Concealed Carry Permit Holder Uses Gun to Stop Stabbings

On Thursday, 34 year old Vietnamese man named Kiet Than Ly entered a Smith’s store in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He purchased a knife and started to leave the store.  As he reached the parking lot, he pulled out the knife and began stabbing other customers and shouting:

“You killed my people!  You killed my people!”

One person was stabbed in the stomach and another was stabbed in the head and arms as they tried to defend themselves.  As Ly looked for a third victim, a 47 year old man with a conceal carry permit saw what was happening.  He pulled out his gun and told LY to drop the weapon or he would shoot him.  Ly complied and dropped the knife and was subdued by Smith employees.  They held him in custody until the police arrived.

Both victims are reported to be in the hospital which lists their condition as critical but stable.

No one knows what Ly’s motive for the stabbings was, but they do know that he has an extensive criminal record.  He has convictions of sexual battery, lewdness, theft, drugs and assault of a police officer.  He had just been released from jail earlier in the week.

Salt Lake City police praised the man with conceal carry permit for getting involved and using his gun to disarm and apprehend Ly.  Without the man’s involvement, who knows how many more people would have been wounded or killed?


If President Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats had their way, there would be no conceal carry permits which means that there would have been no one there to stop Ly from stabbing more people.  They don’t care about the countless times someone uses a gun to save themselves or others as that would only hinder their agenda of disarming the American people.

146 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Permit Holder Uses Gun to Stop Stabbings

  1. Bet this won’t be discussed on Piers Morgan because it proves two things.

    1. That people are capable of using something other than a gun to attack others.
    2. That the ”good” man with a gun saved the lives of those attacked by the ”bad” man with a knife.

    It renders his arguments for gun control invalid.

      1. I believe you are right. Conservatives know pretty much what is going on, but I believe democrats are very uninformed by watching only big media. Conservatives know what is going on because they are continually having to respond to the treachery of the left.

        1. What most people don’t really believe down in their heart is that the left ALWAYS puts their agenda over the truth. Any truth that would contradict their agenda is buried and not reported on.

        2. …AND THE anti-gun movement ISN’T to protect We The People, it’s to protect the poiticians WHEN TSHTF…

        3. Another “immigrant” hits the fan! Saved by the gun, not BO plenty, Bozo Joe, fungustein, or the who8ourlunch.

        4. Agreed, the left’s agenda basically consists of proclamations that represent only a minority voice. To which the silent majority seems incapable of refuting with fact based arguments. Add verbal bullying and you have a minority viewpoint that prevails over the majority’s in today’s low information culture.

      2. Too bad Feinstein or one of her jew cult that’s pushing gun control wasn’t there to get stabbed a little then saved by this CCW person.

    1. Too bad EVERYONE doesn’t see the beauty of gun ownership by law-abiding citizens! Thank God and Thank the Founders for our magnificent Constitution!

    2. I doubt that Piers Morgan has the balls to report this, but if he does, MSNBC won’t let him report it. MSNBC is an Communistic Channel.

      Piers just doesn’t have any power to bring this up unless one of his Guests brings it up, even then, Piers will just talk over him. When Sean Hannity starts to talk down points to his guests, and they don’t have answers, the Liberals really jump on him for that, but when Piers talks over his guests, no one on the right says anything.

      One point I can say about Piers, He brings up a Poll where 65% of the people polled say they want Gun Control. How about the “Polls” ( Plural) I have seen where it’s 90% against gun control. That beats Piers Poll by 25%. Sorry Piers, we don’t want the British (or the U.N.) to grab our guns again. The NEW Cry is; “The Internationals are Coming!! The Internationals are Coming!!”

      1. It happened on a Thursday in 2012 but it doesn’t matter, the point is that when a “poor minority POS inmigrant” commits a crime and someone with a gun stops the POS criminal, the slimmy media is silent. it doesn’t fit their template. “White guys with guns bad – minority scum attacking whites with knife and stopped by white gun carrier” Ahhh no biggie..

        1. The mainstream media reported on this story – LAST YEAR. When they reported it, they didn’t disguise or hide the parts of the story they didn’t want you to know. You want your version of the story to be true, but it just isn’t. The slimy media is right here.

          You are okay with being manipulated, because it fits your template. Sucker.

        2. Your so-called “coverage” by the slimmy MSM was local or tepid, because many of us who read and watch news never heard of it. May be you have your head so far up your butt that you can’t see that the MSM has an agenda.

        3. I remembered the story from last year. That is why it was so easy for me to recognize the BS and look it up. Maybe you are not as well informed as you thought.

          It was posted right HERE on GFpolitics. Didn’t you read it then? Last year’s article said the date of the incident was Thursday, April 26, 2012, this year’s article just said “Thursday”. Dave Jolly is purposely adjusting the story to trick you. But you don’t even mind. Go ahead and allow them to manipulate the message to fit their agenda. MSM? THIS media outlet is as slimy as they come.

        4. CARL you are completely right. And the little maggott libsarescum is going to get all his guns taken away from him. Before or after he is turned into fertilizer, it doesn’t matter.

        5. Ahhh, soooo sweet! little liberal maggot f a g s defending each other. Sorry to tell you, but because of heavy drug use by liberals, many of you maggots will not be suitable for fertilizer.

        6. I don’t need defending. What’s to defend? That I pointed out how this blog is purposely misleading you?

          I don’t understand you defending godfatherpolitics and Dave Jolly. I can only assume you are the author himself disguised as a supporter. No one would willingly put up with being fed bull crap.

        7. I come from Kenya, you cannot talk to me that way! libsarescum looves to be mislead, but and that’s good. And when all his guns will be taken away from him by the New World Order he will be crying like a child. hahahaha

        8. And who is going to take the guns away? Low IQ fat TSA slobs? The UN? Black Panthers? White liberal maggots? Buaaahaaaaa! I can’t wait, it would be like shooting fish in a barrrel.

        9. Who? My dear friend, are you still asleep? I advise you to not underestimate the power of the secret societies and the NWO. Not even the people who you, in your tiny maggot- head, think are on your side are real. They are what is called Controlled Opposition. Corrupted, bribed, threatened, brainwashed. Your laughable firearms won’t do any good. The rank and file military and the police force, FBi, CIA etc are all in NWO:s hands. Read up on MK-Ultra, and maybe you will wake up. FEMA camps have been built all over the country. You will end up in one of them, if you’re lucky.

        10. FEMA camps are a hoax based on the first X-files movie. (1998) Pure science fiction nonsense.

          I bet you are also concerned about the government’s Stargate or the Super-Soldier serum they have been toying with. Plus, the alien spaceship they have stored in Area-51 has allegedly been emitting a strange sound for the last few weeks – it may be time to panic!!

        11. It’s their modus operandi to deliberatly give us clues about what they are planning in the the media and in movies. There was an episode of The Lone Gunmen on 3/4 2001 which they had produced to prepare us for 9/11. You lost your bet and it only shows how you try to ridicule people who are telling the truth. The Gov’t IS out to get us, they will get you too my friend. But first, and most importantly they will get libsarescum’s guns. And there’s is nothing he can do about it.

    3. But but but, he could have shot an innocent person on accident. It’s far better to stab multiple people on purpose, isn’t it?

  2. Good thing he did not try that in New York or California. They would have rewarded the stabber arrested the man who stopped him and taxed the people who were stabbed. Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

      1. But what you all fail to see is that New York has been that way for over 20 years!
        And it started with..look it up..the “Sullivan” act.

        1. Much of the northeast is a mess when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. You don’t get that kind of foolishness in the southern/midwestern states.

        2. Careful about the Northeast. States like New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine are nothing like Massachusetts,Connecticut and New Yawk. The real New England has been driven farther north as the filth has spread further and further from the NY Metro area.

  3. Twisted logic, and perverted ideologies have become the norm in this society. The attacker will probably be articulated as some poor immigrant suffering from acute anxiety due to the injustices done to him in this country, and the atrocities to his people in their homeland. The guy who saved lives could very possibly be considered someone who overreacted and could have easily caused more damage inciting the “stressed out” Vietnamese man to kill himself. Those who have been taken to the hospital with stab wounds will be considered perpetrators in a hate crime brought about by discriminating looks given to this poor mistreated soul, enduring all the unfair treatment done to him, living in this cruel nation.

      1. I wouldn’t even give the zipper neck a warning shout, He would have gotten ALL 15 rounds from my 9MM, and if he was lucky, my spare clip would be locked up in car, instead of my back pocket

        1. AMEN to that, HP rounds when I carry and FMJ for target practice. I would have put him down with one shot. Save the rest in case he had friends with him or if another situation arose. I wouldn’t want to be caught without any ammo. I qualified as an expert in the military and I can still put a round through the heart or head at 50 yds with my 9.

        2. One is all I need, but I like to shoot. I go to as many black powder shoots to compete as I can, and do quite well, from the looks of my gun safe, from what I have won. Dad served, and I seen the toll it took on him, bless you for your service

        3. After seeing where the country is now I almost wonder if it was worth the time I spent in combat. We have become a country run by a Muslim dictator. Thank your father for his service. It does take a toll on you both physically and mentally. I am 90% disabled because of my service in Nam which and I will fight again if we get a pro American president or if we go to war against this administration to get our freedom back. I also love shooting, I have never competed but I shoot as often as possible. I recently had by pass surgery so I have not been able to shoot for a while but they just told me I am free to shoot again, at least my 9.

        4. Dad’s gone now, but he was proud to serve. I’m free because of people, like you and Dad who took time out of your lives to protect us. I hope you all the luck in the world for your recovery. Get your tired old bones out to keep your skills up, and I will see you on the front line, when the $#!t hits the fan

        5. I am sorry to hear about your dad, he was a hero. My recovery is good. The heart is great but they said no shooting any high powered weapons for a year because the breast bone needs to completely heal. It doesn’t bother me at all though. I am starting my major exercise program so that I can be as fit as possible when the war breaks out. Keep your powder dry and the Lord bless you.

    1. The attacker needs to suffer a few more injustices, it would seem. Like prison. Or deportation if he isn’t a naturalized citizen.

  4. Obama and his gun grab bodes no GOOD.Whether killed by illegal guns,knives,pressure cooker bombs,suicide vests on terrorists we NEED to be able to defend ourselves.

        1. I call him a sissified BOY as I know it ticks off his obama phone voters. Massive voter fraud got the sissified BOY back in the white house. I figure it will take the CDC a good six months to clean the funk out of the white house when that foursome from hell departs.

    1. He has been locked up for over a year, and was formally sentenced last October. He is in prison. I’m sorry you cannot extract your revenge. The judge is also safe because he ruled the way you wanted. You can put it back in it’s holster now. The good guys won.

  5. You said it they want to disarm the American people. To complete their agenda that has got to be done first. Then you and I are only a low class no body.

    1. Absolutely right, the owevomit regime is pure evil and has an agenda to keep. An armed citizenry will only get in his way, so we have to be disarmed or else all plans will fall apart.

    2. With guns, we are citizens, without them we are subjects and that’s how this BOY barack hussein obama and his band of crooked thieves want us. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN OUR COUNTRY.

  6. Hey people we need to let more of these people thru our borders. Then we can have more assualts, bombings, free loaders, (like Obabler promised the Mexicans). Free housing, free medical care etc.

    1. Send Piers Morgan BACK to England; They banned guns there and NOW have more shootings, stabbings and other crimes than they did before. You JUST CAN’T fix STUPID and he is the poster boy for that.

      1. We can’t send Morgan back to England. England refuses to accept him. He is now stuck here in our “terrible” country with no country of his own. boo hoo

  7. This won’t be carried on the major news outlets but any shooting will be. The have to carry out the agenda and can’t let this side of the story be told or allowed to influence the public..

  8. Just another happy immigrant. Thankful that he or his parents have been given a key to the land of the free.

  9. Is it possible to organize groups of real patriotic Americans to petition at local TV stations all over the U.S. ? Tell them that we DEMAND that they tell both sides. That they stop demonizing guns. They need to tell the thousands of instances where guns stopped the bad guys. HELL thats why we own them !!!

  10. I think it would be great if ALL the news networks and newspapers would publish something like “TheArmed Citizen,” a la the NRA Mag. American Rifleman. This illustrates the fact that a person armed with a gun can defend him/herself against attackers, and that it happens regularly in this country. Naah! Ain’t gonna happen – not even on the FOX Network. Too Bad!!

    1. The reason you won’t see it on FOX is because they are now owned by Comcast and talk about liberal………………………… Soon they will all have to report like CNN. So sad. Find other conservative news avenues.

  11. The Only reason for Disarming a Free People, is to enable Governmental Tyranny to Prevail.
    “When the People fear their government, there is Tyranny. When the government fears the People, there is Liberty!”~ Thomas Jefferson

    1. What a great mind Thomas Jefferson had along with our others who wrote the Constitution and they would be ashamed of everyone of these idiots in power now. We have lots of enemies in DC and they are out to destroy America.

  12. The 47 year old with the concealed carry permit is like so many other Americans who have permits and have stopped murderers, rapists, and those attempting to hurt others, sometimes putting their own lives at risk. I would much rather a theatre of those with concealed carry permits in a theatre at midnight that no one in the theatre with any weapon and an unbalanced demented man arrives, having planned his massacre and lays waste to all in his sight.

    I would much rather administrators and teachers trained by law enforcement with special permits and with concealed carry permits at schools or armed guards at schools to protect our precious children, rather than a “gun free zone” which no criminal observes or obeys. We can call universal registration, and yet someone like this murderer can kill his own mother (who was not enforcing his regimen of taking his medication and had expressed her concern about his behavior and that she was scared), take her properly registered gun and use it to kill many innocents.

    Britain can have a higher crime rate than ours, and yet have no guns in private ownership or no guns used in the crimes. The criminals choice of weapon in Britain? knives. Same as the Texas College slasher.
    Guns in the hands of conscientious citizens can prevent carnage. Remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens through the leftist progressive and knee jerk reactions of Democrats/Socialists and you will be left with criminals with weapons and all else being sheep ready for slaughter.

    Ask Cuban ex-patriots about when guns were removed from citizens in Cuba. They had a written constitution which guaranteed rights to them, but it was useless and not even recognized after they had no guns. Lose your Second Amendment rights, you have also lost your First Amendment rights, and others.

  13. If Napolitano’s bunch did what they should, he would lose his “green card” or whatever he has that allows him to be here in this country, Send him back to Viet Nam. Now.

    1. Now now, when your dear leader is an illegal himself there is no way he will send any of these malcontents packing. We must keep the welfare rolls and the food stamp give outs going and what better way than to flood the place with idiots like this.
      Who cares about the American citizens, these people are much more important than us. They are just misunderstood and hey, if they kill a few of us than really, we deserved it.

  14. I have had my CHL since 2006 and I never leave home without my “Bodyguard by S&W. Thank God I have not been forced to use my gun, but since I belong to a gun club, I shoot approx. 3 times each week and feel confident that in case of an emergency, I would be able to protect myself and others from harm. I’m a 72 yrs old women and I have been shooting a gun since I was 8 yrs old and I have never killed anyone. I am a proud American and believe in our United States. God Bless America!

      1. I agree! Also, young people should be introduced to guns at an early age, so as to remove any stigmas or fears about lawful gun ownership and proper handling of weapons.

    1. …And it’s good people like you who are targeted for confiscation. All of us who believe in a free America should FIGHT AND RAISE HELL to protect the 2nd Amendment.

  15. It’s too bad that CCW Permit holders in incidents like this do not first determine if the intended victim is a supporter of the Second Amendment. If they are then get involved to stop the attack; if not then wait for the police to arrive. I think all these Leftist idiots should be forced to live or die by their convictions. “Gun Free” zones are a great idea…until a piece of scum has a knife at your throat! If this was done, does anyone want to take bets on who would be the first group screaming about how unfair this is the first time it happened?

  16. Well obviously this guy must of been a Cong. Well do not forget Jimmy Carter moved thousands of them from Viet Nam in the 70’s. However the guy with the gun used it properly and no one was injured good job. However this Cong could of killed many people while the innocent waited the minutes for the Police.

  17. The great part is he just had to show the idiot the gun and he was ready to quit. I don’t care who you are, if you have a gun it always trumps some idiot with a weapon.
    The guy in the mall did the same thing and didn’t have to fire a shot, the idiot just saw the gun and shot himself.
    Too bad this idiot didn’t stab himself because now he will be out in a short time doing the same thing.

  18. Not hard to reason why; Obama And The Liberal Gangstas have borrowed a page from Josef Stalin and want to criminalize self-defense and defense of others, bringing back the days when American prosecutors and lawmakers inserted “Uncle Joe’s” policies into U.S. law and for the same reason. When the people have been conditioned into not resisting criminals then they will not resist tyranny either. The only “new wrinkle” added by U.S. judges and plaintiffs’ attorneys is/was to permit the criminal to sue his victim if the victim fought back and injured the attacker. It got bad enough that “Shotgun News” once editorialized that it was only a matter of time before a criminal would be allowed to sue his victim for non-support if the victim wasn’t carrying a satisfactory amount of money.

    Jong is right: better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. However, B.O. and his allies want us to regard death as the lesser evil.

  19. No anti gun hating obama supporter cares that lives were saved by a citizen who obeys the laws of our land and has a permit. He’s a terrorist in eric holder and obama’s eyes, but he’s a perfect example of what a true America Constitution lover is. God bless him for saving those peoples live and maybe many more.

  20. If the Gun Ban people get their way; ONLY the left wing Liberal Elite will be protected by their PRIVATE GUN TOTING guard Staff. Look at Bloombutt in NYC; He has a “Security Staff” of at LEAST TEN armed Policement at ALL times; Look at Obozo in the White House with his Secret Service armed with AUTOMATIC weapons at ALL times along with his fat butted wife and brats.

  21. I’ll resort to axes and knives if need be to fight off these dirtbags. What is it with these Asians all of the sudden? One of these types attacked a military officer in WalMart no long ago. Are the commie chinos sneeking in their own? What am I saying, they don’t have to sneek in anymore.

  22. If I understand the second amendement , it seems that there should be no need for consealed carry permits because it is every American Citizens rights to carry a weapon . If there were more people carrying I think there would be a lot less crime because most criminals are looking for easy money . If they didn’t know who and how many others in the vicinity were armed , I doubt there would be a lot of people out trying to rob, rape, or otherwise cause greif to thoes who choose to go unarmed.
    Seems to me that even thoes who have made stupid mistakes as a young person and have a non-violant criminal record should be permitted to carry also . After all the only Constitutional regulation is to be an armed American Citizen who would be considered a memebr of a well regulated armed militia . I think there is far too many laws on the books concering guns. The problem is most are not just , legal and are un-enforceable.

    1. There is no specification on how we are to carry firearms so concealed carry is obviously a protected method. Requiring permission of the government to exercise a right turns it into a government privilege.

      The common argument that you have to be in a militia to keep and bear arms is particularly amusing (and struck down in Heller vs District of Colombia) since ALL able bodied males between 17 and 45 are in the militia. (US Code – 10 USC § 311). Either way you do have the Constitutionally PROTECTED Right to keep and carry, without restriction, the best tools for self defense.

  23. This story probably wouldn’t mean a thing to Diane Feinstein or Mayor Boomberg. Praise the Lord this man was around when needed. It shows something the libs don’t want the public to see, i.e. that not all citizens who own weapons are “bad” and that guns can also save lives! Now [according to the libs] all knives should be banned! After all, this could have been a massacre like Newtown! Only this man used a knife he just bought “legally” from that “bad, bad storeowner”! You’re right! This will probably never appear on the mainstream media! Go figure!

  24. Yo … Barry Obama ain’t gonna “get his way” – I hope y’all understand that. This is what they use ta call a “citizens’ arrest” and it’s most effective. So now I don’t want you all to get all worried and start cryin’ about all that stupid stuff I usually see on here. They ain’t takin’ our rights. Do you read me … ?

  25. As Obama said, “if one life can be saved by gun control it’s worth it.” In this case in spite of Obama’s efforts lives were saved,” if one woman could stop a rape or murder with a gun, it would be worth it.” The vast majority of crimes committed by guns are not the legal gun owners, it is the criminal element.

  26. If liberals HONESTLY cared about the number of innocent people being killed they wouldn’t stand firmly behind abortion. They have zero credence in any argument they have against guns until they stand up for the unborn.

  27. Obama doesn’t want us to be able to defend ourselves. It is all about control of the American people.

  28. This is really interesting. I live in Utah and have heard almost nothing about it. Only one news channel (FOX13) carried the story and even then, no mention was made of the perp screaming, “You killed my people.”

    I’m wondering if it is the fact that this creep was taken down by a CCP holder, or the fact that he was born in Vietnam (and might not be here legally) that is the reason for the news blackout.

    Probably a little of both.

  29. A person unarmed is a victim waiting to happen…

    If nothing else carry a slingshot, a spear gun, a sock with a bar of soap in it, but just be ready. There’s people like Obama and Holder out there waiting to injure, or kill you.

  30. Fortunately, the incident occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah for the man with the CCW permit. Imagine if it happened in NY, Calif, Or, WA state, and the rest of the left-wing democratic states. Ly would have been released and provided with an attorney to file a law suit against the man with the CCW permit, for false arrest, and damage to his newly purchased knife when it hit the ground. The man with the CCW permit would have been arrested for displaying his firearm in public, and harassment of citizen Ly. Don’t ask about the poor unfortunates who were stabbed and in critical condition, use your imagination!

  31. If he was born here (possible as many Vietnamese came to the US in the 70’s), he was probably brainwashed by liberal teachers and/or liberal professors that the evil Americans killed a lot of innocent Vietnamese. The Vietnamese who actually escaped from Vietnam were (for the most part) very glad to be here and did not resent the fact that our troops killed commie Vietnamese.

  32. I dont know why you bothered writing about this — it such a wonderful story Im sure the entire main stream media will be sharing it

    Just kidding……

  33. His being Vietnamese and saying “you killed my people” sounds like he was someone we “IMPORTED” after the Vietnam War, trying to resettle these people in our country. It is a MISTAKE to do this; they have their own country; their culture is NOT OUR CULTURE. Sounds like he has been in trouble the whole time he has been in this country. It is not right to inflict violent/criminal elements imported by our govt on the American public. After every war we do this. It needs to STOP. Let them rebuild their own country and stay there.

  34. It was good that he did not shoot him. Shows that guns can be used for defense without always killing someone. Kinda dispells the myth that concealed carriers are just looking for a chance to shoot someone.

  35. Unfortunately, you’ll never see this article in the Louisville Courier Journal or WDRB Televison news because they are rabidly anti-gun.

  36. Logic says if the man was not there lots more would have been wounded or maybe killed. No reload necessary for a knife. Anti gun crowd will say it’s too isolated an incident to mean anything. Don’t see this getting alot of air play.

  37. You HAVE to love a story like this! Every time the left opens its mouth to sell the American people on relinquishing their guns, along comes a wonderful story, such as this to counter their position! God Bless the Founders for being so insightful for giving us the 2nd Amendment! Citizens: NEVER SURRENDER YOUR ARMS…NEVER! Go and buy more!

  38. This story and the one from Georgia, where the mother of twin girls shot an intruder 5 times, should be replayed over and over…GOOD citizens are entitled to defend themselves and level the playing field against others who would hurt them!

  39. Why doesn’t someone do an hour-long documentary on people who have prevented tragedies by using their concealed weapons? I imagine it happens more often than we know…we just don’t hear about it because of the biased media.

  40. Why don’t you shoot him? Why just only asked him to drop the knife? Well, I hope this time, this Vietnamese guy will be in jail for life, or he must be deported to be jailed in Vietnam. Why do we have to pay for his free room and board for life? He should be executed.

  41. Maybe we should ‘register’ all knives and pointed objects now, that would be the ‘gun control’ loons’ mantra and standing! By why stop there, we need to ‘register’ pressure cookers and other deadly kitchen devices lest they be used by some wackos or psychos or TERRORISTS! This is the absurdity we have sunk to in this country, thanks to the Dim’s Owebamasshat and his administration!

  42. We have Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act to thank for dramatically altering the kinds of immigrants America admits. Since 1969, about 85 percent of legal immigrants have come from the Third World. They bring Third World levels of living with them. When they can’t make it here, they go on welfare and sometimes strike out at us. None of the mass murderers seem to come from Western Europe or Canada.

  43. Any bet’s that the Numb & Dumb Lib Demo-Communists will want this American brought up on Racism Charges?

    Message to BO ‘The Musklim Turd’ – bring in what ever army you’ve got……..just the regular Americans walking around will take care of them. Better yet why don’t you just stay in Boston Mass. and NY where the population is stupid enough to just hand over their guns at a word from your mouth….in other words – Just stay where the slaves are willing to remain slaves. You can bomb them when ever you get the whim with no repercussions from the Dumb & Numb.

  44. WELL :: Shotgun Biden,Obama,Pelosi,NAZI Feinstein,Hilliary and the rest of the GUN GRABBERS will never admit that a criminal or mentally ill person can use something other than a gun to commit crime and murder.One good law abiding person with a gun can stop crime just as this person did Biden,Obama,Feinstein can not see this. AND you can bet that if and when they take the guns away from common law abiding people the CRIMINALS and THEIR PROTECTION DETAIL WILL BE THE ONLY ONES ARMED.

  45. No word about this will be spoken on liberal media since they have no way of blaming guns for violence and they sure as hell will not be giving a gun or a gun holder any credit for saving lives . Sure would be nice if some gun toting person would be in the situation to save the life of one of these maggots on the left that cry about guns all the time . Would be interesting to see if they could bring themselves to be decent and give the person credit for the good deed. Bet not

  46. Gee, I scoured the government lapdog media and I can’t find this story anywhere! Dya think Godfather made it up? 😉

    1. You didn’t search very hard. I posted links to the story on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Maybe you were searching the wrong year – Godfather purposely misled you on the facts with this one!

  47. Here’s the main problem: “He had just been released from jail earlier in the week.”
    Thanks to the moral relativism promoted in the schools and in the media by the leftists who infiltrated this country in the 1960s, our criminal justice system is a joke.
    The left says more money for schools and welfare is better than money for prisons. “Education not Incarceration” is their motto. Yet how many crimes are committed by people who have already been let out of jail?
    Liberals blame crime on guns, or racism or homophobia, or whatever, in order to draw people’s attention away from the fact that most of society’s problems can be traced back to the philosophy and policies of the Left.

  48. The worst part of this story is yet to come. This guy will be freed sometime soon by our liberal court system to kill, rape and maraud until such time as some clever citizen just decides to take him out of the picture. Amazing- like the Boston terrorists- we capture them, and they get to live on to contribute to the carnage. We shoot them, and it ends right there. I’m past the point of caring to find out why people do their crimes. Theri lives simply need to be ended before they shed more innocent blood.

  49. He, Obummer, is only doing what all tyrannts do…weaken the civilian population to enable submission. Thank you criminal media, low information voters, white guilters, racists for putting this criminal in this position.

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