County Sheriffs Can Block Federal Gun Control

President Obama has given his comic sidekick the task of pushing gun control measures through Congress.  Democrats and some liberal Republicans are calling for more gun control after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Some state and municipal politicians, like the #1 anti-gun person in the nation – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, are also calling for more control.

But did you know that no matter what gun control laws are passed by the federal government, they can only be enforced in your area if your county sheriff allows them to be.

Most people, including politicians fail to realize that the ultimate legal authorities in the land are the county sheriffs.  This was established from the time of the Founding Fathers and upheld by the US Supreme Court in the 1997 case of Printz v. United States.  Initially, the case was Mack v. United States, but by the time it reached the Supreme Court it was renamed.

The case involved new federal regulations involved with the Brady Bill and gun control.  FBI agents went around to the various county sheriffs and demanded that they follow the new federal guidelines.  Then Graham County (AZ) Sheriff Richard Mack and several others saw the Brady Bill as being unconstitutional and refused to impose the new federal guidelines.  Part of their defense was that the county sheriff was the supreme law enforcement officer over their county and that the federal government could not supersede their legal authority.

In the court’s decision, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote:

“. . . The great innovation of this design was that ‘our citizens would have two political capacities, one state and one federal, each protected from incursion by the other’” – “a legal system unprecedented in form and design, establishing two orders of government, each with its own direct relationship, its own privity, its own set of mutual rights and obligations to the people who sustain it and are governed by it.” (P.920)

Justice Scalia then quoted the man considered to be the Father of the US Constitution, President James Madison, when he wrote in the decision:

“[T]he local or municipal authorities form distinct and independent portions of the supremacy, no more subject, within their respective spheres, to the general authority than the general authority is subject to them, within its own sphere.” The Federalist, No. 39 at 245.

Scalia then referred to Gregory, 501 US at 458 when he wrote:

“This separation of the two spheres is one of the Constitution’s structural protections of liberty: ‘Just as the separation and independence of the coordinate branches of the Federal Government serve to prevent the accumulation of excessive power in any one branch, a healthy balance of power between the States and the Federal Government will reduce the risk of tyranny and abuse from either front.’. . .”

Referring once again to President Madison, Scalia wrote:

“In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments, and then the portion allotted to each subdivided among distinct and separate departments. Hence a double security arises to the rights of the people. The different governments will control each other, at the same time that each will be controlled by itself.” (P. 922).

In other words, the county sheriff is the highest governmental authority in his county and he does not have to bow to the tyranny of the federal government if he deems such actions to be unconstitutional or unlawful.  In essence, the county sheriff has more legal authority within his county than the governor or the state or even the president of the United States.

Today, former Sheriff Richard Mack works with a number of county sheriffs throughout the county, helping them understand the extent of their authority and how they can legally defy the federal government.  I would highly recommend that you contact your county sheriff and see if he/she is aware of their powers and duties.  If not, get them in contact with Mack and urge your county sheriff to stand up against upcoming unconstitutional gun laws that the liberals are going to try to impose on us.

If you want to learn about the Role of Law Enforcement or on gun control, From My Cold Dead Fingers, from Sheriff Mack, click on the links and share this with your county sheriff, friend, family and anyone else you can think of.

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  1. Perhaps the following should be sent to every county sheriff, every member of the state legislatures, the federal congress and all members of the appellate and Supreme Courts.
    there are politicians who insist in taking our Constitution out of context of time and original meaning. James Madison warned us against this.
    “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.”
    Second Amendment:
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Definition of To keep: to hold or retain in one’s possession ; hold as one’s own.
    Definition of To bear: to carry, transmit, transport, have a characteristic of and exhibit.
    Definition of INFRINGE: to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.
    Why is this so hard to understand? The meaning of the words in the Second Amendment have not changed since the amendment was ratified nor has the Second Amendment been appealed.

    Many judges and politicians will cite case law or past legislative actions as “precedent” when supporting attacks on constitutional rights.
    A precedent only defines what has been done, not if it was done according to the supreme law of the land and in accordance with the oath of office to uphold The Constitution.

      1. Do you mean “the Militia’?
        Here is why “in context” and then refer back to the James Madison quote:
        ***”The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference. They deserve a place of honor with all that is good. When firearms go, all goes. We need them every hour.” – George Washington in address to the 2nd session of the United States Congress.
        ***“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.” (George Washington)
        ***”The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.” Henry St. George Tucker, in Blackstone’s 1768 “Commentaries on the Laws of England.”, Judge of the Virginia Supreme Court & U.S. Dist. Court of Virginia

        ***”Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria
        Those who argue that the Second Amendment was written just for militias are completely blown out of the water by the following quote from Thomas Jefferson.
        “The strongest reason for “PEOPLE” (My emphasis) to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334 (C. J. Boyd, Ed., 1950)
        James Madison is credited with the writing of the “Bill of Rights” and was pretty clear about the meaning on the Second Amendment.
        “The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation where the governments are afraid to trust the “PEOPLE” (My emphasis) with arms.”
        Here are a few others who help define the true meaning of the Second Amendment. It becomes very clear upon the examination of the meanings attached to the Second Amendment by our Founding Fathers that the original intent of the Second Amendment is being attacked in order to eventually disarm the American people.
        ***”I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
        George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788
        ***”Whereas civil-rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as military forces, which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.”
        — Tench Coxe, in Remarks on the First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution
        ***”The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”
        — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-188
        ***”That the said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms … ”
        — Samuel Adams, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at 86-87 (Pierce & Hale, eds., Boston, 1850)
        ***”Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.”
        –Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).
        ***”No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
        — Thomas Jefferson, Proposal Virginia Constitution, 1 T. Jefferson Papers, 334,[C.J. Boyd, Ed., 1950]
        ***” … to disarm the people – that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
        — George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380
        ***”The right [to bear arms] is general. It may be supposed from the phraseology of this provision that the right to keep and bear arms was only guaranteed to the militia; but this would be an interpretation not warranted by the intent. The militia, as has been explained elsewhere, consists of those persons who, under the laws, are liable to the performance of military duty, and are officered and enrolled for service when called upon…. [I]f the right were limited to those enrolled, the purpose of the guarantee might be defeated altogether by the action or the neglect to act of the government it was meant to hold in check. The meaning of the provision undoubtedly is, that the people, from whom the militia must be taken, shall have the right to keep and bear arms, and they need no permission or regulation of law for the purpose. But this enables the government to have a well-regulated militia; for to bear arms implies something more than mere keeping; it implies the learning to handle and use them in a way that makes those who keep them ready for their efficient use; in other words, it implies the right to meet for voluntary discipline in arms, observing in so doing the laws of public order.”
        — Thomas M. Cooley, General Principles of Constitutional Law, Third Edition [1898]

        1. A Treatise on Freedom
          by Willam H. Erwin
          RMC, USN(RET)

          “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”


          Delaware • George Read • Caesar Rodney
          • Thomas McKean

          Pennsylvania • George Clymer • Benjamin Franklin
          • Robert Morris • John Morton
          • Benjamin Rush • George Ross
          • James Smith • James Wilson
          • George Taylor

          Massachusetts • John Adams • Samuel Adams
          • John Hancock • Robert Treat Paine
          • Elbridge Gerry

          New Hampshire • Josiah Bartlett • William Whipple
          • Matthew Thornton

          Rhode Island • Stephen Hopkins • William Ellery

          New York • Lewis Morris • Philip Livingston
          • Francis Lewis • William Floyd

          Georgia • Button Gwinnett • Lyman Hall
          • George Walton

          Virginia • Richard Henry Lee • Francis Lightfoot Lee
          • Carter Braxton • Benjamin Harrison
          • Thomas Jefferson • George Wythe
          • Thomas Nelson, Jr.

          North Carolina • William Hooper • John Penn
          • Joseph Hewes

          South Carolina • Edward Rutledge • Arthur Middleton
          • Thomas Lynch, Jr. • Thomas Heyward, Jr.

          New Jersey • Abraham Clark • John Hart
          • Francis Hopkinson • Richard Stockton
          • John Witherspoon

          Connecticut • Samuel Huntington • Roger Sherman
          • William Williams • Oliver Wolcott

          Maryland • Charles Carroll • Samuel Chase
          • Thomas Stone • William Paca

          I begin my treatise with these words from the Declaration of Independence. These words are as true today as they were when penned. We find ourselves today as Americans being abused by a government that has usurped our rights, and it appears the present administration is intent on “a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism”. Our freedoms under the Bill or Rights are being abused and assaulted daily. We can no longer speak freely about anything without the worry of “offending” someone, anyone, everyone, and if the folks who espouse this reasoning have their way it will be written into law under what penalties Heaven only knows. We cannot practice our religion freely. Books are being banned. Our right to keep and bear arms is being assaulted. Our children are being taught this reasoning. The Constitution no longer matters. We have a President who ignores it, and a Congress and Courts who allow him to get away with it, and a press and news media that defend him, and theirs is the only right under the First Amendment. It appears to me that the period of “while evils are sufferable” is upon us, and most citizens are unaware of or don’t care about it. We seem to have a certain part of society whose main interest is obtaining their living on the hard work and acumen of everyone else, and a President who appears intent on seeing that they get it. A President who gained his office through lies and deceit and thinks that he cannot be held accountable for it, and if reports are to be believed there was voter fraud involved in his election. His belief that he will not be held accountable is probably true because we have a Congress which is not doing it’s job of checking him so that the power is balanced in his favor, and a majority of citizenry who idly sit by and watch it happen.

          The time has never been more urgent than it is today. We the people must act by using our combined political power to induce our will on the people who supposedly represent us. They appear to espouse the same ideology as the President, and that is not representing the people. If you want to see what is coming to us I recommend that you search on “quotes of Vladimir Linen”. To paraphrase him “a lie told often enough becomes the truth”, “the objective of socialism is communism”, “one man with a gun can control one hundred men without one”. If you don’t see this happening today then you are asleep or blind. We are receiving a wake up call that is warning us that our lives as a free people is about to end if we continue on this path. It is urgently required that we use our political power to change this situation. I urge you to write to your representatives and senators to put an end to this man’s plans or face a loss of office in the next election. We have the power to do this if we stand together. The President can do nothing without the consent of Congress. Executive orders are meant to guide officers of the departments of the government in executing laws as approved by Congress, and cannot be used to infringe on our rights under the Bill of Rights. The only laws we are bound by are those which the Congress votes into law. The President is NOT a power unto himself, and we must do something to remind him of that. The Constitution denies him that power, and not that it means anything to him, but he is sworn to uphold it. He is not a legislator but an executive who carries out the laws passed by the legislators. The Constitution to him is “flawed” so he believes he has the right to ignore it, but he is wrong.

          These are the thoughts of the men who won our freedom and passed it down to us. It shows the greatest of disrespect to the sacrifices made by our forefathers to diregard the product of those sacrifices, those being the Declaration of Independence, which in essence was the first law of the land, and the Constitution with it’s Bill of Rights which established us as a united people with the right to govern ourselves. The power of governance lies solely with the people, and according to our Declaration of Independence it is our right, and our duty to “throw off such government” as we suffer under today. This we can do if we stand together. This can be done by civil process using our political power, or through force should that ever become necessary, and having served myself it would truly be difficult for me to join such a cause to face my comrades in arms on the battle field, such a decision I would no take lightly, but make no mistake I would willingly join in a struggle to maintain my freedoms against anyone who stood between me and them. People look past it and make what I consider to be false interpretation of it, but my interpretation of the Second Amendment that is gives us the right to keep and bear arms in order to form a militia that is armed in order to protect ourselves from oppressive and depotic government. That becomes plainly obvious when you read the reasoning and thoughts of the people who passed the Constitution down to us, and when you espouse the reason why we revere the Declaration of Independence. It is time we got back to the roots of our freedoms and independence and begin to rule ourselves.

          It is blantantly obvious that we function under a corrupt regime, and it’s policies are leading to a complete infringement and intrusion into our personal lives and basic rights. I would like to share with you some of the views of our forefathers through their quotes and writings. This is indeed not a complete list but a few quotations as concerns our rights and our government, of course including the above quote from the preamble to the Declaration of Independence:

          “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.” Thomas Paine.

          “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. . . . An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.” – 1787 Thomas Jefferson

          “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” – 1787 James Madison.

          “It is unnatural and impolitic to admit men who would root up our independence to have any share in our legislation, either as electors or representatives; because the support of our independence rests, in a great measure, on the vigor and purity of our public bodies.” Thomas Paine.

          “May it [the Declaration of Independence] be to the world what I believe it will be, . . . the Signal of arousing men to burst the chains, under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to find themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self government. . . . All eyes are opened, or opening to the rights of man.” – 1826 Thomas Jefferson

          “It seems to have been reserved to the people of this country, by their conduct and example, to decide the important question, whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitutions on accident and force. If there be any truth in the remark, the crisis at which we are arrived may with propriety be regarded as the era in which that decision is to be made; and a wrong election of the part we shall act may, in this view, deserve to be considered as the general misfortune of mankind.” Alexander Hamilton

          “If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.” Alexander Hamilton

          “As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of persons and of property, liberty of conscience, and of the press, it will be worth defending.” Andrew Jackson

          “It is very imprudent to deprive America of any of her privileges. If her commerce and friendship are of any importance to you, they are to be had on no other terms than leaving her in the full enjoyment of her rights.” Benjamin Franklin

          “A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one. Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn.” Benjamin Franklin

          Find more at:

          It would be nothing but fair to include views from the other side of the political argument. Since it is obvious that the leanings of this government is to the left, and the more votes it attempts to buy or steal, will ensure it’s permanentcy and it’s ability to usurp and infringe on our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. It may be a slow process, but make no mistake, it is the intention of the the left to destroy the foundation of our liberties and invade the private and personal lives of every citizen of this country, and that includes those who support it. It is obvious that this administration won it offices on lies and deceit of the voters of this country, who were the first to become agitated at the taxes on the middle class, which everyone knows the President promised wouldn’t happen. It is good enough for them, and maybe they will learn to use their crap detectors next election the same as those who didn’t vote. I have given you some quotes from the most prominent man of the socialist persuasion, at least the most famous in modern times, and I will present to you some more of his ideology in the following paragraphs, including some of those who have confronted it:

          “Democracy is the road to socialism.” Karl Marx

          “I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself… I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.” Roger Nash Baldwin

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

          “When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward – or go back. He who now talks about the “freedom of the press” goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.” Vladimir Linen

          “The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.” Karl Marx

          “To cure the British disease with socialism was like trying to cure leukaemia with leeches.” Margaret Thatcher

          “If Socialism can only be realized when the intellectual development of all the people permits it, then we shall not see Socialism for at least five hundred years.” Vladimir Lenin

          “First, then, State Socialism, which may be described as the doctrine that all the affairs of men should be managed by the government, regardless of individual choice.” Vladimir Lenin

          “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” Vladimir Lenin

          “The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level.” Norman Mailer

          “The reason this country continues its drift toward socialism and big nanny government is because too many people vote in the expectation of getting something for nothing, not because they have a concern for what is good for the country.” Lyn Nofziger


          I leave you with a transcription of the Bill of Rights, which were included in the Constitution to delineate basic rights and freedoms of the people to protect them from what some of the founders believed could be a central government so powerful that it might override the rights of the governed who themselves are the true holders of power in this Republic. The federal government can hold no power that they are not allowed by the people, and according to the documents passed down to us by the founders we have a right, nay, a duty of recourse by political power or armed resistance to a government which does not have the will of the people at heart. We find ourselves in a crisis as urgent as any we have faced. I fear not what this one government can do. I personally hold the philosophy of doing what I think is right and if I am wrong I am willing to accept responsibility for it. My fear is that this government is raising a mass of voters to perpetuate it’s agenda by the reasoning of the above quote by Lyn Nofziger. If that happens then you can kiss your freedom and rights good bye. We have seen our rights trampled on by the left to the extent that we have no control over what we can say or do and what our children are taught. Our rights under the Second Amendment are under attack at the moment with threats of an executive order basically taking away our right to self denfense of our families and property, and extending to our right to protect ourselves from a despotic takeover of the government which disregards the will of the people by appealing to the to the greed and envy of those who have only their personal wants at heart. Enough said, I will leave you to your own thoughts and opinions of what you read here. It is not my intent to preach, but to bring notice to that which we cannot treat so lightly as to have it take away from us. I draw your attention to the ninth amendment which does not allow limitation of other rights we might have. If you think at all about it you will find that all the others have already been “denied and disparaged”.

          The Bill of Rights: A Transcription

          “The Preamble to The Bill of Rights

          Congress of the United States
          begun and held at the City of New-York, on
          Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine.

          THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

          RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring, that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States, as amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all, or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution; viz.

          ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution.

          Note: The following text is a transcription of the first ten amendments to the Constitution in their original form. These amendments were ratified December 15, 1791, and form what is known as the “Bill of Rights.”
          Amendment I

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
          Amendment II

          A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
          Amendment III

          No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
          Amendment IV

          The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
          Amendment V

          No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
          Amendment VI

          In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.
          Amendment VII

          In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
          Amendment VIII

          Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
          Amendment IX

          The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
          Amendment X

          The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          “Any single man must judge for himself whether circumstances warrant obedience or resistance to the commands of the civil magistrate; we are all qualified, entitled, and morally obliged to evaluate the conduct of our rulers. This political judgment, moreover, is not simply or primarily a right, but like self-preservation, a duty to God. As such it is a judgment that men cannot part with according to the God of Nature. It is the first and foremost of our inalienable rights without which we can preserve no other.” John Locke

      1. Ship her to Germany. She’s the kind that helped Hitler take guns from her people there. Her blood will give her a proper welcome there for what she tried to do here. Ah, like they said. Never Again, Never Again. ha.

        1. Feinstein, Schumer, Obama, Holder, and their whole gang are tyrant wannabes. To them, anyone who does, or might, oppose their control over every aspect of our lives, is “a criminal” because they said so.

          To quote a few of their heroes, with explanatory comments in ( ):

          “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao
          (They revere Mao and the way he ruthlessly grabbed power in China. The fact that he murdered about 100 million Chinese to do it is, to them, a “feature,” not a “bug.”)

          “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves. … The only real power comes out of a long rifle. … Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach. … We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns? … The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” — Joseph Stalin

          “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed the subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty.” — Adolf Hitler
          (These psychopathic sociopaths in our government – and THEY ARE PRECISELY THAT, never make the mistake of doubting it – believe that they are anointed to be our rulers and that we are the equivalent of Hitler’s “subject races.”)

          THOSE are the reasons why, and the sort of people who want to, disarm us.

          These same people through DHS and other alphabet agencies have recently purchased over 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammo – enough to shoot every man, woman, and child in the country 3-4 times – ammo that’s illegal for military use under international law. Considering that you and I and all of the other US taxpayers are paying for all of this ammo, it’s frighteningly reminiscent of the story of political prisoners’ families being forced to pay for the bullets used to execute them … isn’t it?

          If we allow these leftist control freaks to ignore and ultimately gut the 2nd Amendment, history will inevitably repeat itself. These “gun control” proposals have NOTHING to do with preventing crime, but EVERYTHING to do with CONTROL.

          Hitler disarmed the Jews and others, then murdered about 15 million.
          Stalin disarmed the Russians, them murdered about 40 million.
          Mao disarmed the Chinese peasants, then murdered nearly 100 million.
          The Turks disarmed the Armenians, then murdered 1.5-2 million.
          Pol Pot disarmed the Cambodians and murdered millions.
          Rwanda disarmed its ethnic groups, then murdered millions.
          The list goes on … over 170 million people murdered BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS in the 20th century – AFTER they allowed those governments disarmed them.

          They ALL thought “It can’t happen here” – until they were disarmed and it started, then it was too late. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t EVER let your government disarm you.

          The Founders knew that government, if not constrained at every step, will continue to accumulate power and control until it becomes tyranny. That’s why they feared standing armies and insisted that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

          “Never forget, even for an instant, that the one and only reason anybody has for taking your gun away is to make you weaker than he is, so he can do something to you that you wouldn’t let him do if you were equipped to prevent it. This goes for burglars, muggers, and rapists, and even more so for policemen, bureaucrats, and politicians.” – Aaron Zelmanm

        2. Eloquently stated,I’m with you, I will never give up my guns period. I will also copy a send this to as many people as I can. I thank God for people like you, I just pray there are more of us than there are of them.

      2. hell she is a poster woman for euthanasia, it hurts to look at her. she makes hillary look almost look like a model…….easy now I said “almost”

    1. From a conservative Californian: Feinstein was re-elected the same way Obama was, fraudulently !

      There are still some conservative counties in this state – not many, but we fight as hard as we can …. you just don’t hear about it.

    2. It’s called voter fraud Bro. Unfortunately the people who truly care have jobs like you and I and cannot afford to go fight it. I live in Ca. and am stuck here. Im just waitng for Ca. to throw me and my business to the wolves. But like a good citizen I keep voting and have never put a checkmark by any D on any ballot nor have 98% of the 200 people I know. Im just as shocked as you are.

      1. Dustin I have a good friend there with you and know full well that not all Californians agree with those SOB’s who are running the state. But I hope like my friend you can get out of there before the SHTF happens and if there’s a place in this country where it will it’s got to be California.

        1. LOL Not the old timers in Idaho would welcome people from CA. I know this for fact. They see California as a threat. Our family was there at fort Sherman. We know the Idaho attitude I see it when I return. Makrov you must live in southern ID.

        2. I live in Northern Idaho where 2 big rivers come together and there are a lot on Californians here. We get a little snow here but not much. So far this winter about 1/8 inch and gone by 10 am

        1. yes, but now they have new tunnel boring machines that they got from eric von holder minister of justice and gun sales

    3. This country just put 20 women into the senate. Women DO NOT belong in government. They bring sympathy and emotion to decisions that need to be made without the whining and crying. They are the main reason that there is a push for: gun control, gay marriages, contraception and abortion, foreign as well as domestic aid (FEMA and disaster relief), city and county codes delineating how your property LOOKS and is used, minimum wage, excessive benefit plans (WIC, free school lunches, free cell phones, free housing, free daycare, etc.), free medical care (especially all of the BS psychological programs) , getting rid of capital punishment, etc, etc, etc. Women, unlike men, rely on and expect help when they can’t do it themselves, and have turned our government into the nanny state that it is!

      1. Rattlerjake, I’m a woman and I agree with you! Here in our local elementary school, they are considering bringing in more “psychological” help for the poor little children when are so upset about Newtown, CT. B.S.! The subject was brought up in our neighborhood assoc, and I said a definite no. We don’t any more layers of nanny state crap. These poor little kids are so brainwashed, Skinnerian conditioned, drugged, and whatever to the point that they don’t have chance to ever have a thought of feeling of their own that isn’t redirected by the psychological gang. But, some of the men have become so conditioned into effeteness that they are as bad as the women.

      2. I’m a woman and I don’t feel obligated to steal peoples hard earned money to give to others. You are talking about liberals; sex is not the issue. Don’t blame women like me.

      3. LIBERAL women Rattlerjake, L-I-B-E-R-A-L women!. If you can’t see the difference in the ideology of someone like Feinstein, Pelosi, or Shrillary compared to Palin, Bachman, or Mia Love, you should refrain from posting on political issues. It’s the Far-Left LIBS that are killing this country, not women. Get a grip.

        1. That’s where you are wrong. Even a large number of supposedly conservative women believe that the government /taxpayers should pay for many of these programs. Women’s rights have exceeded rights and become entitlements. We have a system that has established women as the only one that deserves custody of children in a divorce, whether they have the means to care for them or not; and children raised in a single parent family without a father is one of the biggest reasons our youth grow up f*cked up!; Women want to be their friend not their parent!. A system that promotes and believes the equal pay for equal work Bullsh!t for women, when women seldom put in the same hours or amount of physical labor as her male counterpart. It’s a statistical fact that women take more time off (for illness, appointments, family problems, etc.) than men. And there’s not a woman on the planet that can do the same PHYSICAL job as a man in the same job, i.e. fireman, military, construction, etc. An example: My ex-wife was a nurse who worked in the cardiac intensive care unit; most of the nurses were female and I would see two or three of them wrestling with a “fat” patient (most of the patients were very over weight) to change their sheets and clean them, yet the two male nurses would handle them with relative ease and without help – yet the women made the SAME pay. There are relatively few conservative women that are truly conservative and don’t milk the system or vote for additional “deserves” for women, and most like “maybe” you are in denial!

    4. Isn’t blatantly obvious by now… FRAUD, via computer voting and no paper trail. Add to this corrupt ‘machine’ politics. as in the case of Ron Paul, and you have a neo-communist politburo concealed beneath a hologram of democracy.

      At this juncture of circumstances, the only action left available to avoid virtual slavery comes at the end of a rope.

    5. I live here in the belly of the beast. Maybe I can shed some light on your question. The sick liberals here in the bay area actually think this Senator hasn’t gone far enough. Most of the most extreme leftists here want total confiscation. She used to be the Mayor of S.F. ( replacing a Mayor who was assassinated by a gunman). Maybe by some sick rationale this motivates her to go after anyone (except her) who owns a gun. So, between the sickos on L.A. and S.F. ( by the way, the only liberal parts of the state, but that’s where all the votes come from) she’s actually quite popular. sad but true.

    6. When she first got into politics (the city government of San Francisco), I lived in California and when she ran for the Senate, I actually voted for her; BUT, I can’t think of anyone else in politics that I wish was NOT in politics than that woman! Personally, I think she wants to be queen of the world!

  2. Obama you won the vote of FOOLS, not the vote of intelligent, patriotic Americans !!!!
    Therefore you are not MY president.

    1. I’ve said that so many times all my friends, family, fellow employees etc etc are sick of hearing it … but for me Tomtom say it again and again and again!

    2. He’s the president of the American people, whether you voted for him or not, just as it would have been for me if the other guy had won. If you don’t like it, I suggest you GTFO of the country for 4 years…and when that 4 years is up…just stay where you are.


  4. It’s the people that will ultimately be responsible because the sheriff can only function if he has local support. If the people don’t have the will to fight, neither will the sheriff.

    1. don’t bet on it we’ve got a “bunch” of dem liberal communist sheriff’s right here in sunny Florida so again my friend don’t bet on it

    2. If the people don’t have the will to fight, neither will the sheriff. — That’s a fact of human nature and had me very concerned for a while. But, I’m hearing an awaking from the people around me, and the people here have just about had enough. These people are preparing to fight even if they have to do it alone. I think the criminals in D.C. are aware of this awakening and are rushing to disarm us before the resistance is triggered by them. These dolts in D.C. are so full of hubris; they go to Iraq, and underestimate the “ragheads” who have only AKs to put up against their high tech, supposedly superior force, and get beat. They do the same thing in Afghanistan and lose just like the Russians “superior” force did. And, they think, in their hubris, that they can pull their crap in this country and win? They dolts have no idea what they are really up against. They think they have the superior force, but we have the will and “the Power” behind us. They threw “The Power” out of the schools and have tried to run “The Power” out of the U.S., but it’s still here and smoldering ready to ignite the big fire.

      1. Let’s just hope it only “dumps” LA and SF and Sacremento, the state would be clean as a whistle then I’d even consider moving there, well kinda!

    1. Don’t paint all Californians with te same beush. There are 13 counties in the eastern and southern part of Calicornia that would love to form another state to get out from under the idiotic liberals running our state in Sacremento.

      1. “As goes California, so goes the nation”; we’ve all heard that one. Right? Well, I’ve determined that California doesn’t have so much of a “North/South” problem, as it does an “East/West” problem. Just look at a map of the election results time after time on a county by county basis to see what I mean. The “Tail” of Two Cities (or Metro Areas) is that San Francisco and Los Angles decide our fate, which direction we go, et cetera. (As it is in almost any other state I can think of.) I, by the way, believe I-5 should be the dividing line. To the east? California. To the west? Mexifornia. and, I do not mean that in a racist way, hell, I work for the Cervantes family business. (O.k., o.k., if that name bothers you, how about one we already know and associate with the current state of California. “La-La Land”?) Rather I’m referring to the manner in which our majority Democrat politicians in California are pandering to “the Greens”, or La Raza (which means “The Race” and it ain’t Anglos, my friends) and all that that entails, just for a couple of examples. Or, to promise the sky to the now institutionally down-trodden (as long as they continue to vote for them, of course) paid for by other peoples money. Unlike many of the posts here, the voters in the two major California “Metrollopises” (thank you Robert Heinlein) typify what is sadly missing in our country today. An understanding of the very principles our founders laid down for us, and, more importantly, their reasons why. How many of these so-called “Enlightened Ones” know, understand, or, most egregiously, even care why we have an “Electoral College”? They only think (and I use that term loosely) that a “Tyranny of the Majority” happens if the Republicans are in charge. (Watch them come screeching out of the woodwork on that one) They won’t even see the similarities between their actions to stifle dissent and impose their oh so enlightened mandates “For the ‘good of the people’ ” as compared to what they rail against from “the ‘other’ side”. You cannot say anything that would offend anyone. Unless, of course, that offense is committed against a “Non-Protected Class”. Then you may offend and call names to your little “Progressive”, black hearted content.

    2. You Jake need to remember not all Californians voted for these pucks!
      There’s alot of great people who live there but the fraud machine runs full bore all over this country … how do ya figure the gangster obama got elected to begin with no-less a second time.

    3. Why do you think a person can go somewhere such as SFPD and make 100k+ as a basic patrolman and why are these jobs always available? Simple.. Having to deal with too many libs and morons like Feinstein.

  5. With all of the money the government is funneling to law enforcement through the DHS, do you think sheriffs or police chiefs will stand up for the citizen? I don’t!

  6. This is an interesting point! But, what if your now county sheriff is a retired federal man? This should be interesting!!!

    1. let me qualify that a bit … with whatever comes to take my guns they’ll need the highest elected position in the county to come out

  7. I’m a lawyer from New York City, I’m a Christian, I’m Libertarian, I am American, and I’m Black. Really, I love your posts. I rarely disagree with you. However, here I have to disagree about your interpretation of the Supreme Court’s ruling. Although you quote Justice Scalia correctly, you’re slightly missing the legal mark. The chief law enforcement officer between the two joint sovereigns (the state and the frderal government) is the U.S. President (under the Constitution) and the Governor (usually and according to the state’s constitution). In the Mack case, the sheriff in that state had independent enforcement authority derived from the state’s law. Many states are similar. In NY, the county Sheriff’s are generally elected and have authority independent of the Governor. However, there are several exceptions. The Governor is the Chief Executive under the state Constitution. He is in absolute authority over the State Troppers (without exception) and the National Guard (except POTUS overrides). Further, an incorporated municipality may form its own police force under its charter; these are usually under mayoral authority. Finally, State law is preempted by federal authority (if Constitutional) and State law preempts local law. Talk about convoluted! Well, in cities where their is more than one county (only New York City) the Sheriff is a municipal office subject to the City Charter.

    So, gun control in NYC works like this. The Mayor commands both the NYPD and Sheriffs’ Department. He may independently enforce the law, but then if he refuses, the Governor with preemptive authority can send in the state troopers, or the President can send in ATF. In other cities, say Rochester, the Munroe Sherriff may act independently, but still must contend with the co-equal authority of Rochester’s police, the State Troopers and ATF. Now, in this regard, the Sherriff could enforce the law against the police, state troopers or ATF, arresting these agents and preventing their enforcement of an unconstitutional law. You’d have a good ole fashioned stand off and maybe that is what we need. Always confront the bully.

    1. There is always nullification if a state believes a law is not constitutional. I believe Arizona and some other states have done this with fereral firearm regulations.

  8. Notwithstanding da Tagliare’s insistent declarations regarding the Mack (or Printz) case, he once again twists the meaning of something to suit his own purposes. The Mack case involved certain “interim provisions” which required that local “chief law enforcement opfficers” be responsible for verifying background checks relative to gun purchases. That was declared unconstitutional by the majority of the court. However, the ruling did not eliminate the requirement of background checks, and in no way suggested, implied, or stated, that the federal law that was know as “the Brady bill” could be ignored or countermanded by any state or local authority…including sheriffs. Article IV of the Constitution is clear in its “supremacy clause” that federal law is the law of the land, and that no state or local jurisdiction may act in way contrary to federal law, as a matter of law. Sorry to tell da Tagliare and all you government (and Obama) haters, but a federal law enforcement agent with a warrant can go anywhere and arrest a sheriff or anyone else who has violated federal law. Now y’all can go back to growling in your sleep.

  9. Straight Thinking People!

    It’s about time we take our country back from these idiots. The reason were in this condition is because our voters are dumb and not very educated in fact most haven’t even graduated from school. These people that are making open threats should hire more security, they are
    making a lot of good people very uneasy. I know if something happens to my family there will be hell to pay. You people think you can hide under your desk after you get some family kill because of your stupid statements are badly mistaken. Being a retired police officer, I have a duty to protect myself and family. You politicians have removed god out of our schools and then wonder why he wasn’t there to protect them. Remember you kick god out he wasn’t there and pretty soon he’s not going to be anywhere else either. When I was in school the first order of the day was “Lords Prayer” and The Pledge Allegiance To The American Flag. I spent ten years working in the public schools as Juvenile Officer, and there is a lot of blame to go around on that front too. Politicians, Teachers who really don’t care about teaching, and the schools bullies. “Guns Are Not The Problem, People Are”! Maybe you liberals might start to think! If guns are removed or even tried to be taken you will see blood shed like never before in this country.

    1. I too am a retired law enforcement officer. (28 years in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept, retired as a Sgt in 1992).
      I have a farily simple philosophy in life. I will never intentionally harm another physically, financially or emotionally with one exception. If anyone threatens or intentionally harms me or mine, may God have mercy on them, because I wont.
      Molon Labe

    2. RJB, You said: If guns are removed or even tried to be taken you will see blood shed like never before in this country.” This is very true. Any attempt to take our arms now will be met with fierce resistance from every quarter. The people are waking up and are ready to put a stop to this crap.

  10. THINK— does anyone really believe this crank and Boxer are voted in by the people? We all know California is over flowing with – lets just say misfits – but but I don’t believe ther has been an honest election there from the day before they voted on state hood. There is absolutely no-one with even two working brain cells that would vote for either of these slugs and that’s not even considering they’re both butt ugly. Maybe that’s exactly why their family sold their souls to keep them away in D.C. I mean besides they’re being just plain dumb.

    1. a little more than that … for those of us who’ll fight back against the obama-gang they have to un-arm us and they know it!

  11. So, someone please answer me this. PLEASE Answer! If a law is passed that says AR 15’s are illegal, yet my county sheriff says they are “OK” does that mean I can legally have it, at least within the confines of my county? If that is the case, and I buy one, I must first pass a background check with the state. If my sheriff says it is OK, yet if the state agrees with the feds, how do I own it legally, and pass my state mandated background check? (In Texas we have “insta check”) OR, would “legally posesseng” it refer to guns we owned prior to any ban, whereby we cannot buy any in the future?

  12. This applies to the ESA and other Federal programs as well. More information if you want at Land and Water USA website – google it.

  13. Connecticut has had an ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN in place since 1994 – So ya, take the guns away from the law-abiding peaceful citizens, and let them just take the bullets from the criminals. Govt. mixed up in ANYTHING SUCKS. They aren’t happy with the power WE THE PEOPLE trust our families with, they have to make laws to regulate cats and be up your rectum. What is an ASSAULT rifle anyway? I would think if a gun shoots you, it assaults you, so the word ASSAULT the govt. so cleverly drills into mush brains that think we don’t need those machine guns, etc., etc., don’t even understand what the word ASSAULT means and what the nazi govt. is trying to do. Doesn’t take rocket scientists to figure it out, but we don’t have any of those left anymore either.

  14. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to arm people in order to prevent future tyranny. They need the tools to do this.

    The term “Well Regulated” in the Second Amendment meant “Well Manned and Equipped ” in 1791 as was determined in the 1939 United States v. Miller case after referencing the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The concept of Government Regulation, as we understand it today, did not exist at the time.

    United States v. Miller also determined that the term “Arms” refers to “Ordinary Military Weapons” (not crew operated). American Citizens have the right to Keep and Bear, which means Own and Carry, any weapons that a soldier carries into battle. That includes past, present and future weapons. A Militia consisted of armed volunteers willing to fight with their personal arms and not under government control.

    To limit the Second Amendment to muskets would be the equivalent of limiting the First Amendment to writings in quill pens.

    Liberty is worth the risk of death!

  15. Since the ultimate legal authorities in the land are the county sheriffs, maybe this is the reason Obama never goes to Phoenix.

  16. These leftist wackos can pass all of the laws they want. If nobody follows them then what does it matter. Who is going to go house to house demanding that a member of that house give up their gun or guns? Can you just see it now? Also, how many government officials are going to risk their lives going house to house demanding that guns be given up? First thing is that a judge has to issue a search Warrant. Probable cause has to be a reason for a judge to issue a search Warrant. What judge in his right mind is going to issue a search Warrant just because an official of the government wants to go snooping around a house for guns? This whole issue is absurd and would be laughable if some people weren’t so serious.

  17. This is all irrelevant , every and any authority that wants to ignore the constitution or constitutional intent now does so with impunity because of the level of corruption in our legal system , up to and including the Attorney Generals office AND the Supreme Court , because they are now ALL stacked with corrupted incompetent misfits to whom freedom , liberty and equal justice are now nothing but ” living words ” that can mean whatever they want them to mean . We will now have 1st and 2nd amendment ” rights ” only with their ” permission ” .

  18. I have Sheriff Mack’s book! A good read and informative! For those of you who don’t believe the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is the foundation of ALL RIGHTS! Watch and read, A WARNING FROM OUR FRIEND’S in England, Australia, and YES even Russia,!

  19. Our Founding Fathers were proud that Americans were trusted with arms because they knew that only when people are armed could they truly be thought of as free citizens. And that’s where the circle closes. THOSE WHO WANT TO DEPRIVE YOU OF YOUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS ARE INTENDING TO DEPRIVE YOU OF YOUR FREEDOM, period. Like the criminals their policies encourage, these elitists know that it is always best to disarm victims BEFORE you enslave them.

  20. Very few sheriffs seem to be aware of this fact. Everyone needs to do as the man suggests and contact their local sheriff to be aware of the true power.

    Then all we have to worry about is the sheriff a democrat or a republican.

  21. Wolfman, It’s the blind leading the blind. Only a fool keeps walking the wrong way when they see a sign that says you have pass your stop.

  22. Same woman who has destroyed the great Imperial Valley by turning off their irrigation to save some spiney fish you can’t even eat! What else could you expect from her? She says so much about why businesses are leaving California.

  23. Yeah, so the Constitution says. In the aftermath of an explosive election, the long political winter is upon us. Since when have Democrats in general and Obama in particular ever let Constitutionality stop them from plowing the people under their brand of yellow snow?

  24. You have to be careful, this could be good or bad depending on your Sheriff. He may be as bad or worse than the feds. At least on a local level, it would be a lot easier to take him out.

    Remember power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts…….absolutely.

    1. waterman, you’re right. In my county, we have a sheriff who bows to the Feds on all things. We’re toast if we depend upon him to uphold the Constitution! In this case, the people will have to do their duty as citizens and stand their ground regardless of the consequences.

  25. I love the idea, of local people having more say in the way they are governed…….but I think, there is a little thing called the oath of office?
    I don’t think it is up to a county sheriff to determine, if a law is unconstitutional or not…..

  26. I did not know about the POWERS of the County Sherrifs. WE HAVE HOPE!! If we elect Sherrifs who believe in the Constitution, then we will be SAFE from UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS at every level of Government (Federal, State, and Local).
    Then again, if he’s on the DARK SIDE……….it’s troublesome.

  27. Yeah, but this is why the Dept. of Homeland Security, FEMA, and other benign agencies were delivered ammo recently. In case the locals won’t do what their told, they’ll send in the brown shirts.

  28. I would love to be sworn in as a deputy,but the election in NH Cheshire county put in a democrat as high Sheriff,so here we go.
    Liberty or Death

  29. In Massachusetts it is Sen. Warren, she went out of bounds running for her seat. Her campain still owes money to companies for the debt that built up and now she is going to do the same to our country.

  30. This may get some dislikes but here it is. I think we need MORE GUN control. We may have to hit our targets. The congress want our guns so we don’t shoot them.

  31. This can actually turn out to be a bad thing because there are Counties out there, especially in historically conservative State of Kentucky, where the small town Sheriffs Depts are heavily influenced (usu unfairly so due to intimidation tactics) by the Incumbent DEMOCRAT Judge Executive.
    Under these conditions, everyone EXCEPT for the conservative citizens – AND BELIEVE ME – specifically for purposes like this – they KNOW WHO YOU SRE!!!

  32. What has happened to FREE America. Obama, that’s what! Anyone responsible w/ a permit should be allowed to carry or keep a weapon in thier home.This is in the second amendment, does he not even know our rights? Dear God help us, another 4 years of this insanity.

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