How Christianity Benefits Even “Angry Atheists”

Why has America been blessed in many ways in the past? At its core, the answer has to do with the Judeo-Christian tradition. We are living off of the residue of that great heritage. As one author put it, “one of our nation’s primary advantages over many others lies in the greater strength of religion […]

‘Taharrush’ Mass Rapes Part of Refugees’ Culture, German Police Admit

An official report on the mass rapes and sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne, Germany, and other German cities over New Year’s acknowledges that Muslim refugees admitted into the country have brought with them the practice known as “taharrush gamea.” Yes, it’s another charming bit of Arabic culture brought to the civilized world by practitioners […]

PBS: Ted Cruz and Father are ‘Satanic’

Yes, they actually said “Satanic.” A PBS panel of so-called journalists on the “PBS News Hour” show called Sen. Ted Cruz “Satanic,” then doubled down by likewise labeling Cruz’s father, Rafael, who is an evangelical pastor. New York Times columnist David Brooks was asked a simple question by host Judy Woodruff, whether any of the […]

Of Course We should Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism

  The brilliant Dennis Prager has written an excellent defense of conservatives who demand that “moderate Muslims” take a harder stand against Islamic terrorism. In recent days, liberals have joined with Muslim apologists to decry the idea that Muslims should be asked to stand with us against terrorism and Prager answers these critics well. For […]

Ted Cruz’s Dad says it’s Not “Pro-Choice” it’s “Pro-Murder”!

When it comes to the Cruz family, it’s ‘like father, like son,’ and this is why we love the Cruz’s so much. In a recent speech (or better, a sermon) to fellow evangelicals, the Reverend Rafael Cruz argued that conservatives and Christians must stop giving in to the liberal, politically correct culture of our day. […]

‘Tis the Season for Pointless Rioting

One of the more depressing reminders of how short we fall of our potential as a country or even as a species is the odd phenomenon of post-holiday “flash mobs.” In a rash of criminal activity, mobs of young people in at least three states rioted through local malls on the night after Christmas, forcing […]

New Principal Bans Santa, Pledge of Allegiance, and Thanksgiving

Eujin Jaela Kim is the new principal of PS 169 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. The 33 year old Asian principal has announced that she is doing a politically correct cleansing of her school. In doing so, she has banned any reference to Santa Clause and Christmas. Additionally, she has banned Thanksgiving and recitation […]

Too Many Special Snowflakes

The Left has always seemed to live in a world of its own, one far removed from this reality. It’s a world where abortion is “family planning,” socialism is “supporting the middle class,” Islam is the Religion of Peace and men want to have sex with men. And Planet Left is only getting farther away. By now, […]

Cincinnati Bans Therapy that Helps Gender Confused People

Cincinnati, Ohio has fallen into the liberal slide of America’s moral decay and destruction by becoming the first city in America to ban gender identity and sexual orientation conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy. The therapy is generally used by conservative and Christian leaders and therapists in helping gender confused teens to realize the […]

Why Weren’t Any PP Employees Shot at PP Facility if the Shooter Was after PP?

At this point in time we do not know if the Colorado shooter targeted the Planned Parenthood facility because of its abortion practices. We’re getting conflicting reports. Some reports have the shooter using the PP facility for cover after a botched bank robbery. CNN and other media outlets are reporting that PP was the target and […]

‘Mansplaining,’ Christmas Tree Bans and Other ‘MicroInequities(TM)’

Vox Media, one of those left-wing Silicon Valley companies that make way too much money, has pushed the envelope once again on employee conduct with its new ban on “microaggressions” and “mansplaining.” If you have no idea what those terms mean, you’re clearly behind the curve and hopelessly mired in standard English. You see what […]