Could Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Secure An Obama Victory In November?

In 1992, President George H.W. Bush was running for re-election against Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.  Dissatisfied with both political parties, Texas industrialist Ross Perot launched his campaign for president running as an Independent.  In the final outcome, Clinton upset Bush and won the presidency.

However, many still claim that Bush would have won re-election had Perot not been in the race.  When the vote count was over, Clinton beat Bush by 5,805,344 votes.  Perot garnered 19,742,267 votes, the majority being white males which traditionally tend to vote more Republican than Democrat.  Perot’s 18.9% of the vote was the largest of a third party candidate since Teddy Roosevelt ran a third party campaign in 1912.

In most of the current national polls, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are running within just a few percentage points of each other.  The race at this point is too close for anyone to call.

Gary Johnson is running as the Libertarian candidate for president.  He has not received nearly the press coverage that Ross Perot received twenty years ago so no one seems to be paying a lot of attention to him at this time.

However, Ron Paul, who has been running in the Republican race, has drawn a lot more attention than Johnson.  Paul’s followers and supporters are discouraged with the Republican Party and its inaction over the past years and they don’t want to vote for Romney in November.  Some have urged Paul to run as an Independent and he has talked about the possibility.

Johnson, who was a Republican and served two terms as Governor of New Mexico, says he is a fan of Ron Paul and is doing his best to sway as many Paul supporters to his campaign as possible.  Speaking this past weekend, Johnson said:

“I want you all to know that I am a Dr. Paul fan.”

“Ron Paul asked me for my endorsement in 2008 and I readily gave him that endorsement.  When I dropped out of the Republican primary, I asked everyone who was going to vote for me to vote for Ron Paul.”

“If I thought Ron Paul was going to get the nomination I would have not done this and I would have let him get the nomination.  I would be along with you supporting Dr. Paul right now.”

“Be Libertarian with me one time.”

I’ve heard several people say that although they are Republicans and generally vote Republican, that they are voting for Johnson or writing in Ron Paul’s name come November.  One told me that he would rather vote for noble candidate even though he knows it’s a lost cause, rather than supporting Romney.

I believe that both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson might be better candidates for president than Mitt Romney, but I also know that Barack Obama is the worst possible candidate.  Rather than waste my vote for Johnson or writing in Paul’s name, I will cast my vote for Romney as he is the only one that has a chance to prevent Obama from being re-elected.

If the race between Romney and Obama remains as close as it is now come Election Day, and if Johnson is able to convince Paul supporters to cast their votes his way, he just might pull enough votes away from Romney to give Obama a second term.  If that happens, then we can all point our fingers at them and say that it’s your fault America was destroyed, as Obama will destroy us if he wins in November.

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  1. Don’t forget that with all his charts and infomercials, Ross Perot was right all along. Can you imagine if we had stopped deficit spending and government waste twenty years ago?

    1. To Carljr. (I like your burgers) I voted for Ross Perot because I wanted to “show support”, but knowing he had no chance. I am older now and realize my vote became a DEMOCRAT vote. I believe Ron Paul is a great man, but by not supporting Romney whole heartedly now, he is a FRAUD.

      1. Bob – (have you tried our chicken sandwich?) I also voted for Perot.
        The two party system is completely corrupt. Both parties are full of cronies and elites that scratch each others backs and set up rules for the rest of us to follow that do not pertain to them. They all get rich from back door payments from lobbyists and special interests. These people have lived their whole lives deep in the federal payroll. Every single one of them is a crook. The government was set up with a system of “checks and balances” to protect the country from what is happening now. One party is head of the Executive branch, and instead of having the Legislative branch check that power by their vote, the two parties vote straight down party lines – blindly supporting their candidate or blindly opposing the other side. Not one iota of thought goes into their votes. The same goes for the Judicial branch. When the other side takes power it’s the same damn thing only reversed.

        The only way to break out of this corruption and dismantling of the checks and balances system is to add more political parties. The two party system is useless. I would love to see 5 or 6 parties. Why not have the “Tea Party” be it’s own separate thing? Why not have a true “green party” where environmentalism is the focus? How about a “Evangelical party” and a “Fiscal Conservative party”? We need people in power that vote as a representative of their district – not just vote for what the party leader tells them to or what will make them money personally.

        by the way – if Ron Paul were to run – he would take just as many voters from Obama as he would take from Romney. Maybe more. Paul followers are young (not Mitt’s demographic).

        1. VERY WELL SAID, CarlJr! This is the Absolute Truth. Ron Paul Would take More votes from Obama for Sure!! That is the piece that is missing in the Education of the voters to Understand the importance of voting our Conscience and Refusing to Accept Fraud in the election process.

      2. I applaud you Patriot Bob but now it’s time for Millions of us to JOIN you and Carl Jr in your Upholding of Principle. He’s also right that the two parties are Corrupt to the Core, have been for Far too long.
        But Ron Paul can Never be a Fraud when his Principles are True.
        You and I disagree on the best course to take as Principled Patriots but don’t give up when More than Ever have joined and Will Continue to Wake up and join us.
        This is the Tipping Point year in my opinion, for America to be saved by the Liberty movement.
        To do that, we must NOT Discourage like-minded (Right minded true conservatives who Understand the Danger of big gov’t under Either label)
        But we must Join them.
        These are a Ton of younger people, to whom belong the future. My son who is in his 20’s and his friend, first took an interest in Ron Paul while I was yet a bit of a NeoCon, which is what the Govt want to Polarize us into, NeoCons and Liberals, at each other’s throats. Divide and conquer, now racially as well, that’s the reason Obama was put In there. He didn’t earn it or win it, as you all well know.
        Now Romney’s job is to Tell us the pendulum is swinging again to the “Red camp” or team and he’s bullish on defense but that is not really so either. The war machine makes Big money for his buddies and that’s why the Same big corporations support Both of them and Not Ron Paul.
        Despite that, RP has filled Huge stadiums where people want to Learn. I will never stop learning until I’m dead and gone. Please be willing to give the future citizens their due and Listen to the man who talks of ideas, policies, and not of People nor insulting another candidate personally.
        That gets the attention of ignorant people with small minds, but not those who take the time to educate themselves on the issues. Ron Paul has them Covered from a Liberty view and is the only one I feel Safe with.
        Once he is able to Debate both of them, and Talk about the dangers of the current system and the fact that both are backed by the same entities, there will be a huge tide of support for that third party ticket and the electoral votes would Have to follow as the truth won’t be possible to hide.

    2. TRUE Carl Jr, And Ron Paul is RIGHT today, and the STrongest Against waste and deficit spending. It comes down to the Economy after all, and the Fed’s charter will Renew Under Obama AND/OR Romney!! That is Vitally Important to our Economic and thus, Every Other form of Freedom….

  2. Actually, if that happens it will be the fault of the idiots who nominated a loser like Romney. You can’t give people a choice between fried vomit and a crap sandwich and then complain when they decide not to eat dinner.

    1. JustTellinit, I think you step in it, and it got in your brain. You voted for the loser Obama, so who is the Idiot now. You liberals love to call people names, I guess it
      makes you fill like a big man. The crap lives in the WH now, and he makes you want to vomit. You welfare folks get to eat because the middle class and the rich are feeding you, so be happy with your sandwiches. And if Obama wins the middle class
      ain’t going to be able to feed you lazy folks.

  3. ”Could Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Secure An Obama Victory In November?”

    The short answer is….yes.
    The long answer is…..yes.

    1. There is another option to voting for the lesser of two evils. Simply find someone who was going to vote for Obama but doesn’t really want to, and trade votes with them. It should be somebody you know and trust. You vow not to vote for Romney if they vow not to vote for Obama. Problem solved. Guilt free vote trading.

      1. I don’t like to call people names, but I question whether your IQ is above room temperature. Are you selling carbon credits, too?

        1. Go to inner city where evryone loves the slug. All the welfare recipients and the illegal immigarnts want to keep the river of “Obama Cash” flowing. It’s enough to make you puke!

        2. Obama hs lied so much I bet if he gets re elected he will send the Illegals home now that he knows where they are because he can’t support them

        3. That would be every illegal alien and everyone who receives government assistance and with almost half the population getting money from the government, that’s a whole lot of people who will be voting for Obama.

      2. Better yet…..convence them to go with you and vote for Romney. A healed nation will soothe that guilt feeling pretty quickly.

      3. And you are an idiot. The world is not a perfect place…it is what we make of it, and sometimes you have to compromise. At least it will be an incremental step in the right direction, and we will continue to work to do better the next time around. However, if you vote for anyone but Romney, you are part of the problem and will be helping Obama get reelected. And, if reelected, Obama will completely destroy this country. Use some common sense. Winning some is better than losing all.

    2. I think George Soros offered Paul and Johnson so much money to run that they couldn’t turn it down. Got to be some big reason for them to be that stupid.

  4. This reminds me of when Michael Jordan came out of retirement and embarrassed himself in the NBA. A broke down fool; too full of himself, with an unchecked ego and too much pride to know it’s over.

  5. It wont be Paul or Johnson who throw the race to Obama, it will be those excusionary, rule changing SOB’s at the RNC.

  6. OK, lets do the simple for the less than bright.
    If you don not cast your vote for Romney Obama gets reelected and destroys America.
    Man up, get with electing Romney or start wearing a I love Obama shirt

    this is about saving America not your friggin massive egos

    1. Yea, you are right. I’ll probably vote for Romney. But I’ll go home and take a long shower afterwards to try to wash the stench off.

    2. It isn’t Paul trying to bring tyranical rules to the RNC today. It’s romney and company and they will shut out any grassroots movement and give all power over delegates to the next republican leader. Talk about massive egos!

    3. junkmailbin…Couldn’t agree more. It IS about SAVING AMERICA. This is the most important decision in our history. We’ve NEVER before had a president with a marxist ideology and we MUST….for our sakes and the sake of future generations….REMOVE HIM.

      People need to realize that if they waste their vote by voting for Paul or Johnson they are in fact casting a vote for Obama…..and if he wins…they will SHARE THE BLAME for what happens when he goes ”forward”, unhindered, with his anti-American agenda.

      1. Don’t blame me for voting my conscience. No less than Ben Franklin said it is our duty to vote our conscience. Blame the RNC for handing us the stinky end of the stick for far too long.

      2. Maybe Obama is the first Marxist President but he is hardly the first Totalitarian. Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, and Carter come to mind. People seemed OK with that. I guess that’s many are comfortable with Romney … Romney is merely a big government candidate whereas Obama is a REALLY BIG government president. I don’t like either one. I vote my conscience, as I always have.

    4. To those (the even lesser bright) who say a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama: Willard has 10¢. Barry has 10¢. Gary has 5¢. I have 5¢. I give my 5¢ to Gary. Now Gary has 10¢. Willard and Barry still have 10¢ each. Now explain to me how my giving my 5¢ to Gary increased either Willard’s or Barry’s sum.

        1. He says that he doesn’t know for sure. Just like you, unless you’re a climate scientist. Funny how no one here has the testicular fortitude to challenge my basic arithmetic.

        2. It makes no sense because if you vote for Romney (give him your 5 cents) then he will have 15 and Johnson will still have just 5.

        3. Fifty top scientists, astronauts, and engineers who have worked for NASA are attacking the space agency’s stance that manmade carbon dioxide is responsible for global climate change. The following was taken from a power point presentation given by one of the founders of the weather channel. There is a rapidly growing backlash in the scientific community against a group of “atmospheric science” specialists who have severely departed from the scientific method in order to support a United Nations political agenda.
          This backlash by tens of thousands of American scientists, includes a large percentage of atmospheric scientist and many thousands (more than 20,000 to date) of physical scientists who have become signatories to the following petition.
          We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.
          There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many bebeficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

        4. I have 4 of 47 pages of sigatories of the above petition. The 4 pages that I have are single spaced and the last names starting with Aag and the last page ends with Bou. 90% of the signers were PhD’s or MD’s.

      1. I must be among the even less bright.
        I told my wife back in the 1960’s that the New math would be our downfall. Are you a product of that math education. First, are we to assume that $.30 is the total of the sum to be elected? If so, then your amount that each have is flawed.
        Its more like Barry has $ .15, Willard has $. 15 and you take $.05 from Willard and give to Gary….DUH Looks like results of .15-.10 -.05 = .30 too me.
        Your action would really be more like Obozo 50% , Romney 45% and Johnson 5% and the next election you can throw your vote away again on Obozo , whom will be the only candidate.
        You, like all Liberals need to learn that in order to give something to anyone, you first must take from someone else. You were not giving .05 to Gary, you were taking .05 from Willard.

        1. You must be REALLY old. Why do you even care? Hell, you probably won’t make it to 2016 anyway.

        2. Nope. I don’t take my 5¢ from anyone. I have earned it. You, BS, can’t do basic arithmetic. Pathetic. NEXT!

  7. If Paul enters the race it will be strictly to stroke his owmn ego. THE GOAL IS TO DEFEAT OBAMINATION. If Paul enters the race as a 3rd party candidate,he will hand Der Furher another4 years to finish the job of ruining our country.

  8. If Ron Paul is the American I think he is, he should start supporting Romney, and ask his followers to do the same. I like Ron paul, he is a great American, but We can not afford to have a second term of bho. A vote for Paul will mean one less for Romney and in effect one more for bho. Romney may not be as good of choice as Paul would have been but Romney and Ryan are a good team, a team that American’s can count on to to reverse the damage bho and his failed agenda has brought about. This kind of internal bickering has to stop and the plans to restore America put on the front burner. This is what Romney and Ryan are trying to do. Ron get behide these guys and charge foward for a better America. It may be our last chance to save the one nation under God that WE ALL love. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  9. I have a problem with the way elections are run now. I’d think it would be better that if you don’t declare your cnadidacy for a certain party by the 1st of February in the election year, you wouldn’t be eligible to be on the ballot. This however is up to the individual states to decide since they are the ones that actually cast the vote in the EC.
    By the way, do you realize none of the citizens in this country “actually cast a vote for the President”? There is no such thing as a “federal election”.

  10. So many seem not to understand that a vote for Ron Paul WILL give Obama his second term. We can not afford another four years of Obama. Please use your minds people and forget about your devotion to Ron Paul no matter how much we appreciate his patriotic idealism. Our only hope is that Romney can defeat Obama and with Ron Paul in the mix? Possibly not.

  11. If the GOP Establishment had followed their own rules ans not committed fraud to keep out the Ron Paul supporting delegates, I would have voted for Romney if he won the nomination. Instead, the GOP broke their own rules at the state and national levels and committed fraud in a lot of state conventions so I will not vote for Romney. If I wanted to support a party that is willing to commit fraud to get their way, I’d become a democrat.
    Gary Johnson will be getting my vote.
    Yes, I know that will most likely give the election to 0 but it might just send a message to the GOP that they need to embrace the true constitutional conservatives(If the GOP is smart enough to figure out what they did wrong).

  12. When Romney decides that the rest of the world no longer fits in the budgetary process of the US, and cuts must be made across the board he may get more votes. Until then not happening.

  13. It is going to be up to us to be unified in our voting for Romney even as some of us can barely force ourselves to do that. It will be our only chance most likely, to keep Obama from winning, if we do divide the votes. A lot of us did not vote for Romney in the primaries, but that is the result, and to protect our country, we must now do what is best for our country.
    The DNC proudly announced that 20,000 muslims would be attending the Democrat convention, and their embracing the muslims indicates somewhat of an alignment with the Democrat voters. Obama has already bragged that our country is no longer a Christian nation. If it becomes a muslim nation, we will lose our freedoms, and be ruled under sharia law. Obama makes a big issue out of inviting Mohamed Mursi, the current leader of Egypt, a muslim, to the White house. Imagine, what he will do if he is re-elected.

      1. For your info being a morman is a christian, mormons believe in christ. Unlike this current piece we have that has been to church 3 or 4 times since he was elected, & only when it is politically to his benefit

    1. I WILL hold my nose and vote for Romney! Whether or not Mormonism is Christian is irrelevant! Ethically and morally Mormons are very compatible with the rest of us, they believe in personal responsibility, honesty and loyalty to our country — unlike the Obamanation in the White House. It really come down to: do you want a Morman president who at least says he believes in this country and free enterprise or a follower of Jeremiah Wright with strong ties to the Muslim world. My friend, that is really a “No Brainer!” Don’t forget there are at least 2 probably 3 Supreme Court justice that will retire in the next 4 years. If that doesn’t give you nightmares, it should!!!!

      1. Romney SAYS he believes in this country, and he’s just another talking face that talks out of both sides of his mouth. Wait til he’s In there, you see Obama didn’t Run on the promise of New Wars, he SAID he would End them… Now that we have 4 more years of Accepting and starting New ones, and Obie has committed us to guard heroin poppy fields in Afghanistan for Ten More Years, well, now anything goes for the Machine that makes money from American bloodshed. Get Educated Please – the Official story of 9-11 has now been Disproven thoroughly. Stop drinking the Establishment Kool-Aid – Stop believing the Cartel has only One horse in this race – BOTH of them are backed by the same Evil, thus Evil to the core. Let’s Give Peace a Chance. If we stand with ONE Voice and INSIST that others be allowed to Debate and be Part of the Process, and we Reject Election Fixing and even Violence to Silence the voice of Liberty and Honesty and the Constitution, THEN we will see the People’s will done in government. Then we will see Real Economic Recovery, cutting the budget in Real Numbers instead of slowing the rate of Disaster, which it’s already too late. We needed Never increase the debt ceiling. Let’s see someone elected on their RECORD, on FACTS, not empty Lies and let’s see a President that answers to the People! Ron Paul wants No Part of the Congressional pension Gravy-Train – Fact check it! He wants Less than ONE Tenth of what Obama gets as President – Another Fact. He wants the Govt Out of our Business and Lives, no Spying via the Patriot Act. No NDAA or Drones in the USA – NO “kill list” and no murdering or imprisoning or Disappearing people on the Dictator’s say-so – that’s FACT Obama & Romney say they Need that power but won’t Use it! Ridiculous and Dangerous to You and your Kids/Grandkids, Jane…

    2. What if we all UNIFIED in voting for Ron Paul, who tells the Truth and is Not a Bought Goldman-Sachs candidate as the other two ARE?? What if we all Unified for Liberty and Honesty instead of for Corruption under a different banner? It’s so Obvious Romney will do nothing Different Once he’s Elected b/c the Same people support him and he has done the Same things – now he’s waffling on repealing the mandate (keeping parts of it, of Course it’s His plan!) If you don’t think this was planned a decade ago you are nuts…. Status quo is Not what we Need.

  14. How can Paul be mentioned in the context of Gary Johnson, or Virigl Goode (who should have been mentioned as well considering it is the closest to the GOP in terms of many social issues).

    Paul is a Republican and is not going to run third party or as an independent.

    Some Paul people will vote for Romney and some won’t but that does not mean that those who won’t will vote for Obama and therefore in that instance it is not costing Romney.

    However, the real problem at the RNC level and the reason why those already on the fence about voting for unconstitutional Romney, is the fact that “Team Romney”/RNC” is pushing for rules that will kick the grassroots out of the party. They are advancing terrible rules and numerous groups from libertarian, pro-life, pro-family, conservative, etc. are up in arms about. If these new “rules” go forward, they can only blame themseleves when they lose this presidential election.

    1. When will the sheeple and schmeeple learn? Will they ever stop following the GOP Establishment “selected” candidate?

      1. Only when there is a viable alternative will they stop. Right now is not the time. It is too late to launch a third party candidate. It will only pull votes from Romney. If you want something other than the “selected” candidate, you need to actively work for it. You need to either form a 3rd party and put your time and money into it, or you need to join the Republican Party and work from there. You can’t just throw a tantrum and hope to change things. Are you a member of any organized conservative group?

        1. Ariviste is uninformed, not paying attention.
          Ron Paul supporters between 2008 and 20012 DID Actively WORK for it. They “joined the Republican Party and Worked from there.” They ARE members of organized conservative groups.
          How Else did they Become not only Precinct and State Committe People and Delegates, but National Delegates and Committee people??
          How Else did they become enough of a Threat to the Status Quo and the Establishment with TWO horses in the Presidential races in the past few At Least if not Most in the past Decades, to
          Cause your party to Behave like Fools and Dictators?
          They changed the rules last minute because they were afraid the guy they sold You and others who are taking cues from Mainstream Propaganda media, (who help dumb down America) that Ron Paul “Couldn’t Win”…. They were afraid they were Wrong b/c though media did Hide the huge Crowds who follow Ron Paul, they knew we were There, and they knew how Hard we did Work at having the Voice Guaranteed to us by the Constitution….
          But No, then when they slapped down fully a Third of Americans, You decided to take it out on Liberty Movement supporters instead of on who did the Fraud and Lies…..
          OK, that’s your prerogative but do Not recommend the very thing the People of this great country Did. They worked hard while you manned the remote control on your tv and told yourself that Obama as One individual, was the Problem…. Very sad.

    2. PAfreedom that’s 100% Correct!
      Younger votes take more from Obama than Romney. Principled votes do the Same. Do Not alienate anyone from Liberty at this time, Please. The new rules are Horrible in effect, Preventing Future Fair/Honest Elections.
      The rules that the Candidate can dump his Own delegates, and put his buddies in the slot so he is Guaranteed a win! So the Fledgling 3rd party or Grassroots movement in an Established party is Guaranteed Failure…
      Still feel so sure we can win next time if we just support one of the 2 Dictators This time, from a “main” party??

  15. No, Giacomo, it will not be those who vote for Paul or Johnson who throw the race to Obama, it will be the GOP Establishment by their corrupt actions against Ron Paul, not abiding by their own rules, and changing the rule when even that did not work –and their “conservative” flunkies that held their nose and followed after them to vote for the hand picked “selected” candidate Romney. It is 1912 all over again! Just as it will be the GOP Establishment’s fault if Todd Akin loses the Senate seat for throwing him under the bus then cannibalsiing him at every word spoken out of their traitorous mouths!

  16. Seems to me all those who claim voting for Paul or Johnson will cause the republicans to lose need to take that up with the republican leadership and stop taking your fears out on ppl who choose not to vote republican. The future health of the GOP doesn’t lie in the hands of those who aren’t in it, or those who choose to leave it because of its actions or policies. The party can either accept independents and their views or not. The indeps will always have somewhere else to go. This is ultimately not their problem, it’s the RNC’s problem.

    1. By all means take it up with the Republican leadership. How many of you are involved in Republican politics at the grass roots level? That’s the place to start. Indeed, that’s the ONLY place to start. Infiltrate local government associations, help pick the local candidates YOU like, and escalate upwards. That’s how the communists work, and it is effective. That’s why communists run most of the major unions, despite having only about 5% of the members truly on their side. That 5% is concentrated in the positions that matter, the ones that choose which candidates will be put forward.

      In the meantime, punish them by voting Ron Paul, Ross Perot or Mickey Mouse and thereby increase the risk of Obama winning a second term? That’s simply madness.

      If you stand on the sideline and simply criticize, that’s exactly where you will be: on the sideline.

      1. Why do all you sheeple want those of us who are voting FOR something to vote for the nominee that nobody wants? You Republican sheeple really shouldn’t be too worried as Paul and Johnson are pulling just as many voters from the Democratic establishment as the voters being pulled from the Republican establishment.

        Doesn’t it bother anybody in the Republican party (of which I am a member) that the same organizations are funding both candidates?

        As for me, for the first time since I achieved voting age in 1976 I will not be throwing away my vote on another despicable Republican statist like Romney.

        1. To Classic Liberal. You are obviously on “the tit” from the government. Romney was not my first or even second choice, BUT, he got the nod and I will vote for him rather than another 4 years with a MUSLIM president.

    2. That’s where you miss the mark. It’s not the RNC’s problem, it’s the country’s problem, and four more years of obama will completely kill the economy and give us a couple more ultra-liberal SC justices, but hey, at least you got to vote for Ron Paul. Are you getting your GED soon?

    3. No, it’s also your problem. When our great nation falls you will suffer right along with the rest of us. You can accept the blame because it will be your fault.

    4. You would let the nation be destroyed to prove your point? Time is too short for that BS. We have less than three months to secure our future and then 4 years to work on reforming the RNC.
      When you are dying from cancer, like our country, you don’t treat the wart on your nose if it means letting the cancer go unchecked. Why fire the Physician that may save you and embrace the dermatologist that will bury you? Vanity is little comfort in the grave.

      1. You should have thought about all that before you decided to endorse a lying thieving traitor like Romney. Not supporting this fraud does not make me the bad person, but supporting him when there is an honest man like Paul running does make you one, and doubly so for trying to lay your failings on the heads of those with enough morals and foresight not to make your mistakes.

    5. You ms or mr Guest15, have Hit the Nail Squarely on the Head!
      Thank you for your succinct Logic.
      Those posting here of ruination of a country, because a few people won’t vote with Them, should look in the mirror.
      Of Course they don’t believe what they’re saying, they just want everyone to take the same way out of the awful dilemma handed those of principle when they discover after 40 years that the “parties” have stolen control of their lives and the Money supply of the country, along with their corporate Cronies.

  17. Wouldn’t that be a disaster, four more years of this lying, arrogant dummicrat donkey flusing the American people and America down the toilet! These people better wake up fast, time is running out!!

    1. I can’t believe Ron Paul would rather let obama win then stand behind Romney.If he realley loved his country like he said he does he wouldn’t do that It showes to me that he realley on’t care about you guys at all. He is very selfish if you ask me.

      1. I thougt RP may have been a good choice…. once. Now I see him to be a thorn in the side. Move over Ron, and let the real men, (Mitt and Paul) do what needs to be done to get the great USA back where it belongs

      2. he loves this country more than Romney,,, and I am not a Paul bot or supporter due to his foreign policy dealing with Iran,,,, but he is on target with his domestic.. Romney, I wouldn’t tarnish the RINO name by giving him that much credit…

      3. That’s because Romney is a corporatist puppet of the Military Industrial Complex just like Obomber is. How could anyone who loves Liberty elect a Status Quo Statist? No OBAMNEY 2012, please.

      4. I’m sure you don’t since it’s obvious that you don’t know what standing on Principle means. I don’t want Romney as bad as I don’t want Obama. They’re no different.

    2. Romney will have the same policies as Obama, so what is the difference? Romney supports TARP and the bailouts, he supports more deficit spending, more foreign aggression as well as mandated healthcare. That right there is why Romney was tapped by the elitists at the RNC, he will insure no harm comes to mandated healthcare.

  18. Republicans where’s the logic behind backing the guy that lost to the guy who lost to Obama? I completely disagree with this “lesser of two evils philosophy”. Vote your conscience. Vote for the candidate that YOU think would be best for our country… regardless of the outcome. I’ll be casting my swing state vote (Colorado) to Governor Gary Johnson because I agree with his stance on every issue and I believe that bold leadership is what we need right now. If you like the way our country has been “led” the past 12 years then by all means, vote for Obama or Romney.

    1. Why would you be throwing your vote away? Your ”
      conscience” is not what is at stake here. It is much bigger. You and others would take your precious vote away from Romney and allow Obama to get another 4 years? How can you possibly do something like that. the party needs to unite for the bigger picture.

    2. Where is your logic Jay? As an American, my conscience is to vote for the man who can beat Obama, the un-American, muslim, unvetted Muslim candidate of the progressive (socialist) democrat party. Regardless of the out come you say? Wow! Apparently, you do not mind living in a dictatorship which is being set-up by the Obyummer. This is what you will get by voting for a spoiler who does not have a chance of beating Obummer. Unfortunately, this is what I will get also by people like you voting for a non-winning candidate. I have nothing against Jo..he is a good man but he may cause our Republics’ demise.

    3. Iam guessing then you don’t mind the current president, being that doing that will keep him in the WH. I will see you online when we are waiting for our loaf of bread.

      1. Why do assume that my vote for Johnson is one taken away from Romney? Johnson’s platform represents the best ideas from each side of the political spectrum and he will pull votes equally from both Romney & Obama… especially here in CO where voters love their marijuana and guns with equal enthusiasm. If we turn into post-cold war Russia I definitely won’t see you in the bread line… I’ll be hunting elk & fishing for trout.

        1. After Mr. Transparency takes yours and mine away we will have to go spear hunting. Good thing I have tree’s behind my house, and a several sharpening implements. 😉

    4. Jay if your conscience tells you to vote for Obama, (that is what a vote for Johnson will do) then you do not care what will happen to America. You talk about logic, so your logic says lets vote for Johnson so Obama can win. I’m glad most caring Americans do not have your logic. The 8yrs before Obama were pretty good until
      the Dems took control of Congress in 2006 and then things started going downhill.
      Barney Frank and Cris Dodd screwed up the housing mkt. and Bush tried in 2006
      to tell the Dems that things were getting bad, but they said no, and they preceded
      to destroy the housing mkt. So Jay go look in the mirrow and see if you really see a
      person with much logic.

  19. Sorry, you couldn’t force me to vote for that flip-flopping statist. As Gary Johnson once said, “I was on NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday. The question was, ‘You’re on the torture rack, they’re going to kill you, who are you going to vote for? Mitt Romney, or Barack Obama? I said, ‘Look, I’ve climbed Mount Everest. I know how to do what it takes. Take this to the bank: I would rather die.'”

    I would rather die than vote for Romney or Obama. Gary Johnson. Live free… Or die.

    1. Well, you may very well die if Obama gets re-elected, especially if you are sick or have an illness because his Obamacare will do you in if nothing else. And thanks for nothing, your slogan may sound good in your ears, but it rings pathetic to the rest of us who want our country back.

  20. NO and NO.

    Everyone knew that Perot would be running in 2012. Ron Paul won’t because it’s too late (ballot printing will begin real soon) and it will hurt his son Rand, who will carry the torch for his ideas that I think are mostly good.

    Johnson seems to be drawing from both the repubs and dems, and the only effect he’ll have is keeping New Mexico, where he was governor, in Obama’s column.

    Most people, about 90-93%, have decided on either Obama or Romney, and the undecided will break for Romney.

    Count a result of 54-44-2 at best for Johnson with a Romney win.

  21. Yes they can. Neitheanode can win but they could take enough votes away from Rommey/Ryan to ensure Obamas re election.

    1. Moron…Romney/Ryan could have cooperated and defeated Obama…if not for their own dictatorial pride. No, Romney and his RNC handlers had to exclude 16-18% of the party from the process AND formally rub their noses in it.

      1. stop whining it is to late to cry over spilled Milk lets get rid of Obama first then you can start getting a new Party

    2. If Obama winns forget ever having a strong third Party because he will be it forever we will have Dictator Obama and if you even mention another Party you will be shot by the Black Panthers

    3. A vote for Paul is a Vote Against Obama – you sit here and call young people names and insult them, but Youth put Obama in and They can take him out.
      They won’t vote Romney but they Will vote Paul. Re-think your diluting the vote thing, and Realize it’s Establishment Rhetoric to make you back One of the Two Establishment Candidates
      They don’t CARE which one wins… And they have them CONTROLLED Both of them, so that should tell you You should not care which one wins either…

  22. The fact that Ron Paul has not wholeheartedly thrown his weight behind Romney at this point in time confirms my suspicions about him from the start. Paul is an arrogant narcissist of the highest degree, one who lives and feeds off the energy of his mass of common sense devoid followers. Paul would lead his blind troop to the Koolaid stand to drink to their death, at the expense of the entire country if only to satisfy his unsurpassed ego. Ron Paul will kill the country and even his own son’s political future unless he does the right thing and help to unseat the only other narcissist that compares to him, Marxist Barak Obama, by endorsing Romney, our imperfect but only hope for this country.

    1. I agree with everything you said only replacing the name of Paul to Romney or Obama. You’ve just described them both very well.

      1. Yeah, well, Romney doesn’t have the support, both morally and financially, of white supremacist organizations, whereas Paul does. Rah rah. . .

      2. The problem with your view is that Paul didn’t any of the presidential primaries much less the nomination. So who should support who?

        1. Ross Perot didn’t win a primary either. Ron Paul may be correct in everything he campaigned for, but did not win in the primaries & any write in vote for him is simply a waste of yur vote & is a vote for this piece that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania ave

      3. Sue is right, Dr Ron Paul is nothing like he is portrayed. It is in fact,as Sue stated, its the other two main party candidates who act as if they have the right to vote. I will be voting for the Johnson/Gray ticket, because of the consistentcy of the Libertarian Party’s platform. The platform is one that has not changed to fit the fad of the day. As for the lame excuse that voting for the Johnson/Gray ticket will take votes away from the republican party, and that obama will win reelection is false. The Republican Party ( along with the Democratic Party) will lose votes because neither has proven that theyhave EARNED any votes. To vote for either the Rs and Ds is a vote for the statue-quo. Either way its a for more of the same policies that are now in force.

        1. My youngest son and his girlfriend are both Libertarians as are most of their friends, and they are urging all to vote for Romney. Time to put first things first and then after we have accomplished our goals, move on to future goals.
          As for the drug thing, I have mixed feelings but Prohibition did not work and neither does total drug prohibition. We have – or used to have – thousands in prison for marijuana offenses. We have only created a new Mafia, which i what liquor prohibition accomplished.

        2. I totally agree with you .In four years we can have a new Party with little Government interference but right now it is important to get obama out or ther be no Libertarian Party ever

        3. To Phoenix 1988. You are an idiot. I too am a fan of Ron Paul, but not at the expense of living 4 more years under OBAMA. My bet is that you are a 20 something that has never served in the military and skated thru your life on someone else’s nickel.

        4. either that or he is to old to think streight but he will find out what happens to him if Obama winns.My Husband didn’t fight in two wars to wind up kissing Obamas Feet

        5. I have 7 yrs Infantry under my belt, I will not compromise my integrity and vote for Romney. I will not do it. It is this bipartisan compromise that have turned the two parties into the same party. I will vote for a return of American values, the elitists in the DNC as well as those in the RNC can pi$$ off. You cant change anything by becoming that thing.

        6. Bob,
          Please don’t insult someone because he’s not in your age bracket. He sees more clearly than you because he’s not been Indoctrinated by the Corrupt gov’t machine for as long….

        7. Angel House, you are one of four things. YOUNG, STUPID, UNION EMPLOYED, OR ON SOME SORT OF ASSISTANCE. Or a combination of them all. Step up to the trough and have some more free stuff with your Koolaid.

        8. If you don’t vote you sure to support Obama but go ahead then we can at least blame you when he winns

    2. It’s interesting that most people, other than the druggies who want Paul to get in, can see that he’s as big a narcissist as obama.

    3. Wrong all the way thru this diatribe! Have you seen the latest Paul video to thousands of young people gathered in a huge venue? He did not tell them to vote for himself! He told the they are the start of a new movement in America – and I think it;s time AFTER Romney is elected to start working towards a new party – more libertarian and more dedicated to first principles than the party the Republicans have become. And I am 81 years old but 25 in my mind. Look at the machinations at the convention today – changing rules to keep the Tea Party out! Paul will not hurt Rand Paul’s career as a Senator. Ron Paul is right, and you sir, are wrong. Ron Paul after all the years of sticking to the subject, has now succeeded in convincing the House of Representatives to audit the Fed. An amazing accomplishment!

      1. The time for the third party was 2008, how many losers do you have to see from GOP and still follow follow, like good sheeple right over the cliff. I’m not against people waking up, but you have to get real. When people see george h w bush, dole, mccain, romney put up as your BEST and you sit and follow follow , give them your money too??

      2. I have nothing against starting a whole new Party but at this late in the Game it would be best to back Romney just to get Obama out and then we have four years to build a new party that is strong.I want this country back the way it was fourty years ago but I guess that is asking to much but I just like to know that my Grandkids have the same opportunities that I had so right now I will give Romney a chanse

        1. It is Not asking too much, and if Ron Paul had his way, it would be so! Imagine if everyone got behind that ideal wholeheartedly, Ron Paul would win by a landslide, as Reagan did. They’ve been blatant about the fraud at Both conventions, so I believe the time could be Now to push for our rights as voters, and Demand that Others be Included in the debates and that No State Nor the Federal Electorate would Block Write Ins and votes for Other parties.
          The Electoral votes is Supposed to Reflect the popular one, within Reasonable parameters. Tha’s Why it’s There.
          Conventions are Supposed to be Where the Nomination Takes place, by the Delegates who are duly Elected. Had the State parties not Strong-Armed with Fraud and even Violence on behalf of Romney, the public could See a Brokered convention, with the Real Winner being the one who had the most Delegates. Why Have them if it’s just a Show?
          Ah, well the Cat is Out of the Bag now, how much they’ve Engineered previous election results and that can only be Good for America.
          Do you see Romney’s campaign complaining about Soros’ Company in Spain doing the computer/counting for our elections? No, and you Won’t b/c they are IN THIS TOGETHER.
          Tha’ts just another way to Know that Both Obama and Romney REALLy stand for the Same thing. Big Govenment Control of the People. God Help the USA if we Won’t STand Up Together with One Voice and Reject the Fraud on Principle. No Matter Who we think “Can win”, we need the Truth and Sunshine on the Process so that it’s not “our” favorite candidate next time.
          “First They came for the Jews and I stayed silent – I’m not a jew… Then they came for the (name a party or group, religion) Finally when they came for me, there was nobody left to speak up for me…”
          That is Happening Today.
          The Group ideology and “special rights” for certain (voters) will only Enslave All Americans.
          The basic Building block of human rights is Individual Rights, Individual Liberty, as Ron Paul says. We’ve traded Liberty for security and ended up with neither. God Help us all if we Refuse to See that Both Romney and Obama are Fine with Tyranny and disappearing whoever disagrees with them. Government IS the Problem, as Ronal Reagan said.

      3. And that is why I will stick to Paul, he stands his ground for what is right, damn the compromisers who have made a failure of this nation!

        Obomney 2012 No hope for change

      4. Yes, but as far as I can recall and I am 72, that is the only thing that Paul has come up with in his 30 years in Congress. Personally, I think Ron Paul should be put out to pasture as he gets crazier as the years go by.
        I agree that a third party should form but I don’t want to see Ron Paul at the head of the line; his son maybe, but not this old fool. His views on the middle east, for example and I have had many years learning everything about those countries, are very dangerous. Obama learned this the hard way after trying to appease them and you see the results.

        1. Then let me help you. Ron Paul is the only one who has faithfully upheld his oath of office. Unlike Romney (claims) and Obama (and the vast majority of congress). He also appears to be the only one who followed the existing rules during the nominating process. He is one of the only ones that did his job.
          It is a major accomplishment which is why he has the support he has now.

      5. Thank YOU Jamieos for that On the Money response! God bless America and people like you and CarlJr and All of us who Care about our country, regardless of some being Misinformed and Believing the Fear- and War-mongering Government Establishment and their Statist/Corporatist Buddies!
        Please get it to Facebook – and Friend me, all of you – (FB shuts me down monthly after 2 days b/c all my FB friends support RP)
        This is the Way back to Liberty, Staying the Course and Not buying the hype when it’s OBVIOUS Both are the Same and will do the Same once they are IN Office. Obama didn’t Say he would do all this but Obamacare IS Romneycare for the Whole Country. They Reward Romney by this trip to Pennsylvania Ave to Further defile our White House with the Same Tyranny.
        A pile of dung by any other name/label is the Same Thing – Ron Paul is the Very Farthest from Narcissist one can get…
        He didn’t have to put up with people Booing the Golden Rule – He didn’t have to Give up and Refuse the Congressional Pension, but he did that. He didn’t have to be the Only guy plugging away for Auditing the Fed, and we Better go Through with that
        But Neither Romney Nor Obama will LET the Fed’s charter Die out…
        It Will be Renewed for Generations of continued financial Tyranny and debt Slavery with Either of them in the White House.
        NDAA will Stay and Hundreds more, if not Thousands of Patriots, Veterans and others with Our Best interest and the Constitution at heart, Will be falsely imprisoned and Railroaded – Thousands of Liberty voices will fall silent and then bloodshet may indeed become necessary….
        That is what Ron Paul supporters are Trying to Avoid – Millions more are Awake now than in 2008 and that’s why stadiums were filled to throngs and the trees outside them perches for excited Americans who once again see Real Hope like Jamieo sees, like I see and CarlJr see. We Cannot alloow them to continue the Monopoly. The next 4 years need to see State legislatures taken over by Libery candidates as well as Congress changed out in favor of the same.
        But it will be very difficult with Obama or Romney weilding the pen of tyranny through Exec order. And forget about the supreme court, it will be Totally Bought by the time either of them is through….

    4. Vlad —

      I’ll bet the Torries said similar things about America’s Revolutionary Patriots. They also often repeated the phrase “God save the King”. We seem to look upon our federal government as some combination of Parent, King, and God. I’ll have none of that.

      If this be treason, then make the most of it.

      1. Now the liberals say” Praise to allah” as they parade around with the islamists of the Brotherhood etc. I guess Paul wants this since he hasn;t ,to my knowledge, said anything against Shariah.

      2. Sol, as the old saying goes, you are only cutting off your nose to spite your face. You are part of the problem if you are willing to watch the country go down the toilet instead of doing something to help us get things turned around and going in the right direction. We all need to do the best we can this time, and try to do better next time around. I detest what our government has become, but I intend to swallow my pride and fight to win the fights that I can, until all those little victories add up to winning the war. Look at it this way, you aren’t voting for Romney…you are voting Obama out of office.

    5. I just noticed how many people gave you a “thumbs down”. They are one of two things. IDIOTS or DEMOCRATS. I guess maybe that is redundant. Nevermind.

    6. That’s where you’re wrong. Ron Paul’s entire campaign back in 2008 and 2012 were totally grassroots created. We led Ron Paul. Not the other way around. Goes to show you who the blind one is.

  23. Their “nobleness” is going to get us 4 more years of Obummer. Being good Liberterians, do they really want that. Time to unite so we can turn this country back around before we become full blown socialists.

    1. Romney is just “Obama-Lite”. He is a Socialist too. He will just get us there slower than Obama. Do you really want to take that Socialist trip?

      1. Who do you want to vote for Ron Paul.As you can see he didn’t get hardly any votes dosn’t that tell you something? and the fact that he is not willing to back Romney just showes me what a sore looser he is.He would rather divide the votes knowing they will go to Obama and our country goes down the Drain.Thats how much Paul cares about his supporters.

        1. He got plenty of votes and was cheated out of them by the RNC and then you listened to the MSM as they lied about and belittled him.

        2. With all the votes that Ron Paul got, he did not get anywhere near enough to win the nomination, even if the RNC had not played dirty pool with him. The fact is, we have only two choices come November…either vote FOR Obama by proxy by voting for Ron Paul or writing in some other candidate’s name, or you vote AGAINST Obama by voting for Romney.

        3. Great comments, afimedia. Ron Paul is NOT the nominee. He claims to be Republican, but won’t support the Republican nominee—that’s just plain wrong. Romney is not perfect-nobody is-but he’s 1,000 times better than Obama. Vote for Ron Paul and get Obama re-elected, then God help America—she will not be blessed and she may be doomed. I cry just thinking about it.

      2. Hey AF… none are so blind as those who will not see. We are casting our pearls.. Do what you can brother and let the rest die on the vine. If Romney wins maybe they will figure it out, but these are the same people who clamored for an unecessary war, the Patriot Act and Homeland security under the Bush years, they have thrown away their liberty for a false sense of security.

      3. Mitt Romney is the farthest thing from a Socialist. Every time you open your mouth with a comment like that, you only prove how stupid you are. Take the time to research the candidates and the issues before you make such an idiotic statement.

      4. Yes, slower would be better, especially since Obama will accelerate the path he’s been on after he no longer faces re-election.
        Obama: “This is my last election…After my election I have more flexibility.”Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir. “

    2. Blame yourself for being dumb. We stand for what the Republican Party was founded on. Not this mafioso goon squad willing to break all the rules to get nominated. If you’re ok with that you’re not someone I would want anything to do with.

      1. Jim, I don’t understand your reasoning. You would rather Obama be re-elected than to vote for an obviously better candidate. I’m no great fan of Romney, either, but he is a damn site better than Obama…a huge improvement any way you look at it. We have not had a perfect candidate in any of them…including Ron Paul, but at least Romney is a step in the right direction. A vote for anyone except Romney in November is a vote for Obama. Blame yourself for being dumb if you can’t see that.

        1. Ron Paul would have been a leap in the right direction, rather than Romneys “step” IMHO. If Obama wins this election, I am blaming the GOP for their antics during the nomination process and splitting the party. Blaming RP or GJ is what the establishment wants. If you are not familiar with the GOPs “antics”, do some reserch. I don’t think RP would have been the perfect candidate, but many feel he would be the one that was a “damn site better than Obama” – OR Romney. As far as the statement “A vote for anyone except Romney in November is a vote for Obama” – please give me a break. I guess you don’t see that, but I would consider you to be ignorant (not dumb). Anyway, although I am not keen on the name calling, thanks for not calling me stupid.

  24. IF you keep voting for one of the two bad choices, you will keep getting two bad choices. The establishment will not change until they realize that they cannot win elections unless they do change.

  25. Is part of the angst becasue our votes don;t count in the primaries. Many voted for someone besdes Romeny, many for Ron Paul. yet the ‘rules’ say only Romney can be voted on at the convention?. Yes,,many candidates ran out of money and offically with drew?( and this should not be allowed); some like Ron Paul only suspended active campaigning but left name in. Over the last couple of decades I’ve felt very disenfranchised as I voted for someone that did’;t win the nomination and then was not allowed to see my vote represented at the convention at all.. First ballot should reflect the votes of the people. Then, candidates can endorse someone else and release delegates to change their vote or vote for someone else, We, that voted for the non winner, would see our vote counted. Then real unity , in the Spirit of democracy; would sow good sportmanship as most support the one with the most votes. Linda Joy Adams, my vote isn’t getting counted in Tampa!

  26. I am voting for Gary Johnson. The reason is the underhanded actions of Romney through the nomination process. He cheated to become the nominee, I cannot vote for a cheater, just like Obama cheats too.

    1. But you will vote for someone who approves same sex marriage, abortion, legalizing drugs/prostitution, and believes in evolution. What a candidate!! Sounds more like a demoncrap than a Republican

  27. You might want to start thinking about using that ‘birther’ issue instead of the polling booth to kill this infection. The voting booth might fail, and then what?

  28. Your choice is Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama. Not even Christ could get elected without being one one of the two party tickets. If you can’t vote for someone, at least vote against the other one. Are you really so selfish that you are willing to throw the country in the trash because you can’t have your own way?

    1. Oh how I wish you could drill that into the heads of these people. All of these that have the “my way or no way” complex are indeed too selfish and prideful to be given the honor of working our way back to THE USA. They act like children having temper tantrums.

    2. Ha ha ha! A few ‘selfish’ folks stand in the way of the big majority having its way! When you behave like a bum, expect to be treated as a bum. No one holds another’s soul hostage to some slightly greater good…or lesser evil. We will all live and die…there’s no way out of it. Just live a truly meaningful life.

    3. William, Please Think about what you Said!! So Both of them are doing the SAME Tyranny, right? OK
      Now let’s take it One STep further in Logic and with Reason…
      The Two Parties are Doing the Same thing – So they Don’t CARE Which one Wins. A vote for Either of them is a vote for Tyranny and it will be Illegal to vote as We Want Next time if Either of the Dictators Gets IN.
      When they’re Funded and Put up for the Office by the same Peole, and the same Money, they are Both Bad News and Neither will Let us fix things Right the Next time b/c there Won’t Be a Next time. Romney is Already waffling on ending the Mandate, and there will be many more Lies to get Either one elected and Neither will do as he Says but just continue on the same road.

  29. Just as voters did not have viable quality candidates in Clinton and GHW Bush, we still do not have quality candidates in Obama and Romney. Never in American history has this nation had two candidates representing counterfeit Judeo-Christian religious cults (Islam and Mormonism)…and the Bible warns us to “come out from amongst them” – the liars and deceivers as they are tools of Satan. We are NOT to be “followers of men” but followers of Christ Jesus.

    1. Winston, Mormons don’t be-head people, but some of the folks from Islam do. Read
      up on the religons before you show you ignorance.

  30. With all the lies romney and his pack put out about the good conservatives he had i dont see rewarding romney with my vote for that 3rd party conservative is what we need. Not 2 lib partys like we have now

    1. Jerry, I think if you put Romney and Obama on some scales and you took a pound
      away from each person every time they told a lie, Obama would have been down
      to zero along time before Romney. Now if you added a pound each time they told the truth, Romney would weigh around 450, and Obama would still be a Zero.

  31. They are deliberately putting up these headlines to foment hatred against Ron Paul. It’s his fault Obama will get back in! hate him, hate him! What’s the adage, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. You’re being taken for a ride again for the 100th time. They don’t want anyone not following the party line they’ve put up. Either party makes no difference. Romney will bring you war. He’s already announced it. On the other hand Obama will bring you……war! Don’t you realize if this is such a shoe in they wouldn’t bother putting up propaganda like this? Why put up such a weak candidate as Romney if it there was really a choice? Think long and hard.

    1. Sue, if you have been paying any attention the last couple of years you would now
      know that they both might bring war, but Obama will also bring Socialism. If we don’t
      fight wars we don’t stay a free nation.

  32. Although Romney is by no means the best Republican candidate for the GOP or America for that matter think of the alternative; this would indeed be another Perrot election and I’m sorry Ron Paul cannot win. Not because he wouldn’t be the best person because he would be pretty darn close but he scares too many people and it would insure an O victory. Vote for the lesser of two evils and let’s take steps to achieve a greater America through the next several elections let’s not blow this major one because of resentment for Romney getting the nominee.

    1. Are you really that sure he can’t? Are the media that sure he can’t? If you’re answer is yes then there’s no reason for these bogus columns. I saw an article stating Paul had 17,000 supporters in Florida. A blogger wrote: there were a lot more then that. I was there. An hour later, I got another column that said, Paul had 10,000 supporters there. It was only 7:00 and he had lost 7,000 supporters. Something’s afoot my fellow Americans.

      1. Unfortunately I am sure and unfortunately I not wrong very often. Ron Paul does have a lot of support and he is a great man and he has the right motives and ideas for getting America back on the right path but there are too many on the fence and too many people that view Ron as too extreme. I wish and I hope that I am wrong but I don’t think so. The $20 trillion question is: are the Ron Paul supporters willing to take the chance of the votes between Romney and Paul to be split and O to win again?

        1. Were you trying to reiterate what I was
          telling the people who commented above or did you think that I was going to
          waste my vote and vote for Paul?

  33. I held my nose and voted for McCain last time because of who he was running against. Republicans could not have nominated a worse candidate and he made Bob Dole look good by comparison. If he hadn’t had Sarah, he would have lost in a huge landslide. With Mitt, we do have a guy who can be brought along to do the right thing. Adding Ryan will be a big boost for the Conservatives. Mitt is 100% better than what we have now and we can’t afford 4 more years of the nonsense we have had to put up with.

  34. Yes they could. If they don’t get behind Romney, and Obama, wins, then they are part of the problem as to what Obama, does to this country in a second term.

    1. You are exactly right. Obama will win because of these so called libertarians. There won’t be a Constitution for them to talk about if Obama gets re-elected but they don’t see it or get it.

  35. Now is not the time to have a hissy-fit and behaving like a spoiled brat. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson do not have the backing by enough people to do anything except to insure an Obama victory. When two women claim the same baby, one does not split the baby in half in order to give a half to each; and as Abe Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.” – accordingly, the many facets of the “Right” must come together to unite against the common enemy known as Obama and the Left.
    Furthermore, Mitt has proven himself successful the old fashioned way: he EARNED IT. And that’s what we need in the White House.

  36. When will this old goat finally realize that he isn’t going win any election. He is so out of it with no answers to anything! How could he have avoided 9-11. He said if he was in office that would never have happened. But he didn’t say what he would do to avoid it either. He has all the complaints about others but he has no solutions. He is full of hot air and is behind the times and I blame him for getting Obozo elected!

  37. They won’t pull true GOP or Conservative votes, my guess is they’ll pull from O-B and his VP and if they can get 10-15% of O-B’s discouraged Dems, then the GOP has a good chance of winning. Then we just have to hope they know what to do with a WIN when it happens.

    1. Ron Paul doesn’t appeal to Democrats, so he won’t get many votes from them, but Johnson might appeal to them. He’s as nutty as they are.

      1. What rock have you been hiding under? Ron Paul was pulling Democrats and Independents all over the place. The only problem was the main stream media fed Republicans that can’t think for themselves and have to be directed by the Committees on who to vote for.

  38. For Libertarians and others who will “waste” their votes on Paul or Johnson…you are being UNAMERICAN! With what this country is facing with another four years of Obama, you OWE it to this country to cast your vote where it will count! If Ron Paul fails to support Romney then HE is UNAMERICAN as well. THIS IS NOT A NORMAL ELECTION! I never thought I would see a time when voting for the “lesser of the two evils” would be a noble action, but if there ever was such a time..IT IS NOW!

    1. Rabidrex, you are WRONG about voting for Gary Johnson as a “wasted” vote. Every vote counts and maybe the political will finally get the message that we, as AMERICANS, are tired of the status quo. The politics as usual scam that both the Rs And Ds have played forever is about to change. I will proudly vote for Gary Johnson.

    2. The lesser of two evils is still evil.What would Jesus do.And by the way,when Ross Perot ran,he actually drew more votes away from the democrat,than the republican.

  39. Same old stupid crap. A vote for Dr. Paul is not a vote for Obama. That is, if the vote counting apparatus were fair. However, either of the establishment candidates (obama and romney) will be equally bad for all of us. Go ahead and vote if you must, but don’t think anything is going to change. I’ve already predicted that if romney wins, obamacare will not be repealed, we will just get more of the same, just like we did when obama became king.

  40. Oldster Paul should endorse Romney but I bet he won’t because he didn’t win the nomination. Bitter old man and he has no regards for this country to see that liar Obozo win again like he did last time. He is narcissitc and I will be glad to see him gone.

    1. Watch the video on You Tube. Ron Paul is anything but a bitter old man. You really should inform yourself. Appalling comment!

  41. Boy do I hate math callenged people.That’s how we ended up sixteen trillion in debt.If the polls are right we can’t afford to split the vote..but worse then that I could of sworn I heard Ron say he would not run against the ticket in the debates..

    1. Deeme, I think you are right, I thought I heard him say the same thing awhile back. I haven’t been following the crowd at the convention this week but I think I heard that the RNC backed down on that rule changing BS and I think Romney and Paul came to an understanding. I am not so sure all these people in here stirring up the pot are really Ron Paul supporters. I think some of them must be Democom moles. I don’t think that real Ron Paul supporters are that bone headed that they would vote on air so as not to support Romney and give BO another 4 years to phuque with us. Don’t add up and I smell some rats either way.

  42. If Ron really loves America he will tell all his supporters to get behine Romney, and help run
    Obama out of Washington and back to Kenya.

  43. This is and has always been my greatest fear is that some 3rd party candidate will pull just enough votes away from Romney so that Obama will win re-election. It can very well happen this election. Why Ron Paul and his supporters don’t see that they can cause this to happen is beyond me. I just watched Ron Paul at the convention and it infuriates me to hear him talk. If Obama does win re-election, I will personally blame all these Ron Paul supporters. This Gary Johnson, even though he is not getting much media attention, will get the Ron Paul votes, it’s obvious, and it may be just enough to lose the republican vote. As we watch this country fall and go down the drain, if Obama gets re-elected, I hope the Ron Paul supporters at least have the decency to have some sense of guilt over what they have done.

  44. Then maybe the GOP should not be giving Paul the shaft at the convention. If they lose, it is their own fault for ignoring true conservatives who value the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    1. Oh be quiet. If Ron Paul was so good and great, he would have won the republican nomination, not Mitt Romney. You people will be the ones who lose this election and let Obama completely destroy this country. Thanks for nothing.

        1. Sorry, don’t agree. Ron Paul would have never been nominated because he is too extreme in his foreign policy and other ideas. He may follow the Constitution but his other thinking is too much for most people.

        2. So you agree that we should attack countries because we think they may cause us problems in the future,instead of trading with them and trying to make friends out of them till they prove they aren’t,and then and only then,have congress declare war as it says to do in the constitution.Thats the founding father’s plan,and that is what Ron Paul has been advocating all along.Guess you don’t want to follow the constitution…..hmmm

    2. True conservatives aren’t libertarians. Read about Ron Paul and you’ll see that he believes this and believes that and thinks this, but for 30 years has introduced zero bills to support whatever he believes and thinks. Hmmm. . . sounds a lot like that guy in the WH.

  45. So this article right up front says that Gary Johnson is not a threat because he has gotten NO news media coverage.Well Neither has Ron Paul,they have blacked him out.So what if the Libertarian candidate draws away the votes from obama,because they are tired of the rhetoric,and some of the Romney voters because of their not so polite treatment of Ron Paul…..looks like the Libertarian could win this,and get the country back on track………looks like a win win.

    1. Are you kidding me? There is no way Ron Paul could and will win. You guys need to get your heads out of the ground and back the nominee we have and get Obama out of the White House.

  46. This is the same ole tired, tried and true, excuse being vomited out again- voting for the lesser of 2 evils. What this article fails to acknowledge is,that there is no difference between the 2 parties and both are hell-bent on destroying America and furthering theIR own powers.
    Just listen to them, its all about the party- NOT ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE.
    Sorry, but i refuse to return to the vomit and must in all good conscience vote for the best candidate who will defend WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR CONSTITUTION.

  47. For now it is a sad situation that these two republicans are going to upset the republican chances . But it also may herald the complete demise of the republican party as it really no longer has the confidence and aspiration of its member. The losing the election may be the beginning of Tea Party completely taking the lead for 2016 . The republican establishment need to disappear forever for good as they cowed to the liberals like a pack of running dogs with their tails in between their legs .Cowardice is a shameless trait !

    1. Don’t you people get it? If Obama gets re-elected there won’t be any country left. He will completely transform it into a government controlled, dictatorial government. Ron Paul or no one will be voting in 2016 because there won’t be an election.

  48. I have nothing bad to say about Ron Paul, but his son is supporting Romney/Ryan, whatever, that should prove something. I was a supporter of his at the start, but I don’t want four more years of socialism and the taking down of the rest of the country. The Oblamo regime is the most corrupt, anti-American government ever. It needs to go.

  49. And then the whole process starts all over again for the next presidential election cycle. RNC puts up a RINO. The sheeple vote for the lesser of two evils and the process starts anew. Then you’ll be writing another article about why voting for the lesser of two evils is the best solution.

    Why would anybody want to vote for a candidate who wants to wipe out elected delegates just so he can have a kumaya moment at the convention? The process reeks of sleezy democrats.

  50. You people sound like a bunch of whining Democrats. Scapegoating Ross Perot for Bush’s loss is asinine. Bush lost because he did not inspire enough people to vote for him. If Romney loses, it will be because he and the RNC cold-shouldered Paul and his supporters. Scapegoating Ron Paul is shallow escapism.

    1. TO: Sol52—– I hate to admit it but I voted for Ross Perot, KNOWING he couldn’t win, but was showing my support. Now I am a lot older and realize how foolish I was. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

  51. To say it would be a sad commentary if Ron Paul runs as a third party would be the understatement of the century. All those voters for him would have only themselves to blame for the demise of our great country. They don’t get the three letters of ‘ABO’ Anybody But Obama. Is Romney as conservative as we all would like? Of course not. However, he is a step in the right direction and is most assuredly not anything like the total mistake residing in the White House at present. The Paul supporters must think of country first before ideology.

    1. How can you even know that Romney will be any better? His record supporting liberal causes? How about his constant position changes? What does he stand for? How did the guy that nobody wanted end up with the nomination and the people that still don’t want him are at fault if Romney loses? Romney will lose because he sucks and he will be unable to motivate enough people to vote for him over the Muslim illegal alien. How pathetic is the Republican party? Don’t be mad at the Paul supporters be mad at the RNC.

      1. Ron Paul ran in the primaries. He did not get enough votes to win. Whether he is a narcissist or whatever, the GOP voters did not buy in. While I am not a big RNC fan Paul had his chance and did not make the grade. Attempting all this back door maneuvering is just proving ego can fool a lot of people. The Paul supporters just didn’t have enough primary election gravitas.

        1. Paul had a plurality of delegates from over 5 states which allows his name to be placed for nomination and an opportunity to address the convention. The RNC is so terrified of the little doctor from Texas that they had to change the rules at the last minute to prevent these things from taking place. Why? What are they so afraid of?

  52. These two airheads will cost us the election …. why even have an election obama just won by default!!!!!
    Morons morons moron!!!
    No one even knows who Johnson really is and I live in TEXAS and would NEVEAR Vote for RON PAUL!!!
    You are correct the DA’s at the Reps will also be a contributing factor to the loss ….. Fire whoever started the backdoor rule change!!
    Get off the subject of abortion and birthcontrol …. this is not the Governments business .. stop trying to control people personal choices!!!
    Stop promising ILLEGAL ALIENS AMNESTY or any ANYTHING ….. Tired of the Special Interest Racial and Sexual Pandering!!!
    Ryan tell you Dad to step down nicely ro we will PUNISH YOU!!!
    Ever who can control Johnson tell him to get his big EGO out of the way and Consider the ENTIRE Country and HE CANNOT WIN!!!
    WE need to punish these two MEN a LOT … Neither gives a damn about Legal US Citizens that will be hurt because of THEIR EGO TRIPS!!!

  53. Giacomo,
    Kindly remove our head from it’s loged position and don’t mean in the sand.
    Surely you can find a better subject than this to talk about.

    1. I agree. A better subject would be which Romney we may get since he’s always changed positions on everything. He’s nothing but a liar and now he’s shown us he’s willing to go to mafia tactics to get the nomination along with the RNC and Main Stream media.

  54. Because of the way Romney / Ryan have treated Ron Paul together with the last minute dirty trick GOP attempt @ a delegate rule change, I have not only changed my party affiliation and intend to vote for Obama, I am contributing to his campaign. Obama is not eligible to hold office in addition to being incompetent. I intend to help keep Obama in office to force then GOP to deal with his eligibility issue or suffer the consequences of not doing so. The U.S. would be better, safer & more sound economically had Paul been elected in 2008. The GOP machine insisted on McCain instead. We are now living the consequences of their bad decision. No More !!!

    1. If I were you, I’d contribute & vote for Gov Johnson. Too many votes for him would scare the crap out of both parties. We need to form a third party anyways to insure we get some representation, we will never be able to reform either party. Johnson is going to get votes from D’s, R’s, & Independents, so who knows who is going to win anyway…

  55. This would be the final straw to destroy america as a paul/ johnson ticket is a no win and will drain from the conservitive base that the republicans so badly need now. the republican party may be slow to listen and understand but they are starting to realize they have also been a major part of the downfall of america

    1. Funny all the Republican sheeple are so worried about votes being drained by Johnson. Instead of b itching about the libertarians why don’t you do something about the party’s establishment? Anybody that doesn’t get their news from Faux News or the MSM can see that both parties have worked together to destroy this country and concentrate power on the Potomac. I am not supporting the destruction of my liberties anymore. You can vote for the savior Romney (sounds stupid right? he isn’t gonna save anything) but I will vote for someone I believe.

    2. You’re beating a dead horse. There will not be a Paul – Johnson ticket. However there are a significant number of inside-the-beltway Republicans who are Progressives and despise anti-illegal Immigration people and social conservatives. Grassroots people are like burrs under their saddles and they would like to force them out of the party. That is why there have to be serious discussions about a third party after Romney wins.

  56. If they put their egos aside for the good of the nation, they will doom us to at LEAST four more years of comrade obama…and it may well be be our last election…o thinks he is Chavez or Mao or Lenin or Hitler . or Castro etc… or Idi Amin…

  57. WHY do these off shoots and ANTI- Two Party people always wait until the election to decide to run and support a third party candidate? The answer is simple. They are either mindless twits who cannot fathom the damage they are doing, or they are doing it on purpose, to put the Commie Crats back into office again. If you are going to start a third party movement, do it 4 years BEFORE the election to get people behind you. Not because you’re pissed that a failing Presidential Candidate didn’t make the cut. Band with the TEA PARTY and Support a Non Republican, Non Democrat Candidate, before an election. Sheesh. Dumbasses!!!

  58. Is this what Democracy has come down to: vote for someone you dislike because he is not as evil as the other guy ?
    I don’t think so.
    I’ll vote for the best man for the job. If everone does that in spite of what the experts say then Ron Paul will be a shoo-in.

  59. Johnson would’nt get 500 votes, as far as Paul if he did it he’d torpedo his Sons future in politics, I assume Paul is a patriot well if he did that he’d put Obama one step closer to staying in the White House and if Obama won he’d be a hated man. I just hope that doesn’t happen becuase Rand Paul is an up and coming guy. its 69 days to election day it really isn’t feasible at this point.i think everyone knows the importance of this election these petty beefs aren’t helpful and really not neccassary.

  60. Anyone with a brain should be intelligent enough to realize that disrespecting the Ron Paul & Gary Johnson Republicans, which could be more than 20% of the GOP, will not help you win the election. Since many of you are doing everything possible to alienate those the GOP need to to beat Obama, I’d say whoever is guilty as charged are the ones who are helping Obama get re-elected.

  61. Any well known third party would ensure an Obama win. Many will stay home because their pro-American, pro-life and Godly beliefs can not vote for either candidate. Knowing it is our patriotic duty to vote will make us choose Mitt … but if there was a third party, we would for that leader. Those votes will go to that leader primarily as a protest to the two establishment candidates … not to support the third candidate. That will be a disaster but I trust God and not these two men.

  62. IF Ron Paul was a TRUE REPUBLICAN, he would ENDORSE Romney. FOR PRIDE ALONE, he would divide the ticket like Ross Perot and AMERICA would loose. USE YOUR HEAD

  63. After watching the convention’s roll call, I can say that the RNC’s behavior has probably ensured an Obama victory in November. Johnson & Paul won’t have to do anything…the RNC has rubbed their noses in it…publicly and without justification.

  64. I trust Paul supporters to stick to principles and write him in. We’ll never end these two corrupt DC parties if we don’t use our powers. Gary johnson isn’t ron paul, so can’t shift that easy. How can anybody support the power grabbing GOP after changing rules throughout primary, no changing at convention so the RINOS maintain power. Our delegates better use their abilities, or we wasted all money on them too.

  65. Well, think about this. Who were the people who carried the election for Obama in the last Presidential election? It was the Libertarian and Independent vote. If these people vote for either of them, then they are taking votes from Obama as well.
    The university in Colorado has this pegged and they haven’t been wrong in who the next President has been since it began in the early 80’s. The predict a landslide for Romney both in the popular and electoral vote with the electoral votes by over 100. Know this, the major media and the pollsters except Rasmussen fudge the closeness of this race and when it comes down to voting day, the economy and other factors will decide this and it won’t be in favor of the Democrats. Rasmussen is a Democrat, just so you know but an honest one.

  66. The most important thing do this November is to unseat

    This is nothing like 1992. Obama is on a mission to totally
    change this country.

    This is no time to make a statement or waste any votes. Every
    vote is needed to defeat Obama. The balance between the people supporting
    government and depending on government changes every day. 2016 may be too late.

    1. No, the most important thing to do is to make the corrupt elite in the RNC understand that the grassroots will not be pushed around period. We choose period.

      Romney and his lying, thieving goons are trying to kick the grassroots and the tea party out of the process, for that they need to rejected by everyone with a spine and even a pinch of moral integrity.

  67. LOL How can you blame Ron Paul for Mit Romney’s actions he had a chance to capture a huge amount of voters instead he stupid to 0bama’s level so scared of Ron Paul changed the rules the day of the convention to deny access not only did he not reach out and try to consolidate them HE HAD THE PURFECT opportunity, he jack thugged kicked them in the ass, No one can blame this on the honorable Dr Paul. That’s what was the factor that solidified my resolve, that a vote for the best of two evils is still a vote for evil, look where that has brought us. You can’t get what you want by voting for what you don’t want.. President Kennedy described this day in stunning accuracy in the speech that got him killed, since I can’t post the link please go to youtube and search
    (( The President who told the Truth about illuminati Vlad TV ))

  68. Voting for the lesser of two evils is STILL EVIL. The two party system is broken and can NOT be repaired. Your vote is wasted to begin with because the winner is NOT decided by the voters. That is what the insiders don’t want you to realize.

  69. That is the only way this piece will win the election & the sad thing is he is probably rooting for him & also would encourage him to run. Let’s hope thje gop makes a deal with him first

  70. Those two are just narcissistic enough to destroy the Country for their own egos! They won’t have to worry about the next election, because there will never be another election if Obama gets back in. Believe me, my first choice wasn’t Romney, but the difference between freedoms and bondage overrode the small picture for the big picture. You may want to live in a Communist/Socialist state, but I’m not! Romney!

  71. Here we go again! Save me Obi-Wan! What is wrong with you Ron Paul people? Right lets give Obama another term boy that sure will be great.That would mean I’ll either be in a re- education camp or fighting in the resistance. Regardless the Republic will be lost.

  72. Ron Paul is worth His weight in diamond and precious metals for his life long conviction regarding the abolition of the Federal Reserve. Perhaps this new administration will put their weight behind this long overdue resolve to manage our own monetary system.

  73. Gary Johnson is and has beeen a Obama supporter, do not be fooled! Rom Paul is an old man that should retire! Supporter of either of the two are either idiots or paid voters! I am a Female Democrat and I will be supporting Romney and the entire Republican team!

  74. I must admit that I voted for Ross Perot in ’92 and I have regretted it ever since! I may not like the establishment Republicans but I would rather see them defeated by the Tea Party. In my view, the Tea Party candidates are more like the Republican Party I knew as I grew to adulthood. So, essentially, I haven’t changed my views, the GOP changed and became more liberal. It is time to get back to our values and the Constitution and kick the establishment out of the way!

  75. That’s that worries a lot of us because a “no-vote” or a vote for Johnson or write-in vote for Paul will only help Obama in his bid for re-election…..are they that many common sense people too ignorant to see this scenario and you’d better believe this is what’s being pushed by the Obama camp….do any of you really want to help Obama?

  76. I spoke about this in the last column. Libertarians have a death wish. A third party will destroy this countries foundations and we will never get. Liberty lost is never regained. Hitler became a dictator with 40% of the vote. Obama will follow the same pattern. The jews never thought Hitler was going for them. Libertarians have this vision that they will win or change things. The only change will be the permanent power of the social democrtic Marxists who presently run this country. I feel the libertarians more than the democrats. Romney will straigten out this mess I can assure you. Does he have to be 100% on every issue. This will never come to pass.

    1. Your history is massively lacking. George Washington warned us of Political Parties and we’ve just evidenced a Mafioso like treatment of your own people and you are ok with it. People like you are more danger than anything.

  77. romney doesn’t give a damn about this country anymore than obama. If he did he would have fought for it and made sure his sons did as well. Instead he chose to hide behind his religion and his sons are hiding behind daddys skirts.

  78. Even now bho has the islamo-thugs that represent CAIR, HAMAS , THE BROTHERHOOD ETC in the DNC ready for a 2 hr. presentation (and they do represent shariah)on the evils of this POLITICAL STANCE. It does not respect the CONSTITUTION! These organizations have sent billions back to the middle east to foment more hate and take over .BHO is the phony thug who represents the evil that is now circulating at the DNC.

  79. It wouldn’t be Ron Paul’s or Gary Johnson’s fault if Obama wins. It will be the RNC’s fault for the way they ran their primaries and convention. They robbed Ron Paul of the nomination and all Conservatives should be outraged! Romney is “Obama-Lite”! Obama is running the USA deeper into Socialism, whereas Romney will walk us deeper into Socialism. That’s a trip I don’t want to take at any speed. I want my Constitutional Republic back and Obama and “Obama-Lite” are taking the Socialist path. Maybe another 4 years of Obama’s Socialism will wake America up just like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did. Romney and the RNC have forced many Conservatives to realize that the Republican Party is no longer the party of Conservatism. “We the people…” are looking for a new Conservative home.

  80. If Ron Paul had “ANY LOVE” at all for this country he would tell all his backers to vote for Mitt (who was not my choice, but I will vote for him ). There is NO way I would vote for someone else because that would be like giving my vote to “The Pretender in Cheif……….. Never happen!!!!!!!

    1. Wrong direction!! If Mitt Romney wanted to fix this country, he would embrace the Paul platform and bring the Paul supporters along. Instead, the old guard RINOs will lose to Obama because they are ne and the same.

  81. Will Romney end the Patriot Act? NO! He’s ok with it. Will Romney end
    the NDAA? NO! He supports it. Will Romney sign the bill to audit the
    Fed? NO! His entire support came from Banking and Wall Street. Will
    Romney end the wars? NO! He’s ready to go bomb Iran and said so. How
    about TARP, Free Trade Agreement, etc…etc…You won’t get anything
    different with Romney. This situation is the result of Republicans
    informed by the Main Stream media, the Main Stream media itself. They are the ones to blame and I’m no kid. 49 yrs old and 10 years in the military.

  82. If Obama is reelected, the RINO-NECON Republicans will be to blame because they insisted on ramming Romney down the throats of the American people. And, if the ONLY “choice” is the “choice” between a Marxist (Obama) and a Fascist (Romney) it may indeed be better in the LONG TERM is Obama is reelected because the greater vigilance created by Obama’s reelection will increase the likelihood that the price of liberty is met.

    The RNC has, without a shadow of a doubt, finally shown its true colors: a corrupt, despicable collection of Federal Reserve prostitutes suckling at the fascist trough and begging to be raped by the military-industrial complex. It will reap what it has sown and it will be relegated to the well-deserved dungheap of oblivion. Will it contribute to the destruction of America in the process? Time will tell. As an alternative, I would suggest endorsing the principles of freedom and liberty. If that is too much for some American people to stomach, then they can enjoy Marxist Obama or Fascist Romney. Bring it on!

  83. Gary didn’t pick Ron Paul to run as his VP. Maybe Mitt will let Ron Paul be the Secretary of the Treasury if he wins.

  84. There is nothing Conservative about Gary Johnson. He is the biggest RINO that ever walked on two feet. He is going the 3rd party route to try and help obuma win. Come on Ron Paul,quit being a sore loser and get on board with Romney. If we ever needed you we need you now. Obuma must be defeated are the USA is done for.

  85. Libertarians are not and will not be a factor in this election. They get too much attention for their 400,000 votes!

  86. Let’s hope and pray this doesn’t happen. Surely Paul thinks more of his country than to split the vote like that. He has got to know that Obama will finish killing this country. By
    the way, have you seen the new documentary “Obama’s America”. I understand that it should be required viewing for anyone who votes. Going to see it Friday.

  87. I know a lot of you don’t like Romney but at this point Ron Paul don’t have a chanse so wouldn’t it be better to vote for Romney and then if you still don’t like him look for an alternative for 4 years from now.Voting for Paul now is helping Obama win and I bet you would be sorry.
    Go see the Movie Obamas 2016 I can’t say it enough

  88. Point fingers at Johnson voters? Haha… hardly, how about pointing fingers at the people who elect douche nominees like Romney. Vote for lesser evil, you just get more evil. Gary Johnson 2012!

  89. Ron Paul has a good grasp on economics, but his foreign policies would be very dangerous for America. He has no hope of winning. He definately should not run. America can not survive another 4 years of this. To tell the truth, I don’t think Obama would think twice about changing the 2 term limit by executive order like he’s done everything else Americans don’t want.

  90. Obama has already destroyed us as he is an illegal potus.. He destroyed our system and for some reason or another not a Repuke has done anything about it, and it has just been sitting there for the taking.. The ONLY REASON I would vote for the very liberal Romney (I can’t believe he calls himself a Republican, when his entire record as governor shows different) is so we don’t get a dictator!!!If Paul runs, I might vote for him.. who knows.. I don’t know anything about Johnson except he let the Texas democraps stay in his town while they illegal left Texas in the middle of a session…

    With liberal minded people such as Christie and Romney, I could go on but those are at the top of my list,,, I have completely lost faith in every Politician that carries the R behind their name…

    Now the Tea Party on the other hand,, at least they are trying to do something…
    but after this election (if there is ever another one) I will not vote for a Republican or Democrat because in my book they are one in the same — CORRUPT

  91. Those who talk of loving America but will vote for Obama or Romney are confused.
    There is one party. It is the big government party.
    The two branches of the big government party play good cop/bad cop to divide the electorate. Today’s nearly 50/50 division of voters is testament to Demopublican success. When people succumb to divisive rhetoric and vote for the lesser of two evils, the government grows. This is the only possible conclusion a thinking person can reach, and this conclusion is supported by indisputable historical evidence.
    Choosing TweedleObamdum over TwedleRomdee, or vice versa is a Hobbson’s Choice. In every important way the two are identical. The differences are only insignificant twaddle.
    Those who are so frightened of another Obama term they feel compelled to hold their nose and vote for Romney, should be reminded that eventually they must take another breath. When they do, they will find the miasma of big government is still there.

    1.  Amen.  Wishful thinking is a very destructive form of lying & that’s what those that think Romney offers relief from the cancer of government are engaging in.  This has been a looong slide (like 100+ yrs) & just like the debt thing, there is a price to pay for the folly of wanting the perceived safety Statist promise.  Neither of the current party options is a stay of execution.  Big problem with Romney is the lukewarm freedom lovers just go back to sleep guarenteeing we fall off the same cliff a little latter than Obamination’s big shove.

  92. Ron and Paul, don’t give the presidency to Obama. The ruination of America will be caused by your stubborness in taking votes from Romney knowing there is no way either of you can win. And a note to Ron Paul: Don’t ruin your son’s future hopes by taking the election from the Republicans Shame on you and your stubborness! You should be backing him up. You raised him; so, take pride in him.

  93. Just remember! A vote for Ron Paul or any candidate besides Romney/Ryan is a vote for another 4 yrs of Obumba. This country can NOT survive another 4 years of King Barak Hussein Obama. Romney/Ryan 2012

  94. Yep, and we could always get angry at the voters who wont vote for the lesser of 2 evils. We can always blame it on them. The rinos are completely innocent. They refuse to put up or support a constitutional or even a real conservative candidate…..but they are ok. The voters are evil. lol Thats funny. Put your head back where the sun doesnt shine.

    1. Carol, keep it civil. Nowhere in the First Amendment does it even imply that one can use profanity,  gutter talk or obnoxious names or that one can say just anything. Like our “right to bear arms” does not permit one to do just anything with a gun that they want. We already have “slander” laws and we cannot shout “fire” in a crowded theater.   I agree that the right to free speech should not be infringed but logic, reason and plain common sense surely dictate that  communications should be civil. Profanity, gutter talk and obnoxious names are tantamount to shouting “fire” and seriously degrades the communication process, just as improper use of guns,  can result in grave consequences. Keeping all communications “civil” surely cannot be construed as unconstitutional in that what is said is not restrained by how it is said,  must be civil.  I note there is no profanity, gutter talk or obnoxious names in the Constitution or the Federalist Papers. I anticipate the courts will address this “civil” speech issue in the near future—they wll not be restricting free speech, but just how we say it. Makes sense to me. The biggest change will be about half of the commenters will have to “clean up their acts”.

  95. I will Pray for Ron Paul, For he Truly Has Mental Issues,He is A ” I Would Rather Scorch The Earth” Type of Person Who Really Cares More About Himself Than The Country,,This Is A Proven fact through His Actions, He Has Said That If Romney Loses ..It would Be Great For Him in 2016…..Dear lord Please Bless This Country………

  96. Bush Sr lost that election because he sat on his ass and did nothing after Bill said “I wanna feel your pain” at a debate, Bush Sr. quit campaigning vigorously at that point. What is dividing the party now are the actions of the RNC at the convention, instead of including all Republicans the RNC is only including the ones they want and showing the door to the rest. Hopefully this will lead to the formation of a new party seeing as how “conservatives” are no longer wanted in the party of the big government elitist Republicans.

    1. Kellys, I suspect you have, perhaps unintentionally,  an Obama “bent”. Any new “third party”, will reduce this country to that like Great Britain, with “power” changing as often as a full moon. However,  I do support you on the issue of “big government” as that is a major problem.

  97. Nah, it will be the Republicans’ fault for nominating Romney in the first place. Man up, take responsibility for your own failings – you failed as a party to nominate a candidate strong enough to withstand losing votes to a third party. Pretty darn weak of you to say that if Romney loses, you can point the fingers at the Johnson voters and say it was their fault. Nope, the fault will lay squarely on your shoulders should that happen, because you nominated a crappy candidate. You sound like a whiny liberal. They always blame others for their problems.

    1. No-Love, you obviously failed basic mathmatics, and political history. Do you recall the Ross Perot third party movement ?  (Yes , I and many others, mistakenly voted for him),  And, if this election is “close”, any electoral  votes for a third party candidate, could at least indirectly, mean a vote for Obama—and the greatest offender in that arena is Dr. Paul for refusing to ask his followers to get on the Romney “bandwagon”.

      1. Here, here, sanity has resurrected itself. Thank You dondehoff! Many times over! Thank YOU!

        This is all or nothing and I personally choose to “WIN it ALL” so as to be in better position to influence the decision makers.  Dr. Paul can have critical influence in the position he is in now. His constituents will continue to use his influence. NO one man is perfect. Romney is not, but, Romney has shown the ability to admit mistakes and learn from them. I like that. Without that ability, no man can improve himself and can track is true path moving forward. I think you will be suprised at just how much of a “Patriot” Romney truly is.  Remember, our Founding Fathers didn’t have it all and they nearly killed each other at times. They learned what worked and stayed away from what was destructive in the European examples. They still made mistakes.  If we get Obama, we become another Soviet Satelite State. North American Democratic Socialist State. The new slave state in the New World with an old flavor!

      2. Alert: Soro’s Spanish company is Counting the votes so Whoever He wants to win, will win. Again, it makes NO difference as they’re Both Establishment candidates/Puppets. Either will Do the Elite Bidding. They Don’t CARE, it’s just a game to make You think you Win or lose, and Divide you from your fellow American. I won’t be mad at you for that b/c you obviously are ignorant of the facts o in denial about them. That’s fine but don’t blame me b/c I’m Informed.

    2. Thank you No Love,
      Do you also notice how the whining (maybe Neocons or even liberals who Want us to vote Romney b/c they understand he’s just the same and their boy’s not gonna likely get another shot) are also those insulting others and calling us stupid for actually seeing what’s plain as day?
      If Both candidates are backed by the Same people, how Can Obama be worse than Romney? In fact, Romney gets a chance to do more to us b/c we’re – They are actually willing to Believe him. Now Obama SAID he would end wars, Said a Lot of stuff but he ended up Doing different, including ramming Romneycare which he Plagerized from from the original author, down our throats….
      So all that is Undeniably true, so now Why should Anyone care if Either of those two get elected b/c they will do the SAME things…
      Ron Paul and/or Gary Johnson are the ONLY ones wanting to do Different things and Ron Paul has Walked his talk for over 30 years – Those who say what has he gotten Through a Bought Congress… Are right, b/c he doesn’t bend over for the Cronies but Backs the People and Liberty, sound money, all things the Establishment Does NOT want, so it’s not been done. Not for Ron Paul being wrong, but for the Lesser of two evils bein Wrong Every time.
      iF THOSE PARTIES will Lie, Cheat and STeal, Intimidate and otherwise be Evil, to get their Way, and their Way is the Same way, through decades of “bipartisan compromise” then it’s time to STOP.
      You go to the Dr (Paul in this case) and say, “It hurts when I do this”….
      Doctor says “Don’t Do that, then!”
      But silly Public Buys the Old STories from the Perceived Lesser Evil… I dunno why but they do.
      Not my fault, but people who Insist on imposing their will on their adult children end up with dysfunctional families. I Want my son to have his own mind and his own opinion, but to have it be an Educated one. Obviously he has different goals at this time of his life, and his view is no less valid for that.
      By the way, for the 50’s to 80’s aged crowd, Obama is the ONLY President Ever to cut Medicare and we know ALL of them including Republicans have Robbed Social Security.
      We know it doesn’t work now that people are living longer, and we Applaud efforts to gradually quit the huge entitlement thing we cannot afford…
      But Ron Paul has Never advocated that Nor any Force by govt over the people and that is the Main reason I will vote for him. He has awakened our kids to care about government and gotten them involved.
      Why, how? Because They Led Him, as he Taught them – because you can’t refute the Truth with mud-slinging. Because No gov’t and No army are strong enough to STop an idea whose Time has Come. Liberty is such an idea. Ending Corruption in US Gov’t is Such an idea… Auditing the Fed to show how evil and greedy they are is the Best idea Yet and Going back tot he Constiution and the Due Process and Freedom, is the Number One idea that Nobody can stop now that we have as a people Awakened to the Theft of our Rights…
      And God gives us those rights, NOT the gov’t.
      That in a nutshell is the Liberty Movement and they Will have their way if it gives all the hard-core party line sheople a heart attack from being “disobeyed”. Too authoritarian for me. God is our father and we need to obey Him, but not as Adults, our human parents. If they want to alienate their kids, so be it, but then don’t Blame them for the future of Their country that We Let go to ruin by not caring enough to get Informed and STand Up for our rights.
      Liberty is not guaranteed to us. We must fight for it every time and we didn’t do that as a generation. Domestic issues are So Important and continued focus on pushing people in other places around, lets us be blinded to the Lack of Liberty here at home.

  98. How “noble” are the Johnson and Paul people going to feel if they help re-elect Obama? They’re playing small ball, when the fate of our country is at stake.

  99. People who believe Ron Paul would be a good president are just as nuts as the people who elect Obama president. Both Paul and Obama appeal to morons who are caught up in their on little world of fantasy and narrow view of America and what it stands for. If Paul and Johnson run they will elect obama and you can take that to the bank.

  100. Willl somebody call the little men in the white coats to pick up Gary Johnson, Ron Paul and all their supporters and keep them locked up until after the election. If these guys f–k this up and Obama wins as a result they better plan on moving to another continent because they sure won’t be safe here!

  101. I will continue to support Ron Paul.  I will write him in for the President of The United States of America.  If the vote is split and Obama wins it will be the fault of those voting for the “best of the worst” !  So if you really don’t want Obama to win better get on board with Ron Paul. Ron Paul supporters are steadfast on doing the “right” thing and that is back to the basics of which our country was made great.  So if Ron doesn’t win Obama probably will.  As for me I am voting for the man with the Integrity…Ron Paul !

    1. You are an a++. I too admire Paul for his beliefs and I disapprove of Romney. But anyone is better that the fraud that’s leading us to distruction. That being said, I think that Ron Paul has lost his ever loving mind and he is doing his dead level best o help ocommie destroy America. Any fool that rights in Paul or any one else is giving a vote to the White House fraud. Ron paul should be put away until after November.

      1. Maddog, I support your overall postion but your comment would carry far more weight if you remained “civil” in your dialog. Name calling, profanity and gutter talk is not a “right of free speech” any more than the the “right to bear arms” entitles one to do as they please with guns.  Such language  is tantamount to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. I also find that many who resort to those tactics, really don’t have any factual contributions and they jump into  the gutter in an attempt to get “followers”—and the only ones that step forward are those who are similarly afflicted. Also, all too frequently such  discussions break down into an off-subject game of metal masturbation, which might  be humorous if they  did not detract from the very serious issues involved.

        1. Thank you dondehoff for the call to civil discussion.  Can’t say I support the general position though.  Supporting the lesser of the evils is how we slid here in the first place.  I did it for decades & now I can see that only going in the desired direction gets you to the desired place; anything less is only a matter of how fast the sellout finally claims all.  The insidious & greater hazard is the slow cook of the lesser evil, for the voice & passion of freedom is lost in the incremental compromises the Statist always use to advance their agenda. 
          So the current reign of an unabashed Statist traitor is something of a gift that has awaken slumbering freedom lovers great & small.  Let’s see if we are sufficiently enraged with the open threat to our liberty to follow those that originally bought us a shot at living in it.  Ron Paul has earned a place as THE faithful son & standard bearer of our founding fathers vision.  The grass roots movement he inspired is what has to prevail if there is a political solution to our current predicament.  I love him for birthing it; & can’t support anything less.

        2. JGY, thanks for you civil and cordial reply—it is refreshing. The problem with Libertarians, as I see it, is we are “in the here and now” and must examine how we can best proceed to rescue this great country. Both Dr. Paul and the Libertarians have many good ideas, but they harbor a couple that would prove disastrous, if they were allowed to be implemented. First, I am a retired military officer who has spent some time in war exercise planning. It would be the beginning of the end if we withdrew all of our overseas military and diplomatic corps, brought them home and “circled the wagons”. There are clear tactical and strategic reasons for having our forces separated by both time and distance. Modern missile WMD can strike the U.S. in a matter of moments. Our widely dispersed forces give us 20-30 minutes response times to react For example, if there was a missile attack, the enemy would be forced to simultaneously strike, bases in Japan, Germany, Great Britain, etc., in addition to the U.S. Because of the varied time and distance factors, many of our forces could respond. Such a massive strike would also require prepositioning of enemy forces which our satellites probably would detect. An attack on just one or two of our overseas bases, would give the homeland forces that 20-30 minute window to respond. If we bring all of forces home, the enemy can just set offshore and strike both coasts. Also, those bombs going off now all over the world in shopping malls, airports and train stations, would then be concentrated on our malls and front door steps. Also, in spite of Dr Paul’s many good ideas, he has never really ran a full-time commercial business where he managed many people, large budgets and resources and he has not had great successes in his many years as a congressperson. If my short term memory serves me right, we now have a President that had no prior business/management experience. Also, in spite of Dr. Paul’s personal physical exercise program, he appears utterly exhausted after each of his debates. I doubt if he has the physical stamina to run the Oval Office on a 7/24/365 basis. It is also apparent that he has “aged” considerably just during the last 18 months. Also, if we bring our military and diplomatic forces home, we would in effect be abandoning many long-time friends and treaties. Those small countries could not survive long in an environment wherein the Muslims say they are going to take over the U.S. and the rest of the world. Many countries in the Middle East and Europe are already being exposed to that problem. If Dr. Paul has the best interest of the U.S. in mind, he will ask his supporters to back Romney. I would hope the Romney recognizes the skills of Dr. Paul and uses him in an advisory/consulting capacity. It is time to marshal our forces and concentrate our electoral “fire-power” Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Could Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Secure An Obama Victory In November?

        3. Regardless of what Ron Paul has earned or what he deserves,  he and his righteous band of patriots will be tossing America to the devil if he does not back out of this election.
          The numbers are against any possibility of either Mr. Paul or Mr. Johnson bringing on board anywhere near the amount of voters to win this election, even if they joined forces.  Even those who would join forces with these men in a normal election, wouldn’t or shouldn’t dare in this election.
          This is not a normal election!  This could very well be our last chance to keep our country, the one our forefathers died for and who our husbands, wives, sons and daughters are fighting for.  We owe to those who passed before us to do all we can to save the country they knew was worth it. 
          Taking an idealistic bend and losing the fight is not worth the self satisfaction of standing back and simply saying “I did the right thing”.  How can it possibly be right to lose all for tossing away the only viable possibility of saving what means so much?
          How can offering our children and grandchildren the lame excuse of why we lost America was because “it was the right thing to do’ , possibly make any sense to the suffering that will be wrought  because of it?
          I say it is not honorable, but a selfish choice.  I don’t care for Romney, but he is far better than Obama, and he will not  destroy what is left of our America.  We know what Obama will do, and how can anyone not do everything possible, as distasteful as it may be,  to avoid the alternative?  Romney will come and go, and then there will be at least the possibility of building the government as Dr. Paul and Mr. Johnson have envisioned.  But if they persist with these “suicide votes” for principle, there will be no tomorrow for America.

        4. I’m yelling “FIRE” because the theater is crowded and the White House is on fire and in danger of being destroyed. Get off your high horse and listen with your heart and quit being a critic. He’s right on!

    2. Sir, your position is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot. No conservative  in their right mind wants our socialist and Muslim “influenced”  President to remain in office. Also, how can one even visualize someone winning the Presidency with only 5-10 percent of the public supporting him?  Most every Libertarian I talk to refuses to acknowledge that a vote for Dr. Paul is indirectly a vote for Obama. The biggest offender is Dr. Paul, for not briefing his followers on the realities of the situation. I also sense most Libertarians did not watch the Republican Convention, and carefully listen to Romney and his many followers—that man has integrity of the highest order. I might also suggest that Dr. Paul’s integrity will fall by the wayside unless he asks his supporters to get on the Romney “bandwagon”. Many of our problems rise well above the “party level” and the future of this great country is at stake. You forget that it takes much more than just your or my vote to get anyone elected. And the delegates to the Electorial College cannot “vote their conscience” as they are obligated, at least initially,  to represent those who selected them as delegates.

      1.  After reading and weighing carefully all the responses to this article,  I’m going to order 5 more years worth of food and necessities, including more firearms.  Lot o’ crazy people out there who can’t see the forest for the trees.

        1. Now, let me see if I understand you? Correct me please if I’m wrong here. You’re gonna stock food and water and hole up with your armament so you can be just another isolated target. You think that people voting for Mitt is crazy and so you are giving up now?  Or is it because of Paul supporters than you are giving up? It isn’t quite clear to me. I’m a little thick on stuff like this.

    3. Just as dumb as the previous foolhearty soul! What is it with you people? Don’t you understand how to beat this system? You have to be vested, invested and UNDERSTAND how to get what you want through continued effort and an attitude that is relentless but that MOVES FORWARD not backword. We’ve taken 100 steps forward and now because your “perfect candidate” isn’t in position you are going to throw it all out? MORONIC! Now tell me again how we’re gonna throw Obama out by dividing our votes in opposition to ourselves? Come on, tell me the “higher purpose” of giving Obama his throne for another 4 years? You people are insane. You’ve given up and are committing political suicide to make a point? This is why our founding fathers left Europe in the first place.  You have to admit defeat. Understand why, quit whinning about it and do something more for the cause. Putting Romney in place is more advantageous to liberty than voting to put Obama back in power. Or do you really care? You care about you and what you waaaaaaaa, waaaaaaa, want right now. I’m not going to be nice here. I’m not coddling you fools any longer. You are insane and you are commited in your own rubber room of your own creation. Get over “Ron Paul” because he wasn’t nominated. I should no better, but even Rand understood how to move forward and salvage everything you can and keep the eye on the future.

  102. “point at them for fault”.  I think not.  The fault would be the republican party for having absolutely  zero respect for DR. Paul and his supporters at their convention.  He certainly earned respect with dignity in his campaign but they chose to totally brutalize him and his delegates.  Dr. Paul did nothing illegal.   I am not a Dr. Paul “supporter” just a tea party person.

    1. Yes for “fault”. Being childish and stubborn rather than working within a frame work that allows for growth and proper change; so what is so honorable about losing our country? Explain to my grandchildren why you  and others are so dam stubborn that you gave up their freedom? Explain that to me so that I can understand how your honor is so sewn up in defeat! Dumb, dumb, dumb and dumber still!

  103. This 3rd party issue is on the top burner and yes, a third party vote could well mean the present occupier of the Oval Office might stay in his chair. This has to be obvious to everyone, especially long time politicans like the Pauls and Libertarians in general. I sense that group would rather see Obama stay in office than have Romney come on board. All delegates should carefully look up the definitions of “delegate and Representative”. In doing so, they will find there is no room for a delegate to “vote one’s conscience” as that would violate the delegate’s responsibility to “represent” those who selected him or her to be a delegate. It is worthy of note that if Dr. Paul had  run on a Libertarian platform, he would have been out of the running over a year ago.

    1. BS. Selfish attitude at best. Learn how to play politics or just stay out of it. You are wasting the efforts and the ground gained. You are voting for Obama when it isn’t used for yardage against him. Voting for anyone else is a sad excuse and use of your most sacred right to vote. . . and yes, I will blame you and everyone that votes against Mitt if Obama wins. It is a gutless and selfish decision and you are entitled to it, but I don’t have to like you, and I don’t have to be associated with people who make an un-christian choice and claim to be otherwise.  We must be united, we must pull together and when a workhorse cannot pull the wagon, you get a replacement. You don’t get to stand and make demands, jump up down and stomp and roll on the ground whingin and bawling, ” I want what I want!” It is incredibly childish and sounds foolish and is fool hearty, not to mention dangerous to all our futures.

      If Obama is not defeated, then this country will be lost. Possibly forever. This country was foolish and decieved, but deceiving ourselves into thinking we can divide ourselves and win against a truly evil tyrant is nonsense. It can’t be done. So if all of you decide that your gonna make a point of being stupid, then we don’t deserve to make the changes and God will turn His back on us (US) because it is His Spirit of Truth that has picked up people and driven them to get involved. We must drive forward and we can’t keep holding onto the past because it is gone. We can learn from it but we can never again be held by the chains almost, could’ve, would’ve, should have. Do it and do it right for the results that will make a difference. You can still protest but do it in front of someone who cares, not someone that will jail or shoot you.

  104. Ok, First this article only serves to anger Ron Paul supporters. It was nice of you say that either one would be better then Romney, but you finished it off by placing blame on Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supporters. What baffles me is that everyone choose Mitt Romney when he was clearly the candidate with the most negatives. Had the media done there job, Romney surely would have lost to anyone of the candidates that we had to choose from.

    Second: Why Romney choose to shut out , criticize, and marginalize RP supporters is beyond me? Is his ego that huge that he could not share the stage with the so-called loony toon? Why would he alienate so many people when this election will be decided by a few swing states. The man is an idiot! We would have never had a Ronald Reagan if the RNC did to Reagan in 76 as they did to RP. Romney had the numbers so what was he thinking??

    Third, Romney did not earn these peoples vote plain and simple. One thing is for sure if Obama wins, it will be the fault of the constituents that would vote for a man with a God complex over a man with constitutional principles.

    The RNC admitting that what they did was wrong would go a long way. An apology from Mitt Romney might go even further. Republicans should acknowledge the corruption before they make their case for Romney. And please stop justifying the whole scripted affair which was caught on camara by a delegate with an Iphone. Ayes have it!

    1. Your attitude is exactly why third party ideas and work gets crushed. Your ego won’t be sacraficed to save the work that you and many others have done. You are the same people that tried to crucify Rand for supporting Mitt. You just don’t get how to play the game. You, WE must work from within. That is exactly how the Socialists took over the Democratic Party. Wake up, use your brain instead of your emotion. Don’t waste the work by demanding to get your man in. The time has past for the Paul train has been set aside. Putting Mitt in the drivers seat allows the work to continue and the ability to make proper changes and adjustments much easier when working in a more favorable atmosphere. Paul created an awareness that hasn’t been there in a long time. WE CANNOT WASTE THE EFFORT EXPENDED UPON LIBERTY AND FREEDOM! Mitt can carry the day, he’s amenable to proper influences and Paul influenced his campaign for good.  We must unite to get the country on footings other than mud. Right now she’s slipping fast and if you vote for anyone that cannot beat Obama you are dishonest with reality of our ground breaking efforts. Every vote against Obama is one more bullet for freedom! How hard is that to understand?   . . . and if enough of you vote for anyone else, you will have essentially turned your back on a team effort and will be just as divisive of this country as Obama. That is exactly what he wants. End of story, no redos.

  105. The republican elites got what they wanted.They cheated Ron Paul out of the nomination & gave it to Romney.If he loses its their fault for being crooked in the election process.They should have let the people pick who they wanted.That person was Ron Paul.So when I vote for Gary Johnson & if Obamie wins.Well I don’t care as there is very little difference between them.As the same people tell Romney what to do that tells Obamie .So I see its not worth my time to replace some one I don’t like with some one I don’t like.Thats stupidity in my book.

    1. BS is BS and you are full of it. Your ego is in the way and you can’t see it because it’s dangling on the end of your nose. Working inside out on the Republican Party is redefining it. If you can’t see the changes we’ve started then you really are full of yourself. Politics is a long process and works slow and evenly like baking a cake. When you push mandates (which is just what you are doing) you irritate people on the fringe and they will over react with a vengence. One step, on bite at a time is how you eat an Elephant. You’ll choke on it trying to swallow it whole! Think about it?

    2. Who the hell are the “Republican eleites”? Mitt Romney won the primaries with a huge margin and the folks who cast their votes for him vastly outnumber the so called “elites.” Ron Paul ran for the same nomination and didn’t make it by a long shot, but you cannot get over it. He didn’t get cheated, he just didn’t appeal to enough primary voters to come close to winning. If you like Obama, vote for him, or stay home and get the same result, but stop whining and grow up.

  106. I wrote a very similar blog post myself  just a couple of days ago. I understand some of the comments here that are unhappy with Romney, but lets face it, Paul and Johnson don’t have a chance, we must unite to defeat Obama, even if Romney wasn’t our first choice. Put the future of this country ahead of your anger at the Republican establishment and Romney. Please for all our sakes.

  107. i think Romney is a better candidate for president than Ron Paul as he is to relaxed and couldn’t win wars or fix the economy

  108. DO NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY.. do not give in… REALLY romney or obama???? it’s like chosing between the devil and satan… NEITHER give US THE PEOPLE annythihg… Theseother parties are running scared.. PAUL won me over during the REpublican debate… GARY and PAUL united.. INTERNET traffic does not cost much and the word spreads fast..
    PEOPLE know what is right in their HEARTS…PAUL and JOHNSON… I don’t care if it’s a wasted vote.. I need to send a message that they are what we need….

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