed tax structure is killing business. Everything he does kills business. His UNION CRONIES are killing business. AS Steve Wynn (who is a democrat) stated in a recent interview, " I have never met a man (Obama) who knows so little on how things work. He just doesn't get it." Ouyr 2nd problem is Bernanke and his printing presses. Helicoptor Ben is killing our dollar on purpose. Every time the economy starts to sink itis because of the Democrats. When Bush was President, the economy GREW his first 6 years even with the war. Year 7 the Dems took the House and Senate and it has been a downward spiral ever since. Obama promised to redistribute the wealth. He is NOT going after the rich, he is DESTROYING the middle class, and continues to do so at the same time bashing the rich. Lots of talk and no action.

    5. WRONG, the congress and the president have made it better for companies to produce outside of this country by making the taxes higher for those that hire employees in ths country, now how stpid is that?

    6. Taxes are the primary reason businesses have moved overseas to take advantage of cheap labor! We do not have enough people to produce EVERYTHING that we consume, but reduction of taxes would be a great start to having companies make the decision to stay here or return here. And you are DEAD WRONG if you believe that huge taxes do not increase the costs of goods substantially!

      1. Taxes definitely are one reason but they're added to the CODB (Cost Of Doing Business) and the consumer pays them. Unions are still a big part of the problem with their "pay me more for doing less and less" attitude. NAFTA and GATT are a major cause of our problems. I knew when signed they would do severe damage because they first forced people here to compete with slave labor and second allowed companies here to start moving jobs overseas to avoid paying high salaries for union labor since so much of that labor was in union areas.

    7. Janice, you have the wrong idea. The EPA and its' obscene regulations make it very hard for private businesses to operate on a level with the foreign companies. There are several things, STOPPING ethanol for one, because it is much more expensive than regular fuels, more damaging to internal combustion engines, and lower mileage. Harvest the Bakken preserve, drill in Alaska, build the XL pipeline NOW, and these things would make us less dependent on foreign oil, put at least 500,000 people to work, when you consider ALL the subsidiary businesses which would benefit from all the construction. The policies of this administration are what has killed American business, NOT the "cheap wages" of the foreign countries. Rescind many of the mandates, and watch American business EXPLODE !!!!!

    8. My wife and I started a new LLC in January, and we too are not hiring others until the Healthcare Plan is removed as it will be like all GOVCO plans… incremental, starts small like the roots of a seed, then it becomes a water/blood/money sucking tree…we will make do with what the business makes and not hire others until the chosen one is one his book writing tour in 2012! ROLL IT ALL BACK!

    9. One big reason why we are losing jobs in this country is because of the unions. Their outrageous demands for higher and higher wages and more and more benefits cause employers to send jobs overseas where unions are not a threat. Unions have outlived their usefulness. They originated in response to child labor, poor wages, and unhealthy working conditions. Those problems are rare (maybe nonexistent) nowadays but the power-hungry unions continue to increase their demands. In so doing they are defeating their own purpose. They are destroying American jobs not making things better for American workers. This follows right along with Obama's anti-American agenda – destroy jobs, make everyone more dependent on government.


    11. It would help if we quit buying their cheap s–t. We're their best customer, so stop buying Chinese products, and see how fast American companies come home. Meantime, the true American companies will have an advantage.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Looman. Yours is one more company I'll never do business with. You should be thankful for the policies in DC that permit you to BE in business, protect your property, provide means of transportation for your products, teach your employees how to read and write and so much more. Your fatcat policy has blinded you to the reality surrounding your business and great country. What about the military, primacy of currency you use? Count your blessings you obviously take for granted, based on DC policies of this administration.

    1. Bill, There is NOTHING that we have now that can be credited to that man! If I needed a crane, I'd buy it from him. You just go but your Chevvy Volt and be happy.

    2. Outside of the military and currency, your points are all provided by the state, not DC. I doubt that you would ever do business with him anyway!

    3. You are either the most gullible person I've heard speak recently or one of the most MISINFORMED!!! Either way to make the comments that you have, you are obviously somewhere between the moron and imbecile stage!!!

    4. Dr Bill,
      You surely must be part of academia as you seem to be completely ignorant of reality. Please be advised that all things in writing do not necessarily work in the real world.
      Small business people are not fat cats as you describe them and I can guarantee you they are not the leeches that the government in DC have created. I work 60 or more hours per week and have often went home without a paycheck, unlike my employees. How many hours a week do you work sir? What is your compensation.
      My daughter is a professor and I know her compensation is nowhere near equal to time spent working.
      FYI, the government does NOT provide the infra-structure, tax dollars, overwhelmingly provided by your so-called fat cats do.
      I could go on and on, but I feel by re-reading your email that you are probably one of the many elite brainwashed liberals, and there is basically no point in trying to have a logical common sense conversation with you.

      1. Your right! Bill received his doctorate from Columbia Teachers College.
        Spent his first career in public education and now is a financial planner catering to the wealthy! Google his name and you'll learn more.

    5. Doctor, YOU'RE A DOUCHEBAG! Obama created ALL that, did he? If you believe that ,then that shingle on your wall was a waste of money. The list of things you mentioned were in place LONG before your usurper came to town. In fact, your boy has made an ARTFORM of trying to destroy everything you mentioned in your llist. And I doubt you not doing business with US cranes will hurt their feelings much….after all; what would a doctorate douchebag like you need with a crane?

      1. Quite the contrary,….

        He WOULD need a crane,…. TO SCOOP UP and then have hauled away, all of the LIBERAL BULLS_ _T
        that he peddles on others!!!

      2. Dr Douche bag fits him just right. And on this thanksgiving I am thankful that there is a election in less than a year and
        people are starting to smell the coffe and wake up and get this bone head out of office.

    6. 'policies in DC that permit you to BE in business . . ..'? Really? We need permission from DC to even BE in business? Get a grip, doc!

    7. You are one of the problems this country is currently dealing with. This country's problems ARE the current policies in DC. The policies that made this country the most successful in the world were based on our ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION and the free market system. When people have equal opportunity and freedom of choice about what goals they can set for themselves, they have the incentive to work hard to make those goals become a reality. The current policies in DC are exactly what is causing so many businesses to leave, fail, and cut back in employment. You are either a complete fool, or you are one of those promoting the socialist policies that are so prevalent in DC today. If you are the second, you are guilty of treason. GOD BLESS THE USA!

    8. I'm going to make a bet you are not an MD. and have one of those BS Doctorates that they give to most socialists who can't get a real job! I'll bet whatever you want that you never have or never would have purchased a crane from anyone, so your threat and boycott is more rabble-rousing and bluster. Make sure you add BS after the PhD.

    9. IF you are a doctor, I'd have to ask of what? Liberal Arts perhaps? You obviously ahve no h ead for business. Go to the same scholl as Obozo or Pete Sharp. If you're any kind of medical doctor I guarantee you, if you were the last on earth, I still wouldn't see you. Nothing like the educated ignorant.

    10. DrBill: LACK of government policies allow you businesses to operate. Government polices can ONLY make operating more DIFFICULT.

      1. Steven,
        Dr. Bill was enrolled in the same economics class that Obutthead was, and neither he nor Obutthead attended any classes! He and Obutthead were in the bathroom smoking weed instead of being in class.

    11. For your information, the moron socialist in the white house isn't responsible for giving anyone rights! Those are God given rights, and are guaranteed by our Constitution, and Bill of Rights!
      Obviously, you think Obama's running a dictatorship, but we have not given up the fight, and won't!
      DC's policies don't give anyone the right to run a business, and Obama's policies have created serious economic problems for almost everyone in this country. Like you, he doesn't like or agree with a capitalist economy, and free market principles. You should drop the Dr. preceding your name because it blies your biased ignorance, and should embarrass everyone with a PhD.!

    12. Wow! I thought Janice was in the closet but she is not by herself. The gov. is supposed to be sure there is an even playing field and everyone has the same opportunity at the starting line. Then, get out of the way. Gov. does nothing but create problems instead of leveling the playing field.

    13. …don't have the sense God gave a goose! Doctor? I am sure Mr Loomin is as worried as much about you buying or not buying a crane from him as Obama is ever going to be a blessing to any small business American! Your either on the Soros "paste roll" or your the Doctor of disorientation!

    14. Bill I don't know what kind of doctor you are but i'll bet that it's not a medical doctor. Probably some sort of academic want a be. A reactionary limiter not a innovator/pioneer.

    15. you wont do business but lot of others that have not will how is his prroperity protected by thieves how does obummer supply transportation or get jobs or run schools look at the mess that the schools are in in thing government is in is in bad shape give all the money to union thugs build green real jobs he tries to close down drilling for our own oil coal mines he will not buy from canada rather have some foreign country doing it ther should be 1000 more business doing same thing

    16. "Permit" him to be in business? Government is to protect, not hand out permission to exist! Yikes!!! With you, and people who understand the US as you do, it is no wonder we are in the trouble we are in! HELP

    17. Let me respond to yuor post point by point.
      1. Education – According to the US Dept of Education, for the 2009-2010 school year 60% of the nation's seniors graduated totally illiterate, so illiterate they could not point to their own names on their diplomas. This is the direct result of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). All NCLB produced was more standardized testing. Many teachers will tell you they now spend more days per school year testing their students than teaching their students.
      2. Property rights? What property rights? In 1998 a Liberal controlled US Supreme Court stated citizens do not have property rights in the Kelo decision.

    18. Response continued
      3. Allow to be in business? Liberals are creating regulations in attempt to drive all small business out of business. This is deliberate. Small business operate on their own WITHOUT help from the government: This drives Liberals into a rage because they WANT everyone to depend on the government. Why else do you think ObamaCare was passed? It was about control, not health care.
      4. Transportation – This is the most highly regulated and taxed industry in the country.

    19. Response continued.
      4. Transportation (continued) – Transportation costs alone account for at least one-third the cost of retail items.
      5. Great country – It used to be but it isn't at this time. The president is apologizing for all the wonderful things the US has accomplished overseas. A Liberal controlled Congress wants nothing but absolute control of our daily lives. Liberals want the US military to be placed under the authority of the United Nations. Drug cartels control part of the US-Mexico border and the US government prosecutes any law enforcement officer who dares to enforce the law. Illegals enter OUR country by the thousands on a daily basis and the government objects to states trying to do what the federal government refuses to do, enforce immigration law. And if all this isn't bad enough, after the 2010 elections a federal judge ruled illegal immigrants have the right to vote in the US. That decision is currently under appeal but does anyone actually believe the Obama Dept of Justice will adress this decision BEFORE the 2012 elections?

    20. Response continued
      Conclusion – I believe the Liberals are DELIBRATELY trying to herd the US towards a civil war. This will give them an excuse to call in the UN to restore peace, or at least the Liberal definition of peace. UN troops are already practicing door-to-door invasions of US homes for the purpose of confiscating all firearms; Videos can be found on several websites.
      And don't get me started on the Liberals greatest accomplices to all this, the main stream media.

  5. Probably quite a few but don't want to go thru the BS this man went thru. God bless this man and make him prosper to keep the employees he already has. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    1. UNfortunately, A L L the lazy handout people, and the dead people, and felons, and Illegal aliens will vote democrat. Union people and blacks will vote democrat because in THIS matter, they are lemmings. They think it's a requirement to vote Democrat, and they do. Unfortunately !!

  6. Untill this so called president Obama is out of the white house our country as we use to knoe it will never be the same. All the business owners should post the same kind of signs. Semper Fi 52-55

    1. Then can someone explain why things were so bad in the 1970's. I got laid off alot of jobs because 'I am single and I can afford it.' Here it is 30+ years later,I'm 60,STILL single & never could get a goos job with hard work. It should be obious(sp) that the politicians are only for theirselves.

  7. Until Goverment gets out our lifes and stops trying to control everbody and everthing. We will have high unemployment. What kind of a Goverment is it that tells us how much money an hour we have to charge for our labor. What ever happened to competition. Think STATES RIGHTS. GO MARINE

  8. More power to him. Obama is hell bent on destroying this country. If he gets another four years (and don't discount the power of corruption to give it to him), this country will be off the cliff in free fall. Like the old saying goes, it isn't the fall that kills you, its the sudden stop at the bottom. An Obama 2nd term is an extinction level event.

  9. now we need a few companies to post signs that say "no raises until Obama is gone" That will really drive home how bad his policies are

  10. With Christmas coming – buy American. My mother taught me to appreciate any gift from someone with gratitude. If it's not American made, I will say Thanks but it will be the first thing I give away when I need a cheap gift at the office.

  11. If enough companies would do this, then maybe obama supporters would think twice before voting for him. Especially if they need a job.

    1. bHussein supporters don't WANT a job ~ they want handouts. They want their "needs" ( you know, like iPods and lobster dinners ) provided for by their gov't that THEY elected. They want the money to come from people who work hard. It should be TAKEN from the people who STUDIED, and WORKED, and be given to THEM so that they don't have to do those things. That's the bHusssein way: penalize those who study, learn, work, prosper. Fine them for their earned success and give it to those who are without morals or ambition. DIsgusting !

      1. Wrong! The working people are the first to be laid off. The only ones kept on a payroll are the Brown nosers Whom do not know how to do things.

  12. I have a small Business and would love to buy American but with The Auto Workers Union getting $78.00 an hour SEIU with Goverment Workers being paid an average of $100,000.00 annualy, tell me how average folks can afford anything made in America.

    1. Thrift stores, Craigs list, freecycle in your area––just look around. I am quite surprised at what I DON'T have to have. If I can't get American I don't buy it. It may cost more but guess what–the elastic lasts for a long time in sheets made in America. About 6 to 12 months in foreign, no matter what country they come from. Pakistan and India things suck!!!

  13. I'm sick of all you liberals who think anyone that disagrees with this "nut" president is a racist. The clown is ruining the country.

        1. Is it not interesting to anyone how Odumbarse never attaches himself to the black part of his ancestry unless he views it as a political benefit? I.e. wherein he can get everyone to yell racisim for him, Democrat/liberal scripted bloviating is nothing more than SSDD. No point to even listen to them as it is a foregone conclusion what is going to be spewing from their moving lips.

  14. Not a surprise and can't entirely blame such companies. Odumbarse is hurting/destroying all aspects of business, the people of the USA, and the country of USA so that he can achieve his agenda – destroy the USA, for where his real loyalty is with our countries enemies. Those that were responsible for pushing this fraud and those in power that did not do their job of protecting our country and its people should first be fired then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (however, we now have as judges and those entrusted to enforce of our laws more interested in promoting their personal agendas than enforce the letter of the law – they are equal conspirators to those whom were elected to government office who did not do their jobs in protecting our country thus, unfortunately nothing will probably happen to prosecute those that let this fraud sit in the highest elected office of our country granting him the power to not enforce the Constitution and bypass Congress so that he can demolish the USA) and tried for treason.

  15. ALL ELECTED GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO RUN OR HOLD ANY OFFICE. Every person except for elected government officials are required to take and pass a background check. How the hell is not a requirement for elected government officials who hold our lives in their hands? How the hell is it possible for government officials to not be held accountable and responsible for not following the letter of the law as we the people of the United States have to – they can do insider trading with no penalty even Martha Stewart went to jail for this but those like Pelosi doing the same thing just get richer and richer? They sit on their ivory thrones laughing at we the people, thinking we are a bunch of stupid morons. EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THE SHOULD BE FIRED!

    THERE SHOULD BE TERM LIMITS FOR ALL ELECTED GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! However, this would never pass Congress as that would end their golden gooses. So, we the people of the United States of America get screwed over and over again while they get richer and richer, more and more condescend and arrogant.

    1. When I go to vote if any politician has the word "INCUMBENT" beside their name they DO NOT get my VOTE. If you are in office and the "INCUMBENT" is, then you are part of the problem and need to go home. That is a way to set "TERM LIMITS". Vote them out.

      1. Unfortunately not everyone does this which is why these morons keep getting reelected. Thus, they need to be forced out through mandatory term limits.

  16. You will never change the mines of the liberals. They would vote for Farrakan if he was running. Hopefully the independents have had their eyes opened, but who knows. What did he independents think a Muslim Negro Socialist would d do? They got what they voted for. The elected officials of both houses of Congress are there for the money. The people in their district are fools if they think they are there to represent them. They are there to represent themselves and big money. But the fools keep putting then back in office.

  17. The "Gimmie" crowd that votes for Obama has no conception of what it means to be a small business owner. They themselves wouldn't dream of spending the hours or taking the risks. Why should they when they can have their needs met without getting off the couch?

    Good for Mr. Looman for saying what most small business owners are thinking. They're willing to take risks whose outcome is based on their own hard work and business decisions – but the risks of even higher taxes and even more government controls are risks they can't control.

    As for jobs going to other countries… One thing we can ALL do this Christmas is refuse to buy any of that imported junk. I've decided that if it comes from China, I don't need it. Yes, it limits what I can buy, but so what? I don't really need more "stuff" and neither does anyone in my family.

    Look for "Made in the USA" tags when you shop – leave the rest in the store. If you can't find "stuff," then give gift certificates for haircuts or massages or oil changes… or anything else that puts an American to work.

    1. Mart, I agree with you. I went into a restaurant coffee shop yesterday and heard this arrogant young woman berating an old couple because they had a Obama pin on with the red line through it. berating them and telling them how great nobama is and they should reconsider their thought. I jumped in and asked them why they should , shouldn't she. I was told on no uncertain term she was a college grad with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Appreciation, and she can't fine a job. I asked her if she was looking for a job as a writer, she responded NO! I asked her is wanted to teach music again it was NO! I asked if she wanted to DJ again NO! I asked her what she wanted to do with her degree and I was floored, she wanted to be paid to listen to music and be paid for it, she had a degree in Music Appreciation and she should be paid to listen and appreciate it. Yes she is a voter for Obama with a worthless degree and she blames the rest of us for it.

    2. We can offer to child sit for relatives/friends, make dinner for a family (from scratch), give a nice tip to your server the next time you have a good meal out and great service, do community work in a park, visit the elderly who don't have anyone, give time to a charity, or anything that makes a difference in someone's life. There is so much we can do for others and our families that doesn't require spending a lot of money on "things" from overseas.

  18. Any one who actually paid attention to Mr Obama realized his intention to destroy the economy. In order to impose a centrally planned/controlled socialist economy you have to destroy what is in place. This man, who constitutional is not President*, is doing to the US which Hugo Chavez is doing to Venezuela and what the Peron's did to Argentina and the end result is Greece. If we continue to allow him and his allies to continue there will be no jobs. The companies will move (like GE is doing) over seas where they can make a profit. We need to relearn the real history and real economics.

    One reason jobs are not being created is because of "Obamacare". That law violates 19 or more provisions of the US Constitution. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will chose to hear "Purpura v Sebelius" 11-7275. Obama has HHS already preparing to seize everyone's medical records in violation of Amendment 4 and Amendments 5 and 13,, 14's implementation of violations are not far behind. And with the taxes and costs associated with the unconstitutional law business can not afford to hire people. That is why GE moved one of their operations overseas (China I believe). I believe the cost of an employee is something like 2.5 times the persons salary now. In the 1980s it was 1.5 times the person's salary. That is how much socialism and costs have been added for an employee.

    * Mr Obama is not actually President since he is not a natural born citizen due to his father. Think of a tripod in which each leg represents one of the requirements – child born in the country, mother a citizen of country at birth of child and father a citizen of country at birth of child. Mr Obama has stated publicly his father is not and never was A US citizen. Therefore Mr Obama is not President since he is does not meet the very first requirement. All he is does is null and void.

    1. Now all we have to do is let all of the people in Congress get past their denial, accept that, and act as our Representatives to remove him from office. I am told that Bite-me would be even worse though!

  19. Any one who actually paid attention to Mr Obama realized his intention to destroy the economy. In order to impose a centrally planned/controlled socialist economy you have to destroy what is in place. This man, who constitutional is not President*, is doing to the US which Hugo Chavez is doing to Venezuela and what the Peron's did to Argentina and the end result is Greece. If we continue to allow him and his allies to continue there will be no jobs. The companies will move (like GE is doing) over seas where they can make a profit. We need to relearn the real history and real economics.

  20. 2 add :
    Not Hiring Until:
    IRS Scrapped
    Flat Tax Adopted
    US Govt downsized by 100K jobs.
    Downsize US debt.
    NO forced Unionsim.

    1. Please add: CLEAN HOUSE AND SENATE OF EVERYONE. ONE TERM ONLY IN PUBLIC OFFICE, THEN BACK TO BEING A COMMON CITIZEN, for all those henceforth elected to congress.

  21. Mr. Looman's policy should be a national policy. If so, it would ASSURE that this Marxist megalomaniac would never again subject us to the imposition of Socialist pograms with no say. Perhaps we could the get Congress to pass a vetting pocedure for those running fo ANY office, something that should have been done and approved by now but will not be as long as Obama sits where he does. Neither should Congress be allowed tio EXEMPT themselves from what they have passed on the body politic. It would mean the end of Obamacare immediately; OH HAPPY DAY!

  22. I don't think this man is a "fat-cat!" He's small business owner that has to live under oppressive regulations. If I needed a crane,I would go to this guy!

  23. Obama Homosexual Activities. I don’t understand why Larry Sinclair is still alive when other Obama lovers, Donald Young, the openly-gay choir-director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member, and Larry Bland and Nate Spencer were all killed.
    – Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
    – Young was murdered execution-style on December 24, 2007;
    – Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007.
    Why have the republicans not done anything??

    1. I heard no hate here until your worthless slime comment. I don't hate you either, just abhor your ideas, liberal, socialist Marxist rabble-rouser!

    2. Democrat/liberal scripted bloviating is nothing more than SSDD. No point to even listen to them as it is a foregone conclusion as to what is going to be spewing from the moving lips. Thank you for proving my point. When unable to show tolerance or respect for another’s point of view you resort to attacking and name calling. Very mature. You/Liberals are reminiscent of children in a play yard throwing temper tantrums when they are not getting their way or shown to be wrong about their stance.

  24. My problem with the sign is it takes aim at those who might currently be looking for work instead of Obama’s policies. It also sounds like a three year old having a temper tantrum instead of a man who truly would like to hire more people but cannot afford to do so.

    1. Sorry Dena, but it sounds to me like he is being quite succinct. He's saying I can't hire, here's the reason, and I can't change it until confiscatory policies and regulations change.

    2. He sounds as frustrated as the rest of us because we can't see why Obama and his czars are failing our country with their useless bills and arrogant attitudes about what THEY believe we need. Just keep big government out and we can recover. Most people want to work and contribute to the common good of all citizens here. We just don't want to be played by those who want everything without doing anything to earn what they get. That means anyone who lives here only on our dime! Self-respect cannot be something they have or they wouldn't play the system.

  25. i agree with everyone here. obama and his administration have been a disaster from day one. the first 6mo obama thought he was a tv star, every time u turned on a tv there he was with his smirky face hanging out.. he has made every thing from unemployeement to medical care, to racism a hundred times worse.. i hope the people that voted for him because he's blk have got their fill of his destrction, and criminal acts.. there are black people that would make a decent president, if nothing else they would follow and enforce our laws and work with congress not go around them and do exactly what they want.. obama had an agenda before he was elected and that was to destroy our country, and at this point he's well on the way…for all our sakes he has to be thrown out in 2012. if we have four more years of him we wont have a country left, we'll be living under shahara law and the united nations..we will have no rights left.. this is not what my husband, father, 2 brothers and our military have fought for…

  26. Companies are hoping that the health care will get a recall…. BUT really we need it the company i work for here in raleigh, NC Code electric has like many others fired or laid off American workers and hired hispanics here illegally. they do not collect unemployment so that saves the company, they don't buy health insurance since they have their wifes collecting medicaid and food stamps. when i started i paid $65.00 a week but we all bought insurance now not one illegal hispanics buys or supports their wifes or children so our insurance went up to $192.00 a week. where is the savings to Americans. we need a health care law to force illegals to buy and support their families….
    frederick bronson durham, nc

    1. There is a lot of conversations that speak of liberty and freedom. Where is the freedom when the game is to force someone to do anything against their will? Is that the nation you like? Not me.

    2. Sorry Frederick, ODUMBACARE is not the answer. Like Nancy PEELOSI said "hurry up and pass it so they can see what is in it." Trust me you don't want to know. Clue: they hired thousand of IRS employees for it.

  27. Good for him! You'd think people would appreciate his honesty. Media keeps hyping so-called issues but when someone is frank about their barrier to hiring the same media ignores and deamonizes the guy. I know when I'm job-hunting I appreciate knowing where the opportunities are and are not — it saves my valuable time. Why is it that 'free speech' is only appreciated by liberals/socialists when they're the ones talking?

  28. He is just the tip of the iceberg. There are alot of small businesses and companies that are sitting on about a trillion and half dollars and waiting until the policies coming from the White House and Congress change to HELP small business. That is where the REAL stimulus resides. Couple this with the doctrine of Obama and the Democrats (Socialists in disguise) and small business will not make a move and will continue to stay on austerity budget mode until he is voted out. After 4 years I think everyone sees the true doctrine and policies of Obama and his Socialist following in Congress and they are clearly anti-American and free enterprise and against those who work hard and are successful.

  29. God Bless you and keep speaking the truth. Our politicians need to sit down with the business owners and the real people of America for a change, understand what is really going on down below in the world of reality and make some decisions for once that will positively affect us , our future as a country and individuals and our children and children's
    children's children's futures. Get some common sense and start making good decisions you stupid politicians!

  30. Obama and his liberal friends think that government can order people around like some socialist or communist command economy. Capitalism and the free market is a far better way to decide which project (business) gets the resources (time, effort).

  31. I had a business and when I could not longer afford the Government which punished my business for hiring, I quit, when on strike and everyone when to look for work. I was tired of working 16 hour day and being harrassed by Petty Bureaucrats and stupid regulations, so I quit being productive. I was also tired of hiring people that could read, write or make simple change. I know this is true as I hired an employee with 2 years of College and she could not make manual change, read labels or follow the written instructions. This was just one of the Federal Board Of (propganda) Education grads. There is more out there than you know. I found that I could live on a small retirement pay, and only purchased what I could afford and have done that for more than 20 years. For if I did go to work I would be punished by our Socialist Shadow Governments of which our corrupt Elected Officials have given total powers too. So, total Congress is of no value and can be dismissed. That would be a savings that could almost balance the budget, also it would remove most of the corruption that is going on.

  32. Way to Go. Stand your ground and dont take any govt crap or handouts. That tactic worked for Ford Motor Co. when everyone wanted a handout. Ford refused and refused to let govt in his business. His stock and business has done very well since.

  33. It is his business and he can put up any sign he wants. If you ever owned a business you would understand that he is not targeting anything but bad policy. He can not afford to hire someone and then see what comes down the pike.

  34. Bill, you rock dude! You epitomize that which more Americans should embrace. I wish more people would step up and say what needs to be said. No sugar coating, just pure honest and direct speech, in plain english. We support you all the way. I wish I lived in GA, I would definately do business with your company. Semper Fi and oorah!

    Michael J Church
    Naples, FL

  35. It is not only taxes that is driving businesses overseas, it is the unions. The demands of unions on employers are sometimes unbearable. The US pay scale will never be reduced to compare with overseas companies because of the unreasonable demands of the unions. Out products are not competitive because they are too expensive to manufacture. The unions are getting stronger because they contribute financially to the political arena. The Boeing situation in South Carolina is a good example. I could go on and on.

  36. What the Wannabees, Dems and Obama don't understand is that in order to have JOBS, you have to have people who are willing to take a chance with their money, but if the government takes their money, thay can't afford to take a chance.

  37. Good for YOU Mr. Looman! I wiish more businesses would have the guts to put it out there as you have!! May God Bless you and May God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. God bless this Marine/ private businessman for speaking the truth. Why would any sane businessperson invest in a Socialist society. Obama must go.

  39. Good way to go out of business when there is demand and your not hiering. I bet you competitor will hire and take your business and laugh all the way to bank.

    1. Mr Looman, you wouldn't want to hire this kind of crap any, they are better off with the competition. MY HAT'S OF TO YOU Mr. Looman!!

  40. Waco, Georgia is a small town west of Atlanta on I-20 (exit 9) close to the Alabama-Georgia state line. This area of Georgia is pretty conservative. This guy is right. A friend of mine was talked to about a job but the company decided they weren't going to expand with a new office under the current economic conditions. So its not this one company holding back. I'm sure its hundreds. I'm sure much of it is becuas of Obamacare among many things.

  41. I agree we are not hiring either and we used to have 6 full-time employees. If Obama goes then we reconsider because we have to conduct business with his rules we will be gone anyway.

  42. big business owners such as Steve Wynn have been stating this same case for over 2 years now! no one wants to hire while this socialist is in the whitehouse trying everything he can to destroy our country fro within. how can anyone still listen to that POS obama?

  43. The problem with the next election is that the n'er-do-wells living off the fat of the land, either legally or illegally, will outnumber the hardworking, legal, entrepreneur, and the private sector laborer, additionally the ACORN and SEIU among others will find a way to cruise into the WH again. Perhaps the Senate as well, and then there goes the Constitution, The Senate, the WH and the Courts…..There goes a once great nation.

  44. As an ex Army here that is one marrine I will proudly salute! He served and he has the right to say what he wants and if more people would stand up and say it then maybe the govt and all the cry babies would not be getting thier way and stepping all over us! We need a real man for presiden and I firmly nelieve it should never be anyone who has not served in the U.S. military! We need to go back to the real men like those who served as presidents in the past!

  45. If I needed a crane, I'd go see this guy! It's nice to see someone who has the courage to say what a lot of people are thinking!

  46. Obama promised "Hope" & "Change"…we now know the "Change" is Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and Fascism… My new sweatshirt says it all ———-> 2008 — HOPE 2012 — NOPE By the way, I did NOT vote for him in 2008 Remember "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder"

  47. It is too costly to hire now with the present administration with number one the unknown cost of health care for business in the near future. This is a killer to any business and to our nation. We can not continue to keep Obama in his office if we are going to go forward and get out of this financial pit that he has led us in.

  48. I stand with Craig on deporting! Start with arresting illegal aliens. We must vote for a American who stands with America/Americans. If Romney grantees he will arrest a illegal alien, in America, if they are caught 60 day's after he takes office. I will vote for him…

  49. In case you didnt know it Our President as well as over 98% of our Government are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Now it just so happens that the Big Corporations are too. Their political goal is to create a New World Order. This is why the Multi-National Corporations have such power over our Congress. And now they want you to elect Rewt Gingrich as Republican Candidate for President. The News Media who also are CFR members are pushing this on TV to convince the people. What we need is to start a 3rd Party! A Party not under the control of big business. Both politcial parties we have now are corrupt and have become useless. We need a 3rd party that listens to and will work for the people not the Big Corporations!

  50. "Intimidating people who voice their opinion is a tactic of the Left. They use the First Amendment as a wedge to get in the door, and then once in the building they close it to shut out all competitive speech."

    Apparently the author hasn't listened to anyone in the moron-a-thon, er, GOP debates.

  51. Do you agree with a rationed Health Care plan that will pay out no more then $5,000 a year to a person and $10,000 for an entire family. Do you agree with getting a Government ID Card? Do you agree with allowing the Government direct access to your Bank account for electric finds transfer? Do you agree with having to wait weeks to see a doctor? Do you agree with having a panel of Government doctors decide if you can get an operation you need? Do you agree that Medicare payments should be transferred to the new Health Care bills thus defunding Medi-Care. Do you think that the Government should have so much power that they can dicate to you what you should buy and if you dont you can be fined or even jailed for non-compliance? Well people this is just a few of the things in the Obama Care Law that totally takes effect in 2014. You should read it because is going to effect each of you.

  52. Tell me THIS obama supporting IDIOTS!!
    WHY is it that not one doctor I meet supports obamacare???!! NOT ONE!!!!!! and I DELIVER MEDICINE!!
    My dad says that obama voters have the right to be stupid but in this case you ABUSE THE PRIVILEDGE!!

  53. I as well have been personally threatened by Marxist who are so far up obama's rear orafice it isn't funny. They enjoy threatening people to try and silence them. Last time I checked, America was still listed as a Republic. It will get meaner and uglier the closer we get to the election. My concern if for the "Summer of 2012." Most likely, blood will be flowing in the streets of big cities all over America. It is what the Hugo Chavez marxist regime did in Venezuela. We must survive.

  54. I was fascinated by DrBillLemoines comments about all the things govt "permits" Mr.Looman to do.Lemoines comments are a reflection of too much of the thinking or not thinking that goes on in this country as regards govt's role in our citizens lives.It appears that Lemoine believes that the federal govt should be the "do-all, end all in every citizens lives.

  55. I LOVE these IDIOTS that say, "I will never use Looman's company again!!" I am SURE he will lose a LOT of sleep in that you and your wife will never use his crane service!!
    Good Job Mr. Looman, we need MORE businesses with "STEEL BALLS" to post the same thing!!

  56. Democrat/liberal scripted bloviating is nothing more than SSDD. No point to even listen to them as it is a foregone conclusion as to what is going to be spewing from the moving lips. Liberals, Thank you for proving my point. When unable to show tolerance or respect for another’s point of view you resort to attacking and name calling. Very mature. You/Liberals are reminiscent of children in a play yard throwing temper tantrums when they are not getting their way or shown to be wrong about their stance.

  57. The company I worked for before Obama was elected, was thriving. In the month following his election, 85% of the company customers cancelled their orders, the majority saying they were afraid of what would happen with Obama's stated direction. As it turns out, they were correct in their assessment, and he has driven the economy into the ground, and we stand on the brink of a true depression, that will make the great Depression look like a carnival.

  58. We need and will get E-verify through congress. It isn't right that an illegal can work – taking the job of an American. We need to overhaul the immigration board so those who've been good citizens can go through the process, but then they must finish becoming qualified to become citizens. The legal way takes too long. We have huge problems that we must deal with common sense. We need government out of the business of business. That is not their job.

  59. The company I work for is Hireing……..People from India. Odd thing is they just let an american go that was doing that job the day before calling it a reduction in force.

  60. It would be nice to see every true American pulling the plug in rebuttal to Obama.
    I can understand business not hiring while Obama's still in office because I wanted to start a new business with new products that we created.
    With the bigger government mentality with more over regulatory powers it was decided we couldn't start producing any of our new products in this country because of the cost of doing anything under Obama's government and it's uncertainty's.
    Now everything just sit's on the back burner and we wait for government being lead by Obama to finish crashing the economy and he will given the chance.
    I would not have my products made outside the USA because I do believe in America and the American way of life.
    If every true American way of life patriot would pull a work stop in unity until Obama was removed from office we could be rid of this tyrant within days. (This Is Better Known As The Power Of The People!)

  61. So, the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret service, the new Gestapo & SS, paid him a visit and left in good spirits. If it would have been me they would have gotten kicked out of my premises. Show up with a specific search warrant of you can't come in. Where does these clowns, DHS & SS, think the resources and authority for their agencies come from? When people start waking up about this tyrant, they will try intimidation. More reason for the second amendment.

  62. I don't blame companies at all because Obama or Barry Soetoro or maybe Harrison J Bounel (042-68-4425) is a fraud and doesn't believe in business he believes in himself nothing more nothing less.

  63. Good for him!! Wish more businesses would enact the same policy. No more socialism in America. We must defeat odumbo and the spending spree of the liberals. I feel for the next president who will have to clean up odumbo's destructive mess. Another four years of this idiot-in-chief and American is doomed. Dump the chump in 2012!

  64. Janice, It's unfortunate, you've obvioulsy been brainwashed. It's also sad that people like you get to vote in idiots that are destoying this country.

  65. We all need to get together November 2012 and boycott Obama and refuse to re-hire him. I didn't vote for him last time. I would vote for talking dingle berry before I would vote for Obama.

  66. It's about time people start taking a stand and speaking out against this Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions, Just remember, it's not necessary to be a Marine to speak bravely and freely. The more people that take a stand against this ongoing tyranny, all for the better.

  67. Well, Let's make this short and sweet and just state a fact that if we can get Obama for the fraud that he is we get the whole Democratic party for their involvement in that fraud.
    If we the people stood in unity and called for a work stoppage and when I say stoppage I'm talking about Trucks, Trains, Planes, Dock workers, Store owners, Gas stations, Restaurants and anything else that makes the country run with one demand.
    We can in days effectively achieve the removal of Obama and all of his cronies without ever wasting time sitting in protest for months.
    The money lost would be a small price to pay for the trillions we'll save in the long run under the leadership of a tyrannical government we have now.

  68. When the people wake to the reality to the damage that can be done by Obama and company in the next year maybe they'll be ready to act now.
    This administration is at present looking for every way possible to drain your wallet reducing your savings and stripping you of everything you may hold in property with one sole agenda to make you dependent on government.
    The only way they can push socialism on you is to tear down free enterprise and your monetary system first.
    Are we so blind that you can't see the why behind the support of the protesters on wall street by this administration?
    Obama and company want to see the fall of our financial system and free enterprise and the wall street movement is helping them in successfully doing it quicker.

  69. This administration has also set the stage to enacting marshal law by declaring if your a teaparty member, conservative or a republican your a terrorist.
    When the movement turns on DC and it will the radical infiltrators within the movement will create violent acts so Obama can call for marshal law and the removal of a new election ever taking place.
    Were about to see the end of freedom that so many fought so gallantly to gain and preserve before us so you need to ask was their efforts to be all in vain?
    Government has artfully manipulated our society to not knowing your history of how you became a free nation so as you wouldn't see how they were taking it away from you until it is to late.
    If you don't stand to protecting your freedom today remember this, There is no other free nation on earth you can run to later.

  70. Well, If you tell the truth you end up in moderation and most likely your post will never show.
    So much for free speech and the American way on here!

  71. I would like to see this sign posted in every business across America. The imposter is out to destroy OUR COUNTRY. Let's make sure we vote him out and send him back to where ever he came from.

  72. I feel sorry for any black politician that want to run for President for the next 20 years. Unless he is conservative, people will remember obama the fool. The company I work for wants to hire 3-400 people, but can't find ones that are American citizen and qualified.

  73. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve truly loved surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

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